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Apple Software - Using Apple Software for your Design Business
The software that is included with all new Apple computers can be very handy for managing tasks beyond your personal life. Here are some tips for using Mac applications in your design business.

OmniGraffle Review – Creating Wireframes and Flowcharts with OmniGraffle Software
OmniGraffle, now in version 5, is Mac software that simplifies the creation of wireframes, flowcharts and other diagrams by providing shape, line, arrow, text and graphics tools to use on a blank canvas. Many stencil sets, which are collections of graphics with a particular theme, are available that make the software even more powerful.

The Dieline - Recommended Graphic Design Packaging Website
The Dieline is a website all about package design, with a blog of beautiful packaging and a directory of package designers.

Graphic Design Quote Tip – Ask the Client What Their Budget Is
The most simple and straightforward approach to determining a budget is to ask the client what they can spend.

Negotiation Techniques – Negotiating with Clients by Knowing Your Ideal Fees
When going into a meeting with a potential graphic design client, negotiating cost will often be the most difficult part of the conversation. Talking about the design or technical side of a project is usually relatively easy. In a negotiation, both parties should be looking for a mutually beneficial relationship; the designer gets a price he or she sees as fair for the amount of work, and the client gets quality work within their budget.

Graphic Design Pricing - Factors that Affect Graphic Design Budgets
Graphic design pricing and budgets can be difficult to determine, especially when you are getting started. Fastspot's Tracey Halvorsen talks about factors that can affect graphic design pricing, such as the importance of a project to your portfolio and referrals that can come out of the work.

PostScript Type 1 Fonts - What is a PostScript Font
A postScript font, or a type 1 font, has two parts, one for displaying the font on screen and the other for printing. PostScript fonts were developed by Adobe and for a long time considered the professional's choice for printing.

Who Owns the Rights to a Graphic Work?
Unless otherwise specified in a contract, the graphic designer retains the right to his or her creations, and should always attempt to do so.

Designs Using Lines - How are Lines Used in Graphic Design
Lines are used to divide space, direct the eye, and create forms. At the most basic level, straight lines are found in layouts to separate content, such as in magazine, newspaper, and website designs. This can of course go much further, with curved, dotted, and zigzag lines used as the defining elements on a page and as the basis for illustrations and graphics.

Client Red Flags - 10 Early Warning Signs of a Bad Client
It is often the case that designers are competing for projects, and the client is selecting who to work with based on experience, rates and many other factors. At the same time, however, designers should be deciding if the client is a good fit for them.

Graphic Design Career Paths - Career Paths for Graphic Designers
There are many career paths to take within the field of graphic design. Graphic designers may choose to work as book designers, in web design, branding, illustration, logo design or often a combination of several fields.

Business Budgets - How to Find Out Your Client's Budget
Finding our your client's budget can save a lot of time and aggravation. By simply asking, or researching, how much a client can spend you can often determine not only if you can take a job, but what type of service you can provide. As there are often variables that can greatly affect costs, it will help you work with the client rather than quoting blindly and potentially losing a project.

Graphic Design Business - The Business of Graphic Design
Tips and advice on running a graphic design business, including writing contracts, setting hourly and flat rates, project management, marketing, and dealing with clients.

Improve Your Business - Five Ways to Improve Your Graphic Design Business
There are many ways to improve your graphic design business. Some of the most obvious ways include building your portfolio and improving your skill set through practice or courses. However, there are additional improvements you can make to your business that don't involve design work. These include anything from how you dress to how you write.

Estimated Quarterly Taxes - What Are Estimated Quarterly Taxes?
Graphic designers working independently as freelancers or running their own design business should pay estimated quarterly taxes to avoid penalties and large payments at the end of each year. These estimated taxes are based on your income from the previous year or estimated income from the current year.

IBM Print Ad Campaign by Noma Bar
IBM Print Ad Campaign by Noma Bar

Adobe Photoshop Etiquette Manifesto for Web Designers - Learn Good Photoshop Etiquette
When delivering Photoshop files to fellow designers, web developers, printers and others it is important to leave them with something manageable. Photoshop files can easily get out of hand with dozens (or more) layers without names, no folder organization, and confusing file names. Ever have a file named along the lines of design_new_new_final.psd? Fix those Photoshop habits and learn good manners with the Photoshop Etiquette Manifesto.

Get Inspired - Graphic Design Inspiration
Ways to get inspired for your next graphic design project, including methods, places to visit and books to read.

Top Font Picks - The Best Fonts
The best fonts for different types of projects and businesses.