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Fennel means Flattery in the language of love
Fennel means Flatter in the language of love

Thyme means Affection
Thyme means affection in the language of love

Patchouli means passion in the language of love

Yarrow means Everlasting Love in the language of love

Lavender means Devotion and Undying Love in the language of love

Oregano means Joy and Happiness in the language of love.

Herbs That Spell Romance
Herbs and the Language of Love. Herb Gardens.

Rose say love. Herb Gardens.

Calendula means Joy
calendula means joy in the language of herbs.

Basil is an herb that means love.

Basil: From Seed To Plate
Growing basil from seed to your plate. Grow, harvest, cook with one of America's favorite herbs.

Garden Sage
Sage is a must have for the herbal pantry. Page 5.

Garlic for the herbal pantry. Herb Gardens.

Oregano is a must have for the herbal pantry. Page 3.

parsley is a must have for the herbal pantry. Page 4.

Peppermint is a must have for the herbal pantry. Page 2.

How to Make Your Own Herbal Hydrosol
Make your own herbal hydrosol. Herb Gardens.

Make Chamomile Hydrosol for Sleeping

Fennel for hydrosols. Herb Gardens.

Lemon Balm
Make a Lemon Balm Hydrosol at home.

Make homemade rosemary hydrosol with these simple directions.

How to make rose water at home. Herb Gardens.

Make homemade Mint hydrosol. Herb Gardens.

How to make lavender hydrosol at home.

Herbal Pantry: How to Season Dried Beans
Herbs that flavor dried beans from the herbal pantry.

Use mullein leaf as a base for your smoking mixture.

Lemon Balm
Lemon balm is an unusual but flavorful add to an herbal cigarette blend.

Why Choose Herbal Cigarettes to Smoke?
Why choose herbal cigarettes? What herbs to include in a smoking mixture.

Red Raspberry Leaves
Red Raspberry leaves make a stronger smoke in your herbal cigarette.

Catnip helps reduce nicotine cravings in your herbal cigarette blend.

Use Sage to change the flavors of your herbal cigarettes.

Which household herbs will get me high?
There are many misconceptions about drug use and household herbs. Find out more about getting high using household herbs.

5 Best Deer Resistant Herbs - What Herbs Repel Deer?
Deer control is a serious issue for urban as well as country gardens. Before you resort to drastic chemical or expensive fencing measures, try planting some of these wonderful herbs for a natural deer repellent.

Growing Mullein in the Herb Garden - Uses
Mullein is an emollient herb, good for cough and cold formulas

Best Herbs to Grow in a Shade Garden
Herbs that grow well in a shade garden design.

10 Companion Herbs For Tomato Gardens
Growing the perfect tomato is an art. Every gardener has his or her special secrets to the tastiest crop. Growing tomatoes with companion herbs can increase yield and taste, plus offer protection for beneficial insects.

Top Five Herbs for Making Skin Creams
Making creams and lotions is a great way to use your herbs. Here are 5 herbs that work well to soothe the skin and not cause irritation.

5 Herbs to Start From Seed
5 herbs to start from seed. These will grow fast and strong, no need to buy them in a pot!

Ten Herbs to Make Homemade Cough Syrups
What herbs are used for making your own cough syrup at home. Use any of these easy to find herbs, and make an herbal syrup that is not only tasty, but will help calm that cough.

Why Do I Need Herb Garden Pest Control?
Here are some ideas for herb garden pest control. Organic choices may be just what you need! Read more information here about what organic means to control pests in the herb garden.

How to Make Herbal Products at Home
Recipes and instructions for making all kinds of homemade herbal products.

Dill for the indoor garden. Herb Gardens.

rosemary for the indoor herb garden

basil for the indoor garden. Herb Gardens.

thyme for the indoor garden. Herb Gardens.

sage for the indoor garden. Herb Gardens.

parsley for the indoor garden. Herb Gardens.

What Can I Grow In An Indoor Herb Garden
herbs for an indoor garden. Herb Gardens.

oregano for the indoor garden. Herb Gardens.

Cough Syrup
cough syrup for cold and flu. Herb Gardens.

What Herbs Would be Useful For a Cold and Flu Medicine Chest
herbs for cold and flu medicine chest

Elderberry Anything
elderberry for cold and flu. Herb Gardens.

Cough Drops
cough drops for cold and flu. Herb Gardens.

tincture for cold and flu. Herb Gardens.

salves for cold and flu. Herb Gardens.

Herbal Chai
herbal chai as a hostess gift. Herb Gardens.

Tinned Herbs
dried herbs as a hostess gift. Herb Gardens.

5 DIY Herbal Hostess Gifts
herbal hostess gifts. Herb Gardens.

Mulling Spices
mulling spices as hostess gift. Herb Gardens.

Scented Hot Pad or Mug Rug
herbal mug rug for hostess gifts

Herbal Christmas Ornament
christmas ornament as a hostess gift

Themed Aerogarden Herb Gardens
Themed Aerogarden herb garden. Herb Gardens.

Lemon Balm
Lemon balm for the medicinal Aerogarden

What Medicinal Herbs Should I Grow in My Aerogarden?
what medicinal herbs should I grow in my Aerogarden?

