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Couples Friends - Friendship With Another Couple
How to meet other couples, start up a friendship, find things to do, and more.

In Love With a Friend - Friends to Dating
Is your friend just a pal? Or could the two of you be something more?

Ways a Bromance Can Hurt Your Relationships
Will your bromance come between you and your romantic relationship?

Reasons You Don't Have Any Couples Friends
Not getting an invites from other couples for game nights or dinner? One of these situations could be the reason why.

How We Group Our Friends
Do you have different friend groups? Find out what this term means to the friendships in your life.


Friendship Definitions - Types of Friendships
The terms used to describe various types of friendships has expanded to include bromance, frenemy, and BFF. Here are definitions for some popular friend terminology.

Breaking Up With a Friend - Ending a Friendship - Moving on From a Friend
It can be painful to end a friendship no matter which end of the breakup you are on. We discuss when to break up, common reasons for friendship fights, and how to move on when it is all said and done.

Types of Friends - Type of a Friend
Definitions of various friend types.

What Makes Someone a Close Friend?
Definition of a close friend. Friendship.

When Friendships Come to an End
You cannot always predict when a friendship will end, but during these times makes it more likely.

Surprising Ways Friendship Helps You as Social Support
Friends can help you in a variety of ways.

Selfishness Quotes About Life and Friendships
These quotes about selfish friends will help you appreciate the good friends you have all the more.

The Basics of Making Friendships Better - Improving Friendship
This section will tell you how to make your friendships even better.

5 Reasons You Are Losing Friends
If you're losing friends lately, here are five common reasons why it could be happening. Use some self-reflection to see if you're the problem.

Signs of Healthy Friendships
Healthy friendships have boundaries and respect and also allow each friend the freedom to have other friends. Good friends communicate their needs.

Social Networking - Online Friends - Facebook Friends
Social networking (with sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and more) increases the interaction you have with friends. But there are positive and negative aspects with social networking as it relates to friendships. We will show you how to keep in touch with your pals without spending all your time on the Internet.

Facebook Friends -
Facebook has made a big impact on our friendships. In this section we discuss ways to make your friendship thrive using Facebook, and not suffer arguments or hurt feelings.

Websites That Help You Meet People - Online Friends
More people are meeting friends online, and then making those friendships thrive in real life.

Readers Online Friendship and Social Networking Tips
Readers share their tips for making the most of online friendships and social networking.

Take Friendships Offline Boot Camp
A series of articles on how to meet friends in the real world and avoid online interaction. The articles can be read one after another or once a week for eight weeks. The goal is to see friends in person more often.

People You Shouldn't Friend on Facebook
Facebook lets people into your life on a very personal level, so wait before friending people like coworkers or even acquaintances.

Quotes About False or Bad Friends
Quotes about bad or false friends that highlight reasons to appreciate the good friends you have in life instead. We've all dealt with bad friends.

Nurture Friendships - How to Make a Relationship Stronger
Learn how to nurture your friendships with kindness and support.

Improve Your Own Behavior - Being a Better Friend
How to improve on your own behavior and make your friendships better.

Readers Thoughts About Nurturing Friendships - How Our Readers Keep Friendships Going readers share their thoughts on how to keep their friendships going strong.

How to Be a Good Friend
How to be a good friend? These five tips talk about respect, boundaries, learning to work through conflict, and how to act as a friend.

Friendship Tips: Meeting People, Getting Along
Ideas for making new friends, advice for working through conflict and managing social media relationships, and ways to nurture friendships you have.

Best Friends - BFF
If you are lucky enough to have someone to call a best friend, your life will be enriched by someone who cares about you and has your back.

Is It Normal Not to Have a Best Friend?
Many people feel weird about not having a best friend, but this type of close relationship might not be good in every situation.

Friend Distinctions - Different Types of Friends
Definitions of friends at various levels.

Meet New Friends Through Acquaintances
How to use your acquaintances to meet other people and form friendships. Acquaintances can be a great resource for new friends.

How to Apologize - How to Say You Are Sorry
When should you apologize and what's the best way to do it? We give you tips on what to say, when not to apologize, and how to avoid a non-apology.

You Apologize But Your Friend Does Not
How to proceed when you apologize with the expectation that your friend will return the apology and then they don't.

Winnie the Pooh Friendship Quotes
Winnie the Pooh quotes that highlight friendship and getting along with others. These quotes remind us about listening and patience.

Making New Friends
Tips for starting up a friendship with someone new.

Making Friends After Your Divorce
Meeting friends after a divorce can be a challenge. You can reconnect with friends you might have drifted away from and meet others with these tips.

Why Most Friendships Don't Last
Why most friendships will not last your entire life. There are three main reasons friendships do not last forever.

Things Introverts Should Know About Extroverts
Knowing more about extroverts will help you form a better friendship with someone who has an extroverted personality.

How Do You Know When to Call Someone a Friend?
When is someone considered a true friend? Some helpful hints on when you can actually call someone friend as opposed to acquaintance or just friendly.

How to Develop a Healthy Platonic Friendship
How to establish boundaries and have fun in a platonic friendship that allow you both to feel comfortable.

What to Do When a Friend Shuts You Out: Some Advice
When your friend stop talking to you, it is either because you did something wrong or it has nothing to do with you. Here's how to figure out which.

Being Too Busy for Friends - Making Time for People
Being too busy is one reason friendships come to an end. Learn how to balance your life and obligations so you can keep your friendships going.

Worst Things You Can Do to a Friend on Twitter
Twitter habits to avoid in order to save your friendship from an argument that ends things between you and a pal.

