Hair Removal Sitemap - Page 2 2014-04-23

Schick Hydro 5 Razor- Review of Schick Hydro 5 Razor
The Schick Hydro 5 Razor is great for both men and women and will give you an amazingly close and smooth shave. This one works better than it says and you definitely can believe the hype here!

Gillette Fusion ProSeries- Review of Irritation Defense Line
Gillette Fusion ProSeries Irritation Defense Line is reviewed by an esthetician and her husband. Did it help prevent their normal shaving irritation and razor rash?

Philips Norelco BodyGroom – Review of Philips Norelco BodyGroom 2030
Philips Norelco BodyGroom 2030 can be used wet or dry to trim and shave men's body hair below the neck. Read our full review and how it rated with us.

Philips Norelco Stubble Trimmer- Review of Philips Norelco Stubble Trimmer
Phlips Norelco Stubble Trimmer can get men's facial hair down to .04 of an inch! Read the full review.

Nivea After Shave Balm- Review of Nivea for Men Q10 Revitalizing Double Action After Shave Balm
Nivea for Men Q10 Revitalizing Double Action Balm is a great product that really works to soothe, moisturize and refresh skin. I’m sure the man in your life will be just as happy with it as my husband is. Or if you’re like me, place it on the back of your hand to have a hint of what will come home after work!

Epilady Face Epil- Review of Epilady Face Epil
The Face Epil should be in your line of defense for quick and easy hair removal. It’s lightweight and compact, so you can drop it in your purse and go. It’s not so good for large areas of the body, but does work great on facial hair or for touch-ups on the bikini line.

Simply Sensual After Shave & Wax Mist- Review of Simply Sensual Luxe After Shave & Wax Protection Mist
Simply Sensual Luxe After Shave & Wax Protection Mist seemed to keep my skin soft after hair removal treatments. The mister that works even upside down is great, but the scent…well, that’s another story.

Simply Sensual After Shave & Wax Powder- Review of Simply Sensual Luxe After Shave & Wax Powder
Simply Sensual Luxe After Shave & Wax Powder is not my favorite. It didn’t help alleviate hair removal irritation and I can’t stand the scent, but it will keep you dry and chafe-free.

Eyeslipsface- Review of ELF Cosmetics (eyeslipsface) Eyebrow Treat and Tame
Treat and Tame by Eyes Lips Face (ELF Cosmetics) flakes, the color is off and makes eyebrows flat, so it’s is not for everyone. Maybe, not for anyone!

Tweezer Review- Billion Dollar Brows Tweezer Review
A lot of people think, a tweezer is a tweezer and buy whatever happens to be at the drugstore. They couldn’t be more wrong. We tested the tweezers from Billion Dollar Brows, and give you our expert review.

Tweezerman Slant Tweezer - Review of Tweezerman Slant Tweezer
Tweezerman Slant Tweezer has been given much acclaim and awards. Does it live up to its hype? Read the expert review of Tweezerman Slant Tweezer.

Veet Rasera Bladeless- Review of Veet Rasera Bladeless Kit Fresh Sensation
Veet Rasera bladeless kit is worth a shot if you do not have sensitive skin, coarse or dark hair and don’t mind waiting for the product to develop.

Epilady Legend- Review of Epilady Legend Hair Remover
Epilady Legend is a fine machine to remove hair between waxing or instead of shaving. It’s newly designed and less painful than the older model. Read the full review.

No No Hair- 8800 Series, Facial and Body Hair Removal
The no!no! hair 8800 series can be used on the face and body. Learn more about how this product works, how it's to be used, the side effects, price, how it compares to the Classic and more.

Thicker Eyebrows- How to Get Instantly, Stimulate Growth & Solve Hair Loss Issues
Do you want thicker eyebrows? How to get a fuller shape instantly and look natural, why they might be sparse and what to do about it. Plus tips for stimulating growth.

Male Body Waxing- Ask Male Body Waxing Expert, Loretta Wilson, Interview
Male body waxing is hot. Just ask Loretta Wilson who has specialized in male body waxing for the last seven years, and no doubt an expert after performing thousands of waxing services on men. Now Loretta gives us more insight inside the world of men’s waxing as we pick her brain in an interview.

Bump Patrol- Review of Bump Patrol Shave Gels- Cool & Sensitive
I wasn’t disappointed with either of these Bump Patrol shave gels, but my favorite was the Cool. It did everything that it’s supposed to, but added a refreshing kick!

Gillette Fusion Power- Review Gillette Fusion Power MVP Razor
Gillette Fusion Power MVP Razor is a must have for anyone who is looking for a great feeling razor.

Shaquille O'Neal Wearing Thin Goatee with Soul Patch,- Men's Facial Hair Styles Photos
See Shaquille O'Neal wear a light goatee more male celebrities in other facial hair styles. Page 7.

Revolt Shave- Review of Revolt Shave Travel Combo Kit
Revolt Shave Travel Combo Kit is a great alternative if you’re frustrated with the mess and hassle of shaving cream or hate having to replace razors on a weekly basis.

Avon Deodorant- Review of Skin So Soft Hair Minimizing Avon Deodorant
This Avon deodorant stays wet longer than normal, but it has a great scent and wonderful anti-perspirant power. My hair did feel softer, but not minimized like I had hoped. For $1.25 it’s still an excellent product for the price and travels extremely well.

Satin Care- Review of Satin Care In Shower Moisturizer by Gillette
Satin Care In-Shower Moisturizer by Gillette has a great scent and helps save time when you’re in a rush. Unless you like the feeling of lotion on your skin, it’s a little greasy and just too heavy.

Shaving with Pimples- Products, Tips & Ingredients to Use and Avoid
Shaving with pimples or acne? How to choose the right products and ingredients when you pick up the razor that will do more help than harm.

How to Shave with Sensitive Skin- Hair Removal Tips for Men and Women
How to shave with sensitive skin. Get to the bottom of what's causing the problem and beat the bumps, itching, redness and burning. Tips for men and women.

Dermaplaning – What Is It? Prices & Alternatives – Hair Removal
What is dermpaplaning? How does it compare to shaving for getting rid of facial hair for women and exfoliating? Its costs, pros, cons and alternatives.

Home Sugaring Hair Removal – Review of Home Sugaring Hair Removal Kit
If you’re looking for an inexpensive, less painful alternative to waxing at home - you’ve just found it. This home sugaring hair removal kit uses the same products and accessories used at Shobha salons, and you can tell by the home results.

Lindo Hair Remover Reviews- Threading at Home Product Lindo Hair Remover Reviews
Lindo hair remover review, advertised as a twist-n-roll tweezer, and a tool similar to threading hair removal you can do at home. How does it compare to the the real threading technique?

Karmissie- Review of Karmissie Deluxe Threader Kit, Threading at Home
With the Karmissie Deluxe Threader Kit I learned that even the best ideas are designed to be talked about and not produced. I would love to say that you can now save some money and forget about the salon. But I would only check it out if a contortionist is a part of your resume.

Body Sugaring- Interview with Founder- Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring
Interview with Tamara Anderson, founder of Tamara's Professional Body Sugaring. Her journey from getting her first professional facial 42, to having her own company.

What Is Eyebrow Threading- Benefits, Side Effects, Home Options
What is eyebrow threading? How this technique works to its benefits, side effects, prices and home kits. See the video and pictures.

Veet Suprem Essence- Review of Veet Suprem Esssence Gel Cream Pump, Depilatory Hair Removal Product
I would say to pass on Veet Suprem Essence and stick with the razor. You may have to shave every day, but at least you won’t have to smell that hair removal cream scent or get burned or irritated skin if you’re shaving correctly! Read full review...