Thyme for the medicinal Aerogarden

Sage for the medicinal Aerogarden

Mint for the medicinal Aerogarden

Basil for the medicinal Aerogarden

Quick and Easy Herbal Gifts
quick and easy herbal gifts. Herb Gardens.

Herbal Tea Blend
Herb Gardens.

Herbal Dry Rub
Herb Gardens.

Herbal Ornament
Herb Gardens.

Herbal Finishing Salt
Making herbal gifts is quick and easy. The options are limitless, and always well received.

Herbal Smudge Sticks
Give herbal gifts that are quick and easy

Herbs to Season Your Winter Soups and Stews
herbs to season winter dishes. Herb Gardens.

Using Garlic for winter cooking. Herb Gardens.

Lemon Balm
Herb Gardens.

Using marjoram for winter cooking

Using Rosemary for winter cooking

Parsley for winter cooking. Herb Gardens.

Using Thyme for winter cooking. Herb Gardens.

Using Basil in winter soups and stews

Using Bay leaves in winter soups and stews

Chives: Growth, Storage, and Usage
Chives are a wonderfully easy herb to grow in the garden. They have a light onion taste that is fantastic for all your light summer salads. Here are some other uses for chives that you may not know about.

How to Make Your Own Organic Garden Spray
Make your own spray to repel the biting and sucking bugs in your garden. This spray is safe to ingest but washing herbs before eating is still recommended.

What To Do If I Have Basil Downy Mildew
What to do if you have Basil Downy Mildew disease.

Herbs For Winter Soups
Herbs for winter soups and stews.

Herbs for Hydrosols
how to make hydrosols and what herbs work exceptionally well.

Time To Divide Chives
Here is my annual call out to all you chive lovers! Early spring is the best time to divide your chive plants. Are they more than 2 years old? Possibly

Herbs To Repel Mosquitoes
Herb Gardens.

Herb Apps For Ipod Touch and Iphone
Just when I thought I had gone to heaven with my new ipod, I found three new apps that relate directly to us herbies! The first one is called Herb Garden. It

Release Pollinating Bees Into Garden
Release the bees into the garden.

Bee Pollinating An Echinacea Flower
A purchased bee, pollinating an echinacea flower.

Buying Bees To Pollinate An Herb Garden
With the decline in bee population, it may be important to purchase bees to pollinate your herb garden. We ordered a hive of pollinating bees for our herb gardens. We realized that there was no bee activity, other than wasps, on our property. Plants were flowering, but not producing fruit. Our herbs were not seeding.

Inside The Box Of Bees
The box of pollinating bees is alive with activity

Protection For Bees Box
Build a protective house for box of bees.

Protective House For Bees Box
Another view of protective house for bees box

Best herbs for poultices
Making and using herbal poultices could be considered the gateway to learning about the healing powers of many common herbs. It is quick to master and very effective.

Rosemary & Lavender Yukon Gold Potatoes
Try this lovely recipe combining rosemary, lavender and the delicate flavor of the Yukon Gold potato.

What Is Astragalus? (Huang Qi)
Astragalus is an important herb for supporting the immune system. Learn all about astragalus here.

Chamomile - What Do I Use Chamomile For?
chamomile is a well known and gentle herb. It is easy to grow and makes a wonderful ground cover as well as a useful garden addition. Find out more about chamomile here!

How To Care For Your Aerogarden
How to keep your Aerogarden clean and working well.

Herbs For Dandruff
Hair care for dandruff

Am I Allergic To Goldenrod?
During the late summer and early fall, my allergies are very bad. I see tons of goldenrod blooming at the same time. Am I allergic to goldenrod? If so, what can I do about it?

How To Design A Knot Garden
Knot gardens are designed with herbs in mind. Fussy and intricate, they show a mastery of garden artistry.

How To Put The Herb Garden To Bed In Fall
How to break down and clean up the herb garden for winter.

Pruning Brambles - How Do I Prune Bramble Bushes?
Pruning bramble bushes produces a healthier plant and will ensure that you have all the leaves you will ever need. It is easy to do. This article will explain why it is so important.

What is
5 herbs you can grow in your Aerogarden that are medicinal.

How to Make Fermented Raspberry Leaf Tea
How to make fermented red raspberry tea leaves.

How to Harvest and Dry Raspberry Leaves For Tea
How to harvest and dry raspberry leaves for herbal tea.

3 Ways To Make Money From Your Herb Garden
How to make money from your herb garden

Betony - Stachys officinalis
All about Betony - Stachys officinalis

5 Best Herbal Hostess Gifts
Herbal gifts that are perfect to present your host or hostess this holiday season. Simple to make and they bring such joy to the recipient. These are my top 5 Herbal Hostess Gifts.

10 Best Herbs For Herbal Vinegars
Herbal vinegars are a wonderful way to use up the herbs that you grow. They also make wonderful gifts during the holiday season.

10 Herbs For Potpourri
How to use herbs to make potpourri

10 Herbs to Use for an Herbal Bath
Herbs for a soothing herbal bath. These herbs can provide relaxation, muscle relief and even help for dry irritated skin. Check out the list of herbs to use for a luxurious herbal bath.

What To Avoid When Buying Potted Herbs
What to avoid when buying potted herbs

8 Herbs To Refresh and Soothe The Eyes
Many herbs are useful for soothing the delicate area around the eyes. This is a list of 8 common herbs that you can easily find.

