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What's Hillary Clinton's Position on Gay Marriage?
Hillary Clinton has shifted her position on marriage equality, starting with resistance in 2000 and culminating with an evolution in 2013.

Surprising Support for Marriage Equality in Deep South
Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana could soon see their gay marriage bans overturned by a federal court.


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The Facts About how Gay Marriage Affects Everyone
Letting LGBT couples marry can have a dramatic impact on everyone around them.

What is the Pope's Position on Gay Marriage?
Pope Francis takes a strange approach to LGBT equality: he advocates compassion, but also calls for discrimination to continue.

Donald Trump Wants to Stop Gay Couples from Marrying
Donald Trump seeks overturn of Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling.

How to Protest for Gay Marriage

Why did California's Proposition 8 Ban Gay Marriage?
California passed Proposition 8, a ban on marriage equality, despite growing public support for the freedom to marry.

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News about Wisconsin
Marriage equality news from Wisconsin

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North Carolina
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South Carolina
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West Virginia
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Illinois Marriage Equality
Marriage equality news from Illinois

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Tennessee. Marriage Equality.

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New Mexico
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How Does Gay Marriage Impact Income Taxes?
It's difficult to predict how same-sex marriage will affect the government's ability to tax couples.

Hows Does Gay Marriage Affect Children?
Medical experts agree on the impact that gay marriage has on kids. So why are some activists still trying to argue?

Why is Boxer Manny Pacquiao Debating Gay Marriage?
Manny Pacquiao has lashed out at gay and lesbian families, repeating a call for them to be put to death.

San Francisco Issued Marriage Licenses Before it was Legal
It was President Bush and a national Republican leadership who accidentally spurred San Francisco to fight for marriage equality.

Supreme Court Justice Scalia's Opinions on Gay Marriage
Justice Antonin Scalia has made truly cruel statements about gay marriage and queer people.

Why California Voted Down Gay Marriage
California voters rejected marriage equality in 2000 -- here's why gay organizers were unable to stop them.

Marco Rubio Harasses Gay Couple About Their Marriage
Marco Rubio can't resist denigrating a family in public.

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Why Was Gay Marriage Banned in the 1990s?
The Republicans who pushed for gay marriage bans in the 1990s were hiding terrible sex secrets from the public.

Some Conservatives Supported Gay Marriage in the 1980s
Republicans aren't always the only ones opposed to gay marriage -- sometimes, gay rights activists have stood in the way of equality.

Religious Fredom Act: Special Rights to Anti-Gay Activists

Federal Judge Picks Apart Michigan Gay Marriage Ban
Take a look at this piece of marriage equality history when a federal judge ruled that Michigan must recognize out-of-state marriages.

Opposing Gay Marriage Could Cost Southern States Billions
Tennessee and Kentucky face fines ranging from the millions to the billions for their attacks on gay couples.

Anglican Church Launches Fresh Attack on Gay Marriage
American and Canadian Episcopalians have taken a stand against international Anglican attacks on same-sex couples.

Gay Marriage History Turned a Corner in the 1970s
The first gay marriage licenses were issued at a pivotal moment in history.

Gay Marriage Poses New Risks & Opportunities for Green Cards
The legalization of gay marriage means that bi-national couples will no longer be separated -- as long as they follow new laws.

How Did Utah Legalize Gay Marriage? Can it be Reversed?
Marriage equality is the law of the land in Utah -- and it's not likely to change anytime soon.

LDS Church Explains When Mormons Should Support Gay Marriage
Mormon Church has strict advice for how members should respond to gay marriage.

Why Christians Should Attend Same-Sex Weddings
Opinions vary, but refusing to attend a gay wedding can do more harm than good.

Mormon Church Stumbling Over Children of Same-Sex Parents
The Mormon Church has declared the children of same-sex children unwelcome.

Gay Wedding Etiquette: What to do and What to Expect
A same-sex couples might not follow all of the rules you're used to at their wedding.

Gay and Lesbian Wedding Planning Ideas
Here are a few hints for making your same-sex wedding truly unique.

Barack Obama's Strong Stand on Gay Marriage and Gay Rights
According to Barack Obama,

When Was the First Gay Marriage in the United States?
Clela Rorex never intended to become the first government official to knowingly marry a gay couple.

How did the Supreme Court Legalize Gay Marriage?
A single vote made the difference in the Supreme Court's ruling that legalized marriage from coast to coast.

Highlights from the Supreme Court Ruling that Legalized Gay Marriage
Justice Anthony Kennedy had strong words in favor of gay marriage when it was time for SCOTUS to rule.

Alabama is Still Trying - and Failing - to Stop Gay Marriage
Alabama stands alone in its ongoing attempts to block same-sex couples from marrying.

Republican Presidential Candidates Fight Over Gay Marraige
Presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee launch into attacks on each other and on gay couples.

