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View from Xung Khiem Pavilion - Walking Tour of Tu Duc Royal Tomb, Hue, Vietnam - Hue, Vietnam Royal Tomb of Tu Duc
Xung Khiem Pavilion is a structure in Tu Duc’s Royal Tomb, Vietnam - a pleasure pavilion where the Emperor could sit at his leisure with his concubines, writing verse and reading their compositions.

Hoa Khiem Palace - Walking Tour of Tu Duc Royal Tomb, Hue, Vietnam - Hue, Vietnam Royal Tomb of Tu Duc
Hoa Khiem Palace was the Emperor’s residence when he was visiting Tu Duc Royal Tomb in Hue, Vietnam.

Throne at Minh Khiem Chamber - Walking Tour of Tu Duc Royal Tomb, Hue, Vietnam - Hue, Vietnam Royal Tomb of Tu Duc
Minh Khiem Chamber, a building at Tu Duc Royal Tomb in Hue, Vietnam, was used as a theater for the entertainment of the Emperor and his retinue.

Stele Pavilion - Walking Tour of Tu Duc Royal Tomb, Hue, Vietnam - Hue, Vietnam Royal Tomb of Tu Duc
The Stele Pavilion at Tu Duc Royal Tomb in Hue, Vietnam houses a 22-ton stone tablet (stele) inscribed with the Emperor’s biography.

The Emperor’s Sepulcher - Walking Tour of Tu Duc Royal Tomb, Hue, Vietnam - Hue, Vietnam Royal Tomb of Tu Duc
The sepulcher at Tu Duc Royal Tomb, Hue, Vietnam is a simple structure that, almost alone among this Imperial Tomb’s structures, is designed in a simple and unassuming style.

Borobudur - Giant Buddhist Monument in Indonesia - Indonesia Buddhist Monument
An intro to the mysterious Borobudur temple, a giant Buddhist monument in Central Java - today, it is a major Buddhist pilgrimage site in Indonesia.

Top Attractions in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam
Suggestions for things to do in Ho Chi Minh City. Get the scoop on sites, markets, and interesting things to do in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

A Visit to the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City
Despite its pro-Vietnam slant and gruesome displays, the War Remnants Museum is a must-see in Ho Chi Minh City

9 of the Best Beers in Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia has had over a century's history in drinking beers - this list represents the best of the brews you can drink as you travel across the region

Hotels Near Borobudur, Indonesia
These three hotel picks in Magelang, Indonesia let you explore the area at leisure after your mandatory visit to the splendid Borobudur temple

Southeast Asia Travel
Southeast Asia Travel.

Southeast Asia Travel
Southeast Asia Travel.

Southeast Asia Travel
Southeast Asia Travel.

Chingay - A Highlight of Singapore's Chinese New Year
All about Singapore's Chingay parade celebrating Singapore's multicultural heritage. Images and text tell the story of Singapore's biggest parade.

Singapore's Chingay Parade - A Highlight of Chinese New Year | What to Expect During Chingay
The Chingay Parade now takes up a short parade route 360 meters long in front of the Formula One pit building near the Singapore Flyer.

Singapore's Chingay Parade - A Highlight of Chinese New Year | History of Chingay
Chingay has roots in Chinese religious festivals. The word

Singapore's Chingay Parade - A Highlight of Chinese New Year | History of Chingay
To get to the Chingay parade, you can go to Marina Bay by riding the MRT and disembarking at the Promenade MRT Station (CC4/DT15).

Choosing Travel Insurance in Southeast Asia
Don't go to Southeast Asia without getting the right insurance coverage - a little expense now may save your life and your financial security!

See Live Vipers at the Penang Snake Temple, Malaysia
The vipers in the Penang Snake Temple are indeed real - what thrills can you expect visiting this strange stop in Penang, Malaysia?

A Tour Through Minh Mang Royal Tomb in Hue, Vietnam
At Minh Mang Royal Tomb in Hue, Vietnam, harmony symbolizes the balanced rule of a beloved monarch - check out this walking tour for details

Southeast Asia Travel
Southeast Asia Travel.

Southeast Asia Travel
Southeast Asia Travel.

Southeast Asia Travel
Southeast Asia Travel.

Southeast Asia Travel
Southeast Asia Travel.

Southeast Asia Travel
Southeast Asia Travel.

Istiqlal Mosque (Indonesia) Functions and History
All about Southeast Asia's largest mosque, the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Hanoi's Hoan Kiem Lake
Read about Hanoi's Hoan Kiem Lake, a charming pocket of the Vietnamese capital abutting the Old Quarter.

Alona Beach Travel Guide, Bohol, Philippines
An introduction to Alona Beach, the most

Intramuros Travel Guide: Transportation & Hotels
Transportation and accommodation in Intramuros, Manila is easier and cheaper than it looks. Page 2.

Travel Guide to Intramuros, Manila, Philippines
An introduction to Intramuros in the Philippines for travelers - what to see and do when visiting the historic walled city where Manila was born

Top 10 Intramuros Stops: Manila's Walled City is Making a Comeback
Ready to take on Intramuros, Manila's walled city? Take on any of the indispensable Intramuros destinations listed here, at your own pace.

Dine Like a Bishop: Ristorante delle Mitre | 11 Intramuros Stops
The Ristorante delle Mitre was opened to serve the urgent culinary needs of Filipino clerics, and has expanded its reach to serve visitors to Intramuros, too.

Stone Sentries: the Walls of Intramuros | 11 Intramuros Stops
Intramuros' walls serve as a reminder that the Spanish presence in the Philippines was also a fearful one, with plenty of threats lurking just beyond cannonshot.

Telling the Chinese-Filipino Story: Bahay Tsinoy | 11 Intramuros Stops
The Chinese-Filipino story is told in great detail in the sprawling Bahay Tsinoy museum in Intramuros.

One Stop Cultural Shop: Plaza San Luis Complex | 11 Intramuros Stops
A pet project of former first lady Imelda Marcos, the Plaza San Luis complex in Intramuros comprises five houses built around a small inner atrium.

Soul Survivor: San Agustin Church | 11 Intramuros Stops
Intramuros' San Agustin Church was completed in 1606 and survives to the present, withstanding the worst that natural disaster and war could throw at it.

First Among Filipino Churches: Manila Cathedral | 11 Intramuros Stops
The present Manila Cathedral building in Intramuros dates back to 1958, and underwent rehabilitation in 2013.

Mother of All Manila: Fort Santiago | 11 Intramuros Stops
Built in 1571 on the smoldering remains of a palisaded Tagalog fort, Fort Santiago is arguably where Intramuros and the rest of Manila all began.

Remembering the Civilian Dead: Memorare Manila | 11 Intramuros Stops
The tiny Plazuela de Santa Isabel offers some tree-shaded relief for tourists walking through Intramuros, along with a sober reminder of the nameless casualties of World War II.

Galleon Trade Terminus: Plaza Mexico | 11 Intramuros Stops
To commemorate the 400th anniversary of the galleon trade, the Presidents of Mexico and the Philippines inaugurated twin monuments on either side of the Pacific. The Philippine equivalent stands in Plaza Mexico, Intramuros.

The Roof of Intramuros: Bayleaf Hotel's View Deck Restaurant | 11 Intramuros Stops
Ready to take on Intramuros, Manila's walled city? Take on any of the indispensable Intramuros destinations listed here, at your own pace.

Shopping Centers in Orchard Road, Singapore
A comprehensive list of Singapore shopping centers in Orchard Road, arranged in alphabetical order.

Celebrating Galungan Holiday in Bali
Description of Balinese holiday celebrating the ancestral spirits. Occurs once every 210 days, following traditional Balinese religious calendar.

