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Where to Stay in Iquitos, Peru
Find out where to stay in Iquitos, Peru, including hostels and hotels for all travel budgets and tastes.

Iquitos General Cemetery
If you're looking for something free to do in Iquitos, take a stroll around the general cemetery, the final resting place of the real Fitzcarraldo.

Visit a Museum or Two in Iquitos
Among the many attractions in Iquitos are a handful of good museums, providing an insight into the city's history, culture and inhabitants.

The Floating Restaurant
There are plenty of excellent restaurants in Iquitos, but few can match the location of Al Frío y Al Fuego, located in the middle of the Río Itaya.

The Amazon Golf Course
The nine-hole Amazon Golf Course in Iquitos is a must for golf fans, and even non-golfers will get a kick out of this jungle course and driving range.

Manetee Rescue Center
A trip to the Manatee Rescue Center is definitely one of the top 10 things to do in Iquitos, Peru.

Quistacocha Zoo and Lake
Quistacocha Zoo in Iquitos won't appeal to everyone due to the often poor conditions, but the nearby lake is a popular local hangout and swimming spot.

Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm and Animal Orphange
The Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm in Iquitos is home to a huge variety of butterflies, as well as rescued animals such as sloths, monkeys and a leopard.

Belén Market
If you're wondering what to do in Iquitos, take a walk through Belén Market, quite possibly the most interesting traditional market in Peru.

The Belén District
The Belén District is a poor shantytown district along the riverbanks to the south of the historic center of Iquitos.

Explore Iquitos on Foot
Iquitos is an interesting place to explore on foot, from the colonial buildings of the historic center to the riverfront boulevard and beyond.

11 Attractions in Iquitos, Peru
You’ll rarely be short of things to do in Iquitos, a city with enough attractions to keep you busy for at least a week or two.

Relax at the Casa Fitzcarraldo in Iquitos
If you want a day of relaxation in Iquitos, head out to the Casa Fitzcarraldo where you can swim, eat, drink, and climb the impressive treehouse.

How to Get From Lima to Arequipa
Find out how to get from Lima to Arequipa by bus or plane, including ticket prices, travel times and terminal/airport locations.

Iquitos Tourist Information and Maps at the Iperú Office
The Iperú tourist information office in Iquitos provides free tourist assistance and a very good map of the city and surrounding attractions.

How to Get From Lima to Iquitos
Traveling from Lima to Iquitos can be easy or epic. You can fly between the two cities, or get to Iquitos through a mix of planes, boats and buses.

The Proclamation of Peruvian Independence
Following a struggle against its Spanish colonial masters, Peru finally proclaimed its independence on July 28, 1821.

Fiestas Patrias in Peru
Peru's Independence Day celebrations, or Fiestas Patrias, take place across the country on July 28 and July 29.

Peru in July
July in Peru is packed with festivals and events, including Independence Day, the Virgen del Carmen festival and the Fiesta del Sol in Huánuco.

Peru in July
July in Peru is packed with festivals and events, including Independence Day, the Virgen del Carmen festival and the Fiesta del Sol in Huánuco.

Gaston Acurio, Peruvian Super Chef
A brief biography of Gastón Acurio, Peruvian celebrity chef, global restaurateur and general ambassador of Peruvian cuisine.

Peru’s most famous beach hotspot, the small town of Máncora is the place for sun, sea and surf.

Heading North from Lima
Regular flights connect Lima with the northern coastal cities of Trujillo, Chiclayo, Piura and Tumbes. Alternatively, take a bus from Lima and cruise along the Pan-American Highway.

Not generally considered a major tourist destination, Piura is nonetheless and interesting place to take a break before heading to the very edges of Northern Peru.

The Pan-American Highway from Lima to Ecuador
Take the Pan-American Highway north from Lima to Ecuador and explore the highlights of Peru's north coast.

The city of Chiclayo, located three hours north of Trujillo by bus, is the capital of the Lambayeque department and the second largest city in Northern Peru.

Trujillo is the largest city in Northern Peru and the first main tourist destination on the Pan-American Highway north of Lima.

Tumbes, just two hours north of Máncora, is the last major town on the coast before crossing over into Ecuador.

Tips for Taking Risk-Free Photos in Peru
Our etiquette tips for taking photos in Peru will help you take risk-free photos that don't upset local residents or the local authorities.

Museums in Chiclayo, Lambayeque and Ferreñafe
There are four world-class museums in the Lambayeque region of Peru: the Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipan, the Bruning Museum, the Museo Nacional Sican and the Museo de Sitio de Huaca Rajada-Sipan.

Gold Ceremonial Items, Brüning Museum
The Brüning Museum is home to large amount of gold ceremonial items, including necklaces, pendants and masks.

Caballitos de Totora
Images of caballitos de totora, a type of reed fishing craft, exist in many works of art from pre-Colombian cultures of the Peruvian coast.

Moche Ceramics in the Brüning Museum
Many Moche ceramics feature ocean imagery, as can be seen in pottery housed in the Brüning Museum.

The Museo Arqueologico Nacional Brüning
The Museo Arqueologico Nacional Brüning, or Brüning Museum, is one of the preeminent museums in Northern Peru.

The Brüning Museum's Gold Room
The Brüning Museum in Lambayeque houses many fine examples of pre-Inca golden artifacts.

Quirky Items in the Brüning Museum
You'll find a number of quirky items in the Brüning Museum, including pre-Columbian drug paraphernalia.

The Tumbas Reales de Sipán Museum in Lambayeque, Peru
The Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipán in Lambayeque is one of the best museums in Peru, housing an impressive collection of Moche tombs and artifacts.

Cotahuasi, the Deepest Canyon in the World
Cotahuasi Canyon in Arequipa, Peru, is considered to be the deepest canyon in the world, although the nearby Colca Canyon sees far more visitors.

A Review of Peru: The Cookbook by Gaston Acurio

Culinary Travel in Peru, Free Ebook from Aracari

The Everything Peruvian Cookbook: Easy and Authentic Recipes from Peru
The Everything Peruvian Cookbook features authentic and easy to follow Peruvian recipes by popular food bloggers Morena Cuadra and Morena Escardó.

Peru Border Crossing Basics
Border crossing between Peru and its five neighboring countries can be an intimidating process. In reality, it's not too difficult. Learn the basics with our border-crossing guide.

Political Map of Peru
A political map of Peru gives clear details regarding settlements, national boundaries and neighboring countries.

Map of Departments in Peru
Peru is divided into 24 administrative departments, all of which can be seen on this map of Peru.

Peru Population Density Map
Peru's population density map reveals a trend that ties in with the nation's geographic regions.

Peru Vegetation Map
Peru’s coastal, mountain and jungle regions each have distinct types of vegetation, as can be seen on this map of Peru.

Physical Map of Peru
This physical map of Peru includes elevation figures, helping you to see areas in which altitude sickness can occur.

Where and When to Eat Ceviche in Peru
Find out where and when to eat ceviche in Peru, including the best regions for the freshest ceviche and the best time of day to place your order.

Peru Route Planner: Classic Itinerary
The classic Peru itinerary follows a circuit commonly known as the Gringo Trail, a route that takes in Peru's most famous attractions.

