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Beef, Lamb, Pork, Poultry, Wild Game, and other Meat Recipes
Recipes for a wide variety of domestic meats and wild game including beef, lamb, pork, poultry, and more.

Veal Recipes
Try one of these veal recipes which use veal cuts and/or veal stock.

Top 10 Oxtail Recipes
These 10 recipes for oxtail soup, stew and main courses run the gamut from American soul food to traditional eastern European cuisine.

How to Make a Basic Salmon Jerky - Recipe
Use your imagination to add spices and flavorings to this basic salmon jerky recipe. The jerky may be made in a dehydrator, smoker or oven.

Pumpkin History - The history of pumpkins as food.
Native Americans used pumpkins to weave mats as well as for food and even beer. Learn about the history of pumpkins.

Pumpkin and Pork Shoulder with Bacon and Onions Recipe
Fresh pumpkin may seem an unlikely mate for pork, but it works beautifully in this classic American pumpkin and pork shoulder recipe.

Recipes - Home Cooking
Recipes for all types of foods including meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, seafood, herbs, spices, condiments, breads, and more. Many of these recipes will not be found elsewhere.

Fun Kid­-Friendly Cooking Projects For Rainy Days & Weekends
These fun, hands-on kitchen projects are perfect for long weekends or rainy days. Teach kids essential cooking skills, and then enjoy the fruits of your labor together.

Home Cooking
Home Cooking.

Home Cooking
Home Cooking.

Home Cooking
Home Cooking.

Home Cooking
Home Cooking.

12 Creative Ways To Turn Frozen Chicken Into Dinner
Discover new foolproof recipes to add to your dinner rotation, proving how easy and versatile frozen chicken really is.

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Home Cooking.

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Home Cooking.

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Home Cooking.

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Home Cooking.

Beyond PB&J: School Sandwiches Kids will Love
The PB&J sandwich is a classic for a reason, but we're certain your kids will love mixing it up with these simple sandwiches for lunch.

4 Easy Recipes To Teach Your Kids Before They Turn 12
Simple recipes to teach young chefs-in-the-making, without junk food ingredients or overly complicated instructions.

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Home Cooking.

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Home Cooking.

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Home Cooking.

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Home Cooking.

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Home Cooking.

12 Weeknight Dinners for Picky Eaters
End the mealtime drama with these quick and easy recipes that make dinnertime fun for kids of all ages. Finicky eaters will love the variety...and the flavor.

Home Cooking
Home Cooking.

Home Cooking
Home Cooking.

Home Cooking
Home Cooking.

Home Cooking
Home Cooking.

Home Cooking
Home Cooking.

Choosing a Pressure Cooker and Accessories
How to choose a pressure cooker and accessories. Select the right pressure cooker for your needs.

How to Thaw Frozen Turkey Recipe
Thawing your frozen turkey safely can be a tricky business. Try these methods for thawing that turkey without endangering your guests with foodborne illness.

Cooking Instruction in Videos and Photos
Need more cooking help than just written instructions? Here you will find a variety of sites with garnishing photos, videos, and instructions.

Food Magazines and Ezines
Food magazines and ezines with online sites linked directly to recipe pages where possible to save you time.

Restaurant Recipes
Resources with recipes from restaurants around the world to cook at home.

Television Food Shows
Food and cooking television shows with food information and recipes for home cooking.

Cooking Resources
Food reference information and tools, including substitutions, equivalents, food facts, selection, storage, culinary dictionaries, food glossaries, tips, hints, product recalls, food history, recipe software, and much more.

Can Sizes for Recipes
Have an old-fashioned recipe that calls for a specific ingredient but only provides a can size? In the unlikely event you do, we've got a handy chart to help.

High Altitude Cooking
How to cook in high altitudes with recipes, tips, and information.

Authors and Chefs
Information on food industry professionals and food media resources, including food and cooking blogs, food magazines and e-zines, cookbook authors and chefs, newspaper food articles, restaurant recipes, television food shows, and more.

Newspaper Food Resources and Recipes
Worldwide newspaper sites with recipes, food articles, and information.

Recipe Software
Recipe software to store recipes on your computer. Listings include information on features and platforms.

Cooking With Alcohol: Substitute Ingredients
What if your recipe calls for alcohol but you're not interested in including it as an ingredient? There are nonalcoholic substitutes for most types of alcohol.

Diet Recipes, Health, and Nutrition
Diet recipes and informational articles about nutrition and health, including Atkins low-carbohydrate recipes, Weight Watchers recipes, fat-free recipes, low-fat recipes, information on fats, low-calorie snacks and sausage, and special diets for allergies. Plus information on nutrition, health, and food safety.