Shopping in and Around Ubud and Central Bali
The shopping scene in Central Bali, including its main tourist hub of Ubud, is a shadow of South Bali's. But Central Bali does have a vibrant retail scene.

Dos and Don't's in Bali, Indonesia - Tips for Travelers
Tips for tourists who want to make the most out of their trip to Bali, Indonesia, including advice on safety, health, etiquette, and more.

Walking Tour of Intramuros, Philippines
A walking tour of the oldest part of Old Manila: Intramuros, the walled city. Discover where the Philippines' capital all began.

First Stop: Fort Santiago
Fort Santiago was built by Spanish conquistadors in 1571, replacing the destroyed fortress belonging to the last datu (king) of pre-Hispanic Manila. Over the years, Fort Santiago served as a fortress against marauding Chinese pirates, a prison for Spanish-era political prisoners, and a Japanese torture chamber in World War II. American bombs deployed during the Battle for Manila almost succeeded in destroying the Fort altogether.

Next Stop: Manila Cathedral
The Manila Cathedral is the ecclesiastical seat of the Archdiocese of Manila. In Spanish colonial times, this was the seat of the Spanish Archbishop of Manila, who had jurisdiction over the entire archipelago.

Next Stop: Walls of Intramuros / Puerta de Santa Lucia
Facing Malecon Drive, Puerta de Santa Lucia is one of several gates passing through the Intramuros walls. First built in 1603, Puerta de Santa Lucia leads directly to Malecon Drive, a popular promenade ground, through a restored cobblestone bridge.

Next Stop: San Agustin Church and Museum
The San Agustin Church was first constructed in1571 and destroyed by marauding pirates in 1574. It was built (and destroyed) two more times before the present structure was completed in 1604, using a design so stable that earthquakes (the bane of the Philippines' baroque churches) could not topple it.

Next and Final Stop: Casa Manila
Casa Manila was a pet project of Imelda Marcos (she of 7,000 shoes): a reconstruction of a Spanish colonial home of the 19th century. (The whole structure itself dates back to 1981.)

Destinations and Activities to Do in Jakarta, Indonesia
Jakarta's 290 square miles may give the casual visitor a profusion of sites to visit, so we've distilled Indonesia's capital city down to eight essential places to see.

Jody Houton's A Geek in Thailand - Book Review
An indispensable guide to Thai history, culture and psychology from a farang gone completely native - A Geek in Thailand sweats the details

Vital Vietnam Travel Information - Visas, Safety & More
The essential lowdown on Vietnam travel: all about the nation's visa requirements, currency, safety situation, climate, getting in, and getting around.

Vietnam Travel Information – Getting In & Getting Around - bus, train, airplane, cyclos, ferry, rented car
The essential lowdown on traveling to Vietnam: all about the nation's visa requirements, currency, safety situation, climate, getting in, and getting around. Page 2.

Hue, Vietnam Travel Guide
What to do, see, and eat when in the former Imperial capital of Hue in Central Vietnam. Lists of attractions, restaurants, and hotels in Hue. Page 1 of 2.

Hue - Central Vietnam Travel Information
A guide for first-time travelers going to Hue, including transportation options, weather information, and a list of hotels. Page 2.

Laos Travel Information - Travel in Laos - Travel Basics - Visas, Currency, Vaccinations, Safety
The landlocked country of Laos is a marvel to see, once you've got all those travel questions worked out. Get comprehensive info on Laos' currency, climate, safety, and transportation here.

Laos Travel - Travel in Laos - Getting In and Getting Around - Airports, Roads, Ferries
How to get in, and around, Laos. Tips on every mode of transportation, from ferries to airlines to buses. Page 2.

Phnom Penh - Budgets and Eating Out in Cambodia's Capital City
Restaurants and other dining options in Phnom Penh; getting your money's worth; and Cambodia's capital in a nutshell. Page 3.

Phnom Penh Attractions and Destinations - Cambodia
A guide to where to go and what to see in Cambodia’s capital city, including the Royal Palace, National Museum, and the Toul Tom Pong Market. Page 2.

Chinese New Year in Singapore | Year of the Monkey 2016
Celebrate Chinese New Year in Singapore with the best-executed Chinese New Year party outside of China!

Celebrating Thaipusam in Singapore and Malaysia
All about Thaipusam in Southeast Asia, celebrated by Tamil Indian communities in Singapore and Malaysia.

Shopping at Yogyakarta's Jalan Malioboro, Indonesia
Shopping in Malioboro in Yogyakarta requires comfy shoes and plenty of energy. What will you find in this long Indonesia shopping street?

Transportation in Cebu
Lacking Manila's extreme congestion and pollution, Cebu's transportation grid is easier and faster to navigate - find out how in this handy guide.

Money in Singapore - How to Get it, Change it and Use it
Everything you need to know about Singapore money, banks, moneychangers, credit cards, and useful spending suggestions for travelers

Bangkok's Shopping Scene, Thailand
Bangkok's markets offer particularly mouthwatering bargains on crockery, bags, organic foods, and everything else on God's green earth.

Phuket - All About Thailand's "Pearl of the South" - Phuket's Top Attractions
Phuket's success can be boiled down to its beaches - miles and miles of them on Phuket's west coast. We explore Phuket's beaches and its other attractions. Page 2.

Phuket, Thailand – Visitor Info for Phuket, Thailand
Phuket Thailand information, beaches, topography, how to get there, and how to get around.

Hostels in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
A list of hostels in the capital of Sabah, Malaysia - Kota Kinabalu. Budget accommodations for backpackers seeking authentic hostel living in Eastern Malaysia.

Vietnam Hotel Picks: Hue Budget Hotels - Budget Hotels in Hue, Vietnam
A list of low- to mid-priced hotels in Hue, Vietnam. Despite the low prices, most of these Vietnam budget hotels offer incomparable value to Hue, Vietnam travelers.

Harsh Punishments for Drug Use in Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia governments impose the toughest drug laws on the planet: read about these laws and learn what happens if you cross the line.

Malaysia Travel Information for the First-Time Visitor
Vital information for first-time travelers to Malaysia, including visa requirements, currency, safety situation, climate, getting in, and getting around.

Malaysia Travel Information - Getting In and Getting Around - rail, airplane, taxi, bus
Vital information for first-time travelers to Malaysia: all about the nation’s visa requirements, currency, safety situation, climate, getting in, and getting around. Read this before making your trip. Page 2.

Hanoi Hotel Picks - West Lake, Hanoi Hotels - West Lake Hotels, Vietnam - Hotels in West Lake, Hanoi, Vietnam
A shortlist of West Lake, Hanoi Hotels, close to the Old Quarter and the Scenic West Lake in the capital of Vietnam.

Hotels On & Near Lebuh Chulia, George Town, Penang
These hotels and hostels on Jalan Chulia - Penang's main backpacker alley - provide easy access to George Town's street food, nightlife, and cultural adventures.

Hanoi Hotels in Old Quarter - Old Quarter Hotels in Hanoi, Vietnam
A list of hotels near the Hoan Kiem Lake and the surrounding Old Quarter. The hotels featured here represent a wide range of budgets and accommodations.

Transportation Into & Around Singapore | Singapore Travel, Singapore MRT, Singapore Bus
An overview of transportation getting into and around Singapore - covering air, land, and sea routes using buses, ships, and Singapore's ultra-efficient MRT transport system.

Budget Travel Tips in Singapore
Save money while traveling in Singapore - follow these tips to stretch your travel budget while visiting the

Budget and Mid-Range Boracay Island Hotels and Resorts
Boracay Island in the Philippines has developed quite rapidly since the 70s. Here is a list of the island's mid-range and budget hotels and resorts.

