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Grandparents as Parents or Raising Grandchildren
Grandparents raising grandchildren have a number of serious issues to handle, including financial stress, physical health and emotional health.

Visiting a Newborn Grandchild
As a grandparent, you can't wait to visit a newborn grandchild, but sometimes the parents say no. They want time to bond with their baby.

For New Grandparents
The grand adventure begins before your grandchild is even born. You'll want to be a part of it all. You'll be able to help both your children and your grandchildren in special ways, from helping the new parents with child care and housework to being the family photographer and keeper of family history.

Baby Showers and Grandmother Showers
Showers are fun, but they can also lead to conflicts, especially between mothers and grandmothers.

Baby Equipment
Visits with grandchildren will be far more fun and less stressful if you have the supplies and equipment that they need.

Help! I Hate My Grandchild's Name
What happens when a grandparent really hates the name selected for a grandchild? In most cases, it's not that big of a deal once the baby is born.

Grandmother Names in Other Cultures
Grandmothers are known by different names in other countries and cultures. If you would like to pick a grandmother name that reflects your culture, heritage, nationality or ethnicity, consult these glossary entries for grandmother names.

Greek Names for Grandmothers
The Greek term for grandmother is yia-yia or ya-ya, and grandmothers -- and grandparents in general -- are important in Greek culture.

Filipino Names Used for Grandmother
Filipinos, residents of the Philippines, use several names for grandmother, but lola is the most common by far.

Irish Names for Grandmother (Formal and Informal)
Irish names for grandmother are difficult to spell and to pronounce and have not been widely adopted by the non-Irish.

Long-Distance Grandparents
Having a close relationship with grandchildren when distance separates you can be challenging. New technology such as webcams and family websites, however, can make it easier, and time-honored methods such as letters and packages are still effective. And don't overlook the importance of having a good camera, preferably digital, so that you can utilize the power of photography.

Using Skype With Grandchildren of All Ages
Skype and other VoIP programs are great tools for long-distance grandparents to use to connect with grandchildren from infancy to young adulthood.

How to Photograph Newborns in the Hospital
What a joy to do camera duty when a grandchild is born! These tips will help you get the perfect photograph.

How to Text for Grandparents
Grandparents who text don't have to use textspeak, abbreviations, emoticons or emoji, but this super simple guide will help those who want to.

Why Grandparents Should Learn to Text
Grandparents have been slow adopters of text messaging, but texting has many advantages. Most importantly, it's another way to connect with grandchildren.

Family Issues: Distance, Divorce, Discipline, Holidays, & Religion
Being a grandparent can be challenging and stressful. In many situations, it is helpful to know what your rights are and what strategies you can use to cope.

Grandparents as Child Care Providers
Grandparents who are considering becoming child care providers for their grandchildren should consider financial issues and other crucial topics before agreeing to the arrangement. Babysitting grandchildren on an occasional basis also calls for a good understanding between grandparents and parents.

Ages and Stages - Loving Your Grandchildren Through All Ages and Stages
Grandparents love their grandchildren whether they are infants or adults, but each age and stage requires a slightly different type of grandparenting. Here is advice for navigating all the ages and stages.

Don't Compete With Friends
When grandparents get into bragging contests with their friends and peers, relationships are weakened and no one wins.

Grandparents Should Not Compete With Parents
The unhealthiest form of grandparent competition is when grandparents try to compete with parents for the love of grandchildren.

Just Say No to Grandparent Competition
There are no winners when grandparents compete for the love of their grandchildren. Such competition is petty and can damage family relationships.

Just Say No to Grandparent Competition
There are no winners when grandparents compete for the love of their grandchildren. Such competition is petty and can damage family relationships.

Italian Word for Grandmother
Nonna is the Italian word for grandmother, but this grandparent name also is popular with those not of Italian heritage.

Flemish Names for Grandmother and Grandfather
The Flemish name for grandmother is bomma. Flemish is one of the three official languages of Belgium, spoken primarily by those living in the north.

Family Mediation for Grandparent Visitation Disputes
Given the uncertain state of grandparents rights, family mediation may be a better solution than going to court for those seeking grandparent visitation.

Horse: A Basketball Game of Shooting Skill
Horse is a basketball game for two or more players that requires only one goal. It's a fun game that rewards the player who can make unconventional shots.

Outdoor Treasure Hunt for Kids
The grandchildren will love this outdoor treasure hunt, and grandparents don't even have to come up with the clues.

Grandparents' Rights in Utah
Utah law lists factors to be considered in awarding grandparents visitation rights, but recent court cases have eroded grandparents' rights.

Support Groups for Estranged Grandparents
Estranged grandparents in need of help may be able to find an appropriate support group, either one that meets face-to-face or one that operates online.

Why Don't Adult Children Spend Holidays With Parents?
Grandparents usually want to spend holidays with their children and grandchildren, but adult children may opt out of family celebrations.

Your Greatest Guide to Grandparenting from
Articles, advice and reviews for grandparents new and “old” to help them with the most common problems and benefits of being a grandparent.

Grandparents Play Important Roles in Asian Families
Customs pertaining to Asian grandparents vary by country. Some customs survive in Asian immigrant families, and some are replaced as assimilation occurs.

Outdoor Activities
There's nothing sweeter than being outdoors with your grandchildren, whether you're enjoying a majestic mountain range or just hanging out in the back yard.

Italian Word for Grandfather
The Italian term for grandfather is nonno, but this simple name does not indicate the importance of grandparents in Italian culture.

Try These Easy Card Games for Kids
If you have a deck of cards, you won't be at a loss for a way to entertain your grandchildren. Try these easy games that are fun and educational, too.

Old-Fashioned Jump Rope Rhymes - Classic Verses
Remember those jump rope rhymes that were so much fun when you were a kid? It's fun to teach them to the grandchildren. Just take it easy on the jumping.

Kids' Easter Egg Games
Ten great Easter egg games will ensure that the grandkids have lots of fun. Start with the traditional egg hunt and move on to Hot Boiled Egg and more.

Everything You Need to Know About the Grandparent Scam
These FAQs about the grandparent scam will help you avoid being a victim and help you protect elderly friends and family.

Everything You Need to Know About the Grandparent Scam
These FAQs about the grandparent scam will help you avoid being a victim and help you protect elderly friends and family.

When a Parent Is Incarcerated: What Grandparents Can Do
When parents are behind bars, grandparents may have to take care of the children and deal with the other problems associated with incarcerated parents.

