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Video Response - YouTube
A video response is a video created as a reply to another user's video. Most commonly video responses are made by someone simply recording themselves talking in front of a Web cam.

Virgle was a 2008 April Fool's Day prank suggesting a joint venture with Google and Virgin Galactic to colonize Mars.

VisualRank is a Google system for identifying images, similar to what PageRank does for Web pages.

Web Search
This is Google's first and main function. Google is the most popular web search tool in the world, and the word

Web Toolkit
Google Web Toolkit is a tool for developers. Google calls it a ā€œdevelopment framework that lets you escape the matrix of technologies that make writing AJAX applications so difficult and error prone.

FeedBurner Headline Animator
Headline Animator is a service from FeedBurner that lets you make a mini banner advertising the latest entries in your feed. You could use this to promote a blog from another Web page.

HTC Hero - Android Smartphone - HTC Hero
The HTC Hero is an Android phone. It features a user interface overlay called HTC Sense, which is designed to personalize your smartphone.

Google JotSpot
JotSpot was a company purchased by Google. JotSpot allowed businesses and individuals to create wikis.

Kaltix Corp - Google
Kaltix Corp was a small search search technology start-up based in Palo Alto California. It was founded in June 2003 and purchased by Google in September of that same year.

Keyword Stuffing Definition
Keyword stuffing is a deceptive technique to try and elevate a Web site's search engine result ranking by hiding text, so it is unlikely to be seen by a visitor but will be visible to search engines.

Google Knols
Knol is an experimental tool from Google that allows individual authors to create a page on any given topic. Authors of knols can place ads on their pages and receive a share of the revenue if they choose.

Google News Archive Search
Google News Archive Search is a specialized search through news articles on Google News including archived print newspaper articles. Archive search can show articles ranked by relevance or as a historical timeline.

Neotonic Software
Neotonic Software was a San Fransisco based company that produced technology for email customer support. Google acquired the company in 2003 and folded the technology into Google products.

Neven Vision - Google
Neven Vision is image recognition technology developed by Nevenengineering, Inc. Google announced that they'd acquired the company in August of 2006 and planned to use Neven Vision to enhance Picasa.

Android Honeycomb
Honeycomb is the code name for the Android OS release following Android 2.3, Gingerbread.

Google Scholar
Google Scholar is a search engine for peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts, and other scholarly literature from all broad areas of research.

Google Web History - What Is Google Web Search History
Google Web History is part of the data Google stores with your Google account.

Sitemaps - What Are Sidemaps?
Sitemaps allow Google and other search engines to more easily crawl your site, which means your visitors find it easier to get to your contact.

Web Accelerator
Web Accelerator is a Google Labs project. It is Windows based add-on software for Internet Explorer or Firefox that uses various strategies to make web pages load faster.

Google Dodgeball - Social Networking for Mobile
Dodgeball is a social networking tool using mobile phones. It allows you to broadcast your location to other users, so they can meet up with you for social events or lets you know if your friends and crushes are nearby.

Google Co-op - Google CSE
Google Co-op was a service that allowed people to contribute expertise by suggesting ways Google searches can be grouped, labeled and annotated for refined results. Users subscribe to a topic, and the topic's labels and annotations appeared with the search results.

Google Desktop
Google Desktop is a search utility that runs on a Windows or Macs and allows you to search for emails, web history, and files on your hard drive. Google Desktop also allows you to install Google Gadgets

Google Directory
Google Directory is a Google enhanced way to navigate the Open Directory Project. The Open Directory Project is non-commercial and maintained outside of Google. It is a volunteer-edited database of websites filed by category. Using Google Directory allows you to narrow a very broad search into only information within a certain category.

Froogle is a search engine for products and services. It is free to search and free to list products or services available for sale. Merchants list items for sale through Google Base. Froogle is also offered in a mobile device friendly format.

Google Gadgets
Google Gadgets are extensions of Google Desktop, written both by Google and by third parties. They allow you to customize the Windows desktop with games and information utilities. Google Gadgets are also tools you can use from Personalized Home.

Google Groups
Google Groups is a service that allows you to create announcement lists, mailing lists, and discussion boards. Public content is also searchable, and Google Groups can also search archived USNET postings as far back as 1981.

