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Ocean Wide Ocean Deep - A Children's Book Set in 19th Century Cape Cod
Published in 2008,

Legal Sea Foods New England Clam Chowder
Did you know that Legal Sea Foods' New England clam chowder has been served at every presidential inauguration since 1981? A quart of this chowder filled with tender Cape Cod clams is a tasty gift sure to win you the popular vote!

Huguenot Street New Paltz New York - Photo Tour of America's Oldest Street
Huguenot Street photo tour. America's oldest street is Huguenot Street. Walk through history on Huguenot Street in New Paltz, New York.

Huguenot Church - Huguenot Street - New Paltz New York
Huguenot Church: This stone church on Huguenot Street in New Paltz, New York is a 1972 replica of the first stone church built on a nearby site in 1717. Page 2.

New Paltz NY - Huguenot Street - 1799 House
Huguenot Street is known as America's oldest street because it was continuously inhabited from the time of the Huguenots' first settlement. In addition to the stone homes built by the Huguenot settlers in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, visitors will see other architectural periods represented. This photo shows the early Georgian 1799 House. Page 3.

Huguenot Street Photo Tour - Bevier House - New Paltz New York
Huguenot Street Photo Tour: The Bevier House was built in 1698 by Louis Bevier, one of the original New Paltz patentees. Page 4.

Huguenot Street - New Paltz New York - Photo Tour - An Old Stone Well - Bevier-Elting House
Huguenot Street New Paltz New York: Whether or not you take a guided tour, a walk along Huguenot Street allows you to immerse yourself in the history of early America and the Huguenot families. Page 5.

Huguenot Street in New Paltz New York - Find Your Way to Huguenot Street - Directions Tour and Contact Information
Find your way to Huguenot Street in New Paltz, New York, with these directions and other tour and contact information for visitors. Page 6.

Unusual Edible and Ornamental Gourds at Feeding Hills MA Farm - Funky Pumpkins Surprising Squashes and Wicked Cool Gourds
Feeding Hills MA farm grows and sells unusual edible and ornamental gourds. Looking for unusual, natural Halloween decorations? Head to the Brown family's farmstand in Feeding Hills, a picturesque rural community in Massachusetts' Pioneer Valley.

Heirloom and Rare Winter Sqush Gourds Pumpkins - Feeding Hills MA Farmstand
Bumpy, multicolored, enormous, odd-shaped, rare, heirloom breed, visually intriguing gourds, squashes and pumpkins are what differentiates the Brown family's farmstand in Feeding Hills from a multitude of other growers with competing operations. Page 2.

Unusual Gourds from Around the Globe - Photo
At their farm in Feeding Hills, Massachusetts, the Browns grow 30 different types of winter squash, 50 varieties of pumpkins and countless cool gourds to sell during the Halloween season. Farmer Todd Brown orders seeds from 30 different sources in order to grow and sell an unusual assortment of gourds in the fall. Page 3.

Feeding Hills Massachusetts Farmstand in the Fall - Photo
The Brown family's humble farmstand in Feeding Hills, Massachusetts, is bursting with color in the fall. Page 4.

Cucuzzi Gourds - Photo
Cucuzzi gourds are Italian, as the name suggests, and they can grow up to three feet long. Farmer Todd Brown said most folks call them a snake because that's what it looks like. He also informed me that they're edible. Like summer squash, such as zucchini, the cucuzzi has tender flesh and can be eaten raw or cooked in a variety of ways. Page 5.

Blue Pumpkin - Jarrahdale Squash
A blue pumpkin? Technically, this rare blue-green pumpkin is a Jarrahdale squash, a variety that originated in New Zealand. It can be substituted for pumpkin or squash in your favorite fall recipe. Or, carve your Jarrahdale squash like a pumpkin. Page 6.

Warty Pumpkins - Picture of a Warted Pumpkin
Warty pumpkins are a newly engineered breed that's all the rage. See a picture of a warted pumpkin, discover where to buy warty pumpkins in New England, learn about the company that developed warty pumpkins and learn whether you can carve a warty pumpkin. Page 7.

Pattypan Squash - Photo of Pattypan Squash at Feeding Hills MA Farmstand
Pattypan squash photo. The photogenic pattypan squash is one of the diverse squashes available at the Brown family's Feeding Hills, MA, farmstand. You may know acorn, butternut and Hubbard squashes, but you'll discover something new when you visit this Massachusetts farm. Page 8.

Black Pumpkin - Picture of Black Night Pumpkin
A natural black pumpkin is really a sight to see. Is the Black Night really a squash? Is it edible? Is it orange inside? Are black pumpkins the next big fall decorating trend? You'll just have to make the drive to Feeding Hills, Massachusetts, to buy a black pumpkin and solve the mystery. Page 10.

Apple Gourd - Picture of Apple Gourd at Farm Stand in Feeding Hills Massachusetts
The Browns' Feeding Hills, Massachusetts, farm could be a gold mine for florists and interior designers if they only knew what cool products they'd find there. This apple gourd, for example, looked pretty enough to grace the pages of a magazine. Page 11.

Painted Pumpkins - Yankees Red Sox UMass Hello Kitty Painted Pumpkins for Sale in Massachusetts
You'll be ready for Halloween entertaining in a snap when you purchase painted pumpkins from the Browns' farmstand in Feeding Hills, Massachusetts. Page 12.

Shamrock Squash - Photo of Shamrock or Triamble Squash Grown in Massachusetts
The Shamrock Squash is an Australian import that has a fascinating, curvaceous shape. Also known as a Triamble Squash, the Shamrock Squash is clover-shaped and pale green in color. This winter squash is edible, but if you ask me, it makes an even better decoration, especially if you want to add an Irish touch to your Halloween. Page 9.

America Stonehenge - Tour of Megalithic Astronomical Complex in Salem New Hampshire Photos Pictures
Another view from the Astronomical Viewing Platform of America's Stonehenge in the woods of southern New Hampshire as our virtual photo tour of this mysterious attraction continues. Page 10.

New England Town Green - New England's Prettiest Town Green is Washington Common in Washington New Hampshire
A quintessential New England town green. See photos and learn about New England's prettiest town green, Washington Common in Washington, New Hampshire.

How to Find Washington Common and Nearby Attractions to Visit in Western New Hampshire
Want to capture your own images of a classic New England scene, the Washington, New Hampshire, town green? Here are directions to Washington Common, along with some other nearby attractions to visit. Page 2.

America's Stonehenge Chamber in the Woods - Photo Tour Mysterious Attraction in Salem New Hampshire
As the photo tour of America's Stonehenge in Salem, New Hampshire, begins, we come upon a stone chamber in the woods. Page 2.

America's Stone Henge - Identifying the Unknown Photographs Sightseeing in New Hampshire
When you view the stone structures at America's Stone Henge on this photo tour or in person at the site in Salem, New Hampshire, you should keep in mind that much is unknown about how these megaliths came to be positioned as they are. Develop your own theories! Page 3.

America's Stonehenge in Salem New Hampshire - Stone Wall Photo Tour
Stone walls are some of the dominant features of America's Stonehenge, and archeologists examine the workmanship for clues as to who built them and when. Here is a photograph of one of the mysterious attraction's stone walls as our America's Stonehenge virtual tour continues. Page 4.

America's Stonehenge in Salem New Hampshire - What Lies Beneath Photos
What remains at America's Stonehenge, a mysterious attraction in Salem, New Hampshire, is but a part of once existed. It reveals clues, but many of the secrets of the site remain to be discovered. Page 5.

America's Stonehenge Photo Tour - The Mensal Stone
Over the years, researchers have assigned names to the rock formations at America's Stonehenge in Salem, New Hampshire. The Mensal Stone is a table-like structure that shows signs of modern quarrying. Page 6.

America's Stonehenge Virtual Tour Photos Pictures - Sightseeing in New Hampshire
Did prehistoric peoples inhabit Mystery Hill, site of the attraction now known as America's Stonehenge? Radio-carbon dating would suggest so. Page 7.

