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Make a Post
Click on the Posting tab again to return to your blog post. You should now have both a title and link field. Fill out the Title: field with the title of your podcast. Fill out the Link: field with the exact URL of your MP3, M4V, M4B, or MOV file. Fill out the body of your blog entry with a description of your podcast episode, and then press the Publish Post button.

Go to Feedburner
Go to On the home page, type in your blog's URL (not the URL of your podcast.) Check the check-box that says

Give your Feed a Name
Enter a feed title. It does not need to be the same name as your blog, but it can be. If you do not already have a Feedburner account, you will need to register for one at this time. Registration is free.

Choose Atom
Blogger generates two different types of syndicated feeds. Theoretically, you could choose either one, but Feedburner seems to do a better job with Blogger's Atom feeds, so choose the radio button next to Atom.

Optional Information
The next two screens are totally optional. You can add iTunes specific information to your podcast and choose options for tracking users. You don't need to do anything with either of these screens. You can press the Next button and go back to change your settings later.

Burn, Baby, Burn
After filling out all the required information, Feedburner will take you to your feed's page. Bookmark this page. It is how you and your fans can subscribe to your podcast. In addition to the Subscribe with iTunes button, Feedburner can be used to subscribe with most podcatching software.

How to check for a system update on your Android phone.
Here's how you can check your Android phone for system updates (also known as firmware updates).

Things You Didn't Know Gmail Did
Gmail is really useful software, but it can do a few things that may surprise you. Here are just a few of those secret Gmail tips and tricks.

Google Voice Definition
Google Voice is an Internet based service that allows you to give everyone one phone number and forward it to multiple phones. That means that as you switch jobs, change phone services, move, or even go on vacation, your phone number stays the same for people trying to reach you.

Choose an Action - How to Filter Gmail Messages
Now that you've decided what messages to filter, you have to decide what action Gmail should take. You may want to make sure you see some messages, so you'd want to apply a label to the message, flag it with a star, or forward it to another email address.

How to Filter Gmail Messages
Make your Gmail inbox more organized by adding automatic filters to your messages as they arrive.

Select Your Criteria - How to Filter Gmail Messages
Next you have to decide what criteria you're using for this filter. Gmail will guess for you, and it's usually pretty accurate.

How to Filter Gmail Messages
Ta da! Your filter is finished, and your Gmail inbox just got easier to manage

Android Games You Should Play Right Now
Load up your brand new tablet, phone, or Android TV with some fantastic new games. Here are some recommendatiosn for free and paid apps.

Apps You Need to Download in 2016
What are your resolutions for 2016? Here are some great Android apps you can download right now to get you started on your goals.

How to Post a YouTube Video on Pinterest
You can embed videos on just about any social media site. Here's how.

How to Post a YouTube Video on Pinterest
You can embed videos on just about any social media site. Here's how you do it on Pinterest.

From iPhone to Android: Tips on Making a Smooth Switch
Goodbye iPhone. Hello Gingerbread. Here are some tips for new Android phone users to get you started and switch from your iPhone.

The Difference Between a Chrome Web App and an Extension
Traditional browsers have extensions and themes, but what is this new Web app idea for Chrome? What's the difference between that and an extension?

The Difference Between Google Accounts and Google Apps
I'm confused by all this terminology. I hear people complaining that they have too many Google Apps, but I think they mean they have too many Google accounts. What's the difference?

Can You Find Phone Numbers in Google
Google's main search engine had a hidden phonebook. Learn how to let your keyboard do the walking with Google.

How to Find Movie Showtimes in Google
Google shows you movie showtimes for local theaters.

Google Allinanchor: Command
Allinanchor: is Google syntax to search only the link anchors of Web pages. Results are listed based on the text used in the backlinks of the page.

Google Plus Hangouts Extra Features
Here's how to enable the masks, crowns, mustaches and other features in Google Hangouts.

What Can I Do With the Snapseed App?
Snapseed was purchased by Google. Learn more about the product.

What Is elgooG- Review of the Ultimate Mirror Site
In Web design, a

How to Reset a Frozen Motorola Xoom Tablet
Is your Motorola Xoom frozen? This is how you reset it. This tutorial covers both hard and soft resets.

How to View a Cached Website in Google
Here's how you view a previous website in Google.

What Is Google Brillo and Weave?
Brillo and Weave are part of an Android-based platform Google introduced to power the Internet of Things. Read more about the project here.

Google Docs
Google Drive is a combination of Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

How Do I Remove the Clock on an Android Phone?
I have a G1 phone, and I don't like the big clock on the screen. Is there a way to get rid of it?

The Definition of an Android Widget
Android widgets are mini apps that run on your Home screen. Widgets are not the same thing as the shortcut icons that allow you to launch an app. Widgets generally display data and take up more space than a single icon.




Must Have Chrome Extensions
You can customize your browsing experience to make it more efficient, more productive, and more fun. Here are your best bets to supercharge your browser.



How to Make a Poll in Google+
This is a quick and dirty trick for making a poll in Google+

Android Photo Sphere: What It Is, How to Use It
Android Photo Spheres are panoramic images on steroids. Learn more about Photo Sphere, a camera app that allows you to take 360-degree images.

Screen Captures on Older Versions of Android
This tutorial specifically applies to Android 2.2 and below, when taking screen captures on Android was so complicated it involved hooking your computer up to your phone and installing developer tools. Really.

Google Spreadsheets Basics
More on Google Sheets, which is part of Google Drive.

What Is a Google Surge (Blast)?
A form of ad buying that uses Google AdWords to create a large amount of short-term advertising. Google Surges are most useful in politics.

Read E-Books on Android
Here are the best ways to read your e-books on Android. Yes, most people use Kindle, but there are some alternatives, too.

How to Hack Your Gmail Address
Here are some hacks to turn your Gmail address into extra Gmail addresses.

How to Find and Download Public Domain Books From Google
Google Book Search is a very useful tool for finding books according to keyword search. The Google database contains a massive library of scanned books. You can also use Google Book Search to find and download books in the public domain.

Logitech 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator Review
3Dconnexion, a Logitech company, produced the SpaceNavigator. It's not really a mouse, and it's not really a joystick, but it has a few qualities of both.

SpaceNavigator - Beyond Google Earth
I also tried SpaceNavigator with Autodesk Maya, and it performed well. With Maya, I'm used to navigating with just a three-button mouse, so it took a bit to get used to navigating with my other hand. The results were more precise, and I liked being able to mix motions and pan while zooming or tilting. If I were buying a 3D mouse for use with Maya or other high end 3D applications, I would probably upgrade to a model like the SpaceExplorer with more buttons for more macros. Page 2.

