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1965 US Open: Winner Completes Career Grand Slam
The golfer who won the 1965 US Open championship achieved the career Grand Slam by doing so. Find out the who and how, plus view the final scores.

1972 US Open: Nicklaus Too Tough for Pebble Beach
A famous 1-iron shot sealed the deal for Jack Nicklaus at Pebble Beach in the 1972 US Open golf championship. Check out the final scores and tourney recap.

1976 US Open: A 22-Year-Old Wins for First Time
The golfer who won the 1976 US Open tournament was only 22 years old, and it was his first PGA Tour victory. Here's how he did it, plus final scores.

1981 US Open: Aussie, Aussie
The 1981 US Open ended with one of the greatest ballstriking displays in golf history. Here's who won and how he did it, plus the final scores.

1984 US Open: Fuzzy's Norman Conquest
The waving of white towels played a memorable part in the 1984 US Open golf tournament. Find out why, plus who won and the final scores.

1993 US Open: The 1st Time Janzen Beat Stewart
At the 1993 US Open golf tournament, for the first of two times, Lee Janzen got the better of Payne Stewart to win the national championship.

1988 US Open: Strange Over Faldo in Playoff
The 1988 US Open golf tournament went down to a playoff between Curtis Strange and Nick Faldo. Find out who won, along with the final scores.

What is Overseeding on Golf Courses?
Overseeding is a golf course maintenance process that replaces a dormant grass with one that will keep growing. Why golf courses do it?

Golf Backswing Exercise with Dumbbell
This backswing exercise for golfers uses a dumbbell to help develop golf-specific strength - that means more yards in your golf shots.

LPGA Tour Yearly Money Leaders
Find out which players led the LPGA Tour in money winnings every year dating back to 1950.

LPGA Player of the Year Award Winners
The LPGA began naming a Player of the Year beginning in 1966. Here are all the golfers who've won that award as the tour's best golfer.

LPGA Yearly Scoring Leaders (Vare Trophy Winners)
Check out the list of the year-by-year scoring leaders on the LPGA Tour - the LPGA's Vare Trophy winners - and find out who led the tour most often.

What Is Tiger Woods' Net Worth?
Reality check: There are some wild estimates of Tiger Woods' net worth out there. Here's a more realistic look at Woods' income, expenses and worth.

LPGA Tour Race to the CME Globe Points Chase
The Race to the CME Globe is a seasonlong points chase on the LPGA Tour with a million-dollar payout to the winner. Here's a look at how it works.

Golfer Cristie Kerr Biography and Career Details
Learn more about golfer Cristie Kerr with this biography. The profile includes personal details about Kerr, along with key facts about her accomplishments and the development of her golf career.

European Tour Yearly Order of Merit Leaders
Find out which golfers have led the European Tour's Order of Merit - called the Race to Dubai today, previously its money list - every year of tour history.

All About the Lorena Ochoa Invitational on LPGA Tour
Find the past champions at the Lorena Ochoa Invitational, plus the LPGA tournament's site and dates, with fun facts and trivia.

LPGA Toto Japan Classic Golf Tournament
View the list of champions at the LPGA Toto Japan Classic (formerly called the Mizuno Classic), tournament site and dates, plus tournament trivia.

1935 Masters Tournament: The Shot Heard Round the World
The Shot Heard Round the World didn't win the 1935 Masters for Gene Sarazen, but it did get him into the playoff that he won. Here's the story and scores.

1941 Masters Tournament: First Wire-to-Wire Winner
Golf's original hard-luck loser finally became a major championship winner at the 1941 Masters Tournament. Here's what happened, plus the scores.

1947 Masters Tournament: The Winner and Final Scores
Take a look back at the 1947 Masters Tournament, where the winner became just the third multiple champion at this golf major. Read the recap and scores.

1950 Masters Tournament: First 3-Time Champion
The golfer who won the 1950 Masters Tournament became, by doing so, the major's first 3-time winner. Here's a recap of what happened, plus the final scores.

1962 Masters Tournament: Playoff Win for The King
The 1962 Masters Tournament was settled in a 3-man playoff, and when it was over the biggest star in golf at the time was the champion again.

1963 Masters Tournament: Nicklaus' First Green Jacket
When did Jack Nicklaus win his first Green Jacket? It happened at the 1963 Masters Tournament. Here's how it went down, plus the final scores.

1965 Masters Tournament: Nicklaus Laps the Field
Golf's Big 3 made up to the Top 3 at the 1965 Masters Tournament, but one of them was way out in front of the other two - and left Bobby Jones astonished.

1967 Masters Tournament: Brewing Up the Victory
Last year, he lost in a playoff to Jack Nicklaus. This year, he beat Nicklaus to win the 1967 Masters Tournament. Name that golfer. Or read this instead.

1971 Masters Tournament: Charles the Giant-Killer
The golfer who won the 1971 Masters Tournament did it by holding off Jack Nicklaus and Johnny Miller in the final round. Here's the who and how of it.

1979 Masters Tournament: A Famous Collapse
Fuzzy Zoeller took advantage of another golfer's collapse to win the 1979 Masters Tournament. Here's how it happened, plus the final scores.

1977 Masters Tournament: The Changing of an Era
It's not as well known as their battle later in the year, but Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus faced off for the win in the 1977 Masters Tournament.

1981 Masters Tournament: Watson Wins His Second
Jack Nicklaus and Johnny Miller were in contention at the 1981 Masters, but it was another superstar who won it. Read the recap and view the final scores.

1980 Masters Tournament: First Green Jacket for Seve
The winner of the 1980 Masters Tournament established a new record as youngest (to that point) champion. Here's the story plus the final scores.

1982 Masters Tournament: Playoff Win for the Walrus
A Walrus won the 1982 Masters Tournament. Here's how Craig Stadler became a major championship, plus the final scores from the event.

1984 Masters Tournament: A Ghost Story
Ben Crenshaw won two Green Jackets. He got the first win at the 1984 Masters Tournament. Here's the story of his win, which includes a ghost at Augusta.

1987 Masters Tournament: An Improbable Chip-In for Win
It was another major disappointment for Greg Norman at the 1987 Masters, beaten by a famous chip-in. Find out who won and view the final scores.

1988 Masters Tournament: This Win Put Haggis on the Menu
Sandy Lyle won the 1988 Masters Tournament with a final hole birdie. Here's a look back at the victory, plus all the final scores.

1989 Masters Tournament: Faldo Wins His First
A famous missed putt helped Nick Faldo win his first Green Jacket at the 1989 Masters Tournament. Here's what happened, plus the final scores.

1991 Masters Tournament: A Wee Welshman Wins It
Here's a look back at the 1991 Masters Tournament with a recap of the winner's play plus the final scores of this golf major championship.

1992 Masters Tournament: The Miracle at Rae's Creek
The 1992 Masters Tournament included an incident known as The Miracle at Rae's Creek that helped the eventual winner claim the Green Jacket.

1994 Masters Tournament: The Second Spanish Winner
There was a Spanish champion at the 1994 Masters Tournament at Augusta National. Here's a look back at that golf major, plus the final scores.

