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Garmin Rino 530HCx Review - Field Test of the Garmin Rino 530HCx
The Garmin Rino 530 HCx combines two-way radio, color-map GPS, and the ability to locate others' positions into a tough and competent handheld GPS.

TomTom GO 2405 TM Review - Rating the TomTom GO 2404 TM
We road test, rate and review the TomTom GO 2405 TM car GPS and the larger-screen TomTom GO 2505. Includes full specs.

Parkbud GPS Parking App Review
We road test, review, and star-rate the Parkbud iPhone parking assistant app review. Parkbud helps you find your car, and shows parking locations.

Localscope iPhone App Review
Hands-on review and star-rating of the Localscope navigation and location services app for the iPhone and other iOS devices.

Garmin Nuvi 5000 Review - Product Test of the Garmin Nuvi 5000 Car GPS
Road test and review of the Garmin Nuvi 5000 in-car portable GPS.

Garmin Nuvi 760 GPS Review - Road Testing Garmin's High-end, High-tech 760
If you want or need it all -- from a wide screen, to rock-solid navigation and precise text-to-speech directions, to hands-free calling support, to traffic tracking and avoidance, to travel tools, the Garmin Nuvi 760 is a fine choice.

Nike+ SportWatch GPS Review - Testing Nike GPS Watch
We run-test and review the Nike+ SportWatch GPS. See star-rating and full specifications for the Nike+ SportWatch GPS

Garmin Approach S1 Golf GPS Watch Review
We course-test, star-rate, and review the Garmin Approach S1 golf GPS watch. Full specs and golfer review of the Garmin Approach S1 golf GPS.

GPS in Mobile Phones Photography and Online Services
GPS capability is finding its way into mobile phones and other portable electronic devices. Online services help you make the most of GPS capability.

GPS Tracking - Garmin GTU 10 Tracker Review
The light and compact (3x.7 inches) Garmin GTU 10 GPS tracker makes it easy to track, record and transmit the location of anything you'd like to track. Read on for the field test and review.

Bad Elf GPS Review - Rating Bad Elf GPS
We field test, star-rate, and review the Bad Elf GPS accessory for Apple iPad and iPod. Read on for more.

Outdoor Navigation With GPS - Book Review, author Stephen W. Hinch
Review of book, Outdoor Navigation With GPS, second edition, by Stephen W. Hinch, Wilderness Press, 2007.

Magellan Maestro 4250 GPS Review - Road Testing a Voice-command In-car GPS
Product review of the Magellan Maestro 4250 in-car GPS.

3G Defined - Mobile Telephony Protocol
Definition of 3G mobile telephony protocol.

A-GPS - How Assisted GPS Works in Cell Phones
Assisted GPS, also known as A-GPS or AGPS, enhances the performance of standard GPS in devices connected to the cellular network.

What is GIS? - Geographic Information System Definition
A Geographic Information System, or GIS, integrates, data, hardware, software and GPS to assist in the analysis and display of geographically referenced information.

EXIF - Exchangeable Image File Format EXIF Standard
Definition and description of EXIF, the exchangeable image file format standard.

Garmin Communicator - What is the Free Garmin Communicator Plug-in
The free Garmin Communicator plug-in permits Garmin brand GPS units, and many other brands of GPS navigators, exchange data with a Web browser and other programs.

Magellan Maestro 3210 GPS Review - In-car GPS
Magellan Maestro 3210 GPS Review

ANT+ Wireless Communication Protocol
Definition and description of ANT+ open wireless protocol.

GPS Definition - Global Positioning System
Global Positioning System defined.

GPS Time to First Fix - TTFF Defined
Time to First Fix (TTFF) describes the time and process required for a GPS device to acquire enough usable satellite signals and data to provide accurate navigation.

Definition of SD Card - SD Card Defined - Micro SD Card
An SD card provides quick upgrades and updates to GPS devices

Multi-touch Defined - How Multi-touch Displays Work
The multi-touch display permits fine control of electronic devices. Here's how they work.