SketchUp Leaves Google
Google sold SketchUp to Trimble, but Trimble says they'll still offer the free version and maintain the Thingverse.

Google Keep
Here's an app from Google to help you keep all your stuff.

Google Latitude - Social Location Sharing Tool
Latitude is Google's social location service. It lets you share your location and status with your friends from your phone or laptop.

How to Turn on Featured Layers in Google Earth
Google Earth is a virtual globe with a lot of information. To keep the Earth organized, Google divided the information into layers.

Android Phones - Can You Read Exchange Email?
If your phone supports it, you can add Exchange email accounts through the Email app. However, even if your corporate policy allows you to get your Outlook emails on your personal device, you may need to agree to a lot of security permissions in order to make that happen.

What Is Zagat
I know you were thinking it, and you're absolutely right. Zagat is a lot like a slightly higher-end version of Yelp. You might actually say that Yelp is a lot like what Zagat would be without the longer history and backbone of published guides.




Nexus Phones 2015 - The Nexus 6P and 5X
Google is introducing two Nexus phones for the 2015 holiday shopping season. Should you get one? Here's the scoop on the new Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X.

Nexus Phones 2015 - The Nexus 6P and 5X
Google is introducing two Nexus phones for the 2015 holiday shopping season. Should you get one? Here's the scoop on the new Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X.

All About Android Honeycomb 3.1
The Android Honeycomb update went out in May of 2011. You can see foreshadowing for the Android TV.

Review of Logitech Revue With Google TV
Google TV wasn't designed to directly replace your cable. It was supposed to be the step in between. Logitech dropped the Revue and never made another Google TV device. Google eventually dropped Google TV and relaunched the brand as Android TV.

Google Play Music
You can buy songs on Google Play and listen to them in Google Play Music, or you can subscribe to Google Play Music's library.

Android Shopping App for Google Phones
ShopSavvy is an app for Android-powered mobile phones. Originally called GoCart, ShopSavvy will scan bar codes and comparison shop both local and online items.


The New Google Chromecast
The 2015 update to the Chromecast offers both a TV and audio version. Here's what you need to know.

Rearrange Google News - Personal Edition of Your Custom Internet Newspaper
The Personalize link turns into a box that lets you rearrange the news. You can drag and drop the

Delete a Section - Personal Edition of Your Custom Internet Newspaper
If you really like sports, you could increase the number of headlines that are displayed. The default is three. You could also decrease the number of headlines if you wanted the page to be less crowded. If, however, you don't like seeing a sports section at all, check the Delete section box and click on Save changes.

Make a Custom News Section Part Two
Once you've clicked on the Add a custom section link, type in the keywords relevant to the news items you'd like to see. Keep in mind that Google will search only for articles that contain all of the keywords you type here, so keep it simple. I have two custom news sections. One is for

How to Customize Google News to Make it Personalized
Google News can be customized to display as many or as few news headlines as you'd like. You can rearrange where news topics are displayed, and you can even make your own custom news channels. Learn how to make your own personal edition of Google News.

Make a Custom News Section
Google News also lets you add custom news sections. Have a news topic you want to keep an eye on? Turn it into a custom news section, and Google will find articles that match that keyword.

Finalize and Save Changes - Google News
If you are logged into your Google account, Google will save the changes. If you are not logged into Google, Google will prompt you to either log in or create a new Google account.

Digg Torrents
Digg Torrents is a third-party search engine that uses Google to search for torrents and song lyrics. The search results also display Google AdSense ads.

Wear this Android to Jog and More
Fitbits vary in features, but most track steps, stairs, calories, and sleep. The data syncs with both the Fitbit app and a variety of third-party apps for Android.

Wear this Android to Jog and More

Android Wear - Wear this Android to Jog and More
Ok. I cheated. Android Wear is not one device or one company. It's a platform, and there were several Android Wear watches introduced before Christmas with more on the way in the future.

Wear this Android to Jog and More
he big drawback for some models of Samsung Gear is that they only work with Samsung phones and tablets, and only some of them at that. More recent Samsung models are Android Wear compliant, so they are compatible with non-Samsung phones - but not for all features.

Wear this Android to Jog and More
Withings was one of the first to the market with a feature-rich, syncing scale. This Internet of Things fitness company also makes the O2 Pulse, which measures activity and heart rate and oxygen levels.

Wear this Android to Jog and More
A lot of products means a lot of choices, so think of this as a preliminary guide to finding the product that will be best for you.

Highlight Keywords With Google Cache Search
Is it hard to find a specific piece of information on a large Web page? You can simply this by using Google's cached page to highlight your search term.

Google Photos Is the Photo Album You Deserve
Google launched Google Photos in May of 2015. This is good news for users, even if you loved both Google+ and the Google+ photo experience. Google Photos makes some logical guesses about photos that should belong together in groups. Assistant suggests special effects, collages, and stories that can be made out of your photos.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the latest version of Android and is scheduled to debut in October 2015.

Google Apps
Google Apps for Work is a program that hosts customized versions of Gmail, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar, and Google Sites under your domain.

Glossary F
Glossary of Google Products, Services, and Terms

What Is Folksonomy?
Folksonomy is a play on the word

All About Google News
Google News is a custom Internet newspaper with articles from 4,500 different news sources and the search functions of Google. Read all the news from various sources on the web or just read the stories that interest you.

Google Buzz Is Dead
The service, which was originally known internally as

What Is Postini
Postini was a standalone product that provided email security, spam filtering, instant messaging security, and email archiving services. Postini was purchased by Google in 2007 and completely phased out by 2015.

How Do You Get a Google Play Refund?
What if you purchase an app by mistake? How do you get a refund? What if your kid buys something?

How to Make a Panorama From a DROID 2 or DROID X Phone Camera
The DROID X comes with the capability to make panoramic pictures using the Panorama Assist feature. It's a little tricky to get started with one of these older model phones, but once you figure out how to use the pano feature, you'll be making great panoramas in no time.

DMOZ - Open Directory Project
The Open Directory Project, also known as DMOZ, is a volunteer-edited database of websites filed by category. Think of it like a Wikipedia-style catalog of websites, only slightly more reliable.

How to Use Google as a Dictionary - Power Search Tip
You may have noticed that occasionally, Google searches will offer a link to a definition for your search term. You can actually search for word definitions at any time. Learn how to unlock the hidden dictionary in Google with this power searching tip.