Google Image Search
Google Images is a search engine of images on the web. Thumbnails of images are displayed based on the search keywords used. The filename and surrounding text of the image are used to match the search keywords, and you can specify small, medium, or large images. Images found in Google Image may still be under copyright protection from the image creator.

Google and Nike Joga Bonito
Joga was a joint venture with Nike. The name comes from the Portuguese phrase

Google Language Tools
Google Language Tools allow you to translate text from one language to another or to search for phrases within specific languages. You can also use the Language Tools to set your language preference for Google buttons and text

Orkut is a social networking service that allows you to post personal or professional information and link to friends and acquaintances. Orkut is currently available only by invitation from an existing Orkut member and requires a Google account.

Google for Educators
Google for Educators is a section of Google's website used to promote classroom use of Google products. Google also offers a teacher's newsletter through Google Groups.

Expandable Ads - AdSense
AdSense is experimenting with expandable ads. These are ads that expand when users click on them. Google's initial announcement is that these ads will pay site owners only when the user expands the ad and clicks on them to visit the advertiser's website.

Google Base
Google Base is currently in beta. It is a free web service that allows you to submit items that appear in Google search results. Examples of common uses are to submit products that appear in Frugal searches or submit videos to appear in Google Video searches. Google Base can also be used to host some content.

Blog Search - Google
Google Blog Search is a search engine for blogs. Blog Search will search most blogs, not just those powered by Blogger.

Google Code
Code is Google's site for external developers interested in developing Google related code. This is where Google publishes free source code and related information.

Google Sidewiki
Sidewiki is a commenting system for the entire Web. It is potentially on any page and visible as a sidebar you can reveal or hide as you browse. These comments are ranked by algorithm as they're posted. Furthermore, it takes comments on one page and includes those same comments on pages that quote from the original.

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Google traditionally used the name


Google Sites
Google Sites is a wiki and collaboration tool formerly known as JotSpot. As of this writing, it is only available for Google Apps users.

Google SafeSearch
SafeSearch is a Google setting which filters out adult content from Web and Image search results. The default filter level is set to moderate filtering.

Searchology is a periodic Google press event where they announce big changes and new features for Google search.

Semantic Search
Semantic search is the ability of a search engine to determine what you mean when you search for something rather than merely matching keywords for your query.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization
SEO stands for search engine optimization. This refers to the creation and maintenance of Web pages that are easily indexed by search engines. Well optimized pages should rank higher in search results.

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. This is the page that Google returns when you search for a key phrase. This term is commonly used in search engine optimization.

Sherpa - Android T-Mobile Smartphone App
Sherpa is an Android app provided by T-Mobile for myTouch 3G and G1 phones.

Google Sky
Google Sky is a feature of Google Earth. You can use this to view a map of the stars in the night sky. Sky is activated by clicking on the Sky button on the top of the Google Earth application window.

Spear Phishing
Spear Phishing is a sophisticated form of Internet attack where a user is sent out a customized email message that entices them to visit a poisoned website.

Bad Neighborhood
Google sometimes refers to spamming Web sites, which employ tricks to misdirect users, as

Google Blogspot
Blogspot is the domain location for blogs that use Google Blogger. When you create a new blog, the default location is as a sub-domain on the blogspot server, so the URL is

Google Bookmarks
Google Bookmarks is a service which lets you save bookmarks to Web pages along with labels and notes describing the bookmark. This is similar to the service offered at

Google Wave
Google Wave is a platform, product, and protocol for creating live, social communication documents that can be edited by multiple users in near real-time. The developers thought of it as a modern reinvention of email.

Web 2.0
Web 2.0 was a phrase coined by O'Reilly Media. It refers to the next generation of Web sites and Web applications. The first generation of sites on the World Wide Web tended to be static points of information, and gradually this has shifted towards Web sites that let you read, write, and edit pages.

Wolfram|Alpha is a semantic search engine designed for research. Rather than searching for websites, the search engine is designed to find answers to questions from various sites on the Web.

