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Choose Daily Affirmations or Select a Random Affirmation
Click your mouse on any link to be given a random affirmation.

Seven Major Chakra Series - Learn about the Heart Chakra
Learning to love yourself is a powerful first step in securing a healthy heart chakra.

Bikram Yoga
Is Bikram trendy celebrity Yoga or the way to heal any number of diseases? In spite of the hype and the lofty claims, Bikram - performed in a room heated as high as 110 degrees - really does have a lot of benefits. These sites discuss this controversial form of Yoga.

Green Tea - Beneficial Drink
Beneficial drink complete with healthy antioxidants.

All About Juicing - Natural Juicing Benefits
Here's a complete resource on juicing, it's benefits and it's precautions. Use juicing for a healthful fast, or as a marvelous way of supplementing your diet.

Kundalini Style Yoga
Kundalini yoga awakens the life energy that lies dormant in each one of us through postures, mantras and breathing. These sites are a guide to this complex and rewarding discipline.

Past Life Memories - Africa - Africans
This is a sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index where readers share their recalled stories.

Past Life Memories - categorized by Historical Signficance or Era
Past Life Memories - categorized by Historical Signficance or Era

Past Life Memories - Peru - Peruvian
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Portugal - Portugese
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Russia - Russians
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Scotland - Scottish
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Reader Tips - Healing Book Recommendations
Book recommendations from our Holistic Healing community members.

A Yogi Way of Eating
You don't have to eat like a yogi to practice yoga postures - but it helps. Maybe you don't want to give up meat, fast food and refined flour altogether, but you can still improve the quality of your diet by taking some suggestions from the following sites.

Yoga Market Place - Clothing and Supplies
Yoga is uplifting but let's get down to the material plane - you need comfortable clothes, a mat, maybe a video, some music and props. Here's where you find places online who will sell you what you need.

Yoga Basics
A quick and informative guide to the basics of yoga, this introductory page helps define yoga for the novice, and is a quick reference guide for the experienced. Yoga can give perfect health to both body and mind.

Carnival of Healing
Weekly round-up of blogs across the Internet featuring information about healing, self empowerment, and spirituality.

Violet - Healing Colors
Holistic Healing.

Dehydrating is said to be the oldest form of food preservation. Amazingly what worked for the ancients is becoming valuable to self-sufficient souls today.

Yoga offers more than just a better body - it can also give you a better life, and possibly enlightenment. That's what the Eightfold Path of Yoga is about. Also known as the Eight Limbs of Yoga, these
Yoga offers more than just a better body - it can also give you a better life, and possibly enlightenment. That's what the Eightfold Path of Yoga is about. Also known as the Eight Limbs of Yoga, these guidelines and practices - Asanas are just one aspect - are real tools that will open your world to new possibilities.

Empty Nest Poetry
Empty Nest Poetry. Holistic Healing.

Dust to Dust - Green Burials
Choosing earth-friendly burial grounds as your final resting place is a way to give back to the planet organically. Your family can also be eased of the expensive costs of elaborate caskets and embalming your body.

Articles by Joseph Ghabi
Joseph Ghabi opened The Free Spirit Centre Website, a virtual centre which is focused on healing, personal & soul growth and human issues.

Past Life Memories categorized by Race or Nationality
This is a sub-category of the Holistic Healing Past Life Memory Index.

Mother's Day
Life begins in the mother's womb. Honor the woman who gave you life.

Raw Food Diet - The Living Food Diet
The Living Food diet is also know as the Raw Food diet, because it only uses only fruits, vegetables, and grains in their natural state.

Valentines Day - Hearts and Cupid Darts - Love and Relationships
Assortment of articles and other resources regarding the matters of the heart and cupid darts.

Asanas - Basic Yoga Positions
ALL ABOUT HATHA YOGA. The Asanas are the basic sitting, standing, and reclining positions of Hatha Yoga. We reshape ourselves by placing our bodies in these poses.

Auyrveda and Yoga
What is Ayurveda and how can it help you? What is its relationship to yoga? What are the doshas? These links will help you learn more about the ancient medical system of Ayurveda, which is being practiced today on a larger scale than ever before.

Yoga for Children and Teens
Here is where parents will discover how to give the gift of yoga to their kids. And teenagers can also find ways to enhance their hectic lives with yoga.

Yoga Styles
There are several variations of yoga disciplines to choose from.

Green - Healing Colors
Holistic Healing.

Dance Like No One Is Watching
Dance is an excellent way to help one experience and express their emotions. The process of movement therapy is often helpful in resolving inner conflicts.

Declutter Quick Tips
Database of QUICK TIPS to help readers find their way out of their messy spaces.

Lost Civilizations
These resources will provide perspective concerning the historical and legendary civilizations that are being explored on the Internet.

Appreciating mandalas, one of the world's oldest art forms.

Holistic Healing Quizzes and Polls
Give your responses in a variety of healing related quizzes. Also, share your opinions in the various polls about holistic healing topics.

Holistic Healing Retreats in Australia and New Zeland
Retreats in Australia and New Zeland

Holistic Healing Retreats in the Caribbean Islands
Holistic Healing Retreats in the Caribbean Islands

Shiatsu Massage
Eastern methods of healing. Holistic Healing.

Spiritual Dieting
Is there any truth in the saying YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT? Some people think there is a connection between our spiritual beliefs and our choice of foods.

Guest Writers - Contributor Biographies
If you are a professional healer who wants to help educate our members with your expertise, or someone who feels your personal story will help others along their healing journeys consider becoming a contributor to this site.

Readers' Choice Awards
Readers' Choice Awards are held annually in recognition of the Best-of-the-Best in the holistic healing community.

Addictions and Compulsions
Variety of resources covering basic addictions: sex, nicotine, caffeine, overeating, alcohol, shopping, gambling, etc.

African Culture - Ritual and Ceremony
Ritual and ceremony play a major part in the healing traditions of Africa.

Archived Transcripts Of Healing Chat Sessions
Archives of hosted chats in the Healing Chatroom. Healing topics include gemstone therapy, medicine wheel, acupuncture, dreams, and more. (Our chatroom is currently shut down)

Chi - Qi - Ki
It's the basic circulating energy of life, no matter which Eastern culture it's from: Chi, Ki, or Qi.

Bereavement - Dealing with Grief
A listing of websites useful in coping with one of life's most natural stages death and dying. Includes links on pet loss separation from loved ones and educational resources for children about this topic.

Healer Directories
Online database directories listing contact information for holistic healers, wellness coaches, therapists, and counselors.

The Integral Culture
It's the name given the growing subculture formerly called Trans modernism and now dubbed the Cultural Creatives.

Healing News - Recent articles hot off the wires on the topic of alternative healing
Online resources featuring recent healing articles and health stories on the topic of natural healing, alternative medicine, and basic health.

Low Carb Dieting - Pros and Cons
Low Carb dieting - pros and cons.

Martial Arts for Healing
Oriental martial art forms today are also considered a beneficial healing modality.