Marking the Summer Solstice - America's Stonehenge Tour of Megalithic Astronomical Complex in New Hampshire
Even more fascinating than the stone structures at America's Stonehenge in Salem, New Hampshire, are the megaliths that ring the site's perimeter and that mark astronomical events such as the sunrise on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Page 8.

Celestial Mysteries - America's Stone Henge Tour of Megalithic Astronomical Complex in Salem New Hampshire
Who placed the megaliths at America's Stone Henge to mark important annual solar and celestial events? We may never know for sure, but as our virtual tour of America's Stonehenge continues, feel free to speculate wildly! Page 9.

Gillette Castle - Picture - Gillette Castle Photo Album - East Haddam Connecticut
Gillette Castle is perched high up on the banks of the Connecticut River in East Haddam, Connecticut, as you'll see in this picture of the fortress-like structure.

Gillette Castle Photo Album - A Beautiful Kingdom
The State of Connecticut spent four years and $11.5 million restoring Gillette Castle to its former glory. Now, visitors can once again tour the castle and enjoy this spectacular, riverview property. Page 2.

Gillette Castle - Connecticut River Views - Photo
William Gillette chose well when he purchased the property for his palatial home. Gillette Castle has lovely views of the Connecticut River. Page 4.

Gillette Castle Picture - Fieldstone Fireplace - Actor William Gillette's Semi-Retirement Home
Local fieldstone was used in both the exterior and interior construction of Gillette Castle, which William Gillette intended for use as his retirement home. Page 6.

Gillette Castle - Creative Decor - Gillette Castle Photo Album
Creative touches, such as this carved wood light switch, abound throughout Gillette Castle. Page 7.

Gillette Castle - Dramatic View - Gillette Castle Picture
Gillette Castle has stunning views of the Connecticut River, as you'll see in this picture. Page 8.

Gillette Castle Photo Album - A Castle Inside and Out - Stained Glass Window
William Gillette modeled his Connecticut home on a Medieval German castle. Once inside Gillette Castle, you'll see plenty of castle-like interior details, such as stained glass windows. Page 3.

Sherlock Holmes Picture - Gillette Castle Photo Album - William Gillette Actor Portrayed Sherlock Holmes On Stage
William Gillette was a successful actor, playwright and director who was best known for portraying Sherlock Holmes on stage. When you visit Gillette Castle, the eccentric actor's fascinating Connecticut home, don't be surprised to meet up with his alter ego. Page 5.

Picture of Gillette Castle - Still Standing - Gillette Castle Virtual Tour
Gillette Castle is a unique landmark, still standing thanks to the investment of time and money made by the State of Connecticut. William Gillette would be pleased. Page 9.

Rizzuto's Wood-Fired Kitchen and Bar - The Starters
From appetizers, to salads to a selection of cured meats and artisan cheeses, there are many options for starters and antipasti at Rizzuto's Wood-Fired Kitchen and Bar in West Hartford, Connecticut. Page 3.

Rizzuto's West Hartford CT Review – Rizzuto's Wood-Fired Kitchen and Bar in Blue Back Square
Review of Rizzuto's Wood-Fired Kitchen and Bar in West Hartford, CT. With its sprawling bar, open kitchen, exhibition pasta pantry, salumeria and antipasti station and massive stone pizza oven, Rizzuto's Wood-Fired Kitchen and Bar brings an eclectic and authentic Italian menu and a visually exciting dining experience to the West Hartford, Connecticut, restaurant scene.

Rizzuto's Wood-Fired Kitchen and Bar - Wines and Desserts
rizzutos wood fired kitchen bar wines desserts all italian wine list variety meal dessert sampler vanilla scented ricotta cheesecake cannoli tiramisu factory. Page 7.

Homemade Pasta at Rizzuto's Restaurant in West Hartford Blue Back Square
All of the pastas at Rizzuto's Wood-Fired Kitchen and Bar are made in-house, and the summery pasta dish we sampled, the Fusilli Caprese with cherry tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella, was expertly prepared, light and delicious. Page 5.

Rizzuto's Restaurant West Hartford - The Entrees
Entrées at Rizzuto's Restaurant in West Hartford, CT, include beef, fish, seafood, pork and poultry selections. We sampled hangar steak with chimichurri sauce and Sicilian wood-grilled swordfish served atop a Corona bean salad during our visit to the restaurant. Page 6.

West Hartford Pizza - Rizzutos Serves Neapolitan-style Thin-crust Pizza in West Hartford
west hartford pizza rizzutos neapolitan thin crust pizzas baked stone wood fired kitchen bar dining topping pies white red shrimp pancetta fontina truffle herbs general manager take out. Page 4.

The Service at Rizzuto's - Rizzuto's Wood-Fired Kitchen and Bar West Hartford
rizzutos wood fired kitchen bar west hartford service management meal wait staff friends families colleagues gather tastes budgets exhibition kitchen entertaining restaurant italian hospitality children menu pizza baby. Page 8.

How Many Pilgrim Women Prepared the First Thanksgiving Feast?
Do you know how many Pilgrim women survived the first winter in Plymouth and were on hand to prepare the first Thanksgiving feast? See if you're right or wrong in this Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz.

Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge Fire
Interpretive signage mounted along the Walkway Over the Hudson tells the story of the bridge's demise and resurrection. This sign explains why fighting the 1974 fire on the 6,767-foot span, situated 212 feet above the Hudson River, proved so challenging. Page 3.

Walkway Over the Hudson Entrance Photo - A Linear Park Connecting Highland and Poughkeepsie
Walkway Over the Hudson opened to the public on October 3, 2009. This linear park connects Highland, New York, with the city of Poughkeepsie on the Hudson's opposite shore. I took this photo at the walkway's Highland entrance the day after the opening.

Photo of Multitude of People on Walkway Over the Hudson During Bridge's Opening Weekend
There were so many visitors during Walkway Over the Hudson's opening weekend that it looked like a sea of people crossing the bridge, and we had to walk a half-mile from where we parked on the Highland side just to get to the entrance. Page 11.

Leaf Peeping from Walkway Over the Hudson
Walkway Over the Hudson opened just in time for fall foliage season in New York State. It provides a spectacular vantage point for leaf peeping in the Mid-Hudson Valley region. Page 8.

Walkway Over the Hudson Photograph - A Photographer's Delight
As I walked across the bridge, I ran into many other photographers. Walkway Over the Hudson offers photography enthusiasts a unique angle from which to shoot the majestic Hudson River, as well as an architecturally interesting subject to photograph. Page 10.

Walkway Over the Hudson Picture - A Safe Crossing
I'll admit, after viewing the Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge from the ground for so many years, I was concerned that walking across the new Walkway Over the Hudson would seem scary. It wasn't at all. The span is broad and stable with high rails for safety. Page 5.

Walkway Over the Hudson River - Bird Watching from the Bridge
The Hudson River Valley is home to a diverse bird population, and the Walkway Over the Hudson River provides a spectacular vantage point for bird watching. Bring binoculars! Birders may even see peregrine falcons, reintroduced to the region after a 50-year absence. Page 13.

Walkway Over the Hudson - Dogs Allowed on Walkway Over the Hudson
Leashed dogs are allowed on the Walkway Over the Hudson, and all of the dogs we saw headed for this Hudson River expanse seemed excited to be exploring new territory. If you're planning to walk your dog on the bridge, be sure to bring clean-up supplies. Page 7.

Fall Foliage Along the Hudson River - Foliage Photo from Walkway Over the Hudson
During my October 4, 2009 visit to Walkway Over the Hudson, I had the chance to see early fall foliage color along the Hudson River. By Columbus Day weekend, the oranges, golds and auburns of autumn should really be starting to pop. Page 9.

Hudson River Photo - Hudson River Viewed from Walkway Over the Hudson
From Highland, it takes several minutes of walking along the Walkway Over the Hudson before the Hudson River comes into view. At 6,768 feet long, the walkway is about half the length of New York City's Central Park. Page 12.

Walkway Over the Hudson - Scenic Hudson Valley Bike Path
The Hudson Valley was already home to scenic bike paths, but they pale in comparison to Walkway Over the Hudson, which is also a Bikeway Over the Hudson. It's a good bet there'll be more competition for bike spots on Metro-North trains to Poughkeepsie. Page 6.

