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Food & Drink in Russia - Local Cuisine and Top Restaurants
Read about traditional and modern Russian food, traditional Russian drinks, and the best restaurants in Russia

Russian Drinks
Russia is of course famous for its vodka, but it has a lot more to offer when it comes to choosing your drink. Find out about Russian alcohol, including the best types of vodka, whiskey, wine and more.

Russian Restaurants
Read about the best places to eat and drink in Russia. Find out what you will see on the menus, how to order, contemporary Russian food and the average costs of dining out in various Russian cities.

Traditional Russian Food
Read about traditional Russian recipes that you will encounter while traveling in the region.

A Visitor's Guide to Impressing Russian Women
A visitor's guide for men to understanding how to impress Russian women while visiting the country.

Top Drinks to Try in Russia
A listing of some traditional Russian drinks to try when in Russia -- not all of them are alcoholic!

The Top Myths About Russia
You've probably heard a lot of

Top Russian Stereotypes Which Are True
You've probably heard a lot of

Russia Events & Festivals
Check out these events and festivals while you are in Russia to get a true feel for the Russian people and culture. From traditional celebrations and kids' events to street parties and music festivals, you can find a fun event to attend on this page.

Russia Travel Planning
How to plan a trip to Russia from beginning to end.

Russian History & Culture
Learn about important Russian historical events and how they shaped the modern climate and culture of Russia. Read about Russian cultural traditions, conventions, beliefs and rituals.

Things to Do in Russia - Attractions, Museums and Monuments
What to do in Russia - the top Russian attractions, museums, palaces and monuments.

Cities and Regions in Russia - Destinations in Russia
Find out about the best places to go in Russia. Read detailed guides about Russia's major cities and lesser-known destinations, including insider tips on discovering Russia like a local.

Russian Events and Festivals Season by Season - Monthly Schedule of Russian Events
Russia has cultural events, festivals and activities going on in every season! All of the festivals and events in Russia organized by season so you can plan your trip around the ones you want to see the most.

Safety & Etiquette in Russia
Learn about travel safety in Russia, including what to do before you go, important Russian words to know and which places to avoid. Read about common rules of etiquette, polite and impolite conversation topics, how to behave if you are invited to a party and other tips and tricks that will help your stay go smoothly.

Christmas & New Year's in Russia
Christmas and New Year's are celebrated quite differently in Russia than in North America and most European countries. Find out how Russians greet the holiday season.

St. Petersburg Attractions
Read about the top St. Petersburg sights, landmarks, and museums, including the most famous statues and bridges to visit in the city.

Russian Classics
Films and literature for those interested in learning more about Russian history, culture and way of life.

Travel to the Golden Ring - Information about Traveling to the Golden Ring Region
Find out everything you need to know before you travel to the Golden Ring region of Russia.

Kazan Travel Guide
Kazan is the

Money Matters in Russia
Find out how the Ruble conversion works, the average prices of common items in Russia such as hotel rooms and restaurant meals, and how to save money while traveling in Russia.

Practical Russia Travel Tips and Advice
Find out what to take with you to Russia, how to make international phone calls, how to send mail, where to buy groceries and everything else you need to help you travel around Russia more comfortably.

Siberia Travel Guide
Find out about Siberian history, food, and culture, and what to see and do in the region.

Sochi Travel Guide
Sochi is Russia's resort city, located near the Black Sea and bordering the Caucasus Mountains. Read about the best time to travel to Sochi, where to stay and what to see other than the beach!

St. Petersburg Travel Guide
Read about the best places to visit, stay, eat and shop in St. Petersburg, the 'northern Venice', or the city of bridges.

When to Travel to Russia
Worried about the Russian winters? Use this guide to figure out the best time to go to Russia. Read about what each of the four seasons are like and the best things to do while you are there.

How to Talk to Russian People
Conversation and body language rules

Communism in Russia - History of Communism in Russia
The history of pre- and post- Communist Russia, and of course what the Communist Era was like. Find out how communism is seen today and what effects it still has on the country.

Moscow Travel
Read the best tips for traveling to Russia's capital, home to the top of luxury, historical sights and great free and budget traveling experiences. Discover famous Moscow sights and attractions and the best hidden treasures of the capital city.

