Hair Removal Sitemap - Page 2 2016-05-11

How to Pick the Right Facial & Body Waxing Supplies
The right facial and body waxing supplies will help you to get the best results and make the job a lot easier. We tell you what you need, what it does and how you can save money.

Pubic Hair Shaving Products and Grooming Tools
The best results for pubic hair shaving require the use of specific shaving products for this special zone. If you want smooth skin, less nicks and bumps with longer lasting results you need the right tools.

Tips on Preventing Pimples From Shaving
Pimples from shaving often happen on areas with thicker hair like the face, bikini line and chest. You don't have to get breakouts every time you pick up the razor. How to prevent and treat them.

Eyebrow Shaping Tips- Top 10 Professional Do’s and Don’ts
Professional eyebrow shaping tips. The top Do's and Don'ts for getting the perfect shape, easing pain, filling sparse areas and using the right tools.

Depilatories- Depilatories, Quick Painless Hair Removal Creams
Hair removal creams (a.k.a. depilatories) do take some time to break down the hair. Since the only work involved is applying it and taking it off, you can get other things done while it’s doing its job.

Epilators - Quick Hair Removal
We know pulling each individual hair out with tweezers on your own takes forever. Good thing epilators do the work for you removing hair from the root, and quickly. You don’t need a lot of skill to work because they’re also easy to use.

Wax Strips- Quick Hair Removal
Because wax strips already have the products attached, it makes for a much quicker hair removal process than keep going back to a pot. You can get hair-free without hardly any mess!

Ear Hair Removal Methods and Tips for Men
Ear hair removal may not be something that you have heard about because most people do not want to talk about it. You know, it’s like the elephant in the room. Let’s talk about how to get rid of of those nasty lurkers.

How to Pluck or Tweeze Chin Hair, Tips and Advice
How to tweeze chin hair on women. Learn how to remove it easily- even short hair and be smoother longer.

Philips Norelco BodyGroom 2030 Review
Philips Norelco BodyGroom 2030 can be used wet or dry to trim and shave men's body hair below the neck. Read our full review and how it rated with us.

Application Tip to Make Waxing Hair Removal Last Longer
Waxing hair can last weeks at a time with the right application. We let you in on a little secret that makes you hair-free longer.

Waxing Legs at Home Versus Salon or Spa
Probably the largest inch for inch hairy zone for women, it’s no wonder why we opt for leg waxing, to rid hair for weeks at a time. So do you go to the salon or spa, or do the lovely task yourself at home?

How to Calm Sensitive Skin After Waxing
Help! How can I calm sensitive skin after waxing? I love being hair-free but not the red side effects.

How To Wax Chest - Hair Removal for Men
How to wax your chest at home. Rather than shaving, removing it from the root can last weeks at a time. We tell you how to perform this hair removal technique.

Waxing Bumps -How to Prevent and Get Rid of These Red
Waxing bumps do happen, and often similar to razor burn or may just be uneven red, irritated skin. The good news is there are steps you can take to lessen them or avoid this side effect altogether.

Genital Hair Removal Safety and Tips for Men
Safety and tips for men shaving testicles (balls) and penis. How to use precaution when grooming genital hair.

10 Things Your Waxer Wishes You'd Stop Doing
Ten things your wax tech advises against to make their job smoother and you get better results. Are you guilty of these infractions?

What to Expect at Your First Bikini Wax 101
So it’s your first bikini wax? We’ll walk you through what you can bascially expect to ease any fears.

7 Biggest DIY Waxing Mistakes You're Probably Making
The most common waxing mistakes made at home. Are you guilty? Save your skin and yourself from frustration. Get better results while saving money.

How to Treat Razor Burn- 7 Tips for Fast Relief
How to treat razor burn? 7 tips to quickly clear the itchiness, redness and inflammation, while avoiding infection.

Pubic Laser Hair Removal- A Must Read Before Getting Zapped
Pubic laser hair removal, or getting a Brazilian forever. What you need to know beforehand- the pain, buying a home device and how it compares to electrolysis.

At Home Waxing- Tips for Hair Removal at Home
At home waxing can save a lot of money! Tips for pain, beating side effects and step-by-step how to directions.

New no!no! hair Can Be Used for Facial Hair Removal
You may have heard of the no!no! hair remover that has been advertised on television and sold at Sephora. It's not a home laser like Tria or home IPL device

Why You May Not Want a Full Brazilian
The top reasons why you may not want a full Brazilian wax. A must read if you're new to waxing or bikini grooming.

How to Dye Eyebrows Safely Step by Step
We show you how to dye eyebrows with the color lasting four to eight weeks. Deepen brows without having to use pencil every day.

What You Need to Know About Full Body Waxing
Should you get a full body waxing? What you need to know before trying to get almost completely smooth in one session.

Best Body Waxing Supplies for Home- What the Pros Use
The best body waxing supplies for home. See which products professionals use in their skincare rooms to get ultra smooth results.

Best Products to Fill Sparse Eyebrows
The best products to fill sparse eyebrows from someone who has scanty brows. These are her top picks after searching high and low.

Top 10 Tips to Reduce Waxing Pain
Top 10 Do's and Don'ts for reducing waxing pain. We tell you how to bring down the 'ouch factor', because waxing doesn't have to hurt that much.

Top 5 Numbing Creams for Waxing
The top 5 numbing creams for waxing. Take the pain factor down to next to nothing even for those with sensitive skin and on the most intimate areas.

Should Men Shave Their Legs?
Should men shave their legs? Some men like the look of smooth legs and others shave because of their sport or occupation.

