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10 Most Common Mistakes in Herb Gardening
The top 10 most common mistakes in herb gardening and how to avoid them.

16 Herbs For Fish
Herbs used to season fish and seafood dishes.

16 Herbs For Fish
Herbs used to season fish and seafood dishes.

5 Herbs For Smoking
Herbs have long been used in smoking mixtures for pleasure and healing. These herbs are used in a basic smoking mixture, to replace cigarettes. Even one substituted herbal smoke, means one less cigarette.

Garden Maintenance
Part of the healthiest garden possible is maintaining a good gardening environment. There are things to do every season that will help keep all your plants in the best shape possible. Here are some things that can be done for every season of the year.

Fertilizer For Your Garden
Adding fertilizer is an ongoing process for any size herb garden. Here are some ideas for compost, vermiculture and green manure crops to name just a few. If you need to improve your soil, you have come to the right place!

Indoor Gardening
There are a great number of ways to grow herbs indoors. From a small windowsill garden to hydroponic herbal gardening, you will find many ideas and resources here.

Garden Maintenance By Season
Here you will find tips for each of the seasons. Your garden has different needs, depending on what time of year it is. Simply match up the season in your area with the article to match it and you will be well on your way to a fabulous herbal garden.

How to Decide on Your Type of Herb Garden
What type of herb garden or are you? Let's take a look at what you want out of your garden so that you can decide what you're going to put into it.

How to Create Amazing Potting Soil for a More Beautiful Garden
Make your own potting soil mix. It will save you money and you can control the ingredients. Fall is the perfect time to make your supply for next year.

Fencing For Herb Gardens
There are many types of fencing to consider. If you know what is bothering your garden, you can choose the right fencing to deter the problem.

5 Herbs For A Butterfly Garden
These five herbs attract butterflies to the garden in addition to being great for cooking.

Popular Indoor Garden Kit Reviews
What are the top 5 indoor herb garden kits?

Bee Balm To Attract Bees and Birds To Your Garden
Bee balm is a stunning herb, that will be a striking focal point for your garden. It also tastes wonderful in tea and has medicinal benefits. Truly a multipurpose herb, bee balm is a must have.

4 Herbal Trees and Their Medicinal Uses
4 Herbal trees and their uses

What Are Nettles? - Tonic Herb Gardening
The nettle is a medicinal powerhouse of nutrients. Nettles should be reconsidered as a healthy addition to your cooking and herbal medicine chest.

Herbs Commonly Used in Russian Cooking
What herbs are used in traditional Russian foods?

Vertical-Growing Herbal Vines
Herbs that grow as vines, for your herbal landscape.

Understanding Green Manure (Cover Crop)
Green manures are a great way to add organic nutrients to your soil. Here is how to choose and plant green manure for your garden.


Herbal Gardening Designs
There are as many styles and types of herbal gardens as their are gardeners. Looking at historical and themed gardens can help you own creativity. Take a look at some wonderful herbal gardening ideas.

Types of Herbs
It can seem overwhelming when looking at all the herbs there are to choose from to grow. A simple way to narrow them down is to categorize the herbs based on their uses. Culinary, medicinal and ornamental herbs all have their place in herb gardens.

Tips For Perfect Herbal Hanging Baskets
Tips for creating perfect herbal hanging baskets, what herbs to grow in a hanging basket.

Herb Gardening for culinary and medicinal use.
Learn how to grow and use medicinal and culinary herbs. Create home remedies and recipes. How to preserve what you grow. Real life tips and advice.

How To Grow and Use Elecampane
How to grow and use the herb Elecampane.

Winter Herb Gardening
What to do during the winter, in the herb garden.

How To Grow an Indoor Herb Garden
How to grow herbs inside the home as well as you do outside

Container Gardening
Growing a garden in containers is a great idea for many reasons. Here are ideas for containers, herbs that grow well in them and other information specifically for container growing.

Raised Bed Herb Gardening
Herbal gardening in raised beds is a great way to ensure a healthy herb. Find out ways to create your raised beds, special considerations when choosing the right location, soil and plants. You can also find out how to make the most of any size raised bed. If you want to make a raised bed herb garden, this is the place to find out how!

5 Compelling Reasons To Start Your Herb Garden NOW
Early spring herb gardens make sense for many reasons. Find out why you should be starting your herb garden long before the garden weather is here.

Preserving The Herbs Your Grow
Growing herbs is one thing, preserving them is the perfect way to enjoy your hard work all year round. Here are tips and ideas for drying, freezing, seed storage and wintering over your precious herbs. It is easier than you think!

Growing Herbs For Profit
Growing herbs for profit means knowing your market, realistic goals and being creative with what skills you have.

Herbal Crafts and Gifts for Herb Lovers
Here are ideas for herbal gift giving for everyone on your list. From herbal teas to rubs and spicy herb seasoning, you can grow and create these delicious ideas. Not into culinary herbs? How about making an herbal eye pillow for restful dreams or a scented hot pad.No matter what your idea of the perfect herbal craft is, you will be sure to find it here.

5 Best Herbs For Spring Pea Recipes
5 Herbs season spring pea recipes. Grow these herbs and have them handy for early spring gardening season. Your peas will thank you!

Christmas Ornaments With Herbs
Make Christmas ornaments for decoration and gifts. These herbal Christmas balls are easy to make and smell beautiful.

Best Herb Dehydrator Ever
Of all my gadgets, my food dehydrator is in the top three. I believe it was the best gift I ever received for Christmas.

