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Grandparent Quotation Showing the Influence of Grandmothers
This quotation by Victor Hugo shows the influence of grandmothers.

Creativity Unleashed
This meme shows that grandchildren sometimes show their creativity in unusual ways.

How to Find Your Balance as a Grandparent
Grandparenting can be a balancing act, with grandparents juggling jobs and family, as well as holding on to friends and maintaining other interests.

Wishes for One More Day About Death of a Grandparent
This children's book about dealing with the death of a grandparent offers both an inspirational story and valid suggestions for families dealing with loss.

Baby Shower Tips for Parents and Grandparents
Baby showers can be a little stressful for both the mother-to-be and the grandmother-to-be. Both generations should be on their best behaviors.

When Grandparenting Isn't Fun
Grandparenting isn't always fun and games. Becoming a grandparent can seriously complicate your life and can increase your stress.

Things to Do at Grandma Camp
Whether you're hosting your first Grandma Camp or your twentieth, you'll find something to inspire you in this list of things to do at Grandma Camp.

Basic Suggestions for Your Own Grandma Camp
Make basic decisions about your Grandma Camp before the invitations go out.

Grandparents Glossary - Glossary of Terms Related to Grandparenting
Although grandparents and grandparenting have been around since the early history of man, some grandparenting issues and practices are either new, or have been described in a new way. This glossary is a resource for those who like to have terms described in a clear, detailed manner.

Advice for Stepgrandparents
With the prevalence of blended families, many grandparents are also stepgrandparents. This role presents challenges but can be immensely rewarding.

Avoid These Mistakes When Buying Gifts for the Grands
Most grandparents enjoy buying gifts for grands, but gifts must pass muster with the parents and grandchildren. Avoid these gift-giving pitfalls.

Teaching Grandchildren How to Bake
Baking with grandchildren is fun, but be sure to teach kitchen safety, too. Baking is good for kids because it is safer than stovetop cooking.

All About Grandparents' Visitation Rights
Grandparents who have lost contact with grandchildren need information about their options. This article links to a variety of resources.

Celebrate Crazy Holidays With the Grandkids
Crazy holidays are fun to celebrate with the grandkids, and you can often sneak in a little learning. Check out choices for each month of the year.

Grand Wishes Addresses Grandparents' Visitation Rights
She didn't give up. Susan Hoffman turned her struggle to see her grandson into a cause and achieved a change in California's grandparent visitation law.

Tips for Talking on the Telephone to Grandchildren
Understanding how grandchildren of different ages function on the telephone can help you stay connected with your long-distance grandchildren.

Willing Money to Your Grandchildren
Money willed to grandchildren can be both a helping hand and a sentimental gesture from the grave. There are, however, sticky issues to be resolved.

How Grandparents Can Bridge the Generation Gap
To get closer with children and grandchildren, grandparents need to know the issues that can separate. Learn how grandparents bridge the generation gap.

FAQs About Grandmother Showers
Have you heard of grandmother showers? Find answers to frequently asked questions about celebrations designed to usher women into grandmotherhood.

Advice for New Grandparents and Grandparents-to-Be
New grandparents have a lot of joy in store, but also have some adjusting to do. This practical advice for grandparents-to-be will smooth the transition.

When Adult Children 'Divorce' Their Parents
Adult children who have divorced their parents by cutting off all contact with them offer varied reasons for their actions.

Reasons for Conflicts With Adult Children
Foster warm relationships with all family members by knowing the major causes of conflicts with adult children and how to avoid such conflicts.

How to Cope With Losing Contact With Grandchildren
Losing contact with grandchildren exacts an emotional toll on grandparents. Recognize the emotions common to estranged grandparents and learn how to cope.

Illinois Grandparents Rights
If visitation has been unreasonably denied, Illinois grandparents may sue for visitation but must prove that further denial would be harmful to the child.

Plan Ahead When Taking Grandchildren to the Zoo
Visiting the zoo? A little planning will help both grandparents and grandchildren get maximum enjoyment with minimum hassles.





Box Up Some Fun For a Grandchild
Great things come in small boxes, especially when they are boxes made by a grandparent for a grandchild. Make an invention box or a different box of fun.

Factors for Grandparent Child Care Providers
Providing child care for grandchildren is a big commitment, and grandparents should consider how the decision will impact their quality of life.

Grandparents Rights in Wisconsin
The state of Wisconsin provides for grandparent visitation in three separate statutes, as well as addressing the topic in case law.

Grandparents Rights in Connecticut
In Connecticut,

Photos of Grandchildren for Wordless Wednesday - A Kiss for Paw
Two kisses are better than one. Grandparents.

Grandparents Rights in North Dakota
The state of North Dakota provides for visitation by grandparents if it does not interfere with the parent-child relationship.

Family Celebrations
Holiday celebrations involving three or more generations can be complicated and exhausting. Here are some tips to smooth the way to enjoyable festivities, along with some special hints for celebrating birthdays and facilitating family reunions. Intergenerational celebrations offer unique opportunities for family bonding. With some effort, grandparents, children and grandchildren will enjoy many memorable occasions.

How to Write a Poem to Give to Someone
It's easy to write a poem to give to someone as a special gift. Write a poem for a grandchild, or help a grandchild write a poem for someone special.

West Virginia Grandparents Rights
The statutes of West Virginia are specific and detailed in describing grandparents visitation rights, with two different paths to win visitation.

Top Cities to Visit With Teen Grandchildren
Looking for cities with multigenerational appeal? Both you and your teen grandchildren will find lots to do in these eight metropolitan areas.

Family Disputes That May Lead to Loss of Contact
Some family disputes result in grandparents being cut off from grandchildren. Learn how disputes can be prevented or, if not prevented, resolved.

Grandparents' Visitation Rights in Canada
In Canada grandparents can sue for visitation with grandchildren, although they are not mentioned specifically in the laws of all provinces and territories.

Grandparents: Before You Sue for Visitation Rights
Before grandparents sue for visitation rights, they should have a good idea about the cost of such litigation in money and and in stress on all parties.

How to Navigate Tricky Mother-Daughter Relationships
In theory, mother-daughter relationships should be the closest of human relationships. In fact, they are often marked by strife over boundaries.

Help Children Deal With the Death of a Grandparent
The death of a grandparent may be a child's first encounter with loss. Children need the support of understanding adults, including the other grandparents.

