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Lucca Tourist Attractions - Museums Gardens Towers and Churches in Lucca Italy
Here are the things you'll want to see when you're in Lucca. Lucca has quite a few interesting churches and other places of historical interest. And don't forget a stroll on top of Lucca's walls--it's free, scenic, and it'll get you ready for Lucca's brand of Tuscan cooking!

Merida - Extremadura - Spain - Tourism Links
Information on accommodations, food, transportation and maps for Merida in the Extremadura region of Spain.

Paris Apartment Rentals - Vacation rentals in Paris France
It takes at least a week to get a feel for Paris. You might as well rent a Paris apartment. It's usually cheaper than a hotel and cheaper to vacation in a place with a kitchen. Enjoy Paris like a Parisian.

Picos de Europa - Northern Spain Information on the Picos de Europa Range
Information on the Picos de Europa, the craggy limestone formations between Asturias and Cantabria in northern Spain popular among tourists for walking, trekking, birding, and viewing wild animals you don't see other places, like brown bears, wolves, and wild boar.

Tarragona - Catalonia - Spain - Tourism Links
Tarragona Spain, the Roman port city of Tarraconense, is located near the coast in the Spanish region of Catalonia southwest of Barcelona. It offers an old quarter (Part Alta), a Romanesque-Gothic transition style Cathedral built in the 12-14th centuries, a distinctive cuisine, and fine beaches outside the city.

Toledo Spain Tourism Guide
Toledo, a short day trip from Madrid, was a center for steel and sword production and you can still purchase a hand-made sword today. 2000 years of history is evident in Toledo: From the Romans to the Visigoths to the Moors. There is also a strong Jewish presence here.

Castilla y Leon Region in Spain - travel and tourism links
Castilla y Leon, in eastern Spain, is not only the largest region of Spain but the largest region in the whole European Union. Here are travel links for the region including Salamanca, Segovia, Burgos, and Avila.

Cinque Terre Hotels - Lodging in Monterosso al Mare - Italy
Most hotels in Italy's Cinque Terre Region are to be found in Monterosso al Mare.

Cinque Terre Hiking and Trekking - Guide to Cinque Terre Walking
Cinque Terre hiking, trekking and walking guides, Cinque Terre maps of hiking trails, and Guides to walking the extensive trail network of Italy's Cinque Terre, the five fishing villages in Liguria.

Lucca Festivals and Events - Tourism in Lucca, Italy
Pages featuring descriptions and dates for festivals and events in Lucca, Italy

Lucca History for the Traveler
Short histories of the Italian walled city of Lucca, perfect background for the traveler wanting to know a little more information before visiting Lucca.

Lucca Lodging - Guide to Accommodations in Lucca, Italy
Lucca has many lodging options. Find hostels, bed and breakfast accommodations, hotels, and self catering vacation rentals in Lucca, Italy.

Lucca Italy - Maps and Plans for Travel in Lucca
Here you'll find maps and plans of the Italian city of Lucca.

Lucca Restaurants - Eating Out in Lucca, Italy
Lucca Restaurants and bars--places to eat in Lucca, Italy.

Manarola Lodging - Hotels and Hostel in Manarola - Cinque Terre
Manarola is one of the smaller Cinque Terre villages featuring a large hostel with roof terrace and a reasonably priced hotel with views.

Matterhorn - Travel Guide to Matterhorn Mountain
Matterhorn travel guide and guide to the surrounding valley area including maps, pictures, and transportation and travel tips for Matterhorn Mountain in Switzerland.

Where to Stay in Montreux, Switzerland
Guide to the best hotels for tourists looking for a place to stay in Montreux, Switzerland.

Nearby Lucca Attractions - Lucca Day Trips - Europe for Visitors
Towns and attractions that are in the vicinity of Lucca in Tuscany. Day trips from Lucca.

Positano Lodging - Hotels and Accommodations in Positano Italy
Recommended hotels in Postiano, an interesting village on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Positano hotels and other lodging options.

Vernazza - Travel information for Vernazza - Cinque Terre
Vernazza is one of the five villages that make up the Cinque Terre. Vernazza is Rick Steves' favorite villages of the Cinque Terre.

Verona Lodging - Hotels and Accommodations in Verona Italy
Explore Verona lodging options here. Verona, Italy hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns, and apartments are listed.

Mount Vesuvius - Vesuvio
Vesuvius, towering over the Bay of Naples, is a prime tourist destination. You can take a bus or tour, but you'll have to walk to the rim of Vesuvius to see the crater.

Zermatt Hotels - Top Rated Lodging in Zermatt, Switzerland
Looking for top rated hotels and lodging in Zermatt, Switzerland? Here are our picks for hotels in Zermatt near the Matterhorn.

Information on traveling in Tuscany. Tuscany is a favorite with travelers, where Renaissance art flourished, medieval hilltowns built, and wine from the Chianti region celebrated.
Information on traveling in Tuscany. Tuscany is a favorite with travelers, where Renaissance art flourished, medieval hilltowns built, and wine from the Chianti region celebrated.

Basel Guild Hall Restaurants - Basel, Switzerland
Basel's Guild Hall Restaurants are housed in evocative buildings from Basel's medieval past, many with fine restaurants inside. Eating in an historic guild hall restaurant is one of the prime attractions in Basel for me.

Bologna - Eathing Out - Restaurant and Restaurant Reviews
Restaurant resources for Bologna and surrounding area. Bologna, in the Emilia-Romagna region, is a culinary mecca for Italians.

Bologna Hostels - Youth Hostels in Bologna Italy
There are two youth hostels, close together and in central Bologna, serving the city of Bologna, Italy.

Bologna Lodging - Hotels and Accommodations in Bologna Italy
Bologna has numerous lodging options, including hotels, bed and breakfasts and agriturismo accommodations. Bologna lodging options with a web presence.

Bologna Transportation
Bologna onoline transportation services: Airports, train stations, and other public transportation options for Bologna, Italy.

Elba Island - Travel Information for Tuscany Island Elba
Napoleon was exiled in Elba, which isn't such a bad thing. Elba has a long history, great beaches, and stunning lanscapes. Ferries to Elba run from the industrial town of Piombino on the Tuscany coast of Italy.

Tuscany Vacation Rentals - Houses Villas and Accommodations in Italy
Tuscany vacation rentals accommodations - houses and larger villas - are easy to find these days. A self catering Tuscany vacation in a rental house is often cheaper and makes you feel like you're living in Tuscany. Selected Tuscany vacation rentals.

Massa Carrara - Travel and Tourism Information for Massa Carrara
The Province of Massa Carrara in Tuscany offers the tourist a look at the ancient marble quarries revered by sculptures from Michaelangelo to Henry Moore. The visitor to Massa Carrara can visit the famous marble quarries (cavi) and museums that explain the process of marble production and processing.

Navarra Spain - Northern Spain Wine Region and Pamplonia Travel Links
Navarra is a wine region in Northern Spain and home to Pamplona, where the famous running of the bulls takes place. Here you will find travel links including hotels, tourist sites, wineries, and the running of the bulls festival in Pamplona.

Piemonte Lodging - Accommodations in the Piemonte Countryside
Piemonte is known for its wine, cheese, cuisine and hospitality. Here you'll find accommodation information for those great bed and breakfast and small hotels that aren't in a city. Piemonte wine country lodging, in other words.

Spain Regions - La Rioja - Wine Food Accommodations Tourism
The Spanish region of La Rioja is known for the wine that bears its name. A small region in the northeast of Spain, Rioja features excellent food, wine, and intriguing landscapes

Sardinia - What to Do on the Island of Sardinia - Sardegna
What to do on the island of Sardinia. Sardinia is a difficult but rewarding travel destination. Sardinia travel resources.

Turin Italy - Travel and Tourism Information for Torino (Turin)
Turin, or Torino, is an often overlooked travel destination in Piemonte. Famous more for the shroud of Turin than for its Fiat and Pirelli plants or the city's famous Baroque cafes--Turin, or Torino, is a place for the thoughtful traveller to discover.

Tuscany Attractions - Beaches Museums and More!
Here's what to see and do in Tuscany.

Agrigento Travel Information and Pictures of Agrigento Sicily
Agrigento, Sicily travel and tourism information, including pictures of Agrigento and its temples in the Valley of the Temples

Cefalù - Sicily - Tourism Links - Accommodations History Attractions
Tourism resources for Cefalu, a romantic medieval town built on the site of an ancient Sicanian and Greek settlement just east of Palermo and easily accessable by train or bus as well as car. It is now a notable resort area, with sandy beaches and beach activities.

