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Signs Your Cellphone Is Hurting Your Friendship
Your smartphone may be causing problems between you and your friends. Here are tips for how to put friends first and phone texting second.

Things Good Friends Teach Us About Ourselves
The different things that having a good friend in our life can teach us about ourselves.

Five Reasons Never to Borrow Money From a Friend
If you are strapped for cash and thinking about asking a friend for money, here are five reasons why you shouldn't.

Lies You Tell Yourself About Why You Can't Make Friends
The lies you tell yourself when you do not have friends in your life.

Guidelines for Blogging About a Friend
Guidelines for blogging about a friend and what is okay to share and what should be kept private.

When Your Friend Becomes the Boss
How to stay friends even after your pal becomes your new boss at work.

Confront a Friend or Let it Go?
Guidelines for when to confront a friend and when to let an issue go.

Volunteering at Halloween - Make Friends at Halloween
Halloween is a good time to meet a few new friends because there are plenty of volunteer opportunities available for people looking to meet a new pal.

Sit Down Holiday Dinner
Invite your friends out for a formal, sit down holiday dinner.

Holiday Party Ideas for Friends
Fifteen different holiday party ideas for you and your friends.

Ornament Exchange
An ornament exchange is a fun way to visit with friends while you swap inexpensive presents.

Holiday Brunch
Have your friends over for a holiday brunch.

Christmas Tea Party
Tea parties aren't just for kids. Invite a few of your friends over to celebrate the holiday while you have tea and sandwiches.

Caroling Party
Get a few friends together for a caroling party.

Christmas Movie Night
Why not do a movie marathon the next time you have your friends over? Ask them what their favorite holiday movies are.

Holiday Dessert Party
Save the best for last! Have a dessert party for your friends.

Holiday Costume Party
Costumes aren't just for Santa or Halloween! Throw a costume party anytime.

Cocktail Party
Cocktail party ideas to invite friends over for.

White Elephant
White elephant gift parties are a fun get together idea for friends.

Potluck Dinner
Ask each friend to bring a dish to pass for a potluck dinner.

Christmas Around the World Party
Have your friends share their holiday traditions with a Christmas Around the World party.

Cookie Baking Party
Get your holiday baking done while you chat with friends. Invite a few people over for a cookie baking party.

Crafting Party
If your friends enjoy crafting, invite everyone over and make a party out of it.

Holiday Party for Coworkers
If your company doesn't have an annual holiday party, consider inviting your coworkers over for a party at your place.

How to Be More Self-Aware - Understanding Yourself
Being self-aware can really help with getting and keeping friends.

A Good Friendship Fit
Some friends are just made for you. They fit into your life perfectly and share your sense of humor and attitude.

10 Ways Dogs Can Help You Make Friends
Dogs are often considered man's best friend, but they also provide several ways for you to meet new people. Here are ten ways dogs can help when it comes to making friends.

Types Of Apologies - Verbal or Handwritten Apologies
Apologies come in different types, so which one do you use? Here are some guidelines on when to email an apology, when to say you're sorry, and so on.

Fast Friends - Definition and Examples
Meaning of the term fast friend, and how it differs from other types of friendships. Fast friends are people who quickly get close to a new friend.

Downsides Of Facebook Friends
Negative aspects of Facebook that can ruin your friendships.

Smartphone Apps to Help You Connect With Friends
Keeping up with friends using apps on your smart phone. Things like scheduling events, meeting new people, and monitoring online activity.

Novels About Friendship
These novels that feature friendship are a great gift for your pals.

Books for Introverts
Five books about being an introvert.

50 Ways to Meet New People and Build Friendships
Fifty ways to meet new people and build friendships.

Friendship Gift Books
Friendship gift books to buy for a friend.

What to Get the Friend Who Has Everything
Gift ideas for that hard to buy for friend.

Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend - Buying Gifts for Pals
Ideas for getting something special for the closest friendship you have.

Friendship Lessons From Introverts
Introverts usually have close friendships, and we can all learn to have better friendships from the traits they have.

Unique Gift Ideas for Newer Friendships
Gift ideas for the new friend you haven't known for very long.

Gift Ideas for Coworkers
Giving a small gift is a nice gesture when making friends at work. Here are some ideas on making them personal.

Memoirs That Offer Stories On Friends
Five memoirs about friendship and life.

Making Friends When You Work Odd Hours or Shift Work
Tips for meeting new friends when you work odd shifts or weird hours. How to keep friendships strong when you work opposite hours from them.

Accepting an Apology and Forgiving a Friend
The right way to accept an apology means that you say you'll forgive your friend even if you are still mad and then you let the issue go.

Definition of a Non-Apology
A non-apology uses the words 'I'm sorry' but is not an actually apology. It is how a friend tries to apologize without taking responsibility.

13 Things to Do On Friday the 13th
How to spend Friday the 13th with your friends.This fun list of suggestions will help friends enjoy the day with inexpensive ways to celebrate.

Gifts for Creative and Crafty People
Gifts for creative friends who enjoy crafting in some way, like painting, quilting, or jewelry making.

Why Your Introverted Friend Does Not Answer the Phone
The reasons why some introverts don't answer the phone right away. It has to do with how their brains work in thinking about their answer first.

Gift Ideas for History Buffs
Gift ideas for the friend who enjoys history. There is everything from books to clothing to the quirky and unique history item on this list.

Mark Twain - Friendship Quote - Sleepy Conscience
Mark Twain on how to lead a happy life, have a sleepy conscience and put friends first.