6 Best Herbs to Grow for Mexican Cooking
If you want to kick up your Mexican night, try growing these 6 herbs and put a little kick in your Latino Cooking!

Herbs Used To Season Asparagus Dishes
If you love early spring asparagus from the garden, try cooking it with these herbs that are especially nice with this vegetable.

Herbs For Smoking
Trying to quit smoking cigarettes can be made a little easier if you wean yourself off the nicotine addiction with these herbs for smoking.

Herbs Used To Season Onion Dishes
Herbs that are used to flavor onions. These herbs make your homegrown onions taste even better!

5 Culinary Herbs To Flavor Your Beef Dishes
Culinary herbs are a popular reason to have an herbal garden. Find out what culinary herbs work best with beef recipes.

5 Places to Buy Herbs Online - Herb Gardens
There are many herbal sites online to buy herbs from, here are just a few.

How to Plant a Kitchen Herb Garden: Tips and Guidelines
How to plant a kitchen herb garden to have fresh, homegrown herbs for your cooking and medicinal needs.

Are Sunflowers Poisonous
Are sunflowers poisonous? Dispelling the myth that any part of this lovely herb are dangerous. How to use all parts of the plant, and how to grow them

Ethical Wildcrafting
The art of ethical wildcrafting. Herb Gardens.

Dill for herbal soap making. Herb Gardens.

Rosemary in soap making
Rosemary in soap making. Herb Gardens.

Use calendula in your soap recipe

lavender in your soap recipe. Herb Gardens.

Herbs to Add to Your Soap Recipes
Herbs for homemade soaps. Herb Gardens.

Use mint in the soap recipe of your choice.

Naturally Sweet Herbs
Use naturally sweet herbs instead of unhealthy sugars to enhance your recipes. These herbs taste naturally sweet.

Herbs For Soaps
Herbs for making homemade soaps. 5 best herbs for soapmaking

5 Herbs For Sleep Pillows
Herbs to combine for a sleep pillow.

Make Your Own Sore Muscle Rub Salve
A good old fashioned muscle rub includes many common herbs.

4 Best Herb ID Books
What books are the best for identifying herbs. These books all have clear photographs, wonderful descriptions, and are very accurate.

5 More Herbs For Smoking Mixtures
More herbs for an herbal smoking mixture

Herbal Magazines
Herbal magazines that will teach, and enhance the herbal experience.

5 Ways To Protect Your Herbs Gardens From Extreme Heat And Drought
Here are 5 ways to protect the herb garden from extreme heat and drought conditions.

Herbs to Season Venison Dishes
Herbs used to season venison and other wild game dishes.

Herbs For A Tea Garden
Herb design for creating a tea garden.

The Allure and Historical Significance of The Rose
Rose Expert, Chris VanCleave, shares his thoughts on the allure and historical sense of roses.

10 Best Herbs For A Drought
During a drought, some herbs do better than others. Find 10 herbs that do very well during a drought.

How To Dry All Parts Of An Herb
The most common way to preserve herbs is to dry them. Here are some tips on how to dry the herbal harvest.

All About Plant Pots
All about pot sizes, textures, materials and shapes. Find out what plants grow best in what type of pots

5 Warming Herbs For Winter
Warming herbs for winter. These herbs all help warm you from the inside out. Used combined or singly, they are all simple to find and inexpensive.

Notable Native Herb of 2013: Bergamot
Herb Society of America, Notable Native Herb for 2013: Bergamot

How To Prune Herbs
How to prune herbs to promote the healthiest growth.

5 Best Herbs For Cold And Flu Season
5 best herbs for making plant medicine during cold and flu season.

Signs That My Herbs Need To Be Transplanted
What are the signs that my herbs need to be transplanted?

David Austin English Roses for 2014
David Austin Roses, UK. A new selection of roses for 2014

Top 10 Gifts For Herb Lovers
Top 10 gifts for herb lovers

Worm Bins 101
All about vermiculture, or the art of composting with worms.

How To Grow And Use Horseradish
How to grow and use horseradish from the garden

Cut Through Roots To Gently Lift Plant
Cut through roots to gently lift plant from ground.

Oregano Ready For Windowsill Pot
A healthy piece of oregano, ready to pot.

New Oregano Plant For Indoor Gardening
Finished oregano plant, ready for growing indoors.

Cut Roots As Cleanly As Possible
Cutting roots cleanly, allows for a healthier herb transplant.

Divide A Full Clump To Cut Away
Find the fullest section that you can, in order to provide the healthiest plant. See how this section is full, with healthy stems and plenty of leaves?

How to Make Your Own Compost - A Guide
How to make your own compost and how to make your own compost bin. Making compost is easy to do and requires very little effort. Here is how to get started.

How to Mulch an Herb Garden
How to mulch an herb garden is important for any size garden. Here is how to mulch an herb garden for the healthiest herbs.

How To Make Your Own Herb Tea Blends
Learn how to make your own herb tea blends.

Herbal Terms A Through D
Herbal terms beginning with A through D.

Herb Gardening Blogs
Blogs are the fastest growing way for herb gardeners to connect on the web. Here are some of my favorites. Feel free to send me your favorite herbal blog links!

Culinary Herbs
Cooking with herbs is a great way to enjoy them! Here are some delicious herbs that are easy to grow. You will also find some herbal recipes in case you need some new ideas for your herbal bounty.

Herbal Terms E Through H
Herbal terms beginning with E through H.

Gardening Glosary
A glossary of gardening and herbal terms.

