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1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race - Deaths at Sea
The tragic deaths during the 1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race were the subject of a coronial inquiry.

Sydney Parks and Picnic Areas: Chipping Norton Lakes
The Chipping Norton Lakes are among a number of popular Sydney parks and picnic areas in the outer suburbs.

South Bank Man-made Beach and Aquatic Playground
South Bank in Brisbane includes a man-made beach and aquatic playground within the city.

South Bank Dining and Shopping (Brisbane, Queensland)
South Bank in Brisbane provides an attractive dining venue and shopping area across the Brisbane River from the city central business district.

Is Actor and Director Mel Gibson Australian?
Actor, director, producer Mel Gibson spent much of his early years in Australia, studied at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney, and starred in a number of Australian films at the start of his movie career.

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Australia Travel.

How to travel 5-star on a budget in Australia
Australia is many things: sunny, friendly, diverse, exciting and adventurous to boot.But it’s also one of the most expensive countries in the world to travel to.

6 tips that will transform your family travel experience
Does the thought of long-haul air travel with your kids terrify you? Let’s be honest: it terrifies all of us.

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Australia Travel.

Australia Travel
Australia Travel.

10 Things to do in Brisbane in 2016
Brisbane is the bustling capital of Queensland, Australia’s designated sunshine state. With countless sunny days, friendly locals, stunning natural beauty and enough to do to keep you busy for weeks.

Exploring the colours of Australia
Every colour of the rainbow is represented in our great land down under. Which shade will you land on during your next Aussie vacation?

Australia in February
February is the last month of the Australian summer with generally warm weather in most of Australia tapering to cool as autumn approaches.

6 of Australia’s most romantic getaways for Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is all about spending a little extra quality time with the person you care most about, so it’s the perfect time to plan to get away.

6 of Australia’s most romantic getaways for Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is all about spending a little extra quality time with the person you care most about, so it’s the perfect time to plan to get away.

Why Australia is the best place to visit in 2016 – or any time!
Aussies have always been pretty confident that Australia is one of – if not the best – location in the world. But now, it’s official!

Australia Travel
Australia Travel.

Is Ayers Rock really worth the trip… or is it just a big rock?
Ayers Rock – or ‘Uluru’, as it’s known to the Aboriginal owners of the land – is one of Australia’s most iconic landmarks. Found in the middle of the red sandy outback in the Northern Territory, Uluru is sacred...

5 Water sports to try in Australia – including flying!
Ever wondered what it would be like to fly? Wonder no more, as aqua jetpack flying is just one of the thrill-seeking motorsports you can try in Australia!

5 Brilliant beachside holiday spots in Australia – that won’t break the bank
It’s no secret that Australia offers up some pretty spectacular beaches in every state – with the obvious exception of the land-locked Australian Capital Territory!

10 Ways to treat a harsh Aussie sunburn
Aussies know just how harsh the Summer sun can be – the fact is, it can take as little as 15 minutes to get that lobster-red burn...

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Australia Travel.

Aussie nude beaches – do they exist and where are they?
For most of us, a trip to the beach means stripping down – to a point! We generally still sport a swimsuit or some board shorts before braving the waves.

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Australia Travel.

The 5 Best Australian Workout Vacations
Going away is a great time to relax and recoup, but it’s also no excuse to let go of your exercise regime. Fitness, workout or yoga retreats are perfect...

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Australia Travel.

10 places to stay in Australia on the cheap
The Miami Hotel, located in the Errol Street caf precinct a few minutes from the CBD, is a great budget base for travellers of all types.

10 places to stay in Australia on the cheap
The YHA in Circular Quay Sydney may be a hostel, but it sure offers more than a standard backpacker, budge-style accommodation

Where to Stay in Australia on a Budget
Wallet-friendly lodgings are available in abundance across Australia – and just because they’re affordable, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort, quality or amenity.

Aussie Foods You Have To Try
Kangaroo meat has become increasingly popular in Australia in recent years, thanks to the discovery that it’s high in protein and iron while having almost no fat.

Aussie Foods You Have To Try
Italian in name, Australian in nature, the Chicken Parmigiana (or “Chicken Parmy”) is another meal you’ll find in pubs across the country.

Aussie Foods You Have To Try
Australia is home to plenty of one-of-a-kind experiences, boasting some of the most unique animals and landscapes in the world. But Aussie food can be just as unique...

National and State Flowers of Australia - Golden Wattle
The golden wattle, Acacia pycnantha, is the national flower of Australia.

Cooktown Orchid - State Flower of Queensland
The cooktown orchid, Dendrobium phalaenopsis, is the state flower of Queensland, Australia.

Common Heath - State Flower of Victoria
The common heath, Epacris impressa, is the state flower of Victoria, Australia.

Sturt's Desert Rose - Official Flower of the Northern Terrtory
Sturt's desert rose, Gossypium sturtianum, is the official flower of the Northern Territory.

Royal Blue Bell - Australian Capital Territory Flower
The royal bluebell, Wahlenbergia gloriosa, is the official flower of the Australian Capital Territory.

Sturt's Desert Pea - State Flower of South Australia
Sturt's desert pea, Swainsona formosa, is the state flower of South Australia.

Red and Green Kangaroo Paw - State Flower of Western Australia
The red and green kangaroo paw, Anigozanthos manglesii, is the state flower of Western Australia.

Waratah - State Flower of New South Wales
The waratah, Telopea speciosissima, is the official state flower of New South Wales

Tasmanian Blue Gum - State Flower of Tasmania
The Tasmanian blue gum, Eucalyptus glololus Labill, is Tasmania's floral emblem.

8 Unique ways to explore the fun side of Canberra
Canberra may be our nations political centre, but theres so much more to the Australian Capital Territory than public servants and politicians arguing with each another.

8 Fun Things To Do in Canberra
Canberra may be our nation’s political centre, but there’s so much more to the Australian Capital Territory than public servants and politicians arguing with each another.

Getting Around in Sydney
Using public transport for getting around in Sydney is not as daunting as it seems to first-time visitors to Sydney.

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Australia Travel.

Australian hotels that you never need to leave
Travel is about adventure, excitement and new experiences – most of the time. Sometimes, all of that takes a backseat as your goal is primarily to switch off, so you choose a hotel that is so good you never need to leave!