How to Talk to Your Friend About Personal Hygiene
Tips for telling a friend they have bad breath or body odor.

Difficult Discussions With a Friend
How to tell a friend something uncomfortable that is meant for their own good.

Things NOT to Do After Someone Forgives You
Things not to do after a friend forgives you.

Female Friend Movies - Girlfriend Films
These fun and moving girlfriend flicks are perfect to watch alone or when hanging out with your gal pals.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Friends
Popular Halloween costumes for friends.

I Forgave My Friend, But I Don't Want to See Her Again
She forgave her friend but the other friends in the group want her to invite this person to her party. Advice on what to do.

Labor Day Celebration With Friends - Things to Do on Labor Day
Labor Day is the perfect time to hang out with your friends and enjoy the end of the summer season. It is also an opportunity to get to know your coworkers. Following are ideas on how to celebrate.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Taylor Swift as Friends
Gwyneth Paltrow and Taylor Swift have developed a friendship.

Hailee Steinfeld's Friendship With Taylor Swift
How Hailee Steinfeld and Taylor Swift stay good friends.

Lena Dunham and Taylor Swift's Friendship
How Lena Dunham and Taylor Swift became friends.

Demi Lovato and Emma Stone friends with Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift has a variety of gal pals, like Demi Lovato, Sarah Hyland, and Emma Stone.

Support Your Girlfriends Like Taylor Swift Does
How to support your female friends like Taylor Swift.

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift Friendship
The friendship between Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.

Lorde and Taylor Swift Friendship
Taylor Swift has developed a friendship with Lorde.

Celebrating Fall With Friends - Autumn Party Activities
Celebrating fall with your friends.

Keyboard Courage - Writing an Angry Email
Definition of the term keyboard courage as it applies to arguments between friends.

Why Your Friends Might Exclude You and What You Can Do
What does it mean if your friends exclude you from their plans? It can be the first sign of a problem or it can be reasonable behavior within a friendship, depending on the situation.

Friendships and New Relationships
Some friends think they should only hang out when they have absolutely nothing else to do. If they meet a new guy or gal to date, they dump their friends.

Making Friends When You Are New to a Country
How to make friends when you move to a new country.

Are Your Friends a Good Influence?
How to find friends that are a positive influence on your life.

Can You Forgive Someone Too Quickly - Swift Forgiveness
Guidelines about how long forgiveness should take.

When You Should Not Apologize
Apologizing to a friend is usually a good idea, but there are times when you should wait to say you're sorry.

Stuff to Do With Friends - Fun Activities
Fun things to do with friends. Friendship.

Social Misfit - Definition and Examples
What is a social misfit? Description of the term that means someone who struggles with the commonly accepted norms about friendship.

Quote of the Day - Daily Friendship Quotes
Daily list of friendship quotes.

Strengthening Your New Friendship
How to make your brand new friendship stronger.

Online Course - Five Weeks to Develop a New Friendship
With this course, you'll learn how to take steps week by week so you can make a new friend. The course lasts five weeks, and also has the lessons online if you prefer to go at your own pace.

Small Talk and Conversation - Ice Breakers
How to make small talk. Friendship.

Issues With New Friends
Issues that develop with new friendships and how you can solve them.

When Your Friendships Don't Stick - Why New Friends Do Not Stay
Some insight on why your friendships don't stay in your life.

Does She Want to Be Friends
How to know if someone is interested in becoming friends with you.

Friends Who Are Insensitive and Ruin the Friendship
When your ex-friend keeps contacting you even though you broke up.

Support a Friend Through Divorce - Friends End Marriage
Supporting a friend as they end their marriage can be a tricky situation. Here's how to let a friend know you care as they work through their divorce.

Signs Your Friendship Is Ending, and Tips to Prevent It
No one likes it when one of their friendships comes to an end, but it's even more difficult when you don't see it coming. Here are some signs that your friendship is in trouble.

Double Date Ideas - Stuff to Do With Couples Friends
Finding a couple that you and your significant other can bond with is no easy thing, but when you do, why not try these fun activities when you get together.

5 Reasons to Be the First One to Reach Out
Why you need to take the initiative and call up a friend.

Remembering Names Of People You Meet - How to Network
How to easily recall the names of new people you meet.

Get Out More and Say Yes to New Friends
Saying yes to more of the important things in life will help you develop stronger friendships.

Finding a Workout Buddy
Find a workout buddy to help make exercise fun.

When a Friend Reacts Badly to Your Vulnerable Moments
When friends let you down after you share your personal stories with them.

Being Vulnerable With a Friend
Learn to be vulnerable with friends.

Meet Friends While You Do Your Wash at the Laundromat
If you're looking to make a few new friends, don't skip the Laundromat. It's a good place to get to know your neighbors and practice small talk.

What You Can and Cannot Control About Friendship
The things you can and cannot control about your friends.

Turning an Online Friendship Into a Real Life One
Turning an online friendship into a real one.

What Are Your Friendship Expectations
Having reasonable expectations is important in a friendship.

Meeting People Through New Activities - Hobbies to Try
Activities that get you out of the house and help to meet new people. These are things that will help you get connected and make new friends.

Set the Right Pace for a New Friendship
New friendships need time to develop. Here is some advice for pacing a new friendship properly.

Feeling Good After You Unfollow a Friend
Why you feel good after you block or unfollow a friend on social media. Unfollowing people helps you maintain control of your life and friendships.