Depil Silk- Review of Depil Silk Spray Hair Removal Spray Review
Depil Silk Hair Removal Spray is a nice for those of you who are lucky enough to have thinner hair. If you have thicker or coarser hair, you should try something else.

Sally Hansen Bleach- Review of Sally Hansen Extra Strength Crème Hair Bleach for Facial and Body Hair
If waxing or shaving isn’t your thing, and you just want your facial or body hair less noticeable, Sally Hansen Bleach is a great fall back that will make your hair much lighter in under 10 minutes, maybe less.

Bikini Waxing Techniques- Tips, Brazilian, Pubic Hair Removal
Bikini waxing techniques used by the pros to remove pubic hair, get into hard to reach areas (like with a Brazilian) and minimize pain.

Tria Laser 4X- Profile of Home Hair Removal System for the Body and Women’s Facial Hair
Tria Laser 4X. The profile of this hair removal system that can be used on the body or a woman's face. Read more about how it works, who may be able to use it, typical results and the pain factor.

Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision- Profile of Home System for Lip, Underarms & Bikini Line
Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision. How this device works and how its features compare to the 4X.

At Home Hair Removal Silk’n- Results After 2 Treatments with At Home Hair Removal Silk’n
Results with at home hair removal, Silk'n. Get the review on how much hair is gone.

Silk’n- Review of Silk’n After 6 Treatments on Legs and Underarms
Silk'n review after six treatments on my lower legs and underarms. What are the hair-ridding results?

Silk’n Hair Removal- After 10 Treatments, SensEpil & Silk’n Hair Removal Review
Results after using Silk'n hair removal device ten times on legs and underarms.

Home Use Hair Removal Silk’n- Results after 4 Treatments With Home Use Hair Removal Silk'n
Get my review and results on the home use light-based hair removal device, Silk'n after 4 treatments. How much hair is gone?

Silk’n Reviews- After 15 Months & 14 Treatments, Silk’n Reviews
Read about my Silk'n review after 15 months and 14 treatments on my lower legs and underarms. How much hair is gone?

At Home Waxing- Tips for Hair Removal at Home
At home waxing can save a lot of money! Tips for pain, beating side effects and step-by-step how to directions.

When I Wax the Hair Doesn’t Come Off- How Tos, Tips with Hard, Soft, Cold & Strips
When I wax the hair doesn't come off? Reasons why it's not coming off and breaking and how to fix it. Specific tips for different kinds of wax.

Shobha Rosewater Calming Gel- Review of Shobha’s Rosewater Calming Gel for After Hair Removal
Shobha’s Rosewater Calming Gel is free of parabens and artificial fragrances but brings back memories of my grandma. Usually I love Shobha products, but I couldn’t get behind this one. I think the price is a bit high and that is another reason I would avoid it.

Cool Wax- Review of Cool Wax Travel Kit
I’ve found a new line for my aesthetics business with Cool Wax products. It’s expensive, but well worth the money as a little goes a long way. It smells great, goes on smooth, removes the hair, and washes away with water. I recommend it for both professionals and for those of you who do your own waxing at home.

Relax and Wax No Trauma Momma- Review of Relax and Wax No Trauma Momma
Relax and Wax No Trauma Momma is kept close for my waxing clients because they love how it works and feels. It's a well rounded product that isn’t too expensive.

Relax and Wax No Scream Cream- Review of Relax and Wax No Scream Cream, Hair Removal Pain
Relax and Wax No Scream Cream is a little tube of goodness only to be shared with those who are deserving, because it actually works and I haven’t tried anything that compares to it on the market. It took the pain of having my Brazilian down 75% and didn’t interfere with removing hair at my waxing session.

Relax and Wax Scrub- Review of Relax And Wax Scrub Me Luscious Lemon Drop
So far Relax and Wax products have not disappointed me. They have done it again with their Scrub Me Luscious Lemon Drop exfoliating product. This is not your typical Victoria’s Secret sugar or any other scrub that leaves you feeling greasy or dry. This is a wonderful product that is great whether you struggle with waxing bumps or not.

BareEase- Review of BareEase Prep Kit, Numbing Cream for Waxing
Review of BareEase & Cream. We put their kit to the test and share how their numbing cream held up during a Brazilian wax and what we thought of the latex panties.

BodyHonee Wax Kit- Q & A with Owner Susan Shemtov
BodyHonee is a microwavable waxing kit. Owner Susan Shemtov answers some questions about where the recipe came from and tips for removing hair at home.

Hard Wax- Tips, Where to Use, Kits
Hard wax- where and when to use it, how it's different than soft (strip), heating it, and tips for purchasing.

Leg Waxing - At Home Versus Salon - Best Leg Waxing
Probably the largest inch for inch hairy zone for women, it’s no wonder why we opt for leg waxing, to rid hair for weeks at a time. So do you go to the salon or spa, or do the lovely task yourself at home?

Professional Eyebrow Waxing- What to Expect at Professional Eyebrow Waxing
Going for a professional eyebrow waxing isn’t a scary experience. Here we walk you through the basics of what you should expect from your salon or spa visit in grooming your brows.

Relax and Wax Get the Bump Outta Here- Review of Relax and Wax Get the Bump Outta Here, Ingrown Hair Product
With Relax and Wax’s Get the Bump Outta Here, the only bumps you’ll have to deal with are the ones in the road! It’s one of the best ingrown hair products I’ve used to date.

Razor Rash- Review of Moore Unique Razor Rash Relief
I think this Razor Rash Relief by Moore Unique is one of the best products I’ve had the good fortune to review. I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness and the price. The only problem is the scent can be dangerous for women; you may have to explain why you smell like men’s cologne to your boyfriend or husband.

Bump Patrol After Shave- Review of Bump Patrol After Shave- Maximum Strength
Bump Patrol Aftershave is a wonderful product that doesn’t have the greatest smell, but works even for those with extreme cases of ingrown hair or razor bumps.

Julyne Derrick Hair Removal Interview
Julyne Derrick,'s Guide to Beauty is a seasoned writer and shares with us her best tips in the world of hair removal- like her experience getting professional laser, eyebrow shaping tips and her favorite products.

Retin A Waxing- Vitamin A Cream, Tretinoin and Hair Removal
Retin A and waxing. Here's why the two don't mix, precautions to take and alternate hair removal methods using topical vitamin A (tretinoin) like Altinac, Avita, and Renova.

Brazilian Waxing- Your Guide to Brazilian Waxing
Brazilian waxing falls into a class of its own because the nature of this specialty service. Learn how to get the best results by knowing what to expect, picking the right technician and what to do before and after your wax.

Epilators- Reviews of Epilators, For Men and Women, Face and Body
Great epilator reviews for women, men, face and body. Are these hair removal products right for you?

Licensed Professionals- Hair Removal Classes, Videos & Training
Estheticians & Cosmetologists find the latest in waxing, sugaring and threading training & news to further your career.

Hair Removal- Electrolysis Pros, Cons & Costs. How Does it Work?
How does electrolysis work? Is it permanent? Pros, cons, costs & tips to finding the best electrolysis provider.

Hair Removal- Bleaching Tips, How to Lighten Face & Body Hair
Find out how to lighten your face and body hair and where you shouldn't use it. Who are the best candidates for bleaching?

Sugaring Products- Ratings and Reviews of Sugaring Products
We put sugaring products to the test. How does it compare to waxing and is it easy to do at home?

Sugaring- Body Sugaring, Recipes, Natural Hair Removal
Sugaring! Find out about this ancient, natural hair removal practice, including how to locate a sugaring specialist and recipes for sugaring at home.