Google Buzz
Google Buzz is a social networking tool built into Gmail. It allows you to stream feeds from other sources like Twitter and Google Reader and make public or private comments on them. You can also make public or private
Google's new website for fashion shopping

Doorway Pages - What Are Doorway or Gateway Pages
Doorway pages or Gateway pages are pages that are optimized for one key term but are really designed to be gateways to lead you to different content.

Define: Google Command
Define: is a Google Web search function that searches for glossary definitions for a word.

DiggTorrents is a specialized search engine that uses Google Co-op to find BitTorrent files.

dMarc Broadcasting - Google
dMarc Broadcasting, Inc, is a radio advertising company that was purchased by Google in January of 2007. The company was purchased to enhance AdWords, so that AdWords customers could buy radio advertising space in addition to Web advertisements.

DMOZ - Open Directory Project
The Open Directory Project, also known as DMOZ, is a volunteer-edited database of websites filed by category. Using Google Directory allows you to rapidly search DMOZ.

Doodle - Google Logo Doodle
Doodles are the whimsical logo variations that occasionally appear on the Google search main page. Doodles often mark holidays, but occasionally they're created to draw attention to charities or non-profit organizations.

Google Dashboard
Google Dashboard is a transparent way for you to see what Google services you're using and what sort of information is being stored on Google servers. Since Google's AdSense advertising uses information gathered about you to serve targeted ads, your recent search history or other activity may explain any unusual advertising you're seeing.

Director - YouTube Director Channel Type
YouTube set up the YouTube Director program to encourage original content and discourage copyright violation. The program is free, but users must agree that all their content is original in order to participate. YouTube Directors may create video content longer than the usual ten minute maximum, and they may specify prices for downloading video content.

YouTube EDU - YouTube for Colleges and Universities
YouTube EDU is a page within YouTube for videos and channels from two and four year colleges and universities. YouTube specifically selected the participating institutions.

YouTube Reporter Center
The YouTube Reporter Center is a YouTube channel dedicated to giving advice to

YouTube Insight
YouTube Insight provides metrics information for YouTube videos. Anyone with a YouTube account can see information about the videos that they have uploaded. As of this writing, Google has promised more detailed metrics will be added to this feature in the future.

Zenter Google
Zenter was a social presentation tool acquired by Google. The service allowed for the easy creation of PowerPoint-like presentations on the Web and the ability to share those presentations with others.

Demo Slam - Google YouTube Demo Slam
Demo Slam is a YouTube demo competition

FeedBurner Ad Network - FAN - Google AdSense
The FeedBurner Ad Network was a FeedBurner premium service that allowed you to put ads in your RSS or Atom feeds. The service was discontinued after Google purchased FeedBurner and created AdSense for Feeds using FeedBurner's technology.

Google Filetype: Command
Filetype: is a search command that restricts Google searches and Google Desktop searches to specific file types.

What Is Folksonomy?
Folksonomy is a play on the word

Google Insights for Search
Google Insights for Search is a lot like Google Trends combined with Google Analytics. This free service offers a lot of options. You can view search trends individually or by comparison, see worldwide, countrywide, and regional breakdowns of those trends, and also see related searches.

Ignite Logic - Google
Ignite Logic was a startup company purchased by Google in 2004. The company provided Web templates for the legal industry. Very little was publicly said about the purpose of the acquisition, although it's entirely possible that some of the technology acquired went into Google Page Creator.

iGoogle was formerly known as Google Personalized Home Page. This service allows you to create a custom page that displays the Google search engine and configurable Google Gadgets.

Google Image Ripper
Google Image Ripper is not owned by Google. It's a Web site that allows you to search Google Image Search and see the full size images rather than previews.

Google Intext: Command
Intext: is Google syntax for searching only in the body text of documents and ignoring links, anchors, URLs, and titles.

Invalid Click - AdSense
Invalid clicks are clicks on AdSense ads that Google suspects may be fraudulent. Most of these clicks are caught by automatic filtering from Google. Advertisers are not charged for invalid clicks, and AdSense publishers are not paid for them. Google claims that invalid clicks generally account for less than ten percent of all traffic.

InVideo YouTube
InVideo ads are advertising overlays that appear on select YouTube videos. The ads appear for a few seconds on the bottom portion of a video. They will pause the video playback when clicked. InVideo ads will not display the second time a video is played.