5 Camping islands that aren’t too far from the mainland
There’s nothing quite like having your own deserted island to call home, even if it’s only for a few days. Australia has plenty of near-deserted islands to choose from for your next camping adventure, many situated on pristine and breathtaking reefs.

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Australia Travel.

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Australia Travel.

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Australia Travel.

Where to find the best coffee in Australia
If there’s one thing that Australians do well, it’s coffee. Aussies are self-professed coffee snobs, with a café on every corner and two in between. In fact, one of the first questions you’ll hear us asking abroad is usually “Where can I find a good coffee?”, such as our national obsession with a quality brew!

6 Tips for travelling with pets on a family holiday
With the holiday season upon us, you may be thinking of taking your beloved pet on your next family trip. Having your previous pup or cat join in on the family fun is a great way to celebrate the festive season.

5 Australian holiday spots where technology won’t work
In today’s fast-moving world, we’re constantly connected to our devices. For the technophile, it’s hard to find time to relax among the phone calls, text messages...

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Australia Travel.

7 Reasons to Visit the Blue Mountains
When people think of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, the first – and often only – thing that comes to mind is the iconic Three Sisters, a huge rock formation in Katoomba

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Australia Travel.

Australia Travel
Australia Travel.

Australia Travel
Australia Travel.

A local’s guide to 6 must-try brunch hotspots in Sydney
Brunch is fast becoming Sydney’s favourite meal, and with the abundance of hip brunch spots opening up at every corner of the city, there’s no doubt that Sydneysiders are spoilt for choice.

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Australia Travel.

Australia Travel
Australia Travel.

Australia Travel
Australia Travel.

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Australia Travel.

4 Quintessentially Aussie things you can only do in Darwin
When you’re planning a holiday to Australia, visiting the country’s vast Top End isn’t always at the top of every vacationer’s hit list.

8 Ways to overcome your fear of flying
Being afraid of flying is incredibly common, with many people reporting some degree of anxiety around air-based travel – so much so that some have vowed to keep their feet firmly on the ground.

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Australia Travel.

The all-Aussie pub-crawl: Where to find Australia’s best beers
It’s no secret that Australians love beer, and Aussies have such a love affair with beer, you can bet we know how to make a good brew.

10 Classic Australian sayings that no one actually says
Visiting Australia is easy peasy when the locals speak the English language, right? Of course it is – provided you can keep up with Aussie lingo, that is. There are dozens of different words and sayings that Australians share on a daily basis...

Australia Travel
Australia Travel.

6 Places you can cuddle a koala, guaranteed
One of the best parts of visiting Australia is the chance to snuggle up with some of the unique – and incredibly adorable – wildlife. While you’re here, you’ll want to hand-feed the kangaroos, pet a wombat and, of course, cuddle a koala.

Australia Travel
Australia Travel.

Why you absolutely should take out travel insurance
When you’re planning and booking your dream holiday, arranging travel insurance is not usually the first thing on your mind – but it should be. Travel insurance may not be glamorous...

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Australia Travel.

Everything you need to know about Australian Mystery Breaks
Sometimes it’s nice to have a little mystery in your life. Whether it’s a surprise from your loved ones, or the anticipation of what you’re getting for Christmas.

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Australia Travel.

The 2 Sydney bars ranked “best in the world”
Aussies have always known that Australian bars are world class, but now two of Sydney’s classiest bars have the awards to prove it.

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Australia Travel.

7 Places to Get High in Australia
There’s nothing like getting a little high on your holiday – altitude-wise, that is! Australia has some beautiful cities and landscapes, and arguably the best way to see them is to...

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Australia Travel.

Australia Travel
Australia Travel.

G'day and All That: Popular Strine Slang Words
G'day, here are some Strine and Australian slang words and phrases you may come across on your visit to Australia.

Why holidaying in Tasmania is the best way to spend the summer
Australia Travel.

Why holidaying in Tasmania is the best way to spend the summer
With the Australian summer getting hotter and hotter, we’re always searching for ways to beat the heat. During our hottest months, Tasmania is in its prime!

The best places to go whale watching in Australia
Australia Travel.

The best places to go whale watching in Australia
Australia Travel.

The best places to go whale watching in Australia
Did you know that nearly 60 per cent of the world’s whales can be found in Australian waters? As a result, it’s no surprise that Australia is one of the best places to go whale watching.

The 7 Best places to do high tea in Australia
High tea is an often-overlooked but supremely fun way to spend time with friends or bond with your mum while sipping champagne and tucking into a gourmet cucumber sandwich!

7 World-famous restaurants to sample in Sydney
Australia Travel.

7 World-famous restaurants to sample in Sydney
When you’re travelling, it’s a mandatory requirement that you check out the local cuisine. In Australia, you can always get a meat pie or fish and chips at your nearest pub...

Your essential checklist before (and during) your Australian holiday
You’ve booked your flights, browsed hotel deals and had a look at a few tours. In other words, you’ve done all the fun stuff to prepare for your holiday to Australia...

What vacationers need to know about driving in Australia
Planning a road trip to explore the land Down Under? Before you get behind the wheel to discover Australian’s beautiful landscapes and vibrant cities, there are a few things you need to know about the road rules to get yourself ready to drive in Australia.

What vacationers need to know about driving in Australia
Australia Travel.

Are you afraid of swimming in the Australian ocean? You should be!
Australia Travel.

Are you afraid of swimming in the Australian ocean? You should be!
Australia Travel.

Are you afraid of swimming in the Australian ocean? You should be!
Australian animals have a bit of a reputation – being that they’re all trying to kill you! There are plenty of animals you should be trying to avoid, particularly the marine life.

Come to Foul Bay? The 12 weirdest-named spots in Australia
Every country has its share of strangely named places – suburbs that cause you to stop and think ‘what were they thinking when they named this place?’ But don’t let the name fool you – Foul Bay isn’t actually foul at all...

7 apps that will transform your next holiday
Everyone has a method for planning a holiday: some people are meticulous list writers, others are more ‘go with the flow’, and some of us simply pack a passport and some snacks and hope for the best!

7 apps that will transform your next holiday
If you fear you’ll hit the inevitable language barrier when travelling overseas, you can fear no more with the Better Translator Pro.

