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Is Dental Insurance Absolutely Necessary?
Dental insurance may be something you consider nixing from your budget, but it may be worthwhile to have dental insurance even if your teeth are healthy.

Health Insurance: Indiana Health Insurance Information
This article provides contact information for state offices and resources for obtaining and keeping health insurance coverage in the state of Indiana.

Using Health Insurance Wellness Programs
Health insurance wellness programs can help you lose weight, stop smoking or even give gym membership discounts. Learn more about wellness programs.

You Finally Have Health Insurance – Now What?
Learn what to do with your new health insurance coverage, how to manage it, and how to get the most from it. Don’t just buy it and forget it.

How Much Does COBRA Health Insurance Cost?
Need to know how much COBRA costs? Learn to calculate your COBRA health insurance premiums and why COBRA costs more than job-based health insurance.

How HIPAA Privacy Rules Affect You—in Plain English
See how HIPAA privacy rules impact you. See examples of what’s allowed and what isn’t. Learn what to do if your health privacy has been violated.

Health Insurance: Understanding High Risk Pools
35 states have created special programs, known as high-risk pools, for residents who are denied coverage by insurers because of health-related issues.

What Is a Health Insurance Provider Network?
A health insurance provider network is a group of health care providers that have contracted with an HMO or PPO to provide care at a discount.

Health Insurance Other Than COBRA
Think COBRA health insurance is too expensive? Don’t like COBRA? Learn about 6 alternatives to COBRA. Don’t decide until you see your options.

Health Insurance: Know Your Medicare Rights
Everyone with Medicare has certain guaranteed rights and protections, no matter what type of Medicare coverage it is. This article summarizes them.

Preventive Care: What's Free and What's Not
Health insurance must pay for preventive health care without a deductible, copay, or coinsurance. Learn which preventive services are and aren't free.

What is Pre-Approval in Health Insurance?
Pre-approval is a requirement that your physician obtain approval from your health care provider before providing care.

What is a Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion Period?
Some health insurance companies may accept those with pre-existing conditions conditionally by providing a pre-existing condition exclusion period.

Point-of-Service Plan
A point-of-service, or POS, plan is a combination of a health maintenance organization (HMO) and a preferred provider organization (PPO).

Buying Drugs From Foreign Pharmacies
Buying drugs in Canada and other foreign countries can save money. Due to the high price of prescription drugs, many Americans buy their medications by crossing the border into Canada and Mexico or when they travel to a foreign country.

Health Insurance: Categorically Needy
Categorically needy is a distinction for individuals who fall into a specific criteria of mandatory Medicaid eligibility established by the government.

Medicare Open Enrollment - What to Do and How To Do It
Medicare plans change each year. Medicare open enrollment is your once-yearly chance to change plans; make sure your plan is still the best fit.

What to Known When Buying Individual Health Insurance
Health insurance networks are a significant way that carrier differentiate their products and keep costs under control. Here's what you need to know.

Saving Money With Generic Drugs
Generic drugs can save you lots of money on prescription costs. More than 50% of all prescriptions in the United States are filled with generic drugs.

Skip insurance and pay the penalty? You might regret it.
Due to the cost of health insurance premiums, some people are choosing to remain uninsured and pay the penalty instead. But that may be short-sighted.

What is a Reasonable and Customary Fee?
A reasonable and customary fee is the amount of money that your health plan determines is the normal range of payment for a specific service.

What Does It Mean If Care Is "Excluded From the Deductible"?
When a health plan has services not subject to the deductible, benefits kick in sooner than they would otherwise. But your premiums might be higher.

What is Prior Authorization?
Prior authorization is a requirement that a physician obtain approval from a care provider before prescribing a medication or performing a operation.

Open Enrollment is Coming - Don't Auto-renew!
The exchanges provide us with a shopping platform that forces carriers to compete. But that only works if we shop around during open enrollment.

Obamacare in Kentucky - a shifting landscape
Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is switching the state to and working to modify Medicaid expansion. What does that means for the state?

Obamacare's Premium Subsidies - How Do They Work?
Guaranteed-issue health insurance would be unaffordable for many low and middle-income people without the ACA's premium subsidies.