2000 Masters Tournament: Vijay Day at Augusta
For the winner of the 2000 Masters Tournament, it was his second career victory in a major championship. Here's a recap plus the final scores.

2001 Masters Tournament: Woods Completes Tiger Slam
Tiger Woods won the 2001 Masters Tournament and in so doing completed the Tiger Slam. Here's how he did it, plus the major championship's final scores.

2002 Masters Tournament: Woods Wins Back-to-Back
Here's a look back at the 2002 Masters Tournament and how Tiger Woods earned his third Green Jacket - plus includes the final scores.

2005 Masters Tournament and the Epic Tiger Woods Chip-In
Tiger Woods' chip-in at the 2005 Masters is one of golf's most-famous shots, but he had to go to extra holes to win this Green Jacket.

2003 Masters Tournament: First Left-Handed Winner
Who was the first Canadian golfer to win one of golf's four major championships? It happened at the 2003 Masters Tournament. Here's a look back plus scores.

2004 Masters Tournament: Mickelson's First Major Win
It took him a while, but Phil Mickelson finally won his first major at the 2004 Masters Tournament. Here's a look back including the final scores.

2006 Masters Tournament: Mickelson Wins His Second
It took Phil Mickelson a long time to win his first major, but just two years to win his second Masters. Look back at the 2006 Masters including scores.

2007 Masters Tournament: A Short Hitter's Turn
The winner of the 2007 Masters Tournament defied conventional wisdom that Augusta National is for long-hitting golfers. Here's how plus the final scores.

Cobra King LTD Driver Review: Must-Have List Expands
Cobra Golf brought back the King name for the King LTD driver. Was it a fitting choice? Here's a look at this driver and how it performed under review.

Cobra Golf: Company Profile and Equipment News
Learn more about Cobra Golf including news about the latest golf club releases and reviews of company products.

1978 Masters: Gary Player's Huge Final-Round Rally
Gary Player staged a huge final-round rally to win the 1978 Masters Tournament, the last of his victories in golf's major championships.

1956 Masters Tournament: A Meltdown and a Comeback
An amateur almost won the 1956 Masters Tournament, before high winds and high score knocked him off course in the final round.

1952 Masters Tournament: Second Win for The Slammer
Sam Snead won his second Masters Tournament title in 1952 in windy conditions. Here's how The Slammer did it, plus the final scores.

1934 Masters: The Very First Masters Tournament
The 1934 Masters was the first time that major championship golf tournament was played. Find out about Year 1 and the first winner, plus all the scores.

Why is Closest to the Pin Called KP?
The golf contest known as Closest to the Pin is often abbreviated as 'KP' - but why? The About Golf Guide tackles the issue.

Golf Mental Game Tips and Ideas
Need some help on the mental side of golf? Here are some articles and tips that focus on golf pyschology and mental game instruction.

Putting Tips: Learn to Make More Putts on the Golf Course
Need help making more putts on the greens? Check out this collection of putting tips for golfers who need help getting the ball into the hole.

Setup and Takeaway

How to Hit the Flop Shot (Lob Shot) in Golf
The flop shot (a k a lob shot) is an intimidating golf shot for most amateurs. But follow these tips from Charlotta Sorenstam and you'll be lobbing darts.

Beginning the Downswing

Swinging Into Impact

Releasing at Impact

Through to the Finish

Golf Fitness Program for Getting Back Into the Game
How do you get back into golf following the offseason or other layoff? This golf fitness program for winter conditioning will make your return easier.

What is a Skyball in Golf?
Do you know what a skyball is in golf, or what it means to be skying your shots? Skyballs are things you want to avoid. Here's the explanation.

Stop Skying the Driver: Get Rid of Pop-Ups Off the Tee
Do you often sky your driver off the tee, hitting balls that go straight up into the air? Here's how to get rid of those dreaded pop-ups off the tee.

Full Swing Golf Tips (Driver and Irons)
Need help with your driver or iron play? Check out these free tips for the full swing, or long game, to find help with drivers and irons.

How to Stop Skying the Ball in Golf
Get some quick tips for diagnosing and correcting skyballs in golf.

Correcting Fat Shots in Golf: Swing Checks
Have trouble with fat shots? Get some quick tips for diagnosing why you are hitting this type of golf mis-hit, and how to correct it.

How to Correct Thin Shots in Golf
Get some quick tips for diagnosing and correcting thin shots in golf.

Diagnosing Top Shots in Golf and How to Stop Topping
Get some quick tips for diagnosing and correcting top shots in golf. Page 3.

How to Stop Shanking the Ball in Golf
Get some quick tips for diagnosing and correcting shanks in golf.

King Cobra Baffler Utility Metals: Specs, Buying Used
The Baffler was one of golf's original utility clubs. Here's a look back at one Cobra's updates to the name, the King Cobra Baffler Utility Metals.

Srixon Z-TX Irons Review (Rating the Golf Clubs)
The Srixon Z-TX forged irons are good sets of golf clubs for low- to mid-handicappers. Here is a review of the set plus buying information.






Jack Nicklaus' Major Wins and Amazing Records in Majors
You think you know how great Jack Nicklaus was in golf majors, but do you really? Here are Nicklaus' 18 major wins plus some more amazing achievements.

Flip Through the Golf Record Book
Looking for golf records - highs and lows, bests and worsts, and all the rest? Here are records for the PGA and LPGA tours, the majors and more.

Flip Through the Golf Record Book
Looking for golf records - highs and lows, bests and worsts, and all the rest? Here are records for the PGA and LPGA tours, the majors and more.

When Ben Hogan Wanted to Eliminate Putting from Golf
Ben Hogan was once so vexed by his putting that he wanted to rid putts from golf. He wanted to make each green a funnel: hit the green, ball rolls to hole.

Golfer Ben Hogan Biography and Career Details
Ben Hogan is one of the giants of golf history. This biographical profile includes personal details as well as facts about his playing career, including wins, majors and trivia.

Ben Hogan on His 'Putting Impediment' and the 'Sawdust' In His Head
Ben Hogan was once afflicted by the yips so badly he had trouble pulling the trigger, and said he was embarrassed to putt in front of spectators.




21 Golf Tournament Tee Markers Sure to Make You Smile
Tee markers don't have to boring. There are lots of fun and funny tee markers on the professional golf tours. Let's check out some of them!


















Callaway X-18 Irons: Features, Specs and Buying Used
Here's a look at the Callaway X-18 irons, their features and specs, and how you can find them today. These clubs originally came out in 2005.

Ping S59 Irons: Review of the Popular Blade Golf Clubs
The Ping S59 irons were very popular at the time of their release and continue to be today as a used set. Here's a review of their features, pros and cons.

Dunlop LoCo Driver Review
The original Dunlop LoCo driver had a canary yellow shaft and navy blue clubhead, a crazy color scheme for its time. Let's re-visit this driver.

Callaway GES Golf Clubs: Company's First Set for Women
The initials in Callaway's GES golf clubs stood for Game Enjoyment System, and this was the first set by the company built for women golfers.