View the Heavens from Down Under: Star gazing in Australia
In the big cities, it’s hard to find a quiet spot just to gaze up at the night sky, as light and air pollution make stargazing nearly impossible in built-up areas.

View the Heavens from Down Under: Star gazing in Australia
Located in Outback Queensland, 745km from Brisbane, the Charleville Cosmos Centre & Observatory has everything a stargazer could ask for.

View the Heavens from Down Under: Star gazing in Australia
Australia’s oldest observatory, the Perth Observatory is conveniently located only 25km east of Perth, so you can get incredible stargazing close to the city.

What you need to know about attending the Australian Open
During the Australian Open, Melbourne brings out its best and brightest, so you’re guaranteed to have a good time on and off the court.

What you need to know about attending the Australian Open
Without question, one of Australia’s biggest sporting events is the Australian Open. This grand slam tennis event sees the biggest and best tennis stars from around the world converging on...

Europe to Australia in 90 minutes: When can we book?!
Australia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but it’s also one of the most isolated. One of the main downsides when travelling to or from the vast Australian countryside is the travel time...

Best Movies Australia - Award-Winning Films
The best movies produced in Australia are selected annually by the Australian Film Institute and now by the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts.

Australian Travel Books
Top picks in Australian travel guide books

Sleepless in Zoo-attle: Aussie zoos where you can sleep over with wildlife!
After a meet and greet with Taronga’s most adorable animals, you’ll be treated to a buffet dinner and an exclusive nighttime tour of this iconic Sydney zoo.

Sleepless in Zoo-attle: Aussie zoos where you can sleep over with wildlife!
Just 35km from Melbourne, Werribee Open Range Zoo’s Slumber Safari gives you the distinct impression that you’re watching the animals as if they were in the wild. Overlooking the African savannah, watch the animals roam around...

Sleepless in Zoo-attle: Aussie zoos where you can sleep over with wildlife!
Ever wanted to lay with the lion, snuggle with the seals, dream with the dingoes or kip with a koala? If it’s your goal to get a closer look at native Australian wildlife than the average tourists, you’re in luck...

9 Bucket-list worthy reasons to explore Broome, Western Australia
When you think of iconic Australian places, Western Australia’s Broome may not be at the top of your list...

The best family holidays to celebrate Christmas Down Under
For a truly iconic Aussie Christmas, take a trip to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory and start dreaming of a red Christmas in the sands of the outback.

The best family holidays to celebrate Christmas Down Under
Christmas is a time to celebrate with family, give gifts, and eat far too much food. Consequently, it’s also a great time to go on holiday!

Pull up, park and relax: Australia’s top caravan parks
Australians love their budget holidays, so it’s no surprise that most Aussies love a good camping trip.

Pull up, park and relax: Australia’s top caravan parks
Located right on the beachfront, Victor Harbour Holiday Park is only a few minutes drive to the town centre

Australia’s most romantic hotel stays
With beaches, sunshine and endless restaurants and activities, Queensland’s Gold Coast is already a hot destination for lovers...

Australia’s most romantic hotel stays
Whether it’s time out from a busy lifestyle, a weekend away or a two-week honeymoon, there’s always something special about taking some time out with your significant other.

So you can taste-test Australia’s best wines and beers
It’s no secret: Australians make good wines. In fact, Australia makes great wines. What’s more, wine regions in Australia are often situated in picturesque locations...

So you can take the road trip of a lifetime
A good road trip is one that has good mates and good music, so what better time to tackle Australia’s never-ending roads than when you’re young?

So you can sleep your way through Australia’s trendiest hostels
Hostels are havens for like-minded people; they’re cheap, they’re well resourced and they’re ideal places to meet up with other young travellers from across the globe.

So you can wander aimlessly through beautiful places
Australia has a lot of beautiful places to visit, from the bush to red-sanded outback to pristine coastlines, and they’re wonderful when enjoyed at a slow pace. So while you don’t need to worry about kids, bills, commitments or even a solid timeframe, take a day...

Why you should travel through Australia before you turn 30
So before you settle down, settle in to our list of the four best reasons to visit Australia before you turn 30!

The Best Ways to Spend $20 in Sydney
Sydney is not exactly known for its affordability. But despite its pricey reputation, there are actually plenty of things to do in the Harbour City that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Australia’s best hikes: 5 trips through the Hunter region’s Lake Macquarie
One thing is certain: At the beautiful, beachside Lake Macquarie, you won’t regret strapping on your sneakers to enjoy this spectacular part of the world on foot.

5 Surprisingly good ways to see Australia
Greyhound Coaches also offer experience packages, with travel and entry fees included to some of Australia’s most popular attractions – perfect if you’re travelling with kids.

Fly cheap between major cities
If you want to see it all on your Australian holiday – from the shopping mecca of Melbourne to the Great Barrier Reef in far north Queensland – you’ll find yourself in the air a lot.

Book a Mystery Hotel
Who doesn’t love a little mystery? offer Mystery Hotels in all major cities. If you want a little luxury but don’t want to fork out your hard-earned cash, then this is for you.

Best ways to see Australia
With so much to see and do in Australia, it’s easy to assume that a dream Australian holiday will likely leave you with a much lighter wallet.

Snag a relocation deal
If your dream is to take the ultimate Australian road trip, whether you’re travelling down the coast or cruising through the red centre, keep your eye out for relocation deals...

Make the most of free attractions
Some of the best attractions in major cities are completely free, so you can really stretch your holiday budget.

8 products that will completely transform your holiday
Packing for a holiday can be stressful – particularly when you’re travelling overseas. You may be trying to decide whether your...

Your Guidebook to Australian Slang and Phrases
To the seasoned traveller, encountering a language barrier is no surprise. When heading down under, you may not think this will be much of an issue – however, Australians frequently use abbreviations or slang...

8 Ways to Keep Your Kids Happy on a Road Trip
There’s nothing quite like hitting the road with your family. But families with young kids it can be hard to keep your little ones occupied during a long drive..

Additional tips for travelling with your pet within Australia
There’s nothing worse than losing something on a holiday, but imagine if that something was your four-legged friend! Before you head off on your holiday, make sure...

What you need to know about travelling with your pet in Australia
When you’re heading out on holiday, it’s normal to want to take your family along – including, occasionally, the four-legged, furry kind. But how easy is it to bring your fur-babies with you for your holiday if you’re travelling to Australia?