Florence Accommodations and Lodging - Florence Italy Hotels and Apartments
Some suggestions on where to stay in Florence. Florence bed and breakfasts, inns, apartments and hotels.

Florence Hotels
Florence hotels can be hard to find in the peak season. Here are some tips on finding Hotels in Florence Italy, and some recommended Florence hotels from Europe for Visitors.

Florence Maps | Interactive Maps of Florence, Italy
Florence Maps will save you time when planning a trip to Florence. Here are some interactive maps of Florence for planning your walking tours, transportation needs and for getting from Florence to other destinations in Tuscany.

Florence Italy Restaurants - Recommended Restaurants in Florence Italy
Find a recommended restaurant in Florence, Italy. It's not always easy to find a reasonably priced restaurant in Florence, here are some recommended restaurants in Florence.

Umbria Life - Stories and Reminiscences of the Umbria region of Italy
Umbria stories and reminiscences. Umbria, often called

Palio di Siena - Famous Horse Race in Siena
The Palio di Siena, held in Siena's Campo in July and again in August, is a historic horse racing event that takes the 17 Contrade of Siena a whole year to prepare for.

Parma - Eating Out - Restaurants in Parma, Italy
Find restaurants in Parma, Italy with our guide. Parma is a major producer of fine food products including Parma Ham (prosciutto), Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and other meat and cheese products, and Parma's restaurants are up to the task of serving the fine products of Parma.

Ragusa Travel Guide - Ragusa Sicily
Ragusa travel guide. Ragusa is composed of an upper city and an old city called Ragusa Ibla. Its Baroque architecture has earned it UNESCO World Heritage status.

Sicily Travel Planning
Visit Mount Etna, the cantankerous volcano that never seems to rest, or just circumnavigate its seething flanks. See Phoenician settlements, Punic cities, Roman amphitheaters, Greek temples, Norman castles and Aragonese churches. Possibilities seem endless. Life moves forward slowly, as do the trains. It's all part of the charm of Sicily.

Todi - Travel and Tourism Information for Todi in Umbria Italy
Todi, an Umbrian hilltown, was founded by the Umbrians around 2700 b.C. shows traces of both Etruscan and Roman civilization. Todi is worth a visit of a day or two on your Umbrian excursion.

Umbria Events and Festivals - Sagre and Festival Events in Umbria Italy
The Umbria Region of Italy, known as Italy's green heart, is known for its events and festivals, especially food festivals called sagre. Umbria is also known for its evocative hilltowns and is less espensive than Tuscany for travellers.

Umbria Lodging - Hotels and Self-Catering Accommodations in Umbria
Need a place to stay in Umbria? Here are some online accommodations: Lodging options from hotels to self-catered apartment and home rentals.

Brisighella is an interesting medieval village and spa center in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. Find maps, pictures and travel information on Brisighella here.

Venice Restaurants - Eating Out in Venice Italy
Sometimes it can be difficult to find a good restaurant in Venice. But you can find good food there. Here are some reviews and recommendations for eating out in Venice.

Ostia Antica - Visiting the Ancient Port of Rome - Pictures and Information
Ostia Antica presents a unique view of a well-preserved port town. Once the ancient port of Rome, Ostia Antica offers the opportunity to see the artifacts of blue collar working life in Roman times.

Parma Festivals - The Palio and other festivals in Parma Italy
Parma Festivals - From the Palio to the Parma prosciutto festival.

Rome - Cultural Events in Rome, Italy
Here you'll find information on cultural events in Rome: art, performances, and music that would appeal to tourists visiting Rome.

Rome Lodging and Accommodations in Rome Italy - Rome Hotels
Recommended hotels, inns, and apartments in Rome, Italy. Find a hotel by location or desired luxury. Reviews of hotels in Rome.

Rome - Lodging Rental Agencies - Rome Vacation Rentals and Hotels
Agencies which maintain databases of lodging options, or recommend certain hotels and lodging in Rome.

Rome Museums - Museums in Rome, Italy
Rome is one of the world's greatest tourist cities, and has the museums to prove it. From the odd to the grande, Rome's museums will keep you busy.

Finding Good Eats in Rome, Italy
Rome has many fine restaurants, but separating the good ones from tourist dreck can be difficult. Here are some recommended Rome restaurants and recommendations from other sources for good eats in Rome.

Testaccio - Neighborhood in Rome Italy
Testaccio, named after the mountain of discarded amphoras called Monte Testaccio, is a traditional working-class area with a lively market. Testaccio is a bit off the beaten tourist track, but contains many restaurants serving traditional Roman fare, and the area around Monte Testaccio is becoming dense with night clubs.

Rome Transportation - Information on getting to and around Rome
Find airport, train, bus, and other tourist transportation options for Rome here in our Rome Transportation folder.

Venice Attractions - Things to do in Venice Italy
Venice has a lot to recommend, from sitting in a cafe in San Marco to studying the art in the Gallerie dell'Accademia or the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

Venice Transportation - Vaporetto - Traghetto - Water Taxis
Transportation in Venice. Venice is easy to get around if you know your watercraft. From the inexpensive vaporetti and traghetti, to the expensive water taxis, our guide will help you choose your Venice transportation.

Volterra History and the Etruscans
Traveler's History resources for the Italian city of Volterra.

Volterra Hotels and Lodging - Accomodations in Volterra, Italy - Tuscany
Find Volterra hotels, apartments, houses and other tourist lodging and accommodations.

Volterra Walks and Drives - Exploring the Countryside around Volterra Italy
Volterra is an interesting Etruscan walled town close to many fine Etruscan attractions and villages like San Gimigniano. Here are itineraries for walks and drives in the Volterra countryside.

Amalfi Coast Walking Guide | Information and Maps for Amalfi Coast Trekking
Amalfi coast walking resources and maps for planning a hiking or trekking holiday along the Amalfi coast and the Path of the gods, Sentiero degli Dei.

Amalfi Lodging - Hotels along the Amalfi Coast in Italy
Amalfi lodging options--find a hotel or other lodging possibility along the Amalfi coast.

Amsterdam Coffeeshops
There are over 300 coffee shops in Amsterdam. They are licensed to sell small amounts of soft drugs, mostly cannabis. You can also get coffee there (but no alcohol). A strict minimum age of 18 is enforced in coffee shops. In practice, the possession of up to 30 grams (about an ounce) is permitted. You can only buy 5 grams at a time.

Amsterdam Lodging - hotels hostels inns b&bs
Lodging in Amsterdam: Hotels, youth hostels, apartments, inns, bed and breakfasts.

Amsterdam Museums
Here are links to interesting museums the traveler may wish to visit in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Pictures - Photo Galleries of Amsterdam
Pictures and online photo galleries of Amsterdam pictures.

Amsterdam Restaurants - Eating Out in Amsterdam
Where to eat. It's the perennial question. Here are resources that'll make your eating out decision easier, restaurants and restaurant reviews for Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Sights - Tourist Things to see and do in Amsterdam
Things to do as a tourist in Amsterdam - museums, sights, clubs and more.

Amsterdam Transportation - Public Transportation Information
Need to get to or get around Amsterdam? Find aiport and public transportation options for Amsterdam here.

Antwerp Lodging - Hotels and Accomodations in Antwerp Belgium
Antwerp Hotels. Find the top rated hotels in Antwerp, Belgium in this lodging guide.

Antwerp Museums - Art and Other Museums in Antwerp Belgium
Antwerp is a center for art, fashion and design, and Belgium's second largest city. The museums of Antwerp won't disappoint the traveler.

Bergen Hotels and Lodging - Recommended Hotels in Bergen, Norway
Bergen recommended hotels and accommodations. Bergen is the gateway to Norway's fiords. Find top hotels in Bergen, Norway.

Braga - Travel and Tourism Information fror Braga, Portugal
Braga is a compelling tourist destination on Northern Portugal's Costa Verde. Braga is the home of Portugal's Bishops, and so there are lots of churches to visit. Near Braga is the most photographed church in Portugal, the Santuario do Bom Jesus do Monte.

Gay Amsterdam - Travel Resources and Information
Amsterdam is called the

Venice Italy Hotels - Accommodations and Lodging in Venice
Venice hotel links. Venice has many lodging options, from hotels to palazzi to small inns. Here is a list of Venice accommodations.

