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Opening the Event
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Zombie Stayed Involved
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For Your Information...
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Rob Zombie Arrives in the Midwest
Macabe Entertainer Rob Zombie brought his Great American Nightmare to Villa Park, Illinois, in time for Halloween.

6 Chicago Hotels for Romantic Getaways
The Trump International Hotel, Palmer House Hilton, The Kinzie Hotel, The James, the Intercontinental Michigan Avenue and The Radisson Blue Aqua are six of the best hotels for romance in Chicago.

Spring Activities in Traverse City, Michigan
Traverse City Michigan is filled with activity for vacations in the spring, including golfing, fishing, hiking, biking and visiting wineries.

A Night of Hay, Hooves, and Halloween
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BOO It Downtown
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Pumpkin Hollow at Deanna Rose
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Plenty of Orange in Kansas
Halloween and fall celebrations take place all over Kansas.

Kaw Valley Farm Tour
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Night of the Living Zoo
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Boo at the Zoo
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Visiting the Ohio State Reformatory
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The Supernatural III Haunted Prison Experience
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It wasn't suppose to be Ohio
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The Shawshank Redemption
The Ohio State Reformatory, used to film the film The Shawshank Redemption, is open for supernatural Halloween experience.

One of the Most Haunted Places
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Tours of the Reformatory
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The Shawshank Repdemption story is Fiction, but the Location is Real
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Bottom Line
In the end, it was difficult to find someone who didn’t have a good time at Riot Fest Chicago.

Food and Drinks
No one went hungry or thirsty at Riot Fest.

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
Andrew McMahon, formerly of Something corporate and Jack’s Mannequin, is back on tour with In the Wilderness.

Tarrus Riley
The reggae of Jamaican Tarrus Riley, whose father is singer Jimmy Riley, had the crowd dancing at Riot Fest in Chicago’s Douglas Park.

Separate Stages for Many Musicians
Riot Fest managed to keep your mind – and ears – on one band at a time by staggering performances on stages next to each other.

Far From Perfect
Riot Fest was far from perfect. Midwest Travel.

Gwar was Back
Gwar has almost become a symbol of Riot Fest.

From East to Midwest
Taking Back Sunday played to a packed audience on Saturday.

A Decade Later
Riot Fest was first started in Chicago in 2005 and has expanded to include Denver, Colorado, and Toronto, Canada.

They Had No Doubt
Opening night was highlighted by Gwen Stefani and her group No Doubt, bringing some major mainstream into Riot Fest.

Top 10 Places to Visit in South Dakota
Top places to visit in South Dakota include Spearfish, Hill City, Keystone, Bedrock City, SIoux Falls, De Smet, Rapid City and Custer.

Branding is important
The Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee has examples of some of the leather jackets branded with the motorcycle’s name

So Many Bikes
Leave plenty of time to explore the hundreds of different types of motorcycles at the museum,

First Bikes Built
See examples of the first bikes built by Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee when you visit their museum.

The History of Harley and Davidson story of Harley and Davidson
At the Harley-Davidson Museum, you’ll learn about the history of Arthur Davidson and Bill Harley

Harley-Davidson Race Cars
Harley-Davidson also made cars for racing at tracks such as the Indianapolis Speedway.

Boats and Golf Carts
Although it was not a large part of the business, Harley-Davidson was involved in the making of other modes of transportation

AMF and Harley-Davidson
Learn about the on again, off again relationship between AMF and Harley-Davidson

All that Leather
It didn’t take long for the Harley-Davidson name to become associated with leather vests and jackets

Engines and Pistons
At the Harley-Davidson Museum, you will also learn about the engines, pistons, and other parts used to put together the famous motorcycles.

Vroom, Vroom
The sound a Harley makes is almost as important as the bike itself to some riders.

Street Glider
In 2008, Harley-Davidson released the 105th anniversary edition of the Street Glider.

Photo Opportunities
A large selection of motorcycles are available at the Harley-Davidson Museum for visitors to sit on and try out for photo opportunities.

The Harley-Davidson Museum is located at 400 West Canal Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Branding of Harley-Davidson
The Harley-Davidson name quickly spread throughout Wisconsin before it became nationally, and then globally.

Advances in Design
The motorcycle designs became sleeker and appealing as the decades went on.

Everything Bears the Brand
Harley-Davidson became synonymous with clothing and accessories, as well as motorcycles.

World Wide Recognition
Check out how, by the mid-1940s, the Harley-Davidson brand had become popular throughout the world, with events taking place everywhere.

Postal Delivery
Even the U.S. Mail made use of Harley-Davidson bikes produced in Wisconsin.

At the Build-A-Bike Exhibit in the Harley-Davidson Museum, kids of all ages can make a virtual copy of their own customized motorcycle.

Custom Bikes
You can also see some of the many custom made Harley-Davidson bikes when you visit the Wisconsin Museum.

They Ride with You
Harley-Davidson began as a family run business in Wisconsin and has remained in the family for over a century.

Special Exhibits
Special Exhibits, such as the one on Willie G. Davidson, are held all the time at the Harley-Davidson Museum.

About Willie G.
Willie G. Davidson was known to be front and center on a bike at the Harley-Davidson Anniversary Celebrations.

Music and Movies
Harley-Davidson Motorcycles have made appearances in quite a few films, and even some album covers

Even the Army Loved Harley
The U.S. Army was a client of Harley-Davidson’s technologically advanced vehicles, as shown in the Milwaukee museum.

The Wine Trails of Kansas
Kansas has three wine trails. Wineries in Kansas have been making wine for over 100 years.

21 Midwest Amusement Parks for Family Vacations
The best of the Midwest amusement parks, theme parks and water parks.

20 Free Things to do in Missouri
Missouri has plenty of free admission attractions throughout the state.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Ohio
Top places to visit in Ohio include Youngstown, Wapakoneta, Dayton, Akron, Columbus, Put-in-Bay, Sandosky, Cleveland and Cincinnati.