Loneliness - How to Make Friends When You're Lonely
When you are feeling loney and have no friends, there are still plenty of ways to meet new people.

Difficulty Making Friends - Problems With Developing a Friendship
Common problems where people find it difficult to make new friends.

Desperately Lonely and Needing Friends
Being desperately lonely can cause you to make poor choices when it comes to friendship. Learn how to have healthy friendships with desperation.

Best Friend Benefits
The benefits of best friends are many, but like anything there can be positive and negative points.

Making Friends at Work - How to Make Friends in the Office
Work friends can make your time spent in the office that much more enjoyable. Here are some ideas on how to make friends at work.

How to Make Friends at a New Job
When you're new at work, it can be hard to make friends. Here's how to meet your coworkers and form a few friendships in the office.

I Don't Have Any Friends
Why you don't have any friends, and what you can do about it. If you consistently have a hard time making friends then the problem is with you.

Stages Of Friendship Development
Friendships have different stages of development, going from acquaintance to best friend. But not all friends will reach each level, which is okay.

Understanding Why Introverts Hate Small Talk
Why introverts say they hate small talk and how this affects the conversations they have with friends.

Meet Friends With a Good News Club
Start a good news club to bring more positive friends into your life. This type of club celebrates positivity and inspiring stories.

Benefits of Positive Friends
Having positive friends in your life can help in a variety of ways, such as better emotional and physical health, reduced stress, and more confidence.

Tips for Making Small Talk With Strangers
Making small talk with strangers will help you get to know them and possibly become friends at some point down the line.

Making Friends If You Are an Introvert
Introverts can have a full life filled with friendships they enjoy. Here's how introverts can make friends they feel comfortable with.

Introverts - Shy - How Can I Make Friends
Introverts respond to the world a little differently than others, but they can have just as many fulfilling friendships as anyone else. We provide tips on meeting new people, finding friends, and making small talk.

Books For and About Introverts
Books that introverts will enjoy.

Reader Introvert Discussions - Readers React to Introversion and Friendship
Introverted readers give tips and suggestions about friendship.

Introverts - Small Talk and Making Conversation
How introverts can make small talk, something they typically do not enjoy doing.

When First Meeting New Friends - New Friendships Are Formed
How to get a new friendship off on the right foot by making small talk and getting to know someone.

Invite a Neighbor Out to Dinner
Easy ways to invite a neighbor out to dinner so you can get to know each other and become friends.

Making a New Friend Online Course - Follow Up
In this final week of an online course, you will become proactive in following up with the contacts you have made thus far. This is where you nurture your new friendship.

Making a New Friend Ecourse - Ask a Friend for Coffee
In this fourth week of an online course, you will invite one of your acquaintances out for coffee. This will help you to get to know them better and determine if you have some common interests.

Making a New Friend Online Course - Practice Small Talk
In the first week of this online course, you will get comfortable with making small talk and chatting with strangers.

Work Friendships - Get Along With People at Work - Friends With Coworkers
Should you get to know the people you work with? Of course! We'll show you how to do it wisely so both you and your employer can benefit.

Friends As Business Partners - Going Into Business With a Friend
Can your friendship survive if you go into business together?

Benefits of Friends - Girlfriends
The physical and emotional benefits you reap from having solid friendships.

Military Brats - When Your Family Moves Around a Lot
Making friends when you're a military brat.

Meaning of the term unfriend
Meaning of the word unfriend in relation to Facebook, social networking, and culture.

The Best Websites for Unique Gifts
Websites that offer unique gifts for that hard to buy for friend.

Ways Friends Help With a Job Search
Different ways that your friends can help you find a new job.

Arguments - Argue With a Friend - Fight With a Friend
When you and a friend argue, it doesn't mean your friendship is over. Usually arguments mean that both you and your friend care enough to want the best for your relationship.

Setting Boundaries
One way to manage conflict in a friendship is to set proper boundaries. That will you will both be on the same page, and arguments will be less frequent.

Conflicts About Friends Love Lives - Fighting With a Friend Over Dating
Fights that happen because of friend's love life.

Kindness - Being Nice to Friends
Random acts of kindness and generally being nice to people will help you in your quest to make friends.

Problems With a Friend's Behavior
Problems you have with a friend's behavior. Things like selfishness, being un-supportive, and rudeness.

Forgiveness - How Do You Forgive
Forgiveness allows friends to move forward after a setback or argument.

Conflict Resolution - Why We Fight - Friends Fighting
Isn't fighting with a friend the worst? If you've had an argument with your pal, you've come to the right place. We have tips for resolving conflict, arguing in a healthy way, and moving past a major fight.

When You Mess Up
When your bad behavior causes a problem with friends. Things like a bad temper, saying the exact wrong thing, and other issues that cause fights with friends.

Parts of Your Friend's Life That You Shouldn't Pry Into
Things about your friend's life that are none of your business. These guidelines allow you to back off personal questions and boundaries.

Online Course - Five Weeks to Develop a New Friendship
An online course that helps you meet a new friend in just five weeks.

Types of Friendship - Best Friend - About Friendship
What is a bromance? Or a BFF? How can I tell if someone is a work friend or just an acquaintance? If I friend someone on Facebook, what does it mean? We'll answer these questions and more in this section.

Female Friendships
Nurturing the friendships you have with other women.

All about bromance between guy friends.

When You Say Something You Can't Take Back
What to do when you say something you should have kept to yourself that ends up hurting your friend.

Surprising Ways Your Friendships Change After Marriage
Your friendships will change after you get married. This article talks about how friends will act after you wed and how to keep friends in your life.

