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Green Living at Home - Your House and Green Living
Green living at home can be easy, fun and inexpensive. Find tips on turning your house or apartment into a safe, healthy green home. Topics include green and non-toxic cleaning products, home energy use, allergies and indoor air quality, and the best green products for your house or apartment.

Green Living Basics - The Basics of Green Living
Looking for an introduction to green living? Here you'll find simple tips for leading a more sustainable life.

Amazing Uses for Coffee Grounds
Coffee grounds are one of those things that you'll want to reuse because they have so many great uses. Here are just a few to get you started!

Amazing Uses for Citrus Peels
Citrus peels have a lovely aroma, and if you've ever peeled one you know they contain a lot of oils. Here are a few ideas to harvest that goodness!

Tips and Advice on Green Living from Amanda Hearn
Learn how to be eco-friendly with Amanda Hearn's easy tips and advice. Make DIY cleansers, find all natural products, and more.

Tips for Naturally Cleaning Your Bathroom
It may not be the most favorite room in the house, but someone's gotta do it. These tips can help make it less toxic and a little more bearable.

5 Budget-Friendly Tips for Building or Renovating a Green Home
Creating a more sustainable home can be about so much more than

8 Ways to Green Your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces
Easy tips to help you create more sustainable spaces.

Four Smart Ways to Keep Children Caring About Our Planet
A few simple tips that can have a long-lasting and far-reaching impact on the world around us.

Earth Friendly Practices that Will Help You Save Money
Here are a few tips that you can easily apply in your home to turn it into a lean, mean cash-saving machine.

Green Architecture and Design - Architecture, Design and the Environment
What is green architecture and design? Find out about sustainable interior design, green buildings, LEED certification, home renovations, recycled building materials, green home design, energy use, lighting, contractors and architects, solar energy and urban planning for the environment.

Home Color Schemes We’re Ready to Let Go
If you find yourself having a hard time choosing a color theme for your home, it may be a bit easier after reading through this list of don'ts.

10 Tips for Living a Healthier, Greener Life
The truth is that you can you can create a safe and healthy home within any budget, and by maintaining your existing budget. These tips can help.

Green Shopping - Buying Green Products
Green shopping is good for you and for the planet. Learn about greenwashing,, labels and certifications, organic and natural products, green retailers, precycling, recyclable packaging and reviews of green products.

Have You Thought About the Environmental Impact of Food Production?
According to the EPA, food consumption accounts for 28% of the world’s ecological footprint and most people contribute towards it without knowing.

Healthy Living - Green Living and Your Health
Green living is healthy living. Find out about local foods, slow foods, organic and natural products, green bath and body products, vegan and vegetarian diets, farmers markets, and natural herbs and supplements.

7 Indoor Plants That Are Dangerous to Children & Pets
Research is necessary when bringing plants into a home with pets or kids. If in doubt, put it up out of reach of little hands and curious paws!

How to Green Your Medicine Cabinet
Embrace a healthier lifestyle by stocking your medicine cabinet with natural solutions that will get the job done and support your overall health too.

Green Yard - Green Lawn Care and Outdoor Living
A healthy, beautiful yard can be yours with these tips on green landscaping. Find ways to make your outdoor living safe and sustainable. Topics include pools, spas, lawn maintenance, outdoor furniture, herbicides, fertilizers, pest control, solar lighting, kitchen gardens, water conservation and barbecues.

Living Off Grid: How to Drive or Drill Your Own Well
Drilling or driving a well isn’t that difficult once you know the steps, and the work is well worth the benefit!

6 Easy Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption at Home
Embrace alternate forms of energy whenever possible, and try these tips to help do your part in reducing overall energy consumption in homes.

6 Ways Greener Living Can Promote Healthy Vision
There are so many amazing benefits of being more earth conscious, but did you know that improving your vision can be one too?

How Much Protein Do You Really Need In Your Diet?
Protein is an important part of a healthy diet, but how much do you really need?

Using Curtains to Improve Indoor Air Quality & Battle Global Warming
The switch to more sustainable curtains could help improve your indoor air quality while doing some good for the environment too.

7 Tips to Naturally Care for Wood Cutting Boards
One important aspect of using a wooden cutting board is taking proper care and maintenance it. Here are some quick and easy tips.

10 Most Effective Eco-Friendly Home Cleaners
When it comes to delivering a big eco-friendly bang for your buck, these 10 cleaners are most effective.

How to Start a Permaculture Garden
Permaculture gardening is an excellent way to grow your own food and use what nature gives you to make it happen.

Healthy Cooking
Recipes, tips and tricks for creating healthy, organic meals.

How to Make Your Own Sweet Cream Butter
That may sound like a tough task but it’s surprisingly easy. Once you make your own butter, you will never buy the store bought stuff again.

Cooling Your Space Sustainably & With Style
A good design is both aesthetically beautiful and functional, and ceiling fan designs have sure come a long way!

Green Holidays
Ideas to make your holidays more sustainable.

How to Have a Green Mother’s Day
Earth-friendly ideas to help you to show your mom some love without all of the waste.

How to Use a Pressure Canner
Few things can compare to the joy of having home canned goods in the middle of the winter and knowing you canned them in your own kitchen is even sweeter!

8 Fabulous Uses for Oxygen Bleach
Oxygen bleach is a versatile cleaning staple that is a safer alternative to chlorine bleach - and it's not just for laundry!

The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Sofa for Your Living Room
Here are 12 tips to help you choose the right sofa for your living room.

Replacing Old Floors the Eco-Conscious Way
Flooring options to help create a stunning effect in your home while being easy on the environment and your health!

How to Start a Food Swap
When planning your Food Swap, keep it simple but be creative and make it fun. These tips can help!

7 Eco-Friendly Ways to Declutter
There’s no better way to free up space in your home — and your mind — than getting rid of things you don’t need anymore. Here are seven ways to help!

Organic Food: What’s Worth Your Money & What Isn’t
Families wonder if the benefits of organic foods warrant the higher costs. We can't make that decision for you, but here's some food for thought!

Squeezing More Function In Green Home Improvement
Little tweaks to your projects can add up to big changes, letting you improve your home while keeping your carbon and water footprint light and small.

Menstrual Cup 101
In recent years, they have gone from hippie craze to mainstream topic and feminist obsession. Here's a look at the benefits of the menstrual cup.

Beached Whales and Sonar | Whales and Sonar
Beached whales and sonar - what's the link? New research has found a disturbing connection between whale beaching and sonar used by navies to track submarines.

What Is Soil | Facts About Soil
What is soil? It's essential for the survival of life on Earth, but due to soil erosion, it's disappearing fast. Get the facts on soil conservation.

Public Transportation
Why do Americans hate public transportation so much? There are several reasons, many based on mass transit funding cuts. What's your beef about public transit and mass transportation?

