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Grounding and Balancing Your Energies
Grounding is an important element in maintaining a balanced and connected mind-body-spirit existence.

Who Are the Lightworkers? - Holistic Healing
What does it mean when someone tells you she is a lightworker?

Death Bed Stories
Twelve readers share their experiences of holding a deathbed vigil for a loved one.

I Was a Well Known Author in a Past Life
People always told me I must have been some famous, rich, writer in the past.

My Life as a Roman Slave Girl
In the vision I saw myself in Ancient Rome and I was at a slave auction.

Undying Love - Animal Spirit Visitations
Woman receives visitation from her beloved dog while dreaming.

Tree Whispers
Stories from our readers about their personal encounters with trees.

Liberty Park Tree Lends a Help with Healing Session
Stories from our readers about their personal encounters with trees.

Tree Embedded Energy In My Chest
Stories from our readers about their personal encounters with trees.

Restful Tree at Bus Stop
Stories from our readers about their personal encounters with trees.

I Can Talk to Trees
Stories from our readers about their personal encounters with trees.

Tree of Life Poem
Poem that can be easily converted into a postcard, greeting card, or bookmark.

Phoenix - Catalpa Tree
Stories from our readers about their personal encounters with trees.

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Yellow Jasper
Yellow jasper is associated with the solar plexus chakra and the instincts that reside there.

Turritella Agate - Spiritual and Healing Properties
Turritella agates are respected among the ancients because of their spiritual purpose, recording earth changes and past history.

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Tanzanite
Tanzanite is a perfect choice as a gift for young seekers, it will help open their eyes to metaphysical wonders.

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Turquoise
Turquoise is wonderful for drawing out negative vibrations from a person.

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Sodalite - Healing with Gemstones and Crystals
Sodalite crystal can help alleviate your anxieties and boost your self esteem.

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Sapphires
September birthstone is the blue sapphire, but did you know sapphires also come in orange, green, pink, yellow, and white?

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Pietersite
One of several effective grounding stones, pietersite can give you lift-off in your astral travels.

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Petrified Wood
Petrified wood can assist anyone struggling with

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Lapis Lazuli
Lapis lazuli is a mind healer. It gives voice to your reasoning capabilities.

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Kyanite
Kyanite is desirable in the healing community because of its chakra alignment ability.

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Iolite
Take iolite with you during your astral travels, it will open your intuitive powers.

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Emeralds
Green cleaner! Emerald crystal discharges any negative energies that is polluting your aura.

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Diamonds
Diamonds are reflections of the white light, what could be better than that?

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Colbaltocalcite Crystals
Cobaltocalcite, or Sphaerocobaltite, can be used like a battery to recharge your life energies.

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Citrine Crystals
Citrine crystal emulates the sun, offering optimism and light to whoever wears it.

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Calcite
Calcite is classified as a

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Bloodstone Gemstone
As you might imagine, the name of this stone invokes a strong image, veins of red embedded in black rock.

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Amethysts
The amethyst is probably the most-beloved violet-colored crystal. It comes in a variety of hues from the lightest lavender to a rich dark purple.

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Alabaster
Chalky stone that is an emotional healer and also assists meditation.

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Malachite
The malachite stone is a transitional stone, perfect for assisting change.

Why Were Angels Singing to Me?
Hearing the angels sing is a real treat and surprising!

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Jade
Jade attracts prosperity, wealth, and love. This stone is among my top ten favorites!

Dreams and Their Meanings
Learn the meanings of common dream themes such as flying, falling, and nudity.

What Do Flying Dreams Mean?
Some people, including me, feel that flying is the ultimate experience while dreaming.

What Does Drowning in a Dream Mean?
Possible interpretations of dreaming about drowning.

What Do Falling Dreams Mean?
Falling dreams can be interpreted in different ways, but in general they are fear-based.

What Does Nakedness in Your Dreams Mean?
Ask yourself what your vulnerabilities might be after dreaming of being naked.

Pregnancy and Giving Birth Dreams - What They Mean
Being pregnant or giving birth in your dreams can be the catalyst of a new idea in the making.

Mastering the Art of Lucid Dreaming
It takes practice to master the art of lucid dreaming.

Can Healing Pendulums Be Worn as Jewelry?
My crystal pendulum can be used as a divination tool and also be worn as a lovely pendant. But is that a good idea?

Healing Stones to Carry for Help with Love and Forgiveness
How can these two words, love and forgiveness, change your whole perspective on life? First, you must put your trust in something bigger than yourself.

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Amber
Amber is unique because it is actually a resin, rather than a hard crystal.

Love of Family
The family unit is where we first experience love.... or sadly, lack of love.

Tough Love and Why it May Be the Truest Love of All
Are you strong enough to take the hard stance tough love requires?

Unconditional Love is the Ultimate!
In a perfect world we would all love each other unconditionally.

Are You Crushing on Somebody?
Have you ever been infatuated with someone?

About Soul Contracts
Life is hard, choosing a partner to support each other through it can benefit both of you.

Obsession is Not Love
Maintaining a bad relationship or desiring to renew a failed one is not a good idea.

Do You Believe in Soul Mates?
Are soul mates real? Holistic Healing.

My Personal Love Story
Who doesn't love a sentimental love story? Here's Mine!

Different Ways We Love One Another
How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

Good Motto - Love Yourself First
It is not selfish to love yourself... it shows you how to love others.

Brotherly Love
Showing compassion for others is a different kind of love story.

Is it Puppy Love or Real Love?
Love and innocence at its very best.

True Love Story or Karmic Pairing?
Karmic attraction is a force not to be reckoned with, there's a lesson in it somewhere.

Basic Theory of Homeopathic Remedies.
Homeopathy is a path of treatment that will mimic the symptom of the sufferer to reinforce the person's natural defenses to move forward toward restoring good health.

The Spiritual and Healing Properties of Tourmaline
The tourmaline, aka the rainbow gemstone, is often a healer's first choice as a chakra balancing tool.

Reiki - What is it? And How is it Pronounced?
Brief definition, pronunciation, and common misspellings of Reiki.

Echinacea Herb - Purple Cone Flower
Echinacea Herb, Nature's Natural Immunity

Healing Vibrations of Cat Purrs
Cats purring offers healing and feeling of contentment.

Party Theme Ideas for Your Daughter's Menarche Celebration
Holistic Healing. Page 2.

A Magical Reiki Experience - Testimonial by an Usui Reiki Master
Reiki client reports being pain free after a deep healing session.

Lucid Dreaming Stories
Readers give details of their lucid dream experiences and also offer tips for the novice lucid dreamer.

Pink Bubble of Light Meditation
Learn how to shield yourself from absorbing unwanted energies.

Dreamwork and Art Therapy Activity
Art therapy activity encourages participants to sketch their dreams onto paper. Participants are then recruited to participate in mini-groups to both direct and re-enact the scenes from the dreams.