Sweetease Bikini Waxing Kit Review- Pre Made Strips
In our Sweetease Bikini Wax Kit review, we work these strips against underarms and bikini area.

Soften Her Review- Eliminate Prickly Shaving Stubble?
In our Soften Her review, we put this pink disc to the test to see if it will make stubble less prickly on a woman's thick body hair.

5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About a Brazilian Wax
5 things you may not know about a Brazilian wax. A licensed esthetician shares more about this specialty service from the eyes of the technician.

Review of BareEase Prep Kit & Numbing Cream for Waxing
Review of BareEase & Cream Prep Kit. We put their kit to the test and share how their numbing cream reduced the pain of a Brazilian bikini wax and what we thought of the latex panties.

Wunderbrow Review- Does it Fill Very Sparse Brows?
In our Wunderbrow review a woman with very sparse brows puts this product to the test. See how it works to fill and create fuller arches.

Sally Hansen Extra Strength All-Over Wax Hair Removal Kit Review
Sally Hansen Extra Strength All-Over Wax Hair Removal Kit review. What does a professional esthetician think of this product for waxing at home?

Types of Wax for Hair Removal
What are the different types of wax for hair removal? Learn about soft in all its forms as well as hard, including how each works, is applied and gets removed.

Leg Waxing Tips for Home
Expert leg wax tips for home. What you need to know about avoiding pain, ingrown hair and bruising- including picking the right kind of wax.

Electrolysis Versus Laser Hair Removal Comparisons
We help you decide- electrolysis versus laser hair removal for your facial hair. The most annoying of all unwanted hairs can be found on the face because we can’t hide it under clothing if we have to, like on the body. Everyone, but especially females who have struggled with a large amount of facial hair, knows how annoying the process can be of constantly worrying about ways to get hairless.

Hard Wax for Hair Removal: Tips, Where to Use, and Kits
Hard wax- where and when to use it, how it's different than soft (strip), heating it, and tips for purchasing.

7 Tips for an Almost Pain-Free Wax
7 tips for a nearly pain-free wax. How to take the sting out of even the most sensitive areas- whether you're going to an appointment or doing the deed at home.

Get Perfect Eyebrows at Home with These Tools
Get perfect eyebrows at home with these tools- for waxing, trimming, getting the right arch and adding some color. Forget the salon price tag.

Best Waxing Kits for Home- Save Money with DIY
The best waxing kits for home for men and women with all budgets (and hair types) in mind. Save money with a DIY hair removal session.

Magic Shave Regular Strength Review
Magic Shave is a depilatory (hair removal cream) for men's facial hair. We put it to the test. See how it worked for us.

Waxing Hair Length Tips for Legs, Bikini, Armpits
The waxing hair length rule of thumb, how to get around it being too long or too short and tips for removing hair at home.

How to Wax Hair - Bikini Line, Facial Hair, Upper Lip
Our step-by-step guides show you how to wax hair from various zones of your face and body. Each article gives tips for the specific area you’re waxing.

Hair Removal Products & Reviews - Waxing, Laser & More
Hair removal reviews: Rating products and kits from waxing to at home lasers and shaving. Read about how these hair removal devices, systems and accessories work.

Facial Hair Removal for Men, Women and Sensitive Skin
Facial hair removal is in a class of its own. We tell you what works for men's thick hair and women's sensitive areas. Plus get expert advice and at-home product highlights.

Shaving with Pimples- Products, Tips & Ingredients to Use and Avoid
Shaving with pimples or acne? How to choose the right products and ingredients when you pick up the razor that will do more help than harm.

5 Pre Shave Oils for a Smooth Irritation Free Razor Experience
Find out what pre shave oils do and how to use them. Plus 5 product picks for a smooth irritation-free razor experience, including those who prefer electric.

Advice for Laser Hair Removal on Chin Hair for Women
Do you recommend laser hair removal for chin hair on women? Who are the best candidates? Can I do this at home? Your questions answered.

Does a Brazilian Wax Hurt?
Does a Brazilian wax hurt? Pain might be a bit different than a regular bikini wax. But how much does a Brazilian bikini wax hurt? Not as much as you think, with the right technician of course.

How Much Does a Brazilian and Regular Bikini Wax Cost?
The run down on the wide price range of bikini wax costs. From regular to Brazilians and the Sphinx, why is there such a difference?

Hair Removal for Women
6 hair removal products for women. These tools make a bikini wax easier, permanently reduce hair, allow for getting a perfect eyebrow shape at home and more.

Avoiding and Treating Side Effects of Waxing
Knowing possible side effects of waxing, like ingrown hair, pimples, redness, bruising and more will help you to be able to prevent and treat them.

Hair Removal for Men- Must Have Products for Male Grooming
Must have grooming hair removal products for men. The basic tools for getting smooth or manscaping from head to toe while avoiding nasty side effects.

Unscented Shaving Creams & Gels- Top Picks for Men & Women
Highly rated unscented shaving creams and gels for men and women. Whether fragrances bother your skin or nose, we have options for all budgets.

Best Hair Removal - How Should I Get Rid of Hair on My...?
The best hair removal methods for all your parts. How should I get rid of hair on my...? Zone specific expert advice, how-tos, tips and top product picks.

Eyebrow Shapes Showcase - Accentuate Your Features
Browse through our eyebrow shapes showcase for some beautiful designs to help you find the perfect one for you.

Advice and Example of Eyebrow Shape for Mature Women
The right eyebrow shape can do wonders to lift and take off some years. Learn to put in the right amount of arch without over doing it.

