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Government Job Profile: Astronaut
Becoming a US astronaut is an accomplishment few people have reached. The hiring process is highly selective, and the training program takes years to complete. But for those who finish it, space travel awaits.

Vacancy of an Employment Position
A vacancy is an employment position with a company, government organization or non-profit that has no current occupant.

How Do Internal Auditors Benefit Government Organizations?
While internal auditors do not perform the core functions of their agencies, they support the organization by identifying waste, fraud and abuse.

What Does a Code Enforcement Officer Do?
Being a code enforcement officer requires the abilities to learn ordinances, to apply them to real life, to explain and to communicate tactfully.

Liquidated Damages
Liquidated damages are the amounts to be paid for failure to perform according to a contract. The damages are a reasonable estimate of the probable loss to the government agency and are not intended to penalize the vendor.

What You Learn in an MPH Program
An MPH shows colleagues you have the devoted significant amounts of time and effort toward learning how to address public health challenges

What is the Spoils System?
The spoils system refers to the process whereby elected officials reward political supporters with government jobs.

Government Job Profile: National Park Ranger
National park rangers have a variety of job duties aimed at helping people enjoy national parks and preserving the natural environment for future generations.

Government Job Profile: Direct Support Professional
DSPs provide individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities a safe living environment, help with daily tasks and opportunities to learn life skills.

Government Job Profile: Congressional Staffer
If a job as a Congressional staffer sounds exciting to you, chances are you’ll love it because you will have time for little else in your life.

What is Internal Audit?
Internal audit is the function within an organization that conducts audit projects as if it were an outside auditor yet is still part of the organization.

Two Factors Drive Internal Audit Risk Assessments
While the methodology for conducting risk assessments can vary significantly among internal audit shops, two factors drive the process: risk impact and risk event likelihood.

Government Job Profile: Epidemiologist
Epidemiologists are like organized crime detectives, and diseases are their mafiosos.

Online System Checks Reduce Job Application Errors
Job application portals help applicants avoid common mistakes by generating error messages and preventing certain actions when potential errors are identified.

Can Government Employees Lobby Elected Officials?
Government employees can lobby elected officials, but they must do so very carefully. They cannot lobby while acting in their official capacities.

What Does a Business Analyst Do?
Business analysts are catalysts for change, but they do more than inspire others to do things differently. They bring about the change organizational leaders and stakeholders want to see.

What is the BABOK Guide?
The BABOK Guide is a book published by the International Institute of Business Analysis that articulates the internationally recognized standard for the business analysis profession.

What is a CCBA® Certification?
The CCBA® is a business analysis certification that is easier to obtain than the CBAP®.

What is a CBAP® Certification?
The CBAP® is a signal to colleagues and potential employers that a credential holder is serious about his or her business analysis career.

Similarities and Differences Between the CBAP and CCBA
Here are the ways two common business analysis certifications are alike and different.

Certifications Business Analysts Can Earn
Whether you are in the beginning or middle of your business analysis career, obtaining the certification appropriate to your current career stage is beneficial.

Spelling and Grammatical Errors Can Kill Your Job Application
Too many spelling and grammatical mistakes can sink a job application. Take the time and energy to make your application look its best.

Government Job Profile: Assistant to the City Manager
Assistants to the city manager conduct special projects and perform various duties under the direction of the city manager.

How to Deal with Disappointment at Work
Professional disappointments are disappointments nonetheless, and coping with them appropriately is important for future professional success.

How to Respond to Internal Audit Questions
Here are three tips for responding to internal auditors when they come knocking at your door.

7 Jobs for MPH Graduates
Here are some of the jobs that best suit MPH degree holders’ interests and training.

Why Internal Auditors Might Ask You Questions
Internal auditors asks questions throughout an audit. Here are five reasons they might come to you.

5 Tips for Building Your Workplace Resilience
Resilient people deal with change better than those who allow themselves to be overcome by it. Here are five ways you can build your workplace resilience.

Job Sites for the 10 Largest Cities in Ohio
Ohio has some large cities that need proportional city governments. Here are links to job sites for the 10 largest cities in Ohio along with a brief sketch about each locale.

5 Tips for Battling Cubicle Distractions
What are you to do in an environment constantly pulling your attention away from what you are supposed to be doing? Try these tips to keep office distractions at bay.

Government Job Profile: Parks Manager
Parks managers oversee maintenance and operations of public parks. They supervise staff who may include park rangers, landscapers, ecologists, arborists and others.

