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Hotel Vermont - A Gree Hotel in Burlington VT
Hotel Vermont in Burlington, VT, is the first independent hotel to open in Vermont in 40 years and a hip, eco-chic destination for travelers seeking a true Vermont hospitality experience. Hotel Vermont has true Vermont style in every detail, as you'll discover in this review and photo tour.

Hotel Vermont Review and Photo Tour
Hotel Vermont in Burlington, VT, is the first independent hotel to open in Vermont in 40 years and a hip, eco-chic destination for travelers seeking a true Vermont hospitality experience. Hotel Vermont has true Vermont style in every detail, as you'll discover in this review and photo tour.

New England Holiday Events
New England holiday events 2015 guide. Here are some delightful holiday events to add to your New England Christmas season travels.

Woodstock VT Things To Do - Top Attractions
You'll find plenty of things to do in Woodstock, VT, winter, spring, summer and fall. Discover the best attractions in this quintessentially Vermont town.

Connecticut Sun WNBA Women's Basketball at Mohegan Sun
Connecticut Sun, Connecticut's WNBA women's professional basketball team, plays home games at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. Here's your guide to the 2015 Connecticut Sun season.

Catskill Vacation Rental - Rent This Three-Bedroom Farmhouse in Catskill New York - Cauterskill Creek Farm - Lodging Review
Review: This Catskill vacation rental, a three-bedroom Greek Revival farmhouse, is perfect for country escapes and mini family reunions. Reserve your getaway at Cauterskill Creek Farm in Catskill, New York, for a weekend, a week or more. This rental property places you near the Catskill Game Farm, Woodstock, ski areas and other central NY attractions. Here's my review of this unique vacation rental, where your closest neighbors will be cows.

List of Connecticut Newspapers Daily and Weekly
A list of Connecticut newspapers including daily and weekly newspapers published for CT cities and towns.

Connecticut Newspapers - Weekly Newspaper List
A list of Connecticut weekly newspapers published for Connecticut cities and towns. Page 2.

Bar at the White Barn Inn Restaurant Kennebunkport Maine
Being a travel writer is exhausting work. After my wonderful lunch at the White Barn Inn, I had to race to sister property, the Breakwater Inn & Spa, for a massage, then hightail it back to the White Barn Inn for cocktails at the bar at 7:30 p.m. Page 11.

Picture of Pan Seared Day Boat Scallop Appetizer at White Barn Inn Kennebunkport ME
This Pan Seared Day Boat Scallop appetizer, ordered by one of my dining companions, was too lovely not to photograph. Most of the seafood served at the White Barn Inn is selected that morning, right from nearby docks. Page 17.

White Barn Inn Menu Changes Weekly - Photo of Steamed Maine Lobster on a Bed of Homemade Fettuccine
The White Barn Inn's inventive menu changes weekly. Even though I'd already consumed a Lobster Spring Roll, how could I pass up Steamed Maine Lobster Nestled on a Bed of Homemade Fettuccine with Carrot, Ginger, Snow Peas and a Cognac Coral Butter Sauce? Page 18.

White Barn Inn Restaurant Kennebunkport Maine - New England's Finest Dining Experience
The White Barn Inn Restaurant in Kennebunkport, Maine, is New England's finest dining experience. In this White Barn Inn photo gallery, you'll meet Executive Chef Jonathan Cartwright, peek inside his kitchen at a cooking class, sample some of Chef Cartwright's creative seafood and other dishes and learn how to make reservations to experience the exquisite food and service at the White Barn Inn for yourself.

Pumpkin Regatta Lake Champlain
Lake Champlain is a spectacular location for a Pumpkin Regatta. At least for spectators, who enjoy stunning views of the lake's shimmering waters and the autumn-spattered Adirondacks. For the rowers, though, I'll bet the water is pretty cold in October! Page 11.

Pumpkin Regatta - No Steering Wheel on These Enormous Orange Fruit Boats
The buoyancy of the giant pumpkins wasn't the only thing that surprised me. Racers did an impressive job of steering these enormous orange fruit boats (yes, pumpkins are technically fruit!) back to the docks for the second leg of the relay. Page 16.

Giant Pumpkin Regatta - Ben & Jerry's Cow Team
Can you guess which sponsor the Giant Pumpkin Regatta competitors dressed as cows represented? Venerable Vermont ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's, of course. Page 14.

Pumpkin Regatta is a Fun Vermont Fall Event
Remarkably, the Pumpkin Regatta competitors seem to keep their cool, even though the water is cold, giant pumpkin boats aren't terribly stable, and the hilarity of their undertaking must hit them at some point. Page 12.

Vermont Pumpkin Regatta Picture
Vermont Pumpkin Regatta picture. We saw some wobbly maneuvers, but not one pumpkin boat capsized during the first round of races at the 2010 Giant Pumpkin Regatta. Page 19.

Giant Pumpkin Regatta in Vermont - Horse Pumpkin Boat
Remember that pumpkin we watched being spray-painted brown? It became this trusty horse, which was one of the most creative of the pumpkin boats at the Pumpkin Regatta in Burlington. Page 20.

Burlington Vermont Pumpkin Regatta - For a Good Cause
The Giant Pumpkin Regatta in Burlington, Vermont, isn't just for kicks and giggles... it's for a good cause. The race and accompanying festival raise money for the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce's PILOT youth leadership program. Page 18.

Giant Pumpkin Regatta and Festival Columbus Day Weekend in Vermont
While the giant pumpkin races on the lake are the event's highlight, the Giant Pumpkin Regatta & Festival, held the Sunday of Columbus Day weekend, also features craft vendors, food booths, kids' activities, contests and more giant pumpkin fun. Page 21.

Giant Pumpkin Regatta Picture - Giant Pumpkins in a Dead Heat
Although one pumpkin racer took an early lead, this trio was in a dead heat in the first lap of the race. Pumpkin Regatta paddlers must navigate their giant pumpkins out to a marker, turn them around, paddle back, then trade spots with a relay partner. Page 13.

Pumpkin Regatta - Vermont Pumpkin Race is Unusual But Not One-of-a-Kind
I wish I could tell you Burlington, Vermont, is the only place to see a Pumpkin Regatta. But, there are people crazy enough to race giant pumpkins in Nova Scotia, Maine and Oregon, too. Page 17.

Pumpkin Regatta Picture
A utility worker, a pirate, a skier and a cowgirl... rowing giant gourds. You don't see that every day! As a spectator, it was hard not to smile at the novelty of the Pumpkin Regatta, and, as you can see, the rowers were all smiles, too. Page 15.

Pumpkin Regatta Pumpkin Boat Race in Vermont
The first pumpkin boat race gets underway! Although the Pumpkin Regatta is a playful event, the competition is serious. Each pumpkin boat is sponsored by a local business or organization. You have to have an in if you'd like the chance to row. Page 9.

Paddling a Giant Pumpkin - Pumpkin Regatta Photo
Paddling a giant pumpkin isn't exactly something you can practice. Still, it was instantly apparent some competitors had a better handle on the task than others. The rower who took an early lead seemed to have skills and pumpkin hydrodynamics on his side. Page 10.

Giant Pumpkins Float - Pumpkin Regatta Picture
Giant pumpkins DO float! Even with a pirate aboard. Each team of paddlers dresses in costume to match the theme of their pumpkin boat, and after they're introduced, they test the seaworthiness of their pumpkin vessels by navigating to the starting line. Page 8.

Carving Giant Pumpkins at Vermont Giant Pumpkin Regatta
Most of the pumpkins that racers row in Vermont's Giant Pumpkin Regatta weigh about 1,000 pounds. As you might imagine, carving a giant pumpkin is no easy feat. It takes a team, a serious knife and some strategic planning. Page 3.

Giant Pumpkin Regatta - Prepping Pumpkin Boats
Watching racers prep their pumpkin boats is half the fun of the Giant Pumpkin Regatta. You would not believe how much goop comes out of a giant pumpkin. Even dogs are curious about the labor-intensive goop scooping process. Page 4.

Pumpkin Regatta
Pumpkin Regatta photo gallery. The Giant Pumpkin Regatta held annually on Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont, is one of those New England fall events that you simply have to see. These photos and tips will help you make the most of your Vermont Pumpkin Regatta experience.

Giant Pumpkin Regatta Burlington Vermont - Big Pumpkins
Arrive early at the Giant Pumpkin Regatta in Burlington, Vermont, and you'll get an up-close look at some big honkin' pumpkins... before many of these oversized specimens are transformed into pumpkin boats. You'll realize why size really does matter soon.

