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Packing List for Asia - Get Help Planning What to Take with this Packing List for Asia
Use these packing lists for Asia to avoid overpacking. Packing for a big trip can be overwhelming - use our packing lists for Asia to get ideas for your trip.

Asian Cell Phones: Will Your Mobile Phone Work in Asia?
See if your smartphone will work in Asia, how to get it ready, and some better ways for staying connected while traveling.

Cheers in Chinese: Drinking Etiquette in China
Know how to survive a drinking encounter in China! Learn how to say cheers in Chinese and see some tips for proper drinking etiquette.

9 Popular Islands in Thailand
Choose from the many islands in Thailand for your next vacation. Learn what to expect on each island, where to find or avoid the crowds, and which of the Thai islands is for you!

Perhentian Islands Tips: Know Before You Go
See some important things to know before going to Malaysia's Perhentian Islands. These tips will help you have a better experience in the Perhentians!

Top Destinations in Asia - Learn Where to Go in Asia
Learn about top destinations in Asia! Use this list of great destinations to get ideas for your trip to Asia.

Destinations in the Philippines
Use this list of great islands, beaches, and places in the Philippines to help plan your trip.

Country Profiles for Asia
Country profiles and travel guides for each country in Asia.

Destinations in Vietnam
Top destinations in Vietnam and things to do once you get there. See what Vietnam has to offer.

Destinations in Burma
Burma/Myanmar is changing rapidly fast! Check out these top destinations in Myanmar before they are altered by tourism.

Where to Go in Malaysia: Top 10 Destinations
See a list of ideas for where to go in Malaysia including top islands, tourist destinations, and natural attractions. Read about the top 10 Destinations in Malaysia.

Laowai, Farang, Gwai Lo: Are They Rude?
Laowai, farang, gwai lo -- foreign visitors are called lots of names in Asia. Find out if the terms are rude, what they mean, and more.

Southeast Asia Transportation - Getting Around and Transportation in Southeast Asia
Transportation in Southeast Asia is easy with this guide. Learn about options for getting around and transportation in Southeast Asia.

How to Find Cheap Flights to Borneo: Top Airports
Flights to Borneo are cheap! See airport options, budget airlines, and find out how to get cheap flights to Borneo from Kuala Lumpur.

Where Is Saigon: Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon?
Where is Saigon? Does it still exist? Learn whether you should say

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Asia Travel
See 10 frequently asked questions about Asia travel and the answers to alleviate concerns you may have.

Attractions in Asia - Asia's Top Attractions and Sights
Asia's top attractions are some of the most spectacular in the world, from the Great Wall of China to some of the tallest buildings on the globe, and so much more.

Railay Thailand: Important Travel Tips
See some important travel tips for Railay, Thailand, to stay safe, save money, an enjoy your visit. Read about ATMs, Wi-Fi, Accommodation, and more.

Koh Chang, Thailand: Travel Guide
Koh Chang is Thailand's second-largest island. See this introduction and travel guide for what to expect, getting there, seasons, beaches, and more.

Unawatuna, Sri Lanka - Travel Guide and Insider Tips
Use this travel guide for Unawatuna to enjoy Sri Lanka's most popular beach. See insider tips for snorkeling spots, seafood, and scams to avoid!

Where to Stay in Asia - Hotel and Hostel Reviews
Where to stay in Asia - Reviews for budget hotels and hostels dotted around Asia. Learn about accommodation options for wherever you are traveling.

Perhentian Islands Diving: Where to Go
Diving in the Perhentian Islands is cheap and excellent! Read about dive shops, prices, and what to expect while scuba diving on Perhentian Kecil.

Budget Hotels in India - How to Choose and What to Expect
Learn what to expect at budget hotels in India and how you can book them. Learn about room types, toilets, electricity, hot water, and other accommodation essentials.

Boracay Island, Philippines: Tips and Survival Guide
See some survival tips to enhance your stay on Boracay Island in the Philippines. Read about where to find the cheapest accommodation.

Before Planning a Trip to Asia
Before you plan a trip to Asia, think about these important considerations. Know about seasons, visa laws, and other factors.

Museums in Singapore: Visitor's Guide
Museums in Singapore are great for rainy days. Learn about promotions, free evenings, walking ciruits, and how to visit Singapore Museums.

Golden Week in Japan - What to Expect
Read about Golden Week in Japan and decide whether you want to brave the busiest time in the country. Plan your trip around major Japanese holidays.

The Sanctuary Thailand: Health Retreat on Koh Phangan
The Sanctuary Thailand is a health retreat and affordable boutique resort on the island of Koh Phangan. Read about what to expect there.

Siquijor Island, Philippines - Travel Guide
See this introduction and travel guide to Siquijor Island in the Philippines before you go. Read about Mystique Island and the traditional healers.

Shopping in Asia: Tips for Finding the Best Deals
Shopping in Asia can be a real bargain or a complete disaster. Use these tips for scoring the best deals in Asia.

Japan Travel Tips: First-Time Travelers to Japan
See these Japan travel tips for saving money while traveling in Japan. Insider advice for hotels, transportation, eating, and drinking.

Vietnam: Money and Currency
See some Vietnam money and currency basics including how to access funds, ATMs, which currency to use, and haggling for better prices.

From Saigon to Hanoi: By Bus, Train, and Flight
See all the options for getting from Saigon to Hanoi compared in detail. Choose if a bus, train, or flight is best for getting around Vietnam.

Accommodation in Asia - Finding the Perfect Room
Read about what to expect from budget accommodation in Asia. Learn how to negotiate a rate, choose the best room, avoid bedbugs, and get the most out of your stay in a budget hotel.

How Much Money for Asia - Tips for Budgeting
How much money do you need for a trip to Asia? Learn about cheap and expensive destinations, how to budget, and how you can save money on a trip to Asia.

Chiang Mai - Travel Guide
Use this Chiang Mai, Thailand, travel guide to all the insider spots. See basics about accommodation, food, nightlife, getting around, and what to expect in Thailand's northern cultural hub.

Koh Lanta Thailand
Use this Koh Lanta, Thailand, travel guide to enjoy one of Thailand's best island destinations. Learn about getting around, seasons, when to go, sea gypsies, and what to expect on Koh Lanta.

Pai, Thailand: What to Do and See
Pai is a must-visit while you're in Northern Thailand. Read about this former backpacker secret just four hours north of Chiang Mai.

Hostel or Hotel? 7 Reasons to Stay in a Hostel
Forget the stereotypes: hostels aren't what they used to be! Read why staying in a hostel may be more fun than staying in a hotel.

Luang Prabang Hotels Under $40
See this list of Luang Prabang hotels all under US $40 per night. Find three-star hotels for cheap, read reviews, and find the perfect place to stay on the Mekong River.

Thailand Packing List: What to Bring
Use this Thailand packing list to get ideas and pack light for your trip, along with advice for what to buy in Thailand and what to bring from home.

Thailand Vacation: Help Planning Your First Trip
Considering a Thailand vacation? Use this planning guide of essentials to help you plan your first trip to Thailand.

How Much Money to Travel Myanmar?
See how much money you should budget for a trip to Myanmar. Read about average costs, how to save money, and what you'll spend on the basics.

