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Finished Eyebrow Shape
A finished eyebrow shape compared to an un-groomed eyebrow. See the difference on our model and how to shape your own at home

Tria Laser Hair Removal - Four Treatments Review
Nicole's Tria Laser review with the 5 setting system. She talks about the pain, treatment time and how much hair is reduced after 4 treatments.

How to Pluck Eyebrows- Professional Tips & Techniques
How to easily pluck your eyebrows and get them to start, arch and end in all the right places. Professional tips for pain, getting them even and using tweezers correctly.

Bikini Waxing Styles. Brazilian Waxing. Bikini Waxing Designs & Tips
Bikini waxing, everything you want to know and more. Bikini waxing styles, designs including pre and post care.

Guide to Shaving Pubic Hair, Men and Womens Guide to Shaving Pubic Hair
Because it's not as easy as shaving cream and razor. We have created your guide to shaving pubic hair to help you get better results in this sensitive zone.

At Home Laser Hair Removal- At Home Personal Laser Hair Removal: Tria Reviews, Silk'n, Epila
At home laser hair removal? Yes, there are personal laser and IPL (intense pulsed light) devices you can use at home to get rid of hair. Learn about how well they work, and if you should invest your money in home laser or IPL hair removal.

Sugaring- Body Sugaring, Recipes, Natural Hair Removal
Sugaring! Find out about this ancient, natural hair removal practice, including how to locate a sugaring specialist and recipes for sugaring at home.

Hair Removal - Waxing Tips, Precautions & At-Home Instructions
How to choose a clean salon for waxing, prevent needless pain and know when to avoid waxing. Step-by-Step at home instructions.

How to Treat Pubic Razor Burn and Shaving Rash
Pubic razor burn can be treated. We'll show you how to treat this shaving rash on the double.

Electrolysis Versus Laser Hair Removal Comparisons
We help you decide- electrolysis versus laser hair removal for your facial hair. The most annoying of all unwanted hairs can be found on the face because we can’t hide it under clothing if we have to, like on the body. Everyone, but especially females who have struggled with a large amount of facial hair, knows how annoying the process can be of constantly worrying about ways to get hairless.

Tria Reviews and Results Half Way Through Treatments
My Tria review: Results about half way through (three treatments) of my laser at home process on my bikini line. To give an estimate, I’d say there’s about a 70% reduction in hair so far.

Waxing vs. Sugaring - What's Better for Sensitive Skin?
Waxing versus sugaring, aren’t they the same? Discover why even the people that cringe at the thought of the tiniest bit of discomfort are saying, “Pour some sugar on me.”

Silk’n Reviews- After 15 Months & 14 Treatments, Silk’n Reviews
Read about my Silk'n review after 15 months and 14 treatments on my lower legs and underarms. How much hair is gone?

How to Avoid and Fix Overplucked Eyebrows
Overplucked eyebrows can happen even with the greatest intentions. Learn how to avoid this mess and how to fix them when the damage is already done by filling them while they look natural.

No No Hair- 8800 Series, Facial and Body Hair Removal
The no!no! hair 8800 series can be used on the face and body. Learn more about how this product works, how it's to be used, the side effects, price, how it compares to the Classic and more.

Waxing Versus Shaving Pubic Area Hair
I’ve been shaving the pubic area, but it only lasts a day or so. How long will the hair be gone if I switch to waxing?

How to Groom and Remove Male Chest Hair
Grooming male chest hair is part of many guy’s weekly regimen. Women love it. Men love it. Show off those muscles you've been working so hard on. Different options from removing to trimming and tips for each method.

Eyebrow Hair Removal- Pros, Cons, How-tos & Advice for Shaping Methods
Eyebrow hair removal. What you need to know about the different methods to get the perfect shape. When to choose one over the other and what to avoid.

How to Shave With Acne – Tips for Removing Hair
How to shave with acne. The dos and don'ts of getting rid of hair with breakouts.

Underarm Hair Removal Methods at Home
Underarm hair is one of the most annoying places to have hair, and you can rightly say ‘it’s the pits’. There are a couple different ways to take care of it right in your own home, and one that is more than just temporary. We help give you some advice for getting the best results and safety tips for each method.

Tips on Preventing Pimples From Shaving
Pimples from shaving often happen on areas with thicker hair like the face, bikini line and chest. You don't have to get breakouts every time you pick up the razor. How to prevent and treat them.

Are Epila and Xemos Laser Made by the Same Company?
A reader emailed me asking if I have heard or tried Xemos laser. So I looked it up and found it through a company called Visol.

Silk’n at Home Laser Hair Removal Reviews
Curious on how Silkn has been working for me? Well, I have not one, but two reviews for you. They tell you how my experience and hair reduction have been

Nose Hair Waxing - Face Depilation
Hair Removal.

Mē Smooth- Elos Hair Removal Device for Any Skin or Hair Color
Me Smooth- Me Smooth IPL/RF hair removal device using elos technology can be used on the face and body with virtually any skin or hair color.

Eyebrow Sugaring- Why You Might Want to Make the Switch for Shaping
Eyebrow sugaring. Learn more about how it works, how it's better than other methods, plus tips for finding a pro or doing it at home.

What Is a Pubic Hair Landing Strip?
We answer what the popular pubic hair landing strip is, why people get it and how to get your perfect size waxing or shaving.

Pros and Cons to Bleaching Body & Facial Hair
Considering bleaching body or facial hair? Get the facts. Pros, cons & costs.

How to Trim Eyebrows - Easy Step by Step Guide
We show you how to trim eyebrows using a step by step guide. It's fast, easy and makes a big difference in the look of your brows.

Shaving Hair Removal - Tips, Costs, Pros & Cons About Shaving Hair Removal
Understand the art of shaving and combat common side effects of shaving hair removal like ingrown hairs and bumps for men and women. Shaving tips for men and women.

Threading Hair Removal- Hair Threading, Eyebrow Hair Removal
Threading hair removal is an eastern technique, becoming hot in the west. How does threading hair removal work? How you can get it.

Brazilian & Bikini Waxing for Men - What to Expect
Brazilian waxing for men? Absolutely, guys are loving this long lasting hair removal even on the penis and balls. See how you can prepare and find out what to expect.

How to Trim Women's and Men's Eyebrows
Both womens' and mens' eyebrows can both benefit from a little trimming to make them look more groomed. See the easy step-by-step.

Grooming Eyebrows- Trimming Helps With Grooming Eyebrows
When grooming eyebrows, most benefit from trimming. Many times people take out hair, when it's really the bulk that needs to go. See the step-be-step.

How to Make Pubic Hair Styles and Shapes at Home
Make pubic hair designs and shapes shaving at home. It's pretty easy with the help of stencils. We tell you how step-by-step.

Removing Ingrown Hairs - How to Guide
Removing ingrown hairs? Before digging in and making it worse, these simple steps make dealing with ingrown hairs a lot easier.

Best 2013 Hair Removal Kits for Men and Women
The Best Hair Removal Kits. We've tested out alot, see which ones ranked on top for us.

Upper Lip Waxing: Step by Step Guide
While upper lip waxing might sound easy enough to do at home, we give you professional tips you need to get the best results. Like how to avoid needless pain, get rid of the most hair and help you avoid seeing red.