Pumpkin Regatta - Giant Pumpkin Photo
We didn't understand why this woman was spray painting one of the hollowed-out giant pumpkins. Soon, we'd see that each boat entered in the Pumpkin Regatta had a theme. This photo shows just how thick the walls of a giant pumpkin can grow. Page 6.

Scent of a Pumpkin - Carved Giant Pumpkin
Studies have shown that men find the aroma of pumpkin pie, well... sexy. Google it! You haven't been overpowered by pumpkin, though, until you've caught a whiff of a just-carved 1,000-pounder. Page 5.

Giant Pumpkin Boats - VT Giant Pumpkin Regatta
It took a Bobcat with a crane to transport the giant pumpkin boats down to the shores of Lake Champlain, where they were carefully lowered into the water. After seeing these monster pumpkins up close, it was tough to believe they'd float. Page 7.

Pumpkin Regatta
Pumpkin Regatta photo gallery. The Giant Pumpkin Regatta held annually on Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont, is one of those New England fall events that you simply have to see. These photos and tips will help you make the most of your Vermont Pumpkin Regatta experience.

How Much Does a Giant Pumpkin Weigh
I know you are wondering: How much does a giant pumpkin weigh? This champion pumpkin, which was on display but not destined for racing, weighed 1,254 pounds. Grown by Dan and Holly Boyce of Benson, Vermont, it set a Big E record in 2010. Page 2.

Rentschler Field Virtual Tour - UConn Football
Rentschler field opened in 2003 as the new stadium home of the UConn Huskies' Division IA football team. A public open house was held at the stadium on June 14, 2003, and here is a virtual photo tour of the stadium, including the skybox seats. You'll also find the 2007 football schedule along with general information about Rentschler Field.

Tregellys Fiber Farm - Hidden Mohawk Trail Attraction
Tregellys Fiber Farm in Hawley, Massachusetts, is an off-the-beaten-path attraction that is worth a detour off the Mohawk Trail. This 'hidden' working farm features exotic animal residents--camels, yaks, goats, llamas and more, weaving studios, a dye studio and a retail shop featuring yarns, raw fiber for handspinners, sweater knitting kits and finished handwovens.

Fine Fibered Friends - Visit Tregellys Fiber Farm
Tregellys Fiber Farm, with its exotic animal residents, weaving studios, dye studio and retail shop featuring yarns, raw fiber for handspinners, sweater knitting kits and finished handwovens, is well worth a turn off the Mohawk Trail or even a special trip. Here are directions and information for planning a visit to Tregellys Fiber Farm in Hawley, MA. Page 2.

New England Travel
New England Travel.

Visit the Last Green Valley
The Last Green Valley is a storybook southern New England region. Plan a visit with this guide to outdoor fun, attractions, dining and more things to do.

New England Travel Bargains Deals and Discounts - Savings Packages Specials
Visiting New England? Here's your guide to deals, discounts, coupons, special offers, packages, and savings in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour in New England - Hartford Worcester Boston Albany
See Michael Jackson in New England as Cirque du Soleil and the artist's estate bring Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour to stages in Hartford, Worcester, Boston and nearby Albany.

Vermont Outlet Shopping - Insider's Guide to Best VT Bargains
Vermont has outlet shopping centers in Manchester Center, Brattleboro and near Burlington, but follow the back roads and find even better bargains at some of the hidden outlet, factory stores and bargain emporiums in VT.

Tips for Snow Tubing at Ski Butternut in Massachusetts
Snow tubing tips. Want to go snow tubing in Massachusetts at Ski Butternut in the Berkshires? Read these snow tubing tips before you visit Ski Butternut this winter.

When Is Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving Date 2016 to 2022
When is Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving date 2016 and beyond. Plan ahead with our guide to the Thanksgiving date for 2016 - 2022, plus past Thanksgiving dates 2005 - 2015.

New England Travel Experiences for Preschoolers
New England travel with preschoolers. Preschoolers approach the world with such wonder and energy that they allow us to see even places we know well with a fresh set of eyes. If you're planning a New England vacation with preschool-aged children or grandchildren, these accounts of some of my baby's most memorable early travel experiences will help you discover wonderful destinations and attractions that enchant preschoolers.

Children's Program at Red Jacket Mountain View Resort North Conway New Hampshire - Baby's First Children's Program
Children's program at the Red Jacket Mountain View Resort in New Hampshire. New parents learn quickly that traveling with a little one can be anything but a vacation. To the rescue come supervised children's programs at New England family resorts. My daughter had a terrific experience at her first children's program at the Red Jacket Mountain View Resort in North Conway, New Hampshire.

Captain Lindsey House Rockland Maine - Baby's First B&B
I had doubts as to whether the Captain Lindsey House, an antique-filled B&B in Rockland, Maine, was a suitable place for my preschooler. As it turned out, she was well-behaved and perfectly welcome. My husband, on the other hand, may have to skip the next B&B trip.

Ski Lessons for Kids at Okemo Mountain in Vermont - Baby's First Ski Lesson
My daughter got off to a solid and enthusiastic start as a skier during her first ski lesson at Okemo Mountain Resort in Ludlow, Vermont.

Kids Spa Treatments at the John Carver Inn Plymouth Massachusetts - Baby's First Spa Treatment
Kids' spa treatments are on the menu at the lovely Beach Plum Spa at the John Carver Inn in Plymouth, Massachusetts. New England travel expert Kim Knox Beckius shares the story of her preschooler's first spa treatment: a Strawberry Ice Cream manicure designed especially for kids. The Beach Plum Spa offers mother-daughter treatments for children as young as 2 and teens, too.

Virtual Tours of New England - Visit New England without Leaving Home
Visit New England from the comfort of your own home or office with these virtual tours that will whisk you away to fabulous New England places in photos, video, and words.

Plimoth Plantation - Pilgrim Attraction in Plymouth Massachusetts
Plimoth Plantation photo tour and tips for visitors. Come along on a photo tour of Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, Massachusetts, home of the 1627 Pilgrim Village.

Dog Sled Tours in New England and New York
New England dog sled tours. Have you ever wanted to try dog sledding? Find dog sled tours in New England and neighboring New York State.

First Night Events
New England is the home of First Night, which began in Boston. Here is your guide to First Night and other New Year's Eve events throughout New England.

New England Maple Guide - Maple Sugaring Syrup Sugarhouses in Maine New Hampshire Massachusetts Connecticut Vermont
New England maple guide. Learn how maple syrup is made, visit a sugarhouse, order maple syrup from New England, or cook up some maple syrup recipes. Here's your guide to maple sugaring season in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont.

Valentine's Day in New England
Valentine's Day getaways, events and romantic ideas in New England. Treat your Valentine to one of these New England Valentine's Day gift and getaway ideas.

New England Christmas Tree Farms - Cut Your Own Xmas Trees
Visit a New England Christmas tree farm for the old-fashioned experience of cutting down your own Christmas tree. Here's your guide to Christmas Tree Farms in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and New York.

Christmas in Vermont 2015 Events Guide
Enjoy Christmas in Vermont traditions this holiday season. Here's a Vermonter's guide to the best Christmas events and activities throughout VT.

Connecticut Skiing - Ski CT Guide
Connecticut Skiing Guide featuring best places to ski in CT. Connecticut can be a suitable destination for a one-day or weekend skiing trip and a particularly good place to learn to ski.

New England Minor League Baseball and Collegiate Teams
Here's a guide to New England's major and minor league baseball teams that will help you to plan a special outing for your father or any special man or baseball fan in your life. Page 2.

Baseball in New England
Baseball in New England guide featuring major and minor league teams: Red Sox and beyond! Check schedules, buy tickets and see a baseball game in New England.

New England Museum Gift Shops Online
New England museum shops online. Find unique gifts and support New England museums when you shop their museum stores online. Holiday shopping ideas that support New England's arts, cultural and historic institutions.

Connecticut Fall Foliage - Autumn in CT
Plan a Connecticut fall foliage journey with these driving tours, lodging resources and tips for seeing the best of CT in autumn.

Fall Picture Gallery - New England Fall Foliage
Fall is New England's most picturesque time of year. When the foliage is ablaze, it's the perfect time for picture taking. Here is a collection of all of the wonderful fall pictures on this site. Enjoy them--whether you're planning a trip to New England or just dreaming of the rich colors of fall.