Indian Visa Application Form - Instructions and Tips
Use this detailed help for navigating and completing the Indian visa application form. See each field on the form explained - avoid getting rejected and losing your application fees!

How to Take the Bus From Singapore to Kuala Lumpur
The bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur is an easy way to move between countries. Read about bus companies, crossing the border, and prices.

Asia Travel - Guide, Tips, and Top Destinations
Get help planning your Asia travel with tips, expert advice, and essential information. See what you need to know before visiting Asia.

Best Places in Asia for First-Time Travelers
These 7 places in Asia are great for first-time travelers in the region. See a list of places that are easy landing points in Asia.

Food and Drink
Discover the delicious foods and drinks you'll encounter during your travels across Asia.

Food in Japan
From sushi to eating and drinking etiquette, learn all about the food in Japan!

Travel Gear Reviews - Reviews for the Best Travel Gear
Don't blow your travel funds on poor equipment! Use these travel gear reviews to make informed purchasing decisions.

Asia Money - Currency, Exchange, and Budgeting for Asia
Learn about the currencies used in Asia, how to exchange money on your trip, how much to plan, and how to save money while traveling.

Asia Trip Planning by Destination
Get help with your trip planning for each destination in Asia. See planning tips, what to expect, and how to prepare for destinations in Asia.

When to Go to Asia - Month by Month
See month-by-month where to go in Asia for the best weather, lower crowds, and biggest festivals. Plan your trip around the monsoon seasons and festivals for a better experience!

Thailand - Top Destinations
Thailand is a very popular place to visit in Southeast Asia. Exciting cities, historical places, and beautiful islands make Thailand the perfect place for a first-time trip to Southeast Asia.

Plan a Trip to Asia
Before you plan your trip to Asia, get tips and recommendations from our expert Guides.

Koh Samet: Travel Guide and Tips
Read about Koh Samet, an island option close to Bangkok. See the best times to visit, national park fees, and useful tips before you go.

Health and Safety in Asia - Tips for Health and Safety in Asia
Use these health and safety for an enjoyable trip to Asia. Learn about common scams, needed vaccinations, and travel safety tips for Asia.

Squat Toilets: What You Need to Know
The dreaded squat toilet is feared by many first-timer travelers in Asia. Read about why and see tips for how to survive Asian squat toilets.

Where to Go in Asia in October
Read about Asia in October. Find out about festivals, holidays, big events, rainfall, and where to find the best weather.

Koh Tao, Thailand: Important Tips
Koh Tao, Thailand, is the place to get scuba certified. Before you go, read about how to get there, safety, seasons, travel tips, and more.

Food in India - Nothing Beats the Food in India
The food in India is healthy, flavorful, and addictive! Learn more about the best food in India and where to eat.

What Is Ghee? Nutrition Facts and How to Make It
Ghee is a type of clarified butter used in many Indian dishes. See nutritional data, health benefits, and how to make ghee at home.

Yi Peng and Loi Krathong Festival in Thailand
The Loi Krathong festival in Thailand is stunning! See dates, where to celebrate, and what to expect during Yi Peng and Loi Krathong.

Chinese Moon Festival: The Mid-Autumn Festival
The Chinese Moon Festival / Mid-Autumn Festival is a joyous, colorful holiday with lots of mooncakes to eat. Read about what to expect during the holidays and what mooncakes are all about.

Thailand in Fall: Weather and Festivals
Traveling to Thailand in fall can be a rainy experience if you don't choose the right places. See weather and a few big fall festivals in Thailand.

Weather in Asia
The weather in Asia can affect your entire trip. Know how to avoid the rainy season by following the weather in Asia.

Tuk-Tuk: Introduction to Auto Rickshaws
Learn about the tuk-tuk, how to use them the right way, and tips to avoid getting scammed. Taking a tuk-tuk ride in Thailand is an experience!

Indonesia Independence Day: Panjat Pinang
Indonesian Independence Day is on August 17. Read about the holiday, the history, and Panjat Pinang -- a unique game for the event.

Where Is Singapore: Is It a City or Country?
Is Singapore a city, island, or country? All three! Find out why and see what you need to know about visas, weather, saving money, and more.

How Much Money for Thailand: Average Daily Expenses
See how much it costs to travel in Thailand once you're on the ground. Learn about daily expenses for food, drinks, and unexpected expenses.

Calling the US From Asia: The Cheapest Options
Read about all the options for making international calls from Asia to the U.S. Learn how to make calls for free along with other options.

How to Say Hello in Bahasa Indonesia
Use these easy greetings in Indonesian to learn how to say hello in Indonesia. See some useful expressions for different situations.

How to Say Hello in Malaysia: Malay Greetings
These basic greetings for how to say hello in Malaysia will come in handy as you travel. Learn some basic expressions to enhance your trip.

Ubud Bali Tips: What to Know Before Going
Ubud is one of the most popular destinations in Bali. Use these insider tips to save money, beat the crowds, and enjoy Ubud even more.

The Phuket Vegetarian Festival in Thailand
The Phuket Vegetarian Festival isn't just about food! Read about sword-pierced faces and how to experience the festival in Thailand.

Asia in August - Festivals and Where to Go
Asia in August is hot and wet. Read about where to find the best weather and most enjoyable festivals for Asia in August.

Japanese Dining Etiquette: Important Table Manners
Learning Japanese table manners is easy. See these basic tips for proper Japanese dining etiquette before your next outing or business lunch.

Asia in Summer - Where to Go
Read about Asia in summer and what kind of weather to expect in each country. Learn about big festivals that may affect your trip.

Asia in Winter - Where to Go
There are lots of places for enjoying Asia in winter. See weather for different parts of Asia and where the biggest holidays will be celebrated.

Best Time to Visit Thailand: Weather and Festivals
Read about the best times of year to visit Thailand for good weather, smaller crowds, and fun festivals. Know the best months to avoid Thailand.

Backpacking in Asia: 12 Tips for Budget Travel
See 12 tips for backpacking in Asia that will enhance your trip. Learn what every budget traveler should know before hitting the ground in Asia.

Police Corruption in Asia
Sadly, police corruption is rife in Asia. Learn what to do if you're approached, how to handle the situation, and how to get out of paying bribes.

The Toilets in Asia
10 things to hate about Asia: the toilets. From a lack of privacy to squat toilets -- sometimes taking care of business is tricky in Asia.

Constant Attention in Asia
10 things to hate about Asia: receiving constant attention. Stares and points are common in many places of Asia, get used to celebrity status!

The Beggars in Asia
10 things to hate about Asia: begging is a problem. You'll be approached by beggars on the streets but should avoid giving money.

Saving Face in Asia
10 things to hate about Asia: worrying about saving face. Whatever you do, don't cause someone to lose face.

Reckless Driving in Asia
10 things to hate about Asia: traffic and crazy driving. You've got to be brave to drive the roads in Asia.

Western Travelers Are Considered Rich in Asia
10 things to hate about Asia: locals always assuming that you are rich. Whether you are actually wealthy or not doesn't matter.

The Crowds in Asia
10 things to hate about Asia: the crowds. Make no mistake -- Asia is crowded!

The Scams in Asia
10 things to hate about Asia: the scams. Being targeted for scams is all a part of the travel learning curve.

