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The Dragon Bridge Crossing the Monkey Forest Stream | Ubud Travel, Bali Culture, Bali Temples
As you head west of the pura dalem, you’ll come to a stair/bridge that descends to a sacred bathing temple.

Bathing temple, Ubud Monkey Forest | Ubud Travel, Bali Culture, Bali Temples
At the end of the naga bridge, you’ll find a bathing temple that the villagers use for sacred purification rituals. The bathing pool is fed by a nearby stream.

Getting Out of Ubud Monkey Forest | Ubud Travel, Bali Culture, Bali Temples
The gate to the Ubud Monkey Forest, Bali is located on a bend of Jalan Monkey Forest; walk up the northern bend, and you’ll make your way to the main Ubud square.

Getting to The Ubud Monkey Forest | Ubud Travel, Bali Culture, Bali Temples
Entering Ubud’s Sacred Monkey Forest only requires that you go down Jalan Monkey Forest Road.

The Pura Dalem, Ubud Monkey Forest | Ubud Travel, Bali Culture, Bali Temples
The biggest structure in the Sacred Monkey Forest is Padangtegal’s pura dalem, or temple of death, on the western section of the forest.

The Kulkul at the Pura Dalem, Ubud Monkey Forest | Ubud Travel, Bali Culture, Bali Temples
The wooden bell, or kulkul, is hung from a tower within the pura dalem at the Ubud Monkey Forest in Bali.

A Look Inside the Pura Dalem, Ubud Monkey Forest | Ubud Travel, Bali Culture, Bali Temples
The image above is a view of the pura dalem’s forecourt, as seen from the gate of the temple. The bale banjar (meeting pavilion) is visible to the right. The bale kulkul is not visible in this shot.

The Statues Surrounding the Pura Dalem | Ubud Travel, Bali Culture, Bali Temples
The presence of both heroic and demonic figures in the Ubud Monkey Forest’s statuary shows the Balinese preoccupation with balance.

The Sly, Sticky-Fingered Monkeys of the Ubud Monkey Forest | Ubud Travel, Bali Culture, Bali Temples
The crab-eating macaques (Macaca fascicularis) that inhabit the Ubud Monkey Forest number in the hundreds, and are not the slightest bit afraid of humans.

Tour of Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest, Bali, Indonesia | Ubud Travel, Bali Culture, Bali Temples
A walking tour of the mysterious Monkey Forest on the outskirts of Ubud, central Bali, in Indonesia.

Pearl Farm Resort on Samal Island, Philippines - Review
A review of the comfy, romantic Pearl Farm Resort on Samal Island, a 40-minute ride from Davao City, Philippines. A look at the Pearl Farm's amenities, activities, and accommodations

Ubud Shopping, Dining, & Sightseeing | Bali Travel, Ubud Things to Do, Ubud Transportation, Ubud Hotels
Tourist activities in the Central Bali town of Ubud--where to go when you want to shop, eat, get spa treatments, and admire Bali’s awesome culture

Museum Puri Lukisan in Ubud, Bali | Bali Culture, Bali Art, Ubud Museum
A travel guide to the Museum Puri Lukisan in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia - a showcase of Bali's modern art, featuring galleries exhibiting artwork from the early 20th century to the present

Warung Ibu Oka: an Authentic Balinese Dining Experience
An introduction to Ibu Oka in Ubud, Bali: a simple, cheap, family-run restaurant that international foodies swear by.

Bali Travel and Sightseeing, Ubud Transport and Hotels
Travel guide to the Central Bali town of Ubud--transportation to and around Ubud; hotels, villas and homestays; money issues, and things to do and see around this culturally significant Bali destination.

East Bali Travel Guide | Karangasem Travel, Pura Besakih, Bali Backpackers, Bali Trekking
An overview of East Bali, Indonesia and its rapidly-developing tourism scene: from visiting Pura Besakih to hiking on Gunung Agung to diving off Amed.

Review of Casa Leticia Boutique Hotel, Davao City, Philippines | Budget Hotel Davao City, Davao Hotels
An inside look at Casa Leticia Boutique Hotel, a cozy (and inexpensive) boutique business hotel in downtown Davao in the Southern Philippines.

Spa Alila Ubud Review | Bali Spas, Ubud Activities, Bali Travel
A review of the Spa Alila at the Alila Ubud Resort - a case in point that sometimes it pays to go further afield if you're looking for spa bliss.

Review of the Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore | Singapore Hotels, Singapore Travel, Boutique Hotels
A look inside the Hotel Fort Canning, a boutique hotel in Singapore - a historical relic given new life as a luxurious hotel next to Fort Canning Park

Amenities and Vital Information on the Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore | Singapore Hotels
A look at the Hotel Fort Canning's amenities, vital information, and the lowdown on this boutique hotel in Singapore. Page 2.

Devdan Performance at the Bali Nusa Dua Theatre | Bali Dance, Indonesian Culture
A review of the Bali Nusa Dua Theatre and its flagship act

Ha Long Bay Cruises - North Vietnam Travel
All About Ha Long Bay, the postcard-perfect bay in northern Vietnam. How to get there, how to secure a boat tour, and what you’ll see when you’re floating around the bay.

Review of the Ascott Jakarta Serviced Residences, Central Jakarta, Indonesia - Ascott Jakarta Review in Central Jakarta
A review of the centrally-located Ascott Jakarta in the Central Jakarta business district, in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Contact Details of Club Bali Kota Bunga Resort in Puncak, Java, Indonesia - Club Bali Kota Bunga Resort Contact Details
How to get to Club Bali Kota Bunga, about two hours' drive away from Jakarta, Indonesia. Page 2.

The Ascott Jakarta at a Glance - Review of the Ascott Jakarta, Central Jakarta, Indonesia
Contact details and vital statistics of the Ascott Jakarta Serviced Residences in Central Jakarta, Indonesia. Page 2.

Review of Club Bali Kota Bunga Resort in Puncak, Java, Indonesia - Club Bali Kota Bunga Resort Review
A review of the hillside resort of Club Bali Kota Bunga in Puncak Pass, about two hours' drive from Jakarta.

Responsible Travel - Easy Ways That you Can Support Responsible Travel
Responsible travel is making simple decisions. Learn quick tips and facts for ways that you can support responsible travel.

Review of Club Bali Hawaii Resort in Anyer, Indonesia - Club Bali Hawaii Resort Review, Anyer, Indonesia
A review of the West Java resort of Club Bali Hawaii Resort, in Anyer, Indonesia, near Krakatau.

Finding Club Bali Hawaii Resort in Anyer, Indonesia - Club Bali Hawaii Resort Location and Contacts, Anyer, Indonesia
How to get to the West Java resort of Club Bali Hawaii Resort, in Anyer, Indonesia, near Krakatau. Page 2.

Bali's Blanco Renaissance Museum - Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
In Ubud, Bali, stands a museum and memorial to the work and life of the eccentric expatriate artist Don Antonio Blanco.

Review of the Ibis Mangga Dua Hotel, North Jakarta, Indonesia
A review of the Ibis Mangga Dua Hotel, a business hotel set in Mangga Dua in North Jakarta - if you want to stick close to Mangga Dua's shopping scene and Fatahillah Square, consider this hotel.

Marco Polo Luxury Hotel in Davao, Philippines - Review
A review of the only luxury hotel in Davao City, the Philippines, the Marco Polo Hotel situated in the commercial district.

Hotels in Nusa Dua, Bali | Five-Star Resorts, Golf in Bali, Beach Resorts
A list of luxury and boutique hotels and resorts in and near the Nusa Dua tourist enclave in Bali.

Hotels in Nusa Dua, Bali | Five-Star Resorts, Golf in Bali, Beach Resorts
A list of luxury and boutique hotels and resorts in and near the Nusa Dua tourist enclave in Bali.