10 Tips for Grandparents-to-Be
These ten suggestions for new grandparents or grandparents-to-be will pave the way for a great relationship with your grandchild.

Grandparents Should Seek Legal Custody or Guardianship
Grandparents raising grandchildren may be reluctant to seek legal custody or guardianship. Here's why they should go ahead.

Old-Fashioned Fun and Games
Your grandchildren will enjoy old-fashioned fun and games as much as you did when you were a child. You'll have fun sharing these old classics with them.

Arkansas Grandparents Rights
In Arkansas, grandparents seeking visitation rights must show that harm will occur to the grandchild if visitation is denied.

Resources for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Grandparents raising grandchildren often feel overwhelmed and in need of guidance. These websites provide practical advice and emotional support.

Resources About Grandparent Visitation Rights
Seeking information about grandparent visitation rights? These websites, organizations and books may help.

Finnish Name for Grandmother
Finnish grandmothers are usually called mummu, mummo or mummi, but the formal term for grandmother is harder to master.

Advice for Stepgrandparents - How Stepgrandparents Fit Into Stepfamilies or Blended Families
Stepgrandparents are created through marrying someone who is or becomes a grandparent or through a child's marriage to someone with children. In both cases, the blended families that are created come with their own special issues. Stepfamilies sometimes struggle with children's resentment of a remarriage, favoritism and other volatile issues. This advice, taken from experts and from stepgrandparents themselves, should prove helpful.

How Step-Grandparents Can Fit Into Blended Families
Having a child who becomes a stepparent is the most common way of becoming a step-grandparent. Stepfamily relationships can be complicated.

Should My Grandchildren Have to Live in a Dirty House?
A reader asks whether there is anything that can be done about grandchildren who are being raised in a dirty house.

Grandparents Rights in Montana
In Montana grandparents seeking visitation must prove a parent unfit or prove that visitation is in the child's best interest.

How to Play the Game of Washers
A great game for all ages, washers has many variations and different conventions. Here are the rudiments of the game.

Themed Visits With Grandchildren
If you want to make a visit with grandchildren special, consider a theme. Movie nights, themed meals and sleepovers with a twist are loads of fun.

Gender Differences in Babies and Toddler
Find out what the latest research says about gender differences in babies and toddlers and what that means for grandparents.

Is Grandparents Day a Real Holiday?
Grandparents Day is a relatively new holiday. Is it a real holiday, and what is the story behind its creation?

Classic Gifts for Grandmothers
These classic gifts would be welcomed by almost any grandmother because they express love and package it in style.

When Friends Want to Give a Grandma Shower
A reader asks if grandma showers are a good idea for grandmothers-to-be, or are they likely to cause resentment on the part of the mother-to-be.

Kids' Board Game - Don't Make Me Laugh Jr.
Looking for a board game that's more fun than strategy? In Don't Make Me Laugh, players move around the board, but it's all about who wears the clown nose.

Maine Grandparents' Rights in Maine
Grandparents' rights in Maine are determined by statute and case law. A 2000 case states that grandparents must have

For Parents Who Are Estranged From Adult Children
Parents who are estranged from adult children should be prepared to admit mistakes and apologize if they really want to rebuild the relationship.

What Is Distraction Burglary
A person who knocks at a door and tries to get the resident outside may be trying to pull a distraction burglary. Elderly people are often targets.

Outdoor Games for All Ages - Red Light, Green Light
Red Light, Green Light is a traditional outdoor game that requires the players to react quickly to spoken or visual commands.

How to Help Children Prepare for a Grandparent Death
Preparing for a grandparent’s death can be almost as difficult as the death itself. Some strategies that help children may comfort the grandparent, too.

Pirate Jokes and Riddles for Kids
These pirate jokes and riddles for kids will tickle the grandkids' funny bones. Also find ideas for pirate games and fun activities.

Should Grandparents Opt for Plastic Surgery?
Although plastic surgery is growing in popularity among older people, some grandchildren like their grandparents just the way they are.

Georgia Grandparents' Rights With 2012 Revisions
In 2012 Georgia passed legislation making it easier for grandparents to win visitation rights. Learn more about the Georgia statutes.

What Grandparents Need to Know About Babyproofing and Childproofing Your Home for Visits With Grandchildren
Perhaps it has been a while since you had a baby or young child living in your home. Your house and yard may have multiple hazards for youngsters. You need to know what steps to take to make visits with your grandchildren safe.

Poisoning Prevention and Medication Safety for Grandparents - Keeping Grandchildren Safe
Forethought and vigilance are required to avoid poisoning risks in grandparents' homes. Also, medicines present special dangers. Grandparents often have bad habits about medication storage, creating hazards for their grandchildren.

Warning About Underwater Swimming And Breath Holding
Maybe you've seen the signs at some swimming pools,

The Harm Standard in Grandparent Visitation Cases
Grandparents seeking visitation with a grandchild may have to meet the harm standard and show that denial of visitation would actually harm the child.

Quotes About Grandfathers and Grandpas
How does one define a grandfather? If you are a grandpa or know a grandpa you're bound to relate to some of these quotations about grandfathers.

How to Start a Support Group for Grandparents
Learn how to start a support group for estranged grandparents, gay and lesbian grandparents or grandparents raising grandchildren.

Should Children Be Named After Grandparents?
In some cultures and families, it is traditional to give a baby a grandparent's name. A grandparent not honored in this way should not take offense.

What Is the Yiddish Name for Grandmother?
The Yiddish name for grandmother is bubbe. Other transliterated forms include bube, bubby and bubbie.

Gen-X Grandparents Were Born 1966-1980
Few members of Generation X have become grandparents, so no one know what type of grandparents they will be, though some are willing to take a guess.

10 Toys for Easter Baskets and Spring Flings
These latest toys for Easter will thrill the grandchildren. Any of these ten toys would be great to fill an Easter basket, or for a spring fling treat.

The Importance of Free Play for Grandchildren
Children need time and opportunity for free play, and grandparents are perfectly situated to facilitate free play, with all of its benefits.

Books About Grandparent Names
If you need help choosing your grandparent name, you'll find help between the covers of these books about grandparents' names.

What Grandparent Babysitters Want Parents to Know
Grandparent sitters have a few things they want parents to know. These strategies will make babysitting the grandchildren go more smoothly.