Top 10 Tips to Reduce Waxing Pain
Top 10 Do's and Don'ts for reducing waxing pain. We tell you how to bring down the 'ouch factor', because waxing doesn't have to hurt that much.

How to Fill Eyebrows and Make Them Look Natural
Learn how to fill in your eyebrows so they still look natural. Fix a bad wax, over-tweezing or thinning brows. Tips for what kind of products to use and how to pick the right color.

Ingrown Hair After Waxing - Prevent & Rid Bumps
Ingrown hair after waxing doesn't have to happen, you can prevent or get rid of them. We show you how to stop the bumps.

Brazilian Waxing Tips - How to Take Care Before & After
Brazilian waxing tips to help you prepare for and take care of your skin- avoid needless pain, irritation, bumps and ingrown hair.

What Can I Do About Infected Ingrown Hair?
Infected ingrown hair can be beat by getting the hair out, killing the bacteria and preventing the bumps and redness before they even appear.

Genital Hair Removal Safety and Tips for Men
Safety and tips for men shaving testicles (balls) and penis. How to use precaution when grooming genital hair.

How Long Does Waxing Last? - Hair Removal
How long does waxing last? Well it's definitely not the same for everyone. Learn about how long it can last and might personally for you.

Trimming Male Pubic Hair - Best Products and Tips
Tips for trimming the male pubic hair area. Gadgets and tools made especially for men’s intimate grooming. Don’t use just anything beneath the boxers.

Pubic Hair Removal for Men - Tips and How-To’s
Pubic hair removal for men tips, how-to’s, safety and product advice.

Ear Hair Removal Methods and Tips for Men
Ear hair removal may not be something that you have heard about because most people do not want to talk about it. You know, it’s like the elephant in the room. Let’s talk about how to get rid of of those nasty lurkers.

Bikini Razors, Shavers, Trimmers - Unisex Grooming
Bikini razors can shave or trim pubic hair quickly and easily. We walk you through what's out there based on your hair removal needs and budget for men and women.

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Starting tomorrow, June 1st, take 15% off everything at (buy direct). Enter code SUMMER. Many of the devices are on sale, so this can add up to

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Is Permanent Hair Removal Possible?
Permanent hair removal, is it possible? Learn the cold hard facts before signing up for laser treatments or buying any products.

Bikini Waxing Styles (Brazilian, French, Regular)
The many bikini waxing styles explained- Regular, Full, French, Brazilian and Hollywood. Tips on how to pick the right one and customize it.

Pubic Shaving Rash - How to Prevent & Treat
Pubic shaving rash or razor burn isn't a pretty sight in the bikini area. We have the tips to get you hair-free without seeing redness, or feeling the stinging and itchiness.

How to Bleach Your Facial and Body Hair
How do I bleach my facial or body hair? Here's the general steps to make it look less noticeable.

How to Wax Your Bikini Area at Home Just Like the Pros
How to wax your bikini area at home. DIY step-by-step instructions on using hard wax to remove pubic hair, just like the pros.

Home Laser and IPL Hair Removal Systems At a Glance
Home laser and IPL hair removal systems are options over going to pay professional prices. Learn more about how these devices work, their costs and reviews.

Tria Laser Hair Removal Laser 4X Review
Tria Laser reviews. My results using the device on my bikini line. How much hair remains (or not) after eight treatments?

Difference Between Brazilian and Hollywood Bikini Wax
The Brazilian and Hollywood wax- are the basically the same? No, they're different and we tell you how.

How to Shave Your Pubic Hair, Avoiding Bumps and Rash
How to shave your pubic hair without getting bumps, irritation and redness.

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An index of categories in the

What Can I Do to Rid Vaginal Ingrown Hair?
What can I do to rid genital, vaginal ingrown hair?

How Often Should I Wax?
How often should I wax? It's depends on how fast your hair growth will appear from how long you've been waxing and where you're getting this service. We help you get a schedule to get the best results.

Prevent & Treat Bikini Line Razor Burn in Pubic Area
Bikini line razor burn is very common. Learn how to prevent and treat the irritation and redness.

Pubic Hair Shaving Products and Grooming Tools
The best results for pubic hair shaving require the use of specific shaving products for this special zone. If you want smooth skin, less nicks and bumps with longer lasting results you need the right tools.

Avoiding and Treating Side Effects of Waxing
Knowing possible side effects of waxing, like ingrown hair, pimples, redness, bruising and more will help you to be able to prevent and treat them.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments - Pros and Cons
Want to know about laser hair removal treatments? Get the facts about how laser hair removal works before you invest your money. Is it permanent?

Facial Hair Waxing - Step by Step Guide
Facial hair waxing can easily be performed at home with our easy to follow step by step to get longer lasting results, fight off redness and use the right products.

Waxing Eyebrows at Home, Step-By-Step
Waxing eyebrows is very popular in designing brows because it's fairly quick and can last weeks. We'll show you how to wax eyebrows at home, and save lots of money.

What You Should Know Before Eyebrow Shaving
Eyebrow shaving seems like a great idea being quick and easy. But here's what you need to know before taking the razor near your eyes.

Hair Waxing Precautions, Warnings and Risks
If you don't know waxing precautions and warnings your skin could get very red, or even turn scabby from waxing. Learn when you should be precautious, or stay away from waxing all together. A must read before waxing.

How to Get Rid of Mens Body Hair
Before you pick up the razor, learn about all your options for removing your hair. Some of them temporary and others considered permanent options. We list the

Waxing Pubic Hair - Tips Before Pruning the Bikini Area
What you need to know about waxing pubic hair. Expert tips for home and the pros, choosing the right style, curbing pain, and specific info for both men and women.

How Much Does a Brazilian and Regular Bikini Wax Cost?
The run down the wide price range of the bikini wax cost. From regular to Brazilians and the Sphinx, why is there such a difference?

Review of Veet Wax Strips for Face & Bikini
All around these Veet Wax Strips made for the face and bikini are worth the money. I actually liked them better than some of the old stand bys. If you are doing some at home waxing, these are probably the easiest to use and I think you will like them too.

Back Waxing for Men - Back Hair Removal
Back waxing for men costs, pros and tips for getting a great service.

Ingrown Hairs - Prevention and Treatment
Ingrown hair removal. Tips on how to prevent and treat these bumps.

What to Do After a Bikini Wax for Best Results
What to do after a bikini wax? The tips you need to maintain your new hair-free look without irritation and getting ingrown hair.

Homemade Hair Removal Recipes
Our homemade hair removal recipe costs you under $2, is all natural and uses ingredients you probably already have at home.

Best Razor Bump Treatment Products for Men and Women
The best razor bump treatments to fight the side effect of hair removal. Products for men and women and all budgets. We put them to the test for you.

How To Shave Bikini Line
The step-by-step instructions will help you get a smooth, close shave while avoiding irritation, nicks and ingrown hairs.

How to Do Your Own Leg Wax at Home Just Like the Pros
A leg wax can be one of the greatest things. Not having to worry about hair for weeks at a time. We'll show you how to remove the hair like the pros.

Can I Color My Grey Pubic Hair?
It is completely normal to have grey pubic hair. If you don’t like it, don’t fret. There is a solution, you can color it.