Golf for Beginners FAQ: Answers for Newbies
The Golf for Beginners FAQ helps those interested in becoming golfers answer questions that are sure to come up.

Callaway Golf's Big Bertha Fusion Irons Set
Find out why the Big Bertha Fusion irons from Callaway Golf were some of the most advanced - and expensive - of their era ... plus their value used.






How to Hold the Putter: Pros, Cons of 5 Putting Grips
There are many ways to hold the putter in golf, but here are five of the most common grips golfers use, plus the pros and cons of each.

tour edge ex9 driver 3 exotics irons

tour edge ex9 driver 3 exotics irons
Tour Edge added to its stable of Exotics clubs in late 2015 with the introduction of the EX9 driver, plus three sets of irons. View features and pricing.

Golf Swing Training Exercise: Downward Wood Chop
Want to hit the golf ball farther on your drives? The exercise called Downward Wood Chop is a golf swing training exercise that can help you add yards.

Faults and Fixes for Common Mishits in Golf
These Mishit Tip Sheets offer quick tips on the causes and possible fixes of fat and thin shots, topped shots and shanks, and skyballs in golf.


Nike Method Converge Putter Customizable for Grip-End Weight
Nike Golf's CounterFlex putter technology allows golfers to adjust the positioning of counterweights inside the grip-end of the shaft. Here's how it works.

Is It OK to Keep Playing a Provisional Ball In Golf? Find Out
So you hit a provisional golf ball and it was a great shot - but then you find your first ball. Can you keep playing your provisional? Here's the answer.

Cleveland Smart Sole 2.0 Wedge Review
Cleveland Golf's Smart Sole 2.0 wedges with their wide soles help higher-handicap golfers escape bunkers and perform like chippers off the ol' block.

Tiger Woods' Injuries and History of Surgeries
Tiger Woods has a long history of injuries, some of which led to surgeries. Here's a rundown of the golf great's litany of injuries and surgeries.





4 Biggest Changes to Rules of Golf for 2016
There are many small changes to the Rules of Golf for 2016, but these are the four most significant that golfers need to know about.

Understanding Golf Wedges (Pitching, Gap, Sand & Lob)
Beginning golfers sometimes aren't sure which golf clubs do what, or why. We to help beginners understand wedges, including sand wedges, gap wedges and lob wedges.

Lydia Ko Fastest to 10 Wins in Golf History
Lydia Ko smashed another record when she won the 2015 LPGA Taiwan Championship: She became the youngest golfer ever to reach 10 tour victories.

Add Flexibility to Add Consistency to Your Swing
Golf. Page 2.

Golf Swing - Add Flexibility to Add Consistency
Did you know that your level of fitness - specifically, your flexibility - affects how consistent you can be with your golf swing?

Clubs: KZG Forged Evolution Irons
KZG's Forged Evolution Irons are double-forged and handcrafted to exacting standards, and that effort pays off for golfers.

Review of KZG Forged Evolution Irons
Page 2 of the About Golf review of KZG's Forged Evolution Irons.

Is It OK to Draw Alignment Lines on the Golf Ball?
Do the Rule of Golf permit drawing a line on your golf ball to help you align putts on the green? Well, the pros do it, so ... Here are the relevant rules.

Big-Headed Putters a Big Hit with Golfers
Oversized mallets offer qualities that make them attractive putters for many golfers.

Big-Headed Putters Popular with Golfers
Oversized mallets offer qualities that make them attractive putters for many golfers. Page 2.

How to Play the Bisque Golf Game (Explaining the Format)
Read an explanation of the Bisque golf game, a competition format involving a twist on the use of handicap strokes.

When and How to Find Nearest Point of Relief in Golf
We explain what the nearest point of relief is in golf, tell you when you'll need to find it and how to find it, and what happens next.

Bounce Angle in Golf Clubs: What You Need to Know
What is bounce angle in golf? It's an important factor on wedges that impacts how consistently you hit your shots. Here's an explanation of bounce.

What Is a Redan Hole in Golf? - A Description
What is a Redan Hole? It's a specific type of hole on a golf course. Learn what architectural features redan holes have, and why they have that name.

Hole Locations: What the Golf Term Means
What does the golf term hole locations mean? Here's the definition plus an explanation of how the term is used within the sport of golf.

What Is An Air Shot in Golf?
What is an air shot in golf? It's a slang term that describes something no golfer ever wants to do. Here's the explanation of this expression.

Recognizing Your Child's Potential in Golf
How good can your child become in golf? Here's a primer on how to recognize your child's true potential in the game.

Guide to Determine Your Child's Level of Golf Play
How good can your child become in golf? Here's a primer on how to recognize your child's true potential in the game. Page 2.

Understanding Golf Club Swingweight
What is swingweight in a golf club, and is it something every golfer needs to be concerned with? The Golf Guide examines swingweight.

Amy Yang's Record-Setting Birdie Binge at 2015 Hana Bank
Nine birdies in a row - all on the back nine - let Amy Yang break one all-time LPGA Tour record and tie 2 others at the 2015 Hana Bank Championship tourney.

Record for Most Birdies in a Row on the LPGA Tour
Which golfer holds the record for Most Consecutive Birdies in an LPGA Tour Round? She's a Hall of Famer. Found out who the recordholder is.

Finding a Cure for the Hook Shot: Backswing, Downswing
On Page 2 of this article about how to fix a hook shot in golf, we take a look at the backswing and downswing and how each might be contributing to the problem.

Golf Faults and Fixes: Hooking
Get these free tips for diagnosing the cause of your hook on the golf course, and fixing the problems so you can stop hooking the ball.

2 Meanings of Bogey Golfer Explained
What is a Bogey Golfer? This golf term has both a common usage and a more specialized meaning. We explain both, and the roles that they play.

What Is a Good Ballstriker in Golf?
Do you know what a good (or bad) ballstriker is in golf? Here's an explanation of the term and how golfers use it.

What Is a Driving Range in Golf?
What is a driving range? In golf, it's a practice facility that allows golfers to practice hitting full shots. Read the definition.

Best Full Swing, Drills or General Topic Golf Instructional Books
What are the best golf instructional books that cover the full swing, practice drills or just good, basic general instruction? Here are recommendations.

Best Full Swing, Drills or General Topic Golf Instructional Books
What are the best golf instructional books that cover the full swing, practice drills or just good, basic general instruction? Here are recommendations.

Club-Lok Golf Bag from Burton
Worried about leaving your clubs alone outside the clubhouse or on the cart? Then try the Club-Lok golf bag from Burton, complete with the Club-Lok Golf Club Theft Prevention System.

Review of Inside Approach Golf Swing Aid
The Inside Approach golf training aid is a great swing trainer that should help all who use it groove a better swing.

Range Balls and How They Compare to Regular Golf Balls
What are range balls in golf? Are they the same as regular golf balls? Are they built the same and go as far? Do tour pros use them? Here are the answers.

Golf - Frequently Asked Questions
This Golf FAQ provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from both beginners and veteran golfers.