10 Things Travelers Hate in Asia
Asia is great, but there are some things to hate about traveling there. See 10 things that travelers really don't like in Asia.

Litter and Plastic in Asia
10 things to hate about Asia: litter and rubbish. Plastic is a serious problem in Asia, read about how you can avoid contributing to the situation.

Renting a Motorbike in Southeast Asia - Tips
Renting a motorbike in Southeast Asia is a great way to see local sights. Read about safety, driving, scams, and how to rent a motorbike in Asia.

Travel Emergencies: Fix and Avoid These Five
Learn how to deal with these five common travel emergencies: lost passport, stolen credit card, ATM captures your card, stolen phone, and bad weather.

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Asia Travel
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Asia Travel
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Internet Cafes in Asia: Security Tips
Watch out for internet cafe security while traveling in Asia. How to protect yourself from identity theft and stolen passwords.

Hiking Safety - 10 Threats to Your Outdoor Adventure
Don't let one of these 10 threats ruin a great outdoor adventure in Asia. Learn about hiking safety, what goes wrong, and how to be prepared for problems in the field.

Trekking in Asia - Choosing the Best Agency
Read about important questions to ask a trekking agency before booking a trek in Asia. Learn about sustainability and how to stay safe on your hike.

Trek to Everest Base Camp - Frequent Questions
The trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal is an exciting way to enjoy the best of the Himalayas. Getting to Everest Base Camp is tough but accessible to everyone -- no experience necessary! See frequently asked questions about the trek to EBC.

Prepare for Island Speed
Life moves slower on the islands in Southeast Asia. Adjust your tempo to

Drinking Coconuts in the Islands
Fresh young coconuts have the perfect balance of electrolytes that you need while in the islands.

Power of the Sun in Tropical Places
The sun is stronger on tropical islands. Know your limits and use extra SPF.

Mosquitoes on Islands in Southeast Asia
The mosquitoes in Southeast Asia can carry dengue fever. Learn how to protect yourself from bites while in the islands.

Get Some Exercise in the Islands
Getting a little exercise in the islands is easy. You'll feel better if you stay active during your island stay.

Southeast Asia Islands - Enjoyable Activities
See a few ideas for ways to stay active while vacationing on Southeast Asia's islands.

Southeast Asia Islands - Technology
Internet speeds on the islands of Southeast Asia are notoriously slow. You may as well unplug and relax!

Islands Are More Expensive
Prices on the islands in Southeast Asia are higher than you'll encounter on the mainland. Buy what you need before going to the islands.

Tips for Southeast Asia Islands
These 9 tips will help you feel even better in Southeast Asia's islands. Leave rejuvenated and feeling great after an unforgettable vacation.

Fruit Shakes in Southeast Asia - Sugar
The fruit shakes found in Southeast Asia's islands are sugary -- watch out! Opt for real fruit instead.

Chiang Mai to Bangkok via Flights, Buses, or Trains
See the various options for getting from Chiang Mai to Bangkok including costs, departure times, and what to expect. Learn about buses, trains, flights, and how to get back to Bangkok from Chiang Mai.

How to Get from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai
See detailed instructions for getting from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai in Thailand. Read about the bus stations and what to expect after arriving.

How to Find Cheap Flights to Bali
Read about how to find cheap flights to Bali, visa requirements once you land, and what to expect. Learn about the airport and which seasons are best.

Best Time to Visit Bali: When Is High Season?
Knowing the best time of year to go to Bali is crucial. Learn when to go to Bali to avoid the crowds, find the best weather, and more.

Tips for Staying Safe Around Monkeys
The monkeys in Asia are fun and photogenic, but sometimes encounters can go wrong. Here's how to avoid trouble and what to do if you are bitten.

Places to Visit in Bali - Top Destinations
Use this list of top places to visit in Bali for creating the perfect trip to Indonesia's most popular island.

Where Is Bali? Top Tips for Visiting
Where is Bali? Learn Indonesia's famous island hotspot's exact location, getting there, what makes Bali so magical, and things to do on the island.

Tipping in Nepal - How Much to Tip Guides and Porters
See how when and how much you should tip staff while visiting Nepal. The rules differ for service staff, trekking guides, and porters.

Nepal Travel - What You Need to Know
Nepal travel is adventurous and exciting! Learn about getting there, visas, trekking, and see travel tips for Nepal.

2015 Nepal Earthquake: Statistics and Charities
Response to the 2015 Nepal earthquakes by world governments was embarrassing. See stats and which charities are the best for helping Nepal to recover.

Facts About Sushi: 16 Interesting Things to Know
See 16 interesting factoids about the sushi you love. Learn about real Japanese sushi, traditions, etiquette, history, and more.

Bali Packing List: Bring These Essential Items
Use this Bali packing list to know what to expect before you head to the island. See what clothing, shoes, and other items to bring to Bali.

10 Tips for How to Avoid Mosquito Bites
These 10 tips for avoiding mosquito bites will reduce the chances that you end up with dengue fever in Asia. Learn some useful tips and tricks.

Indonesia - Top Destinations
See some top destinations in Indonesia. Whether you prefer quiet islands or adventure travel, Indonesia has plenty from which to choose!

How to Eat With Chopsticks: Tips and Etiquette
Learn the ins and outs of how to use chopsticks correctly, then see some important etiquette tips and how to handle chopsticks in formal settings.

Bangkok to Chiang Mai: Buses, Trains, and Flights
Read about taking buses, trains, and flights from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. See the pros and cons of each option then choose the best for your trip.

Kuala Lumpur Currency: About the Money in Malaysia
Read all about Kuala Lumpur currency. Learn about denominations, coins, the best ways to use ATMs in Kuala Lumpur, and more.

How to Get From Chiang Mai to Pai, Thailand
Read in detail exactly how to get from Chiang Mai to Pai in Thailand. Learn about driving a motorbike there yourself, minibus schedules, and more.

Banana Pancake Trail: Backpacker Destinations in Asia
The Banana Pancake Trail is a collection of popular stops for backpackers in Asia. See the top destinations for budget travelers in Asia.

Tipping Guide for Asia - When to Tip in Asia?
Tipping in Asia could cause offense in some countries! Learn when and where gratuity and tipping are appreciated in Asia.

Tipping in Japan: Is It an Insult?
Tipping in Japan can be considered rude -- don't do it. Read why you shouldn't leave a tip in Japan, and how to do so in a few rare instances.

Backpacking in Asia: Things to Know
Many backpackers are surprised by these nine things when they first begin traveling in Asia. See nine things to know before backpacking in Asia.

How to Eat Sushi: Japanese Etiquette
Learn exactly how sushi was meant to be eaten! Make your next sushi meal a cultural experience by applying a little sushi etiquette for fun.

Sushi Dictionary - List of Sushi Terms
Use this sushi dictionary of sushi terms to turn your next outing into a cultural experience. Know how to ask for the good stuff!

Best Time to Visit Malaysia: When to Go?
Malaysia is great to visit any time of year, but use this guide to plan around weather, monsoon seasons, festivals, and crowds.

Cheap Flights to Asia: Insider Tips and Tricks
Finding cheap flights to Asia is difficult but not impossible! Use these insider tips for getting the best deals when you book your flight to Asia.