Peru in April
Find out what's happening in Peru in April, including plenty of anniversary celebrations, a Peruvian Paso horse contest and, potentially, Easter celebrations.

What Countries Border Peru?
Peru is bordered by five countries, with a total land boundary of 4,636 miles (7,461 km).

Geography of Peru: Coast, Mountains and Jungle
Peru is a geographically diverse nation with three distinct regions running roughly from north to south. The coast lies to the west, the Andes run through the middle, and the Amazon jungle lies to the east.

Is Peru Safe?
Is Peru safe or should foreign travelers be concerned about the potential dangers? We take a step back and look at the real level of risk in Peru.

Crime in Peru Opportunistic Theft
Tourists are not often the victims of violent crime in Peru, but opportunistic theft is common. Find out how you can reduce the risk of petty theft.

Latest Peru Travel Warnings, Alerts and Advisories
All the latest travel warnings, alerts and advisories for travelers in Peru, including everything from natural hazards to strikes and demonstrations.

Busportal, Peru's Best Online Bus Ticket Service
Busportal offers travelers in Peru a fast, simple, and reliable way to compare ticket prices, check schedules and purchase bus tickets online.

Street Harassment in Peru
Street harassment is nothing new in Peru, a country in which catcalls and whistles aimed at women in the street and on public transport are common.

Natural Hazards in Peru
Peru is a region prone to natural hazards, including earthquakes, flooding, landslides and climatic shifts brought about by El Niño.

Swindles and Scams in Peru
Staying clear of scams in Peru is all about prior knowledge. If you can spot a scam before it sucks you in, you won't have much to worry about.

TEPSA: Peru Bus Company Profile
TEPSA has one of the most modern bus fleets in Peru, operating all along the coast and inland to Cusco.

Mauritia Flexuosa, the Aguaje Palm
Mauritia flexuosa, known as aguaje in Peru, is a palm tree that grows in the tropical regions of South America

Aguaje Fruit Uses and Benefits
Aguaje fruit is used to make juices and ice creams, and the fruit is also supposed to increase female fertility.

Sapote, Zapote, Chupa-Chupa, Quararibea Cordata
Zapote fruit, also known as sapote, chupa-chupa or Quararibea cordata, grows in the upper Amazon regions of Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil.

20 Tips for Traveling in Peru on a Budget
If you want to travel in Peru on a budget, the following tips will help you stretch your cash as far as possible.

20 Tips for Traveling in Peru on a Budget
If you want to travel in Peru on a budget, the following tips will help you stretch your cash as far as possible.

Is it Safe to Take a Night Bus in Peru?
Is it safe to travel by bus in Peru at night? Generally speaking, yes, it's fine: but only if you travel with the best bus companies.

Do You Spell it Cusco or Cuzco?
Have you ever wondered which is correct: Cusco or Cuzco? Neither is incorrect, but there is some debate surrounding the issue.

Welcome to La Casa Fitzcarraldo in Iquitos
Welcome to La Casa Fitzcarraldo in Iquitos, Peru, without doubt one of my favorite hotels in the city.

The Story Behind La Casa Fitzcarraldo
Werner Herzog, Mick Jagger, Klaus Kinski and Claudia Cardinale all stayed at La Casa Fitzcarraldo during the filming of the movie Fitzcarraldo.

The Blue Room at La Casa Fitzcarraldo
Mick Jagger stayed in the Blue Room at La Casa Fitzcarraldo in Iquitos, and I highly recommend that you do the same.

The Pool at La Casa Fitzcarraldo
The pool at La Casa Fitzcarraldo is a real slice of heaven in the heat of Iquitos. Even if you're not staying the night, you can still have a swim.

The Treehouse at La Casa Fitzcarraldo
The three-floor treehouse is just one of many notable features at La Casa Fitzcarraldo, a unique hotel in Iquitos, Peru.

The Restaurant at La Casa Fitzcarraldo
The restaurant at La Casa Fitzcarraldo offers regional, national and international dishes using fresh local ingredients from Iquitos.

Other Apartments and Rooms at La Casa Fitzcarraldo (With Prices)
If you're looking for a quiet room, suite or apartment in Iquitos, consider staying at La Casa Fitzcarraldo.

An Overwhelmingly Positive Review of La Casa Fitzcarraldo in Iquitos, Peru
A review of La Casa Fitzcarraldo, an elegant and relaxing hotel in Iquitos with a pool, a treehouse and a miniature leopard...

A Room with a View (and a Hot Tub) in Iquitos
The third-floor room with hot tub and balcony is the most elegant room in the Emperador Terraza Hotel in Iquitos, but street noise is a problem.

Hostal El Colibrí Contact Info and Rates
You can contact the Hostal El Colibrí in Iquitos by phone, email or through the hostel's Facebook page.

Staying at Hostal El Colibrí in Iquitos
Hostal El Colibrí is a clean, secure and affordable hostel right in the heart of Iquitos, with polite staff and an altogether tranquil atmosphere.

Emperador Terraza Hotel in Iquitos
The Emperador Terraza Hotel in Iquitos is perfectly located less than a block from the Plaza de Armas.

Hostal El Colibrí, An Affordable Hostel in Iquitos
Hostal El Colibrí in Iquitos offers travelers a good selection of comfortable private rooms at reasonable prices in a great location.

A Quiet Hotel Room in the Heart of Iquitos
If you want a quiet room in the Emperador Terraza Hotel in Iquitos, choose a room that doesn't face the noisy street outside.

An Affordable Hotel in Iquitos with a Very Bright Future
The Emperador Terraza Hotel is an affordable, comfortable and friendly option in the heart of Iquitos, and will likely improve in the next few years.

A French Bistro in the Amazon Basin
The Amazon Bistro is a relaxed but elegant Belgian-owned French bistro on the riverside boulevard in Iquitos, Peru.

Service and Style at the Amazon Bistro
Good service and plenty of style make the Amazon Bistro a top cafe-bar-restaurant on the popular boulevard in Iquitos.

Food and Drink (and Wi-Fi) at the Amazon Bistro in Iquitos
The Amazon Bistro in Iquitos, Peru, has good food, affordable coffee and a fast Wi-Fi connection.

Enjoying Iquitos at the Dawn on the Amazon Café
The Dawn on the Amazon Café is a great place to drink or eat on the riverfront boulevard in Iquitos, Peru.

Dawn on the Amazon Café: Global Gastronomy in the Amazon Jungle
The Dawn on the Amazon Cafe in Iquitos has an extensive menu of local and international dishes, as well as a large selection of vegetarian options.

Dawn on the Amazon Address, Hours and Other Details
Dawn on the Amazon Café is located at Malecon Maldenado 185, just two blocks east of the Plaza de Armas in Iquitos.

Huasaí Restaurant: A Good Lunchtime Option in the Heart of Iquitos
Huasaí Restaurant is a good lunchtime option in the heart of Iquitos, with large set meals for only S/.13.

Al Frío y Al Fuego for Budget Travelers in Iquitos
Getting from Iquitos to the floating Al Frío y Al Fuego restaurant is quite an experience, involving a free boat ride from the banks of the Río Itaya.