Government Job Profile: Art Teacher
Art teachers instruct students at all grade levels in creating works of art.

Government Job Profile: Sanitation Worker
Sanitation workers drive or ride in garbage truck each day collecting trash from residences and businesses. There are few government jobs people would notice more if the work went undone.

Worst Things to Have Near Your Cubicle
A good cubicle can be turned bad if it has certain things near it. Be careful where you park yourself during the workday.

Government Job Profile: City Attorney
A city attorney serves as a municipal government's top lawyer. A city attorney advises city leaders on all legal matters that impact the city, such as open meetings, open records, human resources and tax law.

Government Job Profile: School Cafeteria Worker
Being a school cafeteria worker is a good job for people who want to interact with children but do not have the desire or aptitude to teach.

Government Job Profile: Fire Chief
The fire chief is the top administrator in a fire department. All firefighters and managers within the department ultimately report to the fire chief.

Government Job Profile: Public Information Officer
Public information officers are government employees with the primary responsibility of facilitating communication between the government organization and both the news media and general public.

Government Job Profile: Crossing Guard
Crossing guards protect children on their ways to and from school ensuring that the children make it safely across streets.

Government Job Profile: Assistant City Manager
Assistant and deputy city manager hold critical leadership positions in city government. They support the city manager in running the city.

Government Job Profile: Federal Air Marshal
Whether they have to draw their weapons or not on a particular flight, their mere presence makes a flight safer for the passengers and crew.

Government Job Profile: Detective
Detective work can be highly rewarding because each successful investigation makes the community safer. A detective's work ends once the case is handed over to prosecutors.

Government Job Profile: Victim Advocate
A victim advocate is the liaison between a crime victim and criminal court.

Government Job Profile: Police Chief
The police chief oversees the operations and budget of the police department and is therefore praised for successes and held responsible for failures.

Lateral Transfer In a Government Agency
A lateral transfer is the movement of an employee from one job to another within an organization at the same pay grade.

What Does NIMBY Mean?
NIMBY is an acronym that stands for not in my backyard. It is used when citizens oppose a public works project or private development primarily because it will be built near them.

Budget Control Act of 2011
The Budget Control Act of 2011 was legislation passed by the US Congress to incentivize Congress to control federal spending.

What is a Voluntary Demotion?
A voluntary demotion is a reduction in rank, responsibilities or salary that an employee willingly accepts. Many times the employee seeks it out for personal reasons

What is a Certified Public Manager Certification?
Certified public manager is a certification earned by those who want to further their public service careers.

The Meaning of Sequestration
Sequestration is a procedure by which automatic budget cuts are applied to federal agencies when Congress can neither agree to spending limits established under its annual Budget Resolution or increase the Budget Resolution to accommodate spending increases.

When Do Job Postings Not Have Closing Dates?
Working without a closing date complicates the process for hiring managers and human resources professionals.

Choosing Between an MPA or a CPM
A common choice workers in all levels of government face is whether to pursue an MPA degree or a CPM designation.

Steps in the Federal Rulemaking Process
When federal agencies create regulations, they go through a regimented federal rulemaking process.

Government Job Profile: Civil Engineer
Civil engineers are trained professionals who plan public works projects and supervise their implementation. Here's how much do civil engineers make.

Government Job Profile: Disability Determination Specialist
Disability determination services jobs analyze evidence to determine whether an applicant for Social Security benefits meets eligibility criteria.

Leadership Positions in City Government
It takes many highly qualified professionals to make city government run smoothly. It would be impossible for a mayor or city council to micromanage a city’s staff, so elected officials must trust the professional judgment of the public administrators.

Commonly Misspelled Words on Government Job Applications
Make sure you avoid misspelling these commonly misspelled words on government job applications.

Are Job Applications Accepted After the Closing Date?
Job applications are not usually accepted after the date the job posting closes. Organizations do this to keep the hiring process fair and transparent.

How to Prepare for a Government Job Interview
Preparing for a government job interview takes time to research the organization and position, anticipate government interview questions and prepare questions to ask the hiring manager.

Do You Know Who Is in Charge of Your City Government?
Who exactly is in charge depends on which form of government a city organizes itself under. Find out which are the top jobs in your city government.

How to Make a Smooth Demotion Transition
In time, a demoted employee may see the demotion as the best career move he or she ever made, but in the moment, it is a challenge. Making a smooth demotion transition is key to long-term success.