Home Cooking: Ham Varieties
There are many ways to prepare and cook ham, so don't limit yourself. Learn a new way to cook ham or choose a new variety from our list of ham recipes.

Beverage Recipes
Beverages are not only tasty to drink, but also work well in many food recipes. Here you'll find not only tasty drinks, but also recipes using alcoholic drinks, sodas, evaporated and condensed milks, buttermilk, and more.

Appetizer Recipes - Party Recipes
Whether you're just having a few friends over for dinner or a full-blown party, you'll want to have some appetizers on hand. You'll find many delicious appetizer recipes here, including extended entries for such appetizer favorites as chicken and Buffalo wings, fondue, dips, spreads, pates, and more finger foods.

Beef Recipes - Recipes using all cuts of beef
Recipes using all parts of the cow including beef tenderloin, ground beef, filet mignon, brisket, corned beef, hamburger, oxtails, prime rib, shish kebabs, jerky, veal, and more.

Condiment Recipes
Condiments are used to enhance our foods. Condiments include sauces, pickles, salad dressings, vinegars, and more.

Alcohol Recipes - Cooking with Alcohol
Liquor and liqueur can add a distinctive flavor to both savory and sweet recipes without making you tipsy. Learn how to cook with your favorite alcoholic beverage such as rum, tequila, whiskey, Grand Marnier, amaretto, and more.

Dairy, Egg, and Cheese Recipes
Recipes using dairy products including cheeses, eggs, evaporated milk, condensed milk, buttermilk, yogurt, sour cream and more.

Dessert Recipes including Cakes, Cookies, Brownies and more
Browse your way through a variety of tempting dessert recipes including cakes, cookies, brownies, pies, ice cream, custard, gelatin, and more.

Food Information / Health Information
Healthy food resources and food fact sheets.

Herb, Spice, and Flavoring Recipes
Our foods would be pretty dull without herbs and spices. The recipes in this directory are broken down as herb, spice, and flavoring with specifics listed under the appropriate listings. Herbs includes basil, oregano, rosemary, sage, and more. Spices include saffron, cinnamon, ginger, and more.

Miscellaneous Recipes
These recipes are not so easily categorized by type of food. Here you will find such recipes as breakfast, casserole, snacks, sandwiches, wraps, leftovers, and more.

Seafood Recipes using fish, shellfish, and others
Delight your palate with the wonders of the ocean. Recipes using all varieties of seafood, including shrimp, crab, scallops, salmon, and more.

Vegetable Recipes
Cook up a variety of vegetable recipes using vegetables from acorn squash to zucchini.

Classic Dish Recipes and Cooking Information
Some dishes are so popular or traditional that they deserve recognition on their own merits. Find cooking information and recipes for dishes such as chicken soup, fondue, gelatin, gravy, hot dogs, and more.

How to cook - Food Information, Reference, Tips, and Tools
Get educated on the foods you intend to cook before you fire up that stove. Learn the history of specific foods, how to select and store them, and get general tips on how to prepare all types of foods before moving on to the recipes. Articles are listed by food to help you find what you need quickly.

Mashed Potato Recipes - Mash Recipes - Vegetable Recipes
Mashed Potato Recipes. These recipes use all types of potatoes, including white, red, yams, sweet potatoes, gold, and dehydrated potatoes.

Herb Recipes
Alphabetical listing of all herb recipes, including basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, cilantro, and more.

Breakfast Recipes
These recipes are generally considered breakfast items, but are suitable for an evening meal as a change of pace.

Casserole Recipes
Casserole recipes are great for busy cooks. Throw all the ingredients into one dish and cook it all together to save time in the kitchen.

Corned Beef Recipes - How to make corned beef recipes
Corned beef is a cured beef brisket. It is a less tender cut, but with the right recipe, it can make a hearty and tasty meal. Here are some great corned beef recipes.

Fish Recipes
Most fish are not only tasty, but healthy for our bodies. The fish recipes include those for such fish as anchovies, salmon, tuna, caviar, catfish, tilapia, flounder, albacore, swordfish, halibut, sole, and more.

General Meat Recipes and Helpers
Many favorite dishes use multiple meats in the same recipe or the same basic recipe can be made with a variety of different meats. Here you will find such recipes for sausages, hot dogs and weiners, Irish stew, jerky, marinades, shish kebabs and more.

Jellies, Jams, Marmalades, and Preserves Recipes
Jellies are clear, solid spreads usually made from fruit. Jams have blended solids included in the jelly, while preserves are jams with chunks of solids. Marmalades are usually made with citrus fruits and include pieces of the rind or zest. Try these delicious recipes.