Marco Rubio Won't Give up Losing Battle Against Gay Marriage
Ted Cruz is dead wrong on marriage equality.

Gay Marriage Still Banned Among Some Native American Communities
There's widespread confusion as some tribes recognize gay marriage, others do not, and many leave the matter unsettled.

Republicans Promise an End to Gay Marriage
Presidential candidates are promising to undo marriage equality -- but can they deliver? Probably not.

Looking Back at Marriage Equality Milestones Over the Years
Massive changes have propelled marriage equality forward over the last few years.

Pope Francis Fights to End Gay Marriage in Europe
Slovenia rejects equality for LGBT citizens, and in so doing harms families and children.

Chinese Activists Rise up Against Gay Marriage Ban
Chinese organizers are ready to overturn the country's anti-gay marriage laws -- but they'll have their work cut out for them.

Gay Marriage Timeline for the US
The fight for marriage equality took a twisting path over the last half century in the US.

The Best Books About Gay Marriage
Here are four books full of amazing stories from the fight for the freedom to marry.

Same-Sex Marriage: Marriage Equality News and Analysis
Get the latest same-sex marriage news, information and analysis. Find out where marriage equality is being debated and where it has been decided.

What Rights do Gay Couples get When they Marry?
Same-sex couples enjoy life-changing benefits when they marry.

How Different Religions Stand on Gay Marriage
Some religions are changing their stance on marriage for gays and lesbians -- but others remain stubbornly opposed.

Gay Marriage Myths and Facts: Get the Truth
Don't fall for the gay marriage myths.

Will Australia Legalize Gay Marriage?
Marriage equality in Australia is closer than you might think. There's just one major hurdle, and his name is Tony Abbott.

What's Ben Carson's Position on Gay Marriage?
Republican candidate Ben Carson has made numerous untrue statements about marriage for gays and lesbians.

What's Donald Trump's Position on Gay Marriage?
Donald Trump has issued confusing, conflicting statements on equality for gay and lesbian citizens.

What's Carly Fiorina's Position on Gay Marriage?
Carly Fiorina has had plenty of harsh words for gays and lesbians.

Pope Francis Speaks out Against Gay Marriage
Pope Francis has made his position clear: mercy for gays and lesbians, not equality.

Republicans Advocate Civil Disobedience Against Gay Marriage
Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum demonstrate that they don't understand how the law works -- and they don't care.

Republican Presidential Candidates Lash Out at Gay Marriage
GOP candidates advocate civil resistance to marriage equality, despite Supreme Court ruling. Here's why they're wrong.

Why Does the Supreme Court Get to Decide Marriage Laws?
The Supreme Court can't make new laws. So why do they get to decide whether gays can get married?

Can Clerks Like Kim Davis Really Refuse to Let Gay Couples Marry?
Clerks like Kim Davis say they should be able to follow their conscience and turn away gay couples. But what does the law have to say about that?

Are Private Businesses Required to Serve Gay Couples?
Some businesses have no choice -- they have to participate in gay weddings, whether they want to or not.

Understanding Obama's History of Support for Gay Marriage
President Obama took a while to get there, but his position on marriage equality eventually became quite clear.

The Difference Between Civil Unions and Marriage
There are several key differences between marriages and civil unions, and same-sex couples are harmed by those differences.

The Top Supreme Court Arguments Against Gay Marriage
Four Supreme Court justices voted against gay marriage. Here are their reasons -- and why their reasons are wrong.

The Supreme Court's Best Gay Marriage Quotes
The Supreme Court's best quotes on gay marriage expand freedoms and reject bigotry.

Century of Supreme Court Rulings Led to Gay Marriage Decision
Although the Supreme Court has only recently tackled the issue of marriage equality, one hundred years of prior cases paved the way for the ruling.

"Traditional Marriage" Doesn't Mean Straight Marriage
Letting same-sex couples marry is actually completely traditional. It's part of the tradition of constantly improving the institution of marriage.

Why Public Opinion on Gay Marriage Changed so Fast
Several factors contributed to marriage equality's gain over the last twenty years, including a dramatic shift in messaging.

The History and Status of Gay Marriage in Canada
Canada has led the way as one of the first countries in the world to recognize gay and lesbian relationships.

Video games increasingly reflect gay relationships
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has featured gay marriage for years, with a positive reaction from players.

The History and Status of Gay Marriage in The Netherlands
The Netherlands is one of the most advanced countries in the world when it comes to LGBT equality and the freedom to marry.

The Status of Gay Marriage in Spain
Spain is one of the most advanced countries in the world when it comes to LGBT equality, having had marriage equality for over a decade.

The Status of Gay Marriage in the United Kingdom
The marriage situation in the United Kingdom is complex, and rapidly shifting. But public opinion strongly favors equality.

Australia Close to Legalizing Gay Marriage
It's been a long time coming, but Australia may finally legalize the freedom to marry very soon.