Hair Removal Creams- Depilatories Pros, Cons, Tips and Safety
Depilatories, or hair removal creams. Find out where it's safe (and dangerous) use a hair removing product, and help on choosing one.

Hair Removal - Tweezing, Plucking Tips & Advice
Tweezing or Plucking. Tips to lessen the pain and find someone who can master your brows.

Happy with Tria Laser - : Tria or Silk'n?
My name is Maria and I'm Greek. I used Tria Laser on my underarms and legs. Here's how it worked for me.

Waxing- Las Vegas, Nevada - : Tell Us About Your Waxing Salon or Spa
The Wax Genie in Las Vegas Nevada shares how she entered this business, what her clients most request and what she find so satisfying.

Threading- Los Alamitos California - : Threading Salons and Spas
Do you have a threading salon, studio or spa? Are you looking for a professional in your area? Find and list these salons and spas.

Electrolysis- Lake Placid, New York - : Electrolysis Services and Clinics
Adirondack Electrology tells us more about their business including the most requested areas for hair to be removed, what methods they use and the most rewarding part of the business.

Sugaring- Peterborough, Ontario Canada - : Sugaring Spas and Salons
Sugar Me Right! in Peterborough Ontario Canada shares what kind of product they use, what is the most requested area for hair removal, why they love this technique and expert tips for getting the most out of your service.

Sugaring- Fairview Park, Ohio - : Sugaring Spas and Salons
DKM Salon and Spa in Fairview Park, Ohio shares what type of sugaring hair removal system they use, what the most popular area people get serviced and why they love it.

Electrolysis- Evergreen, Colorado - : Electrolysis Services and Clinics
A Wild Hair Electrolysis in Evergreen Colorado explains what methods they use, the most popular areas requested for treatment and what is more fulfilling about helping people get rid of their hair.

Threading- Belconnen, Australia - : Threading Salons and Spas
Himalaya's Hair N Beauty in Belconnen Australia tells us more about why they love threading to remove facial hair and shape eyebrows.

Electrolysis- Lincroft, New Jersey - : Electrolysis Services and Clinics
Ricciardi Electrolysis Center in Lincroft New Jersey explains the most popular areas treated, the types of electrolysis they use and what they most love about the method.

Electrolysis- Montgomery, Alabama - : Electrolysis Services and Clinics
Montgomery Electrolysis & Body Sugaring in Montgomery Alabama shares more about the types of services they offer, most treated areas and tips for choosing a professional in your area.

Sugaring- Montgomery, Alabama - : Sugaring Spas and Salons
Montgomery Electrolysis offers sugaring. They share more about this hair removal method, including tips for getting the best results out of your service.

Electrolysis- Brewster, New York - : Electrolysis Services and Clinics
Smooth Sensation Electrolysis in Brewster New York shares what methods they use, the most popular areas people get treated and tips for finding a qualified professional.

Electrolysis- Nicholasville, Kentucky - : Electrolysis Services and Clinics
A Delicate Touch in Nicholasville, Kentucky tells us about their electrolysis services including the most popular places their clients get treated and tips when going for a consultation.

Electrolysis- Rancho Cordovo, California - : Electrolysis Services and Clinics
Kathleen Turner, R.E. in Rancho Cordova California explains more about her business providing electrolysis.

Electrolysis- Scotland UK - : Electrolysis Services and Clinics
Argyll Electrolysis Clinic in Scotland UK explains what method they use, the most popular areas they treat and tips for looking for a practitioner in the UK.

Electrolysis- Willoughby, Ohio - : Electrolysis Services and Clinics
Smooth Secrets Electrolysis & Waxing Clinic in Willoughby Ohio shares the method they use, where most of their clients get treated and tips for getting a great service and finding a great provider.

Electrolysis- Powell, Ohio - : Electrolysis Services and Clinics
Powell Electrolysis describes more about their business including the most popular areas treated, the method offered and tips for what to look for and ask during your consultation.

Electrolysis- Fitchburg, Massachusetts - : Electrolysis Services and Clinics
June Allen at Skinfluentials in Fitchburg Massachusetts shares what type of electrolysis they use, the three most requested areas for treatment and tips for choosing an electrologist.

Electrolysis- Annapolis Maryland - : Electrolysis Services and Clinics
Annapolis Electrolysis in Maryland shares more about their business and tips for getting great results.

Sugaring- Bakersfield California - : Sugaring Spas and Salons
Essence of You in Bakersfield offers Alexandria Sugaring, including a Brazilian. Learn more about their business and tips for getting a great service wherever you live.

Sugaring- Kailua-Kona, Hawaii - : Sugaring Spas and Salons
Do you have a sugar spa or salon that specializes in sugaring? Are you looking for a professional in your area? Find and list these salons and spas.

Electrolysis- The Woodlands & Houston, Texas - : Electrolysis Services and Clinics
Avante Laser & MediSpa has two locations in Texas: The Woodland and Houston. Learn more about what types of electrolysis they offer, what to expect from this method and tips for finding a great provider.

Electrolysis- Annapolis, Maryland - : Electrolysis Services and Clinics
Ruth Allen & Associates offers blend and thermolysis electrolysis using Apilus Platinum Pure. Find out more about their company and tips for getting safe, effective treatments.

Waxing- West Bloomfield, Michigan - : Tell Us About Your Waxing Salon or Spa
Wax Girl is a mobile waxing company in West Bloomfield Michigan that services both men and women conveniently at their home, office, or hotel. Learn more about this company, including their most popular areas people want to get rid of hair and tips for getting a great service.

Sugaring- Onatario, Canada - : Sugaring Spas and Salons
Sugar Bare Holistics in Ontario Canada shares their most popular service, what product they use, their training and tips for getting a great service wherever you live.

Sugaring- Hednesford, UK - : Sugaring Spas and Salons
Simply Sugaring in Hednesford UK shares their most popular areas where hair is removed for men and women and advice for finding a good practioner.

Electrolysis- Sewickley, Pennsylvania - : Electrolysis Services and Clinics
Sewickley Electrolysis in Pennsylvania shares more about their business. Including the most popular areas treated for hair removal tips for finding a great provider.

Sugaring - Berkshire, UK - : Sugaring Spas and Salons
L&A Evolution in UK uses the real sugaring method using paste from Alexandria Sugaring. The most popular areas are the legs and bikini zone.

Sugaring - San Diego, California - : Sugaring Spas and Salons
Skin Impressions in San Diego, California offers sugaring and is currently perfecting their own product and trains other estheticians on this ancient hair removal technique.

Electrolysis- New York, New York - : Electrolysis Services and Clinics
Preferred Image Electrolysis NYC offers thermolysis and blend, computerized and customized to each client.

Electrolysis- Isanti, Minnesota - : Electrolysis Services and Clinics
Electrolysis by Patricia Cronin in Isanti Minnesota.

Electrolysis - Annapolis, Maryland - : Electrolysis Services and Clinics
Ruth Allen & Associates in Annapolis MD offers Apilus Platinum Pure Epilator as well as Thermolysis and Blend methods for electrolysis hair removal.

Waxing- Gahanna, Ohio - : Tell Us About Your Waxing Salon or Spa
Blush Studio is located in Gahanna, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. They share what brought them to specialize in waxing and why their clients love it.

Laser Hair Removal- The Woodlands & Houston, Texas - : Laser Hair Removal Clinics, Centers and Spas
Avante Laser & MediSpa with locations in The Woodlands Texas and Houston Texas answer what type of equipement they use, the most requested areas for treatment are and advice for getting this hair removal method.

Using Silk'n on Face, Underarms & Bikini Area - : Tria or Silk'n?
A Silk'n SensEpil review on the face, underarms and bikini area. Using an ipl hair removal system at home.