Celebrating Menarche
Menarche marks a young adolescent girl's advancement into womanhood.

Things to Consider Before Trying Ear Candling
Ear candling is a controversial healing practice that has been used for years. Here are some things to consider before using ear candles.

Pet Reincarnation Stories
Beloved pets make their way back to their previous owners via reincarnation.

Art Therapy - Abstract Mind
Art and poetry inspired by mother earth. Page 29.

Inner Artist Art Gallery - Inner Self Shield
Unique crafting process explained by Whitehorse Woman. Page 28.

Quilt Scrapbook - Healing Art
A scrapbooking project that features a lifetime of achievement. Page 15.

Art Therapy - Red Poppy
Artist creates inner process through the view of the inside of a flower. Page 24.

Inner Artist Art Gallery - Blue Chain Beaded Pendant
Whitehorse Woman makes glass beads and fused glass pendants. Page 16.

Inner Artist Art Gallery - Luminous Goddess in Slumber
Showplace of art therapy creations made by readers of About Holistic Healing. Page 7.

Inner Artist Art Gallery - Angel Glass Painting
This angel painting was painted onto the backside of a pane of glass. Page 27.

Inner Artist Art Gallery - Crown and Root Chakra

Inner Artist Art Gallery - In My Womb
Drawing lotus flowers helps this artist connect to the spirit of the daughter she lost. Page 4.

Inner Artist Art Gallery - Eagle Glass Painting
Brightly colored eagle painting was painted onto the back of a glass pane. Page 22.

Inner Artist Art Gallery - Red Cross
Red Cross collage was featured in an issue for PULSE (Southern California Red Cross Blood Services) magazine. Page 3.

The Little Child and The Red Balloon
Painting donated to the Newtown Connecticut Memorial Fund. Page 2.

Art Therapy - The Seer by Lauri Bain
Artistic interpretation of the seer representative of the third eye.

Colored Pencil Drawings - Art Therapy
I like drawing everything that pops up out of my mind. Page 21.

Nanasart - Connection
Connecting with the Beauty of Life. Page 26.

PTSD and Healing Art Therapy
Female veteran suffers with PTSD finds solace through art therapy. Page 23.

Angels of Clarity - Healing Art
Art by angel intuitive and channel for The Lightspeakers. Page 25.

Art Therapy - Dream State
Letting go of what is good or bad and allowing whatever is. Page 30.

Art Therapy - Completion Within Self
Self-expression in the form of writing, painting and whistling helps me seek my truth. Page 12.

Inner Artist Art Gallery - Baby Bird Inner Child Sketch
M. E. MacLaren began drawing as a means of getting in touch with her inner child's abandonment issues. As a result she created a complete deck of Inner Child Healing Cards. Page 8.

Holistic Nurse Uses Painting as Process of Healing
Showplace of art therapy creations made by readers of About Holistic Healing. Page 17.

Recovering Alcoholic Embraces Art Therapy
Art therapy helps a recovering alcoholic and drug addict make lifestyle changes. Page 10.

Inner Artist Art Gallery - Autumn Peaks
Diamond Miner takes the energy produced by anger to create something beautiful. Page 18.

Inner Artist Art Gallery - Waxed Linen Basket
Making waxed linen baskets is my new way of sitting still. Page 19.

Inner Artist Art Gallery - Expressing Emotions
Healing the emotions through art expression. Page 13.

Visionary Art and Healing Intentions
Showplace of art therapy creations made by readers of About Holistic Healing. Page 11.

Inner Artist Art Gallery - Raku Firings - Goddess Beads
Photo of goddess beads created by Raku firings. Page 9.

Inner Artist Art Gallery - Intuitive Artwork
Showplace of art therapy creations made by readers of About Holistic Healing. Page 20.

Inner Artist Art Gallery - Sketch Journaling
Showplace of art therapy creations made by readers of About Holistic Healing. Page 14.

Inner Artist Art Gallery - Art Therapy at its Best
Showplace of art therapy creations made by readers of About Holistic Healing.

Inner Artist Art Gallery - Art Therapy at its Best
Showplace of art therapy creations made by readers of About Holistic Healing.

Life Purpose Poem
Inspirational poem created out of the desire to discover my life purpose.

Inner Artist Art Gallery - Mythycal Garden
Painting is taking me in a journey of self discover and it gives me the direction and tools to help others. Page 5.

Cleansing and Clearing Gemstones and Crystals
There are many different ways to clean your gemstones. Choosing the best cleaning method depends on the type of stone you are wanting to clean.

Healing Holiday Aromas - Scents of the Season
What are the scents that are reminiscent of the holiday season? Many of the scents we enjoy during the season also have healing associations.

Stitching Therapy
Healing stories that involve hand sewing.

Cutting Cords to Toxic Relationships
Exercises to alleviate the pain and suffering from relationships that aren't working.

Offering Healing Prayers - How Do You Pray?
There are many different approaches to use when praying. Pray for others, and make prayer requests.

Therapeutic Benefits of Keeping a Diary or Journal
Journaling can be a healing process to help you get in touch with your deepest yearnings, find resolve for problems, and deal with personal issues.

UTI - It Hurts! - Painful Urinary Tract Infections
Help for sufferers of painful urinary tract infections.

Astrology and Herbalism - Celestial Nature of Plants
Looking to the planetary influences in our healing herbs. Learn the rulerships of the herbs growing in your garden.

Empty Nest Syndrome - Remedies for Empty Nest Syndrome
Flower essence recommendations for easing emotional hurts and loneliness associated with empty nest syndrome.

Stevia - The Sweet Herb - Herbal Sugar Substitute
Learn about the sweet herb called Stevia.

Archangels and Their Color Associations
Unusual lights and colors you are seeing could be alerting you to the presence of angels, angels are light-beings after all.

Helps for Boosting Your Body Image
Are you treating your body with the special care it deserves or are you treating it like an uninvited guest at the party?

Lack of Availability Creates Isolation and Blocks Opportunity
Has your availability has become nonexistent? Or has your comfort zone becomes too restrictive?

Simple Breathing Exercises to Help You Breathe Properly
Proper breathing is fundamental in maintaining and living a healthful life.

Animal Totems - Animals as Spirit Guides
Animal totems offer spiritual guidance. To best understand the lessons conveyed by animals that show up in our lives involves us learning their instinctual behaviors and natural habitats.

Animal Totems - Animals as Spirit Guides
Animal totems offer spiritual guidance. To best understand the lessons conveyed by animals that show up in our lives involves us learning their instinctual behaviors and natural habitats.

Coping Strategies for Tinnitus Symptoms
Tinnitus sufferers share their coping strategies to give hope to other sufferers.

Astral Flight - Out of Body Experiences
Being Out-of-Body astrally VS being grounded in the physical body.

Stories of Out of Body Experiences
True stories as told by our readers about their out of body experiences. Page 2.

Out of Body Experiences
Holistic Healing. Page 3.

