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Flower Child: 5 Casual DIY Ways to Wear Flowers in Your Hair
To get creative with different ways of adorning your hairstyles with fresh flowers and plants, let's explore some floral hair design.

Clip-in Hair Extensions
Want to know where to get your set of clip-in’s, and what to do with them once you have them? Keep reading to find out!

How Match Your Extensions
Hairstyle Tutorials.

Which Extensions Should I Buy?
Choosing the right extensions for your hair.

How to Put in Your Clip-in Extensions
Hairstyle Tutorials.

Hairstyle Tutorials.

Finishing Touches
Hairstyle Tutorials.

Braiding Basics
Reexamine classic French and Dutch braids and explore some unique braiding ideas that will keep your locks lovely and inspired.

The Perfect Rag Curls
Rag curls are an excellent style for lazy hair people and for kids because styling them is so simple and low-maintenance. All you really have to do is throw rags in your damp hair and sleep comfortably!

Hairstyle Tutorials – Cool DIY Hairstyle Ideas
Learn how to create beautiful updos and cool braided hairstyles. See step-by-step instructions (with photos!) to find out how to do your hair at home.

DIY projects
Hair related DIY. Crafts, Home hair care, etc.

Tricks and techniques for better DIY hairstyling.

Insight from inside the salon. Hairstyle Tutorials.

Beauty. Hairstyle Tutorials.

Protective Hairstyles
With protective overnight styles, we can both protect our hair, and encourage it to behave when we wake up in the morning. The following four techniques are designed for all hair types and are my favorite ways to protect my hair while I sleep.

Multiple Personality Hair Disorder
It can be challenging figuring out what to do with multi-textured hair, but I'm here to help! Be grateful that you get the best of all worlds in a weird way. Your hair may have multiple personalities, but it's pretty dynamic if you ask me!

5 Amazing Homemade Hair Recipes
Why does it make sense to experiment with home-made hair products? Homemade recipes allow you to experiment and adjust your treatments to suit you!

7 Bogus Beauty Myths
What does it mean to be beautiful? Let's find out by debunking seven bogus beauty myths!

Crimping Basics
Crimping is making a comeback! Follow these three simple steps to create your own version of the crimped 'do.

Step 1
First, get yourself a reliable crimper, preferably one that has an adjustable heat setting, and a heat protectant spray to prevent damage.

Step 2
Separate your hair into small to medium sections and begin by clamping your crimper down on the base of the strand to make your first indentation.

Step 3
Lastly, crimp the remaining hair for a fully crimped 'do or just add a few pieces into the mix for texture. Finish off with a medium hold hairspray.

DIY Henna Gloss Treatment
Check out this tutorial to learn how to safely do your own henna gloss at home!

DIY Flower Beard
With warmer weather, we should all be taking advantage of floral hair, and what better way to jump into spring with a DIY flower beard tutorial?

4 Lovely Up Do's For Curly Hair
Embrace your curly hair with these beautiful up do styles for elegant and casual occasions.

Bobby Pin Basics
Using bobby pins to style your hair is simple! Follow this tutorial to learn how to correctly use bobby pins to secure your favorite hair styles.

Two-Strand Twists: The Rattlesnake Braid
This Rattlesnake Braid isn't actually a braid, but a two-stranded twist, or as I like to call it, the

5 Holistic Tips to Make Hair Grow Faster
You can't get your hair to grow inches overnight, but you can help stimulate hair growth with these five holistic tips!

Perfect Pin Curls
My specialty is making complicated hair-related things easier so that when I share them with you they seem do-able. With that said, I bring you an easy pin curl set specifically for 1940s styling!

The 10-Step Program for Growing out Short Hair
Are you trying to grow out your short hair? Check out this list of 10 amazing tips to keep you going during the dreaded grow-out phase.

Playing the Part
Playing with your part is a fun way to change up your hair to compliment your whole look. Here are six different ways to change your look by changing your hair part.

Bangs, Bangs and More Bangs!
Experiment with Bangs. Hairstyle Tutorials.

Resist the Urge
Resist the Urge to Chop Your Locks

Shoulder-Length, Finally!
You've Made it to Shoulder-Length Hair!

The Awkward Phase
Grow, Grow, Grow your Hair! Hairstyle Tutorials.

The Bob Phase
Now Entering Bob Territory. Hairstyle Tutorials.

Get Funky
Get Funky and Experiment with Color

The Shaggy Phase
Now Entering the Shaggy Phase. Hairstyle Tutorials.

Creative Accessorizing
There's Nothing You Can't Fix with Creative Accessories

Flirty and Adorable
Make Your Cut Flirty and Adorable

How to Grow out a Pixie Cut in 9 Simple Steps
Grow out your Pixie cut in 9 Simple Steps!

Give Feedback
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Be on Time
Don't be late for your hair appointment!

Be Thorough
Tell us your complete color history.

When in Doubt, Schedule a Consultation
When in doubt, schedule a consultation with your stylist.

Book Your Appointments in Advance
Book in advance for better service!

Don't be Afraid to Follow-Up
Give feedback, and let us know your thoughts.

Booking Basics
Effectively book your appointment.

Know What you Want
Have a clear idea of what you want before you call.

Do Your Research
Know what you want. Hairstyle Tutorials.

Ask Questions, Answer Honestly
Ask good questions, don't hold back information.