Pet Friendly Hotels in Minnesota
Hotels in Minnesota that are pet friendly.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Iowa
Top places to visit in Iowa include Iowa City, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, Hazelton, Cedar Falls, Davenport, Coralville, Council Bluffs and Amana.

Location and Amenities Highlight Inn at Harbor Shores
The Inn at Harbor Shores in St. Joseph, Michigan, has a great location on the water and a lot of extra amenities.

7 Summer Fairs & Festivals in South Dakota
South Dakota is filled with fairs and festivals in the summer time. Live entertainment includes the Beach Boys, Willie Nelson and more. All events have plenty of food and contests.

5 Annual Spring Events in Kansas
Springtime is the start of many events in Kansas, including the Paradise Creek Festival and Rodeo, and the Kansas Sampler Festival.

5 of the Most Unusual Museums in the Midwest
Five of the most unusual museums in the Midwest, City Museum, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Journey Museum, Dyer-Botsford Doll Museum, and the Harley-Davidson Museum.

Attractions for Families in Champaign, Illinois
Attractions for families in Champaign Illinois include the William Staerkel Planetarium, the Orpheum Children's Science Museum, the Sholem Aquatec Center and Prairie Farm.

Westin Cleveland, Better than Ever
The Westin Downtown Cleveland went through an extensive renovation that included updating the rooms, lobby, and restaurant.

Ricky Phillips
Ricky Phillips, a Celebrity from the Midwest, coming next month on Midwest Travel at About.com.

Plenty of Fair Food
The Illinois State Fair had plenty of typical fair food

Scorpion Pizza
Among the more unusual items on the menus at the Illinois State Fair was Scorpion Pizza.

Styx Returned to their Illinois Home
Styx is another band that had its beginnings in Illinois.

Lots of Livestock
The Illinois State Fair had many livestock competitions

Jeff Keith of Tesla
Jeff Keith helped bring the house down the house down at the Illinois State Fair

Tesa Rocked the Hous
The hard rock band Tesla opened for Styx at the Illinois State Fair

Fall Out Boy at the Fair
Fall Out Boy performed on a warm Saturday night at the State Fair.

The Butt
In the Prairie Farms pavilion, there was lots of information on the company’s dairy and plenty of ice cream to be bought

Visit Next Year
The Illinois State Fair is held in August each year at the Fairgrounds in Springfield.

Local Wines and Beers
Local wines and beers were available for tasting at the Illinois State Fair.

Amusement Park Rides
A wide choice of rides was available in the Midway, as well as carnival games.

Smoke Stack BBQ
Award-winning Smoke Stack BBQ was a favorite at the Illinois State Fair.

The Food Winner is...
Midwest Travel.

Exhibits, Food, and at the Fair
Over 400,000 people came out to the Illinois State Fair in Springfield.

Ethnic Village
Midwest Travel.

Alligator on a Stick?
Alligator seemed to be very popular at the Illinois State Fair.

Live Entertainment
Midwest Travel.

Ricky Phillips of Styx
Ricky Phillips of the band Styx talks about the Midwest and the bands tour.

Ricky Phillips of Styx
Ricky Phillips of the band Styx talks about the Midwest and the bands tour. Page 2.

Styx at the Illinois State Fair
Styx was one of the headliners of the Illinois State Fair. They played to a full stadium in Springfield.

Lawrence Gowan
Styx performing at the Illinois State Fair. Page 5.

James Young
Styx performing at the Illinois State Fair. Page 4.

Ricky Phillips, James Young, Tommy Shaw
Styx performing at the Illinois State Fair

James Young and Ricky Phillips
Styx performing at the Illinois State Fair. Page 6.

Ricky Philips
Ricky Phillips of Styx at the Illinois State Fair. Page 7.

Tommy Shaw
Styx performing at the Illinois State Fair. Page 3.

Ricky Phillips and John Panozzo
Styx performing at the Illinois State Fair. Page 2.

15 of the Best Places for Camping in the Midwest
The best places to camp in the Midwest includes the campgrounds in Badlands State Park, Custer Park, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Devils Lake, and Hocking Hills State Park.

Places to Camp in North Dakota
North Dakota has national and state parks which make great places for camping.

Say Mangia to Vinny Vanucchi’s
Vinny Vanucchis is an authentic Italian restaurant in Dubuque, Iowa.

Celebrating 100 Years of the National Parks in the Midwest
Photographing National Parks is a book released for the centennial of the National Parks Service Foundation.

Places to Camp in Nebraska
The Places to camp in Nebraska includes state and national parks that also offer activities such as hiking, swimming, fishing, boating, and golf.

Things to Do in the Midwest
Things to do in the Midwest includes attractions, fairs, festivals, events, museums, zoos, theme parks, water parks, amusement parks, and other activities.

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling
Tips to help you stay healthy while on vacation in the Midwest.

Rochester Speakeasy is an Unexpected Pleasure
The Doggery, a Prohibition era speakeasy bar in Rochester, Minnesota, is worth planning a visit to.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nebraska
Surprising facts about Nebraska and places to visit in Nebraska, including the largest indoor rain forest in the world.

19 Things You Didn’t Know About Indiana
Many people don't know about all the famous people who came from Indiana, as well as its historical and fun places that are unique to the state.

9 Things to Pack for a Winter Vacation in the Midwest
Before you head out on a winter vacation in the Midwest, make sure you pack everything you'll need to keep you warm.

Family Travel host Colleen Kelly Dishes on her Favorite Midwest Towns
Colleen Kelly of Family Travel with Colleen Kelly on PBS talks about travel and her favorite Midwest places.

Family Travel host Colleen Kelly Dishes on her Favorite Midwest Towns continued
Family Travel with Colleen Kelly is a travel show on PBS that includes Midwest sites such as Lake of the Ozarks, St. Louis, and Holland, Michigan. Page 2.

