New England Travel Sitemap - Page 11 2016-09-26

Obama Tshirts for Sale Obamamania on Martha's Vineyard - Photo
Items featuring President Barack Obama, his wife Michelle Obama and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin are displayed in the window of Soft As A Grape in Edgartown, Massachusetts, on the island of Martha's Vineyard. Page 3.

Nick Stoner Nineteenth Hole - Casual Restaurant in Caroga Lake New York
The vibe at The Nineteenth Hole at the Nick Stoner is casual and fun. Photos of golf tournament winners past hang on the walls, and tables are set for groups large and small. Page 9.

Nick Stoner Inn A Fixture on Highway 10 in Caroga Lake NY
The four-story Nick Stoner Inn has been a fixture on Highway 10 in Caroga Lake, NY, since the late 1800s. Originally an ox barn, it was converted to an inn and restaurant in the 1920s. Page 3.

Cheap Adirondacks Hotel - Nick Stoner Inn
All of the rooms at the Nick Stoner Inn in the Adirondacks are priced at the same cheap rate: $50 per night. Rooms that do not have a private bath have in-room sinks, as you can see in this photo. Page 16.

Cheap Chicken Wings at the Nick Stoner Inn Caroga Lake NY
At the Nick Stoner Inn, a heaping plate of a dozen chicken wings is just $5.99, and they're hearty enough to make a meal. Try mild, medium, hot, BBQ, teriyaki or sweet & sour wings. Do they taste good? I won't tell you, I'll show you... in the next photo. Page 11.

Photo of Guest Room at the Nick Stoner Inn
Guest rooms at the Nick Stoner Inn are spacious and individually furnished with country decor. Space heaters keep rooms warm on cool Adirondack nights. Page 14.

Nick Stoner Inn Photo - Entrance to the Nineteenth Hole Sports Bar Restaurant at the Nick Stoner
The entrance to The Nineteenth Hole is on the north side of the Nick Stoner Inn, offering easy entry both to golfers finishing the 18th hole and to travelers who want to pull in off Highway 10 for a bite and a beer. Page 8.

Nick Stoner Inn Bathroom Photo
This is one of three communal bathrooms shared by 11 of the 14 guest rooms on the third floor of the Nick Stoner Inn. It's a good idea to pack a robe and slippers if you'll be staying in one of the inn's shared bath rooms. Page 17.

Nick Stoner Municipal Golf Course 18th Green View from the Nick Stoner Inn
The 18th green at the Nick Stoner Municipal Golf Course is directly adjacent to the Nick Stoner Inn, so it's no surprise that golfers make up a high percentage of the clientele at the inn's first-floor sports bar. Page 6.

Caroga Lake New York Lodging - Nick Stoner Inn
The Nick Stoner Inn, one of just a handful of lodging properties in Caroga Lake, New York, offers 14 guest rooms on the third floor. Three rooms have private baths. The rest share the three full baths at either end and in the middle of this hallway. Page 13.

Picture of the View from the Nick Stoner Inn in the Southern Adirondacks
This is the view from the north side of the Nick Stoner Inn, looking out toward the Nick Stoner Golf Course. Although the inn seems remote, it is only about 20 minutes from the New York State Thruway (I-90) and less than an hour northwest of Schenectady. Page 5.

Nick Stoner Inn Caroga Lake NY Guest Amenities
The rooms at the Nick Stoner Inn do not have phones or televisions, and cell phone service is spotty. A coffee maker and microwave are available in the hallway for guests. Page 18.

Little Bird Hiding in the Fall Leaves - Photo
Photo of a little bird hiding in the autumn leaves. Page 4.

Hawk Soaring Above Autumn Treetops - Photo
Photo of hawk soaring above autumn treetops. Page 3.

Squirrel Climbing a Tree in Autumn - Photo
A squirrel scurries up a tree as he busily prepares for winter. Page 2.

Giant Jackolantern Photo - Jackolantern Spectacular Roger Williams Park Zoo
The Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Park Zoo features pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, including this giant, who appears to have gotten large (at least 800 pounds, I'd guess) by eating littler jack-o-lanterns. Eek! Page 30.

Jesse James Pumpkin Carving - Jackolantern Spectacular Fundraiser for Roger Williams Park Zoo
'$25,000 Reward' reads this Jesse James wanted poster pumpkin carving. You'll feel rewarded to know your Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular admission fee supports the zoo's environmental education and conservation efforts. Page 16.

Passion for Pumpkins - Jackolantern Spectacular Providence Rhode Island
Founder John Reckner, members of his family and a posse of jack-o-lantern artists who have joined the pumpkin carving crew over the years call themselves Passion for Pumpkins. It's an apt name for a group whose obvious love for this event shines through. Page 13.

Patriotic Pumpkins - Providence Rhode Island Jackolantern Spectacular
Patriotic pumpkins. This Thomas Jefferson pumpkin is just one in a collection of patriotic carvings on display at the Providence, Rhode Island, Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular. Page 14.

Picture of Jackolantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Park Zoo Providence Rhode Island
It's easy to fixate on the intricate pumpkins, such as this 1940s Post cover featuring Norman Rockwell's Rosie the Riveter, but there are literally carved pumpkins everywhere... along the ground, on towers, in the trees and suspended over a pond. Page 19.

Norman Rockwell Little Spooners Pumpkin Carving - Providence Jackolantern Spectacular
The 20th century unfolds decade by decade as the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular in Providence continues. This pumpkin pays homage to New England artist Norman Rockwell, whose 'Little Spooners' painting graced the cover of the Saturday Evening Post in 1926. Page 17.

Roaring Twenties Jack-O-Lantern Carving - Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular Photo Providence RI
Flappers dance the night away on this Jazz Age jack-o-lantern as music from the period plays. Much care and thought goes into orchestrating the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular, which has been held in several locations but seems most at home at the zoo. Page 18.

Cowboy Pumpkin - Picture of Wild West Cowboy Pumpkin Carving at Jackolantern Spectacular
This pumpkin's silhouette of a cowboy riding off into the sunset was one of my favorite jack-o-lanterns on display. Once you reach the entrance to the quarter-mile Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular trail, you can proceed at your own pace, stopping for photo ops. Page 15.

Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular Photo - Roosevelt and Churchill Pumpkin Carving
It seemed appropriate that two rocks were holding up this pumpkin featuring World War II allies Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. Shot with a flash, this photo shows the complexity of this stunning pumpkin carving. Page 20.

Renaissance Pumpkin Carving Mona Lisa - JackoLantern Spectacular Roger Williams Park Zoo
Not only do the pumpkins capture the glory of the Renaissance, they're works of art themselves. Jill Austin, Event Coordinator at Roger Williams Park Zoo, says the pumpkin carvers 'are artists, whose medium--in the fall--happens to be pumpkins.'. Page 12.

Ronald Reagan Pumpkin - Jackolantern Spectacular Picture
Among the famous '80s faces you'll see at the 2010 Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular is 40th President Ronald Regan, the oldest man ever elected to the nation's top office. Page 26.

Princess Diana Pumpkin Carving - Photo of Princess Di Pumpkin at Jackolantern Spectacular
This jack-o-lantern brings Princess Diana to luminous life. A pumpkin carving of Princess Di is a double reminder of the fragility of all living things. Page 27.

Bob Marley Pumpkin Carving Design at Jackolantern Spectacular Providence RI
Reggae legend Bob Marley is one of many musicians immortalized in orange at the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular in Providence, RI. Glenn Miller, the Beatles and Kurt Cobain are there. Page 25.

Gary Coleman Pumpkin Carving - Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular Jack-O-Lantern Graveyard
Gary Coleman pumpkin carving. The Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular 'Walk in Time' concludes with a jack-o-lantern graveyard devoted to celebrities who have died in 2010. First up: Gary Coleman, whose pudgy cheeks seem perfectly suited for a pumpkin. Page 28.

James Dean Jackolantern - Photo of James Dean Pumpkin at RI Jackolantern Spectacular
James Dean jackolantern. This jack-o-lantern needs little introduction, so instead, I'll tell you something these photos can't convey: The pumpkin aroma is overpowering at the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular! There's no doubt these pumpkins are all the real deal. Page 22.