Do Range Balls Fly as Far as Regular Golf Balls?
Do range balls fly as far as regular golf balls? Let's take a look at the distance performance of driving range balls vs. balls used on the golf course.

Tour Edge Exotics EX9 Hybrids: Sleek, High-Performing
The Tour Edge Exotics EX9 hybrids are sleek and high-performing golf clubs packed with technology such as the SlipStream Sole and Power Grid slot.

15 Golfers Who Want to Sell You a Drink With Their Name On It
These pro golfers want to sell you a drink - they are in the beverage business and sell beverages ranging from tea to wine named after themselves.

Arnold Palmer Drink: How to Make It, How It Got Its Name
Have you ever enjoyed an Arnold Palmer drink? Find out how to make this tea-and-lemonade mocktail, and why it's named after the famous golfer.

Presidents Cup Golf Tournament (USA vs. Internationals)
Learn more about the history and records of The Presidents Cup, the biennial golf competition pitting the U.S. team against the International team.

What Is a Banana Ball in Golf?
When talking about food, bananas are good for you. But to golfers, banana balls are poison. Here's what the term means - plus how to get rid of one.

Golfer Glenna Collett Vare: Bio and Career Details
Glenna Collett Vare was one of the greats in the early era of women's tournament golf. Learn more about her.

Ben Hogan's Best Quotes: Famous Sayings By, About Him
Ben Hogan had plenty to say about golf, and others had plenty to say about him. Here are some of the best quotes by and about the famous golfer.

Best Instructional Books on Putting for Golfers
Need some help with your putting? Check out this list of recommended golf instructional books that focus on helping you on the greens.

Before You Buy Your First Set of Golf Clubs
What factors should you consider before buying your first set of golf clubs? The Golf Guide has some suggestions.

What Is a Whiff in Golf?
What is a whiff in golf? One of the most embarrassing things that can happen to a golfer. But believe it or not, sometimes even the pros do it.

Best Instructional Books on the Golf Short Game
Chipping, pitching, sand shots and putting - the shots from around the green - make up the short game. Here are 10 great books that can help you improve.

Scotty Cameron Futura X7M Dual Balance Putter

Scotty Cameron Futura X7, X7M and X7M DB Putters
Titleist unveils three new Scotty Cameron Futura X putter models, the X7 and X7M, plus the counterbalanced X7M Dual Balance putter.

Scotty Cameron Futura X7M Putter

Chicago Golf Tournament Format (How It's Played)
Chicago isn't just a city in Illinois, it's also the name of a type of golf tournament or side game. Here's how to play it, plus chart of starting points.

Do Golf Courses Have Dress Codes?
Do golf courses have dress codes? If so, what is it, and what happens if you don't meet it?

Best Golf Movies (Top 10 of All-Time)
What are the best golf movies? Here are our picks for 10 of the best flicks about golfers - from the obvious (hint: Caddyshack) to the lesser-known.

Address the Ball: What It Means, Why You Need to Know
Do you know what it means to address the ball in golf? Find out what the rules say about it, and also why it's important for golfers to know.

What Is an Approach Wedge? (Its Purpose, Uses & Loft)
An approach wedge is one of the wedges golfers use for short shots requiring height. It's known by multiple other names, too. Here are details on this club.

Best Instructional Books on the Mental Side of Golf
Need help with your golf psychology on the course? Here are 9 great books about the mental game that might help your attitude, approach - and your score.

Best Golf Instructional Books for Beginners
If you are a beginner in golf, you may want to check out one of the books on this list of recommended reads for beginners.

How to Play the Arizona Shuffle Golf Tournament Format
Arizona Shuffle is the name of a format often used in golf association tournaments, club events and the like. Here's how to play it.

PGA Tour Rookies of the Year
View the list of winners of the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year award, going back to the first year it was awarded.

Sidehill Lie, Ball Below Feet

Sidehill Lie, Ball Above Feet


Adjustments You Need to Make for Uneven Lies in Golf
Uneven lies, when your golf ball is sitting uphill, downhill or on a side slope, require adjustments to your approach. Here's how to pull off your shots.

What Is a Texas Wedge in Golf?
What is a Texas Wedge? It's a slang term used in golf to describe a particular piece of equipment or the shot played with that club. Here's an explanation.

Angle of Attack in Golf: What It Is, Why It Matters
What is angle of attack? It's a key part of the golf swing, but one you can't discern with the naked eye. Here are 4 key factors of it and how to work on it.

Srixon Z 355 Driver Review
The Srixon Z 355 driver promises the golfer consistently long and straight drives. But does it deliver? Let's review how this driver performed for us.

Srixon Q-Star Golf Balls Review
The Srixon Q-Star golf balls promise distance and stopping power. Find out what we liked about these balls and whether they live up to their promises.

Callaway Apex Pro 16 Irons, CF16 Irons and Apex Hybrids
Callaway Golf's latest Apex clubs are the Apex Pro 16 irons and Apex CF16 irons, plus the first Apex hybrids. Take a look and find out specs and cost.

Callaway Apex CF16 Irons

Callaway Apex Hybrid

Byron Nelson Award: Winners and Criteria
The Byron Nelson Award is presented annually on both the PGA Tour and Champions Tour. Find out what it takes for a golfer to earn the trophy.

Vardon Trophy Winners: PGA of America's Scoring Award
See the list of winners of the PGA Vardon Trophy, awarded annually to the PGA Tour scoring average leaders by the PGA of America.

PGA Tour Yearly Money Leaders
Find out who the year-by-year money leaders have been on the PGA Tour dating back through the decades.

PGA Tour Yearly Victory Leaders (Most Wins Eash Season)
Find out who has won the most tournaments each year on the PGA Tour.

Approach Shots


Around the Green

Driving Stats

Scoring Average

15 Stats Champions on the PGA Tour in 2014-15
Here are the winners in the 15 biggest or most interesting statistical categories on the PGA Tour for the 2014-15 season, plus the Top 10 finishers in each.

Jordan Spieth vs. Jason Day: 2015's Final Tale of the Tape
Here's how Jordan Spieth and Jason Day finally stacked up against each other at the end of the 2015 PGA Tour season, following Spieth's FedEx Cup win.

FedEx Cup Points (How They Work on the PGA Tour)
The FedEx Cup is a seasonlong points chase on the PGA Tour. Here is some information about how it works and what the points list determines.

Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls
Get the skinny on the 2015-issue DT TruSoft golf balls from Titleist, which replace the DT SoLo in the company's golf ball lineup. Page 5.

Titleist 816 H1 and H2 Hybrids
The Titleist 816H hybrid golf clubs come in two models, the H1 and H2, that may appeal to two different types of golfers. Here's a rundown of features. Page 4.

Titleist 716 T-MB Utility Irons
The 716 T-MB utility irons from Titleist shouldn't be mistaken for driving irons - these are long iron replacements despite their muscleback design. Page 3.

Titleist 716 CB and 716 MB Irons
The Titleist 716 CB and 716 MB irons are aimed at golfers who love the feel of traditional blades. Here's a look at features, specs and pricing. Page 2.