Adult Space at Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells
While waterparks may leave you feeling overrun by kids, Kalahari does a good job of giving adults space and things to do.

Accommodations at Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells
Kalahari Resort offers a wide variety of accommodations to choose from

Food Options at Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells
If you’ve ever had to spend hours on vacation trying to decide where to go eat on vacation, you will appreciate all the options at Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells.

Indoor Theme Park at Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells
Not only does Kalahari have an indoor waterpark, but they also have an amusement park that’s entirely indoors so you don’t have to worry about what the weather is

Places to Lounge at Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells
If the weather isn’t cooperating or you just want to escape the rays, you’ll find plenty of space to do it in at the Kalahari Indoor Waterpark in Wisconsin Dells

Indoor Waterpark at Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells
If the weather isn’t cooperating or you just want to escape the rays, you’ll find plenty of space to do it in at the Kalahari Indoor Waterpark in Wisconsin Dells

Outdoor Waterpark at Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells Zambezi Outdoor Water Park
The Zambezi Outdoor Waterpark at Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells is one of the best you’ve seen

Why You Must Plan a Trip to Springfield, Missouri
Springfield, Missouri, offers plenty of options for a vacation or a short getaway.

Planning a Visit to Dyersville, Iowa
Dyersville Iowa is home to the Field of Dreams Movie Site as well as many other attractions.

Museum of Geology
The South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (SDSM&T) Museum of Geology at Rapid City’s The Journey Museum takes you back in this area’s history.

Location and Hours
Midwest Travel.

Sioux Indian Museum
The Journey Museum in Rapid City also houses the Sioux Indian Museum.

More Interactive Exhibits
Kids of all ages will have fun in the Learning Lab at The Journey Museum.

Archaeological Research Center
Another section of The Journey Museum to visit is the South Dakota Archaeological Research Center.

Minnilusa Pioneer Museum
The Minnilusa Pioneer Museum at The Journey Museum in South Dakota doesn’t go quite as far back as the other sections

Bowers Harbor Vineyard, a Boutique Traverse City Winery
Bowers Harbor Vineyard is a family run boutique winery on Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City, Michigan.

Great River Road, Wisconsin
Fall foliage along Great River Road in Wisconsin

Fall foliage drive from Bloomington to Brown County, Indiana
Fall foliage drive from Bloomington to Brown County in Indiana

Glacial Hills Scenic Byway, Kansas
Fall foliage drive on Glacial Hills Scenic Byway in Kansas

Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan
Fall foliage drive on the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan

North Shore of Lake Superior, Minnesota
Fall foliage on the North shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota

Jefferson City to Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
Fall foliage from Jefferson City to Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

Northern Red River Valley, North Dakota
Fall foliage in the Northern Red River Valley of North Dakota

Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota
Fall foliage along Spearfish Canyon in South Dakota

9 Spectacular Fall Foliage Drives
9 Spectacular Fall Foliage Drives You’ll Only Find in the Midwest

2. Historic Hills Scenic Byway, Iowa
Fall foliage drive on the Historic Hills Scenic Byway in Iowa

Pet Friendly Hotels in Illinois
Hotels, motels, and other accommodations in Illinois that are pet friendly.

Planning a Visit to the Indianapolis Zoo
The Indianapolis Zoo has much more than your average zoo, with an aquarium, botanical gardens, and orangutan center.

Getting Up Close
If you want to really get close to the animals, the Indianapolis Zoo has a couple of options.

No Goldilocks, but there’s Three Bears
At the Indianapolis Zoo, you can see polar bears and brown bears in two completely different settings

Flights of Fancy
Take a walk through the Flights of Fancy pavilion at the Indianapolis Zoo and you’ll see an array of colors from hundreds of exotic birds.

The King of the Jungle
You find lions to check out at the Indianapolis Zoo

Healthy Animals
It’s impossible to have a good day if the animals you see are unhappy, uncomfortable, or unavailable. You won’t find this at the Indianapolis Zoo.

Take a Ride
Take a break from watching animals have fun and have some yourself by taking a ride.

African Plains
Take a look at an assortment of animals interacting with each other in an African Plain close to their original habitat.

Reasons the Indianapolis Zoo is Among the Best
The Indianapolis Zoo is constantly receiving accolades for its presentation.

The Best of an Aquarium
The Indianapolis Zoo isn’t just a zoo, it’s an accredited aquarium.

Interactive Fun
The Zooper Challenge, which is included in the Total Adventure Package (TAP), allows you to play an educational and fun game as you learn how a zoo keeper works.

Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center
The most unique thing about the Indianapolis Zoo is the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center.

St. Francis Xavier: Historical Basilica in Iowa
The Basilica of St. Franci Xavier in Dyersville, Iowa, is one of only 53 Basilicas in the United States.

20 Free Things to Do in Iowa
Iowa has many museums, parks, nature trails, and other attractions which are free of admission charges.

The Best Rides at Six Flags St. Louis
The best rides you can go on at Six Flags St. Louis in Eureka, Missouri.

20 Free Things to Do in Ohio
Throughout Ohio you will find free things to do with the family including museums, parks, historical, and educational attractions.

Destinations You Didn’t Realize Were Ideal for a Family Getaway
Three locations to consider for a family vacation in the Midwest are Cleveland, Rapid City, and Milwaukee.

Northwestern Mutual Children's Theater & PlayZone at Summerfest
Throughout the 11 days you could always take the kids to this area for family fun at .Summerfest

Rides for All at Summerfest
Summerfest has many rides, including a mechanical bull for the kids to ride.

Foodie Finds at Summerfest
Many of the food venues got creative this year, offering a selection of food in easier to eat formats.

Other Food Options at Summerfest
You couldn’t possibly go hungry at Summerfest as there was food for absolutely everyone, regardless of their likes or special needs.