Reasons to Work in a State Capital City
For those who want to work in state government -- or any level of government for that matter -- a state capital provides plenty of opportunities to land a job.

Government Job Profile: Crime Scene Investigator
A crime scene investigator is a sworn police officer with expertise in collecting, processing and analyzing evidence for inclusion in criminal prosecutions.

Texas Ranger: Government Job Profile
The Texas Rangers are an elite law enforcement group responsible for criminal investigations. They have a mystique all their own.

Cost-Of-Living Adjustment
A federal government cost of living increase (COLA) is an increase in salary based on how much additional money a typical person or household needs.

Executive Search Firm
An executive search firm is a company hired by an organization to recruit applicants, select finalists and assist in the hiring decision for certain high-level positions.

What are Term Limits?
Term limits are restrictions on how long a particular person can serve in a political office.

Steps in the Government Hiring Process
The government hiring process has many steps to follow, so it is no wonder why it takes so long to complete.

Government Job Profile: City Manager
Ever wonder what is a city manager? A city manager bridges the gap between politics and administration.

City Council
A city council is an group of citizens who are individually elected to serve as the legislative body for the city.

Pros and Cons of Taking Out a Thrift Savings Plan Loan
The disadvantages to taking out a TSP loan far outweigh the advantages so much that OPM advises federal employees to exhaust all other options first.

How to Find Government Jobs Online
Finding government jobs online is easy if you know where to look.

Job Sites for the 10 Largest Cities in Florida
The Sunshine State has many large cities to choose from for those desiring a municipal government job.

Coping with Life Inside a Cubicle
A cubicle is a semi-private workspace with walls, a desk surface and usually bins, shelves or drawers. Pieces of modular furniture are connected like building blocks to meet an organization's office space needs. Cubicles give businesses and government organizations the ability to relatively quickly add, remove, and reconfigure office space.

Policies Restrict Nepotism in Government
Nepotism is somewhat of a buzzword, and it is generally seen in a negative light in government.

Tips for Completing Government Job Applications
Follow these tips to help your application get from the big stack of all applicants to the little stack of applicants who will get an interview.

Job Sites for the 10 Largest Cities in Texas
The Lone Star State has many of the largest US cities within it borders. Six Texas cities are among the 20 largest cities in the US, according to 2010 US Census data.

8 Factors for Choosing an MPA School
Choosing an MPA school can be a daunting task. Unfortunately there is no formula you can use. It is most important to find a school that fits you and your goals.

Essential Job Facts About Mail Carriers
Mail carriers are federal employees primarily responsible for delivery of mail processed by the United States Postal Service.

The Pros and Cons of a Government Job
So how do you choose whether to work in the private or public sector? Like any decision, there are positives and negatives to consider.

Working in Federal, State or Local Government
Government work can be performed on the federal, state or local level. Several facets distinguish the work among these levels.

What It's Like to Work at the Smithsonian
The Smithsonian Institution has a mission that resonates with its workforce which makes it a great place to work.

What Information Is Included on a Job Posting?
A job posting gives applicants a good idea about what qualifications are necessary, what the new hire will do and how much the job pays.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

How is a Congressional Office Organized?
A chief of staff manages the rest of the staff which is divided between the district office and the Capitol office.

5 Questions Hiring Managers Consider When Reposting Jobs
Hiring managers ask themselves these questions when considering whether to repost a job.

6 Steps to Getting Your Internal Auditor Certification
The professional certification process for internal auditors is easy, but getting through the process is rigorous.

4 Things to Expect on Your First Government Job Interview
Here are a few of the things you can expect on your first government job interview.

Job Sites for the 10 Largest Cities in Illinois
Here are links to job sites for the 10 most populous cities in Illinois along with a little information about each place.

Why Project Teams Should Meet Frequently
Project managers need to make sure their meetings are productive because it is important for project teams to meet frequently.

5 Ways to Be a Good Project Team Member
Do these things, and you’ll pull your own weight and then some on your project teams.

What Makes Government Retirement Benefits So Good?
Several factors go into making retirement benefits a reason people choose public service and stick with it.

5 Tips for Managing Return-to-Work Retirees
No matter what brings a retiree back to work, managing one presents unique challenges.

4 Tips to Help Project Team Members Succeed
It isn’t always easy, but here are four tips for project managers to help their team members succeed.

3 Types of Jobs Return-to-Work Retirees Take
When retirees are permitted to return to work, the jobs they take tend to fall into three categories.