Transportation in Russia
Read about how to get to and from Russia - including information on buses, trains, airlines and flights, ferries and cruises. Read about transportation within Russia by bus, metro, car, train, or airplane.

Russian Writers - Famous Russian Authors
From Dostoyevsky to Bulgakov, read about Russia's greatest authors and poets.

The Russian People
Find out what the Russian people are like: religious beliefs, common attitudes and ideas, eating and drinking habits, working life in Russia and more.

Shopping in Russia - Where to Shop in Russia
The best places to shop in Russia. Find the best stores, malls, and markets with the best deals and the best selection.

Guide to Car Rentals in Russia
Car rentals in Russia - agencies, road conditions, etiquette and language barriers. This is your complete guide on how to rent a car in Russia (including when to consider NOT renting a car).

Best Inexpensive Restaurants and Cafes in Moscow
The best restaurants in Moscow which are fun, affordable, and central.

Best Inexpensive Restaurants & Cafes in St Petersburg
The best places to eat in St. Petersburg - without breaking the bank. Perfect for student travelers or just those in Russia on a budget.

Paper or Plastic? Debit, Credit Cards, Cash in Russia
Find out everything you need to know about using your credit card, debit card and traveler's cheques in Russia - and if you prefer cash, how much is safe to carry with you at any time!

List of Packing Essentials for Travel to Russia
Find out what you should take with you when you travel to Russia - there are some things you might not have thought of yet!

Top Bars and Pubs in Moscow Russia
Moscow's bar and pub scene can seem overwhelming, and can be quite difficult to navigate. Here is a list of the top ten bars and pubs to check out when you're in the mood for drinks and conversation instead of (or before) hitting the dance floor.

Affordable Gifts and Souvenirs to Buy in Russia
Bring back a nice, authentic gift from Russia without breaking the bank on an overpriced Chinese imitation.

How To Get to Russia: Traveling Tips
Have you always wanted to travel to Russia, but aren’t sure how to do it? Here’s a step by step guide for how to go to Russia.

Celebrating April Fool's Day in Russia
How to celebrate April Fool's Day in Russia on April 1st.

Celebrating New Year’s in Moscow or St. Petersburg
Which Russian city is better to celebrate New Year's Eve - Moscow or St. Petersburg?

Guide to Popular Russian Music Types
An overview of the types of popular Russian music that you are likely to hear when traveling in Russia.

Murmansk, Russia City Profile - Travel Guide to Murmansk
Profile of Murmansk, Russia, the largest city north of the Arctic Circle.

What to do in Murmansk, Russia
What is there to do in Murmansk?

12 Free Things to Do in St. Petersburg - What to Do in St. Petersburg for Free
The best things to do in St. Petersburg - for free! The best way to see the city is without paying any admission fees at all.

48 Hours in Moscow
How to spend only two days in Moscow and still see everything.

48 Hours in Moscow
How to spend only two days in Moscow and still see everything.

48 Hours in Moscow
How to spend only two days in Moscow and still see everything.

48 Hours in Moscow
How to spend only two days in Moscow and still see everything.

Moscow Attractions
Read about Moscow's famous attractions, sights and landmarks.

Accommodation in Russia - Where to Stay
Where to stay in Russia - finding a hotel, hostel, bed & breakfast and more. Find accommodation in Russia for any budget.


How to Behave on the Streets of Russia
How do Russians interact with each other on the street? Do you need to tip when you’re in a Russian restaurant? Find out how to behave like a Russian local.

What (Not) to Buy in Russia - a Russia Shopping Guide
Russia can be a shopping lover's heaven, but there are also some things which are not worth buying in Russia because they are overpriced or just not worth the hassle. Find out what to buy and what not to buy during your trip!

Russian Dinner Foods and Traditions Guide
Russian dinner food can be a bit scary if it is not expected. Find out what kind of food you will find on the Russian dinner table, and find out why you may not see many Russian people dining out at your restaurant.

What to Expect at Breakfast in Russia
Learn about traditional breakfast foods in Russia, what you will see on the breakfast table, and what you will find in hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Russian Body Language Etiquette Guide
What is appropriate when you greet someone in Russia? What should you and shouldn't you do with your hands? A Russian body language guide for anyone interested in talking to Russian people.