Where to Meet People if You're Shy
How to meet friends when you are shy.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Friends
Tips to try when you feel yourself comparing your life to others.

Making Friends With Neighborhood People
How to become friends with your neighbors. Many people do not take the time to do this, but it is beneficial to know the people in your neighborhood.

5 Ways to Welcome a New Neighbor
Being friends with a neighbor can help you both out.

Never Talk Trash About An Ex Friend
After a big argument with a friend, how you act afterwards matters.

Making Friends in a Small Town
It's harder to meet people in a small town but not impossible. Change your strategy to make new friends. - Making Friends by Joining Meetup Groups
Meetup is a good site for finding things to do with the friends you already have, or meeting new people.

Make Friends When You Work From Home
How to meet friends when you work from home.

How to Make Friends as a Couple - Going on a Double Date
Meeting other couples that you can be friends with.

Types of Compliments Friends Need to Hear
Five types of compliments to give a friend.

What It Means to Ghost a Friend
When a friend disappears from your life on purpose it is called ghosting.

The Importance of Active Listening In a Friendship
Steps to take to achieve active listening and make your friendships better.

Tiffani Thiessen as Celebrity Friend We Would Most Want to Cook for Us.
Tiffani Thiessen cooks and entertains on her show Dinner at Tiffani's.

Bill Clinton as Celebrity Best Friend
Bill Clinton would be a good celebrity friend to have.

Jon Hamm as Celebrity Best Friend
Jon Hamm as the perfect celebrity best friend.

Jimmy Fallon Popular Celebrity Friends
Everyone seems to love Jimmy Fallon. He's a good choice as celebrity best friend.

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly
Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly in a bromance.

Amy Poehler Celebrity BFF
Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are two of the most popular choices as dream celebrity best friend.

Tina Fey As Awesome Celebrity Best Friend
If we could have just one celebrity best friend, we would vote for Tina Fey.

Andy Cohen as Best Celebrity BFF
Andy Cohen would be great to hang out with and our choice for celebrity BFF.

Jennifer Lawrence Perfect Celeb BFF
Jennifer Lawrence would be our top pick for celebrity best friend.

Amy Schumer Would Be a Hilarious Best Celebrity Friend
Amy Schumer is funny and fearless and would be a cool celebrity friend to have.

Emma Stone Celebrity BFF
Emma Stone would be a good choice for celebrity best friend.

Before You End a Friendship - Break Up With a Friend
You might be frustrated and angry at your friend, but do you really want to break up? Here are some things to try before it comes to ending your friendship.

Reasons for Ending a Friendship
Reasons why you might need to end a friendship.

Is Your Bad Temper Costing You Friendships
Your anger can cause problems in your friendship.

Making New Friends by Joining a Singles Group
Singles groups aren't just for romance. You can also make friends through groups that help singles get out and meet each other.

When Friends Block You on Facebook and Twitter
When your friend blocks on you social media, you need to try and repair the friendship. Here are some tips on how to handle the situation.

How to Make Friends If You Like to Stay at Home
How to make friends if you are a couch potato and never leave the house.

How Social Media Helps You Stay Friends
How social media is a benefit to friendships.

Instagram Etiquette Rules for Friends
Etiquette rules for Instagram users so you don't upset your friends.

Getting the Last Word
Why you need to get the last word and how you can change that.

Improving Communication in Your Friendship
If you and your friend are having a lot of misunderstandings, you need to improve the level of communication. Here's how.

Signs That Your Friend Is Not Good for You
Signs of bad friends and friendships you should end.

How to Handle Your Drama Queen Friend
How to handle a drama queen friend.

Ideas from Couples on How to Celebrate Valentine's Day With a Friend
Ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day: from the romantic world to the platonic world.

5 Ways to Celebrate International Friendship Day
Five suggestions on how to celebrate Friendship Day.

When You Do Not Like Your Friend's Facebook Posts
When your friend's Facebook posts come close to ending the friendship.

3 Lousy Things You Do to Your Friends
You could be acting like a bad friend and not realize it.

How to Bond and Become Better Friends With Someone
Becoming friends often happens naturally, but you can speed up the bonding process.

Meeting People in an Investment Club
Joining an investment club for friendship and to learn about investing.

Where to Volunteer - Meet People Through Volunteering
Several volunteer organizations offer wonderful opportunities for donating your time, and they also allow you to meet a variety of people. This opens up your world to making new friends.

Making Friends at a Book Club
Like books? You'll have a good chance bonding with other book lovers at a book group.

10 Ways to Have More Friends - Grow Your Social Circle
Ten easy ways to keep more friends in your life, either by meeting new people or nurturing the friendships you already have.

TED Talks to Improve Your Friendships
TED talks that can help improve your friendships.

How to Make Small Talk - Chatting With New People
A basic skill everyone needs to make friends is the ability to make small talk.

Why Continually Making Friends Is Important
Reasons why it's a good idea to continually make friends, even if you have some now.

Benefits of Being Nice to Strangers - Being Kind
Being kind to strangers can help your friendships.

Meeting New Friends Through the Arts
Joining an arts group will inspire you to seek out positive friendships and meet new people.

Make Friends Like You Did When You Were a Kid
Remember when making friends was easy? That's probably when you were a kid, and meeting other people was easy.

Making Friends In a Bible Study Group
Joining a Bible study will help you learn more about your faith and also allow you to make new friends who share your faith.

How to Meet Friends at the Gym
If you go to the gym for exercise, here are some ways to make friends while you're there.