Waxing Bumps -How to Prevent and Get Rid of These Red
Waxing bumps do happen, and often similar to razor burn or may just be uneven red, irritated skin. The good news is there are steps you can take to lessen them or avoid this side effect altogether.

Waxing Versus Tweezing
Which is better? We give you the pros and cons to both waxing and tweezing for getting the best eyebrow shape.

Pubic Hair Art- How To Create Pubic Hair Art & Designs
Pubic hair art is going beyond your simple shave or bikini wax. Whether you’re looking for a little sprucing up or more extreme styling, it’s here.

Waxing Facts & Myths- Top 10 FAQs- What You Need to Know
Waxing Myths and Facts. Commonly asked questions answered about pain, safety, growth and removing hair from different parts of the face and body.

Bikini Wax: What to Do After and Between Appointments
You might know what to do and to do right after a bikini waxing. But what about until your next appointment? The tips and advice like if you should shave, when to make your next appointment and how to fight ingrown hair and bumps.

Bikini and Pubic Hair Removal Tips for Men and Women
Shaving private area how tos, tips and advice for men and women. How to get a close safe and avoid common problems like ingrown hair, razor burn /rash and bumps.

Shaving Pubic Hair for Girls - Tips & Advice
Great tips and advice on shaving pubic hair for girls. Beat ingrown hairs, razor bumps and get a close, safe shave.

Ingrown Hair Home Remedies- Sugar, Salt, Aspirin, Ingrown Hair Home Remedies
Ingrown hair home remedies can save you alot over using retail products. Remedies you can make right now with sugar, salt aspirin and more.

Epilators- Reviews of Epilators, For Men and Women, Face and Body
Great epilator reviews for women, men, face and body. Are these hair removal products right for you?

Epilator Reviews- Epilators Reviews for Women, Men and Face
Epilator reviews of different brands like Epilady and Emjoi. Read how they rated with us and leave what you think.

Epilady Legend Hair Remover Review
Epilady Legend is a fine machine to remove hair between waxing or instead of shaving. It’s newly designed and less painful than the older model. Read the full review.

Tria Laser 4X Home Hair Removal System Review
Tria Laser 4X. The profile of this hair removal system that can be used on the body or a woman's face. Read more about how it works, who may be able to use it, typical results and the pain factor.

Waxing Hair Length Tips for Legs, Bikini, Armpits
The waxing hair length rule of thumb, how to get around it being too long or too short and tips for removing hair at home.

Using Salt as a Home Remedy for Ingrown Hair
Salt can be used as a home remedy for ingrown hair because exfoliates, increases circulation, promotes healing and reduces swelling to the skin. Read more on how to use it for ingrown hairs.

How to Keep Razor Blades Sharp
How to keep your razor blades sharp, making them last much longer and get 6 months up to 1 year's use with one blade. Save money on shaving supplies.

Threading vs. Waxing Eyebrows for Sensitive Skin
Threading eyebrows is becoming the method of choice for many, and a gift to those with sensitive skin over waxing. So why are the sensitive-prone turning to threading in droves?

Does a Brazilian Wax Hurt?
Does a Brazilian wax hurt? Pain might be a bit different than a regular bikini wax. But how much does a Brazilian bikini wax hurt? Not as much as you think, with the right technician of course.

Guide to Male Body Shaving and Hair Removal Tips
Male body shaving can help you looked more groomed. Many guys out there are turning to shaving the hair totally off, or trimming it down to look more groomed. We have some tips, advice and products to help you look your best.

Bikini Waxing and Pubic Hair Styling and Accessorizing
Bikini waxing designs? Yes you can personalize pubic hairstyles into long-lasting shapes and colors.

Aspirin Mask Recipe for Ridding Ingrown Hairs and Pimples
An aspirin mask will save you lots of money. Did you know aspirin is one of the active ingredients in the most popular ingrown hair products because it contains salicylic acid to ward off the bumps and redness.

Wax at Home- Do it Yourself Instructions & Save Money - Wax at Home
Wax at home and save money on the high professional costs If you don't mind getting a little sticky and have a little patience, you can learn the steps you can wax at home.

Waxing How-Tos With Hard, Soft, Cold and Strips
When I wax the hair doesn't come off? Reasons why it's not coming off and breaking and how to fix it. Specific tips for different kinds of wax.

What is the Bikini Style Waxing Hollywood?
My friend recently got a Hollywood bikini wax, but I have no clue what she is talking about. Can you tell me what type of bikini wax that is?

Hairy Celebrities Slips- Photos of Women's Armpits & Legs
See celebrity slips as these hairy women wear unwaxed armpits and legs out in public. Can you guess who?

Photo of Julia Roberts Armpit Hair and Other Unwaxed Celebs
Julia Roberts armpit hair. Did she forget to shave for weeks? See her and other hairy celebrity photos. Page 2.

What to Do With Long or Bushy Eyebrows
Help! I have bushy eyebrows, can you help? Top tips for cleaning and tuning up your brows.

Best Women’s Razor- Voted Best Women’s Razor Brand in 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards
Winner of 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Women's Razor Brand- Gillette

Best Women’s Shaving Cream- Voted Best Women’s Shaving Cream or Gel in 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards
Winner of 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Shaving Cream or Gel for Women - Whish Shave Crave

Best Tweezers- Voted Best Tweezer Brand in 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards
Winner of 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Tweezer Brand - Tweezerman

Best Ingrown Hair Product- Voted Best Ingrown Hair Product in 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards
Winner of 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Ingrown Hair Product - Whish Flawless

Best Hair Removal Cream- Voted Best Hair Removal Cream/Lotion (Depilatory) Brand in 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards
Winner of 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Hair Removal Cream Brand - Nair

Best Epilator- Voted Best Epilator Brand in 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards
Winner of 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Epilator Brand - Epilady

2011 Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Hair Removal Products
Winners of 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Hair Removal Products.

Best IPL at Home Device- Voted Best Laser / IPL Home Device in 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards
Winner of 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Laser / IPL Home Device - Silk'n

Razor Bumps (Prevention and Treatment)
What's the cure for razor bumps? While there's no one magic potion, with a little professional advice on prevention and treatment, we'll have you seeing less redness and bumps.

Tria Home Laser Hair Removal Overview
Tria laser is a home laser device cleared by the FDA. Learn the basics of using this system and see if it might be right for getting rid of your hair.

Hair Removal Methods for Sensitive Skin
Hair removal for sensitive skin. What to stay away from, how to get rid of hair gently with different methods and potential reasons why it could be bothering you.

Advantages of Trimming Pubic Hair Over Shaving
Instead of shaving everything off many men and women are trimming pubic hair length to look more groomed, while avoiding the side effects that the razor can inflict.

Razor Pit Teneo Blade Sharpener Review
The Razor Pit is an interesting product that claims to be a razor blade sharpener by cleaning in between uses and making them last a really long time. See what we thought in our review.

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair - Methods for Face and Body
You may not realize that there are many unwanted hair removal methods. Every option has different pros, cons, price points and may not be the best choice depending on where you want to remove hair. We cover the most common options to make it easier for you to pick the right one for you.

How to Dye Eyebrows Safely Step by Step
We show you how to dye eyebrows with the color lasting four to eight weeks. Deepen brows without having to use pencil every day.