Visitation by State, L-W
Get an overview of the statutes governing grandparent visitation rights in states of the United States beginning with L-W. Site includes links to the actual state statutes. This is your starting point if you need to know about grandparent visitation rights in a specific state.

Because Sometimes It Is Our Business
Grandparents are often advised to hold their tongues, but they do get to call some of the shots when grandchildren are in their houses and in their care.

When Grandchildren Don't Show Respect
Grandparents have the right to require grandchildren to be respectful. They do not have to put up with profanity or backtalk.

When It's Time to Eat
Grandparents have the right to require that grandchildren behave at the table, but they should try to avoid most struggles about food.

When Grandchildren Are Using Electronics
When grandparents are babysitting, they get to decide whether screens are off or on. Screens may be forgotten if there are lots of other fun things to do.

When the Grandchildren are Being Destructive
Grandchildren need to learn respect for the property of others, and grandparents can help that process along.

When Necessary to Keep Grandchildren Safe
Grandparents must obey the parents' rules about safety, although in this case grandparents may actually be pickier than the parents.

And Some Times When They Can't
Although in these five situations grandparents do get to make the decisions, there are many other times when they must yield to the parents' judgment.

The Role of Great-Grandparents
Great-grandparents occupy a special niche in family life. They may be less involved in daily affairs, but they can offer a unique perspective on life..

Halloween Jokes for the Grandkids
Make Halloween more fun with these spooktacular jokes. Jokes, puns and riddles are good for people of all ages, including grandparents and grandchildren.

When Your Grandchild Lives With a Drug Abuser
When grandchildren live with a parent who abuses drugs or alcohol, grandparents may feel helpless. Although they can't fix the situation, they can help.

Retro Halloween Fun to Share With the Grandkids
Halloween has become a big production, but the grandchildren will still enjoy these retro Halloween activities.

Easy to Make Retro Halloween Costumes
Retro Halloween costumes like Grandma and Grandpa used to wear are easy to make. Share the fun of making Halloween costumes with your grandchildren.

Edit and Manage Photographs and Videos

Programs and Apps Grandparents Want to Learn

Where to Turn for Tech Help
Surveys show that grandparents want to improve their technology skills, but may not know how. Find the best sources of tech help for grandparents.

Classic Outdoor Games That Kids Still Love
Grandparents will enjoy teaching the grandkids classic outdoor games like Red Rover, Swing the Statue and hopscotch.

Gifts for Grandchildren in All Ages and Stages
Finding the right gift for grandchildren in different ages and stages can be quite a challenge for grandparents, but these lists make it easy.

Annual Grandparents Day Events
If you want to celebrate Grandparents Day in a special way, check out this list of events planned for Sept. 11, 2016.

Gifts for Grandchildren
Grandparents seeking gift ideas for grandkids will be happy to find these gift lists, that contain gifts for grandchildren that won't break the bank.

Making Photo Books for Grandchildren and Their Parents
If you'd like to give something unique to the grandkids, consider photo books. You'll need to find a company that fits your skill level and budget.

Product Reviews
Even grandparents sometimes run out of ideas! Here are some product reviews that are sure to lead to more great times! Here are great birthday gift ideas, books to read together, games to play and movies that you may not have thought about watching!

Photo Books
Photo books make great gifts for grandchildren, especially when grandparents make them with love and care.

Documents Needed for Traveling With Grandchildren
Traveling with grandchildren is one of life's pleasures, but you need to know what kinds of documents you will need for your chosen destinations.

Secure Seats When Flying With Grandchildren
For grandparents who travel by air with grandchildren, the chance of being split up on the airplane is a worry. Learn how to get the seats you want.

Should Grandparents Pay for Family Travel?
Should grandparents pay when families travel together? Many grandparents enjoy picking up the tab for multi-generational travel. Others can't afford it.

On the Road
Hitting the road with your grandchildren is exciting but can also be a challenge. Begin with brief outings such as a trip to a favorite restaurant before moving on to day trips and even shared vacations. Whether you are traveling by car, by airplane, or even in an RV or camping rig, you'll share many adventures with your grands.

Vacations and Long Trips
You may be traveling by car, or you may be flying high. You may be camping, RVing, or staying in a hotel or motel. Whatever the mode and type of travel you choose, traveling with grandchildren can be a blast; however, grandparents need to be prepared for a few bumps in the road.

Family Destinations
Theme parks are included, but there are lots of other family destinations, including some that you might not think of as family friendly.

6 Things Grandparents Must Know to Keep Grandchildren Safe
Grandparents must be informed about these six little-known hazards that can put grandchildren at risk.

Learn About Skip-Generation Families
A skip-generation family is a household consisting of grandparents and grandchildren, skipping the middle generation, resulting in challenges for all.

Jokes and Riddles for Kids About Food
Food is the common thread among these jokes and riddles for kids. They'll turn mealtime into a laugh-filled occasion.

Grandparent Alienation Syndrome
Grandparent alienation syndrome has been used to describe the process of turning grandchildren against grandparents following a divorce or custody battle.

What's Wrong With Wanting Grandchildren?
It's okay to admit that you want grandchildren, but those who are too eager to become grandparents sometimes alienate their children and their spouses.

Are Splash Parks Good Options for Summer Water Fun?
Splash parks offer water fun that is generally safer than swimming, although there is some danger of a water-borne illness called cryptosporidiosis.

How to Use Skype to Connect With Grandchildren
If you've wondered how to use Skype, here's an easy guide. You'll can use a standard computer with webcam or you can Skype on most mobile devices.

Demographic Information About Grandparents Today
The grandparent group is a large and constantly changing group, making demographics difficult, but two research reports provide basic information.

Teach the Grandkids How to Play Kick the Can
A variation of Hide and Seek, Kick the Can is a fast-paced outdoor game that has been popular since the Great Depression.

Is It Safe to Allow Children in Hot Tubs and Spas?
Grandparents need to know when it is safe for children to use a hot tub or spa and should also be informed about other aspects of hot tub safety.

Grandparents Day
Grandparents Day is a real holiday, although a relatively recent one. It was designed to celebrate the role of grandparents in our society and the grandparent-grandchild connection. Why not start some Grandparents Day traditions in your family?

How to Celebrate Grandparents' Day
At a loss for ways to celebrate Grandparents Day? Find ideas that are suitable for young and old and ones that cost a lot or a little.

Grandparents Day Gifts to Give Your Grandchildren
Grandparents Day is a day for grandparents to honor their children's children. One way to do this is with an appropriate gift or outing.

Gifts for Grandparents for Grandparents Day
Most grandparents want a visit for Grandparents Day, but if that's not possible, these gift ideas can substitute. A visit and a gift would be great, too.