Herbal Book Reviews
One of the most popular places to learn about herbal gardening is through books. A good herbal book is worth it's weight in gold. Let's find out which books are worth buying.

Herbal Recipes
The best things about growing herbs is knowing how to make delicious things with them! Here you will find herb teas, dry rubs and many more ways to use your herbal bounty!

Herbal Terms Beginning With I Through L
Herbal terms beginning with the letters I through L.

Medicinal Herbs
Healing with herbs is an old tradition that most of us are aware of but not all of us use. Here you will find some gentle herbs that can take the sting out of simple bug bites or soothe a aching stomach. Easy to grow, these herbs will be well worth the effort.

Herbal terms beginning with the letters M through P
Herbal terms beginning with the letters M through P

Ornamental Herbs
Sometimes you just want a beautiful herbal plant to enjoy it's beauty. Here are a list of herbs that can be grown simply to landscape your home.

Product Reviews
Here are books, supplies and software that will make your gardening easier. No herbal gardener ever has enough information at their fingertips. You will find both tried and true things as well as the latest publications for great herbal gardening ideas.

Herbal Glossary Terms Q Through T
Herbal glossary terms. Herb Gardens.

Glossary words U through Z
Herb glossary words U through Z. Herb Gardens.

Rose Gardening and Care
Growing roses can be one of the most rewarding gardening experiences. The scent will fill a room and their beauty is legendary. You can have beautiful roses for cutting, potpourri and even use the rosehips in many delicious ways. Find many ways to keep your rose bushes looking their best right here!

Troubleshooting Garden Problems
Every gardener needs to know what to do when things go wrong. There are often easy to use solutions. Here you will find help solving disease issues and pest identification. Your germination problems usually have simple answers too. This is the first place to turn for all your herb gardening troubles.

Grow a Complete Herb Garden in One Day
How to grow a quick and easy herb garden from scratch. Grow your herb garden in a day.

Why Can't I Grow Basil?
Why isn't basil growing well in my garden? Here are the three reasons that you may not grow a good bed of basil.

Five Best Perennial Herbs for Your Garden
Perennial herbs are a great way to add beauty to your landscaping. Here are my 5 best perennial herbs for any herb gardener to grow.

What Is Caraway?
All about the herb caraway. Herb Gardens.

The Herb Foot Bath
Herbs to soothe tired and aching feet.

10 Great Culinary Herbs To Start Your Garden
With so many wonderful herbs to plant, it is hard to choose which to start with. Here are 10 great culinary herbs to get your garden started!

10 Herbs That Harm Their Neighbors
Although it is commonly known about using herbs as companion plants, what you may not know, is that many herbal combinations can actually harm one of the plants in the group. See what herbs should avoid being neighbors.

How To Grow Ginger Indoors
Ginger is a spicy, delicious herb used for many dishes. You may always buy your ginger from the grocer, and never consider growing it youself. Did you know, you can easily grow your own ginger indoors. Find out how to grow your own ginger in your home.

Eucalyptus Uses and Growing Techniques
How to grow and use the herb Eucalyptus

How To Transplant Rosemary
transplant rosemary into your indoor garden with a few easy steps.

Choose a healthy rosemary plant
choosing a healthy specimen. Herb Gardens.

Clear Away Mulch
Clearing away the mulch from the herb.

Press Spade Into Earth
Press spade into earth as far away from the herb as the width of the widest foliage.

Continue Loosening Soil
loosening soil around rosemary herb to ensure enough soil is removed.

Lift Rosemary With Rootball From The Ground
Lift entire rosemary plant with rootball from the ground.

Place Rosemary In Bucket To Move Safely
Place rosemary in bucket to move safely without losing as much soil.

How to Grow and Use Motherwort
Motherwort has a rich history of use by women, especially after childbirth.

All About Burdock - Gardening Herbs
Burdock is a useful and nourishing herb for any herb garden. Get to know burdock and all its uses here.

The Common Questions About Herb Gardening
Questions and answers to the most common herb garden questions.

5 Tips For Growing Your First Herb Garden
How to grow your first herb garden. 5 tips for the easiest herb garden you have ever grown.

How to Dry Rose Petals for Teas and Crafts
How to harvest and preserve rose petals for herbal products.

Five Best Herbs for Container Gardening
For small space gardeners, herbs love to be grown in containers! Here are my choices for the 5 best herbs to grow in containers.

Sunflower - Helianthus annuus
The sunflower is a widely recognized flower, loved for its cheery color and ease of growth. Sunflower is lesser known for its remarkable attributes.

What Can You Sell From Your Herb Garden
Making money with herbs from your herb garden, takes creative planning. You do not need a large area to grow them either. A small container garden of herbs, mixed with some ideas for sales, can equal a nice income. Find out more here.

Five Best Herbs for a Medicinal Herb Garden
There are many herbs that offer healing abilities. If you are interested in learning more about herbs used to heal, here is my list of the top 5 herbs for a medicinal herb garden.

5 Classic Herbal Healing Books
5 Must have books for learning about herbal healing.

Herb Gardens
Herb Gardens.

Herbs for Facial Masks
An herbal facial mask draws impurities to the surface of the skin. Adding herbs just makes the entire experience better.

Herb Gardens
Herb Gardens.

Herb Gardens
Herb Gardens.

Herb Gardens
Herb Gardens.

Herb Gardens
Herb Gardens.

Herb Gardens
Herb Gardens.

Herb Gardens
Herb Gardens.

Herb Gardens
Herb Gardens.