Independent Trekking in Nepal: Packing Lists
Get ready for an independent trek in Nepal with these packing lists. Find out about gear, permits, water treatment, phone access, and more.

10 Interesting Facts About Indonesia
See 10 interesting facts about Indonesia and travel essentials before visiting! Read why Indonesia should be at the top of your list.

Thailand Etiquette: Cultural Dos and Don'ts
Observing these dos and don'ts of Thai etiquette will make you a better traveler in Thailand. See what to do and not do in an easy list.

Voltage in Asia: Power Adapters and Devices
The voltage in Asia is higher than in the U.S. Read about power adapters, converters, and how to keep delicate devices safe on dangerous power grids.

Saving Face and Losing Face: Etiquette in Asia
Saving face and losing face dictate daily life in Asia. Learn to understand the concept of 'face' for a greater experience in Asia.

Status of Zika in Asia: Warnings and Symptoms
Is there Zika in Asia yet? Read about the current status, history, warnings, and more. Know the symptoms of Zika and how to avoid it in Asia.

How to Access Money in Asia While Traveling
How to carry money in Asia - tips for using credit cards, ATMs, travelers checks, and exchanging money in Asia. How to limit transaction fees and get access to funds in Asia.

Are Drugs in Thailand Legal?
Read about mushroom shakes, happy pizzas, and the harsh penalties throughout Southeast Asia for being caught with drugs while traveling.

Hari Merdeka: Guide to Malaysia Independence Day
Hari Merdeka is Independence Day in Malaysia. Read about festivities and where to celebrate Hari Merdeka on August 31.

How to Get to Koh Lanta, Thailand
Read how to get to Koh Lanta by bus, train, and plane. See ferry times and options for reaching the island during the off season when boats stop.

Getting Around Asia - Guide to Transportation in Asia
Asia is huge! Learn about transportation in Asia, how to navigate buses and trains, crossing borders, and tips for taking transportation in Asia.

Arriving in Kathmandu: Visa on Arrival and Aiport Info
Read about flying into Kathmandu, navigating the airport, getting a visa on arrival, and what to expect. Tips for keeping your cool in the airport.

Travel During Ramadan in Asia: What to Expect
What to expect from your travel during Ramadan in Asia. You won't be hungry! Learn about traveling during Ramadan in Asia.

Where Is Sumatra: Location and Things to Do
Where is Sumatra? See the exact location of Sumatra in Indonesia, learn about how to get there, and find some adventurous places to visit.

What Is Couchsurfing? Safety Tips and Advice
What exactly is couchsurfing? Is it safe? Learn how to find free places to stay around the world, make local friends, and save money.

Empurau: Most Expensive Edible Fish in Malaysia
Empurau, a fish native to Borneo, is a very expensive fish to try! Read why a prepared empurau can cost more than $300 in a restaurant.

7 Personal Benefits of Travel
Why bother to travel? The personal benefits of traveling far outweighs the costs. See seven good reasons why we should travel to grow ourselves.

Angkor Wat Facts: 20 Things to Enhance Your Visit
See these 20 interesting facts about Angkor Wat before you visit Cambodia's famous temple ruins. These Angkor Wat facts will enhance your visit.

Where Is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?
Where is Kuala Lumpur? Find out the exact location of Kuala Lumpur in Southeast Asia, population, how to get there, and the best months to visit.

Events and Holidays in Asia - Asia's Top Events and Holidays
Find out about the best and most interesting events and holidays across the Asian continent.

Festivals in Japan
Big holidays and festivals celebrated in Japan.

Festivals and Events in Thailand
Your guide to the largest festivals and events in Thailand. Read about big things going on in Thailand.

Chinese New Year - How, When, and Where to Celebrate Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year is the most widely celebrated holiday in the world. Learn how to celebrate, when, and where to see Chinese New Year.

Festivals in India - Top Events and Holidays in India
See some of the biggest festivals and events in India. Learn about dates and what to do in India.

Before Going to India: Essentials to Know
Knowing a few essentials before going to India will make for a much smoother adjustment. Read about the time difference, cows, toilets, and more...

Shopping in Asia - Guide to Asia's Best Shopping Experiences
Read about some of the best and most unique shopping experiences found throughout the Asian continent.

How to Negotiate Prices: Haggling in Asia
Negotiating prices is a part of daily life in Asia. See 15 pro tips for haggling in Asia to save money, have fun, and get great deals!

How to Negotiate Prices: Haggling in Asia
Negotiating prices is a part of daily life in Asia. See 15 pro tips for haggling in Asia to save money, have fun, and get great deals!

Packing Hacks - 33 Tips for Packing
Use these 33 packing hacks to prepare for your next trip. See some pro tips for packing that will come in handy for safeguarding your belongings.

Where to Fly Into Vietnam: Saigon or Hanoi?
Learn about flying into Vietnam and whether it's best to start in Saigon or Hanoi. Read about getting around and what to expect after you land.

How Did Asia Get Its Name?
Why is Asia Called

How to Find the Cheapest Flights to Asia
A step-by-step approach for finding the cheapest airfare to Asia. Use these tips and secrets to score the best deal available for your flight.

Use Private Browsing to Check Flight Prices
Use this simple browsing trick on your computer to avoid accidentally inflating your own flight prices!

Establish a Baseline Price for Flights
Choose the best flight booking site to search for airfare. Read about establishing a baseline price for flights and how to beat it.

Split Flight Between Two Airlines
The trick to getting incredibly low airfare to Asia is to split your flight between two different carriers. Read how to save money on flights to Asia.

Best Day of the Week to Book a Flight
See pro tips for booking the best and cheapest flights to Asia. Learn what days are best for booking flights and how early in advance you should book.

What Day of the Week Is Best to Fly?
Wondering what day of the week is best to fly? Here's the answer! The secret is to avoid days with the most volume of air travelers.

Big Festivals in Asia to Plan Around
Before choosing a flight date, know about big festivals and events near your destination. Here are some festivals in Asia that affect flight prices.

Check for Flights from Bigger Cities
See the best airport hubs in the U.S. for cheap flights to Asia. Search for flights from these major airports for the best deals.

Asia in March: Climate, Festivals, Where to Go
Read what to expect from Asia in March and where to find the best weather, smallest crowds, largest festivals, and more!

Scams in Asia - How to Avoid Common Scams in Asia
Scams in Asia are costly and annoying. Learn how not to be a sucker by avoiding these common scams in Asia.

Identity Theft in Asia: How to Avoid It
Identity theft is a problem in Asia. Learn how it happens, how to protect yourself, and technical solutions for keeping your identity safe.

First Trip to Asia: 10 Mistakes to Avoid
Don't fall victim to one of these 10 common mistakes that first-time visitors to Asia make. Arrive prepared - avoid these 10 newbie mistakes in Asia.

Travel Safety in Asia: How to Stay Healthy and Happy
The biggest threats in Asia aren't what you think. Read about travel safety and how to stay healthy while on the road in Asia.

Japanese Business Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts
Japanese business etiquette doesn't have to be frightening. Use this guide to avoid embarrassment and to get serious points that could close the deal.

Chiang Mai to Laos - Bus, Boat, or Flight?
See your options for getting from Chiang Mai to Laos. Get help deciding between the slow boat, fast boat, flights, and buses.