Why Grandparents Should Choose Yoga
Yoga builds the flexibility and core strength that enables grandparents to be active with their grandchildren.

Fun Cakes and Cupcakes to Bake With the Grandkids
No sophisticated techniques are required to whip up these fun cakes and cupcakes with the grandchildren.

Robot Turtles: The Game for Little Programmers!
Can a board game teach kids to code? Dan Shapiro says yes, and Robot Turtles is Exhibit A. Now available from ThinkFun, Robot Turtles is a hot new STEM toy.

Save Money on Admissions
Taking the grandkids places is cheaper with special deals on admission.

Fusible Bead Projects for Grandchildren
Looking for a creative activity for the grandchildren? Fusible beads are great fun. Grandparents can supervise and do the final ironing step.

The Pros and Cons of Grandparent Foster Care
Grandparents should be considered as foster parents when grandchildren are in need of a new home, although such placement may not always be appropriate.

Grandparent Visitation and the Best Interests of the Child
Grandparents suing for visitation with grandchildren must understand the

A Short History of Grandparents' Rights
Grandparents' rights in the United States have a short history dating to the 1960s and an interesting future that is still being written.

How to Find an Attorney for Your Grandparents' Rights Case
Grandparents' rights cases require skillful handling in court. Learn how to find an attorney for your suit for visitation or custody.

Enforcing Grandparent Visitation
Winning visitation with a grandchild doesn't always translate into actual contact. Enforcing visitation orders can be difficult.

Camping With Grandparents Becomes Gramping
Gramping is a term used primarily in the United Kingdom and Australia for camping with grandparents.

What Grandparents Think About Their Grandkids' Manners
Grandparents often criticize the manners and etiquette of their grandchildren. Learn what is really important to grandparents when it comes to manners.

Babymoon or Baby Moon
The term babymoon may mean two different things, and chances are both meanings are new to grandparents.

FAQs About Grandparent Names
Choosing a grandparent name is a more complicated business than one might think. Here are answers to FAQs about grandparent names.

Becoming a Grandparent Through Adoption
Becoming a grandparent through adoption offers some special challenges, but a lot of love and a little tact should carry the day.

What You Need to Know About Grandparenting Preschoolers
Grandparenting preschoolers is fun but can be a challenge! They are reaching new heights of mental ingenuity and physical adeptness.

Tent Camping With Grandchildren
Grandparents who love the great outdoors may want to take their grandchildren camping. Tent camping has always been affordable. Now it's easy as well.

SeaWorld San Diego Attractions - Taking the Grandkids to SeaWorld San Diego
With a mixture of shows, rides and educational exhibits, SeaWorld San Diego attractions should appeal to both grandparents and grandkids.

Tips for Grandparenting Tweens and Preteens
Tweens, children between the ages of 9 to 12, also known as preteens, have many needs which grandparents can meet.

How to Discipline a Grandchild
Discipline may be a grandparent's least favorite job, but it's important to do it well and in a way that meets with parents' approval.

How to Keep Your Extended Family Close
Effort and the proper attitude are required if grandparents wish to keep the extended family close. Find ideas for activities that may help.

The Role of Grandparents in Interfaith Families
Interfaith families offer challenges for grandparents, but when they are sensitive to the issues, families can be brought even closer together.

Are Grandparents Making Their Grandchildren Fat?
Grandparents who hand out high-calorie treats and encourage sedentary habits may be partly to blame if their grandchildren are overweight.

Grandparents Rights in Virginia
Virginia presents a challenge to grandparents as visitation and custody are addressed in a lengthy set of statutes, and case law also comes into play.

Massachusetts Grandparents Rights
In Massachusetts, grandparents seeking visitation must show significant harm to the child if contact is denied.

Grandparents Rights in Minnesota
In Minnesota grandparent visitation cases, the courts must consider the best interests of the child and the impact on the parent-child relationship.

Missouri Grandparents Rights
Missouri is considered a permissive state for grandparent visitation suits, but it can still be very difficult for grandparents to win.

Grandparents Rights in New Hampshire
Grandparents can sue for visitation in New Hampshire if there has been a disruption of the grandchild's family as long as they were not cut off earlier.

Grandparents Rights in Rhode Island
Rhode Island mandates that a grandparent must have attempted visitation with no success before filing for visitation rights.

Preparing for Your Grandchild's Wedding
So you're going to get to attend a grandchild's wedding. What a lucky grandparent you are! Find answers for your questions about the happy occasion.

Tips For Completing a Keepsake Journal for a Grandchild
A keepsake journal completed by a grandparent for a grandchild is a priceless gift. These tips will make the task of completing your journal easier.

Looking at the Generation Gap Past and Present
Studies show that the generation gap isn't gone, but that it isn't as divisive as it was a few decades ago, because the differences are less political.

Grandparents Important in Hispanic Family Structure
Grandparents, those beloved abuelos and abuelas, are crucial in Hispanic family structure and culture.

Review of Corduroy a Classic Book for Children
One of the classic books for children, Corduroy is the story of a teddy bear who lives in a department store and goes on a quest for his missing button.

Ric Dilz Writes About a Grandma Who Could Do Anything
Good children's books about grandparents are not as easy to find, but this series by Ric Dilz is witty and whimsical and lots of fun.

Hallmark Recordable Storybooks Review
Hallmark recordable storybooks are easy to create and perfect for grandparents to record for grandchildren, or vice versa.

My Granny Went to Market
A grandmother travels the world via flying carpet in this colorful counting book, a top choice in the field of children's books about grandparents.

Review of Super Granny: Great Stuff to Do With Your Grandkids
If you've ever needed grandparenting inspiration, meet Super Granny! Sally Wendkos Olds promises and delivers

Grandpa's Little One by Billy Crystal
Grandpa's Little One, the second children's book by actor and comedian Billy Crystal, chronicles the first year in a grandchild's life.

The Ultimate Guide to Grandmas and Grandpas
Grandma and grandpa will love this book which claims to give advice to grandchildren, but really depicts grandparent-grandchild relationships.

Cooking With Grandma in One in a Series of Picture Books for Children
The grandchildren agree: Rosemary Mastnak's Cooking With Grandma is one cool picture book.

Adventures With Grandpa Is One of Most Captivating Grandpa Books
A grandpa's shed is the starting point for adventures with his grandson in this children's picture book by Tasmanian artist Rosemary Mastnak.