Venice Carnevale - Carnival Festival in Venice Italy
Carnevale is the top festival celebration in Venice. Venice Carnevale is an ancient celebration starting 40 days before Easter, the last fling before Ash Wednesday. Now somewhat commercialized, Venice Carnevale is still considered a memorable attraction for tourists.

Venice - Getting There - Transportation Information for Venice Italy
How to get to Venice, Italy. Europe Travel.

Autoroute A75 - Travel and Tourism Information for A75 in France
Autoroute A75 is a famous autoroute between Clermont-Ferrand and Beziers. Autoroute A75 snakes through the volcanic Massif Central and connects many interesting rural villages. The highest viaduct in the world bypasses Millau on A75.

Azores Lodging - Hotels and Rural Accommodations in the Azores Islands
Azores lodging: hotels and rural places to stay on the Azores Islands.

Azores Pictures - Photo Galleries of the Azores Islands
Azores pictures and photo galleries can help you choose a destination, or you can just browse the Azores islands pictures. The Azores islands are full of natural beauty, and are a recommended destination for those seeking a vacation slightly different from mainland Europe.

Chaves Portugal - Travel and Tourism Information for Chaves
Chaves, Portugal was a key station on the border with Spain, hence the name

Coimbra Travel Guide - Coimbra Portugal
Coimbra travel guide. Coimbra, Portgual has an interesting old section, beautiful gardens, nearby Roman ruins, and one of Europe's oldest universities.

Estremoz - Alentejo Travel and Tourism Information for Estremoz, Portugal
Estremoz is a fascinating travel destination in the Alentejo, Portugal's largest region. Estremoz has one of Portugal's best Pousadas, as well as good restaurants featuring regional cuisine. Travel and tourism information for Estremoz, Portugal.

Estremoz Travel Guide - Estremoz Portugal
Estremoz travel guide with information on Estremoz and its castle. Estremoz is a walled village in Portugal's Alentejo region.

Evora Travel and Tourism Information - Evora Portugal
Evora is a tourist destination in the Alentejo region of Portugal. Evora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Evora, Portugal travel information.

Granada Tourist Information - Granada Spain
Information for visitors to Granada Spain including hotels, tapas, apartments, the Alhambra, weather, train travel and general tourism information.

Car Leasing and Buy Back Lease Programs - European Transportation
Leasing (or lease buy back) a car if you're going to be in Europe for 17 days or more may be cheaper or more beneficial than car rental. I highly recommend the French buy back lease program offered by these companies. You'll get a brand new car exactly as ordered, fully insured, delivered to most major cities in Europe, and family members can drive it without extra charge.

Leipzig Travel Guide - Information on Leipzig Germany
Leipzig tourism guide. Leipzig is an interesting German tourist destination, especially for followers of Bach and Goethe.

Malta Travel Information - Guide to Malta
Selected web sites for travelers to Malta. Malta lodging, transportation, government, maps, attractions, and archaeological sites.

Mont Saint Michel Tours - Tour Mont St. Michel
Mont St. Michel tours and tour companies. Visitors to Mont St. Michel may wish to take a tour, since the train doesn't go all the way to Mont Saint Michel.

Porto (Oporto) Portugal tourist travel and entertainment information
Porto (Oporto), Portugal tourist information including lodging, restaurants, transportation, Port and wine tasting, Duoro River Cruise, and sights.

Schist Villages of Portugal
Central Portugal's Schist Villages are being restored and opened for tourism.

Viseu Guide
Viseu travel planner and guide to the town in the Centro region of Portugal.

Blue Cruises Turkey | Gulet Cruises Along the Turkish Coast
Blue Cruise yacht vacations and gulet cruises along the coastline of Turkey are popular and affordable. Choose the blue cruise that's right for you.

Bordeaux Wine and Wineries
Visiting and tasting information on the wines and wineries of Bordeaux in France. Get maps and suggestions on tours and tasting of Bordeaux wines.

Cappadocia Turkey Travel Guide
Cappadocia, Turkey travel guide and tourism information. Find Cappadocia, Turkey hotels, cave houses, tours and travel information.

Carnival Celebrations - Europe Festivals - Fasnacht - Carnevale
Carnival Celebration information. Carnaval or carnevale is a major winter/spring festival celebrated throughout Europe. Information on European celebrations of carnival.

Cathar History and Resources for the Tourist visiting Cathar Country
Resources on the history of the Cathars, the Cathar religion, and the Albigensian Crusade conducted against the Cathars in Southern France.

Christiania - Copenhagen Denmark
Christiania is a social experiment with self-government and a democracy based on dialogue replacing majority voting. Christiania was started in an abandoned army baracks in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1971. The current government is not particularly sympathetic with the aims and achievements of Christiania, since soft drugs have been part of the experience.

Enkhuizen North Holland Travel Guide
Travel Guide to Enkhuizen, an important city and tourist destination in North Holland.

Excess Baggage - Shipping Your Luggage Home from Europe
Bought way too much stuff on your European Vacation and don't know what to do with your excess baggage? You can ship unaccompanied baggage. Here are services that are generally less expensive than the excess baggage charges your airline might levy.

Freiburg Germany - Tourism Links - Accommodation Events Attractions
Freiburg, gateway to the black forest and Germany's biggest wine town, is a prime tourist destination located in southwestern Germany.

Istanbul Turkey Travel Information - Istanbul Guide
Istanbul, Turkey travel planning information for planning a vacation in Istanbul, Turkey's largest city. Find Istanbul attractions, hotels, and travel information here.

Maastricht Travel Guide - Netherlands Travel
Maastricht travel guide. Maastricht is the capital of the Dutch province of Limburg in southern Netherlands near the Belgian border. For Travelers, Maastricht offers a surprising array of attractions, as well as easy access to other cities in Germany and Belgium.

Open Air Markets - Street Markets - Antique and Flea Markets - Europe
Local open air markets are difficult to locate on the web so this is an incomplete list of the open air street markets you'll find in most European cities.

Turkey Pictures
Pictures of Turkey. Photo galleries of Turkish cities, attractions and archaeology sites.

Rennes le Chateau
Rennes le Chateau is a pilgrimage spot for treasure hunters and daVinci code readers. The mystery? Berenger Sauniere, the parish priest of Rennes le Chateau seemed to have mysteriously recieved an endless supply of money to refurbish the local church and monuments. Dig here for more on Rennes le Chateau.

Rothenburg - Germany - Tourism Information for Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Rothenburg, Germany travel guide, including hotel and restaurant information, weather, and festival and cultural events.

Mechelen, Belgium
Traveler resources and guide to Mechelen in Flanders, northern Belgium. Find city information, lodging, tourism and other guides to Mechelen.

Baden Baden - Germany - Travel and Tourism Resources
Travel and Tourism information for the spa town of Baden Baden in Germany. Spas, accommodations, events, transportation and other tourist information for Baden Baden.

Driving in Germany - Driving German Roads and Autobahns
Driving in Germany, especially on the speedy Autobahn, can be loads of fun. There's even an autobahn in Germany that lets you race! Here are rule, tips, and words to learn that will enhance your experience while driving in Germany.

Etruscans and Etruscan Cities to visit in Italy
The Etruscans once ruled a chunk of Italy before the Romans. Etruscan tombs were sturdy enough to have lasted through centuries and give the traveler an interesting insight into the ancient Etruscan culture. Places to visit in Etruscan Italy.

German Rail Passes - Rail Passes for Germany
German Rail Passes will reduce the price of normal rail travel in Germany for the traveler who lives outside the European Union. Rail passes for Germany come in many durations. Here's a list of German rail passes available now.

Oberammergau Germany - Travel Information Guide for Oberammergau
Oberammergau in the German alps is famous for the Oberammergau Passion Play held in May. Find tourism and travel information and where to stay in Oberammergau, Germany

Oslo Norway - Travel and Tourism Information for Oslo
Located at the head of Oslo Fjord, Oslo is a major seaport and Norway's industrial and political center. Oslo, although expensive, has a thriving arts and nightlife culture. Oslo is best experienced May-September; off-season months in Oslo can feature bone-chilling cold.

Ravensburg Germany - Travel and Tourism Information for Ravensburg
Ravensburg, Germany is a the city of towers and gates. Ravensburg, and the company called Ravensburger, is known for games, puzzles and books for children. Ravensburg is a good place to spend a short stay.

Trier Germany - Travel and Tourism Information for Trier
Trier is Germany's oldest city, and still features Roman remains. Trier is an attractive town with a pedestrianized center in western Germany. River trips along the Moselle are popular. Also popular in Trier is cycling along the banks of the Moselle and Saar.