Review of the Harolds Hotel Philippines
While seeming to offer good value at the outset, this business hotel in Cebu, Philippines actually falls far short of expectations

Swimming with Whale Sharks in Oslob, Philippines
Off the Philippines town of Oslob, tame whale sharks are fed by locals on boats, creating a unique and controversial animal encounter

Mandatory Pre-Whale Shark Encounter Briefing, Oslob, Philippines
Visitors who choose the snorkeling package are brought to the Whale Shark Watching Briefing Center a few meters down the beach.

Whale Sharks in Oslob - the Pros and Cons
Each visit to the feeding ground takes thirty minutes; snorkelers have half an hour to see the whale shark from all angles.

After the Whale Sharks, Where Next? Oslob's Other Adventures
Given the long journey from Cebu City to Oslob, going only for the whale sharks feels like a letdown. Luckily, Oslob's other attractions can pick up the slack in case you want more.

Transportation to Oslob, Philippines; Booking a Whale Shark Encounter
The main whale shark snorkeling outfits in Oslob, Philippines can be found in the far-flung barangay (town) of Tan-Awan.

Your First Glimpse of the Whale Sharks in Oslob
From the boats off Oslob, Philippines, visitors can watch the whale sharks circle slowly, following the shower of krill from above and sucking the water in.

A Review of the Hotel H2O, Manila, Philippines
A review of the water-themed Hotel H2O on the eastern end of Manila's Rizal Park tourist district - will you get your money's worth?

Harsh Drug Laws and Penalties in Malaysia
Malaysia has some of the strictest drug laws on the planet. Find out how less than 0.1 ounce of heroin can get you in really deep trouble

An Overview of the Drug Laws in Singapore
All about Singapore's draconian drug laws, tips on how to avoid being arrested, and what to do if arrested in Singapore for drugs.

Insider Guide to Last-Minute Travel in Southeast Asia
Procrastinating on your travel plans? We asked HotelQuickly's Natalie Compton for a few tips to help you avoid getting gouged


Exploring Malacca's Chinatown: the Odd and the Awesome
Malacca, Malaysia's ancient Chinatown retains the capacity to shock and awe - take a look at its many attractions, from a night market to a Mr. Universe statue

Favorite Malacca Dishes and Where to Find Them
Eat your way through the birthplace of Peranakan cuisine in Malaysia - Malacca offers something new to chow on for everybody, whatever their budget.

Trekking Indonesia's Mount Bromo in Java
Trekking Mount Bromo, Indonesia's most famous active volcano. How to get there, tips, and what to expect at Mount Bromo.

What and Where to Eat in Kuching, Malaysia
Kuching has many delicious foods that are difficult to find elsewhere. Read about local dishes, restaurants, and where to find the best food in Kuching.

Laos - Travel Information for the First-Time Visitor
Vital information for first-time travelers to Laos, including visa requirements, currency, safety situation, climate, getting in, and getting around.

Marina Bay, Singapore Hotels | Business and Luxury Five Star Hotels
Check into one of these business and luxury hotels in Marina Bay, Singapore’s hottest historic business and leisure hotspot

Getting to the Gardens by the Bay | Transportation, Ticketing
Gardens by the Bay is easily accessible by bus and MRT, both of which stop at the Marina Bay Sands complex in Singapore.

A Tour of the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
Visit Singapore's Gardens by the Bay, and see how Singapore envisions its future -a

A Grand Day Out at the Gardens by the Bay | Marina Bay, Singapore
As it embodies Singapore's

Gardens by the Bay - a Work in Progress | Marina Bay, Singapore
As impressive as the Gardens by the Bay Singapore looks, the project is only half-complete. Bay South Garden, the first phase, opened in June of 2012.

Gardens by the Bay's Flower Dome Cooled Conservatory | Marina Bay, Singapore
Inside Gardens by the Bay's cooled conservatories, endangered plants flourish in an artificial environment that simulate native threatened habitats.

Plants and Trees in the Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome | Marina Bay, Singapore
Gardens by the Bay's Flower Dome replicates a Mediterranean-type climate, sheltering plants and flowers that thrive in its cool-dry environment.

Plant-Covered Mountain, Cloud Forest Cooled Conservatory
The Cloud Forest's centerpiece is a 115-foot-high, vegetation-covered

Breathtaking Views in the Cloud Forest Cooled Conservatory | Marina Bay, Singapore
Stairs and elevators bring visitors up to the Cloud Forest mountain's peak, where the

Walking on Top of the Gardens by the Bay Supertrees | Marina Bay, Singapore
The Gardens by the Bay's 18 Supertrees stand at heights of between 80 and 160 feet above the ground, and represent a triumph of form balanced with function.

Splashing Good Time at the Far East Organization Children's Garden | Marina Bay, Singapore
The Children's Garden at the Gardens by the Bay is a splash fountain area surrounded by walking trails and playgrounds designed for kids between 6 to 12 years old.

Gardens by the Bay's Lakes & Horticultural Gardens | Marina Bay, Singapore
Two lakes in Bay South - Dragonfly Lake and Kingfisher Lake - serve as a living filter for the Gardens by the Bay's runoff.

Things to Do at the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore
Don't miss anything when you visit this iconic Marina Bay, Singapore destination. This thumbnail sketch of the Gardens by the Bay's many attractions give you the basic must-sees.

Trails for Trekking in the Cameron Highlands
Tips, warnings, and suggested trails for trekking in the Cameron Highlands. Read about jungle trekking in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia.

Food in Indonesia - an Introduction
Here is what to expect while eating in Indonesia, including popular dishes, food terms, precautions, and the best food in Indonesia.

Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre - Malaysia
The Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is an excellent place to view orangutans in the wild. Read how to visit Semenggoh from Kuching, Malaysia.

How to Get to the Mui Ne Sand Dunes - Vietnam
Detailed directions for visiting the White Dunes, the Red Dunes, and the Fairy Stream, one of Vietnam’s most charming geological oddities.

10 Fun Things to See and Do in South Bali
Got some time in South Bali to kill? Try one (or all) of the region’s diversions listed here: everything from souvenir shopping to diving to dining.

Getting Around Georgetown, Penang - Taxis and Buses
Read the best ways for getting around Georgetown, Penang in Malaysia. How to decipher the buses, taxis, and street names when getting around Penang, Georgetown.

Where to Find the Rare & Heavy Rafflesia Flower
The rafflesia flower is the world's heaviest and most interesting. Learn facts about the rafflesia flower, where to find it, and the future of the rafflesia flower.

Exploring the Philippines' Puerto Princesa Underground River
The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park sprawls over 22,000 hectares of near-pristine coastal jungle near the Palawan provincial capital of Puerto Princesa.

The Puerto Princesa Underground River Ecosystem
The land around the Puerto Princesa Underground River supports a surprising variety of flora and fauna.

Entering the Puerto Princesa Underground River
The total Puerto Princesa underground river voyage covers about a mile upstream into the cave, taking about 40 minutes to an hour to complete.

Cathedral in the Puerto Princesa Underground River
The limestone within the cave has been transformed through millennia of water condensation and flow into picturesque stalactites and stalagmites.

Getting to the Puerto Princesa Underground River
Booking a trip to the Puerto Princesa Underground River is easy if you're part of a package tour - not so easy if you're booking on your own.

Sukau Visitor Information - Malaysia
Sukau is the gateway to finding wildlife on the Kinabatangan River near Sabah, Borneo. Find out when to go, how to get there, and where to stay.

Budget Resorts in Panglao Island, Philippines
A list of cheap accommodations on Panglao Island, offering great value on stays near Alona Beach and some of the Philippines' best diving spots

Siem Reap Travel Guide - Travel Guide to Siem Reap & Angkor Wat
A guide to visiting Siem Reap, the gateway to Angkor Wat and the many Angkor temples in the area. How to get there, what to see, and where to stay.

Top Georgetown, Penang hostels | Budget hotels, Malaysia history
A list of Georgetown's better hostels, ideal for backpackers and flashpackers wishing to stay near or within Penang's UNESCO World Heritage Site. Budget accommodations in Malaysia's most historic city.