Uses for Vinegar
Cleaning with vinegar is just one of many uses for this

Reduce Greenhouse Gases
If you're wondering how to reduce greenhouse gases that are contributing to global warming and climate change, here is a list of easy ways to reduce greenhouse gas levels.

Advantages of Wind Turbines
Advantages of Wind Turbines. Green Living.

Public Health - Natural Disasters
Do epidemics and other public health crises follow natural disasters? In some cases, diseases like cholera, diarrhea and tetanus can occur, but not in others.

How to Save Energy
Here are 12 easy tips for how to save energy. From your car to your dinner table, oil and other petroleum products have taken hold of every aspect of our lives, but you can easily loosen oil's grip on your existence by saving energy while saving money, too.

Green Cleaning with Homemade Cleaners
Ready to start green cleaning with homemade cleaners? Clean your home with the eight healthy, green cleaners listed here. From the kitchen sink to the bathroom shower and toilet, these eco-friendly natural cleaners will get the job done -- and for a lot less money.

Non-Lead Ammunition | Lead-Free Ammo | Green Bullets
The U.S. military is switching to non-lead ammunition to reduce the risk of lead poisoning. Many hunters, too, are switching to lead-free ammo, green ammo or green bullets.

Gift Donation to an Environmental Organization
This holiday season, give a gift donation to an environmental organization. It's also a great birthday, bar/bat mitzvah or wedding gift. Charitable giving to environmental groups or green causes is a very thoughtful gift to your loved one, as well as to the Earth.

BP Oil Spill - Boycott BP - Protest BP Oil Spill
Should you boycott BP? Millions of consumers are considering a boycott of the troubled oil and gas company over the BP oil spill. But what, if anything, will a boycott of BP accomplish? What else can you do to protest the BP oil spill?

Greenwashing | Greenwash
Greenwashing occurs when people, governments or companies boast about environmental credentials that just aren't true, or provide only half the truth. Here are ten ways to spot a greenwash ad when you've seen one.

Green Christmas | How to Have a Green Christmas
Looking for ways to have a green Christmas this year? Make your holiday green with these tips on green gifts, sustainable travel, homemade decorations and more.

Recycling Symbols Made Easy - How to Recycle
Recycling symbols for paper, plastic and metal are explained in easy-to-understand language. Learn how to recycle by finding out what different recycling symbols mean.

5 Sustainable Plumbing Tips
These simple tips help you save resources and cut down on your utility bills!

Green Events and Programs - Government Programs and Green Living
Green living and environmental awareness has become part of many events, organizations and government offices. Learn about government incentive programs for going green, your taxes, the EPA and climate change, the Department of Energy and money-saving initiatives, and environmental education and college programs.

Recycling and Waste - Household Waste and Recycling
Here you'll find tips to make recycling and green living easy for your household. Learn about composting, waste handling, wastewater treatment, graywater, upcycling, recycling symbols and how to handle household hazardous waste.

Science and Technology - Green Living with Science and Technology
Science and technology are leading the way to a more sustainable lifestyle for all. Learn about alternative energy sources, battery technology, water and air pollution, solar and wind energy, lighting innovations and ways to make your cell phones and computers a little greener.

Green Family Living - Green Living with Children and Pets
Families, children and pets are an important part of green living. Learn about being environmentally aware at school, the healthy baby, pet care and food, weddings, funerals, green holidays and gifts.

The Green Office - Green Living at Work
Your office can be a green, healthy place to work. Find easy ways to set up a green office, recycle products, find a green job, telecommute, use sustainable office products, and convince the boss to go green.

Green Travel - Green Living when Traveling
Your green lifestyle can travel with you whether you're walking around town or flying across the globe. Topics include car care and auto emissions, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles, staying green when traveling abroad, airplane and boat travel, bicycles, mass transit and reviews of sustainable travel products.

Green living and frugality go hand-in-hand. DIY is a great way to save money and be aware of every ingredients you use in your home.

Natural Parenting
Natural Parenting topics. Green Living.

Jewelry Safety for Parents & Kids
Toxic materials in childrens' jewelry is more prevalent than you might think, but we have tips to help keep you and your child happy!

Green Your Next Move
Here are some of our favorite tips to green your next move and drastically cut down on waste.

Using Integrated Pest Management In Your Garden
If you’re planning to garden this spring, start reading now and plan well. Follow these tips and you'll have a healthy garden you can feel good about!

7 Things Fashion-Minded People Can Do to Be More Green
These tips can help us to make eco-conscious choices in every part of our lives, including the way we purchase and wear our clothes.

Caring for Enlarged or Clogged Pores… The Green Way
There are good alternatives, to toxic products, that are very effective and much safer for the environment.

Easy Tips for Ethical Shopping
Here are some of our favorite tips to help you shop ethically over the next year, and beyond.

Hidden Electricity Drains in Your Home
Many devices still draw power, even if when they’re not in use or appear to be off. Some of the biggest offenders may surprise you!

Intro to Cloth Menstrual Pads
The stigma surrounding menstruation is finally beginning to fade and a curiosity about reusable options is growing, and for good reason!

Who says a green wedding can’t be big and fabulous?
Environmentally-friendly weddings can have an exclusive, luxurious vibe that will leave your guests speechless!

Simple Tips for Green Cleaning
Green cleaning is a smart way to clean your house the safe, non-toxic way. Take a look at these tips for cleaning your house with natural cleaners and green cleaning products from the store, or try homemade cleaners in your kitchen, bathroom and everywhere in your home.

The Causes and Effects of Acid Rain
Acid rain has emerged as one of the most important green issues of our time. But what causes acid rain, and what are the effects of acid rain?

The Green Benefits of a Roof Garden
If you're looking for a great way to conserve energy, save money, enjoy fresh local produce and reuse wasted space, consider a roof garden. The popularity of rooftop gardens is soaring as people discover the many benefits of using formerly empty roof areas. A roof garden can be a simple or extensive, depending on how much you can invest in rooftop gardening.

Briefing: The Seveso Disaster - TCDD
Seveso, Italy, was the scene of one of the worst industrial disasters in European history, when several tons of poisonous gas -- including TCDD, a type of dioxin -- were released into a residential area. Discover the history and the aftereffects of the Seveso disaster.

Briefing: The Farm-to-Fork Movement
The farm-to-fork movement - sometimes called farm to table or farm to market - is actually a return to an older, more traditional way of getting food on your plate. From the farm or ranch to homes, businesses and farm-to-table restaurants, get the facts on this foodie revolution.

Nuclear Power, Pros and Cons
Nuclear energy is one of the most hotly debated energy and environmental issues. What are the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power plants? And given our history of nuclear accidents, is

Julia Butterfly Hill: More Than a Famous 'Tree-sitter'
Julia Hill, a.k.a. Julia Butterfly Hill, is among the most interesting environmentalists active today. Best known for spending over two years high in the branches of a redwood tree named Luna, Julia Hill remains active in environmental and social causes.