Worms Germany Travel Guide
Worms travel and tourism guide. Worms maps, Worms hotels and other travel information,

Carrara Travel Information - Carrara Italy
Carrara travel information for the independent traveler. Find information about the Tuscany city of Carrara and information on the marble quarries Carrara is famous for.

Chioggia Italy Travel Guide
Chioggia travel guide and information for the city of Chioggia on the southern edge of the Venice lagoon.

Matera, Italy Travel and Tourism Information
Matera Italy, a World Heritage Site located in Italy's Basilicata region, was the subject of Carlo Levi's

Milan Travel Information | Milano Tourism Guide
Milan tourism information, including Milan maps, climate and information on visiting the Duomo di Milano, Milan's Cathedral, and other tourist attractions, recommended hotels, and restaurants in Milan.

Monteriggioni - Walled Town in Tuscany - Monteriggioni Italy
Monteriggioni is a small city in Italy with a 14 tower, 10 meter high wall, elliptical in shape, completely surrounding it. Monteriggioni is 15 km from Siena and 54 km from Florence. Monteriggioni travel information.

Orvieto Italy | Travel and Tourism Information for Orvieto
Orvieto, Italy travel information, including pictures and maps of Orvieto, Orvieto hotel information, and attractions of the Umbrian city of Orvieto.

Pistoia Italy Travel Information | Pistoia Guide
Pistoia Italy travel information guide. Pistoia travel and transportation information, recommended Pistoia hotels, and travel maps of Pistoia.

Torre del Lago Puccini Visitor Information
Torre del Lago Puccini is famous for its summer Puccini Festival. Torre del Lago offers the tourist an elegant, turn of the century experience by peaceful lake Massaciuccoli in Tuscany.

Ferrara Travel Guide | Ferrara, Italy
Ferrara travel guide. Ferrara is a city in Emilia Romagna noted for its Duomo and the Este Castle

Montecatini Terme
Montecatini Terme is famous for its thermal springs and the spa experience in Tuscany. Travel guide to Montecatini Terme and Montecatini Alto.

Bellagio Italy - Travel and Tourism Information for Bellagio
Bellagio a well-known tourist location and elegant health resort situated at the top of the headland that divides the lake in two (the west branch towards Como and the east branch towards Lecco). It is 30 km from the village of Como.

Bellinzona Travel and Tourism Information - Bellinzona Switzerland
Bellinzona is a lightly touristed capital of the Ticino region of Switzerland. Bellinzona is a pleasant stop, featuring three World Heritage Medieval Castles and other interesting architecture in the picturesque town.

Civita di Bagnoregio - Italy Hilltown - Travel Guide
Civita di Bagnoregio is a small Italian hill town in the Italian province of Viterbo. Its population had declined to about 15 before it was

Cortona - Tuscany - Cortona Italy Tourism
Cortona is an interesting village in Tuscany. Here are the best websites devoted to Cortona with information on accommodations, restaurants, and general tourism information

Ephesus Travel Guide | Visiting the Greco-Roman Ruins
Ephesus Turkey Guide. Travel information on Ephesus, a major Roman and Greek archaeological site in Turkey, including maps and historical Ephesus information.

Genoa Italy - Genova Italy - Travel and Tourism Information
Genoa, one of Italy's major seaports, has been named European Capital of Culture for 2004, and part of the historic district has been made into walking streets. Here are travel links to help you plan your visit.

Loire Valley Tours - Chateau Country Touring
Loire Valley Tours are a popular way to see the Chateaux of the Loire Valley of France. Here we present some recommended tours of the Loire Valley and Chateau country.

Panicale - Umbria - Accommodations Hotels Apartments
Panicale, a small town in Umbria, Italy, has a variety of options for the traveler, including hotels, inns, apartments, farmhouses, and argritourismos.

Urbino Travel Guide - Information on Visiting Urbino Italy
Urbino is a gem of a renaissance city located in Italy's seldom visited Marche region. Urbino travel information and guide.

European Winter Festivals and cultural Events
Festivals and Events in Europe taking place in winter. November, December, January and February Festivals.

Schwetzingen Germany Guide
Schwetzingen, Germany is a small town with a palace and extensive Royal gardens in Baden-Württemberg, southwest of Heidelberg. Schwetzingen makes a fine day trip from Heidelberg.

Finding Bargain Airfares - Airfare tips and advice from the About Network
Here are resources on the About Network to help you find the best bargain airfare for your trip to Europe.

Airport Hotels in Europe - Lodging Near European Airports
Sometimes you'll need a hotel airport for that first or last day of your European vacation. Here's where to find sites specializing in finding Airport hotels for the traveler.

Auto Museums in Germany - German Car and Automotive Museums
Here are museums dealing with autos located in Germany. See vintage, antique and racing cars, race tracks, and get a sense of automotive history and the impact of cars on society in these museums.

Berne Switzerland - Travel Guide to Berne or Bern
Berne (or Bern) is Switzerland's capital and fourth largest city. Berne's center is medieval and is a UNESCO cultural world heritage site. Favorite sites in Berne include the Zytglogge tower, a medieval clock tower and symbol of Berne, and the 15th century cathedral called the Münster of Berne, which boasts the tallest tower in Switzerland at 100 meters.

Dublin Travel Information - Dublin Ireland
Dublin travel information and tips for visiting Dublin, Ireland. Dublin maps, hotels and tourist attractions.

Discount Airlines offering Cheap Airfares - Cheap Flights to Europe
Discount carriers provide cheap airfares within Europe, making flights cheaper and more time efficient on longer legs of a European journey. Here are some discount European airlines that offer bargain flights.

Gstaad Saanenland | Travel Information for Gstaad Switzerland
Gstaad-Saanenland is a holiday region in the Bernese Oberland. Travel and tourism information for Gstaad Saanenland in Switzerland.

Helsinki Finland Guide | Travel Information for Helsinki
Helsinki Finland Guide, find information on Helsinki Airport, maps, hotels and other travel information for a trip to Helsinki, Finland.

Ireland Accommodations - Where to Stay in Ireland
Where to stay in Ireland, from hotels to self-catering apartments and vacation homes.

London pictures selected for quality and interest to the traveler.
London pictures selected for quality and interest to the traveler.

Lucerne Switzerland Travel Guide
Lucerne Switzerland Travel Guide. Lucerne is a beautiful city in central Switzerland. Find Lucerne attractions, places to stay, and other travel and tourism information for Lucerne, Switzerland.

Lugano Travel Guide - Information for Lugano Switzerland
Lugano Travel and tourism information. Lugano, Switzerland is a beautiful city located on the northern edge of Lake Lugano in the southern Italian speaking Swiss canton of Ticino.

Switzerland Transportation - Swiss Rail Bus Airports
Switzerland transportation information. Find information on transportation in Switzerland, from Swiss Railways to Swiss Buses and airports in Switzerland.

Derry - Travel and Tourism Information for Derry in Northern Ireland
Here you'll find travel and tourism information on the town of Derry, in Northern Ireland.

Euro Disney Paris Guides - Disney in Paris France Information
Kids don't like sophisticated Paris? Take them to Disneyland Resort Paris. Official Disneyland guides and Independent, unofficial Paris Disneyland guides are found here.

Ireland Transportation - Irish Travel - Airports Busses and Trains
Web resources providing information on transportation in Ireland, including airports, buses and bus lines, and train schedules and rail lines.

Italian Cooking Schools - Learning to Cook Italian Food
Italian Cooking Schools are popular vacation activities. Here is a list of the best schools for those wishing to learn how to cook Italian food.

Legoland Billund - Original Legoland in Denmark
Legoland Billund was the original Legoland. Located in the center of Denmark's Jutland, Legoland can be reached by public tranporation, car, or the nearby Billund airport.

Netherlands Transportation - Getting to and around the Netherlands
Netherlands travel and public transportation Information. How to get to and get around in Holland, from trains to planes to buses and cars.

Paris Food and Entertainment
To many travelers Paris means great restaurants and night clubs. Here's where to find food and entertainment possiblities for visitors to Paris, France.

Rhine Falls | Rheinfall | Largest Waterfalls in Europe
The Rhine Falls or Rheinfall on the Rhine River at Neuhausen am Rheinfall are the largest in Europe. Along with visiting the Rhine Falls, tourists can visit the Schloss Laufen castle that overlooks the falls, or eat at a fine restaurant on the Rhine that overlooks the Rhine Falls.