Looney Tunes Pumpkin - Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular Celebrates 20th Century Pop Culture
Politicians and pop culture icons, such as these Looney Tunes characters, dominate the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular's glowing tribute to the decades of the 20th century. Page 21.

Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular Providence
Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular Providence. 'The pumpkin people are pretty meticulous,' said Jill Austin, the zoo's Event Coordinator, when I told her how impressed I was that the little carved pumpkins hanging from these trees were all so evenly spaced. Page 31.

George Steinbrenner Jackolantern Carving - Jackolantern Spectacular New England Halloween Event
George Steinbrenner jackolantern carving. Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, who died in 2010 at age 80, also has a place in the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular's graveyard... even though he's not exactly on friendly turf in New England. Page 29.

Jackolantern Spectacular Picture - Jackolantern Spectacular Grand Finale
The Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular's final grand display totally blew us away. Fog swirls around dozens of maniacally grinning gourds of all sizes. It's an artfully arranged, mesmerizing and memorable scene. Happy Halloween! Page 32.

Lucy and Desi Jack-O-Lantern at Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular
Lucy and Desi jack-o-lantern at Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular. It broke my heart when my 7-year-old asked, 'Who are those people, Mommy?' as I was photographing this Lucy and Desi jack-o-lantern. It's time for me to introduce her to some classic TV from the '50s. Page 23.

'60s Themed Pumpkin Carvings - Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular Photo
The turbulent 1960s are well depicted in a series of pumpkins at the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular. In this photo, you can see carvings of Jimi Hendrix and President John F. Kennedy. Page 24.

JackoLantern Spectacular Photo - 5,000 Illuminated Jack-O-Lanterns On Display
Most of the 5,000 jack-o-lanterns on display at the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular are illuminated from within by battery-powered lights. Only a few are lit with candles. Page 4.

Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular - How Long Do Jack-O-Lanterns Last?
How long do jack-o-lanterns last? Not long enough! During the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular's 25-day 2010 run, 10,000 pumpkins will be carved, which means that each design will need to be created twice, on average. Page 5.

Mona Lisa Pumpkin Carving - Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular Features Incredibly Detailed Pumpkin Carvings
Mona Lisa pumpkin carving. This photo, taken with a flash, reveals the incredible detail in this Mona Lisa pumpkin carving. It's painstaking work for the team of professional pumpkin carvers to etch complex, layered designs into each pumpkin's skin and flesh. Page 11.

Dinosaur Pumpkin Carving Design - Jurassic Jack-O-Lanterns at JackoLantern Spectacular
A Walk in Time is the theme of the 2010 Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular in Providence, RI, and after the Charlie Brown and creature carvings, visitors begin to hear loud rustling noises in the trees and to see jack-o-lanterns carved with dinosaur scenes. Page 7.

Jackolantern Spectacular Picture - Prolong Life of JackoLanterns with Bleach Solution
Jack-o-lanterns are sprayed with bleach solution to prolong their life, but these organic canvases are destined to perish. This Lost World pumpkin--surrounded by jack-o-lanterns on the water and on land--refers to something entirely different, however. Page 6.

Lion Pumpkin Carving - Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular Roger Williams Park Zoo
As the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular trail continues, children and adults marvel at the animal carvings. Be sure to tell your kids before you go, though: The zoo is closed. These orange animals are the only ones they're likely to see. Page 8.

Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Park Zoo - Alien Pumpkin Carving Design
Visitors to the zoo wait up to two hours on busy nights to reach the Wetlands Trail: scene of the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular. When you see the first impressive carvings, you'll understand why the line moves slowly. Dress warmly! And bring a camera. Page 3.

Gorilla Jackolantern - Animal Pumpkin Carving Designs at Zoo Jackolantern Spectacular
Gorillas may have opposable thumbs, but only humans can carve amazing jack-o-lanterns. Nearly 200 of the 5,000 carved pumpkins on display are this ornate, and even the simpler pumpkin faces are creative and fun. Page 9.

Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular Picture - Dawn of Man
Man's evolution is depicted on this pumpkin. The man responsible for the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular's evolution is Oxford, Massachusetts, postal carrier John Reckner, who organized the first Spectacular in 1988 and still supervises carving efforts. Page 10.

Lighthouse Pumpkin - Photo of Carved Lighthouse Pumpkin
Lighthouse pumpkin photo. The trick to carving this lighthouse pumpkin is to start from the center of the design and carve your way out, says my husband, whose handiwork is on display in this photo. Page 19.

Spider Pumpkin Carving at Night - Spider Pumpkin Photo
Here's a Halloween night look at my spider pumpkin. Spooky! Page 22.

Spider Pumpkin
Spider pumpkin. This white pumpkin was soft and easy to carve, which made it a great choice for carving this spider pattern with its thin legs. Page 21.

Photo of Artist Jackolantern at Night
With a candle to illuminate his features, my Artist Jack o' Lantern doesn't look half bad. Now, all he needs is a scarf and a palette of paints. Page 15.

Artist Pumpkin by Day - Pumpkin Carving Photo
This beret-wearing pumpkin proved harder to carve than I'd expected. If I had it to do over, I would have enlarged the pattern a bit more. Page 14.

Double Pumpkin - Photo of Double Pumpkin Jack o Lantern at Night
My husband gets all of the credit for this carved double pumpkin! Inspired by a spread in Good Housekeeping's October 2009 issue, he carved this skeletal double jack o' lantern free-hand the eve before Halloween. Page 16.

Girl Pumpkin - Picture of Girl Pumpkin at Night
Girl pumpkin picture. With her puckered lips and long glowing hair, my girl pumpkin is ready for a big night out... on the porch. Page 13.

Pumpkin Girl - Photo of Carved Jack o Lantern Pumpkin Girl
Pumpkin girl photo. Carved jack-o-lantern pumpkin girl picture and carving pattern. Page 12.

Snowshoe Tour in Vermont at Mount Snow - Snowshoeing Trail Photo
Our snowshoe tour guide, Chris Kennedy, must have read my mind because as we set out uphill, she pronounced:

Snowshoeing at Mount Snow in Vermont
Snowshoeing is a perfect winter sport alternative for those like me who do not ski. I'll admit, however, that when I saw we were going to snowshoe up the Mount Snow slope these downhillers were descending, I thought they'd made the better choice! Page 2.

Animal Tracks in the Snow - Snowshoeing in Vermont Photo
We weren't the only ones making tracks in the Vermont snow. Mount Snow is situated within the boundaries of the Green Mountain National Forest, and its miles of snowshoe trails offer winter trekkers wildlife viewing opportunities. Page 4.

Photo of Snowshoers - Snowshoeing in Vermont
I lagged behind tour guide Chris Kennedy and fellow writer Aaron Frost for most of our snowshoe outing. My official explanation: I was pursuing good photo angles! Snowshoeing is as easy as walking, but Vermont's hilly terrain adds a challenge. Page 5.

Ghost Pumpkin at Night - Photo of Welcome Ghost Jackolantern Carved from Stencil
At night, a candle lights up this ghost pumpkin's welcoming message. Page 18.

Welcome Ghost Pumpkin Photo - Ghost Pumpkin by Day
This ghost pumpkin is ready to greet guests who visit our home during the Halloween season. Page 17.

Lighthouse Jackolantern Picture - Lighthouse Pumpkin Design at Night
Lighthouse jackolantern picture. At night, this lighthouse jackolantern really glows, just like the beacons that line New England's shores... only a bit more orange! Page 20.

Benn the Leafy Moose on the North Bennington Green - Bennington Moosefest Photo
Benn by artist Jenna Daly is actually a resident moose, permanently located on the North Bennington Green. This leafy, autumn foliage-inspired moose was created for Bennington's first Moosefest in 2005. Page 2.

Chocolate Mousse Photo - Bennington Vermont Moosefest
Chocolate Mousse wasn't what I expected at all! Artists Bruce Watson and Emily Moore covered this Bennington Moosefest moose, located at Kevin's Sports Pub & Restaurant, 27 Main Street, North Bennington, in chocolate bar wrappers. Page 3.