The Solo Traveller’s Guide to Sydney
Some people are solo travellers: for those people, there’s nothing better than exploring a city on your own terms, in your own time without needing to worry about what other people do or don’t want to do.

Ways to Survive Flying with Kids
If you are travelling with kids, it’s important not to be too hard on yourself. If your kids act out or you get frustrated, remember to breathe and ignore the people around you; they’ll probably go through this with their own kids at some point...

Ways to Survive Flying with Kids
Guessing games are a great way to keep your kids occupied and entertained. If 8 hours of iSpy sounds almost as bad as a screaming child, try using games...

Ways to Survive Flying with Kids
For many of us, our dream holiday starts as soon as we hop on the plane to an exotic destination...

Sydney Theatre Guide - What's Playing in Sydney
The Sydney theatre guide lists current and coming plays, musicals and other theatre productions in Sydney with venues and booking information.

Melbourne Theatre Guide - What's Playing in Melbourne
The Melbourne theatre guide is a regularly updated listing of theatre productions in Melbourne, when and where they are playing, and how to book tickets.

Tweed Valley Australia - Discover Tweed Valley Attractions
The Tweed Valley in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia, is home to the largest extinct volcano in the southern hemisphere, World Heritage national parks, great surfing beaches.

Home to the world’s most liveable city, Melbourne has plenty to offer even the most seasoned traveller...

Northern Territory
Like Queensland, much of the Northern Territory is split into Dry and Wet seasons. The wet season, which runs parallel with summer, sees an average of 400mm of rain in Darwin, the state’s capital.

There’s a very good reason that Queensland’s nickname is the Sunshine State; with plenty of beaches to choose from and endless sunny days, Queensland is a go-to destination for beach lovers.

New South Wales
New South Wales is probably best known for its iconic Sydney Harbour, which shows its best side in spring.

Weather for each state and territory in Australia!
Australia is a beautiful country year round, so no matter when you visit, you’re sure to enjoy some great weather. But there are certain times of the year that Aussie cities show off their best side...

South Australia
South Australia’s capital, Adelaide, is affectionately quipped by the locals as Australia’s largest country town – its relaxed attitude, fresh produce and proximity to coast and wilderness alike make it a wonderful place to visit.

Western Australia
When travelling through Western Australia, particularly the capital city, Perth, the general consensus is to avoid winter; though the state is still a great place to visit, it’s definitely not showing its best side.

With the cleanest air in the world, and some of the most fantastic and pristine scenery that the country has to offer, Tasmania can seem like a whole new world of its own.

Australian Capital Territory
If you’re a fan of autumn, the Australian Capital Territory shows off some magnificent displays of changing colours throughout the month of May.

4 Australian restaurants ranked top 100 in the world
If a delicious meal overlooking one of the most sensational views in Australia sounds like your idea of a good night out, then Sydney’s Quay restaurant is a must.

4 Australian restaurants ranked top 100 in the world
Australia has always been known as something of a foodie’s paradise, with gourmet produce created in every corner of the country. Now, our status as a food mecca is official, with four of the country’s top restaurants named in the list of the best 100 restaurants globally!

4 Australian restaurants ranked top 100 in the world
The small Victorian town of Birregurra, located around 130 kilometres south-west of Melbourne, may seem an unlikely place to create a world-renowned dining destination.

Australian & Strine Slang Words Starting With 'A'
A glossary of Strine and Australian slang - words and phrases starting with the letter A

Australian Opals: Know What You're Buying
Australian opals are a popular and beautiful souvenir, but it's easy to buy the wrong type of gem. Read up on the different types of opals, including black opals, triplets, and boulder opals.

A Happy Medium – Alice Springs, Sydney and Brisbane
Too cold to hit the beach and too warm for snow, cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Alice Springs have cool mornings, warm afternoons and chilly evenings, with winter temperatures...

Rain, rain, go away – Western Australia
If you’re heading to Western Australia in winter, don’t keep your hopes too high for a sunny outlook; winter is Western Australia’s wet season.

Just Keep Swimming – North Queensland and Darwin
It’s no secret that Aussies love the beach, and in the northern parts of Australia winter is the perfect time to hit the surf, with temperatures reaching up to a balmy 30˚C in Darwin and 25˚C in North Queensland.

What to pack for a winter holiday in Australia
Australia is a huge and diverse country, and as a result we have a lot of different weather conditions – even during the same season!

Snow Bound – The Australian Alps
With the images of Australia’s sunburnt country, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it doesn’t snow in much of Australia...

Layers, Layers, Layers – Hobart, Melbourne and Canberra
With maximum temperatures sitting between 11 and 15˚C, pack an extra pair of socks when you’re visiting Hobart, Melbourne or Canberra in winter.

Wild Oats XI Breaks Own Sydney Hobart Race Record
Wild Oats XI Breaks Own Sydney Hobart Race Record

Wild Oats XI Wins Treble Twice in Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
Wild Oats XI has won the treble in the 2012 Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, a feat it had done before.

The International Entries
Five non-Australian entries are competing in the 2012 Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.

Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2012
Wild Oats achieves its sixth line honors victory in the 2012 Sydney Hobart Yacht Race which started on Sydney Harbour on December 26 and ends in the Derwent River in Hobart, Tasmania.

Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2012
The super maxis are expected to dominate the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race in the fight for line honors.

Fraser Island
Known mostly for its population of dingoes, Fraser Island has a lot more to offer than simply spotting this four-legged native animal.

Hamilton Island
Surrounded by tropical waters and sunshine, with plenty to do or your choice not to do anything at all, it’s easy to see why Hamilton Island is one of Australia’s most popular holiday locations.

Heron Island
On the edge of the Great Barrier Reef, Heron Island is a nature-lover’s dream.

Magnetic Island
Find yourself drawn to Magnetic Island – or Maggie Island, as it’s known to the locals – with plenty of sandy strips to relax on, or plenty to keep you going for the action-oriented traveller.

Daydream Island
The name says it all – Daydream Island is the perfect balance between staying active and simply relaxing all day and night.

Tropical Island Getaways in Queensland
After days, weeks or months of the daily grind, there’s not much better than sitting back on a white sandy beach on your very own island getaway.