Herb Gardens
Herb Gardens.

Herb Gardens
Herb Gardens.

Herb Gardens
Herb Gardens.

Herbs for a Facial Steam
Herbs can be used to create an herbal facial steam. Use a facial steam to open your pores and moisturize your skin.

Herb Gardens
Herb Gardens.

Herb Gardens
Herb Gardens.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

How To Start An Herb Garden
Here is how to start an herb garden from scratch.

Herbal Head Lice Preventives and Remedies
Here are a list of Herbs for head lice. These can be made into simple remedies to combat head lice infestation. Use any Essential oils with caution. They are grossy abused and misused these days.

Summer and Winter Savory - Herb Gardens
Savory includes the annual summer savory and the perennial winter savory. Find out about its USDA hardiness zone, harvest, and uses in food and medicine.

How To Keep My Rosemary Christmas Tree Alive
How to care for the rosemary topiary that you received as a Christmas gift. Grow your rosemary indoors. Tips and tricks for growing rosemary all winter

Herbs for Marinades
Cooking with herbs doesn't have to be cmplicated. Try marinating your favorite meats and create a wide range of recipes from the same ingredients. I love these herbs for marinades. Check them out!

Herbs for Venison
A strong meat like venison needs strongly flavored herbs to compliment it. I like these aromatics that can hold their own with a winter roast of venison. Keep them on hand and experiment with combinations to make your wild game taste elegant.

Herbs for Warming Winter Soups
Many herbs are perfect for the heavier soups and stews of winter. Here is a list of my favorites. Many can be grown indoors!

How to Control Whiteflies in Your Greenhouse
Whiteflies in the greenhouse can ruin the entire crop. Save time and money by reducing and removing this common greenhouse pest.

Awesome Winter Mulches For The Best Spring Garden
Mulching is one of the most important steps for any gardener. Learn what makes the best mulch and how to use it properly.

Why You Should Make Your Own Herbal Remedies
Make your own herbal remedies because you understand the herbs that live where you do. Take the time to learn your local plants and make amazing herbal remedies.

Anise - What is Anise?
Anise is a lovely herb, both in plant and taste. Licorice like in taste, it has a rich history in both usefulness and lore

Herb Garden Safety
When growing edible plants, there are a few precautions necessary for a good outcome. Here are some things to avoid.

What Is Stevia?
Stevia has long been used as a replacement for sugar. It is extremely sweet - up to 300 times as sweet as table sugar, and has a light licorice aftertaste in its raw form.

5 Must Have Items For A Worm Bin
Make your own fertilizer, and keep your indoor gardens growing beautifully with your own organic ingredients. Make a worm bin that fits under your kitchen sink! Here are 5 must have items to make your own worm bin.

How To Grow An Indoor Medicinal Herb Garden
Medicinal herbs have a place both indoors and out. Learn how to grow an indoor herb garden, full of medicinal herbs for your family!

10 Herbs To Flavor Liqueurs
How to make personalized holiday liqueurs, with these flavorful herbs.

How To Make Your Own Newspaper Seed Pot
Here is a cheap and easy way to make your own seed pots out of newspaper. Save time and money by growing your entire garden from seed. These pots make it easy.

Soil Moist For Drought Gardens Can Save Your Herbs
Water crystals are the perfect way to keep the proper moisture content in a container garden. These crystals, absorb a tremendous amount of water, releasing it as the soil around them dries out.

Are Your Herb Seeds Still Good? Find Out Here
Before starting herb seeds it is important to check the viability of your seeds. Here is an easy way to see what percentage of your seeds will grow.

Herbal Uses of California poppy
How to grow and use California Poppy

What Fertilizer Is Best For Herbs
What fertilizers are best for herb growth

5 Fall Tips That Rock Your Spring Garden
If it's fall, then you have some garden chores that will give you the most amazing spring garden. Try to work some of these tips into your fall outdoor work.

How to Reuse Your Potting Soil Like A Rockstar
How to reuse potting soil like a dirty rockstar, and save money in the process. Follow these simple tips and Rock on!

Can I Grow an Herb Garden in the Winter?
If it's fall, can I still grow an herb garden? When is it too late to garden? Try some of these ideas to keep the garden season growing!

5 Lies About Herb Gardening You Should Know
What lies has your herb garden told you? Before you even think of starting to garden, be sure you know the truth about the job, err, I mean hobby.

Vermiculture Composting With Worms
Vermiculture is an easy way for herb gardeners to add rich nutrients to their gardens. It is a small enough system to fit under an apartment sink.

Hollyhock flowers make wonderful tea and they are easy to grow. Find out more about this common farmhouse flower and how to use it.

Sun Crystals Stevia Sweetener
Suncrystals stevia sweetener is a nice substitute for regular sugar. It is simply sugar and the stevia plant, combined. A clean taste and no chemical derivatives.

How To Make A Sleep Pillow
How to make an herbal sleep pillow

Make A Vinegar Tincture
How to make a tincture with vinegar instead of alcohol.

Garbling - What is Garbling
Garbling is the term used for hand stripping and preparing herbs for storage. Here is how and why to garble your herbal harvest.

How To Make Your Own Worm Bin
Making a worm bin is an easy and fun way to compost your kitchen scraps. A worm bin is perfect for a small apartment and indoor herb gardening because it takes up little room and produces no odor. Here is how to do it!

Repel Moths With Herbs
If you hate the smell and toxicity of traditional moth balls, try using herbs to repel moths. The scent is far better, and not full of dangerous chemicals.