Advice and Example of Eyebrow Shape for Your Face with Large Features
Large features? We show you the perfect eyebrow shape for your face to help balance your look.

Advice and Example of Eyebrow Shape for Light or Small Eyebrows
We show you to to show off your beautiful eyebrow shape. How to make your eyes pop and accentuate your brows correctly.

Advice and Example of Eyebrow Shape for Straight Brows
Do you have a hard time picking out the right eyebrow shape for your face shape or features? Browse through our eyebrow shape showcase for some beautiful designs to help you find the perfect for one you.

Tria Laser Removal Reviews - Results on Bikini Line
tria laser removal, tria laser removal reviews, home hair removal, tria laser

Update One Year After Using Tria Hair Removal Laser on Bikini Area
1 year later after my last treatment with Tria hair removal laser at home on my bikini line. Did the hair reduction stay or did hair come back?

Tria Laser - 6 Months After Last Treatment on Bikini Area
Check in with me 6 months later after my last treatment with Tria on my bikini area. Did the hair reduction stay or did hair come back?

Facial Electrolysis - Number of Treatments & Cost
I’m looking into facial electrolysis for my upper lip, what can I expect to pay and how many treatments will I need?

Electrolysis Hair Removal Information- Misconceptions About Electrolysis Hair Removal Information
The top three misconceptions about electrolysis hair removal information addressed by an expert.

Waxing Salons- The Highlights of 4 Franchises in the U.S.
4 Waxing Salon and Center franchises in the U.S. We highlight these growing companies focusing on this specific type of hair removal and what makes each stand out.

Wax Salons- Spas, Centers, Professional Hair Removal
Wax Salons and Spas have many advantages over those that just offer in on their menu as an afterthought. You probably will get a better service overall, but there's more like their speed, price and longer-lasting results.

Brow Wax- Tips for Getting Your Perfect Shape with the Pros
Brow wax tips for getting your perfect shape at your appointment. How to find a crafty tech, a clean salon and communicate exactly what you want.

Tips and Advice for Eyebrow Waxing Men
Eyebrow waxing men? Sure, it lasts long and is quicker than tweezing. Get the tips for great results. Page 4.

How to Groom Men's Eyebrows - Nothing Dramatic
We show you how to groom men's eyebrows and clean them up so that they still look masculine. A must read before removing any any hair.

Eyebrown Grooming Tips and Techniques for Men
Put your best face forward with our men's eyebrow grooming tips, without looking feminine. Page 2.

Eyebrow Shaping for Men - Tips & Guide
Eyebrow shaping tips for men. Where your brows should start shown on a male model.

Tips for Men's Eyebrow Shaping and Grooming
Men's eyebrow shaping is different than a woman's. Get the grooming tips you need.

Grooming, Tweezing & Waxing Male Eyebrows
The tips you need to make male eyebrows look good.

Silk’n Flash & Go Review - IPL Hair Removal at Home
Silk'n Flash & Go uses IPL and can be used for facial hair removal, as well as on the body. My assistant Nicole tests this product on her chin and part of her leg. See what she thought of the pain, speed, results and more in her review.

Hair Removal at Home- 7 Products You've Probably Never Seen
Hair removal at home. 7 products you've probably never heard of for DIY de-fuzzing for men and women.

Update on no!no! Hair Removal Reviews
I recently put up a blog post asking for no!no reviews, specifically the 8800 series that can be used on facial hair because so many people have been asking if

What Is a French Bikini Wax- Pubic Hair Removal Styles
A French bikini wax isn't as dramatic as a Brazilian, but much more than a regular bikini wax. Find out what exactly to expect and what hair will remain.


How to Shave Your Pubic Hair, Avoiding Bumps and Rash
How to shave your pubic hair without getting bumps, irritation and redness.

Brazilian & Bikini Waxing for Men - What to Expect
Brazilian waxing for men? Absolutely, guys are loving this long lasting hair removal even on the penis and balls. See how you can prepare and find out what to expect.

Pubic Shaving Rash - How to Prevent & Treat
Pubic shaving rash or razor burn isn't a pretty sight in the bikini area. We have the tips to get you hair-free without seeing redness, or feeling the stinging and itchiness.

Waxing Versus Shaving Pubic Area Hair
I’ve been shaving the pubic area, but it only lasts a day or so. How long will the hair be gone if I switch to waxing?

Hair Waxing Precautions, Warnings and Risks
If you don't know waxing precautions and warnings your skin could get very red, or even turn scabby from waxing. Learn when you should be precautious, or stay away from waxing all together. A must read before waxing.

Using Salt as a Home Remedy for Ingrown Hair
Salt can be used as a home remedy for ingrown hair because exfoliates, increases circulation, promotes healing and reduces swelling to the skin. Read more on how to use it for ingrown hairs.

Waxing Pubic Hair - Tips Before Pruning the Bikini Area
What you need to know about waxing pubic hair. Expert tips for home and the pros, choosing the right style, curbing pain, and specific info for both men and women.

How to Treat Pubic Razor Burn and Shaving Rash
Pubic razor burn can be treated. We'll show you how to treat this shaving rash on the double.

Ingrown Hairs - Prevention and Treatment
Ingrown hair removal. Tips on how to prevent and treat these bumps.

What You Should Know Before Eyebrow Shaving
Eyebrow shaving seems like a great idea being quick and easy. But here's what you need to know before taking the razor near your eyes.

