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When Your Grandchild Has a Potty Mouth
What's the proper reaction to a grandchild with a potty mouth? A grandparent has several choices when it comes to a grandchild who curses.

15 Healthy Foods to Feed the Grandchildren
Instead of giving the grandchildren sugary punch and traditional sweets, modern grandparents opt for foods that pack a nutritional punch, like these 15 superfoods.

6 Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You Shop for Grandchildren
Your smartphone can make you a smarter shopper. Use these six tips to ensure a perfect gift for your grandchild and buy it at the best price possible.

5 Ways to Save Money When Traveling With Grandchildren
These five ways to save money while traveling with grandchildren can keep your adventures affordable so that you can manage to go on more of them.

How to Live Your Later Years More Fully
Grandparents should consider where they want to live and in what kind of home, as well as what they want the rest of their lives to look like. Carefully chosen books can help.

Help Your Grandchild Manage Daily Transitions
Many children have difficulty with transitions, but these tips can prevent transition trouble when grandparents take care of their grandchildren.

3 Steps to Manage Your Grandchild's Behavior
If outings with grandchildren routinely disintegrate into chaos, perhaps you need to follow these three steps: plan, share your plan and spell out expectations.

How to Manage a Grandchild's Meltdown
A grandchild in full tantrum mode can baffle and frustrate a grandparent. Tantrums and meltdowns are best avoided, but when they can't be, here's how to cope.

Grandparenting Special Needs Children
Grandparents of a special needs child face several challenges, including coming to terms with the grandchild's condition and learning how to help.

What You Need to Know About Grandparenting School Age Children
Grandparenting school age children is an adventure! Children make huge strides from 5 to 9. Learn what to expect as your grandchildren grow.

8 Ways to Turn Off Your Teenage Grandchildren
Teen grandchildren can be challenging, but they are also tons of fun. If you want to stay in good with your teen grandchildren, avoid these eight blunders.

Young Adult Grandchildren
Young adults may not need their grandparents as much as younger grandchildren, but grandparents can still play these important roles in their lives.

Grandchildren Living With Grandparents in the Movies
Movies about grandchildren living with grandparents can make children and grandparents in that situation feel less different.

When Grandparents Argue About Grandchildren
What happens when a grandparenting couple has a disagreement about grandchildren? Find ways to compromise.

6 Codes and Ciphers to Teach the Grandchildren
Codes and ciphers are a sneaky way to teach the grandchildren reasoning skills. If you call them spy codes, they'll enjoy them even more.

When Your Grandchild Picks Out Your Nickname
Grandchildren often alter their grandparents' carefully chosen grandparent names, bestowing upon them instead a variety of interesting nicknames.

Funny Things That Only Grandparents Do
Grandparents are a breed apart, and sometimes grandparents do some pretty funny things. Even we grandparents think that they are funny.

3 Enemies of Your Brain and How to Fight Them
Inactivity, stress and routine are three enemies of your brain. Luckily, you have just what you need to fight them -- grandchildren!

Should You Move to Be Near Grandchildren?
Although most long-distance grandparents would love to be closer to their grandchildren, a host of issues should be considered before deciding to move.

Grandparents, Grandchildren Require Extra Care
Grandparents must take good care of themselves when visiting national parks, in order to keep the grandchildren safe.

More Adventures to Share With Grandchildren
Grandparents and grandchildren can have marvelous travel adventures together, but successful trips require planning ahead.

National Parks Are National Treasures
Many national treasures are contained within the National Park System of the United States. Find some that are perfect for sharing with grandchildren.

How the National Park System Works
The National Park System works with the help of its employees, concessioners and volunteers, many of whom are retirees.

Visiting National Parks is a National Bargain
With four types of passes available, plus free admission days, national parks may be the best bargain in the United States.

National Park Programs for Kids
The Junior Rangers program, for those visiting national parks in person, and the WebRangers program both offer learning activities and rewards for kids.

Where to Stay, What to Eat in Our National Parks
National Parks offer various options for lodging and dining within the park boundaries, and more are available outside.

How to Regain Contact With Grandchildren
Readers who have been estranged from their grandchildren offer advice about regaining contact through mending family fences.

To Kiss or Not to Kiss
To kiss or not to kiss is a dilemma that sometimes faces grandparents, especially when grandchildren resist kisses and hugs.

Poem About Grandmas - Painted Nylon Seams

Poem About Grandfather - He Winds the Clocks
This poem about a grandfather,

Three Generations - Three Men Limping

Poem About Grandparent - Preacher Man
This poem about a grandparent,

Grandma and Grandpa Poem - Buttons
This poem about a grandma and grandpa,

Poem About a Grandmother - Both Sides of the Coin
This poem about a grandmother,

Grandfather Poem - Geode: For My Grandfather

Grandpa Poem - Grandpa's Car
In this grandpa poem, a granddaughter's changing relationship with her grandpa is detailed through descriptions of his cars.

Finalists for Favorite Grandparenting Book By 1-3 Authors
These five grandparenting books have been chosen as finalists in the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards in the category designated for books with 1-3 authors. Readers' Choice is sponsored by

Grandmother Power: A Global Phenomenon
Around the globe, grandmothers are changing lives. That's the message of Paola Gianturco's Grandmother Power: A Global Phenomenon, nominated for a Readers' Choice Award.

New Age Nanas: Being a Grandmother in the 21st Century
Two Australian researchers, Doreen Rosenthal and Susan Moore, document what it's like to be a grandmother in the 21st Century. Their book, New Ages Nanas, is a finalist for a Readers' Choice Award.

Creative Grandparenting, How to Love and Nurture a New Generation
The secrets of creative grandparenting are revealed by Jerry and Judy Schreur with help from their granddaughter Erin Schreur. This grandparenting book has been nominated for a Readers' Choice Award.

Grandchildren: Our Hopes and Dreams
Nominated for a Readers' Choice Award, Sally Kabak's book about raising grandchildren will strike a chord with many. Grandchildren: Our Hopes and Dreams offers a personal narrative combined with a plethora of common-sense tips.

Grandparenting With a Purpose
Lillian Ann Penner advises grandparents about how to pray for their grandchildren in Grandparenting With a Purpose.