Aqua Globes
Aqua globes product review. Should you buy one?

How To Make Herbal Hair Rinse
Herbal hair care is a gentle way to rinse and add shine to your hair. Herbs can help with many issues that we all face: dryness, dandruff, oily, grey hair. Try this easy to make herbal rinse.

Will I Bring Bugs in With My Herbs?
What do I have to look out for when bringing in my herb garden? Bugs, rodents, diseases that come in when your herbs do!

Grown a Winter Sown Herb Garden
How to winter sow an herb garden. What is winter sowing, and how can it help me grow better herbs?

How to Prepare Herb Seeds For Planting
Techniques used to prepare herb seeds for germination

Top 5 Must Have Items for Making Herbal Remedies
When making herbal remedies, what are 10 essential items? Check out my list!

Measuring Cups
use measuring cups for herbal medicine making.

Jars and Bottles
Jars and bottles for herbal remedies.

Coffee Grinder
Use a coffee grinder for making herbal medicine

Mortar and Pestle
Mortar and Pestle for herbal medicine making

How Can I Make My Own Herbal Remedies?
how can i make herbal remedies? Herb Gardens.

strainers for making herbal medicine.

What Is Dandelion and What Is It Used For?
Dandelion deserves a place of honor in any herb lover's garden. Every part of the plant is useful. It is well worth a closer look.

5 Fun Herb Garden Markers
Garden markers make herb id much easier, and add a fun twist to the garden.

5 Herbal Gifts For The Tea Lover
5 Best herbal teas to gift your herb loving friends.

Indoor Garden Supplies
What supplies do I need for an indoor garden?

Why Won't My Cilantro Grow?
What is wrong with my cilantro? Herb Gardens.

Drying Herbs From My Garden
How to dry herbs properly. Can I hang them from my kitchen ceiling?

Grow a Quick and Easy Kitchen Herb Garden
How to plant a kitchen herb garden. Quick and easy kitchen herb garden. Herb gardens for beginners

Herb Gardening for Beginners
Herb gardening for beginners. How to get started herb gardening. The beginner's guide to herb gardening

Lavender. Herb Gardens.

Rose. Herb Gardens.

nettles. Herb Gardens.

echinacea. Herb Gardens.

comfrey. Herb Gardens.

Herbal Powders Are Quick and Easy
Herbal powders for your herb cupboard

parsley. Herb Gardens.

Garlic. Herb Gardens.

Rosemary for compound butter
rosemary. Herb Gardens.

Chives. Herb Gardens.

thyme. Herb Gardens.

All About Compound Butter
compound butter. Herb Gardens.

burdock roots. Herb Gardens.

comfrey. Herb Gardens.

plantain. Herb Gardens.

calenduala. Herb Gardens.

Making Salve with these herbs
herbs for salves. Herb Gardens.

mullein for salves. Herb Gardens.

The Perfect Solution For Sore Muscles
Muscle rubs with herbs. Herb Gardens.

White Pine
white pine for muscle rubs. Herb Gardens.

Rosemary for muscle rubs. Herb Gardens.

Mint for muscle rubs. Herb Gardens.

ginger for muscle rubs. Herb Gardens.

thyme in the garden. Herb Gardens.

Water Bottle
water for the herb gardener. Herb Gardens.

Bags and Baskets
herb bag and baskets. Herb Gardens.

Boots for herb harvesting
boots for harvesting herbs. Herb Gardens.

Pruning Shears or Sharp Knife
pruning shears. Herb Gardens.

Plant ID Books
Plant id books. Herb Gardens.

What Do I Need To Harvest My Herbs?
Essential tools for harvesting herbs

calendula for soothing the eye. Herb Gardens.

Mint for soothing the eye area. Herb Gardens.

mallow for soothing the eye areas

chamomile for soothing the eye. Herb Gardens.

Fennel Seeds
Fennel seeds for soothing the eye area.

Can You Soothe the Eye Area With Herbs?
Soothing your tired eyes with herbs.

jasmine is a beautiful climbing herbal vine

Hops for climbing herbs. Herb Gardens.

Raspberry vines are gorgeous herbal climbing plants.

Climbing Herbal Vines
climbing herbal vines. Herb Gardens.

Fennel for hot infusions. Herb Gardens.

Yarrow for hot infusions. Herb Gardens.

Plantain for hot infusions. Herb Gardens.

mint for hot infusions. Herb Gardens.

Elderberry for hot infusions. Herb Gardens.

Dandelion Leaf
Dandelion for hot infusions. Herb Gardens.

Cleavers are great for herbal hot infusions.

Nettle for hot infusions. Herb Gardens.

Chamomile is great for a hot infusion.

Hot Infusions Herbs
cayenne for hot infusions. Herb Gardens.

Good Books on Vermiculture and Compost
Vermiculture and composting books

cornmeal feeds indoor worm bins.

The Right Worm
Buy the right worm for your bin. Herb Gardens.

What Is Worm Farming?
What is worm farming? Herb Gardens.

Feed Your Worms Right From the Kitchen
Feed your worms right from the kitchen

Find the Perfect Bin
find the perfect worm bin. Herb Gardens.

How to Grow and Use Coriander
Coriander is a double duty herb. Its seeds are known as coriander, and its leaves are known as cilantro. This flavorful herb is used in Latin cooking.

Herb Profile: Monkshood (Aconite)
All about the herb Monkshood(Aconite)

Choosing blooms
choosing the flowers and buds needed for the hollyhock dolls

Choose Plenty of Flowers
Hollyhock flowers. Herb Gardens.