Online Roaming - Getting Online in Europe through Global Roaming
Getting online in Europe through Global ISPs, and global internet roaming services.

Scenic Rail Journeys - Train Routes through Scenic Europe
Here are descriptions and information on the most scenic train travel you can do in Europe. It's great watching spectacular scenery fly by your window without having to worry about the traffic.

Skiing Switzerland - Winter Ski Switzerland Tips and Skiing Resources
Ah, winter skiing in the Swiss alps. It's not for the faint hearted. Still, Switzerland is the place to Ski in the universe, although one of the most expensive. Find Switzerland ski resources here.

Zaanse Schans - Travel Information for Zaanse Schans in Noord Holland - Netherlands
Zaanse Schans reflects its 17th and 18th century roots with painted wooden houses, mills and warehouses along the Zaan river. Zaanse Schans is a 20 minute train ride from Amsterdam toward Alkmaar (Koog-Zaandijk station).

Texel Island Travel Guide
Texel Island travel guide. Texel Island is an easily reachable North Holland island. Tourism activities include Texel include bird watching, cycling, walking, swimming and horse riding.

Ultrecht Holland
Ultrecht Holland travel and tourism guide, with maps, weather, hotels, and travel information for Ultrecht.

Provence Hotels and Vacation Houses and Apartments in the Provence Region of France
Hotels and vacation houses and apartments in the Provence Region of France.

Copenhagen Denmark - Travel and Tourism Information for Copenhagen
Information for travelers to Copenhagen. Find interesting Copenhagen hotels, Copenhagen events, and other information for one of Denmark's best tourist destinations.

Corsica Hotels - Lodging in Corsica
Corsica hotels tend to be a bit less expensive than the rest of Europe. There aren't a lot of hotels in Corsica, so it's wise to reserve your lodging in Corsica before you go.

European Internet Access - Cybercafes | Internet Cafes | Internet Points
Internet cafes, cybercafes, Internet points - all terms to describe public internet access, often associated with cafes.

Delft Travel and Tourism Information - Delft, Netherlands
Delft, near Den Hag, is a charming city known for Royal Delft pottery. Painter Johannes Vermeer was born in Delft. William of Orange, the founder of the Dutch nation, was assasinated in Delft; the Museum Het Prinsenhof is in his former residence. Try Delft's Historic Walk after visiting the Tourist office for a map of Delft.

Harry Potter - Theme Travel and the Magic of Britain
The world of Harry Potter, the J. K. Rowling creation, provides an introduction to many historical places in Britain. You can follow the legends while traveling through these selected web sites.

Iceland Flora and Fauna - Iceland's Natural History
Many come to Iceland to see nature in the raw--and that means lots of flora and fauna. From the spring wildflowers to Sea Eagles and Puffins, Iceland has a wealth of opportunities for the tourist to become one with the universe.

Iceland - The Ring Road - Tourism Scenic Route
Iceland's Highway One, the ring road, is a 900 mile road that encircles Iceland, considered to be one of the most desolate and scenic routes in the world.

Iceland Lodging and Accommodations - Vacation Rentals in Iceland
Iceland lodging, from guest houses to inns to vacation rental apartments.

Motorhome Camping in Europe - RV Camps
Where can you park your motorhome or RV for the night in Europe? Here are some resources for the overnight stays you might consider on your RV tour of Europe.

Motorhome Tours in Europe - Guided RV tours
Want everything planned for you on your motorhome or RV vacation? Here you'll find tour companies specializing in planning motorhome tours for you. A tour might include ferry arrangements, camping reservations, and transportation into larger cities.

Paris Dinner Parties and Gatherings - Salons in Parisian Ateliers
Remember the great Parisian literary salons of the past? Well, there are still people in Paris who make dinner for collections of strangers and friends for the purpose of good conversation, interesting food, and the free exchange of ideas. We honor them here.

Paris for Lovers - Romantic Attractions in the City of Light
Paris is made for lovers. Lovers of light, literature, food, and the good life are welcome, as are lovers of others.

Paris - Offbeat and Underground Attractions
There's a Paris for romantics and a Paris most don't see: a world dug underground of catacombs and sewers. Here are some offbeat suggestions for visiting oddball attractions in Paris.

Roskilde Denmark - Travel and Tourism Guide to Roskilde
Roskilde attractions, travel and tourism information, information on the Roskilde festival and other Roskilde tralel planning essentials.

Wireless Hotspots in Europe - Finding European WiFi Hotspots
Finding wireless or WiFi hotspots in Europe has become easier in the last few years. Here are sites that enable you to find WiFi hotspots--nodes that allow access to wireless local area networks (wlan).

Oppede-le-Vieux | Provence France Village Old Oppede
Oppede-le-Vieux is a very pretty and evocative hill town in Provence. Abandoned for a while, Oppede-le-Vieux is making a comeback, populated by artists and potters. Find resources for exploring Oppede-le-Vieux.

European Pilgrimage - Camino de Santiago de Compostela Walks and Tours
The Camino De Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage route is one of the world's oldest trails. Pilgrimage is coming back into style, and walking tours are also becoming a popular vacation passtime. Why not take a pilgrimage walk in Europe on your next vacation?

Cell Phone Rentals - Europe
Cell Phone rental companies and cell phone information. If you need phone service while you're in Europe, it may be best to rent a cell phone for the period of your stay. Sites that feature cell phone rental.

Edinburgh Scotland | Guide to Edinburgh
Edinburgh Scotland is a prime Scotland travel destination. Travel guide and information on Edinburgh, Scotland.

Groningen Travel Guide | Groningen, Holland
Groningen Travel Guide. Groningen is the capital of the province of Groningen in the Netherlands.

Lausanne Switzerland Travel Information
Lausanne has been called the San Francisco of Switzerland because of its hills and beauty. Situated on the shores of Lake Geneva, Lausanne is home to Switzerland's largest University, and features many music festivals and great nightlife.

Liguria Travel Information | Guide to Travel in Liguria
Liguria travel resources and guide. Liguria is one of Italy's regions, a thin sliver of land that includes the Italian Riviera.

Maps of Scotland
Maps of Scotland for travel planning. Find maps of Scottish council areas, distilleries maps, and city location maps of Scotland.

Paris Discount Passes - Transportation and Museum Discount Cards
Sometimes a pass or discount card offers exceptional value to the tourist in Paris. Here we list several discount passes that will help the active tourist save money on transportation and admissions to tourist sites and museums.

Paris Train Stations - Transportation Information
Paris has six terminus rail stations around the periphery of the city core. Find rail station information, transportation information for getting to train stations in Paris, and train station maps.

Strasbourg Lodging - Where to Stay in Strasbourg France
Strasbourg is France's seventh largest city and has many lodging options. Find Strasbourg hotels, hostels, and vacation rentals here.

Switzerland - Selected Online Information for Travel to Switzerland
Web resources and information for visiting Switzerland.

Glasgow Scotland
Glasgow, Scotland Travel Guide. Glasgow is Scotland's largest city, located on the River Clyde in the west central lowlands of Scotland.

Dordogne Accommodations - Lodging in the Dordogne Perigord France
The Dordogne offers a variety of lodging options. Accommodations in the Dordogne, also called Perigord, feature hotels, self catering houses and apartments, and bed and breakfasts. Find dordogne accommodations here.

Dordogne Prehistory - Prehistoric Caves and Museums
Dordogne is the home of Lascaux and Lascaux II, but also home to many interesting prehistoric caves, archaeological sites, habitation areas, and museums, mostly found in the Perigord Noir region of the Dordogne. Find Dordogne prehistoric site information here.

Geneva Switzerland - Geneva Hotels Festivals Pictures Events
Geneva, Switzerland travel and tourism information. Find Geneva festivals and events, hotels, pictures and things to do in Geneva.

Iceland - Travel Information for Tourists to Iceland
Iceland tourist information including statistical information--arts and cultural events, hotels and lodging, guided tours, and museums and tourist favorites like the Blue Lagoon and the 900 mile long ring road skirting the fiord laden edge of Iceland.

Interlaken Switzerland - Hotels Restaurants Events Tourism
Sites devoted to tourist information for Interlaken Switzerland: Maps, hotels, restaurants, cultural events and activities.

Lille Accommodations - Hotels and Hostels in Lille France
Recommended Lille accommodations. Hotels, hostels, and other lodging in Lille, France.

Newcastle upon Tyne Tourism Links - England - Europe for Visitors
Travelers information for the Northumbria region's Newcastle upon Tyne. Hotels, restaurants, cultural events, weather, airports and general travel information is featured.

