Grandparents Sitemap - Page 4 2016-09-26

Feeding Your Grandchildren - Providing Healthy Meals and Snacks That Kids Will Eat
One of the most challenging aspects of keeping your grandchildren in your home can be feeding them. Creating meals that the older generation and the younger generation will both enjoy can be difficult. Providing healthy snacks and accommodating food allergies are additional concerns.

Grandparents Today - Statistics and Facts About Age, Employment, Health, Finances and Life Expectancy for Grandparents of Today
Today's grandparents fit a variety of profiles, but some generalities about age, employment, health, financial status and life expectancy can better help us understand grandparents as a group.

Grandparenting Roles - Traditional, Co-residential and Custodial Roles for Grandparents
Most grandparents today live separately from their grandchildren, seeing them frequently, occasionally or rarely. A growing number of grandparents, however, live with at least one grandchild and share in child-rearing responsibilities. Then there are grandparents who are custodial parents and are actually raising their grandchildren, serving as primary caregivers.

Grandparenting Teenagers - The Trials and Rewards of Having Grandchildren Who Are Adolescents
Adolescence is a difficult time for many children, but it is also an exciting time of multiple changes. Teenagers need understanding grandparents, and sometimes their parents need support also.

Grandparents Growing With Grandchildren - Sharing Your Grandchildren's Interests
As your grandchildren become school-aged, your relationship with them will change. You will want to share their interests and activities when appropriate. You'll probably become a sports booster and an avid member of the audience at many functions.

Helpful Products for Accommodating Grandchildren in Grandparents' Homes
Equipment for feeding, sleeping and playing makes grandchildren's visits to your home safer and easier. Portable cribs, feeding chairs, baby swings and other gear should be chosen for safety, economy, usability and ease of storage.

Sharing Your Sewing Abilities With Grandchildren - Ideas for Grandparents
Some say it's a lost art, but those who love sewing and needlework refuse to let it die. What better way is there to preserve the art of sewing than to teach it to the grandchildren?

Away From Home With Grandchildren - Helpful Hints for Grandparents About Short Outings & Eating Out
As much as you enjoy being at home with your grandchildren, sometimes you need to get out of the house. Short outings and eating out can be fun if you think ahead and head off problems before they occur. Choosing kid-friendly destinations is important, as is letting kids know ahead of time what your expectations are. And always have an alternate plan in case something goes wrong.

Sleep Safety - How Grandparents can Keep Grandchildren Safe in Bed
We speak sometimes of our children or grandchildren being

Grandparenting the Special Needs Child - How Grandparents Can Help Out With Special Needs Grandchildren
Grandparents are impacted as well as parents when a child is born with special needs. In other cases, a child's special needs are not evident at birth but present themselves later. In both cases, grandparents may need assistance in accepting and dealing with their grandchild’s situation. Grandparents can be invaluable to the family in the situation of a special needs child.

Sporting and Outdoor Equipment for Grandparents and Grandchildren
Grandparents usually enjoy seeing their grandchildren getting fresh air and exercise. The best way to facilitate that is with sporting equipment or other outdoor toys.

Toys for Your Grandchildren - Product Reviews
Which toys will grandchildren most enjoy, either as toys for grandma's closet or as gifts to take home? There are so many choices, but here are some that are grandparent- and grandchild-tested.

Water Safety - Keeping Your Grandchildren Safe While Swimming, Boating and Bathing
Children and water naturally go together, but water can also be one of the most treacherous settings when it comes to insuring the safety of your grandchildren. Knowledge of the hazards will help you keep your grandkids secure whether swimming, boating or just bathing.