What You Need to Travel to Singapore
Important information for first-time visitors to Singapore, including visa requirements, currency, vaccinations, and climate.

Vietnam Hotel Picks - Luxury Hotels in Hue, Vietnam - Hue, Vietnam Luxury Hotels
A list of luxury hotels in the former imperial capital of Hue, Vietnam, ranging from colonial to ultra-modern.

Meet Southeast Asia's Street Food Masters | Singapore Food, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia
Meet the first World Street Food Congress Awards winners, a group of quality street food vendors from all over the world, serving traditional recipes from Vietnamese banh xeo to Singapore char kway teow.

Khun Pas in Thailand | Singapore Food, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia
Mrs. Bowon and her husband Martin tend a stall in Bangkok, Thailand that serves traditional steamed glutinous dumplings.

Rumah Makan Nasi Kapau in Indonesia | Singapore Food, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia
A son of Nagari Kapau in West Sumatra, Indonesia, Pak Afdal gave up a career cooking in Indonesia's finest restaurants to come back to his hometown to set up a streetside stall serving nasi kapau.

Vietnam banh xeo by Banh Can 38 | Singapore Food, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia
Visitors to Ms. Phan Thi Thu Loan's stall in Saigon, Vietnam can now enjoy old-fashioned banh xeo and banh khot (seafood rice cake).

Singapore's Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice | Singapore Food, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia
Hainanese chicken rice is a simple immigrant dish, adopted by Singapore as their unofficial national food.

Sate Ayam Baroka Haji Basiri in Jakarta, Indonesia | Singapore Food, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia
Jakarta's Sate Ayam Barokah Haji Basiri is so good, Indonesia's celebrities rub shoulders with blue-collar workers for a place in the line.

Donald and Lily's Peranakan Food in Melaka, Malaysia | Singapore Food, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia
This venerable Nyonya food stall in Melaka, Malaysia is making the transition to the second generation: daughter Jennifer is continuing her parents' mission of serving quality Peranakan (Straits Chinese) comfort food.

Singapore's best claypot rice | Singapore Food, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia
For really great claypot rice, you must try Singapore's

Thailand's Fish Porridge| Singapore Food, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia
To taste Thailand's best take on the Chinese fish porridge (khaotom pla), you'll need to wander through the soi (side streets) of Yaowarat in Bangkok until you come across Siang Ki Khaotom Pla.

Singapore's Char Kway Teow | Singapore Food, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia
This char kway teow stall in Bedok, Singapore represents the top of the class: a sweet AND savory AND salty AND crunchy dish that achieves perfection under the expert hands of Mr. Ng.

Nasi Kandar in Penang, Malaysia| Singapore Food, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia
Line Clear Nasi Kandar really doesn't look like much: a grubby lane-side stall off Jalan Penang, its popularity has helped it expand into a convoluted food shed serving folks from all walks of life.

JB Ah Meng in Singapore| Singapore Food, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia
JB Ah Meng stands right in the middle of Singapore's red-light district, in a nondescript coffee shop along Lorong 23.

Soto Ayam Ambengan Pak Sadi Asli in Indonesia| Singapore Food, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia
Indonesia's Pak Sadi sells the Surabaya version of soto ayam, which is thickened with pulverized prawn crackers, accompanied by rice noodles, hardboiled egg, minced fried garlic and spring onions.

Wan Dao Tou Assam Laksa in Penang, Malaysia | Singapore Food, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia
The current proprietor of Wan Dao Tou Assam Laksa, Lim Ee Quen, gave up her beauty salon business to manage her family's 14-year-old stall in front of the Penang Chinese Girl's High School.

Nam Bo Chuoi Nuong in Vietnam| Singapore Food, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia
Vietnamese chuoi nuong, a grilled banana wrapped with sticky rice and drenched in coconut milk with a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds, completely hits the spot.

Discover Singapore's Surprisingly Cheap Eats
All about Singapore's hawker centers - the nexus of the Singapore food experience, where hot, tasty cuisine from all over Asia can be had for less than a few dollars a meal

Five Places to See Orangutans in Borneo
The orangutans in Borneo are not easy to find. Read about five great places to see the orangutans, including Kubah National Park, Lok Kawi, and more.

Kuala Lumpur Prestige & Five-Star Hotels and Service Apartments - Luxury Five Star Hotels in Kuala Lumpur
Five-star hotels and service apartment in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. Luxury accommodations for business travelers and tourists with ample budgets.

Battambang, Cambodia - Visitor Information
Battambang is a pleasant town only hours from Siem Reap. Read about temples, hotels, transportation, and things to do in Cambodia’s second-largest city.

Five Extreme Sports Adventures in Southeast Asia - Five Southeast Asia Extreme Sports Adventures
Extreme sports is in vogue throughout Southeast Asia. Grab your parachute, your travel insurance, and your heart medication - these different adventure options are waiting for you to jump in.

An Overview of the Ati-Atihan Festival, Philippines
All about the traditional festival in Kalibo, Aklan, in the Philippines. Join the celebration of a long-ago transaction that transformed into a celebration of the Christ Child.

Kadayawan Festival - Visitor Information
What you need to know when visiting the week-long Kadayawan Festival celebrated in Davao City, Philippines, every third week of August.

Guide to Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi Vietnam
Essential travel information for visitors flying through Noi Bai International Airport to Hanoi in Vietnam. Transportation, nearby hotels, and travel tips included.

Kuala Lumpur's Free Go KL City Bus
Read about the Go KL City Bus: a free transportation service that connects Kuala Lumpur's Bukit Bintang, KLCC, and Chinatown districts.

Bali's Most Popular Shopping Outlets & Specialty Stores
A list of the most popular shopping outlets in Bali – your best bet for cheap souvenirs, homeware, clothing, and more!

Phnom Penh - Capital of Cambodia - A Personal View
Phnom Penh, the Cambodian capital - an expat recommends the city's best hotels, travel arrangements, dining options, and cultural destinations.

Restaurants and Bars in Tanjung Benoa, Bali
This list of restaurants and bars lining Tanjung Benoa, Bali's Jalan Pratama cater to almost all tastes and budgets.

Mid-Price Hotels in Hue, Vietnam - Hue, Vietnam Mid-Price Hotels
A list of mid-price hotels in the historic city of Hue, Vietnam.

Boracay Kiteboarding - Kiteboarding in Boracay
Kiteboarding is one of Boracay’s most popular watersports. From November to March, kiteboarders swarm Bulabog Beach to take advantage of the gusty habagat winds.

Parasailing in Boracay, Philippines
Boracay doesn’t have an airport of its own, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fly around the island - you can, when you go parasailing.

ATV/Off-Road Buggies in Boracay - Boracay Off-Road Buggies
ATVs are four-wheel buggies that can be rented by the hour to explore the dirt roads criss-crossing the hills in Boracay’s north end.

Dining in Boracay - Boracay Dining
Boracay’s international crowd has enriched the island’s culinary scene.

Nightlife in Boracay - Boracay Nightlife
At night, Boracay comes alive with people homing in on the island’s bars’ cheap drinks and delicious food.

Eating Indonesian Food on the Beach at Jimbaran, Bali
All about beach dining in Bali, on Jimbaran Bay's wide selection of seaside restaurants serving grilled seafood, rice, and plenty of romance.

Fat Jimmy’s - Backpacker-Budget Accommodations in the Middle of Boracay
Fat Jimmy’s is a backpacker hotel that lets scrimping Boracay tourists make the most of their island holiday in the Philippines.