Iquitos' Elegant Floating Restaurant
Al Frío y Al Fuego, the famous floating restaurant in Iquitos, is expensive but well worth a visit for the amazing location and river views.

An Affordable Menú in Central Iquitos
If you're looking for an affordable lunchtime menú near the Plaza de Armas in Iquitos, Huasaí Restaurant is a very good option.

The Menu Ejecutivo at Huasaí Restaurant, Iquitos
The menú ejecutivo at Huasaí Restaurant in Iquitos includes a choice of starter, a main course and a jug of fruit juice, all for S/.13.

Fine Dining at Al Frío y Al Fuego, Iquitos
A main course and a couple of cocktails at Al Frío y Al Fuego in Iquitos will cost you about S/.100 -- but it's probably worth the price.

The Casa Cohen, a Mansion Turned Supermarket in Iquitos
The Casa Cohen was built in 1905 by one of the first Jewish arrivals in Iquitos. The architectural treasure now houses the Los Portales supermarket.

Museums in Iquitos
Few people, if any, go all that way to Iquitos just to see a museum or two, but there are a handful of museums in the city that are worth a visit.

Stripping and Streaking at Machu Picchu
In the last few years, a spate of strips and streaks at Machu Picchu has been dividing public opinion in Peru and abroad...

The Hotel Colonial in Trujillo
The Hotel Colonial is an excellent and affordable accommodation option in the historic heart of Trujillo, Peru.

Rooms in the Hotel Colonial, Trujillo
Rooms in the Hotel Colonial, Trujillo, each have their own colonial charm, as well as certain pros and cons.

Hotel Colonial Rates, Services and Contact Information
Find out what services are offered in the Hotel Colonial in Trujillo, Peru, as well as rates and contact information.

Cruz del Sur: Peru Bus Company Profile
For overland travelers in Peru, Cruz del Sur remains one of the top bus companies for long distance trips, with good service and excellent coverage.

A Brief Visual Guide to Peruvian Nuevo Sol Banknotes
Peruvian nuevo sol banknotes come in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200. Each has a famous figure on the front and an historic site on the back.

10 Nuevo Sol Banknote
The 10 nuevo sol banknote features famous Peruvian pilot José Abelardo Quiñones Gonzales, with a classic view of Machu Picchu on the reverse.

20 Nuevo Sol Banknote
The 20 nuevo sol banknote features Raúl Porras Barrenechea, while the reverse shows a section of wall from the Chan Chan archaeological site.

50 Nuevo Sol Banknote
Writer Abraham Valdelomar Pinto is honored on the Peruvian 50 nuevo sol banknote. The reverse shows the Chavín de Huantar archaeological site.

100 Nuevo Sol Banknote
The Peruvian 100 nuevo sol banknote features Jorge Basadre Grohmann, with the archaeological site of Gran Pajatén on the reverse.

200 Nuevo Sol Banknote
The front of the Peruvian 200 nuevo sol banknote features Saint Rose of Lima, with the archaeological site of Caral-Supe on the reverse.

Tips for Shopping in Peru
Shopping in Peru can be slightly confusing for first time visitors. Here are some tips to help make your shopping experience as smooth as possible.

Peruvian Currency Guide
Learn more about Peruvian currency with our guide to the nuevo sol, including denominations, designs and dealing with fake and damaged money in Peru.

Money in Peru FAQ
If you're not familiar with Peruvian currency or handling money in Peru, read on for some frequently asked questions.

Biography of Saint Rose of Lima
Saint Rose of Lima, born in Lima in 1586, was the first Catholic saint of the Americas and remains a highly venerated figure in Peru, Latin America and beyond.

How You Can Help Prevent and Report Illegal Wildlife Trade in Peru
Find out how you can help prevent and report illegal wildlife trade in Peru, and other forms of animal exploitation and abuse.

The Sights and Smells of Yurimaguas Market
If you're looking for something to do in Yurimaguas, explore the colorful Mercado de Yurimaguas (Yurimaguas Market) near the Plaza de Armas.

Visiting Yurimaguas Market
The central market in Yurimaguas is easy to explore on foot. It's safe, but always keep an eye on your valuables and a tight grip on your camera.

Fresh and Salted Fish in the Mercado de Yurimaguas
You’ll see plenty of fish in Yurimaguas market, including fresh and salted river fish from the Rio Huallaga.

The Darker Side of Yurimaguas Market
The market in Yurimaguas sells some dubious items, including turtles (both large and small) and animal furs.

Facts About the Spectacled Bear
Facts about the spectacled bear, including size, weight, conservation status and his relationship with Paddington Bear.

What Do Spectacled Bears Eat?
Unlike Paddington, spectacled bears do not eat marmalade sandwiches. So what do spectacled bears eat?

A Few Facts About Paddington Bear in Peru
A few facts about Paddington Bear in Peru, including his family members and his fame -- or lack of it -- in his native country.

Spectacled Bear Cubs
Spectacled bear cubs are helpless little things for at least a month, but they are soon ready to set off on their own adventures.

Introducing the Andean Condor
The Andean condor is a national symbol of Andean nations such as Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador; it also has mythical and folkloric significance.

Facts About the Andean Condor
Fast facts about the Andean condor, including size, wingspan, lifespan, diet and its conservation status.

Machu Picchu Facts
Dive in to our list of Machu Picchu facts -- and a few theories -- and pick up some interesting tidbits of information about Peru’s most famous attraction.

Machu Picchu Celebrity Visitors
Machu Picchu has received many celebrity visitors over the last 100 years, from politicians to princesses, from Bart Simpson to billionaires.

Machu Picchu Entrance Fees
Find out how much you'll need to pay for your Machu Picchu entrance fee, as well as what ticket types are available.

Recommended Vaccines for Peru Travel
There are no required vaccinations for Peru, but a number of immunizations are highly recommended for travelers, including hepatitis A and typhoid.

Making Babies at Machu Picchu
If you really want to make babies in front of a truly international audience, then Machu Picchu is probably a good place for it.

A Llama and Her Cria at Machu Picchu
Here we can see a llama and her cria at Machu Picchu. Cria is the name for a baby camelid such as a llama, alpaca, vicuña, or guanaco.

Sleeping Llama at Machu Picchu
This llama seems to have found the perfect place for taking a nap at Machu Picchu. Soft grass, a wall for shelter, and not a tourist in sight.

Llama Levels
Llamas are herd animals, but it appears that even these sociable camelids like to have their own space occasionally.

Appropriate Clothing for Machu Picchu
It can get quite chilly up at Machu Picchu, so always take extra layers to put on or take off as necessary.

The Hills are Alive With the Sound of Llamas
Is it a mating call? Is he yawning? Maybe he's yodeling? Whatever this llama is doing, he's giving it 100 percent.

Mowing the Grass at Machu Picchu
Llamas help keep the grass trimmed at Machu Picchu. They also provide a steady supply of fertilizer.

Admiring the View Above Machu Picchu
Two llamas stand above Machu Picchu admiring the view.