Toxic Friends - False Friends - Frenemy
Do you have people in your life who treat you bad but yet still call themselves a friend? They are called many things like frenemies or toxic friends, but the bottom line is that they are not positive people to have in your life. This section shows you how to deal with them.

Books - Book Reviews - Books on Friendship
Want to read more about friendship? These books reviews will help you sort out the best advice.

Famous Friends - Celebs in the News
Information on celebrities and other famous friends.

Holidays - Hanging Out With Friends
Looking to hang out with your friends this holiday? Here are some ideas from everything to Valentine's Day to Halloween.

False Friends - One Sided Friendships - Frenemy
Advice on how to deal with people who turn out to be anything but a friend.

Gifts by Personality and Interest - Gift Ideas for Friends
A list of gift ideas for your friend based on personality, hobbies, and interest level.

When a Friend Posts Unflattering Pictures of You Online
One of the most maddening and hurtful things that can happen between friends is when someone posts an unflattering picture of you online. Following are tips for how to confront them and get them to take the pictures down.

My Friend Can Only Talk About Surface Stuff
When your friend can't seen to discuss serious subjects and keep things more surface.

Before You Call Your Friend Toxic
Calling someone toxic is a hurtful act, even if the person behaves badly. Labels aren't necessary in friendship.

How to Leave a Toxic Friendship
Toxic friendships need special care when it comes to saying goodbye.

Pen Pal Friendships - Friends Connect by Letter Writing
Pen pals can develop into real friendships.

Jealous of a Friend? How To Cope
Jealousy has the power to ruin a friendship if it isn't kept in check. While you can't always help the way you feel, you can control how you react.

Online Friends Improve Your Life
Online friends can help you feel connected to the outside world. Here are three ways online friends can help bolster in person relationships.

How to Deal With a Friend Who Has Cheated
A friend's affair can be detrimental to your friendship.

Establish Personal Boundaries in a Friendship
How to set personal boundaries and improve your friendships.

No Friends - When You Don't Have a Friend
If you don't have any friends right now, don't worry. It happens to people from time to time. Here is how to make friends when you're lonely.

How to Confront a Frenemy
Got a friend who is treating you poorly? She may be a frenemy in disguise. Here's how to deal with someone who isn't sincere.

How to Make Up After an Argument With a Friend
Moving on after an argument. Friendship.

Managing a Friend at Work After a Promotion
It's hard to maintain a friendship when you have to manage someone you hang around with in your personal life, but it can be done.

How Do You Forgive - Forgiving a Friend Who Hurt You
Forgiveness is good for you. Letting things go so you can move on to a happier place is the secret to a long and healthy friendship.

TV and Movies - Friendship in Pop Culture
How friendships are portrayed on TV and in the movies. Quotes, favorite films, celebrities, and more.

Friendship Bracelets - Friendship Bracelet How To
Friendships bracelets are so hot now that there are versions for adults and kids alike. These ideas will help you get the perfect bracelet for your friend.

Literary Quotes - Sayings From Books About Friendship
See what your favorite books and authors have to say on the subject of friendship.

Quotes About Negative Friends and Feelings
Sometimes, you just want to grouse a little about the friendships in your life. These quotes will help put you in a better mood.

Gifts by Type of Friend - Gift Ideas by Person
Gift ideas by the type of friend you have (guy friends, new friend, etc.)

Sticky Situations With Friends - Things That Are Hard to Talk About
Awkward or sticky situations that are difficult to talk about with a friend.

Friendship Readers Choice Awards - Popular Friendship Books and Sites
Favorite books, games, and sites, as voted on by Friendship readers.

Special Friendship Days - Special Calendar Days
Special days designated to honor friendships in your life.

Homemade Gift Ideas - Handmade Gifts
Your friend would love a homemade gift. Even with limited crafting skills, there are plenty of things you can make that your pal would love.

Friendship Quote of the Day - Daily Quotes About Friends
A quote for each of the 365 days of the year that relates to friendship and life.

Etiquette and Friendship - Having Good Manners
Having good manners can help your friendships thrive.

Readers Stories About Making Friends
Readers share their stories and experience with making new friends.

Revive an Old Friendship - Connect With Former Friends
Connecting with a friend from your past can be a great or horrible situation. Here are tips for making it the best possible experience it can be.

Dogs and Friendship - A Dog Can Help You Meet Friends
Dogs can help you meet and keep friends.

How to Be a Friend - Healthy Relationship - Good Friends
Finding friends is one thing, but keeping them close is equally as important. We'll show you ways to nurture and grow your friendship so you and your pal can stay close for years to come.

Friendship Quotes - Sayings About Friendship - Friendship Poems
Quotes and sayings about friendship, including false friends, words from the literary world, and Bible quotes. There are even words about keeping a positive attitude, which is important in finding new friends.

Frugal Gift Ideas - Cheap Gifts
A great present does not have to be expensive. You can get your friend something fabulous that still costs very little money. Here are some ideas.

Positive Quotes - Happy Things Said About Friendship
This section contains inspirational quotes to create better friendships.

Movie Quotes - Sayings From TV
See what your favorite TV and movie characters have to say about friendship.

Places to Meet New People - Where to Meet Friends
Ideas on places to meet new people.

Gift Ideas - What to Give
Need to get your friend a present? Read through the Gift Giving section for unique gift ideas your friend will cherish. You'll find personalized gift ideas, homemade presents, and the best ways to show your friend how much you care.

Meeting New People and Making New Friends
Would you like to find new people to build a friendship with? You've come to the right place! We'll give you ideas for meeting people in a new city, making friends when you're older, bonding with people at work, and more.