Penang International Airport Malaysia
All about travel to Penang via the Penang International Airport, Malaysia's third-biggest airport and the main air gateway to the north of Malaysia

A Review of the Bohol Beach Club, Panglao Island, Philippines | Bohol Travel, Philippines Beaches
A review of the massive Bohol Beach Club in the Philippines - a huge 168-room resort on the best beach in Panglao Island that falls just short of perfection

Visiting the Batu Caves in Malaysia
The Batu Caves are an important Hindu site and tourist attraction near Kuala Lumpur. Learn how to visit the Batu Caves in Malaysia.

Tax-Free Shopping in Singapore - Instructions
A how-to on tax-free shopping in Singapore, with useful tips and links to redeem the Goods and Services Tax (GST) paid on your shopping at the airport.

Boracay, Philippines Luxury Hotels & Resorts
A list of luxury hotels and resorts in the beach paradise of Boracay Island, Philippines. Enjoy five-star amenities and service when you travel to the Philippines' top beach destination.

A Layover in Changi Airport, Singapore
Reasons to spend your layover in Changi Airport, Singapore - an efficient transport hub to the rest of Southeast Asia, and an attractive travel destination.

CDOWWRA's Way, Cagayan de Oro River - Philippines White Water Rafting
The fourteen rapids down the Beginners' Course range between class 2 to class 3.5, offering an exciting ride that's safe enough for toddlers to raft on. The whole trip takes three hours on a sturdy SOTAR (State-of-the-Art Raft) that seats six to eight passengers.

White Water Rafting in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines - Philippines White Water Rafting
Get your adrenaline fix on the frisky Cagayan de Oro River in the southern Philippines - where to go, how to get there, and what you'll see when you ride off among the rocks and foam.

Brief Training Session, Cagayan de Oro River - Philippines White Water Rafting
The rafting guides begin each trip with a run-through of the different commands issued by the boat guides, and a briefing on safety rules for the trip.

First Seven Rapids - Cagayan de Oro River - Philippines White Water Rafting

Changing Landscape - Philippines White Water Rafting
The territory changes from bedrock to limestone from this point forward - careless guides can get their rafts punctured by the jagged cliffs and rocks on either bank, but eagle-eyed rafters can spy the fossilized seashells embedded in the cliff faces. Wild orchids can also be seen dangling from the overhangs that loom over the rafters.

Lava Rock, Cagayan de Oro River - Philippines White Water Rafting
The three-hour ride takes rafters close to some interesting geological features… sometimes uncomfortably close, as the strong current will float the raft inches away from some jagged limestone surfaces, until the rafters' dogged paddling kicks in.

Limestone Wall, Cagayan de Oro River - Philippines White Water Rafting
The rapid known as Butchok's Way is remarkable for the hollowed out cavern in the towering limestone cliffs nearby. Swallows nest in the cavern, which also provide a livelihood for villagers who collect the bird's nest to sell to restaurants for about P1,000 a kilogram.

The Home Stretch, Cagayan de Oro River - Philippines White Water Rafting
Rapid Ten is actually two rapids, only one of which can be taken at any given time -

Cabula River Grill, Cagayan de Oro River - Philippines White Water Rafting
The Cabula River Grill at the endpoint offers clean changing rooms and toilets so you can get out of your wet clothes. They also serve a mean roast pork and grilled shrimp, so don't miss out on the food here - if start in the morning, you'll be here in time for lunch, and you'll be mighty hungry once you step off the raft!

Five Things to Do in Oslob, Cebu
The Philippines seaside town of Oslob has more to it than meets the eye - read about its top 5 attractions, from whale sharks to eating by the beach

Guide to Island-Hopping in Boracay
Paraw are traditional sailboats with outriggers, and are available for rent from freelancers on White Beach or by inquiry with your Boracay resort.

Boracay Diving - Diving in Boracay
Boracay is beautiful, both above and under the water. The seas around Boracay harbor more than thirty amazing diving spots, with a surfeit of reefs, wrecks, and rare tropical fish.

Spas and Massage Treatments in Boracay, Philippines
The burgeoning spa industry in Boracay caters to travelers who want to relax when on the island.

Thaliand Lèse Majesté Laws: Overview and Context
A brief explanation of Thailand's strict lese majeste law, its history, cultural context, and use

Southeast Asia Travel: South Bali
Learn about Kuta’s white sand beaches and raucuous nightlife, Denpasar’s urban attractions, and Nusa Dua’s ordered serenity, among others.

Crocodile Meat in Black Pepper Sauce at Block 51 Old Airport Road Hawker Centre, Singapore | hawker centers, Singapore food, Southeast Asia dining

Dining at Old Airport Road Hawker Centre - Singapore
One of the best hawker centers in Singapore serving cheap but delicious food, here’s what you need to know to enjoy Katong’s original food experience.

Pork and Chicken Satay at Block 51 Old Airport Road Hawker Centre, Singapore | hawker centers, Singapore food, Southeast Asia dining
You can find satay in every corner of Singapore, but for really special satay, you go to Chuan Kee Satay at Old Airport Road hawker centre.

Tempura-Fried Durian at Block 51 Old Airport Road Hawker Centre, Singapore | hawker centers, Singapore food, Southeast Asia dining
This unassuming stall in Old Airport Road hawker centre sells a devastatingly delicious goreng durian, coated in tempura breadcrumbs and fried to deep, golden perfection.

Soursop Juice at Block 51 Old Airport Road Hawker Centre, Singapore | hawker centers, Singapore food, Southeast Asia dining
Fruit bar Lim Hin in Old Airport Road hawker centre serves soursop juice in large plastic cups with ice - ideal for dousing the flames any spicy food may have left in your mouth!

Budget Hotels and Resorts in Hoi An, Vietnam - Hoi An, Vietnam Budget Hotels and Resorts
A list of low-priced one- to three-star hotels in Hoi An, Vietnam, with varying access to the Old Town and Cua Dai Beach.

Angkor Temples, Cambodia
The former heart of a formidable empire, Angkor stretches over more than 200 square miles of forest and ruin. Angkor's magnificent structures are all that are left of the Khmer Empire's old capitals, constructed between the 9th to the 15th century CE.

Petronas Towers, Malaysia
The world's tallest twin towers (1,482 feet high) are always worth a look, if only to goggle at the sheer scale of the project: The buildings loom 88 storeys above Kuala Lumpur, totally dominating the skyline with a steel and glass faade designed to pay homage to Malaysia's Muslim heritage. The structure stands in the world's deepest-known foundations, sinking 400 feet into the ground.

Eight Southeast Asian Destinations You Shouldn't Miss
In Asia, eight is believed to be the luckiest number. For the Cantonese Chinese who live in prosperous communities all over Southeast Asia, the number eight represents

Tubbataha Reef, Philippines
Seasoned sports divers keep coming back for Tubbataha's coral walls, home to teeming schools of great jacks, manta rays, lionfish, Moorish idols, hawksbill tortoises, clown fish, and moray eels. Above the waterline, Tubbataha serves as a stopover and sanctuary for migratory terns, boobies, and frigate birds.

Hawker Centers, Singapore
No ambience, no airconditioning, but boy, do Singapore's hawker centers make up for it in taste. Prices are low ($5 buys you a big meal) and choices tend to be rather wide, reflecting the polyglot populace. Indian biryani stands jostle Western food booths and noodle stalls in most places. Tourists can visit the centrally located Lau Pa Sat and Newtons Circus centers for an authentic taste of Asia.

Vigan, Philippines
No site in Southeast Asia encapsulates the European colonial experience as purely as Vigan. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Vigan is a very well-preserved Spanish colonial town, complete with cobblestone streets and a design sensibility that fuses European colonial architecture with Asian designs appropriate to the climate.

Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia
Mount Kinabalu has so much to offer: incredible botanical and biological biodiversity with over 600 species of ferns (the entire continent of Africa has

The Map Rooms - American Cemetery in Manila, Philippines
Map rooms at the ends of the hemicycles depict major battles of the war in the Pacific. Altogether, 25 mosaic maps describe the exploits of the U.S. Armed Forces in the Pacific theater.

Money in the Philippines | Philippines Peso | Money Changers
All about the Philippines peso - what it is, how to change it, and how to avoid being cheated by money changers and thieves when traveling in the Philippines

Your Questions About Myanmar Kyat - Answered!
Answers to your burning questions about Myanmar money - where to change it, how to get it, and more

Money Suggestions for Travelers in Vietnam
Money tips and useful spending suggestions for travelers in Vietnam. How to change your money in Vietnam and how to get the most bang for your buck.

Money and Money Changers in Bali, Indonesia
Learn how to safely deal with banks and money changers in Bali, Indonesia, including the local currency and where to have your foreign currency exchanged.

Hospitals and Clinics in Bali, Indonesia
A list of hospitals and clinics in Bali for travelers seeking medical services, including contact information, hospital websites, and emergency numbers.

Sin Chew Satay Bee Hoon in Bukit Timah Hawker Center, Singapore | hawker centers, Singapore food, Southeast Asia dining
Sin Chew Satay Bee Hoon in Bukit Timah Hawker Center, Singapore serves rice vermicelli noodles bathed in a rich, brown, mildly spicy satay gravy.

Making Carrot Cake in Bukit Timah Hawker Center, Singapore | hawker centers, Singapore food, Southeast Asia dining
With the surfeit of scrambled egg in the carrot cake, the dish turns out a bit omelet-ty, crisped on the edges by the hawker who works the He Zhong carrot cake stall in Bukit Timah Hawker Center, Singapore.

He Zhong Carrot Cake in Bukit Timah Hawker Center, Singapore | hawker centers, Singapore food, Southeast Asia dining
The hardworking

Dining at Bukit Timah Hawker Center, Singapore
All about Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre in Singapore, whose famous food more than makes up for the hawker center's small size

Diving in Sabah - Eight Amazing Places to Enjoy Diving in Sabah, Borneo
The diving in Sabah is best in the world! Read about eight exciting destinations for diving in Sabah, Borneo.

Orphanages in Cambodia Are Not Tourist Attractions
Voluntourism in Cambodia can be counterproductive - how to help on your next trip without visiting an orphanage

Too Thor Th'ng - Chinese New Year Food – Penang Peranakan Cuisine
What's the best part of being in Penang for Chinese New Year? It's the food: a rich spread of traditional

Acar - Chinese New Year Food – Penang Peranakan Cuisine
What's the best part of being in Penang for Chinese New Year? It's the food: a rich spread of traditional

Ti Kuih - Chinese New Year Food – Penang Peranakan Cuisine
What's the best part of being in Penang for Chinese New Year? It's the food: a rich spread of traditional

Kueh Kapit - Chinese New Year Food – Penang Peranakan Cuisine
What's the best part of being in Penang for Chinese New Year? It's the food: a rich spread of traditional

Kueh Kapit - Chinese New Year Food – Penang Peranakan Cuisine
What's the best part of being in Penang for Chinese New Year? It's the food: a rich spread of traditional

Yee Sang - Chinese New Year Food – Penang Peranakan Cuisine
What's the best part of being in Penang for Chinese New Year? It's the food: a rich spread of traditional

Peanut Cookies & Prawn Rolls - Chinese New Year Food – Penang Peranakan Cuisine
What's the best part of being in Penang for Chinese New Year? It's the food: a rich spread of traditional

New Year Fruits - Chinese New Year Food – Penang Peranakan Cuisine
What's the best part of being in Penang for Chinese New Year? It's the food: a rich spread of traditional

Bak Kwa - Chinese New Year Food – Penang Peranakan Cuisine
What's the best part of being in Penang for Chinese New Year? It's the food: a rich spread of traditional

Yu Sheng - Chinese New Year Food – Penang Peranakan Cuisine
What's the best part of being in Penang for Chinese New Year? It's the food: a rich spread of traditional

Kueh Bahulu - Chinese New Year Food – Penang Peranakan Cuisine
What's the best part of being in Penang for Chinese New Year? It's the food: a rich spread of traditional

Kuih Bangkit - Chinese New Year Food – Penang Peranakan Cuisine
What's the best part of being in Penang for Chinese New Year? It's the food: a rich spread of traditional

Tau Eu Bak - Chinese New Year Food – Penang Peranakan Cuisine
What's the best part of being in Penang for Chinese New Year? It's the food: a rich spread of traditional

Ju Hu Char - Chinese New Year Food – Penang Peranakan Cuisine
What's the best part of being in Penang for Chinese New Year? It's the Chinese New Year food: a rich spread of traditional

Mui Ne, Vietnam - Six Unforgettable Beaches in Southeast Asia
Mui Ne, Vietnam is quickly gaining a name as Southeast Asia’s next big beach destination, underscored by the growing number of boutique resorts and facilities in the vicinity.

Six Unforgettable Beaches in Southeast Asia
In the past 20 years, Koh Phangan in Thailand has developed rather rapidly from “backpacker’s best kept secret” to “tourist hot spot”.

Bali, Indonesia - Six Unforgettable Beaches in Southeast Asia
Bali, Indonesia is a prime destination for tourists seeking cheap prices, a rich local culture, beautiful beaches, delicious food, and free-flowing Bintang Beer.

Tioman Island, Malaysia - Six Unforgettable Beaches in Southeast Asia
What it lacks in size, Tioman Island makes up for in beauty: lush jungles, crystal-clear streams, and dazzling white-sand beaches teeming with marine life.

Boracay, Philippines - Six Unforgettable Beaches in Southeast Asia
The beach scene at Boracay, Philippines is dominated by the two-mile stretch of sparkling sand that makes up White Beach, claimed by some to rival the beaches of the Caribbean.

Phuket, Thailand - Six Unforgettable Beaches in Southeast Asia
Perhaps the region’s most popular beach destination, Phuket, Thailand offers plenty of fun within its varied terrain.

Chinese New Year Food – Penang Peranakan Cuisine
What's the best part of being in Penang for Chinese New Year? It's the Chinese New Year food: a rich spread of traditional

Puerto Princesa Hostels & Budget Hotels
A list of budget hotels and hostels in the capital of Palawan, Puerto Princesa - stay a few days before venturing out to El Nido and the Underground River

Etiquette Tips for Travelers in Bali, Indonesia
Some tips on how not to commit cultural faux pas and understand the local culture when traveling to Bali, Indonesia.

Must-See Sites in Luang Prabang, Laos
Luang Prabang's must-see sites - places you have to visit when in Laos' cultural and historical capital, the former cradle of Lao kings.

Seven Must-See Sights in Hanoi, Vietnam
Don't say you've been to Hanoi in Vietnam until you visit all of these seven must-see sights, including Hoan Kiem Lake, Temple of Literature, and more.

Southeast Asia Visa Requirements for US Citizens
Southeast Asia is generally open to US citizens, with different degrees of visa-free access throughout the region. Learn the requirements for each country.

Review of Mandala Spa in Boracay, Philippines
Mandala Spa is a natural, calming getaway located in the hard-partying island in Boracay - an unlikely oasis of relaxation worth a visit

Yoga Classes and Breakfast at the Mandala Spa in Boracay
An in-depth review of the spa facilities and treatments in Mandala Spa & Villas, a premium spa in Boracay, Philippines, in Southeast Asia. Page 2.