Happy Independence Day from Summerfest
On July 3rd, with the Doobie Brothers singing in the background at the Harley Davidson Roadhouse, there was a great view of the fireworks over the lake from the VIP Deck.

Getting to Summerfest
Shuttle buses go back and forth to various downtown Milwaukee locations and there was even an area set up for Uber this year.

Spiral Chips and Thai Rolls at Summerfest
Two of the best food bargains at Summerfest were the Spiral Potato Chips on a Stick from Flannery’s and the Thai Eggroll from The King and I.

11 Different Stages at Summerfest
The Marcus Amphitheater is the only stage at Summerfest that requires additional tickets. The other 10 are included with admission.

Battle of the Bands at Summerfest
On the final day of Summerfest, bands were competing on the various stages to be named the best of the festival.

Summerfest is The Largest
It's earned the nickname, The World's Largest Music Festival. It's hard to argue with the title.

Clean Teeth for All at Summerfest
Sensodyne set up a

It Starts Outside the gates at Summerfest
After nearly 50 years, Summerfest is about as organized as it can get. Before you hit the main entrance you’ll see a few vendors set up.

12 Movies You Didn’t Realize Were Set and Filmed in the Midwest
Movies that were set in the Midwest and also filmed in Midwest towns.

Minnesota Roots for Soul Asylum
The Minneapolis, Minnesota, band Soul Asylum talked about their Midwest roots before their performance at the House of Blues in Chicago.

Free Drinks
The Pepsi Oasis stands at Holiday World and Splashin Safari provide free drinks.

The Best in Rides
Holiday World has always been a leader in rides, especially roller coasters.

Holiday World and Splashin Safari
Here are some reasons why you should bring everyone to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari in Santa Claus, Indiana.

A Place to Stay Nearby
Lake Rudolph has cabins, cottages, and campgrounds ust a mile from Holiday World

Free Shuttle or Parking
Parking is free at Holiday World

It is always Christmas at Holiday World
It is always a holiday at Holiday World

Two Parks in One Spot
Holiday World, the amusement park, and Splashin’ Safari, the waterpark, are intertwined

Lots of Food Options
Holiday World has healthy foods, gluten free options, and plenty of treats

Sunblock and Lockers
Put everything in your locker because sunblock is free at Splashin' Safari

Something for Every Age
Kids of all ages can find something to do at Holiday World and Splashin Safari

It’s All Well-Kept
Holiday World and Splashin Safari are both clean and well-andscaped.

Places to Chill
You'll find plenty of places to sit and relax at Holiday World and Splashin Safari

Smokys House BBQ
Smokey's House BBQ ribs were delicious at Blues, Brews and BBQ.

Despite the Weather...
The weather didn't put a damper on Blues, Brews and BBQ.

Hickory River Smokehouse
Hickory River Smokehouse of Urbana had a large selection of food for sale..

Try it Fried
Many different carnival type foods were sold at Blues, Brews and BBQ.

Don’t Forget the Funnel Cake
Funnel cakes of various flavors were served at Blues, Brews and BBQ.

More than Brew
Wine slushes, margaritas, and Long Island Iced Tea was also served and Blues, Brews and BBQ in Champaign.

Upshot Leads Local Talent
Local talent was led by Champaign's Upshot.

Volunteers Rock
Volunteers help allow the Blues, Brews and BBQ festival to be admission free

Fun for the Whole Family
Blues Brews and BBQ hd penty for kids to do.

How about some Mud?
Kits Original Mud is a salsa like product made in Ilinois.

Nectar of the Vine
Nectar of the Vine is an Ohio company that makes drink mixes.

And, Standard Carnival Food
Carnival food is served along with the barbecue at the Blues, Brews and BBQ festival.

Ladies Rule
Bands by women played at Blues, Brews and BBQ,

Spooky Cocktails
Spooky Cocktail Mixes of Minnesota makes all natural drinks.

Bud’s BBQ
Buds BBQ brought unique items such as turkey legs and deep fried corn.

Major Airports in the Midwest
The Midwest has major airports in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Petoskey Brewing is located in Petoskey, Michigan.

Just Like the Ballpark
Pretzels aren't the only ballpark food stepped up here. In addition to the craft beer, you can find gourmet hot dogs you are being served.

Great Paninis
Petoskey Brewing is also known for their freshly made Paninis on grilled sourdough bread.

The Best Tomato Soup
If tomato soup is on the menu at Petoskey Brewing, make sure you order it

Brewery Tours
Tours of the brewery (located right in the same building as the restaurant) are available on request

The Brewery
The location of Petoskey Brewery in Michigan has quite a history.

The Brews
You’ll always find a wide selection of beer on tap at Petoskey Brewery in Michigan

Wooden Barrels in a Brewery?
While most of the beer is made in stainless steel, Petoskey Brewing uses old bourbon and whiskey barrels to age some of its beers

Other Beverages
Don’t worry if you aren’t a beer drinker. Petoskey Brewing has you covered .

Don’t Skip the Pretzels
Whether you come to Petoskey Brewing for a meal or just to sample some of the beers with friends, don’t forget to order the pretzels.

Top Chef Stephanie Izard Loves the Midwest: Especially Chicago
Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard talks about her love of the Midwest and Chicago, especially the food scene there.

Paradise for Midwest Hikers: Hocking Hills, Ohio
Hocking Hills State Park offers hiking trails for every ability, including one for the disabled that accommodates wheelchairs

Wine Trails to Explore in Nebraska
There are more than a dozen wineries to explore on three wine trails in the state of Nebraska

Indianapolis Baker Extraordinaire Gwen Rogers
Gwendolyn Rogers talks about the Cake Bake Shop in Indianapolis, Indiana. Page 2.