Allintitle Google Syntax
Allintitle: finds Web pages that only contain all of the keywords in their title. The keyword should follow with no spaces. It makes a lot of sense to search within the title tags when you are trying to refine searches for a subject that is very broad and may have a lot of search results but only a few that have titles dedicated to a particular term.

What Are Backlinks
This is the definition of backlinks for Web designers and marketers.

Android Diet and Exercise Apps with the Most Bang for Your Buck
Do you need a little encouragement? Do you find exact calorie counts confusing? Do you want integration with your smart scale or your activity tracker? There's an app for that.

Google Is Now Alphabet
Google is birthing its own parent! They're now Alphabet. Wait, what? Read more to try and make some sense of this arrangement.

Why Hyperlink Names Matter to Google Search Results
One thing Google considers when it ranks pages in search results is the quantity and quality of links that point to your page. However, lots of links alone won't make your page more relevant.

Find Public Domain and Creative Commons Images
Click the Google Search button to continue. Your results will be filtered according to your settings. Make sure you still visit the Web page that contains the image and read the terms and conditions.

Find Reusable and Public Domain Images With Google
If you don't have permission to use a image, you could get into trouble. Play it safe and use a filter in Google Image Search to find pictures.

Specify Your Image Filter
Specify your filter settings. If you're using the images for non-commercial purposes, you don't need the same level of filtration as you do if you're using the images in an ad-sponsored blog or website.

About the Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet
More on the Amazon Fire HD. Google.

Googlism - Google Game
Here's a peak at some creative and fun ways programmers have made use of Google's search engine. These tools are not associated or produced by Google, but they do make use of Google's search engine. Page 6.

Cookin' With Google - Find Recipes From Ingredients
Here's a peak at some creative and fun ways programmers have made use of Google's search engine. These tools are not associated or produced by Google, but they do make use of Google's search engine.

Google Fight Game
Here's a peak at some creative and fun ways programmers have made use of Google's search engine. These tools are not associated or produced by Google, but they do make use of Google's search engine. Page 4.

Google Fight - Which Word Is Better
Here's a peak at some creative and fun ways programmers have made use of Google's search engine. These tools are not associated or produced by Google, but they do make use of Google's search engine. Page 3.

Google Whack Game
Here's a peak at some creative and fun ways programmers have made use of Google's search engine. These tools are not associated or produced by Google, but they do make use of Google's search engine. Page 5.

elgooG - the Backwards Search Engine
Here's a peak at some creative and fun ways programmers have made use of Google's search engine. These tools are not associated or produced by Google, but they do make use of Google's search engine. Page 2.

Barns and Noble Nook HD
Learn more about the Nook HD. Google.

What Is the Internet of Things
Google is making some very interesting investments and inventions in the Internet of Things. The what of the what?

Universal Search - Google
Google universal search results mean that results from multiple specialized searches will appear within the main Google Web search results.

How to Move Your Blog from WordPress to Blogger
Maybe you're tired of paying for your blog, or maybe you just need a change. Here's how you move your blog.

What Is Vevo, Anyway?
If you are old enough to remember when MTV used to air music videos and wonder where all that content went, one answer is that it went to Vevo. Not all content is a music video. Vevo has been experimenting with original TV content through VevoTV and short clips that pepper some featured Vevo channels.

What's the Difference Between Google Apps and Google App Engine?
What's the Difference Between Google Apps and Google App Engine?

Made for AdSense - MFA
Made for AdSense or MFA sites are Web pages created specifically around AdSense keywords. These are often poor quality sites with little or no original content. MFA sites may use content copied or

Amazon Kindle Fire Review
Amazon is taking the world by storm with a new loss leading device. How does it stack up?

How to Turn on Your G Watch
There is a secret

How to Restart or Turn on Your Android LG G Watch
Your Android G Watch isn't supposed to turn off at all. Here's how you fix it and turn it back on.

How to Turn off Your G-Watch
To turn off your G Watch (or many other Android watches):

All About the Nexus 7
Learn more about the Nexus 7 from Google.

How to Upload a Blogger Template Step 3 Go to Backup/Remove
That's the last place you'd consider to be an

How to Upload a Blogger Template
Yes, Google's Blogger platform is still around, and it's still one of the easiest ways to host a blog for free with no ads and no restrictions on bandwidth. Here's how to upload a custom template.

How to Upload a Blogger Template Step 2
Make sure the theme you download is for Blogger/Blogspot only. It's also a good idea to check to make sure the template has either been created or updated within the last year or two.

How to Upload a Blogger Template Step 4: Upload
Now we get to the upload button. Go ahead and select it. Remember, we're just uploading the .xml file we unzipped in Step 2.

How to Upload a Blogger Template Step 5: Finishing touches.
If all went well, you should be the proud owner of a blog with a new template. You're not done. Don't walk away. You'll want to preview your template and make sure it is displaying as you expect it to display.

Here's a Google Glossary of products, services, and terms from Accessible Web Search to Zeitgeist.

Glossary E
Glossary of Google Products, Services, and Terms

Glossary G
Glossary of Google Products, Services, and Terms

Glossary H
Glossary of Google Products, Services, and Terms

Glossary J
Glossary of Google Products, Services, and Terms

Glossary Q-R
Glossary of Google Products, Services, and Terms

Glossary S
Glossary of Google Products, Services, and Terms

Glossary T
Glossary of Google Products, Services, and Terms

Glossary L
Glossary of Google Products, Services, and Terms

Glossary M
Glossary of Google Products, Services, and Terms

Glossary O
Glossary of Google Products, Services, and Terms

Save Batteries by Disabling 4G on Verizon Android Phones
Are you out of 4G battery range? Then why are you draining your phone's batteries with the service. Learn how to turn off 4G for your Android phone.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Cut the Cable Cord: Streaming TV
If you want to ditch cable without spending a bunch of money, the Chromecast is one of the best options all around. Here's why.

Roku 3
Roku was one of the first streaming players to really get a foothold, and it's still a great choice. Here's why.

Amazon Fire
Amazon came out with their own streaming TV choice, the Fire TV. Amazon uses the free portion of Android, which means it supports many Android apps but not Google. No YouTube or Google Play movies.

Amazon Fire Stick
Amazon Fire is also available in stick version. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is $39 and comes without the voice-control remote. This might be a good option for someone who is primarily interested in Amazon Prime watching.

Nexus Player
Of the two, the Fire TV has the better remote, and the Nexus Player has better voice search. Fortunately for you, you can ditch the Nexus remote and just use your phone as if it were a Chromecast.

Editing and Exporting iClone Movies
iClone isn't really an editing program. But it's not bad as part of a complete package. Director Mode was confusing at first, but it quickly became addictive. Page 2.