How to Build Accountability into a Project
Rather than being the only person holding people accountable, the project manager empowers the entire team to uphold the project’s accountability.

5 Steps to Handling Poor Performance on a Project Team
Project managers must deal with poor performance quickly and effectively to minimize the damage it does to the project.

4 Ways to Address Project Risk
Different project management methodologies have slightly different names for the different risk management strategies. Here are four ways to address project risk.

Job Sites for the 10 Largest Cities in Pennsylvania
Here are online job postings and descriptions of the 10 largest cities in Pennsylvania.

5 Key Elements of a Successful Project
Projects can run off the rails very easily. With the following items in place, a project has a great chance of success.

How to Become a Certified Project Manager
Once people make the switch in their careers from managing projects to being project managers, they see they need professional certifications.

4 Ways to Make Your Cubicle More Private
How do you make a semi-private workspace a little more private? Try some of these ways to get some privacy in a cubicle.

What Needs to Be in a Project Plan?
A project plan is the plan of plans because documented within it are the project manager’s intentions for each key facet of the project.

Example Questions to Ask in a Government Job Interview
There are many reasons asking questions benefits you. Here are some good questions you can ask in your next government job interview.

Government Jobs Working with Children
There are many government jobs that work with kids while serving their communities at large.

How Government Retirement Systems Work
Government workers and their employing organizations participate in retirement systems that manage the logistics of collecting contributions, investing that money and distributing annuity payments.

Similarities Between Parole and Probation Officers
While there are some differences between parole and probation officers, both help individuals who have been convicted of crimes get their lives in order.

Differences Between Parole and Probation Officers
While the jobs are very similar, there are a few critical differences between parole officer vs probation officer.

Example Answers to Post-Demotion Questions
Here are several questions you may get after a demotion and some example answers to them. You can use these answers as starting points for the answers you will give should you be asked about your demotion.

How to Know if a Voluntary Demotion is Right for You
Many people would never consider a voluntary demotion. Their pride gets in the way of making a better situation for themselves, but this may be just the thing to do.

Careers in a Parks and Recreation Department
Working in parks and recreation can be a rewarding career choice. Those interested in playing while they work would enjoy a career in a parks and recreation department.

Seasonal Jobs at the Internal Revenue Service
To handle the flurry of business in the spring and summer, the IRS hires seasonal employees. These temporary staff process mail, enter data from paper forms, review returns for accuracy and answer questions from filers.

Mistakes That Will Get Your Job Application Thrown Away
Don't make your application one of the first ones discarded. Avoiding these common job application mistakes will help keep your application out of the garbage before the hiring manager gets serious about compiling a list of finalists.

Making the Most of Your Thrift Savings Plan Account
Making the most of your Thrift Savings Account requires a few relatively simple strategies.

Part-Time Jobs in Public Education
When most people think about jobs in public education, the most common professions that come to mind are teachers, coaches, counselors and librarians. However, there are other jobs that do not require as much formal education and can be done on a part-time basis.

Careers in a Police Department
Uniformed officers and other personnel in a police department work together to keep the public safe from crime. They work at all hours of the day and night solving cases and preventing crime. Working in a police department can be highly rewarding. These are some of the jobs you will find in a police department.

Local Government on American Television
While television shows are stylized to entertain rather than instruct, we can see public administration played out on a weekly basis.

5 Tips for Decorating Your Cubicle
Decorating your cubicle makes it your own. Personalizing your space makes it comfortable for you. When designing your little nook, consider these tips.

Questions to Ask an Alumnus about Grad School
One of the best ways to find out about a graduate school is to talk to someone who completed the program. Pick their brains with these questions.

Questions to Ask an Alumnus about Grad School
One of the best ways to find out about a graduate school is to talk to someone who completed the program. Pick their brains with these questions.

Job Sites for the 10 Largest Cities in New York
Though the state's population is dominated by the Big Apple, the 10 largest cities in New York need large workforces to provide city services.

Project Management Institute
The Project Management Institute, or PMI, is the largest professional organization for project managers in the world.

Follow Application Instructions on Job Postings
Always read directions first. The moments it takes to do so may save you wasted time and effort.

Twitter Feeds for Your Government Job Search
After you finish watching the latest viral video, check out these Twitter feeds to help you in your government job search.

Government Job Profile: Chief of Staff to a Congressman
A chief of staff is the bridge between the congressman and the rest of the congressman's employees.

Public Servants Opt for Security over Money
Security is a big reason people stick with public service for their entire careers.

