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Trends in Mobile Health Apps and Technology
The ubiquity of smartphones and the evolution of other mobile health devices has the potential to improve our health outcomes, now, and in the future.

A Potential Breakthrough for Those Lacking Deep Sleep
Dreem, a digital health device created by Rythm, is a wearable headband that purports the ability to not only monitor sleep but stimulate it as well.

Gauge Your Sleep Health
Learn about low tech, mid tech, and high tech ways to evaluate the sleep you're getting.

Which Mobile Health Apps Does the FDA Regulate?
FDA regulates a subset of mobile health apps to protect patient safety. Learn about them here.

The Elusive Definition of Telehealth and Telemedicine
A universal definition of telemedicine and telehealth is elusive. But it is possible to envision an inclusive concept of telemedicine and telehealth based on the varying definitions espoused by federal agencies and industry.

5 Reasons Your Doctor Should Use Electronic Prescribing
There are many reasons to use electronic prescriptions over paper. Learn how you can benefit if your doctor uses electronic prescribing.

Health Technology for Your Pet
Health conscious pet owners are now able to apply the principles of health technology to benefit their pets well-being.

Improving the Patient Experience with Health Technology
Health technology and digital health is increasing the quality and safety of health interventions, as well as improving doctor-patient communication.

Minimize Sedentary Behavior With Activity Trackers
Even if you exercise regularly, sitting for too long increases the risk for type 2 diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and early death.

The Benefits of Condition-Specific Wearables
Innovators are now developing medical-grade wearables, with an emphasis on tracking health conditions like diabetes, Parkinson's, and heart disease.

When Electronic Health Records Tell Only Part of the Story
Electronic health records often don't share information, leading to duplicate testing and delays in care

5 Ways a Patient Portal Can Improve Your Health Care Experience
Learn why you need an interactive portal connected to your health records and health care provider.

Pitfalls of Copy-Paste in Electronic Health Records
While copy-paste may increase efficiency, the benefits need to be weighed against the potential for creating inaccurate and unnecessarily lengthy documentation in the electronic health record.Sources:

Improving the Usability of Electronic Health Records
Eight priorities for improving the usability of EHRs, according to the American Medical Association.

Health Technology for Diabetes Self-Management
Technology for health eating, physical activity, monitoring blood glucose, and other self-management skills for diabetes.

Latest Ways Biomaterials are Being Used in Health Care
Different types of biomaterials are becoming important in many therapeutic and diagnostic procedures. The research in this field is growing rapidly.

Wellness Moves Beyond Steps
Businesses are increasingly recognizing the holistic nature of employee health and that workplace wellness transcends simply keeping employees active.

Who Should Ensure the Quality and Safety of mHealth Technology?
Given the potential for defective mHealth technology to compromise patient safety, it is important to consider which organization(s) should be expected to regulate mHealth products.

Which Mobile Health Apps are not Considered Medical Devices by the FDA?
Mobile apps described here are not regulated by the FDA because they are not considered medical devices.

Is the Leaky Pipeline for Women in STEM being Fixed?
In STEM, the pipeline of upcoming talent shows a distinct lack of women. Efforts are put into place to encourage women in science, technology and math

Top 5 Health Technology Moonshots
Health Technology moonshots involve groundbreaking solutions to the world's most pressing problems using science & technology to battle the impossible

5 Ways Your Baby Can Use Health Technology
Knowing your baby is well and happy just by checking your smartphone can be reassuring to some, especially new parents who lack experience.

Heuristics Applied to Electronic Health Records
Jakob Nielsen's 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design are readily applicable to electronic health records.

5 Ways Health Tech is Helping People Deal with Pain
New digital health technologies now exist that can help relieve chronic pain as well as offer those dependent on pain medication some hope & respite.

Is Heart Rate Variability Really a Useful Metric?
Heart rate variability (HRV) is a promising quantitative biomarker that tells us about the functioning of our autonomic nervous system.