Indianapolis Baker Extraordinaire Gwen Rogers
The Cake Bake Shop in Indianapolis is a high end bakery owned by celebrity baker Gwendolyn Rogers

More than a Bed and Breakfast
The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls is much more than a bed and breakfast

A Selection of Accommodations
he Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills, Ohio, has a nice variety of accommodations.

Cooking Classes
Learn to cook, bake, or make gingerbread houses at the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls.

Comfortable Fine Dining
The Kindred Spirits restaurant at the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls is fine dining in a comfortable atmosphere.

A Relaxing Girls Getaway
The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls is the perfect place for a girls getaway.

Ultimate Romance
Romance is the key at the Inn and Spa at Cedar falls with a cottage in the woods.

Hiking for Everyone
Hiking around the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls is spectacular and accessible to all.

Unwind at the Spa
The Spa at the Inn at Cedar Falls offers treatments in a totally relaxing atmosphere.

Do All Your Shopping
Unique gifts, candles, and Christmas decorations are abundant in Cedar Falls.

Places to Vacation in the Midwest
Places in the Midwest that are good choices for vacations, whether it's a romantic trip, girls' getaway or family trip.

10 Midwest Beach Towns You Will Love
Ten beach towns in the Midwest that are worth planning a vacation to.

Special Drinks for All
The Cake Bake Shop has an Italian Soda machine

Have some Bubbly with Your Pie
The Cake Bake Shop serves champagne, wine and beer

The Chocolate Cake
The chocolate cake at The Cake Bake Shop has been appreciated by celebrities such as Elton John and Jim Carrey.

Visit The Cake Bake Shop
The Cake Bake Shop is in the Broad Ripple Village section of Indianapolis

Raspberry and Champagne Make Quite a Cake
French champagne and lots of hard work go into the Raspberry Champagne Cake at The Cake Bake Shop

Making the Caramel Cake
The Caramel Cake at The Cake Bake Shop is a lot of work to make, but well worth it.

Much More than a Bakery
The Cake Bake Shop is a destination in Indianapollis, Indiana.

Worth the Price
Only the finest ingredients go into the cakes at The Cake Bake Shop

Attention to Every Detail
Attention was given to every detail of The Cake Bake Shop.

Crazy Horse Memorial
Visit Crazy Horse Memorial to see the progress on this monument.

History and Scenery
One of the best roadtrips in the Midwest is through the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Badlands National Park
Badlands National Park is the first stop on a Black Hills, South Dakota, road trip.

Wall, South Dakota
Wall Drug store in South Dakota is a must stop for food and shopping in the Black Hills.

Hill City, South Dakota
Stop in Hill City, South Dakota, at Prairie Berry Winery and High Country Guest Ranch.

Custer State Park
Custer State Park includes Wildlife Loop Road, Needles Parkway, and Sylvan Lake.

Custer, South Dakota
Stop for lunch in Custer, South Dakota, at Black Hills Burger & Bun Co.

Mount Rushmore National Monument
Mount Rushmore National Monument is one of the most visited stops in the United States.

Country Club Hotel and Spa
The Country Club Hotell and Spa in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, is a full service resort with plenty of activities and amentiies

Long Grove, Illinois
Long Grove is a quaint town just outside of Chicago, Illinois

And, More Chocolate and… Strawberries and… Apples…
Long Grove has festivals for chocolate, strawberries, and apples

Unique Shopping
Long Grove, Illinois, has lots of unique shopping

Dining with a View
Long Grove is an Illinois town with many different restaurants

A California Winery in Illinois
The California winery Broken Earth has a location in Long Grove, Illinois

The Covered Bridge
The covered bridge in Long Grove dates back more than 100 years

A Chocolate Lovers Dream
Long Grove has its own chocolage company

Long Grove is just about 30 minutes from Chicago

Everything You Need to Know About Rochester
Rochester, Minnesota, is home to the Mayo Clinic. It is helpful to know the layout of the city, the hotels, restaurants, and shopping before you go there.

20 Free Things to Do in Minnesota
Free things to do for children and adults throughout the state of Minnesota

20 Free Things to Do in Minnesota
Free things to do in Minnesota for children, adults, and families. Page 2.

It's Not Just About the Mississippi
You can explore a bit about all the rivers in America at the National Mississippi River Museum

See the Snakes in a Grass
See the snakes in the grass at the National Mississippi River Museum

Learn about the Cycle of life in the Mississippi
Rivers and the cycle of life are explained at the Mississippi River Museum and aquarium

Rivers are Important to Energy
An exhibit at the National Mississippi River Museum explains how rivers create energy

Go Ride a Bike
Ride a bike for energy at the mseum in Dubuque

Colorful Marine Life
It's surprising how colorful the marine life of the Mississippi River is

Allow Plenty of Time at the Museum
Allow plenty of time at the National Mississippi River Museum and aquarium

Learn About the Land Around the River
The Mississippi River Museum shows the land and inhabitants around the river.

The Ocean is Important to the Rivers
If you want to know more about the rivers in the Midwest, you can learn it at the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium.

A River is Made Up of Many Parts
Learn at the Naitonal Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium that a river is made up of many parts.

Take a Look at the Variety of Fish
Aquariums throughout Mississippi River Museum show a variety of fish, coral, and sponges in their national habitat.

Find Plenty of Marine Life in the Mississippi
See aquariums filled with fish at the National Mississippi River Museum

Allow Plenty of Time for the RiverWorks
Spend time at the RiverWorks Galery at the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquariu

Children Can Build Their Own Boats at the Mississippi River Museum
Children can buid their own boat at the National Misssissippi River Museum

Even Toddlers Can Find Things to Do
Even toddlers as young as two will find activities at the RiverWorks Gallery in the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium

Multiple Attractions at Marengo Cave
Marengo Cave in Southern Indiana is a great family attraction to spend the day or a weekend.

Lakefront Brewery and American Craft Kitchen Team Up for Tailgate Brunch
Lakefront Brewery of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, joined American Craft Kitchen & Bar in Chicago for a tailgate brunch.