Poem About Grandparents - Patchwork
This poem about grandparents,

Put the Finishing Touches on Your Bead Jewelry
When the beads are strung, cut the cord, tie the ends together and pull tight. Your grandchild's bead jewelry project is complete!

Making Bead Jewelry With Grandchildren
This quick and easy project results in bead jewelry that your grandchildren will enjoy wearing.

Assemble Materials for Making Bead Jewelry
The first step in making bead jewelry with grandchildren is to assemble the materials. You will need a selection of beads and stretchy cord.

Decide on the Length of Your Beaded Jewelry
Although you don't have to have one, a bead project planner is helpful in visualizing the finished piece and keeping the beads from rolling.

To Make Bead Jewelry, Plan Your Project by Arranging the Beads.
Use your bead project planner to help the grandchildren arrange the beads in a pleasing order.

String the Beads to Make Bead Jewelry
Leaving the cord still attached to the spool, help the grandchildren start stringing the beads.

How Grandparents Can Avoid Injuries Related to Grandchildren
Grandchildren bring joy into their grandparents' lives, but they also bring a host of hazards. Grandparents need to know how to prevent common injuries and illnesses that may be related to their grandchildren.

Cook Your Own Food
You can be an eco-friendly food consumer by cooking at home instead of eating out, if you follow these strategies for reducing food waste.

Play Cards and Board Games
Card games and board games are not only fun to play with grandchildren but also much more environmentally sound.

Drink Tap Water
Grandparents and grandchildren should break the water bottle habit, especially since we know that tap water is safe for kids and adults.

Hand Down and Pass Around
Clothing can be handed down and passed around to other family members, reducing the money spent on clothing and the number of garments discarded.

Make Simple Repairs.
Grandparents can teach grandchildren simple home and car repair, extending the life of possessions and saving environmental waste.

Reuse and Recycle
Besides participating in formal recycling, there are many ways to recycle and reuse within the home that grandparents can share with grandchildren.

8 Green Habits to Pass on to Grandchildren
Many grandparents learned valuable green living lessons from their own parents and grandparents and are uniquely suited to pass these on to grandchildren.

Buy Less
Buying less is not only better for the environment, but also better for our pocketbooks, and these simple strategies can help you buy less.

Line Dry Your Laundry
Remember line drying laundry? It's still an option for families who want to practice green living, and it helps even if you don't do it every time.

Going to NYC With Grandchildren
Visiting New York City with grandchildren can be a challenge, but it is one that many grandparents pull off with great success.

Woman-to-Woman Conflict Fuels Family Disputes
When it comes to conflicts within the extended family, women may be more active players, due to some psychological differences between the genders.

What Grandparents Should Know About Secondary Drowning
Grandparents should know about the phenomenon of secondary drowning, a type of pulmonary edema that can occur hours after the child leaves the water.

Money-Saving Tips for Thrifty Grandparents
Most grandparents are thrifty grandparents, and these hints make saving easy. It's always nice to have extra money to spend on the grandkids!

Money-Saving Tips for Thrifty Grandparents
Most grandparents are thrifty grandparents, and these hints make saving easy. It's always nice to have extra money to spend on the grandkids!

Junior Board Games From Hasbro
Junior games from Hasbro are simplified versions of classic games such as Life, Scrabble and Monopoly, created so that younger children can play, too.

Different Doesn't Necessarily Mean Worse
What can we learn from looking back at when grandparents were parents? We might gain a little perspective into some things we used to do better.

Kids Lived Outdoors
Kids used to spend a lot of time outdoors. They were more active and also had to solve their own problems.

Children Were Not Shielded From Failure
Parents didn't shield their children from disappointment, or bail them out when they failed to do what they should have done.

Families Ate Real Food
Families ate real food, not processed food, although diets were far from perfect.

Kids Didn't Spend Hours With Their Screens
Children didn't spend hours watching television, although it's true that viewing choices were limited.

'We Can't Afford It' Was No Disgrace
Families were not ashamed to say that they couldn't afford something, and even children understood that reasoning.

Kids Were Expected to Help Out
Children were taught real skills, so that they could do real chores around the house.

The More Things Change
The grandparents who stay the closest to their grandchildren aren't afraid of change, but they also remember how to have old-fashioned fun.

Nurture Your Relationship With Adult Children
Sure, you love your grandchildren, but shouldn't you be showing some love to your adult children as well? Learn how to keep that relationship healthy.

The Old Ways Aren't Always Best
Old-time parents got some things right, but we also got some fairly significant things wrong.

Clean Your Plate!
Not long ago, children were routinely expected to clean their plates, which interfered with their natural appetite controls.

Children Should Be Seen and Not Heard
Once children were to speak only when spoken to, a practice that increased some children's natural shyness.

Because I Said So!
Unquestioning obedience is what was expected of children for many years. Modern parents understand that a little explanation can go a long way.

Girls Were Girls and Men Were Men
Rigid gender rules led to missed opportunities for both sexes. Although some traits may be linked to gender, modern thought allows for more flexibility.

Love Should Be Shown, Not Spoken
In an earlier time, parents seldom expressed their love for their children, preferring to show it through their actions.

Feelings Can Be Ignored
Repressing feelings can cause many problems, but in an earlier time we lacked a vocabulary for talking about feelings.

One-Legged Balance Test
Can physical fitness tests tell us about the brain? Researchers believe that the one-legged balance test can.

The How and Why of Physical Fitness Tests
Staying fit as you get older is a challenge. Assess how you are doing with these six physical fitness tests that you can give yourself.

Chair Stand Test
One of the easiest physical fitness tests to take is the chair stand test, which measures lower body strength and can assess your risk for falls.

Arm Curl Test
A single dumbbell is all that is needed to measure upper body strength with the arm curl test.

Chair Sit and Reach Flexibility Test
Maintaining flexibility can be a challenge. See how well you are meeting the challenge with the sit-and-reach flexibility test.

Timed Up and Go Test
Learn about your functional mobility with the TUG test, standing for Timed Up and Go. Even those who use assistive devices can take the TUG.

The 12-Minute Run Test
If you're a runner, you can measure your aerobic capability with the 12-minute run, but it's not a suitable test for many grandparents.

Ten Mini Garden Projects to Do with Kids
Even non-gardening grandparents will enjoy these easy mini garden projects, and the grandchildren will love them, too.