Off-Exchange Health Plans Are ACA-Compliant Too
Regardless of whether you buy your health plan through the exchange or off-exchange, it will be compliant with the Affordable Care Act.

I'm 24. Should I stay on my parents' health plan, or get my own?
If your parents' plan offers coverage to dependents, you're eligible to be covered by it until you turn 26. But you may still want to get your own.

How to Find and Choose a Physician You Like
Finding the right doctor to help you with your healthcare needs is very important. The relationship you develop with your physician greatly influences the health decisions you make and, in due course, your wellbeing.

If your state still has a CO-OP, should you enroll?
Out of 23 original CO-OPs, only 11 remain - one of which is shutting down enrollments on December 26. If a CO-OP is available in your area, does it make sense to enroll?

Humana is terminating grandfathered plans in 11 states this year
Grandfathered health plans are allowed to remain in force indefinitely. But carriers can choose to discontinue them. Humana is doing so in 11 states.

If You Need Birth Control, Here's What the ACA Requires - and What it Doesn't
The ACA requires almost all health plans to cover at least one version of all 18 types of female contraceptives with no cost-sharing.

Vision Care Insurance - Providers and Coverage
Most regular health insurance policies do not pay for the costs of routine vision care. Coverage for such services is known as vision care insurance.

No Asset Tests for ACA Subsidies, Same as Employer-Sponsored Insurance
ACA premium tax credits and Medicaid expansion are based on income; they don't have an asset test. But neither does tax-advantaged job-based insurance

Medicare Disability Coverage For Those Under 65
Medicare won't be available to most of us until we turn 65, but for some people Medicare is available at any age. It just isn't easy to get.

How to Enroll in a Medicare Part D Drug Plan
Medicare Part D allows people over age 65 to choose from a number of prescription drug plans (PDPs) that offer a set of basic prescription services. Before joining a Part D drug plan, it is important you understand and are comfortable with your choice.

My Health Insurance Is Getting Cancelled! Now What?
If your health plan is being cancelled, you're not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people must find new plans for 2016, for a variety of reasons.

Did you get an MLR refund from your health insurance company? Here's why
3.7 million American families received Medical Loss Ratio (MRL) rebates this fall from their health insurance companies, totaling $470 million.

What is Major Medical Health Insurance?
Major medical health insurance is a type of health insurance that covers the expenses associated with serious illness or hospitalization.

Got baby plans? Obamacare has you covered
Prior to 2014, maternity coverage in the individual health insurance market was rare. Thanks to the ACA, it's now standard on all new plans.

Health Insurance Terminology You Need to Know
To understand your health plan – and the plan options available to you – it's essential to understand the terminology used to describe health plans.

Where to Save on Generic Drugs
Generic drugs can save you up to 80% on the cost of expensive medication. Big-box stores such as Walmart and Target have generic drug programs.

Embedded Out-of-Pocket Maximums Coming in 2016
In 2016, all non-grandfathered plans - including HSA-qualified plans - must have embedded individual out of pocket maximums of no more than $6,850.

Cost Transparency in Healthcare
Healthcare cost transparency is the ability of the patient to discover how much a particular medical service or treatment costs. Learn more about it here.

Confused about pediatric dental? Here's how it works
Pediatric dental is one of the ACA's essential health benefits, but it's different from the other nine EHBs, and optional in most states.

Benchmark Premiums Are Increasing By 7.5%. What Does That Mean?
Last week, HHS released a report stating that the average benchmark premium in 37 states would increase 7.5% in 2016. But what does that really mean?

Auto-renewed and want to change your mind? You've still got time
Health plans for millions of exchange enrollees were auto-renewed last week. But you still have time to return to the exchange and pick your own plan.

The ACA's Family Glitch Makes Health Insurance Unaffordable for Some
The ACA has made coverage affordable for millions of Americans. But for those caught in the family glitch, coverage can still be out of reach.

How Does the 3-Month Health Insurance Premium Grace Period Work?
If you're receiving a premium subsidy through the exchange, you've got a three-month grace period if you fall behind on your portion of the premiums.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Will My Health Insurance Premiums Go Up if I Have a Claim?
Health insurance doesn't work like car insurance or homeowners insurance. Filing a claim won't make your premiums go up.