Massachusetts Fall Foliage - Autumn in MA
Massachusetts fall foliage. Massachusetts is a great destination for fall foliage seekers. Here are driving tours, lodging ideas and suggestions for seeing New England's autumn landscape in Massachusetts.

Maine Fall Foliage - Guide to Autumn in Maine
Maine fall foliage guide. Plan your Maine fall foliage trip with these resources including scenic driving tours, fall lodgings, peak foliage dates and more. If Maine is your autumn in New England destination, start here so that you'll see the best Maine fall foliage.

New Hampshire Fall Foliage - Guide to Autumn in NH
New Hampshire fall foliage guide. Plan your New Hampshire autumn trip with these resources, including driving tours, fall lodgings, foliage tips and more. New Hampshire is one of New England's best fall foliage destinations.

New York Fall Foliage - Autumn in New York Fall Foliage
New York fall foliage. Plan your New York fall foliage sightseeing trip with these links to the Web's best autumn in NY resources. Neighboring New York State rivals New England for brilliant fall foliage colors.

Rhode Island Fall Foliage - A Guide to the Rhode Island Fall Foliage Season
Rhode Island Fall Foliage: New England's smallest state, Rhode Island, offers plenty to do and see during fall foliage season. Plan your fall foliage journey to Rhode Island with these driving tours, lodging resources and tips for seeing the best of Rhode Island in autumn.

Ocean Edge Resort on Cape Cod - Review
A look at the luxury beach resort Ocean Edge Resort, located in Brewster on Cape Cod, which is the ultimate family escape on the Cape.

Luxury Cape Cod Beach Resort - A Review of Cape Cod's Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster
Looking for a luxury Cape Cod beach resort? With a private beach, four outdoor pools, two indoor pools, luxury rental villas, golf, tennis, hot tubs, spa services, and a summer children's program, Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster on Cape Cod is the ultimate family escape on The Cape. Page 2.

Photographing Fall Colors - Foliage Photography Tips from a Pro
A Q&A on photographing fall colors in New England with tips and ideas from professional Maine photographer Dale Stevens. Foliage photography pointers on lenses, tripods, time of day, lighting, and other essentials to capturing awesome fall foliage photos.

Fall Foliage Photography - Tips from Maine Photographer Dale Stevens - Capture Fall on Film - Part 2
A Q&A on how to photograph New England fall foliage with professional Maine photographer Dale Stevens. Pointers on film, lenses, tripods, time of day, lighting, and other essentials to capturing great fall foliage photos. Page 2.

Llama Treks in Massachusetts at Pinetum Farm Llamas
Pinetum Farm Llamas in Granby, Massachusetts, offers llama treks year-round. A hike with llamas is a perfect family outing--even kids get their own llamas.

Pinetum Farm Llamas Plan Your Llama Trek
Interested in hiking with llamas? Plan your visit to Pinetum Farm Llamas in Massachusetts, and enjoy a trek in the woods with these gentle creatures. Page 2.

Deal or No Deal TV Game Show Tickets
Deal or No Deal TV game show tickets. How to get free tickets to be in the live studio audience for a taping of Deal or No Deal with host Howie Mandel in Waterford, Connecticut.

Hotels and Inns Near Mohegan Sun Casino
Mohegan Sun has just one on-site hotel. Here are some lodging options if you want to stay near the Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut.

Pumpkin Hayride at Ioka Valley Farm in the Berkshires
Berkshires fall day trip. Want to share autumn adventures with your family? Learn how to make the most of a fall day in the scenic Berkshires region of western Massachusetts with this fall photo tour and travel guide.

Lunch in Stockbridge Massachusetts
Berkshires fall day trip. Want to share autumn adventures with your family? Learn how to make the most of a fall day in the scenic Berkshires region of western Massachusetts with this fall photo tour and travel guide.

Apple Picking in the Berkshires
Berkshires fall day trip. Want to share autumn adventures with your family? Learn how to make the most of a fall day in the scenic Berkshires region of western Massachusetts with this fall photo tour and travel guide.

Pumpkin Patch at Ioka Valley Farm Hancock Massachusetts
Berkshires fall day trip. Want to share autumn adventures with your family? Learn how to make the most of a fall day in the scenic Berkshires region of western Massachusetts with this fall photo tour and travel guide.

Berkshire Scenic Railway - Reliving the Age of Rail Travel
The Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that offers scenic train rides from late May through late October aboard vintage trains. These outings are particularly popular in the fall.

Pick Your Own Indian Corn
Berkshires fall day trip. Want to share autumn adventures with your family? Learn how to make the most of a fall day in the scenic Berkshires region of western Massachusetts with this fall photo tour and travel guide.

Autumn Moonrise in the Berkshires
Berkshires fall day trip. Want to share autumn adventures with your family? Learn how to make the most of a fall day in the scenic Berkshires region of western Massachusetts with this fall photo tour and travel guide.

Mohawk Trail Hairpin Turn
Berkshires fall day trip. Want to share autumn adventures with your family? Learn how to make the most of a fall day in the scenic Berkshires region of western Massachusetts with this fall photo tour and travel guide.

Dusk in the Berkshires Along the Mohawk Trail
Berkshires fall day trip. Want to share autumn adventures with your family? Learn how to make the most of a fall day in the scenic Berkshires region of western Massachusetts with this fall photo tour and travel guide.

Berkshires Fall Day Trip
Berkshires fall day trip. Want to share autumn adventures with your family? Learn how to make the most of a fall day in the scenic Berkshires region of western Massachusetts with this fall photo tour and travel guide.

Berkshires Fall Day Trip
Berkshires fall day trip. Want to share autumn adventures with your family? Learn how to make the most of a fall day in the scenic Berkshires region of western Massachusetts with this fall photo tour and travel guide.

Berkshires Fall Day Trip
Berkshires fall day trip. Want to share autumn adventures with your family? Learn how to make the most of a fall day in the scenic Berkshires region of western Massachusetts with this fall photo tour and travel guide.

Fall Foliage from a Train - Berkshire Scenic Railway Massachusetts
Berkshires fall day trip. Want to share autumn adventures with your family? Learn how to make the most of a fall day in the scenic Berkshires region of western Massachusetts with this fall photo tour and travel guide.

Berkshires Fall Day Trip
Berkshires fall day trip. Want to share autumn adventures with your family? Learn how to make the most of a fall day in the scenic Berkshires region of western Massachusetts with this fall photo tour and travel guide.

Massachusetts Arts and Culture - Museums - Galleries - Music - Theater
Massachusetts arts and cultural attractions including museums, galleries, concert halls, theater, performance venues, and more.

Massachusetts Camping
Find Massachusetts camping sites with these links to private and public campgrounds and RV parks in popular Massachusetts locations including Cape Cod.

Massachusetts Restaurants - Massachusetts Dining Guide for Travelers
Massachusetts restaurants and dining guide for travelers. Plan your Massachusetts dining experiences with this guide to Massachusetts restaurants, brewpubs and other eateries.

Massachusetts Shopping - Gift Shops Outlets General Stores Museum Shops and Other Places to Drop Some Cash in Boston, Cape Cod, and Other Massachusetts Destinations
Plan the shopping component of your Massachusetts vacation with these links to outlets, cigar stores, museum gift shops, malls, shopping centers, and even places to shop online for items made in Massachusetts.

Sports & Leisure in Massachusetts - Your Guide to Sports Teams, Sporting Events, Recreational Activities
Looking for outdoor fun sporting and recreational opportunities in Massachusetts? These links will help you find the best fishing, biking, hiking, driving, amusements, recreational activities, and other leisure pursuits in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Maps - New England Maps
Find a Massachusetts state, city, town, subway, or road map online.

Pressed Leaf Jewelry Pendants Gift for Autumn Lovers
Pressed leaf jewelry by Forest Flower Jewelry makes a great gift for anyone who loves autumn in New England. Here's my review of these unique pressed leaf pendants made from real maple, aspen, birch and oak leaves.

Ice Skating in CT
Central Connecticut is home to several premier ice skating arenas, plus outdoor ponds and skating rinks that offer a great opportunity to get out and glide.

Nature's Art
Nature's Art--home to The Dinosaur Place--has evolved from its origins as a rock and mineral shop to become a sprawling complex featuring indoor and outdoor interactive adventures that spark young children's imaginations. Page 2.

Dilophosaurus Picture - Dinosaur Place
One of the first dinos we stumbled upon was this Dilophosaurus. It's fascinating to realize that paleontologists know little about the actual colors of dinosaurs' skin. Some muse that male dinosaurs especially may have had colorful markings: like birds. Page 14.

