South America Travel Sitemap - Page 18 2015-06-09

Peru's Amazonia: Iquitos and Trip to the Shaman
Boat trip from Iquitos in the Peruvian Amazon region to the Yanacuyo river to the Loving Light Amazon Lodge, where guest author Skip Kaltenheuser has a session with the shaman,Marcelino Nolorbe Talexio, for a Ayahuasca, the Inca "vine of the dead, vine of the soul."

Hotel del Lago Resort and Casino de Pucon Review
Hotel del Lago Resort and Casino is located in Pucon, on Lake Villarica in the gorgeous Chilean lake district, surrounded by lakes and volcanoes and all season attractions and recreational facilities. The hotel offers all the amenities of a major resort and the gamining opportunities of the casino offer an alternative source of entertainment.