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Yemen's Growing Chaos
The 1990 union of the divided peoples of two Yemens is under tremendous assault. The country is being fought over by three groups: the government; Houthi tribes; and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

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Global Acceptance of Human Rights
As a matter of international legality, whether human rights is a globally shared legal regime is mostly a settled matter. But whether human rights is firmly embedded in international law is a different issue than whether human rights is a globally shared value.

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Emerging threats
Emerging threats. Global Issues.

Asian issues. Global Issues.

Europe. Global Issues.

Global Economy
Global economic issues. Global Issues.

The Lawless Seas
Are international waters --generally defined as farther than twelve nautical miles from the coastline of any sovereign state-- truly lawless?

The Countries of the West and the East
The West and the East invokes a cartological shorthand for Europe and Asia: the Western World referred to the European continent (and, later, North America), while the East means Asia. But the terms have evolved to take on multiple -- and contested -- meanings.

Global Opinions of US Presidential Elections
The 2016 election ahead has yet to galvanize attention outside the United States, but interest in it will rest on the significance of US foreign policy.

Organized Crime Around the World
Organized crime that had previously been largely US-based has migrated many of its personnel and operations to other countries, mostly to the nations and regions where organized criminal networks source their raw materials.

Crime Around the World
How is criminal activity threatening international political stability?

Which countries are keeping diplomats up at night?
A few countries are so troubled that diplomats worry they will completely meltdown. These are nations teetering on the edge of “failed state” status.

Russia and the former Soviet Union
Russia and the former Soviet Union

Why is Ukraine turning into such an intractable diplomatic problem?
What makes the Ukraine conflict so intractable is that it is a specific battle for the future of Ukraine, a country with fundamental contradictions that are very difficult to overcome because they are endemic to the country’s demographics, politics, and national culture.

Which countries are modernizing the fastest and the slowest?
Modernization is the broad policy understanding that economic advances and industrialization will deliver more just and politically stable societies and informs much of Western development aid, especially Western development strategy geared toward the Global South.

Will Japan Remain a Pacifist Nation?
Japan’s pacifism has long had influential critics from the country’s political right-wing, and saber-rattling by Japan’s neighbors can cause a jittery Japanese public to question the wisdom of a unilateral policy of military restraint.

Is Europe at risk for an economic meltdown?
Europe’s economic outlook for 2015 is by most assessments in trouble. The Eurozone continues a rocky recovery from the global recession begun in 2008.

What emerging global issues are predicted to most threaten the world in 2015?
In 2015, a few new global threats have percolated to the top, providing a window into the issues that will haunt us this year and into the future.