Dinosaur Maze at The Dinosaur Place
There's plenty to keep kids occupied for a full day at The Dinosaur Place. My daughter enjoyed even simple activities, such as finding her way through the aMAZEasaurus Dinosaur Maze, as we watched from a raised platform. Page 8.

Identifying Gems and Stones at Nature's Art
Once kids finish collecting gems and stones in the indoor mine, they can spend time identifying the quartzes and other specimens they've found. With more than 50 different types of crystals and stones, identification is challenging for kids and parents. Page 5.

Dinosaur Place CT Indoor Activities - Kids Can Mine for Crystals Inside Jackpot Mine
After brief instructions, kids venture into the dim caves of Jackpot Mine to dig for crystals and stones. Each child finds an intriguing selection during a stint in the mine, which is one of the most popular indoor activities at The Dinosaur Place. Page 4.

Pan for Gold at Thunder Creek at The Dinosaur Place in Connecticut - Indoor Fun for Kids CT
The Dinosaur Place also offers panning for gold at Thunder Creek. OK, it's pyrite or fool's gold, not the real valuable stuff, but kids can still experience the excitement of finding a gleaming nugget and take their haul home in a prospector's pouch. Page 7.

The Dinosaur Place Bone Zone
At The Dinosaur Place's Bone Zone, groups of kids uncover dinosaur bones with soft brushes in a sandy pit. As they work together, a skeletal form is revealed. Each young paleontologist takes home a bag containing six real fossils. Page 6.

Nature's Art Coolest Shop in Connecticut - Triceratops Skeleton and Dinosaur Fossils
The gift shop and minerals and fossils gallery at Nature's Art remain an incredibly cool place to browse. Where else can you see museum-quality dinosaur skeletons and even purchase dino bones if you're a collector or have extra cash (they're not cheap). Page 3.

Tyrannosaurus Rex at The Dinosaur Place in Connecticut
Along Route 85 in Connecticut, you'll find everything from a major shopping mall to a bucolic herb farm to a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Actually, his name is Monty, and he is just one of the life-sized dinosaurs at The Dinosaur Place, a unique family attraction.

Volcano at Dinosaur Place Dino Trails in Connecticut - Photo
Volcano at The Dinosaur Place. We'd learned the volcano at The Dinosaur Place erupted at certain times, so as the appointed hour approached, we followed the Dino Trails around the pond to find a vantage point. And waited... for a few spurts and tufts of smoke. Definitely disappointing! Page 16.

Dimetrodon Picture - The Dinosaur Place
Dimetrodon, an early reptile that lived before the age of dinosaurs, is also among the creatures that line the pathways at the Dinosaur Place, which means a visit to this Connecticut attraction will take you back about 280 million years. Page 24.

Coelophysis in Motion - The Dinosaur Place in Connecticut
Quite a bit more is known about how dinosaurs moved, and the dinosaur figures at The Dinosaur Place in Connecticut are posed as if in motion. This pair of Coelophysis dinosaurs looks light on their feet, perhaps because Coelophysis had hollow bones. Page 15.

Suchomimus Dinosaur Picture - The Dinosaur Place
Signs identifying each dinosaur sculpture at The Dinosaur Place have a variety of fascinating information, including a very helpful guide to pronunciation. Suchomimus, a relatively recent dinosaur discovery, is pronounced SOO-koh-MY-muss, for example. Page 17.

Parasaurolophus Mother with Eggs - The Dinosaur Place
Children also see that dinosaur mothers--just like birds and reptiles today--hatched, guarded and nurtured their young. Page 23.

Agustinia Dinosaur Picture - The Dinosaur Place CT
Only skeletal fragments have been found of the dinosaur named Agustinia, so it's something of a leap to see this plant-eating South American dinosaur come to life at The Dinosaur Place. Page 19.

Connecticut Attraction for Kids - The Dinosaur Place
Euoplocephalus may have looked intimidating to me, but for kids like my daughter, the dinosaurs at The Dinosaur Place are just life-sized playthings. Keep in mind kids aren't allowed to climb on the dinos, but they can certainly cuddle up for cool photos. Page 21.

Euoplocephalus Dinosaur Picture - The Dinosaur Place
Euoplocephalus dinosaur picture. With its spiky armor, beady eyes and elephantine legs, I thought the Euoplocephalus was one of the scariest looking dinosaurs along the Dino Trails at the Dinosaur Place, as well as one of the hardest to pronounce. Page 20.

Styracosaurus Picture - The Dinosaur Place in CT
I love zoos: They remind me of how miraculously diverse life is on our planet. Seeing Styracosaurus and other dinos at The Dinosaur Place engenders the same appreciation for the immense variety that existed on Earth long before human history began. Page 22.

Utahraptor - The Largest Raptor
Remember the Velociraptors in the 'Jurassic Park' film? Well, this Utahraptor is their larger, older cousin. You would not have wanted to run into this ferocious half-ton dinosaur, which roamed North American about 124 million years ago. Page 18.

Dinosaur Place CT Dino Trails
Dino Trails at Dinosaur Place CT. There are dozens of dinosaurs to see as you follow the mile and a half of Dino Trails through 50 wooded acres, where extinct beasts lurk. Page 10.

Big Dinosaurs at The Dinosaur Place
My daughter was 7 when we visited The Dinosaur Place, and if you look carefully for her in this photo, you'll get a sense of just how enormous the dinosaur sculptures are. The 3D models give kids a realistic idea of how dinosaurs appeared. Page 12.

Brachiosaurus Picture The Dinosaur Place
Brachiosaurus picture. At a standing height of 40 feet, the Brachiosaurus at The Dinosaur Place is quite breathtaking to behold. The dinosaur sculptures--made of concrete and steel--give visitors a sense of the hulking size of these prehistoric creatures. Page 11.

Brachiosaurus at The Dinosaur Place - Life-Sized Dinosaur Models are Main Attraction
Of course, the main attraction at The Dinosaur Place is... the dinos! These life-sized dinosaur models are quite impressive to view, whether you are craning your neck to gaze up at a Brachiosaurus, the tallest dinosaur of all time... Page 9.

Dinosaurs Were Not All Giants - Photo The Dinosaur Place Oakdale Connecticut
Of course, not all dinosaurs were giants. Still, I don't think we'd be happy if our daughter wanted to keep one for a pet! Page 13.

Dinosaur Place at Natures Art Photo Tour
Dinosaur Place at Nature's Art photo tour. From Tyrannosaurus Rex to a mommy Parasaurolophus, these pictures capture highlights of The Dinosaur Place at Nature's Art, an indoor-outdoor family attraction in Oakdale, Connecticut. See why this complex of interactive activities is adored by children... but not so much by parents once they learn the price.

March in New England
March in New England, a guide to the best things to do, weather, March events, maple sugaring season, St. Patrick's Day celebrations, winter sports and more.

Order New England Clam Chowder Online
Order or cook up a New England clam chowder pick-me-up with this guide to New England clam chowder recipes and ideas for where to order clam chowder online.

Order New England Clam Chowder - Where to Buy Clam Chowder Online
Order New England clam chowder online with this guide to sources for ordering New England clam chowder. Page 2.

Maine Clam Chowder Recipe
Maine clam chowder recipe. Deborah Fowles' traditional recipe for New England-style Maine clam chowder.

Pumpkin Chucking - Find a Festival Where Pumpkins Fly
Pumpkin chucking is an extreme squash sport that captivates audiences. Want to see pumpkins fly? Find a pumpkin chucking festival with this guide to events in New England and beyond.

Make a Christmas Tree Last Longer - A New England Trick
Want your Christmas tree to last longer? Here's a tip straight from a New England Christmas tree farm on how to keep your Christmas tree fresh through the holiday season. This simple trick will make your Christmas tree last longer.

Mystic Seaport - Boat Rentals - Get Rowing - Mystic Seaport in Mystic CT
Boat rentals at Mystic Seaport: After exploring Mystic Seaport's wonderful ships, shops, buildings and exhibition halls, take to the water yourself by renting a small boat to sail or row on the Mystic River.

Horse-drawn Carriage Rides at Mystic Seaport - Mystic Seaport Photo Tour
Horse-drawn Carriage Rides at Mystic Seaport: Mystic Seaport features a recreated 19th-century coastal village. Horse-drawn carriage rides are an authentic way to tour the village.