Review of Motorola Xoom Tablet - Disadvantages and the Bottom Line
What are the disadvantages of the Xoom? Should you buy an Android tablet right now? Page 2.

Google's Self Driving Cars Are Both Incredibly Exciting and Incredibly Boring
Nobody should get the wrong impression here. You're not stepping into a sports car. This thing drives slow and deliberately and brakes for pedestrians. It's still amazing.

What is Google?
Google. I'm sure you've heard of it. Google has a reputation for a casual atmosphere. As one of the few successful startups, Google still retains many perks of that era, including free lunch and laundry for employees and parking lot roller hockey games. Google employees have been traditionally allowed to spend twenty percent of their time on projects of their choosing.

Google Browser Sync for Firefox
Google doesn't always get it right. Read about the projects Google had to kill.

Google Answers
Did you know Google used to let you pay someone else to, well, Google it for you and send you the answer?

Google Nexus One
This was the original Google Phone, and in spite of being an amazing phone, it was a commercial flop.

Google X
Google doesn't always get it right. Read about the projects Google had to kill.

Google Lively
Did you know Google tried to launch a 3D chat world?

Dodgeball from Google
Before Foursquare was a phone phenomenon, the founder had a different service that Google purchased and killed.

Google Deskbar
Google Deskbar was a simplified Google search for your desktop.

Google Shared Stuff
Google Shared Stuff was a service Google sent to the graveyard.

Google Page Creator
Google had an amazing HTML creator, and then they killed it.

Google Catalogs
Google killed this service and then brought it back from the dead.

Google Reader
Google Reader was a feed reader. It allowed you to subscribe to RSS and Atom feeds. You could manage feeds, label them, and search through them. It worked better than competing products in many ways, but the interests of the Web seem to be moving a bit beyond the feed model and more towards just plain social sharing. Google pulled the plug on the product.

Google Helpouts
Helpouts by Google used to let you buy one on one consultations with experts.

Google Wave
Anyone remember Google Wave? It was the darling of 2009.

Picasa Hello
Picasa Hello used to let you send pictures via instant message.

Google Graveyard
Learn about the things Google killed.

Goog 411
Google doesn't always get it right. Read about the projects Google had to kill.

Yet More Casualties
Here are even more Google products they killed.

Google Health
I really liked tracking my kids' height on Google Health, but now it is discontinued.

Google PowerMeter
Google's early entry into smart meters hits the end of the road.

You can get the gadget experience from apps and widgets on your Android devices, and you can quickly get to your Web apps through the Chrome browser (and, of course, Chromebooks.)

Google tried experimenting with a new search engine that didn't have the Google label.

Google Video
Google Video was a service killed by Google after it acquired the more promising startup, YouTube.

Lawsuit - Viacom Sued YouTube
Viacom announced they were suing Google over alleged copyright infringement on the Google owned YouTube video hosting site.

10 Research Tips from an Expert at Google
It's time to get back to school. Here are some great tips for finding what you need from Dr. Dan Russell, a research scientist at Google.

What Is Google Zeitgeist
What is Google Zeitgeist?Every year Google compiles a list of the most trending search patterns of the year, which is compiled into Google Zeitgeist

A Quick Google Cheat Sheet
Need a quick reference to Google power searches? This quick guide will show you Google syntax and search secrets.

Google Desktop Is Gone
One of the most irritating things about Windows is the extremely slow and inefficient search function. Imagine being able to run a Google search for items on your computer and getting results in a fraction of a second. With Google Desktop, you can do just that.

How to Find Specific File Types - Google and Google Desktop Tip
Are you looking for a specific type of file? Both Google and Google Desktop support the filetype command, which lets you restrict your searches to specific file types.

Cardio Trainer Pro (Android Fitness App): Overview
Use your Android phone to help with your weight loss goal. Cardio Trainer for Android will help you hit your fitness goals.

How to Add a Feed to Google Reader
Google Reader is dead. It is pushing up daisies. It is an ex-product. You can no longer add feeds to Google reader.

Did Google Kill Google+
Google+ is going splitsville. Find out a little more about the future of Google's social media platform.

What is Google Project Fi?
Project Fi is designed around the idea of making your phone connect faster by taking advantage of public Wi-Fi signals. It may also save a ton of money on your monthly bill.

What Is Google Knowledge Based Trust
Google may be working on a way to rank websites according to the number of facts they contain.

A Word of Caution
Easter eggs are all undocumented and hidden features, and they could disappear without notice at any point.

An Easter Egg as an Easter Egg
Google has hidden an Easter egg with the power of math.

A man, a plan, a canal. Panama. Google.

Drag Queen
The results are fabulous. Google.

Bletchley Park
Want to see code being deciphered?

Zerg Rush
This is a cool mini game in Google.

The definition of Googling recursion is what happens when you Google recursion.

Do a Barrel Roll
Have you tried Googling this? Google.

Tilt with Google
Here's how to make your search wonky.

Atari Breakout
Here's a secret Atari Breakout game hidden in Google.

The Festivus Poll
Do you have any grievances to air?

YouTube for Kids
YouTube Kids is a Google app for Android or iOS that plays YouTube videos appropriate for children. In addition to filtered content aimed at making YouTube more acceptable in schools and homes, YouTube Kids also has a more kid-friendly interface.

Google Maps Pac-Man
Want to play Pac-Man? Google Maps has a Pac-Man style game available in every map. Just go anywhere in Google Maps and click on the Pac-Man link on the lower left corner. The map becomes a game that records your high score.

The backwards version of Google. Not only is the interface, backwards, the search results are backwards, too. You can also use voice search to view your backwards search results. It's pretty fantastic.

Smartbox Inbox
martbox is a service that claims to combine the best of Inbox and physical mail. A mailbox that is

Chrome Selfie
Android users can take Chrome selfies as reaction shots to any web page. Launch the Chrome browser inside an Android tablet or phone on April 1 (or when your phone thinks it's April 1 for those of us impatient West Coast types) and you'll have the option to

Darude Sandstorm

Self Browsing Chromebook
The new self-browsing Chromebook automatically surfs the web and does all the things you'd do online without any of your help.

Google Panda
Google Japan launched Google Panda as a new kawaii device to channel Google Now style questions. This joke plays on devices and Google Now, of course, but it also plays on the name

Japanese Keyless Keyboard
Google Japan launched the keyless keyboard that allows users to input words by blowing strategically on a party horn.