4 Ways to Track Your Personal Health Information on Your Phone
Learn how to use your phone to capture and store your vital health information.

Health Technology, Gamification, and Game Mechanics
Gamification takes advantage of the basic human desire to win and is being used in digital health to help people change their unhealthy behaviors.

Take Advantage of Mobile Apps that Monitor Your Health
New digital health technology offers hope that individuals can become more connected, making the health data they collect more valuable and useful.

Dangers of Defective Mobile Health Apps and Devices
Defective mHealth apps and devices could lead to serious consequences.

5 Great Online Communities for Patients with Medical Conditions
New forms of digital communication, such as social media, have had a major influence on the way we understand many health conditions.

Comparing CT and MRI
Learn about how CT and MRI differ in technology, availability, and suitability for diagnosing specific health problems.

10 Benefits of Online Health Communities
Online health communities offer unique benefits for those people coping with health issues.

Traumatic Brain Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
A lot of resources are being invested into developing more advanced digital health technologies in brain injury treatment and rehabilitation.

Digital Health has a Gender Problem
In many cases digital health completely overlooks the feminine perspective, limiting the scope and utility of health technology for women.

Autoimmune Disease Treatment Through Health Technology
Medical treatments for autoimmune conditions currently rely on drugs that may have unwanted side effects. Advances in health technology could help.

Expressions of the Fundamental Theorem of Biomedical Informatics
Whether the theorem holds true in a given scenario can be empirically tested with randomized controlled trials and other studies.

How Digital Health is Being Successfully Used in Developing Countries
Most of the world now has access to cellphones. There is considerable potential to use this technology in a purposeful way to increase global health.

Health Goals: How Digital Devices Correlate Your Data
The limited utility of wearables might soon be superseded by software that will correlate our health data and actually make it useful and actionable.

Health Technology for Better Self-Management
New health technology is becoming an important aspect of chronic disease management and is allowing patients to have more control over their health.

The Future of Digital Health Technology for Kids
Kids now grow up using mobile technologies, so digital health is not shying away from reaching out to the younger generation.

4 Ways Your Smartphone Is Now a Medical Device
The “medicalized smartphone” is becoming a full-fledged medical diagnostic tool that can be easily used anywhere in the world.

Population Health Management Case Study: Kaiser Permanente
This case study reviews how Kaiser Permanente Southern California conducts electronic surveillance of health information to identify opportunities to improve the quality of outpatient health care.

Sources of Big Data in Health Care
Big data for health care comes from clinical information systems, public records, social media, mobile devices, and other sources.

The Secure, Fast Way Health Care Providers Exchange Your Info
Health Information Exchange allows health care providers and patients to access health information at the right time, in the right place.

How Mental Health Has Gone Digital
Better technology is needed to provide effective mental health care to millions currently being under-served. Fortunately, progress is being made.

Five Up and Coming Health Technologies
New digital health technology is transforming health care across different health-care settings and sometimes is reimbursable by insurers.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Organs-on-a-Chip Technology Is Changing Medical Research
New organs-on-a-chip technology could potentially speed up clinical drug trials, as well as replace the need to test new drugs with animals.

How Health Technology is Improving Physical Rehabilitation
Physical rehabilitation is generally a hands-on practice, but new health technologies are augmenting the methods of physical therapy interventions.

5 Trackers for People who Enjoy Extreme Sports
Up until recently, those interested in extreme sports did not have an activity tracking device to meet their needs. Now there are several options.

5 Ways You Probably Did Not Know Health Technology Was Getting Used
Health devices and apps are being used to track, monitor and manage literally all areas of our life from sleep and eating habits to sex and fertility.

The Latest on Health Technology and Cancer Treatments
Scientists have been making significant progress recently regarding treating cancer & new health technology is being developed to fight this disease.

The Potential of Drones Providing Health Services
Various new health applications for drones are being considered from carrying disaster relief aid to transporting transplant organs and blood samples.