Sloop Clearwater and Mid-Hudson Bridge - Picture
The sloop Clearwater, a sailing vessel with a mission to promote environmental education and activism along the Hudson River, was on hand during the opening weekend celebration for Walkway Over the Hudson. The sloop marked its 40th birthday in 2009. Page 16.

Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge Photo
I took this photo of the Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge one year before it was reborn as Walkway Over the Hudson. An engineering marvel when it debuted in 1889, the bridge was irreparably damaged by fire in 1974 and spent decades as something of an eyesore. Page 2.

Walkway Over the Hudson Map
This map displayed near the Walkway Over the Hudson entrance on the Highland side of the former Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge will help you to get a sense of the bridge's location on the Hudson River. Page 4.

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater Photo
Clearwater is an ambassador for Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc., an environmental advocacy non-profit founded by folk singer Pete Seeger in 1966. It was built in Maine and modeled after sloops that sailed the Hudson in the 18th and 19th centuries. Page 17.

Walkway Over the Hudson - A Good Spot for a Family Photo Op
Of course, everyone on the Walkway Over the Hudson during opening weekend wanted to have their picture taken. A kind passerby took this shot of me and my family, and I was happy to oblige when a solo traveler asked me to take his photo on the bridge. Page 19.

Hudson River Picture - Bend in the River
This is the view of the Hudson River looking north from Walkway Over the Hudson as the tidal river bends toward Hyde Park on the west bank and West Park on the east side. Page 14.

Mid-Hudson Bridge - Photo of the View South from Walkway Over the Hudson
And this is the view looking south from Walkway Over the Hudson toward the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Mid-Hudson Bridge, a picturesque suspension bridge that carries vehicle traffic between Highland and Poughkeepsie. Page 15.

Train Watching from Walkway Over the Hudson - Photo of Train Along the Hudson River
For my six-year-old, a highlight of our Walkway Over the Hudson experience was watching a train speed along the Hudson's shores. Any fear I had about being high above the river subsided when I remembered the bridge was built to carry heavy freight trains. Page 18.

Walkway Over the Hudson - Photos
Walkway Over the Hudson is a linear park connecting Poughkeepsie and Highland on opposition banks of New York's Hudson River. Walkway Over the Hudson is a prime destination for walking, biking, dog walking, bird watching, leaf peeping and photography. These photos of the walkway were taken during its fall 2009 debut.

White Flower Farm Red Flower Close Up Photo
The vivid blooms in the flowering borders at White Flower Farm are a photographer's dream come true. Page 7.

Photo of Butterfly on a Leaf at White Flower Farm Store in Litchfield
Humans are not the only visitors attracted to the color and fragrance of the gardens at the White Flower Farm Store in Litchfield. Page 6.

White Flower Farm Picture - A Working Farm
In addition to its display gardens and retail store, White Flower Farm in Litchfield is also a working--albeit spectacularly beautiful--farm. Page 12.

Container Gardening Ideas - Photo of Garden Container Arrangement at White Flower Farm
Gardeners will also find plenty of container gardening inspiration at White Flower Farm. I loved this container arrangement, but it looked to be too big to fit in my car. Page 16.

Picture of Garden Urns for Sale at White Flower Farm Litchfield Connecticut
Garden enthusiasts will find plenty of decorative items--such as these enormous garden urns--to shop for at the White Flower Farm Store. Page 15.

Go for a Stroll at White Flower Farm Litchfield CT
White Flower Farm is the perfect destination for an afternoon stroll. You can easily spend hours exploring the property's blooming beds and scenic pathways. Page 3.

Hanging Planters for Sale at White Flower Farm Litchfield CT
If you have a brown thumb, like me, you'll be happy to know that you can also shop for potted arrangements and hanging planters to take home as a souvenir of your visit to White Flower Farm. Page 19.

Shopping at White Flower Farm Litchfield CT
I was impressed by the healthy-looking selection of plants and flowers offered for sale at White Flower Farm during my August visit. Page 17.

Yellow Daylily Photo - Hemerocallis Hyperion at White Flower Farm in Litchfield Connecticut
Hemerocallis Hyperion is the fancy name for this yellow daylily. Visitors to Litchfield, Connecticut's White Flower Farm see a rainbow of lilies in bloom during the summer months. Page 8.

Latest Flame Dahlia - Photo of Bright Orange-Red Dahlia Flowers at White Flower Farm
Latest Flame dahlias are a low growing variety known for oversized orange-red flowers. Page 11.

Mixed Border - White Flower Farm Photo
The Mixed Border at Litchfield's White Flower Farm is a riot of color in August. Page 4.

Photo of White Flower Farm Greenhouses - White Flower Farm Litchfield
Because it is a working farm, some areas of Litchfield's White Flower Farm, such as these greenhouses, are off limits to visitors. The sheer size of the greenhouses is fascinating to behold from a distance, however. Page 13.

Dahlia Star's Favorite - Pink Dahlia Photo
Star's Favorite is a variety of cactus dahlia that blooms in a burst of pink. Page 10.

White Flower Farm Store Sells Garden Gifts Tools Gadgets and Fresh All-Natural Beef
Inside the White Flower Farm Store, you'll find more of the things you'd expect: planters, books, bulbs, tools, gifts and garden gadgets. You'll also find surprises including fresh, all-natural beef from cows raised at the farm. Bring a cooler! Page 18.

Echinacea Harvest Moon Photo - White Flower Farm
Plant species featured in the flowering borders at White Flower Farm--like Echinacea Harvest Moon--are meticulously labeled, making it easy for gardeners to jot down ideas and wish lists. Page 9.

Lloyd Border at White Flower Farm Litchfield CT - Picture
The Lloyd Border at White Flower Farm, named for British gardener and author Christopher Lloyd, is 280 feet long and 20 feet wide. It is planted with more than 3,000 individual perennials, annuals, shrubs and trees. Page 5.

Weeping Beech Photo - Weeping Beech Tree at White Flower Farm in CT
This magnificent Weeping Beech, planted in 1958, is one of about a dozen specimen trees and shrubs on display at White Flower Farm. Other highlights of the tree collection include a European Beech and a Sargent's Weeping Hemlock planted that same year. Page 14.

White Flower Farm in Litchfield Connecticut - Photo
Litchfield, Connecticut's White Flower Farm is a historic nursery that has cultivated and sold flowering plants to ardent horticulturists since 1950. It's free to visit this lovely farm, and you're bound to leave with inspiration for your own home garden.

White Flower Farm View
This gorgeous scene is, believe it or not, the view from the parking lot at White Flower Farm. Page 2.

Outline Maps of the New England States - Coloring Pages - School Projects - Car Trip Activity
Print these coloring pages before you hit the road on a New England car trip for the kids to color and cut out. These free outline maps of the New England states and region can also be used for school projects.

Nantucket First Congregational Church - Climb the Church Tower for Island Views
Nantucket's First Congregational Church is located at 62 Centre Street. In season, visitors can climb 94 stairs to the top of the tower for spectacular island views. Page 9.

Nantucket Farm Photo
Photo of a lovely Nantucket farm in the spring. There are still about a dozen farms on Nantucket. Page 16.

Nantucket Whaling Museum - Picture of the Nantucket Whaling Museum
The Whaling Museum is one of Nantucket's must-see sights. Page 8.

Nantucket Picture Siasconset Beach - An Archway to the Sea
The sign on this little arched sitting area by the sea clearly says

Nantucket Picture - Main Street Pacific National Bank and United Methodist Church
Nantucket visitors see the imposing brick Pacific National Bank building as they walk up Main Street from the ferry dock. The United Methodist Church is next door. Flowering trees are just starting to reveal their blossoms during the first weekend in May. Page 6.

Nantucket Picture - Wauwinet Boardwalk
A 450-foot boardwalk leads to the dock and a private beach at The Wauwinet, Nantucket's exclusive and luxurious waterfront resort. Page 17.

Nantucket Cobblestone Streets - Nantucket Photo
The cobblestone streets in Nantucket's historic downtown are lovely to see, but they're difficult to walk along, and they really take a toll on island automobiles. The first thing my innkeeper warned me about before my trip: 'Don't pack heels.'. Page 7.