Who Killed Activist Chico Mendes?
Chico Mendes was an activist best known for his efforts at saving the rainforests of Brazil from logging and ranching activities. But his conservation efforts were too successful for some, and Mendes was shot and killed one night. Who killed Chico Mendes?

Organic Milk vs Regular Milk: Udderly Superior
Organic milk has many advantages over regular milk, but price isn't one of them. What are the benefits of organic milk, and why is it so expensive? Compare organic milk vs regular milk, and get the facts on milk hormones and milk antibiotics.

Craft and Organic Beer: Get Hoppy
Craft beer and organic beer were once niche products, but sales of these suds have skyrocketed in recent years. What makes a beer organic, and is organic beer the same as natural beer?

The First Earth Day: How the Seed Was Planted
The first Earth Day is a story of persistence, imagination and good luck. Learn all about the history of Earth Day.

Calendar of Green Holidays Around the World
Looking for a calendar of green holidays or an environmental holiday calendar? Whether you're looking for Earth Day, Arbor Day, the vernal equinox or some other event, here's a green calendar of environmental events and celebrations for 2013.

Becoming an Urban Beekeeper
Many people, including people in large cities like New York, are doing their part to save the bee population. Welcome the Urban Beekeeper!

How to Start a School Garden
All you need to build a successful school garden program is a space and to follow a few very basic steps!

Life Under a Green Roof
A green roof provides several benefits for the environment and for the people living or working in the building.

Step by Step Guide to Maintain Your Home Heating System
Proper insulation and the optimal heating solution for your home or business can help save big money and start keeping everybody warm for the long haul!

Eco Flooring Solutions That Are Anything But Boring!
Environmentally friendly materials are becoming increasingly popular, and now there is now a range of exciting, eco-friendly flooring solutions!

Ways to Discretely Secure Your Apartment
Here are a few apartment security tips that can help keep your home safe without risking discovery.

9 Fabulous Uses & Benefits of Lemon Peels
Hang on to those lemon peels! From whole body wellness to basic housekeeping, lemon peels are certainly handy to keep around.

5 DIY Home Remedies for a Healthy Glow
Give DIY beauty a shot -- you will love the results and how much money you can save in the process!

Top Green Tips To Winterizing Your Plumbing
Plumbing can have a huge impact on your eco footprint as well as your heating bills. Fortunately, winterizing your home’s plumbing is not difficult. With a bit of foresight and a few easy actions, you can keep your plumbing green all season, and save on your water and heating bills to boot!

Water Crisis
The water crisis now gripping some parts of the world is likely to spread, and few nations are prepared for a world water crisis. Drought, water shortage and a lack of safe drinking water are among the most immediate challenges facing the world today.

Plastic in Microwave | Is it Safe to Microwave Plastic
We all put plastic in the microwave, but is it safe to microwave plastic? And can BPA or phthalates make you sick? The answer may surprise you.

Plastic Bags | Ban Plastic Bags
Should we ban plastic bags? A number of communities already have, while others have proposed a tax on the use of plastic bags.

Is USDA Organic Beef Green Beef?
What is organic beef, and is this so-called green beef also healthy beef? Organic beef is not the same as grass-fed beef or pasture-fed meat, and there's no consensus on what constitutes healthy beef.

The Importance of Encouraging Children to Enjoy Nature
Author Richard Louv describes the lack of outdoor activity of kids is known as

Green Babies
Parents looking for ways to have happy, healthy, green babies can use these 10 simple green baby tips. From your green nursery to eco diapers and green baby clothing, make your child and your home healthy, safe and natural.

Gas Mileage | How to Save Gas
Looking for tips to improve the gas mileage of your car? Your car's fuel consumption can be improved by following some simple tips. Discover how to save gas today and get a better MPG tomorrow.

Free-Range and Organic Eggs - Facts and Differences
Organic eggs are different from free-range eggs. Organic eggs must meet specific USDA standards for feed, antibiotic use and other criteria. But what about cage-free eggs, vegetarian eggs and so-called natural eggs? Get the facts on egg grading.

Vegan Wine
What is vegan wine and vegetarian wine? You could be forgiven for thinking all wines are free of animal products, but that's actually not the case. Vegan wines differ in their use of finings, products used to make the wine clear.

Arsenic | Arsenic in Juice
Arsenic is commonly found in water, soil and foods -- but is it safe? Get the facts on arsenic in juice, rice and other food.

Green Car Wash | How to Wash Your Car
A green car wash means you don't have to waste water and send pollutants downstream. Learn how to wash your car the sustainable way with these green carwash tips.

Recycling Electronics
Recycling electronics isn't as easy as it should be, but with the amount of heavy metals and other hazardous components in TV sets, computers, cell phones, monitors and other electronic devices, it's important to get the facts on how to recycle electronics and other e-waste.

Compost Tea Recipe | Composting
Compost tea is a great way to help your garden plants thrive, and this simple compost tea recipe requires only a few supplies and ingredients.

The Effects of War on the Environment
The effects of war on the environment can be devastating. Impacts of war include species loss, habitat destruction and the loss of environmental protections. Discover the consequences of war with Jurgen Brauer, Carl Bruch and Geoffrey Dabelko.

Green App
If you're looking for a green app to help you go green, look no further. Here's a list of some of the best green apps for iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and Blackberry phones. Find your favorite new environmental app here.

3 Ways to Repurpose Old Furniture
Before you hit the furniture shops, consider repurposing old furniture. With a little creativity you'll have pieces to love and enjoy for years to come.

Genetically Modified Foods
Many people don't realize that the food they're buying and eating may be genetically modified foods, or GMO foods. What exactly are genetically engineered foods, and are they safe to eat?

VOC - Volatile Organic Compound in Paint
What is a volatile organic compound, or VOC? VOCs are found in a number of products including paint. There are eco-friendly paint products, including low-VOC paint and no-VOC paint and painting supplies.

Zero Energy
Zero-energy buildings and net-zero homes are the next wave of architecture, since they are free of heating, cooling, electrical and other energy costs. Find out what makes a home or office a net zero energy building.

How to Build Your Own Solar Powered Water Still
What do you do if your water supply is contaminated or suffering from serious drought? One easy solution is to build your own solar powered still.

Preparing a Natural Emergency Aid Kit
Every home should have an emergency preparedness kit. Here is a good checklist of what you need to do to prepare for an emergency situation.

Dandelions For Your Health
Thought by many to be a useless weed, dandelions are herbs, and a good source of vitamin C, potassium, iron, calcium, and protein just to name a few!

How to Make Homemade Weed Killers
You don’t have to poison your lawn in order to achieve a beautiful, weed free yard. A few basic ingredients is all you need to curb weeds—naturally.