Using Marketing Technology to Improve Digital Health
The health care industry is benefiting from the evolution of marketing technology, potentially revolutionizing the way patients are serviced.

A Few Ways Health Tech is Transforming Our Health Care
Patients & clinicians utilizing new opportunities for patient care and engagement using health technology will see early benefit from these advances.

ResearchKit is Being Used in Breakthrough Studies
With Apple ResearchKit, people have been enabled to create apps that collect data on various aspects of human health and development in a novel way.

The Evolution of the Disposable Wearable
A digital health wearable patch presents a potentially more economical & comfortable alternative to the plethora of activity trackers available today.

Will the Tricorder Soon Become a Medical Reality?
It the future, we may see a digital health device that's a suitable replacement for one's annual medical checkup, something like a Tricorder.

Using Digital Technology to Track Activity Beyond Steps
Step-tracking had been the prevailing method of tracking activity, but now there are apps for tracking everything from yoga to stationary cardio.

Becoming Superhuman through Health Technology
In the foreseeable future digital technology could give us the opportunity to enhance our skills and senses in ways that make us super human.

Using the Human Microbiome to Treat Common Diseases
Healthy microbiome can have protective functions in humans, but imbalances have been linked to various diseases including IBD and metabolic disorders.

The Latest on Nanotechnology and Nano-Sized Drones
An important area of progress in nanotechnology is the development of nanoparticles that can carry medication and target specific cells or tissues.

The Latest on Different Types of Cryotherapies
Treating injury with cold is a widely accepted therapy in both rehabilitation as well as medicine, and new modalities of cryotherapy continue to grow.

Will Computers Soon be Better at Health Care than Humans?
How long before a computer can outperform human-directed health-care interventions & when will humans be willing to trust a non-human to treat them?

Digital Health and Palliative Care
Digital health technology now offers some solutions that could improve the quality of end-of-life, palliative care.

Five TED Talks about Health Technology
As health technology & innovation continue to prosper, some great thought leaders have emerged on TED. Here are five great examples of that.

How Ingestibles and Nanotechnology Are Changing Medicine
Ingestibles and nanotechnology are quickly expanding their usefulness in almost all areas of medicine and are becoming increasingly more common.

Improving Oral Health with the Latest in Health Innovation
Oral health is more important and goes beyond having a set of clean, shiny teeth. A new breathometer that measures a user’s breath quality might help.

The Rise of Internet-Driven Behavioral Health Treatments
Many people who experience mental health issues do not receive treatment; however, access may be improving through the use of digital technology.

The Growing Importance of Health Data Interoperability
Receiving and sharing patients’ data are vital for good quality, effective care - especially when it comes to patients with co-existing conditions.

The Emerging Smart Clothing Market
Digital health wearables are all around us today; however, having technology integrated with everyday apparel is still uncommon.

How Mobility is Changing Digital Health
Wearable technology wirelessly transmitting data and enabling a whole new health and wellness experience is becoming the norm.

The Era of Pervasive Neurotechnology
Pervasive neurotechnology is a growing area of neuroscience and these cognitive digital tools are becoming more accessible to the general public.

Augmented Reality and Health: From Text Reading to Events Playback
The use of augmented reality in health care has expanded recently and has established itself as a valuable digital health tool.

Doctors Have a Digital Health Problem
Rapid advancements in digital health technology meant to complement the existing health-care system can sometimes exacerbate the problem for doctors.

Top Conferences for Those Interested in Health Technology
If you want to stay up-to-date with health technology and its best-practices, as well as socialize and network, there are many great events to attend.

Top Investor Firms in Health Technology
Health technology is becoming one of the prime investment categories for investors in startup companies, surpassed $2 billion in the first half of 2015.

Moving from Population Medicine to Personalized Medicine
Health-care systems still generally operate as a one-size-fits-all model, where personalized medicine advocates the customization of health care.

Aging in Place with Digital Health Technology
These days there are numerous gadgets, digital tools and communication devices available to help manage the risks associated with senior living.

