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Do They Celebrate Halloween in Europe?
Is Halloween celebrated in Europe? We explore the origins and manifestations of Halloween in Europe.

Which European Rail Pass Is Right for Your Vacation?
Rail passes have multiplied in recent years. Here are some tips on how to make sure you choose the best rail pass for your European vacation.

Plan Your Euro Trip Here
European vacation planning for planning your trip to Europe. Important information on obtaining a passport, staying healthy, making sure your electronics will work in Europe, language help, staying connected, currency, and how to save money on your vacation.

Suggested Travel Itineraries in Europe - European Travel Planning
Suggested Itineraries for Western Europe. Here are some suggested travel itineraries for your European vacation. Follow our recommended itineraries, or modify them to suit your own tastes.

Mediterranean Coast Suggested Itinerary
Plan your perfect Mediterranean itinerary from Barcelona to Rome, including how to book train tickets.

European Driving Distances and City Map
Map of Europe showing the distances between major European cities. Free map for planning your vacation to multiple countries.

Transport in Europe
Transportation resources for getting around in Europe using cars, buses, trains and airplanes. Tips on the best form of transportation between cities and villages in Europe.

Train Travel - Travel on Trains in Europe
Train Travel is the best way to see Europe's cities. Train travel gets you from city center to city center quickly, and Europe's train stations almost always have reasonable hotels close by. Find information on train travel and rail passes here.

Traveling by Train in Europe: Where, Why and How
What's train travel like in Europe? Should you take high-speed trains in Europe rather than fly or drive? See the best train routes in Europe.

Self-Guided Tours of Europe
Independent tours, itineraries the resourceful traveler can take, from tours around the Mediterranean to touring Scandinavia.

Brussels Belgium Travel Guide
Guide to Brussels, Belgium for the traveler. Brussels museums, hotels and attractions.

What to Do in the North France City of Lille
Guide to the city of Lille, a Eurostar destination in northern France, including advice on how to visit World War I battlefields in the area.

Frankfurt Germany Travel Guide
Frankfurt Germany, it's is more than a transportation hub and business city. Frankfurt has a great variety of cultural activities, nightlife, and an interesting restored medieval core.

Lens France Travel Guide
Travel guide to Lens, France, the setting for the extension of the Louvre art museum called the Louvre Lens.

Traveling Options Between Munich, Germany and Venice, Italy
Transportation options for getting between Munich and Venice on your European vacation by train, bus and car, including details of how to book.

Top Eurostar Destinations from London
Where can you get to from London on the Eurostar? Other European destinations from London by train, including Brussels and Disneyland.

Using Your Debit or Credit Card in ATMs and Shops in Europe
Find out about using your bank card in an ATM in Europe, including transaction and withdrawal fees and the availability of Citibank ATMs.

The Euro - European Currency Quick Guide
The euro and how it got that way, your guide to the most significant change in European currency in our times, the euro.

Top European Cities: From Cheapest to Most Expensive
How much does it cost to travel in Europe? Compare prices on food and drink, restaurants and museum entry in Paris, London, Barcelona and more.

Best Youth Destinations in Europe
The best places to visit in Europe for young people. Vibrant, exciting and cheap cities to suit every budget.

Money Matters - Using Your ATM card in Europe
You've heard that using an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in Europe is the way to go. Find out the pros and cons of ATM usage in Europe.

Where to Visit in Europe: Choose Your Destinations and Plan Your Trip
How to plan a European vacation. Here's an where to start if you're a first time European vacation planner using the travel information on the network.

Europe Travel Vacation Guide
A European vacation travel guide featuring free maps, independent tours, itineraries, travel tips, and information for independent travel to Western Europe.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Scandinavian Travel
Scandinavia travel and vacation planning information for travelers to Scandinavia and Scandinavian countries in Western Europe - Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Norway.

Scandinavian Tours - Europe for Visitors
Tour packages for visitors wishing to visit Scandinavia, including train, boat, auto and self guided tours.

Denmark - Travel Information for Denmark
Denmark travel information; Denmark maps, festivals and event information and information on Denmark hotels and lodging.

Finland - Travel and Tourism Information for Finland
Finland is an interesting Scandinavian destination to visit. Finland travel information, maps of Finland, and Finland events and other travel information is found in this directory.

Iceland - Travel and Tourism Information for Iceland
Iceland features many interesting attractions: The blue lagoon, the ring road, volcanic landscapes seething with the earth's energy. And it's cool in summer, while the rest of Europe swelters. Try Iceland for a cool vacation.

Norway - Travel Information for Norway
Travel information for Norway, a Scandinavian country known for its midnight sun, fjords, and ravishing natural beauty. Norway is a great destination if you're tired of the heat of the Mediterranean countries of Europe.

Skiing in Scandinavia - Cross-country and Downhill Alpine Ski Destinations
Where to ski in Scandinavia - Downhill and Cross-county alpine skiing and ski resorts in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

Spain and Portugal
Spain and Portugal make up the Iberian peninsula. The two countries are rich in historical places and architecture, fine food and wine, beautiful beaches, and are relatively inexpensive for the frugal traveler looking for destinations in Europe.

European Travel Pictures
Pictures of European cities, villages, castles and people, for visual folks who prefer to dream or to plan their vacation around images.

UK and Ireland Travel
Travel and Tourism information for Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Great Britain. Why not start your European vacation in a place where English is spoken? Moderate summer temperatures make this part of Europe a smart choice if you must take your vacation in the dog days of summer.

Europe Travel Maps
Maps of European countries, regions and cities, found online or in paper form. Interactive maps that are helpful in planning a trip to Europe.

England - Travel and Tourism Information for England
With the great city of London, and the closest nonstop flights from the US, England is a good place to start your European travel. Here you'll find travel and tourism information for England.

Ireland Travel and Tourism Information
Ireland tourism information including the best attractions in the country, places to stay, maps, weather and climate and interesting itineraries in Ireland

Sexuality and Nudism
Information on European sexuality, access to birth control and sexual health information, nude beaches, nudism and naturism in Europe.

Greece and Turkey
Greece and Turkey travel guide with information on Greece and the Greek Islands and Turkey. Find hotels, beaches, tourism attractions and travel weather information.

European Sexuality Resources - Sex in Europe
Sex and Sexuality resources including legal issues, European sexual attitudes, guides to adult entertainment and other issues that pertain to sexuality in Western Europe.

Travel Photography - European Travel Photography and Galleries
Travel Photography on the web. Here are selected travel photography web sites featuring exceptional travel photography of Europe.

Athens Greece - Travel Guide to Athens
Athens travel guide and tourism Information. Athens maps, weather and climate, attractions, places to stay and more on Athens, Greece

Germany, Austria & Swiss
Travel information on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Travel guides and planners for cities and attractions in these central countries.

Tyrnavos - Clean Monday Phallus Festival
Tyrnavos, Greece, is the site of a phallus festival at the beginning of lent. Location map of Tyrnavos and information on the phallic festival.

Liechtenstein Travel Resources
Liechtenstein travel planning information, including travel guides, weather and climate, maps and where to stay.

Auto Museums in Italy - Italian Car and Automotive Museums
Italian museums featuring the automobile, from its invention to modern day automobiles. See racing cars, vintage and antique cars, concept cars, and modern cars in these museums located around Italy.

Italy Travel Guide
Italy travel information including Sardinia, Sicily and Malta, including maps of Italy, pictures of Italy, and travel planners for Italy, Sardinia and Sicily.

Personal Shoppers in Italy - Shopping Assistance
What's a Personal Shopper? A personal shopper can take you right where you want to shop. You can save money if you have specific shopping needs but don't know where to find the things you're searching for. Personal shoppers usually have hourly rates for their shopping assistance services.

Where to Stay in Europe
There are many accommodation options for staying the night or week in a European city. Lodging possibilities? Camping, hosteling, hotels, self-catered rental houses and apartments, bed and breakfast inns, and even some unusual options like staying in a prison are possible.