Shellfish Recipes including mollusks and crustaceans
The shellfish recipes include those for lobster, shrimp, crab, squid, calamari, oysters, clams, scallops, and more.

Spice Recipes
Recipes using a variety of spices, including cinnamon, ginger, saffron, and more. Sub-indexes break down recipes by individual spice.

Wine Recipes - Cooking with Wine Recipes
Wine can be used as a flavoring, as in wine jellies or in soups, stews, braised foods, reductions and more to add robust interest and thickening power to recipes. These recipes use wine as an ingredient.

Cabbage Recipes - Recipes for Cabbage and Red Cabbage
Cabbage Recipes. There are over four hundred different varieties of cabbage to choose from these days, most available year-round. These recipes all use cabbage as an ingredient.

Pork Recipes including bacon, ham, spareribs, sausage, and more.
Pork is known as the other white meat. The many different cuts of the pig are extremely versatile in recipes. The pork recipe listings include bacon, spareribs, sausage, ham, shish kebabs, hot dogs, and more.

Cake Recipes
When you think of dessert, cake probably first comes to mind. From simple and easy to expert and decadent, you'll find many cake recipes here from which to choose.

Candy Recipes
Learn how to make classic candy recipes along with homemade versions of your favorite commercial candy bars.

Cheese Recipes
The cheese recipes include those using cheddar cheese, swiss, emmentaler, gruyere, parmesan, gorgonzola, feta, goat cheese, and many more.

Cooking with Beverages
Many beverages are used in recipes, including orange juice, buttermilk, evaporated milk, condensed milk, fruit juices, and more. Try some of these beverage recipes.

Dairy Recipes and Cooking Information
Dairy products are an important part of many recipes. Learn how eggs help leaven foods and how milk can thin and thicken sauces. Find information on buttermilk, evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, yogurt, sour cream, and more.

Dip Recipes - Spread Recipes
This collection includes recipes for hot and cold dips and spreads, including some sweet offererings for dessert dips and spreads.

Food Health Facts
Learn how different foods affect your health.

Condiment and Sauce Recipes and Cooking Information
Condiments and sauces give extra kick to your recipes and many can successfully be made at home. Learn how to make and cook with such condiments as ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, balsamic vinegar, chutney, honey, marinades, mayonnaise, mustard, and more.

Ketchup / Catsup Recipes - Recipes using ketchup or catsup
Remember, not all ketchup is tomato-based. These recipes use ketchup (catsup) as an ingredient. Check the sub-folders at the top for homemade ketchup recipes.

Weights, Measures, Calculators & Conversions
Need help figuring out amounts for your recipes? Measures, calculators, and terms to help convert your recipes.

Meat Recipes and Cooking Information
Man has been eating meat since he learned to walk upright. Meat has come back into the limelight due to low-carb, high-protein diets. Learn how to cook a variety of meats, including beef, pork, lamb, poultry, and wild game.

Mustard Recipes - Homemade Mustard Recipes
Mustard is the second most-used spice in the United States. Its usage is only exceeded by the peppercorn. All parts of the plant are edible, including seeds, leaves, and flowers. These recipes all use some form of mustard, or try making your own homemade mustard.

Nut Recipes
Recipes using nuts including almonds, walnut, pecan, chestnut, macadamia, pistachio and more.

Pasta Recipes
Pasta comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. These recipes all use some form of pasta such as spaghetti, lasagna, noodles, macaroni, couscous, and more.

Salad Recipes and Salad Dressing Recipes
Salads can be cold, warm, or hot, and not all use lettuce or greens. Salad dressings are just as varied as the salads they enhance. Many of salad dressing recipes work equally well as a topper for vegetables and meats as well as cold and warm salads.

Specific Dishes Recipes and Cooking Information
Some dishes are so popular or traditional that they deserve recognition on their own merits. Find cooking information and recipes for dishes such as chicken soup, fondue, gelatin, gravy, hot dogs, and more.

Salad Dressing Recipes - Vinaigrette Recipes
Try these salad dressing recipes and vinaigrettes instead of the expensive store-bought ones. You will have a lot more options when you make it yourself, not to mention the freshness factor. Many of these recipes work equally well as a topper for vegetables and meats as well as cold and warm salads.

Cooking with Appliances
Information, tips and cooking hints for using various appliances and cookware in the kitchen. Informational articles cover crockpot, claypot, pressure cooker, and more with corresponding recipes.

Bread Recipes including Breadmachines, Biscuits, Rolls, and more
In many homes, some sort of bread is a necessity at the table at least once a day. Here you will find recipes for hand-made breads, automatic breadmachines (ABMs), biscuits, rolls, bagels, matzoh, puff pastry, stuffings, and more.