Google Fiber Dial-up Mode
Internet so fast that you never have time to go pee or get a snack? Google Fiber has the solution. Dial-up mode slows down your Internet to dial-up speeds and lets you meditate to the gentle sounds of a 56k modem. Early testing in Kansas City shows increased calls to grandma and other positive​ signs.

The Earth's Tilt Is Slipping
Google Australia announced a new discovery. The tilt of the earth was slipping, and eventually Australia would be on top instead of

Ingress PacMan
Ingress was also infected by Pac-Man fever on April 1.

10 Google Easter Eggs
Here are some fantastic Google Easter eggs. Search quickly, because as undocumented features, they could go away!

Instructions on How to Make a Google Profile
Google used to have a Google Profile service. Here's what it looked like.

Google Maps
Google Maps allows you to get driving directions and find local businesses and services or to zoom in and out of specific locations. Google Maps uses both satellite imagery and map data, and the interface can be clicked and dragged from within a browser window, similar to Google Earth.

How to Find out Who Is Watching Your YouTube Videos
Wouldn't it be helpful to know who is watching your uploaded YouTube videos? Well, you can't find out specific names, but you can get to know your typical viewer from the demographic info.

Before You Buy an Android Watch
Here are a few hands on tips from someone who owns an Android watch.

Google Zeitgeist 2014
Have a look at the trending searches of 2014. Google Zeitgeist looks at changing search patterns.


What Is Google TV? - Description and Review
What Is Google TV? - Do You Need a Smart TV?

How to Edit a Location in Google Maps
Is your house in the wrong spot? Does Google point to a business that is really half a block up the road? Edit it.

How Do I Delete a Blogger/Blogspot Account?
Here's how to delete a Blogger (Blogspot) account.

Kindle Fire HD or Google Nexus 7? - Google
Which should you pick? The Google Nexus 7 or the Kindle Fire HD?

Google Earth Game - Monster Milktruck
This is an entertaining quick game to kill a little time and do a little Google Earth fantasy exploring. It was originally written as an example of the Google Earth Web browser plug-in.

Map a List of Addresses With Google Maps and Spreadsheets
Map a List is a third-party tool developed by Brian Sobel that lets you take a list of addresses from a Google Docs spreadsheet and turn it into markers in Google Maps.

Google Toolbar Extension for Firefox
Google Toolbar was an extension for Firefox and Internet Explorer. It is no longer available.

More Google Toolbar Reviewed
AutoLink is an interesting tool. If you press the AutoLink button, it will detect information such as addresses VINs, ISBNs and shipment tracking numbers that don't have web links. Page 2.

Can You Have More Than One YouTube Channel?
Can you make more than one YouTube channel? Are multiple YouTube accounts OK?

How to Plan an Alternate Route With Google Maps
Do you want to avoid a toll road, make a side trip, or avoid heavy traffic? It's easy to change your route in Google Maps. Just drag and drop.

Scroogled: How True Is Microsoft's Google Attack Ad?
What's with the Microsoft add for Outlook? Is Google really reading my email?

An Early Google Play Music Review
Here's a review of Google Play Music.

Google Maps Driving Directions From Gmail
Want an easy way to find directions to the party? Gmail lets you easily get driving directions right from your inbox.

Play Android Apps on Windows With BlueStacks
If you thought you couldn't play Android apps on Windows, you thought wrong! Here's one product that will let you do it.

How to Check Your Flight Status With Google
Are you traveling for holidays or vacation? Here's an easy and quick way to check your flight status ahead of time. It may not make an airplane fly faster, but it will at least warn you of a delay ahead of time.

How to Add a YouTube Channel Background Image
One way to make a slick, professional looking YouTube Channel is to add your own background image.

Guide to Android Wear Watches 2014
Confused by all the Android Wear watches out there this year? Here's a quick guide for the Christmas shopper.

How to Find the Hidden Flight Simulator in Google Earth
Google Earth 4.2 comes with a nifty Easter egg - a hidden flight simulator! You can fly your virtual airplane through scenic destinations. Once you find the flight simulator the first time, it will always be available as an option for you to explore later.

How to Visit Virtual Mars in Google Earth
Did you know that Google Earth will show you a virtual Mars in addition to Earth? You can visit the red planet any time you'd like.

Google Insights for Search
Google Insights for Search is a lot like Google Trends combined with Google Analytics. This free service offers a lot of options. You can view search trends individually or by comparison, see worldwide, countrywide, and regional breakdowns of those trends, and also see related searches.

What Is Google Gears and What Does It Do?
Google Gears is a browser extension from Google. It allows offline access to Google tools and services by downloading data to your local computer.

Google Image Search
Google Images is a search engine of images on the web. Thumbnails of images are displayed based on the search keywords used. The filename and surrounding text of the image are used to match the search keywords, and you can specify small, medium, or large images. Images found in Google Image may still be under copyright protection from the image creator.

Scroll to the SafeSearch Filtering
Scroll to the SafeSearch Filtering. SafeSearch can filter out potential offensive images or language. No filter is ever a guarantee that nothing offensive will slip through, but Google SafeSearch does do a pretty good job. You can set SafeSearch to one of three filtering levels.

How to Search Google Safely in Front of Children or Your Boss With SafeSearch
If you have children or use Google in public a work environment, you may want to take extra precautions to make sure you don't accidentally run into pornography or other inappropriate content. Use this tip to change your settings in Google to filter out most adult content.

Set Your SafeSearch Filter Level and Save
Once you have specified your preference, scroll to the bottom of the screen and press the Save Preferences button. Your settings will remain on that browser on that computer. If you log into your Google Account and change your preferences, your choices will take effect any time you are logged into Google.

What Is Google Inbox?
Learn more about Google's exciting new next-generation email platform. Currently it is invite-only, so start bugging your friends now.

How to Search Within Web Site Titles Using Google's Intitle: Syntax
You can use this power search tip to find results that have one or more words in the title of the Web page.

What Is Google Wave?
Google Wave was a next generation communication and collaboration tool. And there were robots.

What Is NFC - Near Field Communication
Learn more about NFC, Near Field Communication. Can Google turn NFC into a payment system?

What Is Gooru Learning?
Gooru Learning is a project from a former Googler to help find quality learning resources for kids.

The Google Exec, the Heroin Overdose, and the Prostitute
This case sounds like something written for a bad TV drama.

5 Wearable Fitness Trackers for Android
There sure are a lot of these fitness tracker doohickies on the market. How about a rundown of a few of the most popular models.

How to Search with Google - Basic Search Tips
Google is full of features, and sometimes its easy to miss a few. Here are some basic searching tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Google searches.