What Is Epazote Used For?
Epazote is used primarily in Mexican cooking. It is an important ingredient in bean dishes and can become invasive is not grown with caution.

Companion Planting With Herbs
Companion planting with herbs, is a great way to add some natural bug and disease protection to your regular garden. Companion planting with herbs can also increase the yield you get from your harvest.

How To Grow And Use Rosemary
Rosemary has a distinct taste that finishes many fine dishes. It is easy to grown and likes to live in container gardens and indoor gardens alike. Rosemary can be pruned into fantastic sculpture and when dried, keeps its heady scent. Find out more about this useful herb.

5 Herbs for Children
Herbs that are gentle enough to use for children.

Jewelweed as a Poison Ivy Remedy
Jewelweed is the perfect remedy for all sorts of skin irritations, especially poison ivy. Learn how to prepare this handy herb for any future outbreaks you may have.

What Are Ramps?
Learn more about the highly-regarded ramps, one of the first wild edible plants to appear in gardens in the spring season.

What Are the 5 Best Herbs for Container Gardening?
Container Gardening with herbs is a great way to offer beauty and color to your entry or patio area. Here are my choices for the 5 best herbs to grow in containers.

How To Grow and Use Gayfeather
How to grow and use gayfeather. Herb Gardens.

Secrets to a perfect herb garden design
How to grow the perfect looking herb garden.

Selecting Modern Roses for Your Garden
Selecting modern roses for your garden using these simple recommendations. From Chris VanCleave, the Redneck Rosarian

Cleavers - What is Cleavers?
Cleavers are found in woods and along streams. It is a viney sort of wildflower, often found growing in a thick, slightly prickly mat. With its tiny white flowers and clingy habit, cleavers is often overlooked for the helpful herb that it is.

Bay Laurel- 2009 Herb of the Year
Bay is known for its delicious taste as well as the beauty of the plant itself. Find out more about this often overlooked herb.

5 Roses That Sparkle; Firecracker Floribundas
These roses are stunning additions to any rose garden. Enjoy this latest update from Chris VanCleave, the Redneck Rosarian.

Earth Kind Roses
How to grow Earth Kind roses. Herb Gardens.

How To Make Basil Spread
Basil spread is savory and rich. It tastes great as a condiment for all your summer dishes. With a few ingredients, make it into the star of your next evening meal.

Recipe For Lemon Balm Soda
This is a refreshing twist on prepackaged soda. The delicate lemon taste is tangy enough to quench your thirst, while the sparkle from the carbonation, is a delicious change from plain herb tea.

What Herb Flowers Are Edible?
Growing herbs for their flowers gives you another way to use them! Learn what flowers are edible in the cultivated garden and growing wild. Herbal flowers are delicious!

All About Mulch
Mulch is an important part of any herb garden. In any size garden area, this protective layer will keep your garden looking its best and reduce water loss. There are a number of different mulches to choose from, all with good and bad points. It is up to you to choose the mulch that will benefit your herb garden style.

Natural Body Care
Why make your own herbal body care products? What makes them appealing to so many people, and how can one go about making their own herbal things? Learn how to make many herbal care products and why they are best for your skin.

Insecticides And The Herb Garden
Insecticides and the herb garden. Do insecticides have a place in an herb garden?

Burnet - What is Burnet?
Burnet(also known as salad burnet), is a tasty and easy to grow herb.

Echinacea is a well known herb. It is used for healing as well as a stunning border accent.

Dill - Not Just for Pickles
Dill is a showy herb, with a tall, thin stem and airy flowers. Most recognized in pickles, dill offers great taste to fish, summer salads and dressings. Dill dries very well and is most commonly found this way. Because of its height, dill makes a lovely backdrop to other herbs or even in a landscaping layout. It can add height and drama to an otherwise hard to garden area.

Plant An Herbal Hanging Basket
How to plant an herbal hanging basket

Herbs For Breads
Herbs for making bread. Herb Gardens.

2012 Year Of The Herbs
Top 10 herbs recommended by the National Garden Bureau and The Herb Society of America, for 2012 The Year of The Herb.

Herbal Fertilizers
Make your own fertilizer from herbs

How To Make Chamomile Shampoo
Here is an easy to make herbal shampoo that brings highlights to blond hair and it is all natural. If your hair is anything but blond, you will still enjoy the light scent. Find out how!

How to Saute Dandelion Greens
Dandelion greens are a tasty springtime treat. They are considered a potherb, which means they are the greens parts of a plant that are eaten. High in vitamin C and iron, dandelion greens are good for you as well as good tasting.

Companion Plants For Roses
Here is a quick tip for what to plant with your roses.

Herbs To Grow For Their Roots
What herbs are grown for the root harvest.

Goldenrod - What is Goldenrod Used For
Goldenrod is a commonly seen herb, growing along many roads and ditches. It is useful for the herbal medicine chest.

Drying Your Herb Harvest
After all the work of growing perfect herbs, it would be a shame to waste any. Drying herbs is a great way to keep them fresh tasting and lovely all the year long. Here are a few ways to dry your herbs properly.

5 Huge Herbs For Your Garden
5 huge herbs for the garden.

Ten Facts About Garlic
Garlic is loved by just about anyone who eats. Here are ten facts about garlic that can help you grow, use and enjoy garlic more than ever.