European Vacation Apartment Rentals
Renting a home or apartment puts you closer to the people you're visiting--and gives you a chance to shop at those great open-air markets you see.

Buying Property in Europe - Help with Real Estate Purchase for Foreigners
Help with buying property in Europe. European real estate agents, property finders, relocation help, and information for English speakers wanting to buy real estate in Europe.

Camping - Europe - European Campsites and Camping Information
Information on camping and campsites in Europe.

Rental Caves and Troglodytes in Europe
Yes, you can rent a room or set of rooms in a dug out block of limestone. Inside it's a constant temperature all year around. No peeling paint or wallpaper to deal with.

Hostels - European Hosteling - Youth Hostels
Find European hostels and youth hostel directories and information here.

Trulli Hotels and Rentals
In and around the southern Italian town of Alberobello there are distinctive stone houses with a circular floor plan called Trulli. You can stay in one of these unique dwellings.

Map and Guide to the Best of Northern Europe Itinerary
Map of a suggested Itinerary in northern Europe covering 5 countries: London, Lille France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Cologne, Germany

Bruges (Belgium) Travel Guide
Bruges is a wonderful Flemish city in northern Belgium with an amazing historic center. Tourism information for Bruges, Belgium.

October in Europe: Festivals and Things to Do
October is my favorite time to visit Europe. See our list of fall festivals and other things to do in Spain, Germany, Italy and more.

Map of Paris Train Stations and Transfer Information
Paris Train Stations Map and information on the six major Paris train stations with public transportation connections for each station.

November in Europe: Off Season Vacation Planning Tips
What to do in November in France, Spain, Italy and elsewhere in Europe as temperatures drop, flights get cheaper, and tourists become sparse

The Foods of Europe for Foodies and Tourists
European food and the regional cuisines that make up a wide range of eating experience, from full meals to tapas and small plates to street food.

Accessible Travel in Europe - Help for Travelers with Disablilities
Accessible travel tips and services for individuals with disabilities - hotels, restaurants, and transportation options.

Gay and Lesbian European Tours and Gay Travel Information
Gay and Lesbian tours and Travel Information. Travel information specifically targeted toward the Gay or Lesbian tourist.

Schools for Travelers - European Schools for Foreigners
Schools to make your vacation a fulfilling one. Learn a language, learn how to cook a fine cuisine, or even learn to build a gondola in Venice with instruction from these selected schools for travelers in Europe.

Orange, France Travel Guide
Orange, a tourism destination in the Vaucluse department of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region of France, is notable for its Roman theater and arch.

Urban Beaches
Urban Beaches are becoming popular in Europe, from Paris, France to Munich, Hamburg and Berlin in German, hitting the beach in cities is a fun way to get tan on your European vacation.

How to Visit France's Prehistoric Painted Caves and Museums
Resources, maps and visitor guides to help you visit the best prehistoric painted caves in the south of France.

European Barge Tours - Europe by Boat
Barge tours can be the ideal way to relax and see the countryside of Europe.

Bike and Barge Tours - European Bicycle and Barge tours
Tours which feature travel on by bicycles in the day and barge travel in the evening.

Ghost Tours and Walks - Europe
Eerie ghost tours and walks of Europe, mostly in the UK focusing on ghosts, haunted places and other paranormal phenomena.

Jewish Travel - Kosher Facilities - Western Europe
Links to travel resources specializing in Jewish travel and tours, and hotels and restaurants offering kosher facilities.

France Travel Guide
France is one of the most visited countries in Europe. French cuisine is tops. Find maps of France, France hotels, Paris France weather information and general travel information on France.

Active Travel Tours in Europe
Want to get off the bus? Here are some tours that will get you into bikes, boats, and set you on top of large animals to get a different perspective on European travel.

What to Do in Europe
What to do in Europe? You can be an independent traveler or go on a tour, but perhaps there are other options you'd like to consider.

Belgium and Holland
The Benelux countries of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg offer the tourist different styles of architecture, languages (although many speak English), and cuisines than the rest of Europe. These are popular, compact countries that are easy to get around.

Choosing a European Destination
How to choose the European vacation destination that's just right for you.

Travel Apps for European Travel
Mobile apps we like for making travel easier, from travel planning apps to menu guides, save weight on your trip and get rid off all the paper in your luggage. It's a fire hazard you know.

London Transportation - Getting To and Around London England
London transportation options from

Amsterdam Travel Guide
Travel guide to Amsterdam, a fabulous city to visit, full of life, art, and culture. See what to eat and see, and how to get around

Lyon Travel Guide
Lyon Travel information and guide, including getting to Lyon, top attractions, and the best things to eat.

Cheap Eats in Brussels | Budget Dining in Belgium
Budget dining guide to cheap restaurants in Brussels. Five of Brussels's affordable eateries from Belgian fries to Moroccan pancakes.

The Trench of Death - Diksmuide Belgium
The Trench of Death outside Diksmude (Dixmude) Belgium, a WWI symbol of fierce resistance by Belgian troops, is easily visited, either virtually, through our pictures, or in person.

Women Writers and the Lives of Soldiers in WWI
A postscript to our article on The Trench of Death, women writers and workers on front-line field hospitals give an exacting acount of the horrors of war. Page 2.

Mons, Belgium Tourism Guide
Tourist guide to Mons, Belgium, the dreamy capital of the province of Hainaut near the Belgian border with France.

Damme Belgium Visitors Guide
Damme is on the Zwin river 4 km from Brugge. You can use Damme as a hub for Belgian travel, and take the boat to Brugge from Damme.

Liege Travel Guide
Liege is the cultural hub of Walloon, the french speaking section of Belgium, and there is much to see and do in the city along the Meuse river.

Ghent Belfry - Tour the Belfort of Ghent Belgium
The Belfort in Ghent was an important medieval warning system and treasury. Gent's Belfort is one of the finest in Belgium's Flanders region.

Brugge and Gent - a Tale of Two Belgian Cities
Brugge and Gent are two prime tourist destinations but completely different in how they

Gent Guide | Belgium Travel in Flanders
Travel guide to Gent in Belgium, on an itinerary that includes Bruges in Flanders. Page 2.

Dinant Belgium Travel Planner
Dinant Belgium is a small town on the Meuse River, dominated by its two tourist attractions: the Citadel, which overlooks the town from a 100 meter cliff, and the Cathedral of Notre Dame, capped by a bronze onion dome.

Belgium Map Showing Rail Lines
Map of Belgium with regular and Thalys high speed rail lines and information for the tourist planning a visit to the Benelux country of Belgium.

Belgian Chocolate | How The Belgians Made Chocolate Popular
An illustrated guide to the history of Belgian Chocolate and what you might find if you're lucky in your window shopping in Belgium.

Antwerp Central: The Railroad Cathedral
Why you should visit Antwerp Central Station, called the Railroad Cathedral.

Trekking and Biking the Belgian Countryside
Taking walks in the Belgian countryside is delightful, easy, and the landscape is very, very flat.

Is Belgium Europe's Best Kept Travel Secret?
Belgium as a travel destination has a lot of charm packed into a small area. You'll get around quickly and cheaply, enjoy great food and beer, and discover wonderful medieval cities in Belgium.

Tuscany Cities Map and Tourism Guide
Map of Tuscany with the best cities for tourists to visit, from great Renaissance centers like Florence to Tuscan hill towns and famous spas.

Florence Airport and Transfers to Florence Train Station
Florence airports, trains, buses and bus lines, taxis, parking and other transportation options for getting around Florence, Italy.

Florence Italy Travel Guide
Florence travel essentials for the tourist. What you need to know about Florence or Firenze Italy, from location within Italy to airports to museums in Florence.

Florence Train Station - Firenze Santa Maria Novella Station
Florence train station information. Transportation guide to travelers using the train station Firenze Santa Maria Novella.

Germany Travel Planning Information
Germany travel information--city and region maps, historic climate charts and weather, events and attractions in German cities and towns.