Kids of All Ages will Love the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium
The National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium in Dubuque is a good place to bring kids of all ages.

Midwest Apples Are Ripe For Picking
The Midwest is the center of the apple growing scene of the United States. Many of the orchards in the Midwest have a large variety of orchards, as well as other family activities.

Accommodations Fit for a General at Maxwell Mansion
Maxwell Mansion is a luxury accommodation in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin that offers both historic rooms and contemporary ones.

Former Playboy Bunny Pam Ellis on Lake Geneva, Now and Then
Midwest Travel. Page 2.

Former Playboy Bunny Pam Ellis on Lake Geneva, Now and Then
A former Playboy Bunny talks about the original Playboy Mansion in Lake Geneva and life in the Wisconsin town now.

Girls Getaways for Deserving Moms
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, Southwest Michigan, and Chicagoland make ideal spots for a girls getaway

Pet Friendly Hotels in Michigan
Pet Friendly hotels in Michigan that allow dogs.

You can even find a Harness Shop
You can even find a Harness Shop at Wall Drug in South Dakota

Branding Iron Arcade
Midwest Travel.

Don't forget the Backyard
Don't forget the backyard at Wall Drug Store

Western and Native American Art
You'll find plenty of western and native american art at Wall Drug Store in South Dakota

A Real Soda Fountain and Homemade Ice Cream
Wall Drug Store has a real soda fountain and homemade ice cream.

The Mining Company
The Mining Company is an attraction at Wall Drug Store

Restaurant at Wall Drug
the restaurant dining room at wall drug store

Enjoy the Cherry Pie
Enjoy the cherry pie at the Wall Drug Store Restaurant.

Buckboard Western Wear Shop
Buckboard Western Wear Shop is in the Wall Drug Store center in South Dakota.

A Chapel for Travelers
Wall Drug Store has a chapel for travelers

Still a Family Owned Store
Wall Drug Store in South Dakota is still a family owned and run store.

Wall Drug Store is Blocks Long
Wall Drug Store in Wall, South Dakota, is Blocks Long

Everyone will Enjoy the Curtis Orchard Experience
Curtis Orchard and Pumpkin Patch is loaded with activities to participate in.

Animals on the Farm
The Petting Zoo at Curtis Orchard includes goats and chickens for kids of all ages to feed.

A Complete Agritourism Site at Curtis Orchard
At Curtis Orchard, you’ll find a party area, a place to pick your own apples, a country store, the Flying Monkey Café, a pumpkin patch, a playground and a petting zoo.

Into the Pumpkin Patch
Once you step through the entrance to the pumpkin patch, you can enjoy the walk through apple trees at Curtis Orchard.

Pick Your Own Pumpkin
In the Curtis Orchard Pumpkin Patch, kids can pick their own pumpkins, deciding whether they want traditional orange or a more unusual green or white.

No Shortage of Pumpkins
There are plenty of pumpkins for picking at Curtis Orchard, even into November.

Sugar Pie
The Sugar Pie pumpkins at Curtis Orchard in Champaign are sweeter and are perfect for baking.

U-Pick Apples
At Curtis Orchard, you can purchase a bag to go out and pick your own apples from trees.

Apples, Apples, Everywhere!
At Curtis Orchard you can pick your own apples off the trees or buy them inside at the country store.

Playtime is Plentiful
Midwest Travel.

Not Your Usual Mall: Fashion Outlets in Rosemont
The Fashion Outlets of Chicago in Rosemont, Illinois, partners with O'hare airport to make shopping and traveling easy for visitors.

You can spend the night in Turkey Run State Park
You can spend the night in Turkey Run State Park in Indiana

Exploring the Hiking Trails at Turkey Run State Park
Exploring the Hiking Trails at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana

Getting to Turkey Run State Park
Getting to Turkey Run State Park in Indiana

Follow the Signs to the Suspension Bridge at Turkey Run State Park
Follow the Signs to the Suspension Bridge at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana

Savor the View Across the Suspension Bridge at Turkey Run State Park
Savor the View Across the Suspension Bridge at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana

Pick Your Trail and Enjoy Turkey Run State Park
Pick Your Trail and Enjoy Turkey Run State Park in Indiana

The Views Just Keep Getting Better at Turkey Run State Park
The Views Just Keep Getting Better at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana

Start at the Nature Center for Hiking at Turkey Run State Park
Start at the Nature Center for Hiking at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana

Enter the Rocky Hallow-Falls Canyon Nature Preserve at Turkey Run State Park
Enter theRocky Hallow-Falls Canyon Nature Preserve at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana

Skipping Stones at Sugar Creek in Turkey Run State Park
Skipping Stones at Sugar Creek in Turkey Run State Park in Indiana

Midwest Fall Events in Each State You Shouldn’t Miss
Some of the best fall events in the Midwest include a Chef's Ball, Oktoberfest, and a Native American celebration at the Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota.

Pet Friendly Hotels in Ohio
Hotels, motels, and inns in Ohio that have pet friendly accommodations.

Hilton Milwaukee
The Hilton Milwaukee opened in 1927

Some of the Most Luxurious Hotels in the Midwest
Historic Hotels of America features many hotels located in the Midwest.

The Edgewater
The Edgewater Resort in Madison recently completed a renovation.

Pfister Hotel
The Pfister Hotel is a grand luxury hotel in Milwaukee

Palmer House, a Hilton Hotel
The Palmer House Hilton was built in the 19th century by Potter Palmer.

The Talbott Chicago
The Talbott is a small independepent boutique property in Chicago with historic roots.

Hilton Chicago
The Hilton Chicago has a late Renaissance design.

The Drake Hotel
Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, Joe DiMaggio, and Queen Elizabeth are a few of the dignitaries who have stayed at The Drake in Chicago

French Lick Resort
The French Lick Resort and the West Baden Resort are rich in Indiana history

Grand Hotel
The Grand Hotel has been on Mackinac Island since the late 19th century.