Medical Intuitive Directory
Listing of medical intuitives who diagnose and/or interpret illness through reading their clients' energy fields.

Good For You Recipes
Are you sure what you are eating is good for your health?

Holisitic Healing Retreats in Asia
Retreats in Asia. Holistic Healing.

Healing Retreats - Worldwide Sacred Places
Where better to network with other healers than Global healing destinations that go beyond R&R?

Self Care
Self care should, but doesn't always, come naturally. Are you taking care of yourself?

Yoga Basics and Beyond
Net links sharing the different types of yoga: various techniques posture charts breathing exercises yoga during pregnancy personal experiences and more.

Interspecies Communication
Universal telepathic language between humans and their pets or wildlife.

Archives. Holistic Healing.

Astrology - Healing Horoscopes - Focus On The Stars - Medical Astrology
Although astrology is often a tool the lovelorn turn to in seeking help in relationships, the signs in your birth chart can also give insights into your physical, emotional, and mental health.

Chanting and Mantras
Throat Tones - Variety of chanting links from various cultures.

Diets and Dieting Choices
The saying WE ARE WHAT WE EAT has validity. Are you consciously choosing the foods you eat?

About Drums - Drumming Therapy
The beat of the drum resonates with the human heartbeat. How better to find balance and center than to connect to the heart essence?

Dealing With Our Emotional Body
Dealing with emotional issues that influence our overall health and wellness.

Holistic Exercise Options
Exercise options that go beyond the physical aspect, stretching awareness and grounding your energy.

Abstaining from Solid Foods - Fasting and Detoxification
The fasting diet abstains from solid foods for varying lengths of time. Some fasters drink juices; others only take water.

Using Gemstones As Healing Tools
How to work with crystals and gemstones to facilitate healing and balance energies.

A to Z Herbs
Herbs and herbal remedies for your holistic lifestyle.

Styles of Therapeutic Massage
Resources on the many types or styles of therapeutic massage.

Healing Media Library - Books - Videos - DVDs - CDs - Cassettes - Tapes
This is our healing media library. Check out the books, book reviews, CDs, DVDs, and more.

Keep a rainbow wrapped around your shoulders
Color rainbows! Healing links. Holistic Healing.

Reiki Instruction and Classroom Aids
Reiki Classroom Instruction and Helps

Reiki Systems
There are a growing variety of Reiki systems all of which have branched out from Usui Reiki roots.

Spiritual Symbols - Circles
The circle is a spiritual symbol of wholeness. It's been used in astrology, religion, and all kinds of rituals.

About Salt Crystal Rocks - Nature's Natural Air Ionizers
Salt Crystal Rocks improve air qualities by enriching air with Negative Ions. Salt Crystal Rock and lamps/candles made from Salt Crystal Rocks are natural air ionizers.

Healing Power of Rocks
Our holistic healing community often discuss crystals and gemstones in our forums. Here are links that will lead you to various ongoing discussion threads.

Sound Therapy - Tuning Forks
Tuning forks are not just for science, medicine, or music. The resonant tones of these simple instruments can be used for healing.

Birds - Birds as Totems
Birds teach us awareness and adaptability. Birds represent the air element and are also teachers of proper breathing.

Famous Channelers
Who are the better known channelers, psychics, trance mediums, and spiritualists?

Crones - Crone Power
Who are these females who embody so much human wisdom? And why is this role becoming more valued today?

Crystal Therapy
Go to index for everything about crystals and gemstones. Healing and spiritual properties, how to care for and cleanse your precious and semi-precious stones, and why you can never truly own a crystal.

The Nightmare Side of Dreaming - Night Terrors - Sleep Paralysis
Our dreams are not always pleasant experiences. Are the darker images in our nightmares telling us something?

Dream Dictionaries - Helps For Interpreting Your Dreams
ALL ABOUT DREAMS. It's hard to believe that there are so many dream dictionaries online. Perhaps one of these resources will have the key to unlock your enigmatic dream.

Etheric Body
Informative resources about the etheric body explaining what it is and how it relates to our holistic health.

Find A Holistic Healer - Holistic Health Directories
Listings of holistic health directories and registry indexes for Reiki practitioners, wellness centers, spiritual healers, workshop instructors, etc. in the field of alternative and complementary medicine.

Insect Totems
Primary message for anyone with an insect totem is that the individual is not as important as the collective.

Developing Your Intuition - Enhancing Your Psychic Abilities - Inner Knowing
Everyone is psychic! We all have gut-instincts that help direct us throughout our lives. Your intuition is a muscle that can be flexed and further developed.

Karma - Karmic Justice
These days the word Karma is tossed around casually, but the principles of karmic balance provide deep lessons to learn and wonderful gifts to use.

Massage Therapy
Collection of links on massage - the tissue penetrating and the ahhhh that feels good therapy!

Meditation Types
Exploring the many different styles of meditation from new age astral travel to zen meditative practices.

Mental Health Resources
How is your mental health? Resources for keeping your mind healthfully active and uncluttered from troubling thoughts.

Natural Nutrition
FAQs on food supplements, natural juicing, support for people with eating disorders, organic food products, nutritional information etc.

Random Acts of Kindness

About Cats
About Cats - A to Z Animal Totem Directory

Visualization - Guided Imagery
Guided imagery is often used in healing to bring about a feeling of calm and wellness.

Wild and Wacky New Age Paths
New Agers are often willing to explore a variety of ideas and concepts that seem odd or strange to the rest of us.

There are many therapies that are classified as forms of hydrotherapy.

Ancient Healing Systems and Practices
A look back at how healers in the past practiced the healing arts. Many of these practices continue to flourish today.

Aura Awareness
Are you aware of the energetic bands of colors that surround your body?

Manipulative and exercise therapies such as Core Energetics, Massage, Bowen Therapy, Shiatsu, Reflexology, and others.

Sharpen Your Psychic and Self Healing Skills Through Channeling
Insights, intuition, gut instincts are all forms of channeling. Sharpen your psychic skills.

Diagnostic Holistic Healing Techniques
These unique therapies are intended to diagnose and/or treat our imbalances.

Links to dreamwork sites, and sleep disorder resources.

Innerwork Therapies
Self-involvement promotes healing! These innerwork therapies can be used alone or with the assistance of a healing coach.

Moon Cycles - Healing Ceremonies
The cycles of our planets moon is often the focus of spiritual and healing rituals.

Pagan Healing Practices - Rituals and Ceremonies
Earth-centered people, aka Pagans, are ritualistic in their healing practices.

Psychotherapy links and resources.

About Radionics
Resources on everything about this innovative diagnosis and treatment modality.

Reincarnation - Exploring Past Lives
Do you think you have lived before in another body? Many people do. Shall we explore the possibility of past lives influencing our personalities?

Spiritual Symbols - Sacred Geometry
These pure shapes and forms are the building blocks of our universe. What do they mean to you?

Specialized Medicine Resources
Resources for very specific types of care, i.e. tooth and gum health, eye care, pain management, home remedies, animal wellness, more.