Guide to Shaving Pubic Hair
Our guide to shaving pubic hair covers all you need to know in getting smooth results, from picking the right products to making designs and being hair-free longer.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments - Pros and Cons
Want to know about laser hair removal treatments? Get the facts about how laser hair removal works before you invest your money. Is it permanent?

Tria Laser 4X Home Hair Removal System Review
Tria Laser 4X. The profile of this hair removal system that can be used on the body or a woman's face. Read more about how it works, who may be able to use it, typical results and the pain factor.

Preventing Ingrown Hair- Best Removal Methods
Preventing ingrown hair can be done by applying products, but also by choosing a hair removal method that will lower your chances.

How to Make an Ingrown Hair Home Treatment
A recipe for an ingrown hair home treatment using sugar and oils can help fight redness, inflammation and get that hair out.

Bikini Line Hair Removal: Waxing vs. Shaving
Bikini line hair removal is a must to look your best in your swimsuit. But just how are you going to get rid of that hair? Two of the most popular temporary methods are shaving and waxing. We cover the good and bad to cutting it off or ripping it out.

Prevent & Treat Bikini Line Razor Burn in Pubic Area
Bikini line razor burn is very common. Learn how to prevent and treat the irritation and redness.

Waxing How-Tos With Hard, Soft, Cold and Strips
When I wax the hair doesn't come off? Reasons why it's not coming off and breaking and how to fix it. Specific tips for different kinds of wax.

What is the Bikini Style Waxing Hollywood?
My friend recently got a Hollywood bikini wax, but I have no clue what she is talking about. Can you tell me what type of bikini wax that is?

Bikini Waxing Techniques- Brazilian Pubic Hair Removal
Bikini waxing techniques used by the pros to remove pubic hair, get into hard to reach areas (like with a Brazilian) and minimize pain.

no!no! Hair Pro Reviews
no!no! Hair Pro reviews. Tell us what you think. How did it work for you?

Silk’n Hair Remover Review - Part 1
Silk’n is a home light-based hair remover cleared by the FDA. Read our review on how Silk’n works, whether it hurts, and how easy it is to use at home.

Razor Bumps (Prevention and Treatment)
What's the cure for razor bumps? While there's no one magic potion, with a little professional advice on prevention and treatment, we'll have you seeing less redness and bumps.

Tria Home Laser Hair Removal Overview
Tria laser is a home laser device cleared by the FDA. Learn the basics of using this system and see if it might be right for getting rid of your hair.

Tria 4X Versus Silk'n SensEpil - Page 2
Tria 4X versus Silk'n SensEpil. Comparisons between technology, features, life, results, pain and cost. Page 2.

Tria 4X vs Silk’n SensEpil Comparison
Tria 4X vs Silk'n SensEpil. Comparisons between technology, features, life, results, pain and cost.

Waxing Short Hair- Tips for Waxing Short Hair Length
Waxing short hair can really be a pain. We tell you how to use strip and stripless wax for removing stubble length hair and tips for going to the pros.

Shaving Pubic Hair for Girls - Tips & Advice
Great tips and advice on shaving pubic hair for girls. Beat ingrown hairs, razor bumps and get a close, safe shave.

Shaving Oil- Review of Anti Irritation Pre Shaving Oil by Rituals Skin Care
Most people don't know about or use shaving oil. But if you struggle with irritation, redness and ingrown hairs using a razor, this natural pre shaving oil is just what you need to counteract your challenges.

How Plucking Hair Removal Works - Tweezing
Plucking hair removal- the good, bad and ugly of using tweezing (or plucking) to rid hair. The run down on this hair removal method.

Silk’n Flash & Go: IPL at Home, Facial Hair Removal
Silk'n Flash & Go an ipl home hair removal device cleared by the FDA can be used for facial hair removal and on the body. Read more about who can use it, how it works, the pain, cost and more.

Sugar Wax vs Sugar Paste - Hair Removal
Sugaring paste is the real, ancient hair removal method. Learn about the differences using these two different products.

IPL Hair Removal System at Home Profile Review
Silk'n SensEpil IPL Hair Removal System profile, reviews and more. Does it hurt? Does it work? Where can I use it? Will it work for my hair?

At Home Hair Removal Silk’n- Results After 2 Treatments with At Home Hair Removal Silk’n
Results with at home hair removal, Silk'n. Get the review on how much hair is gone.

Brazilian Wax Jobs: What to Expect and How to Prepare
What can I expect at a Brazilian wax job? Find out what it's like and how to prepare.

Home Use Hair Removal Silk’n- Results after 4 Treatments With Home Use Hair Removal Silk'n
Get my review and results on the home use light-based hair removal device, Silk'n after 4 treatments. How much hair is gone?

Whish Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum - Review
This Whish product, Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum is wonderful and well worth the money. Read how it worked for me and my husband struggle with razor bumps.

Interview With a Brazilian Waxing Expert
A Brazilian waxing doesn't have to be a scary experience if you go to the right technician. Expert Brazilian waxer and educator Leonard Serrani answers top questions on this specialty service.

Facial Hair Waxing Tips and Guide
Waxing facial hair is a much better choice over shaving because it can last weeks at a time. No doubt, the facial zone is one of the most annoying places in unwanted hair for women, so longer it stays away, the better. Here are just the tips, advice and home instructions you need for professional results.

Silk’n Hair Removal- After 10 Treatments, SensEpil & Silk’n Hair Removal Review
Results after using Silk'n hair removal device ten times on legs and underarms.

Silk’n- Review of Silk’n After 6 Treatments on Legs and Underarms
Silk'n review after six treatments on my lower legs and underarms. What are the hair-ridding results?