Nantucket Cranberry Bogs Picture
Cranberries have been grown on Nantucket since 1857. You'll see cranberry bogs as you bike or drive out toward Siasconset on the eastern side of the island. Organic cultivation techniques are helping Nantucket cranberry growers compete in a global market. Page 13.

Photo of Jetties Beach on Nantucket with Seagull
Photo of Jetties Beach on Nantucket. This seagull has Jetties Beach on Nantucket all to himself on an early May day. Soon, though, summer vacationers will crowd this beach, where fireworks light up the Fourth of July night sky and the Boston Pops play an annual August concert. Page 10.

Nantucket Cobblestone Main Street in the Springtime
Nantucket's cobblestone Main Street begins to come to life in the springtime. Page 5.

Nantucket Harbor Twilight Photo
This twilight view of Nantucket Harbor was taken from the dock across from the White Elephant Hotel, which has been an island landmark since the 1920s. This is the view enjoyed by diners at the hotel's Brant Point Grill. Children's Beach is on the right. Page 4.

Sankaty Head Lighthouse Nantucket Massachusetts - Photo
Sankaty Head Lighthouse photo. Sankaty Head Light on Nantucket's eastern shore was built in 1850 and remains an active aid to navigation. The lighthouse's position on an eroding bluff is precarious, and plans are in place to move the lighthouse to a safer location sometime in 2007. Page 15.

The Old Mill Nantucket Photo - Oldest Mill in America
Built in 1746, the Old Mill on Nantucket is the oldest operational mill in America. Visitors can see demonstrations and learn about the mill's history from mid-May through mid-October. Page 12.

Nantucket Oldest House Picture - Jethro Coffin House on Nantucket
Nantucket's oldest house, the Jethro Coffin House, was built in 1686. It is the only surviving residence from the original English settlement on Nantucket. The Oldest House is open for tours from mid-May through mid-October. Page 11.

Nantucket Daffodils Picture
Daffodils are a sure sign of spring on Nantucket. From early April through the middle of May, more than 3 million daffodils bloom on the Massachusetts island. The Nantucket Daffodil Festival is held the last weekend of April each year. Page 3.

Brant Point Light Nantucket Photo - Nantucket's Brant Island Lighthouse
Photo of Brant Point Light on Nantucket. The first lighthouse was erected at Brant Point in 1746. The current Brant Point Light dates to 1901. The petite, 26-foot beacon is always a welcome sight to Nantucket travelers. Page 2.

Newport Cliff Walk Sunset Photo - Cliff Walk in Newport Rhode Island
During the Gilded Age, America's wealthiest families staked their claim to the lands along Newport's shore, but the Cliff Walk ensures that these coveted ocean views will always be available free to everyone. Page 18.

Romantic Walks - Newport Cliff Walk Photo
New England Travel. Page 10.

Cliff Walk in Newport - Photo Tour
Cliff Walk in Newport photo tour. The northern half of the Cliff Walk is the easiest portion to navigate. The walkway is paved here, and sturdy fences protect you from taking a tumble as you walk along the seaside cliffs. Page 2.

Newport Cliff Walk Attractions - Private Homes and Public Mansions - Ochre Court Salve Regina University
If you were to walk the entire 3.5-mile length of the Cliff Walk, you would see dozens of private homes, plus several public mansions including the Breakers and Rough Point. Page 11.

Newport Cliff Walk Graffiti - Picture from Newport's Cliff Walk
If you read the

Newport Cliff Walk Forty Steps Picture
On my way back along the Cliff Walk, I was able to snap this close-up picture of the Forty Steps, the nickname for the stone staircase leading down to the ocean. I didn't have time, however, to count to see if there are actually forty steps. Page 17.

Newport Rhode Island Sunset Along the Cliff Walk
The gate's iron scrollwork frames the rosy glow of sunset as day yields to night in Newport, Rhode Island. Page 15.

Newport Cliff Walk Photo - Cliff Walk is a Public Right-of-Way that Crosses Private Properties
The Cliff Walk, which was designated a National Recreation Trail in 1975, is a public right-of-way that crosses many private properties. As you can see from this photo, many property owners allow vegetation to grow tall in order to protect their privacy. Page 4.

Newport Rhode Island Rocky Coastline View from the Cliff Walk
The views of Newport, Rhode Island's rocky coastline are spectacular from the Cliff Walk. Page 3.

Cliff Walk Newport Walking Trail - Rules for Visitors
A sign at Narragansett Avenue explains some of the rules of Newport's Cliff Walk. For safety, it is important to stay on the trail. The Cliff Walk is open from sunrise to sunset. Bicycles are prohibited, and dogs must be leashed. Page 6.

Newport Cliff Walk Picture
You needn't worry about getting

Newport Cliff Walk - Forty Steps Photo
After walking for a short time, I spotted this stone stairway to the sea, a Cliff Walk landmark known as the

Newport Cliff Walk Photo Tour - Sunset Sky
Newport Cliff Walk photo tour. As pretty as the palatial homes along the Cliff Walk were, I found the show put on by the sky that night to be even more enchanting. Page 12.

Photo of The Breakers Mansion on Newport's Cliff Walk
As the sun began to set, the imposing mansions along the Cliff Walk were cloaked in shadows. Still, The Breakers, the 70-room palazzo designed by Richard Morris Hunt for Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt, is magnificent and impressive. Page 13.

Love is Life - Finding the Meaning of Life Along Newport's Cliff Walk
I knew I'd enjoy wonderful scenery along Newport's Cliff Walk. I didn't expect to uncover the meaning of life! At least this graffiti carried a positive message. Page 9.

Newport Cliff Walk Picture
Even these towering gates near the Breakers are a work of art. Page 14.

Cliff Walk Evening Photo - The Cliff Walk in Newport Rhode Island
As much as I would have loved to see more of the Cliff Walk, I am not a rule breaker, so I turned around and started back toward my inn. It was also getting quite chilly, and I'd forgotten to grab a jacket in my haste to get out to the Cliff Walk. Page 16.

Antique Cars at Santa's Village in New Hampshire
Kids of all ages enjoy driving the antique cars at Santa's Village in New Hampshire. They run on a track, so parents can sit back and allow the little ones to take the wheel. Page 11.

Santa's Village NH Yule Log Ride
Sant's Village in NH. Photo of the Yule Log log flume ride at Santa's Village in New Hampshire. Page 16.

Santa's Village - View from Antique Car at this New Hampshire Family Amusement Park
My daughter loved driving an antique car at Santa's Village while Mommy sat in the back seat snapping photos. Here is the view out the rear window of our antique vehicle. Page 12.

A Chapel in the Woods and a Tribute to a Lost Son - Cathedral of the Pines
In 1946, the Sloane family created this open air chapel on the grounds of their New Hampshire farm to honor their son, a B-17 bomber pilot whose plane was shot down over Germany during World War II. Today, Cathedral of the Pines honors all war victims. Page 2.

Early Autumn Day at the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village in Maine
We visited the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village in Maine on an early autumn day in 2006. The last remaining active Shaker community was established here in 1794. Page 2.

Picture of Highland Cattle at Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village in Maine
Picture of Highland cattle at Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village in Maine. The Shakers in Maine raise Highland cattle, an ancient Scottish breed known for their shaggy pelts. Page 8.

Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village Cemetery Photo
Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village cemetery photo. With their devotion to celibacy and inability to win many modern converts, the simple marker reading

Shaker Cemetery on Shaker Road in New Gloucester Maine
A stone wall surrounds the Shaker Cemetery, located just off Route 26 on Shaker Road in New Gloucester, Maine. Page 9.

Shaker Dwelling - Photo of Living Quarters at Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village in Maine
This brick building serves as the living quarters for the three remaining Shakers at Maine's Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village. Page 4.

Shaker Farm at Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village - Photo
Guided tours of the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village are available Monday through Saturday from Memorial Day through Columbus Day. The Village also has a museum that is open seasonally. There is no charge to visit the Shaker Store and walk the grounds. Page 7.