Women Know Everything Quotation Book
From Mae West to Lady Gaga, women have always had interesting things to say. If you're a doubter, this book of quotations by women will convince you.

What Not to Say to Expectant Mothers
Some things just shouldn't be said to expectant mothers, especially not by the grandparents-to-be. Start on the right foot by learning what not to say.

Grandparents Rights in Vermont
Grandparents have a hard time winning visitation in Vermont due to a strict interpretation of the state's statute.

Toy Reviews
These toy reviews are designed to help you make the best toy buying decisions possible. Get the scoop on which toys will delight your grandchildren, and which ones may or may not.

6 Ways to Have More Fun With Water Aerobics
Boost the fun factor of your water aerobics workout with these six tips.

Hopscotch - Wordless Wednesday Photo of Grandchild Playing Hopscotch
It's not so bad when grandchildren don't know the classic outdoor games, because then you get to teach them. Page 74.

Scooters and Other Active Toys - Photo of Grandchild on Scooter
What grandparent doesn't like to see a grandchild being active and having fun? Scooters are great active toys. Page 71.

Outdoor Games for Winter and Summer - Photo of Grandchildren Having Winter Fun
Grandparents in many parts of the world enjoy sharing the magic of a fresh snowfall with their grandchildren. Page 69.

Birdwatching Photo for Wordless Wednesday - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
A great-grandfather and his great-granddaughter watch the birds through a kitchen window. Birdwatching and other nature studies are great fun for all generations. Page 36.

Crayons and Coloring Books for Wordless Wednesday - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
Crayons and coloring books are old-fashioned but still popular choices for grandchild entertainment, especially while waiting at restaurants. But art activities are just the beginning of fun activities to do with grandchildren. Page 42.

Young Athletes Photo for Wordless Wednesday - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
A grandparent who is a sports fan will love watching a grandchild play. The rest of us may be surprised at how much fun we have. Young athletes will appreciate support from their grandparents. Page 45.

Photo of Mischievous Boys for Wordless Wednesday - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
The grandparents of this mischievous duo had better get busy and find something for them to do. This gallery of our favorite photographs of grandchildren and grandparents represents the joys of grandparenting. Page 39.

Walt Disney World for Wordless Wednesday - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
Walt Disney World in Florida can be a magical place for grandparents and grandchildren. This gallery of our favorite photographs of grandchildren and grandparents represents the joys of grandparenting. Page 41.

Pet Photography for Wordless Wednesday - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
Child plus dog can equal a great photograph. Pet photography can be quite a challenge. Pair a pet with a grandchild, and you double the challenge. Page 34.

Water Safety Photo for Wordless Wednesday - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
Take your grandchildren to the beach, and chances are that you'll see a smile like this one, but keep water safety always in mind. Page 33.

Fourth of July Photo for Wordless Wednesday - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
A little boy celebrates Independence Day in his own Fourth of July style. This gallery of our favorite photographs of grandchildren and grandparents represents the joys of grandparenting. Page 40.

Splash Park Photo for Wordless Wednesday - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
Spraygrounds, also known as splash parks, are great places for family fun. This gallery of our favorite photographs of grandchildren and grandparents represents the joys of grandparenting. Page 35.

Little Disney Princess Photo for Wordless Wednesday - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
Some grandchildren just can't wait to become Disney princesses. Or is it the grandparents who can't wait? Page 55.

Ages and Stages on Wordless Wednesday - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
Grandchildren come in all ages and stages. Each requires a slightly different grandparenting style. Page 27.

World of Chivalry on Wordless Wednesday - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
The world of chivalry really fascinates some grandchildren. Tap into that interest with pretend play, or try the medieval version of Four Square. Page 30.

Young Ballplayer Photo for Wordless Wednesday - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
Young ballplayers put a lot of effort into their sports, and grandparents can give them a lot of support. Page 32.

Baby's First Christmas - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
Christmas is a highlight of your grandbaby's first year, much enjoyed by the parents and grandparents, as well as the baby. Page 60.

Spring Photography - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
Spring photography is special, with flowers and other blooming things, like the faces of your grandchildren. Page 23.

Botanical Garden Photo - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
Botanical gardens are fantastic places for outings with grandchildren. You may get some great gardening ideas, or you may just harvest a great photo. Page 15.

Grandparent Birthday - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
A grandparent birthday is a special occasion, too, especially when you have ninety candles on your cake. Page 21.

Little Cowboy - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
How cute is this little cowboy? Toddler grandchildren are just so darn cute. Page 24.

Baby's first year - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
Grandparents have a world of great experiences awaiting them during baby's first year. Page 25.

Tween Grandchildren - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
Tween grandchildren are so much fun. Teach them the difference between old-fashioned and fashionably retro. Page 20.

Beach Scene for Wordless Wednesday - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
The beach is a fun destination for grandparents and grandchildren. Page 67.

Halloween Photo - Photos of Grandchildren for Wordless Wednesday
Carving a pumpkin for Halloween is sure to bring a smile. Page 5.

Grandchildren Reading - Photos of Grandchildren for Wordless Wednesday
Do these glasses make me look smart? Grandparents always love to see grandchildren reading. Page 3.

Kissing Cousins - Photos of Grandchildren for Wordless Wednesday
These are real-life kissing cousins, but toddlers aren't always so sweet! Page 4.

Moonwalk Photo - Photos of Grandchildren for Wordless Wednesday
These boots are not made for moonwalking. But a moonwalk is a great plus for family celebrations. Page 8.

Nature Center Photo - Photos of Grandchildren for Wordless Wednesday
A nature center is a great spot for an outing with grandchildren.

Food for Grandchildren - Photos of Grandchildren for Wordless Wednesday
Sometimes it's hard to find a place to have a snack undisturbed by grandma and grandpa. Grandparents may have different ideas about food for grandchildren than the grandkids themselves. Page 2.

Fun in the snow - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
Grandchildren love to have fun in the snow. If you are snowless, you may need some helpful hints for other things to do with grandchildren. Page 13.

Youth Sports - Photos of Grandchildren and Grandparents for Wordless Wednesday
Some grandchildren really love sports. If you're a grandparent of one of them, it's time for you to get interested in youth sports. Page 11.

Photo of Twins for Wordless Wednesday - Photos of Grandchildren for Wordless Wednesday
Twins really do rock, but they also provide plenty of challenges, and plenty of chances for grandparents to help. Page 7.