How To Brew Different Types Of Herb Tea
How to brew herbs into many types of teas. From infusions to Sun Tea, find out what the difference is between the different techniques.

When To Harvest Each Part Of An Herb
How to harvest each part of any herb.

Herbs For A Hanging Basket In The Sun
Herbs for a hanging basket in the sun

Herbs For Hanging Basket In The Shade
Herbs that grow well in a hanging basket, in a shady location.

Spring Tonic Herbs
Spring tonic herbs

5 Herbs For A Relaxing Garden
5 Herbs to grow in a relaxation themed herb garden

Are Herbal Capsules Safe?
All about making and taking herbal capsules.

What Herbs Grow Best In My Garden?
Every gardener has their own growing environment. Here are my 5 best herbs to fit any growing conditions. Read on to learn what herbs grow best for your location.

Seedling - What is A Seedling
What is a seedling? Herb Gardens.

How to Water Your Herb Garden
Here are some ways to water your herb garden without all the backbreaking work of pulling hoses around the yard daily. See if any of these ideas will work for you. Efficient watering is better for both you and your garden.

Herb Profile of Yarrow
Yarrow - What is yarrow and how it is useful in medicinal and ornamental herb gardens.

List of Five Lemon-Scented Herbs for a Garden
5 Herbs that all have a lemony scent and taste, for an herb garden.

How to Fertilize an Indoor Herb Garden
How to fertilize an indoor herb garden.

Herbs For An Edible Container Herb Garden
7 Herbs for an edible container herb garden

Lavender - The Herb of Love
Long revered in literature as a herb of love, Lavender is a key ingredient in soaps and shampoos, sachets, perfumes and seasonings. This beautiful herb is known for its gentle effectiveness for everyone. The fragrance is classic and recognizable.

Herb Garden For Allergies
Design an herb garden for allergy sufferers.

Lemongrass - What is Lemongrass
Lemongrass herb is a brightly scented and flavored culinary herb. It is easy to grow and has a pleasant lemon taste.

Temperature For Indoor Gardens - What Temperatures Are Good For Indoor Gardening?
Temperature is an important consideration when indoor gardening. Let's take a look at why temperature is important and how it affects your indoor herbs.

Herbs For The Rock Wall Herb Garden
Herbs to create a rock wall herb garden.

Lavender - Medicinal Uses For Lavender
Lavender is found in a wide variety of strains. It is a popular herb for borders and to grow in a crafter's garden. Find out ways to grow lavender and how it was used historically. This is one herb you can not do without.

5 Misconceptions About Indoor Gardeners
5 common misconceptions about indoor herb gardeners.

Herbs For Spring Vegetables
Herbs to season your spring vegetables

How To Make Dandelion Infused Oil
How to make dandelion infused oil in a few, easy steps. This oil can be rubbed on aching joints and muscles. Dandelion oil is simple to make and very useful.

Shepherd's Purse - What is Sheperd's Purse Used For?
Shepherd's purse is a common herb, found across North America. You may have seen it in overgrown lots and country roads. Its unassuming nature hides its important benefit to the herbal world.

Homemade Ginger Beer
How to make ginger beer. Herb Gardens.

3 More Herbs For A Border
3 more herbs to add to a list of herbs for a border in your garden design

Basil-what is basil
Basil grows well both indoors and out. It is an easy herb to grow from seed and rewards the gardener with an abundant crop from just a few plants. Find out more ways to use basil here.

What To Do With Mullein
Harvesting and using mullein. Herb Gardens.

Best Annual Herbs
For most of us, gardening is completed in the fall of the year. When herb gardening, herbs that grow fast and need little care are the herbs to turn to. Here are 5 of the nicest annual herbs that you can grow.

Two types of tincturing
Different ways to tincture herbs

French Tarragon - What is French Tarragon
French Tarragon is an undervalued herb in American gardens. It has a unique taste, that belongs in every cook's garden.

4 Herbs To Harvest And Eat From The Wild
Wild weeds are both nutritious and delicious. Find these weeds in your yard or vacant lot. They are tasty and will be a fresh food early in the spring, before your garden grows a thing.

Herbs For Dyeing - What Herbs To Grow For Natural Dyes
Dyeing your own natural materials can be a hobby by itself. Try growing these wonderful herbs and create a rainbow of colors for your yarns and fabrics. Here are just a few ideas for an easy Dyer's herb garden.

10 Forms of Herbal Preparations
10 forms of herbal preparations for the home herbalist.

Transplanting Potted Herbs
how to transplant potted herbs. Herb Gardens.

How To Keep Dill Fresh For Winter
How to keep dill fresh for the entire winter. how to

Signs That You Are Overwatering Herbs
Overwatering your herbs is just as harmful as no enough moisture. Here is how to tell if your herbs are receiving too much water.

Top 5 Herbs For Cajun Cooking
Here are 5 of the main herbs used in Cajun cooking!

How to design a child friendly herb garden
Best herbs for creating a child's herb garden

Indoor Herb Gardening: What's Wrong With My Basil?
What can go wrong with my indoor basil plant?

5 Herbals For Your Family Flu Kit
5 herbals for your family flu kit. These 5 herbals are useful and soothing for those times when everyone seems to be suffering from the flu.