Simple equipment for crafting hollyhock dolls
Equipment for making hollyhock dolls

Remove Stems Of Each Flower
Snipping off stems of each flower

making a hollyhock doll from a blossom
Creating a hole for the dolly head

Make A Hollyhock Dolly
Insert Hollyhock Bud For A Head. Herb Gardens.

A variety of hollyhock dolls
A variety of hollyhock dolls. Herb Gardens.

Kids Love Herbal Crafts
The finished product, and one happy kid!

Place Newspaper On Garden Area
Place a thick layer of wet newspaper on the area you are going to use as your garden.

Pile Garden Soil Onto Wet Newspaper
Place garden soil onto wet newspaper for a no till herb garden

Plant Herb Plants Into Soil
Plant herb plants into soil at even intervals

Mulching Is Important
Mulching your new herb bed is important for moisture retention.

Growing Basil Is Foolproof
Growing Basil is Super Easy. Herb Gardens.

Got Water? Grow Basil!
Got Water? You Can Grow Basil. Herb Gardens.

Basil Belongs in the Kitchen
Basil belongs in the kitchen. Herb Gardens.

Basil is the Herb of Love
Basil is the herb of love. Herb Gardens.

Basil Loves Your Other Plants
Basil is a great companion plant

Grow This Super Easy Herb
Grow The Easiest Herb Ever. Herb Gardens.

ginger tincture. Herb Gardens.

peppermint tincture. Herb Gardens.

A Non-Alcoholic Herbal Tincture
tincture with no alcohol. Herb Gardens.

Elderberries for tinctures. Herb Gardens.

Burdock Root
harvesting burdock root. Herb Gardens.

echinacea tincture. Herb Gardens.

chamomile for sleeping. Herb Gardens.

Lavender to help you sleep. Herb Gardens.

Lemon Verbena
lemon verbena to help you sleep. Herb Gardens.

valerian to help you sleep. Herb Gardens.

catnip for sleeping. Herb Gardens.

Can Herbs Help Me Sleep?
Can herbs help me sleep. Herb Gardens.

anise for sleeping. Herb Gardens.

dill for sleeping. Herb Gardens.

Designing A Drought Herb Garden
Herbs for drought friendly garden design

5 Reasons You Should Be Growing in Raised Beds
Raised Bed Gardening is perfect for every garden design.

What to Grow in an Herbal Tea Garden
herbal tea garden. Herb Gardens.

yarrow in the herbal tea garden. Herb Gardens.

Lemon Balm
lemon balm in the tea garden. Herb Gardens.

Red Raspberry Leaf
red raspberry leaf tea garden. Herb Gardens.

mint in the tea garden. Herb Gardens.

chamomile in the herb garden. Herb Gardens.

lavender in the herb garden. Herb Gardens.

catnip in the herbal tea garden. Herb Gardens.

stevia in the herbal tea garden. Herb Gardens.

Dill in the herbal tea garden. Herb Gardens.

Lemon Verbena
lemon verbena in the herb garden

5 Herbs That Need The Most Room in The Garden
Herbs that are huge for your landscape

Fennel in the garden. Herb Gardens.

Borage in the garden. Herb Gardens.

Russian Sage
Russian Sage in the garden. Herb Gardens.

Angelica in the garden. Herb Gardens.

comfrey in the herb garden. Herb Gardens.

Herbal Jelly
Herbal Jelly. Herb Gardens.

Herbal No Salt Blend
Herbal no salt blend. Herb Gardens.

Herbal Hard Candies
Herbal candies. Herb Gardens.

Herbal Hot Pad
Herbal hot pad. Herb Gardens.

Herbal Chai Mix
Herbal Chai Mix. Herb Gardens.

Herbal Vinegar
herbal vinegar. Herb Gardens.

Herbal Sugar
Herbal sugar. Herb Gardens.

Herbal Potpourri
Herbal potpourri. Herb Gardens.

Herbal Liqueurs
Herbal liqueurs. Herb Gardens.

Herbal Crafts For Giftgiving
Herbal crafts. Herb Gardens.

Herbal Body Powder
Herbal body powder. Herb Gardens.

Worm Composting Bin
Worm composting bin. Herb Gardens.

What Herb Supplies Do I Need?
herb garden supplies. Herb Gardens.

Herb Garden Themed Tools
Herb Gardens.

Herb Dehydrator
dehydrator. Herb Gardens.

Herb Grinder
herb grinder. Herb Gardens.

Watering Can
watering can. Herb Gardens.

Best Books For Making Herbals For the Family
Books for the family herbal. Herb Gardens.

Family Herbal by Rosemary Gladstar
The family herbal is a wonderful book

Naturally Healthy Babies and Children By Aviva Romm
Naturally Healthy Babies and Children

The Herbal Kitchen By Kami McBride and Rosemary Gladstar
The Herbal Kitchen. Herb Gardens.

Wise Woman Herbal For The Childbearing Year by Susun S. Weed
Wise woman herbal by susun s. weed

Dandelion Medicine by Brigitte Mars
dandelion medicine by brigitte mars

Aphid damage in the indoor herb garden

mealybugs in the herb garden. Herb Gardens.

Red Spider Mites
Red spider mites in the indoor herb garden

Indoor garden insects. Herb Gardens.

Scale damage indoor gardens. Herb Gardens.

What Insects Are Eating My Indoor Gardens?
Insects that attack the indoor garden

Lavender for herbal jelly. Herb Gardens.