Children's Books With Grandparent Characters - Enjoying Children's Books With Grandparents as Characters
Although grandparents and grandchildren may enjoy reading a wide variety of books, children's books with grandparent characters may be especially enjoyed by both. Reading about other grandparent relationships can enhance grandchildren's understanding of their own relationship with grandparents.

Sharing Your Love of Cooking With Your Grandchildren - Ideas for Grandparents
Preparing food for someone is a time-honored way of showing your love, but isn't it even more loving to show someone how to make the food? Most grandchildren love to be in grandma and grandpa's kitchen; shouldn't they be learning something instead of just waiting for the cookies to come out of the oven?

Sharing Your Gardening Skills With Grandchildren - Ideas for Grandparents
Whether you enjoy growing vegetables, container gardening or simply having glorious flower beds, you have knowledge and abilities to share with your grandchildren. Since most grandchildren instinctively love to grow things, you have the makings for a quality intergenerational experience.

Why Grandparents Shouldn't Overpraise Grandchildren
Grandparents who overpraise their grandchildren aren't really building their self-esteem. Learn how to praise in the right way to build confidence.

Razor Scooters Are Great for Grandkids -
If you have access to a smooth-surfaced riding area, Razor scooters are a great toy for your grandkids and a good investment as well.

Jumping into Electricity for Teaching Kids About Electricity
Looking for a cool kit to teach kids about electricity? The Young Scientists Club and The Magic School Bus created this winner, Jumping Into Electricity.

Long-Distance Grandparents Can Stay Close
Long-distance grandparents face a special set of problems, but they can be overcome with cooperation on the part of the parents and grandparents.

Dancing With Grandma is a Delightful Picture Book for Children
Anya puts together a stunning costume from the dress-up chest. That's the catalyst for a fanciful romp in Dancing With Grandma, a delightful kids' book.

Book About Grandparent Names
Looking for alternatives to traditional grandparent names such as Grandma and Papa?

10 Facebook No-Nos for Grandparents
Getting unfriended on Facebook is no tragedy, unless it's your children and grandchildren who are doing the unfriending. Avoid these 10 Facebook no-nos.

10 Old-Fashioned Ball Games for Kids
Organized sports are great, but don't overlook sports that kids can organize themselves. These old-fashioned ball games are great fun for grandkids.

Hints for Communicating With Adult Children
These seven hints can help grandparents communicate with adult children for happier, healthier relationships.

Joy for All Companion Pet Cat
Joy for All companion pets by Hasbro are designed so that grandparents can enjoy a pet without the burden of care. The grandkids will love them, too.

Roominate Building Sets for Girls
STEM toys for girls can be hard to find, but Roominate fills the bill. Roominate building sets were created by two female engineers especially for girls.

Spoil Your Grandchildren -- In a Good Way
A little spoiling can be good for the grandchildren, however, grandparents who spoil can go seriously wrong, especially if they encourage disobedience.

How to Handle Cousin Rivalry, a Form of Sibling Rivalry
Cousin rivalry can be just as intense as sibling rivalry. Sooner or later most grandparents will have to address a case or two of cousin rivalry.

Travel With Grandkids Both With and Without Parents
Multigenerational travel is fun, but sooner or later you'll want to go it alone with the grandkids. Check out the pros and cons of both types of travel.

Air Travel Tips for Grandparents With Grandchildren
Grandparents traveling with grandchildren and without parents need to plan ahead. It's also important to simplify everything.

How to Support Your Grandchildren in Sports
Most grandparents want to support their grandchildren in sports. Being in the stands is just the beginning. Learn other ways to support little athletes.

Kid-Friendly Staples for a Grandparent's Pantry
A grandparent's pantry should always have some kid-friendly foods that can be prepared in a pinch.

Chinese Names for Grandfather
The Chinese have several names for grandfather, including different terms for maternal and paternal grandfathers, reflecting the importance of elders.

Apps and Websites for Grandparents to Try
These websites and apps are great for grandparents. Some are for sharing with grandchildren, and some are just for us!

Things That Grandparents Say, Both Wise and Funny
Things that grandparents say do stick with the grandchildren, research suggests. Advice from grandparents ranges from the wise to the funny.

Brain Teaser Activities to Do With Grandchildren
These old-fashioned kids' brain teasers and mind games will amuse the grandchildren and make them think. And you don't need anything special to play them.

Which State Has Jurisdiction in Grandparent Visitation?
Suits for grandparent visitation are complex when grandparents and grandchildren live in different states. Learn which state has jurisdiction.

Review of Cranium Fort Building Kits
These Cranium fort kits fascinate children of all ages, making them great choices for grandparents to put in their toy closets.

Groundbreaking Studies About Grandparents
Researchers have reached some interesting conclusions about grandparenting styles. You may be interested in seeing where you fit in.

Combined Family Birthday Parties
Combined family birthday parties are a way to mark family milestones with minimal stress, although they needn't replace individual celebrations.

Best Cameras and Photo Products for Grandparents
These recommendations for cameras and other photo products take the special needs of grandparents into consideration.

Little Peanut on the Go Can Simplify Child Care
Little Peanut on the Go is an app that allows parents and grandparents to better plan for a grandchild's care.

Bubbe, Mimi & Gigi: The Best Grandmother Name Book Ever
It's quirky, not scholarly, but most grandparents will enjoy browsing through this book of grandmother names, featuring some for grandfathers, too.

Outdoor Games for All Generations
Looking for outdoor games that both grandparents and grandchildren can play? These multigenerational favorites can be adapted for almost any age.

Play-Doh Town Is Newest Line for Iconic Toy
Play-Doh Town products offer new ways to enjoy the iconic modeling compound, enjoyed by generations of kids.

Grandparents Rights in Nevada
Nevada grandparents may seek visitation with a grandchild living in a non-intact family if the parent has unreasonably denied visitation.

Grandparents' Rights in Michigan
Michigan is considered a difficult state in which to win grandparent visitation cases, due to lengthy statutes enacted in 2005.

Oklahoma Grandparents' Visitation RIghts
In Oklahoma grandparents cannot sue for visitation with grandchildren living in an intact family. The law also otherwise restricts grandparent visitation.

What Grandparents Need to Know About Travel Teams
Youth sports have changed a great deal in the past two generations. Instead of playing sandlot baseball or touch football, your grandchildren may play on what is known as travel teams or select teams. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about travel teams.

