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5 Reasons to Stay in Valdez Alaska
Located within driving distance from Anchorage, Valdez is the perfect place to try a range of Alaska's signature activities.

Traveling around Alaska
Cruise, air, or road? Learn which mode of Alaska transportation is best suited to various travel styles.

Alaska with kids
Traveling Alaska with children can be the trip of a lifetime. Learn about destinations, attractions, and tips for exploring the 49th state with kids.

Welcome to and Go Alaska
Join Alaska resident and travel journalist Erin Kirkland for an in-depth exploration of the Last Frontier.

The Case for a Springtime Drive to Alaska
Take the scenic route to Alaska during a springtime drive from the Lower 48 states and along the Alaska-Canada Highway, or AlCan.

Hiking Alaska
Long, short, rugged or paved, Alaska's hiking pathways and trails are available to everyone.

Train Travel
Ride the rails of Alaska's two main companies; Alaska Railroad and White Pass-Yukon Route and discover why trains are important to the state.

Alaska national parks
Alaska's national parks are a wealth of recreation, history, and culture.

Recreation, sports, and outdoor adventure
Paddle a kayak, mush a dog team, or hike a mountain trail. Alaska is full of outdoor opportunities for any age or ability.

Water recreation
Paddle your own kayak, or SUP, or rent a motorboat. Water is everywhere in Alaska!

All Aboard the Alaska Railroad Summer Trains
With 500 miles of track and 3 daily trains to choose from, the Alaska Railroad's summer schedule is full of scenery and options for summer visitors.

Visit the Anchorage Museum and View Life In the Arctic
The Anchorage Museum is dedicated to preservation of Arctic regions on our planet. A visit to this world-class facility may change your point of view.

Southeast, Alaska's Panhandle
Southeast is the destination for most Alaska cruise ships. Here, find Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Sitka, and other, smaller communities.

Interior Alaska
Dry, cold, and at least a day's drive from Anchorage, Interior Alaska includes Fairbanks and at its fringe, Denali National Park. The Al-Can Highway also terminates in the Interior region.

Arctic Alaska, remote and rugged
Don't look for a road into much of Arctic Alaska, also known as Bush Alaska; it's about as remote as one can find. Nome is but one such community, but Arctic Alaska also includes Kotzebue, Barrow, and Prudhoe Bay, the beginning of the famous Alaska Pipeline.

Southwest, wild and weather-driven
Southwest Alaska includes the long stretch of islands known as the Aleutian Chain, as well as communities along the Alaska Peninsula. It is very remote.

Southcentral Alaska
Southcentral is Alaska's most populous region, including the cities of Anchorage, Seward, Homer, and up north to the Matanuska-Susitna Valley.

Alaska Geography
Alaska is made up of unique regions, each with its own landscape, wildlife, and recreation. Becoming acquainted with Alaska's regions means easier travel planning.

Wrangell's History Thrives in the Southeast Alaska Rainforest
Located on Southeast Alaska's Wrangell Island, the city of Wrangell charmes guests through authentic experiences and a unique history of governance.

Alaska Wildlife
Tips and destinations for viewing Alaska's famous wildlife.

Don't Miss the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward
Seward's Alaska SeaLife Center offers more than a chance to merely observe mammals and birds; it's a place to learn more about the delicate ecosystems.

Alaska Festivals and Events
Alaska's flair for unique ways to celebrate shine through.

Alaska cultural activities
Celebrate the vibrant traditions and cultural groups who make Alaska diverse.

Living in Alaska
Life in the 49th state is different from anywhere else. Learn more about living, working, and playing in the Last Frontier.

May is Fly-In Month for Alaska's Bush Pilots
Alaska's Bush pilots have romanced the Last Frontier skies for nearly 100 years. Each spring, these adventurous men and women gather to swap stories and skills.

Celebrate National Park Week With These Amazing Alaska Destinations
Alaska's national parks attract more than 2 million people each year. With 24 different parks, landmarks, and preserves to visit, one can never see enough.

Sleep With the Eagles at This Alaska Treehouse
Visiting Alaska is exciting enough, but what if you could spend your nights among the trees? Raven's Reveal Treehouse in Sitka offers exactly that.

Alaska Cruise Options
More than a dozen cruise lines serve the Alaska market. Explore the options for vessels, excursions, and find packing tips for an Alaska adventure.

Small Ships in Alaska Waters
Small-ship cruising is becoming a popular way to see Alaska's Inside Passage, but how does one choose among many options?

Larger Cruise Ships in Alaska
Alaska's Inside Passage is full of large cruise ships during the summer season, each with its own personality and style. Which one is right for you?

Alaska Shore Excursions
Curious about shoreside activities and events? From paddling a kayak to hopping aboard a whale-watching boat, this section explores the many options available to cruise passengers.

On-board experiences
Many cruise lines offer on-board activities related to the splendor of Alaska. Learn the options and inside scoop for best options.

Don't Day Cruise With Kids Until You Read This
Glacier or wildlife cruises are a popular attraction for Alaska visitors, but parents whould be aware that cruising with kids requires extra planning.