Preservation Shipyard - Mystic Seaport Photo - Mystic Connecticut
Preservation Shipyard: Mystic Seaport in Mystic, Connecticut, is known for its efforts to preserve America's classic and historic wooden sailing ships. Visitors can observe master craftsmen at work restoring old ships in the Preservation Shipyard.

Mystic Seaport Picture - The Golden Age of Shipbuilding - Photo Tour of Mystic Seaport in Mystic Connecticut
Mystic Seaport Picture: During the golden age of shipbuilding from 1784 to 1919, more than 600 wooden vessels were built along the Mystic River. In 1929, Mystic Seaport was established in Mystic, Connecticut, to preserve the coastal town's maritime culture.

Mystic Seaport - Visiting with the Shipsmith - Mystic Seaport Virtual Photo Tour
Shipsmith at Work: In this Mystic Seaport photo, we see the shipsmith at work. At Mystic Seaport, talented craftspeople, such as the shipsmith, demonstrate 19th-century skills and discuss the maritime trades with visitors.

Mystic Seaport Photo Tour - Tavern - Mystic Seaport Dining Information
Mystic Seaport Tavern and Dining Information: Like every 19th-century New England village, the recreated village at Mystic Seaport has a tavern. Mystic Seaport is also home to three restaurants.

Ship Figurehead - Figurehead History - Mystic Seaport Exhibit Features Ships' Figureheads - Mystic Seaport Virtual Photo Tour
Ship Figurehead: This photo features one of the many ships' figureheads that are included in a figurehead exhibit at Mystic Seaport in Mystic, Connecticut.

Mystic Seaport in CT - Photos to Inspire Your Visit
These photos of Mystic Seaport in Mystic, CT, will entice you to visit this 19th-century living history museum that celebrates America's seafaring heritage.

Whale Boat Exhibit at Mystic Seaport - Virtual Photo Tour - Mystic Seaport - Mystic, CT
Whale Boat: Whaling was a tough way to make a living. At Mystic Seaport in Mystic, CT, you'll see the tools of the whaler's trade, including a whaleboat, on exhibit.

Mystic Seaport - Charles W. Morgan Whaling Ship - Photo - Last Wooden Whaleship
Charles W. Morgan Whaleship at Mystic Seaport: At Mystic Seaport in Mystic, Connecticut, visitors can climb aboard the Charles W. Morgan, the last wooden whaling ship. The historic, three-masted tall ship is one of more than 500 historic vessels owned by Mystic Seaport.

Traveling with Teens in New England
Traveling with teens in New England. A guide to New England attractions that appeal to teens.

Catskill Game Farm - A Look Back in Photos
Catskill Game Farm: A Virtual Photo Tour of the Catskill Game Farm in Catskill, NY, plus information on visiting this Catskills region attraction that has been a family tradition since 1933.

Mt. Washington Auto Road
The Mt. Washington Auto Road is the mother of all mountain drives in New England.

Mount Equinox Skyline Drive
Serious drivers will love the Mount Equinox Skyline Drive's hairpin turns and dramatic climb to the 3,848-foot summit of the highest mountain in the Taconic Range.

Mt. Greylock - Drive to the Top of Massachusetts' Tallest Mountain Mt. Greylock
Massachusetts' tallest mountain, Mt. Greylock, is the focal point of its first State Park, Mount Greylock State Reservation. Though this 3,491-foot western Massachusetts peak can't rival Mt. Washington for height, it offers its own array of enticements. For starters, the road over the mountain is open to the public absolutely free.

5 Scenic New England Mountain Drives
New England is famous for scenic drives, and some of the best take you to the summits of the region's mountains. Here's your guide to 5 mountain drives.

Cadillac Mountain - Drive to the Top of Cadillac Mountain
Cadillac Mountain drive in Maine's Acadia National Park. At 1,530 feet, Cadillac Mountain is the highest point on the Eastern Seaboard

Mount Ascutney Summit Drive
Visit Ascutney State Park for your chance to drive to an elevation of 2,800 feet on the Mountain Road, which carries you almost to the summit of Mount Ascutney.

Rose Island Lighthouse Overnight Stays in Newport RI
Want to stay in a lighthouse? Rose Island Lighthouse in Newport, Rhode Island, offers New England travelers unique overnight accommodations or Keeper for the Week experiences.

Best Connecticut Fall Foliage Viewing Spots - Part 2
More of the best places to see fall foliage in CT.

Connecticut Fall Foliage - Best Places to View
Map and guide to the best places to see fall foliage in Connecticut, as recommended by the Connecticut Bureau of Parks and Forests.

Plymouth Rock - History and Tips for Your Visit
Plymouth Rock is New England's most visited rock! Pilgrim Memorial State Park in Plymouth, MA, home of the historic rock, is visited by a million people each year.

Fall Day Trips from NYC
During autumn in New England, getting there is half the fun. Here are some fall foliage day trip ideas within two hours of New York City.

Review of The Dinosaur Place in CT
Dinosaur Place review. The Dinosaur Place at Nature's Art, a family attraction in southeastern CT, has experiences kids love. But parents be warned!

Museum of Fine Arts Boston Highlights MFA Americas Wing
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston's Art of the Americas Wing opened in November 2010. On this MFA photo tour, you'll see highlights of the collections displayed in the new wing devoted to American art treasures.

Thomas Sully Passage of the Delaware
Philadelphia portrait painter Thomas Sully's colossal 'Passage of the Delaware' was the first masterpiece installed in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston's Art of the Americas Wing. It is now on view to the public in its original frame for the first time in more than a century.

Paul Revere Sons of Liberty Bowl - Museum of Fine Arts Boston Art of the Americas Wing
Paul Revere Sons of Liberty Bowl at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Art of the Americas Wing. Boston silversmith Paul Revere crafted everything from spoons to church bells, but no other object is more revered than his Sons of Liberty Bowl, which dates to 1768.

Norman Rockwell New Kids in the Neighborhood
Norman Rockwell painting, New Kids in the Neighborhood, at MFA Boston Art of the Americas Wing. Leave it to beloved New England painter Norman Rockwell to depict suburban racial tension with sensitivity, realism and a light touch.

Walker Hancock Pennsylvania Railroad War Memorial Model - MFA Boston Photo
The Art of the Americas Wing at the MFA, Boston counts this scale model of the Pennsylvania Railroad War Memorial by Gloucester sculptor Walker Hancock, designed between 1949 and 1952, among its treasures. Looking up into the face of the Angel of the Resurrection, who embraces a fallen solider, is a moving experience.

John Singer Sargent Daughters of Edward Darley Boit Painting and Vases at MFA
John Singer Sargent painting, Daughters of Edward Darley Boit, and vases at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Art of the Americas Wing. John Singer Sargent's painting of friend and fellow artist Edward Darley Boit's daughters springs to life thanks to the museum's exhibition not only of the painting but of the vases depicted in the portrait.

William Morris Hunt Niagara
William Morris Hunt Niagara painting at MFA Art of the Americas Wing Boston. You can almost hear the rushing sounds of Niagara Falls as you gaze at William Morris Hunt's frothy canvas.

Manning House Frame - Museum of Fine Arts Boston Art of the Americas
The Manning House Frame, which dates to circa 1692-93, consists of oak and larch beams that have been installed to lend authenticity to a gallery showcasing the MFA's unparalleled collection of 17th- and early 18th-century North American furniture, silver and portrait paintings, primarily from New England.

Gilbert Stuart George Washington Portrait
Gilbert Stuart George Washington painting at the MFA Art of the Americas Wing in Boston. Stuart painted more than 50 portraits of Washington. Most were based on this 1796 unfinished oil on canvas, which, most notably, also served as the basis for the portrait of Washington that appears on the $1 bill.

Newport Furniture Townsend Goddard - Exhibit at Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Newport furniture by Townsend and Goddard on exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Decorative arts get their due within the Art of the Americas Wing at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts. One of the most impressive collections on exhibit features 18th-century Newport furniture.

Childe Hassam Boston Common at Twilight
Childe Hassam painting, Boston Common at Twilight. Painted in 1885-86, Childe Hassam's impressionist landscape evokes a simpler time in Boston and captures the magical light of a winter's day.

Stephen Huneck Dog Chapel - A Place to Play and Party with Your Dog - Annual Dog Party
Stephen Huneck's Dog Chapel in Vermont is a great place for dogs to play with other dogs. If you want to be absolutely certain that you'll find playmates for your pooch, visit the Dog Chapel during the annual Dog Party.