Channel Type - YouTube
A YouTube channel type identifies the type of videos the account owner uploads.

Google YouTube Search Story Video Creator
YouTube Search Story Creator is a tool to create videos that mimic YouTube's Super Bowl ad, Parisian Love.

Froyo - Android 2.2
Froyo is the name for Android 2.2. Android versions have traditionally had sweet food names, like Cupcake, Donut, and Eclair.

CPC - Cost Per Click
Cost Per Click, or CPC is one method of payment for AdSense Ads. In the CPC system, webmasters hosting the AdSense ads are paid a price for every person who clicks on an ad.

CaptionTube - YouTube
CaptionTube is a TestTube application for captioning YouTube videos. You can use the tool to caption videos. You can also use it to caption videos you don't own and send the owner a copy of the caption.

Android Cupcake - Cupcake Upgrade - Android OS 1.5
Cupcake is an upgrade to the Android mobile operating system. The upgrade began rolling out to existing Android phones in May of 2009 and featured many improvements including an on-screen keyboard.

CAPTCHA is a trademarked term from Carnegie Mellon University and stands for

Chrome OS - Google Operating System
The Chrome OS is an operating system for netbooks. Google plans on releasing it as an open source alternative to Windows XP. Chrome OS is a separate project from the Android operating system.

Click Fraud
Click fraud occurs when someone artificially elevates the number of clicks or impressions that register with their Web page in order to get more money for their AdSense or other Internet advertising.

Cloaking - What Is Website Cloaking Blackhat SEO
Cloaking in Google terms means designing a Web site so that search engines see one thing and visitors see another. This provides for a poor user experience, and it's a practice that can get a site removed from Google's search engine index.

The Cloud

Comment Spam
Comment spam is the unethical practice of leaving links in unrelated blogs and guestbooks with the intent of boosting a site's search engine ranking. Many comment spam postings are left automatically by programs that seek out blogs and guestbooks.

Cookin' With Google
Cookin' With Google is a search engine that uses Google to find recipes based on the ingredients you specify. The idea is to find recipes for foods that you have in your refrigerator, rather than finding recipes and checking to see that you have those ingredients on hand.

CPA - Cost Per Action
CPA is an Internet marketing model where advertisers pay for each time a user takes a specific action. Usually this means every time someone clicks on an ad and buys something.

Google Caffeine - Search Engine Sandbox
Caffeine is Google's next generation search engine infrastructure.

Google Chrome
Chrome is a new Web browser from Google. As of this writing, it is still in beta and experimental. The browser is designed to run faster and more securely than other browsers on the market.

Motorola T-Mobile CLIQ
The CLIQ is an Android phone made by Motorola and marketed by T-Mobile in the US. The phone features a user interface that allows widgets to be embedded onto the home page for easier access to social networking services.

Conversions - AdSense and Internet Marketing Terms
Conversion is an Internet marking term. If you're creating ad-sponsored content on the Web, the money-making goal for both you and your advertisers is to convert casual readers into people who take some sort of profitable action.

Chrome Web Store
Installable Web apps are items for Chrome that involve installing small pieces of apps on the client computer instead of installing large applications as is normally seen in a traditional OS.

Invite Media
Invite Media was purchased by Google to enhance advertising.

Google CL - Command Line Google
Google CL allows you to use a command line interface for certain Google options.

Content Farm - What Is a Content Farm
The word

AudioSwap YouTube
AudioSwap is a service of YouTube where you can switch the audio track on a video you upload to YouTube. The audio new track completely replaces the prior one; however, the new audio track will be used with complete permission of the copyright owners.

What Is Ajax - Ajax Web Programming Definition - Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It's a Web programming technique that exchanges small amounts of information behind the scenes to speed up applications on the Web.

Google Allintext Command - What Is Allintext
Allntext: is Google syntax for searching only in the body text of documents and ignoring links, URLs, and titles.

Allintitle Google Syntax
Allintitle: finds Web pages that only contain all of the keywords in their title. The keyword should follow with no spaces.

Anchor Text
Anchor text is the text that's used to create a link. Google will let you search within anchor text, and Google considers the anchor text of backlinks to determine the rank of pages in search results.

