Graphics Software Sitemap - Page 23 2016-09-26

Adobe Photoshop Elements Basics Lesson 3 - Image Modes and Color Selection
In lesson 3 of Photoshop Elements Basics, you will learn about color modes and color selection methods. This lesson takes a detailed look at the color picker, the color swatches palette, the info palette, and the eyedropper tool. You'll also learn how to create a custom color swatch collection.

Photoshop Elements Basics Lesson 2 - Working with Documents
Now that you've become familiar with the Photoshop Elements interface, I'm sure you're eager to get started working with documents. We touched a bit on working with documents in lesson one by learning to pan and zoom. In this lesson you'll learn about the Navigator and History palettes, the new window, duplicate image, image size and canvas size commands, the crop tool, and saving images.