Australian celebrity hometowns to visit on your trip down under
Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr was raised in the small town of Gunnedah in northern New South Wales.

Australian celebrity hometowns to visit on your trip down under
Moulin Rouge star Nicole Kidman is perhaps Australia’s most famous acting export, which is why it’s quite surprising to learn she wasn’t born in Australia at all...

Australian celebrity hometowns to visit on your trip down under
Aussie-born superhero Chris Hemsworth got his big break when he was cast as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie series.

Australian celebrity hometowns to visit on your trip down under
Wordwide chart-topper Iggy Azalea was born in Sydney and raised in Mullumbimby in northern New South Wales.

Australian celebrity hometowns to visit on your trip down under
Keen to see where some of Australia’s most famous acting imports sprouted up? Explore the home towns of everyone from Hugh Jackman to Iggy Azalea on your next trip down under!

There’s plenty to do
If lounging on a well-positioned sun bed is not your style, there’s still plenty else to do on Hayman Island.

Enjoy 5 star dining with a 5 star view
There are seven restaurants and bars on Hayman Island, all of which pride themselves on consistently delicious food and impeccable service.

Experience luxury at its finest
Hayman Island recently underwent an $80 million dollar and refurbishment, and it’s not hard to see where each and every one of those dollars went.

Beautiful Hayman Island
Australia is no stranger to beautiful stretches of sand, with some of the best beaches in the world located on its magnificent coastline.

Front row seats to the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef
The moment you set eyes on the wonder of the world below you, you’ll realise just how special Hayman Island is.

It’s your very own private island
There aren’t too many places where you can feel as though you’re on your very own private tropical island, but Hayman is one of them.

The 8 scariest places to visit in Australia
Although most revered for its sunny lifestyle, plentiful beaches and fun, friendly locals, Australia also has a number of other, more spine-tingling attractions.

September Weather in Australia
Spring is officially sprung, with temperatures rising to around 20˚C in Sydney and Melbourne and 24˚C in Brisbane.

July – August
Winter has definitely arrived in July and August; if you’re travelling in Australia’s southeast remember to pack a warm jacket or two with temperatures in the Australian Capital Territory as low as -0.1˚C, and 6-7˚C in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

November – December
The warm weather brings with it the return of the wet season in northern Australia with an average rainfall of over 100mm in Brisbane.

March - April
March announces the start of autumn in Australia, and average maximum temperatures drop another degree or two in each state.

Australian weather By Month
Australia is a big country, with arid regions of desert, hot and sticky tropical regions and cooler regions in the south.

January - February
January to February mark the hottest part of summer in Australia, with temperatures averaging between 25-32˚C in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

May - June
In the southeast of Australia, May and June starts to welcome in winter, with maxium temperatures dropping to 20˚C in Sydney and minimum temperatures as low as 1˚C.

7 Days in Tasmania: Your Ultimate Road Trip Itinerary
Tasmania is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Australia, with everything from bustling towns and cities to untouched natural landscapes...

7 places in Australia to see penguins!
Australia is home to many quirky animals, but there’s something special about penguins: they’re small, have an adorable little waddle and, most importantly, they’re incredibly cute...

Need to know: Carry-on allowances for Australian airlines
When you’re hopping between Australian capital cities and regional destinations, there are few things more frustrating than being dealt a costly ‘excess baggage’ fee due to over-packing...

The 8 most lusted-after desserts in Australia
One of the absolutely unbreakable rules of holidaying is to taste the local cuisine. In Australia, that might mean trying your first barramundi (it’s a local fish), sampling a kangaroo burger, or braving a crocodile-meat sausage – but it also means dessert.

8 Australian activities for adrenaline junkies
If you want the kind of holiday that will get your blood pumping and your adrenaline flowing, check out some of Australia’s most scream-inducing attractions and get ready for the ride of your life!

Top 8 Events in Darwin Australia!
The city of Darwin is Australia’s northernmost state capital and is named after the eminent English naturalist, Charles Darwin, who is known for his contributions to the evolutionary theory.

10 Australian Animals with a weird side
Australia is home to some of the most unique animals on the planet; we have the only mammals in the world that lay eggs, and a large variety of creepy crawlies!

10 Facts About Australia That Arent Quite True
Australians have adopted a global reputation for being fit, fun and friendly – and for the most part, that’s true! However, there is plenty of misinformation out there...

Which Australian cities are most popular over ANZAC weekend?
If you’re planning a little getaway over the ANZAC Day long weekend this month, it may pay to plan ahead, as many hotels are already sold out!

7 Essential carry-on items when travelling around Australia
Nothing can ruin a vacation quite like getting sick: when a cold takes hold or a tummy bug derails you, all of your carefully-laid plans go out the window.

8 Reasons to visit Tasmania in winter
Resplendent with beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, incredible landscapes and modern, cosmopolitan cities to boot, Tasmania is an ideal holiday destination.

Best and cheapest deals for Australian theme parks
Planning a holiday to the Gold Coast? You’ve no doubt heard about – and if you’re travelling with little ones, you’re likely planning to visit – the city’s famous theme parks.

The little-known secret luxury Australian hotels dont want you to know
I stumbled upon a secret a number of years ago that literally transformed my travel experience – it can have a huge positive impact on your hotel stay!

10 Free things to do in Melbourne
With dozens of museums, art galleries, marketplaces and other creative hubs, Melbourne is renowned as the unofficial cultural capital of Australia!

Aussie Wine Month: A truly national food and wine event
Does your idea of a seriously good Friday night involve relaxing with a glass of wine? If you’re nodding in agreement, then you’ll love Aussie Wine Month, held each May!

Where to find the best last minute hotel deals down under
When you’re exploring a country as colourful as Australia, you may want the flexibility to go where your adventure takes you, without being locked into pre-booked dates and hotels.

12 Facts you (probably) didnt know about Australia
What are the first things that come to mind when you think of Australia? Once you learn the following striking facts about Australia, they may completely redefine how you think about the land down under...

Escape the daily grind at one of Queenslands rainforest retreats
If you’re looking to complement your surf and sand break with a different kind of holiday, you can escape to the rainforest and bush at one of Queensland’s beautiful mountain retreats.

7 Hottest glamping spots in Australia
Gone are the days when camping meant roughing it with sleeping bag under the stars and a questionable outdoor toilet! Why not check out one of these glamping hot spots on your next holiday?