Review of the 80s Guesthouse, Penang, Malaysia
A review of the 80s Guesthouse in George Town, Penang, Malaysia - where the interiors are modernized where necessary but the old, worn patina kept where possible

Hotels in Little India, Singapore | Singapore Budget Hotels
A list of Little India, Singapore hotels, covering a wide range of budgets. Guests enjoy easy access to MRT, dining, and shopping in Little India.

Hotels in the Colonial District, Singapore
Visitors who’d like to explore Singapore’s Heritage District for themselves can check into one of the hotels listed here, representing a wide range of budgets and accommodations.

Christmas Shopping and Duty-Free Promotions in Singapore
Promotions and discounts on tax-free shopping, credit-card use, and shopping vouchers, all valid for Christmas in Singapore.

Singapore Christmas Light-Ups & Performances Along Orchard Road & Marina Bay
Information on the light-ups and performances accompanying Christmas in Singapore. From November to the first week of the New Year, Orchard Road and Marina Bay are lit up with stunning electric light displays that illuminate Singapore's prime party and shopping districts.

Singapore Hotels | Singapore budget hotels, Singapore luxury hotels
A list of Singapore’s hotels, ranging in price and comfort from backpacker-budget to luxury.

Riverside Singapore Hotels - Hotels Near Clarke Quay and Boat Quay
A list of hotels near the Singapore River and the nightlife areas around Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, and Robertson Quay

Chinatown, Singapore Hotels - Hotels in the Singapore Chinese Ethnic Enclave and Neighboring Tiong Bahru
A list of Singapore hotels in the Chinatown and Tiong Bahru districts, where the historic ethnic enclave was founded 1828. Boutique, budget and business hotels within walking distance of Chinatown's shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Budget Hotels in Siem Reap | Wat Bo, Pub Street, Siem Reap Accommodations
A list of Siem Reap, Cambodia budget hotels for travelers who have a budget of $30 a night or less.

A Review of Siem Reap Hostel, Cambodia - Boutique Hostel for Backpackers
For the Siem Reap Hostel's low-to-middling rates, travelers get a suite of amenities made to order for the seasoned Cambodia backpacker looking to upgrade.

Review of Siem Reap Hostel, Cambodia's Facilities
With amenities available from the ground floor on up, the Siem Reap Hostel's management makes having fun with fellow Cambodia guests an all-floors affair. Page 2.

Four Tips for Riding a Tuk-Tuk in Cambodia | Transportation in Siem Reap & Phnom Penh
Need to get around Siem Reap, Cambodia? Here are four tips to make tuk-tuk rides an easier, happier process for you.

Guide to Siem Reap International Airport, Cambodia | Transportation in Siem Reap
Siem Reap International Airport is located around four miles northwest from Siem Reap's town center - find out more about the busiest airport in Cambodia!

Review of the Green Market in Changi Airport, Singapore.
Read our review of the Green Market, a premium lounge in Changi Airport in Singapore. Japanese food, fast WiFi, and peace and quiet.

Money in Cambodia
Both the US dollar and Cambodian riel are legal tender throughout Cambodia - find out how to get, use and exchange both units of money

Don't Miss These Five Stops around Banteay Chhmar, Cambodia
Beyond Cambodia's Banteay Chhmar temple, you can also venture out to see a silk factory, satellite temples, and an artificial lake built in the days of the Khmer Rouge.

The Eastern Gallery, Gateway to Banteay Chhmar in Cambodia
The start of the Banteay Chhmar tour in Cambodia requires climbing up a short wooden staircase to a long sandstone wall carved with an epic bas-relief.

Banteay Chhmar's Eastern Gallery - Minute Details
An account of the Khmer wars against the Champa unfolds in two dimensions on the eastern gallery wall.

Surviving Avalokitesvara of Banteay Chhmar, Cambodia
Exiting on the western temple wall, you'll march right past one of Banteay Chhmar's two surviving depictions of Avalokitesvara, the bodhisattva revered for his compassion.

Banteay Chhmar's Battle with Rahu
Parts of the artwork blend history with fantasy, particularly in a relief that depicts Indravarman doing battle with the Hindu monster Rahu.

Stone Warehouse in Banteay Chhmar, Cambodia
A passageway through tumbled walls in the northwest of the Banteay Chhmar enclosure leads you past a warehouse where as-yet unused sandstone blocks lie ready to be placed.

Sanctuary in Banteay Chhmar
A Sanskrit inscription on a door post (pictured right) provides a timeline for the construction of Banteay Chhmar - it tells us that the temple was completed in 1216.

The Mysterious Tower 18, Banteay Chhmar, Cambodia
The enigmatic Tower 18 is the only

Exiting Banteay Chhmar to the North
After marveling at the tower's mysteriously benevolent faces, it's time to make your way northward over tumbled sandstone blocks until you exit through the north wall.

Walking Tour of Banteay Chhmar in Cambodia
Banteay Chhmar in Cambodia is a decaying, sprawling Khmer Empire temple built of sandstone and laterite, in size and detail being a very close rival to Angkor Wat.

Glamping in Banteay Chhmar, Cambodia
Khiri's Banteay Chhmar glamping tour combines luxury, access to the great outdoors, and an enviable location in the middle of a 12th-century Khmer temple complex.

How Glamping in Banteay Chhmar Helps the Locals
Khiri Travel's luxury tents served as staging points for an action-packed two-day schedule that had us running up and down Banteay Chhmar in Cambodia. Page 2.

Southeast Asia's Top Cities for Foodies
Southeast Asia is the land where diets go to die - check out these food-crazy cities in the region for belly-busting favorites you'll find nowhere else.

Evening Street Food at Lebuh Kimberley in Penang, Malaysia
The nighttime street food scene on Lebuh Kimberley in Penang, Malaysia attracts plenty of foodie fans - their char kway teow is to die for!

Bus Transportation in Penang, Malaysia
Travelers can commute across Penang, Malaysia's 114 square miles on RapidPenang, the local bus system. Find out about its stops, schedules and routes.

A Stroll Down Penang's Street of Harmony, Malaysia
Throughout the centuries, enlightened policies allowed different faiths to coexist in Penang, Malaysia. Nowhere is this more obvious than on the Street of Harmony.

Kapitan Keling Mosque in Penang, Malaysia
The Kapitan Keling Mosque in George Town is a highlight of Penang's

The Kapitan Keling Mosque - Inside and Out
The Kapitan Keling mosque in Penang, Malaysia occupies a lot encircled on three sides by Lebuh Chulia, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, and Jalan Buckingham. Page 2.

Noodles with an Indian Twist at Penang's Seng Lee Café
To taste noodles with a fusion of Chinese ingredients with Indian sensibilities, go to the junction of Jalan Burmah and Bangkok Lane where Seng Lee Caf serves its famous mee goreng.

Last Stop for the Night: ChinaHouse, Penang
We conclude the evening by ducking into ChinaHouse, a one-stop shop for visitors looking for a late-night tipple, a midnight coffee, and shots of contemporary Penang culture.

A Day-to-Night Tour of George Town, Penang's Food Culture
Exploring Penang's complicated but rewarding food scene? Let a local foodie show the way - Simply Enak's Mark Ng takes us on a tour of George Town's eats

Brunch at Lam Ah Kopitiam on Beach Street, Penang
Lam Ah Coffeeshop, a nondescript kopitiam at Lebuh Pantai, serves some of the best oh chien (crispy oyster omelets) and kway teow (beef noodles) in Penang, Malaysia.

Lam Ah Coffeeshop's Beef Kway Teow Noodles, Penang
Lam Ah's beef kway teow comes in large bowls filled with yellow noodles, beef slices, meatballs, and tripe, topped with fried garlic bits and coriander.