Canning and Preserving Recipes and Food
Recipes and information for canning and preserving. Since canned and preserved foods are so important during catastrophes, you'll also find information here on disaster preparedness.

Ethnic Recipes and Foods
Recipes and informational articles about ethnic foods and regional dishes from many countries and areas.

Food Storage
Find out how to freeze and store specific foods.

Fruit Recipes and Cooking Information
Fruits lend a sweet touch to both savory dishes and desserts. Learn about fruit history, selection, storage, and usage. Exotic fruits as well as common fruits are included.

Fruit Recipes
Fruit Recipes. Fruits lend a sweet touch to both savory dishes and desserts. Exotic fruit recipes as well as common fruits are included.

Herb Recipes and Cooking Information
Herb recipes and cooking information. Herbs not only give flavor and spark to our foods, many also have medicinal qualities. Learn about the history of herbs, selection, storage, and usage with many recipes.

Holiday, Special Occasion, and Party Recipes
Recipes and informational articles about holidays, special occasions and parties, including Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, Cooking For A Crowd, Gingerbread Houses, Hannukah, Tailgate Party, Superbowl, and much more.

Vegetable Recipes and Cooking Information
Vegetables are an essential part of the diet. Learn how to cook vegetables with information on selection, storage, equivalents, and cooking tips for a variety of vegetables.

Kitchen Safety
Important information on food preparation to avoid foodborne illness.

Poultry Recipes including chicken, turkey, duck, and other fowl
Recipes using various types of poultry, including turkey, Rock Cornish game hens, duck, chicken soup, chicken wings, and more.

Food Preparation Techniques
Need more cooking help than just written instructions? Here you will find a variety of resources with garnishing photos, videos, and instructions.

Cookbook Reviews and Recommendations
A selection of hand-picked cookbooks, many with detailed reviews and top picks.

Brisket Recipes - How to make brisket recipes
Beef brisket is a less tender cut, but with the right recipe, it becomes a hearty, succulent meal. Here are a variety of recipes for cooking brisket.

Classic and Traditional Favorite Recipes for Home Cooking
Learn how to cook classic and traditional comfort foods with these recipes, including crockpot, cooking with alcohol, and frozen desserts.

Corned Beef & Cabbage Recipes
Although corned beef and cabbage is often made for St. Patrick's Day, it is not really a traditional Irish dish. Here are some corned beef and cabbage recipes to try.

Filet Mignon Recipes - Beef Tenderloin Recipes
Beef tenderloin is also known as filet mignon. Try these filet mignon and tenderloin recipes.

Fondue Recipes - How to make fondue recipes
This collection includes many different fondue recipes for you to try, from cheese to meat to desserts. Fondue is another dish that embraces experimentation, so let your imagination run free!

Recipes and Cooking Help - Reference Instructions and Tips for Home Cooking
Learn how to cook at home with recipes, information, and kitchen cooking tips.

Ground Beef Recipes - Hamburger Recipes - Mince Recipes
Ground beef is also known as mince and hamburger. These ground beef recipes cover meatballs, meatloaf, burgers, and casseroles as well as more upscale recipes.

Meatloaf Recipes - How to make meatloaf recipes
These meatloaf recipes include traditional as well as newer versions.

Prime Rib Recipes - How to make prime rib recipes
Prime rib roast makes an impressive dish for any occasion, and it is especially popular at Christmas and other major holidays. Some prefer the standing rib roast with the ribs attached. Others carve the roast from the ribs and save the ribs to cook as a separate dish. Try these prime rib recipes.

Wine Jelly Recipes - How to make wine jelly recipes
Wine jelly makes a delicious condiment for savory meats as well as a spread for biscuits, scones, and toast. These recipes use red or white wine and are fairly simple to make.

Cake Mix Recipes
If you do not want to bother keeping standard dessert recipe ingredients on hand, get a head start by beginning with a cake mix. These recipes are all based on boxed cake mixes.

Candy Bar Recipes - Recipes Using Candy and Candy Bars
Candy Bar Recipes - Recipes Using Candy and Candy Bars

Cheesecake Recipes - Cake Recipes
Cheesecakes are not only luscious desserts. They can also be savory cakes used as an appetizer cracker spread for parties. This collection includes both sweet dessert cheesecakes, cheesecake bar cookies, and savory cheesecakes.

Dry Mustard Recipes - Recipes using dry mustard
If you are accustomed to using mustard only as a condiment, you may be surprised at how dry mustard can liven up a recipe. These recipes all use dry, ground mustard powder as an ingredient.