Spirits and Magick
Where couldn't be in touch with our creative selves without gaining inspiration from our muses and spirts.

Symbols / Symbology
Exploration of ancient and new symbols.

Energy Healing
Your energy flows more freely when you are centered and grounded. Here are some balancing and grounding healing systems to help pump up your chi energies.

Healing Our Emotional and Mental Bodies
Holistic healing therapies focused on balancing our mental and emotional bodies.

Native Healing Ways
Native Americans are an earth-centered cultural group. People of many walks of life have sought after their nurturing healing traditions.

Alphabetical Listing of Animal Totems
Animal totems index. Find your power animal.

Atlantis Past Life Memories
Past life memories from the lost civilization of Atlantis

Prenatal and Birth Memories
Miraculously, some folks are able to experience memories of being in the mother's womb prebirth and their actual moment of birth.

Past Life Memories in the Middle East
Past Life Memories in the Middle East

Past Life Memories - Life in the 1200s
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Life in the 1500s
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Life in the 1600s
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Living in the 1700s
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Living in the 1800s
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Living in the 1900s
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - I Was An Alien Being
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Biblical
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - United States Civil War
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memory Index - I was a Concubine
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index.

Past Life Memory Index - I was a Druid
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index.

I Was Famous in a Past Life
Readers share stories of past life recollections of being famous personalities.

Past Life Memories - French Revolution
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Healers
This is a sub-category of the About Holistic Healing Past Life Memory Index. Who were you in a past life?

Past Life Memories - Reconizing People from Present life in Past Life
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Roman Empire
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Vietnam War
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - World War I
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

WWII Past Life Memories
Past life memories during World War II

Past Life Memories - Chinese - China
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Have You Ever Dreamed of Being an Egyptian?
Have you ever dreamed of being an Egyptian? If yes, then perhaps you were in a former life.

Past Life Memories - England - English
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Remembering Living in Europe
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - I Was a Governess
Sub-Directory of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - I Was a Gypsy
Sub-Category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - I Was a Hunter
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - I Was a Leper
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - I was a Monk
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - I was a Pilot
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories as Nuns and Priests
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Prostitutes
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Life as a Rabbi
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Born into Royal Families
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Slaves
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Soldiers and Warriors
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Vampires
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Vikings
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Witches
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Applying the Principals of Feng Shui in your home - office - garden
ALL ABOUT FENG SHUI - Resources for using Feng Shui principles in your home - office - garden.

Feng Shui - Gallery of Feng Shui Photos Paintings Diagrams
Gallery of Feng Shui photographs, diagrams and paintings.

Iyengar Yoga
Iyengar is a hatha yoga style that is accessible to anyone through its use of props and focus on form. Founder B.K.S. Iyengar is in his 80s and continues to be a powerful leader. If you want to know more, here's where to look.

Guest articles by Jim Ewing
Jim Ewing is a Reiki Master and shamanic healer who lives in Lena, MS

Past Life Memories - Central America
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - France - French
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Greece - Greek
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Holland - Dutch
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Ireland - Irish
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Japanese - Japan
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Mexico - Mexican
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Native American
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - American Past Lives - United States
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Past Life Memories - Vietnam - Vietnamese
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Power and Astanga Yoga
Want to explore your inner athlete? Exhilarating and sweat-inducing, Astanga and Power Yoga offer great workouts. A flowing series of postures offer challenge and develop flexibility and endurance. For more information look within.

Tantric Yoga
Are you looking for a good time or are you searching for enlightenment? Authentic Tantric Yoga can offer you the latter, and it is far more rewarding than the maya of casual fun. This esoteric discipline can lead you to true enlightenment. For more information check out these links.

Yoga and Hinduism
What is Hinduism? You might be surprised at the answer. It's not just a religion but an all-encompassing blend of culture, philosophy and spirituality. Yoga is but a tiny facet of Hinduism. If your practice has sparked your curiousity, then look here to find out more.

Delicious and Healthy Beverages
Better beverage choices for filling your glass.

Blog Carnivals
Collection of Blog Carnivals that focus on health, wellness, spirituality, and self-empowerment.

Holistic Healing Blog Roll
What is a blog anyway? A blog is an online journal where a user gives comments and points readers to interesting links.

Articles by Christopher Dilts
Channeled angel messages from angel intuitive, Christopher James Dilts.

Articles by Christopher Stewart
Christopher Stewart is a medical intuitive who works with individuals, couples, families, physicians, and psychologists to understand how emotional, psychological, physical imbalances and spiritual energy can lie at the root cause of disease, illness and life crises. He also is the featured columnist for the Ask A Medical Intuitive Column.

Diet Tips for LowCarbers
Here are some helpful dieting tips I've learned during the course of my diet plan.

Articles by Jaeline K Reece
Jaelin K. Reece is a clairvoyant consultant, intuitive counselor. She holds a BA in psychology and has been trained in the energetic arts.

Lost Civilizations - Atlantis
Poseid is the true name for this lost Atlantean continent. It was a technically advanced civilization far beyond the culture of today.

Articles by Marcia Wieder
Marcia Wieder is a best-selling author and speaker who is known as America's Dream Coach.

My South Beach Diet Journal
Day to day journal entries for the first four weeks following the South Beach Diet guidelines. After the initial 28 days I contiuned to make weekly entries until my weight goal was met.

Articles by Sanjay Parva
Dr. Sanjay Parva is a medico-marketing strategist with medical content developing and visualizing as his special field of interest. He has been writing extensively on Ayurvedic and holistic healing.

Yoga and Pregnancy
Yoga and Pregnancy. Holistic Healing.

Yoga and Meditation
Think you can perform a perfect triangle pose or shoulder stand with a busy, agitated mind? Impossible! The key to yoga is mindfulness, and these sites will aid you in stilling your restless mind.

Yoga for Seniors
You're only as young as you feel and yoga is one of the most youth-enhancing exercises around. Mature adults can regain flexibility, stamina and lead a vital, healthy life for many years to come. Here is some more information.

RCA Finalist Bios
Reader nominated finalists for the About.com Readers' Choice Awards.

RCA Award Categories
Holistic Healing categories represented in the About.com Readers' Choice Awards

October 31st is an important holiday in both the Pagan and Healing communities.

Ayurvedic Diets
The Ayurvedic Diet originated in India five thousand years ago. It is part of an overall health plan which includes herbs, meditation, yoga and massage.

Super Foods - Good For You Foods
Everyday we are learning more about the healthly benefits withing certain foods we eat.

Grief Support for Children Experiencing Loss of Loved Ones
Grief support for children experiencing loss of family members and loved ones.

Beltane - May Day - First of May Celebrations
First of May celebrations. Holistic Healing.

Contacting A Medium
Sometimes the loss of a loved one is so great that the service of a medium is sought to find comfort and solace.

Past Life Memories - Readers Recall Previous Death Scenarios
Readers share past life memories where they have recalled their own deaths in a previous existence.