Why Should I Care to Use Google?
Google provides a lot of tools and services. Google's search engine is the world's largest web search engine, as well as the world's most popular. Google is one of the top five most popular websites in the world. Why is that? Why are they so popular and why should you use them too?

Google Play Music
More about the service formerly known as Google Music.

Best Free Android App
What's the best free Android app?

Can You Charge Motorola Xooms From the USB Cable?
The Xoom has a USB port. Find out if you can use it to charge your Xoom.

How to Flip a YouTube Page (2009 April Fool's Day Joke)
Here's an undocumented YouTube coding trick from the 2009 April Fool's Day jokes. It's simple and funny. However, as an undocumented feature, it could stop working at any time.

How Do You Read Gmail Offline?
I've heard that you can read Gmail when you're not connected to the Internet. How does this work?

More on Google Wallet
Learn more about Google Wallet, formerly known as Google Checkout.

Google for Photographers
Here are some mostly free ways to handle photos from Google

Samsung Galaxy Note II Hands-on Review
The Samsung Galaxy Note II is a fabulous phablet.

How to Add Widgets to Your Android Home Screen
If you want to personalize your Android phone, this guide will show you the steps to adding a desktop Widget

How to Change Your Gmail Theme
Want to make your Gmail page more fun? Change the theme. Some themes even change with the time of day, just like the themes in iGoogle.

Legally Adding Copyrighted Music to Your YouTube Video
Here is an easy way to make your own music video or give your YouTube video a soundtrack. It's easy, legal, and free.

How to Embed Google Calendar on a Website or Blog
Does your club, band, team, company, or family website need a professional looking calendar? Why not use the free and easy Google Calendar. You can share responsibility for editing events and embed your live calendar on your website to let everyone know about upcoming events.

How to Embed Google Calendar on a Website or Blog
If you are happy with Google's default settings, you can skip the next step. However, in most cases you'll want to tweak the size or color of your calendar.

Embedding Google Calendar - Customizing the Look
This screen should open in a new window after you click on the customize link. You can specify the default background color to match your website. You can set the calendar to default to week or agenda views, which might be useful for something like a cafeteria menu or team project schedule.

Embedding Google Calendar - Paste Your HTML
I'm pasting this into a Blogger blog, but you can paste it into any Web page that allows you to embed objects. If you can embed a YouTube video on the page, you shouldn't have a problem.

Embedding Google Calendar - Finished Product
Ta da! View your final page. If it isn't quite the size or color you had in mind, you can go back to Google Calendar and adjust the settings, but you'll have to copy and paste the HTML again.

Google Chrome Web Browser Review
Not happy with creating a myriad of applications that keep Microsoft Executives up late at night worrying about market share, Google has done it again. In creating an open source browser, from Apple code, Google has not only created a wonderful new tool for web surfers to use, it has shown the way browsers should work. And better yet, it allows users to genuinely architect their browser experience.

What Is Ajax - Ajax Web Programming Definition - Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It's a Web programming technique that exchanges small amounts of information behind the scenes to speed up applications on the Web.

Google Voice for Android Application Review
As a stand alone service, Google Voice is powerful and can greatly increase your productivity and ability to remain in contact with those whom you wish.

Android 2.2.1 Update - New Features and Improvements
Google released the Android 2.2.1 update on January 18, 2011. It was a minor over-the-air (OTA) update featuring tweaks for Twitter and Gmail.

Can Google's Android Phones Play Flash?
Can Android phones play Flash? Google.

Solving the HTC Thunderbolt Network 3G Connection Bug
The HTC Thunderbolt has an issue when connected to Verizon's 3G network. After working with a Verizon service tech, we discovered how to solve the issues.

Where Can I Find Google's Oldest Index of Websites?
As part of their tenth birthday celebration, Google introduced the oldest index they still had available. It only goes back to 2001, but it's still pretty fun to browse.

Learn More About the Galaxy Nexus
What's the big deal about the Galaxy Nexus? Read this to find out.

Android, IPad, and Kindle Fire Compared
If you can't decide which tablet to buy for Christmas, read this article for some shopping tips.

Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire, and Nook Tablet Smackdown
Read this to decide which tablet you should buy.

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet - How Does It Stack up?
Here's how the Nook Tablet looks compared to the Fire and Galaxy Tab.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus Comparison
See how the latest Galaxy Tab compares to the Kindle Fire.

And the Winner Is...
Which tablet wins the game? Read this to find out.

How to Annotate a YouTube Video (Slideshow Guide)
Annotations are an easy way to add additional information to your YouTube video, such as links, subtitles, promotions for your other videos, or corrections and updates. You can easily add annotations to your videos by clicking and typing.

Add a YouTube Annotation - Annotation Types
Next, select an annotation type. You can choose Spotlights, Speech Bubbles, or Notes.

Annotate YouTube - Add Your YouTube Annotation Text
Now you can type in your annotation. You can change the annotation type if you wish. Click on the chain to add a Web link. Click on the color wheel to change your note's color. Click on the trash can to delete your annotation.

Annotation YouTube - Your Annotation Is Published
That's it. Your annotation is finished and live. You can add more annotations, or you can double click on the annotation to edit it.

Android, Apps, & More
Google is synonymous with Web search, but Google offers a wide variety of other products and services from email and blogging tools to services for mobile devices. Google has been experimenting for years with creative new offerings. It's a smart move because Internet technology changes rapidly, and a big hit today could be irrelevant tomorrow.

Google Tips & Tricks
Here are some Google tips and tools to impress your friends and get more done. Perhaps you could even impress your boss.

Google Web Search Tips, Tricks, and Tools
Learn the easiest and most efficient ways to search the Web with Google. Here are some tips and techniques for finding what you want on the Web.

YouTube for Mobile
YouTube for Mobile lets you view and upload YouTube videos from compatible cell phones.

Best Android Apps to Use While On Vacation - Android Travel Apps
Before planning or going on a vacation, install these top android apps to your Android smartphone. From planning your vacation to helping you remember what you did, these travel apps will really come in handy.

The Google World Wonders Project
Explore the world with Google World Wonders Project

What Is Google Fiber
Read more about Google Fiber, the project starting in Kansas City.

Android Multiple Gmail Accounts Set Up - Final Steps
The final steps in adding multiple Gmail accounts to your Android phone. Page 4.

Setting Up Multiple Gmail Accounts on Your Android Phone
Gmail is a powerful email client. This is the third step that shows the easy steps to set up multiple Gmail accounts on your Android phone. Page 3.