Red Raspberry Leaf - Better Than Berries
Red raspberry leaves are a staple in herbal tea making. They are easy to grow, easy to find and delicious! Find red raspberry leaves in the wild or grow a bush yourself. Here are some other ideas for this soothing, nutritive herb.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Parsley
Parsley is much more useful than you may think.

5 Salt Tolerant Herbs
Herbs that are salt tolerant for beachside or roadside areas.

Borage - What Is Borage Used For?
Borage is a lovely herb. It can be used for a beautiful decorative planting, delicious food item and a medicinal food.

Attracting Beneficial Insects With Herbs - How To Attract Beneficial Insects With Herbs
Beneficial insects will enhance your gardens by bringing pollinators and natural protection to your landscape. When you garden, consider the positive benefits that these welcome insects will bring if you an attract them.

How To Use Herbs As Companion Plants
How to use herbs as companion plants to deter insects and improve the health of your garden.

Herbs To Divide In Spring
Early spring is the time to divide many of your herbs. This saves you time and money in the garden.

Horoscope Signs and Herbs
Your Horoscope sign and the corresponding herbs

Top 10 Herbs For Medicinal Salads
Top 10 herbs for medicinal salads

Alfalfa - What is Alfalfa Used For?
What is alfalfa used for? Herb Gardens.

5 Things To Do With Chives
Chives are the underappreciated herb of the herb garden. They are such a pretty addition to the landscape, we often grow them simply for their beauty. Chives offer us a nice list of delicious things, they deserve a more prominent place in your list of herbal must haves.

Hyssop - How to Grow Hyssop
How to Grow Hyssop. Herb Gardens.

5 Best Herbs To Buy As Plants
The top 5 herbs to buy as plants from a greenhouse. Skip trying to grow these from seed. Buy them instead!

Elderberry: 2013 Herb of The Year
Elderberry is the 2013 herb of the year. Recipes and uses for the 2013 herb of the year.

Chicory - What is Chicory?
Chicory is a widely available herb with a long history.

Comfrey - How To Grow and Uses
Comfrey is easy to grow and makes a beautiful ornamental herb. It is also useful medicinally and nutritionally for livestock.

What is Fennel? (Foeniculum vulgare)
Fennel is a popular culinary and medicinal herb. It is naturally sweet tasting, beautiful in the garden, and an irresistible draw to the fantastic Swallowtail butterfly.Learn more about fennel here.

Oregano - What is Oregano?
Oregano is the most popular herb in an Italian seasoning mixture. Easy to grow and extremely fragrant, Oregano should have a place in any cook's garden.

Basil - How To Grow And Use Basil
Basil grows well both indoors and out. It is an easy herb to grow from seed and rewards the gardener with an abundant crop from just a few plants. Find out more ways to use basil here.

How To Make an Herbal Infusion
An herbal infusion is steeping herbs in hot water to extract their medicinal properties. It is an easy way to administer a tonic, or small dose of a healing herb.

Herb Garden You Can't Kill
How to grow a foolproof herb garden

Is Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Safe During Pregnancy?
Is red raspberry leaf tea safe to drink during pregnancy?

How To Make Dandelion Herbal Jelly
An easy recipe for herbal jelly, using dandelion blossoms.

How To Make Lavender Ice Cream
A refreshing and unusual flavor, lavender ice cream, is a sophisticated taste that everyone will enjoy.Try this recipe with any herbs that you enjoy!

Container Gardens - What is a Container Garden?
A container garden is an easy way to have a lot of control over your herbs. It is a perfect solution to poor soil conditions, small growing spaces and containers lift the herbs to an easier level to work with. This is great for people with trouble getting right on the ground.

Red Clover - What Is Red Clover Used For?
Red clover is found virtually everywhere that there is adequate moisture and light. It is an exceptional tonic herb and delicious medicinal for women and children.

Thyme - How To Grow and Use Thyme
Thyme is a fragrant and useful herb. It is a classic ingredient in soup,stews and meats seasonings. Thyme has many growth habits and is a low maintenance plant, making it perfect for every garden.

Why Do My Herbs Have Mold and Mildew
Why do my herbs have mold and mildew? What can I do about it?

What Herbs Repel Flies
These herbs repel biting flies from home and barn.

Parsley - What is Parsley
Parsley is a fresh tasting, easy to grow herb. It has a place in any cook's garden. Find out how to grow and use parsley here.

Indoor Herb Garden Basics
Indoor herb garden basics. How to grow herbs indoors.

Top 5 Cooking Herbs For The Holiday Season
There is nothing like holiday cooking, to bring back nostalgic memories of love and family. No matter how you celebrate, the sights and scents of certain foods always makes us feel warm and fuzzy. Learn about my personal top 5 herbs for holiday cooking, and see the lists of recipes that you can use them in. Enjoy!

Best Herbs For The Holidays
My pick for the top 5 herbs for holiday cooking

Lemon Balm - Herb Tea Must Have
Lemon balm is an herb tea essential. The lemony flavor blends well with many herbs. Lemon balm makes even the most bitter medicinal tea palatable.

Varieties Of Roses - What Varieties Of Roses Are Available?
Roses come in many colors and varieties. Let's take a look at the different kinds of roses and find one that fits your needs. Find out more about roses here.

Top 5 Things To Do With Dandelion
Top 5 things to do with dandelion. If your lawn is a sea of yellow flowers, don't despair! Here are my top 5 things to do with dandelion. You may find that you don't have enough of this useful plant after all.

