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Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio Friends Since Childhood
Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio hung out as kids with other celebrity child actors and have built a friendship that has stayed strong.

Jonah Hill and Adam Levine Close Friends for Years
Jonah Hill and Adam Levine had fathers who were friends and have known each other since birth.

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian Childhood Friends
Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian were friends as kids.

Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts Friends as Kids in Austrailia
Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts met on an audition when they were kids and have stayed close.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Celebrity Friends
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are one of the most well known pairs of celebrity friends.

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato Friends
Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato starred on a kid's TV show and stayed friends for years.

5 Ways to Shut Down Gossip
How to stop gossip before it becomes a negative force in your friendships.

When Your Friend Betrays Your Confidence
When a friend shares your secrets.

When You and Your Friend Disagree Politically
Political disagreements can end a friendship, so it’s important to handle things before an argument gets out of hand. Here are some tips to help.

Friends Who Only Call When They Need Something

What Does It Really Mean to Be Kind?

Growing Apart? Or Is Your Friend Done?

My Friend Shut Me Out! Why?

Major Life Changes to Find New Friends
Three really big things you can do to meet more people and make friends.

Companionable Silence Helps Your Friendship
Companionable silence happens when friends can be comfortable just enjoying the moment without adding words or conversation.

How Can I Forgive Myself?
Forgive yourself so you can be a healthier person.

Using Your Friends as Therapy
When you talk to your friends about your personal issues rather than a therapist.

10 Myths and Mistaken Beliefs About Forgiveness
Myths about forgiveness.

Questions You Ask When a Friendship Ends
Typical questions people ask themselves after a friendship ends.

How Long Should You Wait for an Apology
Is there a certain amount of time you should wait before you ask for an apology?

Helping Employees Become Friends at Work
Ideas that manage can use to help their employees get to know one another and eventually become friends.

Amazing, Thoughtful Gifts to Start Making Now
Thoughtful gifts you can make for friends that they will really cherish.

Elbert Hubbard on Silence Between Friends
Silence works for friends when there is a great deal of trust in the friendship.

Quotes About Silence
Silence between friends can be a positive thing. Here are some quotes about the benefits of being silent.

Mark Twain on the Value of a Pause in Conversation
Mark Twain says a pause can help highlight the importance of your words.

Rumi Sums Up the Value of Silence
Rumi talks about the benefits of silence.

Mahatma Gandhi On the Benefits of Being Silent
Mahatma Gandhi quote on the benefits of silence.

Why Will Rogers Recommends That You Just Shut Up
Will Rogers on the benefits of being quiet.

Benjamin Franklin on Saying the Wrong Thing
Benjamin Franklin gives advice on saying the wrong thing.

Confucius Says Value Silence
Sometimes our words can harm our friends. Confucius says remaining silent could make you a better friend.

Ambrose Bierce Talks About Angry Words
You are sure to say something you'll regret when you speak to a friend out of anger.

Muhammad Ali on the Virtue of Silence
This quote from Muhammad Ali is all about thinking through your answers.

Winston Churchill Brilliantly Talks About Silence
It's a balance between saying the wrong thing and saying nothing. Sometimes you just have to forgive yourself for getting it wrong.

Cool Ways to Stay Connected With Long Distance Friends
Unique ways to keep in touch with long distance friends.

When Your Friend Always Needs to Be Right
What to do with a friend who insists of being right all the time.

Nurture the Friendship With Your Coworker
Your work friendship can be a positive thing in your life. Here are some ways to keep it as strong as possible.

Things You Should Never Do for a Friend
Just because someone is your friend doesn't mean you should do just anything for them. Here's some things you should never do for a friend.

How to Handle Rude Friends
How to deal with rude friends. Friendship.

How to Deal With Your Friend the Blabbermouth
How to handle things when a friend shares your secret.

Benefits Of Having Friends at Work
If you have a friend at work, chances are you're more happy and productive.

Activities and Things to Do for Groups of Friends
Got a big group? Here are some fun activities that everyone will enjoy.

Meaning of the Term Go for the Jugular
How the term 'go for the jugular' relates to friendship.

Things to Make With Old Paint Chips - Gift Ideas for a Friend
Ideas for making something unique using paint chips.

Arguing With a Friend - Frequent Arguments
If you argue with a friend, does that mean your friendship is over?

Where Will Your New Friend Fit Into Your Life?
Fitting a new friend into your life.

How to Bring New People Into Your Life - Making Friends
The time that new friendships take in order to be successful.

Time Needed to Meet New People
In order to make friends you need to devote time to meeting people.

Time to Get to Know Someone New
Before you can call someone a friend, you have to spend a little time getting to know them.