Titleist 716 AP1 and AP2 Irons
The Titleist AP irons include two models: The AP1 is suited to a wider range of golfers while the AP2 is a low-handicappers set. Here's a rundown.





No. 8: Janice Moodie

No. 7: Catriona Matthew




Top 10 Golfers in Solheim Cup History
Who are the best golfers in Solheim Cup history? Here is our countdown of the Top 10 players of all-time in the USA vs. Europe women's golf tournament.

2015 Solheim Cup: Team USA's Furious Comeback
A controversial incident incited anger and, perhaps, spurred Team USA to the win over Team Europe at the 2015 Solheim Cup, the biggest comeback ever.

Conceded Putt Definition - Match Play
A definition of the golf term 'conceded putt' from the golf glossary. Learn this and other golf-related terms here.

Golfer Morgan Pressel Biography and Career Details
This Morgan Pressel biography provides a profile of the LPGA Tour golfer that includes wins, trivia and honors.

Golfer Suzann Pettersen Biography and Career Details
Suzann Pettersen is one of the top golfers in the women's game. Learn more about her, including personal details plus career highlights.

Golfer Stacy Lewis: Bio, Trivia, Facts and Figures
Stacy Lewis became one of the top women golfers after battling scoliosis during childhood. Read her bio and find fun trivia plus career facts and figures.

Golfer Juli Inkster: Biography and Career Facts
Learn more about golfer Juli Inkster with this profile by the About Golf Guide, which includes biographical and career details.

Golfer Paula Creamer Biography and Career Details
Paula Creamer is one of the most popular players in women's golf. This biography offers details about her life and her career on the LPGA Tour.

The Perfect Club: Review of the Golf Hybrid
Does The Perfect Club live up to its name? Find out in this golf club review of one of the newest utility clubs on the market.

Adams Redline Hybrid-Iron Set of Golf Clubs
The Adams Redline Hybrid-Iron Set from Adams Golf combines Redline irons with Redline Super Hybrids in one set, customizable for the number of hybrids included. Page 2.

Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Tour Driver and Fairway Woods
Read about the Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Tour Driver and fairway woods, and view an image of the clubs, which are featured in this gallery of new equipment.

Fila Golf Apparel 2011 Collection for Men and Women
Read about the Fila Golf 2011 Collection of apparel for men and women golfers, with photos of sample pieces. Page 8.

Henry-Griffitts Praxis PI Driver
The Praxis PI Driver is the latest from Henry-Griffitts, a pioneer in the custom clubfitting market. Page 7.

Miura PP-9003 Irons - Miura Golf Passing Point
The Miura PP-9003 Irons by Miura Golf incorporate the company's Passing Point concept. Page 3.

Nike VR Pro Wedges
The Nike VR Pro Wedges come in multiple combinations of loft and bounce and in two finishes. Page 4.

TaylorMade Ghost Putters 2011 Models
TaylorMade Golf adds several modes to the existing Ghost Corza to create the 2011 line of Ghost Putters. Page 5.

Yes Putters 2011 Models from Yes Golf
Adams Golf announces the reintroduction of Yes Golf C-Groove Putters with the 2011 lineup of Yes putter models. Page 6.

Gallery of New Golf Equipment - April 2011
Adams and Miura irons, Tour Edge Exotics driver, Nike wedges and more are covered in this roundup of new golf equipment coming to market in April 2011. View photos and read more info about each.

Top-Flite XL 3000 Super Straight Golf Ball Review
The Top-Flite XL 3000 Super Straight golf ball promised a straighter ball flight. Did it deliver? Let's look back at this value ball to see if it worked.

TaylorMade R1 Driver Review
See how well the TaylorMade R1 Driver measures up with this review. If you've played one, you can add your own comments.

Bushnell Neo+ GPS Watch Review
How does the Bushnell Neo+ GPS Watch perform on the golf course? Read this review to find out if this watch is worth your time.

Mizuno MP-64 Irons
Learn more about the Mizuno MP-64 Irons set, including what kinds of golfers they are aimed at, plus view a photo.

Cleveland 588 Forged RTG Wedges
Read about the Cleveland 588 Forged RTG wedges, view a photo, and learn what the

Titleist 913D2 and 913D3 Drivers
The Titleist 913 Drivers - 913D2 and 913D3 - arrive in pro shops in late 2012. Here is a look at the clubs, their differences, and specs.

Cobra Baffler Hybrid Irons and Combo Set
The Cobra Baffler Irons can be combined with Baffler Hybrids into a combo set. Here's a look at these golf clubs.

Mizuno MP-T4 Wedges
Read about the Mizuno MP-T4 wedges, including available lofts and other features, and view a photo of the golf clubs.

Miura New Wedge Series
Miura Golf's New Wedge Series is featured in this roundup of golf equipment coming to pro shops.

TaylorMade Ghost Spider S Putter
Read about the TaylorMade Ghost Spider S Putter, which is featured in this roundup of new golf equipment.

Ping Faith Series Women's Golf Clubs
The Ping Faith series of golf clubs for women is featured in this product tour of the company's 2010 equipment launches.

Ping Scottsdale Series Putters - Ping 2010 Golf Equipment
The Ping Scottsdale Series Putters are featured in this product tour of the company's 2010 golf equipment.

Ping K15 Driver and Fairway Woods - Ping Golf Summer 2010
The Ping K15 drivers and fairway woods lead off this tour of clubs from Ping launched in Summer 2010.

Ping K15 Irons and Hybrids Set
The Ping K15 Iron/Hybrid set is featured in this look at the company's 2010 golf clubs.

Ping S56 Irons - Ping 2010 Golf Clubs
The Ping S56 Irons set of golf clubs is featured in this product tour of the company's 2010 equipment.

Ping Anser Irons Set - Ping 2010 Golf Clubs
The Ping Anser Irons set of forged clubs is featured in this product tour of the company's 2010 equipment.

Ping Tour-S Wedges
The Ping Tour-S wedges are featured in this product tour of the company's 2010 golf equipment.

Ping Eye2 XG Wedges
The Ping Eye2 XG Wedges are featured in this product tour of the company's 2010 golf equipment.

TaylorMade Adds SLDR Irons, SLDR S Metalwoods
TaylorMade adds to its SLDR lineup with irons plus the SLDR S family of metalwoods. This roundup of new golf clubs also includes putters by Scotty Cameron and Gauge Design.

Nickent 3DX Hybrid Irons
The Nickent 3DX Hybrid Irons promise more distance by lowering the lofts, yet while keeping trajectories the same.

Ping Anser Milled Putters and 2011 Scottsdale Series Models
Ping's Anser Milled putters and 2011 Scottsdale Series models introduce the company's Fit to Stroke guidelines for matching putter to putting stroke. Page 5.

Ping Anser Forged Wedges
The Ping Anser Forged Wedges are part of the company's Summer 2011 release of new clubs. View photo and read more about them here. Page 4.

Ping G20 Driver
The Ping G20 Driver is part of the company's Summer 2011 club lineup. View a photo and read more about this golf driver.