Electrolysis- Woodbridge, Connecticut - : Electrolysis Services and Clinics
Marsha Adams, an electrologist with over 38 years experience in Woodbridge CT shares us her most requested treatment areas, how she helps people with a universal problem by offering this professional hair removal treatment. Learn more about her and her business

Sugaring- Brithish Columbia, Canada - : Sugaring Spas and Salons
Sei Bella Studio550 in British Columbia Canada tells us why they choose sugaring over waxing and why their clients love it.

Threading- Warren, Rhode Island - : Threading Salons and Spas
Sanju's Threading & Boutique in Warren, Rhode Island. The owner's tips for eyebrow shaping and how to prevent bumps after getting threaded.

Sugaring- Maumelle, Arkansas - : Sugaring Spas and Salons
Melody's Skincare Service at Noggins Salon in Maumelle Arkansas offers professional sugaring with Alexandria products. They tell us where they found out this ancient technique and why their clients love it.

Threading- Canberra, Australia - : Threading Salons and Spas
Absolute Shape in Canberra Australia shares why they love to shape eyebrows with threading and what their clients rave about, inluding tips to finding a professional where you live.

Laser Hair Removal- Middlesex, United Kingdom - : Laser Hair Removal Clinics, Centers and Spas
Do you have a laser hair removal clinic, center or spa? Are you looking for a one in your area? Find and list these clinics, centers and spas.

Top 10 Waxing Myths Debunked
Top 10 Waxing Myths Debunked

Hair Removal and Aging
Hair removal and aging. Where men and women lose and sprout hair, and what to do about it.

Prevent Ingrown Hair from Epilators
Often people will complain that they get a lot of ingrown hair from using epilators. But hair can break above or below the skin's surface with any hair removal

Current Hair Removal Coupon Codes
Hair removal coupon codes on Tria, Silk'n and more.

Shobha Salons- Coming to D.C. and Hiring
Shobha Salons coming to D.C. and hiring

How To Groom Mens Eyebrows
I recently saw a man's eyebrows and I couldn't stop staring at them because they looked so very shaped and arched like a woman's. If he wanted them to look

Eyebrows Threaded- Have You Tried Getting Your Eyebrows Threaded?
Have you gotten your eyebrows threaded? Tell us if you liked your results, and about your experience. Read what others have to say.

Tria or Silk'n- Which Model I Bought and Why, Tria or Silk'n
Tria or Silk'n? Share with us which model you chose and why. Read what others have to say.

Eyebrows Threaded- Have You Tried Getting Your Eyebrows Threaded?
Have you gotten your eyebrows threaded? Tell us if you liked your results, and about your experience. Read what others have to say. Page 2.

Eyebrows Threaded- Have You Tried Getting Your Eyebrows Threaded?
Have you gotten your eyebrows threaded? Tell us if you liked your results, and about your experience. Read what others have to say. Page 3.

Eyebrows Threaded- Have You Tried Getting Your Eyebrows Threaded?
Have you gotten your eyebrows threaded? Tell us if you liked your results, and about your experience. Read what others have to say. Page 4.

Eyebrows Threaded- Have You Tried Getting Your Eyebrows Threaded?
Have you gotten your eyebrows threaded? Tell us if you liked your results, and about your experience. Read what others have to say. Page 5.

Eyebrows Threaded- Have You Tried Getting Your Eyebrows Threaded?
Have you gotten your eyebrows threaded? Tell us if you liked your results, and about your experience. Read what others have to say. Page 6.

I Have Tria - : Tria or Silk'n?
Tria or Silk'n? Share with us which model you chose and why. Read what others have to say.

I Chose Silk'n SensEpil - : Tria or Silk'n?
Tria or Silk'n? Share with us which model you chose and why. Read what others have to say.

Silk'n SenEpil - : Tria or Silk'n?
Tria or Silk'n? Share with us which model you chose and why. Read what others have to say.

Great Idea- Benefit Cosmetics Airport Vending Machine
What a great idea- Benefit Cosmetics Airport Vending Machine

Top 10 Hair Removal Mistakes
The top 10 hair removal mistakes. See if you're guilty and how to avoid them.

Two Professional Hair Removal Conferences in 2014
Two Professional Hair Removal Conferences in 2014

Shaving Hair Removal - Tips, Costs, Pros & Cons About Shaving Hair Removal
Understand the art of shaving and combat common side effects of shaving hair removal like ingrown hairs and bumps for men and women. Shaving tips for men and women.

Shaving Cream- Reviews of Shaving Cream and Gel
The shaving cream or gel you use has a huge affect on how your skin not only feels, but also how long the shave lasts. Read our reviews.

Bikini Waxing- Parent Consent Forms for Getting a Brazilian or Bikini Waxing?
With the popularity of bikini waxing, do you think those 17 & under need parental consent forms for permission?

Silkn At Home Laser Hair Removal Reviews
Curious on how Silkn has been working for me? Well, I have not one, but two reviews for you. They tell you how my experience and hair reduction have been

New Mens Facial Hair Styles Gallery
New Mens Facial Hair Styles Gallery

Shaving with Acne
Shaving with Acne

Dollar Shave Club- 4X Razor Review
In case you've never heard of them, Dollar Shave Club has an interesting concept. It's a subscription service that automatically ships out razor cartridges each

Eyebrow Shaping- Tweezing, Plucking, Waxing, Threading for Eyebrow Shaping
Eyebrow shaping can be done in various ways. We give you the low down and comparisons on tweezing, waxing and threading so you can get fabulous brows.

How to Shape Eyebrows- Simple Guide on How to Shape Your Eyebrows
We show you how to shape your eyebrows using easy, simple steps just like the pros. Get beautifully designed brows right at home tweezing or waxing.

Is It Normal to Shave Pubic Hair?- Is It Okay, Normal to Shave Pubic Hair?
It's a personal preference whether you want to remove or keep it. But it is okay and normal to shave your pubic hair. Many men and women remove some or all of the hair in their intimate region.

Kalo Hair Inhibitor- Review of Kalo Hair Inhibitor Kit
Kalo Hair Inhibitor is not guaranteed to give you permanent hair removal. But it could be a permanent staple in your beauty repertoire. I have to say thanks to this company for giving us a product that works at keeping hair from growing as fast it usually does.

Shaved Eyebrows- Thinking of Wearing Shaved Eyebrows? A Must Read
Thinking of wearing shaved eyebrows? A must read before removing your brows totally and penciling them on or shaping them with a razor.

Emjoi Emagine- Emjoi Emagine Tweezer Head Epilator Review
Emjoi Emagine Tweezer Head Epilator is worth the money and great for those new to epilators or old pros. Using this product is like having 72 little elves tweezing each hair from your body!

Guys, We Won't Tell You Wax More Than Your Car
If you thought bikini waxes were partial to females, think again. Men are getting waxed 'beneath the boxers' for some of the same reasons women do. Shobha, hair

Male Hair Removal, Men's Waxing, Male Hair Removal Guide
Male hair removal options for the back, chest, face and more. Men's shaving and waxing tips for your entire body, and product reviews specifically for men's hair removal.

Men's Hair Removal- Product Reviews for Men's Hair Removal
We test out men's hair removal products, and give you our expert review. From hair removal creams to shaving creams, read here first before you buy.

Threading Hair Removal- Hair Threading, Eyebrow Hair Removal
Threading hair removal is an eastern technique, becoming hot in the west. How does threading hair removal work? How you can get it.

Waxing Salons- Find and List Hair Waxing Salons and Spas, Professional Hair Removal
Do you have a salon or spa that specializes in waxing hair removal? Are you looking for professional waxing in your area? Find and list these salons and spas.