Brain-Boosting Activities for Grandchildren
When grandparents and grandchildren do brain-boosting activities together, everyone's a winner. From games to outings to cooking, there's no limit on learning.

Who Should Pick Out Gifts for Grandchildren?
Some parents resist having to come up with gift ideas for grandchildren. Some families turn to wish lists and gift registries to make gift-giving easier.

How the Death of Your Child Affects Your Grandparenting Rights
Some grandparents must not only deal with the death of an adult child but also with being cut off from grandchildren. Those in this situation do have options.

Offbeat Places to Take the Grandchildren
This list of offbeat places to take the grandchildren will provide ideas for outings that are fun and educational, which is the goal of most grandparents when they have time to spend with grandkids.

Try These Easy Paper Crafts With Grandkids
Fingerprints created with stamp pads are the basis for all sorts of whimsical drawings. Page 3.

Try These Easy Paper Crafts With Grandkids
A piece of paper and crayons, markers or pastels are all that you need for this easy paper craft. Page 2.

Easy Paper Crafts - Try These Easy Paper Crafts With Grandkids
Making a paper pinwheel is an easy paper craft that the grandkids will enjoy.

Try These Easy Paper Crafts With Grandkids
When you want to do something creative with the grandkids, but don't have anything special planned, try one of these easy paper crafts.

Try These Easy Paper Crafts With Grandkids
A pair of scissors and some paper is all you need to create cut paper art. Page 4.

Try These Easy Paper Crafts With Grandkids
Grandparents. Page 5.

Try These Easy Paper Crafts With Grandkids
Homemade greeting cards are lots of fun to create, especially this adorable doggy hiding his message under his ears. Page 6.

Try These Easy Paper Crafts With Grandkids
Twirled paper is a craft that tweens and teens may enjoy. Page 7.

Try These Easy Paper Crafts With Grandkids
Doodle art is a great way to pass time with your grandkids. Page 8.

Try These Easy Paper Crafts With Grandkids
Printable pages sometimes get a bad rap, just as coloring books used to, but printables come in lots of varieties, some with room for creativity. Page 9.

What Are Life Hacks, Anyway?
When you are unexpectedly stuck somewhere with the grandkids, find fun that is low-cost and easy with these life hacks for grandparents.

Outdoor Fun That Requires No Equipment
If you are unexpectedly stuck somewhere with the grandchildren, you can have fun with a small patch of outdoors.

Quiet Indoor Games
When you're trapped in a room somewhere with no amusements for the grandchildren, try these low-tech solutions.

Homemade Fun
When the grandchildren appear unexpectedly and you have no fun prepared, these creative ideas will rescue you.

Balloon Fun With Grandchildren
Balloons aren't just for birthday parties but can be used in a variety of games and learning experiences for kids. Add water for even more fun.

Get the Facts About Grandparent Child Care
Grandparent child care can benefit grandchildren, but it often benefits the grandparents, too.

Children's Museums and Children's Festivals
Both children's museums and children's festivals offer much for grandparents and grandchildren. Discover which venue would suit your next outing.

The Grandest Love: Inpsiring the Grandparent-Grandchild Connection
In The Grandest Love, Jerry Witkovsky details the social work principles that he drew upon to create better relationships with his adult children and grandchildren.

How Grandparents Can Help Time-Poor Parents
Grandparents may wrestle with the question of how best to help their children who are time-poor parents. These four suggestions may help.

Visit a Working Farm
If you really want to show your grandchildren what life on a farm is like, go visit one. Choose a day trip to a pick-your-own farm or an overnight farm stay.

Connect With School Agriculture Departments
Many agriculture departments at high schools and colleges offer educational programs and enjoyable experiences for children.

Visit Local Fairs
County and state fairs are rich resources for teaching the grandchildren about farm life. They are also lots of fun.

Grow Something
Many children have little knowledge of their farm heritage, but grandparents can connect them with that heritage by helping them grow something.

Raise an Animal
Raising animals is an important part of farming, but urban and suburban dwellers may be limited in how much they can share this experience with grandchildren.

Things You May Not Know About Grandparents' Rights
When it comes to grandparents' rights, what you don't know can hurt you. Find out six things you may not know about a grandparent's legal rights.

Customize Your Family Reunion
Because grandparents have experience and, sometimes, free time, they may get the job of planning the family reunion. These tips will help.

Thirteen Family Reunion Tips to Fire Your Imagination
Planning a family reunion requires organization and inspiration. You'll be making lots of lists for organization. Here are some random family reunion tips to provide the inspiration.

Squander Your Time
It drives grandparents crazy to see time-poor parents let themselves become overscheduled or squander their time instead of spending it with their children.

Be Early Adopters of Every New Trend
It drives grandparents crazy to see their families embrace every new trend, largely because of social pressure.

Neglect Your Health
It drives grandparents crazy to see their children and grandchildren neglect or compromise their health instead of enjoying their youthful vigor.

Spend Money Foolishly
It drives grandparents crazy to see parents spending their money without getting good value, because they aren't serious about financial security.

An Unlikely Television Star
John Schnabel, the patriarch of the clan featured in Discovery Channel's Gold Rush series, is an unlikely but totally likeable television star.

John Schnabel As a Grandparent
One of John Schnabel's most rewarding roles has been as a grandparent to his grandsons Parker and Payson.

Grandpa's Rules for a Good Life
Good habits and values have contributed to Grandpa Schnabel's long life and vigor, enabling him to become a reality TV star in his 90s.

Children's Book Review: Can You Buy Me the Wind?
Can You Buy Me the Wind is a children's book featuring grandparent characters who are modern and fun but manage to teach their granddaughter a lesson.

4 Times Grandparents Should See a Counselor
Several grandparenting situations can cause distress that is severe enough to warrant seeking counseling or taking other measures to maintain mental health.

Grandmothers in the Delivery Room
Some grandmothers are lucky enough to be invited into the delivery room; some aren't. Make the best of either scenario, and don't take it personally.

How Much to Share About a Painful Past
Grandparents with painful pasts must decide whether telling those stories to grandchildren will serve the same useful purpose as telling other family stories.

Grandparents Provide Unconditional Love
The uncomplicated and unconditional love that grandparents feel for their grandchildren can help grandchildren grow into confident and secure adults.