Bennington Moosefest 2009 - A Time for All Seasons
Once we reached the center of Bennington, Vermont, we parked so that we could see more moose on foot, starting with A Time for All Seasons by artist Sherry Steeves. This Moosefest creation is located at 113 South Street near Jay's Art Shop. Page 12.

Mother Moose and Calf Adapt & Nurture at Bennington Moosefest 2009
Adapt & Nurture are an aptly named mother and calf moose pair located at 262 North Street in Bennington, VT, during Moosefest 2009. Lucy Bergamini and Daniela DiStefano Rosenthal created this blingy pair. Page 10.

Pirate Moose - See Captain Jack Mooso at Moosefest 2009 in Bennington Vermont
The detail on this pirate moose by artist Bill Brassard made him one of our favorites! Look carefully, and you'll see the skull at his feet and the parrot in his antlers. See Captain Jack Mooso at 475 Main Street in Bennington during Moosefest 2009. Page 18.

Circus Moose on the Loose - Moosefest 2009 Photo Gallery
We had to keep walking along Main Street in Bennington when we spied this mother and calf moose circus. Artist Kim Wassick created this entertaining duo for Moosefest 2009. Page 19.

Moosefest Photo - Just Your Garden-Variety Moose
There were several more moose worth stopping for as we drove south from Bennington, Vermont, on our way home, including Just Your Garden-Variety Moose by artist Judith Kniffin. You can find him vegetating at 215 South Street. Page 22.

Bennington Moosefest 2009 Photo Gallery - Lickety-Split Moose at Billy T's Northside Dairy Bar
Artist Maggie Randall's Moosefest contribution, located at Billy T's Northside Dairy Bar, 217 Northside Drive, Bennington, VT (where we stopped for delicious ice cream) depicts bowling moose on the street side, ice cream-savoring moose on the reverse. Page 4.

Moose Family Photo - Bennington Moosefest 2009
We spied our first moose family at the Bennington Chamber of Commerce, 100 Veterans Memorial Drive, Bennington, VT. Artists Megan Smithers, Mike Fillion and John Bigelow created Chief Wandering Bull Moose, Princess Inuit-Yupik-A-Moose and Wobigo Megeso. Page 6.

Moosefest Pictures - Moosey BB Goode & Green at Bennington Vermont Moosefest
For Moosefest 2009, Dan Turcotte created a moose on a mission. Moosey BB Goode & Green is not only one of the most intriguing moose on display in Bennington, Vermont, he promotes eco-friendly sunflower power. Page 9.

Morpheus Moose Photo - Moosefest 2009 in Bennington Vermont
Artist Tony Conner created Morpheus. You'll find this Moosefest moose in front of Now and Then Books at 439 Main Street in Bennington, Vermont, during Moosefest 2009. Page 16.

Louis Comfort Tiffany Inspired Moose Mr. L.C. Tiffany at Bennington Moosefest Bennington Vermont
Artist Suzanne Little-Sefanik took inspiration from Louis Comfort Tiffany in her design for this Bennington Moosefest moose, located at 336 North Street in Bennington, Vermont. Page 7.

Mystical Moose - Bennington Moosefest Picture
Mystical Moose looks a bit like something out of a Harry Potter book! He's the creation of Alan Bishop, and you'll find this moose at 332 North Street in Bennington, Vermont, during Moosefest 2009. Page 8.

Moosefest Picture - Peace and Love Mom and Moose Calf at Bank of Bennington in Bennington Vermont
Here's another Moosefest mom and calf pair, painted vividly by artist Lisa Ketcham. Peace and Love stand in front of the Bank of Bennington at 155 North Street in Bennington, Vermont. Page 11.

Moosefest Moose Picture - Moosefest 2009 in Bennington VT
Look closely, and you'll see that artist Rae Tetlow has covered this 2009 Moosefest moose at 431 Main Street in Bennington with a mosaic of tiny pictures. Page 15.

Vermont Moosefest 2009 Pictures - Robomoose
My daughter loved Robomoose's flashing eyes. Brad Turner is the artist behind this full-metal moose, located at Next Door Beer & Wine on Route 7 in Pownal, Vermont. Page 23.

Santa Moose - Moosefest 2009 in Bennington Vermont Photos
Gary Harbour's Moosefest sculpture will put you in the Christmoose spirit! Santa Moose is located at 401 Main Street in the center of Bennington, Vermont. Page 13.

Moosefest Picture - Snow Drifter at Bennington VT Moosefest 2009
Artist Rosan Greene conjures up winter in Vermont with her Snow Drifter moose, located at 132 Northside Avenue, Bennington, VT during Moosefest 2009. Page 5.

Mother and Calf Moose Picture from Moosefest 2009 in Bennington VT - Sofia and Shamoose
Vincent Van Gogh never married, but Vincent the moose has a family. Sofia and Shamoose are also the work of Mike Madison, and you can see them at 428 Main Street in Bennington during Moosefest 2009. Page 21.

Bennington Moosefest - Picture of Vincent the Moose, Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night
Vincent, my favorite Moosefest moose, was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night. Mike Madison painted this fine art moose, located at 428 Main Street, Bennington, VT. Page 20.

Moosefest in Vermont - Three Brown Moose We Are One
Three brown moose bear a message of unity at 431 Main Street in the center of Bennington, Vermont. This family trio of Moosefest moose is the work of Michael Seitz and Gwynne Gardner. Page 14.

Moosefest Photos - Ziggy the Hippy-Pot-O-Moose
Artist Rick Havlak's contribution to Vermont's Moosefest 2009 is a '60s throwback moose located at 467 Main Street in Bennington. Page 17.

Bennington Moosefest 2009 Event and Auction - Photo of Robomoose
It was time for us to end our moosecapade and head for home. We joined Robomoose for a final farewell glance at Vermont's green hills. There are more moose to see, so visit Bennington before October 17, 2009, when the moose will be auctioned for charity. Page 24.

Birthday Dessert at the White Barn Inn Maine - Photo
I had no plans to order dessert after two extraordinary White Barn Inn meals, but Chef Cartwright blew my birthday cover. What I'd feared would be a sad day turned out to be a warm, unforgettable experience: one of the most memorable birthdays of my life. Page 19.

Photo of Bar Stools Around the Piano at Maine's White Barn Inn
The stools around the piano are another popular place to gather before dinner at the White Barn Inn. Arrive early, and make the most of what is sure to be an incredibly memorable evening. Better yet, reserve one of the inn's luxurious rooms for the night. Page 12.

Cabernet Sauvignon Sorbet Intermezzo at the White Barn Inn
Each dish at the White Barn Inn, such as this Cabernet Sauvignon Sorbet, is expertly presented. While the White Barn Inn is definitely a romantic spot for couples, dining with a group allows you to fully appreciate the wait staff's synchronized service. Page 15.

How to Fillet Salmon - Photo of Cooking Class at White Barn Inn Kennebunkport Maine
Chef Jonathan Cartwright shows our group how to fillet salmon during our hands-on cooking class at the White Barn Inn. Page 5.

Photo - Lobster Spring Roll Appetizer at the White Barn Inn Restaurant
For example, five servers placed five appetizers on our table precisely at the same moment. If you knew me, you wouldn't be surprised I couldn't resist the Lobster Spring Roll with Carrot, Daikon Radish and Snow Pea in a Thai Inspired Spicy Sweet Sauce. Page 16.

Photo of Salmon Dish at the White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport
Photo of salmon dish at the White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport. Ah, the salmon! What a colorful, delectable dish. I was so touched by Chef's hospitality, I confessed it was my birthday. My server's response to every request was:

Antique Flatware Animal Sculptures by Artist Gerard Bouvier at the White Barn Inn
Look carefully at the one-of-a-kind animal sculptures on each table at the White Barn Inn: They're made entirely from antique flatware by artist Gerard Bouvier. Yes, they're for sale. No, I couldn't afford one, even though I did love the lobster! Page 14.

Dining Room at the White Barn Inn Keenebunkport Maine - Photo
I had to leave cooking class early to visit another Kennebunkport landmark, and when I returned, my group had already finished lunch! Surely, I could take a nibble to go. No--Chef insisted I stay and enjoy the rustic ambiance of the dining room solo. Page 8.