Brazilian Wax Pennsylvania- Professional Skin - : Tell Us About Your Waxing Salon or Spa
Professional Skin in Pennsylvania specializing in Brazilian waxing.

Waxing- West Warwick, Rhode Island - : Tell Us About Your Waxing Salon or Spa
Do you have a salon or spa that specializes in waxing hair removal? Are you looking for professional waxing in your area? Find and list these salons and spas.

Waxing- Columbia Station, Ohio - : Tell Us About Your Waxing Salon or Spa
Do you have a salon or spa that specializes in waxing hair removal? Are you looking for professional waxing in your area? Find and list these salons and spas.

Waxing- Gahanna, Ohio - : Tell Us About Your Waxing Salon or Spa
Do you have a salon or spa that specializes in waxing hair removal? Are you looking for professional waxing in your area? Find and list these salons and spas.

Waxing Salon- Carlsbad, California - : Tell Us About Your Waxing Salon or Spa
Do you have a salon or spa that specializes in waxing hair removal? Are you looking for professional waxing in your area? Find and list these salons and spas.

Waxing- Las Vegas, Nevada - : Tell Us About Your Waxing Salon or Spa
Do you have a salon or spa that specializes in waxing hair removal? Are you looking for professional waxing in your area? Find and list these salons and spas.

Waxing- Mesa, Arizona - : Tell Us About Your Waxing Salon or Spa
Do you have a salon or spa that specializes in waxing hair removal? Are you looking for professional waxing in your area? Find and list these salons and spas.

Clio Designs Palmperfect Electric Shaver Review
Often electric razors won't get you as close of a shave as a manual razor. But you can save a lot over buying tons of cartridge refills and pricey shaving

Shaving Product Reviews- Shaving Cream / Gel, Razors, Hair Removal Product Review
Shaving product reviews to help you find the best shaving gels, creams, razors and more for the longest, smoothest shave from your guide to hair removal at

Tweezer Reviews- How Different Models Rate in Our Tweezer Reviews
All tweezers aren't created equal. We tell you what to look for in a good pair of tweezers, and give you the latest tweezer reviews.

Epilator Reviews- Epilators Reviews for Women, Men and Face
Epilator reviews of different brands like Epilady and Emjoi. Read how they rated with us and leave what you think.

Laser Hair Removal - Facts, Side effects, Costs, Pros, Cons About Laser Hair Removal & IPL
What are the side effects of laser hair removal? What are the prices? Does laser hair removal really work? Is it permanent? We answer common questions, give you the facts about laser and help on finding a quality therapist.

no!no! Its Not a Razor or a Laser
It comes with blades, but its not a razor, and although it claims more than temporary results by reducing hair density, its not a laser. The no!no! uses

Eyebrow Threading- Natural Hair Removal, Eyebrow Threading Shapes Brows Beautifully
Eyebrow threading is is known for being able to shape brows like no other technique can. Plus, it's an all natural hair removal method and chemical free.

Hair Removal Reviews- Waxing, Laser, Shaving and More Hair Removal Reviews and Product Ratings
Hair removal reviews: Rating products and kits from waxing to at home lasers and shaving. Read about how these hair removal devices, systems and accessories work.

What Do You Think of Eyebrow Threading?
What do you think of eyebrow threading

The mē smooth Home Hair Removal Device
The me smooth home hair removal device profile. How it works, who can use it, does it hurt, the cost and more.

How to Remove Nose Hair
How to remove nose hair. What you need to know before yanking any.

Shaving Quote
I cannot believe that 2013 has come to an end. Every year seems to go faster and faster. This year I though to finish the year with a quote. Winning is like

How to Groom Eyebrows- Tips for Men and Women
How to groom eyebrows. Expert tips, tricks, techniques for men and women. How-tos, videos, pictures and step by steps.

Bikini Waxing Styles. Brazilian Waxing. Bikini Waxing Designs & Tips
Bikini waxing, everything you want to know and more. Bikini waxing styles, designs including pre and post care.

Male Body Waxing- You Guide to Male Body Waxing, Bikini and Brazilians
Male body waxing is becoming more popular as guys seek the longer lasting results of waxing over shaving. We answer top questions about waxing the male body.

Wax at Home- Do it Yourself Instructions & Save Money - Wax at Home
Wax at home and save money on the high professional costs If you don't mind getting a little sticky and have a little patience, you can learn the steps you can wax at home.

Waxing Precautions- How to Get a Safe Wax- Waxing Precautions
Learn about getting a safe and sanitary waxing hair removal. Waxing precautions you need to know to protect yourself and avoid harmful side effects.

Satin Smooth EZ Grip Strips
Satin Smooth EZ Grip Strips. Why I love these non woven wax strips.

What Is Dermaplaning?
What is dermaplaning? How does it remove facial hair? Its pros, cons, prices and alternatives.

no!no! 8800 One Year Update Review
no!no! 8800 One Year Update Review. One year update.

Saw Palmetto for Excess Facial and Body Hair in Women?
Saw Palmetto for Excess Facial and Body Hair in Women?

Safe Waxing- Find a Clean Salon and Get a Safe Waxing
How clean is the salon or spa you go to? Safe waxing protects your health and unsanitary waxing practices can lead to infections and diseases. Good and bad signs to look out for when choosing a facility.

Side Effects of Waxing- How to Prevent & Treat Side Effects of Waxing
I would be lying if I said there weren't any side effects of waxing. By learning how to avoid these problems, you can get better results.

Waxing Eyebrows, the DIY at Home Instructions
If the thought of getting wax anywhere near your eyes, or if you dont feel comfortable shaping your brows- then the DIY method isnt for you. Stick to having

Licensing for Eyebrow Threading?
Eyebrow threading, which uses a string to remove hair, has been going on for centuries in Eastern countries. It's a popular choice for many because it's quick

Ingrown Hair Home Remedies- Sugar, Salt, Aspirin, Ingrown Hair Home Remedies
Ingrown hair home remedies can save you alot over using retail products. Remedies you can make right now with sugar, salt aspirin and more.

Ingrown Hairs- Treat and Prevent Ingrown Hairs and Razor Bumps
Ingrown hairs and razor bumps often show up after hair removal, but can be prevented and treated. We show you simple steps to take, products that work and even how to save money with recipes you can make at home.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals in the Hair Removal World
Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals for Tria, Silk'n, me smooth, folica, spafinder and great deals at groupon.

Leery of Epila Laser at Home Device
Last month I asked for reviews of the Epila laser at home device selling for $199 after getting an email from a reader, and curious myself on if it worked.

Vaniqa Hair Removal Cream Reviews
vaniqa hair removal cream reviews

Questions To Ask at a Medical Spa Before Getting Treatments
Medical spas often offer advanced treatments like laser hair removal. But just because theres medical in the name shouldnt have you assume that youre in a

How to Trim Nose Hair
How to trim nose hair. The top rated scissors and trimmers.

Hair No More Reviews
Hair No More Reviews

Dont Forget to Moisturize after Shaving
Don't forget to moisturize after shaving. Here's why.

Save 50% at Aesthetic VideoSource
Save 50% at Aesthetic VideoSource. Vidoes on waxing, Brazilians, massage, skincare and more.

Nair Shower Power. Yeah or Nay?
I'm up for just about anything that can save me time from my hair removing ritual and bring longer lasting results. When I saw that Nair Shower Power could be

Eyebrow Shaping Tips for Women 40 Plus
What worked for you when you were a teenager or a twenty-something to shape your brows, may not be doing you justice now. As women age they tend to not grow as

Tria Laser - Home Laser Hair Removal, Tria Laser Hair Removal Profile
Tria laser is a home laser device cleared by the FDA. Learn the basics of using this system and see if it might be right for getting rid of your hair.