What's a Tiered Network Health Insurance Plan?
Tiered networks are not new, but they're drawing attention - and members - as health insurers look for ways to keep premiums in check under the ACA.

Five things you need to know about grandmothered health plans
HHS allowed states to decide whether grandmothered health plans may remain in force through 2017. Here are seven things to know about these plans.

Why are health insurance out-of-pocket maximums going up again?
Under the ACA, out-of-pocket maximums are capped. But there's a formula to determine the cap, and it has called for another increase for 2017.

Eight Things You Need to Know About Grandfathered Plans
The ACA included a provision to allow already-existing plans to continue. But over time, they become less attractive to carriers and insureds.

How long can you go uninsured without a penalty?
There's an exemption from the Obamacare penalty if you have a short gap in coverage. But there are a few things to understand about how it works.

You can still buy short-term insurance. But should you?
Short-term health insurance plans are available in most states, and can be purchased throughout the year. But it's important to read the fine print.

The Affordable Care Act and Native Americans
There are several provisions of the Affordable Care Act that apply to Native Americans and Alaska Natives, making coverage and care more accessible.

What is the Premium Tax Credit?
The premium tax credit is a government subsidy designed to help make health insurance premiums more affordable for middle and low-income people.

Protect yourself from balance billing
Several factors make consumers vulnerable to out-of-network bills even when they use an in-network provider. New legislation could help.

What Do I Do If My Health Plan Is Being Cancelled?
If your health plan is being cancelled, it's relatively easy to enroll in a new plan. But there are some dates and procedures to know about in advance

Q - Definitions of Health Insurance Terms
Find definitions for health insurance terms beginning with the letter Q.

V - Definitions of Health Insurance Terms
Find definitions for health insurance terms beginning with the letter V.

X Y Z - Definitions of Health Insurance Terms
Find definitions for health insurance terms beginning with letters X, Y, and Z.

J - Definitions of Health Insurance Terms
Find definitions of health insurance terms beginning with the letter J.

K - Definitions of Health Insurance Terms
Find definitions of health insurance terms beginning with the letter K.

L - Definitions of Health Insurance Terms
Find definitions of health insurance terms beginning with the letter L.


What Is a Grandfathered Health Plan?
A grandfathered health plan is a plan that has been unchanged since before the Affordable Care Act became law in 2010.

Why Employers Are Dumping Flexible Spending Accounts
Your employer may cut back or eliminate your flexible spending account as the Affordable Care Act Cadillac-plan tax hits both FSAs and health plans.

What You Can Spend Your FSA Money On
Learn what you can spend your FSA money on and what you can't. See the best last-minute year-end Flexible Spending Account eligible expenses.

Health Insurance Premium—What It Is & How It Works
What a health insurance premium is, and when and how to pay it. What happens if you're late or don't pay, and what to do if you can't afford premiums.

Coinsurance—What It Is & How It Works
See what coinsurance is, when you have to pay it, when you don't, how your health insurance network impacts it, and how the coinsurance subsidy works.

Federal Poverty Level & Health Insurance
Find out what federal poverty level is and why it matters in health insurance. Learn 3 things you must know about FPL and health insurance subsidies.

Losing Health Insurance When Your Spouse Gets Medicare?
If your health insurance comes from your spouse's job and he or she is going on Medicare, you may lose your health insurance. Learn your options.

What to Know Before Getting a Bronze Health Plan
Three things you need to know before you choose a bronze health plan. Learn why bronze health insurance isn't always the cheapest or the best deal.

Affordable Health Care Vs Subsidized Health Care
See the difference between affordable health care and subsidized health care and why a health insurance subsidy doesn’t make health care affordable.

Understanding the Hospice Medicare Benefit
How the Hospice Medicare Benefit works for terminally-ill Medicare recipients. Learn what it pays for, what it doesn't, who's eligible, how to get it.

What Is a Health Insurance Exemption?
A health insurance exemption excuses you from the requirement to buy health insurance and lets you avoid the tax penalty for being uninsured.

What Is Hospital Observation Status?
Learn the meaning of the term observation status. Find resources to better understand how hospital observation status is assigned and why it matters.