Penang Peranakan Food at Auntie Gaik Lean's Old School Eatery
For our evening meal, Mark decides to kick it up a notch: we move off Penang's streets and into Auntie Gaik Lean's Old School Eatery, a restaurant specializing in Peranakan cuisine.

Auntie Gaik Lean's Amazing Peranakan Nasi Ulam, Penang
The Peranakan in Malaysia certainly didn't invent nasi ulam, but they certainly perfected it.

Afternoon dining at Penang's Cecil Street Market

Georgetown, Penang - Things to Do and See
Find out why UNESCO made Georgetown in Penang a World Heritage Site. Read about food, sites, and shopping in the “Pearl of the Orient.”

Review of Plaza Premium Lounge, Penang Airport, Malaysia
The Plaza Premium Lounge in Penang International Airport is a pay-in lounge in Malaysia providing premium services for travelers flying out of Malaysia's foremost island state.

Transportation in Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur is not pedestrian-friendly - you'll need to rely on the Malaysian capital's buses, trains, and taxis if you want to get around.

What to Do at the Perdana Botanical Gardens - Kuala Lumpur
Read about things to do in the Perdana Lake Gardens in Kuala Lumpur. Visit the KL Bird Park, orchid gardens, planetarium, and other sites in the Perdana Lake Gardens.

Guide to Shopping in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
Looking for upscale retail therapy in Kuala Lumpur? Go to Bukit Bintang, the Malaysia capital's main shopping district and home to its most high-end malls

Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Travel Guide
Read about Chinatown Kuala Lumpur hotels, shopping, eating, and nightlife. A guide to Chinatown KL in Malaysia.

Once a royal palace, now a repository of Malay culture and history
This former royal palace in Kampong Glam is now known as the Malay Heritage Centre - a showcase for the history and culture of Singapore's Malay ethnic community.

History of the Malay Heritage Centre, Kampong Glam, Singapore
The Malay Heritage Centre building was completed in 1840 - a two-storey house that combines Singapore architecture with the Palladian style popular in England at the time.

Entering the Malay Heritage Centre, Kampong Glam, Singapore
The Malay Heritage Centre stands at the rim of a two-acre open garden at the very center of Singapore's Kampong Glam district.

The Malay Heritage Centre Tour Starts at the Top
Visitors to the Malay Heritage Centre's start their circuit at the second storey; a modest wooden staircase to the left of the entrance leads to the upper level.

Malay Culture Unfolds at the Ground Floor
The second half of the Malay Heritage Centre experience continues on the ground floor, which focuses on the cultural world of Singapore's Malay community.

Fine Malay Dining at Gedung Kuning, Kampong Glam, Singapore
Southeast Asia Travel.

Five Indispensable Neighborhoods in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur boasts of an impressive range of neighborhoods within its borders; from Chinatown to Brickfields to the Golden Triangle, find out what each precinct has to offer the tourist

Top Hotels in Malacca, Malaysia
A short list of hotels in Malacca, Malaysia, catering to a wide assortment of budgets and needs.

Top Ten Filipino Foods
A product of centuries of trade and colonization, Filipino food combines influences from Spain, China, India and the Malay kingdoms to create something entirely unique.

Must-see Sights around Manila's Rizal Park
This list gives you the lowdown on Rizal Park's top draws, from an orchidarium to the massive Manila Ocean Park in Manila, Philippines.

Safety Tips for Travelers to Manila & the Rest of the Philippines
Scammers in the Philippines have doubled their activities in the wake of the recent rise in arrivals. Find out what the most common scams are - and how to avoid being their next victim.

Singapore Festivals and Celebrations
A comprehensive list of Singapore festivals worth seeing. Where and when to go, and what you'll see when you get here.

Travel Guide to Hanoi, Vietnam | Vietnam Travel, Vietnam Backpacking, Train to Hanoi
All about Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam - essential travel information on the city's history, transportation, and attractions revealed

Guide to Hanoi, Vietnam Tourist Attractions| Vietnam Travel, Vietnam Backpacking, Train to Hanoi
What to see, do, and eat when in Hanoi, Vietnam - accommodations in Vietnam's capital. Page 2.

Indonesia Eight-Day Itinerary
This eight day itinerary covers the essentials of Indonesia: beginning with Jakarta, proceeding to Yogyakarta, before jetting over to the island of Bali.

Day One, Indonesia Eight-Day Itinerary | Jakarta Travel, Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Central Jakarta
On the first day of your Indonesia itinerary, you'll fly into the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. Nicknamed the

Day Two, Indonesia Eight-Day Itinerary | Jakarta Travel, Jalan Surabaya market
On the second day of your Indonesia itinerary, visit Jalan Surabaya antique market, before proceeding to a number of other Jakarta attractions.

Day Three, Indonesia Eight-Day Itinerary | Yogyakarta Travel, Kraton, Sultanate
On the third day of your Indonesia itinerary, you'll want to visit the very center of Yogyakarta, the Kraton: this expansive palace compound is the home of Indonesia's only ruling Sultan.

Day Four, Indonesia Eight-Day Itinerary | Yogyakarta Travel, Borobudur, Prambanan
On the fourth day of your Indonesia itinerary, you'll visit the Buddhist mandala known as Borobudur and the Hindu temple complex known as Prambanan, all near the city of Yogyakarta.

Day Five, Indonesia Eight-Day Itinerary | Bali Travel, South Bali, Kuta Hotels, Jimbaran, Uluwatu
On the fifth day of your Indonesia itinerary, you'll visit South Bali and its attractions: the Garuda Wisnu Kencana park, kecak dancing at Uluwatu, and eating out at Jimbaran.

Day Six, Indonesia Eight-Day Itinerary | Bali Travel, Ubud, Central Bali Travel, Bali Art
On the sixth day of your Indonesia itinerary, you'll visit Central Bali and Ubud - the art galleries in Ubud, dining at Warung Ibu Oka, and the Monkey Forest.

Day Seven, Indonesia Eight-Day Itinerary | Bali Travel, Ubud, Central Bali Travel, Bali Shopping
On the seventh day of your Indonesia itinerary, you'll take it easy in Ubud - enjoy a spa break and the shopping scene in Central Bali.

Day Eight, Indonesia Eight-Day Itinerary | Bali Travel, Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua
On the eighth day of your Indonesia itinerary, you'll visit Tanjung Benoa, where you can learn an aquasport or two before winding up your trip with a dazzling Devdan dance performance

Guide to Food, Accommodation and Getting to Tanjung Aru
Tanjung Aru is a quiet beach only minutes south of busy Kota Kinabalu. Read about sunsets, fresh seafood, and relaxation on Tanjung Aru Beach.

Top Bali Budget (Under $100/night) Hotels: List
Top budget Bali hotels, chosen for their access to Bali attractions and shopping, adequate facilities, and good value for money.

Sites and Things to See in Hoi An Old Town, Vietnam
Hoi An Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read about things to see and do in Hoi An Old Town.

Malaysia's National Parks and Nature Reserves
A rundown of nature reserves in Malaysia that preserve some of Southeast Asia’s rarest plant and animal species, amidst some of the most breathtaking scenery on earth.

Places to See in East Bali - Karangasem, Candidasa and More
The tourist attractions in East Bali lean more towards cultural and nature-friendly pursuits, from the most important Balinese temple of all, Pura Besakih, to the hiking and diving you can do all throughout the region.

Ramadan and Aidilfitri in Southeast Asia
Muslim observation of Ramadan in Singapore and Malaysia, and accompanying Ramadan bazaars.

Balik Pulau Food, Travel, and Things to Do
Balik Pulau is a peaceful, cultural district in the interior of Penang, Malaysia. Read about things to do, local food, and visiting Balik Pulau.

Komodo Dragons - Rinca Island, Indonesia - Travel Guide
Read about Rinca Island, the best place for finding komodo dragons in Indonesia. How to get to Rinca, costs, tips, and national park information.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park - Bali, Indonesia
A short tour through Garuda Wisnu Kencana, a tourist site in Bali showcasing a giant statue of Hindu deities Vishnu and Garuda.