Girls Night Out Ideas - Fun Things to Do
Ideas for girls night out.

Gifts for Introverts
Gift ideas for introverted friends.

Group Activity Suggestions - Start a Social Group
When you can't find a group you like, why not start one yourself?

Making a New Friend Online Course - Get Sociable
In this second week of an online course, you will find ways to try new things and meet people. This week is all about getting sociable and interacting with people.

How to Become Friends With People Who Are Opposites
Getting to know someone different from you can open up your world.

Celebrating the Friend Who Is Completely Opposite
Reasons to appreciate that friend who is totally opposite from you.

Have a Friendship Date - Scheduling Time When You Are Busy
Friendship dates can ensure that you and a friend get together regularly.

Helping a Friend Stop Smoking
The many health benefits of having friends.

Gift Ideas for Busy Friends
Gifts to get a busy friend.

How to Make Friends at Church
How to make a new friend at church.

How to Organize a Stitch and Stash
Organizing a stitch and stash group in order to make new friends.

My Friend Is Taking Advantage of Me - Advice
What to do when a friend is asking too much of you.

Meeting a Friend Through Another Friend
How to introduce new friends to each other.

Meeting New Friends at Yoga Class
Making friends in your yoga class.

Signs of Interest in Friendship - Social Skills FAQ
How can you tell if someone is interested in being your friend? Here are some signs.

Social and Friendship Etiquette Mistakes
Common mistakes people make when it comes to manners, and how to recover.

How to Handle an Unsupportive Friend
When you have something amazing happen in your life, you want your pals to share your joy. But if your friends aren't happy for the good things in your world, what should you do?

Pros and Cons of Being Best Friends With Your Spouse
Is being a best friend with your spouse a good idea? Some options.

Mistakes You're Making With Friendship
Five mistakes you're making with friendship.

Finding Friends When You Are Lonely - Loneliness
How to find good friends when you're lonely.

Friend Kisses and Hugs and It Bothers Her
Your friends hugs and kisses you as a greeting but you don't like it. What to do? Some ways to set boundaries.

Ways to Be Happier In Your Friendships
How to find happiness and contentment with the friendships you have in your life.

How to Show Someone You're Thankful for Them
How to show thanks to a friend. Friendship.

Everyone Wants to Be Treated Differently
Everyone wants to be treated differently. Here's how to treat friends as they really want to be treated.

How to Say the Right Thing
How to say the right thing to a friend who is hurting.

5 Kindness Ideas for December
Five simple ways to show kindness to a friend in the month of December.

5 Kindness Ideas for October
Five simple ways to show kindness to a friend in the month of October.

5 Kindness Ideas for September
Five simple ways to show kindness to a friend in the month of September.

5 Kindness Ideas for August
Five simple ways to show kindness to a friend in the month of August.

5 Kindness Ideas for July
Five simple ways to show kindness to a friend in the month of July.

5 Kindness Ideas for June
Five simple ways to show kindness to a friend in the month of June.

How to Meet New People If You're a Booklover
How to make new friends through your love of reading.

Acceptance Into an Existing Group of Friends
How to get accepted into a large group of established friends.

Meeting New Friends Over the Holidays
How to meet new people over the holidays.

How to Make Your Friendship a Safe Place
How to create a safe emotional place for a friend.

When You Feel Like You Can't Be Yourself With Friends
You should be able to be yourself around friends. If you don't feel accepted, you need to figure out why you can't show friends who you really are.

Signs Someone Just Doesn't Want to Be Your Friend
Signs that someone does not want to be friends with you.

Giving a Friend Sympathy
How to give sympathy to a friend for any occasion.

5 Ways to Nurture Friendships - Being a Good Friend
Five simple ways to show your friends you care. You might be surprised at the fifth suggestion on this list!

When an Old Argument Keeps Resurfacing
Your friend keeps bringing up a previous argument that you thought was resolved and you're not sure how to handle it.

How Many Times Do You Want Me to Say I'm Sorry
A common excuse for not having to apologize.

Gift Ideas for Guy Friends
Gifts for your guy friend.

3 Unusual Ways to Make New Friends
Out of the ordinary ways to meet new people.

Why You Keep Going Back to a Friend That Hurts You
The reason you stay with a friend who hurts you emotionally and how you can finally break free.

How to Keep Friendships Going When You Are Busy
Ways to keep your friendships going when you are extremely busy.

Expecting a Friend to Change
Should you want a friend to change?

Backhanded Compliment - Insults From Friends
Definition of a backhanded compliment, especially as it relates to friendship.

Bonding With Female Friends
How to bond with a girlfriend and get closer to them. Female friends are valuable and nurturing the relationships you have with them is important.

Why Can't We Go Back to the Way Things Were?
How to get a friendship back to the way it was.

Taking the High Road Quotes
These quotes will help you to take the high road when it comes to arguing with a friend. The high road is all about rising above pettiness.

Put Your Foot in Your Mouth - Saying the Wrong Thing
What the term

How to Be More Likeable at Work
Tips for getting coworkers to like you, which can lead to a happier work environment.

How Gossip Can Hurt Your Friendships
When your friend gossips about you, it erodes the trust in your relationship. Gossip something you can stop and not engage in yourself.

Why Gossip Makes Us Feel So Good
Gossip is wrong, but here's why we still do it.

Choosing Your Inner Circle
Developing an inner circle of friends is like getting a personalized corporate board of advisers.

