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How to Save Money on Fragrance
The best tips & tricks to save money on expensive fragrances. From designer perfume to niche products these are the best ways in which you can find a bargain.

How Long Before Perfume Goes Bad?
How long before perfume goes bad and signs you should look out for. Tips on how to preserve your fragrances so they keep in tip top form.

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Thinking about scent in cultural terms

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Useful advice for fragrance shopping

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Cultural Perceptions & Differences
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Fragrance History
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Perfumes favored by celebrities and movie stars
Articles about iconic and modern fragrances favored by film stars, musicians, royalty, celebrities etc.

Spring Heralds Optimism
Spring perfumes bring optimism, sunny scents for longer, sunnier days. A roundup of the best spring 2015 fragrances for men and women.

Chanel Les Exclusifs Misia
Misia is a pretty feminine lipstick-smelling fragrance for woman by Coco Chanel.

Annick Goutal L'Ile Au The
L'Ile de The is a green tea fragrance with mandarin accents, inspired by the Juju volcano in South Korea.

Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile
Rosa Nobile by Acqua di Parma is a fresh, cool, contemporary rose scent, this spring coming in a leather bound spray edition to carry in your purse.

Tom Ford Mandarino d'Amalfi
Mandarino d'Amalfi by Tom Ford is a juicy fruity fragrance for men and women which is glamorous and sexy.

Guerlain Ma Petite Robe Noire Eau Fraiche
Ma Petite Robe Noire Eau Fraiche introduces a pistachio note into a composition with freesia and almonds for the perfect transition into spring.

How French Women Wear Perfume
There are a few tricks into how French women apply their perfumes and a lot of lore on how they do it. Learn about the best spots for perfume application for maximum enjoyment of your fragrance.

Am I Too Old for My Perfume?
Attracted by some fragrance loved by teens & worried you might come across as mutton dressed as lamb? Worry not and read why you should map out your own scented path.

Setting the Mood is Half the Fun
Scent, memory and emotion are powerfully tied in the brain so using one to trigger the other is a surefire way to set a romantic mood.

Offering Fragrance as a Gift is the Classic Standard
Among the most classic romantic moves is offering a fragrance as a gift to your beloved. A few things to consider.

Pick a More Sensuous Form of Scent
Picking a sensual form of your preferred scent, such as a solid perfume or a scented oil, adds to the romantic mood.

Employ a Little Aroma Science
Using specific essences or scents to strategically picked spots or body parts can enhance romance.

Establish a fragrant ritual
A fragrant shower or bath can become a lovely ritual to share with your beloved, especially memorable if scented.

Chanel Chance
Chance by Chanel is the youngest and most playful in the line of modern Chanel classics. Its lemon and pink pepper top note are fresh while its patchouli base is tenacious and hip.

Chanel Coco Noir
Coco Noir, inspired by Venice and its Eastern imports smells rather masculine, a mix of woody notes and fruits. Great for women who don't like flowers.

Chanel No.5 Eau Premiere
No.5 Eau Premiere is Chanel No.5 in a training bra. Shinier, brighter, softer, it's contemporary smelling without betraying the classic.

5 Modern Chanel Fragrances Loosely Based on Classics
Perfume reviews & trivia about some of the most popular Chanel perfumes for women which are loosely based on Chanel classics. Find out the best fragrance for you.

Chanel No.19 Poudre
Chanel No.19 Poudre is the modernization of that stern beauty that predated it, the classic No.19 from the 1970s. iris and white musk make it soft and dry.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
Coco Mademoiselle was inspired by the original 1980s Coco perfume, but was aimed at the American market where it reigns since its launch. Patchouli rich and young, it created a huge trend.

5 Sexy Amber Fragrances for Cool Weather
Amber is a perfume

Estee Lauder Private Collection Amber Ylang Ylang
A very likable amber for women with a floral note of ylang, Amber Ylang Ylang is made by the American champion of scent, Estee Lauder.

Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan
The sultan of amber, Ambre Sultan, is a unique amber, rich in spicy, almost masculine smelling top notes which set it apart and make it less heavy.

Hermes L'Ambre des Merveilles
L'Ambre des Merveilles is Hermes the purveyor of chic in all its glory. The most refined amber fragrance you can buy.

Tom Ford Rive d'Ambre
Rive d'Ambre is the juiciest amber fragrance, a perfect blend for beginners interested in exploring the note from the Tom Ford Private Blend line.

Histoires de Parfums Ambre 114
Ambre 114 is a billowy scent of amber, vanilla and nutmeg which is creamy and dessert-like without feeling cloying.

How to Make Your Own Scented Body Lotion
Do it yourself scented body lotion guide. Easy techniques to create your own product using your favorite perfume, aromatic or essential oils. Easy, affordable, fun!

Fragrance: Perfume, Cologne, Beauty Shopping Tips
Learn about different perfumes & colognes. What scent is right for you, shopping tips, best fragrances. History & Reviews of new & timeless perfumes.

Perfume Reviews: Sensuous, Sensuous Noir & Sensuous Nude
Perfume reviews, fragrance notes and shopping info on 3 Estee Lauder fragrances for women: Sensuous original, Sensuous Noir and Sensuous Nude. One is for you!






Party Fragrances for Women and Men
Fragrance suggestions for playful, bright, vivacious and warm scents for women and men. What scent to wear at a party, festive or otherwise.

Perfume Reviews: 4 Hermes Merveilles fragrance editions
Perfume reviews, fragrance notes & shopping info on the popular range of fragrances by Hermes called Merveilles: Eau, Eau Claire, Elixir and Ambre des Merveilles.





Body Chemistry and Fragrance: Skin Type Affects Fragrance
Skin type and body chemistry affecting fragrance performance and lasting power. Learn why this happens and when to make changes.