Some Llamas Are Just Way Too Pretty
Not every llama can be this pretty. But those who are... accessorize.

Lovely Llamas at Machu Picchu
The llamas of Machu Picchu roam the ruins like they own the place, grazing, sleeping and occasionally photobombing at the famous Inca citadel.

The Proud King of Machu Picchu
A llama poses at Machu Picchu: strong, proud and really rather handsome.

A Languid Llama at a Misty Machu Picchu
Like many tourists at Machu Picchu, this llama is waiting for the fog to clear.

Taking a Break at Machu Picchu
In between grazing, posing and occasionally spitting, llamas like to take a break and sit down in the midday sun.

Bloody Tourists
Bloody tourists! The Inca Trail sure is getting crowded these days.

Posing at Machu Picchu

Exploring Machu Picchu is Thirsty Work
Exploring Machu Picchu is thirsty work. Thankfully, the Inca architects thought of everything, as these llamas can attest.

Llama Photobomb

Peruvian Camelids
Peru is famous for its camelids, members of the Camelidae family -- and relatives of camels -- who are found both wild and domesticated in parts of South America.

The llama (Lama glama), along with the alpaca, is one of two domesticated camelids in South America.

The guanaco (Lama guanicoe) is the second tallest New World camelid after the llama and one of the largest wild mammals in South America.

The alpaca (Vicugna pacos) is one of two domesticated camelids in South America, the other being the larger llama.

The vicuña (Vicugna vicugna) is the smallest and most delicate of the four South American camelids.

What is Llama Spit?
There are different levels of llama spit, ranging from a gentle and almost unnoticeable spray to a sticky concoction from the llama's stomach.

Why Do Llamas Spit?
Llamas do spit quite often, but normally only at other llamas and not at humans. Some llamas, however, are not so selective with their targets.

Tarapoto’s Brava Grilled: “My Kitchen, My Rules”
The Brava Grilled burger joint in Tarapoto supposedly has the best burgers in the city. Slightly skeptical, I went to give it a try...

The Best Burgers in Tarapoto
It's not always easy to find a good burger in Peru, but Brava Grilled has solved that problem, at least in Tarapoto.

The Caja China and the Cilindro Peruano
The excellent Caja Criolla Restobar in Tarapoto serves roast chicken and pork, the first cooked in a cilindro peruano and the second in a caja china.

Sublime Pork and Succulent Chicken in Tarapoto
The Caja Criolla restaurant in Tarapoto serves some of the best roast chicken and the best roast pork in the city.

A Hotel at the Heart of Tarapoto
Hotel Nilas is a well-established and well-respected accommodation option in the center of Tarapoto, Peru.

Hotel Nilas Rooms and Rates
Hotel Nilas has rooms with one, two and three beds as well as larger matrimonial rooms. Room service is available and breakfast is included in the price of the room.

Condominiums in Tarapoto
For longer stays in Tarapoto, you might be interested in renting a condominium owned and managed by the owners of Hotel Nilas.

Tarapoto Tourist Attractions
Tarapoto isn't a major tourist destination in Peru, but a good selection of attractions lie in and around the city.

Elevated Entradas at La Mishquina
The La Mishquina restaurant in Iquitos has excellent lunchtime menús for S/.10 and S/.15, making it an affordable place to eat lunch in Iquitos.

Masterful Main Courses at La Mishquina
La Mashquina in Iquitos has many main courses to choose from on its daily lunchtime menú, including fish and meat dishes and some vegetarian options.

Desserts and Other Details About La Mishquina
La Mishquina is probably my favorite restaurant in Iquitos, and Iquitos is a city with plenty of great places to eat.

Training Peru's Future Star Chefs at La Mishquina, Iquitos
La Mishquina is one of the best restaurants in Iquitos in terms of value for money, quality of service and overall tastiness.

Things to Do in Lima With Kids
Discover 12 things to do in Lima with kids, including recreational parks, zoos, miniature cities, ice rinks, spooky catacombs and submarines...

Music Concerts in Peru 2014
Full listings of all the major concerts in Peru, including music festivals, updated regularly throughout 2014.

How to Get a Replacement Tarjeta Andina
If you have lost your Tarjeta Andina, there's no need to panic. Getting a replacement TAM is fairly easy and not too expensive.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Peru
There are currently 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Peru, ranging from colonial city centers to high-altitude national parks.

The Dakar Rally in Peru
The Dakar Rally took place in South America for the first time in 2009. In 2012, Peru joined Argentina and Chile as one of the hosts of the rally raid event.

TEFL Certification in Cusco
Cusco is the most popular destination for anyone looking to get a TEFL certification in Peru. Here are the most popular schools and courses.

TEFL Certification in Zorritos (Northern Peru)
The TEFL Zorritos school offers a relaxed beachfront location where students can take a TEFL certification course in northern Peru.

TEFL Certification in Arequipa
The colonial city of Arequipa is a great place to study for your TEFL certification in Peru. Here are some of the best schools and courses.

TEFL Certification in Lima
If you like big cities, Lima might be the perfect place for a TEFL certification course in Peru.

The History, Colors and Symbols of the Peruvian Flag
A look at the flag of Peru, including its history, the colors and symbols that give it meaning, and the different national, state and war versions.

National Flag of Peru
The national flag of Peru (bandera nacional) is the standard flag of the Peruvian people, a red and white vertical triband with no coat of arms.

State Flag of Peru
The state flag of Peru (pabellón nacional) is the same as the national flag but with the Peruvian coat of arms (escudo de armas) at its center.

War Flag of Peru
The war flag of Peru (bandera de guerra) is similar to the state flag, but features the Peruvian national shield instead of the coat of arms.

Jirón Camaná Circa 1975
A black and white photo showing Jirón Camaná in Lima, Peru, taken circa 1975.

23 Photos of Lima from 1860 to 1975
The following black-and-white photos show Lima, Peru, from 1860 to 1975, from presidential elections to foreign invasions and scenes of everyday life.

Old Photo of Jirón Camana, Central Lima
An old photo of Jirón Camana, a street that runs through central Lima one block west of the Plaza de Armas, and the Casa Canevaro building.

Political Convention in Lima, 1915
A photo showing a party convention in Lima in 1915. The aim of the meeting was to choose a candidate for the Peruvian presidential elections.

Jirón de la Unión in Lima, Circa 1930
This photo shows a view along Jirón de la Unión in central Lima, once one of the most important and aristocratic boulevards in the city.

The Old National Stadium in Lima
A photo of the old soccer stadium in Lima, which was demolished to make way for the Estadio Nacional.

Chosica Railway Station
Construction of the Ferrocarril Central del Perú began in 1870. This photo shows the old station in Chosica, Lima.

The Santa Beatriz Racecourse
The Hipódromo de Santa Beatriz (Santa Beatriz Racecourse) was built in 1903 and remained one of the main racecourses in Lima until it closed in 1938.

Casa de Moneda in Lima
The Casa de Moneda (National Mint) looks very much the same now as it did back in the early 1900s.

The Elegant Paseo Colón in Lima
From its inauguration in 1900 to the present day, the Paseo Colón (formerly 9 de Diciembre) has been one of the most elegant avenues in Lima.