How Cost-Sharing Works to Keep Health Care Costs in Check
Learn how cost-sharing like deductibles and copayments keep health care costs down. See an example of what happens when cost-sharing is eliminated.

What Is Obamacare?
Not sure what Obamacare is? Is it private health insurance, a social welfare program, a law? Can people really enroll in Obamacare, or not?

The Myth of Free Preventive Health Care & Obamacare
Just because you don’t have to pay a copay doesn’t mean preventive care is free under the ACA. See why Obamacare’s free preventive care is a myth.

2 Crucial Health Insurance Components People Don't Know
Actuarial value and the out-of-pocket maximum are the most important characteristics of a health plan, but most people have never heard of them.

What Counts Toward Your Health Insurance Deductible?
See what gets credited toward your health insurance deductible and what doesn’t count toward the deductible. Know how much you'll owe.

What Is a Medical Procedure?
Find out what your health insurance company means when it refers to a procedure. Learn how medical, diagnostic, and surgical procedures differ.

What Is Medical Coding & How Does It Work?
Learn what medical coding is, why and how medical coding is done, who does it, and what the information stored in medical code data sets is used for.

What Is Upcoding & How Does It Work?
Learn what upcoding is and how it impacts your medical bills. See examples of upcoding in a hospital bill and in a doctor’s bill.

Why the Poorest of the Poor Get No Help Paying for Health Insurance
Folks living in poverty get no help from Obamacare subsidies or Medicaid. Learn why. See how it was supposed to work and why it doesn't work that way now.

Cost of Health Care—Why Is Health Care So Expensive?
Why is health care so expensive? Why does the cost of health care go up faster than inflation? Learn the one reason overshadowing all other factors.

How Product Hopping By Drug Makers Keeps Rx Prices High
Get a plain English explanation of what product hopping is, how it works, and how drug makers use it to extend their profits from high Rx drug prices.

Birth Control & Health Insurance—When You Have To Pay
Learn when your health insurance is allowed to require a deductible, copay, or coinsurance for birth control despite the Affordable Care Act.

Can a Health Insurance Deductible Be Prorated?
Signing up for health insurance mid-year? Think you should only pay half the deductible or get credit for a deductible paid to another insurer?

Uninsured? Understand Your Risks
Being uninsured is risky. Understand the risks involved and how going without health insurance might impact you, your loved ones, and your community.

Your Responsibilities as a Health Plan Member
Premiums aren’t the only thing you owe your health insurance company. Learn your responsibilities as a health plan member. Know what’s expected.

Understand Your Health Insurance—7 Key Concepts
Don’t be a babe in the woods. Learn 7 key health insurance concepts crucial to understanding your health plan and using it wisely.

EPO Health Insurance: What It Is and How It Works
Learn what, exactly, EPO health insurance is and how an EPO health plan works.Understand how to use an EPO correctly; don’t make an expensive mistake.

What's a PPO & How Does It Work?
Do you really understand how your PPO works or why it's a PPO not an HMO? Your PPO costs more than other health insurance. Understand what you have.

What a Prior Authorization Requirement Is & How It Works
Learn what a prior authorization requirement is, how it works, and why your health insurance has it. Learn how to get health care pre-authorized.

HRA 101—How a Health Reimbursement Arrangement Works
Learn what a health reimbursement arrangement is and how it works. See examples of how an HRA works, how to use it, and how it saves you money.

What Happens to My HSA When I Leave My Job?
What happens to your HSA when you lose your job, quit, or retire? Learn about your HSA and COBRA, stopping contributions, and changing HSA custodians.

Why Get Health Insurance If You Can’t Pay the Deductible?
Not buying health insurance because you can’t afford the deductible? See 3 reasons why health insurance pays off even if you can’t pay the deductible.

Will Health Insurance Pay for Elective Surgery?
Think health insurance won’t pay for elective surgery? Wrong! It pays for elective surgery that’s medically necessary. See examples of how it works.

Do Premiums Count Toward Your Deductible?
See why, even when you’ve paid enough in health insurance premiums to meet your deductible, your health insurance won’t pay your medical bills yet.