How Government Retirement Systems Determine Eligibility
Government retirement systems have retirement eligibility rules based on age and years of service.

Mistakes that Delay Retirement from Public Service
Avoid these mistakes to keep your public service retirement on schedule. Retiring early is a real possibility!

Government Job Profile: Firefighter
Firefighters respond to fires and other emergencies such as traffic accidents, medical emergencies and natural disasters.

Government Job Profile: Elementary Music Teacher
Elementary music teachers spend their days instilling a love of music into children by teaching them basic musical concepts like keeping a steady beat, subdividing rhythm and singing different pitches.

What is the Senior Executive Service?
The Senior Executive Service consists of federal employees who report directly to Presidential appointees. These leaders are the link between the politics and administration of the US federal government.

verywell. Government Careers.

Government Job Profile: Child Protective Services Caseworker
Child protective services caseworkers devote their careers to protecting abused and neglected children.

Hiring Processes
Within the overall government hiring process, there are many sub-processes and tasks hiring managers and human resources staff complete.

Job Applications
Job applications are the primary tool people use when applying to government jobs.

Job Postings
Job postings are how government organizations advertise their vacant positions.

How Career Ladders Benefit Organizations
Career ladders cannot just benefit employees. Employers need to reap some benefits as well. Here are some of the ways career ladders benefit employing organizations.

How Do Hiring Managers Screen Job Applications?
Hiring managers briefly review all applications looking for applicants who meet the minimum requirements outlined in the job posting.

The Three-Legged Stool of Government Retirement
The metaphor of a three leg stool has been used with retirement planning for decades. All three legs are vital to living a stable retirement.

Investment Options within the Thrift Savings Plan
Thrift Savings Plan participants have two options for investing. There are several tsp investment options.

Options to Consider Before Asking for a Voluntary Demotion
Voluntary demotions come with potential negatives like reductions in salaries and loss of stature within the organization.

In-Basket Exercise
An in-basket exercise is an activity given to job applicants to determine how well they perform job-related tasks given a time constraint. Some exercises also test applicants’ prioritization skills.

Why Work in Local Government
Working for local government includes many jobs and working with their neighbors for the benefit of their communities.

Government Job Profile: Curriculum Specialist
Curriculum specialists support teachers by providing the foundation materials for courses and giving constructive feedback.

How to Ask for a Voluntary Demotion
If the signs have been pointing to a voluntary demotion and other options don't exist. Follow these tips when drafting a voluntary demotion letter.

What Are the Differences Between FERS and CSRS?
There are several significant differences between the two retirement systems for federal government employees. This includes the difference between FERS vs CSRS.

Top Job Facts You Should Know About School Teachers
School teachers impact the lives of children in big ways. With parents as partners, teachers can help children become productive adults.

5 Strategies for Landing a Job on Capitol Hill
Here are five strategies you can employ to help you land a job on Capitol Hill.

Why Do Job Postings Have Closing Dates?
While they are not always necessary, job posting closing dates help both applicants and the organization.


Why You Should Ask Questions in a Job Interview
A job interview is both an opportunity for the organization and for the candidate.

2015 Rankings of the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government
Now in its tenth iteration, the 2015 results have a long history upon which to track improvement and decline in employee engagement of the federal workforce.

6 Reasons to Get an MPH Degree
For those wishing to pursue a career in public health, going for a master's degree might be just the right thing to do. Here are six reasons to get an MPH degree.

Government Job: Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Directors of curriculum and instruction oversee the educational aspects of a school district which includes curricula, standardized testing and teaching.

CSI Effect: Definition
The CSI effect is a belief held primarily among law enforcement personnel and prosecutors that forensic science television dramas, such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, influence American jurors to expect more forensic evidence in order to convict defendants of crimes.

Reasons to Ask for a Lateral Transfer
A lateral transfer is the movement of an employee from one job to another within an organization at the same pay. Many people choose them.

What Bad Press Means for a Government Agency
Bad press is one of the signs that your government agency is in trouble.

Government Job Profile: Parks Maintenance Worker
Parks maintenance workers keep parks attractive and well-maintained for the public.

Where Do Members of Congress Post Staff Jobs?
Both the Senate Placement Office or the House Vacancy Announcement and Placement Service have job boards for their respective chambers.

Government Job Profile: Legislative Director to a Congressman
In a congressional office, all things related to federal legislation run through the legislative director.