Shaker Store in Maine Sells Handcrafted Shaker Products Dried Herbs Books Shaker Antiques
Self-sufficiency has always been part of the Shaker way of life. Inside the Shaker Store, you'll find items handcrafted by the remaining Shakers, along with dried herbs, books and Shaker antiques. Page 6.

Shaker Store at Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village in New Gloucester Maine - Picture
The Shaker Store at Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village in New Gloucester, Maine, is open to the public Monday through Saturday from Memorial Day through Columbus Day. Page 5.

Shakers in Maine - Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village
The Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village is located on 1,800 acres in western Maine and consists of 18 buildings, a tree farm, an apple orchard, vegetable and herb gardens, hay fields and pastures for sheep and livestock. Page 3.

Santa's Village in New Hampshire's White Mountains - Picture of Santa's Village
Santa's Village, a nostalgic amusement park in New Hampshire's White Mountains, has enchanted families since 1952. When we visited in 2006, we were impressed by how well the park is maintained. Page 2.

Meet Reindeer Up Close at Santa's Village in New Hampshire's White Mountains
It's a thrill for little ones to meet Santa's reindeer up close at Santa's Village in New Hampshire's White Mountains. Page 9.

A Visit with Santa Claus - Photo of Santa Claus at Santa's Village NH
A visit with Santa Claus will be a highlight of your family's day at Santa's Village in New Hampshire. We were moved when Santa spoke beautiful, fluent French to the little Canadian girls in front of us in line. My daughter asked Santa for books. Page 17.

Water Ride at NH Santa's Village - Red Hot Racer Picture
Water rides make a summer visit to Santa's Village as cool as a day at the North Pole. This water ride is called Red Hot Racer, and it is tame enough even for little kids. Page 14.

Feeding the Reindeer at Santas Village in Jefferson New Hampshire
Feeding the reindeer at Santa's Village in Jefferson, New Hampshire, made my 3-1/2-year-old daughter squeal. She was at a perfect age to enjoy this family amusement park in the White Mountains. Page 8.

Santas Village NH - Loopin' Louie's Flying School Ride
If your kids are fans of the Dumbo ride at Disney World, they'll love Loopin' Louie's Flying School at Santa's Village in New Hampshire... and you'll love the fact that the lines at this family amusement park in the White Mountains are never as long as those at Disney! Page 5.

Meet Dasher and Dancer and the Rest of Santa's Reindeer at Santa's Village in NH - Reindeer Photo
You know Dasher and Dancer... but do you know how much fun it is to feed them crackers at Santa's Village in New Hampshire? Page 7.

Reindeer Barn at Santa's Village New Hampshire - Picture
This beautiful building at Santa's Village in New Hampshire is summer home to some of the world's most famous reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen. Rudolph, however, must have his own private villa somewhere. Page 6.

Reindeer Picture - Santa's Reindeer at Santa's Village in New Hampshire
Even reindeer deserve a summer vacation. At Santa's Village, reindeer like the one in this picture rest up before their big night of flying around the globe. Page 10.

Santa's Village NH Picture - Elfabet Game - A is for Alphie
There is so much to entertain young children at Santa's Village. In addition to rides, there are activities like the Elfabet Game. Find elves A to Z, starting with Alphie just inside the Santa's Village entrance, and win a prize. Page 3.

Santa's Village NH Photo - The Pixie Mix Ride
We visited Santa's Village in New Hampshire when my little girl was 3-1/2, and she loved every single ride at the amusement park, including this one--The Pixie Mix. Page 13.

Santa's Village NH Photo - The Skyway Sleigh
Here's a tip: when you arrive at Santa's Village, go straight to the Skyway Sleigh ride. It's one of the amusement park's most popular rides, and it takes you on an aerial tour of the park that will allow you to plan the rest of your day. Page 4.

Yule Log Picture - Log Flume Ride at Santas Village New Hampshire
Yule Log picture from Santa's Village in New Hampshire. The Yule Log is a log flume ride. Page 15.

Deep Fry Egg Rolls - Photo of Deep Frying Lobster Egg Rolls
Deep fry egg rolls using an electric deep fryer, a deep fry basket in a large pot of oil on the stove, or even in a pot of oil on a propane camp stove. Page 10.

Cook Egg Rolls Until They're Golden Brown - Lobster Egg Roll How To Guide
Lobster Egg Roll how to guide. Cook egg rolls until they're golden brown. Page 11.

Lobster Egg Rolls Picture - Recipe for Lobster Egg Rolls and Visual Step by Step Guide
Recipe for lobster egg rolls and detailed pictures and instructions. Drain lobster egg rolls before serving. Page 12.

Lobster Egg Rolls with Maple Honey Soy Dipping Sauce - Recipe for Lobster Egg Rolls
Lobster Egg Rolls with Maple Honey Soy dipping sauce. Serve lobster egg rolls as an appetizer for a Chinese or seafood themed dinner or as a satisfying summer supper. Page 13.

Make Lobster Egg Rolls - Step 2 Shred the Carrots
Want to make lobster egg rolls? Step two is to shred the carrots that will give color and crunch to the egg roll filling. Page 2.

Maple Honey Soy Dipping Sauce Recipe for Lobster Egg Rolls
Recipe for a Maple Honey Soy Dipping Sauce for Lobster Egg Rolls. Here's how to make this dipping sauce with New England flavor featuring real maple syrup, Maine honey and soy sauce. Page 3.

Lobster Egg Rolls - Saute the Lobster Egg Roll Filling
Lobster Egg Roll filling ingredients and instructions. Saute the cabbage, carrots and cooked lobster meat to make the lobster egg roll filling. Page 4.

How to Wrap an Egg Roll - Lobster Egg Roll Step by Step Guide
How to wrap an egg roll. Learn how to wrap an egg roll with this step-by-step photo guide and recipe for lobster egg rolls. Page 5.

Rolling an Egg Roll Instructions and Pictures
Rolling an egg roll instructions and pictures. Once you've placed the lobster egg roll filling on the bottom corner of the egg roll wrap, roll once gently to hide the filling inside the egg roll. Page 6.

Make Egg Rolls with Premade Egg Roll Wrappers - How to Make Lobster Egg Rolls
Make lobster egg rolls with premade egg roll wrappers. Follow these photos and instructions to learn how to make egg rolls. Page 7.

Lobster Egg Roll Step by Step Recipe - Seal Each Lobster Egg Roll
Lobster Egg Roll step by step recipe. How to seal each lobster egg roll wrap before cooking. Page 8.

Lobster Egg Rolls Ready to Cook - Photo
Lobster egg rolls are rolled and ready to cook. Just don't make this mistake, or your lobster egg rolls will stick together. Page 9.

West Dummerston Covered Bridge Vermont
At 271-feet in length when measured along the top of its trusses, West Dummerston Bridge is Vermont's second longest covered wooden span: second only to Scott Bridge. It is Vermont's longest covered bridge still open to vehicular traffic. Page 7.

Swallowtail Butterflies Photo
Swallowtail butterflies photo. My daughter was only 4 when she released butterflies at my mom's funeral: Butterflies have been special to us ever since. We spent a half hour observing these enchanting swallowtails, and as we left, my daughter said: I'll never forget you, butterflies. Page 12.

Vermont Mountain and River View from Scott Bridge Townshend VT
The lattice design of Scott Bridge in Townshend, VT, frames lovely river and mountain views. Look carefully, and you'll see that the West River makes a picturesque swimming hole for a group of teens on this sparkling Vermont day. Page 5.

Picture of Vermont Covered Bridge - West Dummerston Covered Bridge
Watch for the West Dummerston Covered Bridge on the left as you drive south on Route 30 toward West Dummerston, Vermont. Driving across the historic span is a unique experience, but you'll also want to park in the lot beside the bridge to explore. Page 9.

Scott Bridge - Photo
Vermont's Scott Bridge features two king post trusses and a 166-foot Town lattice truss, an interwoven design patented by prominent New England covered bridge architect Ithiel Town. Appreciate the ingenuity of the design as you walk across Scott Bridge. Page 3.