Google Android
Google acquired this startup company in 2005. Neither company gave many details about the company or the projects they were working on at the time of acquisition, other than saying they made software for mobile phones.

Applied Semantics - Google
Applied Semantics was a Santa Monica, California based company that produced software for online advertising. Google purchased the company in April of 2003 and presumably used the technology to enhance AdWords and AdSense.

Google @Last Software, Inc
@Last Software, Inc is a software company purchased by Google. @Last Software creates SketchUp, which lets you create 3D software for Google Earth.

An avatar is an electronic representation of a person for chats or online games. The name originally came from the Hindu term for the incarnation of a deity on Earth.

Google Apps Status Dashboard - What Is the Google Apps Status Dashboard
The Apps Status Dashboard is a tool that tells you the status of Google Apps. If you start having a problem with any Google tool, even if you're not a Google Apps user, it's a good idea to check the Apps Status Dashboard to see if there is an issue.

Automatic Caption Timing - YouTube Auto-Timing
YouTube allows you to create closed captioning for videos. Those captions can be created using an industry standard SRT file that contains text and timing information or as a plain text file. When you upload a plain text file for closed captioning, YouTube uses auto-timing to match the captions with the time when the words were said.

Google Link Popularity
Link popularity refers to the number of links pointing to a page on the Web.

Google Autocomplete
Google Autocomplete

Google YouTube ActiveSharing
ActiveSharing is an experimental YouTube tool that allows you to broadcast the videos that you're watching to other users. This lists your user name on the videos that you watch and creates a mini-feed on your profile page.

Google Adscape Media
Adscape Media was purchased by Google in March 2007 for an undisclosed sum. Adscape Media provides contextual advertising inside video games.

AdSense for Feeds - FeedBurner - Definition of AdSense for Feeds
Have you ever wondered how to put ads in RSS feeds? This is how it's done.

Marratech - Google
Marratech is a Swedish company that made video conferencing software. Google acquired the video conferencing software on April 19th, 2007. The acquired team of developers remains in Sweden to continue work on video conferencing tools.

Microhoo is a playful name for a proposed Microsoft acquisition of Yahoo!

Monetize Definition - What Is Monetize - Feedburner
Monetize means to convert something to money. In Internet terms monetize refers to finding a way to generate income from items posted on the Web. Web sites are usually monetized by either selling ad space or creating a related product line, such as T-shirts with slogans.

MyBrand - Google FeedBurner MyBrand
MyBrand is a feature of FeedBurner that lets you serve your feed from your own domain.

AdMob is Google's advertising platform for mobile devices. AdMob was previously an independent company that Google purchased in May of 2010 after scrutiny by the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC cited Apple's recent acquisition of a similar company as evidence that there was healthy competition in the mobile advertising market.

Google App Inventor
Google App Inventor lets you make Android apps using a drag and drop interface.

Google Trends for Websites
Google Trends is a Google Labs tool that lets you compare the popularity of search terms over time. Recently they've released Google Trends for Websites. This lets you compare the relative popularity of entire websites.

Google YouTube TestTube
TestTube is YouTube's area for experimental tools that are still in development. You can use any of the tools and give Google feedback on how well they work.