Fruitcake Recipes - Fruit Cake Recipes
Most people either love it or hate fruitcakes. Don't blame the fruitcake, blame the recipe! There are many different styles and recipes from which to choose, so give fruitcake another chance. These fruitcake recipes use traditional dried fruit and/or citron as well as fresh fruit.

Homemade Mustard Recipes - How to make mustard recipes
If you love different types or flavors of mustard, try one of these homemade mustard recipes.

Marshmallow Recipes
Marshmallows are surprisingly easy to make at home. The basic ingredients are gelatin and sugar. Try one of these recipes.

Mustard Seed Recipes - Recipes using mustard seeds
There are over forty different varieties of mustard plants, but three are the most popular for culinary use. These recipes use mustard seeds as an ingredient.

Non-Tomato Ketchup Recipes
Remember, not all ketchup is tomato-based. Ketchup can be warmed to use as a sauce or used cold for a dip. These ketchup (or catsup) recipes do not necessarily use tomatoes. For traditional homemade tomato ketchup, check this folder.

Shepherd's Pie Recipes
Shepherd's Pie is traditionally made with ground (minced) lamb. There are many variations on this theme using other ground meats.

Sweet Potato Casserole Recipes
There are many variations of sweet potato casserole, both sweet and savory. Try one of these sweet potato casserole recipes.

Crab Recipes
These recipes all use some form of crab. If you do not have access to fresh crab, canned or frozen crab may be substituted in many recipes, as well as lobster or shrimp.

Scallop Recipes - Shellfish and Seafood Recipes
These recipes use bay scallops, sea scallops, and calico scallops. Do not overcook scallops or they become tough and rubbery. Oysters may often be substituted for scallops.

Anchovy Recipes - Recipes using anchovies
Most recipes require very little anchovies. They usually blend in and are completely unrecognizable to the palate other than lending a rich flavor. Move beyond the basic pizza and antipasto salad and try one of these great recipes using anchovies. These recipes use fresh anchovies, canned anchovies, anchovy oil or anchovy paste (available in a tube).

Beer Recipes - Cooking with Beer Recipes
Beer recipes. How to cook with beer.

Bourbon Recipes
Bourbon should lend a very faint flavor of caramel, vanilla, charcoal, and a very light taste of wood to your recipes. These flavors work well in both savory and sweet dishes as you will see from the variety of these bourbon recipes.

Buttermilk Recipes
Buttermilk is excellent in baked goods, and also as a soup and salad dressing base. It lends a rich, hearty flavor with fewer calories than milk or cream. Try one of these buttermilk recipes.

Champagne Recipes - Cooking with Champagne
Using champagne in your recipes is much like cooking with any wine. You need not use expensive champagne, and leftovers will work fine as long as they are not over a week old. Try some of these wonderful recipes using champagne.

Coffee Recipes - Cooking with Coffee Recipes
Coffee is wildly popular as a beverage, but it is also a fabulous flavoring ingredient in desserts as well as savory meats and sauces. Enjoy these coffee recipes.

Condensed Milk Recipes - Sweetened Condensed Milk Recipes
Sixty percent of the water has also been removed from condensed milk, but it differs in that sugar has been added. Try one of these sweetened condensed milk recipes.

Evaporated Milk Recipes
Canned evaporated milk can be substituted in equal amounts for cream or half-and-half in most recipes. Do not confuse evaporated milk with sweetened condensed milk. Try one of these evaporated milk recipes.

Grand Marnier Recipes - Cooking with Grand Marnier recipes
Grand Marnier is an amber liqueur with a distinct orange flavor which lends itself to many recipes. Many recipes here.

Homemade Ketchup / Catsup - How to make ketchup recipes
It is easy to make homemade ketchup (or catsup), and it will have more flavor than the commercial bottled type. These recipes use tomatoes. There are non-tomato ketchups as well which you will find in a separate folder.

Rum Recipes - How to cook with rum recipes
Rum is a fermented liquor distilled from sugarcane molasses. Rum is not only a potent libation, it also lends incredible flavor to many recipes from main dishes to desserts.

Tequila Recipes - How to cook with tequila recipes
Tequila is a liquor made from the agave plant. It works well in marinades, vinaigrettes, and desserts. Here you will find both sweet and savory tequila recipes.

Whiskey and Whisky Recipes - Cooking with Whiskey and Whisky Recipes
You can use any variety of whiskey or whisky in these recipes, including bourbon. Whiskey and whisky recipes.

Squid Recipes - Calamari Recipes - Seafood Recipes
Squid Recipes - Calamari Recipes. These recipes all use squid (also known as calamari) as an ingredient.