Veneto map, travel information guide and other Veneto tourism information are found in our Veneto guide.

York Travel and Tourism Information for | Yorkshire England
Travel information for tourists visiting York an interesting tourist destination in Yorkshire, England. Visit the York Cathedral, castle, and dungeon museum as well as the world's largest railway museum.

Zurich Switzerland Travel and Tourism Information for Zurich
Travel and tourism information for Zurich, Switzerland. Hotels, tourism activities, and events in Zurich.

Bad Wimpfen - Castle Road Spa Town of Bad Wimpfen Germany
Bad Wimpfen, known for its Blue Tower and old train station, is an interesting stop along the Castle Road. If you're looking for a less-touristed spa village in Germany, Bad Wimpfen might just be the place you're looking for.

Bavaria - Travel Information Guide and Maps for Germany's Bavaria
Bavaria is Germany's largest state. It has a plethora of places to explore, including Germany's third largest city Munich, the somber remains of Dachau, as well as everyone's favorite fantasy castle Neuschwanstein.

Belgium Pictures - Travel Pictures of Belgium - Photo Gallery
Pictures featuring the travel destinations, tourist sights, and landscapes of Belgium.

Selected web sites featuring travel and tourism information on Belgium.
Selected web sites featuring travel and tourism information on Belgium.

Brugge - Bruges - City Guide and Tourism Information - Belgium
Information for tourists visiting the city of Brugge, Belgium: Hotels, sights, museums, and cultural events. Brugge is the capital of the Belgian province of West-Flanders and one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium, as Brugges has done the much to preserve the medieval image of the city.

Dordogne Attractions - Things to do in the Dordogne
The Dordogne has lots to do, from kayaking the rivers, to visiting the prehistoric caves. Other Dordogne attractions include castles, Troglodyte villages, an aquarium and more. Things to do in the Dordogne - Perigord.

French Festivals - Festivals Carnivals Celebrations in France
French festivals carnivals celebrations and holidays.

Italian Festivals - Festivals in Italy - Sagre - Carnevale
Festivals in Italy, including carnevale and sagre. Many Italian weekends are spent celebrating food, art, and culture of Italy. Festivals are a way to get in tune with Italian culture. Here you'll find information on Italian festivals that you can attend (and are encouraged to do so).

Leeds England Travel Guide
Leeds England Travel Guide and Tourism Information. Leeds is the largest city in West Yorkshire, England, and a destination for shopping, music, and the arts.

Passport Expediting Agencies - Getting Your Passport in a Hurry
If you need your passport in a hurry and are willing to pay for it, you might be able to get it in 48 hours or so through an agency here. Agencies listed have prices listed up front.

Pictures of Germany - Germany Travel Photos and Landscape Pictures
Here are pictures of Germany's best tourist destinations. Germany is popular with tourists, and sometimes choosing your destination by pictures is a reasonable way to decide where to go in Germany.

Tour de France Tours - Bicycling Along the Tour de France Route
Lance Armstrong's success in the Tour de France has renewed US interest in bicycling. Here is information on taking a tour of the Tour de France and doing a little cycling of your own with companies that'll handle everything, from bags to bicycle rental.

Canterbury Travel Guide | Canterbury England
Canterbury in Kent has one of the great Cathedrals of the world. Things to see in Canterbury, England, Canterbury maps and places to stay.

ATM Locations - Europe
Find the location of ATMs in Europe for your MasterCard, Visa, or American Express cards.

Bilbao Spain in the Basque Country - Travel and Tourism Information
Travel and tourism information for Bilbao, home of the Guggenheim Museum, in the Basque Country of Spain.

Brussels - Belgium - Tourism and Travel Information
Brussels, Belgium travel and tourism information, including Brussels recommended hotels.

Driving in Italy
Driving in Italy. Tips on Italian driving rules and techniques to help you on an automobile vacation if Italy and the Italian countryside.

Finding Festivals in Europe - European Festival Calendars
European festivals and festival calendars, including the unusual and bizarre festivals that attract thousands, from phallus festivals to tomato and orange throwing festivals.

Ghent - Gent - Belgium Travel Resources
Ghent travel information, including links to maps, Ghent hostels and other accommodations, and descriptions and history of Ghent, Belgium

Leiden Guide - Travel and Tourism Information for Leiden Holland
Leiden is where the Pilgrims lived before they ventured to Plymouth Rock. You'll find Leiden loaded with important museums. Leiden is 25 mi (40 km) southwest of Amsterdam.

Opera and Opera Companies in Europe - Tickets Perfomances Info
Sites featuring opera companies and operatic events taking place in Europe.

San Sebastian Pais Basque Spain - Travel and Tourism Information
Travel and tourism in San Sebastian, an elegant seaside resort in Spain's Basque Country.

U.K. Festivals and Carnivals
Festivals in the United Kingdom. Places you'll want to visit for a cultural event you can't experience any other time.

VAT Refunds for Business Travelers - Companies
Businesses and business travelers may get VAT refunds on a variety of business expenses but regulations vary. These companies handle VAT refunds for a percentage of the VAT recovery.

Wine Tours in Europe - European Wine Tours
Visit the best European wineries and vineyards, and taste the best of Europe's wines. Most wine tours are on the luxury side, but many of these selected wine tours are designed to offer the wine connoisseur a real insight to the production of wine in Europe.

Utrecht Travel Guide
Utrecht travel guide. Utrecht is Holland's fourth largest city, one of the oldest cities in Holland.

Aveiro Travel Guide | Portugal
Travel guide and tourism information for the Portuguese city of Aveiro, a city of canals and a modern university town in the center of Portugal.

Campania Tourism Information
Campania is known for its fine food, including Pizza from Naples. The archaeology is spectacular, from Pompeii to Ancient Capua. Here are the best places to go and things to do in the Campania region of Italy

Spain Accommodations including hotels and pousadas in Spain
General accommodation web sites and hotels paradors or pousadas of particular interest.

Alkmaar - Holland's Cheese Town - Travel and Tourism Info for Alkmaar
Alkmaar is rightly called Holland's cheese town. On Friday, you'll see a ritualized version of cheese marketing. Alkmaar is a short train ride from Amsterdam. Alkmaar is the largest town of its region, and hosts many festivals around cheese, including cheesegolf and Cheese Town Jazz.

Antiques and Flea Markets - Spain
Antique shops and flea markets in Spain.

Driving in Spain - Information on Driving and Fueling your Car in Spain
Information on driving a car in Spain, from the rules of the road in Spain, signage, and Spanish road names to finding fuel prices in Spain.

Eating in Spain - Spanish Food and Drink for the Traveler
Find out about Spanish food and drink so you can get ready for your vacation in Spain. From Sangria (and why you may not want to order it) to Tapas and Paella, Spanish food is fun, delicious and interesting. Here are tips to help you get the most out of eating and drinking in Spain.

Spain - General Travel Information about Spain
General resources for tourists planning travel to Spain.

Health and Travel Insurance - Insurance for the traveler to Europe
Insurance providers of health and travel insurance. Short term health insurance may be the answer for the traveler whose health insurance doesn't cover out of country or out of network expenses. Travel insurance protects you from baggage and travel-related losses.

Karlsruhe Germany - Travel and Tourism Information for Karlsruhe
Karlsruhe Germany is on the Rhine River at the foot of the Black Forest, just a half hour from France. Karlsruhe travel and tourism information, including top Karlsruhe sights, Karlsruhe hotels, and history.

Munich Travel Guide - Information for Munich Germany
Munich travel guide with information on where to stay in Munich, Munich weather and maps, and Munich attractions and day trips.

Semana Santa in Spain - Holy Week - Pasqua Travel
Semana Santa is an Easter week celebration, widely celebrated in Spain. Observing the Semana Santa traditions is a good way to understand the passion of religion in Spain.

Spain Pictures - Travel Photo Galleries of Spain
Spain pictures from our Photo Galleries. Plan your vacation in Spain by looking at the pictures of Spain and Spanish tourist destinations and monuments.

Tapas and Tapas Bars - Spain
Tapas, Spanish appetizers, are small plates of food served with a drink, usually at a bar. Here we present information on tapas, from making your own to finding restaurants and bars that serve tapas.

Basilicata Travel Guide
Basilicata and the tourist treasures contained in this fascinating region in southern Italy. A guide to the best places to go in Basilcata.