Things to Do - What to Do
Need some ideas for fun things to do with your friends? The right activity can help people relate to each other and bond quickly. In this section we'll give you ideas for connecting with your coworkers, inviting a few new pals out for a night on the town, and strengthening the friendships you have with fun activities that bring out the best in you and your friend.

Friendship in Culture - Famous Friends - Special Days
Looking for famous friends? Or those special friendships days each year? You've come to the right place. We'll give you everything you need to know to keep up with the latest in friendship.

Acts of Kindness Ideas - Nice Things to Do for a Friend
Ideas for doing nice things for a friend, like taking them out for coffee or lunch, writing a note, or buying their favorite movie for them.

Best Friends Quotes and Sayings
These inspirational quotes about best friends will help you appreciate your BFF that much more.

Email Fight - Email Friendship Fights
Definition of the term email fight and how it applies to friendship.

Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad has been a popular show to binge watch.

Your sci-fi loving friends will enjoy a Fringe marathon.

Band of Brothers
Band of Brothers is a favorite show that groups of friends watch often and even quote.

Nine seasons of the show Supernatural will make for a good TV watching marathon with your friends.

Modern Family
If your friends are looking for some lighthearted entertainment, Modern Family is just the thing.

The new Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch is a popular show to watch with friends.

The Wire
Watching The Wire with friends may help you start up an interesting conversation with your friends.

Friends is one of the best shows to binge watch with a group.

Scandal is a show that will have your friends connecting on Twitter and talking about long after it airs.

The TV show Damages is about a unique working relationship between two women. It may spark a good debate among your friends.

Downton Abbey
Some friends throw viewing parties when Downton Abbey is on.

Binge Watching House of Cards
There is no better TV show to binge watch with your friends than House of Cards.

Coupling is the perfect show to watch with your single friends.

The West Wing to Download on Netflix Streaming
You can watch the entire series of The West Wing on Netflix.

Firefly is a favorite among geeky friends.

The Blacklist
The Blacklist is a good show to binge watch.

Watch the entire first season of Broadchurch with your friends.

Dollhouse TV Show
Joss Whedon's Dollhouse is a fun one to watch with friends.

Cosmos Hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson
Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts the show Cosmos, a good show to watch with a group of friends.

Binge Watching the Show True Detective
True Detective became a surprise hit and makes for a good show to watch with your friends.

Television Shows to Watch Online or Through Netflix
20 great TV shows to binge watch with your friends.

How to Create a Profile for a Friendship Matching Site
How to write a profile about yourself so you can meet friends on matching sites like Meetup or Social Jane.

Devleoping First Friendships Through Sports
Sports provide a way to meet our first friends in life through school teams, but they also give us a way to connect with people as adults.

Define Bromance - Friendship Between Guys
Are you in a bromance? How to define bromance and handle your male friendships.

Distancing Yourself From a Friend
How to distance yourself from a friend respectfully.

How to Reuse Old Books for Homemade Gifts and Crafts
Old book crafts that take novels and create something new with them. This is perfect for the friend who enjoys reading.

Why Do My Friends Let Me Down?
Why it feels so bad when a friend lets you down. Friends are in our lives because they want to be and when they choose to focus elsewhere, it hurts.

6 of the Worst Gifts to Give a Friend
Bad gifts that you should never give a friend. Gift giving can often send a message to friends and you only want to give them something they'll enjoy.

Cyber Stalking a Friend on Social Media
Cyber stalking a friend is a dangerous activity that prevents you from moving on from a friendship.

Things Never to Bond Over With a Friend
Things you should never bond over when starting a new friendship. These items aren't a good basis for a relationship, and your friendship will fail.

Definition of Friend Stealer
Definition of the term friend stealer, which is someone who meets you only so they can lure your friends away from you.

Take the High Road - Avoid Arguing With a Friend
What taking the high road means for friends. When one person hits below the belt verbally, the other friend can refuse to stoop to the same level.

The Effect of Technology on Friendship
Technology changes friendship for the better by allowing us to keep in touch and share photos easily. But it has some downsides as well.

Helping Someone Who Is Lonely - Support Lonely Friends
Loneliness can hit anyone. Here's how to help someone who is lonely, or an acquaintance you suspect might need some additional kindness.

How to Make Friends at a Job You Hate
Focusing on friends when you're at a job you hate can help you create a more pleasant work environment for yourself.

Why You Can Only Handle 150 Friends - The Dunbar Number
The Dunbar Number refers to how many friends you can cognitively handle.

Working With a Former Friend
It can be awkward when you have to work with someone you used to be friends with, but a proactive approach can help.

Proverbs About Friendship - Bible Verses About Friends
Proverbs about friendship that address things like kindness and conflict. The wisdom in these verses can help you make better choices with friends.

Quotes About Friendship From the Literary World
Quotes about friendship from the finest literary minds, from from writers like Emily Dickinson and Mark Twain, and Alexander Dumas.

How to Revive an Old Friendship - Advice
There are many ways to start up a new friendship with an old friend.

How to Write an Apology Note to a Friend
How to write a sorry note to a friend that takes responsibility for what you did and encourages your friend to forgive you.

Best Bromance Movies - Films About Male Friendships
What better way to celebrate bromance than by watching a film about guys enjoying their friendship?

Gifts for Hard to Buy For Friends by Personality Type
Gift ideas for hard to buy for friends. This list is based on their unique personality and interests so you're sure to find something special they'll really like.

Gifts for Hard to Buy For Friends by Personality Type
Gift ideas for hard to buy for friends. This list is based on their unique personality and interests so you're sure to find something special they'll really like.