Grandparents Are an Extra Layer of Protection
No matter what they are called upon to do, most grandparents are willing. They provide an extra layer of security and protection for grandchildren.

Grandparents Connect Them to Their Heritage
One of the most important grandparenting roles is that of storyteller, because stories connect grandchildren to their heritage.

Grandparents Can Be Teachers
Grandparents are the logical ones to teach grandchildren certain skills, because they have the leisure and the patience that many time-poor parents lack.

Enhance Grandparent-Grandchild Relationships
Find fun things to do with grandchildren and learn other ways to enhance the grandparent-grandchild relationship.

Multigenerational Living - Poem About Living With Grandchildren
This grandfather poem captures a grandfather's mixed feelings about sharing housing with a daughter and granddaughter and providing child care for the granddaughter.

Poem About Family Issues - To a New Grandchild
This poem about family issues, entitled

Poem About the Grandparent-Grandchild Connection - Grown
This poem about the grandparent-grandchild connection,

Grandson Poem - Before My Grandson's Surgery
This grandparent poem,

Poem for New Grandparents - The Newborn Grandchild
This poem for new grandparents, entitled

Grandchild a Grandparent Poem
This grandparent poem, entitled

Nana Poem - In the Playroom

Long-Distance Grandparenting - Grandson Poem by a Long-Distance Grandparent
This poem about long-distance grandparenting, entitled

Long-Distance Grandparents - Shrapnel Poem About Long-Distance Grandparents
This poem about long-distance grandparents, entitled

Grandma Poem - Restraint
This grandma poem, entitled

Expand Your Grandparenting Role
Grandparents of all types want to be even better grandparents. These ideas can help.

A Light-Hearted Look at the Ways We Grandparent
This light-hearted look at grandparenting styles describes such classic types as the Grumpy Grandparent and the Pollyanna Grandparent. Recognize anyone?

The Pollyanna Grandparent
Pollyanna grandparents sincerely love grandparenting and can be hard for other grandparents to compete with.

The Grumpy Grandparent
Grumpy Grandparents have a gruff exterior that conceals their adoration for their grandchildren; still, they are unlikely to spoil the grandchildren.

The Take Charge Grandparent
Take Charge Grandparents seem convinced that their children and grandchildren can't get along without them. But they never give them a chance to try.

The Migratory Grandparent
Migratory Grandparents swoop in and out of their grandchildren's lives but are likely to turn up missing any time the quotient for conflict is high.

The Crunchy Grandparent
Crunchy grandparents love the planet only a bit less than they love their grandchildren. They can teach their grandchildren tons of useful skills.

The Cool Grandparent
Cool Grandparents know all about movies, music, technology and gaming. They teach the grandchildren that grandparents don't have to be dull.

All Grandparents Spoil Their Grandchildren.
Some grandparents resist spoiling their grandchildren, actually believing that the grandchildren are overindulged already.

Grandparents Love to Spend Time With Their Grandchildren.
As much as grandparents love their grandchildren, they love their leisure time, too, and many welcome private time with partners and spouses.

Grandparents and Grandchildren Will Bond Naturally and Spontaneously.
Bonding with a newborn grandchild is seldom instantaneous, especially if you are a long-distance grandparent. Older grandchildren present challenges, too.

Most Parents Are Eager to Become Grandparents.
Despite conventional wisdom, not all parents long to be grandparents. That's just one of five grandparenting myths that are easily debunked.

Grandparents Should Mind Their Own Business.
Grandparents are often told not to butt in, but sometimes adult children ask for advice, and many grandparents feel comfortable giving it.

More of What Grandparents Need to Know
Because times have changed since they were parents, grandparents may find that they have a lot to learn.

Stay hydrated, and be sun safe.
Stay comfortable and safe on your warm-weather trip to the theme park by drinking lots of water and wearing hats.

More About Travel With Grandchildren
Make your travels with grandchildren unforgettable for all the right reasons. What to know before you go.

Use a Credit Card With Benefits
Opt for a credit card with theme park benefits, and you'll save money and be able to cash in on other perks.

Decide Upon Advance Bookings.
If a grandchild wants to participate in one of the many special events offered by theme parks, you must book in advance, and some events fill up fast.

Think About a Photo Service.
A theme park photo service saves you from having to tote around a camera, but some grandparents will opt for taking their own photos.

Be Prepared to Walk
Choose comfortable shoes for your theme park trip, and pack an extra pair. Be sure that the grandchildren do the same.

Be Prepared for Rain

Do Some Research, But Not Too Much
Taking the grandkids to a theme park? Research before you go, but don't turn preparation for the trip into a dreaded task.

Consider Staying at the Resort
It may be worth paying a little extra to stay onsite at a theme park, especially if one of the perks includes early admission to the park.

Make the Most of Your Smart Phone
Besides using your smart phone to document your theme park trip, you can also download apps that will give you useful information.

Opt for Inexpensive Souvenirs
Collect autographs, pressed pennies or pins at the theme park. You can avoid gift shops and still take home souvenirs that the grandchildren will love.

Buy Souvenirs Before You Go.
Shop for souvenirs like costumes, T-shirts and glowsticks before you go to the theme park, and you'll save time and money.

Six Cheap but Creative Ways to Have Fun
Spending time with grandchildren can be costly, but not when you choose one of these six kinds of cheap fun.

Staying in Family Home
Some grandparents decide that staying in the family home is the best option for them. Relocating can have too many costs, both financial and emotional.

Living in a Retirement Community
Retirement living is convenient, secure and fun, according to many grandparents. Some restrictions may be placed on visiting grandchildren.

Relocating to a Different Country
Moving to a different country can result in scenic surroundings and a lower cost of living, but expats often have fewer visits with grandchildren.

Sharing Housing With Children
Some grandparents decide to share a home with children and grandchildren. Sharing housing reduces costs and allows grandparents to help with child care.

Sharing Housing With Other Adults
The newest wrinkle in housing for seniors is home sharing. Older adults, usually not related, move in together to cut costs and provide companionship.

Living the RV Lifestyle
Many grandparents have chosen the RV lifestyle, which has many advantages but is likely to put distance between grandparents and grandchildren.

Smart Housing Choices for Grandparents
Around retirement age, many grandparents consider relocating. One factor they should consider is how a change will affect their grandparenting roles.