Spring Garden Maintenance - What Garden Maintenance Do I Do In Spring?
During the spring there are chores that must be done. Here are a few ideas to get your out in the garden and enjoying the warm spring days. This is an important time to start working on your herb gardens-both in and out!

How To Grow An Herb Garden On a Budget
Growing an herb garden without breaking your budget is possible! How to grow a garden on a budget is a must read for anyone watching their spending habits. Find out more here!

The Complete Herb Garden Guide
The complete herb garden guide will walk you through the entire process of designing planting and harvesting you own herb garden

5 Rugged Herbs For Short Season Gardeners
There are herbs that can take a little bit of abuse and still thrive. Here are 5 herbs that can take the stress of being in high altitude, short season, fluctuating temperature and still keep growing.

What Is Lavender and How to Use It
Lavender grows well in sunny, open areas.

How To Sell At The Farmers Market
Farmers markets are available across the country. You probably have one near you that is going on from late spring to late fall. This is a great place to sell your herbal products, plants and other items, as well as create a customer base for any time of year.

Herb Profile for Chives
Chives are one of the most well known herbs, but often one of the least used. Everyone seems to know someone growing chives. Many of us only know chives as a decorative touch on a baked potato and they never seem to get used to their full potential.

Herbs For Dry Hair
What herbs to use for a homemade shampoo that helps dry hair.

How to Grow A Climbing Rose On A Trellis
Climbing roses are known for looking stunning, as they cascade with blooms. Here is how to grow and train your climbing rose to create this amazing look.

10 Herbs For A Roman Cook's Garden
10 Herbs that would have been found in a Roman Cook's garden. These herbs can still be found today, and if you are designing an ancient style garden, they will provide you with not only delicious herbs for cooking, but a unique type garden.

What Is Hydroponic Gardening?
Hydroponics - What is hydroponics, and how can you use it in your herb garden

Guide To Indoor Herb Gardening
Are you interested in growing your herbs all year round? Then this is a guide to all things indoor gardening. Learn how to grow herbs indoors and what types of herbs work best in YOUR indoor garden environment.

Choosing Your Container - How to Choose a Container for Gardening
Choosing a container for gardening is a great way to add your personality to your herbal spaces! Here are some considerations when picking out just the right container.

5 Best Herbs For a Indoor Herb Garden
5 easy to grow herbs for the indoor kitchen garden.

Essential Oil From Herbs
Essential Oil is made from herbs. Here is some information on how essential oil is made.

5 Herbs For A Moon Garden
Herbs for a moon garden

What Is Elderberry Used For?
Elderberry is a delicious wild berry, proven to be useful for fighting flu. It can be made into a tincture, tea, syrup or other tasty remedy.

5 Insects That Can Damage Your Indoor Garden
Indoor gardens need a bit of extra care, since you control the environment. What is good for your plants is also good for insects.

How To Make Your Own Liquid Stevia Sweetener
Don't bother spending money on stevia packets that taste horrible. Try making your own liquid stevia for mere pennies.

How To Plant Roses Correctly for the Beginner
A short description on how to plant roses for the beginning gardener.

Five Herbs To Help Soothe Indigestion
Five herbs to help soothe indigestion caused by overindulgence during the holidays - or anytime - including fennel, mint and dill.

Lemon Verbena - The Perfect Tea Herb
Lemon verbena is prized for its pure lemon flavor. Highly sought after for herb tea blends, this tall showy herb, grows beautifully both indoors and out.

What Is Slippery Elm Used For?
Slippery Elm is used for a wide array of herbal remedies. It is a nutritious and soothing ingredient for throat and cold recipes, an important ingredient for IBS sufferers and much more.

What Is Cilantro Used For?
Cilantro is a fresh, distinct tasting herb that is essential to Latin cooking. It is an ingredient that evokes strong emotions of love or hate in all who experience its flavor. Here are some ideas for growing cilantro and how to use it in everyday cooking.

Planting An Herb Garden From Seed
Now that the seed catalogs are pouring in, you probably have plenty of packets ordered, possibly even sitting on your desk waiting to be planted. Feeling overwhelmed? Here are simple instructions for planting an herb garden from seed.

Five Herbs to Plant in Early Spring
These 5 herb are cold tolerant and can be grown from seed.

5 Herbs to Fight Swine and Bird Flu
These 5 herbs that combat swine and bird flu symptoms, may already be in your herbal cupboard!

3 Herbs For A Landscape Border
3 herbs for a landscape border in your yard.

Can I Prune Roses In Winter?
Can I prune back my roses during a warm spell in winter?

How to Know if Old Gardening Seeds Will Grow
Saving your own herb seeds is a great way to garden for little more than pennies each year. Everyone knows that seeds have some sort of lifespan.

How To Make Herbal Hair Color
Using herbs to make your own hair color, is a fun way to try out a new look, without using harsh chemicals that can damage your hair. Try this easy to make herbal haircolor.

5 Dangerous Herbs
5 herbs that are dangerous to ingest or handle. Use caution if growing and handling any of these varieties.

How To Make Soil For a Raised Bed Garden
The nicest feature about a raised bed garden, is that you can create the perfect growing medium to fill it with.