Transportation in Asia - Getting Around
See the most popular options for transportation in Asia and learn how to get around without getting ripped off. Read about riding buses, taking taxis, motorcycles, and more.

Buses in Asia - Tips, Safety, and What to Expect
Taking buses in Asia can sometimes be a true test of patience. Read about choosing the best seat, booking cheap tickets, safety, avoiding theft, and more.

Tips for Taking Night Buses in Asia
See some tips for making the most out of the night buses in Asia. Read about security, which seats are best, how to pack, and more.

Asia in June: Where to Go
Asia in June is hot, wet, and humid in many places. Read about the best festivals and destinations in Asia during June.

The Rainforest World Music Festival in Sarawak, Borneo
The annual Rainforest World Music Festival held near Kuching in Sarawak, Borneo, is an amazing experience. Read about what to expect, getting there, tickets, and important tips for enjoying the festival.

Romantic Date in Asia - 6 Ideas for Traveling Partners
See six ideas (with science, even) for planning the perfect date in Asia or anywhere else. Learn how to have an unforgettable date while traveling.

Asia Travel
Asia Travel.

Asia Travel
Asia Travel.

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Asia Travel
Asia Travel.

Markets in Asia: Tips for a Better Experience
Use these 10 tips for surviving the busy markets in Asia. Learn to negotiate and avoid scams like a pro in Asia's chaotic-but-fascinating markets.

Where Is Borneo: How to Get There
Where is Borneo? Read about the third largest island on earth and why you should get there as soon as possible!

Drinking in Thailand: Local Spirits and Etiquette
Read about drinking in Thailand and what the choices are for local beer, rum, and spirits. Learn how to say cheers in Thai and some drinking etiquette.

Asian Customs and Traditions - Traditions and Customs in Asia
Find out about the unique cultural traditions and customs across the Asian continent.

Visas for Asia - Prepare in Advance by Getting Visas for Asia
Visa laws for Asia change regularly. Learn how to get visas for Asia and every country you intend to visit.

India - Top Travel Destinations
Use this list of top destinations in India for help deciding where to go in this fascinating subcontinent.

Food in China - A Guide to the Food in China
The food in China is nothing like our Westernized Chinese food. Learn the basics about drinks and food in China.

Asia Islands and Beaches - Guide to the Islands and Beaches of Asia
The islands and beaches in Asia are beautiful. Read about perfect getaway spots on the islands and beaches in Asia.

Vaccinations for Asia - Recommended Vaccinations for Asia
Get your recommended vaccinations for Asia before travel. Learn which shots you need and all about vaccinations for Asia.

Destinations in Laos - Where to Go in Laos
Use these travel guides for the top destinations in Laos to better plan your trip. Get help deciding where to go in Laos from this list of great places!

Malaysia - Top Destinations
Use this list of top destinations in Malaysia to decide where to go first. From multicultural cities to islands and rainforest, Malaysia is an exciting destination in Southeast Asia.

Food in Southeast Asia - All About the Food in Southeast Asia
Food in Southeast Asia is famous around the world. Learn about spicy dishes, unique drinks, and more about great food in Southeast Asia

UNESCO Sites in Asia - Find UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Asia
The UNESCO sites in Asia are amazing. Learn the best UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit while in Asia.

Asia Language Guides
Use these simple Asia language guides for basics such as how to say hello and negotiating prices in local numbers.

Pictures and Maps of Asia - Asia Maps and Pictures
Get inspired by these pictures and maps of Asia before your visit.

Where Is Mount Everest Located?
See the location of Mount Everest and some interesting facts including the cost to climb the mountain, how risky is a climb, and more...

Bus From Kuala Lumpur to Singapore - Book Online
See how to book the bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore online, departure points, and important information for crossing into Singapore.

Travel First Aid Kit - Packing List
Use this first-aid kit packing list to be prepared during your trip to Asia. Stay safe and healthy with these first-aid packing suggestions you may have not considered.

Bukit Lawang - Sumatra, Indonesia
Bukit Lawang is the base for trekking in Sumatra, Indonesia. Use this travel guide for things to do, where to stay, and how to find jungle trekking.

Packing List for Asia Travel
Don't guess at what to bring to Asia. These simple items are hard to find in Asia and should be added to your Asia packing list for a more enjoyable trip.

Setsubun - The Japanese Bean-Throwing Festival
Setsubun is the Japanese bean-throwing festival celebrated before the first day of spring. Read about the history of Setsubun, traditions, and what to expect.

How to Say Hello in Chinese
Learning how to say hello in Chinese is easy! See common greetings, responses, and etiquette for saying hello in China.

Guide to Thailand's Koh Phangan Full Moon Party
The Koh Phangan Full Moon Party is notoriously one of the wildest parties on Earth. Read tips, dates, and how to survive the Full Moon Party in Thailand.

Visa for India - Read About How to Get a Travel Visa for India
Getting a visa for India has changed in recent years. Read about new laws and how to get a visa for India.

Transportation in India - Options for Transportation in India
Transportation in India is crucial to moving around the subcontinent. Learn about various options for getting around and what to expect from transportation in India.

Visas for Southeast Asia - Entry Requirements and Getting Visas for Southeast Asia
Visas for Southeast Asia differ between countries. Check entry requirements and how to get visas for Southeast Asia.

Etiquette in Asia - Eating and Drinking
Learn some etiquette for eating and drinking in Asia. Dine with confidence -- know how to avoid accidental infractions that could interrupt a meal with local friends or colleagues!

Asia Tours and Packages - Vacation Packages and Tours in Asia
Plan your travels around Asia with our comprehensive info about tours and vacation packages in Asia.

Koh San or Khao San Road in Bangkok?
Koh San Road is an incorrect pronunciation for Bangkok's Khao San Road. Read why the term is incorrect and some history about the legendary street.

Tours in Asia: Worth It or Go Solo?
Are you the type to thrive on a tour in Asia? See the pros and cons of tours weighed against independent travel -- choose which is best for you.

How to Avoid Jet Lag on Your Trip - Remedies
These natural jet lag remedies will help you to adjust quicker once on the ground in your new destination. Read about what causes jet lag and how to avoid it.

How to Get Visa on Arrival for India
Read about the new E-Tourist visa-on-arrival process for visiting India and why it's a big improvement. See how the new system affects travel plans.

India Visa on Arrival Application Form
See exactly what you need to apply for the new Indian visa on arrival. Read about pitfalls to avoid, the ETA system, and what to expect.

Travel in India - Essentials to Know Before You Go
Travel in India can be challenging. Know these travel essentials before you go to India!

How to Say Laos: Pronunciation
See the right way to say

Thailand Full Moon Party Dates 2016
See the new Thailand Full Moon Party dates for 2016. Read about traveling during the party and what to expect around each full moon.

Driving in Asia: Safety, Right of Way, and Police
Read the ins and outs of driving in Asia. Know about laws, permits, right of way, police, and how to handle yourself on the busy roads.

Disposable Chopsticks: Health and Environmental Impact
Disposable chopsticks are often produced by boiling them in toxic chemicals. Read about the impact of snapping apart those throwaway chopsticks.

Nightlife in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Read about Chiang Mai nightlife and see a list of popular bars that cater to travelers, expats, and locals. Learn about closing times and safety.