Neuschwanstein Castle Travel Planner
Neuschwanstein Castle is everybody's favorite romantic castle. Built by King Ludwig between 1869 and 1886, you can visit Neuschwansein best armed with our travel guide.

How to Get to Padua in Italy and What to Do There
Padua or Padova vacation guide. Padua, a short train ride from Venice, makes an excellent base for exploring the Veneto region of Italy.

Venice to Florence by Train, Car or Guided Tour
How to get between Venice, Italy and Florence, Italy by car, train and guided tours, with details of day trips, how to book trains and where to stay.

Champagne Region Map and Guide to the Best Cities
Map of the Champagne region of France and guide to the best cities, places to stay, and champagne cellars.

Bavaria Map and Travel Guide
Map of Bavaria showing the best cities for tourists to visit and a travel guide to the largest region of Germany.

Azores Islands Map and Travel Guide
The Azores Islands are an unexpected pleasure and a stepping stone into Europe, just four hours by air from Boston.

Packing Tips: Pack Your Suitcase to Minimize Wrinkles
Illustrated tips that show you how to pack your bags in a way that clothes won't wrinkle.

Packing Tip II: Roll Your Clothes to Reduce Wrinkling
Packing tip II, rolling your clothes before putting them in the suitcase is the best way to beat wrinkling. Page 2.

Packing Tip V - The suitcase is mostly packed
Packing Tip V - The suitcase main compartment is fully packed.

Before You Leave on Your First European Vacation
Here are things you need to do right before your European vacation, part of our Europe Travel 101 series.

Travel Planning Timeline - Planning Your European Vacation
Travel Planning is important these days. Using our travel planning timeline will let you know what travel planning tasks you should have done at what time prior to your vacation.

How to Get the Best Hotel Deals in Europe
How do you get the best hotel deals when traveling in Europe? Discover a few tricks, find the best neighbourhoods and more.

How to Buy a Navigo Transportation Pass in Paris
Navigo and Navigo Découverte are the names of two new transportation passes for public transportation in Paris. How to buy a Navigo Découverte

Visit the Palace of Versailles as a Day Trip from Paris
The Palace of Versailles is one of the top attractions in France. Find out what you need to know about visiting Versailles, a 30 minute rail trip from the heart of Paris.

Suggested Itineraries - The Best of Europe's Mediterranean Coast
A seaside itinerary that covers the Mediterranean coasts of Spain, France, and Italy, the best of the Med.

Map of German States
Map of the German states and travel guide to the regions of Germany that are best for tourists to visit.

Scandinavia Suggested Itinerary | Europe Travel
A suggested Itinerary with map for seeing the best of Scandinavia. Not just the capitals, but the hinterlands and Fjords via a breathtaking train tide.

France Rail Map and French Train Travel Information
France rail map showing the major rail routes in France. Information on train travel in France.

Europe Map - European Travel Planning Map
A travel planning map for Europe linking to all the individual country maps on Europe for Visitors. Find information on travel in European countries and distances between cities.

Testaccio Stockyards - Mattatoio
the Testaccio stockyards, ex mattatoio, have been made into a center for the arts in Rome.

La Città dell'Altra Economia in Testaccio, in Largo Dino Frisullo
Città dell'Altra Economia in Testaccio is devoted to biological and fair trade products from around the world.

Top Attractions in the Rome Neighborhood of Testaccio
Testaccio, what is in Testaccio for the tourist to Rome? A virtual tour of the Rome neighborhood called Testaccio.

Monte Testaccio and the Clubs
Monte Testaccio has been transformed into a collection of clubs for late night entertainment in Rome.

Testaccio Cafe: Pasticceria Linari
Testaccio walk got you tired? Get refreshed at a true neighborhood pasticceria and bar called Linari.

Testaccio for Foodies | Volpetti and the Testaccio Covered Market
Testaccio places for foodies, markets with artisan food goods.

Testaccio - Where to Eat in Testaccio
Restaurants and pizzerias in Testaccio, a neighborhood in Rome

Beyond Testaccio: The Roman Jewish Ghetto
Walking back to central Rome from a visit to the Testaccio, a traveler can pass through the rione Sant'Angelo to see the Ghetto.

Roman Ghetto Food Specialties
What's cooking in the Rome Ghetto. Jewish-Roman cuisine on a restaurant board.

Planning Your Train Trip Across Europe
Planning a rail trip across Europe is easy; European trains are fast and take you city center to city center while you watch the scenery roll by.

Comparing Costs of Rail Travel in Europe
Ever wonder if it's cheaper to rent or lease a car, buy tickets on the train, or use a railpass? I compare the three from data aquired on a recent Europe trip.

France Cities Map and Travel Guide
France maps showing the best cities to visit on your vacation plus essential tourist information on French regions, islands and the capital, Paris.

How to Get from Munich to Rome
How to get from Munich, Germany to Rome, Italy by car, train and plane, along with links to maps, tickets and guides for both cities.

Italy Rail Map and Guide to Italian Train Travel
Italy train route map and guide to how to ride the trains in Italy, where they go, and how you can save money riding the train.

Europe Travel
Europe Travel.

Switzerland Cities Map and Travel Guide
Map of Switzerland showing the top tourist cities and attractions to visit on your Swiss vacation. Where to stay, what to do, and how to get around Switzerland.

Germany Rail Map and Transportation Guide
Map of the major rail lines in Germany, with information on buying tickets, railpasses, and the types of German trains and routes.

Rail Map of Spain and Portugal
Rail map of Spain, with a guide to Spanish trains, destination cities, and rail passes for the tourist planning a vacation in Spain.

How to Get From Paris in France to Rome in Italy
How to get from Paris to Rome. The Paris to Rome route can be covered by bus, train, car, and airplane. See suggested itineraries and advice on how to book.

Biking Europe - Bicycle Touring European Countryside
Here are routes and trip reports for biking across Europe or between major centers, including biking trip reports, bicycle routes, and maps of biking trails.

European Buses - Bus Transportation in Europe
Sometimes buses are more convenient than taking the train. Here you'll find general International bus transportation information for Europe.

Normandy Map: Top Cities and D-Day Beaches
Map of Normandy showing the D-Day beaches and tourist cities in the Normandy region of France, with travel advice and information.

Mont Saint Michel Map and Tourism Guide
Mont St. Michel, a top tourist attraction in France, is built on a rock capped magnificently by an abbey dedicated to the Archangel Michael.

See the Gardens that Inspired Monet in Giverny, France
Giverny and Vernon travel guide. Giverny is home to the gardens and house of impressionist painter Claude Monet.

How to Drive the Nürburgring: The World's Most Notorious Race Track
The Nurburgring is the most challenging race track in the world. Find out how to get there and where to stay, as well as about driving the track.

Getting to Rome Termini From Fiumicino Airport
Information on schedules and cost of the Leonardo Express, the shuttle service between Rome Termini and Fiumicino airport.

Visit the Best Small, Walkable Cities in Europe
Here's a list of the best European small cities, cities smaller than 200,000 population.

How to Get From Brussels to Bruges, Ghent or Antwerp
Getting from Brussels to Bruges and Ghent via public transportation or by rental or lease car, with map and travel tips for Belgium.

Arlberg Railroad Scenic Route - Route Map and Information
The Arlberg railway takes you through the Arlberg range as part of an England to Egypt route. The scenic route in eastern Austria carries the Arlberg Orient Express from London to all the way to Bucharest.

The Most Beautiful Scenic Train Routes in Austria
Austria features some stunning scenic train rides. Here are the best scenic routes through Austria via rail.

The Semmering Railroad - Scenic Rail Trips in Austria
The Semmering Railroad was a great feat of civil engineering and makes a wonderful scenic rail trip in eastern Austria.

The Mariazell Railway - Narrow Guage Scenic Route in Austria
The Mariazell Railway or Mariazellerbahn is a narrow guage scenic route in Austria between the towns of St. Poelten and Mariazell.

Cinque Terre Map and Free Travel Guide to the Five Villages
Map of Italy's Cinque Terre, showing the five villages and information on how to get around and where to stay in this interesting slice of Italian Riviera.