What to Wear in Russia in the Winter
What do Russian people wear in the winter? Here are some tips to help you avoid sticking out as a very obvious tourist when you travel to Russia.

The Top Ten Reasons to Visit Russia - Why Go to Russia
Wondering whether you would enjoy a trip to Russia? Wonder no longer - here are ten great reasons to go.

Healthy Russian Side Dishes – Traditional Healthy Russian Food Recipes
Traditional Russian side dishes which are healthy, low-calorie, good for you, and delicious - not to mention completely authentic! A quick guide - complete with recipes - to healthy Russian sides.

How to Avoid Tourist Traps in Russia - The Top 3 Russian Tourist Traps
The most common

Gifts to Give to Russian People – Gift-Giving in Russia
What should you give to Russian people if you're invited to celebrate Christmas or New Year's? Find out the Do's and Don'ts of Russian gift giving!

The Top 3 Seafood Restaurants in St. Petersburg
The best seafood restaurants in St. Petersburg.
Russia Travel.

Soviet Sights in Moscow – Moscow USSR Sites
A tour of Soviet Russia in Moscow.

The Problems & Annoyances You Will Encounter in Russia
Traveling to Eastern Europe in general, and Russia in particular, means running into some not-so-pleasant situations, from the mildly annoying to the extremely frustrated. Read this article to be prepared for any problems you might run into in advance!

Healthy Russian Appetizers – Traditional Healthy Russian Food Recipes
Traditional Russian appetizers which are delicious as well as healthy, low-calorie and good for you!

Healthy Russian Main Dishes – Traditional Healthy Russian Food Recipes
Eat delicious, traditional Russian food and keep on track with your diet - yes, it's possible! Here are some Russian main dishes (with recipes) to try for dinner tonight, or on your next visit to Russia.

Russian Visas - Everything You Need to Know to Get One
The definitive guide to getting a visa for travel to Russia.

Russia Budget Travel Tips
Traveling to Russia on a budget can be challenging, but it is by no means impossible! Here are the best money-saving tips for Russia travel.

Lunch in Russia - Foods & Traditions
Wondering what to expect at lunchtime in Russia? Here's a guide to Russian lunch, including when to go and what you will probably eat.

How to Say 'I Love You' in Russian
Russians are very romantic; find out how they celebrate the most romantic day of the year - Valentine's Day.

Domodedovo, Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo- Moscow Airport Guide
Wondering which airport you'll be arriving to or departing from in Moscow and how to get to the city and back? Here is your guide to the major Moscow airports, including public transit instructions!

International Women’s Day in Russia – March 8
Find out how March 8th, (International) Women's Day is celebrated in Russia and why it's so important to Russian women.

All About Russian Teatime Traditions
Don't be surprised when a Russian person invites you over for a cup of tea - but do know what to expect! Russia's long-standing tea drinking tradition explained.

How to Make Traditional Russian Pancakes
How to make - and eat - traditional Russian pancakes.

May Holidays in Russia
If you arrive in Russia during the first week of May you may be a bit confused as to what's going on. Here's an explanation of the May public holidays celebrated in Russia every year.

Top 3 Russian Cities for Students – Top Cities for Student Travel to Russia
The best cities for students to visit in Russia - places with lots of younger people, lots to see and do (for free), and good nightlfe scenes.

The Truth About Russian Mail-Order Brides
Is it really possible to buy yourself a mail-order Russian bride? Find out the truth behind the myth and dating services within the country.

Russian Traditions and Superstitions
Russian superstitions can be quite similar to Western ones - but they can also be quite different, and you might consider a few of them pretty strange.

The History Behind Men’s Day in Russia
Learn how to celebrate Men's Day in Russia, including the history behind the holiday, where it comes from, and what to expect.

Learn Useful Russian Phrases and Words
Want to learn Russian? Here are the most useful Russian words and phrases - a travel glossary for the total beginner in Russian.

Learn Useful Russian Phrases and Words
Want to learn Russian? Here are the most useful Russian words and phrases - a travel glossary for the total beginner in Russian.