An Introduction to Astral Projection
By learning to astral project, we can learn many things about ourselves, and unlearn many things that were previously thought to be true.

Flower Remedies - Flower Essence Therapy
Flower formulas for treating your mental and emotional needs.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Offensive Smells - Hypersensitivity to Scents
Scent sensitives share coping tips on how to live among offensive smells and toxins.

How to Treat a Vata Imbalance
Energy management practices for when you’re way out of whack.

What Does it Mean to Co-Create?
My spiritual teacher wants me to go out into the world and co-create... huh?

Reconnecting with Your Original Blueprint
Angel Jeremiel can help you get back on track when you have lost your way.

Explaining Karmic Justice and Rewards
Your Soul's Check And Balance Accounting System - Keep your hands, heart, and mind open to receive. Believe that you are deserving of karmic rewards! I AM deserving, and You ARE too.

Clown Therapy
Brief introduction to clown therapy and importance of laughter in healing.

Defining the Personal Space YOU Need
Personal space is important to everyone. Are you respecting boundaries between yourself and members of your family.

Before You Buy a Juicer - Juice Extractors
Specific things to consider before deciding which juicer is right for you.

Ant Totem Symbolizes Team Work
Ant totem represents community, team efforts, and industrious labor. Page 4.

Bee Totem Symbolizes Sweetness
Bee totem represents sweetness, levity, community, and sun energy. Page 3.

Beetle Totem and Photo
The beetle represents change, adaptability, and progression. Page 2.

Caterpillar Totem Symbolizes Shapeshifting
Caterpillar totem represents change and transformation. Page 11.

Cockroach as a Spiritual Totem Symbolizes Metamorphosis
Cockroach totem represents change, resurrection, and aloofness. Page 5.

Messages from Cricket Totem
Photo gallery of animals. Holistic Healing. Page 10.

Spiritual Meaning of the Dragonfly
Dragonflies remind us that we are light and can reflect the light in powerful ways if we choose to do so.

Grasshopper as a Spiritual Totem
Grasshopper will often make its appearance when we are on the fence with a decision helping us to know which way to leap. Page 7.

Ladybug Totem Symbolizes Resurrection
Ladybug totem represents protection, aloofness, and earthiness. Page 8.

Mosquito as a Spiritual Teacher
Mosquito is among the insect totems. Page 9.

Spiritual Message of the Moth
Photo gallery of animals. Holistic Healing. Page 6.

Weaver of Dreams - Spider Totem
Spider will teach you how to break out of your stuck energies and how to weave you own personal power web. Page 12.

What Does Synchronicity Mean?
Was it a happen-chance meeting or does it have a deeper significance?

Holistic Businesses - Tips for Success
Business-building resources for holistic healing practitioners:networking, advertising, client-healer relationships,education/career opportunities,

What Rainsticks Are Used For?
Rainsticks originate from several different indigenous cultures.

Epsom Salt Energy Cleanse - Alternative to Smudging
Asthmatics or anyone who suffers from allergies can benefit from this easy alternative to traditional smudging.

Acupressure Points for Clearing Mental Fatigue
To help ease mental fatigue try applying pressure to these two acupressure points.

Projecting Reiki Energies into Past and Future
Reiki energies can be transmitted into the future as well as into the past.

2013 About.com Readers' Choice Award for Favorite Medical Intuitive
Announcing the winner and presenting the award certificate for Favorite Medical Intuitive.

Cristina Smith - Medical Intuitive
About.com readers recognize Cristina Smith for her dedication and knowledge in the field of medical intuition.

Cooking Meals Without Triggering Headaches
The recipes have been created without the ingredients known to trigger headaches. We have noted which foods should be eaten only in small quantities.

2013 About.com Readers' Choice Award for Favorite Angel Intuitive
Announcing the winner and presenting the award certificate for Favorite Angel Intuitive.

Angel Intuitive Jenny Smedley
enny Smedley named one of top five angel intuitives by About.com Holistic Healing community.

Reiki with Holly
Best Reiki Facebook Page Finalist in About.com Readers' Choice Awards for Holistic Healing.

Reiki, Medicine, and Self-Care Wins 2012 Readers Choice Award for Best Reiki Facebook Page
About.com Readers vote for their favorite Reiki Facebook Pages.

Top 5 Reiki Facebook Pages
About.com Readers vote for their favorite Reiki Facebook Pages.

Abby's Energy Healing Page
Best Reiki Facebook Page Finalist in About.com Readers' Choice Awards for Holistic Healing.

Blue Moon Shamanic Reiki
About.com Readers vote for their favorite Reiki Facebook Pages.

Dragonfly Reiki
About.com Readers vote for their favorite Reiki Facebook Pages.

Reiki, Medicine, and Self-Care
About.com Readers vote for their favorite Reiki Facebook Pages.

Headache Prevention Recipes
Orange Blossom French Toast, Veal Chops with Lemon-Basil Butter, and Grape Tarts. Page 2.

Meditation and Telepathic Abilities
Married couple with telepathic tendencies are picking up one another's discarded thoughts during meditation.

Mental Chatter or Intuition?
Inner guidance.... can it be trusted? Or could it send you on the wrong path?

Was I Born Under An Unlucky Star?
Luck, good or bad, has a lot to do with your attitude and your belief system.

Archangel Gabriel and Your Intuition
Archangel Gabriel helps refine your intuition so you can attune to receive guidance through all of the senses: inner hearing, seeing, sensing, feeling, knowing, and even smelling.

Practicing the Art of Relaxation - Intentional Relaxation
Sheldon Ginsberg offers exercise techniques for

Reflexology - What to Expect During a Reflexology Session
Quick explanation about your reflexology session and the reflexologist's role in your treatment.

Tips for a Healthy and Balanced Physical Body
Ronya Banks, Mind Power Leadership Coach outlines ten healthly tips for tending, honoring, and respecting your physical body.

What is Childhood Imprinting?
Learned behavior can be unlearned, this is how you shed your childhood imprints.

Learn How to Use Discernment
Using discernment is choosing to listen to your inner judgement.

How Ama is Created and How to Rid Your Body of this Toxin
Educational article about identifying and ridding harmful toxins residing in your body.

Planting Tips and Herb Gardening Ideas for Kids
Fun ideas and herbal plant choices for growing a children's herb garden.

Weight Loss and Boosting Your Metabolism
Increasing your metabolism will assist weight loss goals.

Advice for Holistic Healing Business StartUps
Vital information and advice for starting up a holistic healing business.

Rose Quartz Meditation - Clearing the Heart Chakra
A clearing of the heart chakra will improve the interaction of all the other chakra centers.

All Eight Dancers
Maypole Dance Photo Gallery. Holistic Healing.

Burying the Maypole In the Sand
Maypole Dance Photo Gallery. Holistic Healing.

Maypole Ribbons Blowing In The Wind
Maypole Dance Photo Gallery. Holistic Healing.