Downsizing to Something Smaller
Grandparents have many options for downsizing the family home, including condos and mobile homes, but these may have less room for visiting grandchildren.

Taking Care of Special Needs Grandchildren
Babysitting special needs grandchildren can require special training and adaptations, but the experience will be worth any pains that must be taken.

Hanging Out With School-Age Grandchildren
School-age children will enjoy playing games with grandparents and may even be willing to learn a new skill or two.

Keeping Up With Toddler and Preschool Grandchildren
Toddlers and preschoolers usually love staying with their grandparents, but their active ways can be a challenge.

General Guidelines for Babysitting the Grandchildren
Grandparent babysitters must obey the parents' rules and keep the grandchildren safe, but they are allowed to have great fun.

Babysitting Infant Grandchildren
Babysitting an infant grandchild can present challenges in the feeding and sleeping departments and, of course, sometimes there is crying.

Home Science Experiments for Grandparents and Grandchildren
One of the best ways to foster an inquiring mind in your grandchildren is through home science experiments, and grandparents may just learn something, too.

Ivory Soap Explosion
Start with a simple science experiment, like the Ivory Soap explosion. Microwave a bar of Ivory Soap and see what happens!

Money That Doesn't Burn
Soaking a dollar bill in a mixture of alcohol and water makes it possible for the money to burn without being consumed, a great home science experiment.

3-D Optical Illusion
Give your grandchildren a basic lesson in two-dimensions and three-dimensions and optical illusions with this 3-D art project.

Density Column Home Science Experiment
Can you create something that's beautiful and learn something valuable at the same time? With a density column, you can. Layers of liquid colored different shades demonstrate an important scientific principle, that of density.

Light Rice Magic Trick
Why can the bottle of light rice be picked up with a simple chopstick thrust into it? This combination of a magic trick and science experiment will intrigue the grandkids.

Make and Learn About a Kaleidoscope
Making a kaleidoscope is a great home science experiment that teaches about optics and symmetry.

Dissect Owl Pellets
The idea of dissecting an owl pellet may be off-putting, but the actual activity is fascinating, as grandparents and grandchildren alike will discover.

Why We Need Nature - Grandparents and Grandchildren
Children are spending less time outdoors and missing out on the benefits of the natural world. Grandparents can remedy this situation by taking grandchildren on nature excursions.

Collect Specimens on a Nature Walk.
Even young grandchildren will enjoy taking a nature walk and collecting specimens. Grandparents can help the kids identify their specimens and perhaps make a display when they return.

Start a Rock Collection
Some kids are naturally drawn to collect rocks. Others may discover an interest in rocks with a little help from a grandparent.

Camping or Cabin Camping - Staying Outdoors With Grandchildren
Break the motel habit. Get the grandchildren closer to the outdoors by camping. Those with doubts about camping can start by staying in cabins.

Fishing With Grandchildren
Many of the younger generation aren't being taken fishing. That's a great role for a grandparent, although you'll have to pack your patience.

Go on a Photo Safari - Introduce the Grandkids to Nature Photography
It's never too soon to introduce the grandchildren to nature photography by going on a photo safari.

Try Geocaching
Grandchildren will love geocaching, a fun outdoor activity in which participants use GPS technology to carry out a treasure hunt.

Grandparenting Styles by Generation
From the Greatest Generation to Gen X, the various generations that grandparents belong to may influence their grandparenting styles.

The G.I. Generation as Grandparents
Grandparents who belong to the G.I. Generation, also called the Greatest Generation, may be loving but not actively involved in grandchildren's lives.

More Kid-Friendly Fun
Find activities for most holidays, as well as fun activities for every day, all great for grandchildren.

Valentine Art
Valentine crafts that are this beautiful are enjoyable for children to make and for parents and grandparents to display.

Valentine Heart Crayons
The grandchildren can help create these beautiful Valentine heart crayons, made from broken crayons melted in a silicone mold.

Conversation Heart Frame
Conversation hearts are added to picture frames to make these adorable Valentine's decorations. And the grandkids can help!.

Sparkly Heart Wands
Help the grandchildren create these sparkly heart wands that are as much fun to play with as they are to make.

Tissue Paper Flowers
Who needs roses when you can help the grandchildren make these tissue paper flowers, a fun decoration for Valentine's Day.

Origami Valentine Card With Birds
Help your older grandchildren make these origami Valentine's Day cards for their parents. You might be lucky enough to get one, too.

Floating Leaves
The grandchildren will like creating strings of floating leaves that will add fall beauty to a window or light fixture.

Waxed Paper Leaves
Use wax paper to preserve fall leaves in this fall craft for children. Grandparents, you'll have to give the grandchildren a hand with this one.

Turkey Yourself
Turn the grandchildren into little turkeys with this fun fall craft for children.

Fall Leaf Prints
Making leaf prints is an old-fashioned craft that's perfect for grandparents and grandchildren.

Night Creatures Collage

Jack-O-Lantern Wreath
This jack-o-lantern wreath is an inexpensive and quick decoration that's fun to make with grandchildren.

Be Respectful of Dietary Practices
When hosting guests with religious dietary restrictions, ask ahead of time what foods will be acceptable.

Sharing Your Religion and Culture
Schedule religious observances of Christmas at a time when you won't be hosting those of other faiths, or invite guests to share their own customs and beliefs.

Many Gathering Will Include Non-Christians
Between those of other faiths, those of no faith and Christians who don't celebrate Christmas, your holiday celebration could take on a different flavor.

Prayers and Other Expressions of Faith
You don't have to give up your traditions to have a successful interfaith Christmas, but don't expect your guests to participate in your religious rituals.

Baby Boomer Grandparents
Baby Boomer grandparents tend to be active, well-educated and fun for their grandchildren to be around..

The Silent Generation as Grandparents
Grandparents of the Silent Generation are often rather conventional and likely to interact with grandchildren in traditional ways.

More About Relationships With Adult Children
Parents and grandparents alike sometimes need help negotiating generational issues and complicated family relationships.

Control your screen time.
Parents who are constantly looking at their screens not only set a poor example for their children but also detract from family time.

Have dinner with the kids more often.
Parents and children should sit down to dinner together whenever possible. If it's not possible, maybe the family is over-scheduled.