How Plucking Hair Removal Works - Tweezing
Plucking hair removal- the good, bad and ugly of using tweezing (or plucking) to rid hair. The run down on this hair removal method.

Waxing Legs at Home Versus Salon or Spa
Probably the largest inch for inch hairy zone for women, it’s no wonder why we opt for leg waxing, to rid hair for weeks at a time. So do you go to the salon or spa, or do the lovely task yourself at home?

How to Wax Hair - Bikini Line, Facial Hair, Upper Lip
Our step-by-step guides show you how to wax hair from various zones of your face and body. Each article gives tips for the specific area you’re waxing.

Sugar Wax vs Sugar Paste - Hair Removal
Sugaring paste is the real, ancient hair removal method. Learn about the differences using these two different products.

How To Remove Hair Wax- Get Off Skin & Other Surfaces
How to remove hair wax from skin and why it might be sticking. How to clean up wax from other surfaces and tips for less clean up.

Eyebrow Shapes Showcase - Accentuate Your Features
Browse through our eyebrow shapes showcase for some beautiful designs to help you find the perfect one for you.

Example of Eyebrow Shape to Soften Sharp Features
Sharp features? We show you the eyebrow shape for your face to help soften your look. A gallery of photos to help you.

Advice and Example of Eyebrow Shape for Mature Women
The right eyebrow shape can do wonders to lift and take off some years. Learn to put in the right amount of arch without over doing it.

Advice and Example of Eyebrow Shape for Your Face with Large Features
Large features? We show you the eyebrow shape for your face to help balance your look.

Advice and Example of Eyebrow Shape for Light or Small Eyebrows
We show you to to show off your beautiful eyebrow shape. How to make your eyes pop and accentuate your brows correctly.

Advice and Example of Eyebrow Shape for Straight Brows
Do you have a hard time picking out the right eyebrow shape for your face shape or features? Browse through our eyebrow shape showcase for some beautiful designs to help you find the perfect for one you.

Eyebrow Shapes Showcase - Asian Brow Shaping Tips
Tips on how to shape asian eyebrows. Page 7.

Cutting Pubic Hair with Comb and Scissors
Cutting pubic hair with comb and scissors is cheap and easy. We show you how to groom without any nicks or cuts.

Is Waxing Male Genitals on the Spa Menu? Is It Safe?
Waxing male genitals: Tips and Precautions for the best results for the male Brazilian wax and pubic hair removal.

Is It Okay and Normal to Shave Pubic Hair? - Guide
It's a personal preference whether you want to remove or keep it. But it is okay and normal to shave your pubic hair. Many men and women remove some or all of the hair in their intimate region.

Review of Betty Beauty’s Malibu Bridal Pubic Hair Dye
Betty Beauty's Malibu or Bridal Betty is a pubic hair dye and stencil kit especially for brides. Good for something blue?

Bliss Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe - Review
A review of the Bliss Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe, a cordless, rechargeable grooming system with six attachments that can be used wet or dry.

How to Prevent Razor Bumps While Shaving
Tips on products and shaving technique to reduce redness, bumps, ingrown hairs and irritation.

Avon Skin So Soft Facial Hair Removal Cream Review
Other than the smell, I have to admit this Avon facial hair removal cream is an excellent product and deserves a spot in your medicine cabinet. The $5.00 tube will last several applications and is well worth the money.

Remington i-Light Pro 6000 Hair Removal System Review
Reviews of the Remington i Light Pro (6000), an at home IPL hair removal system. How it works, if it's easy to use and the hair reduction results.

How to Remove Belly Hair With Waxing
Is belly hair embarrassing you at all the wrong times? Safely wax it away and you'll have a fuzz-free stomach for weeks. It's always best to seek out a professional, but if you're willing to give it try, here is the way to get rid of that unsightly hair for yourself.

Bikini Line Hair Removal: Waxing vs. Shaving
Bikini line hair removal is a must to look your best in your swimsuit. But just how are you going to get rid of that hair? Two of the most popular temporary methods are shaving and waxing. We cover the good and bad to cutting it off or ripping it out.

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Review - Hair Removal
Nair Brazilian Spa Clay. We review two products- face cream and body cream. Does the addition of exotic ingredients make it smell or work better?

Male Waxing FAQ - What if I Get Turned On?
What if I get turned on during a male Brazilian waxing? This is a great question because things happen in the waxing room that no one ever talks about. The question that doesn’t get asked is the most embarrassing and can catch you off guard if you’re not prepared.

Waxing- Columbus, Ohio - : Tell Us About Your Waxing Salon or Spa
Integrated Touch & Bodywork in Columbus, Ohio tells us about their business including what kind of wax the use and which areas are the most requested to rid hair.

Waxing- Gahanna, Ohio - : Tell Us About Your Waxing Salon or Spa
Blush Studio is located in Gahanna, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. They share what brought them to specialize in waxing and why their clients love it.

Waxing- Tulsa, Oklahoma - : Tell Us About Your Waxing Salon or Spa
BARE: Waxing & Skin Care by Missy in Tulsa Oklahoma tells why she chose waxing as a specialty, what type of products she uses and why she loves her job.

Waxing- West Bloomfield, Michigan - : Tell Us About Your Waxing Salon or Spa
Wax Girl is a mobile waxing company in West Bloomfield Michigan that services both men and women conveniently at their home, office, or hotel. Learn more about this company, including their most popular areas people want to get rid of hair and tips for getting a great service.

Waxing- Las Vegas, Nevada - : Tell Us About Your Waxing Salon or Spa
The Wax Genie in Las Vegas Nevada shares how she entered this business, what her clients most request and what she find so satisfying.

Where Can I Find Printable Eyebrow Stencils?
Where can I find printable eyebrow stencils? Find out where to get them and other free resources to create beautiful brows.

Celine Dion Hairy Legs Photo- Forgot to Shave?
Celine Dion must have forgotten to shave. She's performing with hairy legs, see the photo.

Celeb Photo Fashion Bloopers, Hairy Armpits and Deodorant Marks
See fashion bloopers of hairy celebrities with hairy armpits, legs and deodorant marks. Guess who.

Photos of Celebrity Oops, Who Forgot to Shave?
Celebrity oops! Photos of celebrity fashion bloopers and slips. See who forgot to shave.

Lindsay Lohan Bloopers- Did She Forget to Shave? See Other Hairy Celebrities
A Lindsay Lohan blooper photo. Did she forget to shave? She her and other hairy celebrities.

See Photos of Hairy Celebrity Slips, Who Forgot To Shave?
See photos of hairy celebrities. Which females forgot to shave or wax their legs and underarms.

See Monique Hairy Legs & More Celebrities, Photos of Unshaven Legs & Underarms
Actress MoNique obviously doesn't shave her legs all the time. See photos of her and other hairy celebrities.

Which Celebrity Forgot To Shave These Hairy Legs?
See hairy legs and hairy armpits of celebs who didn't shave. Which celebrities slipped?

Fashion Blooper of Celebrity Beyonce
Celebrity Beyonce, fashion blooper snapped. Did she forget to shave? See her and other celebrity slips.

Proven Methods to Avoid & Treat Ingrown Pubic Hairs
Ingrown pubic hairs can plague us often with the hair being on the thicker side and curly. We have the tips to help keep the bumps away.