New Years Day - Ringing in the New
New Year's Day is a celebration of resolutions, promises, new beginnings and starting fresh.

Nuts to Your Health - Recipes Too!
Health nuts eat nuts. You should too.

Holistic Healing Opinion Polls
How do your opinions about holistic topics differ or agree with the majority?

Healing Retreats in Arizona
Healing Retreats in Arizona. Holistic Healing.

Tai Chi - Healing Martial Art - Moving Meditation
Tai chi movements, originating as a eastern martial art, are exercises aligned with balance, meditation, and wellness.

Vegan Diet
In their belief that animals are spiritual beings, Vegans do not eat animal flesh or any animal products.

Yoga for Beginners
So you want yoga's benefits but you're about as flexible as a steel rod? No sweat! You can still relax, de-stress and relieve muscle tension through yoga. You may not even have to leave your desk. These sites will show you how easy yoga can be.

Fun with Yoga
Is your quest for meaning in life deathly serious? Then you're missing the point! In yoga, both body and mind should loosen up. So follow these links and have some fun.

Caring for Caregivers - Helps for Reducing Stress Related to Caring for Others
Resources to help reduce some of these stresses caregivers are faced with on a daily basis caring for others.

Answers to your Questions from a Medical Intuitive
Christopher Stewart, medical intuitive, responds to readers questions about their holistic health concerns.

Games and Puzzles
Healing has its serious side, but if you truly want to take the holistic view then it is important to include some fun and play into your day. Try playing some of these games and puzzles!

Liability Insurance For Holistic Healers and Health Care Providers
Many holistic health providers and alternative medicine therapists are seeking out liability coverage for their protection.

Past Life Recall - Children Tell Parents of Their Past Life Memories
Out of the mouth of babes - Children tell of their past life memories.

Past Life Love Stories
Past life memories of soul mates and love relationships.

Qi Gong - Chi Gung
Qi Gong (also called

Reader Book Reviews
Readers offer their insights on a variety of healing books.

Guest articles by Rita Louise PhD
Rita Louise is a Naturopathic Physician and a 20-year veteran in the Human Potential Field.

Guest articles by Stephanie Yeh
Stephanie Yeh, co-founder of the Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic, helps clients learn magical and shamanic techniques.

Stevia - Herbal Sweetner
Here is an alternative to caloric high sugar. Sweeten your teas and recipies with the sweet herb.

Yoga and Chakras
The secret to physical and spiritual well being can be found in various points along your spine. These points are called Chakras, and Yoga is one way to balance them. These pages will answer many of your questions about the Chakras, and about Yog

Breathing and Yoga
Breath is our life force, our connection between the physical and the spiritual. Yoga gets us in touch with our life force in a very special way, and these links explain how.

Archived Q&As - Ask An Animal Reiki Shaman
Animal Communicator and Reiki Shaman, Rose De Dan, offers her expertise and intuitive knowledge about communicating with your pets, connecting with wildlife, the animal spirit world, animal shamanism, energy healing, and more.

Ask An Angel Column Archives
Index of channeled angel messages given in response to our reader questions from Eileen Smith.

Blue - Healing Colors
Holistic Healing.

About The Color Indigo
Holistic Healing.

Orange - Healing Colors
Holistic Healing.

Empty Nest Syndrome
Separation grief resources for parents dealing with children having left home.

Addictions - Food Issues - Eating Disorders
Resources for overeaters and caffeine dependence

Matters of the Heart
Heart-centered resources regarding our emotions and love-connections.

Ask An Animal Communicator
Madeleine Walker, Animal Communicator, shares her deep awareness and connection with the animal kingdom.

NDE - Near Death Experiences
Death takes us to a place of great mystery. A few folks have had near-glimpses of what happens to those who cross over into the light.

Information regarding diagnosis and recovery/support links on the topic of sexual obsessions and addictions.
Information regarding diagnosis and recovery/support links on the topic of sexual obsessions and addictions.

Gambling - Spending Addictions - Money Issues
Resources for shopaholics and gambling addicts and their families.

Holistic Healing Videos - Guide Reviews
Reviews from your Holistic Healing Guide.

Healing Videos - Streaming Videos
Holistic Healing.

Read Tea Leaves
People have uploaded images of their tea leaf readings asking for reader insights.

Advice for Healers
Importance of self care and reserving personal energy while facilitating healing sessions for others.

Ask a Life Coach Q&A Archives
Anandra George, intuitive life coach, responds to readers questions and concerns.

Audio Aids For Enhancing Your Holistic Health
Audio Aids For Enhancing Your Holistic Health

Pink - Healing Colors
Holistic Healing.

Red - Healing Colors
Holistic Healing.

White - Healing Colors
White as a vibrational color used in energy healing.

Yellow - Healing Colors
Holistic Healing.

Dietary Supplements - Vitamins and Minerals
Resources about vitamin and mineral supplements.

Hellerwork Structural Integration
Hellerwork Structural Integration is a deep focused myofascial work accomplished through hands-on techniques.

Eating Organic Foods
Organic food sections are popping up in all the larger markets, this is a sign of the times that more folks are interested in healthier choices and earth preservation.

Animal Communicators
Locate an animal communicator to help you and your pet/s communicate better.

Rolfing - Bodywork - Massage
Deep tissue massage developed by Ida P. Rolf to align the body structure to its correct posture.

Favorite Videos - Top Picks
Choice video selections in a variety of healing topics recommended by your Holistic Healing Guide.

Astrology and Your Health - Medical Astrology
The signs and planet placements in your birth chart can offer insights into health challenges that you are prone to be met with.

Chi Exercises and Visualizations
chi visualizations exercises chi ki qi energy force kuan yin tibetan meditation visualization practice breath breathing health healing practice exercise physical mental kung fu chi kung li jing yen shen

Crystal Therapy Classes and Workshops
Where to find classes and workshops to learn about crystal therapy.

Dream Apps
Apps for mobile users who are really intent on understanding the meaning of your dreams.

Gerson Therapy
Dietary approach to treating cancer and other diseases.

Healing Art
Creating art is a therapeutic activity, but decorating your home or office with artwork (paintings, art posters, pottery, etc.) that conveys healing can also be very comforting.

Healing Tools - Pendulums and Dowsing
Divining rods and pendulums are tools used by healers to obtain answers helpful in treating clients. They can help identify imbalances in the chakra system and auric field.

Holistic Healing.

Retreats in Canada
Retreats in Canada. Holistic Healing.

Holistic Healing Retreats in Central America
Retreats in Central America. Holistic Healing.

Holisitic Healing Tour Packages
Holisitic Healing Tour Packages. Holistic Healing.

Reiki Symbols
Reiki symbols are incorporated in the attunement process and are also used as a focusing tool for conducting Reiki healings.

Holistic Care for Birds - Caring for Your Pet Birds Holistically
Taking care of your pet bird's physical, mental, and emotional being.

Building Your Holistic Healing Business
Business building resources for holistic healing practitioners: networking, advertising, client-healer relationships, education/career opportunities, etc.