After the Election - Mend Friendships After Debates
How to repair a friendship that ended because of politics.

How to Become Friends With Your Parents
Learn to appreciate your parents even more when you develop a friendship with them.

Conversation Starters - How to Talk to New Friends
When you're getting to know new friends, these questions will help you bond a bit more quickly.

How to Argue With Friends in a Respectful Healthy Way
Arguing isn't a bad thing, but how you do it makes all the difference. Here's how to argue in a respectful way with your friend.

Difference Between a Friend and a Mentor
Finding a mentor can help you learn more about yourself and help you with all the relationships in your life.

Friends Who Do Not Support Your Life Choices
How to handle things with your friend disagrees with your life choices. Ways to handle friends who disapprove of your decisions.

Should Friendships Last Forever? What to Do When They End
Some friendships last many years, while others fade away after a few months. Is it normal when a friendship doesn't last a lifetime?

Pros and Cons of Becoming Friends With Coworkers
Should you become friends with people at work? There are many positive points for developing friendships and a few negative ones to be aware of.

Funny But True Friendship Memes - Will Ferrell
Funny friendship memes with Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.

Sorry I Bothered You With My Friendship Meme
Andy from The Office friendship meme.

Friendship Meme With Joey and Chandler from Friends
Joey and Chandler from Friends saying the same thing at the same time.

Best Friend Meme With Woody and Buzz
Toy Story friendship meme with Woody and Buzz.

One Does Not Simply Insult Your Best Friend Meme
Meme about insulting a friend. Friendship.

That One Friend Meme
Cat meme about crazy friends. Friendship.

Meme About the Friend That Cancels
Beyonce friendship meme about the friend that cancels.

Dogs and Friendship Meme
Meme about dogs and friendship.

Loneliness on Valentine's Day Meme
Friends who drop everything to be with you on Valentine's Day.

Oddball Friends Meme
Friends who are odd ducks. A meme about embracing your weird friends.

What to Do After Forgiving a Friend
Choices to make after you forgive someone.

The Best Nonfiction Books About Friendship
Nonfiction books that can improve your friendship.

How to Be More Likeable
Tips for being more likeable. Friendship.

Making Friends If You're Over 50
Tips for meeting new friends if you're over 50.

When You Are the Toxic Friend
How to tell if you are a toxic friend.

Get-Together Ideas for Friends in the Summer
Ideas for friend get-togethers this summer.

What to Do With Stubborn Friends Who Can't Compromise?
When one friend has to have everything her way.

Signs That You're Hiding Behind Social Media
Using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) as a way to hide from feelings of loneliness.

15 Things the Real Housewives Teach Us About Friendship
Friendship tips from the Real Housewives.

15 Things the Real Housewives Teach Us About Friendship
Friendship tips from the Real Housewives.

Visit One of the National Parks With Your Friends This Summer
The National Park system offers a variety of ways for friends to connect and enjoy themselves.

Staycation Ideas for Friends
Doing a staycation with a friend can be just as fun as getting away to an exotic locale.

Visit Las Vegas This Summer With a Group of Friends
Visit the city of Las Vegas this summer.

Take a Road Trip This Summer
Take a road trip this summer with your friends.

Summer Friend Vacation Holidays
Summer vacation ideas for groups of friends.

Go Camping With Your Friends This Summer
A camp out in a cool, retro trailer with your friends is a good way to spend the summer.

Friend Set Ups - Introducing Friends to Each Other
How to introduce new friends to each other.

My Friend Just Doesn't Understand My Life
Friend who can't relate to you. Friendship.

How Not to Offend Your Friend - Some Advice
These tips will help you to not offend someone.

Calendar Dates and Holidays Useful for Friendship
Holidays and calendar dates you can use to plan events with friends.

Friends Are Everything - Book on Friendship by BJ Gallagher
Review of the book Friends Are Everything by B.J. Gallagher.

Things You Can Do With Your Friends and Your Dogs
Get your friends and their dogs together and enjoy the day with these fun ideas.

Making Friends If You're Over 40
Tips for meeting new friends if you're over 40.

Real Life Friend - Someone You Know in Person
The difference between a real-life friend as opposed to an acquaintance or virtual friend.

How to Handle a Clingy Friend
Clingy friends should be handled carefully to avoid hurting their feelings.

Reasons to Appreciate Your Best Friend
Things only your best friend will do for you and no one else.

Books About Happiness
Books that teach happiness.

Weigh Your Words
Definition of the term weigh your words.

After a Tragic World News Event - Loss & Grief
How should you respond if a news item hits and it doesn't affect you personally? There are a wide range of emotions you might feel.

Keeping a Friend In Your Life Forever
Five simple ways to show your friends you care. You might be surprised at the fifth suggestion on this list!

When a Former Friend Stalks You Online
How to handle former friends or acquaintances that stalk you online.

5 Types of Friendships to Keep In Your Life
Five great types of friends you want to hold on to.

Breaking Up With Your Couples Friends
Ending a friendship with another couple.

5 Types of Friendships to Avoid
Five types of friendships that are negative and thus should be avoided.

Can a Guy and Girl Share a Bed and Still Be Platonic Friends
Is it crossing a line for a guy and girl in a platonic friendship to share a bed together?

When You Hate Small Talk But Need It for Your Social Life
When you hate small talk you're at a disadvantage because it is the basis for all new conversations. Here are some tips on making it work.

Golden Rule: Treat People as You'd Like to Be Treated
Definition of the Golden Rule, especially as it applies to friendship.