Android Multiple Gmail Accounts Set Up - Menu Key
The second step in setting up multiple Gmail accounts on your Android Phone. Page 2.

Android Multiple Gmail Accounts Set Up Tutorial
Gmail is a powerful email client. This article shows the easy steps to set up multiple Gmail accounts on your Android phone.

Netflix on Chromebooks and Chrome OS
Can you play Netflix movies on Chromebooks? Read this to find out.

Add Blogrolls and Other Gadgets to Your Blog on Blogger
Blogger lets you easily add all sorts of widgets and gadgets to your blog. You don't have to know any programming to add really nice features, like photo slide albums, games,

Click on Add a Gadget - Blogger Blogspot
You will now see a screen that represents all the elements on your blog. You can add a new gadget to the side or bottom of this blog by clicking on Add a Gadget.

Select Your Gadget - Blogger
Select a gadget. Google offers a large selection of gadgets written by Google and third parties. If you don't find one you like, you can also select HTML/JavaScript and paste in your own code.

Configure Your Gadget - Blogger
If your gadget needs any configuration or editing, you'll be prompted to do that now. In this case, the Link List gadget needs... a list of links.

Preview and Save - Blogger
Now you'll see your layout view again. You can drag the elements around to rearrange them. You can click on the Preview button to preview your changes in a new window.

How to Make Your Own #McConnelling Video
This is how to make a McConnell video with an alternative soundtrack.

Maps and Directions with Google
Find anything in the world with Google Earth, Google Maps, and related services. Get driving directions, find local attractions, and go on virtual tours

Save and Share Your Photo - Editing in Google+
How to edit photos in Google+ using Creative Kit. Once you've made all the photo edits you'd like, you can save and share your photo. Page 6.

Select a Photo in Google+
Read more about the amazing photo editor in Google+.

The Photo Details Page on Google Plus
You have a ton of options from the photo details page in Google+. Let's explore them. Page 2.

Select Creative Kit on Google+
The Creative Kit is the real meat behind Google+ photo editing. Page 3.

Edit Your Photo on Google+
Here's where you start editing your photo. Page 4.

Add Stickers and Seasonal Effects to Your Photo
This is how you make a vampire using Google+. Page 5.

Five Impressive Google Tricks
Here's five tricks for Google search.

Trifecta of Android Fitness Apps
Here's some great apps for you to get fit with Android.

Top Android Shopping Apps
Top Android Shopping apps. Learn about the top shopping apps in the Android market.

Five Free Android Games You Should Download Now
When you need a break from your busy day, try out one or all of these free Android apps. Download these free games and get your game break fix.

Review of Google Voice - Formerly GrandCentral
Google Voice is a service from Google that allows you to manage all of your phones at once. You can give everyone one phone number. What happens when they dial the phone number depends on who is calling. Make all of your phones ring, make only a few ring, or force them all to voice mail. You can even customize the tone callers hear while they wait for phone rings.

Google Music Review
Does Google Music live up to the Google name?

Review of The Joy Factory BubbleShield for Smartphones and Tablets
BubbleShield offers a reusable water resistant shield for smartphones and tablets. How well does it stack up?

Sony NSZ-GS7 Review
The Sony NSZ-GS7 is a new $199 Google TV device from Sony. Here's how it does.

2011 Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet
Is the Kindle Fire a new Android tablet in disguise?

You Can Buy a Galaxy Nexus in Google Play
Here's how you buy a phone directly from Google.

A Google Image Is Worth
Click on the Images link above the keyword box, and Google transfers your search to Google Images. This is a search of only image files. Google determines which images meet the search criteria by looking at the name of the image file and the text surrounding it. For the phrase quality of mercy� there are CD and movie covers, still frames from the Twilight Zone episode, and pictures of a book called Quality of Mercy. Page 2.

Fiberhood - Google Fiber
Google's approach to fiber in Kansas City introduces the concept of Fiberhood.

What Is Android Ice Cream Sandwich - ICS
Here's the skinny on Google's newest version of Android - Ice Cream Sandwich.

Google Project Glass
Project Glass is Google's augmented reality glasses project.

What Does "Gone Google" Mean?
What does

Glossary W-X
Glossary of Google Products, Services, and Terms

Glossary B
Glossary of Google Products, Services, and Terms

Glossary C
Glossary of Google Products, Services, and Terms

Glossary Y-Z
Glossary of Google Products, Services, and Terms

Google Earth
Google Earth is a map of the world on steroids. You can zoom and glide over stitched together satellite photos of the world. Use Google Earth to find driving directions, find nearby restaurants, do serious research, or go on virtual vacations.

Google Maps and Mash-ups
Learn about Google Maps and Google Maps mash-ups.

Glossary I
Glossary of Google Products, Services, and Terms

Google Friend Connect
Google Friend Connect is a Google service that lets you add social features to a website without having to do any Web programming. The service allows you to copy and paste a code snippet into a Web page to add the social elements.

Review of Motorola Xoom from Verizon - First Android Honeycomb Tablet
Is it better than an iPad? Read this review of the Motorola Xoom to find out.

Review of iClone 3.1 With 3DXchange - Make YouTube Videos With Google 3D Warehouse Objects and More
iClone 3 is a 3D animation and film making tool. It is an affordable package for beginning to mid-level animators. 3DXchange is the tool that allows you to import 3D models from other programs, including the huge library of Google 3D Warehouse objects and backdrops.

Google Map It Out
Click on the Maps link above the keyword search area, and Google transfers the search to Google Maps. Google Maps searches for places and businesses that match the keywords. Matches are marked on the map with flags. The map can be manipulated with your mouse, and you can get driving directions. The interface is very similar to Google Earth. Page 5.

Tour of T-Mobile G1 With Google - Android Phone
Here's a look at the new T-Mobile G1 With Google. This phone is the first Android-powered phone to hit the market. It was introduced in the US in 2008. It started at a price of $179 with a two year voice and data contract or $399 without a plan. It should be available in the UK in November and Europe in 2009.

YouTube on AppleTV
AppleTV offers several choices for viewing and browsing videos. You can do it by featured or most views, or you can search for a video to find a particular choice. You also have more options available by logging in. Page 3.

AdSense Arbitrage
Arbitrage is the practice of buying something in one market and selling it in another for profit. Stock brokers do this sometimes by buying stock X in Hong Kong and selling it in London for fifty cents more per share. AdSense arbitrage is the technique of buying cheap AdWords campaigns to direct traffic to pages optimized for expensive AdSense campaigns.