Tips for Grandparents of Toddler Grandchildren
Toddler grandchildren sometimes cause their grandparents concern about developmental milestones. Children develop at their own speeds.

How Fathers Can Stay Close to Their Adult Sons
Grandfathers who want to stay close to their adult sons should seek out common interests and avoid behavior which could cause rifts in the family.

Grandparents in the Sandwich Generation
The term sandwich generation describes a generation that is simultaneously caring for parents and children, or for parents and grandchildren.

Visitation Rights for Grandparents
This overview of grandparents' visitation rights explains why state laws differ and what the Supreme Court has said about grandparents' rights.

Relationships Between Mothers and Adult Sons
Relationships between mothers and adult sons are tricky when the son is also a husband and father. Staying close without being intrusive is the challenge.

Baby Supplies That Grandparents Need
When your grandbaby comes to visit, you want to be prepared. Here's a list of baby supplies that grandparents just might need.

10 Road Trip Games to Play With Grandkids
When batteries die and tempers grow short, speed the miles with these road trip games. Some are educational and some are just fun.

Helpful Hints for Grandparenting Twins or Multiples
The news that you will be grandparenting twins or multiples can be a bit overwhelming. Here's some common-sense advice to calm your fears and double (or multiply) your pleasure.

Three Money Mistakes That Grandparents Make With Adult Children
When adult children have financial difficulty, grandparents often want to help, but they should avoid these three money mistakes.

The Essentials

Armloads of Cuddly Throw Blankets

Beyond Baby Supplies
Certain things belong at every grandparent's house, so that visiting grandchildren will have what they need and other items to make their visit special.

A Toy Closet

Books, Books, Books!

Snuggly Stuffed Animals

Portuguese Name for Grandfather
Learn what the Portuguese call a grandfather and the role of grandfathers in Portuguese family culture.

Japanese Name for Grandfather
The Japanese language has one word for grandfather and another term for one's own grandfather.

Legal Rights of Grandparents in the British Isles
The five countries of the British Isles -- England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Island and Wales -- have struggled with the issue of grandparents' rights.

Names for Grandmother in the Chinese Language
Learn what the Chinese call their grandmothers and find out about the roles that Chinese grandmothers play.

Can We Talk About Family Estrangement?
Family estrangement is hard on grandparents, who may feel a great need to talk about their situation. Still, they should be careful who they confide in.

A Breakdown of Family Estrangement
Participants in a survey of estranged family members reveal the causes and duration of family breakdowns.

Korean Name for Grandfather
Find out how to say grandfather in Korean and learn about the roles played by grandparents in Korea.

5 Ways to Enjoy Poetry With Your Grandchildren
Create a culture in which poetry is just plain fun, and the grandchildren won't be resistant to poetry study later on.

Experience Art With Your Grandchildren


Experience Art With Your Grandchildren
Find classic and innovative ways to experience art with your grandchildren, and you'll be rewarded with grandchildren who appreciate art.

Share the Magic of Art Museums With Your Grandchildren
Visiting art museums with grandchildren can be magical, but grandparents will need to make careful preparations before they visit.

What Is a Grandparent Scam?
When a scammer calls a grandparent and pretends to be a grandchild in trouble, that is known as the grandparent scam.

After Troxel Grandparent Visitation Cases
In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court case of Troxel v. Granville, court rulings on grandparent visitation cases continue to refine the law.

Hebrew Name for Grandfather
The Hebrew name for a grandfather is saba, although some grandfathers opt for the Yiddish zayde or another grandparent name.

Irish Name for Grandfather
The Irish language has several names for grandfather, all rather difficult for the non-Irish to spell and pronounce.

Grandparents Rights in the District of Columbia
The District of Columbia has no statutory provision for grandparent visitation, but grandparents can still file for access.

Grandparents Rights in New Mexico
New Mexico is considered a permissive state for grandparents' rights. Grandparents with whom grandchildren have resided merit special consideration.

Grandparents' Rights in Texas
Visitation rights may be given to Texas grandparents, but they must prove that denial would be detrimental to the child's physical or emotional health.

Pennsylvania Grandparents' Rights Laws
The statutes governing Pennsylvania grandparents' rights allow grandparents to seek visitation in cases of parental death, divorce or separation.

BlongoBall Ladder Ball Game Is Multi-Generational Hit
BlongoBall, also known as ladder ball, ladder golf or lasso golf, is a true multi-generational game that can be played in almost any open area.

Hide and Seek - A Classic Game With Many Variations
The game of hide-and-seek or hide-and-go-seek is an old-fashioned classic, but kids may not know these fun variations.

Hopscotch: An Ancient Jumping Game
A piece of chalk and a sidewalk are all that's needed for a game of hopscotch. Although the grids may vary, the basic game is the same.

All About Choosing Grandparent Names
New grandparents face an important decision: choosing their grandparent names. Today's grandmothers and grandfathers have a lot of choices.

Grandparents Still Need to Play
We know that play is important for children, but it's crucial for adults, too. And grandparents are lucky enough to have some special avenues for fun.

Grandparents Who Are Addicted to Their Screens
Several factors make grandparents vulnerable to screen addiction, but recognizing the signs and adopting a plan of action should lead to better control.

Help Your Grandchildren Deal With Stress
Grandparents can help grandchildren handle stress through providing a low-stress environment, tension-relieving activities and, of course, unconditional love.

Shadowing - The Classic Scout Game of Shadowing
Shadowing is a variation of an old Scouting game, adapted for a smaller group. One group of kids attempts to track down

Sneaky Sprinkler and More Wet and Wonderful Fun
On a hot summer day, there's nothing like a game of Sneaky Sprinkler. The kids cool off, the lawn gets watered and everyone has fun.

Lego Ornaments
If you have a grandchild or two who loves Legos, you have the makings for some cute and clever Christmas tree ornaments.

Snowman Ornament
Cute snowman ornaments are easy enough for the grandchildren to make, although younger grandkids may need a little help.

Handprint Ornaments of Salt Dough
Handmade ornaments like these handprint ornaments made of salt dough will add a sweet touch to any grandparent's Christmas tree.

Silhouette Ornaments
Silhouette portraits are always in style, and these miniature framed silhouettes will add a classy touch to a grandparent's Christmas tree.