Where to find halal restaurants in Australia
Restaurants throughout Australia, both in capital cities and increasingly in regional areas, are beginning to embrace Halal-certified ingredients in their menus.

6 fun free things to do in Sydney
Sydney may have the unenviable reputation as being at the top of certain ‘most expensive city lists’, but that doesn’t mean you have to be cashed-up as a visitor to enjoy the city’s best attractions.

6 Fun things for foodies to do in South Australia
Adelaide and the greater state of South Australia is well known for its many restaurants, bars, vineyards, cellar doors and other foodie experiences.

Australian Vineyards with food as good as their wine
Where good grapes grows, good food usually follows! At these delectable restaurants throughout Australia’s famed wine regions, you’ll enjoy creative and flavourful meals paired with some of the finest wines you’ll have the pleasure of tasting.

Drop Bears
Drop Bears. Australia Travel. Page 8.

Funnel Web Spiders
Funnel Web Spiders. Australia Travel. Page 5.

Great White Shark
Great White Shark. Australia Travel. Page 7.

Red back Spider
Red back Spider. Australia Travel. Page 6.

Saltwater Crocodile
Saltwater Crocodile. Australia Travel. Page 4.

Blue ringed Octopus
Blue ringed Octopus. Australia Travel.

Box Jellyfish
Box Jellyfish. Australia Travel. Page 2.

Eastern Brown Snake
Eastern Brown Snake. Australia Travel. Page 3.

7 (and a half) deadly Australian Animals you don't want to meet!
When you plan your visit to Australia, you may picture yourself splashing around at the beach, exploring coastal rock pools and sipping cocktails while over-looking the ocean.

6 places to swim with Dolphins
Sweet, smart and keenly social, dolphins are utterly enchanting. With their cheeky chatter and human-like displays of affection and altruism, they seem to relate to each other in ways that we’re still just beginning to understand.

Be on top of the world with a SkyPoint Climb
This 90 minute open-air SkyPoint Climb takes you to the top of the iconic Q1 Resort Tower, a staggering 270 metres into the air. Page 11.

Sing your heart out at G-Clef Karaoke
Discover the rock star within you – after a delicious Japanese dinner, of course! Page 10.

Snuggle up to celebs at the Wax Museum
Ever wanted to meet Leonardo Di Caprio? Or share a cup of tea with the Queen? Well, you can… Sort of. Page 12.

Cool down with ice-cream
There are no fewer than eight ice-cream parlours within a few hundred metres of each other – Royal Copenhagen, Baskin Robbins, Ben & Jerry’s, Movenpick, Cold Rock, Gelatissimo. Page 2.

Cruise the waterways
Relax and take in the scenery on a lunch time Bluewater Cruise. Page 9.

Get spooked out at Ripley’s Believe It or Not
See how you measure up to the world’s tallest man, see shrunken heads, skull masks and learn about the weird, the wonderful and the unbelievable at Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Page 4.

Grab lunch at one of the restaurants in the mall
After a morning on the beach you’re bound to be hungry. Page 5.

Indulge your inner child at Timezone
Laser skirmish, bumper cars, mini-golf, bowling, along with countless arcade games – what more could the child in you (or the child on your arm) want? Page 8.

Pack a picnic for the beach
What could be better than a day at the beach? A day at the beach with a picnic lunch, of course! Page 7.

Shop the beachfront markets when they’re on
Meander along the beachfront markets held on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nights, with more than 120 stalls selling everything from soaps to jewellry to artworks. Page 6.

Swim or surf in the water
Obviously, the first thing you’ll want to do in Surfers Paradise is sample the seas!

Trip out at Infinity
This modern-day house of mirrors at Infinity will mess with your sense of reality. Page 3.

12 Things to do within 500m of Surfers Paradise beach
There are three well-known key ingredients to the perfect beach holiday at Surfer’s Paradise: surf, sand and sun.

Pet-friendly places to stay in Queensland
When you hit the road (or skies) and embark on a new travel adventure, you often want to take the whole family with you – which can include your four-legged family members! But once you arrive at your destination, what are your accommodation options when travelling with pets?

Sydney / New South Wales Hotels and Accommodation
Information and resources pertaining to hotels and accommodation in Sydney and New South Wales, Australia.

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Information and resources pertaining to hotels and accommodation in Melbourne and Victoria.

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This is an index of Australia topics on this site listed alphabetically.

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Australian museums and galleries are the repositories of Australian art, historical artefacts, cultural objects, geological items.


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Northern Territory museums and art galleries are repositories of art, artefacts, and historic and cultural items and collections

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South Australia museums and art galleries are repositories of art, artefacts, and historic and cultural items and collections

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The Australian government has embassies and consulates in most countries with which it has diplomatic relations.

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Australian newspapers, radio and television stations and programs, and other media.

Australia Events - What's Happening in Australia
Fireworks usher in a new year with the promise of happy traveling and more exciting experiences in the various events and festivals of the year.

Australia Travel - Plan Your Visit to Australia
Planning Australia travel includes knowing entry requirements, destinations, attractions and other travel information.

Things to Do in Australia
Visitors to Australia find numerous activities to choose from including sightseeing and bush walks to skiing, sailing and diving.

Australia Destinations - Where to Go in Australia
Planning an Australia itinerary with your choice of places to visit in major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, and Australia's states and territories.

Melbourne City Tourist Shuttle
The Melbourne City Tourist Shuttle is a free hop on, hop off bus service with stops at a number of Melbourne attractions.

Sydney to Melbourne - Going on the Inland Hume Highway
From Sydney to Melbourne the major inland route is through the Hume Highway.

How to Do the Melbourne Hook Turn
If you plan to drive in Melbourne, watch out for the

Tipping in Australia and New Zealand
Tips on tipping in Australia and New Zealand shed light on tipping customs.

Arriving in Sydney - From the Airport to the City
Here's what to do on arriving in Sydney and how best to get to your hotel.

XXXX from Castlemaine Perkins - Queensland Beer
XXXX is Queensland beer brewed by Castlemaine Perkins.

Mt Augustus - Western Australia - World's Biggest Rock
Mt Augustus in Western Australia is the world's biggest rock, about two and a half times the size of Uluru in the Northern Territory.