Photo - Sous Chef Seasoning Salmon at the White Barn Inn Restaurant
The Sous Chef rolls and seasons the salmon fillet as the other writers in our cooking class group prepare vegetables for the dish. Chef Cartwright chose this recipe to take advantage of the availability of fresh fiddleheads, a New England delicacy. Page 6.

Spring Pea Soup with Seared Maine Scallop at the White Barn Inn Maine
Although it was odd to dine alone, it was fitting in a way. My late mother and I shared a birthday, and this was my first year celebrating without her. In my heart and mind, I shared this delicious Spring Pea Soup with Seared Maine Scallop with her. Page 9.

The White Barn Inn Cookbook
The recipe for the dish we prepared--Grilled Salmon with Spring Fiddleheads, Asparagus, and Scallions--is featured in The White Barn Inn Cookbook, which contains more than 140 of Executive Chef Jonathan Cartwright's seasonal New England recipes. Page 7.

White Barn Inn Wine Cellar - Private Dining at the White Barn Inn Kennebunkport Maine
The Wine Cellar at the White Barn Inn is available for parties of 10 to 15 people. If you're hosting an elegant family gathering or want to impress clients, you'll want to reserve this very private dining space. Page 13.

Naumkeag Rose Garden Photo
The rose garden at Naumkeag, with its serpentine pathways, was designed by Fletcher Steele to be best viewed from Mabel Choate's second-floor bedroom. Page 9.

Young Faun with Heron Statue by Frederick MacMonnies in Afternoon Garden at Naumkeag
Stanford White, who designed the mansion at Naumkeag, commissioned Frederick MacMonnies to create this statue,

Asian Influences in the Gardens at Naumkeag in Stockbridge Massachusetts
Like the mansion's interior, the gardens at Naumkeag are graced with souvenirs from the Choate family's extensive travels. Page 8.

Picture of Naumkeag Blue Steps Designed by Fletcher Steele
When Naumkeag's owner, Mabel Choate, asked landscape architect Fletcher Steele to create steps leading down to her cutting garden, she got more than she bargained for! Page 2.

Roses at Naumkeag - Berkshires Mansion in Stockbridge MA
The rose garden was already a bit past its prime when I toured Naumkeag's gardens in July of 2008: June would be a better month to visit if you're a rose enthusiast. These peachy rose blooms were still beautiful, though. Page 10.

Fountain in the Evergreen Garden at Naumkeag
During its restoration of Naumkeag's landscape to its mid-twentieth century appearance, the Trustees of Reservations reproduced the fountain in the Evergreen Garden. The original, which dated to 1890, had disappeared. Page 12.

Stone Chairs in the Afternoon Garden at Naumkeag Stockbridge MA
Mabel Choate complained that these stone chairs, designed for the Afternoon Garden at Naumkeag by landscape architect Fletcher Steele, weren't very comfortable, but they are certainly pleasing to behold. Page 4.

Afternoon Garden at Naumkeag - Photo
The Afternoon Garden was Fletcher Steele's first landscape project at the Naunkeag estate in the Berkshires. These boxwood hedges were shaped to resemble an Oriental rug. Page 3.

Evergreen Garden at Naumkeag Estate in the Berkshires
The circular Evergreen Garden is one of Naumkeag's oldest landscape features. It was sited to take advantage of distant mountain views. Page 11.

Naumkeag Picture - The Sacred Rock
Inside the pagoda on the South Lawn at Naumkeag is a sacred rock, which Mabel Choate, the estate's second-generation owner, brought back from China. Rub it, and your memory will improve, according to legend. Page 7.

Photo - Naumkeag South Lawn with Japanese Maples and Chinese Pagoda
A vibrant stand of Japanese maple trees on the South Lawn at Naumkeag calls attention to an ornate, Chinese-style, cast-iron pagoda. What's inside? Page 6.

White Barn Inn Executive Chef Jonathan Cartwright
Jonathan Cartwright, Executive Chef and Director of Operations at the White Barn Inn, is not only a masterful and much-lauded classically trained chef, he is an astute and charming hotelier whose creativity and energy infuse the inn and its restaurant. Page 2.

Preparing Salmon in the Kitchen at the White Barn Inn in Maine
What's on the lunch menu? Salmon. This particular salmon, to be exact. As you might imagine, seafood is a specialty of this highly acclaimed Maine restaurant. Cartwright says his menus

White Barn Inn Cooking Class with Executive Chef Jonathan Cartwright
During our cooking class, Executive Chef Jonathan Cartwright started with the basics by showing us how to hold and chop an onion. Customized cooking classes at the White Barn Inn can be arranged for small groups at almost any time. Page 3.

Gourmet Corn Dogs - Team Vermont Dinner at James Beard House
Chef Aaron Josinsky of Bluebird Tavern in Burlington, Vermont, contributed these gourmet corn dogs to the hors d'oeuvre menu. They were so good, I ate two. It was the spicy-sweet grain mustard that really made them delectable. Page 7.

Vermont Chef Lara Atkins' Open Faced Coffee Chocolate Sundae Dessert
I was glad I had the chance to witness the dessert assembly process, or I might not have known that the crisp layer underneath the ice cream in Lara Atkins' dish was a lovely meringue. Page 21.

James Beard Portrait - James Beard House Photo
Pioneering chef, author and instructor James Beard, who lived in this West Village townhouse until his death at 81 in 1985, was a larger than life personality whose presence still looms in the dining room. Team Vermont continued a fine culinary legacy. Page 24.

VT Dinner - Heirloom Squash Soup with Roasted Sunchokes Misty Knoll Chicken and Spiced Cream
Chef Steve Atkins gave us course two: Heirloom Squash Soup with roasted sunchokes, Misty Knoll chicken and spiced cream. Sunchokes, which were new to me, reminded me of mushrooms, but they're actually a native North American tuber that grows underground. Page 14.

Vermont Dinner at James Beard House - Chef Lee Duberman Prepares Dessert
Chef Lee Duberman of Ariel's Restaurant in Brookfield, Vermont, swirls Vanilla Anglaise as Team Vermont prepares to serve Lara Atkins' dessert: Open Faced Coffee Chocolate Sundae with Candied Almonds. Page 20.

Boston Flower & Garden Show Garden Marketplace - Flower Show Features Hundreds of Garden Vendors
The Boston Flower & Garden Show's Garden Marketplace features hundreds of vendors selling everything a plant lover could desire: garden tools and accents, nature-inspired art, herbs, soaps... I even spotted this shopper toting a tree on her back! Page 16.

Mahoney's Garden Centers Boston Flower & Garden Show Display - A Sensory Garden
Sights, sounds, scents, tastes and textures are interwoven in this landscape created by Mahoney's Garden Centers for the 2010 Boston Flower & Garden Show. I loved the outdoor enclosure's grassy roof and plant-covered walls. Page 10.

Newport Flower Show 2010 Preview at Boston Flower & Garden Show
Visitors to the Boston Flower & Garden Show enjoy a sneak preview of the 2010 Newport Flower Show, which will have an African theme. Safari--Flora & Fauna runs June 25-27 at Rosecliff in Newport, Rhode Island. Page 3.

Boston Flower & Garden Show Orchid Display Photo - New England Orchid Societies
The orchid displays, like this one by New England Orchid Societies, provide some of the best photo ops at the 2010 Boston Flower & Garden Show. Page 20.

Boston Flower and Garden Show Picture - Landscape Display by Michael C Jardin Fine Gardens
Solitude is the theme of this tranquil garden environment created by Michael C. Jardin Fine Gardens of Lakeville, Massachusetts, for the inaugural Boston Flower & Garden Show. Page 11.

Boston Flower & Garden Show Landscape Display Photo - Hot Colors Cool Water
Howard Garden Designs, Weston Nurseries of Hopkinton and Downing Landscape Construction teamed to install this lush display at the Boston Flower & Garden Show. A vivid parade of blossoms contrasts with the calming sound of flowing water. Page 12.