Title Stacking Definition
Title stacking is a deceptive practice designed to elevate the search engine ranking of a Web page. Rather than adding a single HTML tag, title stacking adds multiple tags. Web browsers will ignore the extra tags, but search engine<br><br> <a href="">Tonic Systems - Google</a><br>Tonic Systems was an online presentation software company that Google purchased in 2007 in order to add presentation capability to Google Docs & Spreadsheets.<br><br> <a href="">Torrent</a><br>Torrents or BitTorrents are files shared with the BitTorrent peer-to-peer network. Peer-to-peer means that the files are shared by individual computers on the network rather than stored on one central server.<br><br> <a href="">TEXTp</a><br>TEXTp is Google's 2010 April Fool's Day joke<br><br> <a href="">Tricorder App for Android</a><br>The Tricorder app by Moonblink is a fan-created app that emulates the Star Trek Tricorder with sensors that actually do sense things on the phone, such as geolocation and sound waves.<br><br> <a href="">Google Short Links</a><br>Google Short Links is a URL shortening service for Google Apps users. It is currently a Google Labs project. This means that it may change significantly or disappear without being part of the main Google Apps service.<br><br> <a href="">Google Juice - What Is Google Juice?</a><br>Google Juice is a slang term for PageRank. One of the ways Google determines the relevancy of things you search for is by looking at all the backlinks, or the pages that link to it.<br><br> <a href="">Google Squared</a><br>Google Squared is a semantic search engine that finds facts from the Internet rather than pages. The search engine is a research tool designed to compete with Wolfram|Alpha. Google Squared is a Google Labs project.<br><br> <a href="">Google Web Elements</a><br>Google Web Elements are ways to embed Google products on your blog or website. Elements include things like filtered YouTube results for only news items, Google Docs presentations, and Google Custom Search.<br><br> <a href="">Google Bomb - What Is a Google Bomb?</a><br>A Google bomb occurs when a group of people conspire to artificially elevate a web site in Google's web search results ranking by linking a particular word or phrase to the website.<br><br> <a href="">Googlebot definition</a><br>Search engines usually employ some sort of automatic programs to crawl the Web and index all the pages they find. Some search engines refer to them as spiders, but Google indexes the web with<br><br> <a href="">Google Dance</a><br>Google maintains several data centers that feed information into Google search. Rather than taking the entire system off-line when Google's index of Web sites is updated, Google takes one node at a time off-line and updates them individually.<br><br> <a href="">Google Fight</a><br>Google Fight is a game based on how often a word or phrase appears in Google. Type in two words, and Google Fight will calculate the winner. Google Fight isn't made by Google but the results do use the Google search engine.<br><br> <a href="">Google Flu Trends - What Is Google Flu Trends</a><br>Google Flu Trends is a developed tool for tracking the flu. They figured out that people who have the flu are likely searching for information about the flu.<br><br> <a href="">GoogleGet</a><br>GoogleGet is a simple program that was designed to aggregate Google News items and download them to your iPod.<br><br> <a href="">GoogleTorrents</a><br>GoogleTorrents is the former name of DiggTorrents, a specialized search engine that uses Google Co-op to find BitTorrent files.<br><br> <a href="">Googlism</a><br>Googlism is a Google game that tells you what Google<br><br> <a href="">Googlewhack</a><br>Googlewhack is a game to find two word combinations that result in only one possible page in the Google search engine. Googlewhack is not sponsored or maintained by Google.<br><br> <a href="">GrandCentral Google</a><br>GrandCentral is an Internet based service acquired by Google. The service allows users to choose a single, unchanging phone number that they can give out to everyone.<br><br> <a href="">Google Product Search</a><br>Google product search is a free service that allows you to search for products for sale. Merchants can list items for sale through Google Base. There's no charge to list items. Google Product Search does show ads, but the ads are separated, just like the ads show in regular Google search results. Google Product Search is also offered in a mobile device friendly format.<br><br> <a href="">What Is PostRank</a><br>Learn what PostRank is and what it does and why Google would want to buy it.<br><br> <a href="">Gadgets-in-Docs</a><br>Gadgets-in-Docs are Google Gadgets that are created within Google Spreadsheets documents. They can also be exported into iGoogle pages.<br><br> <a href="">Google Docs Forms</a><br>Google Docs allows you to create forms. Forms are Web surveys you can either embed, send in email, or post as a public Web page. Once someone fills out the form, the information is fed to a Google Docs spreadsheet.