Charity Choices - Offering a Helping Hand
Charity can be offered in many different ways. It isn't always about reaching into your pocketbook to hand over a cash donation.

Decluttering Resources
Helpful resources to help you get organized and pitch out useless junk you have been hanging on to. Releasing Old Things = Making Room For A Freer Life

Kundalini Energy - Serpentine Power
What is this mysterious force of which we have heard so much and know so little? It's the energy of life!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Holistic Healing
Database of questions and answers regarding the healing topics covered at the About Holistic Healing Web site.

Forgiveness is more about releasing harmful energies (grudges, feelings of victimization, and so on) that are overshadowing your personal health and wellbeing than letting someone else off the h(grudges, feelings of victimization, and so)ook for his or her misdeeds.

Menopause and PMS
Resources for helping middle aged women understand the changes in their bodies and educate them on alternative treatments available. Hot flashes, night sweats, and menstrual problems are associated with menopause.

Reiki: Internet Communities
The Reiki community connects through various tools available on the Internet (chatrooms, message boards, web rings).

History of Reiki
Historical information about Reiki

Telepathy - Mind Power - Thought Transference - Mental Healing
Mind-boggling as it sounds telepathy, the power of thought transference, happens more often than you might think. How often are you able to finish other people's sentences for them?

Healer Tools - Tools of the Trade
A variety of tools are used by healers to aid them in the facilitation of their trade. These include pendulums, crystals, massage tables, journals, and more.

Animal Totems - Bees
About Bees - A to Z Animal Totem Directory

Animal Totems - Ladybugs
About Ladybugs - A to Z Animal Totem Directory

Transcendental Meditation
Transcendental Meditation technique produces a physiological state of restful alertness.

Zen Meditation
Zen Meditation is a form of Buddhism originating in Asia, teaching that desires are the primary cause of suffering. Zen meditation is the answer.

Reiki and Children
Children are naturally drawn to Reiki and absorb its healing energies like sponges.

Caring for Your Crystals
Now that you have some healing stones, what now? Learn how to best care for them.

Holistic Healing Community Connections
Human Internet connection resources: Hooking up with individuals with health-minded interests.

Things to Consider Before Consulting a Psychic
Resources for anyone planning to consult a psychic or channeler.

Channeled Material
Resources for channeled spiritual teachings that you can read online.

Reiki for Animals
Our pets, domestic animals and animals in the wild also benefit from Reiki.

Holistic Health Education - Workshops - Classes - Seminars
Learn some new healing techniques or brush up on the healing modalites you would like to know more about.

Chi Energy Channels - Meridians
Meridians are twelve channels of chi. Each meridian corresponds with the main organs of the body. Merdian system of healing is used in herbal therapies, massage, acupuncture, and Shitasu.

Floatation Therapy
Floating your stresses away by floating in an open tub or pool enclosed in a privacy chamber.

Herbs: Directories
Warehouse listing of large herb directories available on the Internet

Herbs: Gardening
Plant a medicinal garden or a culinary garden with tasty mints, rosemary, and thyme.

Is the concept of levitation really possible? Could it be a natural ability that opens as we develop spiritually?

Could you be an illuminated planetary worker with a spiritual mission of teaching and healing?

Past Life Memories
Stories about far-away places and interesting people by individuals who can clearly recall their past lives.

Ouija Boards - Spirit Boards
Holistic Healing.

Massage Devices
Tools for the application of massage for self care and treating aches and pains.

Reiki Music
Reiki Music. Holistic Healing.

Shopping for Crystals
Where to find healing gemstones and crystals.

Four Basic Elements - Air
Our world is comprised four basic elements. These are air, earth, fire and water. Understanding what each element represents individually helps us evaulate where our strengths and weaknesses are.

Channeled Entities - Communications From Another Plane of Existance
Who are these personalites from beyond who are willing to share their wisdom and insights?

Four Basic Elements - Earth
Our world is comprised four basic elements. These are air, earth, fire and water. Understanding what each element represents individually helps us evaulate where our strengths and weaknesses are.

Famous Healers
Past and present healing mentors who stand out among us in teaching and practicing the art of health and well-being. Links to information on Florence Nightingale, Edgar Cayce, Barbara Brennan, Peace Pilgrim, Benjamin Spock, Carolyn Myss, and Deepak Chopra and others.

Four Basic Elements - Fire
Our world is comprised four basic elements. These are air, earth, fire and water. Understanding what each element represents individually helps us evaulate where our strengths and weaknesses are.

Therapeutic Massage and Sexuality
How sexuality figures in with therapeutic massage.

Animal Totems - Tiger
What can we learn from the striped big cat? The tiger is my favorite wild animal, and also a personal totem of mine.

About Crows - A to Z Animal Totem Directory
About Crows - A to Z Animal Totem Directory

Animal Totems - Hawks
About Hawks - A to Z Animal Totem Directory

Animal Totems - Hummingbirds
About Hummingbirds - A to Z Animal Totem Directory

Animal Totems - Ravens
About Ravens - A to Z Animal Totem Directory

Basic Four Elements - Water
Our world is comprised four basic elements. These are air, earth, fire and water. Understanding what each element represents individually helps us evaulate where our strengths and weaknesses are.

Guardian Angels
Do you know who your guardian angels are? Some people say your have two or more guardian angels.

Cancer Awareness - Prevention of Cancer - Survival Resources
Cancer awareness and prevention information. When facing cancer taking care of your emotional and spiritual needs is especially important.

Holistic Health Care for Cats - Caring for Your Cats Holistically
Holistic care for cats. Caring for your feline friends naturally.

Holistic Care for Dogs - Caring for Your Dog Holistically
Holistic care for the health and happiness of

Massage Therapy for Animals
Animals love massage, particularly our beloved pets. Treating them to animal massage is a wonderful way to show that you care.

Magickal Moon Rituals
The placement of The Moon plays an essential part in magickal rituals. It is used to craft the best outcome.

Moon Meditations
Spiritual groups often meditate together during specific points of the moon cycle.

There is more to numerology than it just being a numbers game.

Aromatherapy and Our Pets
Often, what is good for humans is also good for our pets. It this case, its aromatherapy!

Touch Therapy for Pets
Domesticated animals are receptive to healing touch therapies.

Animals as Therapists
Not only do we care for our pets' health and wellbeing, but there are also some animals that have been trained to serve as therapists to care for us.

Rune Stones
Runestones, runecrafting, and runecasting.

Sleep Disorders - Napping - Insomnia - Nightmares - Sleep Deprivation
This is a listing of sleep disorder resources for all the insomniacs that would prefer not to be a night owls.

Angel Books/Movies
Angels in books, movies, and oracle cards.

Angel Encounters
Angel stories, sightings, and signs.

About Channeling - Understanding the Importance of Discernment
It is important to realize that information that gets channeled is filtered and is not one hundred percent accurate.

Flower Essence Markets - Personalized Formulas - Stock Essences
There are many flower essence practitioners on the Internet offering a wide variety of personalized flower essence formulas.