Great Singapore Sale - One Month of Cut-Rate Shopping
Shopping in Singapore comes to a head every year, when the Great Singapore Sale rolls around. For two whole months, the island-wide mall that is Singapore goes on sale - retailers all over the country offer discounts of as much as 70% off!

Gawai Dayak Festival of Sarawak, Borneo
The Gawai Dayak festival is the best time to visit Sarawak, Borneo. Read about traditions, culture, and how to experience Gawai Dayak.

Travel Guide to Metro Manila, Philippines
There's more to the Philippines' capital than meets the eye - find out what makes Manila tick, and what it has to offer the adventurous traveler

Resorts In or Near Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia
A selection of mid-priced and luxury resorts on or near Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia, leveraging the biodiversity and awesome beauty of Borneo's coasts.

Gunung Rinjani - Trekking Up Mount Rinjani in Indonesia
Trekking Gunung Rinjani, an active volcano in Lombok Indonesia. Read about guides, safety, and what it takes to climb Mount Rinjani.

A Weekend in Saigon - Itinerary for 3 Days
An itinerary outlining three days' worth of activities in Saigon, officially Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam. Liz Ledden takes you to the tourist traps, chic nightspots, and shopping destinations in this vibrant Vietnamese city.

Introduction to Iconic Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang
An introduction to Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang, Malaysia. Learn about the history, visiting information, and how to get to Kek Lok Si.

Pura Besakih, Temple on Gunung Agung, Bali, Indonesia
Pura Besakih is the most important Hindu temple in Bali. Read about visiting, scams, and how Pura Besakih survived the eruption of Mount Agung.

Jim Thompson's Mysterious Disappearance: Brief Bio
Jim Thompson's disappearance in the Cameron Highlands is one of the great unsolved mysteries. Read about Jim Thompson and then you decide!

Drive-Through Zoo in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia
All about the drive-through zoo in West Java, Indonesia - Taman Safari Park, about 2 hours away from Jakarta.

Budget Hotels in Ubud, Bali
A list of budget Ubud hotels and homestays that charge less than the usual Ubud accommodations, leaving you with a little more cash which you can spend on the area’s many attractions.

Beautiful Flores, Indonesia - Travel Guide
Flores, Indonesia - a place where you may be the only Western traveler in site! Read about adventure and interesting stops in Flores, Indonesia.

Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia - Travel Guide
Lake Toba, also known as Danau Toba, is a great place to relax in Sumatra, Indonesia. Read this travel guide for Lake Toba for tips and suggestions.

Traveler's Guide to Tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos
Read about Vang Vieng Tubing, tips, details, and how to get the most out of your day of tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos.

Sagada - Remote, Rustic Backpacker's Getaway
Discover the backpacker's secret in the Mountain Province of the Philippines - a gateway to caves, rice terraces, and ancient cultures. What to see, where to stay, and getting in and around Sagada.

Sagada, Philippines - Backpacker's Travel Guide
Sagada is a twelve hour bus ride from Manila, but the attractions when you get there make the trip worth it. How to get to Sagada, and where to stay when you're there. Page 2.

An Introduction to Kuching - Capital of Sarawak, Borneo
An introduction to Kuching in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. Read how to get there, what to expect, and things to do in Kuching, Malaysia.

Gili Trawangan in Lombok, Indonesia Travel Guide
A travel guide to Gili Trawangan in Lombok, Indonesia. Read about nightlife, parties, accommodation, safety, and when to travel to Gili Trawangan.

Southeast Asia - Destinations, Itineraries, Travel Guides
A list of the different countries in Southeast Asia and what the traveler can expect to find in each one.

A Guide to Holidays and Festivals in Indonesia
List of holidays and festivals in Indonesia. In a country as wide as the United States, there's bound to be a celebration going on somewhere, on any given day!

How to Protect Yourself from Sunburn in Southeast Asia
How to protect yourself from sunburn when in Southeast Asia - tips for decreasing UV exposure on the sunny beaches and trails of Southeast Asia.

An Insider Guide to Booking a Villa in Bali
A list of tips, pros, cons, and pitfalls of booking a villa in Bali, explained by's Stefan Russel

A Guide to Drinking in the Philippines
All about drinking in the Philippines - how to drink with locals, and what drinks you can expect to imbibe.

Southeast Asia Events in February - February Events in Southeast Asia
Events, festivals and celebrations throughout Southeast Asia, for the month of February. Dates may change without prior notice.

Visiting the Mysterious Plain of Jars in Laos - A Guide
The enigmatic Plain of Jars in Laos. Read about the history, sites, mystery, and how to visit the Plain of Jars.

Shopping Malls & Markets in Georgetown, Penang
Eating and shopping are national obsessions in Penang. Read about shopping malls, markets, negotiating, and where to find unique souvenirs.

Pura Luhur Uluwatu's Kecak & Dance - Visitor's Guide
Pura Luhur Uluwatu is one of Bali’s most sacred temples, protecting the island from evil spirits in the southwest. The temple commands a wonderful view of the sea breaking against the base of the cliffs below, and a totally unforgettable sunset. The most compelling part of the temple complex, however, comes from its nightly kecak and fire dance performances.

Where is Manila - and When is Manila NOT Manila?
Manila refers to both the City of Manila and the larger greater Manila area surrounding it. Read on to find the difference between the two.

Top Kintamani, Bali Resorts | Budget Resorts, Backpacker, Indonesia
A list of resorts near or overlooking Lake Batur, Gunung Batur, and within reach of Pura Ulun Danu Batur and other notable temples in Bali, Indonesia

Budget Hotels in Jakarta, Indonesia | Jakarta Hotels, Indonesia Hotels
A list of hotels for Indonesia travelers with tiny budgets - backpacker-budget accommodations distributed throughout the Indonesian capital

Luxury Cruises on Ha Long Bay, Vietnam | Vietnam Cruise, Ha Long Bay, Hanoi Hotels
Spend a night (or three) floating in luxury on Ha Long Bay – book one of these luxury cruises in Ha Long Bay for a more intimate Ha Long Bay experience

Hotels Near Ha Long Bay, Vietnam | Vietnam Hotels, Ha Long Bay Hotels
Travelers who want to stay in Ha Long City itself, short of booking an overnight cruise in Ha Long Bay, can check in one of the Ha Long Bay hotels listed here.

Hotels and Resorts on Cat Ba Island, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam | Cat Ba Hotels, Ha Long Bay Hotels, Vietnam Hotels
For many tourists visiting Ha Long Bay in northern Vietnam, an overnight stop at Cat Ba island is an important part of the trip – where to stay when spending the night on Cat Ba Island.

North Bali Hotels and Resorts | Singaraja Hotels, Lovina Beach, Bali Diving
A list of hotels in the Buleleng Regency to the far north of the island of Bali in Indonesia. Beachfront and resort accommodations in peaceful north Bali.

Hotels and Resorts in Amed | Bali Hotels, Indonesia, Bali Diving
A list of resorts lining the Amed coastline on the northern side of East Bali - offering unparalleled access to the area’s diving spots.

Budget Candidasa Hotels | Bali Hotels, Budget Hotels, East Bali
Budget Candidasa, East Bali hotels and resorts that offer surprisingly good value.

Luxury Resorts in Langkawi, Malaysia | Langkawi Hotels, Malaysia Hotels, Langkawi Travel
Visiting Langkawi in Malaysia with extra cash to spend? Stay at one of these luxury resorts and get the most out of your Langkawi getaway.

Resorts in Bali's Northwest - Near the West Bali National Park | West Bali, Bali Travel, Bali Hotels
The resorts listed here are mostly located in and around the village of Pemuteran, near five sacred Balinese temples and the West Bali National Park.