Avenida Nicolás de Piérola
Avenida Nicolás de Piérola, also known as Avenida Colmena or La Colmena, is a main street in the historic center of Lima.

Avenida Arequipa in Lima
Avenida Arequipa is one of the main roads running through Lima, stretching north to south for 52 blocks through Lince, San Isidro and Miraflores.

A View Across Lima in 1860
This view across Lima was taken in 1860. You can see the Rímac River and what I believe is the Puente de Piedra.

The Arco Morisco, Lima's Demolished Moorish Arch
The magnificent Arco Morisco was given to Lima as a gift from Spain in 1921. It was demolished just 17 years later.

Avenida Brasil in Lima
Avenida Brasil is a major avenue in Lima, running from Central Lima through Breña, Jesús María, Pueblo Libre and the district of Magdalena del Mar.

Street Vendors in Lima, Circa 1950
These street vendors and their mobile stalls can be seen through Lima, just like in the 1950s.

The Cinema on Plaza San Martín, Circa 1955
This photo, taken circa 1955, shows the neocolonial-style Fénix Building, the Cine Metro cinema, and other businesses on Plaza San Martín in Lima.

The Arco del Puente
A photo of the Arco del Puente in Lima, built in the year 1700 and destroyed in a fire in 1879.

Government Palace and Archbishop's Palace of Lima in 1860
This old photo of Lima, taken in 1860, shows the Palacio de Gobierno del Perú and the original Archbishop's Palace on the Plaza de Armas.

Lima Cathedral in 1867
An old black-and-white photograph of Lima Cathedral, taken in 1867.

Lima Municipality Building, 1868
Above you can see a photo of the old facade of the Municipality of Lima (Lima City Hall), taken by Eugenio Courret in 1868.

The Chilean Occupation of Lima in 1881
A photo showing the Chilean flag flying over Lima during the time of the Chilean occupation following the Battle of Miraflores.

The Chilean Army Enters Lima
This photo by Eduardo Clifford Spencer shows the Chilean Army marching through the streets of Lima on January 17, 1881.

Class of 1896, National University of San Marcos, Lima, Peru
Taken in 1896, this photo shows law students at the National University of San Marcos in Lima. It is the oldest university in the Americas.

The Plaza de Armas in Lima
The Plaza de Armas in Lima, also known as the Plaza Mayor, is located in the heart of Lima's historic center.

The Modern National Stadium of Peru
The Estadio Nacional in Lima is Peru's modern national stadium, serving as both a soccer stadium and concert venue.

Estadio Nacional, Peru Soccer Stadium and Concert Venue
The Estadio Nacional in Lima, Peru, is the home stadium of the Peruvian national soccer team and a venue for major music concerts.

Annual Festivals and Events in Arequipa, Peru
A month-by-month list of all the major annual events in the city and wider region of Arequipa, Peru.

The Estadio Monumental Stadium in Peru
The Estadio Monumental in Lima is the largest stadium in Peru and one of the largest soccer stadiums by capacity in South America.

Soccer at Cusco's Garcilaso Stadium
Estadio Inca Garcilaso de la Vega is the main soccer stadium in Cusco, Peru, located at an altitude of more than 11,000 feet above sea level.

Estadio Garcilaso's Home Teams
Estadio Garcilaso acts as the permanent home ground for two Cusco-based teams: Cienciano and Real Garcilaso.

Garcilaso Stadium Capacity and Other Details
Cusco’s Garcilaso Stadium was closed in 2013 for renovations. Unfortunately, the process has been a farce of mismanaged funds and general incompetence.

Accredited TEFL Schools and Institutes in Peru
If you want to teach English as a foreign language in Peru, a TEFL certification will help you get the teaching position that you want.

The Chikungunya Virus in Peru
The chikungunya virus has recently arrived in Peru. Learn more about this mosquito-borne disease, including symptoms, treatment and prevention.

Malaria in Peru
Many travelers are concerned about the risk of malaria in Peru, but the actual risk is low. Read more about the risk areas, malaria prevention and symptoms.

Leishmaniasis in Peru
Leishmaniasis is a flesh-eating virus caused by parasites spread by infected sand flies. Leishmaniasis cases in Peru average about 7,000 annually.

The Street Dogs of Peru
Learn more about the street dogs of Peru, including local attitudes to perros callejeros and the dangers that these dogs face.

Prostitution in Peru
Prostitution is legal in Peru, as long as the prostitutes are over 18 years of age and are registered with local authorities.

Where in the World Is Peru Located?
Find out exactly where Peru is located, including coordinates, bordering countries and the size of Peru with comparisons.

Facts About Peru
Learn key facts about Peru, including facts and figures covering Peru's society, geography, economy and more.

Land Area of Peru With Comparisons
Just how big is Peru? Learn more about the total land area of Peru including size comparisons with the USA, California and more.

Backpacking in Peru - First Time Backpacking Guide
When you go backpacking in Peru, you're never far from your next adventure. The country is affordable and easy enough to explore independently, making it a prime backpacking destination.

Hitchhiking in Peru
Hitchhiking in Peru carries an element of risk, but it remains a viable and often very rewarding overland travel option in Peru.

Peru Travel Options
There are many different ways to travel in Peru. Learn more about these travel options, from package tours to budget backpacking.

Green Track Hostel in Iquitos: The Negatives
The Green Track Hostel in Iquitos has a few negatives that stop it from being one of the best hostels in the city.

Green Track: Great for Dorms, Pricey for Private Rooms
Green Track is perhaps the best place for dorms in Iquitos, but the private rooms are overpriced.

Green Track and the Best Dorms in Iquitos
The comfortable Green Track Hostel provides budget travelers with some of the best dorms in Iquitos.

Green Track Hostel in Iquitos: The Positives
The Green Track Hostel in Iquitos is a welcoming and colorful guesthouse with a relaxed traveler atmosphere and good communal areas.

Lima Airport ATMs and Currency Exchange
Find out how and where to exchange money or use an ATM in Lima airport -- or how to avoid the process altogether.

Where to Exchange Money in Peru
You'll find a few options for exchanging money in Peru, including casas de cambio, banks and street moneychangers.

Peru in March
Find out what's happening in Peru in March, including Semana Santa festivities and a couple of wine harvest festivals.

La Hacienda Hotel in Trujillo, Peru
La Hacienda hotel in Trujillo, Peru, is an elegant but affordable accommodation option in Trujillo's historic center.

La Hacienda Spa and Conference Center in Trujillo
La Hacienda is a relatively new arrival on the Trujillo hotel scene, with 12 rooms and access to the hotel spa and saunas.

Staying in La Hacienda, Trujillo
Rooms in La Hacienda hotel in Trujillo, Peru, range from $34 to $78, which includes breakfast and use of the hotel saunas.

Pizana Express Car Tarapoto to Tingo Maria
If you want to make the trip from Tingo Maria to Tarapoto or vice versa, your best option is to go with Pizana Express.

Peruvian Cancha Corn
Cancha is a type of Peruvian toasted corn served as a nibble in restaurants and bars and as an additional ingredient in many ceviches.