Relax and Wax No Scream Cream Review
Relax and Wax No Scream Cream is a little tube of goodness only to be shared with those who are deserving, because it actually works and I haven’t tried anything that compares to it on the market. It took the pain of having my Brazilian down 75% and didn’t interfere with removing hair at my waxing session.

Silk'n SensEpil At-Home Hair Removal Device Review
After using Silk'n SensEpil for two years and 22 treatments on my lower legs and underarms. How much hair is gone and what I think about the device for hair removal at home.

Waxing- West Warwick, Rhode Island - : Tell Us About Your Waxing Salon or Spa
Do you have a salon or spa that specializes in waxing hair removal? Are you looking for professional waxing in your area? Find and list these salons and spas.

Waxing- Gahanna, Ohio - : Tell Us About Your Waxing Salon or Spa
Do you have a salon or spa that specializes in waxing hair removal? Are you looking for professional waxing in your area? Find and list these salons and spas.

Sugaring- Fairview Park, Ohio - : Sugaring Spas and Salons
DKM Salon and Spa in Fairview Park, Ohio shares what type of sugaring hair removal system they use, what the most popular area people get serviced and why they love it.

Sugaring- Peterborough, Ontario Canada - : Sugaring Spas and Salons
Sugar Me Right! in Peterborough Ontario Canada shares what kind of product they use, what is the most requested area for hair removal, why they love this technique and expert tips for getting the most out of your service.

Sugaring- Brooklyn, New York - : Sugaring Spas and Salons
Do you have a sugar spa or salon that specializes in sugaring? Are you looking for a professional in your area? Find and list these salons and spas.

Sugaring- Bakersfield California - : Sugaring Spas and Salons
Essence of You in Bakersfield offers Alexandria Sugaring, including a Brazilian. Learn more about their business and tips for getting a great service wherever you live.

Sugaring- Onatario, Canada - : Sugaring Spas and Salons
Sugar Bare Holistics in Ontario Canada shares their most popular service, what product they use, their training and tips for getting a great service wherever you live.

Sugaring- Kailua-Kona, Hawaii - : Sugaring Spas and Salons
Do you have a sugar spa or salon that specializes in sugaring? Are you looking for a professional in your area? Find and list these salons and spas.

Sugaring- Montgomery, Alabama - : Sugaring Spas and Salons
Montgomery Electrolysis offers sugaring. They share more about this hair removal method, including tips for getting the best results out of your service.

What Is a French Bikini Wax- Pubic Hair Removal Styles
A French bikini wax isn't as dramatic as a Brazilian, but much more than a regular bikini wax. Find out what exactly to expect and what hair will remain.

Advice for Laser Hair Removal on Chin Hair for Women
Do you recommend laser hair removal for chin hair on women? Who are the best candidates? Can I do this at home? Your questions answered.

Pubic Hair Shaping Hints and Tips
Pubic hair shaping is a bit easier to do when you have some help to guide you in your designing. Do you want a heart, arrow, lightning bolt? Here are some tools to assist you in getting your favorite shape or design in place.

Pubic Hair Removal Creams- Depilatories for Bikini Zone
Pubic hair removal creams, or depilatories sound like a great idea for a clean up on and around the genitals. They can be an easy, quick solution. But you have to know how and where to use them.

Interview With a Brazilian Waxing Expert
A Brazilian waxing doesn't have to be a scary experience if you go to the right technician. Expert Brazilian waxer and educator Leonard Serrani answers top questions on this specialty service.

Brazilian Waxing for Men- Pubic Hairstyles for Males
Brazilian waxing for men is extremely popular. Find more about pubic hairstyles (like back, sack and crack) and what these names mean for bikini waxing.

Interview With Loretta Wilson: Men's Waxing Expert
Male body waxing is hot. Just ask Loretta Wilson who has specialized in male body waxing for the last seven years, and no doubt an expert after performing thousands of waxing services on men. Now Loretta gives us more insight inside the world of men’s waxing as we pick her brain in an interview.

Epicare Facial Hair Remover - Review
Epicare facial hair remover is a unique tool that twists hair using coils much faster than tweezers. Does it really work?

How To Shave Back Hair- Men's Grooming Tips
How to shave back hair getting some help or with the do-it-yourself version. Tips for a closer shave, and less chance of getting nasty side effects like nicks, cuts and ingrown hair.

Preventing Ingrown Hair- Best Removal Methods
Preventing ingrown hair can be done by applying products, but also by choosing a hair removal method that will lower your chances.

What Is a Brazilian Wax? Genital & Pubic Hair Removal
What is a Brazilian Wax? Learn more about this famous and very requested service that removes pubic hair for both men and women.

How to Get Thicker Eyebrows & Stimulate Growth
Do you want thicker eyebrows? How to get a fuller shape instantly and look natural, why they might be sparse and what to do about it. Plus tips for stimulating growth.

Vajazzle Tutorial - At-Home Kits and Bikini Crystal Tattoos
How to Vajazzle? Using bikini crystal tattoos we tell you how to put your design in place like Jennifer Love Hewitt and have it stay longer than a day.

Eyebrow Shaping Tips- Top 10 Professional Do’s and Don’ts
Professional eyebrow shaping tips. The top Do's and Don'ts in getting the right arch, easing pain, filling sparse areas and using the right tools.

Silk’n Hair Remover Review - Part 1
Silk’n is a home light-based hair remover cleared by the FDA. Read our review on how Silk’n works, whether it hurts, and how easy it is to use at home.

Shaving Oil- Review of Anti Irritation Pre Shaving Oil by Rituals Skin Care
Most people don't know about or use shaving oil. But if you struggle with irritation, redness and ingrown hairs using a razor, this natural pre shaving oil is just what you need to counteract your challenges.

How to Pick the Right Facial & Body Waxing Supplies
The right facial and body waxing supplies will help you to get the best results and make the job a lot easier. We tell you what you need, what it does and how you can save money.

Hair Removal Products & Reviews - Waxing, Laser & More
Hair removal reviews: Rating products and kits from waxing to at home lasers and shaving. Read about how these hair removal devices, systems and accessories work.

Shaving Back Hair- Tips & Advice for Men’s Hair Removal
Shaving back hair can really be a hassle to do on yourself. See the do-it-yourself products and tips for better results.

Chin Hair Removal: Waxing Versus Tweezing
Chin hair removal: Waxing verus Tweezing. Both removes hair from the root, but there are some big differences.

Professional Methods for Underarm Hair Removal
You want the longest lasting results for underarm hair removal, right? These options keep you hair-free for weeks, maybe even permanently. Because of the location of the underarm and the process of these methods, you'll have to go to the professionals.

Ingrown Hairs- Treat and Prevent Ingrown Hairs and Razor Bumps
Ingrown hairs and razor bumps often show up after hair removal, but can be prevented and treated. We show you simple steps to take, products that work and even how to save money with recipes you can make at home.

How to Shave With Sensitive Skin - Tips and Hints
How to shave with sensitive skin. Get to the bottom of what's causing the problem and beat the bumps, itching, redness and burning. Tips for men and women.

Tria Home Hair Removal Laser Precision Review
Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision. How this device works and how its features compare to the 4X.