Boston Flower Garden Show Market Vendor - Grow Your Plants in Water No Dirt No Bugs No Mess
'Grow Your Plants in Water: No Dirt... No Bugs... No Mess... No Fuss,' one Boston Flower & Garden Show vendor advertised. Sounds like my kind of gardening! I also loved their booth, with its ivy-draped columns and beams and sparkling glass planters. Page 18.

Blooms! at the Boston Flower Garden Show - Plant Room by Camellia Growers Group
In the design competition's Plant Room class, the Camellia Growers Group took first place for this room filled with splashy scarlet- and blush-hued blooms, growing and floating in various containers. Page 14.

Crassula Lycopodioides Rat Tail Plant - Boston Horticulture Competition
In the General Horticulture competition, Andy Michaelides received honorable mention in the Crassulaceae category with this intriguingly potted Crassula lycopodioides: better known as Rat Tail Plant. Page 15.

Blooms! Floral Design and Horticulture Competition at Boston Flower & Garden Show
Blooms!, the Massachusetts Horticultural Society and Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts' floral design and amateur horticulture competition, is a key part of the show. Linda Lacroix won a blue ribbon for this lovely 'Feast for the Eyes.'. Page 13.

Shopping at the Boston Flower & Garden Show Boston MA - Towering Willows
Tall, spindly willows are another prized purchase at the Boston Flower & Garden Show, although I can't imagine navigating through the crowds with an armload of willow branches! Page 17.

New England Travel
New England Travel. Page 24.

New England Travel
New England Travel. Page 22.

Edaville USA - A New England Tradition
Ellis D. Atwood began offering train rides to tourists at his cranberry farm in 1947. Sadly, there is talk that the park, named EDAville after its founder, may be sold to developers and cease operations after the 2010 season. Page 5.

Edaville USA Aerial View - Christmas Festival of Lights
Edaville USA Christmas Festival of Lights aerial view. When it stops at the top, the Ferris wheel offers an aerial view of the park, the lights and the lake. Page 4.

New England Travel
New England Travel. Page 21.

Santa Claus at Edaville USA Christmas Festival of Lights
Finally--the big moment! Edaville USA's Santa Claus charms my daughter, who is usually a bit shy around the bearded guy. Page 11.

Train Ride Photo - Edaville USA Christmas Festival of Lights
Train rides through an impressive holiday light display are a highlight of the annual Christmas Festival of Lights at Edaville USA. Page 2.

New England Travel
New England Travel. Page 19.

Cool Santa - Edaville USA Holiday Displays
The displays at Edaville USA are quirky, fun and... photogenic! Bring your camera, particularly if you still need to capture the perfect photo of your children for a Christmas card. Page 10.

New England Travel
New England Travel. Page 18.

Animated Displays at Edaville USA Christmas Festival of Lights
Edaville USA Christmas Festival of Lights animated displays photo. After a nippy ride on the Ferris wheel, venture inside to warm your nose and toes and to look at the animated displays. Page 6.

New England Travel
New England Travel. Page 20.

New England Travel
New England Travel. Page 15.

New England Travel
New England Travel. Page 16.

Hungry Reindeer - Pictures from Edaville USA Christmas Festival of Lights
Pictures from Edaville USA Christmas Festival of Lights. The line to visit with Santa Claus was quite long, but the animated displays kept my family entertained, especially this scene of an elf feeding two ravenous reindeer. Page 9.

Edaville USA Christmas Festival of Lights - North Pole Express Antique Locomotive
This antique locomotive at Edaville USA makes for a great photo op. Page 12.

Edaville USA Christmas Festival of Lights - Old-Time Cartoon Theater
Taking a seat aboard this old rail car to watch animated holiday movies was another fun alternative to freezing outside at the Edaville USA Christmas Festival of Lights. Page 8.

Holiday Train Rides in MA
New England Travel. Page 13.

Christmas Tree Maze at Edaville USA Christmas Festival of Lights
My daughter was six when we visited the Edaville USA Christmas Festival of Lights: a perfect age for getting lost in the Christmas tree maze. Page 7.

Edaville USA Christmas Festival of Lights Photo - View from the Ferris Wheel
Ride the Ferris wheel for the best views of the Christmas Festival of Lights at Edaville USA. Hint: Dusk is the perfect time to ride... just as the lights are starting to glow and before the night gets too cold. Page 3.

New England Travel
New England Travel. Page 17.

New England Travel
New England Travel. Page 23.

New England Travel
New England Travel. Page 14.

Coach Pulled by a Swan - Christmas Lights at the Cape Codder Resort Hyannis Cape Cod
I had to rub the snow from my eyes to be sure I wasn't imagining this sight: a swan pulling a magical, illuminated coach on a cold Cape Cod night. Page 4.

Horse and Carriage Holiday Lights at the Enchanted Village at the Cape Codder
One of the nicest things about the Enchanted Village at the Cape Codder is that you can get right up close to the holiday light displays, such as this horse and carriage. Page 3.

Animatronic Reindeer Light Sculptures at the Enchanted Village on Cape Cod - Christmas Lights
These animatronic reindeer light sculptures seemed to beckon us to explore the Enchanted Village's illuminated scenes. Page 2.

Boston Flower & Garden Show Makes a Wonderful Day Trip - Grab a Girlfriend and Go
The Boston Flower & Garden Show makes a wonderful day trip. Browse the garden displays, savor the sweet scents of spring, shop, enjoy lunch at the Garden Cafe, attend a talk or cooking demonstration and spend a memorable and inspiring day with a friend. Page 22.

3-D Christmas Trees - Cape Codder Resort Enchanted Village Holiday Light Display on Cape Cod
These shining trees appeared three-dimensional and added holiday color to the Enchanted Village display. Page 5.

Giant Inflatable Snowman Photo - Enchanted Village Christmas Display at Cape Codder Resort
With wind whipping the snow around and dinner at the resort's Grand Cru Wine Bar & Grill awaiting, I was anxious to head inside, but getting my daughter to leave the Enchanted Village wasn't easy! She raced back for one last photo op with Frosty. Page 12.

An Enchanted View - Picture of the Enchanted Village at the Cape Codder Resort in Hyannis
During the holiday season, the rooms that face the courtyard at the Cape Codder Resort in Hyannis have an enchanted view. Page 7.

Santa Claus at the Enchanted Village on Cape Cod
It's no time to clam up when you're sitting in Santa's lap! But my daughter, who'd already written a letter to Santa Claus, couldn't think of anything ELSE to request of the jolly old elf, who visits the Enchanted Village on Cape Cod on weekends through Christmas. Page 9.

Carolers in Victorian Dress Entertain at Cape Cod Enchanted Village
Carolers in Victorian dress perform at the Cape Cod Enchanted Village on weekend evenings... even in the snow! Page 10.

Christmas Reindeer - Pictures of the Enchanted Village at Cape Cod's Cape Codder Resort
In the center of the Cape Codder's Enchanted Village, these animated reindeer nod a greeting. They seem blissfully unaware that their biggest night of the year is just weeks away. Page 8.

Victorian Carolers - Barnstable High School Singers at the Enchanted Village at the Cape Codder Resort
The Enchanted Village's Victorian carolers are talented students from Barnstable High School. The Cape Codder Resort makes an annual donation to the school in recognition of the students' participation, which really adds the perfect holiday touch. Page 11.

Most Impressive Christmas Tree - Photos of the Cape Cod Enchanted Village at Christmas
The most impressive tree at the Enchanted Village, however, was this beauty, strung with white lights, decorated with oversized ornaments and topped with a towering star. Page 6.

Photo - Crowd Gathers for the Zukapult Competition at the Zucchini Festival in Vermont
Spectators prepare for the start of the Zucchini Festival's zukapult competition. The winner will be determined based on the total of three zucchini tosses. As you might imagine, the color commentary provided by the crowd is immensely entertaining. Page 5.

How to Build a Zukapult - Zucchini Festival in Vermont
The owners of the Veggie Chucker, like all of the zukapult competitors, are happy to speak with Zucchini Festival visitors about how they built their zucchini-hurling contraptions. Page 3.

Vermont State Zucchini Festival Zukapult Contest Photo - Youngest Competitors
The two youngest competitors prepare their zukapult for launch. Their ingenious catapult cup that will hold the zucchini is... a Cool Whip container. Page 6.