Learning and Saving Lives through Health Literacy
Health literacy — the ability to obtain, process and use health-care information — is becoming more accessible through innovative mobile platforms.

Crowdsourcing CPR? Scaling the Good Samaritan
These days we crowdsource everything from product reviews to earthquake detection, so why not crowdsource CPR?

Interoperable and Portable Electronic Medical Records
Although the advancement of EMRs is increasing, there are still several hurdles to overcome and the implementation of EMRs has received criticism.

Are Robots Going to Look After You When You Get Old?
Elderly care may soon be outsourced to robots to alleviate the scarcity of human caregivers & provide a safer and healthier life for those in need.


Outsourcing Medical Expertise to the Internet
Some look for current health expertise on the Internet because it takes an average of 17 years for research evidence to reach clinical practice.

When Health Technology Fails Us
The Web makes health-related information almost universally accessible, but Googling your medical symptoms does not necessarily end in a resolution.

Can Health Technology Save Health Care?
The ubiquity of smartphones has made health data more accessible to patients and their families, as well as in some cases increasing treatment options.

The Convergence of Big Data and Health Technology
At the 2015 Health Datapalooza attendees expressed there's great benefit for both patients & providers in making health data more widely accessible.

The Most Accurate Devices for Counting Steps
A research study compared the accuracy of 10 apps and devices for counting steps.

Inhaled Insulin is Here Again. Will it Stick Around?
The first inhaled insulin came and went. Does Afrezza have what it takes to change how diabetes is treated?

Whole Body Imaging for Health Screening
Learn about the usefulness of a whole body CT or MRI for health screening.

Characteristics of a Good Health Screening Test
Technical accuracy is necessary but not sufficient for a screening test.

A Framework for Evaluating the Risk of mHealth and Mobile Medical Apps
Thomas Lewis and Jeremy Wyatt describe four categories of risk for mHealth and mobile medical apps.

Wearable and Portable Sensors for Personal Telehealth
Track and transmit your health information with these devices.

Remote Monitoring of Personal Telehealth Data
Learn about the people, organizations, and systems that could receive health data sent from your personal devices.

6 Ways That Big Data Could Transform Health Care
Big data approaches could transform health care by reducing costs, predicting declines in health status, and tailoring treatments.

Bill of rights (and responsibilities) for EHR users
EHR experts outline 10 essential rights and responsibilities of EHR users, such as uninterrupted access, complete data, and ability to override alerts.

Biomedical Informatics: Not Just About Computers
Biomedical informatics (BMI) is an evolving, interdisciplinary field with diverse roots and applications.

Electronic Health Records 101
Electronic health records store data and support other health care functions

Can a Patient Portal Improve Adherence to Medications?
Observational study investigated whether patients who use the patient portal to request medication refills took their cholesterol medications (statins) more consistently than those who didn’t use the portal for refills.

Copy-Paste and Fraudulent Medical Billing
Inappropriate use of the copy-paste function in the electronic health record can lead to over-documentation and fraudulent billing.

Reimbursement for Telemedicine Under Medicare
Medicare reimburses for select telemedicine services if criteria are met for location of the patient; location & qualification of the health care provider; & mode of communication.

Operational Modes of Telemedicine
There are three major operational modes of telemedicine: store-and-forward, remote monitoring, and interactive telemedicine.

Patient Registries 101
Purpose, populations, format, scope, and data elements of patient registries

Interoperability in Health Information Exchange
Health information interoperability refers to the ability of health information systems to connect with other systems to share, interpret, and present clinical data so that the users can understand the data.

Tools for Population Health Management
Health information tools facilitate proactive health care for patient populations

8 Keys to Understanding a Patient Registry
Know your users, define your data to understand a patient registry

Do Online Ratings of Doctors Matter?
A recent study examine whether online reviews of doctors are related to the quality of care you would expect to receive from them.

How to Choose a Home Blood Pressure Monitor
Learn how to choose and use an accurate, reliable monitor to track your blood pressure at home.

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