What is Ambergris or Grey Amber?
One of the most prized perfumery materials comes from the sea. The sensuous aroma of ambergris is worth its weight in gold.Find out about

Definition: Soliflore Perfume
Definition of a

Definition: Gourmand Fragrances
Sweet smelling perfumes are a huge trend . Based on conclusive evidence that they are appealing to most people discover popular gourmand fragrances.

Definition: Amber Perfume Note
Amber is a perfumery

Definition: Fougere Fragrance
Definition of fougere fragrance, masculine perfumery and colognes examples, history of the fougere accord and the invention of coumarin. Explaining the aromatic fougere.




Tips & Tricks on traveling with fragrance
Tips on what fragrance to pack, how to pack perfume, how to shop at duty free and which fragrance styles don't bother your fellow passengers when traveling by air or ship.





Top Home Scents for the Festive Season
A scents review and shopping guide for the best festive smelling products for your home and office. Find out how to turn an interior into an abode of sweet smelling delights.

How to Remove Stinky Perfume from Skin & Clothes
The most effective techniques to counteract and neutralize offensive scents from your clothes and yourself without having to rip your skin off!










9 Top Questions about Fragrance Answered
From what perfumes drive men wild to how to apply fragrance on the skin to whether scents smell differently on different people there's an answer to the top scent questions here.


4 Narciso Rodriguez Fragrance Reviews
Fragrance reviews & shopping info for 4 Narciso Rodriguez perfumes and colognes. Discover the elegant scents behind the fashion brand.




Christmas Fragrance Gifts Stylish Bargains
Bargain Chirtsmas fragrance gifts: stylish recommendations for every one, from modern style to retro to eco-conscious for men & women.Bulgari, Guerlain, Pacifica, and more...

Warm & Snuggly Fragrances Decoded
Clever tips on how to immediately zoom into a warm and snuggly fragrance for men/women for the cooler months of the year. Perfume suggestions & notes to look for.


Holidays Fragrance Gift Sets To Shop For
Great smelling fragrance gift sets for your holidays shopping. Scented options for women & for men with beautiful presentations & good value for money.






Color of Fragrance & Packaging Reveal Scent Inside
Fragrance color of packaging and bottle give hints to what the scent smells like. Find out the color code clues to guide you into shopping for what you want.

How Should I Store My Fragrances?
Directions on how to best store your fragrances, including the notion of

The Modern Guy

New Fragrance Options for 4 Types of Men
Modern fragrance suggestions for gifts aimed at 4 types of men. With perfume notes and short reviews to help you pick a beautiful new scent for your loved ones and friends.

The Dapper Dude

The Athlete

The Musician

3 Aromatics Perfume Editions by Clinique
Perfume reviews and comparison between Aromatics Elixir, Aromatics in White and Aromatics in Black by American cosmetics brand Clinique. With fragrance notes.

1001 Ouds by Annick Goutal

Vanille Charnelle by Annick Goutal

Ambre Sauvage by Annick Goutal

For the Jetsetter

For the Fitness Junkie

For the Party

For wom

New Fragrance Options for 4 Types of Women
Modern fragrance suggestions for gifts aimed at 4 types of women. With perfume notes and short reviews to help you pick a beautiful new scent for your loved ones and friends.

Definition: What is Castoreum in Perfumes/Fragrances?
Definition of the animal-derived perfume & food ingredient castoreum and its synthetic replications. List of perfumes which contain castoreum fragrance notes.

Three aphrodisiac scents that lovers can share
Perfume reviews of the intoxicating sensual fragrance tales of the East that Annick Goutal presented with her Les Absolus line: 1001 Ouds, Wild Amber and Carnal Vanilla await you.

Vanille Charnelle by Annick Goutal

1001 Ouds by Annick Goutal

Ambre Sauvage by Annick Goutal

Become your own Sherlock

When in Rome...

Originality thy name is precious

When the rose wouldn't smell sweeter by any other name

Disregard the He and She divisions

Fragrance Gifting Can Be Risky But It's Worth It
Handy tips on how to choose a great fragrance gift with smart advice from professional experts David Pirrota and Aaron Way. Never make an expensive mistake again!

What is Oud Perfume and why is it popular lately?
The exotic

Fragrance Layering: Why and How
Layering your fragrance to maximize its effect, lasting power or to mix an altogether new scent! Here's how to do it with detailed advice & beautytips.

How to Make Your Fragrance Last Longer On You
When it's cold, or your perfume is made to be light, you sometimes have a hard time making it last. There are some nifty tricks around to remedy that.

Why Can't I Smell My Perfume Anymore?
Are you anosmic to your own fragrance? Here is why you can't smell your perfume anymore & how to rejuvenate your sense of smell tips.

Pumpkin Pie by Demeter

Homemade Pumpkin Pie by Philosophy

Lolita au Masculin by Lolita Lempicka

Handy Gurugu hand cream by Lush

Poison by Dior

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin by Bath & Body Works

Magie Noire by Lancome

Halloween by Jesus del Pozo

Scents Inspired by Playful and Naughty Games of Trick or Treat
Halloween night should be fun! What better way than to match your fragrance and beauty products to the playful, naughty atmosphere of trick or treat? These are all fun, all pleasure.

What is Pink Pepper?
Find out how pink pepper is used in perfumes and the freshest & most youthful fragrances on the market to feature it prominently.

Brandon Walsh
Brandon is the archetypal good guy and he needs no embellishments. Or does he?

David Silver
David Silver is the nerdy uncool kid growing up to getting in the gang. His fragrance reflects that.

Valerie Malone
The sex kitten Valerie Malone wears the sexiest fragrances on the Beverly Hills TV show.

Steve Sanders
Steve Sanders is rich and his cologne shows that fact!

Brenda Walsh
For Brenda Walsh of Beverly Hills 90210 picking a fragrance is an aspirational thing.