Veggie Chucker - Vermont State Zucchini Festival Photo
The moment we spot the Veggie Chucker, we know that the zukapult contest at the Vermont State Zucchini Festival is serious business. Page 2.

Zucchini Festival Picture - Zukapult Team from Massachusetts Repairs Their Roman-Style Catapult
The team from Massachusetts ran into a few technical difficulties with their Roman-style zukapult, but they still managed to finish in second place at the Zucchini Festival. One of their three tosses launched a zucchini more than 200 feet! Page 9.

Zukapult Contest at Vermont Zucchini Festival - Home Team
Some zukapult teams traveled from as far as Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, but this team hailed from downtown Ludlow. Unfortunately, the home team only started building its zukapult the day of the competition. Could they compete? Page 4.

Zucchini Festival Ludlow Vermont - But Wait There's More
The zukapult contest is the big highlight of the annual Zucchini Festival, of course, but there's more to this quirky event in Ludlow, Vermont, including a few carnival rides for little kids. Page 13.

Zucchini Launched from Zukapult Flies Through the Air - Vermont Zucchini Festival Picture
Although simple in design, the first zukapult worked like a charm, propelling a zucchini into the air. Not bad for a couple of kids. Page 7.

Vermont State Zucchini Festival in Ludlow Vermont - Squashing the Competition
By this point, spectators were on the edge of their lawn chairs waiting to see what the Veggie Chucker could do. This monstrous zukapult was built by a father-son team from Groton, Connecticut, and Westerly, Rhode Island. The release looks good.... Page 10.

Zucchini Festival Vermont - Picture of Zucchini Art with Forks
By noon on Sunday, after munching on zucchini cookies, we were ready to head for home (after giving up on creating zucchini art as elaborate as this!).The Zucchini Festival is a small event, but it's definitely an experience we'll never forget. Page 16.

Duke of Zuke - Logo for the Vermont State Zucchini Festival
My three-year-old enjoyed coloring a picture of the Duke of Zuke. My husband gets an even bigger kick out of wearing the Duke of Zuke T-shirt we bought. The zucchini cartoon character that serves as the festival's logo was created by a Vermont designer. Page 14.

Judging the Zukapult Contest at the Vermont State Zucchini Festival - Photograph
Judges said the Veggie Chucker's longest zucchini toss was 244 feet! With a total score of 714 feet for three tosses, the contraption's owners won first prize. My husband, the engineer, spent the evening building a better zukapult in his mind, of course. Page 12.

Flying Zucchini - Zucchini Festival in Vermont
Now YOU can say you've seen a zucchini flying through the air. That is, if you squint and look carefully in the upper left-hand corner of this photo. Take it from me: It's not easy to photograph flying zucchinis. Want to guess how far this one flew? Page 11.

Home Team Struggles at Zucchini Festival Zukapult Competition - Photo
The home team had worse luck. The first zucchini they launched flew backward. The second was catapulted straight down into the ground. But when their third and final zuke soared 20 feet, the crowd went wild. Page 8.

Versatile Zucchini - Making Zucchini Art at the Zucchini Festival in Vermont
According to the organizers,

Snowshoeing Close-Up Photo - Snowshoes and Snowshoe Poles
Our guide, Chris Kennedy, suggested that snowshoe poles might help us with balance, but I passed, since I was already toting my camera and camera bag. STONE Magazine's Aaron Frost used poles more for an added workout than for balance, he said. Page 6.

Crittercam for Land Animals - National Geographic Crittercam
First used to study marine animals, Crittercam has now been adapted for land animals, too. Visitors learn about the experimentation required to develop safe, durable, chew-proof cams for lions, grizzly bears and other terrestrial creatures. Page 7.

Crittercam Technology
Crittercam was invented by National Geographic marine biologist Greg Marshall. A technology-focused display explains how the cams work and how they're deployed. An interactive touchscreen game allows visitors to design their own Crittercams. Page 6.

Snowshoes Crunch in the Vermont Woods - Photo
Since it was my first time on snowshoes, I had no idea what a racket they make! All of that crunching made it tough at times to hear our guide's commentary, but it reassured me that there was no chance of losing my snowshoeing companions in the woods. Page 8.

Vermont Snowshoeing Tour at Mount Snow in West Dover Vermont
It was only about 20 degrees out, but by the end of my snowshoeing tour at Vermont's Mount Snow, I wasn't the slightest bit cold. Snowshoeing is one heck of a workout. I peeled off layers and drank about a gallon of water back at the Main Base Lodge. Page 10.

Mount Snow Snowshoeing Trails and Snowshoe Rentals
Experienced snowshoer? You need not take a guided tour. Mount Snow's snowshoeing trails are marked, and you can obtain a map when you buy a trail pass at Mount Snow Sports at the Grand Summit Hotel. Snowshoe rentals are available, or bring your own. Page 7.

Carinthia Snowboard Park at Mount Snow Photo
Carinthia snowboard park at Mount Snow photo. We hiked farther on snowshoes than I'd anticipated during our hour-long tour. The loop we followed took us to Carinthia--Mount Snow's snowboard park--where they were preparing the terrain for the weekend's upcoming Dew Tour stop. Page 9.

Picture of Giant Panda Made of Hay Bales at the Pasta Pot in Killington Vermont
Picture of giant panda made of hay bales, one of more than a dozen hay art sculptures in Killington, Vermont, during the fall of 2008. See this hay panda at the Pasta Pot. Page 4.

Killington Vermont Hay Bale Animals - Owl
Photo of hay bale owl, one of more than a dozen hay bale animals in Killington, Vermont. This hay bale sculpture is a real hoot! Page 12.

Hay Bale Art Photo - Penguin Hay Art Sculpture in Killington Vermont
Photo of hay bale penguin, one of more than a dozen hay bale art sculptures in Killington, Vermont. Page 14.

Killington Vermont Hay Animals - Photo of Hay Bale Pig
The hay bale pig--one of more than a dozen hay animals created in Killington, Vermont, during the fall of 2008--is certainly one of the most striking. Page 11.

Hay Bale Teddy Bear Picture - Killington Vermont Hay Bale Sculptures Fall 2008
This hay bale teddy bear was the first of the hay bale sculptures we spotted during our fall 2008 visit to Killington, Vermont. Page 6.

Fall Foliage and Hay Art in Killington Vermont - The Sphinx
This cat-like hay animal in Killington was a bit of a mystery. We decided the hay sculpture reminded us of the Sphinx, but that's a bit of a stretch. Page 17.

Bart Simpson Hay Bale Art - Photo from Killington Vermont Hay Art Exhibit
Photo of Bart Simpson, one of more than a dozen hay bale art sculptures in Killington, Vermont. Page 5.

Killington Hay Bale Art - Beaver
Photo of hay bale beaver, one of more than a dozen hay art sculptures in Killington, Vermont. Page 9.

Hay Art Display in Killington Vermont - Picture of Big Bee Made of Hay Bales
This photo of my five-year-old daughter with the hay bale bee will give you a perspective of just how enormous the hay sculptures in Killington are. Page 2.

Hay Bale Bird - Killington VT Hay Bale Art Display
This hay bale bird is one of the unique hay sculptures created in Killington, VT, during the fall of 2008. Page 10.

Hay Bale Sculptures in Killington Vermont - Carrot
This carrot is the one vegetable among the animals in Killington, Vermont's unique display of hay bale sculptures. Page 15.

Killington Hay Bale Art - Cat
Photo of hay bale cat, one of more than a dozen hay bale art creations in Killington, Vermont. Page 8.

Killington Vermont Hay Bale Art - Hay Bale Caterpillar Picture
Picture of hay bale caterpillar, one of more than a dozen hay bale sculptures in Killington, Vermont. Page 13.

Hay Bale Drummer Bear Picture - Hay Art at the Water Wheel Trading Company in Killington Vermont
This hay bale bear is located at the Water Wheel Trading Company on Route 4 in Killington, Vermont, where the hay creature phenomenon got its start in 2007. Page 3.

Hay Train Photo - Killington Vermont Hay Bale Sculptures Little Engine That Could
The Little Engine That Could--sculpted in hay--is appropriately located at Casey's Caboose Steak House in Killington, Vermont, during this ski town's fall 2008 display of hay bale art. Page 7.