How Will NASA Fill the 2017 Astronaut Class?
If you think you are who NASA is looking for in an astronaut, all you need to do to be considered for the job is apply online.

How to Thrive After an Involuntary Demotion
An involuntary demotion does not have to be the first step in a downward spiral. It can be the start of a new beginning. Take these actions to help you thrive after an involuntary demotion.

Government Job Profile: Prison Warden
Prison wardens ensure that prisons operate efficiently, safely and securely. They oversee all staff in a prison monitoring that applicable laws, rules, standards and facility-specific policies are followed.

Government Job Profile: Police Officer
A career as a police officer is extremely dangerous, but it can be very rewarding. Officers make their jurisdictions safer every day.

Government Job Profile: School Principal
A school principal must be a versatile leader. In any given day the principal can be a curriculum consultant, budget analyst, public relations representative, mediator, disciplinarian and manager.

What Does the House Vacancy Announcement and Placement Service Do?
House members and committees have a lot of freedom when it comes to hiring. HVAPS assists them in two important ways.

What Does the Senate Placement Office Do?
While the Senate Placement Office is not a human resources department, it helps senators and committees with two key human resources functions.

USAJobs is the US government's portal for civil service jobs.

Signs You Should Consider a Voluntary Demotion
Sometimes a voluntary demotion is the best thing someone can do personally and professionally.

How Government Retirement Annuities Are Calculated
In most government retirement systems, two variables determine how much an employee's annuity will be: the employee's salary and years of service.

Government Job Profile: Head Lifeguard
To help manage lifeguards, aquatics managers appoint head lifeguards to provide direction to lifeguards when the aquatics manager is performing other duties.

Government Job Profile: Economic Development Director
Economic development directors administer economic development programs for a city.

Government Job Profile: Recreation Coordinator
Recreation coordinators often work with youth and senior adults as these groups are the most common consumers of recreation services.

Government Job Profile: Bus Driver
With the primary objective of safe travel, bus drivers transport people from one place to another usually along predetermined routes. School bus drivers do this exclusively for children.

Thrift Savings Plan
The Thrift Savings plan is a component of the Federal Employees Retirement System that works like a 401(k) allowing US government employees to save money each month and invest it.

Government Job Profile: Internal Auditor
Internal auditors look into an organization’s operations and recommend ways to reduce the potential for waste, fraud and abuse.

Government Job Profile: Food Inspector
Food inspectors are on the forefront of consumer protection inspecting meat and poultry to ensure it is properly labeled and safe for human consumption.

What is a Reduction in Force?
A reduction in force is a thoughtful and systematic elimination of positions. For all practical purposes, a RIF is the same thing as a layoff.

Government Job Profile: Juvenile Correctional Officer
Juvenile corrections officers participate in rehabilitating troubled youth. Often, the best thing for a juvenile corrections officer is never seeing an inmate again.

Can an External Applicant Apply for Internal Job Postings?
An external applicant can apply for an internal job posting, but in the vast majority of circumstances, external applicants hear nothing back on the job.

What is a Panel Interview?
A panel interview is a job interview where an applicant answers questions from a group of people who make the hiring decision.

What is Employee Engagement?
Employee engagement is the idea that employees who are satisfied with their work environment tend to be personally invested in their jobs and are better workers.

What is a Qualifications Review Board?
A Qualifications Review Board is a panel of Senior Executive Service members who decide whether a candidate for SES membership will be admitted.

What is a Finalist for a Government Job?
A finalist is an individual involved in a hiring process who is among the final few candidates competing for the job.

Retirement System
A retirement system is an organization that facilitates retirement savings and benefits distribution for government workers.

What is an Escalation Clause?
An escalation clause is a provision in a contract whereby the vendor can raise the price of goods or services over the course of the contract.

What is a Cost Reimbursement Contract?
A cost reimbursement contract is one where the government agency pays for goods or services based on how much it costs the vendor to meet the contract requirements.

Government Job Profile: Evidence Technician
Evidence technicians assist police detectives in collecting, processing and analyzing evidence. They play a critical role in proving criminal allegations.

Council-Manager Form of Government
In this form of government, the city council makes laws and broad policy decisions for the city manager and staff to carry out.

What is a Full-Time Equivalent?
Full-time equivalent, or FTE, is a unit of measure showing how many employees an organization has or a project requires assuming all employees work a full-time schedule.

Why Are Government Retirement Systems Putting an End to Double Dipping?
When double dipping happens in large numbers, it threatens the long-term viability of a retirement system.