Floating Blossoms Photo - Newport Flower Show Rhode Island
The first-prize Enchanted with Blue garden display really drew my eye as a photographer. The designers' creativity and attention to detail were impressive. Even this duo of floating blossoms was artfully posed and captivating in its simplicity. Page 7.

Entertaining Newport Style - Newport Flower Show 2011
Entertaining Newport Style was the theme of the 2011 Newport Flower Show. The Enchanted with Blue garden installation enticed visitors to 'imagine guests' laughter and the clinking of glasses' when the original Blue Garden debuted in 1913. Page 8.

Antique Garden Statues by Aardvark Antiques at Newport Flower Show
Aardvark Antiques in Newport provided the antique garden statues featured in the Blue Garden-inspired display gardens at the 2011 Newport Flower Show. The twin Enchanted with Blue gardens featured two ornate female figures adorned with flowers. Page 9.

Garden Pool - Garden Design at Newport Flower Show
The still pool featured in this garden design fools the eye into seeing twice as many hydrangea blossoms. A semi-circle of vivid royal blue injects color and movement; the latticework adds texture to this calming scene. Page 15.

Rose Garden at Rosecliff Mansion Newport RI
Missed the 2011 Newport Flower Show? The rose garden at Rosecliff will continue to bloom through early summer, providing a touch of floral elegance even after the show has closed. Page 30.

Landscape Creations of Rhode Island - Newport Flower Show Display Garden Entry
Landscape and design firms created themed gardens to complement the Blue Garden at the Newport Flower Show. This intriguing entry by Landscape Creations of Rhode Island had a contemporary sculpture inspired by Andy Goldsworthy as its focal point. Page 5.

Newport Flower Show Photo - Blossoms by the Sea
The Newport Flower Show at Rosecliff is New England's largest outdoor flower show, and its seaside location makes this summer tradition simply spectacular. 2011 marked the Newport Flower Show's 16th year. Page 2.

Classic Garden Urn - Newport Flower Show Creative Outdoor Containers Design Competition
First place in the Classic Garden Urn class of the Creative Outdoor Containers division at the Newport Flower Show went to Donna W. Boulay of Newport for this entry, which the judges praised for its 'sumptuous, rich color.'. Page 17.

Creative Outdoor Containers - Newport Flower Show Horticulture Competition
The Newport Flower Show horticulture competition featured eight Creative Outdoor Container classes, including one challenging entrants to create a miniature landscape in a wine crate reflecting Newport's 19th-century Town & Country Club of intellectuals. Page 16.

Floral Sushi - Newport Flower Show Picture
I loved Joanne Fantini of Newport's floral sushi entry, but the Newport Flower Show judges are tough. Their comment: 'Attractive, original concept, but doesn't conform--glass container required.' True, it did not meet the requirements of its entry class. Page 23.

Newport Flower Show Enchanted with Blue Garden Display by Farmers Daughter and Inspired Design
The Farmer's Daughter and Inspired Design teamed to create two opposing symmetrical gardens that evoked the enchantment of Mrs. James' 1913 Blue Garden. Their display garden was honored with a blue ribbon, and as we look at details, you'll understand why. Page 6.

Newport Flower Show Blue Garden Picture
As they did in 1913, hydrangeas featured prominently in the Blue Garden reimagined in 2011 by landscape designer Catherine Weaver of Tupelo Gardenworks Ltd. The Flower Show's Blue Garden was installed by Newport Flower Show sponsor Bartlett Tree Experts. Page 4.

Container Garden with Oriental Flair - Newport Flower Show Container Garden Competition Photo
Another container garden class was inspired by Alva Vanderbilt Belmont's 1914 ball celebrating completion of Marble House's Chinese Tea House. This grand and colorful entry took top honors. Page 18.

Deep Pink Roses - Prize Roses in Old Garden Rose Competition at Newport Flower Show
This pair of deep pink roses took a blue ribbon in the Newport Flower Show's Old Garden Rose horticultural competition, as well as the Annie Laurie Aitken Award for most outstanding rose cut specimen in show. Page 21.

Blue Garden Recreated at Newport Flower Show 2011
The 2011 Newport Flower Show's crowning glory was a recreation on Rosecliff's front lawn of the Blue Garden: a legendary creation unveiled in Newport in 1913 at a party hosted by Mrs. Arthur Curtiss James at Beacon Hill House. Page 3.

Hosta Leaf - Newport Flower Show Cut Specimen Competition
The Newport Flower Show's Cut Specimen Competition included four Hosta classes, from miniature single leaf to single leaf 12

Newport Flower Show Vendors Shopping
For many Newport Flower Show visitors, a highlight is: shopping! Some shoppers could barely tote purchases onto shuttle buses! 2011 featured 80 vendors selling everything from dried lavender bunches to designer attire. Many sell garden-related products. Page 19.

Newport Flower Show - Rosecliff Mansion Interior Photo
Most of the Newport Flower Show is staged outdoors, but there are additional exhibits inside spectacular Rosecliff mansion. This petal and leaf-adorned lady of the house greeted visitors from her position on the landing of the grand staircase. Page 20.

Butterflies Over Rosecliff Mansion at Newport Flower Show Opening Party
Gardens tend to attract butterflies, and Newport's garden party of the year at Rosecliff mansion lured these high-flying, illuminated butterfly puppets. Page 29.

Living Statues at Newport Rhode Island Flower Show at Rosecliff
At the Opening Night Party for the 2011 Newport Flower Show, added enticements included drinks, delectable fare (the salmon sliders and lobster mac and cheese were my favorites) and these enthralling living statues that circulated and froze for photos. Page 28.

Tiara Made of Dried Plant Material - Natural Elegance at Newport Flower Show
Design Division entrants were challenged to create a tiara with dried plant material. Sarah Boynton of Hingham, MA, won first place. Judges said Mrs. Astor, known for her diamond tiara, 'would be delighted to wear this elegant and distinctive tiara.'. Page 25.

Parasol Made of Plant Material - Leafy Umbrella at Newport Flower Show
Elaborate, sun-shielding parasols were once a common Bellevue Avenue sight. Design Class 7 required entrants to create a parasol of fresh and/or dried plant material. Gloria Freitas-Steidinger won the blue ribbon with this leafy umbrella. What fun! Page 26.

Floral Parasol at Newport Flower Show
Bernie Larivee's entry in the Parasol Promenade design class received honorable mention. I thought the judges should have been more generous, as this floral parasol seemed the perfect, vibrant accessory to tote in any weather. Page 27.

Outdoor Art Gallery Inspiring Space - Newport Flower Show Photo
The outdoor art gallery was a visually diverse space that inspired at least one Newport Flower Show visitor to perch on a stone bench and sketch. Others, like me, took photos of this appealing display celebrating the beauty of native Rhode Island plants. Page 12.

Art in a Garden - Newport Flower Show The Rhode Island Collection
The Rhode Island Collection, a blue and white-themed outdoor gallery, was a unique installation by the collaborative, composed of The Native Plantsmith, Woodscapes Inc., Mason Master Company and the Rhode Island Wild Plant Society. Page 11.

Blue Camouflage - Newport Flower Show Garden Display Hali Beckman DaPontes Landscaping
This Newport Flower Show garden display by Hali Beckman LTD and DaPonte's Landscaping featured a charming dining area hidden within a sea of blue flowers and sheltered by a blue lattice fence. Page 13.

Newport Flower Show Picture - Dazzling Details
A sparkling silver ball tucked beneath lacy blooms was one of the little details that made the gardens created by the Farmer's Daughter and Inspired Design a standout at the 2011 Newport Flower Show. Page 10.

Reflecting Pool Blue and White Water Feature - Newport Flower Show Display Garden
The repetition of the lattice pattern and blue hue unites this stunning water feature with the dining component of the garden created by Hali Beckman LTD and DaPonte's Landscaping for the 2011 Newport Flower Show. Page 14.

Allium Globmaster - Newport Flower Show Blue Ribbon Allium
This Allium Globmaster won the blue ribbon in the Allium class. I had never heard of an Allium, but I was captivated by this purple puffball of a flower at the Newport Flower Show. Believe it or not, ornamental alliums are related to onions. Page 24.