Review of Kalo Hair Inhibitor Kit
Kalo Hair Inhibitor is not guaranteed to give you permanent hair removal. But it could be a permanent staple in your beauty repertoire. I have to say thanks to this company for giving us a product that works at keeping hair from growing as fast it usually does.

Grooming Pubic Hair With Regular Clippers
Although not made for grooming pubic hair, regular hair clippers can be used. Learn how to use clippers for both men and women.

At Home Waxing- Tips for Hair Removal at Home
At home waxing can save a lot of money! Tips for pain, beating side effects and step-by-step how to directions.

Whish Product- Review of Whish Product, Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum
This Whish product, Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum is wonderful and well worth the money. Everyone should use this, including licensed professional estheticians! Read how it worked for me and my husband struggle with razor bumps.

How To Wax Chest - Hair Removal for Men
How to wax your chest at home. Rather than shaving, removing it from the root can last weeks at a time. We tell you how to perform this hair removal technique.

Remington I-Light Pro- IPL 6000 - Hair Removal at Home
Remington i-Light Pro (6000) is an ipl hair removal at home system that can be used on the body on light to medium skin tones and dark blond to black hair costing under $250.

Tria Laser Hair (Underarm) Removal Review
Tria Laser Hair Removal may be a bit painful and pricey, but it definitely worked for my underarm. I'm virtually hair free and I'm going to do more areas.

Waxing Short Hair- Tips for Waxing Short Hair Length
Waxing short hair can really be a pain. We tell you how to use strip and stripless wax for removing stubble length hair and tips for going to the pros.

Watch How a Body Sugaring Is Performed at the Spa
Body sugaring is perfect for sensitive skin hair removal, we show you step-by-step how a professional service is performed using the traditional paste at a spa.

Tend Skin Roll-On Liquid Solution
Tend Skin Liquid Solution does everything it promises and more to fight razor bumps and ingrown hair. This is excellent for women and men.

See How Sugaring Paste Works for Body Hair Removal
Using a sugaring paste is gaining popularity because it's much easier on the pain factor for body hair removal over waxing. See a sugaring slideshow... Page 2.

See Sugaring Hair Removal Performed on the Body
Watch a sugaring hair removal expert on a pair of legs with paste, the sweet hair removal method... Page 3.

How to Trim Pubic Hair Area for Men and Women
How to trim pubic hair? We show you whether you want the cheap, easy route or prefer gadgets that have multiple uses for the bikini area for men and women.

Eyebrow Waxing: At Home vs. At a Salon
Who doesn't love a great eyebrow waxing? Not only does it clear the brow, it makes a huge difference in our overall look. But is it worth the salon price?

Depilatories- Depilatories, Quick Painless Hair Removal Creams
Hair removal creams (a.k.a. depilatories) do take some time to break down the hair. Since the only work involved is applying it and taking it off, you can get other things done while it’s doing its job.

Professional Wax- How to Save Getting a Professional Waxing
A professional wax isn’t exactly cheap. You’re not without hope, there’s many ways you can save on waxing so you don't have to think of turning to shaving at home.

Dry Shaving- Quick Hair Removal, Dry Shaving
Dry shaving can save you time if you need quick hair removal. Isn't that good to know that jumping in the shower isn’t necessary? Before you start, you need to use the razor in the right way to avoid burning, nicks or cuts.

Brazilian Waxing- Tips and FAQs for Men and Women
Brazilian waxing tips and FAQs for men and women. How to get a great service, what to expect, how to prepare, designing and safety precautions.

Wax Salons- Spas, Centers, Professional Hair Removal
Wax Salons and Spas have many advantages over those that just offer in on their menu as an afterthought. You probably will get a better service overall, but there's more like their speed, price and longer-lasting results.

Body Hair Removal- Advice, How Tos for Males and Females
Body hair removal for males and females. Temporary to permanent methods. Pros, cons, costs, products advice and how-tos.

How to Save Money on Shaving Supplies- Razors, Soap, Cream, Gels, Kits & Oils
How to save money on shaving supplies: razors, soap, cream, gels, kits and pre shave oil. Realistic cost-cutting tips for men and women.

How to Save Money on Men’s and Women’s Shaving Razors and Supplies
Tips on how to save money on men's and women's shaving razors and supplies.

Trimming Nose Hair- Best Rated Scissors and Trimmers
Trimming nose hair. The best rated trimmers and scissors that work without pulling, nicking or causing a lot of pain.

Pubic Hair Color- Guide to Pubic Hair Color and Dye at Home
Pubic hair color isn't the same as regular hair dye. We show you what products are specificially designed for the gentle and delicate skin in your bikini area.

Hair Threading- Why Hair Threading Using a String is Hot
Hair threading has stood the test of time, using a string to remove hair, this option has many advantages of many methods. So should you try hair threading?

Vajazzled- Kits and Products, Crystal Tattoos, Pubic Hair Styles & Designs
So you want to be vajazzled? Using crystal tattoos and other jewels, we show you how to design your bikini area with kits and products.

Eyebrow Shaping Tips- Easy and Simple Eyebrow Shaping Tips
Simple eyebrow shaping tips to best frame your eyes and complement your other facial features. Have a plan of action before you start plucking away.

Review- Epilady Waterproof Rechargeable Wet-Dry Epilator/ Shaver/ Trimmer
Epilady Waterproof Rechargeable Wet Dry Epilator/Shaver/Trimmer Review. See how this tool works in removing/grooming hair from an esthetician who has tried many epilators.

Braun Cruzer 6 Body- Shaver for Men Review, Grooming
Braun Cruzer 6 Body, a men's grooming and shaver in one tool is put to the test. We rate how all of its hair removal features work, espcecially trimming and shaving together. Have you tried it? Leave your review too.

Olay Hair Removal Cream- Review of Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo Kit, Coarse Hair (Depilatory)
Review of Olay Hair Removal Cream- Smooth Finish for Coarse Hair. It's pricier than most depilatories. See how it works removing hair and if the extra step is worth the cost.

Quick Shaving- Review of EZ Waterless Shave
EZ Waterless Shave can be used without applying water to the skin for quick shaving. No lathering needed. See the full review.

The Spa at Woodlands Resort- Review of Houston Resort Spa
The Spa at Woodlands Resort and Conference Center is just outside Houston. A beautiful place to stay and full service spa with separate areas for men and women. A full review of the space and services.

Review of Starpil Stripless Hard Wax- Natural
Starpil Striples Hard Wax is a European Wax from Spain, but available in the U.S. to both professionals and non-professionals alike. See how an Esthetician likes it and how it compares to other brands used at salons and spas.

Nemacolin Resort Spa- Review of Nemacolin Resort’s Woodlands Spa
Overall my visit to the Woodlands Spa was refreshing. My facial and waxing were enjoyable and done very professionally, but they weren’t extraordinary for the price. On the other hand, my body treatment was out of this world and the highlight of my visit hands down.

Ritz Carlton Spa- Review of Ritz Carlton Spa, New York City Battery Park
What's it like to visit The Ritz Carlton Spa at Battery Park? Read about when I got a brow waxing and Fresh & Pure Facial. It was a wonderful experience, but came with a hefty price tag. Hands down, it’s the most expensive Spa I’ve visited to date.