Travel Guide to Pereslavl, Russia
Travel guide to Pereslavl in Russia's Golden Ring.

Travel Guide to Yaroslavl, Russia
Travel guide to Yaroslavl, a beautiful city 280km away from Moscow, Russia.

Religion in Russia
What is the role of religion in Russian culture?

Russian Winter Drinks
The best drinks to warm you up during the Russian winter season.

Gifts to Bring to Russia – Gifts for Your hosts and friends in Russia
What to bring with you for hosts, acquaintances, hostel mates and business associates when you travel to Russia.

Must-Try Russian Soups
The best Russian soups for winter.

Best Soviet Souvenirs From Russia - Soviet Russia Gifts
What to bring back from Russia for the Soviet history fan.

Nice Gifts from Russia – High-Quality Russian Souvenirs
Don't want to return from Russia with the typical assortment of poor-quality Russian souvenirs? Check out this list of nice gifts to bring back instead.

Must-Read Russian Literature for Travelers
You should read one of these things before traveling to Russia.

The Best Bars and Pubs in St. Petersburg, Russia
Where to go for a few drinks and good company in St Petersburg, Russia

The Complete Guide to Russian Food Shopping
How to buy food and drinks in Russian stores - it can be trickier than you'd think.

The Full Guide to Registering Your Visa in Russia - Registering in Russia on Arrival
How to register to validate your visa once you arrive in Russia.

The Full Guide to Registering Your Visa in Russia - Registering in Russia on Arrival
How to register to validate your visa once you arrive in Russia.

Russia in August – Events and Festivals in Russia in August
A guide to the events and festivals happening in Russia in August.

First Day in Moscow - Guide to Arriving in Moscow Russia
A guide to a stress-free arrival in buzzing Moscow.

First Day in St. Petersburg - Arrival Guide to St. Petersburg Russia
Arrival guide to St. Petersburg, Russia - how to make your first day as stress-free as possible.

What to Do When it Rains in St Petersburg – St Petersburg Rainy Day Guide
What to do besides the Hermitage when it rains in St. Petersburg!

Russian Music Concert Guide
A guide to Russian music concerts. If you want to see a show or concert while in Russia, find out what kind of venue to expect, how to find out about shows, and where to get tickets.

Hospital Visits and Injuries in Russia - The Worst-Case Guide to Russia Travel
What to do if you find yourself in need of medical care in Russia.

Russia Business Communication – Guide to Business Travel to Russia
A guide to communication in the Russian workplace for business travelers to Russia.

Police Problems in Russia – Worst-Case Guide to Russia Travel
Find out what to expect if you get in trouble with the police in Russia - what your rights are, how you will be treated, and what your options are.

Russia Business Travel Basics - Guide to Business Travel to Russia
The day-to-day basics you need to know before you travel to Russia for business - office etiquette and corporate culture in Russia.

Best Russian Summer Activities
What the Russians do in the summer - and how you can do it too.

Russian Summer Dos and Don’ts
A quick etiquette guide to stay safe & happy during Russian summers.

Music Festivals in Russia – Russian Summer Music Festivals
The best music festivals to see while you're in Russia this summer.

St Petersburg Summer Day Trips
The best day trips to take for a city break from St. Petersburg in the summer.

St. Petersburg Highlights Summer Walking Tour
Go for a stroll in St Petersburg the summer and see all of its most important sights on foot.

What to Do in St Petersburg with Children – St Petersburg with Kids
What to do with your kids in St. Petersburg - so that neither of you is bored!

How to Get a Cab in Russia – A Guide to Russian Taxis
There are two ways to travel by taxi in Russia - the traditional way and the unconventional way. Find out about both - and whether you should try the unconventional way.

The Best Cities to Visit in Siberia
Where to go on the Asian side of Russia (Siberia).

How to Not Look Like a Tourist in Russia - Russia Summer Packing List
How to pack lightly & efficiently to avoid looking like a tourist and still survive the hot Russian summer!

4 Weird Russian Foods (That You Should Try)
Weird and scary yet delicious Russian food that you should try.

How to Impress a Russian Mother (or Grandmother)
How to impress your partner's Russian mother or grandmother.