Ping G20 Fairway Woods and G20 Hybrid Golf Clubs
Read more about the Ping G20 Fairway Woods and Hybrids, which were part of the company's Summer 2011 club releases. Page 2.

Ping G20 Irons
View a photo of the Ping G20 Irons and read more about this golf club set. Page 3.

Ping Sydney Putter
The Ping Sydney Putter has a distinctive shape; view a photo and read more about the high-MOI, geometric mallet. Page 6.

Ping Golf Summer 2011 Clubs
Take at look at the new golf clubs from Ping released in Summer 2011, including the G20 series of woods, hybrids and irons, plus Anser putters and wedges and more.

Cleveland HiBore XLS Monster Driver Review
Read this review of the Cleveland HiBore XLS Monster Driver to find out whether golfers should consider adding the club to their bag.

Ping G25 Driver
The Ping G25 driver headlines the release of Ping Golf's latest family of woods and irons, the G25 series.

Ping G25 Irons
The Ping G25 irons are featured in this gallery and roundup of the G25 series of golf clubs.

Ping G25 Fairway Woods
The Ping G25 fairway woods are spotlighted in this gallery of golf clubs in the G25 Series.

Ping G25 Hybrids
Read about the Ping G25 hybrids, part of the G25 Series of golf clubs.

TaylorMade PSi Irons
The TaylorMade PSi irons are golf clubs built for better golfers who want the sound and feel of players' irons but without sacrificing distance.

Cleveland 588 RTX CB Wedges
Cleveland 588 RTX CB Wedges carry on the company's 588 line and introduce the Rotex clubface technology for greater spin and control.

Nike Method Core Weighted Putter
The Nike Method Core Weighted Putter is featured in this roundup of new golf equipment.

Cleveland Classics HB Putters and T-Frame Belly
The Cleveland Classics HB Putters and T-Frame Belly are a new family of putters from Cleveland Golf, and a new long putter, respectively.

Pinnacle Bling Golf Balls
The Pinnacle Bling golf balls will bling out your bag with their bright colors and long distance.

Cleveland 588 Altitude Irons
The Cleveland 588 Altitude set of hybrid-irons promise to help golfers get more height and distance on their golf shots.

Orlimar Tour 2 Irons
The Orlimar Tour 2 forged irons are featured in this gallery of new golf equipment.

TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons
The TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons utilize a new tech from TM, the Speed Pocket. Read about it in this gallery of new golf equipment.

King Cobra Speed Series Drivers from Cobra Golf
The King Cobra Speed Series Drivers from Cobra Golf come in different models geared to players with different ball speeds off the clubface.

Eoxtics EX9 Hybrids and Fairway Woods by Tour Edge
The Exotics EX9 golf clubs are 2015 model hybrids and fairway woods from Tour Edge with SlipStream soles to help create clubhead speed.

Exotics EX9 Fairway Woods

Cobra King Forged CB/MB Combo Irons

Cobra King Irons: Forged Tec and CB/MB Combo Irons
The Cobra King irons introduced in 2015 include two sets for very good golfers, the Forged CB/MB Combo irons and the Forged Tec irons.

4 Major Companies With New Golf Balls
Four major golf ball manufacturers have new or updated balls on the market in early 2015, including new Pro V1 and Pro V1x from Titleist.

Cobra BiO CELL Driver
Cobra Golf introduces its

Puma Monolite Golf Shoes
Puma's Monolite golf shoes are the first offering in the company's LiteStyle line.

Orlimar Driv-Brid
The Driv-Brid golf club from Orlimar is a hybrid designed to thrive from a variety of lies.

Nike VRS Covert 2.0 Driver and Cobra BiO CELL Driver
The Nike VRS Covert 2.0 driver is a second-generation offering that adds to the technology found in the first one.

Nike Performance Cart Bag
The Nike Performance Cart Bag gives the golfer a whopping 19 pockets for storage.

Ping Rapture Driving Iron
The Ping Rapture driving iron is a 2-iron equivalent that mixes in some hybrid-like features.

Nike RZN Golf Balls
The Nike RZN line of golf balls, introduced with four models, is built around the Speedlock RZN technology.

Bio of Golf Legend Harry Vardon
Harry Vardon was the first international golf superstar. Learn more about him with this bio, which includes facts and trivia about his career.

Tiger Woods' Father: Meet Earl Woods Sr.
Learn more about Tiger Woods' father, Earl Woods Sr., with this short biographical profile that includes key information about the man and his life.

Cleaning Golf Clubs Tutorial - Gather Materials
Cleaning your golf clubs is an important chore that needs to be performed every so often to help keep your clubs in good shape.

Create Suds to Clean Your Golf Clubs
The second step in cleaning golf clubs is to create soapy suds.

Cleaning Golf Clubs - Step 3
Put your irons into a bucket of warm, soapy water, to start the cleaning process on golf clubs.

Cleaning Golf Clubs - Step 4
Use a soft brush to clean out of the grooves of your golf irons.

Cleaning Golf Clubs - Step 5
After scrubbing with a soft-bristled brush, rinse off the clubheads of your golf irons in this step to the cleaning process.

Cleaning Golf Clubs - Step 6
Dry off the clubhead and shaft of your golf clubs after washing them.

Cleaning Driver and Other Golf Woods
Cleaning the driver and other metal woods is a little different from cleaning other golf clubs because more care is necessary.

2015 Walker Cup: Final Scores and Player Records
Team GB&I ran away to a big win over Team USA in the 2015 Walker Cup. Check out the final scores of all the matches played in the amateur golf event.

Lydia Ko Wins 2015 Evian, Becomes Youngest Major Winner
Lydia Ko won her first major at the 2015 Evian Championship, and in so doing became the youngest winner of a women's golf major ever.

Callaway X-Tour Irons: Company's First Forged Set
The X-Tour irons were the first premium, forged irons made by Callaway Golf. Here's a look at the set, plus where to find them today.

Bag Boy Revolver Pro Golf Bag Review
The Bag Boy Revolver Pro golf bag comes with a unique feature: a rotating top. But it has many other goodies: it's kind of a Swiss army knife of golf bags.

Origins of the Word Par (Does It Come From Golf?)
Did the word Par start as a golf term, or was it in use outside of golf first? Here's a look at how this word entered the golf lexicon.

Swing-Tempo and Tour Tour Devices Focus on Golf Swing Rhythm
Tempo is a very important component of the golf swing, and here are two devices that help golfers train for a better rhythm.

Two Devices Help Golfers Work on Tempo
Golf devices Swing-Tempo and Tour Tempo help golfers work on their swing rhythm. Page 2.

Review: Swing Speed Radar for Golfers
Check out this review of the. Golf.

TaylorMade M1 Driver Crown and Specs

M1 Fairway Woods

TaylorMade M1 Golf Clubs: Photos, Specs, Pricing
TaylorMade's M1 golf clubs include a driver, fairway woods and rescues. Check out photos, specs and pricing, plus the technical features.