Gifts for Hard to Buy For Friends by Personality Type
Gift ideas for hard to buy for friends. This list is based on their unique personality and interests so you're sure to find something special they'll really like.

Best Gifts for Any Friend - Introverts, New Friends, Coworkers
Find gifts for friends based on personality and interests with these tips.

Gift Cards - Giving a Gift Card
Gift cards are good presents for friends depending on how you present them.

Best Gifts for Any Friend - Introverts, New Friends, Coworkers
Find gifts for friends based on personality and interests with these tips.

When You Are Being Clingy - You Are Emotionally Needy
How to identify your clingy behavior and work on your emotional baggage so you can be a good friend.

The Friend Zone Meaning and Definition
Have you ever found yourself in

What Is Friendship - What It Means to Be a Friend
Meaning of the term friendship and how it applies to our lives. Friendship adds to our health and wellbeing just like exercise and eating right.

Homemade Valentines Gifts for Your Friends
Homemade gifts you can make for a friend for Valentine's Day even if you aren't crafty or creative.

If you try to make your coworker look bad, you will never have a chance to befriend him.

10 Things Not to Do if You Want to Make Friends at Work
Making friends at work is easy if you avoid doing these ten things.

Exclude People
Purposing leaving people out of plans in the office can hurt you when it comes to making friends.

Refuse to Help Others
Helping others at work can go a long way toward making new friends.

Reject Ideas
Rejecting ideas from coworkers without giving them thought can put you on their bad side.

Be Noisy in a Cubicle Environment
Working in a cubicle can be difficult, but if you keep your voice down and respect those around you, your coworkers will appreciate it.

Refuse to Participate in Parties and Birthday Cards
It pays to chip in for the office party or birthday presents for coworkers. Doing so will make it a lot easier to become friends with people down the road.

Skip Small Talk
Making small talk in the office can help you to get to know your coworkers.

Complain - Complaining at Work
If you complain a lot at work, it could put people off when it comes to getting to know you.

Bring Smelly Food Into the Office
When you work in an office, it's important to respect your coworkers. That includes watching what you bring in to eat. Too much smelly food can make coworkers avoid you.

Be Vulgar
Cursing and yelling have no place in the office.

How Your Family Friend Really Fits Into Your Life
Meaning of the term family friend and how this person affects the rest of your personal relationships.

Things to Do On Valentines Day With Friends
Ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day with your friends.

New Friendships - Making Friends
New friendships need extra attention in order to be successful. In the beginning, you might be making more effort with regard to conversation and scheduling time together.

Making Good First Impressions - Showing Your Best Self
Making a good impression right out of the gate when you meet someone new will give you a better chance of becoming friends with them.

Attracting Friends to You
People who naturally draw people to them share traits like an open personality, sharing a passion, and being able to make small talk.

Make Friends in a New City - Moving to a New Area
Moving to a new city can be exciting. While connecting with new people isn't always easy, you can do it, and these tips will help.

How to Listen to Friends to Make Them Feel Special
Learning how to really listen to someone can improve your friendship.

How to Handle a Bossy Friend
How to handle that bossy friend who insists on pushing you around. You can stay friends if you understand how to deal with them.

Body Language Mistakes When Meeting Friends
The right body language can help you make friends more easily. Here are some body language mistakes to avoid.

Reasons You Let People Treat You Poorly
You may be allowing people to treat you poorly just by how you act yourself. Here are some signs to watch out for and how to change things.

Reasons It's Hard to Spot a Toxic Friendship
It's hard spotting a toxic friend and can often take some time.

How to Find a Best Friend
How you can get a best friend. Friendship.

How to Stop Being a People Pleaser
When you are a people pleaser you become fake, putting other's happiness above being genuine. This means you will never be a true friend with people.

Lies to Make Friends Feel Better - White Lies
The kinds of lies that are okay to tell friends. These are called pro-social lies, or what we would call little white lies.

Most Popular Friendship Questions
The most popular articles and questions about friendship.

Explaining Loneliness Even When You Have Friends
Even people with friends experience loneliness. However, there is a way for lonely people to banish lonely feelings and interact with others.

Friends Who Contact You Even After You Break Up
When your ex-friend keeps contacting you even though you broke up.

How to Break Up With a Friend - Ending a Friendship
Breaking up with a friend in a positive and healthy way will help keep you in the right frame of mind so you can move forward.

Identifying the Emotional Vampires in Your Friendships
What an emotional vampire is and how these types of people suck the life out of a room. Emotional vampires will bring you down and should be avoided.

How Handwritten Letters Strengthen Friendship
A letter penned in your own hand can be a special way to let your friend know that you are grateful for their friendship.

When You Don't Want to Reconnect With an Old Friend
When an old friend wants to start up a friendship again but you don't. How to respond to them so you let them down easy.

Are You a Bad Friend Breaker Upper?
Being a bad friendship breaker upper means that you are mean and rude when you end the relationship. You and your friend suffer after a bad breakup.

Is She a Frenemy? Definition and Signs
Signs that the friend in your life is really a frenemy.

Easy Way to Make Friends and Meet People
Answer to the question, what's the best way to make friends?

Things We Can Learn From Friends Oprah and Gayle King
Lessons on how to be a good friend from the friendship between Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King.

William Shakespeare Quotes About Friendship
Quotes by William Shakespeare that relates to friendship.

Do You Need More Friends? - Self Evaluation
How can you tell if you need more friends.

Why Your Friends Lie to You
Friends lie to you for all kinds of different reasons. Sometimes they lie to protect your feelings and other times they lie to be mean.