Major-Medical Vs Catastrophic Insurance–the Difference
Think major-medical and catastrophic health insurance are the same; they only pay for the major stuff? Wrong! Learn the difference between them.

What Is Comprehensive Health Insurance?
Learn what comprehensive health insurance is, and what it does and doesn’t cover. See which types of health insurance aren’t considered comprehensive.

Do You Qualify for Catastrophic Health Insurance?
Learn who's eligible to buy a catastrophic health insurance plan and who's not. Learn other options if you don't qualify for a catastrophic plan.

What Is Fixed Indemnity Insurance & How Does It Work?
Learn what fixed-benefit indemnity insurance is and how it works. See the pros and cons of fixed indemnity health insurance.

Health Insurance & Health Policy Information Resources
Need sources of information on U.S. health policy, health insurance, and reform? See resources providing fact-based in-depth information and analysis.

What Is Cancer Insurance & How Does It Work?
Learn what cancer insurance is, what it does and doesn't cover, and how it works. Learn how to evaluate a cancer insurance policy before buying it.

Why Isn’t My Rx Drug on My Health Plan Drug Formulary?
Learn why your health insurance won't pay for a drug your doctor has prescribed. Find out why a health plan excludes drugs from its drug formulary.

Which Costs Less, Health Insurance or the Tax Penalty?
Unsure whether to buy health insurance or pay the tax penalty for being uninsured? Learn if it's cheaper to buy health insurance or pay the penalty.

How To Make a Budget for Health Care Expenses
Learn how to make a budget for health care expenses in 4 steps. Don’t get stuck with big medical bills you can’t pay. Budget for financial security.

Why Not Just Buy the Cheapest Health Insurance Plan?
Want to save money? Learn why buying the cheapest health insurance plan doesn’t always result in paying the least amount of money.

Do Copays Count Toward Your Health Insurance Deductible?
Not sure if your health insurance copays count toward your annual deductible? Learn how this works and why it could cost or save you hundreds of dollars per year.

Prior Authorization Requirement—Why To Beware
Have a health insurance prior authorization requirement? Learn what you need to beware of when requesting pre-authorization from your health plan.

Top 7 Health Insurance Myths
Learn the most common misconceptions about health insurance in the United States. See if you've been fooled by one of these health insurance myths.

Health Insurance Automatic Renewal: What It Is, How It Works
Learn what automatic renewal of health insurance is, how it works, if it applies to you, and how to avoid it.

What’s a Flexible Spending Account & How Does It Work?
Learn what a health Flexible Spending Account is, how it works, and how it saves you money. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of an FSA.

Health Care Reform 101
Learn the basics of Obamacare's Affordable Care Act: what it is, what it does, how it will affect you, and what you must do.

Health Care Reform 101
Learn the basics of Obamacare's Affordable Care Act: what it is, what it does, how it will affect you, and what you must do.

State Health Insurance
Most health insurance plans are regulated by your state government. Since the states differ considerably in the rules they set for health plans – such as mandating certain benefits – and the types of state health insurance programs offered, it is important that you understand what is unique about your state.

Health Insurance Websites
Many people go online to get health-related information, including facts about health insurance. Many websites offer not only information but also the ability to purchase health insurance online. Some of those sites are reliable and up-to-date; some are not.

Saving Money on Health Care Costs
Health care, including health insurance, can be very expensive. Learn ways to save money on health insurance, and if you do not have health insurance read about ways that you can save money on healthcare for you and your family.

Medicare and Medicaid
Find out more about Medicare and Medicaid, including who is eligible and what benefits are available.

High Risk Pools
If you have been denied health insurance coverage based on your health status, you may be eligible to enroll in a state-funded high risk pool. Find out whether your state has a high risk pool and if you are eligible for coverage.

Find out more about health care reform in the U.S. Learn about the basic concepts underlying reform attempts, as well as the details of some actual reform efforts currently underway.

Patient Rights
Learn more about your rights pertaining to health insurance, and the laws that protect you as a consumer.


Health Insurance Glossary: U to Z

Long Term Care
Information and resources on long term care insurance.

Prescription Drug FAQs

State-Specific Health Insurance Information
State-specific information for all 50 states, including contact information for state offices and insurance programs.