Mad Men Quotes About Friendship
Quotes about friendship from the AMC show Mad Men.

Don Draper Quote on Changing the Conversation
Don Draper quote on changing the conversation. I applies to advertising and life.

Betty Draper quote about boring people.
Mad Men's Betty Draper says boring people are bored.

Mad Men's Joan Harris on her office role.
Joan Harris, played by Christina Hendricks, is known for her wise wit and charm.

Don Draper on Happiness
Don Draper gives a speech about what happiness is.

Roger Sterling from Mad Men on firing people.
Roger Sterling admits he doesn't know the names of employees he has to fire.

Peggy Olson on doing stupid things.
Peggy Olson from Mad Men gives advice about not doing anything stupid.

Don Draper quote about respect.
Don Draper gives advice about respect.

Friends as Competitors - Friendship Rivalries
A rivalry between friends can help push both people to be the best they can be.

5 Signs You Are Jealous of Your Friend
Signs that you're jealous of a friend.

Practical Ways to Show Respect for Friends
Showing respect for a friend in practical ways they can see and understand.

Snap Judgments About You - Things People Decide
Thin slicing is a term that refers to the snap judgments people make about you just moments after meeting you.

How to Make Friends While You're Traveling
Traveling, either alone or with a partner, gives you an ideal opportunity to make new friends. Here are some resources, websites and tips to get you started

Friends Who Constantly Repeat Themselves
There are many reasons why a friend would repeat themselves. You can handle it a number of different ways depending on the reason they're doing it.

How to Handle the Friend That Always Cancels
Friends who always cancel can be a challenge to deal with. Here are some tips on how to respond to the friend that never follows through.

The Importance of Active Listening In a Friendship
What the term listening with half an ear means between friends.

Signs You're a Terrible Listener
Are you a good listener? Here are some ways to tell.

Answering Rude Questions From Friends - Best Comebacks
Have a polite comeback ready when a friend asks a rude question about your love life.

Most Common Etiquette Questions for Friends
Etiquette rules for dealing with rude friends.

What to Wear for the Funeral of a Friend - Appropriate Funeral Attire
What you should wear to the funeral of your good friend.

Text Etiquette for Friends
When a friend texts while you're talking to them they show you that they are not listening to you.

Talking With Your Mouth Full - Dinner Etiquette With Friends
To avoid talking with your mouth full, take smaller bites and ask people to talk about themselves while you listen and chew your food.

Meaning of the Term RSVP
How to handle things when your friend asks you to RSVP.

Canceling an RSVP
When it is okay to cancel an RSVP.

Wedding Called Off - Friends Wedding Canceled
When a friend cancels her wedding, do not ask about returning the gift.

Pregnant Bridesmaids - Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses
Asking your pregnant friend to be a bridesmaid in your wedding.

My Friend Is Marrying a Jerk - Bad Husband
When your friend marries someone you do not like, you have to support her as best you can.

Writing a Sympathy Card to a Friend
Speak from your heart when it comes to writing in a sympathy card.

Why You Shouldn't Be Embarrassed to Admit You're Lonely
Why you shouldn't be embarrassed to admit you're lonely.

Bitter and Angry About Friendship
Being lonely and in need of friends can leave you bitter and angry. Here's what to do if you are.

Mistakes Even Smart People Make With Friendships
Dumb things even smart people do when it comes to friendship.

What to Do With Friends Who Hold You Back Personally
When your friends hold you back from personal growth.

5 People That Can Help You Meet Friends
Certain people are great at connecting you with others. Here are five of them that can help you meet people and make new friends.

Acquaintance - Definition and Examples
Definition of the term acquaintance, especially as it pertains to friendship.

Getting Closure on a Friendship
How to get closure on a friendship all by yourself, without one final argument or discussion with a friend.

Emotional Baggage and Friendship
How to deal with your emotional baggage so it doesn't affect your friendships.

Write the Perfect Thank You Note for a Friend
How to write a thank you note that your friend will never want to throw away.

You Want an Apology But Your Friend Does THIS Instead
When your friend just cannot say they are sorry.

My Friend Just Can't Get Over Her Friendship Breakup
Sometimes it's hard to get over the loss of a friend.

When Someone Just Doesn't Like You
When someone does not want to be your friend.

When You"re With the Wrong Friends
Ways to tell if you're with the wrong friends.

Dumb Things Friends Fight About
Really dumb arguments that all friends have. These are sometimes silly and always pointless, but friends can't resist fighting about them.

How Being Independent Benefits You in Friendship
Why being independent actually helps you in your friendships.

I Reconnected With an Old Friend and Now It's Awkward
When an old friend contacts you and you just cannot restart the friendship.

Reality TV Frenemies
Reality TV friendships turned frenemies.

When You Think Your Friends Lives Are Better Than Yours
When you feel inadequate because all your friends seem to have things easier, with better lives, than you do.

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown
Review of the book The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown.

Unforgivable Actions From Friends
Are there some things that are unforgivable? How to decide on forgiving a friend in a group without alienating yourself some everyone.

How to Make Friends at Work
How to develop friendships with business acquaintances and coworkers.

Game Night
Hosting a board game night is fun with friends any time of the year.

Attend the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Your Town
Attend the St. Patrick's Day parade in your town this year.

Dinner Out at Your Favorite Irish Restaurant
Have dinner at a favorite Irish pub this St. Patrick's Day

Pub Crawl
Join a pub crawl this St. Patty's Day. Just make sure you have a ride home by a designated driver. Pub crawls are fun to do with friends.

Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner In
Having a traditional Irish corned beef and cabbage dinner with your friends this St. Patrick's Day.

Fun With Your Friends and Their Kids
Family friendly fun is possibly on St. Patrick's Day. It doesn't have to revolve around alcohol. Making crafts or having a dinner works just as well.

Green Eggs and Ham… Or Just an Irish Breakfast
Serve your friends an Irish breakfast.

Fun Ways to Do St. Patty’s Day
St. Patrick's Day party ideas for friends.

When a Friend Only Calls When She Feels Like It
How to decide if you are your own worst enemy when it comes to making friends.

Toxic Thoughts That Keep You From Good Friends
Toxic thoughts you should avoid if you want to make friends and have healthy relationships.

How to Meet New People When You're Really Busy
Meeting people when you're really busy can be a challenge. Here's how to meet new people even in the busiest of schedules.

Galentine's Day, the Alternative to Valentine's Day
Galentine's Day is a way to celebrate with your girlfriends the day before Valentine's Day.

The Friendships of Vanderpump Rules
The friendships of the cast of Vanderpump Rules offer an over the top look at how to get along with people and coworkers.

Days 61 Through 90 - Friendship Quotes of the Day
Friendship quotes for days 61-90 of the year.

Quiet - The Power Of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking
The book Quiet, by Susan Cain, gives validation for introverts.

5 Lessons From Dogs About Friendship
Your pets are good friends to you, but did you know you can also learn a thing or two about friendship from them?

6 Different Ways to Use Your Favorite Quotes on Things
Different ways to use quotes you find about friendship and life.

The Friendship of Carole Radziwill and Heather Thompson
Real Housewives Carole Radziwill and Heather Thompson met on their reality show and became real friends. Here is more about their friendship.

Kindness Quotes - Being Kind to Friends
Quotes and sayings related to kindness.

How to Be On Time - Being Late
Your friends will appreciate you being on time and doing the things you say you'll do.

When an Old Friend Contacts You
What to do when an old friend contacts you.

The Four Agreements Can Make Our Friendships Better
The concepts of the four agreements can be applied to our friendships.

How the Fear of Being Alone Affects Friendship
Are you afraid to be alone? Why it's back for friendships.

Why You Think You Need More Friends
When you think you need more friends but you really don't.

A List Best TV Shows About Friendship
Favorite TV shows that depicted a variety of friendships.

The Whole Group Blocked Me
She reconnected with a friend and thought everything was fine, but now her friend won't answer her texts.

5 Things That Being Lonely Doesn't Mean - False Beliefs
Being lonely doesn't mean you are desperate.

5 Things That Can Kill a Friendship
Will your friendship make it for the long haul? Here are five things that derail a friendship.

She Left Something Behind at Her House, Now Her Texts Go Unanswered
She reconnected with a friend and thought everything was fine, but now her friend won't answer her texts.

When Your Friendship Ends and You Don't Know Why
Do you have a friendship that is slowly ending but your don't have a clue as to why?

How to Combat Loneliness
How to stave off loneliness for better emotional health.

Wine or Beer Tasting
A wine tasting is the perfect way to spend an evening with friends in the winter months.

Daytrips With Friends
Take a daytrip with your pals when you feel the need to get away.

Indoor Sports to Play in Winter
Bowling is the perfect activity to do with friends in winter.

Binge Watch Your Favorite Show
Binge watching TV has become a new favorite hobby with people.

Winter Date Ideas for Friends
Winter date ideas just for friends. Enjoy these activities with a group or your best friend.

Spend Time Warming Up the Kitchen
Have a cooking date with friends. Cook a meal as a group.

Game Night With Friends
Playing board games or the Wii can keep you connected with friends.

Let Your Creative Juices Flow
Spend a winter's day exploring your creative side. Attend a museum showing or paint your own pottery day with friends.

Make the Most of the Colder Temperatures
Get out and enjoy the winter by sledding, skiing, and ice skating with friends.

When Your Best Friend Moves Away
Stay connected with a best pal even after they have moved away.

Cooking With a Group of Friends
Cooking with a large group of friends.

Kindness Ideas for the Entire Year
Random acts of kindness ideas for the entire year.

Kindness Ideas for the Entire Year
Random acts of kindness ideas for the entire year.

5 Reasons to Befriend the Older People in Your Neighborhood
Becoming friends with the older people in your neighborhood.

5 Kindness Ideas for January
Five simple ways to show kindness to a friend in the month of January.

Why Friendship Is Important
The value and importance of friendship.

How to Help a Friend Who Is Grieving
How to help a friend when they're dealing with grief.

3 Times a Friendship Will Not Rebound
Times a friendship will not bounce back even after an apology.

10 Things to Do After Thanksgiving - New Years Resolutions
Ten areas to focus on to improve your friendships and get ready for the new year.

Good Topics for Small Talk
What Makes for Good Small Talk? Making small talk is definitely an art, but the upside is that the more you do it, the better you'll be at it.

Twelve Days of Christmas for Friends
Twelve fun things to do for your friends for the Twelve Days of Christmas.

When Your Friend Lacks Self-Awareness
How to handle a clueless friend who doesn't understand that their actions have consequences.

When Friends Drift Apart
How to handle a friend that drifts away from you.

Dealing With Acquaintances You Can't Stand
How to deal with someone you just don't like.