Unique Gift Ideas for Booklovers
Clever, unique gifts for your friend the booklover. Your pals who like to read will appreciate these gifts that relate to their favorite hobby.

How to Create a Memory Journal for Your Friends
An easy gift to make for a friend is a memory journal, which is inexpensive to make but something your friend will cherish. Great for long-time pals.

5 Things Never to Assume About a Friend
We can get too comfortable with our friendships and take friends for granted. It's important never to assume things about a friend.

Pros and Cons of Group Friendships
How to be part of a group of friends without losing your own identity.

Mock Funerals and Friendship
Trying to find happiness by examining your life with a mock funeral. This trend has people searching for meaning in their lives.

How to Apologize to a Friend
How to apologize to your friend.

Happiness Quotes - Sayings About How to Be Happy
Remind yourself to choose happiness with the help of these quotes.

How to Give a Sincere Compliment to Your Friend
How to give a genuine compliment,

How to Gracefully Change the Subject With a Friend
How to change the conversation is a smooth and graceful way.

Things Extroverts Should Know About Introverts
Tips for making friends with introverts.

Positive Attitude Quotes - Sayings About Friendship
Quotes that help you to keep a positive attitude in your life and friendships.

5 Unwritten Rules of Friendship
Five common sense guidelines about friendship which considered the unwritten rules.

Things to Do With Your Guy Friends
Bonding activities for guys. A variety of suggestions from working out to just helping each other with home repair. Perfect for how men like to bond.

Attend a Sporting Event With Your Guy Friend
Sporting events are great for bromance nights out.

Grilling Out With the Guys
Guys love to grill out and have a few beers.

Compete Against a Guy Friend
Competition is one way males bond.

Have Your Guy Friend Help With House Repairs
Using power tools can be a great way for guys to bond.

Dinner and Drinks With Guy Friends
Getting a few beers after work is a popular activity for guy friends.

Workout With Your Guy Friends
Working out with your friend is good for your body and soul.

Give and Take - Finding Balance in a Friendship
When someone refers to the

Showing Your Vulnerable Side on Social Media
How to show your vulnerable side on social media without driving yourself crazy or revealing too much.

My Friend Suddenly Stopped Talking to Me
How to deal with a person who suddenly stops talking to you.

Wondering Why a Friend Seems to Hate You
What should you do when a friend suddenly seems to not like you? Learn how to figure out what's really going on and what you can do about it.

How Do I Tell My Friend That She's the Mean Girl?
When your friend is the mean girl.

Chose a Word for the Year to Improve Your Relationships
Choosing a word to focus on for the year can improve your friendships little by little in small but profound ways.

How to Become a Mentor
Becoming a mentor can be a great way to give back and foster a lasting relationship. Learn more about how to become a mentor and decide if it's right for you.

My Friend Talks About One Subject Only
Does your friend constantly talk about the same thing? Learn more about how to help your friend move on and when it might be time to pull away.

Friends Who Talk Too Much
Do you have a friend who talks too much? Learn some tips for redirecting the conversation so you can talk, too.

When You Are Your Own Worst Enemy With Making Friends
You might be your own worst enemy when it comes to making friends. Learn if you're the problem and how to get out of your own way to form better friendships.

Book Review of Identity by Stedman Graham
The book Identity by Stedman Graham has helpful tips on figuring out who you are in the world and how to surround yourself with people who share your values.

Identity - Book by Stedman Graham
Take a look at this review of Identity by Stedman Graham has to find out if it can help you figure out who you are in the world. Page 2.

How to Forgive When You Don't Really Want To
How to forgive when you don't feel like it.

My Friend Always Bails on Me
When a friend always cancels at the last minute, they aren't really committed to the friendship.

When You Act Like a Bad Friend
How to recognize the signs that you are acting like a bad friend. Realizing the things you're doing wrong in friendship before your friend dumps you.

When Your Friends Are Your Family
When you feel that your friends really are your family.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for the Office
Stocking stuffers for people in the office.

Cocktail Party Tips for Introverts
How to enjoy a cocktail party if you're an introvert.

Loneliness Quotes - Sayings About Loneliness
Some people think that loneliness is something that you're stuck with. But being lonely doesn't have to be permanent. Here are some quotes about loneliness meant to help pull you from your sadness and motivate you to change your life. You can, you know!

Social Grace Definition for Friends and Acquaintances
What it means to have social grace, and why it's important to friendship.

One Sided, Unbalanced Friendships
Some friendships are one-sided, meaning that one person does the calling and making plans.

I Hate Who My Friend Is Dating - My Friend's Boyfriend
When you can't stand who your friend is dating.

Safety Tips - Meeting an Internet Friend in Person
Be safe when you meet an online friend the first time. Coffee shops are the perfect place to meet. Be careful with how much information you give.

Girlfriend Social - Women Looking for New Friends
Girlfriend Social can help you meet other female friends. It is a website devoted to introducing women who are searching for platonic friendships.

How to Find More Friends On the Internet
Places to find online friends. Friendship.

Find Friends Through an Internet Dating Site
Can you really find friends on an online dating site?

How to Meet a New Friend for a Coffee Date
Meet your new friend for a coffee date and avoid the cost and awkwardness of a regular activity.

Websites That Help You Meet Friends
Several websites can help you connect with other couples to form friendships, or just meet a variety of different new friends. Page 2.

Websites That Help You Meet Friends - Friendship Sites
Several websites can help you connect with other couples to form friendships, or just meet a variety of different new friends. Page 3.

Websites That Help You Meet Friends
Finding a friend or two online can be a good way to meet new people.