Flower Essences Healing Purposes and Spiritual Properties
Brief descriptions of flower essences' healing purposes and spiritual properties.

Have you ever consider that perhaps the future is in your own hands? Can you read between the lines? Over and around the the mounds? That's palmistry!
Have you ever consider that perhaps the future is in your own hands? Can you read between the lines? Over and around the the mounds? That's palmistry!

Holisitc Health Resources for Horses - Equine Care
Holisitc Health Resources For Horses

Human Support Links For Our Dying Animals and Sick Pets.
Variety of links to help you cope with the loss of a pet and support you while you care for a sick animal companion. Compassionate volunteers offering absentia healings.

Seasonal Affective Disorder - SAD
Seasonal Affective Disorder resources.

Massage Testimonials
Readers tell about their massage therapy experiences.

Who are the archangels, and what roles do they play in assisting humans on earth?

Featured Healers
Interviews with holistic healers sharing their unique healing practices and purposes.

Angel Intuitives
Talented individuals who are able to communicate with the angels.

Attaining Longevity - Helping Health Challenged Seniors
Making the most of our lives as we advance through the ages. Includes caregiving resources for anyone who is tending the needs of seniors who require assistance.

Aromatherapy - Essential Oils Oils Derived from Plants
Inhalation and application to the body of essential oils derived from plants to induce the senses thus bringing both inner and outer balance and well being to a person.

Living a holistic healing lifestyle requires balance of the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual components.

Body Images
What do our body images have to say about our self images?

Dolphins and Porpoises
Dolphins have a healing

Faerie Folk - Fairy Magick
ALL ABOUT THE FAERY FOLK. A complete internet resource on the magickal little people and their lore. You'll also find a selection of human literature, art, and music about the faery world.

Setting an 'intention' is a powerful focusing technique that seeds the manifestation of your desires.

Lucid Dreaming
Lucid dreaming is knowing you are in the midst of a dream and are able to control the drama scenarios of your dreams.

Spiritual Blessings
The beautiful thing about a spiritual blessing is that it seems to be as good for the bestower as it is for the recipient.

Radionics - Controversy
ALL ABOUT RADIONICS - Resources on the various opinions about this controversial treatment modality.

Radionic Tools and Equipment
Radionic tools and equipment markets.

Exploring the Tarot
Reading after reading, what is it about tarot cards that we find so fascinating? It must be the universal archetypes which are embedded in their colorful images.

The Third Eye - Visualization Center
Let's learn more about this organ of inner perception: what it is, where it's located, and how it works.

About Phylameana lila Desy
Beyond the basic bio-page, learn more about the person behind the Holistic Healing site at About.com

Discovery of these needle poke pages scattered throughout the net wasn't quite as difficult as finding a needle in a hay stack.

Alexander Technique
Body alignment therapy use to help manage pain, relax muscular tension,learn correct breathing techniques, and develop good posture.

Ayurvedic Medicine
Ayurveda traditional healing originated in India is a whole-body healthcare system.

Bowen Therapy
Gentle relaxing bodywork that is used by manipulating thumb and fingers in a rolling motion over muscles to release energy blocks.

Healing Touch
Holistic Healing.

Homeopathy - Homeopathic Remedies
Homeopathic remedies are based on the concept of taking minute amounts of natural substances to stimulate the body's own defenses against specific symptoms and imbalances.

Hospice and Palliative Care
Active compassionate care of the chronically and terminally ill.

Integrative Medicine
Merging alternative healing options within the more orthodox and scientific standards of medicine.

Korean Hand Theapy
This treatment for your hand affects your whole body as well. KPT practitioners use both massage and acupuncture to get your chi moving links

Naturopathic Medicine
Naturopathy Resources. Holistic Healing.

NET - Neuro-Emotional Techniques
Power therapy that focuses on diagnosis of our emotional responses to stimuli or situations and recognizing how and why these trigger discomfort and illnesses in our bodies. NET helps your body release emotional events that are stuck in your mind creating problems.

Osteopathically-based form of body therapy developed by Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls.

Pain Management - Relief from Discomfort and Suffering
Pain management services and tecniques are sought to help us tolerate living with any pain or discomfort associated with many illnesses; chronic disorders, terminal diseases, or otherwise.

Polarity Therapy
Polarity is a holistic health care system for balancing life energy. It was founded by Dr. Randolph Stone, an Austrian born in 1890. In the early 1900's. Dr. Stone was a doctor of Chiropractic, Osteopathy, and Naturopathy.

This healing touch technique can be simply described as a vibrational or energy modality.

The principal behind the science of reflexology is that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to the glands, organs and parts of the body.

Vibrational medicine
This holistic term includes a number of subtle energy modalities that treat the body, mind, and soul of an individual.

Application of literature prescribed or recommended to patients to help process their problems.

Biofeedback was a fad in the 70s that has continued to be of interest in the healing community.

Taking Care of Your Physical Body
Taking care of our physical bodies is an important element in caring of our whole selves.

Ear Candling - Ear Coning - Ancient Egyptian Healing Method
Ear Candling (also called

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique
EFT is used to release negative emotional energy stored in the nervous system. It is used in the treatment of trauma, PTSD, phobias, grief, anger, guilt, anxiety, and so on.

Inner Child Therapy - Healing The Child Within
Links to help us resolve issues troubling our adult lives by getting in touch with our earliest life conditions and experiences.

About Iridology - Iris Diagnosis
Iridology (iris diagnosis) is a method used to analyze the health status by studying colors, marks and signs in the iris, pupil, and sclera of the eye.

Journal Keeping - Writing Is Therapeutic - Online Journals
Helps for writing our own journal. Additional links to online personal healing journals.

Exploring Magnetic Healing - Magnet Therapy
Magnets are all the rage in alternative healing. Do they work? How do they work? Explore for yourself at these magnetic set of resources.

Movie Therapy
Movie Therapy is a mind therapy that involves the client viewing certain films that under the supervision of a therapist in order to help treat emotional and mental conditions.

RET - Rapid Eye Technology
Rapid Eye Technology is a self-empowering technique which provides for ocular assisted release which simulates REM sleep patterns characterized by systematic movement of the eyes and eyelids, rapid verbal communication.

Regression Therapy - Past Life Recall - Hypnotherapy
Regression therapy can unfold mysteries hidden deep within our childhoods and can also help past life memories surface for anyone interested in the possibility of reincarnation.

Healing With Sounds - Music Therapy
Music and sounds can be incorporated into many types of healing modalities, such as meditation, massage, hypnosis, etc. Playing an instrument or listening to music in of itself has therapeutic benefits.

Spiritual Health and Well Being
How is your spiritual health? Resources for healing spirit and soul.

All About Ascended Masters
Great beings who guide our planet's spiritual evolution.

Awakening To Your Multidimensional Being
Hodge-podge of links for a variety of different branches of cosmic and/or intergalactic oriented healing sites.