MiN New York- Bio of Chad Murawczyk, Founder and CEO of MiN New York
Brief bio of founder and CEO of MiN New York, Chad Murawczyk.

Orange County Skin Care- Nicole Fierro Orange County Skin Care Mobile Therapist
Orange County skin care mobile therapist Nicole Fierro runs a small but successful business coming to the client's home. She shares her exceptional background, and how much she loves the skin care industry.

Learn Threading- Is it Hard to Learn Threading? Interview with Anna Pretto
Is it hard to learn threading? Not for Anna, she used to be dedicated to the popular waxing until completely awestruck by an eyebrow threading, changing her life by more than just getting a great brow shape. Now she teaches threading to others, read the interview with Anna Pretto.

Brazilian Wax Cleveland- Interview with Ronne Lewis, Owner of Shumai-Chi, Brazilian Waxing Specialist in Cleveland Area
When Ronne Lewis began to specialize in Brazilian waxing, it sky-rocketed her business and makes up to 50% of her day. She shares what brought her to opening her one-woman skincare studio, Shumai-Chi in the Greater Cleveland area.

Shaving Hair Removal - How it Works and Does Shaving Hair Removal Make It Thicker?
A run down on the basics of pros, cons and costs of shaving hair removal. And, does shaving hair make it grow back thicker?

Alexandria Sugaring- Review of Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring for Natural Hair Removal
Alexandria Sugaring company makes the real sugar paste used in professional salons and spas. Read about how my sugar experience compares to waxing.

Body sugaring hair removal- Interview with Body Sugaring Hair Removal Expert Jenn Webdale
Jenn Webdale is a body sugaring hair removal expert at ALETRIS center is Scottsdale Arizona and trained using Alexandria sugaring products. She fills us in on switching from wax to sugar, mastering the technique and why her clients love sugaring.

Shobha- Jennifer Pesce, Shobha® Brand Director
Learn more about Jennifer Pesce, the brand director from Shobha.

Threading eyebrows- Facial hair removal sensitive skin, Threading Eyebrows Vs. Waxing
Threading eyebrows is becoming the method of choice for many, and a gift to those with sensitive skin over waxing. So why are the sensitive-prone turning to threading in droves?

Threading Salons- Owner of Threading Salon Sanju Kohli
The profile of Sanju Kohli who has her own business Sanju's Threading & Boutique in Warren, Rhode Island.

Plucking Hair Removal 101- How Plucking Hair Removal Works, Pros, Cons & Prices, Tweezing
Plucking hair removal- the good, bad and ugly of using tweezing (or plucking) to rid hair. The run down on this hair removal method.

Waxing Hair- Application Tip to Make Waxing Hair Removal Last Longer
Waxing hair can last weeks at a time with the right application. We let you in on a little secret that makes you hair-free longer.

EpilFree- The EpilFree System Claims Permanent Hair Reduction Used With Waxing
EpilFree is a two part system used in conjuction with professional waxing claiming permanent hair reduction. Can safely be used on any hair or skin type.

Chin Hair Removal- Tweezing Vs Waxing, Chin Hair Removal on Women
Chin hair removal: Waxing verus Tweezing. Both removes hair from the root, but there are some big differences.

Waxing Warmers- Microwavable Wax Vs Waxing Warmers
Waxing warmers are a little more expensive that just getting a microwavable can. But they definitely have their advantages for removing hair at home.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Information- Misconceptions About Electrolysis Hair Removal Information
The top three misconceptions about electrolysis hair removal information addressed by an expert.

Shaving Pubic Hair for Girls- Tips, Advice on Shaving Pubic Hair for Girls, Teenagers
Great tips and advice on shaving pubic hair for girls. Beat ingrown hairs, razor bumps and get a close, safe shave.

Trimming Pubic Hair- Advantages of Trimming Pubic Hair Over Shaving for Grooming Bikini Area
Instead of shaving everything off many men and women are trimming pubic hair length to look more groomed, while avoiding the side effects that the razor can inflict.

Waxing at Home- Use Items You Already Have for Waxing at Home.
Waxing at home can save a lot of money, but you don't need every product suggested by the manufacturer. Use items and ingredients you already have to wax at home to save even more.

Woodlands Spa at Nemacolin Resort- Woodlands Spa at Nemacolin Resort Quick Profile
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort is located on 2,000 mountain acres in the Laurel Highlands of Southwestern Pennsylvania. They have the Woodlands Spa for adults, and for the kids, Spa Voyage for ages 5- 15.

Bikini Line Hair Removal - Waxing Versus Shaving - Best Bikini Line Hair Removal
Bikini line hair removal is a must to look your best in your swimsuit. But just how are you going to get rid of that hair? Two of the most popular temporary methods are shaving and waxing. We cover the good and bad to cutting it off or ripping it out.

Brazilian Hair Removal- Profile of Brazilian Hair Removal Waxing Expert Leonard Serrani
Find out more about Leonard Serrani, a Brazilian hair removal waxing expert. Serrani provides over 90% waxing services, mostly the Brazilian. Thousands of students have been educated by him in waxing basics through advanced techniques.

A Brazilian Waxing- Interview with A Brazilian Waxing Expert and Instructor Leonard Serrani
A Brazilian waxing doesn't have to be a scary experience if you go to the right technician. Expert Brazilian waxer and educator Leonard Serrani answers top questions on this specialty service.

Bleaching Body & Facial Hair - Precautions & Warnings to Bleaching Body & Facial Hair
What you should know before you bleach anywhere on your face or body.

Electrologist- Learn From Experienced Electrologist Barbara Greathouse
Barbara Greathouse, a certified professional electrologist and member of Kansas Association of Professional Electrologists and Vice-President of American Electrology Association.

Before Bikini Wax- Before Bikini Waxing, Tips for Best Results
Tips for what to do before a bikini wax to get less pain, redness, bumps and longer lasting results.

Silk'n Light-Based at Home Device- The Silkn Light Based at Home Profile from HomeSkinovations
Silk'n light-based at home system cleared by the FDA for permanent hair reduction. How it works, if it hurts and if you might be able to use Silk'n for permanent hair reduction.

Tria- Update 6 Month After Last Treatment Using Tria Laser
Check in with me 6 months later after my last treatment with Tria on my results. Did the hair reduction stay or did hair come back?

Tria Laser Review- Nicole’s Tria Laser Review, After 4 Treatments with System
Nicole's Tria Laser review with the 5 setting system. She talks about the pain, treatment time and how much hair is reduced after 4 treatments.

Newest Tria Laser Hair Removal System Profile
The newest Tria Laser is cleared by the FDA. Learn the basics of using this system and see if it might be right for getting rid of your hair.

Tria Hair- Update 1 Year After Using Tria Hair Removal Laser at Home Review
Check in with me 1 year later after my last treatment with Tria hair removal laser at home. Did the hair reduction stay or did hair come back?

Tria Beauty- Interview with Bob Grove, Co-Founder of Tria Beauty
Interview with Bob Grove, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Tria Beauty. He answers questions about the development of Tria laser, compares it to professional treatment, if the device will ever be able to be used for facial hair and if they plan on coming out with other hair removal products.

Uni K Wax- Review of UNI K Wax Center San Diego, California
Uni K Wax Centers are waxing only salons that are known for their quick, virtually pain free affordably priced services. Read about a licensed esthetician's experience getting a Brazilian, underarms and leg package.