Juneau for Foodies: Alaska capital city tour wines and dines
Think Alaska is far-removed from the foodie scene? Think again as Juneau Food Tours takes Alaska's capital city by storm, one restaurant at a time.

Small vs Large: Which Alaska Cruise Ship is For You?
Not everyone enjoys the formality of a larger cruise ship to a destination like Alaska, but some prefer the amenities. Which way is right for you?

5 Reasons to Cruise Alaska Early in the Season
The Alaska cruise season typically begins in late April, and great deals abound for savvy travelers who know before they go.

Alaska Lodging Options
From luxury hotels to bed and breakfast accommodations, Alaska has a wide range of options for travelers.

Lakefront Anchorage is convenient, stylish, and part of history
The Lakefront Hotel in Anchorage provides not only upscale service, but a 360-degree view of Alaska's unique landscape.

Travel to Alaska's Spring Birding Festivals
Perhaps nothing says springtime in Alaska like the arrival of millions of migratory birds to shorelines along the Southcentral and Southeast coasts.

Events around Alaska
Celebrate special occasions with Alaskans all year.

Alaska Museums and Cultural Centers
From Alaska Native to military history, the state's museums and cultural centers provide insight and inspiration.

These Small Alaska Museums Are Worth Visiting
Small, but packing a ton of interesting and unique information, these Alaska museums are worth a stop.

How to Visit Denali National Park Without Driving the Park Road
Let's face it, driving the length of the Denali Park Road is a long, bumpy, and slow journey that not everyone enjoys. Are there other options? Yes.

Run Alaska: Best destination contests for road or trail
Competitive road or trail runs are becoming a niche segment of travel, and Alaska is no different. Try these running events and add Alaska to your list.

Exploring Alaska's Botanical Gardens
With a short growing season, Alaska's botanical gardens represent an important link to growing and maintaining food sources and beautiful blooms.

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Alaska Activities for Teen Travelers
Bring your older kids to Alaska, where adventure awaits around every corner. From kayaking to glacier hiking, the 49th state charms teens and parents.

Celebrate Winter in Style at Anchorage's Fur Rendezvous
Anchorage's Fur Rendezvous festival has been celebrating winter and Alaska life for more than 80 years. Thinking of attending? Here are some best bets.

Sled Dog Facts and Questions
Every wondered why a supposed

Who are Alaskans, and other questions about us.
Find the answers to commonly-asked questions of Alaska residents, with no filter.

Best places to see wildlife in Alaska
Alaska is a wild place, and its animal, bird, or fish populations are everywhere, depending upon where you look. Find our insider tips for viewing the critters that make Alaska famous, with a few surprises.

Alaska FAQs
What should I bring? How can I spot wildlife? When can I see the northern lights? I'll answer these questions and more in GoAlaska's FAQ category.

How can I see the northern lights?
Find everything you ever wanted to know about the northern lights, or aurora borealis. From destinations to photography tips and tours, it's all here.

Why Do Alaskans Love Alaska?
Alaskans have many reasons for living and raising a family in the Last Frontier. The GoAlaska Expert sheds some light on life in the far north.

When to visit Alaska
Winter, spring, summer, or fall, Alaska has recreational activities to suit every interest or budget. Find unique attractions and gather hot tips for travel during non-peak months.

Alaska cuisine and dining
Alaska is home to seafood, wild game, and ingredients unique to this region of the world. Take a taste tour of the state's dining options, and gather insight into an Alaska subsistence lifestyle.

Help! I Have One Week to See Alaska
Many travelers hope to see the entire state of Alaska in a very short period of time. The GoAlaska Expert offers some tips for capturing highlights.

Sail Alaska's Blue Canoes Aboard Marine Highway System Ferries
Alaska Marine Highway System ferries provide scenic ambiance and are good options for independent travelers looking for adventure.

Celebrate Love With These Alaska Valentine's Day Destinations
Celebrating Valentine's Day in Alaska? Cozy up to these thoughtful and unique ideas for love in the Last Frontier.

Food With a View: Alaska's most scenic restaurants
Dining out in Alaska is made even more palatable with stellar views from every window. Visiting the state? Be sure to try out these scenic restaurants.

Why Does Alaska Have So Many Earthquakes?
Alaska is located in one of the most seismically-active areas of the world. Earthquakes are a daily occurrence, but why? And how can one stay safe?

Exploring Ketchikan, Alaska's 'First City'
Does your Alaska itinerary include Ketchikan? This small Southeast community is known for more than its abundant rainfall and rich salmon streams.

Alaska Microbreweries You Must Visit
Alaska boasts a surprising number of craft beer breweries and tasting rooms. Stop by for a sip, and take home some signature 49th state suds.

Alaska Public Lands Information Centers: Your trip begins here
Alaska Public Lands Information Centers are more than a place to pick up maps and park permits: They are movie theaters, bookstores, and museums, too.

Alaska's Iditarod Goes to the Dogs
Looking for the ultimate Alaska Iditarod experience? Take a look at these ways to get up close with these famous canine athletes and their mushers.

Make Alaska Shore Days Count
Making the most of shore time during an Alaska cruise is easier when you follow a few simple steps that involve stepping away from the dock.