Are You a Jealous Grandmother or Grandfather?
If you are a jealous grandmother or grandfather, learn more about why you feel the way you do and how to deal with your feelings of jealousy.

Grandparent Visitation Rights by State
These summaries of laws in all 50 states also link to the actual state statutes, so you can find out more about your grandparent visitation rights.

Hebrew Name for Grandmother
The Hebrew name for grandmother is savta. Since Hebrew uses a different alphabet from English, this word is transliterated and has more than one spelling.

Washington Grandparents Rights
The state of Washington's statutes governing grandparent visitation have been dealt two blows by the courts, leaving the state without a working statute.

Indiana Grandparents Rights
Indiana courts tend toward a narrow interpretation of the grandparent visitation statute, making it difficult for grandparents to win a visitation.

Grandparents Rights in Mississippi
Mississippi's statutes concerning grandparent visitation are narrowly framed, enabling them to survive challenges to their constitutionality.

Grandparents' Rights in Idaho
Idaho's law about grandparents' rights consists of a single sentence. Visitation is based on the best interests of the child.

Grandparents' Rights in Hawaii
In 2007 the Hawaii Supreme Court ruled Hawaii's grandparent visitation law unconstitutional, leaving Hawaiian grandparents in limbo.

Grandparents Rights in Nebraska
Nebraska's grandparent visitation laws are narrowly drawn to protect parental rights, making no provision for grandchildren living in an intact family.

Grandparents Rights in Delaware
In the state of Delaware, grandparents are included in third-party visitation statutes, but must show a substantial prior relationship with the child.

Grandparents' Visitation Rights in Ohio
Ohio allows for grandparents and other interested parties to be granted visitation and provides a lengthy list of factors to be considered.

What Grandparents Need to Know About Water Safety for Kids
Water and fun are natural go-togethers. Unfortunately, so are water and danger. Learn the latest information about water safety for kids.

Filipino Name for Grandfather
Learn the Filipino word for grandfather and about Filipino customs and practices involving grandparents.

Animal Jokes and Riddles for Kids
Kids like animals and riddles. Put them together, and you're sure to be a hit with the grandkids. Another plus is that jokes get kids thinking.

Books About How to Be a Better Grandparent or How to Deal With Grandparenting Issues
These books for grandparents give advice about how to be a better grandparent or concern issues of importance to grandparents.

Humorous Book Tells How to Be the Perfect Grandma
In How to Be the Perfect Grandma, Bryna Nelson Paston gives out advice, some serious and some tongue-in-cheek.

Games for Grandparents to Play With Grandchildren - Product Reviews
A traditional activity for grandparents and grandchildren is playing games. Whether it is the latest electronic version of a classic board game, a brand new game, or a simple game of cards, both young and old will enjoy gameplaying.

Hasbro's Pretty Pretty Princess Kids' Board Game
The board game Pretty Pretty Princess is no longer produced but may still be available online. Players accumulate jewelry by moving around the board.

Gifts for Grandparents
Holidays and special occasions are often gift-giving occasions, but it's not easy to know what to give. These gifts for grandparents and grandchildren will be of help to all generations and upon all celebrations.

Books About Cousin Camp and Grandma Camp
Don't start from scratch when planning a cousin camp or grandma camp. Instead pick up one or more of these books for a head start on fun times.

Gifts for Tweens Aged 9 to 12
Choosing gifts for tweens can be a challenge, but tween grandchildren still need something fun on gift-giving occasions. Check this list of gifts for tweens for some up-to-date options.

Photo Books for Grandchildren From Shutterfly
Shutterfly is the an industry leader in photo books, with a well-deserved reputation for producing affordable photo books with lots of options.

Shop for Toys in These Unusual Online Stores
Online stores provide unique selections for grandparents looking for toys and gifts for grandchildren. Check out these fun sites.

Ethnic Names for Grandmothers in Other Countries
Many grandmothers, in searching for just the right grandmother name, are turning to ethnic names or grandmother names from other countries.

Ethnic Names for Grandfathers
Grandfathers searching for a different grandparent name may find inspiration in this list of ethnic names for grandfathers.

Grandparents With Disabilities Can Enjoy Grandchildren
Grandparents with disabilities can enjoy a rich variety of activities with their grandchildren, including games and storytelling.

Driving and Car Seat Safety - What Grandparents Need to Know to Keep Grandchildren Safe
You want to hit the road with your grandchildren, but you want to keep them safe. Car seats and strategies for keeping children safe in the car have changed in recent years. It's important for grandparents to be abreast of the latest news in automobile safety.

What Grandparents Need to Know About Car Seats
Unsure about car seats and how to use them? This overview of car safety seats is designed especially for grandparents transporting grandchildren.

What Grandparents Need to Know About Substance Abuse
Uninformed or careless grandparents may unwittingly contribute to substance abuse by a family member.

A List of Outstanding Grandparenting Books
A bookshelf filled with helpful volumes is something every grandparent needs. This list of grandparenting books will give you lots of ideas and insights.

The Grandparents Handbook - A Unique Book for Grandparents
Elizabeth LaBan enlisted the help of her mother and father-in-law to produce this engaging little book, a worthy addition to a grandparent's collection.

Sentimental Gifts for Older Grandchildren
If you have grandchildren who are older teens or young adults, you have an opportunity to give sentimental gifts that will strengthen your relationship.

Book About Long-Distance Grandparenting
Selma Wassermann gives advice about long distance grandparenting, telling grandparents how to connect with grandchildren across the miles.

Seasonal Holiday Celebrations
The seasonal holidays are prime family time. Whether you're looking for ideas for Easter, Halloween or the winter holidays, you've come to the right place.

12 Cool Activities to Do Before Christmas
Don't wait until Christmas to start celebrating with the grands. Fill the weeks before Christmas with fun, whether the grandkids live nearby or far away.

Swing the Statue Will Make Kids Laugh
Swing the Statue is a most non-competitive game that derives its entertainment value from watching the players assume and try to hold strange positions.

Branson Attractions Draw Grandparents and Grandchildren
Branson, Missouri, is a grand destination for grandparents and grandchildren, offering kid-friendly attractions as well as music shows.

Can a Grandparent Get Custody of a Grandchild
In certain circumstances, grandparents may want to get custody of grandchildren. Learn about circumstances under which grandparents may win custody.

Grandparents Can Be Too Strict With Grandchildren
Some grandparents believe their grandchildren are treated too leniently, while they the grandparents are seen as too strict.