M1 Rescue Clubs

Callaway Great Big Bertha II 415 Titanium Driver
Callaway's new Great Big Bertha II 415 Titanium Driver is the biggest Great Big Bertha driver the company has yet brought to market.

Golf Club Distances: How Far Should You Hit Your Clubs?
How far should you hit your golf clubs? This chart shows typical distances, along with tips for learning your yardages.

Sun Mountain Speed Carts: The Ever-Popular Push Carts
The Sun Mountain Speed Cart is a popular model of push cart whose longevity is a sign of its quality. Find info on models, old and new, and where to shop.

Golfer Rankings (Professional, Amateur, Junior and Historical)
Check out all-time rankings of golfers, both men and women and by country, along with official rankings for professional, amateur and junior golf.

Golfer Laura Davies: Big Hitter to the Hall of Fame
Pro golfer Laura Davies is a 4-time major championship winner known for booming drives. Here's how she played her way into the Hall of Fame.

Golf Tips: Chipping, Pitching and Bunker Shots (The Wedges)
Shape up your wedge play with these golf tips about chipping, pitching and bunker shots. Tips include free videos, tutorials and articles.

What Is A Flop Shot in Golf?
What is a flop shot in golf? Read this definition of the term, and find explanations of how to play this specialty type of pitch shot.

Lob Shot (What It Is In Golf)
What is a lob shot in golf? It's a specialty pitch shot used when the golfer has to get the ball very high very fast. Read the explanation.

MAC Powersphere Driver by Burrows Golf
Let's look back at the MAC Powersphere driver by Burrows Golf, a club that introduced an innovation important in the history of driver development.

The Simple Fitness Tool that Can Help Golfers Add Yards
Looking to add yards to your golf shots? Try this single-arm, pre-impact fitness drill that uses resistance tubing to increase strength.

How to Determine Strokes in a Man vs. Woman Golf Match
How are handicap strokes determined in a golf match between a man and woman? Does it matter if they are playing from the same or different tees?

3 Myths (and the Truth) About Weight Training and Golf
Is weight training bad for golfers? Not if you do it right. Here are three myths about weightlifting and golf and what the truth is, plus a sample regimen.

Mizuno MX-17 Irons: Original Features and Used Pricing
A look at the features of the Mizuno MX-17 irons, golf clubs targeted at mid- and high-handicappers - plus what they sold for then and are selling for now.

Kasco Golf: The Company, Its Clubs, Where to Find Them
Kasco Golf is a full-line equipment manufacturer based in Japan. Here's a look at the clubs it makes, how to find them, and a brief company history.

Golfers, Get Those 3-Putts Under Control with Lag Putting Drill
Here's a practice putting drill that is easy to set up and that helps golfers improve their lag putting to avoid those nasty three-putts.

What is GHIN and How Do Golfers Use It?
What is the GHIN service for golfers? And how do golfers access it and use it? Let's find out - plus learn the fun thing non-members can do on

2018 British Open: When and Where It Happens
Find out when and where the 2018 British Open takes place, the qualifying criteria plus all the past winners at the host golf course.

2017 British Open: Date, Location, Qualifying Info
Find out when and where the 2017 British Open takes place, the qualifying criteria plus all the past winners at the host golf course.

Distance Control Putting Drills (Improve Speed on Greens)
Developing feel for speed on the greens is a key to improving putting. If you need help with distance control, try these practice rills.

Brian Harman Makes 2 Aces In Same Round on PGA Tour
Brian Harman made more holes-in-one in the final round of the 2015 Barclays tournament than Sam Snead or Ben Hogan made in their entire PGA Tour careers.

PGA Tour Records and the Golfers Who Set Them
Find out who holds the most important PGA Tour records with this run through the tour recordbook.

Presidents Cup Format and Schedule of Play
The Presidents Cup format and schedule of play involves multiple days, multiple match-play formats, and 34 matches total. Here are the details.

The Caddie in Golf, on the Course and in the Rules
What does the caddie do in golf? Here is a rundown with info about the caddie in the rulebook, caddie duties and when a golfer might use a caddie.

All the Playoffs in PGA Championship History
Find out which golfers have won - and lost - playoffs at the PGA Championship tournament, along with their scores and the playoff formats.

Does a Whiff Count as a Stroke in Golf?
Does a whiff count as a stroke in golf? Say a golfer starts his swing, but simply misses the ball, making no contact. Is that a stroke or not? Find the answer here.

The Original Rules of Golf (from the 1700s)
When were the first rules of golf developed? The Golf History FAQ, from the About Golf Guide, answers that question - and shares the original rules.

View the List of Non-Conforming Drivers in Golf
Check out the list of conforming and non-conforming drivers to see if your big stick is legal to use in a golf tournament.

Who Is Affected by New 2010 Golf Groove Rules?
New groove rules go into effect in golf in 2010, but they won't apply to all golfers immediately. Find out if you need to worry about the new rules.

Common Penalties in the Rules of Golf
Unsure what the penalty is for a certain infraction during a round of golf? This page lists some of the most common infractions and what the penalties are.

Line and Stake Color Meanings on Golf Courses
What do the different colored stakes and lines on a golf course signify? Find out what red, yellow and white stakes or lines mean on a golf course.

Boundary and Hazard Lines and Stakes on Golf Courses
Need help deciphering what the differently colored hazard lines and boundary stakes mean on a golf course? Here's a little help. Page 2.

Cleveland TFi 2135 Putters

Cleveland Smart Sole 2.0 Wedges

Tour Edge Bazooka 460 Black Driver

Callaway, Cleveland Wedges + More New Clubs (Aug. 2015)
Check out these short game clubs new in golf pro shops beginning in August/September 2015, starting with new wedges from Callaway and Cleveland.

Miura KM 008 Small Blade Putter

Srixon Q-Star Golf Balls (2015 Models)

Tour Edge Bazooka 1 Out Plus Wedge

7 Oldest Winners Ever on the PGA Tour
Who are the oldest golfers to win on the PGA Tour? Here's the list, starting with Sam Snead, 52 years, 10 months, 8 days, 1965 Greater Greensboro Open.

Golfer Davis Love III Biography and Career Details
Learn more about golfer Davis Love III with this profile that includes both biographical information along with facts and trivia about his PGA Tour golf career and tournaments won.

Return of the King: Cobra's King Ltd. Drivers
King is back in the name of a Cobra Golf driver. Two of them, in fact: the Cobra King Ltd. plus the Pro model. Here are the features and pricing.

King Ltd. SpacePort and Specs, Plus the Pro Model

Srixon Z 355 Driver

Srixon Z 355 Golf Clubs: Driver, Woods and Irons
Srixon's Z 355 family of golf clubs includes driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons, and introduces the company's Action Mass technology.

Srixon Z 355 Fairway Woods and Hybrids

Srixon Z 355 Irons

Review of the Game Golf Stats Tracking System
The Game Golf stats tracking system aims to help golfers improve through powerful analytical tools. Here is a review of how well it works.

2010 Masters Golf Tournament: Mickelson Wins His 3rd
Read a recap of the 2010 Masters golf tournament and view the final scores.