Tria Home Hair Removal Laser Precision Review
Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision. How this device works and how its features compare to the 4X.

Home Sugaring Hair Removal – Review
If you’re looking for an inexpensive, less painful alternative to waxing at home - you’ve just found it. This home sugaring hair removal kit uses the same products and accessories used at Shobha salons, and you can tell by the home results.

Guides to Shaving Body Hair, for Men and Women
Our easy, step-by-step guides show you how to shave various parts of your body like the pubic area and making designs, chest, back and legs. Also there's specific advice on specific circumstances like using the razor with acne and sensitive skin.

Silk'n SensEpil At-Home Hair Removal Device Review
After using Silk'n SensEpil for two years and 22 treatments on my lower legs and underarms. How much hair is gone and what I think about the device for hair removal at home.

eRazor Fuzion Pubic Shaver & Trimmer Review
The eRazor Fuzion Pubic Shaver and Trimmer is electric and especially made for the bikini zone but can tackle other areas. Read the full review and if you've tried it, leave your rating too.

Sugaring Hair Removal Recipe and Instructions
Did you know sugaring is more gentle to the skin than waxing and most people (including myself) say its less painful? Better yet, you can make your own recipe

Bikini Zone Medicated Gel - Review
Plagued with bikini bumps and irritation after waxing or shaving? See if this medicated gel from Bikini Zone does the job.

Do You Have Any Tips for Waxing Long Hair?
Waxing long hair can cause missed hair, breakage and ingrown hair. We tell you what length to trim hair down to and how to do so to get great results.

Tria Laser Hair (Underarm) Removal Review
Tria Laser Hair Removal may be a bit painful and pricey, but it definitely worked for my underarm. I'm virtually hair free and I'm going to do more areas.

Avon Skin So Soft Facial Hair Removal Cream Review
Other than the smell, I have to admit this Avon facial hair removal cream is an excellent product and deserves a spot in your medicine cabinet. The $5.00 tube will last several applications and is well worth the money.

Newest Tria Laser Hair Removal System Profile
The newest Tria Laser is cleared by the FDA. Learn the basics of using this system and see if it might be right for getting rid of your hair.

Shaving Hair Removal - How it Works and Does Shaving Hair Removal Make It Thicker?
A run down on the basics of pros, cons and costs of shaving hair removal. And, does shaving hair make it grow back thicker?

Remington I-Light Pro- IPL 6000 - Hair Removal at Home
Remington i-Light Pro (6000) is an ipl hair removal at home system that can be used on the body on light to medium skin tones and dark blond to black hair costing under $250.

Tria Laser Hair Removal - Four Treatments Review
Nicole's Tria Laser review with the 5 setting system. She talks about the pain, treatment time and how much hair is reduced after 4 treatments.

Ready Betty- Review of Ready Betty, Bikini Pubic Hair Stencil Kit
Ready Betty, a pubic hair stencils kit using a hair removal cream by Betty Beauty. Read the review.

Top 10 Hair Removal Mistakes- And How to Avoid Them
The top 10 hair removal mistakes. Find out if you're guilty and how to save money, avoid ugly side effects and when to choose a professional over a do-it-yourself option.

Electrolysis vs Laser Hair Removal- Results & Safety Electrolysis vs Laser Hair Removal
Comparing electrolysis versus laser hair removal. One method has been around since the 1800's, the other in its infancy.

Nair Shower Power Hair Removing Cream Review
How does Nair Shower Power cream work? Read the full review when the Hair Removal Guide at About uses Nair Shower Power Moisturizing.

At-Home Eyebrow Threading (Benefits, Side Effects)
What is eyebrow threading? How this technique works to its benefits, side effects, prices and home kits. See the video and pictures.

How to Prevent Dark Skin Spots After Waxing
How to prevent dark skin spots after waxing. Learn why you might be more prone to a change in your complexion from this hair removal method.

How to Avoid Bruising From Waxing - Waxing Bruises
Bruising after waxing most commonly happens when taking out coarse hair, like in the bikini area. There are some steps you can take to avoid turning black and blue.

How Can I Get Blonde Pubic Hair That Looks Natural?
Get the look of natural blonde pubic hair with gentle products made just for this purpose.

Silk'n Light-Based at Home Device- The Silkn Light Based at Home Profile from HomeSkinovations
Silk'n light-based at home system cleared by the FDA for permanent hair reduction. How it works, if it hurts and if you might be able to use Silk'n for permanent hair reduction.

Brazil Wax- Where Did It Come From?
The Brazil Wax. Where did it come from? And what men and women can expect from the bikini wax.

Waxing at Home Techniques - Personal Grooming Tips
Waxing at home can save a lot of money, but you don't need every product suggested by the manufacturer. Use items and ingredients you already have to wax at home to save even more.

Waxing Versus Tweezing
Which is better? We give you the pros and cons to both waxing and tweezing for getting the best eyebrow shape.

Precautions & Warnings to Bleaching Body & Facial Hair
What you should know before you bleach anywhere on your face or body.

What's Faster? Facial Hair Threading vs Tweezing
Facial hair threading, a technique using a string to remove hair passed down through generations in eastern countries is becoming extremely popular here. Who has time to tweeze? Although you would think using a string sounds like a long process, facial hair threading is very, very fast.

Silk’n Reviews- After 15 Months & 14 Treatments, Silk’n Reviews
Read about my Silk'n review after 15 months and 14 treatments on my lower legs and underarms. How much hair is gone?