Dancers Getting In Place
Maypole Dance Photo Gallery. Holistic Healing.

Weaving the Ribbons Around The Maypole
Maypole Dance Photo Gallery. Holistic Healing.

Round and Round They Go
Maypole Dance Photo Gallery. Holistic Healing.

Getting The Hang Of It
Maypole Dance Photo Gallery. Holistic Healing.

Keeping Rhythm With The Beating Drums
Maypole Dance Photo Gallery. Holistic Healing.

Maypole Dance Gallery - Beltane Photos - Dancing Around the Maypole
Maypole Dance Photo Gallery. Holistic Healing.

Dancers Choosing Their Ribbons
Maypole Dance Photo Gallery. Holistic Healing.

Black Bear Totem Sparks Spiritual Awakening
Black bear teaches the importance of unburdening yourself in order to attain higher knowledge. Page 3.

Grizzly Bear Totem Teaches Bravery and Personal Power
The Grizzly bear has a reclusive nature, pulling back from activities that drain its energy. Grizzly gives himself a season to recoup. When Grizzly appear you may need to ask yourself if you are involved in activities that are draining your life force. Page 4.

Panda Bear Totem Teaches Adaptability and More
The Panda Bear as a totem has a unique ability to tap into higher knowledge. Panda medicine is a wonderful teacher for soul development. Page 2.

Polar Bear Totem Teachers Fearlessness
The Polar bear is a good provider for his family, anyone with Polar bear as his totem bears the honorable responsibility to provide for others.

The Joys and Pitfalls of Being an Empath
Being an empath is a double edged sword. It can be both a curse and a blessing.

How to Get Out of a Funk
Try these healthy ways to get yourself out of the funk you're in.

A Good Belly Laugh is Just What the Doctor Ordered
Who is your favorite comedian? The one that makes you laugh so hard you almost wet your pants?

Ways to Pamper Yourself
When did you last gave yourself some quality Me-Time?

Walk Barefoot in the Grass
Allow the soles of your feet to absorb earth energies to fill your soul.

Extend a Little Love to Others
Open your heart, whether you realize it or not you have love to share.

Make Yourself Feel Better - Hang Out with a Kid
Spending time with a child can help you get that childlike spark back into your life.

Get Out of a Funk - Change Your Bed Sheets
The bedroom needs regular refreshment. It will improve your mood and help you sleep better.

Get Out of a Funk - Be a Volunteer
As they say... do unto others as you would have them do to you. Be charitable.

DeClutter and Energize Yourself
Can you believe it? Cleaning the house can make you feel better.

Get Out of a Menu Rut and Try a New Recipe
Nothing in the cupboard enticing you? Sometimes the standard staples just won't feed the spirit adequately.

Hug a Tree - You'll Be Glad You Did
When someone tells me they have never hugged a tree, my jaw drops. Say What?

Do What You Love and Find Your Life Purpose
I am trying to find my passion my purpose in life but I don't have a clue. Can you offer any advice or direction?

UnBirthday Gifting
When is the last time you gave someone (or yourself!) an unbirthday gift?

What is a Zafu?
The round cushion meditators sit upon has a name, it is called a zafu.

Meaning of Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Claircognizant
Angel intuitive teaches the four common ways people intuit information.

Memories of Future Lifetimes - Looking Ahead
Sub-category of the Past Life Memory Index

Recurring Dreams About Catastrophic Eruption of Mount Vesuvius
I have had several dreams about the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

Sekhmet - Egyptian Goddess of Healing
Sekhmet - Egyptian Goddess of Healing

I Remember Living in Egypt as Cleopatra
Memories of being a famous person in history are not uncommon. A young boy believes he was Cleopatra after experiencing astral travel.

Unusual Past Life Memories
This is a sub-category of the Holistic Healing Past Life Memory Index.

An Eye For An Eye VS Turning The Other Cheek
Essay on HOW to PRAY after the unspeakable happens.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique
Tapping on your meridian points to alleviate stress and pain.

At a Crossroads in Your Decision Making
Is it any wonder we stop dead in our tracks when we come at a crossroads along our life path?

How to Get Rid of Those Pesky Negative Thoughts
Rid yourself of negative thoughts sabotaging your life with this

The Violet Flame of Transmutation
What the Violet Flame of Transmutation is and what its purpose is.

Pranic Healing - Pranic Healing Accelerates Healing
Pranic Healing is a powerful tool for self-healing.

Holistic Healing E-Courses
Sign up today for About.com's Holistic Healing newsletter and a variety of healing E-Courses.

Tongue Exercises for Heightened Awareness
Try these simple tongue exercises to help rejuvenate energies in your head to awaken your senses.

Treat Your Dog's Itchy Skin Naturally
A few suggestions about caring for your dog's sensitive skin.

Choosing Your Tarot Signifier Card
How to go about choosing which Tarot card to use to represent you in the reading.

Tarot - Tarot for Beginners
Anyone can learn the art of reading tarot cards - it's not difficult. Like any art or science, it just takes practice and a strong desire to learn.

Tarot Cards - Exploring Major and Minor Arcana
The tarot is comprised of Minor Arcana cards in four suits and Major Arcana cards, which are not in suits.

Tarot Cards - Using a Signifier Card in Tarot
The signifier in a Tarot reading poses the question that we want answered.

Tarot Cards - Real Tarot Card Spreads
Two effective and easy to use tarot card spreads.

Tarot Cards - Meanings for Tarot Cards
One of the best and most personal ways to develop meanings for the cards is to actually study the cards themselves.

Beginner Tarot Decks - Helps Choosing a Beginner Tarot Deck
If you are just starting to read tarot cards or have never done any work with the tarot, we suggest you start with the Waite-Rider deck.

Magical Use of Tarot - Keying Your Tarot Cards
Keying is the means of personalizing magical tools for your own use.

Tarot Cards - Uses of Tarot Cards and Decks
Before the advent of the more modern decks tarot cards were used primarily for divination

Tarot Cards - Short History of Tarot Cards and Decks
The underlying symbology and concepts found in the Tarot go back thousands of years.

Reading Tarot Cards Helps for Beginners
Learn Tarot basics in this step-by-step pictorial for intuitively and artfully reading tarot cards.

Reiki Healing
Information about Reiki including the basics, best practices, top books, communities, and more.

Different Forms of Tai Chi
Collection of links covering the many forms of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi Instructors - Tai Chi Schools
Helps in finding a Tai Chi instructor. Schools and fitness centers where Tai Chi is taught.

Tai Chi Variations - Tai Chi Styles
Variations of this well known martial art.

Daily Oil Abhyanga Massage and Its Health Benefits
Abhyanga - the Ayurvedic oil massage - is an integral part of the daily routine recommended by this healing system for overall health and well-being

History of the Usui/Hayashi/Takata Reiki Lineage
Detailed timeline that explains the lineage most Reiki practitioners of today have sprung from. It is our roots!