Easy-to-Make Decor to Trim the Tree
Get the grandkids to help with these easy-to-make Christmas ornaments that can trim the tree or add charm to packages.

Sci-Fi Lego Ornaments
You'll be the coolest grandparent ever when you help the grandchildren make Lego Star Wars and sci-fi ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree.

College-Themed Glass Balls
Older grandchildren won't want to be left out of the Christmas decorating fun, and making college-themed glass balls is a great way to include them.

Sparkle Spool Ornaments
Vintage wooden spools are livened up with dangles and washi tape to make these trendy Christmas ornaments, and the grandchildren can help.

Beaded Candy Cane Ornaments
Beaded candy canes are a classic retro Christmas accessory, and this version is easy enough for very young grandchildren to make.

Chuck's Stunt Park From Tonka Chuck and Friends
Chuck's Stunt Park from Tonka Chuck and Friends is a motorized playset that the grandchildren can use for active and creative play.

Give Grandchildren the Gift of a Special Experience
Social scientists now say that experience gifts are the best gifts, and there's no shortage of experience gifts that are suitable for grandchildren.

Favorite Children's Books for Reading With Grandchildren
Grandparents can be selective in stocking their bookshelves. These wonderful and inventive works are among our favorite children's books.

Santi v. Santi: 2001 Iowa Grandparent Visitation Case
In 2001 the case of Santi v. Santi was the impetus for the Iowa Supreme Court's decision that the Iowa statute for grandparent visitation was unconstitutional.

Vibbert v. Vibbert 2004 Kentucky Grandparent Visitation Case
In Kentucky, the case of Vibbert v. Vibbert replaced the rigorous standard of Scott v. Scott with a standard that is more friendly to grandparents' rights.

Staying Close to Adult Children
Good relationships with adult children are critical for grandparents. Being a long-distance grandparent makes these relationships more challenging.

Pet Problems and Solutions for Grandparents
Do you have pet problems? Perhaps a pet that doesn't get along with your grandchildren, or grand-pets that you don't get along with? Find solutions.

Card Playing Etiquette for the Grandchildren
Many grandparents enjoy teaching the grandchildren different card games. They can do the grandkids a favor by also teaching them card playing etiquette.

Playmobil Hand-Launch Glider - High-Quality Flying Toy
The Playmobil Hand-Launch Glider, which comes with one of the iconic Playmobil figures, flies further and more accurately than most flying toys.

Grandpa Rules Notes on Grandfatherhood
Comedy writer Michael Milligan's humorous takes on grandfatherhood will tickle grandparents and parents. Some of his jokes will even tickle the grandkids.

The Secret Life of the Grown-Up Brain
Grown-up brains have more plusses than minuses. That's the major message in this readable, upbeat book by Barbara Strauch, health editor of the New York Times.

Great Ideas for Gifts for Grandparents
Many grandparents are hard to buy for. Take your shopping in new directions with these ideas for grandparent gifts.

Good Tunes to Share With the Grandchildren
Kids' music has come a long way, as you'll learn when you share these music CDs with your grandchildren.

Avoiding Favoritism During the Holidays
Nothing can ruin the holidays like perceived favoritism. Good communication among family members is key.







Grandkids Ask the Darndest Things
Grandchildren have lots of questions. Sometimes it's up to the grandparents to answer. Get ideas for answering some of the most ticklish questions.


Best Personalized Gifts for Grandparents
Most grandparents love gifts bearing the names or faces of their grandchildren, and this selection of personalized gifts is extra tastefully done.

When to Say No to a Grandchild's Gift Request
Grandparents can say no to giving certain gifts, even if a grandchild requests them. Learn how to handle these sometimes ticklish situations.

Gifts for Sporty Grandmas
Looking for a gift for a grandmother who would rather shoot baskets than bake cookies? Look no more. Find 10 great gifts for sporty grandmas.

Gifts from Around the World for Grandmothers
Select a special gift for the grandmother who loves to travel, or the one who loves to armchair travel. This list includes gifts from around the world.

Gifts for Grandma
Looking for the perfect gift for an old-fashioned grandmother? Look no further. These gifts for grandma will let her know she's loved.

Ten Movies From the 30s and 40s to Watch With Grandchildren
If you want to make the grandchildren into genuine movie lovers, you have to start with the classics, like films with Charlie Chaplin and Shirley Temple.

How to Fill Easter Baskets for the Grandchildren
If you fill Easter baskets for the grandchildren, consider retro toys and candy, or find Easter basket alternatives and more ideas for how to fill them.

When Grandparents Are Hard to Buy For
Sometimes socks just don't cut it. Read these helpful hints for when grandparents are hard to buy for.

Monopoly Junior - Kids' Version of Classic Family Game
Monopoly Junior takes the classic family game and simplifies the rules while retaining the most beloved features of the original version.

Favorite Children's Board Games
Check out these favorite children's board games and card games. They are fun for all ages, and they can be adapted for different needs.

Dweebies Fun Family Card Game from Gamewright
Dweebies is a fun family card game from Gamewright that can be played casually or with an eye to strategy.

School Age Grandchildren Gifts
This gift list for school age grandchildren has something for everyone, at prices that range from budget to moderate.

The Granny Diaries - An Insider's Guide for New Grandmothers
This first-person account of becoming a grandmother will make you laugh out loud, but author Adair Lara gives excellent advice as well.

Eye of My Heart: 27 Writers Dish About Being a Grandmother
Writers including Judith Viorst and Elizabeth Berg turn their talents to grandmothering, detailing their personal journeys with warmth and wit.

Gifts for Preschool Grandchildren
Looking for a gift for preschool grandchildren? The gifts in this list are sure to fascinate kids ages 3 to 5.

Playskool's Alphie Robot is Updated Version of Classic Robot Toy
Playskool, a division of Hasbro Toys, has released an updated version of the classic Alphie Robot. This one comes with some upgrades and even more personality.

How Grandparents Can Promote People Skills in a Wired Age
Some feel that our young people lack people skills, in part because of their reliance on technology, a problem that parents and grandparents can also share.

Ten Tips for Visits With Long-Distance Grandchildren
When grandparents visit in the homes of their adult children, they will need to observe basic house guest etiquette.

Picaria Traditional Game of Logic for Kids
A piece of paper and six coins: that's all you need to play picaria, a game of logic of native American origin.