Professional Eyebrow Waxing - What to Expect
Going for a professional eyebrow waxing isn’t a scary experience. Here we walk you through the basics of what you should expect from your salon or spa visit in grooming your brows.

Professional Methods for Underarm Hair Removal
Underarm hair removal options that are worth paying the pros. Ditch the 'shadow' and daily shaves. Get smooth skin that lasts for weeks, possibly even permanently.

What's a Californian Wax? Bikini Style Explained
Californian bikini wax explained. How much hair and where it's removed. When to choose this style, if you can do this at home and how to find a seasoned tech.

Before You Shave or Trim Your Chest Hair...
With all the hair-free male chests seen in movies and magazines, more guys are shaving away or trimming at home. Before you pick up the razor consider this:

Dry Brushing to Treat and Prevent Ingrown Hairs
Hair Removal.

Licensing for Eyebrow Threading?
Eyebrow threading, which uses a string to remove hair, has been going on for centuries in Eastern countries. It's a popular choice for many because it's quick

Salons and Spas Recycling and Reusing Wax?
Recycling often brings to mind something good for the earth and the environment, like when we recycle our paper and plastic instead of throwing it away.

Get a Closer Shave and Less Ingrown Hair with Clarisonic
I wasn't blessed with beautiful skin. I'm not one of those people with a flawless complexion who you ask what they use and think they are going to whisper some

Looking for Reviews of E-One IPL at Home Hair Removal System
Have you tried E-One hair removal system? It's a home hair removal device that uses IPL or intense pulsed light. I got an email from a reader asking me about

Muslin or Pellon Strips for Waxing?
The most common types of strips used and sold for applying over soft wax to remove it are muslin and pellon. Muslin (compare prices) is a natural cotton woven

Vaniqa Hair Removal Cream Reviews
vaniqa hair removal cream reviews

How to Remove Toe Hair Fast without Shaving
Hair Removal.

After Shaving- Try Oil to Moisturize
Hair Removal.

Powder for Waxing
Hair Removal.

Looking for Yes! by Finishing Touch Reviews
Has anyone tried this product, Yes! by Finishing Touch? It doesn't remove hair from the root. Looking over the description it sounds as if it simply trims hair

Shaving Cream Heaters & Dispensers
Shaving cream heaters and dispensers. Learn more about home machines and other ways to warm up your razor experience.

Manscaping Tips- Male Grooming and Products
Manscaping tips every guy should know. Tips for the brows, ears, nose and from the neck down. Choosing a hair removal method for each zone made easy.

Affordable Laser Hair Removal- Get Treatments for Less
Affordable laser hair removal, is that even possible? Yes, our tips will help you save on high prices. Get treatments for less.

Grooming Eyebrows- Expert Tips, Techniques & Tricks for Men & Women
Grooming eyebrows. Expert tips, pictures, how-tos and videos for men and women on shaping, trimming, filling and using different hair removal methods.

Genital Electrolysis- Permanent Hair Removal on Private Areas?
Genital electrolysis. Is this possible? Can men and women get permanent hair removal in the private area? We cover the pros, cons and more.

Epilators 101
Epilators 101. Read this before buying a device. Learn about the pros, cons, costs, the different types, pain factor and more.

Profile of Epila Laser Hair Removal
Epila Laser hair removal is a device sold on the internet that claims the same professional laser results at home. I'm very skeptical of this product for many reasons including negative user feedback.

Reviews for Selectif Ultrasound Hair Remover
I recently got an email from a reader asking me what I had heard about Selectif Pro ultrasound hair removal by Applisonix.

What is Dermaplaning? Prices and Alternatives
What is dermpaplaning? How does it compare to shaving for getting rid of facial hair for women and exfoliating? Its costs, pros, cons and alternatives.

Male Pubic Hair - Grooming Options
Guy pubic hair can be removed, trimmed and colored. Learn about these hair removal methods, products, tips and advice for tackling hair beneath the boxers.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Men Who Shave Their Legs
Plenty of guys do shave their legs like Cristiano Ronaldo. Why do they do it?

Problems Waxing- Avoid Common Issues- Expert Advice and Tips
Problems with waxing? We cover the most common issues and side effects and how to prevent and handle them.

Review of PFB Vanish Ingrown Hair Fighter
PFB Vanish is one of the many ingrown hair fighters on the market. How does it compare?

The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Cream for Men - Review
Look no further for the perfect men’s shaving cream. The Art of Shaving Cream for men gives a close, smooth shave that leaves skin soft and moisturized. Different shaving cream formulas are made for your specific skin type. Read the full review...

How Long Does Hair Removal Last? (Various Methods)
How long does hair removal last? What to expect from each method: laser, electrolysis, shaving, hair removal creams, threading, sugaring, tweezing & bleaching.

Do’s and Don’ts for Men Shaving Pubic Hair
Top do’s and don’ts for men shaving pubic hair. Get tips, how-to’s, safety and advice.

European Wax Center in Woodlands, Texas - Review
I visited the European Wax Center on Market Street in Woodlands, Texas. What I think of their wax, process, speed, cleanliness and more.

Learn Threading: Interview with Anna Pretto
Is it hard to learn threading? Not for Anna, she used to be dedicated to the popular waxing until completely awestruck by an eyebrow threading, changing her life by more than just getting a great brow shape. Now she teaches threading to others, read the interview with Anna Pretto.

Jamie Foxx wears a Finely- Tuned Mustache- Male Celebrites Facial Hair Styles Pictures
See Jamie Foxx wear a finely tuned mustache and more male celebrities in other facial hair styles.