What Is a Raised Bed Garden?
How to make a raised bed garden and what materials they are made from. Here are some basic ideas about raised bed gardens and why you may want one.

10 Rose Care Tips For Spring
From Rose Expert: Chris VanCleave, here are 10 tips that will have your spring roses blooming nicely!

Why does the herb anise act like catnip for dogs?
Everyone knows that cats go nuts for catnip. If you are a dog lover, did you know that anise is an herb that will excite your dog just as much?

When to Start Herbs From Seeds
One of the most frugal ways to start an herb garden is to start your herbs from seed. Here is a list of some common herbs and when to start them from seed.

5 Best Herbs For Salves
5 best herbs for an soothing herbal salve. Here is a list of the 5 best herbs to make an herbal salve.

25 Simple Ways to Use Herbal Remedies
25 quick and easy ways to make herbal remedies for beginners

Crystallized Ginger
Roll Crystallized ginger in sugar and let sit overnight before storing

Buy Fresh Ginger Root to Make Your Own Candied Ginger
Buy a fresh piece of ginger from the produce section of your local grocer.

Peel Ginger Root
Peel the skin off the ginger root.

Slice Peeled Ginger Into Bite Sized Pieces
Slice the peeled ginger into bite sized pieces

Simmer Ginger In Honey
Simmer the ginger in honey. Herb Gardens.

Pour Ginger Honey Mixture In Container To Infuse
Pour ginger honey mixture into non reactive container and let infuse for 2 days.

10 Best Herbal Kitchen Crafts
10 Best Herbal Kitchen Crafts For Gifts

The Frugal Gardener: Make Your Own Potting Soil
How to make your own potting soil and seed starting mix.

How to Use a Food Dehydrator to Dry Herbs
How to use a food dehydrator to dry herbs for storage.

Fire Cider Flu Tonic
Hot and Spicy Fire Cider flu tonic to administer at the first sign or colds and flu.

Place In Single Layer On Dehydrator Tray
Place leaves in single layer on dehydrator tray.

Remove Extra Tray To Allow Good Airflow
Remove an extra tray to allow even airflow around leaves.

Dry On Lowest Temperature Possible
Drying on lowest temperature possible, allows volatile oils to remain in herbs.

Crumble And Store
Crumble herbs if desired. Store in containers out of light. This is a tin container, that will be stored in a cupboard.

Herbal Syrup
This syrup is fantastic over good quality ice cream, mixed with soda water and drizzled over angel food cake. Use your favorite herb, starting with mint.

Ginger Beer Starter
How to make ginger beer starter, using wild yeast.

How To Mulch Herbs
How to mulch herbs properly. Herb Gardens.

How To Dry Herbs For Smoking
Herbs for smoking must be dried properly in order to make a palatable mixture.

How to Grow an Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden
Grow culinary herbs for delicious additions to everyday cooking. Grow a kitchen herb garden in a simple container, that is also a lovely decoration for your home.

Five Herbs for Making Compound Butter
Five herbs to make an herbal butter, better known as a compound butter, which is generally used to flavor or finish a dish.

How To Dye Easter Eggs With Herbs
Learn how to dye Easter eggs with herbs. Using dried herbs and a few simple ingredients, dye your Easter eggs with natural dyes.

Easy to Grow Roses – The Drift Series
Drift series of easy to grow roses

What's New For August?
What's new for august?

5 More Essential Herbal Kitchen Items
5 more essential herbal kitchen items, for making herbal remedies

10 Things You Didn't Know About Herb Gardens
10 things you don't know about being an herb gardener.

5 Things For The New Herb Gardener
supplies for any new herb gardener

5 Best Books For Herbal Gifts
Making crafts with your herbs is a large part of what keeps many herb gardeners coming back to their hobby. Here are 5 herbal craft books, for plenty of wonderful gift ideas.

Herb Gardens 2013 Readers' Choice Awards Winners
The winners of the 2013 Herb Garden Readers' Choice Awards.

5 More Dangerous Herbs
5 more herbs that are dangerous if used incorrectly

5 Gifts For Kids Who Garden
kid friendly garden tools, gifts for kids, holiday gift list

Sustainable Roses For 2014
New Sustainable roses for 2014

Herbal Magazines
Herbal magazines that will teach, and enhance the herbal experience.

Herbalists To Know
There is a plethora of herbal information online. Here are some herbalists that are fantastic teachers, as well as gracious enough to offer their knowledge to anyone interested in learning.

Rose Garden Resolutions
Rose gardener's resolutions for the year 2013

Should I Fertilize With Fish Emulsion?
What is fish emulsion and how do I use it in the herb garden?

How Do I Keep Weeds From Taking Over My Herb Garden?
How to keep ahead of your weeds in the herb garden.

Seven Steps To A Healthy Indoor Herb Garden
Here are seven keys for a successful indoor herb garden. These areas are crucial for healthy indoor plants.

What Herbs Can Be Replanted For Fall Harvest
Replanting herbs for a fall harvest is a great way to extend your herb gardens. Here are 4 herbs that can be replanted and will enjoy the cooler fall weather.

Herbs in the White House Gardens - What Herbs Are in the White House Garden
What herbs are growing in the White House vegetable garden?

How to Protect Herbs From Frost
How to protect your herbs from frost. Winter herb garden tips.