Kina Malpartida, Professional Female Boxer from Peru
Kina Malpartida is a national sporting hero in Peru and the current World Boxing Association Women's Super Featherweight champion.

Notable Buildings on Trujillo’s Plaza de Armas
Some of Trujillo’s most important buildings sit along the periphery of the Plaza de Armas, including Trujillo Cathedral and the Casa Urquiaga.

The Plaza de Armas of Trujillo
Trujillo’s elegant Plaza de Armas (or Plaza Mayor) lies right at the heart of the city’s historic center.

The Monument to Freedom on Trujillo’s Main Square
The huge Monumento a la Libertad (Freedom Monument) dominates the center of the expansive Plaza de Armas in Trujillo, Peru.

Peruvian Pisco and the Master Distiller
Peruvian pisco owes a lot to master distillers such as Pisco Portón's Johnny Schuler, an ambassador for pisco both in Peru and abroad.

Pisco Fermentation and Distillation
In Peru, the pisco fermentation and distillation process is strictly regulated, ensuring a genuine product for sale at home and abroad.

Harvesting Grapes for Making Pisco
Specially selected grapes are harvested for producing Peruvian pisco in the valleys of Moquegua, Tacna, Arequipa, Ica and Lima.

The Traditional Pisco-Making Process
A look at the pisco-making process from the grape harvest to fermentation and distillation and onto the finished bottled product.

National Ceviche Day in Peru
Each year on June 28, Peruvians honor their most famous national dish with the Día Nacional del Cebiche, or National Ceviche Day.

Parks in Central Miraflores, Lima
The two neighboring parks of Parque Central and Parque Kennedy lie at the heart of Lima’s Miraflores district, wedged between the two main avenues of Diagonal and Larco.

Parque Kennedy, Miraflores
Parque Kennedy sits to the south of Parque Central in the center of Miraflores, Lima.

Parque Central, Miraflores
Parque Central sits alongside the northernmost end of Parque Kennedy in the Miraflores district of Lima, Peru.

Free Topographic Maps of Peru (1:100,000)
If you’re looking for free topographic maps of Peru, you’ll find an impressive series at the University of Texas Libraries website.

La Lucha Sandwich Bar in Miraflores, Lima
For late night sandwiches in Miraflores, Lima, La Lucha Sandwich Bar is an excellent option right on Parque Kennedy.

Mototaxis in Peru
Mototaxis offer a cheap and easy way to get around in many Peruvian towns and cities. Read more about these three-wheeled contraptions, including their history, cost and safety.

Caminos del Inca Rally in Peru
The Caminos del Inca Rally is an annual city-to-city rally event organized by the Automóvil Club Peruano.

Cockfighting in Peru
Cockfighting is a traditional

Sport in Peru
Learn more about sport in Peru, from the popular pastimes of soccer and volleyball to traditional events such as bullfighting and cockfighting.

Motokar Cross in Peru
If you like the idea of watching mototaxis racing in Peru, try to catch a Motokar Cross event.

The Inca Trail and the Sunrise From Inti Punku
If you are hiking the classic Inca Trail, you can watch the sunrise over Machu Picchu from Inti Punku, also known as the Sun Gate.

Seeing the Sunrise at Machu Picchu
Find out how, where and when to watch the sunrise at Machu Picchu, including the potential problems involved.

What Time is Sunrise at Machu Picchu?
Sunrise at Machu Picchu occurs from about 5:10 a.m. to 6:15 a.m. depending on the time of year.

Using ATMs in Peru
Learn all about using ATMs in Peru, including cash machine locations, withdrawal fees, accepted cards and safety tips.

Top 10 Things to Do in Lima
Discover the highlights of the Peruvian capital with our list of the top 10 things to do in Lima, from historic sites to water parks.

The Mild Desert Climate of Lima
The weather in Lima follows two distinct seasons, with a warm and sunny summer and a cool and overcast winter.

Potential Weather Anomalies and Climate Change in Lima
The weather in Lima is subject to local microclimates, El Niño events and the effects of global climate change.

Average Rainfall, Humidity and Temperature in Lima By Season
Learn more about Lima's climate, including average rainfall, humidity and temperature during the city's summer and winter seasons.

The 10 Longest Rivers in Peru
The 10 longest rivers in Peru all eventually flow into the Amazon River -- either directly or via one of the Amazon’s many large tributaries.

Apurímac River
The Apurímac River is one of the 10 longest rivers in Peru, and one of the principal sources of the Amazon River.

Marañón River
The Marañón River is the second longest river in Peru and a main-stem source of the Amazon.

Yavarí River
The Yavarí River (Río Yavarí) is the fourth longest river in Peru. It forms a large part of the border between Peru and Brazil.

Huallaga River
The Huallaga River (Río Huallaga) is the fifth longest river in Peru. The Upper Huallaga Valley is the world's single largest source of coca.

Mantaro River
The Mantaro River (Río Mantaro) is one of the longest rivers in Peru -- and quite possibly the longest upstream source feeding into the Amazon Basin.

Amazon River
The Amazon River only ranks at number eight in the list of Peru's longest rivers -- but all of Peru’s longest rivers eventually end up in the Amazon.

Napo River
Adventurous travelers can take riverboats down the Napo River all the way from Coca in Ecuador to Iquitos in Peru.

Ucayali River
The Ucayali River (Río Ucayali) is the longest river in Peru and a major tributary of the Amazon. The jungle city of Pucallpa is the largest port on the Ucayali.

Putumayo River
The Putumayo River (Río Putumayo) is the third longest river in Peru. It forms much of the border between Peru and Colombia.

Urubamba River
The Urubamba River (Río Urubamba) is most famous for running through the Sacred Valley of the Incas and past Machu Picchu.

The Apu Mountain Spirits of Peru
The apu mountain spirits were powerful forces in the Inca world, and mountains remain sacred in the Andean regions of modern Peru.

Lima Metropolitano Stations and Routes
The Lima Metropolitano is a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system of articulated buses running along dedicated lanes in the Peruvian capital.

Riding the Lima Metropolitano
Riding the Metropolitano in Lima is a simple process; you'll just need a Metropolitano card and an idea of the stations along the main line.

Where is Machu Picchu Located?
Find out exactly where Machu Picchu is located, including coordinates and distance from Cusco.

Breakfast in Peru
Breakfast in Peru can be as simple as bread, jam and a cup of coffee, but you'll also come across substantial breakfasts, often with a regional twist.

Sunday Breakfasts in Peru and Regional Variations
The type of breakfast in Peru varies from region to region, while Sunday breakfasts are often more substantial than normal.

Free Breakfasts in Peru's Hostels and Hotels
Many hostels and hotels in Peru include a free breakfast, ranging from simple bread and jam to impressive breakfast buffets.

Famous People From Peru
The following famous people from Peru have become well known internationally, at least within their niche or field of expertise.

Breeding the Peruvian Paso Horse
The Peruvian Paso horse has faced many trials in the last century, at times placing the survival of the breed in doubt.