Panglao Island Resorts near Bohol, Philippines | Philippines Resorts, Philippines Beaches
A list of resorts on Panglao Island near Bohol, Philippines - accommodations around Panglao's white-sand beaches, compelling diving sites, Bohol Island's many activities and attractions

Hotels & Resorts in Bohol, Philippines | Tagbilaran Hotels, Bohol Tourism, Philippines Travel, Chocolate Hills, Panglao Island
A list of Bohol, Philippines accommodations located throughout the island excepting Panglao Island. The list caters to all budgets, from backpacker to luxury.

Gili Meno Resorts, Bungalows & Homestays | Gili Islands, Backpacker Travel, Indonesia, Bali
A list of accommodations on the island of Gili Meno in Lombok, Indonesia; stays on the smallest of the Gili Islands range from three star comfort to low-budget simplicity.

Gili Trawangan Resorts, Villas & Homestays | Gili Islands, Backpacker Travel, Indonesia, Bali
A list of accommodations on the island of Gili Trawangan in Lombok, Indonesia; stays on the largest of the Gili Islands range from villa-luxury to homestay-basic

Hostels in the Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam | Backpacker Hostels, Budget Hotels, Vietnam Travel
A list of hostels and budget hotels located in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam: favored by travelers in Vietnam with more courage than cash.

Hotels in Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia | Malaysia Hotels, Cameron Highlands Hotels, Family-Friendly
A list of hotels in Brinchang, a settlement in Malaysia's Cameron Highlands. The area attracts more locals, but travelers from all around can appreciate the area's frigid climate, farms and night market.

Hotels in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia | Cameron Highlands Resorts, Malaysia Hotels
These hotels in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands allow you to enjoy the cool mountain air and jungle trails of Malaysia's highest settlement.

Top Hostels in Kuching, Malaysia | Sarawak Budget Travel, Budget Hotels, Backpacking
Budget accommodations in Kuching, the capital of Sarawak state in Borneo, Malaysia - convenient locations in Waterfront and Chinatown

Top Hostels in Melaka, Malaysia | Budget Travel in Malacca, Malaysia
A list of budget accommodations in Malaysia's historical town of Melaka - cheap stays within walking distance of A'Famosa, Jonker Street, and Melaka's many other cultural and historical sites

Hostels in Kampong Glam, Singapore | Backpacker Travel in Singapore, Budget Hotels
Check into one of these hostels in Kampong Glam, Singapore to stay within walking distance of this ethnic enclave's many shopping and dining adventures.

Hotels in Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Phnom Penh, Cambodia Hotels
Phnom Penh, Cambodia hotels for all budgets and tastes. Lists amenities, room rates, and addresses. Online reservations available.

Top Hostels in Malaysia | Budget Hotels, Malaysia Accommodations, Backpackers
A list of the hostels you'll find all throughout Malaysia, including budget digs in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Melaka, Sabah, and Kuching

Hotels in Jakarta, Indonesia | Indonesia Travel, Jakarta Hotels
Where to stay when visiting Indonesia's capital Jakarta: a list of hotels arranged in geographical order, from Central Jakarta's gleaming modern luxury hotels to North Jakarta's budget accommodations

Hotels in Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia | Budget Indonesia Travel, Indonesia Hotels
A list of hotels in Labuan Bajo, a town in Flores, Indonesia with access to the Komodo dragons and other natural wonders in Flores.

Hotels in West Jakarta, Indonesia | Jakarta Shopping, Indonesia City Travel
Where to stay when visiting West Jakarta - home to the Jakarta airport Soekarno-Hatta and part of Old Batavia (including Fatahillah Square, the former Dutch colonial center).

Hotels in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia - Accommodations Ranging from Hostels to Luxury Hotels in Penang
A list of hotels near the historical district of Georgetown in Penang, Malaysia, with prices suited for backpackers and luxury travelers alike.

Budget Hotels in Penang, Malaysia - Budget Accommodations in Penang, Georgetown, Butterworth, and Batu Ferringhi
A list of budget accommodations in Penang, Malaysia - a selection combining low rates and convenient locations within Georgetown, Batu Ferringhi, and elsewhere in Penang.

Top Bali Hotel Picks | Ubud Hotels | Candidasa Hotels | Kuta Hotels
Top Bali hotels from all over the island - a growing list of Bali hotels, resorts, and villas.

Bali Hotel Picks - Jalan Kartika Plaza, Tuban, South Kuta Hotels - Hotels on Jalan Kartika Plaza - Jalan Kartika Plaza Hotels
Jalan Kartika Plaza (formerly Jalan Dewi Sartika) is an ideal place to stay for your Bali vacation. Tuban Beach is only a few minutes' walk away, as are Discovery Centre shopping mall; restaurants ranging from simple warungs to high-end dining choices; convenience stores; the Waterbom fun park; and the notorious

Mid-Range Siem Reap Hotels - Mid-Range Hotels in Siem Reap - Siem Reap Hotel Picks
A list of mid-range hotels in Siem Reap, prices ranging from $30 to $100.

Mid-Range Hotels and Resorts in Hoi An, Vietnam - Hoi An, Vietnam Mid-Range Hotels and Resorts
A list of Hoi An hotels offering a good balance of amenities, location, and price. Three- and four-star hotels in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Hoi An, Vietnam - Hoi An, Vietnam Luxury Hotels & Resorts
A list of four- and five-star resorts and hotels in the historic Vietnam town of Hoi An.

Jakarta Hotel Picks - Hotels & Serviced Apartments in Central Jakarta, Indonesia
Top ten Jakarta hotels and serviced apartments in Central Jakarta, home to the capital's business conglomerates, embassies, and best shopping, entertainment and dining options.

Hoi An Travel Guide - Old Town, Local Cuisine, Shopping
Historic Hoi An is an enjoyable stop in Vietnam. Read about Old Town, local specialties, and sites around Hoi An, Vietnam.

Travel Guide to Malaysian Borneo's Labuan Island
Read about Labuan Islands's duty-free shopping, diving, things to do. Travel guide to Labuan Island - Sabah, Borneo.

Sibu in Sarawak, Malaysia on Borneo - Travel Guide
An introduction to Sibu, Malaysia. Orientation, accommodation, and visiting the longhouses near Sibu, Malaysia in Sarawak Borneo.

An Introduction to Unusual Civet Coffee / Kopi Luwak
Civet Coffee from Sumatra is one of the strangest and most expensive brews on the planet. Think you know coffee? Read the story behind civet coffee.

Things to Do and Places to See in Southeast Asia
Tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, grouped by field of interest.

Bandar Seri Begawan, Capital of Brunei - Travel Guide
Bandar Seri Begawan guide. An introduction to Brunei, things to do in Bandar Seri Begawan, crossing Borneo.

Review of the Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore | Singapore Hotels, Marina Bay, Five-Star Hotels
A review of the five-star Ritz-Carlton, Millenia in Singapore - great views of Marina Bay underpinning extremely luxurious amenities and services

Amenities of the Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore | Singapore Hotels, Marina Bay, Five-Star Hotels
Page two of our review of the five-star Ritz-Carlton, Millenia in Singapore - a US$4 million art collection, four restaurant venues, and more. Page 2.

Budget Hotels in Sanur, Bali | Bali Budget Hotels, Sanur Resorts, Indonesia
A selection of backpacker-priced accommodations in Sanur, Bali, offering surprisingly good value - with swimming pools, bicycle rentals, and other amenities for Bali travelers on a budget.

Hotels in Hanoi, Vietnam | Old Quarter, French Quarter, West Lake, Hanoi Hostels
A complete list of hotels in Hanoi, Vietnam - from the French Quarter to the West Lake to hostels and budget hotels in the Old Quarter tourist precinct

Hotels and Resorts in Tulamben, East Bali | Tulamben Hotels, East Bali Hotels, Bali Diving
A list of accommodations in the diving hotspot of Tulamben, on the northern coast of East Bali, covering a wide range of budgets, from backpacker to three-star comfort.