Sustainable Changes for a Fruitful New Year
Resolutions to recycle more or to keep a plant alive can be both great lifestyle changes and resolution... they may even save you some green!

Gifts That Give Back to the Environment
Giving gifts that give back to the environment might be the best of all worlds, and our suggestions are priced to keep the green in your wallet!

14 Inspired Ways to Reuse Mason Jars
There are countless uses for jars, but here are just a few ideas to get you looking at this humble kitchen staple in a new light.

The Green Way to Purge
When our surroundings are clean, simple, and full of truly special items, our homes can truly become a calm escape in an otherwise crazy world.

6 Unexpected Advantages of Eating Whole Food Diet
A whole food diet isn’t a trend in eating that comes and goes. It supports healthy lifestyle and is crucial to maintaining proper function of our bodies.

Top Tips for Deep Cleaning Your House
Here are some great tips to help you get started on the top items on your deep cleaning checklist.

How a Vegan Diet Could Help to Improve Your Skin
Here are a few ways a vegan diet could help improve the appearance of your skin!

Apartment Essentials You May Be Missing
This checklist should not only make your apartment look good, but also safer, more secure, more comfortable, and more

Environmental Dangers Lurking Within Your Home
In addition to the regular cleaning and home maintenance, here are a few things to be aware of in your home.

Eco Friendly Ways To Decorate Your Home
There's no need to buy new. Go toxin-free and save a bundle with these tips. You may just find that you prefer your custom pieces!

Healthy Tips for Losing Weight Naturally
Staying in good health means a bit more than sticking to a nice diet. Here are a few tips to help you along and encourage a successful outcome.

Home Energy Conservation Tips for the Winter
There are steps you can take to conserve energy and save money in home this winter. Both Mother Earth and your bank account will thank you later!

The Benefits Of Organic Gardening
When all things are considered, organic gardening the most feasible option, plus it is also the most nutritious and most logical way to grow our food!

7 Deliciously Awesome Smoothies for Weight Loss
A powerful smoothie can help set your day off with a a fresh feeling and a healthy boost of energy! Check out these recipes to get started.

9 Things You Should Never Buy Again
We're always feeling the pressure to buy, but we think that these are a few items you can skip!

Cooking Without Nonstick Coatings & Plastics
Switching up your kitchen routines may seem like a chore but it's easier than you thing -- plus it's well worth the effort!

How to Grow Plants From Produce
Growing your own plants can be rewarding, and they area great way to spruce up your home. All you need are a few supplies and a bit of patience!

How to Set Up a Recycling Station at Home
Recycling stations don't have to be dull and dirty. Get creative and you may just find that it's easier than you think!

Definition of Phthalates
What is a phthalate and why should you care? Phthalates are found in thousands of ordinary household products like toys and baby items, and are endocrine disruptors that may be affecting your family's health.

18 Things You Should Never Throw Away
Not all trash is treasure, but we're pretty sure that these ideas will help save you time, sanity, and maybe a few other things too.

Top 5 Healthy Ways to Cook With a Busy Life
Learn how to take advantage of the best ways to streamline, organize and improve the way you approach cooking at home!

Could You Live in a "Tiny House"
Tiny houses are sweeping the nation and captivating the imagination, but do you think that you could live in one?

Could Cleaning Chemicals be the Source of Your Dry Skin?
Caring for your skin isn’t a one-time deal. These tips can help you avoid the irritants and keep your skin looking and feeling its best!

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - The Silent Killer
Carbon monoxide - chemical formula CO - is a potentially deadly gas that's produced when a fuel is burned, including wood, gasoline, oil, plant matter or another source of combustion. Learn how to protect yourself and your family from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Climate Change
Climate change and global warming are hot topics, and getting hotter every day. Here's a brief conversation about the facts on greenhouse gases, politics like the Kyoto Protocol, and your carbon footprint.

Global Climate Change
Climate change and global warming are hot topics, and getting hotter every day. Here's a brief conversation about the facts on greenhouse gases, politics like the Kyoto Protocol, and your carbon footprint. Page 2.

Natural Lice Prevention & Treatment
Treating lice naturally is a kinder and gentler approach than the toxic chemicals found in traditional treatments — and they can work just as well!

8 Myths about Green Living Debunked
Some feel that their choice to go green won't make a difference, but that's not true! Consider these common misconceptions as we debunk them!

Tips for Celebrating a Green & Healthy Halloween
Whether you opt for eco-friendly treats, green costumes, or energy-free transportation, you’ll be setting an example with plenty of fun!

Organic Gardening Tips for Effective Pest Control
In the battle with pests, you may need to use all that the nature has to offer. These tips can help as you winterize and plan next season's garden.

A Green Skincare Routine for Autumn & Winter
If you want to ensure your skin says smooth and supple this winter, try these green skincare tips to help keep winter woes at bay.

Helping Your Law Firm "Go Green"
We've compiled some of our favorite tips to help your law firm become more environmentally responsible, while saving big!

12 Easy Tips for Conserving Water at Home
Water treatment requires a lot of resources (and your budget) but these tips can help you reduce the amount of water you consume… simply!

Natural First Aid Must-Haves
All of the healing without any of the toxic chemicals and unnecessary ingredients. Here are a few items you should never be without!

6 Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality
Improving indoor air quality shouldn't be complicated. These simple tips can help you improve conditions and improve your overall quality of life.

Eco-Friendly Items That Pay for Themselves { Over & Over Again! }
Here are a few eco-friendly items to help you get started with a healthier home and more wiggle room in your monthly budget!

Eco-Friendly Landscaping Tips
There are many ways you can design your landscape to be more earth conscious. Here are some ideas to get you started!

DIY Teeth Whitening Products
These tips may seem a bit radical, but they work and are well worth a try. Plus they'll save you a pretty penny!

Paving the Way to a Greener Commute with Video Conferencing
Video conferencing offers a greener and more eco-friendly solution to the problem of travel and communication. Here's how!

Tips for Hosting an Eco-Friendly Party
Being 'green' is easier than you might think once you know how to go about it, and it can really pay off!

5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Weeds in Your Lawn
Weeds taking over your lawn? Skip the harmful herbicides and use an organic method instead!

How to Make Your Own Homemade Herbal Shampoo
Commercial shampoos often contain questionable ingredients which may not be good for your scalp, but making your own is easy and tailored for you!

What You Don't Know About Dry Cleaning Could Hurt You
What you need to know before making your next trip to the dry cleaner.

5 Sustainable Foods to Help Soothe Chapped Lips
We can use a lip balm to protect and soothe our lips, but it’s important to know what your body needs to prevent chapped lips in the first place!

The Hidden Dangers of Eyelash Extensions
While wearing eyelash extensions may seem great, there are hidden dangers to consider before giving them a try.

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Hummus
The ingredients contained in hummus are plant based, whole and unprocessed. Just a few reasons why it's an excellent choice to support wellness.