Kelly Taylor
Troubled life for Kelly and her fragrance choices couldn't be more diverse as a result.

Dylan McKay
Dylan is the bad boy in Beverly Hills 90210 and his fragrance should match!

Donna Martin
A quiet and well-mannered fragrance for good girl Donna in Beverly Hills 90210 TV show.

What fragrance would the characters from Beverly Hills 90210 wear?
Matching TV characters of the nostalgic Beverly Hills 90210 TV show to the fragrances they would have worn if only the series had shown us. Trivia & style tips for each one.

Cuir Impertinent (from the Collection Les Exceptions)
Inspired by the traditional Russian leather theme but unique thanks to a spicy accent, Cuir Impertinent by Mugler is a new fall 2015 fragrance.

Alien Oud Majestueux
Inspired by the traditional Middle Eastern raw material

Pasion Star Angel
The new limited edition Xmas 2015 edition of Angel is called Passion Star and comes in bold, fiery red bottle while the gourmand scent remains unchanged.

Thierry Mugler: Distinctive Perfumes for Discerning Customers
Thierry Mugler perfumes always aim to be bold. Find out about Cuir Impertinent, Oud Majestueux and Passion Star, 3 new editions from a cult French brand.

What is a Perfume Accord or Chord?
Explaining what a perfumery

What is vetiver in fragrances?
Vetiver is an exotic Eastern grass giving a cool & earthy note in perfume. Learn how it works,how it smells & the top fragrances highlighting it.

Addict by Dior
Dior Addict calls a spade a spade, suggesting clearly this vanilla fragrance will have you hooked.

Rush by Gucci
Tom Ford imagined a scent inspired by the poppers induced

Yvresse by Yves Saint Laurent
Hinting at drunkenness, Yvresses is a sparkling fruity chypre perfume that made headlines thanks to its original name, Champagne.

Opium by Yves Saint Laurent
Among the first perfumes to dare imply substance addiction, Opium by YSL is a classic oriental still sold to this day.

Indecence by Givenchy
Givenchy launched Indecence to follow Organza, jazzing it up and making it flashier...literally!

Egoiste by Chanel
Chanel Egoiste cleverly played upon the image of the playboy for its sexy spicy oriental fragrance.

When Sin Becomes Covetable in Perfume Concept
Desiring the forbidden is a great concept for perfume. Find fragrance reviews of some of the greatest scents inspired by what we shouldn't covet but secretly do.

Obsession by Calvin Klein
Pushing the idea of addictive love, Obsession by Calvin Klein is a classic amber fragrance with memorable print ads to its credit.

Envy by Gucci
Gucci Envy was inspired by the green monster and its metallic, sharp floral scent fittingly comes in an acid green liquid.

Dolce & Gabbana Desire The One
Desire the One by Dolce & Gabbana is both dressy and hip, so ear crawlers and an evening dress is a perfect match.

Miller Harris L'Air de Rien
The boho look of fringe pairs perfectly with L'Air de Rien by Miller Harris, a musky fragrance with oakmoss.

Donna Karan Liquid Cashmere White
Pair your winter whites, like a white cocoon of a coat with Liquid Cashmere White by Donna Karan for a great combo.

Juliette Has a Gun Midnight Oud
A deep, mysterious oriental perfume such as Midnight Oud (by Juliette has a Gun) pairs fabulously with a blanket scarf.

Armani Si Eau de Toilette
Armani Si eau de toilette is professional for the office and could match a sleek pants suit perfectly with a satin blouse for femininity. Fruity and woody, it's polished and clean.

Pairing Fragrance & Fashion Results in a Coherent Image
One of the trendiest ideas for a coherent look is matching perfume and fashion looks or makeup styles. Find inspirations to get you started here.

Sofia Vergara Love
Love by Sofia Vergara is the perfect fragrance for cozy knits and soft cashmere. Pair them to maximize the comfort factor!

Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Toilette
Black Orchid eau de toilette by Tom Ford pairs with the quintessential 70s style look: flare jeans and a slinky top plus heels. So Studio 54!

How to Find Your Signature Scent, Personal Fragrance
What is a signature scent and how to choose the best fragrance for your lifestyle, mood and projected image. Perfume acting as self branding.

What is perfume sillage?
Fragrance sillage is the perfume's trail which can attract or repel: here's how to test your own fragrant trail, tips to control it or even increase it!

Definition: Civet Perfume Ingredient
Definition of civet ingredient in perfumes. The surprising origin, the polarizing scent, the fascinating insights into its pheromone facets. Find everything out everything about civet.

You don't necessarily need to buy new fragrances, but making the most of what you have
Smart tricks into making the most of your existing arsenal of fragrances with numerous fragrance suggestions for different effects.

Simply use a more concentrated version or...more perfume
A richer version of your perfume or more scent when applying might do the trick of enjoying your fragrance in the cooler season.

Bring forth the scents of harvest
Scents of the harvest speak of fall like nothing else. Find out which fragrance families, which perfume noters and which perfumes translate best into fall.

Combine scents cleverly
Maximizing your existing perfume wardrobe for fall could be done by layering your fragrances. Here's how.

Chanel Chance
Cristalle by Chanel chirps like the birds on a crisp spring morning, happy, joyful, putting a spring to your step.

Chanel Coco
The original Coco by Chanel perfume trails for miles with its powerful confident sillage wafting rich spices and exotic woods.

Chanel No.5
Soapy, ladylike but also womanly Chanel No.5 is the most iconic perfume in the world, immortalized by Marilyn Monroe who was a fan.

Chanel is Synonymous with Style
Perfume reviews & trivia on Top 5 Classic Chanel Fragrances still in production. Find out what makes them a classic and whether they might suit you.