Laser Reiki and Cosmic Energetic Healing
Laser Reiki targets the body's energy blocks and imbalances in a laser-like concentrated focus.

Energy Medicine
What style of energy medicine is right for you? There certainly are plenty to choose from.

Energy Medicine
What style of energy medicine is right for you? There certainly are plenty to choose from.

Increase Your Energtic Vibration with Drumming
Sourcerer (nickname) shares the technique he uses to send energy to another person or distant place during a period of drumming, meditation, and visualization.

Therapeutic Moves for Your Body
Movement therapy involves actions which promote physical health and emotional wellbeing.

Laser Therapy for Treating Toe Nail Fungus and More
Laser therapy benefits include acceleration of natural healing time for wounds, pain reduction, improved blood circulation, and decreased tissue swelling.

Helps for Decluttering and Clearing Emotional Baggage
Advice and an assortment of decluttering quick tips to help you find your way out of your messy spaces and to nurture a healthy lifestyle.

Chakra Symbols - Wheel of Life Energy Centers
The seven major chakras have individual functions and purposes. However, the chakra system works best when all the chakras function in concert.

Crown Chakra Symbols and Sanskrit Name
When functioning optimally, the crown chakra allows inner communications with our spiritual nature to take place. Page 8.

Heart Chakra Symbol and Sanskrit Name
Learning self-love is a powerful initiative to undertake in order to secure and maintain a healthy heart chakra. Page 5.

Root Chakra Symbol and Sanskrit Name
Colorful image and general information about the root chakra, includes a meditation to help you deepen your roots and balance your energies. Page 2.

Sacral Chakra Symbols and Sanskrit Name
A well-functioning sacral chakra helps maintain a healthy yin-yang balance. Page 3.

Solar Plexus Symbols and Sanskrit Name
Learn the sanskrit name, color association, and purpose of the solar plexus chakra. Includes a meditation. Page 4.

Third Eye Chakra Symbol and Sanskrit Name
It is through a receptive third eye chakra that auric hues and other visual images are intuited clairvoyantly. Page 7.

Chakra Symbol and Sanskrit Name
The healthfulness of the throat chakra is signified by how openly and honestly a person expresses himself or herself. Page 6.

Tea Tree Oil for Vaginal Itching and Yeast Infections
Tea Tree recipes for treating yeast infections and vaginal itching.

ESP Traits - Extrasensory Perceptions
What are four primary types of human extrasensory perceptions?

Holistic Healing Basics
Taking a holistic approach helps to create a balance in your personal life, family relationships, community activities, and work environment.

Healing the Chakras
Information about chakras including the basics, balancing tips, meditations and exercises, artwork, and more!

Readers' Choice Awards in Holistic Healing
Holistic Healing Readers' Choice Awards Finalists and Winners.

Healing Retreats in Illinois
Healing retreats and spiritual vacations in Illinois

Retreats in Mexico
Retreats in Mexico. Holistic Healing.

Holistic Healing Retreats in Europe
Retreats in Europe. Holistic Healing.

Sacred Geometry - Pentacles and Pentagrams
Why is there such significance to a five pointed form? It's the symbol of human kind!

Art of Mandala Making
Honestly, anyone can draw mandalas. It takes no special skill. Here's a page of resources for teaching and learning the fascinating art of mandala making.

Spirituality and Mandalas
Mandalas are the abode of spirit. Meet the gods and goddesses who live here. Experience the primal energy that circulates through the mandala form.

Dream Study Associations and Organizations
ALL ABOUT DREAMS. Where do you go when you want for a deeper study of dreaming? These dream associations offer professional services including research and publications.

Origins of Mandalas and Mandala Drawing
The first mandala might have been a circle drawn in the sand with a stick. Take a look at these mandalas that are part of our world culture, East and West.

Earth Changes - Our Planet's Destiny
A balanced exploration of the various possibilities available concerning our planet's destiny. Stay cool!

Earth Change Maps - Possible Future Landscapes
Resources on earth change and pole shift maps.

Earth Prophecies and Predictions
Prophecy and predictions - Cayce - Merlin - Hopi - Fatima - Mayan - Malachy

Recycling - Zero Waste Resources
We've come to realize that while individual recycling is a good thing, that our society has to be less wasteful in everything we do!

Children Are Enthusiastic Recyclers
Children are very enthusiastic about taking care of our planet. It doesn't take them long to see the value of recycling.

At the Workplace - Recycling
Have you given much thought to recycling at the workplace? According to the experts, the wise use of resources saves dollars.

Recyling Starts at Home
If you want to join the recycling effort, you are probably wondering where to begin. Try your living space for starters.

A Global Effect - Recycling Projects Around the World
Let's look at the recycling projects that are popping up around the world. Some are large and others are small. They all help.

Caring For And Preserving Our Wildlife
As humans we are designated as the stewards of the planet's wildlife. Are you doing your part?

Global Warming
Our actions and evironmental choices have an impact on the climate and health of our planet. Are you doing your part to help fight global warming? Your children will thank you if you do.

Resources for definitions and information about meditation.
Resources for definitions and information about meditation.

Meditations Designed For Children
These meditations were designed for specifically for our children. Each one is an absolute delight!

Teas for Drinking and Other Tea Products - Green Tea
Teas for drinking and other tea products.

Detoxification Diet
The Detox diet cleanses the body of pollutants. Our vision of the world shifts as our filters are changed.

Animal and Pet Discussions

Addictions - Internet Usage - Computer Compulsions
Exploration of Internet usage as an addiction.

Edgar Cayce Controversies - What the Skeptics Say
ALL ABOUT EDGAR CAYCE - What's all the controversy about the Sleeping Prophet?

Edgar Cayce History
ALL ABOUT EDGAR CAYCE - Who was this individual who went into a deep trance and gave us more that fourteen thousand spiritual readings?

Edgar Cayce / Ancient Cultures

Edgar Cayce / Earth Changes
ALL ABOUT EDGAR CAYCE - Are his predictions about a destructive pole shift true or false?

Edgar Cayce and Intuition
ALL ABOUT EDGAR CAYCE - Why is it important to develop our intuition and interpret our dreams?

Edgar Cayce / Karma
ALL ABOUT EDGAR CAYCE - What did the Sleeping Prophet have to say about karma and reincarnation?

Edgar Cayce and Spirituality
ALL ABOUT EDGAR CAYCE - Information about personal life and amazing predictions.

Egyptian Culture
How can we not be fascinated by the healing knowledge we have inherited through the study of Egypt's rich history?

Archived Discussions - Holistic Healing Forum
Quick reference guide to the various topics being discussed among our members at the Holistic Healing Forum.

Share Your Wisdom - Offer Guidance
Reach out within our growing healing community on this Web site and share knowledge or offer guidance to others.

Meditation Classes
Meditation Classes. Holistic Healing.

Healing And Spirituality Webrings
Collection of healing and spiritual related webrings.