Hay Bale Dog Picture - Killington VT Hay Art Saint Bernard
Photo of hay bale dog. This Saint Bernard is one of more than a dozen hay bale art sculptures in Killington, VT. Page 16.

Castle in the Clouds - Trolley Takes Visitors to Thomas Plant's Mountaintop Castle
Visitors to Castle in the Clouds park near the Castle Gift Shop and walk to the property's former Carriage House, now home to the Castle Cafe, where they board trolleys bound for Thomas Plant's mountaintop castle abode. Page 4.

Photo of Aeolian Pipe Organ at Castle in the Clouds NH
The Aeolian pipe organ in the main hall at Castle in the Clouds could be played manually or automatically via player scrolls. Boaters on Lake Winnipesaukee below could hear its thunderous strains whenever it was played. Page 13.

Waterfall at Castle in the Clouds in NH - Falls of Song
Falls of Song, a 50-foot natural waterfall, makes for a splendid sight at the end of a short hike. It's just the first of many scenic marvels you'll behold on a visit to Castle in the Clouds. Page 2.

Castle in the Clouds - Architectural Gem Designed by J. Williams Beal & Sons
Designed by Boston architects J. Williams Beal & Sons, Castle in the Clouds and its carriage house were built with granite quarried from the property and hand cut by Italian masons at a rate of roughly three stones each per day. Page 7.

Castle in the Clouds Dining Room Picture
The octagonal dining room at Castle in the Clouds features an intricate painted ceiling. The castle's mostly original furnishings include many pieces custom-made for the Plants by Irving & Casson-A.H. Davenport, Boston's leading furniture makers. Page 14.

Castle in the Clouds Picture
Castle in the Clouds picture. It took 1,000 talented craftsmen more than a year to build this stone home, now known as Castle in the Clouds, for original owner Thomas Plant. Page 5.

Brine Refrigerator at Castle in the Clouds Moultonborough NH
Built at a cost of $7 million in 1913-14, Lucknow (later renamed Castle in the Clouds) featured unheard of conveniences including a central vacuum system, a self-cleaning oven and this brine refrigerator. Page 15.

Thomas Plant Millionaire Owner of Castle in the Clouds
A Maine native, Thomas Plant left home at 14 to seek his fortune. He owned his first shoe company by the age of 27. At the time he began construction of Castle in the Clouds, his fortune was estimated at $21 million: the equivalent of $1 billion today. Page 6.

Castle in the Clouds Photo - Vintage Clothing in Guest Room
Castle in the Clouds' heyday was short-lived. Thomas Plant bought Russian bonds... just before the 1917 Russian Revolution. He invested in Cuban sugar futures... then a hurricane destroyed the crop. He lost more in the 1929 stock market crash. Page 19.

Photo of Brine Refrigerator at Castle in the Clouds in New Hampshire
The brine refrigerator in the butler's pantry was chilled by an innovative saltwater system in the basement. It's stocked to appear as though the Plants might at any time return to the castle home they cherished. Page 16.

Lucknow - Photo of Lucknow Better Known as Castle in the Clouds
Photo of Lucknow, better known as Castle in the Clouds. Thomas and Olive Plant named their mountaintop hideaway Lucknow. Page 9.

Castle in the Clouds Photo Tour - Thomas Plant's Office and Suit of Armor
Castle in the Clouds photo tour. The suit of armor in Mr. Plant's office at Castle in the Clouds isn't just apropos castle decor. The shoe tycoon is believed to have worn the suit to a costume party. Page 11.

Secret Room at Castle in the Clouds
Secret Room at Castle in the Clouds. Mr. Plant could easily duck through the short door to this secret room off the library, confident his Mrs. would not be able to invade his private space. Page 12.

Castle in the Clouds - Industrialist Thomas Plant's Retirement Home
Castle in the Clouds photo tour. When Thomas Plant retired to New Hampshire at age 51, his Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, factory was the world's largest producer of women's shoes with 5,200 workers producing 3 million pairs annually. And, it was only one of five shoe factories he owned. Page 8.

Castle in the Clouds - Tours and Scavenger Hunt for Children
Self-guided tours of Castle in the Clouds are available mid-May through late October. A wonderful scavenger hunt for children encourages young visitors to look for specific items and details as they explore this extraordinary New Hampshire residence. Page 10.

Castle in the Clouds - Master Bedroom Photo View of Lake Winnipesaukee
Castle in the Clouds' master bedroom has spectacular views of Lake Winnipesaukee. Sadly, when the bedroom's balcony was destroyed in a hurricane, the Plants couldn't afford to repair it. Their fortunes had been irrecoverably reversed. Page 20.

Castle in the Clouds - Guest Room Photo
This photo is of the castle's first-floor guest room. 'Guests who enter to this dwelling, Stand in wonder and amaze,

Lucknow Mansion Photo
By 1940, Lucknow was in foreclosure. During the summer of 1941, three days after being notified his estate would be auctioned, Thomas Plant died at age 82. He was so destitute, friends chipped in for his burial expenses. Page 21.

Castle in the Clouds Castle Cafe Restaurant Outdoor Patio Dining
Once you've toured Castle in the Clouds, linger over lunch, dinner or snacks and drinks at the Castle Cafe restaurant in the Carriage House. A bistro-style menu is available for indoor or outdoor dining. Coveted seats on the patio overlook Lake Winnipesaukee. Page 22.

Gingerbread Barn and New England Winter Scene - Boston Christmas Festival Gingerbread Contest
Sweet Things pastry chef Theresa Verazzaro's gingerbread barn and New England winter scene was the judges' choice for Best Decoration at the 2009 Gingerbread House Contest at the Boston Christmas Festival. Page 5.

Classic Gingerbread House Photo - Boston Gingerbread House Competition
Gingerbread Construction Company, which won Best Taste honors in 2008, entered this classic gingerbread house. The company has stores in Wakefield and Winchester, Massachusetts, and sells small gingerbread houses via mail order. Page 15.

Gingerbread Bakers at Work Inside Gingerbread Bakery - Boston Gingerbread Contest Photo
Finale's gingerbread bakery was filled with gingerbread bakers at work! Page 8.

Gingerbread Salute to Our Troops by Ginger Betty's Bakery - Boston Gingerbread Competition
This gingerbread salute to our troops by Ginger Betty's Bakery in Quincy, Massachusetts, shared Best of Show honors at the 2009 Gingerbread Competition in Boston. Page 2.

One-Horse Open Gingerbread Sleigh Picture - Boston Gingerbread House Competition
This close-up shows the detail that won Best Decoration honors for Sweet Things. A gingerbread horse pulls the gingerbread occupants of a gingerbread open sleigh across a stone bridge over the frozen candy water. Page 6.

Boston Gingerbread House Competition 2009 - Gingerbread Candy Land
Kingston, Massachusetts-based Sugar Plum Bakery took the Kids' Choice Award for this gingerbread rendition of the popular children's board game, Candy Land. Page 3.

Boston Christmas Festival Gingerbread House Competition - Gingerbread Odyssey Boat
Maybe it was all of the marshmallows on board the gingerbread Odyssey that made it so appealing to me! Page 14.

Gingerbread Candy Land Whimsical Details - Sugar Plum Bakery Kingston Massachusetts
Sugar Plum Bakery's gingerbread Candy Land board's whimsical details enchanted the young judges at the 2009 Boston Christmas Festival Gingerbread Competition. Page 4.

Close-up Detail of Gingerbread Fenway Park by Legal Sea Foods Team of Pastry Chefs
Legal Sea Foods Executive Pastry Chef David Topian built the structure, and chefs Angela Ernst, Brian Harper and Zailda Smith handled the incredible detail work--including the people in the stands--that earned this gingerbread Fenway Park top honors. Page 2.

Lion Tin Man Scarecrow and Dorothy Gingerbread Cookies in the Gingerbread Land of Oz
Who would you expect to find on a gingerbread yellow brick road? The gingerbread lion, tin man, scarecrow and Dorothy, of course. Look closely, and you'll see the menacing, apple-throwing gingerbread trees behind them. Page 11.