Being Gently Honest vs Brutally Honest
Being gently honest means that you take feelings into consideration, as opposed to brutal honesty which tells the truth but is nasty and harmful.

Spring Date Ideas for Friends - Things to Do With Pals
Fun spring activities to do with your friends.

Best Gift Ideas for Girl Friends - Guide to Gift Buying
Ideas on gifts for female friends.

Online Friend - Definition and Examples
An online friend is someone you meet and know only through the virtual world but is still considered a friend.

Girlfriend Circles Website - Finding Female Friends
GirlFriendCircles is a site that connects women friends to each other.

5 Reasons Your Friend Is Snarky With You All the Time
Why friends act in a sarcastic or snarky way and how you can handle them.

Health Benefits of Friendship - Friends and Your Health
The many health benefits of having friends, such as reduced stress and quicker recovery times from illness.

Unique Friendship Bracelet Tutorials
A collection of friendship bracelet tutorials you'll actually want to try and give to friends.

Insensitive Friends - When Friends Lack Sensitivity
Friends who lack sensitivity can make you feel hurt. Here is how to respond to them when they say something that lacks sensitivity.

Difference Between Being a Fan and a Friend
When you are a fan of someone and think you have developed a friendship with them. The difference between being a fan and a friend.

In Order to Have a Friend You Must First Be a Friend
Meaning behind the famous friendship quote by Elbert Hubbard.















The Perfect Friend for You Based on Your Favorite Color
Using color psychology to help discover the perfect friend for you. Learn how your color preference influences your choice in friends.





Things to Consider Before Venting to a Friend
Things to consider before you vent to a friend. You can ruin friendships with your venting and also harm your emotional well being.

Understanding the Pain of a Broken Friendship
Why it hurts so much when a friendship ends. You might be angry, sad, or just frustrated. Reasons why you feel the way you do after a breakup.

Walking Away From a Friendship With Respect
How to end a friendship respectfully.

Unfriending Someone on Facebook Without Backlash
Facebook allows you a variety of settings to block or end online friendships, but sometimes it's just not enough. In those cases, you might need to unfriend someone.

Stop the Spread of Hate on Social Media
Tips to avoiding spreading hate and negativity on social media.

Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix
Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix are friends and brothers in law.

Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert
Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are good pals.

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake - Celebrity Bromances
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are one of the best celebrity bromances of all time.

Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham
Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham are good friends.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire
Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire have been friends over 25 years.

Zach Braff and Donald Faison
Zach Braff and Donald Faison played friends on Scrubs and became best friends in real life, too.

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake - Celebrity Bromances
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are one of the best celebrity bromances of all time.

Celebrity Bromances - Famous Best Male Friends
Celebrity best guy friends. Friendship.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon
All about the friendship between Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

Brad Pitt and George Clooney
Inside Brad Pitt and George Clooney's friendship.

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly
Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly in a bromance.

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry
Steven Tyler and Joe Perry have been friends over half their life.

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine
Blake Shelton and Adam Levine met on the set of The Voice.

Jon Rich and Lil John
Jon Rich and Lil John were friends even before they were on Celebrity Apprentice.

Different Ways to Use Friendship Bracelets
Friendship bracelets have come a long way. The following ideas will allow you to give these to your friends of all ages, because there are a lot of ways you can give these bracelets besides as just jewelry.

Free Things to Do for a Friend - Nurturing a Friendship
Nice things to do for a friend that do not cost any money. These are suggestions that are well thought out and heartfelt.

Foot in Mouth Quotes and Sayings About Social Etiquette
Quotes about people sticking their foot in their mouth. This list of quotes is good inspiration when you say something wrong in a social setting.

Things to Ask Before Going Into Business With a Friend
Going into business with your friend can be fun and rewarding, but you have to make sure it's the right decision. Consider these points first.

Ways for Coworkers to Bond - Work Friendships
Things to do so you can become friends with the people at work. There are many benefits to having coworkers as friends.

How Facebook Friends Benefit Your Life
The many ways that Facebook friends enhance your life. Facebook friends are a benefit to your entire social life.

How to Get a Variety Of Friends - Eclectic Groups
Having a variety of friends, preferably those who are different from you in terms of opinions, ages, and background, can make your life interesting.

How to Be a Good Facebook Friend
The social networking site Facebook has made it easier than ever to connect with our friends but it can also be a source of conflict.

A Friend That Always Brings Up the Past
How to deal with a friend who embarrasses you with talk about the past.

Dealing With the Mean Girls
How to deal with the mean girls of the world.

Friends as Business Partners - Professional Partners
Going into business together doesn't have to ruin a friendship. Here's how to keep your friendship solid when you work with a pal.

Negative People Who Try to Bring You Down
The ways negative friends affect your life and how you can spot them. Why negative friends seem to bring us down.

How to enjoy a Thanksgiving day with friends, called friendsgiving.

New Year's Resolutions for Your Friendships
New Year's resolutions that apply specifically to your friendships. These changes can improve the relationships you have with friends.

Friends That Pull Away From You
How to deal with a friend who suddenly stops returning calls or emails.

What if Your Friend Does Not Want to Make Up
If your friend is still angry with you, he or she might want to stay away rather than make up.

How to Decide if Someone Is Really a Friend
When you're unsure about a friend, here are five questions to ask yourself that can help you decide.

Should I Write an Angry Letter to My Friend
Is writing a letter to a friend when you are angry the best course of action?

Silent Treatment - Cold Shoulder
When your friend gives you the silent treatment, it is easy to assume the worst. Here are some tips on talking with a friend who will not respond.