Feed your kids real food.
Grandparents like to see parents feeding their kids real food, although we know that eating right is a tough battle for everyone.

Examine your spending.
Parents should monitor their spending habits so that they won't have the pressure of unpaid bills and so they will be able to afford college for the kids.

Don't be helicopter parents.
Parents should pass on the helicopter parenting and let kids accomplish things on their own, as well as occasionally experiencing failure.

Make it easier for us to see our grandchildren.
Grandchildren benefit from having a close relationship with grandparents, and parents should try to make that happen.

Your kids don't need more things.
Children don't need more things that only add clutter to their lives. What they really need can't be bought in a store.

Spend your time on things that really matter.
Children don't need parents who spend huge amounts of time doing everything perfectly. They need parents who let them explore and create and be messy.

... And Why We Won't Actually Say Them
Wise grandparents may not ever say these things, but they would probably like to say some of these seven things to the parents of their grandchildren.

6 Ways that Childbearing Has Changed
If you're a grandparent-to-be, be prepared for these six ways that childbearing has changed. But don't be critical. Start now being positive in your new role.

More Old-Fashioned Fun With Your Grandchildren
Grandparents can have old-fashioned fun with their grandchildren in a lot of ways, including pretend camp-outs, tea parties, dress-up and star-gazing.

How to Reduce the Grandkids' Screen Time
Reduce the time that your grandchildren spend with electronics while they are visiting you. Here's how to replace screen time with more meaningful play.

Conflicts With the Parents of Your Grandchildren
Generational conflict is nothing new, but grandchildren add a new dimension to family conflicts.

What Roles Are Played by Today's Grandparents?
Grandparents vary widely in their ages, employment status, health, financial situation and life expectancy. Although many may see their grandchildren only periodically, others live in the same household with them, and others are the primary caregivers of grandchildren. Thus traditional and modern roles are both filled by modern grandparents.

5 Myths About Aging That Science Has Debunked
Many of our beliefs about growing older have turned out to be false. Learn about the myths that affect grandparents and what is false about them.

To Parents: Don't Deprive Your Children of Grandparents
Parents who refuse to let their parents be grandparents should not act from these flawed motives but should have other valid reasons.

Family Disputes Over Money
When grandparents and parents differ about money, conflict between the generations can result. Learn how to resolve some common conflicts over money.

What Grandparents Should Know About Virtual Kidnapping
Like the grandparenting scam, virtual kidnapping schemes tap into concern about family members. Grandparents need to know how to react to such scams.

DIY Family Resort Vacation
If you'd love a family resort vacation but don't have the budget, do it yourself. Choose a single destination and plan your own resort-style activities.

Model a Happy Marriage for Your Grandchildren
Grandparents should mind the messages about marriage that they are sending to the grandchildren, but marriages should also be tended for their own sake.

Affordable Luxury Gifts for Grandmothers and Others
Because these name-brand gifts are small, they are also affordable. Still, you'll get credit for giving a luxury gift.


Learn Legal Terms Used in Grandparent Visitation Law
A understanding of certain legal terms and concepts is necessary to an understanding of grandparent visitation law.

When Parents Are Unfit to Decide About Grandparent Visitation
Proving that parents are unfit to make a decision about grandparent visitation is different from proving that parents are generally unfit.

Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers for Grandkids
You bought those cute stockings for your grandchild. Now you need ideas for inexpensive stocking stuffers.

Ideas for Holiday Outings With Grandchildren
Can't handle another Christmas-themed TV show? Load up the grandkids and take them somewhere special. These outings could become new holiday traditions.

Senior Exercise Tips for Grandparents
Follow these seven suggestions to reap the most benefit from an exercise program.

What Not to Do in Water Exercise Class
Water exercise is close to the perfect workout for most grandparents, so don't let these misconceptions and missteps keep you from a great workout.

Cheap Toys under $25 for Grandkids
If you're looking for gifts for grandkids that won't break the bank, check out these ten toys for around $25.

Mothers Have Complex Relationship With Adult Sons
Letters to Dear Abby concern mothers' conflicts with adult sons.

7 Tips for Safer Shopping With Grandchildren
Your first priority when shopping with grandchildren isn't finding a bargain. It's keeping the grandchildren safe. These tips can help.

When Grandchildren Come to Visit in Your Home
Planning ahead for visits from grandchildren is essential. You'll need to consider food, sleeping arrangements and equipment that might be necessary or helpful. You may need to buy or borrow cribs, high chairs, baby swings and other equipment. And don't forget the toys! But don't forget to plan for fun! Your grandchildren will also enjoy establishing routines and building traditions.

Favorite Cookie Recipes to Bake With Grandchildren
These time-tested cookie recipes produce delicious results, and chances are that they have been enjoyed by some members of your family for years.

Grandparents May Hear "It's Not About You"
Grandparents, handle these delicate situations deftly and you won't hear that stinging remark,

Enjoying Spring and Summer With Grandkids
Spring and summer are special times for most grandparents to enjoy their grandchildren. Spring break and summer vacation give you opportunities to travel and play to your heart's content. These suggestions for places to visit and things to do will make it easier for you to enjoy spring and summer with your grandkids.

What Not to Make With Your Grandchildren
Unless you love a mess, take a pass on these activities sometimes suggested for grandparents and grandchildren (although the last two aren't too bad).

Four Kinds of Fun Tours to Take With Grandchildren
Add some magic to an outing with the grandchildren by opting for a duck tour, carriage ride, Segway experience or a trip aboard a double-decker bus.

Audio Podcasts for Kids That the Grandkids Will Enjoy
Many grandparents and grandchildren will enjoy listening to audio podcasts together. Podcasts are fun and educational for car trips and for bedtime.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

How Grandparents Can Help Adult Children Deal With Infertility
When adult children struggle with infertility, parents can't fix it, but they can be supportive.

How to Take Great Pictures of Grandchildren
Learning to take good pictures of grandchildren means learning to think and act like a photographer. Having a good camera and some technical expertise is helpful, but these tips will help any grandparent take great pictures of grandchildren.

Be a Happier Grandparent
Seeking happiness? Grandparents face the usual barriers to bliss, plus a couple of unique ones. Learn how to be a happier grandparent.