Spa Facilities and Treatments at Mandala Spa & Villas
Southeast Asia Travel. Page 3.

Shopping at the Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam
All about shopping in the Old Quarter in Hanoi, Vietnam, where shoppers can get great bargains on silks, lacquerware, and much more.

What is Kaya? A Heritage Food from Malaysia's Colonial History
Roti kaya is as traditional a breakfast as you can get in Malaysia and Singapore: toasted bread, margarine and kaya spread made from coconuts and eggs.

Cambodia E-Visa - Visitor Information
How to apply for a Cambodia e-Visa, a travel document that you can apply for and pay online, in less than 24 hours.

Little India Budget Hotels - Singapore
These hotels provide unbeatable bargains for Singapore travelers along with great access to Little India's dining, shopping, and entertainment.

Dien Tho Palace - Fifth Stop of Hue Citadel Walking Tour
The Dien Tho Residence was the official residence of the Queen Mother; it has several important buildings within its walls: the Dien Tho Palace, the Phuoc Tho Temple, and the Tinh Minh Building.

Ngo Mon Gate at the Hue Citadel, Vietnam - First Stop of Hue Citadel Walking Tour
Image and description of Ngo Mon Gate, a massive structure in front of the Hue Citadel that also served as a royal viewing platform for court ceremonies.

Left and Right Mandarin Buildings - Third Stop of Hue Citadel Walking Tour
Image and description of the Mandarin's Buildings, which served as administrative offices for Mandarins in the Emperor's Service.

Royal Reading Room - Fourth Stop of Hue Citadel Walking Tour
The Royal Reading room (Thai Binh Lau) was the only building to survive the ravages of the 20th century.

Nine Dynastic Urns, and the Hien Lam Pavilion - Last Stop of Hue Citadel Walking Tour
Image and description of Hien Lam Pavilion, a building in the Hue Citadel that commemorates the lives and accomplishments of significant commoners who helped the Nguyens rule their empire.

Walking Tour of Hue Citadel, Hue, Vietnam
This illustrated walking tour through the Hue Citadel in Central Vietnam introduces visitors to a lost dynasty in Vietnam's center.

Palace of Supreme Harmony - Second Stop of Hue Citadel Walking Tour
Directly in line with the Ngo Mon Gate along the Hue Citadel's central axis, The Throne Palace can be reached after walking across a bridge known as the Trung Dao (Central Path).

The To Mieu and Hung To Mieu Temples Compound - Sixth Stop of Hue Citadel Walking Tour
Image and description of The To Mieu temple, where the Nguyen Emperors are honored.

Mayon Volcano, Philippines' All Terrain Vehicle Trails
Ride an all terrain vehicle up an active volcano in the Philippines - we'll explain the trails, the challenges, and the scenery

Top Sights around Mayon Volcano, Philippines
From ziplining down a volcanic hill to riding an ATV at full speed up to a lava wall, don't miss these adventures near the Philippines' Mayon Volcano

Southeast Asia's Chinese New Year Celebrations
All throughout Southeast Asia, preparations are under way for the biggest holiday of the year: the Chinese (or Lunar) New Year, which begins on February 8, 2016.

Holy Week in the Philippines - Philippines Holy Week
How Holy Week is celebrated in Roman Catholic Philippines - specifically in Manila, in the towns of Paete and San Pedro Cutud, and in the province of Marinduque. Details on how to get there included.

Manusa Yadnya - Rites of Passage in Balinese Culture | Bali Culture, Bali Temples, Indonesia
All about Bali rites of passage - the Manusa Yadnya that dictate the timing and ceremonies of one’s life. Visit Bali and you might see them going on!

Peam Krasop Mangrove Forest and Eco-tourism Sanctuary
All about the Peam Krasop Eco-tourism Sanctuary in southwest Cambodia - a prime ecotourism site, a biodiversity hotspot in the Gulf of Thailand.

Khmer New Year in Cambodia - Visitor Information
The Khmer New Year is one of Cambodia’s major holidays. Here’s what you need to know if you want to see the local color of the holidays.

Three Fun Adventure Activities around Ha Long Bay, Vietnam | Halong Adventure Vietnam, Kayaking Vietnam, Rock Climbing Vietnam
Information on kayaking, rock climbing, and hiking around Ha Long Bay, Vietnam – how to arrange activities and who to reach.

Geylang Budget Hotels in Singapore
These Singapore budget hotels in Geylang offer the best bang for the buck thanks to their location near Singapore's red-light district.

Kuala Selangor Nature Park in Malaysia
The Kuala Selangor Nature Park is a mangrove wetland with a diverse assortment of wildlife. Information on getting here, what to see, what to bring.

Exploring Kuala Selangor Nature Park in Malaysia
Located less than an hour's drive from Kuala LUmpur, Kuala Selangor Nature Park's accessibility is its best feature. Page 2.

Ramadan Foods in Malaysia and Singapore
A list of Malay dishes that are commonly eaten (after sundown) during the Ramadan fasting month.

ZoukOut and Other Singapore New Year Parties
As the clock ticks down to 2013, Singapore’s Christmas-season celebrations will wind up through a number of festivals and countdown parties. Learn about ZoukOut and the two New Year Countdowns coming up at the end of the year.

Yogyakarta Taman Sari Palace, Indonesia
Abandoned, then restored in the early 20th century, the Taman Sari palace in Yogyakarta, Indonesia holds a few secrets you'll be surprised to find

Southeast Asia Travel
Southeast Asia Travel.

Southeast Asia Travel
Southeast Asia Travel.

Southeast Asia Travel
Southeast Asia Travel.

Southeast Asia Travel
Southeast Asia Travel.

Southeast Asia Travel
Southeast Asia Travel.

Southeast Asia Travel
Southeast Asia Travel.

Southeast Asia Travel
Southeast Asia Travel.

El Nido Hiking - Palawan Landscapes to Die For
Hit the road - the trails around El Nido, Palawan, Philippines provide great views of the surrounding limestone landscape

Tet Celebrations in Vietnam - Visitor Information
Tet Nguyen Dan is Vietnam’s biggest holiday, the Lunar New Year celebration that brings family and friends together in a week-long embrace.

Vietnam Travel by Train - The Lowdown
Why you should travel Vietnam via train, on the

Royal Tombs of Hue, Vietnam – Hue, Vietnam’s Royal Tombs
All about the Royal Tombs of Hue in Vietnam – the final resting places of Vietnam’s Nguyen Emperors in the hills of Hue.

How the Hue Royal Tombs were Designed
The Hue royal tombs' designers worked within rigid rules of design to create uinque architectural works still standing in Hue, Vietnam's hills. Page 2.

Temple of Literature - Ancient University in Hanoi, Vietnam
A walk-through of Hanoi's historic Temple of Literature - an oasis of calm and culture in the heart of Vietnam's bustling capital

Inside the Temple of Literature's Inner Sanctum
A walking tour of the Temple of Literature ends at an altar to three Vietnamese kings - what will you find before that point? Page 2.

Vietnam Dos and Don't's, and Other Etiquette Tips
Thrive while traveling in Vietnam without committing embarrassing faux pas. Check out these tips on Vietnamese customs, culture, and expectations.

Travel Guide to Boracay, the Philippines' Party Island
If Boracay isn't the perfect tropical island getaway, it's certainly darn close! How to experience the Philippines' top beach stop to the fullest

Magelang, Indonesia Sights to See After Borobudur
There's more to Magelang, Indonesia than just Borobudur - if you don't believe me, check out the area's other attractions listed here

Places to See in Langkawi, Malaysia | Langkawi Travel, Malaysia ecotourism, Malaysia Beaches
These essential Langkawi destinations draw on the island's magical limestone landscape that have made this Malaysia island an eco-tourism favorite

Things to Do and Attractions to See in Penang, Malaysia
A list of things to do in Penang, Malaysia, covering the island's temples, cultures, art scene, and food.