Gingerbread Covered Bridge Photo - Most Creative Winner at Boston Christmas Festival Gingerbread House Competition
Pastry chef Theresa A. Vernazzaro's gingerbread covered bridge was the judges' choice for Most Creative at the 2008 Gingerbread House Competition at the Boston Christmas Festival. Page 6.

Gingerbread Train Photo - Boston Christmas Festival Gingerbread Competition
This gingerbread train by Ginger Betty's Bakery in Quincy, Massachusetts, was the winner for Best Decoration at the 2008 Gingerbread Competition in Boston. Page 3.

Boston Christmas Festival Gingerbread Competition Photo - A Christmas Story by the Charles Hotel
Fans of the movie, A Christmas Story, instantly recognize the cleverly incorporated symbols in the Charles Hotel's unique creation, such as Ralphie's broken gingerbread glasses. Page 14.

Gingerbread Land of Oz Emerald City by Tosca - Boston Christmas Festival Gingerbread House Contest
Tosca, an Italian restaurant in Hingham, Massachusetts, won Honorable Mention with this gingerbread Land of Oz at the annual Gingerbread Competition at the Boston Christmas Festival. The Emerald City sparkles with green sugar. Page 10.

Turkey Picture - Friendly Poultry
My husband and daughter soon realized, however, that Socrates the turkey was accustomed to visitors and very friendly. Page 5.

Photo of Socrates the Turkey
We met the turkey in this photo at the Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm in Newbury, Massachusetts. His name is Socrates. Page 3.

West Hartford Connecticut Westmoor Park
Westmoor Park photo. Horses, cows and llamas in the Field at Westmoor Park. Page 2.

Westmoor Park West Hartford CT - Watching the Chickens
At West Hartford's Westmoor Park, kids have a chance to observe chickens and other farm animals up close. Page 3.

WaterFire Gargoyle Photos - Have a Photo Taken with TEN31 Living Gargoyle Statue at WaterFire
WaterFire is remarkably photogenic. You'll also want to bring your camera so you can take your photo with a living Gargoyle statue for a $1 donation. Performance artists from TEN31 have brought these creatures to life at WaterFire for a decade now. Page 24.

WaterFire Providence Handicapped Access - Boat Tours for Visitors in Wheelchairs
WaterFire Providence handicapped access. The boat we boarded is one of several the non-profit WaterFire organization reserves for handicapped visitors confined to wheelchairs, as well as for VIP donors. Guests who require handicapped access must call 401-273-1155 for boat reservations. Page 16.

WaterFire in Providence RI Always Draws a Crowd - Picture
WaterFire never fails to draw crowds. There are plenty of vantage points from which to view the fires. Your best bet is to wear comfortable shoes and stroll along the banks and bridges, appreciating the display from many angles. Page 10.

Golden Shimmer of WaterFire - WaterFire Close-Up Photo
WaterFire is a photographer's dream! My June 2010 visit to WaterFire provided me with my best opportunity yet to capture scenes of this dazzling display. I shot these photos with my Nikon D50 and a 28-200 lens. No tripod! Page 11.

WaterFire Picture - Hypnotic Flames at WaterFire Providence
It's easy to become entranced while watching the fires burn at WaterFire. The boat brought us close enough to feel the heat from the flames and to fall under the spell of this one-of-a-kind creation's golden light and reverberating musical score. Page 20.

WaterFire Providence Picture - Interact with Art
If you doubt that a bunch of bonfires can be 'art,' then you've never been to WaterFire. 'You should interact and watch the crowd,' creator Barnaby Evans emphasized. WaterFire is art that is not just visually pleasing, it's a multi-sensory experience. Page 5.

WaterFire Volunteers - Keep the Fires Burning
Black-clad volunteers heap wood onto the WaterFire braziers throughout the evening, keeping the fires burning from sundown until midnight or so. The fragrant mixture of pine, oak and cedar creates an intoxicating smoky perfume. Page 7.

WaterFire Luminaria and Blue Stars - Photo
WaterFire relies upon the generosity of corporate and private donors. At each event, visitors have the opportunity to support WaterFire by purchasing luminaria or brilliant blue stars. Page 21.

WaterFire Providence 2010 - Photo of Volunteers at WaterFire
WaterFire in Providence is an enormous undertaking. Each lighting of WaterFire requires the help of more than 100 volunteers. Page 6.

WaterFire Providence Picture - Memorial Park Filled with Luminaria and Blue Stars
As the WaterFire evening progresses, Memorial Park becomes filled with luminaria and blue stars. Donors write messages honoring or remembering loved ones to place with their luminaria, so a stroll through the park is quite solemn and moving. Page 22.

Providence WaterFire - Never the Same Experience Twice
I knew creator Barnaby Evans was responsible for the musical score that accompanies WaterFire. What I didn't realize until I chatted with him is that the soundtrack changes each time WaterFire is held, which makes each WaterFire a truly singular evening. Page 4.

WaterFire Providence - One of the Most Romantic Things To Do in New England
If you're a frugal romantic, you'll love Providence's WaterFire. Not only is WaterFire one of the most romantic things you can do in New England, the event is entirely free. Many a marriage proposal has taken place overlooking the spectacle. Page 9.

WaterFire Image - The Reflection of Firelight on the Rippling Rivers at WaterFire Providence
While the WaterFire flames certainly monopolize most visitors' gaze, the reflection of firelight on the rippling rivers is also part of the installation's artistry, adding color, shine and movement to the scene. Page 17.

La Gondola Providence Rhode Island - Venice in New England
La Gondola offers an authentic taste of Venice--without the expense or hassle of crossing the Atlantic! Each of the company's gondolas can accommodate up to six passengers, and you can bring your own favorite bottle of wine or champagne. Page 13.

WaterFire Bonfire Close-Up Photo - WaterFire Providence Photo Gallery
From the boat, I was able to zoom in for close-up photos of the WaterFire bonfires. While Barnaby Evans deserves immense credit for conceiving of WaterFire, images like this are a reminder that our world is filled with beauty that is not of man's design. Page 19.

Photo of Gondola at WaterFire in Providence Rhode Island
There is a fee--and reservations must be made early--but the most magical way to experience WaterFire is to book passage aboard a Venetian-style gondola. Call La Gondola at 401-421-8877 for reservations. Page 12.

Cool Pumpkin at Night - Glowing Carved Jack o Lantern Picture
I bought a special, color-changing pumpkin light that made this cool pumpkin even cooler at night. Page 11.

Cool Pumpkin Jack o Lantern by Day - Photo
I had a tiny bit of trouble carving this pumpkin (I was rushing on Halloween afternoon!), but I'll bet you can't tell--even in daylight--that his nose is held together with a staple. Click next to see him illuminated at night. Page 10.

Jack-o-lantern Carving Photo - Dapper Pumpkin at Night
All this dapper pumpkin needs now is a top hat and cane... and a girl pumpkin to take out on Halloween eve. Page 5.

Pumpkin Carving Picture - Dapper Pumpkin by Day
This dapper pumpkin looks ready for a night on the town. Page 4.

Dreadlocks Pumpkin at Night - Picture
The extra effort was worth it. My dreadlocks pumpkin looks really cool at night. Page 9.

Pumpkin with Dreadlocks Jack o Lantern Photo
Carving my first white pumpkin was a bit of a challenge, not only because I selected this tricky pumpkin with dreadlocks pattern but because the white pumpkin had thick flesh dense with seeds. Click next to see a photo of this jack-o-lantern at night. Page 8.

Happy Pumpkin Face - Photo of Happy Carved Pumpkin Face
This happy pumpkin face greeted trick-or-treaters who visited our house one Halloween. Page 3.

Jack-o-Lantern in the Dark Photo - Oh No Pumpkin
After dark, our 'Oh, No!

Jack-o-lantern Picture - Smiling Pumpkin at Night Glowing in the Dark
The Simple Smile pumpkin looks wicked adorable glowing in the dark at night, too. Page 7.

Smile Pumpkin by Day - Pumpkin Carving Photo
My brother, who carved this pumpkin with a simple smile, said this might be his 'favorite ever jack-o-lantern.'. Page 6.