2011 Masters Golf Tournament
Read a recap of the 2011 Masters Tournament and view the list of final scores.

2017 Presidents Cup
Find the dates and location of the 2017 Presidents Cup, along with more information about the biennial golf matches that pit Teams USA and International.

2008 Masters Golf Tournament
Read a recap of the 2008 Masters golf tournament and view the list of final scores.

2015 European Tour Schedule
Find out where and when you can watch European Tour golf in 2015 - here is the weekly schedule of tournaments, along with info about each.

2015 PGA Championship Golf Tournament
A young, star golfer who seemed to always be in contention in majors finally broke through and won one at the 2015 PGA Championship tournament.

4 Options for Getting Up and Down Around Putting Greens
What shot should you play when trying to get up-and-down from off the green? You have four options, and circumstances dictate which option to choose.

Tiger Woods' Missed Cuts on the PGA Tour
How many times has Tiger Woods missed the cut as a pro on the PGA Tour? And what were the tournaments? Those answers are here.

Great Big Bertha Driver (2015 Model)

2015 Big Bertha Drivers from Callaway Golf
Callaway's 2015 driver and wood offerings include the new Great Big Bertha, plus the Big Bertha Alpha 816 Double Black Diamond.

Big Bertha Alpha 816 Double Black Diamond Driver

Chip Shot Set-Up Key to Saving Strokes in Golf Short Game
The short game is an area where many golfers lose a lot of strokes. Make sure you have a great chip shot set-up and you'll save strokes when chipping.

Who Is the Youngest PGA Championship Winner?
Which golfer holds the record for being the youngest winner of the PGA Championship? Get the answer here.

First PGA Championship: When and Where Was It, and Who Won?
When and where was the first PGA Championship played, and who won the tournament? Find the answers to those questions here.

Improve Your Set-Up Position to Cure the Shanks
Do you suffer from the shanks in golf? Here are three common causes of the dreaded shank shot, and the key to solving your shanking problems.

Golf Drill: Use Your Shadow to Stay Centered, Stable Through Impact
Golfers who draw the ball remain centered and stable in the swing from address through impact. This Shadow Drill will help you learn to do the same.

1979 PGA Championship Tournament: A Real Graham Cracker
It was a Graham cracker kind of playoff at the 1979 PGA Championship. What does that mean? Let's see what went down in the final round.

1978 PGA Championship: Watson's Best Chance, Not Taken
Tom Watson never won the PGA Championship. But at the 1978 PGA Championship he had his best chance. Find out who beat him in the playoff.

1990 PGA Championship Tournament Summary and Scores
Fred Couples suffered through four consecutive late birdies, handing the 1990 PGA Championship tournament title to a journeyman Australian golfer.

1984 PGA Championship: Trio of Past Champs Battle It Out
The 1984 PGA Championship tournament was a battle between three former winners of this major: Lee Trevino. Gary Player and Lanny Wadkins.

1975 PGA Championship Tournament: Winner and Scores
It was a Masters-PGA Championship double in 1975 for Jack Nicklaus. Find out how he won the PGA and check out the final scores.

1963 PGA Championship: First One for The Bear
Jack Nicklaus eventually tied the tournament record for most PGA Championship wins. Here is how he won his first one in 1963.

2006 PGA Championship: Another First for Woods
Tiger Woods' win at the 2006 PGA Championship made him the first golfer in history accomplish this feat: Well, you'll have to read the recap to find out.

1980 PGA Championship: How Nicklaus Took the 5th
Jack Nicklaus tied the tournament record for most wins with his fifth at the 1980 PGA Championship tournament, and the Bear won in a runaway.

1988 PGA Championship Tournament: Summary and Scores
Find out how the winner of the 1988 PGA Championship managed a 6-shot swing in the final round, from three behind to winning by three.

1983 PGA Championship: Golden Boy Over Golden Bear
Golf's newest golden boy actually lived to the hype at the 1983 PGA Championship, but had to hold off the Golden Bear to win it.

1987 PGA Championship Tournament: Scores Soar
The winner of the 1987 PGA Championship was known for playing well in tough conditions - and he won this tournament with its highest score ever.

1981 PGA Championship Tournament Winner and Scores
The 1981 PGA Championship golf tournament was a local-boy-makes-good story for the winner. Here are the final scores and tourney summary.

1982 PGA Championship Tournament: Who Won It, and How
Just shy of turning 40, Raymond Floyd turned in a dominating performance to claim the trophy at the 1982 PGA Championship golf tournament.

1985 PGA Championship Tournament Summary and Scores
The 1985 PGA Championship golf tournament was a final-round battle between Lee Trevino and Hubert Green. Find out who won, plus the final scores.

2 Easy Adjustments to Help You Regain Feel on Iron Shots
Are your iron shots just not as crisp as they used to be? Have you lost feel and control? These two simple adjustments might solve your problems.

Add Yards in Golf With Simple Distance-Enhancing Moves
Want to hit the golf ball farther? Boost your smash factor through swing training or through simple technique adjustments to get more driver distance.

2002 Ryder Cup (Scores and Recap): Monty Leads Europe
Europe and the USA entered the singles session at the 2002 Ryder Cup tied at 8 points each. When the singles ended, the Cup had changed hands.

Around the Green

Managing Your Round

The Mental Game

Swing Flaws and Fixes

Hitting It Farther

17 Simple Tips for Beginning Golfers, High-Handicappers
These tips on common problem areas in golf are aimed at beginning golfers and high-handicappers, so they are short, simple and easy to grasp.

Practice and Prep

Full Golf Warm Up Routine
Warming up for your round of golf is an essential part of playing a good round of golf. Here are six steps toward a full, great warm-up routine.

Stretching and Driving Range Warmup Before Teeing Off
Continue your warmup before teeing off by doing some simple stretching and by taking the right approach on the driving range. The head to the first tee. Page 2.

Golf Basics: Tips on the Fundamentals
These free golf tips include both articles and videos, and focus on the basics, including such fundamentals as grip, stance and elements of the swing.

1986 PGA Championship Tournament: Shark Snakebit Again
Snakebit golfer Greg Norman let another big tournament slip away at the 1986 PGA Championship, but it was a terrific shot that finally beat him.

2008 PGA Championship: All Aboard the Paddy Wagon
The winner of the 2008 PGA Championship made some major accomplishments for European and Irish golfers in this tournament.

2017 PGA Championship: Dates, Site, Qualifying Info
When and where will the PGA Championship golf major take place in 2017? Here are the details, plus info on the qualifying criteria.

2000 PGA Championship: An Epic Finish
The 2000 PGA Championship golf tournament concluded with a fantastic 3-hole playoff between Tiger Woods and Bob May. In the end, the winner was ...

1997 PGA Championship: Love Is In the Air
Davis Love III, son of a PGA of America pro, won the 1997 PGA Championship. Here's how he did it, plus all the final scores.

1966 PGA Championship: Win for the Peanut Butter Kid
The golfer who won the 1966 PGA Championship was called The Peanut Butter Kid. And he won here in a jif, you're darn skippy!