Dog Chapel Picture - Stephen Huneck Dog Chapel and Art Gallery in St. Johnsbury Vermont
Stephen Huneck's Dog Chapel in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, is a place to bond with your dog, to find comfort and solace if you've recently lost a pet dog, or to simply to be reminded to cherish life, relationships and simple pleasures.

Dog Chapel - Spend a Day on Dog Mountain at Stephen Huneck's Dog Chapel in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom - Day Trip with the Dog
The Dog Chapel in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom is a perfect day trip destination for you and your dog. Artist Stephen Huneck generously makes the 400-acre Dog Mountain property where is home, studio, gallery and the Dog Chapel are located available for those looking for a picturesque place for a walk and play with their dogs.

Vermont Dog Chapel - Stephen Huneck's Dog Chapel - All Creeds All Breeds No Dogmas
Vermont Dog Chapel Photo Tour: The sign outside Stephen Huneck's Dog Chapel in Vermont reads: 'All Creeds All Breeds No Dogmas Allowed.'

Dog Chapel - Remembrance Wall at Stephen Huneck's Dog Chapel in Vermont - Dog Chapel Photo Tour
At Stephen Huneck's Dog Chapel in Vermont, the Remembrance Wall just inside the chapel is a place to post photos of and letters to beloved dogs that have died.

Stephen Huneck - Artist - Vermont Dog Chapel - Why Did Stephen Huneck Build a Dog Chapel
Stephen Huneck Dog Chapel: With its dog-themed stained glass windows and hand-carved dog pews and sculptures, the Dog Chapel is a one-of-a-kind work of art. Why did artist Stephen Huneck build a Dog Chapel?

Dog Chapel Photo Tour - Stephen Huneck Dog Chapel - St Johnsbury VT - Dog Stained Glass Window
Dog Chapel Photo Tour: In this close-up photo of one of the stained glass windows in Stephen Huneck's Dog Chapel, you'll see how dogs are celebrated in every detail of this captivating chapel.

Visit Stephen Huneck's Dog Chapel in Vermont
Stephen Huneck's Dog Chapel in Vermont is a heavenly place for dogs and their people. If have ever loved a dog, this is a must-see during your New England travels.

Tomb Boston Review
Tomb Boston (read review) has closed, but you can find this adventure in Syracuse and West Nyack, NY. 5W!TS offers new interactive fun near Boston in Foxborough, MA.

Fall Day Trips from Boston by Bus or Car
Fall day trips from Boston. If you live in Boston or are visiting the city during fall foliage season, here are suggested fall day trips you can take by bus, or set out in your car for scenic autumn destinations within a two-hour drive of Boston, Massachusetts.

Dan'l Webster Inn Sandwich MA Cape Cod - Large Inn Amenities, Small Inn Charm
The Dan'l Webster Inn in Sandwich, MA, on Cape Cod is much larger than a B&B, but its 54 rooms are all individually decorated and feature charming details and Colonial-style accents. Guests can choose a traditional, superior or deluxe room or a two- or three-bedroom suite. Many of the rooms feature four-poster canopy beds, and most suites feature whirlpool tubs and gas fireplaces

Spa at The Dan'l Webster Inn on Cape Cod - An Intimate Spa - Girlfriends Getaway
Spa at The Dan'l Webster Inn on Cape Cod: The Dan'l Webster Inn in Sandwich, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod has a small, intimate spa. There are only three treatment rooms, so if you invite two girlfriends to join you for a girlfriends' getaway, you can easily book a block of spa appointments and take over the entire spa.

Unique Spa Treatments at The Dan'l Webster Inn on Cape Cod - Unique Spa Treatments Deep Relaxation
The Spa at The Daniel Webster Inn on Cape Cod offers unique spa treatments including a Combination Massage and a signature Cranberry Rose Wrap and Massage. Treatments use all natural products such as rose and calendula organic lavender flower body butter.

Live Piano Music in the Music Room at Dan'l Webster Inn on Cape Cod
After dinner, we enjoyed live piano music in the Music Room, one of five dining rooms at The Dan'l Webster Inn on Cape Cod.

Dining at Dan'l Webster Inn on Cape Cod - New England Cuisine with Contemporary Flair
Dining at The Dan'l Webster Inn: The Dan'l Webster Inn on Cape Cod serves New England cuisine with contemporary flair. The inn has five dining rooms and a casual tavern.

Girlfriend Getaway on Cape Cod at Dan'l Webster Inn
Winter is perfect for a girlfriend getaway on Cape Cod at the Dan'l Webster Inn in Sandwich, MA. With a spa, dining, nearby shopping and beaches, live music and Sunday brunch, The Dan'l Webster Inn offers everything you need to feel pampered.

Exploring Sandwich Massachusetts on Cape Cod - Cape Cod Winter Photo - Cool Shops and a Snowy Beach - Girls Getaway to the Quiet Cape
Exploring Sandwich Massachusetts: During our Cape Cod girls' getaway, we took advantage of the winter quiet on the Cape to explore the shops in Sandwich and to stroll along a snowy beach, as you'll see in this photo.

Brunch on Cape Cod at The Dan'l Webster Inn - Sunday Brunch Buffet
The Dan'l Webster Inn on Cape Cod offers an expansive Sunday brunch buffet featuring salads, cheeses, pastries, Belgian waffles, hot entrees, desserts, an omelet bar and a carving station. Sunday brunch is the perfect way to end a girls' getaway. A change of scenery, a bit of pampering, satisfying and comforting foods, music and laughter are amazingly restorative, and we found them all at The Dan'l Webster Inn.

Traveler Restaurant CT - Eat Here, Get Free Books
At Traveler Restaurant in Union, CT, off I-84 at exit 74, a unique dining experience awaits. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner and get a free book with every meal.

Dr. Seuss Autographed Photo at The Traveler Restaurant in Union Connecticut
You'll see framed, autographed photos of literary luminaries including Dr. Seuss when you stop at The Traveler Restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Photo of The Traveler Restaurant Union Connecticut - Good Food and Free Books
Books line the walls inside The Traveler Restaurant, a great place to stop if your New England travels include a trip along I-84 in Connecticut. You'll get a free book with every meal purchased here.

Traveler Restaurant Connecticut - Good Food on the Menu and Free Books at this I-84 Dining Spot
The menu at The Traveler Restaurant features something for everyone. This portabella mushroom sandwich was served with sweet potato fries.

Lobster for Breakfast at Fresh Catch in Massachusetts (Boston Area)
Lobster for breakfast at Fresh Catch near Boston in Mansfield, MA.

Fresh Catch in Mansfield MA - Cheap Lobster Near Boston
Head to Fresh Catch in Mansfield, MA--near Boston--for a cheap lobster breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Fresh Catch Seafood Restaurant Mansfield MA
What's better than a cheap place to feast on lobster in the Boston area? A seafood restaurant that serves lobster every which way! Head to Fresh Catch in Mansfield, Massachusetts--a southern suburb of Boston--for a cheap lobster breakfast, lunch or dinner, and enjoy everything from lobster croissants to lobster guacamole to lobster mac & cheese to Lobster Benedict.

Fresh Catch Serves Creative Lobster Dishes
What's better than a cheap place to feast on lobster in the Boston area? A seafood restaurant that serves lobster every which way! Head to Fresh Catch in Mansfield, Massachusetts--a southern suburb of Boston--for a cheap lobster breakfast, lunch or dinner, and enjoy everything from lobster croissants to lobster guacamole to lobster mac & cheese to Lobster Benedict.

Cheap Lobster at Fresh Catch Restaurants and Fish Markets in the Boston Area
Fresh Catch fish market has cheap lobster and seafood to go in Mansfield, MA.

Recipes with Apple Cider - From Breads to Main Dishes
Sweet, fresh New England apple cider isn't just for drinking! Cooking with apple cider is a healthy treat. Cider makes an excellent cooking ingredient for baked goods, poultry, meats and more! Try these apple cider recipes.

Fall in Litchfield CT - Things To Do & Places to Stay
Litchfield, Connecticut, makes a great fall foliage home base. Discover Litchfield, CT, inns, dining, scenic drives, attractions, fall day trips, fall festivals.

Pumpkin Picking in New England - CT MA NH VT NY RI ME
Plan a New England pumpkin picking outing with my guide to pick-your-own pumpkin patches in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, New York.

Pink Turkey Picture - See Wildly Colored Turkeys at Gozzi Turkey Farm
Pink turkey picture. My 8-year-old daughter refused to choose a favorite, but I liked this hot pink turkey best. Even her legs were pink! Page 8.