Treat Bikini Razor Rash
Treat Bikini Razor Rash

Nicoles Tria Laser Hair Removal Review: After 8 Treatments
My assistant Nicole has finished up her treatments with Tria Laser on her underarm. I tried out the first model with three power settings on my bikini line

My Interview on About.coms Beauty Site
My Interview on About.coms Beauty Site

Avon Hair Removal Reviews
I have never been a fan of hair removal creams or depilatories, and I probably never will. Unless, of course, a cream is invented that keeps the hair away for

no!no! Hair 8800 Series Review
no no hair 8800 series review

10 Ways to Use Coconut Oil on Your Skin, Hair & Nails
10 Ways to Use Coconut Oil on Your Skin, Hair & Nails

Try an Anti-Aging or Acne Product for Ingrown Hair
Ingrown hair or razor bumps can spring up on us at anytime, especially if we're waxing or shaving now more than in other seasons. I have much advice on this

Threading Salons- Find and List Threading Salons & Spas, Professional Hair Removal with a String
Do you have a threading salon, studio or spa? Are you looking for a professional in your area? Find and list these salons and spas.

$50 Gift Card with Tria Laser Purchase
$50 Gift Card with Tria Laser Purchase

Bleaching in Between Waxing
Bleaching in Between Waxing

Black Friday Deals
Black Friday hair removal deals

Shaving Gives You Thicker Hair: Truth or Old Wives Tale?
Maybe you have tried shaving to bring thicker hair, or have been afraid of shaving because of it. Young boys reaching puberty often shave their facial peach

Laser Hair Removal Give-Away
If you have even looked into getting laser hair removal, you know it's going to hurt your bank account much more than actually getting it done. So when I came

What's Lurking in the Wax Pot?
Commonly salons and spas use a pot that heats the wax and apply it with a wooden stick to the skin. The technicians aren't supposed to put the stick back into

Hair Removers Targeting Teens
Nair Pretty is trying to make tackling facial and body hair more appealing to teenagers. Fruit flavors like raspberry, peach, and kiwi scent their hair removing

My Favorite Shaving Gel Is Really an Organic Body Wash
Terressentials Organic Fragrance-Free Gentle Bath Gel is my absolute favorite for shaving. I had decided to try it when I saw that their castile soap based

Botanical, Soy-Based Hair Remover
If youve tried waxing and its just too hard on your skin, but you cant find someone who does the more gentle-to-your-skin sugaring in your area, you may just

Wax or Tweeze Eyebrows? That Is the Question
Personally, I only use tweezers to clean up a few hairs after a waxing. I havent done a complete brow shaping with tweezers since I was a teenager. Brow

Laser At Home. FDA Clears Two New Devices
It was only a matter of time before laser hair removal could be done at home, with its great demand and high professional costs. It seems two companies had

Bikini and Brow Waxes at Age 8?
I recently read a piece in Philadelphia magazine: Trend: Pretty Babies that talks about how girls as young as eight are getting eyebrow and bikini waxes. Yikes!

Ancient Hair Removal
Wanting to get rid of hair isnt a new trend, by any means. Today we are fortunate to have all the modern day conveniences of high quality products, tools,

Dark Skin? Light Hair? Finally, Laser-Like Hair Removal
Standard lasers have left people with dark skin or light hair frustrated because they work by targeting pigment (color), and can leave those with dark skin

Guys, A Hair Free Back Can Be Yours
Medioimages Photodisc / Getty ImagesThe weather is getting warmer and summer fun is approaching. Guys, you'll be hitting the beach, swimming in pools, and

Designer Bikini Has New Meaning
Designer Bikini Has New Meaning

What's It Like To Get Laser?
If you're thinking about laser hair removal but not quite so sure of what to expect, read Diary of a Laser Hair Removal Guinea Pig by Julyne Derrick, About's

Coupons: Save On Nair Pretty and Veet
I like to try out new products, but hate to pay full price just in case they don't work like I hoped. Just ask my husband who can't stand to look in our closet

Don't Shave Right Before Your Pedicure
Don't Shave Right Before Your Pedicure

Putting Tria At Home Laser to the Test
TRIA laser device Photo Chris RoyTria, an at home laser hair removal device recently cleared by the FDA for home use, can now be purchased at some

Redness, Bumps & Ingrown Hairs- Oh My!
Redness, Bumps & Ingrown Hairs- Oh My!

Is Laser Hair Removal Worth it?
Laser hair removal is all of the rage, but everyone can't or won't justify paying the high costs if they feel it might be something they will regret. Was it

Wax Legs at Home With Salon Results
Joe Lena / IStock Photo I love getting my legs waxed in the summer, especially before vacation because it's just one less thing to worry about, and more time to

Free Waxing Supplies with Wax Warmer
Free Waxing Supplies with Wax Warmer

Barber Shop Shave
Working in spas since a teenager, I've tried almost every service imaginable. But there's one service I'll never be able to receive... a professional shave.

Pitch the Loofah, Exfoliate with Natural Fibers
Courtesy PricegrabberExfoliation is a must to keep skin looking healthy and luminious, and also helps to avoid and treat ingrown hairs. While loofahs are cute

Home Sugaring Hair Removal
Madhu Mini Sugaring Kit Shobha IncMany people are turning to sugaring hair removal over waxing because its gentler to the skin. The problem is that

Wordless Wednesday- Waxing Pain
Richard Nolan- Neylan/ Getty Images More Wordless Wednesday Blogs

Tweezerman Slant Tweezers- Limited Edition
Animal Print Slant Tweezers Sephora USA, Inc. If getting the 'Best of Beauty Award' by Allure magazine for 7 years in a row hasn't been enough to make you

Waxing Bikini Area- Do-It-Yourself?
So you want to get rid of that bikini hair, but don't really want to pay the professional prices. Well, I'll give you a word of advice- Hard wax. This specific

Hair Removal Tip for All Upcoming Brides
Hair Removal Tip for All Upcoming Brides

Find an Alexandria Sugaring Professional
Sugaring is definitely sweeter to the skin than waxing, but can be a souring experience trying to locate a professional that does it. How would you like to find

Dr. Bronner's Now Offers Fair Trade, Organic Shaving Gel
Dr. Bronner's Magic All One!If you used liquid castile soap, no doubt you have seen or bought the Dr. Bronners brand. Just recently they launched an organic,

Hair Removal Relief for Sensitive Eyebrows
Even if youre not sensitive on any other area of your body, do your eyebrows turn bright red when theyre waxed? Youre not alone! The skin in the eye area is

New Trend: Waxing Parties
Sure youve heard of: Tupperware, lingerie, scrap-booking, wine tasting, and spa- all followed the word parties! Women create genius ways to get together. Now

Bliss and Philips Team Up to Tackle Hair Removal
Sephora USA, IncWhat do you get when you take the electronic mastermind of Philips with the spa touch of Bliss? The Bliss/Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe

Want Defined Eyebrows Like Aishwarya Rai?
Want Defined Eyebrows Like Aishwarya Rai?