Leftover Mashed Potato Recipes - Recipes using mashed potatoes
Recipes using leftover mashed potatoes or mashed potatoes as a main ingredient.

Amaretto Recipes - How to cook with amaretto recipes
Amaretto is a liqueur with an almond flavor, but surprisingly, it may or may not contain almonds. These recipes use amaretto liqueur. You may substitute almond extract in many of them.

Chili Recipes - How to make chili recipes
Many chili recipes using various types of meat and poultry along with vegetarian chili.

Sparerib Recipes - How to cook spareribs
Spareribs are pork and are cut from the bottom section of the ribs and breastbone of the pig, just above the belly. These recipes all use spareribs as an ingredient.

Tuna Recipes (Fresh) - Recipes for fresh tuna
Tuna Recipes (Fresh) - Recipes for fresh tuna. These recipes all use fresh tuna as an ingredient.

Red Cabbage Recipes - Recipes for Red Cabbage
Red Cabbage Recipes. These recipes all use red or purple cabbage as an ingredient.

Brie Recipes - Cheese Recipes
Brie Recipes. These recipes all use brie cheese as an ingredient.

Omelet Recipes - Breakfast Recipes - Omelette Recipes
Omelet Recipes. Omelet (omelette) fillings can range from vegetables to meats to seafood, and even fruit. Anything goes! Try one the many omelet recipes for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner.

Frittata Recipes - Breakfast Recipes - Egg Recipes
Frittata Recipes. Frittatas are a type of omelet made with primarily eggs. They are fast and easy to whip up for a quick meal.

Pork Chop Recipes
Pork Chop Recipes. Pork chops are a fairly inexpensive meat and relatively low-fat. For most recipes, blade pork chops are interchangeable with standard pork chops. Feel free to experiment with these recipes.

Vinaigrette Recipes
Vinaigrette Recipes. Home Cooking.

Tarragon Recipes
Tarragon Recipes. Fresh or dried tarragon is a major ingredient in these recipes, all using at least 1 teaspoon.

Ham Recipes - Recipes Using Ham
Ham Recipes - Recipes Using Ham. Ham makes a fabulous main course, but it is also good as a meat-stretcher in casseroles and as a flavoring agent. The recipes include those for whole hams as well as hams as a main recipe ingredient.

Chicken Recipes including chicken wings, chicken soup, and more
Chicken is one of the most widely-eaten meats today. All parts of the chicken may be used. The recipes include varieties of chicken such as Cornish game hens as well as specific parts like chicken wings or specific dishes like chicken soup.

Pate Recipes - How to make pate recipes
You will find a wide variety of pate recipes here. Most pâtés are much simpler to prepare than you might expect.

Salsa Recipes - How to make salsa recipes
You will find all sorts of salsa recipes here, authentic and new, as well as recipes using salsa as an ingredient.

Shish Kebab Recipes
This shish kebab recipe collection includes not only recipes using beef, but also veal, lamb, various seafood, vegetables and fruit.

Rice Vinegar Recipes - Recipes using rice vinegar
Rice vinegar is not limited to Oriental foods. It gives a lighter vinegar accent than traditional vinegars. These recipes use rice vinegar as an ingredient.

Wine Vinegar Recipes - Recipes using wine vinegar
Wine vinegar is used in a variety of recipes, including salad dressings, desserts and flavored vinegars. These recipes all use either white or red wine vinegar.

Canned Tuna Recipes - Recipes for canned tuna
Canned Tuna Recipes - Recipes for canned tuna. You will have many varieties and grades of canned tuna from which to choose. These recipes all use canned tuna as an ingredient.

Prosciutto Recipes - Recipes for prosciutto ham
Prosciutto Recipes - Recipes for prosciutto ham. Prosciutto is an Italian ham that has been seasoned, salt-cured, and air-dried, but not smoked. These recipes all use prosciutto as an ingredient.

Marmalade Recipes - Recipes for Marmalade
Marmalade Recipes - Recipes for Marmalade.

Chive Recipes - Recipes for Chives - Herb Recipes
Chive Recipes - Recipes for Chives. These recipes that use at least 1 tablespoon of chives, rather than just a sprinkling or garnish, to give you an idea how chives can be a major ingredient in a recipe.

Allspice Recipes - Recipes for Allspice
Allspice Recipes - Recipes for Allspice.

Soy Sauce Recipes - Recipes Using Soy Sauce
Soy sauce is made from fermented soybeans and roasted wheat or barley. It is an important flavoring ingredient in Asian recipes as well as American and other international dishes. These recipes all use soy sauce as an ingredient.