Should Guys Shave Their Legs? - What Do You Think, Should Guys Shave Their Legs?
Should guys shave their legs? Tell us what you think! Page 13.

Threading Salon- Find a Threading Salon, Studio or Spa
It may be a bit difficult to find locate a threading salon if you don’t live in a large metropolitan area. We tell you how to find threading experts by you, working out of their home or renting out a space in a salon.

Noxzema Razor Review- Bikini Line Shaving, Hair Removal
Noxzema Razor Review of the disposable bikini shaver. It's smaller than standard versions and that has some plus points for delicate areas, but isn't always good. Read what we thought and our rating.

E Shave Verbena Lime After Shave Soother- Review of E Shave Verbena Lime After Shave Soother
E Shave Verbena Lime After Shave Soother is a great, non-greasy, clean-scented lotion that is not only wonderful for men, but women will love it too.

E Shave Verbena Lime Pre Shave Oil- Review of E Shave Verbena Lime Pre Shave Oil
E Shave Verbena Lime Pre Shave Oil helps avoid razor rash by letting your razor glide effortlessly without clogging it. It’s calming to skin, so it can also relieve irritation and redness after waxing too. Whether you’re a man or a woman, we think you’ll love the scent.

Clio Shaver- Review of Clio Designs Palmperfect Electric Shaver
Although the Clio Designs Palmperfect Electric Shaver did not work for coarse hair, it did the job on the fine stuff. If you have fine hair then this is perfect for on the go for your daily use razor. It’s very inexpensive and can be found at many superstores.

HydroGlide- Review of Moore Unique HydroGlide Waterless Shaving Solution
Moore Unique’s HydroGlide Waterless Shaving Solution is outstanding! I had never heard or seen this product before but I absolutely loved it. It is a spray on solution that you use to shave without using water. You heard me right, shaving with no water required.

E Shave Verbena Lime Shaving Cream- Review of E Shave Verbena Lime Shaving Cream
E Shave Verbena Lime Shaving Cream smells great and works even better leaving you with soft, moisturized skin.

Simply Sensual Shave Crème- Review of Simply Sensual Luxe Intimate Shave Crème, White Lavender & Ginger Pomegranate
Simply Sensual’s Shave Crèmes give a great close shave, leaving your bikini line moisturized, instead of red and irritated. Just be careful if you are looking online for this product because they carry adult toys as well.

Eyebrow Mascara- Review of Blinc Eyebrow Mousse, In Mascara Tube
For perfect day to night eyebrows without having to break out your pencils, try Blinc Eyebrow Mousse applied like mascara for natural brows that will never look drawn on. Since it’s smudge-proof, water resistant and doesn’t flake, you don’t have to worry about disappearing brows.

Talika Eyebrow Extender- Review of Talika Eyebrow Extender
Save your money ladies and gents. Talika Eyebrow Extender isn’t worth the steep price tag, it just doesn’t do the job. Read the review of an esthetician.

Satin Care Shave- Review of Satin Care Shave Gel by Gillette
Satin Care Shave Gel by Gillette is worth the money and leaves you with soft and great smelling legs!

Shobha Eyebrow Pencils- Review of Shobha Eyebrow Pencils, Earth & Sand
The eyebrow pencils by Shobha are a priced a little high, but they’re definitely worth it. This company has hit the nail on the head again with a product that has a great texture, a convenient built-in sharpener and lasts all day. I’m hooked!

Schick Hydro 5 Razor- Review of Schick Hydro 5 Razor
The Schick Hydro 5 Razor is great for both men and women and will give you an amazingly close and smooth shave. This one works better than it says and you definitely can believe the hype here!

Gillette Fusion ProSeries- Review of Irritation Defense Line
Gillette Fusion ProSeries Irritation Defense Line is reviewed by an esthetician and her husband. Did it help prevent their normal shaving irritation and razor rash?

Philips Norelco Stubble Trimmer- Review of Philips Norelco Stubble Trimmer
Phlips Norelco Stubble Trimmer can get men's facial hair down to .04 of an inch! Read the full review.

Nivea After Shave Balm- Review of Nivea for Men Q10 Revitalizing Double Action After Shave Balm
Nivea for Men Q10 Revitalizing Double Action Balm is a great product that really works to soothe, moisturize and refresh skin. I’m sure the man in your life will be just as happy with it as my husband is. Or if you’re like me, place it on the back of your hand to have a hint of what will come home after work!

Epilady Face Epil- Review of Epilady Face Epil
The Face Epil should be in your line of defense for quick and easy hair removal. It’s lightweight and compact, so you can drop it in your purse and go. It’s not so good for large areas of the body, but does work great on facial hair or for touch-ups on the bikini line.

Simply Sensual After Shave & Wax Mist- Review of Simply Sensual Luxe After Shave & Wax Protection Mist
Simply Sensual Luxe After Shave & Wax Protection Mist seemed to keep my skin soft after hair removal treatments. The mister that works even upside down is great, but the scent…well, that’s another story.

Simply Sensual After Shave & Wax Powder- Review of Simply Sensual Luxe After Shave & Wax Powder
Simply Sensual Luxe After Shave & Wax Powder is not my favorite. It didn’t help alleviate hair removal irritation and I can’t stand the scent, but it will keep you dry and chafe-free.

Eyeslipsface- Review of ELF Cosmetics (eyeslipsface) Eyebrow Treat and Tame
Treat and Tame by Eyes Lips Face (ELF Cosmetics) flakes, the color is off and makes eyebrows flat, so it’s is not for everyone. Maybe, not for anyone!

Tweezer Review- Billion Dollar Brows Tweezer Review
A lot of people think, a tweezer is a tweezer and buy whatever happens to be at the drugstore. They couldn’t be more wrong. We tested the tweezers from Billion Dollar Brows, and give you our expert review.

Tweezerman Slant Tweezer - Review of Tweezerman Slant Tweezer
Tweezerman Slant Tweezer has been given much acclaim and awards. Does it live up to its hype? Read the expert review of Tweezerman Slant Tweezer.

Veet Rasera Bladeless- Review of Veet Rasera Bladeless Kit Fresh Sensation
Veet Rasera bladeless kit is worth a shot if you do not have sensitive skin, coarse or dark hair and don’t mind waiting for the product to develop.

Bump Patrol- Review of Bump Patrol Shave Gels- Cool & Sensitive
I wasn’t disappointed with either of these Bump Patrol shave gels, but my favorite was the Cool. It did everything that it’s supposed to, but added a refreshing kick!

Gillette Fusion Power- Review Gillette Fusion Power MVP Razor
Gillette Fusion Power MVP Razor is a must have for anyone who is looking for a great feeling razor.

Revolt Shave- Review of Revolt Shave Travel Combo Kit
Revolt Shave Travel Combo Kit is a great alternative if you’re frustrated with the mess and hassle of shaving cream or hate having to replace razors on a weekly basis.

Avon Deodorant- Review of Skin So Soft Hair Minimizing Avon Deodorant
This Avon deodorant stays wet longer than normal, but it has a great scent and wonderful anti-perspirant power. My hair did feel softer, but not minimized like I had hoped. For $1.25 it’s still an excellent product for the price and travels extremely well.