Time to Keep the Friendship Going
If you've met a new friend, be sure to schedule plenty of activities that keep the friendship going.

Make a New Friendship Thrive - Begin a New Friendship Strong
Does your new friendship feel like a lot of work? It is! But it's worth every minute of your time. Here are some ways to make your new friendship succeed.

Friendship Quotes From Television - TV Quotes About Friends
Need some inspiration? Here are several popular TV quotes related to friendship.

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An index of categories in the

Jobs That Are Great for Meeting New People
Jobs where it is easy to make friends.

Blurring the Line Between Friendship and Relationship
Has your friendship crossed a boundary into a romantic relationship? Here are some signs.

She Treats Her Other Friend Better Than Me
When a friend is better pals with someone else and it makes you jealous.

Friendship Status - State of Your Friendships
Definition of the term friendship status.

Best Friend Divorce - Friendship Break Up
Meaning of the term best friend divorce.

How to Become Friends With Your Ex
Breakups don't have to mean the end of the friendships. Here's how to stay friends with an ex.

Making Amends With Friends
Making amends is different than just apologizing.

Ways to Celebrate Womens Friendship Month
September is National Women's Friendship Month. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate and honor your friends.

Start a Friend Holiday - Yearly Traditions With Friends
A great idea for getting together with friends is to establish a friends holiday.

How to Be Popular - Make Friends
If you have a hard time making friends, maybe these traits that popular people have can help.

Having an Open Mind - Easy Going
If you have a hard time making friends, maybe these traits that popular people have can help.

Comfortable With a Variety of People
Meeting more people often means you'll be in contact with a wide variety of backgrounds and groups.

Laughing - Laughter - Making Friends
Knowing how to laugh easily can help you connect with others.

Keeping Busy - How to Stay Active
An easy way to make friends is just to keep busy doing different activities.

Small Talk - Talk to Strangers
Small talk leads to big talk, or more meaningful conversation, that can help you connect with a friend.

Approachable - How to Be Popular
Giving off an air that invites people to chat with you will help you when it comes to making friends.

Positive Thinking - Being Positive
Thinking positively about other people will help you genuinely make more friends.

Curiosity About People - Curiosity For - Make Friends
People who are genuinely interested in someone else will have an easier time becoming friends with them.

Characteristics That Make It Easier to Make Friends
If you have a hard time making friends, maybe these traits that popular people have can help.

Lessons About Friendship Via TV, Books, and Pop Culture
Celebrities, movies, and even the workplace can teach us about friendship.

How to Reconnect With an Old Friend at a Class Reunion
Tips for reconnecting with your old friend at a class reunion.

Ways to Get a Friend Through a Rough Time
When your friend needs help, the first thing you need to do is get the right information so you can help.

The Latest Trends in Friendship
Trends in friendship.

Days 91 Through 120 - Friendship Quotes of the Day
Friendship quotes for days 91-120 of the year.

Days 1 Through 30 - Friendship Quotes of the Day
Friendship quotes for the first 30 days of the year.

Days 31 Through 60 - Friendship Quotes of the Day
Friendship quotes for days 31-60 of the year.

Alphabetic Index of the Quote of the Day
Quote of the day sorted by the first or last name of an author.

Finding Good Friends Despite the Bullies of This World
Bullying is a problem that affects every relationship, even friendship.

Sticking Up for You - When Friends Do Not Defend You
Reader question about whether a friend should stick up for you when she hears another person gossiping about you.

13 Recycled Sweater Project and Gift Ideas
Creative projects to make from old sweaters.

13 Recycled Sweater Project and Gift Ideas
Creative projects to make from old sweaters.

False Friends - Frenemies
Defining the term false friends as it relates to relationships.

Moving In With a Friend - Roommates and Friendship
What if you want to move in with a friend, but you aren't sure you'll get along?

Signs Your Friendship Is Rock Solid
Signs that your friendship will last the test of time.

How to Rebuild Trust in a Friendship
How to rebuild trust in a friendship when you messed up.

Great Gift Ideas for Father's Day
Dads are hard to buy for sometimes, but these gift ideas give you a variety of choices to please any father.

Friendship Resources - What Is Friendship
A list of resources you can use to immediately make your social life better. Page 6.

Ways to Have More Friends - What Is Friendship
This ecourse provides one new tip a day on how to meet and keep friends. Page 5.

Make a New Friend - What Is Friendship
An ecourse that helps you talk with new people so you can connect and start a friendship. Page 2.

Friendship in Five - Relationship Resources
Five quick tips a week to help you with your friendships.