Austria Pictures - Photo Galleries of Austria Travel Pictures
Sometimes pictures will give you an idea of what a city offers and you can plan you vacation around visual images. Here you'll find travel pictures of Austria.

Austria Travel Guide - Travel Information for Austria
Austria travel guide with information on travel to Austria: Austria Maps, travel planners, city guides, weather information and general information on tourism in Austria.

Budget Travel Europe - Travel Cheap in Europe
Budget travel takes a bit of planning. Cheap hotels? Sure, but extra time spent picking a cheap hotel will be worth it. Budget travel and transportation tips for travel in Europe.

Passports - Getting or Renewing a Passport for US or Canadian Citizens
Passport Resources: How to get or renew your passport, or use an expediting service to get your passport in a hurry.

Europe and US Country Size Comparison Map - How Big is Europe?
Size comparison map shows the difference in size of western Europe and the US or United States. Interactive map allows you to position your state over any country in Europe.

German Cities Map: Best Places to Visit in Germany
Large map of Germany showing the best tourist cities to and essential information on lodging, trains, rail passes, and tipping in Germany.

Tips for Saving Money on a European Vacation
Here are things you can do to save money on your European vacation--and offset the falling dollar that threatens to break the bank.

European Vacation Planning Timeline
A timeline for planning your first trip to Europe, including what to bring, transportation and accommodation planning and more.

Italy Map: Best Italian Cities to Visit
Large map of Italy detailed to see the best cities to visit on your vacation with free and detailed information for planning an Italian vacation.

Europe Travel
Europe Travel.

Tips for Off Season Travel in Europe
Off season vacations in Europe can be very rewarding if you plan right. We feature tools and tips for spring and fall travel.

European Customs & Culture for First Time Travelers
Cultural differences between American culture and European culture explained for the first time traveler to Europe.

Dusseldorf Germany Travel and Tourism Links
Information on travel to Dusseldorf Germany including accommodations, attractions, history, museums, and information on getting there and getting around Dusseldorf.

Wines of Germany - German Wine Regions and Information
German wine for the traveler. German wine, wine routes and wine vintages in Germany. Information on German wines and how to visit wineries, order wines and read vintage charts.

Bonn - Travel and Tourism Information for Bonn, Germany
Bonn, birthplace of Beethoven, is set in the Rhine Valley and has a 2000 year history. Bonn has many museums and cultural activities.

Cycling and Mountain Biking in Germany
Want to bike Germany? Here are some hints and tips for all types of cycling in Germany.

Germany - Accommodations and Lodging for Tourists in Germany
Lodging in Germany. Sites featuring hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, and self catering vacation homes and apartments in Germany.

Germany - German Travel and Tourism Information
Planning a trip to Germany? Here are some selected web resources that will help you plan you trip, from general tourism in Germany to German festivals and attractions.

Oktoberfest - Octoberfest - German Beer Festival in Munich Germany
September and October is time for Oktoberfest, a German beer festival in Munich. Oktoberfest is a world famous celebration of German beer. Resources for attending and planning a trip to Oktorberfest.

Essen Germany Guide
Essen, Germany travel information. Guide to Essen's art, culture and tourist facilities.

Buy Back Car Leases - Better Than Car Rental in Europe?
Buy-back leases offer a good alternative to renting a car in Europe for 17 days or more. See the pros and cons compared to traditional car rental.

Top Five Museums in Berlin with Free Entry
Save money on your trip to Berlin with this guide to free museums from Automobile museums to zoology museums.

Nudism and Naturism in Austria
Resources for the tourist to visit naturist (FKK in German) parks and nude beaches in Austria, including nude accommodation.

Christmas Markets - Europe - European Christmas Markets
Information on European Christmas markets and Christmas traditions found in Germany, Austria, France, Holland and Switzerland. Christmas markets in Europe.

Christmas and New Year's Eve Around Europe
Where to go in Europe for Christmas. Find out about the biggest parties, most unusual traditions and where to visit Santa.

Post-Brexit: 5 Ways Travel Might Change
If the United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union on June 23rd, changes to travel in the country could be on the way.


Geneva on a Budget: Cheap Eats, Free Transport and More
Not everything in Switzerland is expensive. Find out some budget places to eat and free things to do in Geneva.

Carry-On Luggage - Top Carry on bags
These bags are certified carry-on luggage and may be all you need for that trip to Europe when you're determined to travel light and carry on your stuff.

Spain Travel Guide - Tourism Information for Spain
Spain travel guide featuring Spain maps, Spanish food suggestions, and general travel and tourism information for vacation planning in Spain.

Cities and Villages of Spain - Travel Planners and Guides
Find information on the best cities and villages to tour in Spain.

Italian Cities Travel Planning Guides
Italian Cities: Find travel information on Italy's most compelling cities, from the big three Italian tourist cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence to off the beaten track villages, information on Italy at your fingertips.

Regions of Italy - Information on the 20 Italian Regions
Italy is divided into 20 regions. Each Italian region is divided into Provinces, and each province is divided into municipalities. The Italian regions are important in that many customs and cuisines are regional in Italy. Here you'll find information on the 20 regions of Italy.

Portugal Travel Guide | Travel to Portugal
Travel information for tourists planning a vacation in Portugal, in inexpensive country to visit in Europe with fine beaches, a long history of exploring the world, fine wine and world class cuisine.

Austria City Guides and Travel Planners
City Guides for Austrian cities. Find attractions, transportation information, maps, and other tourism information for cities in Austria.

Belgium Travel and Tourism Information - Essential Travel in Belgium
Here you'll find general travel and tourism information for Belgium. Belgium is devided into three regions. The Flemish Region or Flanders occupies the north, the Walloon Region or Wallonia occupies the south, and the Brussels-Capital Region is central to Belgium.

Cities in Portugal - Travel Planners for Visiting Portugal
Portugese cities--travel information for the cities of Portugal.

Cordoba Spain - Andalucia - Travel and Tourism Information for Cordoba
Cordoba Spain is located in the southern Spanish province of Andalucia. Cordoba features a great Mosque founded in 785, an alcazar, and great food.

Dresden Germany - Travel and Tourism Information on Dresden
Tourist information for visitors to Dresden, Germany. Baroque Dresden, the

Paris France Travel and Tourism Guide - Paris France
Paris, France is one of the world's great capital cities. Paris art, architecture, and Parisian cuisine are superb. You should plan to spend a week or more in Paris. Use our Paris guide to find hotels, attractions, and transportation information.

Regions of Spain - Regional Travel and Tourism in Spain
Spain is made up of 17 regions, each with its own culture and cuisine. Here are online resources devoted to travel in Spain by region.

Rome, Italy Guide - Rome Travel Information
Rome Italy travel planning guide. Our Rome Travel Guide will help you plan the perfect Roman holiday.

The Netherlands - Holland - Travel and Tourism Information
The Netherlands has a legendary reputation for tolerance and free thinking, and the tiny, flat country is known for tulips, polders, canals, and very pretty countrside that is easily traveled.

Tuscany - Travel and Tourism Information for the Tuscany Region of Italy
Tuscany is a land of interesting landscapes and compelling medieval hilltowns; Tuscany is a center for Renaissance art and architecture, and Tuscany produces some of the finest wines in Italy. Explore Tuscany with our articles and pictures.

Switzerland - Travel and Tourism Information for Switzerland
Switzerland travel information. Switzerland is an expensive but beautiful country. With a little research though, you can travel Switzerland with moderate cost.

Andalusia - Southern Spain Travel Information
Andalusia is in southern Spain, the region closest to Africa. Many tourist destinations are found in Andalusia, including Malaga, Seville, Cordoba, Granada and Cadiz. Andalusia has many spectacular Moorish monuments and a coastline that borders on the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

Avila Spain - Travel and Tourism Information for the Walled City of Avila
Avila is a fantastic walled city within day trip distance of Madrid. The main points of interest in Avila are the Cathedral and Museum, the Walls of Avila, and the Monastery of Santo Tamas de Avila.