Great White Shark Cruising for Food - Crittercam Shows Shark's View
What does an 18-foot-long great white shark see when it's hungry and on the prowl? Wonder no more! The Crittercam mounted via a clamp to a shark's fin reveals all. Just be glad you're not the researcher who had to attach the fin cam! Page 4.

Penguin Cam - Mystic Aquarium Crittercam Exhibit Shows How Penguins See People
The Crittercam exhibit's many interactive elements make it fun for kids. OK, not just kids. My daughter and I both took turns crawling inside this bubble, then viewing the video of how a penguin equipped with a cam might see us. Page 5.

Hippo Cam - Crittercam Exhibit at Mystic Aquarium
Collar-mounted Crittercams have been worn by a variety of land animals, from a domestic cat to a hulking hippo. Researchers can send a remote signal to release the collar, which is then located in the field via a radio transmitter or other homing device. Page 8.

Mystic Aquarium Picture - Underwater Research Vessel
The highlight of our visit to the Crittercam exhibit at Mystic Aquarium was descending a ladder into a cramped research vessel for a taste of what it's like to be an underwater explorer. Page 10.

Seal Sounds - Mystic Aquarium Crittercam Exhibit
At a listening station in the seal area of the Crittercam exhibit at Mystic Aquarium, we were able to listen to and compare seal sounds. Crittercams record both video and audio, providing insight into how animals communicate. Page 9.

Todd English Fillets a Halibut at Mohegan Sun WineFest - Photo
'Holy halibut! Just watched Chef Todd English fillet a 25-pound halibut @sunwinefest @mohegansun' I Tweeted live from the event. Sun WineFest draws top cooking talent. Todd English is a New England gem best known for Olives in Boston. Page 3.

Sun WineFest at Mohegan Sun Attracts Wine Connoisseurs
There are two types of folks who attend Sun WineFest. Some are serious wine connoisseurs, who engage winemakers in conversation, take notes, capture bottle labels with their camera phones and share their discoveries with fellow oenophiles. Page 4.

Antique Doorknob Wine Stoppers Made in Connecticut by New England Stoppers
Antique doorkknob wine bottle stoppers. My most interesting discovery at Sun WineFest? Unique and attractive wine bottle stoppers made by Enfield, Connecticut-based New England Stoppers using a patented design that preserves the value of antique doorknobs. Page 10.

Guylian Chocolate and Cabernet Sauvignon - Pairing Seminar at Sun WineFest at Mohegan Sun
I first discovered Guylian Belgian chocolate seashells in Atlantic City years ago. Now, they're on my Christmas wish list every year. When I was invited to attend the Chocolate & Cabernet Sauvignon: A Love Affair seminar at WineFest, how could I refuse? Page 7.

Michael Martini Cabernet Sauvignon and Chocolate Pairing Seminar Sun WineFest
The seminar was as educational as it was decadent! Third-generation winemaker Michael Martini of California's Louis M. Martini Winery taught us how to create a grid on paper to rate four very different Cabernet Sauvignons, both alone and with chocolates. Page 8.

Holiday Lights Shine Through Storm - Pictures from 2010 Christmas Blizzard in Boston
Pictures from 2010 Christmas Blizzard in Boston. Holiday lights shine through the storm. Page 5.

Boston Blizzard Treacherous Driving - Photo
Treacherous driving in the 2010 Boston Christmas Blizzard. Page 6.

Playing in Two Feet of Snow
My daughter couldn't wait to get outside and play in all of this snow: two feet is the most she's ever seen. She took two steps in it and toppled right over! It's practically up to her waist. Page 4.

Connecticut Under Two Feet of Snow - Picture
My husband, who had already shoveled twice since 7 a.m., was running out of places to put the snow. It may have been two feet, but luckily, it was light, fluffy snow. Page 2.

Hat Parade Photo - Kennebunkport Christmas Prelude Events
Kennebunkport Christmas Prelude Hat Parade photo. The Hat Parade (2010's was the fifth annual) is a fun event to watch, or even join in for free! The parade starts from the Alisson's Restaurant parking lot in Dock Square and ends at The Best of Everything. Whoever has the best hat may even win a prize! Page 7.

Christmas Shopping in Kennebunkport
Christmas Prelude in the Kennebunks isn't just events held at several stores and churches in early December. Stores have sales, free drinks and munchies, and the streets are lined with lights and decorations. Page 8.

Holiday Sales at Kennebunkport Maine Stores - Kennebunkport Christmas Prelude
You will almost never see a Kennebunkport, Maine, store not decorated for Christmas. Many stores have huge sales during Christmas Prelude. Page 9.

Christmas Caroling in Kennebunkport Maine - Kennebunkport Christmas Prelude Picture
Christmas caroling in Kennebunkport, Maine. The carol singing is located at the Franciscan Guest House on Beach Avenue. Hundreds of people gather on the field with candles and sing along with a band. Page 12.

Kennebunkport Christmas Lights - Photo
Kennebunkport Christmas lights photo. The streets of the Kennebunks are bordered with stunning Christmas lights, illuminating the sidewalks at night. Mountain Tops, one of the busy shops in Dock Square, sits next to Bandaloop and Digs Divots & Dogs, a store for gardeners, golfers and dogs. Page 10.

Lobster Trap Tree - Photo of Lobster Trap Christmas Tree in Cape Porpoise Maine
Lobster trap tree photo. This Christmas tree in Cape Porpoise, Maine, outside a fire station isn't one that you would see anywhere but Maine! It's made completely out of lobster traps, wrapped with buoys and wreaths. Page 5.

Kennebunkport Christmas Prelude Picture - Hat Parade
The Hat Parade is a fairly new Christmas Prelude tradition in which the people of the Kennebunks and tourists buy or create a hat, gather behind Alisson's Restaurant and proceed across the bridge to The Best Of Everything. Page 6.

Santa Arrives Via Lobster Boat at Kennebunkport Christmas Prelude - Picture
Santa arrives via lobster boat at Kennebunkport Christmas Prelude. The best part about Christmas Prelude for the children is seeing Santa coming in on the lobster boat up the Kennebunk River. You can even get pictures and sit with him after he arrives! Page 4.

Christmas Tree in Dock Square Kennebunkport Maine - Photo
Photo of Christmas tree in Dock Square, Kennebunkport, Maine. The famous Christmas Tree is presented at the center of Kennebunkport's Dock Square, creating easy access for pictures and glances. Page 2.

Kennebunkport Christmas - Waiting for Santa on the Dock
Kennebunkport Christmas waiting for Santa photo. Citizens and visitors wait on the bridge connecting Kennebunk and Kennebunkport for the arrival of Santa on his lobster boat. Page 3.

Prudential Center in Snow Storm - A Landmark Obscured
Prudential Center in a snow storm, a landmark obscured. Page 3.

Empty Streets Boston Photo - Pictures from the 2010 Christmas Weekend Blizzard in Boston
Boston Christmas Blizzard empties city streets. Photo from the 2010 Christmas Weekend Blizzard in Boston. Page 4.

Wind and Snow - Pictures from the 2010 Christmas Weekend Blizzard in Boston
Wind and snow. Boston blizzard photo. Page 2.

2010 Killington Hay Festival Photo - Amazing Owl at Killington Market
The 2010 Killington Hay Festival's most colorful hay bale sculpture was this Amazing Owl at Killington Market. I love the way floral embellishments in autumnal hues were incorporated in this larger than life work of art. Page 9.

Betty the Yeti - Picture from Killington Hay Festival 2010 in Killington Vermont
We found this hay monster hanging out at Killington's Mountain Green Resort. What exactly is a Yeti? I'd tell you, but you might have nightmares. Page 14.

Champ the Lake Champlain Monster Photo - Killington Vermont Hay Festival
Nearby at Mountain Inn, we encountered another mythical monster: Champ, Vermont's famous Lake Champlain monster. Sightings of this giant water serpent in the lake may be dubious, but Champ close encounters are guaranteed at the Killington Hay Festival. Page 15.

Hay Bale Cow - Killington Hay Festival Photo Killington VT
Cows are a common sight in Vermont. This hay bale cow, located outside Base Camp Outfitters on Route 4 in Killington, Vermont, is much larger than the average bovine! Page 7.