Australia in April - Mid-Autumn Events and Celebrations
April in Australia is mid-autumn with temperatures starting their slide into winter. Anzac Day is celebrated in April and Easter celebrations may occur in April as well.

Australia in July - Skiing and Other Snow Activities
July is midwinter in Australia, and one of the best months for skiing and other snow activities. There's also Yulefest and the Darwin Regatta.

Australia in June - Here Comes the Snow
June in Australia is the beginning of winter which also sees the start of the ski season during the Queen's Birthday holiday weekend.

Australia in May - Weather and Events Guide
May in Australia is the month before the onset of the southern winter.

Australian Words Phrases Idioms Terms Language
The Australian language includes some unique idioms, terms, words, phrases

Australian Traffic Rules : Dos & Don'ts
You would need to know these basic Australian traffic rules and regulations if you want to go driving in Australia.

Do You Need an Australian Visa?
Do you need an Australian visa? Here's what you need to know.

The Best Time to Visit Sydney - Spring
This page talks about the Australian Spring and why Spring is the best time to visit Sydney, Australia.

The Best Time to Visit Sydney - Summer
The best time to visit Sydney could be in the Australian summer.

Driving in Australia on the Left Side
Driving in Australia means having to know Australian traffic rules and regulations.

Eureka Flag - Flag of the Southern Cross
The Eureka flag was first hoisted at the Eureka Stockade in 1854 and is generally considered a symbol of Australian rebellion.

Strine and Australian Slang - Back o' Beyond to Butt
Strine and Aussie slang: a glossary of unique Australian words and phrases starting with B

Australia Summer Events and Travel Info (January)
January in Australia is a midsummer month of the Sydney Festival, Australian Open, Australia Day, and various other Australian events and attractions.

Parking and Roundabouts - Driving in Australia
There are rules to follow regarding parking and roundabouts when you're driving in Australia.

Sydney, Australia - What to See and Do
A guide to activities and attractions to consider on your visit to Sydney, Australia, including walking tours, dining, and the Sydney Opera House.

Australian Census: Sydney People
The 1996 Australian census drew a portrait of Sydney's population at the time.

New Zealand North Island Tour
Take a five day-tour of the major attractions of New Zealand North Island.

About the Big Submarine in Holbrook
Holbrook's best known feature is a submarine on land seen along the Hume Highway in New South Wales.

Beach Safety in Australia
Beach safety tips for playing it safe on Australian beaches.

Melbourne Beaches - Close to Melbourne City Centre
Melbourne beaches can be found close to Melbourne city centre.

Matariki (The Pleiades) - Definition and Description
A constellation of stars whose appearance in New Zealand skies marks the start of the Maori new year. Matariki is also known as the Seven Sisters.

Australian Tropical Cyclone Categories and Rating
Australian tropical cyclones are rated in five categories according to their strongest wind speed.

Rhyming Slang Variations
An explanation of rhyming slang and its variations

Aussiespeak: Australian Language, Idioms, Terms, Words
Aussiespeak needs an understanding of the Australian language, its idioms, terms, words, phrases

Beware the Box Jellyfish, Plus First Aid Treatments
The box jellyfish is said to contain enough poison to kill three adult human beings.

Queen Victoria Market - Hot Tourist Destination
Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Victoria, is said to be the largest open-air market in the southern hemisphere.

Canberra Attractions - Hop On, Hop Off City Tour
The Canberra City Explorer takes in Canberra's major attractions on a hop on, hop off tour.

Australian Outback Survival Guide and Information
What you need to know to properly prepare for a trip through the Australian Outback and what to do if you get lost.

New Zealand Facts - Location, Population, Other Info
Here are some fast facts and other information about New Zealand.

Take a 5-Day Tour of South Island, New Zealand
Take a five-day South Island tour to see the island's major attractions.

Australia in August Is the Height of the Ski Season
August in Australia is the last month of the southern winter but in the New South Wales Snowy Mountains and the Victorian Alps, you'd hardly know spring is just around the corner.

Great Barrier Reef - Down Under Wonder
Australia's Great Barrier Reef is a succession of spectacular reefs extending from just south of the Tropic of Capricorn off the Queensland coast to Torres Strait in the north.

The Haka - New Zealand Maori War Chant
The popular form of the New Zealand Maori haka is a war chant and challenge with many aggressive sounds and movements.

How Is the Australian Prime Minister Chosen?
The Prime Minister of Australia is chosen by members of the winning party or coalition in an Australian Federal election.

The Bungle Bungles - Purnululu - Western Australia
The Bungle Bungles in northeastern Western Australia features spectacular striped rounded rock towers which are a drawcard for visitors.

The Bungle Bungles, Western Australia - Getting There
You would need a four-wheel-drive vehicle to visit the Bungle Bungles in Western Australia. Page 2.

Fast Facts About Bungle Bungles
Some fast facts you might want to know about the Bungle Bungles in Purnululu National Park. Page 3.

Jervis Bay Beaches - Beaches South of Sydney
Jervis Bay beaches are Some of the most stunningly white - and uncrowded - beaches in New South Wales.

The Dog on the Tuckerbox - History & Folklore
Celebrated in Australian folklore, poetry, and song, the Dog on the Tuckerbox, a monument to the pioneers of the Riverina region, has become an icon of Australia's past.

Map and Geography of New Zealand for Tourists
Australia and New Zealand Map. Australia Travel.

Eureka Stockade, Victoria, Australia
The Eureka Stockade in Ballarat, Victoria, is where the 1854 miners' rebellion led by Peter Lalor occurred

Adelaide Festival of Arts 2008 - Adelaide Arts Festival Highlights - February 29-March 16, 2008
Here are some highlights of the 2008 Adelaide Festival of Arts.

Kerikeri - Bay of Islands, New Zealand
Kerikeri lies at the northern end of the Bay of Islands and is one of the three major towns serving as jump-off points for tours and cruises to the islands.

Eden - New South Wales South Coast - Fisherman's Paradise
The old whaling community of Eden on the New South Wales South Coast is a fisherman's paradise.

Phillip Island Penguin Parade - Visitor Information
What you need to know to see the Phillip Island penguin parade, including access, viewing areas, and travel information.

Ballarat - Victoria
Ballarat, Victoria, the city with a gold-rush past, is the state's largest inland city.