Gurney Drive in Penang - Street Food
Gurney Drive in Penang is Malaysia's most famous food scene. Read about must-try foods, how to get there, and what to expect from the best street food in Southeast asia.

Khao San Road, Bangkok - Tips for Backpackers
Khao San Road Bangkok is the infamous travel epicenter of Southeast Asia. Read about safety, transportation, survival tips, and what you need to know about Khao San Road.

10 Budget Travel Tips - How to Save Money While Traveling
Use these 10 budget travel tips to save money on extended trips to Asia. Learn simple ways to save money and travel longer on your next trip to Asia.

Backpacking in Asia - Getting Started
Backpacking in Asia is fun, cheap, and accessible. Learn a little about why Asia is such a great choice for long-term budget travelers.

Tips for Traveling Couples
These 7 tips for couples traveling together will help make your trip even more magical. Avoid pitfalls that lead to stress and bickering on the road.

Islands in Southeast Asia - Where to Go
Use this guide to the top islands in Southeast Asia to find the best beaches, parties, diving, relaxation, and more. Know what to expect from each island destination and how to find what you are looking for!

5 Great Honeymoon Destinations in Asia
These top honeymoon destinations in Asia are a great value for your money and are about as romantic as you can find. Use this list of potential honeymoon spots in Asia to start your research and dreaming!

Mcleod Ganj India - Travel Guide
Use this travel guide to McLeod Ganj, India, to know what to expect before you arrive. Know about eating, accommodation, seeing the Dalai Lama, and things to do around Dharamsala.

Responsible Travel - How to Travel Responsibly in Asia
Responsible travel is all about making small everyday decisions while on the road. Learn how you can be a more responsible traveler in Asia.

Useful Phrases to Learn Before Visiting China
Knowing these common words and phrases in Mandarin will enhance your visit to China. Learn some useful terms that will come in handy as you travel through China.

Tipping in India - Is It Customary?
Tipping in India can be tricky. Find out when leaving a tip in India is expected and when you do not have to leave a tip.

How to Say Hello in Thai - the Wai
Learn how to say hello in Thai, how and when to offer a proper wai, and good communication etiquette to enhance your trip to Thailand!

India Travel Tips - Staying Safe and Healthy
Read these India travel tips to know what challenges to expect when you hit the ground in India. Find out how to deal with beggars, dress for female travelers, and useful advice for staying safe and healthy in India.

Paharganj, New Delhi - A Survival Guide
Paharganj, New Delhi's budget district, can be a little chaotic. Use this survival guide for eating, sleeping, shopping, and staying safe.

What to Expect in China - Culture Shock
Knowing what to expect in China will help you to deal with the culture shock. See 10 things to keep in mind for when you hit the ground in China.

Chinese New Year Preparation - Customs and Traditions
Chinese New Year preparation is essential for enjoying the most important Asian holiday of the year! Learn how to prepare your house, clothes, mind, and body for Chinese New Year.

15 Days of Chinese New Year Traditions
Many Chinese New Year traditions have survived for centuries and are still observed today. See a day-by-day account of the 15 days of Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Celebrations Around the World
Learn where to find a Chinese New year celebration. Read about how the world's largest holiday is celebrated, when, and where to enjoy Chinese New Year.

What is Hanami? - Japanese Cherry Blossoms
Learn about hanami and how to enjoy the Japanese cherry blossom festival. See the top places to view blooms, the symbolic theme associated with cherry blossoms, and more.

Thailand in Summer: Weather and Festivals
Read about Thailand in summer to learn about weather, average temperatures, monsoon season, and more. Learn about festivals during the summer.

Asia in Spring - Weather and Festivals
Read about climate, rain, festivals, and big events throughout Asia in the spring. Know what to expect in Asia as the seasons change.

23 Interesting Facts About Brunei
Brunei is a tiny, oil-rich country in Southeast Asia. See some fascinating facts Brunei that will really surprise you!

Southeast Asia Weather: Best Times for a Trip
Plan your trip around Southeast Asia weather. Learn the best times to visit Southeast Asia, including when the monsoon starts in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and other countries.

Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok - Tips and Navigation
Read about how to get through Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok quickly and easily. See what to expect immediately after arriving in Thailand.

What Not to Do in Asia: Responsible Travel
Knowing what NOT to do in Asia is just as important as knowing what to do. See ways to travel more responsibly and how not to cause offense to your hosts.

Mangosteen Fruit: Seasons and Where to Find It
Mangosteen is delicious and unforgettable. Read about Southeast Asia's fruit that's so good it was deemed the

Taipei 101: Interesting Facts and Visitor Info
Taipei 10, formerly the tallest building in the world, and still holds the title for tallest green building in the world -- and it has a secret.

How to Say Hello in Hindi
Learning how to say hello in Hindi is easy! Find out about the meaning of namaste, gestures, greetings, and the Indian head wobble.

Apply for a Passport - How to Get a US Passport
How to apply for a passport. Use these official links and resources for getting your US passport to travel.

Visit a Travel Clinic - Get Vaccinations
Visit a travel clinic to get your vaccinations for Asia. Read about what injections are not necessary for a trip to Asia.

Book a Flight to Asia - Get a Cheap Flight to Asia
Booking a plane ticket for a flight to Asia is tricky. Learn some tips for landing the best airfare to Asia on booking sites.

Travel Insurance for Asia - How to Get Travel Insurance for Asia
Travel insurance for Asia is a necessity, both for the peace of mind and in case something happens. Read about how to choose a policy and how not to overpay for your Asia travel insurance.

Plan Asia Travel - Tips for Asia Travel Planning
Use these tips to help you plan Asia travel. Trip planning advice for getting to Asia and enjoying your time on the ground!

Asia Travel - Step by Step Guide for Your First Trip
A step-by-step guide for planning your Asia travel. From getting your passport to hitting the ground in Asia, everything you need to know to plan a successful trip!

Travel Visas - What are Travel Visas?
Travel visas are necessary to visit many countries. Read about how visas work and how to get them into your passport before traveling!

Asia Travel Planning - Arriving Prepared in Asia
Arrive in Asia prepared! Use these tips and links to hit the ground ready on the largest and most diverse continent in the world.

Travel Vaccinations for Asia Travel
Deciding what travel vaccinations to receive can be tricky. Learn the risks, and what vaccinations are suggested and required for Asia.

Etiquette for Visiting Thailand's Temples
Visiting a Thailand temple is a must on any visit to Thailand. Learn about etiquette, dos and don'ts, monk interactions, and what to expect in Thai temples.

India Monsoon Season: Rainy Season Dates
When is the monsoon season in India? Find out when to go to India and what kind of weather to expect for your trip!

Asia in January: Festivals and Weather
Read about Asia in January and learn where to go based upon climate, festivals, events, and crowds. See the best and worst destinations in Asia for January.

Asia in November: Festivals and Weather
Read about visiting Asia in November, where to go, festivals, weather, seasons, and where to find the most sunshine!

Why Throw Colors During Holi?
See dates for Holi, why it is celebrated, and the significance of throwing colors. Learn where to celebrate and what to expect during India's Holi.

What to Pack for the Islands
Use this packing list for Asia's islands to know what to bring along and what you can buy. Also, see a list of things not to bring to the islands.