Chanel pour Monsieur is gentlemanly and graceful, an eau de cologne with the sensuous backdrop of oakmoss.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
The angular beauty of Chanel No.19, an old money perfume, lies on the powder-smelling elegance of iris and the bitter slap of galbanum, a resin from an exotic grass.

Clinique Aromatics in Black
The new perfume Aromatics in Black by Clinique seduces with its densely fruity top note and beckoning sensual base notes. And the bottle is a real beauty!

Narciso Rodriguez L'Absolu For Her
A more intense version of the already sexy Narciso for Her, L'Absolu is Rodriguez's latest fragrance launch with added tuberose and jasmine.

Prada Infusion D'Amande (Almond Infusion)
Prada Infusion d'Amande new perfume is a soft purring kitten with its bitter almonds and tonka bean musky trail. Perfect fragrance for fall. Yum!

Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge
Moder Muse Le Rouge is all about the confidence boost of the color red, translated into scent. Lauder infuses it with rose, saffron, blackcurrant & velvet cream accord.

Bulgari Eau Parfumee au The Noir (Black Tea)
Perfect for an evening by the fire the sumptuous woody notes of Bulgari new Black Tea fragrance are supported by leather, rose and pipe tobacco. Luxurious!

Fall Can Be a Wonderful Opportunity for Enjoying Fragrance
The transition into fall becomes easier & more pleasurable with a new fragrance. Discover which 5 new perfumes promise the most exciting scenarios for the coming season.

What's the true story of Chanel no.5 perfume?
Learn how Chanel no.5 perfume was inspired by fateful events, how its perfumer used revolutionary ingredients called aldehydes & how it was named.

Bobbi Brown Beach
Bobbi Brown Beach is the modern classic beach scent reference for perfume lovers.

Hermes Eau de Merveilles
Hermes Eau de Merveilles comprises oranges and salty skin notes that transport you to the beach.

Comptoir Sud Pacifique Aqua Motu
Comptoir Sud Pacifique Aqua Motu is a driftwood and sea water scent that evokes beaches of northern Europe.

Prada L'Eau Ambree
L'Eau Ambree by Prada is a quiet salty scent with amber and patchouli that is perfect for summer.

Dior Dune pour Homme
Dune pour Homme by Dior is a fig and musk scent for men that carries you to a Mediterranean spot in summer.

Creed Virgin Island Water
Creed Virgin Island Water is inspired by a sailing adventure near Ginger Island.

Bond No.9 Fire Island
Fire Island by Bond No.9 is evocative of the best beaches of the Long Islands.

Monyette Moneyette Paris
Hollywood cult fragrance oil Monyette Paris is a scent of creamy gardenia that evokes tropical paradises.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess
Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder is the classic beach goddess scent with coconut, tiare and mandarin, released annually.

Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava
Hawaiian Ruby Guava by Pacifica is a fruity sweet fragrance for summer evoking Hawaii.

Scents to Help Daydreaming of the Beach
Whether daydreaming of flying someplace exotic & fun or actually doing it, this slideshow has the best instant vacation

What is a Natural Fragrance?
Armed with the knowledge of what defines a fragrance as

Angel by Thierry Mugler is a contrasting sweet and dark perfume
Angel by Thierry Mygler is the first real

Femme by Rochas is a classic fruity chypre perfume
Rochas Femme is the fruity, prune-smelling perfume which perfumers consider top of the tops. Sexy yet classy. a timeless womanly fragrance.

Diorissimo by Christian Dior is a masterful floral fragrance
Dior's Diorissimo is the Diana of the perfume world, ethereal, supple and elegant with a green note supporting the floral lily of the valley.

The Classic Perfumes that Defined Style Over the Years
Perfume reviews and fascinating insights into the creation of the top 5 classic perfumesfor women that you simply have to try out once in your lifetime.

Mitsouko by Guerlain stands for mystery in perfume
The mysterious scent of Guerlain's Mitsouko relies on peach skin and moss, and is inspired by a tale of star-crossed lovers during the Russo-Japanese war.

Shalimar by Guerlain is the archetype sexy vanilla perfume
The vanilla perfume which really made

Am I Too Young for my Perfume?
In defense of liking old lady perfume and why you're never too young to be stylish and different, if you so choose. Which of these retro fragrances still rock?

Don't Wear the Same Fragrance as Your Relatives & Friends
Choose a fragrance uniquely your own like Parisian women do.

Pay Attention to How a Perfume Trails
Perfume sillage is a way French women are so mysterious and enticing with their chosen scent.

In France Your Perfume Choice Defines You
Choosing a fragrance means going for a certain style; how to make it tell the tale you want it to tell.

Pick a Perfume Before you Turn 30, Wear it for the Next 30 Years!
Perfume loyalty means that you will be remembered easily. The French are more steady with their fragrance.

What French Women Know About Perfume
What French women know about perfume and you should know as well. Learn how to wear fragrance like Parisians do.

And the piece de resistance.....perfume application tips for your inner French girl
sexy fragrances, fragrance cologne for spring summer autumn fall winter, perfume application, tips and tricks, perfume shopping, fragrance bargains, perfume reviews

Bvlgari Black Tea
Black Tea is the most luxurious tea scent in the Bvlgari line, focusing on the exotic Middle-Eastern oud wood note.

Bvlgari White Tea
White Tea by Bvlgari is a soft, musky skin scent fragrance for men or women that smells clean and fuzzy.

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Bvlgari Blue Tea
Blue Tea by Bvlgari is a cooling violet, oolong tea and lavender mix for men and women that is a bit mysterious.

Bvlgari Red Tea
Red Tea by Bvlgari is a deeper, lightly smoky fresh fragrance with notes of fig, Rooibos red tea, nuts and musk.

Green Tea
Bvlgari Green Tea is a crisp fresh fragrance for men and women that features jasmine, coardamom, bergamot and oakmoss.