Budget Hotels in Kuta, Bali | Kuta Hotels, Bali Hotels, Indonesia, Budget Bali
These Kuta, Bali accommodations provide the basics and not much more; not often conducive to long stays, these budget accommodations provide great value to backpackers and transiting travelers.

Hotels in Legian, Bali - Legian, Bali Hotels - Bali Hotel Picks in Legian, Bali
A list of hotels and resorts in the bustling Legian commercial district north of Kuta, Bali.

Hotels Near Malaysia Formula One Venue - Malaysia Formula One Hotels
A list of hotels near Sepang International Circuit, site of Malaysia Formula One racing. Arranged by order of distance to venue. Some details are subject to change and serve as a reference only.

Luxury Hotels and Resorts in Siem Reap, Cambodia - Siem Reap Luxury Hotels
A list of luxury hotels in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Be pampered after coming back from your sweaty tour of the Angkor temples!

Malaysia Hotel Picks - Kuching Hotels - Hotels in Kuching, Malaysia
The best of Kuching’s hotels are located along the Waterfront, with walking access to the Main Bazaar’s shopping choices and historical landmarks like Tua Pek Kong Temple, the Chinese History Museum, St. Thomas Cathedral, Main Bazaar, and Fort Margherita.

Malaysia Hotels in Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur – Budget and Mid-Range Accommodations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
If you plan to make Chinatown your jump-off point for your Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia journey, stay at one of the hotels in this list.

Hotels in KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur Luxury Hotels in the Shadow of the Petronas Twin Towers
Best hotel rooms in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with a view of the Petronas Twin Towers – hotels in the vicinity of KLCC and the Golden Triangle

Tanjung Benoa, Bali Hotels & Resorts| Family-Friendly Resorts, Bali Luxury Hotels
A list of resorts lining Tanjung Benoa beach in Bali, Indonesia - a good mix of affordable and premium hotels, mostly clustered on the sunrise side facing the Indian Ocean.

Candidasa, East Bali Resorts | Bali Hotels, Candidasa Hotels, Bali Diving
A list of accommodations near East Bali's diving, hiking, and temple jaunting – within sight of Gunung Agung, Nusa Penida and close to the Indian Ocean’s diverse marine life

"Celebrations Hotel Packages" Participating Hotels in Singapore - Singapore Hotels Christmas Promo
List of participating hotels in

Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix - Formula One Racing in Singapore - Schedule, Accommodations, Transportation, Ticketing
The Singapore Grand Prix is on - with the first night races in Formula One history! Here's a quick description of the event, the venue, scheduling and ticketing information, and accommodations.

Dapitan City and Dakak - Shrine City, Secluded Beach Fun
Discover the Shrine City of the Philippines, and the nearby Dakak Beach Resort. An account of a laid-back trip to the Philippine South, with descriptions of resort accommodations and amenities.

Bangkok Shopping: Great Shopping Bargains at Banglamphu, Chatuchak, Patpong, Pratunam, Pak Khlong, and Lang Krasuang Markets
Shopping in Bangkok - the city's markets offer a limitless selection at low prices; just bring your wallet, your bargaining skills, and your most comfortable shoes. Page 2.

Independence Hotel - Resort in Sihanoukville - Surprisingly World-Class
The Independence Hotel in Sihanoukville, Cambodia first opened in 1964 - Jackie O was one of its first guests. After a long hiatus, it was finally refurbished and relaunched. While staff service may still need work, the facilities are good and the hotel's exclusive beach is an irresistible draw for the growing flood of tourists who are rediscovering the simple joys of Sihanoukville.

Independence Hotel - Resort in Sihanoukville - Exclusive Beach, Good Food, Satisfactory Service
The service is okay, and the beach is exclusively for Independence Hotel guests only. The food is reasonably priced, the buffet is satisfactory, and the restaurant/bar next to the beach more than makes up for any shortcomings. Page 2.

Full Review of Dynasty Bali Hotel - Dynasty Bali Hotel Full Review
Dynasty Bali is a wonderfully family-friendly resort, located where the action is in Kuta, but offering more than your money's worth of luxury in all the right places. A full review of the Dynasty Bali on Jalan Kartika Plaza, from rooms to facilities to access.

Mutiara Burau Bay Beach Resort – Beach and Jungle Fun in Langkawi, Malaysia
Find out all about the Mutiara Burau Bay in Langkawi, Malaysia in this full review – with special emphasis on the resort’s location, accommodation, dining choices, and facilities.

Mutiara Burau Bay Beach Resort – Satisfactory Food and Service
Continuation of our full review of the Mutiara Burau Bay in Langkawi, Malaysia - talking about the dining choices and service in particular, with a review summary at the end. Page 2.

Baiyoke Sky Hotel - Bangkok Shoppers' Central Landing Area
Central location to Bangkok's best shopping areas and fantastic views of the city's skyline make Baiyoke Sky Hotel a great deal for tourists, despite the rather grungy part of town it's located in.

Review of Long Life Hotel, Hoi An, Vietnam - Long Life Hotel Review in Hoi An, Vietnam
Full review of Long Life Hotel - also known as Thanh Xuan Hotel - in Hoi An, Vietnam. Good value hotel in backpacker district near Hoi An Old Town.

Review of Victory Hotel, Hue, Vietnam - Victory Hotel Review - Hue Hotels Vietnam
A review of the Victory Hotel, a budget hotel some distance from the Hue city center in Central Vietnam.

Candi Prambanan - Majestic Hindu Temple in Central Java, Indonesia - Central Java Hindu Temple Candi Prambanan
An introduction to the massive Hindu temple complex in Central Java known as Candi Prambanan, or Loro Jonggrang.

Residencia Boracay Review - Review of Residencia Boracay Resort
A comprehensive, illustrated review of Residencia Boracay on the quieter end of White Beach on Boracay. A budget beachfront resort that's your thing if beach access is all-important.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Park - Guide to Tunku Abdul Rahman Park in Sabah, Borneo
Tunku Abdul Rahman Park in Sabah, Borneo. Read about camping, diving, and visiting the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park close to Kota Kinabalu.

A Traveler's Guide to Mui Ne, Vietnam
Famous for its kitesurfing, excellent beach, and relaxed vibe, Mui Ne is a popular stop in Vietnam on the long road between Hanoi and Saigon.

Vinpearl Land - Profile for Nha Trang's Vinpearl Land Resort Entertainment Complex
Vinpearl Land is a massive entertainment complex on an island near Nha Trang. Read about attractions, getting there, prices, and visiting Vinpearl Land Resort and Spa

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion - A Profile of the Famous Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion in Georgetown
The Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion is a fascinating piece of history in Georgetown, Penang. Read about accommodation, tours, and the history of the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion.

Guide Review of the Kim Hotel, Saigon, Vietnam - Kim Hotel Review, Saigon, Vietnam
A short review of the Kim Hotel, a budget mini-hotel in Pham Ngu Lao backpacker district in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Budget hotels in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia - Kota Kinabalu Budget Hotels
A list of backpacker's hostels, two-star hotels, and one-star establishments in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Choose from these budget hotels in Kota Kinabalu for your next trip.

Bali Hotel Picks - Jimbaran Hotels - Hotels in Jimbaran, Bali
Resorts and villas in Jimbaran, Bali, listed according to price in ascending order. They represent the mid- to upper-range of choices in Bali, albeit they're par for the course in Jimbaran.

Bali Hotel Picks – Seminyak Hotels, near Ku De Ta and Seminyak Beach
A list of hotels, villas, and resorts in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia - allowing you to stay close to Bali’s more expensive night spots and restaurants

Best Business Hotels in the Philippines - Best Philippines Business Hotels
Learn what's hot and what's not in ten of the best business hotels in the Metro Manila area. Covers the Ortigas Center, Makati, and Manila Bay areas of the metropolis.