Tsunami-Ready Hotels & Resorts in Bali | Bali Tsunami, Bali Hotels
Find out about the Tsunami Ready program promoted by Bali, Indonesia hotels to encourage tsunami readiness - is your Bali hotel on the list?

Tsunami-Ready Hotels & Resorts in Kuta, Sanur, Jimbaran, Seminyak in Bali | Bali Tsunami, Bali Hotels
Check out this list of Bali hotels in Kuta, Sanur, Jimbaran, Seminyak that have all passed Tsunami Ready certification. Page 2.

Places to Visit around Kota Tua, Jakarta, Indonesia
A visit to Kota Tua in Jakarta, Indonesia will turn up these fascinating museums, historic cafe, and other cool surprises. Page 2.

Kota Tua in Jakarta, Indonesia - Historic Old Town in North Jakarta
In decline for 300 years, Kota Tua - the former Dutch colonial capital in the oldest part of Jakarta, Indonesia - is getting ready for a comeback

Muthu's Curry - Searingly Spicy Indian Food Selections at the heart of Little India, Singapore
My review of Muthu's Curry restaurant in Singapore, where I discovered a new level of spiciness that I had never experienced before.

Sunscreen: A Southeast Asia Travel Essential
Disaster-proof your Southeast Asia trip with these sunscreen tips and tricks - you'll thank us later!

Hoi An, Vietnam Travel Guide - Travel Guide to Hoi An, Vietnam
Travel information about the wonderfully-preserved town of Hoi An in Vietnam - what to see, where to stay, and what to do.

A Visit to Kim Bong Woodworking Village near Hoi An, Vietnam
An overview of Kim Bong Village, the historic woodworking and carpentry village near Hoi An, Vietnam.

Transportation to and around Penang - by Bus, Airplane, & Train
Transportation to Penang in Malaysia is easy to arrange - find out how to get to, and get around, the island.

Singapore Climate Conditions - What to Wear and What to Expect
Singapore’s weather is uniformly warm and humid, experiencing year-round showers. Average daytime temperature is approximately 86ºF (30ºC), falling to 74ºF (23ºC) in the evening. Read the full article to see more details on Singapore’s weather. Includes information on recommended clothing and links to local weather conditions.

The Ringgit - Using Money in Malaysia Wisely
Malaysia's official currency is the ringgit. Find out how to convert it, use it, along with other money tips for Malaysia travelers.

The View from Malaysia's Petronas Towers is Amazing
Not anybody can go up to Malaysia's Petronas Towers' 86th-floor Observation Deck in Kuala Lumpur - but you're not just anybody!

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum: Komodo Dragons Attracted by Strong Smells
Southeast Asia Travel.

Rinca Island at a Glance - Komodo National Park, Indonesia
Southeast Asia Travel.

Up the Hill Overlooking Rinca Island's Loh Buaya
Southeast Asia Travel.

Rinca Island's Komodo Dragon Nesting Grounds
Southeast Asia Travel.

Park Rangers' Briefing: Rinca Island Dos and Don't's
Southeast Asia Travel.

Setting Off on the Short Trek Around Rinca Island, Komodo National Park
Southeast Asia Travel.

Rinca Island, Indonesia Trek Gets Too Close to Komodo Dragons
How we survived the

Calendar of Feast Days in The Philippines
Whatever time of the year it is, there's sure to be a fiesta going on somewhere! Here's a list of fiesta events by month.

Philippines Fiestas - Fiestas in the Philippines
A calendar of fiestas in the Philippines, listing those that occur from May to December. This list tells you what's going on when - and in majority-Catholic Philippines, there's a feast day going on somewhere at any day of the year! Page 2.

Review of the Raffles Hotel - A Slice of Singapore History
A full review of Raffles Hotel, including accommodations, dining choices, amenities, accessibility, and more.

Southeast Asia Hotels with History
Some of the most distinguished hotels in the world still stand in Southeast Asia's capitals, each bearing long histories of serving the rich and politically powerful.

Five Hot Hotels in Mandalay, Myanmar
While you have plenty of hotel choices in Mandalay, Myanmar, these 5 in particular offer a rare mix of comfort, affordability and special access.

Exploring Around the Sedona Mandalay, Myanmar
Getting around Mandalay from the Sedona Mandalay is quite easy - but walking to the next-door Mandalay palace is not advisable! Page 2.

Review of the Sedona Mandalay Hotel, Myanmar
The Sedona Mandalay stands across from the southeastern corner of Mandalay's Royal Palace walls - suitable for business or family visitors to Myanmar

Sanctuary for the Endangered Burmese Cat
A Burmese cat sanctuary attached to the Inthar Heritage House shelters 40 rare Burmese cats in Inle Lake

Luxurious, Socially Conscientious Experiences at Myanmar's Inle Lake
Myanmar's Thahara Inle Heritage resort works for the greater good of its community, without stinting on its promise of a luxurious stay

Intha Vocational Center: Good for Guests, Good for the Intha Community
For Thahara Inle Lake's proprietor, Yin Myo Su, the whole heritage complex - Thahara Inle included - is a means to an honorable end.

Shan Style at the Thahara Inle Heritage's Cooking Class
The Thahara Inle Heritage's cooking classes allow guests to create the restaurant's rustic dishes on their own

Thahara Inle Bungalows: Deluxe Life on the Lake
The Thahara Inle Heritage experience is rooted firmly in local rhythms: guests are meant to be connected to life on Inle Lake, not isolated from it.

Thahara Inle Heritage at a Glance
Location of the Thahara Inle Heritage, amenities, and contact details

Thahara Inle Heritage: Just One Part of a Bigger Whole
Thahara Inle Heritage's accommodations link guests up to the rest of Intha culture

Thahara Inle Heritage's Varied Inle Lake Itinerary
From Thahara Inle Heritage, a few historic pagodas and artisanal workshops are just a few minutes' boat ride away

From Thahara, Exploring the Rest of Inle Lake
From Thahara Inle Heritage, your boat can explore Inle Lake's villages and floating gardens easily

Inthar Heritage House: Preserving a Fragile Culture
Inthar Heritage House's restaurant serves rustic Shan favorites derived from family recipes handed down by the proprietor Yin Myo Su's grandmother.

Hiking around the Shan Hills from Thahara Pindaya
The Shan Hills are Myanmar's most popular hiking destinations - and Pindaya is a key stop along the way. Page 5.

Images of the Thahara Pindaya, Myanmar
From the common room to the adventures to be had beyond its walls, the Thahara Pindaya raises the bar for accommodations in Myanmar's Shan Hills.

The Pindaya Caves and Other Attractions in Town
If you want to visit Pindaya town nearby, this can be easily arranged: Ms. Aye or her husband may accompany you with a rented car to see selected spots around the Shan Hills. Page 6.

The Thahara Pindaya's Common Room Overlooking the Shan Hills
The common room in the center of the second floor serves as the Thahara Pindaya's main attraction, thanks to its massive windows. Page 2.

Hearty Shan meals at the Thahara Pindaya
Your correspondent has never eaten as well at other bed and breakfasts compared to the Thahara Pindaya. Page 4.

A Converted Farmhouse, Now a Bed and Breakfast
The Thahara Pindaya is a two-storey farmhouse standing alone amidst the Shan Hills, with the nearest neighbor at least three kilometers away.

The Thahara Pindaya's bedroom and verandah
The Thahara Pindaya's 26-square-meter upstairs bedroom has an expansive verandah looking out to the Shan countryside. Page 3.