Green Turkey - Colorful Turkeys at Gozzi's Turkey Farm are a Thanksgiving Tradition
This green turkey looks as though he's expecting a Thanksgiving reprieve and dressing for the holiday season. Gozzi's Turkey Farm in the shoreline town of Guilford, Connecticut, sells fresh turkeys not only for Thanksgiving but for Christmas. Page 10.

Turkey Close-Up Photo - Pink Turkey at Gozzi Turkey Farm
Turkey close-up photo. Ben Franklin didn't get far with his proposal to make the turkey our national bird. Perhaps if his fellow founding fathers had seen this pretty pink turkey, we'd be eating bald eagle on Thanksgiving! The turkeys at Gozzi's aren't at all camera-shy. Page 9.

Talking Turkey - Photo of Green Turkey at Gozzi's Turkey Farm in Connecticut
During the half-hour we were at Gozzi's Turkey Farm, we only heard the turkeys erupt in a full-blown gobble once, but they were making garbly, muted gobbling sounds almost constantly. It was fun to listen to their chatter and ponder its meaning. Page 5.

Yellow Turkey at Gozzi's Turkey Farm - Gozzi Turkey Picture
Picture of yellow turkey at Gozzi's Turkey Farm in Guilford, CT. This yellow turkey isn't a chameleon who's changed his feathers to blend in with New England's autumn foliage. Page 2.

Dyed Turkeys at Gozzi Turkey Farm Guilford Connecticut - Photo
If you're dying to know how the Gozzi family turns turkeys into colorful works of art each Thanksgiving, look carefully at the orange and pink turkeys in this photo. Their white feather roots are showing. The color is just harmless dye. Page 4.

Colorful Turkeys at Gozzi Turkey Farm - Gobble Around the Water Cooler
Colorful turkeys at Gozzi Turkey Farm. The yellow gobbler is in colorful company around the water cooler at Gozzi's Turkey Farm, where turkeys also turn shades of orange, pink, purple and green in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Page 3.

Orange Turkey at Gozzi Turkey Farm - Picture of Turkey with Tail Feathers Splayed
When you're just one vibrant turkey in a rafter of colorful turkeys, what do you do to draw the crowd's attention? You splay and shake your tail feathers! Page 7.

Turkeys Eating at Gozzi's Turkey Farm - Photo
A turkey can sure work up an appetite mugging for the paparazzi. Gozzi's turkeys seemed to enjoy the attention of visitors who stopped to appreciate their colorful finery. Here's hoping our friends find jobs as breeders--not roasters--this holiday season. Page 12.

Name for Turkey Nose Thing - Turkey Snood Photo
My daughter asked me the name of the red skin flap dangling over this orange turkey's beak. Of course, I couldn't come up with it on the spot. I Googled 'name for turkey nose thing' when we got home, though, and we learned it's called a snood. Page 6.

Turkey Parade - Picture of Turkeys on Parade at Gozzi Turkey Farm Guilford CT
Picture of turkeys on parade at Gozzi Turkey Farm Guilford, CT. Suddenly, the turkeys all turned their attention to my daughter, who led them on an entire lap around the turkey pen. She got such a kick out of leading a turkey parade! When she tired of marching, she tried to teach the turkeys how to moonwalk. Page 11.

Gozzi Turkey Farm Photo - Gozzi's Turkey Guilford CT
Gozzi Turkey Farm photo. Families have flocked to Gozzi's Turkey Farm in Guilford, CT, for about 50 years to see dazzling turkeys. Enjoy photos of a New England Thanksgiving tradition.

Boston St Patrick's Day Parade 2016
Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade guide for 2016 including date/time, parade route and tips for watching the St. Patrick's Day Parade, a tradition in South Boston for 115 years.

Hammonasset Beach in CT is a Great Beach for Little Kids - Hamonasset Picture
Hammonasset Beach in CT is a great beach for little kids. My daughter needs nothing but waves, sand and seashells to make her happy. Page 6.

Hammonasset Beach Snack Bar
We had already eaten lunch, which was unfortunate because the French fries I saw people carrying along the boardwalk at Hammonasset looked awfully tempting. The West Beach has a snack bar that is open during the summer season. Page 8.

Umbrellas and Sandcastles at Hammonasset Beach State Park Madison CT - Photo
Colorful umbrellas give the West Beach at Hammonasset a festive look, and by the time we arrived, the beach was already dotted with examples of kids' sandcastle handiwork. The gentle waves of Long Island Sound make Hammonasset an ideal family beach. Page 4.

Hammonasset Beach Picture - Connecticut Beaches
We arrived at Hammonasset at 2:30 p.m. on a spectacular Saturday in July and got a parking spot very close to West Beach. While Hammonasset is quite popular, it is so large that there's always a place to spread out your blanket, even on a summer weekend. Page 3.

Hammonasset Beach State Park Photo - White Sand and Blue Sky
With the boardwalk and two miles of white sand to stroll, Hammonasset Beach State Park makes a perfect outing, even if you don't want to get wet. Hammonasset is also a popular place for camping; 558 campsites are available. Page 7.

Photo of Lifeguard Chair with Yellow Flag at Hammonnasset Beach in Connecticut
At Hammonasset Beach, a yellow flag means WARNING, no lifeguard on duty, although swimming is allowed. Green flags mean lifeguards are on duty; red that the beach area is closed to all swimming. Page 5.

Hammonasset Beach State Park Sand Dunes Photo
The sand dunes at Hammonasset Beach State Park are a fragile habitat, and they protect the beach from erosion, so actually, it's best to stay off the dunes. Page 10.

Meigs Point Nature Center at Hammonasset Beach State Park
When you've had your fill of fun in the sun, drive along the East Beach at Hammonasset and visit the Meigs Point Nature Center. Page 12.

Picnic Pavilion at Hammonasset Beach State Park in Connecticut Available to Rent - Photo
If you're planning a family reunion, beach wedding or other gathering, open air picnic pavilions at Hammonasset Beach State Park in Connecticut can be rented for the day by calling 877-668-CAMP. Page 16.

Northern Diamondback Terrapin Photo - Meigs Point Nature Center Hammonasset Beach State Park
Visitors to the Meigs Point Nature Center at Hammonasset Beach State Park can also observe a variety of other animals, including snakes and frogs. My favorite, though, was this friendly Northern Diamondback Terrapin. Page 14.

Hammonasset Beach State Park Picnic and Stay All Day
We only stayed at Hammonasset Beach for about two hours, but many folks--even those who are not camping overnight--bring enough gear to stay the whole day. Arrive early if you hope to claim a picnic table for your family or group. Page 15.

Hammonasset Beach Photo - Umbrella in the Dunes
Across the boardwalk from the beach at Hammonasset, wild vegetation grows atop the sand dunes. This blue and white beach umbrella was oddly out of place. I'm not sure whether it blew away or if someone was hiding under there. Page 9.

Beach Rose Photo Rosa Rugosa - Hammonasset Beach State Park Picture
Beach roses, or Rosa rugosa, bloom in vivid shades of purple at Connecticut's Hammonasset Beach State Park. Page 11.

Hammonasset Beach Boardwalk Picture
Hammonasset Beach State Park is the perfect place to play in the sand or to simply stroll along the boardwalk, enjoying the salty sea air and the views of Long Island Sound. Page 2.

Touch Tank at Hammonasset Beach State Park Meigs Point Nature Center
The touch tank is one of the nature center's most popular attractions. Here, my husband holds a tiny crab for my daughter to touch. The touch tank also had seashells, fish and even a lobster, but a sign warned that some critters were not to be touched. Page 13.

Hammonasset Beach Photo - Hammonasset Beach State Park
Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison, Connecticut, is home to the state's biggest public beach.

Hammonasset Beach Pictures
Hammonasset Beach pictures. On this photo tour of Connecticut's largest beach at Hammonasset Beach State Park, you'll see the boardwalk, nature center and more.

Drive-Through Safari at Action Wildlife in Connecticut
Around the corner from the Watusi Cattle, the 50-acre drive-through wildlife safari is one of Action Wildlife's newest attractions. As we circumnavigated this enclosed area, we kept our eyes peeled for llamas, emu and Japanese Sika Deer. Page 16.

Scimitar Oryx Photo - Action Wildlife Goshen Connecticut
The Scimitar Oryx only sounds like an animal invented by Dr. Seuss! Native to North Africa, the Scimitar Oryx is extinct in the wild, so the opportunity to see this curvy-horned antelope at Action Wildlife in Goshen, Connecticut, is a rare one, indeed. Page 14.