I Already Know I Love You: A Book by Billy Crystal
This children's book by actor and comedian Billy Crystal, I Already Know I Love You, is a great gift for grandparents-to-be.

Kickball: A Fun Outdoor Game to Play With Kids
Kickball is one of the best outdoor games for kids because it's adaptable to all ages and skill levels.

Capture the Flag - A Classic Outdoor Game
Capture the Flag is a classic outdoor game that has been especially popular with Scouting groups. It can be quite rough and physical.

Visitation by State, A-K
Get an overview of the statutes governing grandparent visitation rights in states of the United States beginning with A-K. Site includes links to the actual state statutes. This is your starting point if you need to know about grandparent visitation rights in a specific state.

Grandparents Rights in Alaska
In Alaska, grandparents can ask for visitation as part of a custody proceeding, either current or already settled. Otherwise they will need an attorney.

Four Square - A Fun Outdoor Ball Game for Kids
A game that allows the players to work their way up to becoming king, four square is great when space is limited or when it's too wet to play on the lawn.

Shut the Box Game Helps Grandchildren With Math Skills
Playing with a Shut the Box Game will boost grandchildren's math skills. The grandkids will actually enjoy doing the math so they can shut the box!

Tips for Taking Grandkids to Universal Studio Hollywood
Universal Studios Hollywood is an amazing destination for grandparents and grandkids. Make the most of your trip with these tips.

When Grandparents Have Other Interests
Far from doting on grandchildren and spoiling them, some grandparents choose to be uninvolved. They may choose this path for a variety of reasons.

When Grandparents Don't Like for It to Be Complicated
Family drama can be an issue for some grandparents, who deal with it through staying away from family members and becoming uninvolved grandparents.

When Grandparents Are Fearful
Keeping grandchildren safe is an enormous responsibility, one that may frighten grandparents and cause them to be opt out of many activities.

When Grandparents Have Been There, Done That
Some grandparents don't want a repeat of the difficult and demanding job of parenting, so they absent themselves from grandparenting duties as well.

When Grandparents Are Already Working Hard
Some grandparents are trying to balance work and obligations to their family, which may include elderly parents and even children still at home.

When Grandparents Don't Want to Spend
Grandparents may stay away from family occasions because they are tired of picking up the bill, or because they disapprove of how their children spend money.

More About Grandparenting and Family Relationships
Grandparents may need a little help with family relationships, as well as being the happiest, healthiest person possible.

Should Stepgrandchildren Be Treated Equally?
Avoiding favoritism is a big challenge for stepgrandparents, but it is one that they face with biological grandchildren as well as with stepgrandchildren.

If You've Lost Access to Grandchildren
Grandparents who have lost access to grandchildren can take two paths. They can attempt to reconcile with the parents, or they can go to court.

Celebrity Grandparents - Celebrity Grandfathers and Celebrity Grandmothers
You've followed their careers for years. Now you can follow them into their grandparenting days. If you're a fan of celebrity grandparents, keep up with celebrity grandmothers and celebrity grandfathers and what is going on in their lives.

Grandparents in Different Cultures - Cultural Customs About Grandparenting
Grandparenting roles differ slightly according to culture and ethnic group. The love that grandparents have for their grandchildren, however, doesn't vary. Learn about grandparents in different cultures.

Readers' Choice Awards
The Readers' Choice Awards are designed to recognize the best in a variety of categories. They were developed and are administered by

Family Occasions - Family Occasions for Celebration
Family occasions are joyful times, but sometimes grandparents need a little guidance to make the most of the time.

How to Include Grandmothers in Baby Showers
Although baby showers honor the mother-to-be, grandmothers are considered special guests. Here are some ways to honor the grandmothers.

Grandchild Safety
A few years may have passed since you have been responsible for a baby or young child. Learn how to babyproof or childproof your home, how to buy and use car seats, how to keep your grandchildren safe while sleeping, how to keep your grandchildren safe around water, and how to guard against accidents involving medication, both yours and theirs.

Water Safety - What Grandparents Need to Know About Water Safety
It is vital that grandparents know how to prevent drowning and other water mishaps. Read up on water safety and learn how to keep grandchildren safe in the water.

Grandparents and SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Many SIDS deaths occur while infants are in the care of someone other than parents. Grandparents should know how to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Naked at Our Age Talking Out Loud About Senior Sex
Good news for grandparents: Your sex life shouldn't get put on permanent hold. Joan Price offers a no-holds-barred exploration of senior sex.

What Is a Granny Flat?
A granny flat or accessory apartment is a self-contained housing unit located on the grounds of a single-family dwelling, often used for an aging parent.

How to Play Red Rover
Red Rover is a traditional outdoor game. It requires no equipment but can be a little rough, so grandparents should supervise the grandchildren closely.

Grandparents Dealing With Divorce of a Child
If you've learned that a child is getting a divorce, you've probably experienced these five emotions, as you go through the stages of dealing with divorce.

Raising Grandchildren
Millions of grandchildren are being brought up by their grandparents. It's a task undertaken with great love, in most cases, but it also brings daunting challenges.

Fostering Connections to Success Increasing Adoptions
A significant portion of grandparents will be aided by the Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act, a federal law passed in 2008.

Why Grandparents Shouldn't Complain About Aging
Because so many young people have negative associations with age, grandparents should talk more about the advantages of growing older.

Should Alienated Grandparents Write a Letter of Apology?
Grandparents who are alienated from adult children and thus from grandchildren may be able to remedy the situation with a letter of apology.

When Jealous Grandparents Don't Want to Share
A reader is upset that her sister gets to see the grandson more often than the grandparents do. She asks if they are guilty of being jealous grandparents.

Grandparents Rights in Kansas
Kansas statutes about grandparent visitation are short and simple, and winning a case primarily rests upon documenting a substantial existing relationship.

Book for Mothers Who Are Estranged From Adult Children
Be done with the crying. Mothers estranged from adult children are given a blueprint for moving on with their lives in this book by Sheri McGregor.

Seven Habits That Grandparents May Need to Break
Being an indulgent grandparent isn't always best. Break these seven grandparenting habits. Parents will appreciate you more if you spoil less.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Is Two Parks in One
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is actually two theme parks in one, with Hogwarts Express connecting them.

Grandparents Need to Know Before They Go
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter isn't exactly a theme park. What grandparents need to know before they take the grandchildren to Harry Potter.

Must-Sees and Must-Dos at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
The two signature rides of The Wizardiing World of Harry Potter should be on almost everyone's list: here are some other must-dos and must-sees.