<br><br> <a href="">Google Living Stories</a><br>Google Living Stories is an experimental way to feature news stories. The idea came from talks between Google, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.<br><br> <a href="">Google Apps for Your Domain - Google Apps</a><br>Google Apps for Your Domain is a beta program that hosts customized versions of Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, and Page Creator on your local server.<br><br> <a href="">G1 - T-Mobile G1 With Google Phone</a><br>The T-Mobile G1 With Google is a phone introduced in October of 2008. It's the first Android-powered mobile device to hit the market. The phone is manufactured by HTC and sometimes referred to as the<br><br> <a href="">Ganji, Inc - Google</a><br>Ganji Inc is a Chinese company owned by Google to provide search engine results in Chinese. Google has come under some criticism for agreeing to censor results in compliance with Chinese laws.<br><br> <a href="">GAudi - Google Audio Indexing</a><br>GAudi, short for Google Audio Indexing, is a Google Labs project that lets you search through videos by analyzing the audio content with speech to text technology.<br><br> <a href="">Google Gayglers</a><br>Gayglers is group name of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered employees at Google. Gayglers organized a corporate presence at Pride parades worldwide.<br><br> <a href="">Google Gears</a><br>Google Gears is a browser extension that allows Web applications to be used offline. The Web application must be specifically programmed to allow Gears to be used in this way, but the source code is freely available for developers to use.<br><br> <a href="">GOOG-411 - What Is GOOG-411</a><br>GOOG-411 is a Google business directory service for phones. It is available in the United States and Canada free of charge.<br><br> <a href="">Google App Engine</a><br>Google App Engine is a way for developers to deploy Web based applications using Google's servers. As of this writing, Google App Engine is still in an early preview release, which means it is limited in features and functionality.<br><br> <a href="">Google Apps Team Edition</a><br>Google Apps Team Edition is a version of Google Apps that doesn't require you to register your domain with Google.<br><br> <a href="">Google Editions - Google EBooks</a><br>Google Editions is the name for an eBook service through Google to compete with Apple and Amazon. The books will be available for reading and download over the Internet and will work on multiple devices. In the absence of a deal with a bookstore or publisher, Google Editions could become the default bookstore for tablets, phones, and laptops.<br><br> <a href="">Postini - Google</a><br>Postini is a fully hosted communication service for businesses. The service includes tools for managing Web sites, email, and instant messaging. Postini can be used to encrypt messages for security and archive electronic communications for compliance with data retention laws.<br><br> <a href="">Picnik - What Is Picnik?</a><br>Picnik is an online photo editing tool. It lets you import pictures from popular photo sharing websites like Flickr and Picasa, edit the pictures, and save them back to your account.<br><br> <a href="">Google Maps Place Pages</a><br>Google Maps Place Pages are information pages attached to Google Maps.<br><br> <a href="">Google Cloud Print</a><br>Google Cloud Print is a beta service that allows printing from the Internet.<br><br> <a href="">Google Flu Trends - Track Influenza Faster Than the CDC</a><br>It's not surprising that people search for information about the flu when they're sick. Google found a way to tap this trend and use it to estimate flu activity by region. They discovered that search trend data was actually about two weeks faster than traditional CDC methods of flu tracking.<br><br> <a href="">EBook Technologies</a><br>The company eBook Technologies was acquired by Google in January of 2011.<br><br> <a href="">Handmark Express News Review - Android G1 and HTC Phone App for News</a><br>Handmark Express News is a phone app for reading news on Android phones like the T-Mobile G1. News articles are easy to read and the interface is well designed. The only limitations are the small number of news sources available on the tool and lack of custom search.<br><br> <a href="">How to Make a Poll in Google+</a><br>This is a quick and dirty trick for making a poll in Google+<br><br> <a href="">Google Tips and Tricks for Webmasters</a><br>If you make your own Web pages, you should get to know Google. It's important to design your content with search engines in mind. It's also great to know how you can make money from your content and how you can use free tools and services to get the most out of your efforts.<br><br> <a href="">Google Tips & Tricks</a><br>Here are some Google tips and tools to impress your friends and get more done. Perhaps you could even impress your boss.<br><br> <a href="">What's the Best Free Android App? - Reader's Choice 2010</a><br>Android is Google's phone operating system, and there are already tons of of great Android apps available. Some of them are even Android exclusives.What's the best free app out there? Does it entertain you, keep you productive, or help you find your way? If I bought an Android phone tomorrow, which free app should I immediately download?