Tea Scents Come in a Variety of Zen Composition at Bvlgari
Bvlgari hosts a line of tea-scent fragrances color-coded from Green, to White, to Red, to Blue and all the way to Black. Find out how they smell and how they can make you feel cool, serene and comfortable year long.

Borneo 1834
Borneo 1834 by Serge Lutens is a dark, deep patchouli scent for men or women that is something of a cult.

The darker side of perfume
Serge Lutens fragrances are a beautiful niche with dark and warm scents which were inspired by the wonders of Arabian perfumery. Find a selection of the best with perfume reviews and fragrance notes.

Ambre Sultan
Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens is a fragrance for men or women with deep dark resinous notes of amber, herbs and myrtle.

Arabie by Serge Lutens is an oriental fruity perfume for men or women which has candied fruits and spices fragrance notes.

Rousse by Serge Lutens is a spicy oriental perfume for men or women which focuses on the beautiful warm scent of cinnamon.

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Fumerie Turque
Fumerie Turque by Serge Lutens reprises the atmosphere of Turkish smoking salons. A pipe tobacco scent with sweet rose and honey notes for men or women.

Bois de Violette
Bois de Violette is an exclusive fragrance by Serge Lutens with violet and woody notes which is somber yet sensual.

Scenting Hair Instead of Skin
Hair scent can be a clever way to bypass heat stickiness.

Hot Sticky Days Call for Smart Tricks
Heatwaves call for smartening one's beauty routine. How can you streamline your scent choices and make the most out of them without sacrificing discretion and the pleasure of everyone around you? Find out in this slideshow.

Saving Full-Bodied Scents for Evenings Only
Headier scents can be used in the evening instead.

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Alternating Floral Scents with Drier Notes
Drier scent

Switching to a Roll-on
A roll on perfume oil can feel more intimate and close to the skin than a full blast perfume spray in the heatwave.

The Refreshing Face Mist
Face mists with pleasurable scents can feel great in a heatwave.

Jil Sander No.4
A warm spicy oriental fragrance, Jil Sander's No.4 was the last fragrance worn by Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

Patou 1000
Patou 1000 is a chypre fragrance with a sensual side, built on coriander, osmanthus and earthy moss, patchouli and woods.

Jean Desprez Bal a Versailles
Bal a Versailles by Jean Desprez circulated under Alexandra de Markoff license in the USA and was favored by Jackie O.

A very special American icon
Perfume unlike clothes had no public facade constraints, so the fragrances worn by Jackie Kennedy Onassis speak of her style even better. Find out her favorites.

Guerlain Jicky
Guerlain Jicky is among the favorite fragrances of Jackie Kennedy, a blend of lavender and vanilla.

Creed Fleurissimo
Fleurissimo by Creed was made for Grace Kelly but also favored by Jackie Kennedy.

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Patou Joy
Joy by Jean Patou was worn by both Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, a scent of rose and jasmine.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Feminin Pluriel
An elegant rose, violet and iris fragrance for women, Feminin Pluriel by Maison Francis Kurkdjian is a niche rose for polished occasions.

Annick Goutal Rose Splendide
A soft perfume smelling like Goutal's famous cult skincare, Rose Spendide is perfect for those who don't like classic rose scents.

Acqua di Parma Acqua Nobile Rosa
Acqua Nobile Rosa by Acqua di Parma is a citrus fresh rose fragrance that recalls the Italian countryside.

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Diptyque Eau Rose
Eau Rose by Diptyque is a soft lightly peppery fragrance with rose.

Balenciaga Rosabotanica
A hint of spice and vegetal rose make Rosabotanica by Balenciaga a youthful rose fragrance.

Roses de Chloe
Cute packaging for Roses de Chloe, a pretty rose fragrance for women.

Rose is a classic fragrance note that is making a comeback
Rose scents can seem retro or too mature sometimes. Here we compile a top 7 selection of the most youthful and vivacious, yet still romantic, rose perfumes.

Stella McCartney Stella eau de toilette
Stella eau de toilette by Stella MacCartney is a fresh dewy rose with freedia, peony and amber fragrance notes.

The History of the House of Dior
Christian Dior founded the Dior house just after WWII. Find out how it became one of the most venerable luxury houses in the world and how perfumes played a big part in making its reputation.

Clair de Musc
A soft, innocent musk fragrance, Clair de Musc by Serge Lutens, is a scent of clean veil on your skin. Suitable for men or women.

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Perfumes fragrances for spring summer autumn fall winter, best fragrance colognes for men, sexy perfumes, shopping tips, perfume application, niche fragrances, perfume reviews and notes.

Nuit de Cellophane
A floral fruity scent, Nuit de Cellophane by Serge Lutens, is an exclusive feminine fragrance that can be worn anytime anywhere and smell confident and lovely.

Gris Clair
A soft, cool, contemplative scent, Gris Clair by Serge Lutens is based on lavender and iris.

The lighter, brighter side of Lutens perfume
Serge Lutens fragrances built their cult reputation on being sumptuous and mysterious but there are gorgeous lighter and brighter scents in the line. Find out the best ones with perfume reviews, info and fragrance notes in this slideshow.

Fleurs d'Oranger
Fleurs d'Oranger (Orange Blossoms) by Serge Lutens is a lush, floral fragrance with sweet, creamy and honeyed notes that is the pinnacle of romance.

L'Eau Serge Lutens
A very soapy scent, L'Eau Serge Lutens is code for scrubbed clean with minty notes that denote dynamism.

A La Nuit
A true jasmine fragrance with romantic undertones, A La Nuit is among the lushest and most feminine fragrances in the Serge Lutens line.

Miss Dior
Miss Dior is a flirty feminine fragrance.

Dior Fragrances For Different Moods
Dior fragrances are steeped in French tradition. In this slideshow we examine 4 of the best which are still in production today, each for a different mood.