Does Your House Say You're a Grandparent?
Whether they are residents or visitors, grandchildren have an impact on your home. Here's how to maintain the vibe you want while incorporating grandchild paraphernalia.

Six Things That Grandparents Worry About
Grandparents worry about their grandchildren -- their diets, sleep habits, addiction to technology, their materialism. They also think perhaps that kids are too much in charge. But mostly they worry about their futures.

Stories to Tell Your Grandchildren
Want to better fill your role as the family storyteller? Choosing the best subjects for storytelling will guarantee an eager audience of grandchildren.

Grandkids Say the Darndest Things!
Grandchildren have some great lines. On-the-ball grandparents write them down so they can be enjoyed another day.

Disadvantages of Facebook That Grandparents Should Know About
Grandparents who are considering joining Facebook should know about the disadvantages of Facebook, including privacy concerns, spam and too much information. Page 2.

What Grandparents Should Know About the Advantages of Facebook
Staying connected with family may be the most important of the advantages of Facebook, but it's not the only one. Page 3.

Should Grandparents Join Facebook
Should you join Facebook? Millions of grandparents have. The social networking site works well for connecting with family members.

Grand Photo of the Week: Berry Good
Gardening with grandchildren is great fun, but pick-your-own farms make it possible for grandparents and grandchildren to share the fruits of gardening

Lifelong Learning for Grandparents
Lifelong learning for grandparents can be life-enhancing. Grandparents can improve their own quality of life and become better grandparents.

Thrifty Thursday: Check Out Season and Annual Passes
Thrifty Thursday: Check Out Season and Annual Passes

Assistive Devices for Grandparents
For the grandparent who is not disabled but who has a little bit of trouble with some of the daily activities of life, these assistive devices can make life a little easier.

Borrow From the Children's Museums for Inexpensive Fun
A little creativity goes a long way when it comes to having inexpensive fun with grandchildren. These ideas borrowed from children's museums will delight the grandchildren without denting the grandparents' bank accounts.

Real World Math to Do With Grandchildren
Find real world math problems while doing everyday activities with grandchildren and help them grow in their understanding of math concepts.

Five Ways Grandparents Can Get Stronger Without Going to the Gym
Grandparents who notice that they are not as strong as they used to be can remedy the situation with these five exercises, and they won't even have to go to the gym.

Fun Fitness for Grandparents and Grandchildren
If you are looking for fun fitness activities to share with the grandchildren, try these: hooping, conductorcise, line dancing, working out with a water noodle and walking. All of great for all ages.

FAQs about Grandparent Visitation
Grandparents may know the basics about grandparent visitation rights, but may not know about serving as their own attorney, asking for mediation and many other issues association with grandparent visitation.

Readers Ask: Grandparenting Questions
Readers have grandparenting questions. Subjects covered include jealous grandparents, overprotective parents and many other family issues.

Healthy Foods for Kids - Feed the Grandkids Fruits and Vegetables
If you are sometimes responsible for feeding your grandchildren, you probably are concerned with healthy foods for kids, and that means lots of fruit and vegetables. Read some tips about how to get the grandkids to eat them.

Books for Jewish Grandparents to Share With Their Grandchildren
All families should own books that reflect their own beliefs and value systems. For Jewish families, locating those books can be difficult. Jewish grandparents may have a hard time finding appropriate books to share with their grandchildren. These selections are sure to please.

Grandparents and Senior Fitness
Grandparents need to be in good shape to keep up with energetic grandchildren. Learn about the best strategies for senior fitness.

Reducing Grandparents' Holiday Stress
Grandparents often host the family for holiday events and are sometimes expected to be lavish gift-givers. Is it any wonder that grandparents' holiday stress levels are high? These eight suggestions will help grandparents pare down holiday activities and expenses to those that are really meaningful.

Raising Grandchildren - Grandparents Tell About Raising Grandchildren
It may not be what they planned, but millions of grandparents end up raising grandchildren. Mostly they do it with joy and grace, as these reader submissions show.

Dinosaur Pet - A Dinosaur Book and CD for Kids
Neil Sedaka and his son Marc Sedaka collaborated on this dinosaur book and the accompanying CD. Dinosaur Pet is sung to the tune of Sedaka's hit

Blowin' in the Wind Lyrics in Children's Book
The amazing artwork of Jon J. Muth combines with the

Gift for New Grandmothers Grandma's Short and Sweet Survival Guide
If you are looking for a small gift for a new grandmother, Grandma's Survival Guide is the perfect choice. It's cute, readable and filled with good grandparenting tips.

Letters to My Grandchildren - No One Ever Told Us That
John D. Spooner's letters to his grandchildren are filled with smart financial advice as well as personal insights.

Grandchildren: Our Hopes and Dreams, A Book About Raising Grandchildren
Grandparents raising grandchildren often need sensible and up-to-date advice, and Sally Kabak provides it in plenty in Grandchildren: Our Hopes and Dreams, subtitled A Practical and Modern Guide to Raising Grandchildren.

Glow Book from Crayola
The Glow Book allows grandkids to create flashing, glowing art, like making their own neon sign. A damp cloth removes the drawing so that kids can create over and over again. It's a gift for grandkids that will unlock their creativity.

Imagine I Can Secret Agent Spy Gear from Manhattan Toy
The Imagine I Can line from Manhattan Toy offers games, crafts and role-playing kits. The Secret Agent Spy Gear kit offers a cool decoding device but not much else to hold a child's interest.

Micro Chargers Crash Zone Track
Micro Chargers bring a smile to every face. The grandchildren will love running the tiny car around the track.

Granny Pod
A granny pod is a portable housing unit designed for a person who needs supervision, such as an elderly or disabled person.

Grandparent Custody
A grandparent seeking custody of a grandchild must go through the same process as any person who wishes to gain custody of a child; however, as a relative, a grandparent should receive special consideration.

Grandparents as House Guests
A young parent asks if she has to welcome her in-laws as house guests.

Grandmothers and Wedding Decisions
A distraught mother-of-the-bride reports that the two grandmothers are distressing everyone with their attempts to influence wedding decisions.

Should I Co-Sleep With My Grandchild?
A reader asks if it is advisable to co-sleep with a grandchild. Many parents have embraced co-sleeping. Should grandparents as well?