Instant Messaging in Russia
Instant communication with your Russian friends - how to communicate with Russian people using their own channels (hint: not WhatsApp or Facebook).

Don’t Say It! Off-Limits Conversation Topics for Russian People
Don't mention these four topics in conversation with Russian people.

Where (Not) to go in Russia in January and February
Russian winters are known for being both beautiful and deadly. Find out where to go in January and February to maximize your travel experience but minimize the frostbite.

How to Celebrate Easter in Russia
What to do in Russia during Easter if you're traveling and don't necessarily have a Russian family to celebrate with. How to celebrate Russian Easter.

The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Moscow, Russia
Don't miss out on great food in Russia just because you're a vegan or vegetarian. Here are the best vegetarian restaurants in Moscow (yes, they do have good ones).

The Best Bookstores in Moscow and St. Petersburg
Where to shop for books in Russian & English in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Where to Buy Food, Toiletries, Stamps, and Other Essentials in Russia
Where should you go if you need to buy shampoo in Russia? What about a stamp? Find out where to buy all the little things that you always need but never know where to find when traveling!

How to Impress a Russian Father (or Grandfather)
How to impress your Russian friend's father or grandfather.

Tips for Women Traveling to Russia
Tips for solo women travelers in Russia.

Secret Sights in St. Petersburg
Discover the hidden gems of St. Petersburg.

How to Attend a Russian Dinner Party - Russian House Guest Rules
Your guide to attending a Russian dinner party.

Russian Meal Structure - Courses and Order
The structure of a Russian meal.

How to Impress a Russian Guy (For Women)
How to impress a Russian man (as a woman)

Social Media Etiquette in Russia
How to behave on Russian social media sites.

Why You Should Try a Russian Banya - And How To Survive
Why you should try a russian banya at least once in your life -- and how to do it right.

How to Survive Drinking with Russians
How to prepare for a night out with Russian friends.

The Russian Holiday Season - A Guide to Russian Winter Holidays
Finally, a quick and clear breakdown of the Russian holiday season. Most Russian people celebrate at least four holidays during the winter festive season! However, they are not all equally meaningful, significant, and rooted in tradition. Find out which ones you can crash and which ones are family-only!

Customer Service in Russia -- The #1 Rule in Russia
The truth about Russian customer service - and how to deal with it.

How to Navigate the Moscow Metro
Tips on how to navigate the Moscow metro like a local. Explanation of the Metro system, buying and using Metro tickets, and basic etiquette.

Active Holidays in the Russian Mountains - Adventure Holidays in Russia
A guide to those looking to go beyond the metropolises of Russia - the best mountain regions of Russia for winter sports, hiking and trekking. Explore the wild East in Russia.

Russia for Students – The Ultimate Student Travel Guide to Russia
The ultimate guide to traveling to Russia for students - the best student cities, places to stay, and money-saving tips for students looking to travel to Russia.

The Best Restaurants in Sochi Russia
The best restaurants and cafes in Sochi, Russia.

Profile of The Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg
Everything you need to know about the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg.

Packing List for Russia Train Travel - How to Pack for Train Journeys in Russia
What to bring - and not to bring - when preparing to travel by train in Russia.

Profile of St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg
What you need to know before visiting St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg

Moscow’s Top 5 Off-The-Beaten-Track Sights – Moscow Beyond the Guidebooks
What to do in Moscow when you've seen all the must-sees.

Profile of the Summer Garden in St Petersburg
A profile of the beautiful Summer Garden in St. Petersburg.

Pushkin Parks and Palaces - Tsarskoye Selo in St Petersburg
Better than Peterhof - and cheaper, too! Take a day trip to Pushkin and discover two magnificent royal palaces and their adjoining parks.

Russia Day – June 12 Independence Day in Russia
Big Russia Day celebrations happen every year on June 12. A short history of the holiday and where and how to celebrate it best!

History, Celebrations and Controversy
What happens in Russia during the slightly controversial holiday of Unity Day in November.

Nightlife in Russia - Russian Bars, Clubs & Cocktail Lounges
If you're in the mood to go out, Russian cities will offer many possibilities, from exclusive nightclubs and cocktail lounges to budget-friendly neighbourhood bars and clubs. Find out about the best places to party in Russia here.