Miranda do Douro
Miranda do Douro travel guide and tourism information. Miranda do Douro is an ancient walled city in the Douro valley in the district of Bragança, Portugal in north Portugal near the Spanish border.

Portugal Accommodation and Hotels of interest in Portugal
Portugal accommodations and lodging help for booking hotels, houses, or pousadas. Lodging and accommodation guides to Portugal.

Portugal's Algarve Region - the beaches on the southern coast of Portugal - travel and tourism links
Portugal's Algarve region on the southern coast is a popular tourist destination. Here are travel and tourism links for information about the Algarve region.

Bramberg Germany Tourism Guide
Bamberg is a beautiful well-preserved town in Bavaria, surrounded by several castles. Here are links of interest to the tourist including photos, castles, beer, where to stay, and what to see and do in Bamberg, in Bavaria, Germany.

Foz Côa | Archaeological Park Foz Coa in Portugal
Foz Côa, the valley around the river Côa was destined to become a reservoir when word got out about its concentration of rock carvings from the Upper Upper Palaeolithic (22,000-10,000 B.C.). Now you can visit the rock art at Foz Côa with these maps and resources.

Hamburg - Travel Information Guide for Hamburg Germany
Hamburg is a major city and travel destination in northern Germany. Travel and tourism resources for the city of Hamburg.

Maps of Portugal - Regional and City Maps of Portugal
Maps of Portugal are vital for the traveler. Make sure you have a good map when you hit the roads, as there has been a lot of road construction in Portugal. Here you'll find online maps of Portugal.

Pousadas of Portugal - Historic Lodging in Portuguese Pousadas
Pousadas offer a luxury lodging experience in restored historic buildings. Pousada definition, pousada reviews and pousada recommendations.

Madeira Islands Guide
Madeira Islands guide--find travel and tourism information for Funchal and the Madeira Islands in this guide.

Moutain Biking Portugal
Portugal has some wonderful mountain biking opportunities. Find information on mountain biking events and trails in Portugal including where to rent mountain bikes.

Belmonte Portugal Guide
Travel guide with information on the village of Belmonte, located in the district of Castelo Branco in Portugal near the border with Spain.

Cooking Schools and Classes - Europe - Culinary Arts instruction in France Italy Spain
Culinary arts instruction - Cooking schools and classes for beginners to pros in Europe with sessions from a few hours to a few weeks.

Free Travel Blogs and Travel Community Web Sites
Free travel blogs are making waves in the travel journalism field. Get more than a free travel blog, join a community of travellers.

Europe Climate - Historic Averages for Rainfall and Temperature
The top European travel cities historic climate charts, the average precipitation and high and low temperature charts for travel planning.

La Rochelle Lodging - Hotels in La Rochelle France
Hotels and other lodging opportunities in La Rochelle, France. La Rochelle is on the Atlantic coast of France, between Nantes and Bordeaux.

Rhodes City Greece Lodging - Rhodos Accommodations - Greece
Find accommodations in Rhodes Town. Rhodes hotels and guesthouses are found in this category.

Weimar Germany - Accommodations and Tourism Information
Weimar Germany Travel and tourism information including lodging and accommodations. Weimar, although not a large city, is a major tourist destination in Germany due to its historical past.

Aegina - Saronic Gulf Island of Aegina in Greece Travel Information
Aegina travel information, maps and pictures. Aegina is a Greek island in the Saronic Gulf, about 50 miles from Athens. Aegina is easy to travel to by boat, and makes an interesting side trip or weekend getaway from Athens.

Alsace France | Alsace Travel Guide
Alsace France travel guide, with maps of Alsace, major tourist cities in Alsace, and other Alsatian travel information.

Arles - Travel and Tourism Information for Arles, France
Arles is a favorite tourist destination in Provence, made famous in recent times by painters Van Gogh and Gaugin, but has been a center since Roman times, as evidenced by the wonderful Arena in the center of Arles, still used for bullfights. The area around Arles is famous for its natural beauty, especially in the Camargue.

Benelux - Belgium Netherlands Luxemburg - Europe travel information
Sites featuring tourist information on the Benelux countries as a group: Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburgh.

Benelux Rail Passes - Benelux Rail and Drive Passes
Benelux Rail Passes offer discounted rail travel in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Also listed are rail passes for adjacent, bordering countries France and Germany. Northern Europe Rail Passes.

Cyclades - Cycladic Islands of Greece Travel Information
Cyclades island travel information. Learn about Cycladic culture, find cycladic island guides and maps, and get tips on Cyclades island hopping.

Cyprus - Travel and Tourism Information on Cyprus
Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Most of Cyprus is under Greek control, but 37 of the island remains under Turkish rule. Cyprus has many archaeological sites and monasteries to visit, including three world heritage sites.

Electricity in Europe - What the European Traveler Should Know about Plugs and Current in Europe
European voltage is twice what American voltage is. Plus, the plugs are different. Not only that, but the number of cycles per second is less. Here's what you need to know to make the stuff you're carrying work with European current.

Luxembourg - Travel and Tourism Information for Luxembourg
Luxembourg is probably less visited than it should be. Luxembourg is a beautiful, compact country with abundant natural beauty, an interesting history, many castles, and more. Travel and tourism information for Luxembourg.

Meteora Monasteries | Greece
The monasteries of Meteora, perched on pinnacles jutting from the Thassalian plain in central Greece near the town of Kalambaka, are one of Europe's most amazing sites. Here are visitor resources for tourists wishing to visit the monasteries of Meteora.

Nafplion Greece Travel Information
Nafplion or Nafplio is a seaport town in Greece, located on Argolikos Bay in the northeast Peloponnese. It is a major tourist center; from Nafplion you can easily visit the ruins of Mycenae, Tirins, Epidaurus and Korinth.

Greece - Tourism Information Hotels Maps Events in Greece
General informtion for tourists visiting Greece including hotels and lodging, arts and cultural events, maps, transportation, and statistical information on Greece and the Greeks.

European Metro and Subway Information
Find public transportation information on Europe's metro and subway lines.

Mykonos - Travel and Tourism Information for Mykonos Island, Greece
Mykonos is in the center of the Cyclades island group. One of the most famous of Greek islands, Mykonos is a favorite with beach goers, students, and party folks. Mykonos is connected to Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Crete, Rhodes, Kos and all the major Cyclades islands by ferry.

Santorini Island Guide | Santorini Greece
Santorini Greece island tourism guide. Find Santorini travel information, maps, and where to stay on Santorini

Solo Travel - Traveling Alone - Europe for Visitors
Solo Travel is becoming more popular. Solo travel may be more rewarding than you think. Solo travel needn't be lonely travel. Use these resources to see how to travel by yourself yet never feel lonely.

Cameras for Travel Photography - Digital Cameras and Buying Advice
Everyone wants to keep memories of their travel, and what better way to do it than to have a camera on hand. Resources for finding the perfect camera for travel--from compact pocketable cameras to cameras for the pro.

Canadian Travelers to Europe Resources - Canada Travel Information
Sites devoted to travel information for the Canadian traveler to Europe. Includes Canadian government information on traveling to Europe.

Tips for Driving in Italy
Help for those considering driving in Italy. Techniques, signage, and the laws are considered.

France Travel Photography - Pictures of France
Pictures of France from France Photo Galleries on About.

Italy Pictures - Italian Travel Photography and Picture Galleries
Italy travel demands Italy pictures. Great photos of Italy are everywhere. Here are picture galleries from the major tourist destinations in Italy.

Taking Great Travel Pictures - Travel Photography Tips and Guides
Lots of people have trouble taking good travel pictures. Here are some tips to composing and taking compelling travel photos while you're on vacation in Europe.

European Sex and Erotic Art Museums - Erotica in Europe
Sex and Erotica museums in Europe: Information on European sex museums and official sex and erotic art museum web sites.

Travel Safety | Europe Travel
Advice on travel safety, avoiding pickpockets, petty thieves and other annoyances that travelers to Europe might face

Foreign Language Help for the Traveler
Sites and pages devoted to helping you learn just enough of a foreign language to get by when you travel in Europe.

Sweden - Scandinavia - General Tourist Information
General information for tourists about Sweden: statistical information, weather, arts and cultural events, hotels and lodging, and embassy information.

Pet Travel - European Vacation Travel with your Pet
Planning to take your dog or cat (or other pet) to Europe with you? Here are some resources that may help you plan for traveling with a pet.

Nude Beaches and European Naturist Resorts
Find information on nude beaches and nudist resorts in Europe, and how a visitor can access them.