Tips for Enjoying Greener Festivals
Tips to reduce your carbon footprint and the effect you have on the environment, all while enjoying the fun and enrichment that festivals have to offer.

6 Daily Habits of the Frugal Renter
You can be frugal no matter where or how you live. These tips for renters will help stretch your budget so you can start living life to the fullest.

Grow These 3 Healing Herbs to Keep the Doctor Away
Herbs are not only fun to grow at home, but also come with many health benefits. Learn how these three power herbs can get you started!

Homesteading: Where do you begin?
Having a homestead can provide a lot of economical benefits and environmentally friendly perks. These tips will help you get started!

Greywater for Beginners
Greywater isn't part a sci fi plot point, but part of a system of conserving, retaining, & reusing a valuable resource. These tips can get you started!

5 Homemade Detox Drinks For Weight Loss
These five drinks can go a long way in helping you achieve your weight loss goals while eliminating toxic substances from your body at the same time.

Tips for Moving... Sustainably!
Moving is generally a very stressful time, but these tips can help you stay zen while reducing your environmental impact at the same time!

The Eco Benefits of Telecommunting Workers
Offering workers the ability to work remotely tends to yield more productive, happy employees, and it can save the business and environment in big ways!

Two Great Options for Energy Efficient Vehicles
The purchase of a new vehicle is not one to make hastily. Long-term operating costs and sustainability are a growing consideration for today's consumers.

8 Things to Look for in an Environmentally Friendly Apartment
You may spend more time in the search, but choosing a sustainable apartment or condo will pay off in your overall comfort and sense of well-being.

Seeing Green: Insulation Alternatives
Discover a few of the greener alternatives to traditional fiberglass insulation!

5 Foods to Help Prevent Sun Damage
Reduce your risks from the skin-damaging effects of the the sun with these five nutrient packed foods!

What is Geocaching?
People all over are taking part in geocaching, and this article will help you understand what this is all about and how to get involved!

Vinegar: What is it good for?
That bottle of vinegar in the cupboard may actually be more versatile and useful than you think. Here are some uses for in and out of the kitchen!

Kid and Pet Safe Insect Prevention for the Home
To rid your home of pests without risking the safety of children and pets, try these safe and organic solutions.

The Best Environmentally Friendly Systems For Your Home
Here are a few of the top systems that are helping 21st century homes lessen their carbon footprint while providing us with a safer world to live in.

How to be Green in a Technological World
A few ways to be more environmentally friendly whilst enjoying some of the perks that the modern age has brought us!

Homemade Natural Make-Up Recipes
Making your own make-up is the best way to have control over what goes into the products you use on your skin — and you may find that you prefer them!

Top 5 Ways to Deep Clean Your Carpets Without Chemicals
Here are the top five ways to deep clean your carpets without mysterious chemicals, so that you can have both peace of mind and a fresh, spotless home.

5 Practical Kitchen Utensils for the Eco-Conscious Cook
A small addition or simple swap can turn any kitchen into a healthier food space. We've compiled five simple ideas to help you reach eco-culinary nirvana!

Green Business Practices That Save Money
There are a variety of changes a business can make to their practice to save some leaves that also save some dollars, from easy additions to the routine to total overhauls of the system.

How A Natural Pool Can Transform Your Yard
Natural pools use a combination of properly selected water plants and a gentle water pump to create a self cleaning eco-system in your own backyard!

7 Green Ways to Protect and Secure Your Abode
You don't have to forgo home security to be green. There are ways to protect your home while not adding, or adding minimally, to your carbon footprint.

Inspiring & Thought-provoking Quotes for Earth Day
These quotes were chosen to help spark a flame and encourage thoughtfulness on Earth Day, and every day.

Should disposable diaper users go to The Great Cloth Diaper Change?
This event brings parents together to build community, raises awareness of the benefits of cloth diapers, and funds for the Real Diaper Association.

Parents Ditch Disposables to Give Modern Cloth Diapers a Try
Top social media influencers are giving up disposables and giving cloth diapers a try for Earth Day, and they're encouraging you to join with them!

6 Ways to Plan a Green Vacation
Green tourism is fun. Here are six easy ways to make sure that your next vacation is enjoyable and eco-friendly!

Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Tips
You get a lot back from going green, even if it doesn't seem so at first. There are even more benefits than you think.

Aqua Aerobics: Stay Healthy and Be Eco-Friendly
For a way to be energy conscious, and still get a great workout, the pool has proven to be my secret “gym in the water.”

Turning Green: Simple Things to Do to Make the Transition
Simple things you can do when making the transition to

How Oil Spills Affect the Ocean's Wildlife
This brief guide details just some of the ways in which animals can suffer when oil enters their habitats.

Amazing Homemade Laundry Detergents
Home-made laundry detergents are a great way to save money and keep your family and home environment toxin free.

5 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs the Right Way
We’ve got a few ideas for decorating Easter eggs the right way, the green way!

7 Fast Favorite Healthy Recipes
Eating healthy doesn't have to be hard or boring. Here are a few easy recipes that will leave you craving more and impressing your friends!

Cleaning Baby Toys the Green Way
Children get into all kinds of things, so you want to be sure their toys are clean. These tips will help you keep toys clean without caustic chemicals.

Green Ways to Heat Your Home
Green heating may be easier than you think. Here are a few great, green ways to heat your home.

Is Your Apartment Space Efficient?
Even when you’re crunched for space, don’t lose heart! Small apartments can still look spacious with clever planning and décor!

The Real Benefits of Going Green
Your bit of conservation may not seem like it has much effect on anything, but the positive benefits really are there and every step makes a difference.

Simple Ways to Make Your Firm Greener
Cutting your carbon footprint can seem like a daunting task, but these simple tips should help.

A Guide to Eco-Friendly Wearable Technology for Families
Innovations now offer technology with a conscious, saving us time and opening up new opportunities for families.

Surprising Habits that Harm the Environment
There are a number of habits that can effect the environment negatively without our knowledge. Let's see what they are and what we can do about them.

Green Tech Takes Off
Green tech is taking off. Here are just a few of the potential green tech trends of tomorrow.

7 Home Environment Tips to Help Sensitive Children Flourish
For parents of sensitive children, here are seven simple techniques you can employ right now to help your child be safer and healthier in the comfort of their own home.

Eco-Friendly & Handmade Gifts for Valentine's Day
No need to go wild with Valentine's day gifts. A simple, personal and meaningful gift can mean so much more to the one you love. Here are a few ideas!

Signs Your Business Isn't as Green as You Think It Is
Businesses are feeling the pressure to look at how they are affecting the environment. Here are just a few things to consider.

Simple Tips for a Greener Home
Going green doesn't mean giving up everything you enjoy, it's just means making a few small tweaks here and there with the earth’s welfare in mind.

4 Environmental Lawsuits That Matter
We compiled a short list of the cases that have impacted the environmental law arena for years after they were decided.