Stuffing and Dressing Recipes
Whether you call it stuffing or dressing, you have many choices to make, including whether to cook it inside or outside the turkey, the ingredients, and how much stuffing you will need. There are plenty of stuffing and dressing recipes to choose from. These recipes also include those that use stuffing mix as an ingredient.

Caper Recipes - Recipes using capers
Capers have long been a favorite in the Mediterranean region. The small, green herb buds lend a piquant sour and salty flavor to salads, dressings, sauces, vegetables and a variety of main dishes. These recipes include capers as an ingredient.

Balsamic Vinegar Recipes - Recipes using balsamic vinegar
Balsamic vinegar can be used as a substitute for red wine or red wine vinegar in many recipes. Feel free to experiment with any of these recipes to suit your tastes.

Pickle Recipes - Relish Recipes
Pickles and relishes are popular recipes. Not all pickles and relishes are made from cucumber. Check out the wide variety of recipes here.

Worcestershire Sauce Recipes - Recipes using Worcestershire sauce
Worcestershire sauce is very versatile, enhancing not only meat and seafood dishes, but also vegetables. These recipes all use Worcestershire sauce as an ingredient.

Chicken Wing Recipes - Buffalo Wing Recipes
Buffalo Wing Recipes and Chicken Wing Recipes. Learn how to make chicken wing recipes at home.

Matzo Recipes - Matzoh Recipes
Matzoh (also matzo) is unleaved bread used in a lot of Jewish recipes. These recipes use matzoh, matzoh meal, and matzoh flour.

Puff Pastry Recipes
Puff pastry is like a pie crust that rises high with no leavening. These puff pastry recipes cover both sweet and savory foods.

Yeast Bread Recipes
These bread recipes all require some form of yeast, including cake yeast, quick-rising yeast, instant yeast, and standard yeast. The collection includes sweet breads as well as savory breads.

Macadamia Recipes - Recipes for macadamia nuts
Macadamia Recipes - Recipes for macadamia nuts. Macadamia nuts can be substituted for other nuts measure for measure in most recipes and vice versa. These recipes all use macadamia nuts as an ingredient.

Cranberry Information and Recipes
Cranberry history, storage, and selection information, and hundreds of recipes.

Edible Flowers Recipes
Edible flowers information, recipes, and sources. All you need to know to cook with flowers.

Nut Recipes and Cooking Information
Nuts have been a food staple since caveman days. Learn about the various edible nuts, how to cook with nuts. Plenty of nut recipes.

Pear Recipes and Resources
Pear information, recipes, and resources for home cooking.

How to Cook Recipe Photo Tutorials
Sometimes it's not easy to visualize how a recipe goes together. These step-by-step instructions with photos will help you get the perfect result.

Canning & Preserving Resources
History, information and recipes for canning and preserving at home.

Cheese Varieties, Recipes and Cooking Information
Recipes, nutritional breakdowns, history, descriptions, encyclopedias, and other information on specific types of cheeses.

Food Disaster Preparedness
If you live in an area prone to natural disasters, you'll need this information on how to properly prepare, including using canned goods, food safety, and more.

Herb Recipes and Cooking Information
Herb recipes and cooking information. Herbs not only give flavor and spark to our foods, many also have medicinal qualities. Learn about the history of herbs, selection, storage, and usage with many recipes.

Milk Product Recipes and Cooking Information
Milk food product recipes and cooking information, including buttermilk, yogurt, evaporated milk, condensed milk, sour cream and more.

Nut Recipes and Cooking Information
Nuts have been a food staple since caveman days. Learn about the various edible nuts, how to cook with nuts. Plenty of nut recipes.

Pumpkin Recipes & Resources
Find out all about pumpkin history, selection, storage, nutrition, and try some of the many recipes.

Pork Recipes and Cooking Information
Pork recipes and cooking information for a variety of pork cuts.

Avocado Recipes - Recipes for avocado
Avocado Recipes - Recipes for avocado. Avocados are great in salads, but also good in breads, soups, savory dishes, and even desserts. These recipes all use avocados as an ingredient.

Beef Recipes and Cooking Resources
There are many delicious cuts of beef available. Find out how to cook beef from the mundane ground beef to the ultimate filet mignon with many recipes to try.

Canning & Preserving Resources
History, information and recipes for canning and preserving at home.

Crockpot Resources and Information
Extensive resources, recipes and information for crockpot cooking.

Lamb and Mutton Recipes
Lamb and mutton recipes and information resources for home cooking. Lamb is especially popular for Easter and Passover.

Meat and Poultry Health
Learn the health benefits of various meats and poultry to coordinate balanced meals and help with diet plans.

Miscellaneous Foods and Health
Learn the health benefits of miscellaneous foods to coordinate balanced meals and help with diet plans.