Getting Married in Italy - Marriage Information for Italy
Thinking about getting married in Italy? Information on marriage in Italy--paperwork required, FAQs, and wedding information.

Greenland - Travel and Tourism Resources for Greenland
Greenland. You probably never thought of yourself as Greenland material. But Greenland is a favorite destination for Danes, and there's a lot of wild there.

Italian Architectual Terms for Tourists
Here you'll find pages that define the little details you see on Italian houses, castles, and palaces. Renting an apartment and don't know what a mansarda is? Look here.

Lapland - Travel Information for Lapland in Scandinavia
Lapland a region in north Scandinavia belonging to Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Lapland's many hills shelter a rich fauna and flora.

UK - Ireland Maps - Travel Maps for the UK and Ireland
Travel maps of the UK and Ireland are found here. Find travel destinations and information on the United Kingdom and Ireland with our travel maps of the UK and Ireland.

VAT refunds - Value Added Tax Refunds for Tourists in Europe
VAT is a value added tax that visitors to Europe may recover upon leaving the country. Information on VAT and how to go about recovering VAT is found on these pages.

Airport Maps | International Airports in Europe
Airport maps and travel information for major international airports in Europe. See the major European airports on an interactive map and get information on ticketing and airport hotels.

European Hotels
Find European hotels, inns, and bed and breakfast accommodations with these specialists in Europe hotel booking.

Hotel Star Ratings - Government Hotel Rating System Demystified
Hotel star ratings, what do they mean? Here are resources to give you an idea of what you can expect from a hotel rated a particular number of stars by the government, the stars you'll see on the outside of every European hotel.

Europe Maps - Interactive Road Maps
These maps will help you find a route to a particular address in Europe.

Spain Maps - City Maps | Regional Maps | Rail Map of Spain
Maps of Spain including regional and rail maps. Also map resources for Roman Spain.

France Maps - Maps of France for the Traveler
France maps, including regional maps, city maps, and France rail maps are found here. France vacation planning maps.

Maps of Germany - Rail City and Interactive Germany Travel Maps
Maps to help you find the location of German cities, major rail lines with transportation information, and maps of the states of Germany. Also, check out the interactive German cities map for your Germany travel planning needs.

Italy Maps - Country Region and Rail Maps of Italy
Italy maps from online Italy country and rail maps to regional and city maps of Italy. Use our Italy maps to plan a trip to Italy or one or more Italian regions. Also find rail and relief maps of Italy.

Maps of Scandinavia - Scandinavian Map for Travel in Europe
Here you'll find maps of Scandinavia countries and travel information for Scandinavian countries.

Unusual European Lodging - Hotels and Rentals
Looking for something different? Want to stay in a prison without the chains? An Ice Hotel? Here's where to look for unusual lodging in Europe.

Crete Travel Guide
Guide to Travel in Crete, the largest Greek island. Crete travel guide and tourist information.

Bicycle Tours Europe - European Bike Tours
Europe bicycle tours. Bicycle tours are a popular way to see Europe. Choose from a guided or self-guided bike tour of the European countryside from these selected bike and bicycle companies.

European and Mediterranean Cruises - Sea and River cruises in Europe
Many cruise lines offer European and Mediterranean sea and river cruises, stopping at several ports of call with the convenience of not having to pack your bags and change hotels.

Kayak Europe - Kayak Tours and Information on Kayaking in Europe
Information on the sport of Kayaking in Europe. Rent kayaks, kayak tours, sea kayaking.

Monastery Stays - Lodging in European Monastery Guest Houses
Quiet and somewhat austere accommodations can sometimes been found in Europe's monasteries. Don't expect luxury; it's against the spiritual principles of monastic life. Lodging in a monastery can cost less than most hotels, and offers peace, a time for spiritual reflection, and often a medieval atmosphere.

Self Catering Vacations - Home and Apartment Vacation Rentals in Europe
Self Catering vacations are becoming more popular. Links to sites catering to vacation home renters in Europe.

Wine and Wineries - Cellar Tours and Wine Museums
Information on touring the cellars of wine operations to find out how wine is made in various European locations. Includes wine museums in Europe.

Cote d'Azur Travel Information
Cote d'Azur travel information, including a Cote d'Azur map, hotel information, and more on the southern coast of France.

Champagne Region - France - Travel Wine Accommodations
Champagne is a region of northeastern France, consisting of the Aube, Marne, Haute-Marne, and Ardennes departments. There was always wine in Champagne, but it wasn't until the late 17th century that they became sparkling wines. Champagne is an interesting place to visit.

Private Tour Guides - Europe - Custom Tours and European Touring
Customizing your European vacation. Resources for custom tours and private tour guides operating in Europe. Private walking tour information for Europe and your European vacation planning.

Hot Springs and Spas in Europe - European Hot Springs
Natural hot springs are a major attraction in Europe. Spas bring the mineral spring water inside, for a more formal spa experience. Find resources for a European spa or hot spring vacation.

General European Tours - Tour Europe with a Group - Group Tours
European Tours might be the right thing for a short vacation to Europe. Here are some interesting tour opportunities that don't fit our other tour categories.

Olympics Travel - Information on the Olympic Games
Travel to the Olympic games or just to see the Olympic torch relay can be a rewarding experience. Information on travel to European Olympic games.

Volunteer Vacations in Europe - Information and Resources
Volunteering can make sense if you've already seen the better part of Europe. You can volunteer on an archaeological excavation, ecological clean-up, or perhaps restoring an ancient building or church.

War Memorials in Europe - WWI and WWII Battlefields and Memorials
Visit the battlefields and war memorial sites of the two world wars fought in Europe.

Burgundy | Wine Region | Burgundy in France
Burgundy travel resources, including Burgundy tours, places to stay, recommended restaurants, maps and more on Burgundy tourism.

Carcassonne France Walled City - Travel Information
Carcassonne is an interesting fortified medieval hilltop city near the canal du midi that is listed on the UNESCO in the World Heritage List.

Chartres - Travel Information for Chartres France
Chartres, in central France near Paris, is known for the gothic Cathedrale Notre Dame that sits on a high point in Chartres, the largest cathedral in France. Chartres makes a fine stop-over. A single night's stay in Chartres is quite pleasant, there are many fine restaurants in Chartres.

Dijon France - Travel Information for Dijon
Dijon France travel guide. Dijon tourist attractions, lodging, and interesting facts about Dijon, France.

France Hotels - Lodging and Accommodations in France
Recommended hotels in France. Here are pages I go to when I'm looking for general lodging in France at a reasonable price. Other French lodging options include B&Bs and self catering accommodations.

France Web Resources
Selected general France travel and tourism information on the web.

Nimes - Travel Information Guide for Nimes France
Nimes, like nearby Arles, sits amidst some pretty impressive Roman remains. The center of Nimes is compact and easy to get around. Denim started here in Nimes (de Nimes, get it?). Find travel information on Nimes in this guide.

Saint Tropez - Travel Information for Saint-Tropez France
Saint-Tropez is a popular summer vacation spot in France, starting with Brigitte Bardot in the 50s. Located on the Mediterranean coast near Nice, Saint Tropez a favorite of artists, the

Sauveterre de Bearn
Sauveterre de Bearn is a medieval town in in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department in south-western France. Sauveterre-de-Béarn travel and tourism information.

Artists and Writers Retreats in Europe | Art Houses
Inspiring places in Europe specifically for visiting artists and writers to work and live.

Brittany Travel Guide - Bretagne, France Travel Information
Brittany maps and travel information. Brittany is sometimes called Bretagne and is not related at all to Britney Spears in any way.

Giverny and Vernon, France - Monet's Garden
Visitor and travel information for staying in the Giverny and Vernon area to visit Monet's gardens and other attractions.

Lyon France Travel Guide - Lyon Information
Lyone France travel guide. Lyon is France's second largest city. Lyon France hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions.

Nantes - Travel and Tourism Information for Nantes, France
Nantes is France's 6th largest city, with a growing population of 550 000, located on the Loire Estuary near the Atlantic coast. Nantes has lots of waterways to visit, and is the number 4 destination in France for breaks.

Narbonne - Travel and Tourism Information for Narbonne France
Narbonne is a tourist destination in southwestern France in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Narbonne was the first Roman colony outside of Italy, and was located at the crossroads of the via Domitia, the Roman road linking Italy to Spain.

Odd European Museums - Strange Places You Might Not Think Of Going in Europe
Here are some odd museums and places that you'd never think would exist in Europe. Strange places. The odd bump in the European night.