Bentley Suites
Bentley Suites are located in the Parliamentary Triangle, a suitable base to enjoy the shopping and dining areas of Kingston and Manuka villages, with convenient access to the city centre. Facilities include security parking, boardroom for up to 18 people, gymnasium, sauna, pool, barbecue area.

Melbourne Hotels - Find Your Choice of Melbourne Hotels
Many Melbourne hotels are in or conveniently close to the city centre.

Crown Towers Hotel Melbourne
The towering landmark that is the Crown Casino Entertainment Complex on the banks of Melbourne's Yarra River comprises not only gaming halls, cinemas, restaurants, bars, and a variety of shops, but also the 482-room Crown Towers Hotel with views to the city and Port Phillip Bay.

Hotel Grand Chancellor Melbourne
The Grand Chancellor on Melbourne's Lonsdale St is a traditional 17-storey hotel in the city centre close to theatres, cinemas, shopping and sports venues, and Chinatown.

Lindrum Hotel Melbourne
The Hotel Lindrum is located in an 1899 building of Asian-style design in the heart of the Melbourne city centre within walking distance of theatres, shops and restaurants.

The Westin Melbourne
The Westin Melbourne is a 14-storey European-style hotel with balconied rooms and public spaces on lower floors. Facilities include business centre, secretarial services, health club, health spa, indoor pool. Multi-lingual staff available.

Phillip Island Fur Seals and Koalas
On your visit to Phillip Island in Victoria, view fur seals, koalas, shearwaters and other Australian fauna at the Phillip Island sea life and wildlife parks.

Wagga Wagga, New South Wales
Wagga Wagga is southwest of Sydney in the generally lush irrigated region of the Riverina along the Murrumbidgee River. It is 475 kilometres from Sydney, 240 kilometres from Canberra and 440 kilometres from Melbourne.

Southern Ocean Lodge Luxury Resort Hotel on Kangaroo Island South Australia - Review of the Ecological Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island South Australia
Review of the ecological Southern Ocean Lodge resort on Kangaroo Island in South Australia

Peppers Anchorage Port Stephens
Located on the water's edge at Port Stephens on the New South Wales North Coast, Peppers Anchorage lies between bush and sea and overlooks a marina. Its 80 rooms and suites have private balconies and most have views of the sea.

Best Western All Settlers Motor Inn Tamworth
Best Western All Settlers Motor Inn is one of Tamworth's newer motels, with large bathrooms, separate showers and baths, outdoor pool.

Country Comfort Inn Tamworth
Country Comfort Inn is close to restaurants, shops, art and crafts, historic sites and sporting facilities. A short walk to town centre, and 10 kilometres to airport.

Comfort Inn Hallmark Tamworth
Comfort Inn Hallmark Tamworth is close to the Golden Guitar and Wax Museum, and 2 kilometres to centre of town.

Best Western Tamworth Motor Inn
Tamworth Motor Inn is part of the Best Western chain of hotels and motels.

Quality Inn Powerhouse Tamworth
Quality Inn Powerhouse is a boutique hotel and reception venue in Tamworth, New South Wales, with two award-winning restaurants, conference and banquet facilities, well-appointed rooms, outdoor pool, health club. Business secretarial services and audiovisual equipment available.

Novotel Northbeach Wollongong
Novotel Northbeach is a Wollongong beachfront resort hotel in a 10-storey building 2 kilometres from Wollongong city centre and 3 kilometres from train station. Facilities and amenities include business centre, children's programs, business secretarial services, health club, health spa, outdoor pool, outdoor tennis courts.

Rydges Wollongong, formerly Hotel City Pacific
Rydges Wollongong is an international-style boutique hotel located in the heart of Wollongong's central business district within walking distance to shops, beaches, entertainment centre. Formerly Hotel City Pacific, now Rydges Wollongong.

Best Sydney Hotel - My Choice of Best Sydney Hotel
The best Sydney hotel depends to an extremely large extent on personal experience and personal preferences.

Darling Harbour Hotels - Sydney, Australia
Darling Harbour is one of Sydney's prime hotel locations, with its convention and exhibition centre, entertainment areas, museums, restaurants and bars, harbour and sailing ships, and its proximity to the bustling heart of Sydney. Here are some Darling Harbour hotels.

Sydney Five-Star Hotels
Here's a list of Sydney five-star hotels.

The Windsor Hotel Melbourne
The Windsor Hotel is a Melbourne landmark listed by the National Trust of Australia for its traditional Victorian architecture. Located opposite Victoria's Parliament House and Treasury Gardens, the Windsor is close to shops, restaurants, theatres and a number of local attractions.

Citigate Sebel Waterfront Resort, The Entrance - Review
The Citigate Sebel Waterfront Resort Hotel at The Entrance on the New South Wales Central Coast north of Sydney is an apartment hotel complex well situated at the northern end of town.

Ibis Hotel Sydney King Street Wharf Review
Ibis Hotel Sydney King Street Wharf is close to Darling Harbour and the Sydney city centre.

Four Seasons Hotel Sydney
Four Seasons Hotel Sydney is a multi-storey hotel overlooking Sydney Harbour and Sydney Opera House. Facilities and amenities include business centre, secretarial services, pool, health club, health spa.

Manly Paradise Motel and Apartments Sydney
Manly Paradise Motel provides both motel accommodation and apartments close to The Corso and just across the beach.

Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel
The Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel is in a multi-storey building overlooking Sydney Harbour and Sydney Opera House. Facilities and amenities include business centre, secretarial services, pool, health club, health spa.

Medina Grand Sydney Apartment Hotel
Close to Darling Harbour, major Sydney shopping centres and the city's entertainment district, Medina Grand comprises one-, two- and three-bedroom deluxe/executive apartments. Free parking, 24-hour front desk, outdoor pool and health spa are among its features.

Mercure Hotel Sydney on Broadway
Mercure Hotel Sydney on Broadway features 517 rooms, two restaurants, a bar, rooftop indoor swimming pool, sauna, gymnasium and undercover car parking. Conference facilities are also available for up to 280 delegates.

Radisson Plaza Hotel Sydney
Radisson Plaza Hotel Sydney is in a beautifully restored heritage-listed sandstone building built in the 1800s located in the heart of the business and leisure precincts, within walking distance to the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and The Rocks.