The Saint Paul Hotel
The Saint Paul Hotel is a combination of European elegance and sophistication.

Hilton Cincinnati Netherlands Plaza
The Hilton Cincinnati is a French At Deco hotel.

20 Free Things to Do in North Dakota
You'lll find free things to do throughout the state of North Dakota

Historic Sites to See in Corydon, Indiana
Corydon was the first capital of the state of Indiana and is filled with historical places to visit within the downtown area.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Indiana
Top places to visit in Indiana include Indianapolis, South Bend, Bloomington, Indiana Dunes, Crawfordsville, French Lick, Corydon, Elkhart, Madison, Santa Claus

A Hidden Escape Beyond History:
The Balance Spa at the Palmer House Hilton is a modern oasis in a historic hotel.

Colin Egglesfield Stays True to His Midwest Roots
Actor Colin Egglesfield talks about his connections to the Midwest, specifically Michigan, Chicago, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and the University of Iowa. Page 2.

Actor Colin Egglesfield Stays True to His Midwest Roots
Actor Colin Egglesfield, who was born in Michigan and has family in Illinois, Iowa, and South Dakota, talks about his Midwest roots.

Midwest Spring Festivals You Shouldn’t Miss
The Midwest is filled with fun and festive events in the spring, celebrating food, wine, and music.

Vintage Attraction:
The book Vintage Attraction takes place in the Midwest and gives a good insight into the world of food and wine, especially in Chicago.

Four Ideas for Spring Break in the Midwest
Boyland Harbor Resort in Michigan, Springfield, Illinois, St. Louis, Misouri, and Dubuque, Iowa, are four places to visit for spring break in the Midwest.

Still Time for Winter Sports at Boyne Highlands
The skiing season in Michigan is a long one and Boyne Highlands is a resort property that takes full advantage of the snow. You’ll find plenty of winter sports waiting for you here.

Wine Trails to Explore in Illinois
Over 100 wineries spread out on five wine trails throughout the state of Illinois.

Shawnee Hills Wine Trail
Within the Shawnee National Forest is Illinois’ first wine trail, aptly named the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail.

Southern Illinois Wine Trail
Midwest Travel.

Northern Illinois Wine Trail
Midwest Travel.

Heartland Rivers Wine Trail
If you are looking for a big selection of wines in one place, head out on the Heartland Rivers Wine Trail.

Illinois River Wine Trail
The Illinois River Wine Trail runs along the upper part of the Illinois river and includes Central

Grand Harbor – Fun in Ideal Dubuque Location
The Grand Harbor Resort and Indoor Waterpark in Dubuque, Iowa, is in a good location and offers many activities and amenties.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Kansas
Top place to visit in Kansas include Topeka, Kansas City, Dodge City, Wichita, Hutchinson, Castle Rock, Wamego, Lindsborg, Overland Park and Lucas.

Spoke & Steele Keeps it Fresh and Local
Spoke and Steele is a restaurant that opened in Indianapolis in January 2015. They use local and regional products and have a unique cocktail program.

Pet Friendly Hotels in Wisconsin
Hotels, motels, inns in Wisconsin that allow pets.

Big Cedar Lodge, Fun for All – Spring, Summer or Fall
Big Cedar Lodge near Branson, Missouri, is a luxury rustic accommodation for families, couples, and active adults.

6 Foodie Finds in Columbus, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio, is a great place for foodies, with the North Market, Basi Italia, Lindy's, Pistacia Vera, Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream, and M at Mirnova.

9 Tips for Watching Your Weight While Traveling
Tips for keeping healthy and not gaining weight while on the road traveling.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Minnesota
Top places to visit in Minnesota includes Minneapolis, St. Paul, Lutsen, Brainerd Lakes, Lindstrom, Duluth, Alexandria, Red Wing, Two Harbors and Wilmar Lakes.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Nebraska
Top places to visit in Nebraska include Omaha, Lincoln, Ashland, Grand Island, Hastings, Brownville, Columbus, Crawford and Fairbury.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Getaways in the Midwest
Four romantic getaways in the Midwest that are perfect for Valentine's Day.

Need a Ride to the Airport? Here’s Your Answer
Take ExecuCar or SuperShuttle to and from the airport.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kansas
many interesting and surprising facts about Kansas includes the fact that it was a home of Hemmingway and the birthplace of Mickey Mouse. Kansas is also famous for its steaks and barbecue.

What to Pack for a Summer Vacation in the Midwest
Things you should pack for a vacation in the Midwest during the summer.

7 Reasons Why You Should Go See the Crazy Horse Memorial
The Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota is the largest mountain sculpture in the world and a must see stop.

Four Great Distilleries in the Midwest
KOVAL, North Shore, Death' Door and Middle West are four artisan distilleries in the Midwest.

Great Distilleries in Ohio
Ohio has a number of distilleries producing mead and spirits, such as gin, vodka, and whiskey.

Lightly Fried Zucchini and Left Hand Sawtooth at Old Chicago
The zucchni strips are tossed in a seasoned beer batter before they are lightly fried so they are crispy, but not heavy.

Don't Skip Dessert at Old Chicago
This cheesecake is exactly what cheesecake should be - creamy and flavorful.

Beer Pairs with Everything at Old Chicago
Old Chicago has over 100 beers available. They change out the choices and frequently partner to offer special selections.

Old Chicago Mediteranean Salad
The Mediteranean Salad at Old Chicago is a vegetarian option.

Spaghetti Pie at Old Chicago
Spaghetti pie is a classic at Old Chicago. It can be made with a variety of sauces.

Pizza Any Way at Old Chicago
You can put just about anything you want on a pizza at Old Chicago, including avocado and pineapple.

Raspberry Beer? Yes, at Old Chicago
This Lambic Framboise (raspberry, in French) is from Belgium.