Why Can't Grandparent Visitation Laws Be Uniform?
The variation in grandparent visitation laws from state to state greatly complicates the process of obtaining visitation. Grandparents often wonder why there can't be uniformity in grandparent visitation laws.

Grandparent Quotations - Quotes about Grandparents and Grandparenting
Everyone who has been a grandparent, or been touched by one, has opinions about grandparenting. These grandparent quotations capture the many sides of grandparenting.

Photo Gallery of Grandchildren in Halloween Costumes
Grandchildren who are anime lovers can create some unique Halloween costumes, especially with some help from a grandparent. Page 4.

Photo Gallery of Grandchildren in Halloween Costumes
The Grim Reaper is a classic costume for a grandchild with a liking for the macabre.

Photo Gallery of Grandchildren in Halloween Costumes
Mr. Potato Head is a classic Halloween costume that's fun for kids and grownups. Page 9.

Photo Gallery of Grandchildren in Halloween Costumes
Older granddaughters will like a little flash in their Halloween costumes. Page 8.

Photo Gallery of Grandchildren in Halloween Costumes
Grandparents may not like Halloween costumes that are scary, but some grandchildren think that outfits like this Scream costume are the best. Page 11.

What Is Aging in Place?
Aging in Place is the philosophy that elders should be allowed to live out their lives in their own homes and that they should be supplied with the resources they need to do so.

Do Swimming Lessons Keep Children Safe in the Water?
What protective value do swimming lessons have for children under age 4? What safety measures need to be practiced at all ages?

Making Memories - Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren That Are Sure to Make Memories
Sharing time and making memories with grandchildren--what could be more fun! If you are able to travel with your grandchildren, here are some great destinations and travel tips. You'll find ideas for great beach vacations, family resorts, cruises and camping trips. You don't have to leave home, however, to enjoy these books, toys, games, crafts and projects. You'll want to share your knowledge of gardening and cooking with your grandchildren. And check out these ideas for family celebrations.

Fall and Winter - Enjoying Fall, Winter and the Holiday Season With Grandchildren
Some grandparents say that it's their favorite time of the year. Fall and the winter holidays certainly offer rich opportunities for bonding with grandchildren. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or another winter holiday, it's bound to be a special time. And don't forget to plan something special for your Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations as well.

All in the Family - Practical Guide to Successful Multigenerational Living
If you are considering multigenerational living, this book is a must-read. Besides analyzing the options for shared housing, it offers insight into the interpersonal issues involved.

Which Grandmother Name Is Right For You?
So you're going to be a grandmother! What grandmother name suits you best? Take the quiz to find out.

Which Grandmother Name Is Right For You?
So you're going to be a grandmother! What grandmother name suits you best? Take the quiz to find out.

Choosing Your Grandmother Name - Which Grandmother Name Suits You Best?
So you're going to be a grandmother! Which grandmother name is perfect for you? Take the quiz to find out.

Choosing Your Grandfather Name - Which Grandfather Name Suits You Best?
So you're going to be a grandfather! Which grandfather name is perfect for you? Take the quiz to find out.

Parents Without Parents - Parentless Parents
What is it like to be parentless parents? Allison Gilbert explores the world of parents without parents in this insightful book, subtitled

Kinship Care Through the National Family Caregiver Support Program - NFCSP Supports Kinship Care
Five types of support services are provided to kinship care providers under the National Family Caregiver Support Program (NFCSP)

Quotations About Grandparents
Looking for quotations about grandparents and grandparenting? Check out this compilation, subdivided for ease in searching.

Grandparent Rights and Monetary Considerations
Grandparent rights cannot be secured with monetary considerations, as these court cases illustrate. Such financial considerations could induce parents to act in a way that would not be in the best interests of the child.

Grandparent Stories - Readers Are Invited to Show and Tell Their Grandparent Stories
Do you have grandparent stories to tell? has a

Grandparent Stories - Readers Are Invited to Show and Tell Their Grandparent Stories
Do you have grandparent stories to tell? has a

Cooking, Sewing, Gardening & Other Skills for Grandparents to Share
As a grandparent, you have valuable skills and the time to share them with your grandchildren. Gardening, cooking, sewing, and using tools are just a few of the real-world proficiencies that you could pass on to your grands.

Advice for New Grandparents - What New Grandparents Need to Know
New grandparents have a lot of joy in store, but they may also have some adjusting to do. Here is practical advice to help new grandfathers and grandmothers, including advice on helping new parents, choosing a grandparent name, purchasing baby equipment, dealing with special needs grandchildren and recognizing postpartum depression.

Quotations About Grandparents
These quotations about grandparents will make you smile and will also give you a deeper appreciation for what you have in common with other grandparents.

Hot Issues - Dealing With Family Issues and Conflicts
Grandparents often are involved in family issues and conflicts. Perhaps there are disagreements about how grandchildren should be disciplined. Perhaps you are dealing with death, divorce or blended families. Perhaps you are a stepgrandparent, a long-distance grandparent or a grandparent raising grandchildren. There are financial concerns, such as gift-giving, assistance with college educations and leaving money to family in wills and trusts. All these family issues call for tact and love.

Getting Ready to be Grandparents- What New Grandparents Need to Know
Becoming a grandparent is one of the most important of life's passages. New grandparents have a lot of joy in store, but they may also have some adjusting to do. Choosing grandparent names and preparing the grandparents' home are just two of the tasks facing new grandparents. Perhaps the greatest role for new grandparents is helping out the new parents.

Picaboo - Photo Books for Grandchildren From Picaboo
Picaboo is a leading company producing photo books. Grandparents can make high-quality photo books for grandchildren using Picaboo.

Grandparents Rights - Visitation and Other Grandparents Rights
The right of grandparents to visit and otherwise maintain a relationship with grandchildren is not guaranteed by law. Many factors enter into court decisions about grandparents rights. The statutes and legal precedents that determine grandparents rights vary from state to state.

Hawaiian Name for Grandmother - Grandparent Names in Other Languages
The most commonly used Hawaiian name for a grandmother is tutu.

Behavior and Discipline Issues Involving Your Grandchildren - What's a Grandparent to Do?
One of the most volatile areas of intergenerational relationships is the area of behavior and discipline. Grandparents don't always approve of their grandkids' behavior, and they don't always approve of their children's discipline methods. Working through these issues is, however, vital to family harmony.