Canary Islands Travel Guide - Canary Islands Tourism
Tourist information for the Canary Islands - La Palma, Lanzarote, Tenerife, la Gomera, el Hierro, Gran Canaria, and Fuerteventura. Hotels, Nature, turism and photography.

Cordoba Lodging - Cordoba Spain Hotels and Accommodations
Find Cordoba lodging and accommodation information. Recommended Cordoba Hotels and other forms of lodging are indexed alphabetically.

Dinkelsbuhl Germany - Travel and Tourism Information for Dinkelsbuhl
Dinkelsbuhl, a historic village on Germany's romantic road, has been described as a

Dresden Lodging - Hotels and Hostels in Dresden Germany
Find lodging in Dresden, Germany. Recommended Dresden hotels and hostels are found in this index.

San Miniato - Travel and Tourism Information on San Miniato in Tuscany
San Miniato is a Tuscan hilltown worth a day to visit, especially during the San Miniato truffle fair in November. San Miniato is legendary for white truffles.

Segovia - Travel Information for Segovia Spain
Segovia, Spain, is close to Madrid, and you can easily make the trip by bus or car. Segovia's main attractions are the nearly intact Roman aquaduct, the Cathedral of Segovia, and the Alcazar of Segovia.

Sintra - Travel Information for Sintra, Portugal
Sintra, Portugal, is a world heritage walled city. Sintra is still was once described by Robert Southey as

Soria Spain - Travel and Tourism for Soria and Numantia
Soria, a city along the River Duero in the Castilla y Leon region of central Spain, is the

Lunigiana - The Lunigiana Region of Northern Tuscany
The Lunigiana region of northern Tuscany extends from the Apennines to the mouth of the Magra river. A land of many smaller castles, the Lunigiana is Tuscany's undiscovered territory.

Valencia Spain - Travel and Tourism Information for Valencia
Valencia, Spain travel Informaion. Valencia is one of Spain's larger cities. Known for its beaches and nightlife, Valencia also has an interesting old center.

Vatican City - Information for Visiting the Vatican in Rome
Information and facts on the Vatican: Vatican location, how to reserve places on tours, get papal audiences, the dress code, facts about St. Peter's tomb and Basilica, the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel.

Vienna Travel and Tourism Information - Vienna Austria
Vienna Austria travel and tourism information: Vienna hotels, hostels, apartments, airport and transport information, maps, coffeehouses and Vienna tourist attractions.

Amalfi Coast - Travel and Tourist Information for the Amalfi Coast in Italy
The Amalfi Coast features some of Italy's most beautiful coastal scenery. An Amalfi Coast travel guide with maps, hotel recommendations, and other travel information.

Basel Travel Information - Basel, Switzerland Tourism Guide
Basel, Switzerland, is located on the Rhine river at the junction of France, Germany and Switzerland. Basel offers great food (especially at Basel's historic Guildhall restraurants), opportunities to cruise the Rhine, and a fine medieval city center.

Berlin Germany - Travel Information for Berlin
Berlin is becoming the hip place to visit in Germany. Find travel and tourism information for Berlin, Germany, including Berlin hotels and hostels, sightseeing information, Berlin transportation, and the Berlin wall.

Bologna Guide - Travel and Tourism Information for Bologna Italy
Bologna, has one of the best preserved historic centers in Italy. Bologna is a university and Italy's culinary center. Use our Bologna guide to plan a trip to Bologna.

Cinque Terre - Travel and Tourism Information on Cinque Terre Italy
The Cinque Terre is an interesting tourist destination on Italy's coast, five towns between the sea and 18 km of rugged, terraced hillsides towering above. You can walk between the Cinque Terre towns for spectacular views.

Florence Travel Guide | Florence Italy Information
Florence travel guide featuring Florence, Italy travel information including maps, weather, hotels and information on Florence tourist attractions

Frankfurt Travel and Tourism Information - Frankfurt Germany
Frankfurt Germany is a major tourist destination. Here are links to hotels, restaurants, art and cultural events and museums in Frankfurt.

Germany Transportation - Airports Trains Public Transportation in Germany
Getting to and getting around Germany, including airports and airlines, German trains and train timetables, and other forms of public transportation in Germany.

Heidelberg Travel Guide - Travel Information Heidelberg Germany
Travel and tourism information for Heidelberg Germany including Heidelberg hotels and accommodations, restaurants, travel maps, and cultural and artistic events in Heidelberg.

Cologne Germany - Koln - Travel and Tourism Guide
Cologne, Germany travel and tourism information: Cologne Hotels, restaurants, cultural events, cologne maps and transportation information for the German city of Cologne.

Lucca Italy - Tuscany - Travel and Tourism Guide to Lucca italy
Lucca is a fine tuscan town enclosed by walls you can walk around in Italy. Use our guide to find Lucca hotels and accommodations, restaurants, enotecas, and language schools you can attend in Lucca, Italy.

Montreux - Travel Information for Montreux, Switzerland
Montreux, Switzerland is a resort city on Europe's largest lake, Lake Geneva. Montreux is famous for the Montreux Jazz festival held in July since 1967. Montreux is a very beautiful town with fantastic views of Lake Geneva, and is easily accessible by public transportation.

Naples Italy - Travel Information for Naples
Naples Italy travel information. Naples is the hub for visiting all of Southern Italy. Beautifully situated on the Bay of Naples, the vibrant city is close to Pompeii, Paestum, the Amalphi Coast, and other Italian attractions.

Parma Italy - Travel Resources and Tourist Information for Parma
Parma is a culinary mecca in northern Italy. Parma, located between Piacenza and Reggio Emilia on the Parma River, has a fine central historical zone to visit.

Positano - Amalfi Coast - Italy - Travel and Tourism Information for Positano
Positano travel information. Positano is a popular destination on the Amalfi Coast, south of Naples, Italy.

Romantic Road - Germany - Scenic Roads in Germany
The Romantic Road from Würzburg to Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most stunningly beautiful streches of road on the planet. Crowded in summer, it's best to travel the Romantic Road in Germany's off-season.

Sardinia - Travel and Tourism Information for the Island of Sardinia
Travel and Tourism information for the Island of Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily. Sardinia has fascinating archaeological sites and indigenous stone towers called Nuraghi, besides interesting Punic and Roman cultural remains.

Siena Guide - Travel and Tourism Information for Siena Italy
Siena, home to the famous Palio di Siena, is a distinctively medieval city. Get lost in Siena's twisting alleyways, have dinner in Siena's campo, and waltz to the beat of Italy's middle ages in Siena.

Speyer Germany Travel Planning Information - Speyer Vacation Guide
Speyer is a city in Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate state with approx. 50000 inhabitants, located beside the river Rhine. Speyer makes a fine stop over for those headed south from the airport in Frankfurt.

Venice Italy Guide - Travel Information and Travel Planners for Venice
Venice is everyone's favorite fantasy destination. From Venice's famed canals to architectural wonders that surround San Marco square, Venice deserves its fame. Information in our Venice Guide will help you get the most from your Venice vacation.

Verona Italy - Travel and Tourism Information for Verona
Verona is an interesting stop on the Milano to Venice train line. Many people treat it as a day trip, but the attractions are numerous and the town quite attractive. It's worth a couple days if you're on a leisurely trip.

Volterra Italy - Travel and Tourism Information on Volterra
Find Volterra, Italy travel attractions as well as Volterra hotels and apartments, museums, festivals, and other Volterra tourism resources.

Zermatt Travel Information and Guide - Zermatt, Switzerland
Zermatt, Switzerland is a medieval village in the shadow of the Matterhorn. Zermatt is famous for its skiing, but there is great hiking in the mountains in the summer around Zermatt. Find travel information, maps, and articles on Zermatt, Switzerland here.

Alentejo Region of Portugal - Travel and Tourism Information Alentejo
The Alentejo region an hour's drive east of Lisbon seems like a different country some times when you visit. Famous for its wines, its local cuisine, Roman ruins, castles, and cork oaks. Find Alentejo travel planning information here.