More, More, More Google Options
Finally, clicking on the more button above the keyword search goes to a page listing more Google products. You can see options for more searches, such as catalog or video searches. You can also see services for creating blogs or organizing photos. It's worth going here when you've got time to explore. You never know what new service you'll find next. Page 10.

The Google Video Search
Click on the Video link above the keyword search box, and Google transfers you to a Google Video search. Google Video contains a collection of videos that are both commercial and non-commercial. Page 3.

Good News
Click on the News link above the keyword search box, and Google transfers our search to Google News. Google News searches go through only current news items matching the search criteria. Page 4.

More, more, more
Click on the more>> link to select more searches. Page 6.

Google Book It
Google Books is the top choice in the more>> option box. Google Books lets you search through a massive database of printed books. Page 7.

Be Froogle
Froogle is Google's search engine for products and services. In this case, the results are for a CD called 'Quality of Mercy.' Results can be sorted by price, by closest location to you, or by store. This is one of the most useful searches, if you're looking for a specific product for purchase. Page 8.

Becoming a Groupie with Google Groups
Click on more and then Groups above the keyword search box, and Google transfers your search to Google Groups. A Google Groups search can search through all public discussion boards on Google Groups, but it also searches the Usenet database back as far as 1981. Usenet was a heavily used network of discussion newsgroups that were available before the World Wide Web, discussing just about every topic conceivable. Page 9.

Why Titles Matter - How to Get More People to See Your Pages in Google - SEO - Search Engine Optimization Tip
Don't neglect your page titles when you make new content. A good title can influence your rank in Google, and it can drive people to either click on your page or stay away.

Tour of T-Mobile G1 With Google - Android Phone
Here's a look at the new T-Mobile G1 With Google. This phone is the first Android-powered phone to hit the market. It was introduced in the US in 2008. It started at a price of $179 with a two year voice and data contract or $399 without a plan. It should be available in the UK in November and Europe in 2009. Page 4.

Tour of T-Mobile G1 With Google - Android Phone
Here's a look at the new T-Mobile G1 With Google. This phone is the first Android-powered phone to hit the market. It was introduced in the US in 2008. It started at a price of $179 with a two year voice and data contract or $399 without a plan. It should be available in the UK in November and Europe in 2009. Page 2.

Immersive Media - IMC - the Camera That Captured Google Maps Street View
Immersive Media demonstrated their 360 camera. The camera was used to capture Google Maps' street view. Page 5.

Jazzmutant Multi-touch Screens
Jazzmutant demonstrated their multi-touch screens which are already commercially available. They can be used with a stylus or with fingers. Page 9.

MERL DiamondTouch Table
MERL, which stands for Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc, displayed their multitouch display technology, DiamondTouch. Page 4.

AppleTV's Main Menu - Showing YouTube
Once you download Apple's update to AppleTV, your AppleTV's main menu will include a new YouTube option. This will let you view select YouTube videos straight from the Internet. Page 2.

Take a Tour of YouTube on AppleTV
AppleTV users can now view streaming YouTube videos on their television. How does this work with a tiny little Apple remote? Check out this gallery to see. Page 7.

Take a Tour of YouTube on AppleTV
AppleTV users can now view streaming YouTube videos on their television. How does this work with a tiny little Apple remote? Check out this gallery to see. Page 5.

Take a Tour of YouTube on AppleTV
AppleTV users can now view streaming YouTube videos on their television. How does this work with a tiny little Apple remote? Check out this gallery to see. Page 8.

Take a Tour of YouTube on AppleTV
AppleTV users can now view streaming YouTube videos on their television. How does this work with a tiny little Apple remote? Check out this gallery to see. Page 6.

Take a Tour of YouTube on AppleTV
AppleTV users can now view streaming YouTube videos on their television. How does this work with a tiny little Apple remote? Check out this gallery to see. Page 4.

Google Instant
Google Instant is a feature of Google search that attempts to predict search results as you're typing. It's designed to make search results faster. If you don't like Google Instant, you can turn it off by clicking on the link to the right of the search box.

Why Doesn't Google's Chrome Browser Have a Search Box?
For a long time, Web browsers didn't have a search box, but in recent years Firefox, IE, and Safari all have one. Why is it that Chrome doesn't have a search box?

Does TinyURL Transfer PageRank - URL Shortening Services and Google PageRank
TinyURL is one of many URL shortening services which let users substitute a smaller URL that redirects to the long URL. Services like Twitter take advantage of TinyURL to save space, and other users find it convenient to use in place of a really long Web address. Does this affect PageRank? Can you still leverage the power of backlinks if they've been shortened?

Synonym Search Google - Find Synonyms in Web Searches With Google
Can't think of a word? Use Google to search for both your search terms and synonyms.

Review of Rotten Neighbors' Google Maps Mashup is a new Web site that is designed to help you find out about your neighbors before you move. Users can search zip codes to see the density of rotten neighbors, and they're encouraged to contribute rotten neighbors of their own.

Apple IPad 2 vs Motorola Xoom - Should I Buy an IPad or a Xoom
Now that both the iPad and Xoom are available, here's some buying advice to help you decide which is right for you.

Google Hotpot
Hotpot is Google's recommendation engine for places and restaurants.

Google Similar Images - Similar Image Search
Google Similar Images is a Google Labs variation of the standard Google Image Search. Rather than simply using keyword text, you can search for images that are similar to the image you've already found.

Google Finance
Google Finance is a beta service that offers information about US stocks, mutual funds, and corporations, along with financial news and search capabilities.

Can You Find and Replace Words in Google Docs?
Your paper is due tomorrow, and you just realized you've misspelled a name you've used countless times. What do you do? You find and replace the word.

Google Public Domain Name Server - Google Public DNS
Google Public DNS is a Domain Name Server run by Google in an effort to speed up the time it takes to load Web pages.

Top Social Networking Gadgets for Your iGoogle Page - Flickr Gadgets
Whether you like Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace, there's a Google Gadget for you. Learn how to check all your social networks from your iGoogle page.

Take a Tour of YouTube on AppleTV
AppleTV users can now view streaming YouTube videos on their television. How does this work with a tiny little Apple remote? Check out this gallery to see.

Chicklet - What Is a Chicklet?
Chicklet is Internet slang for the little square icon indicating that an RSS feed is available for a page. It's also used to refer to the small buttons used to subscribe from a particular service, such as Google Reader.

Google Picasa
Picasa is a photo organization tool for Windows, Macs, and Linux that allows you to organize, crop, apply filters and do minor editing on photos. It also allows you to order physical prints from Web-based photo labs.

Google Mashup - What Is a Mashup
A mashup is a Web site that combines content data from more than one source to create a new user experience.