Wizarding World Essentials
Learn a few more details about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and how you can use this knowledge to make the most of your visit.

To Wand or Not to Wand
Should be buy an interactive wand for the grandchildren at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Of course you should!

Other Wizarding Worlds
Harry Potter magic can be found in a few other places around the globe, but The Wizarding World tops the list for most grandparents and grandchildren.

Best Toys for Grandbaby's First Year
Why weren't these great toys around when we were parents? But you'll be happy to find these wonderful toys for grandbaby.

Facts About Custodial Grandparents
Some commonalities apply to most grandparents raising grandchildren, but significant differences also exist among custodial grandparents.

Fun Things to Do
Projects and activities can make those times you share with your grandchildren special. Arts and crafts, outdoor sports, card-playing or board games -- these are all classic ways to have fun together. Today's grandparents may also share movie or TV time, video games or computer activities.

Crafts to Share - Crafts for Grandparents to Share With Grandchildren
Grandparents who love crafts enjoy sharing them with their grandchildren. If you've never thought of yourself as a crafter, perhaps you'll read something here that will change your mind.

Outings With Grandchildren - Places to Go With Grandchildren
It's fun to stay at home with grandchildren, but sometimes you just need to hit the road. These outings with grandchildren are mostly day trips that are fun and educational.

Jokes and Riddles to Share
Encourage a grandchild's sense of humor with these jokes and riddles, which are also great logic puzzles.

Movies, TV and Digital Entertainment
Screen time isn't all bad, especially when it is shared time between grandparents and grandchildren.

Insights from Parents for Alienated Grandparents
Often grandparents claim to have been cut off from their grandchildren for no reason. Here parents candidly discuss some of the possible reasons.

Grandma/Grandpa Camp - Advice for Hosting Grandma Camp or Grandpa Camp
Hosting your grandchildren for Grandma Camp or Grandpa Camp can be fun and rewarding for both grandparents and grandchildren, but you may need some advice about things to do, as well as some advice from grandparents who have hosted Grandma Camp or Grandpa Camp.

More Books for Grandparents and Grandchildren to Read Together
In the thousands of children's books that are published each year, some are particularly appropriate for grandparents to share with grandchildren. Here are our choices of books for intergenerational reading.

Grandparent Blogs
This list of grandparent blogs is sure to contain one that will interest you. If you're a grandparent blogger, your blog may be eligible to be listed here.

Quotes and Poems
Many individuals have had interesting things to say about grandparents. These poems and quotations about grandparents may make you smile, or they may just bring a flash of recognition.

Grandparent Health
In order for you to enjoy your grandparenting role to the fullest, it's important to maintain your health and fitness level. Stress management and other strategies for good mental health are also crucial. Grandparent health is important both to you and to your grandchildren.

Giving Money and Gifts
It's easy to understand that grandparents who have some financial independence often want to give their grandchildren money and gifts. It's not so easy, however, knowing what to give and when to give it. Subsidizing a grandchild's college education, however, is a no-brainer, if you can afford the hefty price tag.

Grandparent Name Books
If you need help choosing your grandparent name, one of these books may help. A grandparent name book can be useful in choosing your grandmother name or your grandfather name. Grandparent name books typically contain traditional names, modern names and grandparent names from other cultures.

Grandfather Names in Other Cultures
Explore some of the names that grandfathers are called in countries around the world and in particular cultures.

Helping New Parents
New parents can be overwhelmed by the changes in their lives. Grandparents can help with child care, housework and errands.

Important Court Cases
Following the Supreme Court case of Troxel v. Granville, most states had to modify their grandparent visitation laws. These cases demonstrate some important legal principles at work.

Grandparent Custody
Under certain circumstances, grandparents can get custody of grandchildren. What happens most often is that parents leave the grandchildren with grandparents, but there are other routes to grandparent custody.

Visitation and Custody
Many grandparents have been denied access to grandchildren, usually as a result of the death or divorce of the children's parents, but sometimes as a result of disagreements between the generations. It's vital to know what one's rights of visitation are, though these may vary widely state to state.

Grandpa Gifts That Are Sure to Please
Out of ideas for grandpa gifts? You'll like this list. These gifts for grandfathers are perfect for Father's Day, Grandparents Day and other occasions.

One Woman's Story of Being Raised by a Grandfather
Brenda Della Casa is something of a rarity: a female raised by a grandfather. She tells her story and has advice for grandparents raising grandchildren.

When a Grandchild Is Lesbian, Gay, Bi or Trans
When a grandchild comes out as LGBT, grandparents may experience a variety of emotions, but they must respond with love.

Can Grandparents Avoid Playing Favorites?
Grandparents face extra challenges in avoiding playing favorites, since it is almost impossible to treat grandchildren the same.

Gay and Lesbian Grandparents
Gay and lesbian grandparents often struggle with disclosure, especially about deciding whether to come out to grandchildren.

Children Benefit From Involved Grandfathers
Children can benefit greatly from contact with their grandfathers. Men tend to relate to children differently, and their differences can be strengths.

Take the Grandkids to Walt Disney World Florida
Want to take the grandkids to Walt Disney World Florida? Save time, money and energy with these hints.

German Name for Grandmother
The informal German name for grandmother is Oma, and it is a very popular nickname for grandparents in many areas. Grossmutter is the more formal term.

Do Grandparents Have Legal Rights?
Grandparents do have rights, but it is difficult to exercise them. Also, their rights do not seem proportional to the love they have for grandchildren.

Knee Babies and Meemaws: Southern Naming Traditions
Grandparent names are a little different in the South, which also has some interesting traditions for naming children and for bestowing nicknames.

Find The Right Baby Crib for a Grandparent's House
New grandparents who want to keep their grandbabies overnight will need to invest in a bed of some type. The good news is that there are lots of baby crib choices.

Take the Grandchildren to Yosemite National Park
The beautiful scenery of Yosemite National Park make it a natural for sharing with grandchildren, but grandparents may face some challenges along the way.

When Does the U.S. Celebrate Grandparents Day?
Grandparents Day is a relatively new holiday, and since it does not fall on a fixed date, many people wonder, when is Grandparents Day?

Is It Possible For a Family to Be Too Close?
How close is too close? Healthy families aren't all alike. Some flourish with a level of closeness that others would find intolerable.

Board Games and More
Not only are board games fun to play, they also teach grandchildren valuable skills, such as counting, logic and good sportsmanship. The same can be said of card games and similar pursuits.

Indoor Treasure Hunt for Children
The next time bad weather keeps the grandchildren indoors, try this indoor treasure hunt. Just pick and choose from these clues, or create your own.