Healing Profiles
Healing Profiles highlight specific individuals and places than pertain to holistic healing.

Angel Webrings
Webrings related to angels or angelic beings.

Come and Play With Me - Virtual Playground
Play is an important aspect in our lives. Children instinctively know this. Here are a few fun links help to lighten your spirit, bust through any stresses, and hopefully bring joy into your day through virtual play!

Living Simply - Voluntary Simplicity
ALL ABOUT LIVING SIMPLY - The idea is not what we do but how we do it!

Forgiveness Organizations
Organizations that promote forgiveness and letting go of harmful negativity.

Pioneers of Living Simply - Frugal Thinkers
If you're attracted to simple living, you are in good company. In this case, great minds think alike!

Are you contemplating some radical changes in your lifestyle? These uncomfortable facts could light your fire.
Are you contemplating some radical changes in your lifestyle? These uncomfortable facts could light your fire.

Breathwork: Workshops & Schools
Breathwork Classes. Holistic Healing.

Buteyko Breathing
Shallow breathing exercises that can be used to help reduce and control asthmatic symptoms.

Float Tanks - Experiences and Testimonies
ALL ABOUT FLOATATION TANKS -New Age resources for the personal testimonies of floaters.

Float Tanks - Preparations for Beginners
Things a beginner floater should know beforehand.

Float Tanks - How to Build A Float Tank

Benefits of Floating in Float Tanks
Why do people choose to float in these strange isolations tanks? What are the benefits?

Discussions About Ear Candling
Opinions and experiences shared about ear candling within the holistic healing community.

Crystal Gallery - Photography of Healing Gemstones
ALL ABOUT CRYSTAL HEALING - You'll be absolutely captivated and astounded by the beauty of the crystals in this online photo gallery.

Healing With Color - Therapies and Techniques
Healing with colors. Holistic Healing.

Color Therapy - Workshops and Classes
Learn about color therapy. Holistic Healing.

Color Therapy Tools and Products
Links and resources for color therapy texts and tools.

Fun with Color
Games, quizzes, oracles, and more.

Color Therapy - Charts and Interpretation
Resources on color charts and interpreting colors.

Color and Meditation - Visualizing Colors for Healing
Incorporating healing effects of color in your meditations and visualizations.

Color Therapy: Internet Communities
Online interaction on the topic of color therapy

All About Chromotherapy - Basic Principals of Color Therapy
All about chromotherapy - Resources on the principles of color healing.

Prophetic Dreaming - A Dream Come True
Have you ever wondered if the strange things that occur in your dreams are going to show up in your life? Probably not, but read this page just to make sure!

Dreamwork - Problem Solving and Healing While You Are Sleeping
Ways to work with your subconscious dream state to facilitate healing and problem solving.

Dream Study 101
Basics and orgins of dream study and interpretation.

Dream Work - Slumber Explorations
ALL ABOUT DREAMS. Dreams are so far-out in the first place, that if you even pay attention to them, you'll find yourself in some strange place. Here is the map of strange places!

Mandala Drawing - Children and Mandalas
Mandalas must be part of our genetic heritage, because all children go through a period of drawing these circular forms. They find it most enjoyable too.

Take a look here and you'll find animated graphics, patterns, screensavers, and software, to name a few!
Take a look here and you'll find animated graphics, patterns, screensavers, and software, to name a few!

Mandala Drawing - Mandalas and Healing
Do not underestimate the power of a circle. Since time began people have sensed the healing inherent in the mandala form. It's the primal symbol of wholeness.

Regression Therapy - Regression Therapists - Reincarnation
You may be able to unlock information from your past that is blocking your life path by consulting with a regression therapist.

Careers in Past Life Regression - Regression Therapy Training
You'll be happy to know there are professional groups organized for the practice of past life regression. It's also being incorporated into traditional settings.

Aromatherapy Recipes and Applications
Aromatherapy recipes and helps for choosing the right essential oils for your needs.

Raindrop Therapy
Raindrop Therapy combines aromatherapy with the techniques of Vita Flex, reflexology, massage, etc., in the application of essential oils, which are applied on various areas of the body.

Aromatherapy Schools
Aromatherapy schools, classes, and workshops.

Kinesiology Classes and Study
Learn how to apply the study of kinesiology for diagnosis and treatment of imbalances.

What is Reflexology?
Resource links related to the history and science of the healing art of reflexology.

Reflexology Techniques and Healing Applications
ALL ABOUT REFLEXOLOGY - resouces on this form of foot massage and its healthful benefits.

Reflexology - Colorful Charts and Diagrams
ALL ABOUT REFLEXOLOGY - Resources for online reflexology charts.

Massage Therapy Tips
Would you like to give a simple massage to a friend or family member? Here are some great tips for beginners.

Massage Therapy For The Expectant Mother - Massage During Pregancy
Massage for the expectant mother during pregnancy

Massage Therapy - Self Massage
Resources regarding giving healthful massage to yourself.

Learn what the scientific and medical communities say about therapeutic massage.
Learn what the scientific and medical communities say about therapeutic massage.

How to Prepare Yourself for Your First Massage
ALL ABOUT MASSAGE THERAPY -New Age resources on how to prepare for your first massage.

About Therapeutic Massage - History and Information
Not only does therapeutic massage feel good, it's good for you.

A to Z Index of Mind Body Spirit Therapies
Alphabetical listing of mind-body-spirit healing modalities.

Poetry - Soulful Love Poems
Soulful poetry is one the best ways that soul mates have to express themselves. You cannot help but feel their spiritual longing as you read these poems.

Casting A Love Spell
Would you cast a spell to attract love into your life? Spells have great power, so be very careful in the wording of your wish! You might get it!

Soul Mates and Twin Flames
People tend to confuse the two terms, soul mates and twin flames. While they are very similar, the concept of twin flames has a deeper spiritual connection.

About Soul Mates - Stories and Testimonies
Although we want to believe in soul mates, sometimes we just have to hear real stories about real people, for the truth to sink in. People do find their soul mates!

Soul Mates Fall in Love at First Sight
It's very common for soul mates to fall in love at first sight. They often feel that they cannot help themselves, nor do they want to be apart!

Attracting Love - Manifesting A Soul Mate
It would be impossible to describes the lengths to which soul mates go to find one another. Much of this work has to do with perpetuating a positive outlook.

Dreamcatcher Market Place
Online markets featuring unique dreamcatchers

Dreamcatcher Crafts
Helps for crafting your own dreamcatchers

Spiritual Blessings
The beautiful thing about a spiritual blessing is that it seems to be as good for the bestower as it is for the recipient.

Prayerful Meditations
Meditations are our reflections upon a subject. Some are solo expeditions and others are guided exporations.

In religion an invocation is a plea or request. In magick it's a summoning of an energy or a spirit.

People Who Have Levitated
Let's get specific! Who are these remarkable beings that supposedly have had the power to defy gravity.