Lemon Verbena
Lemon Verbena for herbal jelly. Herb Gardens.

Violet for herbal jelly. Herb Gardens.

Herbs in the Kitchen: Sweet Jelly
herbs in the kitchen: Sweet Jelly.

Lemon Balm
Lemon balm for herbal jelly. Herb Gardens.

calendula for herbal jelly. Herb Gardens.

nettles for allergies. Herb Gardens.

ginger for allergies. Herb Gardens.

yarrow for allergies. Herb Gardens.

Where to Buy Herbs for Allergies
Herbs for allergies. Herb Gardens.

cayenne for allergies. Herb Gardens.

catnip for allergies. Herb Gardens.

coriander for liqueurs. Herb Gardens.

Thyme for homemade liqueurs. Herb Gardens.

Violets for homemade liqueurs. Herb Gardens.

Fennel for homemade Liqueurs. Herb Gardens.

Hyssop for homemade Liqueurs. Herb Gardens.

mint for homemade liqueurs. Herb Gardens.

bergamot for liqueurs. Herb Gardens.

Caraway for liqueurs. Herb Gardens.

Top 10 Herbs to Flavor Homemade Liqueurs
Herbs for liqueurs. Herb Gardens.

Herbs for Liqueurs. Herb Gardens.

Anise for liqueurs. Herb Gardens.

Marjoram for the Mexican themed herb garden.

Mexican themed herb garden. Herb Gardens.

Thyme for a Mexican themed herb garden.

Herbs for a Mexican themed herb garden.

Mint for the Mexican themed herb garden.

Mexican themed herb garden. Herb Gardens.

Add Fresh Tasting Spice to Your Mexican Cooking
Mexican themed herb garden. Herb Gardens.

Appropriate Kitchen Scraps
Appropriate kitchen scraps will feed your worms.

Composting Book
Composting book is essential for vermiculture.

Cornmeal is the perfect snack for your worms.

Build a Worm Bin in 30 Minutes or Less
Worm bins. Herb Gardens.

The Perfect Bin
Make your own worm bin. Herb Gardens.

The Right Worms
Buy the right worms for your worm bin.

Sweet fennel for a child friendly herb garden.

Plant a Love of Gardening With These Child Friendly Herbs
Teach children to love gardening with these child friendly herbs.

Mint for a child friendly. Herb Gardens.

Chamomile for a child friendly herb garden.

Lemon Balm
Lemon balm for the child friendly herb garden.

Thyme for the child friendly herb garden.

Basil for the pizza themed herb garden.

Thyme for the pizza themed herb garden.

Oregano for the pizza themed herb garden.

Garlic chives for the pizza themed herb garden.

Sweet Marjoram
Sweet marjoram for a pizza themed herb garden.

Herb Gardens For Kids: Pizza Garden!
Herb gardening for kids. Grow a pizza garden

Plant These Trees For an Herbal Landscape
Herbal trees for your landscape design

Elder trees for your landscape. Herb Gardens.

Silver Burch
Silver Birch for your landscape design

Juniper trees for your landscape design.

White Pine
White Pine trees for your landscape design.

Herb Garden: Calendula, or Pot Marigold
This must-have herb, which is both beautiful and easy to grow, has a wide range of uses, from medicinal to soapmaking.

I Can't Grow Anything!
What herbs will survive my black thumb?

Chives can't be killed! Herb Gardens.

You can't kill cilantro. Herb Gardens.

Garden Sage
No one can kill garden sage. Herb Gardens.

No one can kill fennel! Herb Gardens.

You sure can't kill mint. Herb Gardens.

Do not plant garlic near beans or peas

Don not plant fennel near beans and peppers.

What Herbs Make Poor Neighbors?
These herbs don't like to play well with others

Do not plant wormwood near just about anything else.

Do not plant Anise with Carrots.

Do not plant chives with Beans or Peas.

Do not plant coriander near fennel.

Do not plant dill near carrots or tomatoes.

Do not plant rue near basil or sage.

Do not plant sage near onions in the garden.

Do not plant tansy near collard greens.

Dill for your tomato garden. Herb Gardens.

Basil in the tomato garden. Herb Gardens.

What is Companion Planting?
companion herbs for tomatoes. Herb Gardens.

Anise in the tomato garden. Herb Gardens.

Borage in the tomato garden. Herb Gardens.

Thyme in the tomato garden. Herb Gardens.

Catnip in the tomato garden. Herb Gardens.

Chives in the tomato garden. Herb Gardens.

Marigold in the tomato garden. Herb Gardens.

Mint in the tomato garden. Herb Gardens.

Sage in the tomato garden. Herb Gardens.

Herbs Can Repel Deer?
Can herbs repel deer? Herb Gardens.

Grow rosemary in a deer resistant herb garden.

Bee Balm
Grow all types of bee balm in a deer resistant herb garden.

Grow yarrow in a deer resistant herb garden

How About Mint?
Mint should be used with caution in a deer resistant herb garden.

Russian Sage
Grow Russian Sage in a deer resistant herb garden.

Grow lavender in a deer resistant herb garden

Dry Leaves Until Crisp
Dry sage leaves until crisp. Herb Gardens.

How to Make Hand Rubbed Sage Powder
Make hand rubbed sage at home. Herb Gardens.

Rub Sage Leaves Through Colander
Rub sage leaves through colander to make a light, fluffy powder.