How Children Change the Mother-Daughter Relationship
When a daughter becomes a mother, her mother becomes a grandmother. Both of their lives are forever changed. Also, their relationship may change.

Feminine and Romantic Grandmother Style
A feminine and romantic style is natural for traditional grandmothers, but it can be polished and elegant as well.

Free-Spirited and Artistic
If you have a free-spirited and artistic nature, it's okay to express it in your clothing, even if you are a grandmother. But stay away from the far-out, baby.

Create Your Perfect Grandmother Style Through Compromise
You may want to practice the art of compromise with regard to your grandmother style. A mix of styles works best for many.

Dramatic and Avant-Garde Grandmother Style
If your style is dramatic, indulge it, even if you're a grandmother. You'll be telling your grandchildren that it's okay to be an individual.

Tailored and Urban Grandmother Style
It's natural for some grandmothers to stick with a tailored look, even if they are no longer in the business world. It works best with some modifications.

Natural and Outdoorsy Grandmother Style
A grandmother style that is natural and outdoorsy is fine for those geared that way. But you may want to kick it up a notch for special occasions.

Help for Grandparents in Understanding Autism
Grandparents with newly diagnosed grandchildren may need help understanding autism spectrum disorders, but once informed, they can be great helpers.

Baby Chairs for Grandparents' Houses
Babies do get hungry, especially when visiting their grandparents. These baby chairs are perfect for feeding and compact for easy storage

Baby Chairs for Grandparents' Houses
Babies do get hungry, especially when visiting their grandparents. These baby chairs are perfect for feeding and compact for easy storage

Best Toddler Gifts for Grandchildren
The toys on this list make perfect toddler gifts for grandchildren aged 1 to 3, good for building motor skills and encouraging curiosity.

Children and Divorce: How Grandparents Can Help
When your adult child goes through a divorce, your grandchildren will need your support. Still, it's a volatile time, so think before you act.

Valentine Greetings for Grandchildren
Sending Valentines in the mail is a lovely tradition, but e-cards are fun, too. Find more ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day with grandchildren.

8 Times Grandparents Don't Get to Choose
A grandparent's role has many enjoyable dimensions, but there are 8 times when grandparents don't get to choose or make the decisions.

Play an Old-Fashioned Game of Flashlight Tag
Flashlight Tag is a combination of tag and hide-and-seek that is played at night. It's an old-fashioned game that today's kids will love.

Helpful Hints for Grandparenting Teenagers
Teenagers have a reputation for being difficult that may intimidate even grandparents, but that just means that they need their grandparents more than ever.

Grandparent Camps Promote Bonding With Grandchildren
Camps for kids and grandparents to attend together, commonly called grandparent camp, offer a choice of activities in varied settings.

Do Grandparents Have the Right to Spoil Grandchildren?
Grandparents are almost expected to spoil their grandchildren. Exactly what does that mean, and do grandparents really have that right?

Questions to Bring You Closer to Grandma and Grandpa
Unlike memory journals designed to be filled out by grandparents, this little book aims for an interactive experience between grandchild and grandparent.

Enjoying Your Baby Grandchild's First Year
There's nothing more exciting than having a new grandchild. Keep these principles in mind to make the most of your baby grandchild's first year.

Keepsake Books for Grandparents to Give Grandchildren
Give your grandchildren what no one else can: a gift of your memories in a special keepsake book. Find the book that is just right for you.

Keepsake Books for Grandparents to Give Grandchildren
Give your grandchildren what no one else can: a gift of your memories in a special keepsake book. Find the book that is just right for you.

Hottest Gifts for Teenage Grandchildren
Grandparents often say that their teenage grandchildren are the most difficult to buy for. This list of gifts for teens will make shopping a snap.

How to Be a Good Mother-in-Law and Grandmother
A grandmother who is interested in how to be a good mother-in-law is more likely to have sound and lasting relationships with her grandchildren.

Guardianship for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Grandparents raising grandchildren need to know about the legal options open to them, including guardianship.

How to Use FaceTime for Family Video Calling
If you own certain Apple products, you can video chat easily with children and grandchildren using FaceTime, and it's basically free.

Grandparent Travel Companies
For hassle-free travel with grandchildren, book with a company that specializes in multigenerational travel. These four are tops.

Choosing Your Grandmother Name
So you're going to be a grandmother! Your grandmother name can be traditional or modern. It can show your ethnic background or your hip personality.

Should Grandparents Pay for College for Grandchildren?
Should grandparents pay for college for grandchildren? The answer is no if it will jeopardize their own finances; yes if grandparents truly can afford it.

What Is the French-Canadian Name for Grandmother?
French Canadians use several names for grandmother. Grandmothers help to preserve family records, celebrate holidays and make traditional recipes.

French-Canadian Name for Grandfather
Find out about French Canadians, how their language is different from standard French, and the names they use for grandfather.

Polish Name for Grandfather
Learn the Polish word for grandfather, and learn about Polish family structure and national identity.

What Is the Polish Name for Grandmother?
The Polish name for grandmother is babcia, but there are many variations, including babunia, babula, babusia, busia and baba.

German Name for Grandfather
Opa is the German word for grandfathers. German grandfathers like to see their grandchildren exhibit the virtues of hard work, frugality and punctuality.

Spanish Name for Grandfather
In Spanish a grandfather is called abuelo or abuelito. Grandfathers play many important roles in family life.

Spanish Name for Grandmother: Formal and Informal Terms
Abuela is the Spanish name for grandmother, and this term is used in the many Spanish-speaking countries around the globe.

Hawaiian Grandfather Names
Find out how to say grandfather in Hawaiian and about the roles played on grandfathers on the islands and in Hawaiian culture.

Korean Name for Grandmother
The name for a Korean grandmother is halmoni. Many Korean grandmothers provide child care for their grandchildren, a responsibility they take seriously.

Yiddish Name for Grandfather
The Yiddish name for a grandfather is Zayde. Learn about the history of Yiddish and some unique words and phrases from the Yiddish tradition.

Russian Words for Grandmother
The Russian name for grandmother is babushka. Learn about the roles that grandmothers play in Russian families.

Russian Name for Grandfather
Find out how to say grandfather in the Russian language and learn about Russian family culture and traditions.

French Words for Grandfather
The French language has several names for grandfather, including the popular grand-pere. Learn more about French customs and family culture.

Maternal Vs. Paternal Grandparents
In most families, maternal grandparents outrank paternals in closeness to grandchildren, and the maternal grandmother outranks the maternal grandfather.