Amsterdam Guide - Travel and Tourism Information for Amsterdam
Amsterdam travel guide - information on one of Europe's great cities. Our Amsterdam travel guide features general travel and tourism information for Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Antwerp - Travel and Tourism Information for Antwerp Belgium
Antwerp travel guide and information. Antwerp is a city of art. When to go to Antwerp, and where to stay. Travel information for the visitor to Antwerp, Belgium's second largest city.

Azores Travel Information - Guide to the Azores Islands
Travel Information for the Azores Islands. The Archipelago of the Azores is composed of nine volcanic islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean approximately 1500 km from Portugal.

Bergen Travel and Tourism Information - Bergen Norway Travel Guide
Bergen travel and tourism information. Bergen, Norway is a a highly recommended destination. Bergen pictures and travel information is found here.

Europe - Climate - When to Visit - Off-season Travel in Western Europe
European historic climate and current weather for the travel planning - These resources tell you the best times of the year to visit and what weather you're likely to see. Great for planning off-season travel.

Emilia Romagna - Italy's Emilia-Romagna Region Travel Information
Few people venture into the Emilia Romagna region, but it's a large region with plenty for the tourist to see and do. From its east coast beaches to culinary masterpieces like Parma Ham, Balsamic vinegar, and pasta bolognese, Emilia Romangna is an area to consider if you've already seen Rome, Venice and Florence.

Haarlem - Travel and Tourism Information for Haarlem Netherlands Holland
Haarlem is a great city to visit. Find travel and tourism information for the city of Haarlem (15 minutes from Amsterdam) in The Netherlands (Holland).

Travel Health - Health Issues for the Traveler to Europe
Travel health. Health and wellness issues specific to overseas travel to Europe. Health Insurance, health warnings, and information on dealing with health issues specific to Europe.

Lake Constance | Bodensee | Travel Information Guide
Lake Constance has a lot of tourist activities in a small area with lots of history. Travel information and guide to Lake Constance.

Lisbon Travel Information - Vacation Planning Guide to Lisbon Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal travel information: Guide to Lisbon featuring selected hotels, restaurants, fado houses, events and more for Lisbon, Portugal.

London Travel Information - London England Travel Guide
London makes a great starting point for your European vacation travel. Our London Travel Guide features London transportation, London Accommodations and other London tourist attractions are featured.

Madrid Spain Guide - Travel Information for Madrid
Madrid, Spain travel guide. Madrid is a great place for tapas, night life, and sleeping late. The Madrid Guide to travel resources will help you find the best of Madrid.

Money Matters - European Currency Information for the Traveler to Europe
Some European countries use the Euro, and others use local currency. Find out about European Currency, find ATM locations and banks, and get info on the VAT, the European Value Added Tax and how you might get a refund.

Paris Lodging - Paris Hotels and Apartments
Where to stay in Paris, Paris hotels, vacation apartments, and other lodging in Paris, France.

Piemonte Travel Guide | Piedmont Information | Italy Travel Guide
Piemonte travel information. Things to do in Piemonte for the holiday planner.

Rotterdam Travel Information | Rotterdam Netherlands Guide
Rotterdam travel and tourism information, including Rotterdam hotels, attractions, maps, and Rotterdam events.

Sicily - Travel and Tourism Information and Maps of Sicily
If there's a place in the Mediterranean where Africa, Italy and Greece come together, it's Sicily, the triangle Island where the ferocious earth meets the sea. Visit Mount Etna, or see Phoenician settlements, Punic cities, Roman amphitheaters, Greek temples, Norman castles and Aragonese churches.

Staying Connected in Europe - Phones | Internet | Wireless Networks
Staying connected in Europe: Cell Phone purchase and rental, making telephone calls, internet cafes, wireless networks, dealing with electricity and telephone connections.

Umbria - Travel and Tourism Information for the Italian Region of Umbria
Umbria is one of the favorite Italian regions. Called the green heart of Italy, Umbria sports an abundance of attractive hilltowns, and Umbrian cuisine is some of the best in Italy. Try Umbria if you've already

Airlines in Europe - European Airline Information
European Airline information, including airline phone numbers and contact information, budget airlines, airport hotels, and other air travel information for Europe is found here.

Europe Travel Blogs - European Travel Web Logs
Here are some of the best European travel blogs and Europe travel blog lists.

Bordeaux Travel Information - Guide to Bordeaux France
Bordeaux Travel Information for the city of Bordeaux in northwestern France, and the wine region surrounding it. Information on Bordeaux wine tasting and other tourist activities in the Bordeaux wine region.

Car Hire - Car Rental and Leasing - Europe
Information on car rental or hire in Europe, including tips on considering a buy back lease instead of car rental for European trips of more than 17 days. Car rental and buy back leasing companies are listed here.

Cathar Country - Visiting Cathar Castles in France's Languedoc Region
Travel information for Cathar country. Information on Cathar castles and villages as well as lodging and hotels in Cathar country, including information on Rennes Le Chateau.

Culinary and Wine Tours - Europe - Food and Wine Travel and Tours
Culinary tours, European cooking schools, and wine tours of Europe. Cooking schools are great ways to get a real glimpse into a culture. Here are some selected cooking schools, as well as some culinary and wine tours which will give you new knowledge of what the locals survive and thrive on.

Dordogne - Travel and Tourism for the Dordogne Region in France
Dordogne, also called the Perigord, an older name, is located in the northeastern Département of the Aquitaine region of France. The Dordogne is noted for its prehistoric caves, its castles and it's cuisine.

Driving in Europe - European Automobile Travel Information
Driving in Europe isn't that different than driving in the US. Maybe a little faster, a little costlier. We'll tell you what to watch out for in terms of the law and driving conventions, as well as give you resources for renting or leasing a car in Europe.

European Festivals and Celebrations - Carnevale Sagre Fairs Fiestas
Experienced European travelers look for festivals to attend while they're there. From Film, harvest, and music festivals to carnivals (or the famous Venice Carnevale), you can experience Europe like the Europeans by attending local festivals.

France Transportation - Trains Airports and Driving in France
France transportation resources--from Airport information to rail and train travel information to driving and autoroute information on transportation in France.

Hiking and Walking in Europe - European Rambling
Walking Europe is easier in many respects than walking in the US. Find walking and hiking tips, trails and resources for walking Europe.

La Rochelle France - Travel and Tourism Information for La Rochelle
La Rochelle on France's west coast between Nante and Bordeaux is an interesting tourist destination on the sea seldom visited by Americans. La Rochelle has an interesting old harbor fortified in the middle ages, and a wonderful medieval core city. The cuisine of La Rochelle is memorable for its seafood.

Lille France - Travel and Tourism Information on Lille
Lille, France was the 2004 Culture Capital of Europe, which means lots of money has been spent on Lille cultural attractions. Eurostar trains stop at Lille, so it's an easy destination to visit on your way to Paris. On this page you'll find Lille travel and tourism information.

London Travel Photograpy - London Pictures
Here you'll find photo galleries of London travel pictures; pictures of tourist attractions as well as artistic pictures of London.

Mont Saint Michel - Travel Information on Mont St Michel France
Visitor information on Mont St. Michel. Mont Saint Michel is one of the wonders of the medieval world. Linked to the French coast via causeway, Mont St. Michel is visited by millions of tourists and pilgrims yearly.

Motorhome Rentals - RV Rentals and Camper Hire - Europe
Want to save money on hotels? How about renting a motorhome or RV? Featured are motorhome or RV rental and leasing companies which cater to foreign tourists traveling through Europe.

Shopping in Europe - European Shopping Customs and Tips
Things you need to know about shopping in Europe--from buying foods in your local market (don't touch the vegetables!) to clothing size conversions.

Strasbourg Travel and Tourism Information
Strasbourg, in eastern France, is the seventh largest city in France. Strasbourg has a rich architectural history - the entire city center of Strasbourg is classified as world heritage. Strasbourg makes a fine center for exploration of the Alsace region of France.