Things Not to Do When You Are Angry at a Friend
Learn to work through the anger you have before you do something that will ruin your friendship for good.

Understanding How a Friend Feels About Money
Money is an emotional subject with friends. Learning how your friend feels about money and debt can help you avoid an argument.

Don't Let Your Vacation Ruin Your Friendship
Vacations can be a negative experience for friends, so here is how to make them enjoyable.

When You're Not Sure If Someone Was Ever a Friend
Sometimes it's hard to get over the loss of a friend.

Acquaintances Who Try Too Hard to Be Your Friends
When an acquaintance wants to be your friend so bad they continue bothering you.

Muhammad Ali - Friendship Quote - Day 19
Muhammad Ali wonders where people learn about friendship.

Online Friendship Argument Course -- Part 1 -- Discover What the Fight Is About
The first in a four-part online course to help you work through an argument with a friend. This session is dedicated to finding out exactly why you and your friend are fighting.

Four Weeks to Work Through Conflict With a Friend
This online course can be delivered to your inbox or read in its entirety here on this website. If you and a friend are arguing, this course will help you work things out so you can get your friendship back to a healthy spot again.

Online Friendship Argument Course -- Part 4 -- Nurture Your Friendship
The fourth in a four-part online course to help you work through an argument with a friend. This session is dedicated to nurturing your friendship after a big blow up.

Online Friendship Argument Course -- Part 3 -- How to Apologize (or Accept an Apology)
The third in a four-part online course to help you work through an argument with a friend. This session gives you tips on apologizing or accepting an apology so you and your friend can leave the argument in the past.

Online Ecourse - Working Through Conflict With a Friend
The second in a four-part online ecourse to help you work through an argument and talk through things in order to bring resolution.

Gratitude Journals and Their Benefit on Friendship
A friendship journal is one way to record thoughts of gratitude. Instead of focusing on the negative, you'll remember the good things instead.

Breaking Up With Several Friends at Once
A friend cleanse happens when you end several friendships at once as a way to rid your life of toxic or negative relationships.

When Friendships Implode or Break Up in Dramatic Fashion
When a friendship implodes it ends dramatically in a nasty fashion. Both friends will probably move on and never speak to each other again.

Can You Break Up With One Person in a Group?
What if you don't like one person in a group? Can you avoid them and still be part of the rest of the group.

Quotes on Forgiveness - Forgive and Forget
Need a few words of inspiration to help you forgive? These quotes will give you the vibe you need to put the past behind you.

Helping Employees Become Friends
People who are friends at work make better employees. Here are some ways to help your employees bond.

BFF - Best Friends
The danger of using the term BFF. Best friends are rare and most of our friendships do not last forever.

Demi Lovato - Friendship Quote - Day 51
Demi Lovato talks about having the right friends by your side.

Volunteer and do something for another person when you're feeling down.

Go Ahead, Indulge
Indulge with things that make you feel good after a friendship breakup.

How to Move on from a Friendship Breakup
How to move on from a friendship breakup.

Do Things That Make You Happy Without Revisiting Memory Lane

Binge Watch a Favorite Show
Binge watching a TV show can make you feel better and take your mind off your problems.

Write Out Your Feelings

Let Your Doggie Show You Just How Fabulous You Are
Spending time with a dog can help you get over a friendship breakup.

Seek a Professional Counselor or Therapist After a Breakup
Seek out a professional therapist if you feel stuck after a friendship breakup.

Hang Out With Your Good Friends
Spend time with your really good friends after you have a falling out with someone.

Process Your Emotions
Work through the emotions of your friendship breakup so you can finally move on.

Get Some Emotional and Online Space (No Cyber Stalking)
Don't follow a friend on social media after a breakup.

Don’t Badmouth
Do not talk badly about an ex friend.

Accept the End as the Only Closure You Need
You can get closure all on your own when a friendship ends. You do not need to talk to your friend one last time.

Get Out and Make New Friends
Get over your old friendship by making a few new friends.

Be Really Good to Yourself
Treat yourself well in the days following a friendship breakup.

Don’t Obsess Over Everything You Said and Did
You don't need to obsess over all the things you did wrong when a friendship ends.

Online Course - - Four Weeks to Work Through Conflict With a Friend
A four-part online course to help you work through an argument with a friend.

Delayed Reaction to Arguments
When your friend's arguing style is different than yours.

Definition of an ambivert. Friendship.

William Shakespeare - Friendship Quote - Day 6
William Shakespeare has many great quotes and sayings, especially those that apply to friendship.

Hot Buttons - Sensitive Topics
Everyone has hot buttons, but in friendship you can create a big blow up if you continue hit them in conversation. Avoid your friend's hot buttons.

When Should You Give Up on a Friendship?
Some friendships don't last forever, and that means you may need to walk away from a friend. It's not an easy decision, to be sure. Here are times when people typically end a friendship.

Bob Marley - Friendship Quote - Day 15
Bob Marley offers thoughts on forgiveness.

Fair Weather Friends
Definition of the term fair weather friends and what it means to have one. How can you spot a friend that won't stick around through the storm?

Friends Who Change or Revise the Facts of Arguments
Definition of revisionist history and how it applies to friendship.

Celebrating a Christmas Birthday
Ways to make a friend whose birthday falls on or near Christmas feel special and not get lost in the holiday rush.

Things Potential Friends Notice About You on Social Media
The things potential friends judge about you just from your social media posts and selfies on Facebook or Instagram.

How Not to Apologize - Common Mistakes People Make
Is the art of the apology lost? A good apology can help you smooth even the biggest goof ups out with a friend, while a botched apology can make things that much worse.