Portuguese Term for Grandmother and Grandfather
The Portuguese have several names for grandmother. Some are very close to the names for grandfathers.

Greek Names for Grandfather
Grandfathers are important in Greek culture and are known by several different terms, the most common one being pappous.

Japanese Words Used for Grandmother
Learn the Japanese words for grandmother and discover some Japanese holidays and traditions to share with your own grandchildren.

Gifts for Grandchildren Graduating From College
Your grandchild's college graduation calls for an extra-special gift. You'll be proud to give a gift that combines practicality and good looks.

Graduation Gifts for College-Bound Grandchildren
If you have a grandchild who is graduating from high school and headed to college, you'll want to give just the right gift.

Words for "Grandmother" in Hawaiian Language
The Hawaiian name for a grandmother is kuku wahine, but tutu is a grandparent nickname that is commonly used for both genders.

Alabama Grandparents Rights
A new bill has been passed in Alabama to replace the grandparent visitation law declared unconstitiutional in 2011 by the Alabama Supreme Court.

Grandparent Names - Nicknames and Names for Grandparents
Choosing a grandparent name is one of the important rites of becoming a grandparent. New grandparents put a lot of time and thought into choosing a grandmother name or a grandfather name. Some consider these nicknames, but that trivializes the importance of grandparent names.

Sharing Books With Long-Distance Grandchildren
Long-distance grandparents don't have to give up the joy of reading with grandchildren. Technology lets you read together even when you are far apart.

French Name for Grandmother
French grandmothers go by several different names and nicknames and are known for their cooking and their fashion sense.

Grandparents in African-American Families
Grandparents are important in African-American families. Many raise grandchildren, and many live with their grandchildren in multigenerational homes.

What is the Purpose of Grandparents Day?
Many people wonder about the purpose of Grandparents Day. Why should grandparents have their own day? The answers may surprise you.

Funny Grandma Quotes to Make You Laugh
Comedians and humor writers show us the light side of grandmothers with these funny grandma quotes.

Should Grandparents-to-Be Take a Grandparenting Class?
Should grandparents-to-be go to school? Why not? Taking a grandparenting class will show that you're serious about your new role.

Club Sandwich Generation Meaning
Grandparents who feel the squeeze of helping to care for three other generations are sometimes referred to as members of the club sandwich generation.

Choose Your Grandfather Name
Some grandfathers prefer the traditional Grandpa, while others opt for something cooler or a name suggested by their heritage or culture.

Collection of Quotes About Grandchildren
There aren't enough words in the dictionary to describe how we feel about our grandchildren, but these quotations about grandchildren get it right.

When Parents and Grandparents Disagree About Discipline
Parents and grandparents often disagree about how children should be disciplined. It's okay for grandparents to express an opinion tactfully.

Catch Phrase Is Fun for Kids and Adults
Catch Phrase can be enjoyed by everyone from tweens to grandparents. It provides an agreeable dose of laughter as teams of players try to beat the buzzer.

Old-Fashioned Fun With Things That Fly
There's something magical about a toy that flies. They don't have to be high-tech toys. Simple paper airplanes, kites and the like still have that magic.

Forms of Grandparent Custody and Kinship Care
Grandparents who find themselves responsible for their grandchildren should know about the different types of custody available for grandparents.

Letter of Permission to Travel With Grandchildren
It's always a good idea to carry a letter of permission to travel with grandchildren. It's easy to create your own form following these instructions.

The Long-Distance Grandparent Blues
Long-distance grandparents can find ways to connect with their grandchildren. The emotional aspects of separation are not, however, so easily managed.

The Best Kids' Books About Grandparents
Grandparents and grandchildren reading books that reflect their relationship? That's special. Find the best kids' books about grandparents.

Right to Visitation of Grandchildren in Intact Families
Every state has a grandparent visitation statute, but the states are not equal, especially regarding visitation of grandchildren in intact families.

Grandparents Who Have Problems With Boundaries
Do some grandmothers try to act like mothers? Do some grandparents have problems with boundaries? Some parents say yes.

10 Facts About Grandparents
Take a look at 10 facts about grandparents and see what you really know about your fellow grandmas and grandpas.

Florida Grandparents' Rights to Visitation
Florida is one of the most restrictive states concerning grandparent visitation rights, due to that state's emphasis on the right to privacy.

Grandparents' Rights in California
Although it can be difficult to win visitation with grandchildren living in an intact family, California is generally considered a permissive state.

Quotes for Mother's Day About Grandmothers
Looking for cool quotes for Mother's Day that honor, or poke fun at, grandmothers? Use these quotations for Mother's Day cards and more.

Is Mother's Day for Grandmothers, Too?
Mother's Day should be a happy family occasion and not a time for power struggles between mothers and grandmothers.

South Carolina Grandparents' Rights
There are several ways to win visitation with a grandchild in South Carolina. You can file as a grandparent, a de facto parent or a psychological parent.

Grandparents' Rights in Oregon
Oregon has no specific grandparent visitation statute but allows third parties to petition for visitation, but such suits are hard to win.

Skeleton Jokes for Kids for Halloween
Jokes are great fun for grandparents and grandchildren, and these skeleton jokes are pretty punny. Tell them on Halloween.

Louisiana Grandparents Rights
In the state of Louisiana, three statutes govern grandparents' visitation rights, but each statute has a distinctly different purpose.

Maryland Grandparents' Rights
Maryland grandparents' visitation rights are determined more by case law than by statute, and the results have not been good for grandparents.

Grandparents' Rights in North Carolina
Generally, the state of North Carolina is not friendly toward grandparents' rights. Two specific provisions make obtaining visitation difficult.

Grandparents Rights in South Dakota
South Dakota's grandparent visitation statute is brief and is considered permissive, although a 2010 decision gives a more restrictive spin to the law.

Grandparents' Rights in Wyoming
Wyoming has two statutes which could pertain to grandparents visitation rights, one that specifies grandparents and one that specifies caregivers.

Grandparents' Rights in New Jersey
New Jersey requires that grandparents seeking visitation show detriment if visitation is not awarded. This is known as the harm standard.

Arizona Grandparents Rights
In Arizona, grandparent visitation rights are possible only if the grandchild's parents are deceased, divorced or unmarried.

Grandparents' Rights in Colorado
In Colorado, grandparents seeking visitation must present

Grandparents' Visitation Rights in Iowa
Following the case of Santi v. Santi, the state of Iowa passed new statutes dealing with grandparents' rights, and the new law sets a high standard.