Living in a Multigenerational Home
Multigenerational homes offer financial advantages and efficient ways of handling child care and elder care. Still, sharing space is seldom easy.

Why Water Exercise Works for Seniors
Why choose water exercise? Learn why water workouts work for grandparents and other seniors.

Playskool Play Stow and Go Toys
Playskool's Play, Stow and Go toys are portable reinterpretations of classic toys like shape sorters, each with an innovative twist or two.

What Is a Baby Boomer or the Baby Boomers Generation
Who are the baby boomers? Millions of Americans fall into this category, leading to what some call the grandparent boom.

New or Used Baby Equipment for a Grandparent's House
Grandparents may want to save money by equipping their houses and cars with used baby equipment. They should be careful, however, not to sacrifice safety.

Are Mothers-in-Law Unfairly Criticized?
Is the mother-in-law always at fault in family conflicts? Of course not, but many mothers-in-law do resent being demoted when their children marry.

Life Organizer Record Keeper - The Essential Record Keeper and Estate Planner
The Life Organizer is a tool for organizing all the important papers in one's life, but it is more. It is also a tool to start people thinking about all the choices they face in the future.

7 Ways to Celebrate a Grandchild's Birthday
Looking for ideas for birthday celebrations for your grandchildren? Look no further. These unusual ways to celebrate could become honored traditions in your family.

Be Honest About Danger Signs
Grandparents who sometimes drive with their grandchildren should be alert for danger signs that show that their driving ability has deteriorated.

Cultivate These Five Safe Driving Habits
Safe driving is important at any age, but these five habits are especially important for older drivers who may be driving their grandchildren.

Know the Facts About Older Drivers
Although one study showed that children are safer driving with grandparents than with parents, there is still cause for concern about senior drivers.

Evaluate Your Physical Condition
Safe driving requires good vision and hearing and some degree of physical fitness, so grandparents should have these evaluated regularly.

Take Special Precautions on the Road With Grandchildren
Grandparents who have grandchildren in the car should know the best car safety seat practices and also exercise common sense about driving safety.

What Does the Term 'Grandparents' Rights' Mean?
What is meant by the term grandparents' rights? What rights do grandparents have to visitation and custody?

Grandparents and Grandchildren: What Keeps Them Close?
Grandparent-grandchild closeness can be influenced by six factors, but the desire of grandparents for a close relationship is more important than any single factor.

From a Reader: My Grandchildren Are Overprotected
A reader who is given very restricted access to her grandchildren asks for advice for dealing with the overprotective parents of her grandchildren.

Monopoly Here and Now US Edition
Monopoly Here and Now US Edition is a fun, fast-paced board game that grandparents will enjoy playing with grandchildren age 8 and up.

A Grandparent's Legacy: Your Life Story in Your Own Words
If the idea of filling out an entire grandparent journal intimidates you, consider this spiral bound grandparent journal, A Grandparent's Legacy. Each month you'll have just 12 questions to answer.

Grandparents' Journal - A Keepsake Record Book
This grandparents' journal is designed for a grandmother and grandfather to complete together and is traditional in its approach.

Memories for My Grandchild: A Grandmother's Keepsake Journal
This generously sized, nicely bound keepsake journal would make a wonderful gift for a grandchild, after a grandmother has lovingly filled it out.

Ghost Jokes for Kids
Jokes and Halloween are two of a grandkid's favorite things. Blend these two favorites with these ghost jokes. They are pretty punny!

What You Could Learn in Grandparenting Class
What's in the syllabus for grandparenting class? Typically, such classes include child care tips and some relationship advice. But there are no quizzes!

39 Questions That Will Spark Conversations With the Grandchildren
Nourish your grandchildren with healthy meals and good dinner conversation, sparked by these 39 questions.

When Grandfathers Are Caregivers for Their Grandchildren
Grandfathers who take on extra duties with their grandchildren often find their role stressful, in part because of conflicts with traditional gender roles.

5 Reasons to Celebrate Grandparents Day
There are some excellent reasons to celebrate Grandparents Day. Learn 5 of them, along with some strategies for overcoming resistance from your family.

Keeping Up With Grandkids at College
When a grandchild goes away to college, a grandparent must make a special effort to stay in touch, using a mixture of traditional methods and new media.

11 Factors That Influence How You Grandparent
Examining the factors that influence grandparenting can help us understand our own grandparenting style and enable us to better bond with grandchildren.

Kids Can Write Original Music With Compose Yourself
ThinkFun has a real winner in Compose Yourself, the game that lets youngsters and oldsters create their own musical compositions, play them and share them.

Red River Valley - An Authentic Folk Song for Children

Oh, Susanna - Famous Folk Song by Stephen Foster
This famous folk song by Stephen Foster has an interesting history that you may or may not want to share with your grandchildren.

She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain - One of the Great Traditional Folk Songs for Children
We never find out who the

Funiculi, Funicula - A Folk Song to Teach the Children
The English version of this traditional Italian song is fun to sing because of its sprightly melody and joyful lyrics.

Frere Jacques - A Traditional French Folk Song
The traditional French folk song

The More We Get Together - A Song With a Good Message for Grandchildren

Billy Boy - An Amusing Folk Song
The story of a smitten lover is immortalized in the folk song

Blow the Man Down - A Sea Shanty

If You're Happy - A Song With Actions and Sound Effects
It's not so much a folk song as a feel-good song, but several generations have enjoyed

Hush Little Baby - Traditional Lullaby That Grandchildren Will Enjoy

Can Grandparents Be Awarded Virtual Visitation?
Since the advent of video calling, virtual visitation is being specified for non-custodial parents and may be a part of grandparent visitation arrangements.

Can Grandparents Represent Themselves When Seeking Visitation?
It is possible for grandparents to represent themselves when seeking visitation with a grandchild or grandchildren, a strategy known as pro per.

Understanding Your Grandchild's Interest in Anime
Some grandparents can't understand their grandchildren's interest in anime, partly because they don't understand the Japanese art form of anime. Being better informed can help.

Old-Fashioned Throwing Games for Kids
Teach these old-fashioned pastimes to your grandchildren, and you'll learn that throwing games haven't lost their charm.

13 Ways to Save Money Eating Out With Grandchildren
Taking the grandchildren out to eat doesn't have to break the bank, especially when you make use of these 13 tips for saving money in restaurants.