Authentic Experiences at the Thahara Pindaya
From Thahara Pindaya, visitors can strike out on any number of adventures - with a little help from the bed and breakfast's kindly host Ms. Aye. Page 2.

Review of the Thahara Pindaya, Myanmar
Two nights at the Thahara Pindaya in the Shan Hills - what is this bed and breakfast experience in Myanmar's Shan State like?

A Night at the Strand Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar
An icon of downtown Yangon, the Strand Hotel retains an Imperial character that befits Myanmar's most historic hotel. But what will you find when you stay?

Exploring Downtown Yangon from the Strand Hotel
Outside the rainy season, the downtown area of Yangon is easy to explore on foot beyond the Strand's lobby.

High Tea at the Strand Café
While a high tea with pastries and cucumber sandwiches remains a Strand Caf favorite, the kitchen now proudly serves classic Myanmar food too.

Time Travel into the Strand Hotel's Lobby
Gazetted on the Yangon City Heritage List, the Strand attracts Yangon tourists who come to experience the legendary hotel for themselves.

A Short History of the Strand Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar
The Strand Hotel was co-founded by the Sarkies brothers, the founders of the Raffles Hotel and the Eastern & Oriental in Penang.

A Night at the Strand's Suites
The Strand Hotel's expansive deluxe suite comes with a king-size mahogany four-poster bed, polished hardwood floors, and thoughtful little touches.

The Strand Hotel at a Glance
All about the Strand Hotel's location, amenities and booking information.

Gin and Tonics at the Strand Bar
The Strand Bar sits at the very front of the Strand Hotel, and is accessible from a separate door facing Yangon's Strand Road.

Should You Wear a Longyi in Myanmar?
Tourists wearing longyi in Myanmar - will this cause offense? The pros and cons of foreigners wearing Myanmar's national dress

Review of the Aureum Palace Hotel, Bagan, Myanmar
Temples, shmemples: the Aureum Palace Hotel in Bagan, Myanmar feels almost like a destination unto itself

Amenities of the Aureum Palace Hotel in Bagan, Myanmar
Southeast Asia Travel. Page 2.

Packing Tips for your Southeast Asia Hiking Trip
Tips to remember when packing for a hiking trip to Southeast Asia. Hiking in Southeast Asia presents unique challenges; these tips are intended to give the novice hiker the edge, beginning with his or her backpack!

A Visitor's Guide to Hoa Lo Prison - The "Hanoi Hilton"
A preview of the notorious old prison.

Is Traveling to Myanmar the Ethical Thing to Do?
Worried about the moral implications of spending tourism dollars in Myanmar? Here's the lowdown - and it isn't all good news for the generals

Airline Flights Into and Around Myanmar
Flying into and throughout Myanmar may be pricier, but it's safe and saves time. Make the most of your trip by following these Myanmar flying tips.

Malaysia Weather - When to Go, What to Wear
Find out local weather conditions in Malaysia's top destinations, when to visit, and what to wear when you do - don't get caught in the rain!

Go pagoda hopping at Inle Lake, Myanmar
It's not as jam-packed with stupas as Bagan, but Inle Lake's stupas allow you to experience Myanmar's Buddhist culture in its own unique way.

Indulge your cat fancy at Inle Lake, Myanmar
Every house in Inle Lake has a pet cat, and these places in Inle Lake embody the local fascination with felines

7 Things to Do around Inle Lake, Myanmar
Inle Lake's natural gifts have made Inle Lake one of present-day Myanmar's hottest destinations. The activities listed here show you why

Ride a bike to Myanmar's wine country in Inle Lake
Active travelers can hit one of the many biking and hiking trails that wind out from Nyaungshwe, passing by Burmese villages and pleasant countryside.

Explore Inle Lake's Deep South.
What's in store at Sagar? Travelers will find a ruined capital that predates Nyaungshwe and traditional rice-wine-making villages.

Check out the floating gardens.
The Inthar make the most out of the lake - even creating new farmland where none existed.

Go people-watching in the villages.
Don't discount the fun of just canoeing through Inle Lake's village waterways and watching the people going about their business.

Shop at a village or nearby market.
For a more authentic shopping experience at Myanmar's Inle Lake, ask your hostel, hotel or resort about market day in a nearby town.

Don't Enter Bagan in Myanmar Without your Ticket!
As you enter Bagan in Myanmar, you'll be required to pay US$20 to get the ticket that grants access to the temples. But is the ticket worth it?

Htilominlo Temple's Structure | Bagan Temples in Myanmar
Htilominlo Temple itself is made of three levels, with two sets of terraces in between.

A Beautiful Monument to Bagan's Least Likely King in Myanmar
King Htilominlo of Bagan in Myanmar gave his name to this temple, built on the spot of a remarkable event that ushered in his rule.

Souvenir Hunting at Htilominlo Temple | Bagan Temples in Myanmar
Souvenir shops stand all along the inner perimeter wall, and their merchandise is pretty good, compared to those from other Bagan temples.

Htilominlo Temple's Red Brick and Stucco Exterior
Htilominlo Temple is mostly constructed out of red brick, a common building material in Bagan, Myanmar.

Entering Htilominlo Temple | Bagan Temples in Myanmar
Htilominlo Temple and Shwesandaw Temple are two Bagan temples where inspectors consistently check visitors for their passes.

Htilominlo Temple's Interior | Bagan Temples in Myanmar
Htilominlo temple in Bagan, Myanmar is open to the four cardinal directions, each side containing a chamber with a gilded Buddha seated within.

Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Philippines - May 15
The Pahiyas Festival in Lucban has the reputation of being the fiesta to end all fiestas. Tourists and locals alike flock to this small town at the foot of Mt. Banahaw to enjoy the extravagant displays of the bountiful harvest (the payas or pahiyas) in the houses that line the procession route.

Shwe Li Restaurant's Cozy Dinner Fare
The interior of Sedona Mandalay's Shwe Li Restaurant evokes the after-dark activities of European colonials living in Myanmar. Page 6.

View of Sedona Mandalay's Exterior | Mandalay, Myanmar
Facing the southwest wall of Mandalay's Royal Palace, the Sedona Mandalay stands directly in line with the western moat.

Sedona Mandalay's Rooms and Suites, Myanmar
With a total of 251 guestrooms and suites, the Sedona Mandalay offers a range of accommodations that fit multiple budgets and needs. Page 4.

Sedona Mandalay's Amenities
Past the southern exit from the lobby, you'll find yourself face to face with the Sedona Mandalay's generously-spaced swimming pool. Page 7.

Italian Restaurant with a Twist, Sedona Mandalay, Myanmar
Uno Italian Restaurant is the only F&B restaurant in Sedona Mandalay with street access (the rest can only be reached by entering the lobby). Page 5.

Inside Sedona Mandalay's Club Suite in Myanmar
Sedona Mandalay's Club Suite is just one of the perks you get for booking Club privileges, but it's the best by far. Page 3.

Entering the Sedona Mandalay, Myanmar
The Sedona Mandalay's massive, high-ceilinged lobby lets in plenty of natural light from both its northern and southern side. Page 2.

Images of the Sedona Mandalay Hotel in Myanmar
In these images, you'll see for yourself what the Sedona Mandalay Hotel has to offer: four-star comfort in Mandalay's city center, and more in Myanmar.

Visiting Hpaung Daw U Pagoda in Myanmar
The Hpaung Daw U Pagoda is one of Inle Lake's prominent pagoda stops - but there's more to it than just Buddha images

Guide to the George Town Festival, Penang, Malaysia
All August, the George Town Festival fills Penang's old town with art - from dance to theater to photography - in Malaysia's most high-profile art festival