Kentucky Grandparents' Rights
Kentucky grandparents' rights are spelled out in statute, but a knowledge of case law is necessary to really understand what rights grandparents have.

Lone Dog - A Rhythmic Poem to Read With Grandchildren
Reading poetry with grandchildren is a perfect activity, educational and fun. This rhythmic favorite is great for memorizing and reciting aloud. Page 2.

Eletelephony - A Humorous Poem for Reading With Grandchildren
Modern grandchildren may not understand getting tangled up in a telephone; they're accustomed to cordless! They'll still like this clever poem. Page 4.

Jabberwocky - A Nonsense Poem for Reading With Grandchildren
You'll enjoy introducing your grandchildren to this most famous example of nonsense verse. Read it aloud for maximum enjoyment. Page 3.

Some One - A Mysterious Poem for Reading With Grandchildren
No listing of children's poetry would be complete without something with a touch of mystery. This poem will send a gentle shiver down the spine. Page 5.

Five Classic Poems to Read With Grandchildren
These five classic poems are ones that many grandparents will remember from their own childhoods, so are perfect for reading with grandchildren.

Grandparents Rights in New York
The state of New York has some of the briefest yet most complex laws regarding grandparents visitation rights.

Troxel v. Granville and Grandparents' Visitation Rights
The U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Troxel v. Granville, heard in 2000, made it much harder for grandparents to win visitation with grandchildren.

Grandparents As Role Models for Their Grandkids
Like it or not, grandparents are role models for grandkids. If grandparents want their grandchildren to exhibit certain traits, they must model the same.

50 Kinds of Silly Fun for Grandchildren
Never pass up a chance to get a little goofy with your grandchildren. Use this list of 50 kinds of silly fun for inspiration.

Tennessee Grandparents' Rights
In Tennessee, grandparents seeking visitation with grandchildren must go through a four-step process.

What Does It Cost When Grandparents Provide Child Care?
Using grandparents as child care providers can be beneficial for all parties involved, but grandparents should consider the financial factors carefully.

Write a Legacy Letter or Ethical Will for Grandchildren
Learn how to write an ethical will, sometimes called a legacy letter, and leave something intangible but enduring to the grandchildren.

Does the New Mother Have Postpartum Depression?
Why does your grandbaby’s mother look so sad? If you are a well-informed grandparent, you may suspect postpartum depression, or PPD.

Grandparents' Divorce Affects the Whole Family
When grandparents divorce, it can be confusing for the whole family, including adult children and especially grandchildren, who make take the news badly.

When Grandparents Are Boring to Grandchildren
Grandchildren may become bored with their grandparents during the tween years, but they are mainly reacting to the many changes they are going through.

Helping Out When a Grandchild Is Born
Grandparents be of great help when a new grandchild is born. Of course they'll want to help with the baby, but grandparents do many other tasks, too.

How Differences Between Genders Affect Schooling
Researchers are learning more every day about differences between the genders, and some of their findings have implications for education.

Top Celebrities Who Are Grandmothers
These celebrities are starring in a new role: grandmothers. Learn which stars have joined the ranks of celebrity grandmothers.

Top Celebrities Who Are Grandfathers
These stars of screen, stage and studio are starring in a new role: grandfathers. Learn which stars have joined the ranks of celebrity grandfathers.

Top Celebrities Who Are Grandfathers
These stars of screen, stage and studio are starring in a new role: grandfathers. Learn which stars have joined the ranks of celebrity grandfathers.

5 Fun Projects to Do With Tween Grandchildren
With better skills and longer attention spans, your tween grandchild is ready for projects. Find five fun things to do with preteen grandchildren.

Protect Your Grandparents' Visitation Rights
Grandparents whose access to grandchildren is threatened should document their relationship with their grandchildren to protect their visitation rights.

Grandma's Bag Makes Visits More Fun
Don't greet the grandchildren empty-handed. A grandma's bag filled with small-sized toys will make fans of the grands.

Grandparents Day Around the World
While many entities hold Grandparents Day celebrations, few countries around the world have officially designated a date as such.

Grandparent Nicknames You'll Love
Some grandparents have unique nicknames, mostly courtesy of the grandchildren. Enjoy this collection of unique grandparent names.

If Your Daughter or DIL Has Postpartum Depression
If you've decided that a daughter or daughter-in-law has postpartum depression, as a grandparent you are uniquely situated to help.

When a Grandchild Doesn't Like a Grandparent
Grandparents trying to bond with a grandchild are sometimes rejected. When babies don't like their grandparents, time usually takes care of the situation.

Writing Letters to Grandchildren
Writing letters to grandchildren is a great strategy, especially for long-distance grandparents. From toddlers to teens, everyone loves getting letters.

How to Give Money to Grandchildren
Many grandparents want to give grandchildren money in substantial amounts, for college or other purposes. Learn how to give wisely.

Curly Grandma's Letters Book Review
Curly Grandma's Letters is chock full of advice about writing letters to children. It's a surefire way for grandparents to stay closer to grandchildren.

Bonding With a New Grandchild
Bonding with a new grandchild is so important, but you must also respect the wishes of the parents.

Your Child's Divorce by Marsha Temlock
Your Child's Divorce by Marsha Temlock offers advice for grandparents trying to survive the divorce of an adult child and all the situations that result.

What to Do About Conflicts Over Your Grandparent Name
The seemingly innocent ritual of choosing grandparent names can create family conflict. Learn what to do about the most common problems.

What Not to Say to Your Teenage Grandchild
Grandparenting teens can be challenging, but it will be easier if you know what not to say to a teenage grandchild.

How to Create a Memoir or Family History
Recording one's memories can become a great gift for a grandchild or other family member. Family histories can be done in audio, video or written formats.

Do You Need a Personal Historian?
A personal historian can help a grandparent create a memoir in audio, video or printed form, ensuring that the story of your life doesn't go untold.

When a Family Member Has Cancer Help Grandchildren Cope
When someone in the family receives a cancer diagnosis, grandparents can play a vital role in helping the children process and deal with the news.

Grandparents Share Ideas for Camp Grandma
The best source for ideas for Camp Grandma is grandparents who have done it themselves. Find links to the very best ideas and advice about grandma camp.

Cousin Love
Cousins play special roles in the lives of children, and grandparents are important in facilitating those relationships.

Share Fun Memes About Grandparenting
Everyone loves memes, even Mee-Maws and Grandmas! Share these fun memes about the joys of grandparenting.

Perks of Being a Grandparent
The perks of being a grandparent include doing things with grandchildren because you want to, not because you have to.