Asia in February - Where to Go
Read about Asia in February and learn about festivals, weather, and other things that may influence your trip.

Plan Your Travel to Asia
Plan your Asia trip easily with this travel guide. Packing, vaccinations, itineraries - get everything you need to know about Asia travel in one place.

Diving in Southeast Asia
The diving in Southeast Asia is excellent and affordable. See top dive sites, how to choose a shop, and tips for a better experience.

Where to Go in Asia in September
Find out about Asia in September -- see where to go and where to avoid during the monsoon months. Learn about festivals and big events happening around Asia in September.

Best Time to Go to Sri Lanka
See the best time to go to Sri Lanka for weather, beaches, trekking, and whale spotting. Learn about the two monsoon seasons that affect Sri Lanka.

Asia in Fall - Weather and Festivals
See what's going on in Asia this fall. Read about weather in each destination, festivals, and monsoon season changes.

The Best Time to Visit Vietnam?
See the best time to visit Vietnam based on climate, monsoon seasons, festivals, and more. Decide when to go to Vietnam with this expert advice.

Asia in December (Events, Weather, and Travel Info)
Read about Asia in December and learn about festivals, weather, events, climate, and more that could affect your trip.

Best Time of Year to Visit Boracay
Boracay Island in the Philippines is beautiful but busy! Use this guide to best plan around the seasons, holidays, and crowds.

When to Go to Japan
See when to go to Japan based upon weather, typhoons, festivals, spring break, and more. Learn the best times of year to enjoy Japan.

Saying Hello in Japanese (Basic Greetings, How to Bow)
Learn how to say hello in Japanese with these basic greetings and responses. Read about formalities, bowing, and how to show proper respect.

Koh Lipe Thailand - What to Know
See what you need to know before visiting Koh Lipe, Thailand. Read about ATMs, money, internet, beaches, snorkeling, and more...

How to Say Happy New Year in Chinese
Knowing how to say happy new year in Chinese will come in very handy during Chinese New Year. Learn different ways to say happy new year to your Chinese friends!

What Is Chinese New Year?
What is the lunar new year really all about? See what you need to know about Chinese New Year and how to celebrate one of the world's largest festivals!

Year of the Monkey - Chinese New Year
The Year of the Fire Monkey is coming on February 8! Read what that means, how to prepare, and whether or not you should be worried.

What to Do in Asia - Connect With a Destination
See 13 ways to better connect with the place you are visiting. Don't leave a country without getting beneath the surface a little -- you'll regret it.

What to Do in Asia - Connect With a Destination
See 13 ways to better connect with the place you are visiting. Don't leave a country without getting beneath the surface a little -- you'll regret it.

Table Manners in Thailand - Food Etiquette
Follow these simple table manners when eating in Thailand. Read about food etiquette and how to eat as the locals do.

Chinese Restaurant Syndrome - Is MSG Safe?
Is Chinese Restaurant Syndrome real? And is it caused by MSG in Asian food? Read the facts about glutamate then you decide if MSG is safe!

Chinese Table Manners - Basic Dining Etiquette
Chinese table manners are fairly easy to learn. See a list of dos and don'ts for a better cultural experience when eating in formal settings.

Spring Festivals in Asia
These big spring festivals in Asia are a blast, but plan your trip around them! See a list of the biggest, wildest, busiest festivals this spring.

Southeast Asia Travel - Help Deciding Where to Go
See a list of your choices for Southeast Asia travel, what to expect in each country, resources for planning a trip to each, and more.

Taj Mahal Facts - 22 Fascinating Things to Know
See these 22 interesting facts about the Taj Mahal for a new perspective on India's famous monument. Learn the real history behind the Taj Mahal.

Best Time to Visit Singapore - Weather and Festivals
Some months are better than others for visiting Singapore. See the best times to visit Singapore based on weather, big events, and air quality.

Top Attractions in Malaysian Borneo
Orangutans, trekking, diving -- you'll never run out of things to do in Malaysian Borneo! Here are eight great reasons to visit as soon as you can.

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Chinese New Year Party - Step by Step
See step by step exactly how to organize a Chinese New Year party. Find out about invitations, food, clothing, decorations, entertainment, and more.

Nyepi - Balinese Day of Silence
Nyepi, the Balinese Day of Silence, is a strange-but-special time to be in Bali. Read about what tourists can and can't do, what to expect, and how to survive Nyepi.

Winter Festivals in Asia
See a list of big winter festivals in Asia. Read about exciting events and national holidays in December, January, and February.

Packing for Asia - 10 Tips for a Better Trip
Use these 10 important guidelines before packing for Asia. Know what to bring, what to leave, and how to pack for an extended trip to Asia.

What Is Dengue Fever? - Symptoms and Treatment
Dengue fever is on the rise and threatens more than half the world's population. Read about your risk as a traveler in Asia, symptoms, treatments, and the possible upcoming vaccine.

What Is Thaipusam?
What is Thaipusam? Read about the large Hindu festival celebrated by Tamil communities around the world. What to expect, dates, where to celebrate, and more.

What Is Diwali - How to Celebrate
Learn about the Diwali Festival, where and how it is celebrated, and what to expect from India's Festival of Lights. See dates, places, and traditions for Deepavali.

How to Get a Travel Visa
Learn how to Get a Visa for your trip to Asia. See typical visa requirements, what to expect, and how to apply for a travel visa.

SEA Games 2011 - Southeast Asian Games 2011
Medals results for the SEA Games 2011 hosted by Indonesia. See medal tallies for each country, events, and highlights of the Southeast Asian Games 2011.

20 Surprising Gandhi Facts
Some of these 20 facts about Mahatma Gandhi will surprise you! See 20 things you didn't know about the man known as Father in India.

Eight-Thousanders - Tallest Mountains on Earth
The eight-thousanders are the tallest 14 peaks on earth. Read about the height and location of each, climb attempts, and which is most dangerous.

Cheers in Japanese - Drinking in Japan
Learn how to say cheers in Japanese and a few simple rules of etiquette to follow when drinking with Japanese friends.

What Is Authentic Chinese Food?
Authentic Chinese food isn't anything like the Americanized Chinese food that we eat in the West. Read about a few familiar dishes that are authentic.

Gili Islands Indonesia - Trawangan, Air, Meno
The three Gili Islands in Lombok, Indonesia, each have their own personality. Learn what each of the Gili Islands has to offer so that you can choose which ones to visit!

Gili Trawangan - The Gili Islands, Indonesia
Gili Trawangan is the largest of the three Gili Islands in Indonesia. Read about development on the island and the crazy parties there.

Gili Air - The Gili Islands, Indonesia
Gili Air is a favorite for many visitors to Indonesia's Gili Islands. Read about the island and what to expect.

Gili Meno - The Gili Islands, Indonesia
Gili Meno is the smallest of the Gili Islands. Rustic and beautiful, you don't have to worry about the crowds taking over the best beaches in the Gili Islands!

Visa Requirements for Asia - Country by Country
Check the visa requirements for countries in Asia before you go. Some countries will let you in for free while others require a visa in advance.

Koh Lanta Weather - When to Go
The weather in Koh Lanta loosely follows a pattern but is still unpredictable. Read about the peak months and when to enjoy sun with empty beaches.