Satin Care- Review of Satin Care In Shower Moisturizer by Gillette
Satin Care In-Shower Moisturizer by Gillette has a great scent and helps save time when you’re in a rush. Unless you like the feeling of lotion on your skin, it’s a little greasy and just too heavy.

Shaving with Pimples- Products, Tips & Ingredients to Use and Avoid
Shaving with pimples or acne? How to choose the right products and ingredients when you pick up the razor that will do more help than harm.

Karmissie- Review of Karmissie Deluxe Threader Kit, Threading at Home
With the Karmissie Deluxe Threader Kit I learned that even the best ideas are designed to be talked about and not produced. I would love to say that you can now save some money and forget about the salon. But I would only check it out if a contortionist is a part of your resume.

Body Sugaring- Interview with Founder- Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring
Interview with Tamara Anderson, founder of Tamara's Professional Body Sugaring. Her journey from getting her first professional facial 42, to having her own company.

Veet Suprem Essence- Review of Veet Suprem Esssence Gel Cream Pump, Depilatory Hair Removal Product
I would say to pass on Veet Suprem Essence and stick with the razor. You may have to shave every day, but at least you won’t have to smell that hair removal cream scent or get burned or irritated skin if you’re shaving correctly! Read full review...

Depil Silk- Review of Depil Silk Spray Hair Removal Spray Review
Depil Silk Hair Removal Spray is a nice for those of you who are lucky enough to have thinner hair. If you have thicker or coarser hair, you should try something else.

Sally Hansen Bleach- Review of Sally Hansen Extra Strength Crème Hair Bleach for Facial and Body Hair
If waxing or shaving isn’t your thing, and you just want your facial or body hair less noticeable, Sally Hansen Bleach is a great fall back that will make your hair much lighter in under 10 minutes, maybe less.

At Home Hair Removal Silk’n- Results After 2 Treatments with At Home Hair Removal Silk’n
Results with at home hair removal, Silk'n. Get the review on how much hair is gone.

Silk’n- Review of Silk’n After 6 Treatments on Legs and Underarms
Silk'n review after six treatments on my lower legs and underarms. What are the hair-ridding results?

Home Use Hair Removal Silk’n- Results after 4 Treatments With Home Use Hair Removal Silk'n
Get my review and results on the home use light-based hair removal device, Silk'n after 4 treatments. How much hair is gone?

Shobha Rosewater Calming Gel- Review of Shobha’s Rosewater Calming Gel for After Hair Removal
Shobha’s Rosewater Calming Gel is free of parabens and artificial fragrances but brings back memories of my grandma. Usually I love Shobha products, but I couldn’t get behind this one. I think the price is a bit high and that is another reason I would avoid it.

Cool Wax- Review of Cool Wax Travel Kit
I’ve found a new line for my aesthetics business with Cool Wax products. It’s expensive, but well worth the money as a little goes a long way. It smells great, goes on smooth, removes the hair, and washes away with water. I recommend it for both professionals and for those of you who do your own waxing at home.

Relax and Wax No Trauma Momma- Review of Relax and Wax No Trauma Momma
Relax and Wax No Trauma Momma is kept close for my waxing clients because they love how it works and feels. It's a well rounded product that isn’t too expensive.

Relax and Wax Scrub- Review of Relax And Wax Scrub Me Luscious Lemon Drop
So far Relax and Wax products have not disappointed me. They have done it again with their Scrub Me Luscious Lemon Drop exfoliating product. This is not your typical Victoria’s Secret sugar or any other scrub that leaves you feeling greasy or dry. This is a wonderful product that is great whether you struggle with waxing bumps or not.

BareEase- Review of BareEase Prep Kit, Numbing Cream for Waxing
Review of BareEase & Cream. We put their kit to the test and share how their numbing cream held up during a Brazilian wax and what we thought of the latex panties.

BodyHonee Wax Kit- Q & A with Owner Susan Shemtov
BodyHonee is a microwavable waxing kit. Owner Susan Shemtov answers some questions about where the recipe came from and tips for removing hair at home.

Relax and Wax Get the Bump Outta Here- Review of Relax and Wax Get the Bump Outta Here, Ingrown Hair Product
With Relax and Wax’s Get the Bump Outta Here, the only bumps you’ll have to deal with are the ones in the road! It’s one of the best ingrown hair products I’ve used to date.

Razor Rash- Review of Moore Unique Razor Rash Relief
I think this Razor Rash Relief by Moore Unique is one of the best products I’ve had the good fortune to review. I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness and the price. The only problem is the scent can be dangerous for women; you may have to explain why you smell like men’s cologne to your boyfriend or husband.

Julyne Derrick Hair Removal Interview
Julyne Derrick,'s Guide to Beauty is a seasoned writer and shares with us her best tips in the world of hair removal- like her experience getting professional laser, eyebrow shaping tips and her favorite products.

Brazilian Waxing- Your Guide to Brazilian Waxing
Brazilian waxing falls into a class of its own because the nature of this specialty service. Learn how to get the best results by knowing what to expect, picking the right technician and what to do before and after your wax.

Licensed Professionals- Hair Removal Classes, Videos & Training
Estheticians & Cosmetologists find the latest in waxing, sugaring and threading training & news to further your career.

Hair Removal- Bleaching Tips, How to Lighten Face & Body Hair
Find out how to lighten your face and body hair and where you shouldn't use it. Who are the best candidates for bleaching?

Sugaring Products- Ratings and Reviews of Sugaring Products
We put sugaring products to the test. How does it compare to waxing and is it easy to do at home?

Happy with Tria Laser - : Tria or Silk'n?
My name is Maria and I'm Greek. I used Tria Laser on my underarms and legs. Here's how it worked for me.

Threading- Los Alamitos California - : Threading Salons and Spas
Do you have a threading salon, studio or spa? Are you looking for a professional in your area? Find and list these salons and spas.

Electrolysis- Lake Placid, New York - : Electrolysis Services and Clinics
Adirondack Electrology tells us more about their business including the most requested areas for hair to be removed, what methods they use and the most rewarding part of the business.

Electrolysis- Evergreen, Colorado - : Electrolysis Services and Clinics
A Wild Hair Electrolysis in Evergreen Colorado explains what methods they use, the most popular areas requested for treatment and what is more fulfilling about helping people get rid of their hair.

Threading- Belconnen, Australia - : Threading Salons and Spas
Himalaya's Hair N Beauty in Belconnen Australia tells us more about why they love threading to remove facial hair and shape eyebrows.

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Ricciardi Electrolysis Center in Lincroft New Jersey explains the most popular areas treated, the types of electrolysis they use and what they most love about the method.

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Montgomery Electrolysis & Body Sugaring in Montgomery Alabama shares more about the types of services they offer, most treated areas and tips for choosing a professional in your area.

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Smooth Sensation Electrolysis in Brewster New York shares what methods they use, the most popular areas people get treated and tips for finding a qualified professional.

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Kathleen Turner, R.E. in Rancho Cordova California explains more about her business providing electrolysis.

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Argyll Electrolysis Clinic in Scotland UK explains what method they use, the most popular areas they treat and tips for looking for a practitioner in the UK.

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Ruth Allen & Associates offers blend and thermolysis electrolysis using Apilus Platinum Pure. Find out more about their company and tips for getting safe, effective treatments.

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Electrolysis by Patricia Cronin in Isanti Minnesota.

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