Cloth Diapering? That's Disgusting!
One mother shares her reflections on cloth diapering and navigating the questions, support, and criticism that came with that decision.


Proper Cardboard Recycling Techniques
Recycling cardboard should be easy, but not all cardboard and paperboard can be recycled. Get the facts on how to recycle cardboard.

12 Environmentalists You Should Know
Environmentalists have had a big impact on our lives, but most people can't name one famous environmentalist. Here is a list of 10 ecologists and environmentalists that everyone should know, including Rachel Carson, Gaylord Nelson, John Muir, David Brower, Gifford Pinchot, Theodore Roosevelt, Chico Mendes, Wangari Maathai, Henry David Thoreau, Julia Hill, Aldo Leopold and Edward Abbey.

AC or Windows Down | Air Conditioning and MPG
What gives your car better gas mileage: driving with your car's air conditioning on and the windows rolled up, or rolling the windows down and leaving the AC off? Look at what the experts say and learn how to improve your car's MPG on hot days -- AC or windows down.

What Is the Green Movement? - Environmental Movement
What is the green movement? The story of the environmental movement and conservation history is a tale of men and women who devoted their lives to protecting the natural world. Discover the early conservation movement, environmental history and the recent years of green history.

What Is LEED and Green Building Certification?
What are LEED-certified buildings -- and are they really green? The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification means that the construction of a home or commercial building is designed to save energy, water and other resources. But are all LEED buildings really green? Many architects and contractors say no.

Play Ideas to Help Shy Children Manage Social Situations
Intuitive and natural play tools to help teach kids how to manage social stresses related to shyness.

What Is the Keystone XL Pipeline?
The Keystone Pipeline is one of the most controversial environmental and energy issues facing America. Will the Keystone Pipeline, developed by TransCanada Corporation, provide needed jobs and energy, or will it be a financial and environmental disaster? Get the facts on the Keystone Pipeline, and view a Keystone pipeline map.

Benefits of Green Buildings
Why do people build green buildings? There are many benefits to green sustainable architecture. Construction costs may or may not be higher, but energy efficiency and water conservation mean green buildings and sustainable architecture are actually cheaper -- in the short run and the long run. Get the facts on green building benefits.

How to Properly Dispose of Motor Oil
When it's time to dispose of oil, where do you take it? Knowing where and how to dispose of used motor oil can save a lot of time - and save the environment. Most people don't know that motor oil recycling is an option, yet recycled oil can be reused over and over with no drop in oil quality.

Organic Food - Is It Worth the Cost?
What is organic food, and is it worth paying more for USDA-certified organic products? There are many green benefits to sustainable farms, but organic foods can still be junk food.

How Safe Is Hydrofracking, and What Are Its Benefits?
What is fracking? Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a method of extracting natural gas from deep underground. But how safe is fracking, and what are the potential risks?

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An index of categories in the

Earth Day Activities
Looking for Earth Day activities for kids? Earthday art projects, green games, crafts and other ideas will help children celebrate our Earth.

6 Tips for Eco-Friendly Home Decor
We have come up with the top six green home decorating ideas that are easy, affordable and at the same time, less harmful for the environment!

Cold Water Dishwashing? An Experiment in Green Living
When you live in an old, drafty dump of a house -- like, for example, mine -- you learn to innovate in order to keep your energy bills from looking like the

Should You Buy an Air Purifier?
On cold winter days, people often spend as much time as possible indoors behind tightly sealed windows and doors. But what is all that indoor air doing to

Isn't all Food Organic?
Your grandparents probably grew up on a diet of organic food, much of which was locally grown. Of course, they didn't pay a premium for it, and they didn't have

Money Saving Tips for the Green Household
The key to green living is creative ingenuity. Once you get started you’ll find no end of money saving, green living ways to improve your life!

How to Naturally Freshen Your Home
While you may not want a spray can of fake flower smells, you may find that you do want a way to “freshen up” your home naturally. These tips can help!

How To Naturally Treat Tough Stains
There are great methods that can help you remove stubborn stains, without resorting to toxic products.

Fair Trade
As the market for sustainable, fair trade products grows, more shops are carrying certified fair trade coffee, tea, chocolate, cotton clothing, fruits and other items. Learn about fair trade, organic and other certified sustainable goods.

Barrier Islands | Coastal Erosion
Barrier islands are a critical part of the coastal ecosystem that protects seafront property, but coastal erosion, commercial development and other threats may remove these defenses, leaving shorelines vulnerable to storms.

Solar Cells | Yang Yang | CNSI
Yang Yang of the California NanoSystems Institute, or CNSI, is leading a team that has created a transparent polymer solar cell that can be applied to windows. The technology has the potential to revolutionize solar energy.

Sustainable Cities and Energy Costs
Dense urban areas are usually more sustainable and greener than rural areas, many experts claim. Find out why sustainable cities have energy costs and other features that make them more green, and which cities are greener due to climate control and energy bills.

The micro-apartment is suddenly huge - unless you can do better, which isn't often the case in crowded cities like New York and Tokyo. Check out these new micro-apartments supported by Mayor Bloomberg, part of the burgeoning tiny house movement.

Greenhouse Effect
Take a look at how the greenhouse effect makes life on the planet possible, and how it also contributes to global warming and climate change. Discover how the green house effect works.

An ICF building has exterior walls made with blocks of hollow foam. These ICFs, or insulating concrete forms, form a wall with a higher R-value than standard wood frame construction, and manufacturers like ECO-Block have made ICF construction a model of energy efficiency.

Plant Walls - Patrick Blanc
Patrick Blanc is one of the foremost designers of plants walls, also known as live walls, green walls or, in his native French, le mur vegetal. Discover the design innovations that are greening up homes, offices, hotels and other buildings.

Vertical Farming
Green walls and vertical farms are as old as the fabled Hanging Gardens of Babylon, but architects, building managers and urban gardeners are taking a new look at an old idea. Discover the benefits of green walls, vertical gardens and vertical farming.

What Is Biomass Energy? Definition and Overview
What is biomass energy, and is it a practical alternative to fossil fuels and other non-renewable forms of energy? Discover the many sources of biomass energy like switchgrass, and its advantages and disadvantages as a source of renewable energy.

Build Green
Build green with these tips on getting started with green architecture and sustainable development. Information on green building materials, how to find a green architect or builder, LEED buildings, the USGBC and more.

GMO | Genetically Modified Organisms
A genetically modified organism, or GMO, is a living organism whose DNA has been fundamentally altered through genetic engineering. How safe are GMO crops and foods, and what are the social, legal and environmental issues surrounding GMO research?

Green Architect - Green Builder
Hiring a green architect is one of the first steps in constructing a green building. Find one with real experience in sustainable or LEED architecture, and learn what questions to ask before you sign a contract. Get the facts on hiring a green builder.