Butterfly Pumpkin Pattern - Free Template
Butterfly pumpkin pattern. Use this free pumpkin carving template to decorate your Halloween jack-o-lantern with a lovely butterfly. Carve or paint a white pumpkin with this design for a fall wedding decoration. Page 6.

Garden Pumpkin Carving Pattern - Decorative Floral Design Stencil
Garden pumpkin carving pattern. Carve a creative jack-o-lantern for a fall wedding or home decorating with this free floral pumpkin carving design stencil. Page 7.

Free Guitar Stencil - Pumpkin Carving Pattern
Free guitar stencil. Use this free Halloween pumpkin carving pattern to add a musical touch to your fall or Halloween party decorating. Page 9.

Lighthouse Stencil - Pumpkin Carving Pattern
Lighthouse stencil pumpkin carving pattern. Add a touch of New England to your Halloween decor this year with this free lighthouse stencil, which can be used to carve or paint a pumpkin. Page 5.

Raven Pumpkin Carving Template
Raven pumpkin carving template. Carve this design featuring bats and a raven into your Halloween jack-o-lantern with a free, printable pumpkin carving pattern. Page 3.

Scary Tree Pumpkin Carving Pattern Stencil
Scary tree pumpkin carving pattern. Carve this scary tree into your Halloween jack-o-lantern with a free, printable stencil. Page 2.

Spider Pumpkin Carving Pattern
Spider pumpkin carving pattern. Carve this giant spider into your Halloween jack-o-lantern.

Stars and Stripes Pumpkin Pattern - Free Patriotic Design Stencil
Stars and stripes pumpkin carving pattern. Carve or paint a patriotic pumpkin this Halloween with this free pumpkin pattern. Page 8.

Welcome Ghost Stencil - Free Pumpkin Carving Pattern
Welcome ghost pumpkin carving stencil. Carve this design into your Halloween jack-o-lantern and welcome trick-or-treaters or Halloween party-goers. Page 4.

White Rhino Photo - Taxidermy White Rhino at Action Wildlife Goshen CT a White Rhino, an enormous creature from the grasslands of Africa. Action Wildlife founder Jim Mazzarelli hunted all but a handful of the animals on display in the museum. A White Rhino hunting license was $20,000, we were told, with no guarantees. Page 6.

Baby Elk Photo - A Mother's Instinct on View at Action Wildlife
I quickly realized that the elk's protective behavior mirrored my own. Mama elk was simply, instinctively ensuring the safety of her babies. I had never seen a baby elk. There's only one word to describe this bright-eyed calf: adorable. Page 29.

Action Wildlife Warthog Photo - A Photographer's Dream
Because the taxidermy animals are not hidden behind glass, Action Wildlife is a photographer's dream, even when the subject is a not terribly photogenic creature like the warthog! As you'll see, I was able to capture neat live animal shots outdoors, too. Page 9.

Elk Photo - American Elk at Action Wildlife
This American Elk kept careful watch on us as we observed her and even made a charge toward the fence at one point, causing me to reflexively grab my daughter's shoulder and pull her back from the elk enclosure. Page 28.

Fallow Deer Photo - Fallow Deer at Action Wildlife Goshen CT
White-spotted, graceful Fallow Deer are common in England, but they're not often seen in New England. Action Wildlife has successfully bred Fallow Deer, and a small herd can be observed as visitors begin their drive around this animal park in Goshen, CT. Page 13.

Action Wildlife Goshen Connecticut - Fun and Educational Outings for Kids and School Groups
For my little girl, feeding the baby sheep, kids and piglets was a highlight of our visit to Action Wildlife in Goshen, Connecticut. The animal park is a fun place to take kids of all ages, and school groups are welcome to plan educational outings, too. Page 21.

Action Wildlife - Attraction for Kids in Northwest Connecticut
In the museum's last room, my daughter had the chance to touch an assortment of fur pelts--moose, bear, raccoon--and elephant skin, too, at an interactive station. By now, we were eager to hop in our car and continue our Action Wildlife animal safari. Page 12.

Connecticut Petting Zoo - Action Wildlife Petting Zoo Goshen Connecticut
Petting zoo at Action Wildlife in Goshen, Connecticut. The endangered and exotic animals at Action Wildlife are fascinating to observe, but who can resist baby farm animals? Not my family. Page 19.

Funny Llama Picture - See Exotic and Domestic Animals Up Close at Action Wildlife
Funny llama picture. That's a face only a Mama Llama could love! When we entered Action Wildlife, we learned that one of the beauties of this Connecticut zoo is that visitors can hop in and out of their cars safely at any point for a close-up view of both exotic and domestic animals. Page 17.

American Bison Close Up Photo - See North America's Largest Living Land Animal at Action Wildlife
The American Bison is North America's largest living land animal, and, with my 80-200mm lens, I was able to gaze into the eyes of one of these majestic beasts. Action Wildlife's signage is sparse, but you can research animal facts online after your visit. Page 27.

Lions' Prey - Lions Attacking a Water Buffalo Diorama at Action Wildlife Museum
Some of the dioramas, such as this scene of lions attacking a water buffalo, are admittedly a tad gruesome. But my 7-year-old, who'd seen something similar on Animal Planet, was unfazed. There are ample options for diverting younger children's gaze. Page 11.

Action Wildlife Petting Zoo Picture - Feeding the Baby Sheep
It's easy to make friends with the petting zoo sheep... if you have a bottle in your hand! When we visited in 2010, bottles of milk were $3 and small cups of grain $1. Be forewarned: The attendant likely won't have change. It's a bit of a ploy, I think. Page 20.

Poitou Donkey - Photo of Poitou Donkey at Action Wildlife Goshen CT
Poitou Donkey photo. The shaggy Poitou Donkey, an ancient breed that originated in France's Poitou region, is an incredibly rare animal. The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy lists the breed's status as critical: Only 450 pure Poitous were known to exist as of 2005. Page 18.

Water Buffalo Taxidermy - Action Wildlife Taxidermy Work is a Marvel
No, you can't touch the water buffalo's nose. But doesn't it look as though it would be warm and moist if you did? The taxidermy work at Action Wildlife is a marvel. Pelts, preserved in the field, are mounted on mannequins. Even the glass eyes look real. Page 10.

Action Wildlife Playground Picture - Ride the Orange Snail
We thought gazing up at a rhino, touching elephant skin, beholding an Oryx, embarking on a safari, making friends with goats, bottle-feeding piglets, admiring a zebra and dodging a wary elk was enough for our girl. No. She had to ride the orange snail. Page 34.

Taxidermy Animals Collection at Action Wildlife - Stuffed Turkey Picture
The stuffed turkey at Action Wildlife is not the kind you'd serve on Thanksgiving day. It is one of a menagerie of brilliantly executed taxidermy animals in the museum's vast and diverse collection. Page 4.

Photo of Playground at Action Wildlife - Things to Do with Kids in Connecticut
Action Wildlife has a playground for bigger kids, too, back near the museum and gift shop, where shaded picnic tables are also available. With swings, slides, ride-on animals, a climbing wall and more, kids could easily spend an hour or more playing here. Page 33.

Action Wildlife Playground and Picnic Area - Northwest Connecticut Family Attraction
At Action Wildlife, there's a picnic area and playground for little kids under 6 near the petting zoo. Pack a picnic lunch, and you can easily make a day out of your visit to this wild animal park and safari in Northwest Connecticut. Page 23.

Petting Zoo Deer Photo - Feeding Young Fawn at Action Wildlife Petting Zoo
Deer aren't typically found in petting zoos, and the chance to feed this young fawn from our hands was like a scene from a Disney movie... only without singing birds flying around our heads. Page 22.

Zebra Photo - A Work of Art
I've seen zebras in zoos before, but I only realized what a work of art the zebra is as I viewed the sole member of the species on view at Action Wildlife. For the first time, I noticed that the stripes on a zebra's mane align perfectly with its coat. Page 24.

Bison Battle - Diorama of American Bison at Action Wildlife Museum
Video footage of scenes observed in the wild aided in the creation of realistic dioramas, such as this battle between two American bison, inside the museum at Action Wildlife. Page 7.

Action Wildlife Picture - Action Wildlife in Goshen CT
The Action Wildlife animals are penned in, but they all have plenty of space to roam inside their landscaped habitats. This horse wasn't going anywhere, but we did see a goat wander out into the road. We laughed when a staffer said, 'That's Houdini.'. Page 25.