LeRoy Neiman Wearing a Handlebar Mustache- Facial Hair Styles for Men Pictures
See artist LeRoy Neiman wear a handlebar mustache and more men in other facial hair styles.

Eddie Murphy Wearing a Mustache and Soul Patch- Men's Facial Hair Styles Pictures
See Eddie Murphy wear mustache and soul patch. More pictures of male celebrities in other facial hair styles.

Soul Patch- Mario Van Peebles, Soul Patch, Mens Facial Hair Styles
See Mario Van Peebles wear a triangular soul patch. More pictures of male celebrities in other facial hair styles.

Matthew Broaderick Wearing Mutton Chops- More Male Celebrities Facial Hair Styles
See Matthew Broaderick as he wears mutton chops and more male celebrities in other facial hair styles.

Jackson Rathbone Wearing Modern Mutton Chops Facial Hair Style
See Jackson Rathbone as he wears thin mutton chops and more pictures of male celebrities in other facial hair styles.

Joaquin Phoenix Beard and Other Male Celebrities Facial Hair Styles
See Joaquin Phoenix's beard and more male celebrities in other facial hair styles.

John Gotti Agnello Wearing a Chin Strap Beard and Other Male Facial Hair Styles
See John Gotti Agnello wearing a chin strap beard and more male celebrities in other facial hair styles.

Johnny Depp Wearing a French or Van Dyke Beard
See Johnny Depp as he wears a French or Van Dyke Beard and more male celebrities in other facial hair styles.

Robert Downey Jr. Wearing a Chinstrap Beard, Goatee and Mustache
See Robert Downey Jr.'s as he wears a chinstrap beard, goatee and mustache and more male celebrities in other facial hair styles.

Shaquille O'Neal Wearing Thin Goatee with Soul Patch,- Men's Facial Hair Styles Photos
See Shaquille O'Neal wear a light goatee more male celebrities in other facial hair styles.

Will Smith Wearing Stubble Goatee- Men's Facial Hair Style Pictures
See Will Smith wear a stubble goatee more male celebrities in other facial hair styles.

Jeff Bridges Wears a Goatee- Facial Hair Styles for Men Pictures
See Jeff Bridges wear a Goatee and more male celebrities in other facial hair styles.

Ben Affleck Wearing Full Beard - Facial Hair Style Gallery
See Ben Affleck wearing a full beard and more male celebrities in other facial hair styles.

See Christian Slater Wearing a Stubble Beard and Other Men's Facial Hair Styles
See Christian Slater wearing a stubble beard and more male celebrities in other facial hair styles.

Brazilian Waxing Hair Removal for Men
Waxing for men- the body to bikini and Brazilians. All your top hair removal questions and topics covered. From how to prepare, what to expect, and how to prevent pain and side effects like bumps, redness and ingrown hair.

Athletes & Models Who Shave Their Legs - Photos
These are men who shave their legs and aren't afraid to show it. See who gets silky smooth.

Men Shaving Legs- Cyclists Like Lance Armstrong and Why They Do It
Cyclists like Lance Armstrong and others are men shaving their legs.

Bodybuilding - How to Shave for Competition
Bodybuilder shaving is part of preparing for competition. Learn more about how to rid hair without the nasty side effects like razor burn and ingrown hair.

Men Shaving Body- How Male Models Prepare for the Camera
Many men shaving their body and legs like male models. How do they shave without getting nicks, cuts and razor burn?

Shaving Legs Men- Who Is Going Hairless? Men Like Runners
Who is shaving legs? Men like runners and why they do it.

Is It Safe to Shave Off My Pubic Hair?
Since you are using a razor, you do have to be careful in this sensitive zone. Especially if you are taking most or all of the hair off. But it's generally safe to shave your pubic hair if you do it correctly, use the right tools and take a little precaution.

Review of ELF Makeup: Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics
ELF makeup has some really great products where you can get some great bang for your buck, and I'm talking about a literal $1, but others you should avoid. Read reviews of products by the (eyes lips face) ELF Cosmetics company.

Eyebrow Hair Removal- Pros, Cons, How-tos & Advice for Shaping Methods
Eyebrow hair removal. What you need to know about the different methods to get the perfect shape. When to choose one over the other and what to avoid.

Silk’n at Home Laser Hair Removal Reviews
Curious on how Silkn has been working for me? Well, I have not one, but two reviews for you. They tell you how my experience and hair reduction have been

How Often Should I Wax?
How often should I wax? It's depends on how fast your hair growth will appear from how long you've been waxing and where you're getting this service. We help you get a schedule to get the best results.

Back Waxing for Men - Back Hair Removal
Back waxing for men costs, pros and tips for getting a great service.

Can I Color My Grey Pubic Hair?
It is completely normal to have grey pubic hair. If you don’t like it, don’t fret. There is a solution, you can color it.

Best Women’s Razor- Voted Best Women’s Razor Brand in 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards
Winner of 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Women's Razor Brand- Gillette

Best Women’s Shaving Cream- Voted Best Women’s Shaving Cream or Gel in 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards
Winner of 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Shaving Cream or Gel for Women - Whish Shave Crave

Best Tweezers- Voted Best Tweezer Brand in 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards
Winner of 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Tweezer Brand - Tweezerman

Best Ingrown Hair Product- Voted Best Ingrown Hair Product in 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards
Winner of 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Ingrown Hair Product - Whish Flawless

Best Hair Removal Cream- Voted Best Hair Removal Cream/Lotion (Depilatory) Brand in 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards
Winner of 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Hair Removal Cream Brand - Nair

Best Epilator- Voted Best Epilator Brand in 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards
Winner of 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Epilator Brand - Epilady

2011 Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Hair Removal Products
Winners of 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Hair Removal Products.