Killington Hay Festival - Giant Panda Picture
This giant panda looked mighty dapper in his fall attire. They hay bale sculptures at the 2010 Killington Hay Festival were even more detailed and impressive than those we saw during our first Hay Festival visit in 2008. Page 6.

Killington Hay Art - Hay Bale Alligator at Killington Hay Festival
We found a laminated trivia question attached to each hay bale creation, which added a fun, educational element to our hay animal safari. My daughter wasn't afraid to reach right inside the jaws of this hay alligator to retrieve his question. Page 12.

I Heart Vermont Bear - Killington Vermont Hay Festival Photo
There are so many reasons to love Vermont, and, in the fall, the quirky, colorful Hay Festival in Killington, Vermont, is certainly one of them! Page 20.

Phat Italian Killington Vermont - Italian Chef Hay Bale Sculpture
The hay bale chef that towers outside Phat Italian market and deli on Killington Road is a bit of a departure from the other hay bale creations at the annual Killington Hay Festival, most of which are shaped in the form of animals. Page 18.

Killington Hay Creations - King of the Hay Animals
This hay bale lion outside the Killington Grand Hotel was the most impressive of the hay creations we saw. What this photo can't capture is how his hay mane rustled and stirred in the breeze, making him roar to life. Page 2.

2010 Hay Festival Killington Vermont - Picture of Penguins and Egg
These penguins were hanging out at Aspen East Ski Shop on Route 4 in Killington, Vermont, during the 2010 Hay Festival. They were waiting for a baby penguin to hatch out of an egg-shaped hay bale! Page 10.

Killington VT Hay Festival 2010 - Hay Bale Moose
I'm partial to moose, so this big hay bale Bullwinkle was one of my favorite sculptures in the 2010 Killington Hay Festival: A photo with him is now my Facebook profile picture. The moose was stationed outside Killington Group on Killington Road. Page 4.

Hay Bale Mouse - Killington VT Hay Festival Picture
We thought this hay bale sculpture was a pig when we first drove by, but, on close inspection, we discovered it is definitely a pink-eyed mouse... complete with a wedge of cheese! Page 17.

Killington Hay Festival Picture - Pelican Hay Bale Sculpture at Grist Mill
This colorful hay bale pelican at Grist Mill on Killington Road is charged with officially welcoming Hay Festival visitors, but he appears to have his mouth a bit full. Page 16.

Saint Bernard Hay Art at Summit Lodge Killington Hay Festival 2010
This bright-eyed Saint Bernard keeps watch at Summit Lodge on Killington Road during the 2010 Killington Hay Festival. Page 19.

Sea Lion - Hay Bale Sea Lion at Killington Hay Festival
This sea lion hay bale sculpture featured in the 2010 Killington Hay Festival is delightful in its simplicity. Page 11.

Killington Vermont Hay Festival - Hay Bale Solider Bear Sculpture
This giant bear was one of the first hay bale sculptures we spotted as we drove into Killington, Vermont, on Route 4. Bears are the most common animals in this hay menagerie. Page 5.

Killington Vermont Hay Bale Sculpture - Spa Bear at Spa at the Woods
Killington, Vermont, hay bale sculpture. We found this Spa Bear hay bale sculpture luxuriating outside Spa at the Woods on Killington Road, in Killington, Vermont. Page 3.

Killington VT Hay Sculptures - Squirrel
The nuts in his left paw should have been a dead giveaway: This hay bale sculpture is a squirrel! (At first glance, I thought it was a badger.). Page 13.

Killington Hay Bale Sculptures - Udder Cow in Killington VT
You have to love Vermonters' sense of humor! Udder Cow was situated beside Cow, greeting visitors traveling to Killington in the fall to see these wonderful hay bale sculptures. Page 8.

Hang Gliding Photo - Flying Without a License
One of the beauties of hang gliding? You don't need a license to fly. Never tried hang gliding? If you're interested in hang gliding instruction, one of New England's best facilities is Morningside Flight Park in Charlestown, New Hampshire. Page 9.

Photo of Three Hang Gliders - Hang Gliding at Mt. Greylock
During our Labor Day weekend visit to Mt. Greylock, we saw about a half-dozen hang gliders and paragliders in flight. I was able to catch three in one shot in this photo. I wonder if they get close enough to carry on a conversation. Page 6.

Hang Gliding Photo Mount Greylock - Blue Skies
The skies couldn't have been bluer as we watched the impressive hang gliding display from the summit of Massachusetts' Mount Greylock. Page 2.

Paraglider Photo - Paragliding at Mount Greylock
A paraglider harness looks a bit like a cradle in the sky. Because paragliders fly more slowly than hang gliders, they're a good choice for beginners. Page 19.

View from the Veterans War Memorial Tower Mt Greylock
For my own aerial view, I climbed the winding, narrow stairs to the top of Mt. Greylock's Veterans War Memorial Tower and took this photo through the window. A park ranger told us Labor Day was Mt. Greylock's busiest weekend of the year. Page 20.

A Boo-Wah Day for Hang Gliding at Mt. Greylock in the Berkshires
When hang gliders say 'boo-wah,' they mean the conditions are ideal for flying. We certainly chose a boo-wah day to visit Mt. Greylock in the Berkshires. Page 17.

Photo - Watching the Paragliding Action from Mount Greylock
My husband and daughter headed straight for the rocky slope behind the Veterans War Memorial Tower on Mount Greylock: an ideal spot for watching the paragliding and hang gliding action. Page 15.

Paraglider Silhouetted Against Blue Sky - Mt. Greylock Hang Gliding Photo Gallery
The colorful sailcloths of these lightweight craft catch the eye, while the paraglider pilots, silhouetted against blue sky, almost seem to vanish from view. Page 12.

Tandem Paragliding - Close-Up Photo of Tandem Paragliders Over Mt. Greylock
If I ever DID decide to try paragliding, I think tandem paragliding--with an experienced instructor--would be the way to go. When I zoomed in for a close-up with my telephoto lens, it appeared as if this tandem duo was completely at ease in the air. Page 14.

Obama Martha's Vineyard Vacation - President Barack Obama Exits Gay Head Lighthouse
President Barack Obama exits Gay Head Lighthouse on Martha's Vineyard. Page 11.

Picture - First Family Returns Home After Martha's Vineyard Vacation
Hopefully, their short getaway to Martha's Vineyard allowed the First Family to return to the capital refreshed and renewed. Page 17.

Sunday River Covered Bridge Photo - Paddleford Truss Style Maine Covered Bridge
The 87-foot Sunday River Covered Bridge, known as Artist's Bridge, is an example of the Paddleford Truss design, found only in New England. New Hampshire's Peter Paddleford modified the Long Truss to create a durable system of interlocking counterbraces. Page 2.

Photo - View from Artist's Covered Bridge in Newry Maine
The view of Sunday River framed by the beams of the Artist's Bridge is as lovely as the structure itself. Page 3.

Barack and Michelle Obama Biking on Martha's Vineyard Photo
President Barack Obama (center) and First Lady Michelle Obama (second from right) ride bikes in Aquinnah with family and friends on August 27, 2009 during a vacation on Martha's Vineyard. Page 8.

President Barack Obama Speaks About the Death of Senator Ted Kennedy - Photo
President Barack Obama appears casual with his shirt sleeves rolled up, yet somber, as he interrupts his Martha's Vineyard vacation August 26, 2009 to deliver a statement on the brain cancer death of Senator Edward M. (Ted) Kennedy. Page 7.

Obama Family Lands on Cape Cod - Photo
President Barack Obama, his daughter Malia (front), wife Michelle and daughter Sasha (rear) disembark Air Force One upon landing at Cape Cod Coast Guard Air Station August 23, 2009. The Obamas then boarded a Marine helicopter bound for Martha's Vineyard. Page 2.

New England Coast Book Autographed for the Obama Family
I was pleased to contribute an autographed copy of The New England Coast: The Most Spectacular Sights & Destinations to the collection of New England-made gifts for the First Family. Page 19.