Finished Hand Rubbed Sage Leaf Powder
Finished Hand Rubbed Sage Leaves

How To Make An Alcohol Tincture
Make your own echinacea tincture.

Grow Herbs In A Glass of Water
How to grow an herb garden in a glass

growing thyme in a water glass garden

What Herbs Can I Grow?
What herbs grow in water. Herb Gardens.

Mint in a water glass garden. Herb Gardens.

Lemon Balm
Lemon balm on the windowsill. Herb Gardens.

5 Herbals To Fight Off The Common Cold
5 Herbals to fight off the common cold.

Hot Herbal Tea
Herbal tea for the common cold. Herb Gardens.

Elderberry Anything
Elderberries for the common cold

Candied Ginger
candied ginger for the cold season.

Cold Tincture
herbal tinctures for the cold season.

Herbal Broth
Herbal Broth for the cold season.

How To Transplant Herbs Inside For Winter
How to bring herbs indoors after the summer season has ended.

The Earthwise Herbal - A Complete Guide to Old World Medicinal Plants
Matthew Wood is once again offering a must have book for anyone interested in what to do with their herbs. Fantastic resource for the beginner, Wood also offers much more in depth information for the more experienced herbalist.

What Is Sweet Marjoram?
Sweet marjoram is a full flavored herb, used in many Italian and Greek dishes. Sweet marjoram is a must have for a kitchen herb garden.

Designing A Butterfly Garden
Herbs can be grown to attract butterflies. Herbal blooms are colorful and fragrant, while bringing in beneficial butterflies and bees to your herb garden areas.

Design An Herb Garden
Design an herb garden using simple organization. Where you plant and how you plant, will be just as important as what you are going to plant in your herb garden.

Growing and Using Tea Tree (Melaleuca)
How to grow and use the Melaleuca, or Tea Tree.

Is Snow Killing My Herb Garden?
Is all the extra snow killing my herb gardens?

Oregon Grape
All about oregon grape. Herb Gardens.

What Herbs Will Help Me Relax?
What herbs will help me relax in my herb garden design?

valerian is a relaxing herb. Herb Gardens.

chamomile for relaxing. Herb Gardens.

Lemon Balm
lemon balm is a must have in the relaxing herb garden design

lavender can help you relax in the garden

Sweet Majoram
sweet marjoram is a relaxing scent in the garden

Herbal Tea
Herbal tea for the storm medicine chest.

Chamomile is important for the herbal medicine chest.

Lemon Balm
lemon balm for the herbal medicine chest.

What Should You Have in Your Emergency Herbal Medicine Chest
emergency herbal medicine chest. Herb Gardens.

Fire Tonic
fire cider for the herbal medicine chest.

lavender for the herbal medicine chest.

Elderberry Jelly
elderberry jelly is tasty! Herb Gardens.

Elderberry Wine
elderberry wine is so good. Herb Gardens.

Elderflower Fizz
elderflowers are so good! Herb Gardens.

Elderberry Syrup
elderberry syrup is a tasty herbal remedy

Elderberry Pie
elderberry pie is a delicious dessert.

Elderberries Are Awesome!
Elderberries are awesome. Herb Gardens.

Sage is a great perennial herb. Herb Gardens.

lavender is a great perennial herb.

Thyme is a wonderful perennial herb.

herb gardens can be perennials.

Echinacea is an herbal perennial

mint is a great perennial herb. Herb Gardens.

Nettles are a wild herb that grows in your yard!

What Herbs Grow Wild in Your Yard
what herbs grow wild in your yard?

Raspberry Bushes
red raspberry herbs for your yard

chickweed grows wild in your yard

Dandelion is a wild herb in your lawn.

Plantain is a wild herb in your lawn.

violets are a wild herbal flower that grows in your lawn.

Yarrow is a wild herb that grows in your yard!

burdock grows wild in your yard.

What Is Plantain Used For?
Plantain is a common herb that has many surprising uses.

Start Your Herb Garden On The Cheap
Frugal herb garden tips. Starting herbs from seed.

Basil is a great herb to start from seed. It's quick and easy to grow. Perfect for the first time gardener.

Cilantro from seed. Herb Gardens.

Dill from seed. Herb Gardens.

Lemon Balm
Lemon balm from seed. Herb Gardens.

Borage from seed. Herb Gardens.

Herb Garden Design For Any Size Garden
Herb garden design can be formal to wild and anywhere in between.

Spiral Herb Garden
Spiral herb garden. Herb Gardens.

Formal Herb Garden
A formal herb garden. Herb Gardens.

Herbal Wildflower Garden
Herbal Wildflower Garden. Herb Gardens.

Pot Garden
Pot gardens for any location. Herb Gardens.

Container Garden
Container herb gardens are wonderful

Rock Herb Garden
A rock herb garden is quick and easy for any gardener.

lavender for skin cream recipe. Herb Gardens.

Calendula for skin soothing herb cream

comfrey for skin cream. Herb Gardens.

dandelion for skin cream. Herb Gardens.

Elderflowers. Herb Gardens.

Fennel for skin cream recipes. Herb Gardens.

Make Your Own Dry Skin Cream
Make your own skin care cream for winter's dry skin.

Aloe for skin cream. Herb Gardens.

Borage for skin cream. Herb Gardens.

Chamomile for skin friendly cream

5 Things To Do With Elderberry
5 things to do with the shrub elderberry. These are all delicious!

8 Herbs Of Love and Romance
Love and romance are influenced by many things. Let these herbs tell your loved one how much they mean to you. Each of these herbs are meaningful in the language of love and romance.