10 Iowa Summer Events You Can’t Miss
Iowa has plenty of summer fairs and festivals, as well as a 25th Anniversary celebration of the film Field of Dreams, featuring a visit from Kevin Costner.

VIP Tent at 2014 Americas River Festival
The VIP tent at the 2014 Americas River Festival was filled with celebrities

Joan Jett and The Blackhearts Close Americas Riverfest
Joan Jett and The Blackhearts was the final act for the 2014 Americas River Festival in Dubuque, Iowa

Stage at the 2014 Americas River Festival
Major musical acts such as Brett Eldredge and the Gin Blossoms were part of the 2014 Americas River Festival in Dubuque

Kevin Costner and Modern West
Kevin Costner and his band Modern West performed at the 2014 Americas River Festival in Dubuque, Iowa.

Modern West at Americas River Festival
The Kevin Costner led band Modern West at the 2014 Americas River Festival

Gin Blossoms at 2014 Americas River Festival
The Gin Blossoms performed at the 2014 Americas River Festival

20 Free Things to Do in Kansas
Kansas has many attractions that are free of charge, including museums, zoos, and historical sites.

Wine Trails to Take in Michigan
Michigan has seven different wine trails with a total of over 100 wineries spread out throughout the state. The most notable wineries are in Traverse City.

Travel Channel was Front and Center at the Show
Travel Channel was Front and Center at the Chicago Travel and Adventure Show.

Issues Came to Light at the Show
Military Working dogs were represented at the show.

Exhibitors Came from Around the Corner and Around the Globe
Exhibitors Came from Around the Corner and Around the Globe to the Chicago Travel and Adventure Show

Products for Sale at Chicago Travel and Adventure Show
Various travel related products, such as the Bamboo Pillow and the Pocket Cardigan, were sold with special show prices.

Local Tourist Boards Were On Hand at Travel and Adventure Show
Close by towns, such as Springfield, Illinois, and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, were ready to tell visitors about all they had to offer.

Seaworld Brought Some Friends
Seaworld brought along some of its tenants to the Chicago Travel & Adventure Show.

Many Far Away Countries had local representation
Many Far Away Countries had local representation

Camels, Dogs, and Segways
Camel rides were just a few of the activities at the Chicago Travel and Adventure Show.

Women led the headliners
Women were front and center at the Chicago Travel and Adventure Show, leading most of the seminars.

Pauline Frommer Gave Out Travel Advice
Pauline Frommer gave out travel advice at the Chicago Travel and Adventure Show.

Demonstrations and Samples at the Taste of Travel Stage
Healthy Infused Cuisine author Judson Todd Allen, a chef in Chicago, prepared a Flatbread Pizza on the Taste of Travel Stage.

Midwest Indian Culture was Present
A few Indian tribes were represented at the Chicago Travel and Adventure Show, exhibiting what they had to offer visitors to their areas.

Samantha Brown of the Travel Channel Talks Midwest
Samantha Brown of the Travel Channel talks about her favorite places in the Midwest, including Chicago, Minneapolis, and Mackinac Island.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Wisconsin
Top places to visit in Wisconsin include Madison, Milwaukee, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Dells, Green Bay, Elkhart Lake, Kohler, Eau Claire, and Apostle Islands.

Stefano Viglietti Cooks Italian Seafood
Celebrity chef Stefano Viglietti did a demonstration on Italian Seafood paired with wine.

Balsamic and Oil
Gourmet Blends was one of the exhibitors at the Gourmet Marketplace at Kohler.

Best of Belgium
Stella Artois served beer and snacks in their cafe all weekend at Kohler Food and Wine Experience.

A Perfect Fall Weekend
Midwest Travel.

Stella Artois Pours Taste of the Vine
Stella Artois poured their Belgium beers at the Taste of the Vine event.

Dan Bannano Makes Burrata
Celebrity Chef Dan Bannano taught the audience how to make burrata cheese

Lots of Wisconsin Cheese
The Wisconsin Cheese Board sampled cheeses throughout the weekend at the Kohler Food and Wine Experience.

For a Good Cause
The Nourish Programs Farm to School had a truck parked at the Kohler Food and Wine Experience all weekend.

Meat from Neuskes
Nueskes sampled their meats at the Gourmet Marketplace at Kohler Food and Wine Experience.

Never Too Much Chocolate
Kohler, Wisconsin, was the location for the 14th Annual Food and Wine Experience. Celebrity chefs, demonstrations, and seminars took place all weekend.

Teas and Tweets with Zakarian
Geoffrey Zakarian talked about his new book and his show The Kitchen during a small group meeting with the press

Spanish Wines
The Torres seminar examined wines from Spain.

Taste of the Vine
The Taste of the Vine party was held at the Kohler Design Center.

Gourmet Food and Luxury at The American Club at Kohler
The American Club at Kohler in Wisconsin is a five star resort with gourmet restaurants and an amazing spa in Destination Kohler.

City Museum is Fun for All Ages
Forget everything you thought you knew about what a museum should be before you step foot in City Museum in St. Louis. This is one of the best hidden secrets in Missouri for families.

Check the Airline Websites
Airlines often prepare in advance by cancelling flights or allowing passengers to rebook for another time

Let the Storm Earn You a Free Trip
Airlines are increasingly overselling their planes.

Don’t let Bad Weather Ruin Your Midwest Vacation
Whether it’s thunderstorms in the summer or blizzards in the winter, Mother Nature often tries to ruin our vacations

Prepare in Advance
Expect the best, but prepare for the worst should be your motto when planning a trip.

Watch the Weather
Take a good look at the weather map throughout the country so you can get a good picture of what’s going on.

Annual Summer Fairs and Festivals in Indiana
Fairs and festivals take place all summer in Indiana, including the Global Fest, Harrison County Fair, Taste of Montgomery, and the State Fair.