LEED | Green Building Council
The LEED certification process has come under fire for not doing enough to encourage the construction of green buildings. What has the U.S. Green Building Council, or USGBC, done to address them?

Composting 101: An Easy Get-Started Guide
Composting is a wonderfully simple way to reduce your household waste while adding valuable nutrients to your lawn, gardens, and other worn-out soil.

How to Can Your Own Food
Canning your own foods is a great way to save your harvest for winter, save money, and reduce exposure to toxic can linings found on store shelves.

Gas Mileage | EPA MPG | Hybrid MPG
EPA gas mileage ratings are an industry benchmark, but few understand how fuel economy numbers are derived. Get the facts on the EPA, MPG and fuel-efficient cars and trucks.

Battery Recycling | Recycle Batteries
Battery recycling is one of the most successful recycling efforts in the world. About 98 percent of car batteries are recycled. Get the facts on how to recycle batteries.

Reduce Global Warming by Recycling Scrap Metal
Using recovered metal from recycling units leads to huge savings in time and energy.

Getting Kids to Play Outdoors in the Digital Age
Raising a kid in the 21st century is a challenge to parents who want to strike a balance between technology and outdoor play. These tips can help!

Carbon Pollution | Obama and Climate Change
President Obama mentioned carbon pollution several times in his June 2013 speech on climate change. What is carbon pollution, and how did Obama address fracking, the Keystone pipeline, climate change and other critical environmental issues?

Eutrophication and Algal Blooms
What causes eutrophication and algal blooms, and how does it result in hypoxia? Get the facts on this worldwide environmental problem.

New Species
New species of animals have been discovered, and zoologists are trumpeting the discovery of these newly discovered animal species almost every month. Here's a list of new animals that have never been discovered before.

Go Green with Homemade Cleaners
If you're looking for simple ways to go green, these 8 ideas like homemade cleaners will help to make it easy, fun and economical to start green living. Live green today with these steps on how to be greener.

Go Green and Recycle
If you're looking for simple ways to go green, these 8 ideas like recycling will help to make it easy, fun and economical to start green living. Live green today with these steps on how to be greener.

Go Green and Replace Thermostat
If you're looking for simple ways to go green, these 8 ideas like replacing your thermostat will help to make it easy, fun and economical to start green living. Live green today with these steps on how to be greener.

Go Green with LEDs
If you're looking for simple ways to go green, these 8 ideas like LED lights will help to make it easy, fun and economical to start green living. Live green today with these steps on how to be greener.

Go Green with Outdoor Activity
If you're looking for simple ways to go green, these 8 ideas like outdoor activity will help to make it easy, fun and economical to start green living. Live green today with these steps on how to be greener.

Go Green with Organic Food
If you're looking for simple ways to go green, these 8 ideas like organic food will help to make it easy, fun and economical to start green living. Live green today with these steps on how to be greener.

Go Green with Car Maintenance
If you're looking for simple ways to go green, these 8 ideas like car maintenance will help to make it easy, fun and economical to start green living. Live green today with these steps on how to be greener.

Roundup, Monsanto's Popular and Controversial Weed Killer
Roundup, made by Monsanto, is a widely used weed killer. But questions about the safety of Roundup and its ingredients, namely glyphosate and POEA, continue to plague the herbicide.

Bee Death - Colony Collapse
Scientists worldwide are alarmed at the high rates of bee death caused by colony collapse disorder, or CCD. Is it nosema, clothianidin, neonicotinoid or some other cause? Get the facts on hive collapse and colony collapse disease.

Invasive Species - Exotic Species
Invasive species like the Burmese python, the red lionfish and the snakehead fish are taking over some ecological communities in places like Florida. These exotic species are introduced by pet owners, in cargo containers or natural means. Get the facts on invasive species, non-native species and invasive animals.

Radon Map to Determine Radon Levels in Your Area
A radon map reveals the areas where radon risk is highest. Learn how radon can affect your health.

Green Retirement
Many baby boomers are planning for a green retirement. What are the options, and how can someone find a green retirement community?

How to Conserve Water | Save Water
If you're looking for ways to conserve water, follow these simple tips, and you'll save water in more ways than you thought possible. Water conservation is up to you.

Green Schools | Green College | Green School
green schools, green college. Green Living.

Rail to Trail | Rails to Trails
The rail-to-trail movement, by renovating old railroad lines, is reshaping America, from urban centers to isolated rural towns. How tough is it to turn rails to trails?

Paleo Diet | Paleo Food
The paleo diet is an attempt to return to the foods eaten by hunter-gatherers or

Blue-Green Algae | HABs and Algal Blooms
Toxic blue-green algae can make people sick and can kill dogs and other animals. Several states have issues warnings about HABs, or harmful algal blooms, for summer. Get the facts on toxic algae blooms and cyanobacteria.

Emergencies - How to Be Prepared
Emergencies can't be accurately predicted, but they are inevitable, so emergency preparedness and response is critical. Here are some smart survival tips that will help you learn how to be prepared for emergencies and natural disasters.

Lead | Facts About Lead | Lead Poisoning
Lead has been used for thousands of years, but that usefulness comes at a price: lead poisoning, or plumbism. Get the facts about lead, Pb.

Formaldehyde and Methanal
What is formaldehyde, and what are its risks? Get the facts on methanal, on formaldehyde safety and the compound's link to cancer.

Chernobyl Nuclear Accident | Chernobyl Disaster
Chernobyl was the site of one of the worst nuclear disasters in history. Discover the tragic history of the Chernobyl accident, and take a look at what's happening on the site today.

Green Golf Course
If you're looking for a green golf course, the golf industry now has more environmentally-aware managers who use less water and fewer pesticides on their links. Some green golf courses are even certified by the Audubon Society through their Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for golf.

13 Free Natural & Earthy Fonts
Inspired by green living, or just a happy coincidence — these fonts range from beautiful to versatile, whimsical to elegant.

13 Free Natural & Earthy Fonts
Inspired by green living, or just a happy coincidence — these fonts range from beautiful to versatile, whimsical to elegant.

Hazardous Substances
Hazardous substances in your house present a real risk to you and your family. Some of these hazardous chemicals are well-known, like pesticides and cleaning fluids, while others are uninvited guests: radon, BPA, phthalates, VOCs, formaldehyde, DDT, triclosan, mercury and perchloroethylene. Get the facts on these toxic substances in your home and office.

How to Compost | Composting Facts
Discover how to compost in this easy, one-page step-by-step guide to composting. From selecting the right bin to turning the compost, you'll see how easy composting is.

10 Great Laundry Detergent DIY Recipes
Making your own detergent is a great way to save money and keep toxic chemicals and skin irritants off of your body. Give these great recipes a try!