Crop Circles - What's The Story?
What's the story about these geometric patterns that are appearing mysteriously in fields of corn, wheat, and barley? Are they natural or man-made?

Crop Circles Hoaxes - What about the attempts to hoax?
Yes, it appears that some crop circles have most definitely been hoaxed, but does that account for all of them?

Crop Circle Gallery - Photographs From Around the World
You never know where those mysterious circular forms will turn up next. Here's collection of photographs from around the world.

UFO Connections to Crop Circles
There are some who feel that crop circles are being created by aliens as a means to communicate with us. So, what's the message?

Theories About Crop Circles
The awesome beauty of these mathematically precise configurations are undeniable. But what are the origins of crop circles?

Crop Circles - Symbols
What about the geometric configurations that the crop circles take? Do these glyphs and pictographs have a particular meaning?

Pioneer Trance Channelers
Spiritual pioneers and trail blazers of channeling.

Spirit Trumpets
Here's interesting imformation about a spiritualistic device that amplifies the whispering voices of spirits who want to communicate with humans. It's seance time!

Nadis - Vital Energy Pathways
The nadi are the pathways of vital energy in Ayurvedic medicine. They compose the structure of the subtle body.

What the Skeptics Say About Chi Energies
Some people do not understand or accept the existence of a universal energy.

Chi Energy Tools - Chi Machines
Devices that measure or utilize the universal life force.

Fun with Chi - Taking a Lighter Path
Lighthearted ways to make better use of your chi.

Past Life Recall
You're probably wondering how are past life memories recovered? Well, sometimes it happens spontaneously and other times, we may have to do some digging.

Skeptical Views About Reincarnation
After some experience with reincarnation, you get to a point where all this seems perfectly normal. And it's hard to see why anyone would find it controversial!

Reincarnation - Children - Past Live Regression
Why is that it's so easy for children to recall their past lives? It's true that many children are born with access to these memories, but others just are not.

Have you ever wondered where all these beliefs of past lives originated? You'll be surprised to discover that the idea of reincarnation is held by many world religions.
Have you ever wondered where all these beliefs of past lives originated? You'll be surprised to discover that the idea of reincarnation is held by many world religions.

About Nostradamus
Who was this individual who foresaw the world as it would unfold? And how accurate were his devastating predictions? Let's take a closer look!

Exploring the Ancients of New Age Teachings
New Age is not really new. The ideas embraced by New Agers come from many sources, some of which have deep roots.

Faerie Folklore - Legends and Stories
Fascinating legends of the faery kingdom.

Faerie Folk Arts
Resources for music and art and literature expressing the spirit of the wee people.

Do You Believe in Faeries?
Various opinions concerning the reality of these magickal sprites.

Traditions of the Wee Folk - Faeries - Elves - Pixies - Brownies
Tesources on the traditions of the little people (faeries, elves, pixes, brownies) around since the beginning of time.

Nostradamus Controversy
Resources concerning the questions which are asked about this astrologer and prophet.

Nostradamus - His Works
Nostradamus's writings have been studied and researched exptensiviely by scholars and truth seekers. These studies continue today.

Nostradamus Predictions Prophecies
ALL ABOUT NOSTRADAMAS - New Age resources for predictions - past - present - future.

Esoteric Traditions
It's the term given to the spiritual truths found in all world religions. It has also been called the wisdom religion, secret doctrine, or the ancient mysteries in our human past.

Human Vehicles - The Koshas
The Koshas are the set of human vehicles or bodies. We have a specific vehicle for each of the planes, otherwise we couldn't experience them.

Marma Points - Indian Massage
Indian massage uses these spots throughout the human subtle anatomy. They resemble the acupressure points.

Prana Energy
Learn more about this universal life force known throughout time as chi, manna, and orgone. Prana sustains all life forms.

Esoteric Anatomy
Learn about the energies and structures that support our spiritual natures. Without them we could not know our higher selves.

Caring for Your Light Body
The light body is one of those esoteric terms you cannot easily explain. Briefly put, it's your inner core of light.

Higher Self Image Gallery
Here's a little gallery of ilustrations, and diagrams that artists have made to represent the Higher Self.

Higher Self Meditations
It shouldn't be surprising that we can gain access to our Higher Selves through quiet meditation.

Tarot Cards - Professionalism - Schools and Organizations That Teach Tarot
Who are the people who make tarot reading their profession? Do they learn read cards at the master's knee or take correspondence courses?

Tarot Cards - Interpretation
How do we read the meanings of the tarot cards. It's all in the interpretation of their mysterious symbols

Free Tarot Readings
Reading after reading, what is about tarot cards that we find so fascinating? It must be the universal archetypes which are embedded in their colorful images.

History of Tarot
The origins of the Tarot cards are shrouded in mystery, but here's what we do know of their history.

Tarot Apps
Thanks to programmers you can have a Tarot reading anytime, any place.

Divination with Runes Stones - Making and Using Rune Stones For Self Development
Instructions for making your own set of rune stones and different uses for casting them in your divinations.

Rune Stones - Computer Software
The twenty four symbols of Futhark respected in these software programs. And your questions will be answered in the mysterious runic manner.

Fun with Rune Stones
FREE runecasting oracles on the Internet.

Rune Stones - History of Casting Rune Stones
Resources on the role that runestones have played in history.

I Ching - Book of Changes
Are you familar with the ancient Chinese oracle called Book of Changes? It is also known as the I Ching.

Astropalmistry - Solar System Map Imprinted in the Palm of Your Hand
Did you know that there is a whole solar system within the palm of your hand? It's called astropalmistry.

Palmistry Apps
Apps for exploring the lines on your palms.

Fun with Palmistry
Palm reading oracles and services on the Internet.

Palmistry - Medical Research
In some circles the study of palmistry is being taken very seriously. The research is for both psychological and medical purposes.

Palmistry - What Does This Line Mean?
Advanced techniques and teachings to improve your ability to read palms.

History of Palmistry
Resources on the history of palm reading.

Careers in Palmistry - How to Become a Professional Reader
Where you can learn how to become a professional palm reader.

How does a person become a numerologists. You can learn the basics from a book, but only years of experience and observation can make you a pro.
How does a person become a numerologists. You can learn the basics from a book, but only years of experience and observation can make you a pro.

History of Numerology Studies
The spiritual study of numbers goes way back in history. There's evidence of numerology in most all sacred scriptures of the world.

Numerology Software - Create Professional Numerology Reports
You'll be pleased to know that you can put your computer to work with professional numerology software. These programs are available via the Internet.

Advice and Tips for Calculating Numerology Reports
The final step is being able to see how all the numbers contribute to one bigger picture. Here are some resources which you will find worthwhile.

Reasons For Using Numerology
Yes, there are lots of different uses for numerology. The major use that comes to mind is a change of names, but we also change our addresses and phone numbers.