What Good Press Means for a Government Agency
When a government agency has a positive story told about it, the agency must milk it for all it's worth because when the tables are turned, those interested in keeping an unfavorable story alive won't let up.

Can Government Employees Opt Out of Retirement Systems?
Mandatory participation is a foundational principle of government retirement systems, and most public servants are okay with it.

5 Items to Make Your Cubicle Inviting
Add these items to your cubicle to make it a place where people won't mind spending a few moments.

Why It Takes So Long To Hear Back on a Government Job
It can seem like forever between the time you submit a government job application and when you receive any sort of word about the job.

What Your New Cubicle Says About Your Employer
If a picture is worth a thousand words, the same thing can be said about the state of your cubicle when you first see it.

What is the FERS Minimum Retirement Age?
The MRA establishes the youngest age at which a federal employee may retire.

Who Pays for Government Employee Pension Plans?
Taxpayers ultimately fund government employee retirement pensions, but public servants pick up the tab in their own way, too.

How Does the FERS Minimum Retirement Age Work?
The MRA helps the federal government maintain a sound retirement system that provides benefits promised to retirees when they were employees.

Government Job Profile: School Guidance Counselor
Guidance counselors in both elementary and secondary schools assist students in overcoming obstacles inhibiting their learning.

Why Do Cities Offer Tax Incentives to Businesses?
Attracting businesses, keeping them and getting them to expand operations often involves a city providing tax incentives.

Government Job Profile: City Finance Director
Finance directors have broad authority in city government. As the chief bookkeeper, a finance director promotes transparency, efficiency and accountability. By necessarily getting into other departments’ business, finance directors quickly achieve a deep knowledge of all city functions.

Government Job Profile: Street Maintenance Supervisor
Street maintenance supervisors directly manage street maintenance crews. These crews undertake maintenance projects on and around streets.

How to Ask for Help from a Project Sponsor
When project managers run into problems only project sponsors can solve, here are the things project managers should do.

Do Current Employees Have An Inside Track on Government Jobs?
Current government employees have a leg up in competing for jobs within their own organizations. This is true for several reasons.

Why Are Some Jobs Posted for Internal Applicants Only?
Hiring managers sometimes post a job for internal applicants only. This means that only current employees can apply for the vacant position. There are a few reasons a hiring manager might choose to do this.

Stakeholder Management Plan
By thinking through when and how stakeholders will be involved, a project team can maximize stakeholders’ positive impact on the project.

How to Express Disappointment to Your Boss
To avoid a career-limiting mistake in this area, follow these tips on expressing disappointment to your boss.

Hiring Manager
A hiring manager is a manager who makes the selection decision in the hiring process.

Government Job Profile: Oceanographer
A career in oceanography offers a lifetime of discovery. The scientific breakthroughs made through underwater study can have mplications for the rest of mankind.

Government Job Profile: Seismologist
To most people, seismologists are people who study earthquakes, but these scientists do so much more.

What is a Risk Management Plan?
A risk management plan is a formal project document that catalogs risks to a project, their likelihood of occurring, their potential impact and how the project team will address them.

Explain Any Gaps in Employment Your on Job Application
No matter whether your employment gaps are for good, bad or neutral reasons, always explain them. Leaving the gaps up to a hiring manager’s interpretation is always a mistake.

A mayor is the elected leader of a municipal government. In the strong mayor form of government, the mayor is the chief executive officer of the city. In the council-manager form of government, the mayor is the leader of the city council but has no greater official authority than any other council member.

Why Do Cities Want a Diversified Tax Base?
Cities want to have a diversified tax base for the same reasons that individuals want a diversified investment portfolio. Having interests in various industries allows individuals and cities to hedge their bets against economic downturns.

Should You Apply to Jobs For Which You Are Overqualified?
Generally, you should not apply to jobs for which you are overqualified; however, there are some notable exceptions.

Include Required Attachments with Job Applications
Omitting required attachments with your job application is an easy way to find yourself extracted from the hiring process.

Always Tailor Your Application Materials to Each Job Posting
No matter what the situation, it is always a good idea to tailor application materials to the job posting.

Who Decides Whether a Job is Reposted?
The hiring manager decides whether to repost a job and then informs the organization’s human resources department to either keep the job posting closed or repost.

Should You Reapply When a Job is Reposted?
Generally speaking, applicants should not reapply to a job posting if it is reposted; however, there are exceptions.