Travel with Kids - European Travel with Children - Family Vacation Fun Stuff
Fun Stuff your kids might like while you introduce European travel to them, yet cool enough for adults.

Provence - South of France - Provence Region
Provence travel information. Provence, in the south of France, is a top tourist destination.

Archaeology in Italy - Guide to Visiting Italian Archaeological Sites
There are many well preserved, ancient archaeological sites to visit in Italy. Look for Roman, Greek, and Etruscan ruins, the most famous of which might be Pompeii, Paestum, and Tarquinia. Visitors guides to Italian archeology online.

Basque Country - Basque regions in Spain and France
Tourist information for Basque Country - 20,664 square kilometres at the western end of the Pyrenees on the Bay of Biscay. Le Pays Basque consists of seven herrialdes, or districts found in Northeastern Spain and Southwestern France.

Corsica - Travel and Tourism Information for Corsica France
General tourist information for visitors to Corsica, a French Island north of Sardinia. Corsica travel information.

Italian Food - the Cuisine of Italy
Italian food is one of the world's most recognizable cuisines, despite the fact that Italian cuisine is really a regional cuisine. Here you'll find information on Italian food, recipes, and Italian cooking schools.

Loire Valley France Travel and Tourism Information Guide - Loire Valley
Loire Valley Guide, The Loire Valley is home to great wine and the elegant manor houses called chateaux. The Loire Valley town of Tours is only one hour away from Pairs via the fast TGV trains. The castle lover will have a great time in the Loire Valley of France.

Malta Travel Guide - Information for Visitors to Malta
Malta travel information including maps, arts and cultural events and festivals in Malta, plus transportation, archaeology, and tourist agencies.

Packing for your European Vacation - Packing Tips
Packing right can make the difference between a great vacation and disaster. If you're traveling by train or in a small car, you'll want to pack light and you'll need to have a use for everything you pack.

Rhodes Town - City of Rodos on the Island of Rhodes in Greece
Rhodes, or Rodos, is a walled city on the coast of the island of Rhodes in Greece. Here are some links to tourist information to help you plan your travel to Rhodes.

Scotland Travel Guide | Travel Scotland
Scotland travel guide for independent travelers. Scotland occupies the northern area of Great Britain, and is part of the United Kingdom. Scotland is a major tourist destination in Europe.

Turkey Travel Information Guide
Turkey travel information for planning a trip to Turkey. Turkey travel maps, hotels, and Turkish travel attractions.

Avila Lodging - Recommended Accommodation in Avila, Spain
Avila lodging possibilities include two historic hotels called paradors and several other lodging options. Here are some recommendations for staying in the world heritage walled village of Avila, Spain.

Cordoba Attractions - What to See and Do in Cordoba Spain
Find information on attractions in Cordoba, Spain here. Cordoba's two main attractions are the 8th century Great Mosque (Mezquita de Cordoba) and the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos.

Cordoba Hostels - Cordoba Spain
Cordoba Hostels - cheap accommodations in the Analucia town of Cordoba.

Dresden Hostels
Looking for cheap lodging in Dresden, Germany? Check out Dresden hostels. Hostels aren't just for backpackers any more.

Lunigiana Pictures - Lunigiana Virtual Tours - Tuscany
Pictures of the rustic northern Tuscany region of the Lunigiana. Photo galleries and virtual tours, pictures of the castles, cities, and special foods of the Lunigiana.

Moped Rentals - Moto - Andalucia - Spain
Moped, motorcycle, moto, and vespa rentals in the south of Spain.

Cordoba Restaurants - Dining Out in Cordoba, Spain
Recommended and reviewed restaurants in Cordoba, Spain; where to eat out for the best food at the best value.

San Miniato Lodging - Hotels Rooms Agriturismo in San Miniato Tuscany
San Miniato Lodging is easy to find. San Miniato tourist information lists 5 hotels, 14 Agriturismi (farm houses that take visitors), and 17 Affittacamere (rooms to let) in the San Miniato area. Recommended lodgings in San Miniato.

Valencia Hostels - Cheap Lodging in Valencia Spain.
Hostels offer innexpensive lodging in Spain. Find information on staying in Valencia Hostels in Valencia, Spain.

Vatican Museums - Information on Visiting the Museums of Vatican City
Vatican Museums hold a huge amount of the world's fine art. The museums inside the Vatican are visited by more than three million visitors each year. Find information on the Vatican Museums and picture galleries that will entice you into visiting the Vatican Museums.

Vatican Tours - Tours of the Vatican Museums and St. Peters Basilica
Vatican tours may offer much more than you are able to figure out for yourself. The Vatican museums, for example, are so full of art that you will certainly miss the most important pieces without a tour guide to show you. Here we list recommended tours to the Vatican and Vatican museums.

Vienna Lodging - Hotels and Apartments in Vienna Austria
Vienna is a fine arts treasure trove with an interesting cafe society. Find lodging in Vienna, including hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts and tourist short term rental apartments in Vienna, Austria.

Vienna Transportation and Airports - Transportation in Venna Austria
Transportation resources for Vienna, Austria. Vienna's airport and city transportation.

Seville, Spain
Travel and tourism information for Seville, a compelling tourist destination in the south of Spain region of Andalusia.

Cologne Cathedral
Information on Cologne Cathedral of St. Peter & Mary. Cologne Cathedral is a highlight of a visit to Cologne, Germany. Building started on the Gothic cathedral in 1248, but the cathedral wasn't finished until 1880. The gothic spires of the cathedral require much attention, and some are always under scaffolding.

Bus Companies in Germany - German Bus Transportation
Information on German bus companies providing intercity transportation in Germany and international connections to Germany.

Haarlem Lodging - Accommodations in Haarlem Netherlands
Haarlem lodging: Haarlem hotels, hostels, and bed and breakfasts. Selected lodging options in Haarlem, a city in the Netherlands close to Amsterdam.

Lisbon Hotels - Lodging and Hotels in Lisbon, Portugal
Find lodging in a Lisbon hotel or self catering accommodation. Lisbon has a variety of lodging options: Apartments, pousadas, manor houses and agricultural lodging, in addition to hotels. Accommodations in Lisbon, Portugal.

Lisbon - Fado and Other Things to Do in Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon is Fado country; wander the Alfama or the Barrio Alto for a taste. But Lisbon features more art and culture than you can shake a stick at, including festas, fairs and religious pilgrimages.

Little Venice | Canal Barge Cruises | London Travel and Tourism
At the intersection of the London's Regent's Canal and the Grand Union Canal sits the Little Venice Landing stage. You can hop a boat here, or just take a walk along the Regent's canal, where decorated barges are moored.

London Hotels - Lodging and Accommodations in London England
London hotels, lodging, lodging reviews, and accommodations in London, including recommended London hotels, bed and breakfast inns, and apartment rentals.

Lunigiana Lodging - Vacation Accommodations in the Lunigiana
Hotels, vacation rentals, vacation houses, bed and breakfasts and other types of accommodation in the Lunigiana region of northern Tuscany.

Numantia - Travel Information for Ancient Numantia Archaeological Site
Numantia is known for its fierce resistance against Roman forces in the Numantine Wars (from 153 to 133 B.C.). The archaeological site of Numantia is is interesting in that there are reconstructions of a Celtiberian (Celtic Iberians) house, as well as a Roman one. Numantia is near the villages of Soria and Garray.

Segovia Accommodations - Hotels and Inns in Segovia Spain
Segovia is a fine town to stay overnight in. Here you'll find information on Segovia lodging--hotels, inns, and hostels in and around Segovia, Spain.

Sintra Portugal Lodging and Accommodations - Sintra Hotels
Sintra accommodations and lodging. Sintra can be seen as a day trip from Lisbon--it's only 15 minutes away. Sintra hotels are cheaper than Lisbon Hotels of the same quality.

Speyer Germany Hotels
Recommended hotels in Speyer, Germany.