Ice Alaska Celebrates Winter and Art
The Ice Alaska festival in Fairbanks is an annual celebration of winter and art, packaged in a glorious combination of color and cold.

Discover Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park
Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park was born from the leavings of a gold rush stampede in 1897, and today's visitors can reap the rewards.

Meet Santa and His Reindeer in Fairbanks
Interior Alaska is, of course, the home of Santa Claus, and kids the world over send letters or visit to ensure a place on the

"Is It Really Dark All Day?" Ask an Alaskan
Alaska is a mystery to many visitors, and residents often find themselves on the other end of queries related to life in the 49th state. Go ahead, ask.

5 Things to Know About Alaska's Small Planes
With more roadless area than anywhere else in the United States, Alaska relies upon small aircraft for much of its transportation. Stay safe with these tips.

Ride the Alaska Railroad's Aurora Winter Train
The Alaska Railroad's two winter trains offer spectacular scenery and an opportunity to explore at an unhurried, comfortable pace.

Alaska For Coffee Lovers
There's no doubt about it; Alaskans love their coffee. From dark and rich to smooth and foamy, take time to savor a cup during your visit.

Find Holiday Cheer in the Last Frontier
Considering an Alaska holiday visit? Try our tips for events and activities with Last Frontier flair.

Exploring Alaska's Glaciers
It's hard to imagine Alaska's tapestry without glaciers. How many will you visit during your Last Frontier vacation?

Alaska Fishing 101
Sport fishing brings thousands of eager anglers to Alaska each spring and summer. Never fished the 49th state? Read these basic tips.

Book These Alaska Attractions Now for Next Summer
Alaska sees nearly 2 million visitors annually, most of them arriving in the summer months. Booking early not only secures a reservation, it can save you money, too.

Explore Alaska's Military History
Alaska's position in military history is both profound and diverse, with many destinations preserved for visitors to explore.

North to Alaska With Princess Cruises
Princess Cruises has held court in Alaska for many years, and have added new programs to further enhance passengers' Last Frontier experience.

Winter, cold but active
Winter recreationalists will be overjoyed at the wide range of activities during an Alaska winter. From skiing to dogsledding, it's a wild time of outdoor discovery. See the aurora borealis, visit a ski resort, or cozy up to a warm fireplace in a remote cabin. It's all here, and becoming popular with tourists.

Summer, short and sweet
An Alaska summer doesn't truly begin before June, when flowers bloom and grass grows lush in the high alpine meadows. This is the high season for tourism, so look for premium pricing and little availablilty in popular destinations.

Spring, gear up for a new season
Spring is perhaps the most confusing time to visit Alaska. Sometimes snowy, sometimes not, spring is also known as

Autumn, colorful and affordable
Perhaps the most under-utilized season for tourism, autumn in Alaska is a delicious swirl of color and activity, and abundant wildlife. Visit after Labor Day for special rates on everything from day cruises to lodging.

Let it Snow! Enjoying Alaska's Winter Weather
Winter in Alaska is full of snow and cold temperatures, but also an abundance of outdoor recreation options.

Planning an Alaska Road Trip? Read These Tips First
Road-tripping Alaska is a popular way to see the state, but visitors should be prepared for unexpected conditions and pack a sense of adventure.

Why You Should Spend Time In Anchorage
Anchorage is Alaska's largest city, and a hub for recreation, history, and a dose of 49th state culture.

Happy Alaska Day from Sitka!
Alaska Day celebrates the formal transfer of Alaska from Russian to the United States in 1867, upon Castle Hill in Sitka.

Alaska Winter Lodges
Alaska is home to a number of wintertime lodges that provide cozy comfort during a long winter.

Alaska Museums for History Buffs
Alaska history is ancient and unique, starting with the arrival of the land's first people nearly 10,000 years ago and continuing to the 21st century.

3 Great Hikes in Juneau
Juneau is home to nearly 250 miles of hiking trails, catering to every ability. Try these scenic hikes in Alaska's capital city.

Family Style Dining at the Talkeetna Roadhouse
The historic Talkeetna Roadhouse, located 2 1/2 hours from Anchorage, is the perfect day trip or overnight adventure for Alaska visitors.

Get to know Alaska before you make travel plans
Alaska is an enormous place, so knowing a bit more about each of its regions will help when planning a visit.

Alaska FAQs: Make the Most of Your 49th State Visit
When is the best time of year to visit Alaska? Should you be worried about bears? These questions and more are answered with these general Alaska FAQs.

Finding the Best Alaska Native Attractions
Alaska Native culture and history are an integral part of any 49th state visit.

Experience Autumn in Alaska
Savor an Alaska autumn with vibrant color, active wildlife, and opportunities for outdoor adventure.

Alaska Packing Tips
Packing for an Alaska vacation? Learn how to plan for active adventure with these helpful tips.

The 4 Best Ways to Travel Alaska With Kids
Alaska is full of opportunities for children to experience life in the Last Frontier. Try these 4 travel options for maximizing family fun.

Alaska Wildlife Adventures
Become acquainted with Alaska's wildlife through visits to these popular and up-close animal encounters.