Natural Pest Control | Natural Insect Control
Natural pest control is safer, and often more effective, than chemical pesticides at managing the bugs that want to share your home. There are safe, natural practices that will keep you healthy and keep your home free from insects and other pests.

Spring Cleaning - Springcleaning
Spring cleaning just got a lot easier with this spring cleaning list. Help for spring clean up after pets and kids, outdoor clean up, and green cleaning tips. Start your springcleaning today!

How to Dispose of Household Hazardous Waste
One of the scariest parts of house cleaning is disposing of household hazardous waste -- the old paint, bug spray, motor oil and other hazardous waste materials that are found in every garage and kitchen. Here's how to dispose of hazardous wastes the safe and easy way.

Exotic Pets
The international trade in exotic pets and exotic animals is a multi-billion dollar industry that's threatening to wipe out populations of endangered species worldwide. Why do people want exotic animal pets, and what happens to exotic pet animals when they're imported into a foreign country?

Free Range Chicken
What is free-range chicken, and is it better, safer or more nutritious than regular or organic chicken? Get the facts on freerange chicken.

Natural Tea
The market for natural tea and organic tea is growing as fast as the demand for other organic foods. But what exactly makes it a natural, organic or fair trade tea?

Best Organic Food
Organic food can be a little more costly, so look for the best organic food buys whenever possible, courtesy of the Environmental Working Group, or EWG.

How to Get Rid of Smells Naturally | Air Fresheners
A natural home deodorizer is safer than other air fresheners when your house smells, right? Wrong. Several brands of

Christmas Tree Recycling
Christmas tree recycling is a post-holiday chore that's a lot easier than it used to be. Fortunately, many local governments, retail stores and other groups are making it easier to recycle a Christmas tree. Get the facts on Xmas tree recycling before you deck the halls.

Homemade Eco-Friendly Dish Detergent
For clean, sparkling dishes and glasses, try a natural, homemade dish detergent that's safe for you and the environment. Washing your dishes doesn't have to dirty the environment with homemade dishwasher detergent.

Methylmercury and Mercury Facts
Mercury is an element that's found worldwide, in the air, in water, and in plant and animal tissue. A form of mercury called methylmercury is a very hazardous compound that causes what's commonly known as mercury poisoning. Get the facts on mercury and methylmercury, and discover how to prevent mercury poisoning.

Natural Beauty
Natural beauty and skin care products are becoming more popular as consumers look for safe, healthy lotions, shampoo, perfume and other beauty products. Some have few if any synthetic ingredients, and a few are certified organic products.

Agribusiness and the Factory Farm
The environmental impact of the factory farm and big agribusiness cannot be denied. Though there are some advantages to factory farms, concentrated animal feed lots, or CAFOs, have horrific environmental impacts.

Air Filter | Air Purifier - Should You Buy One?
If you're looking for an air purifier to clean impurities like smoke, pollen, dust, mold and pet dander from the air in your home, what should you look for? Or do air purifiers work? Here's some advice for clearing up the air you breathe with an air filter.

Why Is Triclosan in Antibacterial Soaps?
Triclosan is found in antibacterial soaps and hundreds of other household products, including clothing, furniture, toys and furniture. Experts agree that using so-called

Dispose of Medication
The safe way to dispose of medication doesn't mean flushing drugs down the toilet, where they'll pollute groundwater and drinking water supplies. But what is the safest way to dispose of drugs?

Natural Sunscreen SPF
Natural sunscreen with SPF -- what's the best one to protect you and your baby's sensitive skin, according to the EWG, or Environmental Working Group? Is it Coppertone, Soleo, Blue Lizard, Mustela or another? Find tips on how to buy and use fragrance-free, organic sunblock.

A Guide to Plastic Recycling - Facts
Much of our modern world is made of plastic, which means recycling plastic is more important than ever. But how do you recycle plastic, and what do plastic recycling numbers mean? Here's some guidance on recycling plastic bottles, bags, containers and other items made of plastic.

Green Travel - MPG and Green Travel
Green travel is taking the tourism industry by storm, but it isn't all eco-tourism and green hotels. Every time you leave the house, you can try green traveling by improving your car's MPG, whether you drive a hybrid car or commute to public transit.

2013 Earth Day Activities
Looking for ways to celebrate Earth Day 2013? Try these activities for kids including games, art projects, crafts and other ideas -- they'll keep kids happy while they learn about pollution, the environment and green living. And grown-ups can find a range of Earth Day activities and events to remind them of the importance of green living and sustainable lifestyles.

Green at Home - Sustainable Home and Garden Design - Green Living and Eco-Friendly Lifestyles
Your green home is your sustainable sanctuary from the rest of the world. Keep your house and your family healthy, safe and eco-friendly with green products, water- and energy-conserving indoor and outdoor fixtures, smart new green technologies, and sustainable architecture and design.

Green Products and Gifts - Shop for Green Gifts and Sustainable Products
Shop for green products and sustainable gifts while avoiding greenwashing. Clothing, baby products, housewares, home care products and other items and services are now available. Which are truly green, and which are greenwashing?

Great Trees of the World (Oldest, Tallest, and Other Greats)
Where is the largest tree in the world? But is it also the world's tallest tree? How big is the biggest tree on Earth? And how old is the world's oldest tree? Discover these and many other magnificent heritage trees in this list of some of the greatest trees alive today.

What Is Grass-Fed Beef?
Grass-fed beef, as the name implies, comes from cows raised in grass pastures instead of raised on grain. Fans of grass-fed cattle claim it's a leaner, healthier and tastier meat, and has many environmental advantages as well, but it's different from organic meat.

Many natural insect repellents claim to repel bugs as well as DEET. But how effective is a natural repellent made of green ingredients like lemon eucalyptus oil, picaridin or IR3535? Page 2.

DEET | Natural Insect Repellents
Many natural insect repellents claim to repel bugs as well as DEET. But how effective is a natural repellent made of green ingredients like lemon eucalyptus oil, picaridin or IR3535?

Ozone is a gas with a somewhat confusing role. The ozone layer of our atmosphere is critical for life, and ozone layer depletion is an important environmental issue. But ozone in the lower atmosphere is a pollutant with serious health effects.

CFL | CFLs Compact Fluorescent Lamps
What is a CFL, and how do compact fluorescent lamps save money? Read this definition of CFLs and learn about the benefits and risks of CFL lighting.

Woody Biomass
Woody biomass is an ancient way to use plant matter as fuel, and wood is again becoming a popular energy source. Wood pellets, firewood and other plant materials are used for heat in many homes and businesses, and woody biomass is used for heat and energy in many businesses and institutions. Discover other facts about wood fuel and woody biomass as a source of energy.

Broken CFL
Got a broken compact fluorescent bulb in your house. Safely cleaning up a broken CFL bulb isn't as easy as sweeping it into the trash - especially if you have children or pets. Find out how to make CFL cleanup a safe task, and make sure your cleanup doesn't endanger your family.