<br><br> <a href="">Google Web Search Tips, Tricks, and Tools</a><br>Learn the easiest and most efficient ways to search the Web with Google. Here are some tips and techniques for finding what you want on the Web.<br><br> <a href="">Google Tools</a><br>Google is synonymous with Web search, but Google offers a wide variety of other products and services from email and blogging tools to services for mobile devices. Google has been experimenting for years with creative new offerings. It's a smart move because Internet technology changes rapidly, and a big hit today could be irrelevant tomorrow.<br><br> <a href="">Tour of T-Mobile myTouch 3G With Google Android Powered Phone - Thin Design</a><br>T-Mobile is introducing the myTouch 3G as their second Android-powered mobile. The device is expected to ship in the summer of 2009. Pre-orders for existing T-Mobile customers begin on July 8th. The price will be $199 with a two year contract.<br><br> <a href="">PingShot - Google FeedBurner PingShot</a><br>PingShot is a feature of FeedBurner that automatically updates other services to let them know there is new content on a particular feed.<br><br> <a href="">Omnisio - Google - YouTube</a><br>Omnisio is a tool that creates YouTube mashups and allows you to create presentations with slide syncing, annotations, and clip shows. The tool was purchased by Google in July of 2008 to enhance YouTube.<br><br> <a href="">FeedBurner Google</a><br>FeedBurner is a Web service that allows you to enhance and refine RSS feeds. It can be used to convert blog feeds into podcast feeds, and it can be used to insert advertising, such as AdSense, into RSS feeds.<br><br> <a href="">DoubleClick - Google</a><br>DoubleClick offers services to advertisers and content publishers to help them track and serve online ads.<br><br> <a href="">SearchMash</a><br>SearchMash is Google's experimental search interface. It does not have Google branding.<br><br> <a href="">Google SearchWiki</a><br>SearchWiki is an element of the Google Web search interface that was introduced in November of 2009. It allows logged-in users to raise or lower search result rankings and make comments about results.<br><br> <a href="">Vlog - Video Blogging - Vlogging</a><br>Vlog is a combination of the words<br><br> <a href="">Wiki</a><br>Wikis get their name from the Hawaiian term<br><br> <a href="">Vevo - YouTube for Music Videos</a><br>Vevo is a combined effort of Google owned YouTube and Universal Music Group. It is a separately branded site for music videos.<br><br> <a href="">Google Jaiku</a><br>Jaiku is a Finnish social networking startup that was purchased by Google in October of 2007. The service offers services for both the Web and mobile phones.<br><br> <a href="">DocVerse</a><br>DocVerse is an online collaboration tool for simultaneous editing of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files.<br><br> <a href=""></a><br> is Google's philanthropic branch. They aim to do charitable work with grants, lobbying efforts, and partnerships with business. Unlike most charitable organizations, has retained for-profit status with the IRS.<br><br> <a href="">OneBox - Google</a><br>The Google OneBox is sometimes displayed at the top of a Google search. The OneBox displays preview results from one of Google's specialized search engines.<br><br> <a href="">PageRank</a><br>PageRank is one of Google's methods of determining where an individual URL will appear in the search results of a given web search.PageRank gives a higher ranking to relevant pages that are linked from other relevant pages.<br><br> <a href="">Noogler - Google</a><br>A Noogler is a<br><br> <a href="">Google Earth</a><br>Google Earth is a desktop application for Mac, PC, or Linux computers that allows you to navigate planet Earth from multiple views. Google Earth combines satellite photos and maps with a search engine to allow you search to find directions and specific addresses or general locations and services<br><br> <a href="">Transit</a><br>Google Transit is a Google Labs service which provides information on public transit with the Google Maps interface. Currently the service is only available for Portland, Oregon.<br><br> <a href=""></a><br><br><br> <a href=""></a><br><br><br> <a href="">Technorati Profile</a><br>Technorati Profile<br><br> <a href="">Blog March 2006 Archive</a><br><br><br> <a href="">Google - TopPicks</a><br>An index of TopPicks for the Google guide site.<br><br> <a href="">Google Desktop and Google Gadgets</a><br>Google can not only run on the web, it can run on your desktop as well. Explore Google Desktop, Google Software, and Google Gadgets.<br><br> <a href="">Google Downloads - Google Desktop Software</a><br>Google isn't just on the internet anyomre. Learn about Google desktop softare, like Google Earth and Picasa, and learn about Google tools you can download to make your browser more productive.<br><br> </font></body></html>