GPS Pedestrian Mode - What is Pedestrian or Walking Mode?
Most in-car portable GPS receivers have a pedestrian or walking mode. Here's more on how to access and use the pedestrian mode.

Portable Navigation Device - GPS PND
A portable navigation device, or PND, uses Global Positioning System satellite signals to provide position information and related data and services.

RDS-TMC Definition - Radio Data System Traffic Message Channel Defined
The Traffic Message Channel (TMC) is a technology for providing traffic and travel delay information to drivers. The complementary Radio Data System (RDS) broadcasts digital information carrying TMC updates.

Resistive Touchscreen Defined - How Resistive Touchscreens Work
How resistive touchscreens work.

Travel Bug Defined - GPS Travel Bug in Geocaching Game
Travel bugs are numbered tags that are placed in geoaches as part of the GPS game of geocaching. Users may track travel bugs through

Trilateration - Definition and Purpose of Trilateration in GPS
Global Positioning System (GPS) navigators use the mathematical technique of trilateration to determine user position, speed, and elevation.

Use Google Earth to Show GPS Tracks
How to use Google Earth to show tracks and routes using GPS data.

KML File - Keyhole Markup Language
KML File - Keyhole Markup Language definition and uses in digital mapping.

Bikeroutetoaster Review - Test of the Bikeroutetoaster Bike Course Creator
The Bike Route Toaster at lets you design courses that you can view in Google Maps or Google Earth, or export as standard GPS files.

Cobra Aura Review - Road Test of the Cobra XRS 9960G With GPS
We road test, rate and review the Cobra XRS 9960G radar detector with Aura red light and traffic camera alerts.

Garmin GPSMAP 696 Aviation GPS - Review of the Garmin 696
We fly with the Garmin GPSMAP 696 and rate and review Garmin's top-of-the-line portable aviation GPS.

Mophie iPhone Juice Pack Review - Rating the Mophie Juice Pack
Review and rating for the Mophie Juice Pack iPhone cover and battery life extender.

TomTom Fuel Prices - Find Cheaper Gas by GPS
TomTom Fuel Prices helps you find the lowest gas prices by identifying and ranking prices in your region. TomTom's car GPS features provide you with turn-by-turn driving directions to the gas station.

Magellan GPS AAA TourBook Review - AAA Points of Interest
Review of the AAA TourBook included with Magellan in-car GPS.

Using In-car GPS for Hands-free Mobile Phone Calling - How To
Using your in-car GPS for hands-free mobile phone calling

How to Load Custom POIs Into a Garmin Car GPS - Custom POIs
How to obtain, download, and install custom points-of-interest (POIs) into your Garmin car GPS.

TeleNav GPS iPhone App Review
We road test review the TeleNav GPS iPhone app. Strengths and weaknesses of the TeleNav GPS app.

How to Get GPS With Your Rental Car - Rental Car GPS
Most major rental car companies offer GPS for an additional daily or weekly fee. Here's a comparison of products and services.

GPS Reviews - GPS Review and How-to for Car, Handheld, and Sports and Fitness GPS Advice and Tips
GPS, Global Positioning Systems, car GPS, navigation, mapping, directions, traffic, waypoints, latitude, longitude, Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, Trimble

iPhone GPS Apps - Favorite iPhone GPS Navigation users reveal their favorite GPS and navigation apps for the Apple iPhone3G.

Garmin nuvifone A50 Image Gallery
Images and features of the Garmin nuvifone A50 GPS smartphone

Audible Books for GPS Review - Audible Books Manager software for GPS
Most GPS makers offer some models with media player and audio book player capability. Match one of these with a well-executed online audio book service such as, and you are on your way to a satisfying book shopping, downloading, and listening experience.

: GPS Watch User Reviews - GPS Watches>
User reviews and ratings of the latest GPS watches. Get fit with a GPS Watch.