Why Work in Protective Services
While there are drawbacks to protective services such as long hours and low pay, some people stick with the profession for an entire career. Here are some reasons why.

National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse
NCPEA is one of the foremost professional organizations for those who work in aging and elder justice.

Do Not Ask These Questions in a Government Job Interview
Some topics are inappropriate to ask about in a job interview, and some questions are flat out wrong to ask any time. Whatever you do, do not ask these questions in a government job interview.

Why Are Government Jobs Reposted?
The primary reason a government job is reposted is the hiring manager does not believe the applicant pool is sufficient.

Project Management Versus People Management
Project management and supervision share many of the same necessary skills and abilities; however, the jobs are dissimilar in their authority and technical expertise.

Government Job Profile: Correctional Officer
Correctional officers are a vital part of the criminal justice system. They monitor inmates to prevent them from harming themselves or others. Organizations across all levels of government employ correctional officers.

Telephone Interview
A telephone interview is a job interview where the hiring manager and candidate converse over the phone.

Tax Abatement
A tax abatement is a reduction of taxes granted by a government to encourage economic development.

Federal Employees Retirement System
The Federal Employees Retirement System is the primary mechanism for US government employees to save for retirement. It consists of three components -- a pension, a savings plan and Social Security.

American Public Human Services Association
APHSA pursues excellence in health and human services by supporting public administrators, informing elected officials and driving policy and practice change.

National Adult Protective Services Association
The National Adult Protective Services Association is a professional organization with members who work to protect citizens who are older or have disabilities. Its emphasis on academic research and professional development is a major asset to the field.

Why Managing Projects Can Be More Difficult than Managing People
A supervisor and a project manager use the same techniques for motivating people to complete work; however, supervisors have a trump card for getting things done.

How Project Management Can Lead to People Management
How is an up-and-comer supposed to become a manager without management experience? One way to gain the skills necessary for personnel management is to manage projects.

Careers in Public Education
People who work in public education spend their days contributing to the intellectual and social development of children.

Workplace Violence
OSHA defines workplace violence as

How Easy Is It For Government Employees to Take Time Off?
While government employees receive generous amounts of leave time, it is logical to wonder if employees can actually use that time. Fortunately, they can in most circumstances.

How Much Time Off Do Government Employees Get?
There is no specific number of days or hours to describe the amount of time government employees get, but usually, government employees get a lot of time off.

What is Scope Creep?
Scope creep happens when the goals of a project expand or change as the project is in progress.

Government Job Profile: Public Works Director
Public works directors manages several essential functions of city government. While the exact portfolio of services under a public works director varies, this director usually has those functions that require construction and maintenance and those that citizens are billed for on a monthly basis.

Why Do Hiring Managers Screen Out Some Candidates?
Particularly in government, the hiring process can take a significant amount of time and effort. Hiring managers do everything they can to reduce the burden of hiring without compromising the quality or integrity of the process.

Government Job Profile: Project Manager
Project managers organize resources -- such as time, money and people -- to make projects successful.

Government Job Profile: Special Education Teacher
Special education teachers guide the education of students with intellectual and physical disabilities. The highs and lows a school teacher experiences are exacerbated by the challenges that face a special education student and the resulting challenges that a special education teacher must address.

How Do Federal Employees Save for Retirement?
New federal employees are automatically enrolled in the Federal Employees Retirement System. This is the primary method for federal employees to save for retirement. FERS provides federal employees with a foundation for further retirement planning.

Government Job Profile: Parks and Recreation Director
City parks and recreation directors oversee the budget and operations of the parks and recreation department.

Strong Mayor Form of Government
The strong mayor form of government divides legislative and executive power in local government much like the US Constitution divides those powers between the Congress and the President. Executive power is vested in the mayor, and legislative power is held by the city council.

The Most Common Forms of City Government
City governments may take several shapes. No matter what the form of government, city governments should be responsive to the citizens.

Job Boards for All 50 States
Find links to the official job websites for all 50 states.

Job Boards for All 50 States
Find links to the official job websites for all 50 states.

Job Boards for All 50 States
Find links to the official job websites for all 50 states.

Job Boards for All 50 States
Find links to the official job websites for all 50 states.

What to Expect Your First Day at a Government Job
No matter how robust or meager your first day experience is, any orientation should cover the basic information you need to know to have a successful first few weeks on the job.

When Is It Appropriate to Follow Up On a Job Application?
Every situation is different, but a good rule of thumb is to wait a few weeks between status inquiries. Any sooner and you’ll be a pest.