The elegant Dior Homme
Dior Homme is among the best masculine fragrances of the last 15 years. It's a best-selling fragrance for men.

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The brainy Diorella
Diorella by Dior is a cool, celebral, sophisticated warm weather fragrance for women which men can borrow.

The sexy Addict
Addict by Dior is a sexy vanilla fragrance for women, perfect for romantic nights.

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The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine
The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine is a light but lasting summery jasmine fragrance for women.

Acqua di Parma Gelsomino Nobile
Gelsomino Nobile eau de parfum by Acqua di Parma is a gentle and serene jasmine fragrance with light citrus touches that feels calm and fresh.

Jean Patou Joy
Joy by Jean Patou is a classic women's fragrance which uses a huge amount of jasmine essence and rose for a feminine and opulent floral scent.

Serge Lutens A La Nuit
Serge Lutens A la Nuit is a green jasmine perfume that smells as true as the living flower.

Floral, Honeyed, Intoxicating....The Scent of Jasmine
Jasmine blossoms into the summer night beckoning in with its intoxicating aroma of honey, greenery and flesh. Sexy and refreshing at once, the top jasmine perfumes share a glamorous aura.

What is Musk in Perfumery?
Musk in perfumes is a tenacious, sensuous ingredient which polarizes but attracts. Find out where it comes from, its safety in fragrance use and how it makes for sexy scents,

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America the Brave
In the context of American hallmarks perfume is a cultural signpost. Is there a Great American Fragrance? Here are some of the great ones you need to try.

Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden
Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden is an old-school American fragrance with herbal notes.

Old Spice by Shulton
The scent of dads and granddads for several decades, Old Spice is an American classic.

Youth Dew by Estee Lauder
The first perfume advertised as something women would buy for themselves, Youth Dew is a potent spicy oriental perfume by Lauder that is an American legend.

CK ONe by Calvin Klein
CK One by Calvin Klein is a defining American unisex fragrance of the 1990s.

Stetson Cologne is a fragrance for men which has a sweet, leather-like softness and is as American as a good cowboy hat.

Lauren by Ralph Lauren
Lauren by Ralph Lauren is a floral fragrance that defined the high school memories of several American schoolgirls.

Do perfumes contain animal ingredients?
Animal derived ingredients used to be a big part of perfumes. Nowadays the matter is different. Find out which essences are used, how safe they are and what you can do to be sure.

What Makes for a Sexy Fragrance?
Tips for finding a sexy fragrance for dates and attraction

For the Earthy Dad: Vetiver Extraordinaire by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle
I recommend Vetiver Extraordinaire by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle for earthy dad fragrance gift for father's day. Grassy, cool, smoky scent by niche perfume brand.

Celebrating Father Figures
Fathers are a significant introduction to the ritual of manhood, their scent forming our first memories of how men should smell like. Best father's day fragrances inside.

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For the Elegant Dad: Baldessarini (Hugo Boss)
I recommend Baldessarini by Hugo Boss for sophisticated dad fragrance gift for father's day.Mint, musk and tobacco form a unique fragrance.

For the Sophisticated Dad: Valentino Uomo (Valentino)
I recommend Valentino Uomo (Valentino) for sophisticated dad fragrance gift for father's day. Leather scent that feels luxurious.

For the Sporty Dad: Eau d'Orange Verte (Hermes)
I recommend Eau d'Orange Verte by Hermes for sporty dad fragrance gift for father's day. Citrus fresh with a note of soap.

For the Adventurous Dad: Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf
I recommend Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf for adventurous dad fragrance gift for father's day. Spicy pipe tobacco and sweet vanilla scents.

For the Classic Dad: Rive Gauche pour Homme (Yves Saint Laurent)
I recommend Rive Gauche pour Homme for classic dad fragrance gift. Barbershop scent with bergamot and lavender.

Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle Carnal Flower Brume pour les cheveux
Frederic Malle Carnal Flower hair mist (brume pour cheuveux) is the most luxurious and gorgeous product in its category.

Wen Lavender Replenishing Treatment
Wen Lavender treatment mist cares for hair, body and face.

L'Occitane Aromachologie Control Mist
L'Occitane makes a great hair mist with natural essences.

Dior J'Adore Hair Mist
Dior J;adore Hair Mist is a great scent for summer hair.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Hair Mist
Flowerbomb hair mist is lighter than the perfume and still sweet and sexy.

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Scent on your Hair has many advantages
Hair fragrance can have several advantages. Hair mists are the latest trend, both caring for your hair and scenting it beautifully. Find out the best products.

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche Hair Mist
Chance Eau Fraiche hair mist is nice, fresh and youthful.

Percy & Reed Eau my Goodness Shine & Fragrance Spray
Percy & Reed Eau My Goodness Shine and Fragrance Spray is a dedicated hair product with lovely rose scent.

Angel Hair Mist by Thierry Mugler
Angel Hair mist is lighter than the perfume and gorgeous.

Pruning one's Fragrance Wardrobe for Summer is Recommended
Summer sets the mood for outdoorsy activities & heat & perfume should follow. Discover best summer fragrances, how to wear them & how to organize them

Prune Out The Heavyweights
Oriental and chypre fragrances are heavy for summer as a rule. Beware also of sweet gourmands. Opt for citrus, leather, fougere and lighter scents.

Make Room for the Bright and the Sunny
Light musk fragrances,

Switch to Fragranced Body Products
Matching body products can complement or even substitute your favorite fragrance when the weather is really hot and you're concerned with smelling fresh.

Consider Taking the Lighter Colognes into the Fridge
Putting the lighter colognes in the fridge gives an edge on application; they feel especially cooling during a heatwave or after bath or exercise.

Layer your Fragrance for Maximum Effect and Lasting Power
Layering light fragrances can be the deciding trick into having your scent stick around in the warmer weather.