The History of the Peruvian Paso Horse Breed
The Peruvian Paso horse is an iconic symbol of Peruvian history and culture, known for its graceful gait, spirited nature and all-round elegance.

The Peruvian Hairless Dog, or Inca Orchid
The Peruvian Hairless dog, also known as the Inca Orchid, is an intriguing breed. And, as the name suggests, he’s not the furriest of canines.

The Inca Orchid in Modern Peru
The Peruvian Hairless dog, or perro sin pelo del Perú, is part of Peru's national and cultural heritage.

Appearance and Characteristics of the Peruvian Hairless Dog
Despite its appearance, the Peruvian Hairless dog has many characteristics that make it a loving and loyal family pet.

The Peruvian Hairless Dog and Barack Obama
In 2008, a Peruvian Hairless dog was offered to Barack Obama as an ideal hypoallergenic pet for his allergy-prone daughter.

Peru Blogs
Discover the best Peru blogs on the web with our selection of the most insightful, original and knowledgeable blogs about Peru.

Peru Blogs
Discover the best Peru blogs on the web with our selection of the most insightful, original and knowledgeable blogs about Peru.

Airports in Peru
There are more than 230 airports in Peru, but only 20 airports have regular scheduled flights, most of which are domestic rather than international.

Airports in Peru
There are more than 230 airports in Peru, but only 20 airports have regular scheduled flights, most of which are domestic rather than international.

Peruvian Pisco Cocktails
Discover seven of the most popular Peruvian pisco cocktails, including classic concoctions such as the Pisco Sour, Chilcano, Capitán and Algarrobina.

Pisco Sour Day
Peru's Día del Pisco Sour, or Pisco Sour Day, takes place each year on the first Saturday of every February.

The Serenazgo in Peru
The serenazgo is a type of municipal security service in Peru, typically used to patrol the streets and provide support to the National Police of Peru.

Double Room at Hostal Terra Bella
Double rooms in the Terra Bella hotel, Iquitos, are comfortable and come with air conditioning, cable TV, fridge and good Wi-Fi.

Matrimonial Room at Hostal Terra Bella
I had a look at a matrimonial room in Hostal Terra Bella in Iquitos; it looked comfortable but with some of the same problems as the double room.

Terra Bella, A Centrally Located Hotel (Hostel?) in Iquitos
The Hostal Terra Bella in Iquitos could be excellent, but it needs a few aesthetic touches to make it one of the best hotels within its price range.

Could Terra Bella Be a Top Hotel in Iquitos?
Hostal Terra Bella has almost all the necessary components to be a great choice of hotel in the center of Iquitos.

The Four-Star Samiria Jungle Hotel in Iquitos
The Samiria Jungle Hotel is a modern four-star hotel with swimming pool in the center of Iquitos, Peru.

First Impressions of the Samiria Jungle Hotel
With its professional and friendly staff, the Samiria Jungle Hotel gives a great first impression to newly arrived guests.

A Matrimonial Room in the Samiria Jungle Hotel
My impressive matrimonial room at the Samiria Jungle Hotel had one of the biggest beds I'd ever seen in Peru.

The Pool and Bar Area at the Samiria Jungle Hotel
The swimming pool is the focal point of the Samiria Jungle Hotel, creating a relaxed resort-like atmosphere in the noise and heat of central Iquitos.

Possibly the Best Breakfast Buffet in Iquitos
The Samiria Jungle Hotel has a complimentary breakfast buffet that probably rivals any other hotel breakfast in the city.

A Positive Review of the Samiria Jungle Hotel
Peru Travel.

A Historic Boat Museum on the Banks of Iquitos
The Historic Boat Museum in Iquitos has two main exhibition rooms, one containing various artifacts and the other showing the movie Fitzcarraldo.

The Riverboat Ayapua in Iquitos
The Museo de Barcos Históricos Ayapua in Iquitos is housed on an old riverboat that was used during the rubber boom era in the Amazon.

Exploring the Ayapua
The real highlight of the Museo de Barcos Históricos Ayapua in Iquitos is the Ayapua herself, a lovingly restored riverboat originally built in 1906.

Visiting the Museo de Barcos Históricos Ayapua in Iquitos
Boat aficionados and fans of modern Peruvian history will love the Museo de Barcos Históricos Ayapua, a museum located on board the Ayapua riverboat in Iquitos.

Peru in January
January in Peru is a month of religious processions, major anniversaries and plenty of dancing. And don't forget the ritual battle...

Peru Hop, a Hop-On Hop-Off Option for Exploring Peru
Peru Hop is a new hop-on hop-off bus system for tourists in Peru, letting you travel between Lima and Cusco with more freedom.

Where to Spend Christmas in Peru
If you're wondering where to spend Christmas in Peru, here are some of our top recommendations for festive Peruvian destinations...

Three Classic Peruvian Christmas Recipes
Add a Peruvian twist to your Christmas with these three classic Peruvian Christmas recipes, including hot chocolate, chicken and panetón.

What’s the Best Fish for Ceviche?
Any white fish - the fresher the better - can be used to make ceviche. Find out what fish are commonly used in Peruvian ceviche.

A Recommended Restaurant in Yurimaguas
If you're looking for a good restaurant in Yurimaguas, you should definitely try the restaurant at the Rio Huallaga Hotel.

Great Food and Stunning Views from the Rio Huallaga Hotel
The food and the views are both excellent at the Rio Huallaga Hotel restaurant in Yurimaguas, Peru.

Yurimaguas Cathedral on the Plaza de Armas
The sky-blue Virgen de las Nieves Cathedral sits on the main square in Yurimaguas, Peru.

Yurimaguas Cathedral Awaiting Reconstruction
Due to structural damage caused by various earthquakes, the Virgen de las Nieves Cathedral in Yurimaguas has been closed to the public since 2011.

Iperú: Peru Tourist Information and Assistance
Iperú is Peru's tourist information and assistance service. Find out how Iperú can help you and where offices are located.

How Much Does it Cost to Eat Out in Peru?
So how much does it cost to eat out in Peru? Find out with our example food prices for various eating establishments in Lima and throughout Peru.

6 Tips for a More Rewarding Peru Experience
Get the most out of your time in Peru with these six tips for a more rewarding Peru travel experience.

The Difference Between a Boleta and a Factura in Peru
If you don’t know what a boleta or a factura is, then you might be slightly confused when making purchases in Peru.

The Peru Logo, a Modern Design for the Marca Peru
You'll see the Peru logo all over Peru, its design representing the history, culture, modernity and vibrancy of the country and the Marca Perú brand.

Is Peru a Third World Country?
Is Peru a third world country? A developing country? And how far does it have to advance before becoming a developed country?

The Magic Water Circuit, Lima
The Circuito Mágico del Agua, or Magic Water Circuit, is a series of illuminated water fountains in the Parque de la Reserva in Lima.

Parque de la Reserva and El Circuito Mágico del Agua
The Circuito Mágico del Agua (Magic Water Circuit) is located within the Parque de la Reserva, a 19-acre park inaugurated in 1929

More Attractions in and Around Parque de la Reserva
Lima's Circuito Mágico del Agua is located in the Parque de la Reserva, close to the National Stadium, the Parque de la Exposición and the Museo de Historia Natural.