GPS Watch User Reviews - GPS Watches
User reviews and ratings of the latest GPS watches. Get fit with a GPS Watch.

Garmin Edge 500 Photo Gallery - Garmin Edge 500 GPS
Image gallery for the Garmin Edge 500 sports GPS review. Unboxing, handlebar mount, and more.

Garmin Approach S1 Golf GPS Watch
Garmin Approach S1 golf GPS watch - Image gallery and full specifications.

Garmin Approach S1 GPS Golf Watch
Garmin Approach S1 GPS Golf Watch

TomTom GO 720 Review - Road Test of the TomTom GO 720 Car GPS
Product review and road test of the TomTom GO 720 car GPS. The GO 720 is one of six models in the TomTom line, and is positioned between the high-end 920s and the XLS.

Garmin Forerunner 305 Review - Product Test of the Garmin Forerunner 305 Runner's Watch
Product review of the Garmin Forerunner 305 sports and fitness GPS. The latest version of the 305 features a high-sensitivity receiver that works well near trees and buildings. Read on for more test information.

Firmware Definition
Firmware definition, GPS glossary

GPRS - General Packet Radio Service Defined
General Packet Radio Service defined.

GPS Almanac - What is a GPS Almanac
Global Positioning System receivers must have almanac and ephemeris data in memory in order to calculate position. GPS almanac explained.

Geocaching - Outdoor Adventue with GPS
Geocaching is an outdoor adventure game for GPS users.

Heading - the Term Heading as Used in GPS Navigation
Heading is the direction in which you are currently moving.

Definition GPS Basemap
Definition, and information about basemaps included with GPS navigators.

Bearing - Definition of Bearing as Used in GPS Navigation
Bearing: the compass direction from your current position to your intended destination

Bluetooth Definition
Defintion of Bluetooth and how Bluetooth works with GPS

Capacitive Touchscreen Definition - How a Capacitive Touchscreen Works
A capacitive touchscreen uses a finger's disruption of the electrostatic field to control devices such as the Apple iPod and iPhone.

Coordinates - Definition of Coordinates as Used in GPS Navigation
Definition of coordinates as used in GPS navigation.

Fake GPS - What is Fake GPS?
As more mobile devices add location-based services, more ways of deteriming users' locations are being introduced.

Geocoin - What is a Geocoin
A geocoin is a uniquely numbered object that is hidden in geocache.

GPX - GPS Exchange Format Defined
GPX - GPS Exchange Format defined.

Definition - Location-based Service
Definition of location-based service and examples.

Text-to-Speech GPS - Definition and Use of Text-to-Speech GPS
Definition and use of text-to-speech in GPS devices.

Topographic Map - Definition, Uses, Types of Topo Maps
A topographic map shows elevation contour lines, in addition to detailed road, town, and physical characteristics of the landscape.

Geofence Definition
A geofence is a virtual boundary around a geographical space.

Waypoint Defined - Purpose of Waypoints
A waypoint is a reference point, or set of coordinates that precisely identify a location.

Wi-Fi Positioning - How Does a Wi-Fi Positioning System Work?
Wi-Fi Positioning System is a term pioneered by Skyhook Wireless to describe its Wi-Fi-based location system.

Garmin Edge 500 Review - Garmin Edge 500 GPS
Image gallery for the Garmin Edge 500 sports GPS review. Unboxing, handlebar mount, and more.

GPS Accessory Gift Guide - Affordable Gifts for GPS Owners
There are a range of affordable accessories for GPS owners. Here's a list of terrific GPS accessory gifts, including travel cases, chargers, and more.

Garmin nuvifone A50
Garmin nuvifone A50

Three Great Holiday Gift Ideas
Three Great Holiday Gift Ideas

GPS in Mobile Phones Photography and Online Services
GPS capability is finding its way into mobile phones and other portable electronic devices. Online services help you make the most of GPS capability.