Beggars in Asia - How to Deal With Begging Responsibly
Giving to the beggars in Asia is more damaging than you think. Learn the truth behind the begging and how to make a difference responsibly.

When is Chinese New Year?
When is Chinese New Year for 2016? Chinese New Year falls on a different date each year; see when the celebration starts for 2016 and where to enjoy.

Chinese Lion Dance or Dragon Dance?
The Chinese lion dance is often incorrectly referred to as the dragon dance. Learn how to tell the difference and the symbolism behind each.

The Top Ten Tourist Destinations in Asia
Choosing among the top destinations in Asia is not easy! Get ideas for your next trip from this list of hotspots in Asia.

US Embassies in Asia - Handling Emergencies Abroad
See a list of every U.S. embassy in Asia with addresses and phone numbers. Learn how to dial international numbers during emergencies, both at home and abroad.

Thailand in Spring - Weather and Events
See weather, average temps, big events, and warnings for traveling to Thailand in spring. Read about what to expect in March, April, and May.

How to Get Discounts on Hotel Rooms
See eight ways to negotiate better room prices at hotels in Asia. Learn how to make the management want to give you reduced room rates.

When to Bow in Japan - Bowing Etiquette
Know when to bow in Japan and exactly how to offer the correct type of bow for any given situation. Use this simple guide to avoid awkward situations!

Facts About the Dalai Lama
See 20 interesting facts about the 14th Dalai Lama that may surprise you. Learn a little about the man behind such an important title.

Unique Gift Ideas for Travelers
These 6 unique gift ideas for travelers can all be purchased from home without fighting holiday traffic! Learn what travelers can really use from these inexpensive, online gift ideas.

Lost Passport While Traveling - What to Do
Learn exactly what you need to do if your passport is lost or stolen while traveling. See some important resources for American travelers.

The Tsuglagkhang Complex in McLeod Ganj, India
The Tsuglagkhang Complex in McLeod Ganj, India, is the new home of the Dalai Lama. Read about visiting the temple, things to do, seeing the Dalai Lama, and taking the pilgrimage trail around Tsuglagkhang.

How to Choose a Dive Shop in Southeast Asia
Learn how to choose the best dive shops in Southeast Asia, particularly when a place has too many options. Read about what makes a good dive shop.

Gift Ideas for Travelers
These 10 great travel gift ideas will make the traveler on your list happier than ever. Get that world traveler exactly what they need with these perfect gifts for travelers.

Vientiane, Laos - 25 Travel Tips
These 25 insider travel tips for Vientiane will help you get the most out of Laos' capital city. See tips for nightlife, hotels, food, cafes, and more

Thailand in Winter - Busy Season in Thailand
See what to expect when traveling Thailand in winter. Learn about festivals, weather, temperatures, crowds, and high season in Thailand.

How to Prepare for a Typhoon While Traveling
Read how to prepare for a typhoon or tropical storm that is coming your way. Learn how to survive dangerous weather that hits while on the road.

Tea in Asia - History of the World's Favorite Drink
The tea in Asia has a long and cherished past. Learn about where tea came from, the history, and other fun facts about tea.

Nearest Airport to Manali - Getting There
Learn about the nearest airport to Manali in India. Read about airlines, closures, and how to reach Manali by bus or taxi.

Best Beaches in Sri Lanka - Top 4
See profiles for 4 of the best beaches in Sri Lanka to choose the perfect destination. Even better, enjoy all these top beaches in Sri Lanka!

Where Is Sri Lanka - Travel FAQ
Find out where Sri Lanka is located and how to get there. Check out this list of frequently asked questions including whether it is safe for travelers.

Vang Vieng, Laos - Backpacker Party
Read about Vang Vieng, what's left of the backpacker party scene, tubing, and the many natural attractions. See how to get there and what to expect.

Things to Avoid in Bangkok - Mistakes Travelers Make
Avoid making these 10 common mistakes travelers make in Bangkok. Save money and hassle by knowing when to steer clear of these things.

Trains in Asia - Tips for a Better Journey
Traveling by train in Asia is an enjoyable experience, but you'll need these tips. Read about choosing seats, food on trains, and other essentials.

Myanmar Transportation - Taxis, Buses, Trains
Getting around Myanmar is easier than ever. Read details about taxis, buses, trains, and all the other options for transportation in Myanmar.

Myanmar by Train - Train Travel in Burma
Read about the ins and outs of traveling Myanmar by train. Learn about scenic trips, how to choose class, book tickets, and more.

Train Travel in Thailand - Tips for a Better Journey
Train travel in Thailand is scenic and a good option for crossing the country. Learn how to book a ticket, what to expect, and see tips for the trains in Thailand.

Booking Flights - Clear Browser Cookies
Learn how to avoid this nefarious flight-booking scam to save a few dollars on your ticket. Read about how booking sites track your interests.

Destinations Near Bangkok - 4 Quick Escapes
Escape Bangkok for some fresher air at one of these four nearby destinations. See some relaxing alternatives not too far from the big city.

Gift Giving Etiquette in Asia
See the basics of exchanging gifts in Asia. Learn proper gift-giving etiquette and see some ideas for great gifts for your host.

Visiting an Iban Longhouse in Borneo
Learn what to expect when visiting an Iban longhouse in Sarawak, Borneo. See tips, etiquette, what gifts to bring, and how to book an authentic longhouse stay without a touristic experience.

Visiting a Home in Asia - Gifts and Etiquette
Read about visiting a home in Asia, polite etiquette, gift ideas, and more. Don't turn down that invitation, go enjoy the interaction!

Asia in July - Events, Weather, and Where to Go
Asia in July can be hot, wet, and humid. Read where to find the best weather and learn about events happening for Asia in July.

Where Is Burma - Interesting Facts About Myanmar
So where is Burma? See the exact location in Southeast Asia, read about the name change to Myanmar, and see some interesting facts.

Summer Festivals in Asia With Fixed Dates
These big summer festivals in Asia have fixed dates. See a list of holidays and events before you travel to the region.

Summer Festivals in Asia - Dates
These big summer festivals in Asia have dates that change. Check dates for national holidays and big events before you go!

Summer Festivals in Asia
See dates for big summer festivals in Asia before you go. Plan your trip around these exciting events for an even better experience!

Where to Go in Vietnam - Top 10 Destinations
Can't figure out where to go in Vietnam? Choose from this list of the top 10 destinations in Vietnam.

Manali India - Travel Guide
Manali, India, is a popular mountain town in Himachal Pradesh with plenty to do. Read about where to stay, getting to Manali, and the numerous adventures in the area.

Pulau Samosir - Samosir Island in Lake Toba, Sumatra
Pulau Samosir is an island within an island. Read about how to visit Lake Toba's volcanic island in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Lombok - Places to Go in Indonesia
Lombok is a frequent stop for travelers finished with Bali. Learn about climbing Gunung Rinjani and enjoying the beautiful Gili Islands.

Where to Go in Indonesia - Top 7 Destinations in Indonesia
Wondering where to go in Indonesia? See a profile for each major region to get ideas for the best places to visit in Indonesia.

Bali - Places to Go in Indonesia
Bali is the most popular of Indonesia's 17,000+ islands. Learn if Bali is the right choice for you when deciding on places to go in Indonesia.