Phuket Hotels, Budget Hotels in Patong Beach - Patong Beach Budget Hotels in Phuket, Thailand
Phuket hotels at Patong Beach for less than a hundred dollars. Prices included are for your guidance only and are subject to change.

Best Phuket Spa Hotels - Best Spa Hotels in Phuket
Phuket's spa and wellness scene has blossomed over the past decade. Get a real Phuket spa experience at one of these world-class hotel + spa facilities that have raised the spa experience into a real art form.

Best Phuket Spa Hotels - Best Spa Hotels in Phuket
Phuket's spa and wellness scene has blossomed over the past decade. Get a real Phuket spa experience at one of these world-class hotel + spa facilities that have raised the spa experience into a real art form.

Luang Prabang Luxury Hotels - Four- and Five-Star Accommodations in Laos' Charming Old Royal Capital
When visiting Luang Prabang, Laos, stay in one of these luxury hotels if you have cash to spare. Enjoy Laos' old royal capital while staying in one of the city's most luxurious accommodations.

Mid-Range and Budget Hotels in Luang Prabang, Laos - Middle and Economy Accommodations in Laos' Former Royal Capital
When in Luang Prabang, Laos, check into one of the hotels on this list: Luang Prabang budget hotels for budget travelers and three-star hotels for average tourists, for a bit of flexibility when voyaging through the former capital.

Full Review of Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, Manila, Philippines - Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, Manila, Philippines Full Review
A review of the Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, a business hotel at the northern reaches of Metro Manila, close to the center of the Philippines BPO industry

Bali by Bike - Destinations, Road Conditions, & Safety
Information on bicycle tours in Bali - from private, one-time rentals to joining organized bicycle tours. Bike guide recommendations and facts.

Transportation Guide and Advice - Sarawak, Borneo
Learn about getting around Sarawak by bus, boat, and plane. Get help for planning your itinerary in Borneo and getting around Sarawak.

Baguio's Panagbenga Flower Festival - Philippines
Baguio's Panagbenga Festival celebrates the flowering season. Information on what to see in Baguio during Panagbenga and how to get there.

Pulau Tiga Island, Borneo - Travel Guide
Pulau Tiga in Sabah, Borneo was the set of the first Survivor show. Read about visiting and staying on Pulau Tiga.

List of Shopping Malls in South Bali
These modern shopping malls are popping up all over South Bali, providing Bali tourists with dining, shopping and entertainment close to the island’s beaches

KL Bird Park - Visiting Kuala Lumpur's Beautiful KL Bird Park
The KL Bird Park is a world-class aviary and must-see in Kuala Lumpur. Read everything you need to know about visiting the KL Bird Park.

Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Things to Do
Read about things to do in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur offers great shopping, entertainment, and attractions.

Image of Enju Restaurant, Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Your writer enjoyed Enju's eat-all-you-can-sushi special: a selection of over 20 sushi dishes paired with traditional Japanese main courses and unconventional desserts, for well under $30 a head.

Swimming Pool, Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The Prince Hotel is a four-star executive-class hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's Golden Triangle. Take a virtual walking tour of the place in this image gallery.

Image of Superior Deluxe Room, Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Your writer stayed at a superior deluxe room with all the bells and whistles: air conditioning, 32-inch LED TV, spacious writing desk, king-size bed and view of the Petronas Twin Towers.

Prince Hotel is Well-Placed in Central Kuala Lumpur's "Golden Triangle"
The Prince Hotel stands across the street from the Pavilion Mall in Bukit Bintang, the closest of the many Golden Triangle, Kuala Lumpur attractions nearby.

Japanese-style Comfort at the Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The Prince Hotel is a four-star executive-class hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's Golden Triangle. Take a virtual walking tour of the place in this image gallery.

Hotels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | KL Hotels, Kuala Lumpur Hotels, Malaysia Hotels, Sepang Formula One
A list of hotels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, grouped according to area. Find a hotel close to the activity or event you're planning to see or do in Malaysia's capital.

Hotels in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Luxury Accommodations Near Kuala Lumpur’s Prime Shopping District
Kuala Lumpur’s modern, upscale retail scene can be found at the Bukit Bintang shopping and entertainment district. Check into one of the Bukit Bintang hotels in this list.

Laska - Introduction, Variations, and Recipe
Laksa is a delicious noodle soup found in Southeast Asia. An introduction to laksa, the dish’s history, and an easy recipe for curry laksa.

The Peranakan of Singapore and Malaysia
Learn more about the Peranakan, descendants of the first large Chinese diaspora in the Malay peninsula. Their influence can still be felt to this day, particularly in the cities of Penang, Melaka, and Singapore

Penang National Park - Travel Information
Penang National Park is Malaysia’s newest national park. Read about visitor information and the park’s beaches, hiking trails, and sea turtle population.

Kintamani in Bali - Travel Information
With good roads to the region, Kintamani can easily be explored on a day trip from Ubud. Read about transportation information, weather, and things to see.

How to Trek Gunung Agung - Bali, Indonesia
A guide to climbing Bali’s tallest active volcano, including equipment, tours, and transportation information.

How to Greet People in Southeast Asia
Different countries have different greetings. Learn how to show respect and say hello across Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Laos, and the Philippines.

Kelimutu Visitor Guide - Indonesia
The Kelimutu lakes are a popular destination in Flores, Indonesia. Read how to get to Kelimutu, where to stay, and what to do at the volcanic lakes.

Exploring the Cameron Highlands From Tanah Rata
Tanah Rata is the base for exploring Malaysia’s beautiful Cameron Highlands. Read about trekking, accommodations, and tea plantation tours.

Getting Around Sabah, Borneo - Malaysia
Traveling around Sabah is easy. Read a breakdown of transportation by bus, boat, and plane, including festivals that may affect your travel plans.

Vietnamese Water Puppets - Visitor Information
The secret of Vietnamese water puppets has been guarded for centuries. Read about the history and tradition of Vietnamese water puppets in Saigon.

Nasi Goreng - Introduction and Recipe
Nasi goreng is the most popular food in Indonesia. An introduction to Indonesian fried rice and how to best prepare the dish.

El Nido Travel Guide - Palawan, Philippines
Resource on transportation, hiking, acommodations, dining, and other activities on this archipelago of breathtakingly beautiful limestone islands.

How to Visit Tham Kong Lo Cave in Central Laos
Hidden in the Phu Hin Bun wilderness of central Laos, Tham Kong Lo Cave is one of Southeast Asia’s geological wonders. Read where to stay and what to do.

Eight Foods Not to Miss in Southeast Asia
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Eight Days in Vietnam - What to Do and See
An itinerary for a long week’s worth of travel through Vietnam, including travel tips, dining options, and hotel recommendations.

Vietnam Eight Day Itinerary – Day Eight – Back to Saigon and Home
The last step in your eight-day Vietnam travel itinerary - backtrack to Saigon through Da Nang, and fly home. Page 10.

Vietnam Eight Day Itinerary – Day One, Morning – Cu Chi Tunnels Outside Saigon
The Cu Chi Tunnels is about an hour’s drive away from Ho Chi Minh City. Today, the Tunnels house a museum and displays showing how the Viet Cong lived and fought in the tunnels during the Vietnam War. Page 2.

Vietnam Eight Day Itinerary – Day One, Afternoon – City Tour of Saigon
The top tourist spots in Vietnam’s Saigon’s District 1 are quite close by to one another, and can be covered in the space of an afternoon. Page 3.

Vietnam Eight Day Itinerary – Day Two – Hanoi Temple of Literature, Hanoi Hilton, Hoan Kiem Lake
On your first day in Hanoi, Vietnam, take the time to visit the Hanoi Temple of Literature, Hanoi Hilton, and Hoan Kiem Lake. Page 4.

Vietnam Eight Day Itinerary – Day Three – Cruising on Ha Long Bay
The picturesque Ha Long Bay is about 100 miles northwest of Hanoi, Vietnam, more than three hours’ drive from Hanoi. Get there on a good day, and the long drive is definitely worth it. Page 5.