Friendship Quote Of the Day
Daily quotes delivered directly to your inbox. Page 7.

Work Through Conflict With a Friend - What Is Friendship
An ecourse that helps you figure out why you're fighting with a friend and how to resolve your conflict. Page 4.

Weekly Friendship Newsletter - What Is a Friend
Sign up for the Friendship newsletter to be delivered each and every week. Page 3.

Friendship Resources - What Is Friendship
A list of resources you can use to immediately make your social life better.

Differences Between a Sincere Apology and Non-Apology
A non-apology does not take responsibility, but a good apology does. Learn the difference between the two.

The 100 Best Quotes About Friendship
One hundred great quotes about friendship.

St. Patrick’s Day Parties for Friends
Five party ideas for friends this St. Patrick's Day.

Friendship Polls - Readers Opinions About Friends
Readers share opinions about friendship.

Friendship Polls - Readers Opinions About Friends
Readers share opinions about friendship.

Unique Ways to Send Valentines Greetings - Original Homemade Valentine Cards and Notes
Original ways to let someone know you care.

5 Things to Make From Cereal Boxes - Fun Projects to Give a Friend
Five fun craft project ideas for things to make for a friend out of cereal boxes.

Gifts for Dog Lovers
Gift ideas for dog lovers.

Random Acts of Kindness for Coworkers - Being Nice at Work
Kind things you can do for coworkers.

10 Real Life Random Acts of Kindness
A list of ten acts of kindness that have happened in real life.

How to Network in a Room Full of New People
Learning to work a room making small talk with people can help you meet friends and make connections.

5 Friendship Frustrations
Five things that provide negativity and frustration with it comes to friendships.

Gift Ideas for Neighbors
Great gift ideas for neighbors, even when you don't know them all that well.

Gifts for Downton Abbey Fans - What to Give a Friend Who Is a Fan of the PBS Drama
What to give a friend who loves Downton Abbey.

Quotes About Friends by Maya Angelou
Ten quotes about friendship from Maya Angelou.

She Wants to Be My Best Friend, but I Have One Already
When someone wants to be your friend best.

Movie Quotes About Friendship
These favorite friendship quotes from the movies will inspire you.

Dr. Seuss Friendship Quotes
Quotes about friendship from Dr. Seuss.

Oprah Winfrey - Friendship Quote - Day 2
Quote about friendship from Oprah Winfrey.

Why Your Friend Says Nothing Is Wrong
Why your friend can't tell you when something is wrong.

Attitude Adjustments to Improve Your Friendships
Simple yet effective attitude adjustments for making friends.

How to Stop Taking Things Personally
How to stop taking things personally.

Signs That Facebook Is Ruining Your Friendship
Facebook can ruin your friendship. Here are seven ways the site causes problems for friends.

Introverts: When You Get Talked Over
How to deal with getting talked over as an introvert.

How to Deal With a Friend Who Talks Over You
Friends who talk over you. Friendship.

Friends Husband Cheated On Her
Should you tell a friend about her cheating spouse?

Small Talk Ideas at an Event - Ice Breakers for Acquaintances
Small talk is slightly different depending on the audience. When you're at a business event or party, you can use different strategies than if you were talking to strangers.

The Fine Art of Small Talk - Review of Book by Debra Fine
Debra Fine gives tips and ice breakers to help you make conversation in her book, The Fine Art of Small Talk.

Friendship Forum - What Is a Friend
The online Friendship Forum will allow you to get feedback from readers just like you. Page 3.

Neutral Setting Where You Can Talk With a Friend
If you and a friend are going to have an argument, you want to do it somewhere you both feel comfortable, like a neutral setting. We define why one place to meet might be preferable over another.

Ideas for 4th of July Celebrations With Friends - Independence Day
Activities to help you and your friends enjoy the 4th of July holiday.

Types of Friends - Coworker Friendships - Living With a Friend
Friends can add the perfect balance to your life. These resources will help you live and work with friends in peace.

Get Along - How Do You Find Friends - Friendship
Develop more positive friendships with this selection of resources.

Making Friends - Meeting New People - How to Find a Friend
New friendships take extra time and energy, and these resources will help you create strong bonds with the people in your life.

Websites That Help You Meet Online Friends
If you need to meet a few new people, try out a few of these websites that can connect you with a new friend or two.

New Friendships - New Friends
How to make new friendships successful.

Make Friends Online - Meet New Friends Online
Many websites allow you to meet friends online and then move your relationship to the real world when you both feel comfortable. If you're busy, introverted, or shy, this method works especially well. It's also a great way to connect with other people who enjoy the same hobbies, books, or outlook.