Best IPL at Home Device- Voted Best Laser / IPL Home Device in 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards
Winner of 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Laser / IPL Home Device - Silk'n

Advantages of Trimming Pubic Hair Over Shaving
Instead of shaving everything off many men and women are trimming pubic hair length to look more groomed, while avoiding the side effects that the razor can inflict.

Review of Betty Beauty’s Malibu Bridal Pubic Hair Dye
Betty Beauty's Malibu or Bridal Betty is a pubic hair dye and stencil kit especially for brides. Good for something blue?

Male Waxing FAQ - What if I Get Turned On?
What if I get turned on during a male Brazilian waxing? This is a great question because things happen in the waxing room that no one ever talks about. The question that doesn’t get asked is the most embarrassing and can catch you off guard if you’re not prepared.

Brazilian Waxing for Men- Pubic Hairstyles for Males
Brazilian waxing for men is extremely popular. Find more about pubic hairstyles (like back, sack and crack) and what these names mean for bikini waxing.

Review of Kalo Hair Inhibitor Kit
Kalo Hair Inhibitor is not guaranteed to give you permanent hair removal. But it could be a permanent staple in your beauty repertoire. I have to say thanks to this company for giving us a product that works at keeping hair from growing as fast it usually does.

Watch How a Body Sugaring Is Performed at the Spa
Body sugaring is perfect for sensitive skin hair removal, we show you step-by-step how a professional service is performed using the traditional paste at a spa.

See How Sugaring Paste Works for Body Hair Removal
Using a sugaring paste is gaining popularity because it's much easier on the pain factor for body hair removal over waxing. See a sugaring slideshow... Page 2.

See Sugaring Hair Removal Performed on the Body
Watch a sugaring hair removal expert on a pair of legs with paste, the sweet hair removal method... Page 3.

Brazilian Waxing- Tips and FAQs for Men and Women
Brazilian waxing tips and FAQs for men and women. How to get a great service, what to expect, how to prepare, designing and safety precautions.

How to Save Money on Men’s and Women’s Shaving Razors and Supplies
Tips on how to save money on men's and women's shaving razors and supplies.

Hair Threading- Why Hair Threading Using a String is Hot
Hair threading has stood the test of time, using a string to remove hair, this option has many advantages of many methods. So should you try hair threading?

Vajazzled- Kits and Products, Crystal Tattoos, Pubic Hair Styles & Designs
So you want to be vajazzled? Using crystal tattoos and other jewels, we show you how to design your bikini area with kits and products.

Karmissie- Review of Karmissie Deluxe Threader Kit, Threading at Home
With the Karmissie Deluxe Threader Kit I learned that even the best ideas are designed to be talked about and not produced. I would love to say that you can now save some money and forget about the salon. But I would only check it out if a contortionist is a part of your resume.

Body Sugaring- Interview with Founder- Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring
Interview with Tamara Anderson, founder of Tamara's Professional Body Sugaring. Her journey from getting her first professional facial 42, to having her own company.

Cool Wax- Review of Cool Wax Travel Kit
I’ve found a new line for my aesthetics business with Cool Wax products. It’s expensive, but well worth the money as a little goes a long way. It smells great, goes on smooth, removes the hair, and washes away with water. I recommend it for both professionals and for those of you who do your own waxing at home.

Emu Oil- Review of Kokopelli’s Emu Oil for Ingrown Hair
Kokopelli's emu oil is super-moisturizing, but non-greasy that claims to help many common skin issues, including ingrown hair. Read how it worked for us.

Pubic Hair Styling- Tell Me More About Pubic Hair Styling
What methods are used for pubic hair styling, from simple to extreme.

Trimming Male Pubic Hair- Avoiding Cuts and Nicks Trimming Male Pubic Hair
Trimming male pubic hair? How to avoid cuts and nicks using clippers, groomers or scissors.

Melora Hardin- The Office Melora Hardin's Eyebrows
Hair Removal. Page 3.

Celebrity Eyebrow Wax- Melora Hardin, Celebrity Eyebrows
Hair Removal. Page 2.

Rex Lee- See Celebrities Get Their Eyebrows Shaped, Rex Lee and More
The celebrities don't get perfect eyebrows without a little work. See celebrities like Rex Lee and more get their eyebrows shaped. Page 5.

Celebrity Eyebrows- See Celebrities Get Their Eyebrows Shaped, Rex Lee and More
The celebrities don't get perfect eyebrows without a little work. See celebrities like Rex Lee and more get their eyebrows shaped. Page 6.

Electrolysis- Popular Body & Facial Zones People Receive Electrolysis
What are the most popular areas people receive electrolysis?

Eyebrow Threading- Hair Threading, Does Eyebrow Threading Last Longer Than Waxing
Try eyebrow threading for a clean defined look, your brows might just get addicted.

Men Shave Pubic Hair- Do Men Shave Pubic Hair?
Do men shave pubic hair? Yes, they shave, trim and get Brazilian and bikini waxes.

Vajazzling- Pubic Hairstyles, Designs with Crystal Tattoos
Example vajazzling styles and designs. Whether you just did a clean up or got a Brazilian, we help you create.

IPL Hair Removal- What is IPL Hair Removal, Definition of Intense Pulsed Light
What is IPL hair removal? The definition of intense pulsed light for hair removal.