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Robert Piguet's tuberose typhoon of a scent was Marilyn's choice
Celebrities make a line for Fracas by Robert Piguet, find out who wears it.

A discontinued fragrance by British firm Floris ordered by Marilyn Monroe
The British company Floris claims they also had Marilyn Monroe as a dedicated customer in the late 1950s.

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Chanel sexy No.5 perfume is all Marilyn wore in bed
Chanel No.5 is the perfume Marilyn Monroe wore to bed. Find out all the fragrance facts here.

Legendary Sex Symbol Marilyn used these favorite beauty products
Marilyn Monroe's favorite beauty products. Find out which perfumes Marilyn wore, including the one she provocatively wore in bed, with rarely seen pictures.

Jean Patou Joy appealed to Marilyn's humble beginnings
Marilyn Monroe favored a perfume by French designer Patou besides the famous No.5 by Chanel.

Let Your Man Choose a Special Fragrance for his Wedding Day
Best fragrances for the groom for weddings that are memorable and pleasurable. Find out what you should be aware of and how to wear scent on your wedding day.

For the Laid Back Groom
Terre d'Hermes is a citrus woody fragrance for men that should be perfect for a laid-back groom who needs something tried and tested for his wedding day.

For the Elegant Groom
Sycomore by Chanel Les Exclusifs is a sexy but subtle woody fragrance for men and women which would be perfect on one's wedding day.

For the Unconventional Groom
An unconventional, hipster or nerdy groomsman would find Santal Blanc fragrance by Serge Lutens a great choice for wedding day.

For the Traditional Groom
Eau de Guerlain is a classic cologne for men (and women) that can be perfect for a traditional groomsman at a summer wedding.

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Special Moments Need Special Scents
Wedding day is a memorable day. Make it even more special by choosing one of these great fragrances for every type of wedding & every style of bride.

Perfume For a Formal City Wedding
Formal weddings in town hall, cathedral or main synagogue demand something classy, glamorous & sophisticated. Choose a bride perfume out of these choices.

Perfume For an Outdoors Wedding
Outdoors weddings demand rich fragrances with good lasting power but graceful composition so as not to compete with the flowers. These are the best.

Perfume for a Traditional Wedding
Traditional weddings demand a fragrance that is contemporary but not too out there, so these modern interpretations of two classics should be the best choices.

Perfume For a Romantic Wedding
Romantic dresses and style demand a prim white bridal bouquet and these fragrances complement them beautifully. Best perfumes for romantic weddings.

For a Winter Wedding
Winter weddings call for warm yet subtle fragrances which will keep brides feeling snug and luxurious. These perfumes are the best for that.

For the Bridesmaids, Best Man, Family & Guests
Best man, bridesmaids, family and guests at weddings should opt for a fragrance that is as discreet, chic and elegant as these choices.

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Perfume For a Tropical, Casual Wedding
Lucky you marrying on the beach or a tropical island! These perfumes should match the casual character of the wedding and make you feel fresh and fun.

Roger Sterling: the privileged with the killer lines
Roger Sterling in Mad Men could be wearing a French cologne with rich taste from classic house, especially since he ends up with French Canadian Marie.

Mad Men and its cultural impact: fragrance is part of it
Mad Men has created a style nostalgia that persists. Find out what fragrance or cologne the Mad Men characters wear.

Peggy Olson: the likable career girl
Peggy Olson uses fragrance subtly, yet her perfume choices and quote in Mad Men reveal the significance it has for her.

Salvatore Romano: the sophisticated Italian man
Salvatore Romano from Mad Men wears a sophisticated European cologne reflecting both his artistic background and his Italian heritage.

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Don Draper: the cipher
Don Draper from Mad Men is the classic cipher, so his choice of cologne should reflect that. He might change with the setting or the identity he assumes.

A final note on fragrance on Mad Men
Fragrance in the 1960s context of Mad Men is mostly noticed on women and in scenes of seduction initiated by the men of the series.

Joan Holloway Harris: the competent sexpot
Joan Holloway Harris of Mad Men chooses a potent and classically feminine, seductive perfume which speaks of her intensely femme look.

Betty Draper Francis: the frustrated trophy wife
Betty Draper Francis is the trophy wife of Don Draper and later Henry Francis and her perfume choice reflects that.

Megan Clavel Draper: the 60s girl

Fragrance Composition Can Be Likened to Music
Perfume can be compared to music with notes emerging at different time signs, classified as head/top, heart/middle and bottom/base notes.

Starting with the Top Notes
Top or head notes are the most volatile, accounting for the first impression upon spraying a fragrance from the bottle. They draw you in.

Continuing with the Heart Notes
Heart of middle notes are the aromas emerging after the top notes have dissipated and are accountable for the

Ending on the Base Notes
Base or bottom notes are the least volatile and most tenacious ingredients in fragrance formula, comprising amber, musk, woods & resins ensuring tenacity.

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The Gift of Scent for Mom: A Welcome Diversion
Offering fragrance on Mother's Day is a ritual to be enjoyed for days to come. Each mom has her own style, so we matched them with top fragrance recs.

Ostara by Penhaligon's
Ostara by Penhaligon's is a fresh countryside-smelling fragrance for the traditional mom.

For the Sophisticated Mom: Chyprissime by Thierry Mugler
Chyprissime in the Fragrance Collection Les Exceptions by Thierry Mugler is a modern, reinterpreted

Rose Privee by L'Artisan Parfumeur
Rose Privee is the latest L'Artisan Parfumeur fragrance for moms who don't like retro roses but want a chic & modern interpretation.

For the Mom who Doesn't Wear Perfume: Besame French Vanilla Powder
Besame Cosmetics French Vanilla Brightening Powder is a cosmetic product to brighten the face with the subtle scent of fine French vanilla.