What the Bible Says About Gay Marriage
Although never explicitly mentioned, a few passages lend insight into Biblical attitudes about gay marriage.

History of Gay Marriage Goes Back Thousands of Years
Gay marriage isn't a new idea: it's been practiced in various cultures dating back to ancient Greece and China.

Sample Wedding Vows for Same-Sex Couples
As more LGBTs marry, wedding officiants are finding new ways to celebrate marriage equality.

The Financial Benefits of Gay Marriage
To sum it up: marriage equality means big economic advantages for LGBT couples, for the federal government, and for states.

11 Awesome Pro-Gay Marriage Quotes
From politicians to judges to comedians, everyone's weighed in on same-sex marriage.

13 Rude Anti-Gay Marriage Quotes
Politicans, actors, and has-beens still seem to think they can win points by attacking LGBT couples.

Inspiring Celebrity Quotes on Gay Marriage

Top Arguments in Favor of Gay Marriage
There are numerous compelling reasons to allow LGBTs to get married.

Four Liberal Supreme Court Justices Support Gay Marriage
Liberal justices appear likely to rule in favor of marriage equality for LGBTs -- but Justice Kennedy's vote is still in doubt.

Four Conservative Supreme Court Justices Opposed to Gay Marriage
Conservative justices appear determined to rule against marriage equality for LGBTs.

Democrat Views on Gay Marriage are Surprisingly Consistent
After years of debate, Democrats have now nearly-unanimously lent their support to marriage equality.

Republican Views on Marriage Undergo Dramatic Change
Young voters and freedom-minded Republicans are driving a massive change in the way the party thinks about marriage.

Gay Marriage Statistics Reveal Emerging Trends
With more states offering the freedom to marry, we know more about gay marriage now than ever before.

What's Rand Paul's Position on Gay Marriage?
Rand Paul strongly opposes marriage equality, and has on multiple occasions threatened to amend the U.S. Constitution to block gays and lesbians from marrying.

What's Marco Rubio's Position on Gay Marriage?
Marco Rubio has taken every opportunity to oppose equal treatment for gay and lesbian families.

What's Ted Cruz's Position on Gay Marriage?
Ted Cruz strongly opposes the freedom to marry -- as well as many other rights for gays and lesbians.

Gay Wedding Ideas, From Drinks to Decor
Get your wedding planning started right! Here are some handy tips for planning the big day with your special lady or fella.

Federal Judge Dismantles Michigan Gay Marriage Ban
Michigan courts are increasingly in conflict over just how much legal recognition gay and lesbian relationships should receive.

The Top Arguments Against Gay Marriage
There are plenty of reasons to oppose gay marriage -- but those reasons might not be as sound as some people think.

What's Mike Huckabee's Position on Gay Marriage?
Mike Huckabee strongly opposes the freedom to marry -- as well as many other rights for gays and lesbians.

Alabama Has Halted Gay and Lesbian Weddings
The Alabama Supreme Court has acted in defiance of federal ruling -- but they may not be allowed to do so.

What's Rick Santorum's Position on Gay Marriage?
Rick Santorum isn't afraid to make his feelings clear when it comes to gay and lesbian citizens.

Gay Marriage Comes to Texas, But Only for One Couple
Two Texas lesbians allowed to marry -- but no one else.

Marriage Lawsuits are Costing Anti-Gay Groups Millions
Homophobic organizations and anti-gay state officials are spending millions, but failing to stop gay marriage.

Anti-Gay Judges Could be Sued for Refusing to Marry Gay Couples
Gay and lesbian couples may be forced to sue for a marriage license if Alabama judges go through with their threat to ignore a federal ruling.

Alabama Gay Marriage Ban Overturned; Weddings to Start in 14 Days
Alabama gay marriages could begin around Valentine's Day, but not if homophobic legislators have their way.

Oklahoma Laws Would Punish Gays and Lesbians for Marrying
Anti-gay legislators in Oklahoma are growing desperate, introducing outlandish homophobic laws.

Gay Marriage Confirmed for Florida
Gay marriage is set to begin next week in Florida, but anti-gay Attorney General Pam Bondi isn't out of tricks yet to stop couples from being wed.

Supreme Court Commits to Hearing Four Gay Marriage Cases This Spring
Supreme Court will now resolve marriage equality issue once and for all.

Obama Endorses Gay Marriage in State of the Union
President Obama has made his strongest commitment yet to gay marriage -- but with the issue still unresolved, more work lies ahead.

South Dakota
South Dakota. Marriage Equality.

Nebraska. Marriage Equality.

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico. Marriage Equality.

Missouri. Marriage Equality.

South Dakota Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down
A federal judge has ruled that South Dakota's marriage ban is unconstitutional -- but that could soon be reversed by the Republican-dominated court of appeals.

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