Numerology Celebrity Reports
Sometimes it helps to see a complete numerological presentation to get the whole picture. These examples happen to be people with names that we all know.

It's wonderful to know that there are so many free numerology calculators on the Internet. And some perform interpretation functions as well.
It's wonderful to know that there are so many free numerology calculators on the Internet. And some perform interpretation functions as well.

History of I Ching
What do we know about the origins of this mysterious oracle?

Fun with I Ching
Resources for FREE online I Ching oracles.

I Ching Software Programs
Computer software for the I Ching oracle.

The enneagram is an ancient system. Somewhat similar to astrology's 12 sun signs, the enneagram is a human study that places personalities in nine categories.

There are various outlooks on divination - pro and con.
There are various outlooks on divination - pro and con.

Divination History
Explore the cultural and historical significance of practicing devination.

Animal Spirits - Divination
The spiritual qualities if animals are often used as symbols in divination. Here are oracles which feature animals.

Enneagram - History and Science
Get all your questions answered regarding the underpinnings of this intriguing philosophical system. One of the nine types is you!

Enneagram Groups and Associations
Learn more about the groups that have formed to study and promote the spiritual use of the Enneagram.

Applying the Enneagram System - Beyond Human Behavior Studies
Determining the Enneagram type is just the first step of this fascinating study of human behavior. The second step is applying it.

Enneagram Controversy
Are you skeptical of this system of nine spiritual personality types? If so, you're not alone. Here are some controversial opinions.

Determining Your Enneagram Type
Lucky for us there are online tests that we can take to determine our enneagram type. Some are short; others take some deep thought.

Enneagram Personality Types
Nine Enneagram Personality Types

Enneagram Type Eight Personality
Are you good at solving problems? Would you prefer to be in control of whatever is going on? No doubt, you are a LEADER!

Enneagram Type Five Personality
Is it your desire to make a contribution to the world? Are your decisions usually based on facts and logic? I bet you are a THINKER!

Enneagram Type Four Personality
Do you enjoy self-expressive activities? Is your primary goal to discover your true identity? Then you could be an INDIVIDUALIST!

Enneagram Type Seven Personality
Are you at your best trying new things? Do you sometimes worry that life will not give you what you need? Chances are, you're an ENTHUSIAST!

Enneagram Type Six Personality
Do you prefer to work within a group? Do you often act from a need of security? Perhaps, you are a LOYALIST!

Enneagram Type Three Personality
Is being valued important to you? Do you see problems as opportunities to prove your skill? If so, you could be a MOTIVATOR.

Enneagram Type Two Personality
Are you a social person? Do you dream of being loved unconditionally? Most likely, you are a HELPER!

Enneagram Type Nine Personality
Can you get people to work together. Do you need a pleasant and secure environment to be happy. I'm pretty sure you are a PEACEMAKER!

Enneagram Type One Personality
Are you perfection oriented. Do you fear being defective or corrupted? Perhaps you are a REFORMER!

Astrology - History and Folklore
ALL ABOUT ASTROLOGY - Resources for astrological history and folklore the world over.

Astrology Web Zines
You'll find lots of astrology zines on the Internet. Some offer complex techniques; others provide popular horoscopes.

Vedic Astrology - Jyotisha
What's your sun sign? In Vedic Astrology, or Jyotisha, it might be something different than what you think. That's because it relies on a fixed zodiac. Predictions made with Vedic Astrology are said to be highly accurate - if the birth data is correct. Want to really know your future? Then follow these links.

Astrology -Tools Used by Astrologers and Astrology Students
ALL ABOUT ASTROLOGY - New Age resources for locating and using the tools of the starry trade.

Age of Pisces
What large scale changes can we expect as we move out the the Piscean Age and into the Aquarian Age?

Astrology Classes and Instruction
ALL ABOUT ASTROLOGY - Resources for ongoing astrological study and self-improvement.

Advice For Setting Up Your Own Professional Astrology Practice
ALL ABOUT ASTROLOGY - New Age advice for setting up your own astrological practice or business.

Astro Twins - Online Search Helps For Locating Your Astro Twin
ALL ABOUT ASTRO TWINS. So you would like to find your very own astro twin! Where do you start your online search?

Astrology Basics
Learn the basic principles and procedures of astrology.

Vedic Software
It's interesting to see the ancient wisdom of the Vedic culture being presented as software. Here's a list of Vedic Astrology, Ayurvedic Medicine, and Vaastu.

Casting Spells - Pagan Healing Practices
Healing incanations and spell casting.

Introduction To Magick
It's a great deal more than party tricks and sleights of hand. It's a serious activity that influences human and natural events using mystical forces.

Labyrinths - Galleries and Photography
Would you like to view beautiful images of historical and modern labyrinths? If so, this is the place to go.

Labyrinths - Locator Sites
Suppose you want to visit a real labyrinth. How would you go about finding the nearest one to you?

Labyrinths and Children
Believe me, you don't have to give kids instructions in Labyrinth Walking. They take to it naturally.

Labyrinths - Modern Pathways
Not all labyrinths are old. Some are very new in their design and the materials from which they are built.

Labyrinths - Healing and Spirituality
There is a certain spiritual experience that is being reported by those who have actually walked labyrinths.

Labyrinths Market Place
Where can you find online products, plans, and materials related to labyrinth walking?

Labyrinths - Freebies - Screen Savers
Here you'll find some lovely labyrinth treasures including freebie designs, games, and puzzles.

What's the story about these intricate designs found dug into ancient hillsides and paved in the floors of cathedrals?
What's the story about these intricate designs found dug into ancient hillsides and paved in the floors of cathedrals?

Dolphins - Swimming with Dolphins
Here are some resoures for review if you are considering swimming with dolphins either in the wild or with tame dolphins within a controlled environment.

Dolphins - Therapy - Therapeutic Healers
Dolphin Therapy is being offered to people with many kinds of illness and disability.

Dolphins - Stories and Testimonials
It is the dream of many people to experience the healing presence of dolphins. Here are the personal testimonies of those who have spent some real time with them.

Dolphins - Organizations and Facilities
There are a number of organizations working to make us conscious of the dolphin's critical situation. Most all emphasise the dolphin/human connection.

Dolphins and Midwifery
Dolphins are natural midwives and healers. It's a relatively new idea to invite them to be present during human child birth.

Artwork and Photography of Dolphins
Not only are dolphins intelligent and caring, but they are incredibly aesthetic. Here's a gallery of paintings, illustrations, and photographs.

Dolphins - History and Research
Learn more about dolphins, their history, healing abilities, and connection to humans.

Aura Photographs and Art Gallery
ALL ABOUT AURAS - Ever wondered what an auras look like? Well, here's a gallery of images in living color. Some are photos, and others are portraits painted by clairvoyant seers..

Healing our Auras
Energy healers work with the aura (human energy field). They intuitively will notice imbalances in the auric field via clairvoyant sight, subtle touch or some other psychic connection.