Getting to Parque de la Reserva and Additional Details
You can get to Parque de la Reserva and the Circuito Mágico del Agua by taxi, minibus or via the Lima Metropolitano, all of which are fairly easy options.

13 Fountains of the Magic Water Circuit, Lima
Lima’s Circuito Mágico del Agua features 13 fountains, all of which are illuminated. Some of the fountains have interactive elements, so prepare to get wet.

War and Military Museums in Lima
There are a few war and military museums in Lima, including museums focusing on the War of the Pacific and a number of naval museums in Callao.

Jorge Chávez, Peru’s Aviation Hero
Jorge Chávez Dartnell was the first man to fly across the Alps, a flight that ultimately cost him his life but ensured his place in aviation history.

Star Peru Airline Profile
Star Perú is one of the largest airlines in Peru, with domestic flights to eight destinations across the country.

Entering Peru by Land, Air and Water
There are three main ways of entering and exiting Peru: traveling by land, by air or by water. Here’s a rundown of each option.

History and Archaeology Museums in Lima, Peru
Discover more than 20 history and archaeology museums in Lima, including the Museo de la Nación, Museo Larco and the Museum of the Inquisition.

History and Archaeology Museums in Lima, Peru
Discover more than 20 history and archaeology museums in Lima, including the Museo de la Nación, Museo Larco and the Museum of the Inquisition.

History and Archaeology Museums in Lima, Peru
Discover more than 20 history and archaeology museums in Lima, including the Museo de la Nación, Museo Larco and the Museum of the Inquisition.

September Festivals and Events in Peru
Despite a lack of national holidays, September in Peru is not without its fair share of colorful festivals and events, from regional religious pilgramges to vibrant cultural showcases.

Quechua-Speaking Regions of Peru
A map of the Quechua-speaking areas of Peru, also showing the spread of the four principal Quechua dialects in Peru and Ecuador.

The Kuelap Fortress from Afar
The Chachapoyas region, tucked away in Peru’s northern interior, is a treasure trove of natural and archeological attractions. The fortress of Kuelap takes pride of place.

Kuelap's Ancient Guinea Pig Run
Stone structures within Kuelap's various buildings may have housed guinea pigs.

The View from Kuelap's Outer Walls
The view from the outer walls of the Kuelap Fortress in Chachapoyas, Peru.

The Vast Kuelap Fortress Complex
The Kuelap fortress in Chachapoyas is a hilltop citadel of impressive scale.

The Walls of the Chachapoya - Warriors of the Clouds
The Chachapoya peoples built towering walls around the mountain fortress of Kuelap.

Kuelap's Defensive Entrance Points
The Kuelap fortress has only three narrow points of entrance, all of which were relatively easy to defend.

Kuelap's Symbols in Stone
Kuelap's entrances are decorated with Chachapoya symbols carved into the stone walls.

The Heart of the Kuelap Citadel
More than 400 structures are contained within the defensive walls of the Kuelap citadel.

Chachapoyan Tranquility
Orchids, trees and llamas give Kuelap an atmosphere of regal tranquility.

The Templo Mayor at Kuelap
The Templo Mayor is one of the most fascinating structures within the Kuelap citadel.

Map of the Historic Center of Trujillo
A street map of Trujillo, Peru, showing the city's historic center and surrounding streets.

Possible Future World Heritage Sites in Peru
There are currently 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Peru, with a further seven properties waiting on UNESCO’s Tentative List.

Trujillo, Peru
Find out what to see and do in Trujillo, Peru, a city brimming with colonial elegance and pre-Inca archaeological sites.

Who Discovered Machu Picchu?
Did Hiram Bingham discover Machu Picchu, or had the Inca citadel been found before Bingham arrived in 1911?

Eating Mamaco Ants in Peru
It’s perfectly OK to eat ants in Peru, as long as they are the big-bottomed variety known locally as mamacos.

Peru in August
Find out what's happening in Peru during August, including Saint Rose of Lima Day and the Cruz de Chalpón pilgrimage.

The Catedral Basílica Santa María in Trujillo, Peru
Trujillo Cathedral, officially the Catedral Basílica Santa María, is one of the principal cathedrals in Northern Peru.

Pollo a la Brasa Day in Peru
Pollo a la Brasa Day is celebrated in Peru on the third Sunday of July, on which day pollerías across the country are packed with hungry diners.

Prevent Mosquito Bites in Peru
Knowing how to prevent mosquito bites in Peru will help you avoid diseases like malaria, dengue and yellow fever.

Dengue Fever in Peru
Dengue fever outbreaks are becoming increasingly common in Peru. Learn how to spot the symptoms and protect yourself against the mosquito-borne infection.

The Safest and Most Dangerous Parts of Lima
A 2012 Ciudad Nuestra survey asked residents which districts they believed to be the safest and the most dangerous in Lima.

LCPerú to Connect Lima, Pisco, Nazca Lines and Cusco
On February 1, 2013, LCPerú will begin regular flights from Lima to Pisco with an option to fly over the Nazca Lines.

Transport Museums in Lima
There are only two dedicated transport museums in Lima: the Aeronautical Museum of Peru and the Museo del Automovil Coleccion Nicolini.

Satellite Image of Peru
This satellite image of Peru, taken from NASA World Wind, clearly shows the country's three geographic regions and other natural features.

Daily Budget for Traveling in Peru
These average daily budgets for traveling in Peru are based on your style of travel and your length of stay.

Renting Rooms and Apartments in Peru
Find out what long-term rental options are available in Peru, from basic rooms to apartments and houses.

Taking a Laptop to Peru
If you are thinking about taking your laptop to Peru, read these travel tips -- and laptop travel pros and cons -- before you go.

Museums in Ica and the Ica Region of Peru
The following museums in Ica, Peru, exhibit everything from the artifacts of ancient cultures to evidence of ancient astronauts (allegedly)...

Science and Technology Museums in Lima
There are a few science and technology museums in Lima, including the Electricity Museum and the Museum of the Morro Solar Observatory.

Museums in Nazca, Peru
There are only a few museums in Nazca, all of which are unsurprisingly centered on the Nazca culture and the world-famous Nazca Lines.

Museums in Piura
There are more than 10 museums in Piura and the Piura Region of northern Peru, including archaeology museums, art museums and the Casa Museo Grau.

Museums in Piura
There are more than 10 museums in Piura and the Piura Region of northern Peru, including archaeology museums, art museums and the Casa Museo Grau.

Museums in Ayacucho
There are some interesting museums in Ayacucho, such as the somber Museo de Memoria, the Museo Mariscal Cáceres and the colorful Museum of Popular Art.

Protected Natural Areas of Peru
There are more than 20 million hectares of protected natural areas in Peru, including national parks, historic sanctuaries and wildlife refuges.

Essential Spanish for Peru
If you can learn some basic Spanish essentials before you go to Peru, your entire trip will be more relaxing and more rewarding.

Volunteering Options in Peru
There are many different ways to volunteer in Peru, ranging from working with street kids in Lima to working with animals in the Peruvian Amazon.