Self-discovery of mind and body, bioenergetics is a form of psychotherapy based on the work of Wilhelm Reich.

Core Energetics
Process for life and healing built on the foundation of the work of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Wilhelm Reich.

Huna - Holistic Therapy
More than a healing therapy, Huna is a principled way of life that originated in the Hawaiin Islands.

Hypnotherapy - Hypnosis
Collection of informational and interesting websites in this healing modality of tapping our subconscious minds.

Kinesiology - Muscle Testing
Links and resources on kinesiology

Lotus Flower Symbology
The lotus flower is a tremendous resource for meditation, dream interpretation, creative art, spiritual healing, and esoteric study.

Neuro-linguistic Programming - NLP
Collection of web sources in the study and ultilization of scientific modeling.

Pyramid Power
The Egyptian Pyramid is considered to be a power spiritual symbol.

Sabian Symbols
Learn more about this extraordinary set of 360 images. There's one beautiful symbol for each degree of the zodiac.

Sacred Eyes - Windows of the Soul
The eyes have it. Not only are they the windows of our souls, they help us to perceive the beauties of this physical world.

Heart - Symbol of Love and Compassion
Even though they barely resemble one another in form, the valentine has come to represent the human heart, symbolizing love and compassion.

Speleotherapy - Halotherapy - Radon Therapy
Speleotherapy (also known as Halotherapy or Radon Therapy) is treatment for respiratory diseases done utilizing the air in cave dwellings.

Spirit Guides and Ghosts
Healing Helpers - Spirit Guides. Holistic Healing.

Sacred Stars
Mankind has always peered up to the stars and wondered about their meanings. Let's take a closer look at star symbolism on the Web.

Theta Healing
Healing techniques used to reprogram the unconscious mind -- indentifying and unblocking belief systems that are blocking your path to wellness.

Diet and Fitness
Our physical bodies will let us know when we aren't taking care of ourselves properly. What physical shape are you in?

Dreamcatchers are symbolic amulets used to capture nightmares during sleep

Emotional Balance - Healing Our Emotions
Our emotional states are an important factor in our overall health. When our emotions are in flux, physical imbalances and illnesses are likely to surface.

Higher Self
We see this term in New Age literature, but what does it really mean? It's nothing short of our spiritual self!

Medicine Wheel
The Medicine Wheel, also called

Prayer Requests - Healing Circles
Healing circles, message boards, and websites maintained by loving individuals who offer prayers and healing energies to your special needs and requests.

Sedona Colorado - New Age Vacations - Healing Vortexexes
Sedona, Arizona is well known as a favorite NEW AGE mecca to visit on vacations or anytime you want to get an energy buzz from the vortexes' healing vibes.

Solstice Celebrations
Both winter and summer solstices are celebrated by many different cultures.

Symbolism of the Sun
Bringer of the Dawn. Beaming lights of healing, optimism, and warmth.

Sweat Lodge Experiences
Purification ceremonies. Holistic Healing.

Synchronicity - No Coincidences Here
Paying attention to those day-to-day occurances that simply can't be brushed off as coincidences.

Talking Stick
The talking stick comes from the Native American tradition. It is a respectful way to talk things, especially a disagreement.

Acne - Acne Treatments and Natural Prevention of Acne
Resources for the treatment and prevention of acne.

Altar Creation - Meditation Altars and Sacred Spaces
It's a blessing to have a personal altar in your home, workplace, or yard.

About Birthmarks
Health indications for birthmarks.

Before and After Natural Disasters
Resources on what you need to know to survive a major disaster.

Cultivating Friendships
Are you a good friend to others? It is important to value the special people in your life.

Inversion Therapy - Hanging Upside Down to Relieve Pain
Inversion therapy has been used to relieve back pain as early as 400 BC

Advice and Helpful Tips on the Practice of Meditation
Resources for advice and tips regarding the practice of meditation.

Benefits of Practicing Meditation Routinely
Beneficial effects to our physical and mental bodies occur when we practice meditation routinely.

Meditation Mantras
Mantras have been used in meditation for thousands of years. The question is which one is right for you?

Prayer Wheels
Prayer wheels are spiritual tools used by Tibetan Buddhist practitioners for spiritual growth and healing.

Relationship Advice
Are you struggling with a problematic dynamic of a relationship? Help is available.

Soul Mates
A complete resource on soul mates and twin flames. Personal testamony, spiritual poetry, and whatever it takes.

Spirit Connections - Finding A Spiritually Centered Partner or Friends
Links and resources For seeking a spiritual person to share a relationship with.

Kirlian and Other Types of Auric Photography
Are colored light images in Kirlian photos really true representations of the auric or human energy field?

Gaia - Earth Mother
Collection of resources that honor the Earth Mother, Gaia.

Indigo Children
Indigo children are a newer generation that have arrived on the planet that are said not to have the conventional human DNA strands that the rest of us do. Their advanced vibrational energy has been described as having a dark blue aura - which is why they are called the Indigo Generation.

About Recycling - Preserving Our Earth
Learn how to make better use of our trash. The wise practices of recycling, reuse, and waste reduction will make a big difference for the future.

Sages - Saints - Seekers
Here's a group of remarkable individuals whose pursuit of higher awareness and self-realization has influenced the global consciousness. They lead the way for all of us.

Animal Totems - Bats
About Bats - A to Z Animal Totem Directory

About Bears - A to Z Animal Totem Directory
About Bears - A to Z Animal Totem Directory

Animal Totems - Deers
About Deers - A to Z Animal Totem Directory

Monkey Totem
About Monkeys - A to Z Animal Totem Directory

About Snakes
About Snakes - A to Z Animal Totem Directory

Animal Totems - Wolves - Wolf
About Wolves - A to Z Animal Totem Directory

Our trees are nature's best shade and shelter, as well as a source for our paper, furniture, home construction, and more.

Learn about female deities from different cultures and religions.

First Chakra - One - Red
The first energy center is found at the base of the spine. This activity of this chakra creates our sense of security and general well-being.

Second Chakra Energy Center - Orange Energy Vortex
The energetic state of our second chakra is very important. It determines the sexual disposition and appetite for men and women.

Third Chakra Energy Center - Yellow Energy Vortex
Here's the energy center that regulates our personal power, vitality, and confidence. How balanced is your Solar Plexus chakra?

Fourth Chakra Energy Center - Green Energy Vortex
The fourth chakra is known as the heart chakra. Located in the center of the chest, it is the center of our moral existence.

Fifth Chakra Energy Center - Blue Energy Vortex
This power spot is located in the throat area. It's state determines how we express our thoughts creatively.

Sixth Chakra Energy Center - Indigo Energy Vortex
The sixth chakra is located in the center of the forehead, the location of the Third Eye. Known as the Ajna center, it literally means to command.

Seventh Chakra Energy Center - Violet Energy Vortex
The seventh chakra is located in top of the head. It is called the crown chakra because of it's highly spiritual nature. It is also known as Shasrara.