For the Eco-Conscious Mom: Pour Le Monde Empower
The eco-conscious mom will enjoy Empower by Pour le Monde fragrance brand, a bright citrus fragrance with 100% natural ingredients.

For the Super Independent Mom: Jacomo Silences Eau de Parfum Sublime
Silences Eau de Parfum Sublime is assertively confident for the mom who doesn't give a damn. A green floral with a powder smelling background.

A fine taste for fragrance for the hyper-elegant Audrey Hepburn
The movie star Audrey Hepburn is a fashion sense icon and an emblem of style, a distinction that runs over to her choice of perfume; chic & elegant!

L'Interdit by Givenchy
L'interdit, an elegant floral fragrance, was made by fashion designer Givenchy for Audrey Hepburn and then released on the market in 1957.

Spring Flowers by Creed
Spring Flower by Creed is a fruity floral as youthful and bright as Sabrina, the character Audrey Hepburn played. Creed made the perfume for Audrey.

Acqua di Parma Colonia
Colonia by Acqua di Parma,a fine citrus cologne, was enjoyed by many movie stars of the golden age of Hollywood, including Audrey Hepburn.

Chamade by Guerlain
Chamade by Guerlain, a romantic floral fragrance, was worn by Audrey Hepburn when she moved into Rome to settle with her second husband.

Joy by Jean Patou
Joy by Patou is a classic rose and jasmine bouquet which Audrey Hepburn favored as personal fragrance.

Femme by Rochas
Femme by Rochas is a rich, very

Ivoire by Balmain
Ivoire by Balmain is a clean, aldehydic floral which was among the favorite fragrances of Audrey Hepburn in her mature years.

Does Smelling Coffee Beans Between Perfumes Clear the Nose?
Coffee beans are a lovely addition to any fancy boutique selling perfume, but don't necessarily help

Perfumery Has Always Drawn Inspiration from the East
Perfumery draws inspiration from the East, both due to the ingredients sourcing & to the escapism offered. Slideshow of classic & modern perfumes.

Guerlain Shalimar
Shalimar by Guerlain is the most classic

Tom Ford Sahara Noir
Sahara Noir by Tom Ford is an oriental fragrance for hardcore enthusiasts, a modern composition of incense and exotic

Hermes Un Jardin Apres la Mousson
A scent interpretation of the monsoon season in Kerala, India, Hermes Un jardin Apres la Mousson, is dewy, subtly spicy and unisex.

Yves Saint Laurent Opium
Opium by Yves Saint Laurent is a classic spicy oriental perfume resting on pepper, carnation, myrrh resin and clove that revolutionized the market.

Neela Vermeire Creations Pichola
Pichola by Neela Vermeire Creations is a beautiful floriental fragrance with lush jasmine & tuberose supported by cool & warm notes in the background.

Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle The Night
The Night by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle contains the highest percentage of natural oudh wood in the market today.

Lamis Atef Maliqua
Maliqa by Lamis Atef is inspired by the Nile River Flower, the water lotus, and reflecting the beauty of Egyptian rituals of beauty.

How Arabians Invade the Western Market with Scents
The Arabian perfumery style with notes of oudh, Tai'f or Turkish roses, saffron & incense is growing not only in the Middle East but in the West too.

Secretions Magnifiques by Etat Libre d'Orange
Secretions Magnifiques is the cult perfume against which all terrible scents are measured to, with notes of

White Musk by Jovan
Jovan White Musk has been mentioned by professional strippers as a favorite.

Tabu by Dana
Tabu by Dana was commissioned as a

Jicky by Guerlain
Jicky by Guerlain comes straight from the 19th century and with its animal note of civet smells very carnal.

Shocking by Elsa Schiaparelli
Schocking by Elsa Schiaparelli has the honeyed scent of worn feminine undergarments and is very naughty smelling.

Kingdom by Alexander mcQueen
Cumin is the scent which permeates the musky fragrance Kingdom by British designer Alexander mcQueen.

Fame by Lady Gaga
Fame by Lady Gaga was promoted with the line that Gaga wanted it to

Rush by Gucci
Rush by Gucci is inspired by poppers and smells peachy-sweet and milky. It was overseen by designer Tom Ford.

Perfumery Hides Some Funny Stories
Some perfumes smell naughty, even slutty, but can also be interesting and worth trying. Have fun in our slideshow of

Most Useful Tips on Sampling Perfumes
There are very definite steps to take when you want to effectively sample fragrances so as to make every spray count. Here is how to go about it.

Easy Guide with Fragrances for Every Occasion
A fragrance for every occasion in an easy to print guide with suggestions for fragrances for men, women and teens.

Creating Scented Memories of Your Prom Night
Prom night when accompanied by a festive fragrance can become even more memorable and give you confidence to feel really pretty, really special.

Eau de Charlotte by Annick Goutal
Eau de Charlotte by Annick Goutal utilizes blackcurrant jam notes with cocoa and vanilla to give a unique sweet scent for quirky types.

Mademoiselle by Guerlain
Mademoiselle Guerlain is a happy, playful scent of marshmallow and iris as vivid as a sprinkling of colored confetti.

L'Eau Couture by Elie Saab
L'Eau Couture by Elie Saab injects an almond touch to orange blossom, creating a polished addition to your prom dress and corsage.

Eau Demoiselle by Givenchy
Eau Demoiselle by Givenchy is best suited to aristocratic and sophisticated style dresses for the prom, with its lemon and shiso top notes.

Touch of Pink by Lacoste
Touch of Pink by Lacoste is perfect for the girl-next-door types who want an easy yet delicious fragrance to wear on their prom night.

A La Rose by Maison Francis Kurkdjian
A la Rose is an ode to rose and inspired by Marie Antoinette. Traditionalists and romantic types should find it a great addition to their prom preparation.