Tenerife Guide | Tenerife Island in the Canary Islands
Tenerife travel guide with tenerife maps, pictures, and hotel suggestions, as well as tourist information on Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

Valencia Hotels - Recommended Hotels in Valencia Spain
Valencia is the third largest city in Spain, with a fantastic art culture and nightlife. Find Valencia, Spain recommended hotels and inns on this page.

Rotterdam Cycling
Rotterdam cycling information for the tourist. Rotterdam is a center for cycling in the Netherlands and was so even before becoming the starting point of the 2010 Tour de France.

Berlin Blogs - Bloggers Writing about Berlin, Germany
Berlin blogs can give the traveler a feel for the German city of Berlin. Blogs are a good source of local color; blogs in English may offer the perspective of Americans, Brits or Canadians living in Berlin.

Berlin Lodging - Finding Accommodations in Berlin Germany
Berlin hotels and recommended lodging in Berlin, Germany. Berlin hotels, inns, hostels and guesthouses are included. Information on finding accommodations in Berlin.

Berlin Transportation - Busses Airports Metro Lines - Berlin Germany
Berlin has a good public transportation system. Find information on the three Berlin airports, the Berlin S-bahn and tram system, and other information on how to get around Berlin, Germany.

Dinkelsbuhl Lodging - Hotels and Hostels in Dinkelsbuhl German
Some recommended hotels and hostels in Dinkelsbuhl. In general, lodging is fairly abundant in Dinkelsbuhl, but you'll want to reserve in the summer and during festival periods.

Hallstatt Austria Guide
Hallstatt is a world heritage sight on the shores of Lake Hallstatt. Visitors to Hallstatt, Austria will find ancient salt mines, ice caves, culture museums and more. Travel guide, maps and pictures of Hallstatt, Austria

Heidelberg Lodging - Hotels and Accomodations in Heidielberg Germany
Recommended Heidelberg Hotels and other lodging options for Heidelberg, Germany.

Heidelberg Maps - Maps of Heidelberg Germany
Maps of Heidelberg attractions and other maps of Heidelberg Germany.

Meersburg Germany Travel Guide
Meersburg is considered one of the most charming cities on Lake Constance. Travel and tourism information for Meersburg, Germany on Lake Constance.

Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle - Visiting Information
Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle can be accessed from the town of Hohenschwangau. Neuschwanstein castle was built by

Pfalz and the German Wine Road
The Pfalz, or Palatinate region of Germany is home to Germany's oldest wine road. A Pfalz wine region map and pictures from the palatinate wine region are found here.

Reichenau Island Travel Information
Reichenau Island is an island of historic monasteries, artists and vegetable gardens. Reichenau's history starts in 724, when an itinerant bishop named Pirmin founded a monastery here. Reichenau Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and

Salzburg Travel Information Guide - Salzburg Austria
Salzburg Austria travel and tourism information, including accommodations, restaurants, transportation, maps and other relevant travel information for Salzburg, one of Austria's prettiest destinations.

The Berlin Wall and Museums of the Berlin Wall Era
Berlin wall resources for the traveller. The history of Berlin is wrapped up in a wall that created an east and west Berlin. Here is historical information on the Berlin wall, as well as information on the museums devoted to the Berlin wall era.

Sardinia Attractions - The Best of Sardinia
Top attractions in Sardinia, including pictures, maps and articles on Sardinia tourist attractions.

Innsbruck, Austria
Innsbruck is a top tourist destination in Austria in the state of Tyrol in western Austria. The area around Innsbruck is a popular winter sports area.

Frankfurt Germany Airport Hotels
Find hotels near the Airport in Frankfurt, Germany, and information on Frankfurt Airport.

Barcelona Travel Information | Barcelona Spain
Barcelona travel and tourism information. Find out about Barcelona maps, hotels and attractions, from Gaudi architecture to strolling La Rambla, Barcelona is a city in Spain you'll want to explore.

Girona - Travel and Tourism Information for Girona Spain
Girona, Spain, is about an hour north of traveler favorite Barcelona in the region of Catalonia. Girona is a walled city some think is one of Spain's most enticing cities. Girona has few hotels, you'll want to reserve if you travel to Girona in the summer.

Guernica - Gernika Travel Essentials - Visiting Guernica Spain
Guernica - or Basque Gernika - is a historic basque center bombed by nazi forces and prompting the work of Picasso called

Heidelberg Transportation - Heidelberg Germany Airports Buses Trains
Find information on Heidelberg's transportation network, including nearest airport information, bus transportation and train transportation for Heidelberg, Germany.

Ibiza Travel and Tourism Information - Ibiza Island - Balearic Islands
Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands. Ibiza came onto the tourist's radar around 1990 to become a major travel and vacation destination. Ibiza, with 300 days of sun a year, is complemented by cool sea breezes. Ibiza winters are quite mild.

Logroño Travel Information
Logroño is the capital of La Rioja, the wine region in the northeast of Spain. Logroño is a pleasant city along the Pilgrim's Route to Santiago de Compostela with plenty of opportunities to taste wine and eat tapas. Logroño is the place to stay for wine tasting in La Rioja.

Madrid Attractions - Tourist Attractions in Madrid, Spain
The top Madrid tourist attractions, from Madrid's world class art museum The Prado, to smaller galleries and museums, shops, and gardens in Madrid, Spain.

Madrid Fiestas - Festivals and Celebrations in Madrid Spain
Madrid Fiestas or street festivals, are a good way for the traveler to know Madrid. Here are some fiesta resources for Madrid, Spain.

Madrid - Eating Out - Restaurants and Tapas Bars in Madrid, Spain
Madrid has an abundance of fine restaurants and tapas bars. Here are some recommendations for eating out in Madrid, Spain.

Madrid Spain Lodging and Accommodations
Madrid has many hotels and hostels for the budget traveler, as well as many world class hotels for the well heeled traveler. Find Madrid hostels, hotels, and other lodging options here.

Online Resrouces and Guides for Madrid
General online tourist and travel information for Madrid, Spain including Madrid travel guides, embassy information, tourist discount cards and other general travel information for Madrid.

Madrid Transportation - Airports and Public Transportation in Madrid Spain
Madrid Transportation from Madrid Barajas International Airport to public transportation in the city of Madrid, Spain.

Salamanca Spain Travel Guide
Salamanca, Spain has a lot to recommend, from a lively Plaza Major to the University, Salamanca is a great place to vacation. Find essential travel planning information in our Salamanca Travel Guide.

Aragon Spain - Tourist and travel links for the region of Aragon in northern Spain
Aragon is a less touristy region in Northern Spain in the Aragonese Pyrenees bordering France and home to Zaragoza. Skiing and hiking are popular activities. Here you will find travel links and tourist information, including hotels and regional information.

Asturias and Picos de Europa - Northern Spain - Asturias
Tourist information for the Asturias region and Picos de Europa Mountains of Northern Spain. Asturias, in Northern Spain, has a long coastline and several mountain ranges, including the Picos de Europa.

Seville Spain - Sevilla
Travel and tourist information for Seville (Sevilla), Spain. Find city guides, transportation information, maps and attractions in Seville, Spain.

Spain - Cantabria and Altamira Cave - Northern Spain - Travel and Tourism Links
Tourism and travel links for the region of Cantabria in Northern Spain, home to Altamira Cave, including lodging, cave information, beaches, tourist sites, festivals, and Pedrena Golf Course.

Castilla La Mancha Region Spain - Travel and Tourism Links
Castilla La Mancha is the region surrounding Madrid and home to Don Quixote's windmills, Cuenca, and Toledo. Here are travel and tourism links for the region.

Catalonia - Cataluna - Catalunya and Costa Brava Spain Travel and Tourism
Catalonia, in northeastern Spain, includes the Costa Brava, beaches, mountains, and Barcelona. Here are travel and tourism links for hotels, nude beaches, activities, and sightseeing.

Gibraltar Travel Information for the Tourist in Gibraltar
Even though it's a self-governing British colony it shares the Iberian peninsula with Spain and many tourists traveling to Gibraltar arrive from Spain.