Beyond the Major Seven Chakras
Our body's chakra system goes beyond the major seven chakras that are generally taught. Are you ready for intensive study of this complex system?

Chakra Balancing Meditations
ALL ABOUT THE CHAKRAS - Yes, meditating on our chakras is a very powerful way to heal ourselves. Our directed thought helps to open and balance the spiritual centers of our Souls.

Techniques for Working with Chakras
How do you learn to balance chakras? The answer is by sensing or scanning the energies of the chakras, and then by modulating them.

The Cultural Creatives
According to sociologist Paul Ray, the Cultural Creatives are the newest world subculture. Their numbers are growing and their influence is being noticed.

Earth-Friendly Groups and Organizations
Variety of earth-friendly organizations that you can become a part of.

Earth-Centered Rituals and Practices - Earth Meditations
Earth-centered rituals and practices help align our lives with the planet we call HOME.

Heirloom Seeds
Saving the

Organic Market Place - Wholesome Natural Foods and Household Goods
Does a healthy, happy lifestyle sound good to you? This page introduces you to wholesome foods and household products, made the way nature intended.

Are You Able to Identify Your Stressors? Stress Busters and Relaxation techniques.
It is beneficial to seek out ways to de-stress our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Are you able to identify your stressors?

Life Purposes
Finding and fulfilling your life purpose.

Acupressure, in history, preceded the use of acupuncture. Defined points of the body are pressed or massaged with the fingers to open up blocked chi.

Here are some starter affirmations to help you shift from the negatives in your life to the positives.
Here are some starter affirmations to help you shift from the negatives in your life to the positives.

Affirmations - Positive Words for Health and Wellness
Collection of wellness affirmations associated with various health problems/conditions.

Affirmations That Promote Spiritual Growth and Self Empowerment
ALL ABOUT AFFIRMATIONS - Resources to affirmations for self-awareness and spiritual evolvement.

Affirmations - Helpful Hints and Tips for Creating Postitive Affirmations
Hints and tips to make the most of our positive affirmations.

Affirmative Project - Living in An Affirmative Light
One month day-to-day journal beginning January 1 based on my New Year's resolution

Chicken Soup Recipes
Nothing is more healing than a bowl of chicken broth served up by your mother.

We are sometimes confronted with forks in the road, confronting us with choices. Do you look at your choices as opportunities or predicaments?

Herbal Recipes and Remedies
Herbal recipes and preparations for healing and relieving pain.

Taking the High Road Along Our Spiritual Paths - Measuring Our Spiritual Growth
Spiritual growth comes from the some of all of our life experiences. When we choose to take the high road in situations it is often the result of having taken the low road at an earlier turn along the path.

Positive Thought
ALL ABOUT POSITIVE THINKING. Wasn't there a song a while ago, that told us that we had to accentuate the positive to eliminate the negative? Well, it still holds true for today!

Inspirational Notes And Quotes
Inspirational words inspire us to live in a positive light.

Smudge Sticks and Smudging
Resources on smudging and herbal smudge sticks used by healers for purification and releasing stagnant and negativite energies.

Home Spa Treatments
Natural treatments applied in the comfort of your home surroundings.

DIY Acupressure Tips - Do-It-Yourself Acupressure
DIY applications of acupressure to relieve headaches, nausea, leg cramps, and more.

Animal Spirits - Totem Gallery
ALL ABOUT ANIMAL SPIRITS. The spiritual essence of animals are truly represented in their appearances, as you'll see in this collection of images. That's because they are pure to the core.

Native American Medicine Wheel
ALL ABOUT ANIMAL SPIRITS. The Medicine Wheel honors the animals spirits as essential components of whole nature. This sacred Native American rite is an inspiration to all.

Animal Spirits - Medicine and Power of Animal Totems
ALL ABOUT ANIMAL SPIRITS. Each creature has it's own powers. It shows in the way it lives and relates within nature. If we learn an animal's ways, they may share their secret with us.

Animal Spirits - Stories and Testimonies
We love stories about animals! The older ones among us tell the tales to the younger ones. It seems that each world culture has it's individual lore and legend.

Dental Care
Caring for your teeth naturally. Holistic Healing.

Eye Care
Caring For Your Eyes. Holistic Healing.

Pranic Healing
Informational resources on a non-touch energetic healing modality.

Animal Totems & Talismans Market Place
Internet markets offering pocket totems, signature stones, jewelry, power tapes, etc.

Do you ever walk into a building and feel something's not quite right? According to Vaastu, the Hindu science of architecture, it might be out of alignment with the life force that surrounds it. Yoga teaches harmony and balance within the body, while Vaastu brings harmony and balance to the places you live and work. Curious? Skeptical? Follow these thinks for more information.

Healing Lessons - Daily Healing Lessons
Index of daily healing lessons.Tips and suggestions for staying on a path of personal well-being.

Mystical Totems
Spiritual creatures found in folklore, superstitions, and fantasy stories have lessons to teach us.

Amulets - Charms - Talismans
A variety of spiritual objects and artifacts are associated with different cultures, spirituality, and religions.

Breathwork - Alternative Medicine Breathing Techniques
Links to deep breathing exercises, shamanic techniques, interviews and assorted articles from within the healing community.

Distant Healing
Energy medicine can be performed absentia, across the miles or across the room, through focused intention.

Could there really be an ultimate experience where your superconscious nature seems absolutely ordinary? Next stop, nirvana, samadhi, or moksha. Headed my way!

Labyrinths - Sacred Walk
Walking the labyrinth is a reflective journey of the spirit. Here are a collection of resources to begin your sacred walk.

Miracles and Spirituality
Are you a believer in miracles? Holistic Healing.

Mystery Schools
Mystery Schools specialize in teaching a variety of subjects including metaphysics, magick, alchemy, transformation, spiritual awakening, intuition, and energy healing.

Astral Projections and OBE - Out of Body Experiences
Astral projection and out-of-body occurances.

Sacred Spaces
Everyone needs a place of solace, a place where you can retreat to and quiet any mental chatter and get in touch with your spirit's rawest yearnings.

Chakra Images
ALL ABOUT THE CHAKRAS - What do the chakras really look like anyway? Here are artistic interpretations from ancient artists, and some modern ones too. Aren't you curious?

Chakra Balancing Tools
Energy tools and special formulas that we can utilize to open and align our chakras.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Those afflicted by chemical sensitivities experience very real consequences. And although the medical community is now diagnosing more cases of MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitiviy) globally the treatment is not that easily defined.

Energy Vampires
Highly sensitive persons need to be aware of and learn how to shield themselves from psychic attacks that will deplete their personal energies.

Energy Healing Testimonials
Readers tell about their experiences trying different types of energy-based healing therapies

Grounding Techniques
Align yourself with your personal power by grounding and rooting deeply into the earth's energies and resources.

Baboon Totem
Baboon totem is a skilled teacher with many lessons to teach us.

Chimpanzees as Animal Totems
When chimpanzee totem appears it may be trying to show you an easier way to do something, or offering you a better tool. Page 2.