Peppermint - Medicinal Uses For Peppermint
Peppermint is a refreshing and familiar tasting herb. Learn how to grow it, what to do with it and a bit of history behind this lovely herb.

Sage - Medicinal Uses For Sage
Sage is well known as an ingredient for poultry dishes. It is also medicinally important. Find out ways to use this herb for sore throats and more!

Ornamental Herb - What Is An Ornamental Herb?
What is an ornamental herb? How can you choose one for your landscaping design? Here are some ideas for great ornamental herbs.

Horseradish Sauce: Hot and Spicy Condiment From The Garden
How to make fresh, ground horseradish from the garden.

Wash and Peel Horseradish Root Carefully
Horseradish needs to be scrubbed and peeled carefully. Page 2.

Chop Root Into Manageable Size
Chop root into manageable size pieces. Page 3.

Blend Horseradish into a slurry
Blend Horseradish Into A Slurry. Herb Gardens. Page 4.

Pack Into A Glass Jar
Pack into a glass jar, and place in the refrigerator to store. Page 5.

The Finished Product
The finished product. Fresh, ground horseradish. Page 6.

Herbal Potpourri
All about herbal potpourri. Herb Gardens.

Indoor Garden Problems
What happened to my indoor herb garden?

Rose Garden Troubleshooting For 2012
Successes and Failures in the Redneck Rosarian's personal rose garden, for the year 2012.

Soapwort - What is Soapwort?
Soapwort is a fascinating and beautiful herb for the ornamental herb garden

Pennyroyal - What is Pennyroyal
Pennyroyal - What is pennyroyal used for?

Osha Root
Osha Root profile. Herb Gardens.

Angelica - What is Angelica
Angelica - What is Angelica. Herb Gardens.

Self Watering Containers
Self watering containers are useful for people who do not have a lot of extra time to water their garden. It is a good way to keep smaller deck gardens watered and an easy way to prevent overwatering.

Avoid Insect Bites in the Herb Garden
Working in your herb garden means working alongside mother nature's biting and stinging insects. Here is how to avoid confrontation and possible injury.

Making Vinegar Tinctures
Why make tinctures with vinegar instead of alcohol

Summer Garden Maintenance - What Garden Maintenance Do I Do in Summer?
Summer time means focus on watering and fertilizing. Here are the required tasks that will keep your herbs healthy.

Instant Herb Garden
Pressed for time? Make an instant herb garden in an hour or less. No weeding, no tilling, the true lazy gardener way. The results are beautiful!

How To Divide Oregano For An Indoor Herb Garden
Bring in your oregano herb to grow in an indoor herb garden

No matter how hard you try, sometimes problems will occur in your herb gardens. Here are some things to look out for, and how to remedy the situation if it occurs.

Herb recipes and gifts for herb lovers

Types of herbs to grow for medicinal, culinary and ornamental gardens
You can grow herbs for culinary, medicinal and ornamental use and in this path, I'll show you all you need to know about growing and using dozens of types of herbs.

Tansy - What is Tansy?
Tansy has been recorded as early as the middle ages when it was used as a strewing herb.

Purslane herb. Herb Gardens.

Indoor Gardening
Indoor gardening is for anyone wanting to grow their gardens inside. This idea is perfect for an urban gardener. There are dozens of herbs that thrive in an indoor environment. Learn about every aspect of indoor gardening.

Causing rapid purging. Herb Gardens.

Liniment - What is a liniment
A liniment is an external muscle rub.

Book Review: I Garden: Urban Style
Book review of the new title: I Garden: Urban Style

Garlic - What is Garlic
Garlic is a well loved herb, easy to grow, it is used in many types of cooking.

Rosemary - The Herb of Rememberance
Rosemary is a delicious and beautiful herb. You can find many varieties to fit your need: upright and trailing. Use them interchangeably and even grow multiple varieties as each is distinctly different looking. I use trailing varieties for my herb standards. I braid three stems and use those as the main stem. It gives a more decorative look to my finished standard.

The Herb Companion Magazine
This is a great place for herb information and how to use the herbs that you grow.

How to Grow Peppermint
Easily recognizable, the taste of peppermint is refreshing and cooling on a hot summer day. It is also soothing to an upset stomach, due to the menthol it contains.The menthol in peppermint soothes the lining of the digestive tract an stimulates the production of bile, which is an essential digestive fluid. A hot cup of herbal tea is an excellent way to settle your stomach after a big meal.

How To Preserve Herbs With Glycerin
For crafting, you can preserve some herbs with glycerin. Here is an easy method that involves very little work but lots of time. Take a look!

How To Make A Rose Hydrosol
A hydrosol is simply a flower water. We have all heard of rose water, how about making your own! Try it with any strongly scented blossoms of your choice.

How to Repel Ants in the Herb Garden
Ants can quickly become a problem in a container garden. Here is an easy way to rid your herbs of them.

Can Different Varieties Of Herbs Be Dried At The Same Time?
Can Different Varieties of Herbs Be Dried Together

How To Make Herbal Cough Drops
How to make herbal cough drops for the cold and flu season

A tonic, containing aromatic and bitter tasting herbs.

Indoor Gardening Blog
Excellent blog about indoor gardening and how to do it right. For the beginner to serious indoor garden enthusiast, you can find real information from someone who actually gardens indoors, with great success.