The Manly Back Shaver
This is one problem we don't have ladies: Pretty much, wherever we want to remove hair, we can reach. But men, you have to rely on help, either at home or

GiGi Numbing Spray to Ease Waxing Pain
Rip...Ouch! That's the sound of pulling off a strip of wax. While certain people are just plain old babies to any sort of discomfort, there are some medical

Eyebrow Waxing- Leave it to Pros or Save Money at Home?
I happened to be at the bank opening an account the other day. The woman who helped me was very pretty, but had such pencil thin eyebrows. I couldnt stop

Protect Freshly Waxed Skin from the Sun
Its summer time, and many of us are on our way to the beach or vacations that includes lots of sun. Does this sound familiar? Step 1) Wax legs, bikini line,

New Relief Lotion for Ingrown Hairs
We rid hair because we want to look better, groomed and more attractive. But sometimes the side effects of hair removal arent pretty. Take for example ingrown

The Art of Shaving Cream for Women- Worth the Price Tag?
The Art of Shaving as its name suggests specializes in what else? You guessed it- shaving products. But these arent run of the mill products that you pick up

Fast Toe Hair Removal with Pre-Made Wax Strips
So you got around to getting a pedicure and have smooth skin and beautifully polished (or buffed) toes. To complete your look for sandal-worthy feet youve

Silkn Laser at Home Now Available
Silkn, a home laser system recently cleared by the FDA can now be purchased through physicians. If you go to the Silkn website and enter your name, email, and

Waxing Starter Kit on Sale at Folica
Satin Smooth Waxing Starter Kit named Customers Choice- Best of Folica gives you everything you need to start waxing at home, now on sale at Folica for

Poetic Brow Shaping Sugar Wax, 60% Off
I love when I find a really great deal online, especially when its 60% off. Poetic Brow Shaping Sugar Wax, regularly $40 (compare prices) is now $16 at Bliss,

August Sales: Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Laser Centers
Hair Today Gone Tomorrow is a laser center with multiple locations in the Mid-West, and have some great specials in August. Ive never been to one of their

Top 10 Eyebrow Shaping Tips
Dont think eyebrows can make a huge difference in your appearance? Take a look at this girl to the right. Whats one of the first things you notice? Though

Where Do You Hate Having Hair?
Its an on-going battle, you remove the hair and it comes back. We all have at least one area where we would love to rid hair and say goodbye forever and ever.

Tria Laser Review Part 2, Half Way Through Treatments
So how it is going using Tria? Am I seeing results? Readers have been very curious and anxious emailing me these questions. Well, I dont want to spoil all the

How Young is Too Young For Hair Removal?
Have we gone too far as a society seeking perfection by wanting to unnecessarily rid hair on very young children? There have been quite a lot of articles

Facial Hair Leads, Where Most Would Like to Remove Hair Forever
According to my hair removal poll last week, facial hair is slightly in the lead right now where people would like to say good-bye to hair for all eternity.

Learn More in the Hair Removal Forum
Have you checked out the hair removal forum? It's a great place to ask a question, share a tip, or rant and rave about hair removal products you've bought.

How to Find a Threading Salon
If waxing has you seeing red and tweezing is taking up too much of your time, try threading! An ancient eastern technique, passed down through the generations

Bikini Waxing Video
Summer isnt totally over just yet, and you might be getting ready for your vacation. So if you would like to use your money toward more fun stuff versus paying

Celebrity Eyebrow Shaping
Youre not the only one who has to sit and get the hair ripped out at your brow shaping, so do celebrities. And, while it might look like they have naturally

Beards, Goatees and Mutton Chops
Men don't have to go with the clean-shaven look, but have the option if they want to sport a bit of facial hair from a full beard to a small patch. I cant say

Threading at Home?
Just recently on my trip to the Mall, I saw a threading booth not to many steps from the entrance. Amidst shoppers, there were women getting their brows shaped,

Laser Hair Removal Gone Bad
As with a lot of laser hair removal centers, you pay up front for the series of treatments. Erika Malast did just that, paying over $2,400 at Speed of Light,

Save on Shaving Bikini Area
Last month I asked readers through a poll Where Do You Hate Having Hair? Right now facial hair is in the lead, but the bikini area is trailing behind by one

Tria Laser at Home Now Available In Stores and Online
When Tria first launched, it was only available at aesthetic physician's offices. Now its available at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, Fred Segal in Santa

Hair Removal Habits for Fall
I absolutely love the Fall, and cant get enough of the crisp air and try to take advantage of the peak of the season where the scenery of the beautiful foliage

Tweezer for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
If youve read my Tweezerman Slant Tweezer review, you know that I love almost everything about them- from the flat body design to the hand-filed tips. With

Review: Hair Care Down There Ultimate Shaving Kit
Most women opt for the razor on the bikini area because its quicker and cheaper than waxing. But this sensitive zone is much more prone to getting bumps,

Now is the Best Time to Start Waxing
A big mistake women make is waiting until summer or when they go on vacation to get their body waxed, and shave the rest of the time. If you are just an

Tria Laser Update
Apparently, I cant use Tria fast enough for my readers because I keep getting emails asking when my third piece is coming out. I can't say that I blame you, it

Mangroomer: Do-it-Yourself Back Shaver Review
While a hairy back was considered a sign of a real man in my grandparents generation, today thats no longer the case. Men are seeking a hairless back, but

My New Gigi Wax Warmer
I owned the Gigi wax warmer space saver which was great for home, but only had an on and off switch. The wax generally did stay pretty temperate, but could get

Betty Beauty On Sale, Plus Free Shipping
In case youre not familiar with Betty Beauty, theyre a company that makes color for the hair down there. Women and men are using this product to cover grey,

Tips and Advice for Male Body Shaving
I never quite got the guys that thought let me leave a couple shirt buttons undone and show off my chest hair. Especially if that included some gold chains

New Laser Hair Removal Video
Are you curious to see how a professional laser treatment is performed? Laser is getting ever so popular but can sound a little intimidating because you might

Economic State of Hair Removal
With falling stocks, cutbacks, job losses and economic downturn, salons and spas are getting hit hard along with a lot of other businesses. But I also know

Alexandria Sugaring in Westlake Ohio
Sure, Ive tried waxing, threading, sugaring gel and even laser at home- but never the real sugaring using paste. Then I came across Marijana at Allure Derma

New Professional Hair Removal Service: EpilFree
Being hair-free for weeks at a time is wonderful. But what if every time you got waxed, threading or sugaring less and less hair grew back with results

Side Effects of Waxing
So you got waxed and are in love with your hair free legs or bikini line. After a few hours you look in the mirror expecting the beautiful results you left the

Silkn Laser Now Online for Purchase: Im Getting One
When first released, you could only get Silkn the at home laser device through physicians that were selling it in your area. Now you can get your hands on

Bad Reviews for Epila Laser at Home
Well, I asked for reviews about Epila laser and I got them. I was very leery of the device, so I wasn't surprised to hear what others are saying about this

GiGi Milk and Honee Wax
Legend has it that Cleopatra bathed daily in milk and honey to keep her skin soft and beautiful. If that was the case, no doubt it helped her keep a pristine

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Save on Hair Removal Products
Take advantage of these great savings on getting smooth and hairless. Shobha Brand Products: Spend $50 save $10 (get code) Spend $100 save $20 (get

The Real Deal on a Brazilian Waxing
During the summer I got an email from a reader asking advice on a bikini waxing gone wrong. Heres what part of it said, I got a Brazilian wax done at the last

Have You Tried Electrolysis On Facial Hair?
I frequently check the hair removal forum, and try to answer questions the best that I can. But there are some hair removal methods that I havent personally

no!no! Hair Remover $75 off at Sephora
If you have been eyeing the no!no! hair remover, now might be the time to snatch it up. Regularly $250 its on sale for $175 at Sephora right now. Although you

Losing Your Eyebrows?
Having enough brow hair is essential to getting the perfect shape. But sometimes the brows start to fall out and become sparse and uneven. While age and stress

Beat Razor Burn, Irritation and Ingrown Hairs with Shaving Oil
Besides using a good shaving cream and razor, there's something more you can do to get less nicks, cuts, razor burn and ingrown hairs- it's called shaving

Why Epila Laser Hair Removal Alarms Me
If you have been looking into laser at home models you may have run across the Epila laser and probably were attracted to its low price tag- much lower than