Friend Never Sends Me a Christmas Card
When you send Christmas cards to a friend but don't get one back in return.

Apology Quotes - Sayings That Inspire You to Apologize
Meaningful quotes about apologies.

If I Don't Call My Friends, They Don't Seem to Call Me
Some friends are always the one to call their pals and make plans.

15 Friendship Myths
Do you buy into one of these myths about friendship?

15 Friendship Myths
Do you buy into one of these myths about friendship?

How Self-Esteem Affects Friendship
Learn how to tackle self esteem issues so you can have better relationships.

How Do You Deal With a Selfish Friend?
Dealing with friends who are selfish.

Verbal Abuse in Friendship - Verbally Abusive
Verbal abuse between friends. Friendship.

How to Handle Friends Being Secretive
How to handle things if your friend is hiding something from you.

My Friend Wants Me to Stop Seeing Another Friend
What should you do when you're pulled into an argument between two friends?

My Friend Is Telling Everyone About Our Argument
I'm trying to take the high road but my friend isn't making it easy.

Friends Who Bottle Up Their Emotions
When your friend will not deal with the way she feels, she may act out of anger at you without realizing it.

5 Kindness Ideas for November
Five simple ways to show kindness to a friend in the month of November.

5 Kindness Ideas for May
Five simple ways to show kindness to a friend in the month of May.

5 Kindness Ideas for February
Random acts of kindness ideas for February.

Fringe has a loyal fan following.

10 TV Shows That Will Help You Make Small Talk
You can find small talk subjects anywhere, even from your favorite TV show.

Oprah - Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey has produced a bevy shows, all of which make perfect research stops for small talk.

Real Housewives - The Real Housewives Of New Jersey
The Real Housewives series of shows provides drama, humor, cat fights, and more.

History Detectives - Kids PBS
The mysteries solves on History Detectives provide plenty of topics for small talk.

Mad Men - 1960s Television - Don Draper
Mad Men provides plenty to talk about when meeting a fan of the show.

American Idol - When Is American Idol On
American Idol has been on the air for a decade.

Dancing With the Stars - Dancing With Stars
Who is your favorite contestant on Dancing With the Stars?

Castle brings in viewers who love the writing, are fans of cop shows, adored Nathan Fillion, and wish they could live in a great apartment in New York.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians - Kim Kardashian
Keeping Up With the Kardashians is one of the most popular reality series on TV.

You can find small talk subjects anywhere, even from your favorite TV show.

Ways Social Networking Ruins Friendship
Five ways sites like Facebook actually make friendships weaker.

Mistakes People Make With Small Talk
Small talk is a powerful tool in conversation, but only if you avoid these mistakes.

5 Reasons You're Not Making Friends
If you're having a hard time making friends, perhaps the reason lies in one of these five common problems.

Things Preventing You From Forgiveness
If you are having a hard time forgiving a friend, here are some common reasons to look at.

Gifts for Scrabble Lovers
Gift ideas for friends who like Scrabble.

Having an Opposite Sex Friend If You Are Married
How to be friends with someone of the opposite sex when you're married.

When You Fall for a Friend
How do you tell a friend you've fallen for them.

Defensive Apologies
Defensive apologies deflect responsibility and ruin the healing that should take place after one friend hurts another.

Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington and her independent approach to life.

Helen Hunt
Helen Hunt talks about her introverted side.

Emma Watson
Introverted actress Emma Watson talks about the book Quiet.

Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn talks about being shy and her life in Hollywood.

Sela Ward
Sela Ward on being shy. Friendship.

Emotional Benefits of Friendship
Five mental and emotional benefits to having friends.

What to Do When a Friend Is Being Bullied
Helping a friend deal with a bully.

How to Make Friends at a Summer or Temp Job
Easy ways to make new friends at a summer job.

Making Friends Throughout Your School Years
Making friends through every stage of school.

Gratefulness and Friendship
Being grateful can transform your friendships.

After an Apology Does Your Friendship Go Back to What It Was?
Even with an apology your friendship may change or even end.

Inappropriate Friendships - People You Can't Be Friends With
People you should not try and be friends with.

Make New Friends - How to Meet People Every Day
An easy way to make friends is just to incorporate a few new things into your daily routine.

Celebrity Friendships - Famous Friends
How five celebrity friendships give us ways to make our own friendships better.

Close Friendships That Change
A reader asks about a close friendship that has suddenly drifted apart.

5 Surprisingly Negative Things That Happen When You Have a Best Friend
Downsides to having a best friend.

Getting Past a Friends Betrayal
Getting past a friend's betrayal.

Learning to Trust a Friend Again
How to trust a friend again after they did something to hurt or betray you.

Ten Explanations for Why Your Friends Didn't Invite You
Reasons why friends might fail to invite you somewhere.

Should I Get Back Together With a Friend? - Reconciling
When you bump into an old friend and they want to see you again, how can you be sure that they are sincere in their request to be friends?

Things to Do With Your Friends On Black Friday
Enjoy Black Friday with your friends. Whether you decide to hit the stores or stay at home, there are plenty of fun things to do on Black Friday.

5 Things to Do If You Want to Be a Best Friend
How to become the type of person that someone will want as their best friend.

John Krasinski and B.J. Novak Friends Before The Office
John Krasinski and B.J. Novak have been friends since high school, long before they starred in The Office together.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Maya Rudolph
Gwyneth Paltrow and Maya Rudolph have dads who were best friends, so it is no surprise that they became friends themselves.