Poultry Recipes and Cooking Information
Poultry includes many types of fowl, including everyday chicken, duck, geese, cornish hens, pheasant, turkey, and more. Learn how to select and prepare a variety of poultry. Many recipes.

Seafood and Health
Learn the health benefits of various seafoods to coordinate balanced meals and help with diet plans.

Spice Recipes and Cooking Information
Spice recipes and cooking information. Spices not only give flavor and spark to our foods, many also have medicinal qualities. Learn about the history of spices, selection, storage, and usage with many recipes.

Vegetables and Health
Learn the health benefits of various vegetables to coordinate balanced meals and help with diet plans.

Cookbook Reviews
Favorite cookbooks selected by your Guide, many with personal reviews.

Equivalents and Substitutions
How many almonds are in a pound? What may be substituted for sour cream? These substitutions and equivalents will help you make the perfect recipe.

Professionals, Authors and Chefs
Professionals in the food industry, including chefs, authors, and more, share recipes and procedures for home cooking.

Fruits and Health
Learn the health benefits of various fruits to coordinate balanced meals and help with diet plans.

Wild Game Recipes
Recipes and resources for cooking many types of wild game at home.

Herb and Spice Health
Learn the health benefits of various herbs and spices to coordinate balanced meals and help with diet plans.

Oxtail Recipes - How to cook oxtail recipes
Oxtails are actually the tail of the cow and make wonderful soups and stews. Try one of the many oxtail recipes here.

Sloppy Joe Recipes - How to make sloppy joes
Try one of these sloppy joe recipes. Not all are made with ground beef.

Almond Recipes - Recipes using almonds
Almond Recipes - Recipes using almonds. These recipes use fresh almonds, almond paste, almond flour, and almond extract.

Baked Beans Recipes - How to make baked beans recipe
From apples to root beer, many different flavorings can be used with baked beans. Also, don't limit yourself to a specific type of bean. Try black beans, pintos, and even different types of split peas.

Cooking For One Or Two Recipes
Recipes and resources to cook meals for one person or two.

Lamb Recipes Mutton Recipes
From basic roasted leg of lamb to exotic dishes, your cooking options abound. The lamb recipes include those for many cuts of lamb including leg of lamb, lamb chops, lamb shanks, mutton, and more.

Oatmeal Recipes - Recipes using oatmeal
Oatmeal Recipes. These recipes use oatmeal as an ingredient.

Barley Recipes - Recipes using barley
Barley is a tasty and filling grain that makes a hearty addition to soups, stews, casseroles, cereals, stuffings, salads, and more. These recipes all use some form of barley as an ingredient.

Acorn Squash Recipes - Recipes using acorn squash
Although considered a winter squash, the acorn squash is of the same family as summer squash, which includes zucchini. Butternut squash and pumpkin can often be used interchangably with acorn squash, and vice versa so you may also wish to check out pumpkin recipes.

Potato Salad Recipes - Recipes for potato salad
Everyone has their own favorite potato salad recipe. Step outside of the box and try something new. These potato salad recipes use standard white or red potatoes, gold potatoes, sweet potatoes, and others.

Zucchini Recipes - Recipes using zucchini
In some areas, zucchini is known as summer squash or courgette. These recipes all use some form of zucchini or zucchini flowers.

Salad Dressing Recipes - Vinaigrette Recipes
Try these salad dressing recipes and vinaigrettes instead of the expensive store-bought ones. You will have a lot more options when you make it yourself, not to mention the freshness factor. Many of these recipes work equally well as a topper for vegetables and meats as well as cold and warm salads.

Sandwich, Wraps, and Panini Recipes
Sandwiches can be as simple as peanut butter and jelly or as elaborate as muffaletta. These recipes also include wraps, panini, submarines.

Sauce and Gravy Recipes
Sauces and gravies can be as simple as a reduction of pan juices to more elaborate with many ingredients. These sauces and gravies work with meats, poultry, seafood, and vegetables.

Snack Recipes
Whip up something different with these snack recipes. Many of the recipes may also be used as an appetizer or lunch.

Clay-pot Recipes / Recipes for the clay cooker
Foods cooked in a clay-pot or clay cooker are very moist with the added benefit of cooking in less time. Your clay-pot should always be pre-soaked in cold water and begin cooking in a cold oven. These recipes all use a clay-cooker.

Crockpot Recipes - Recipes for the Slow Cooker
These recipes are all designed to use a crockpot or slow cooker. Many are easily adapted to bake in the oven.

Pressure Cooker Recipes
Today's pressure cookers give you a choice of a quick-release option, taking even less time to finish that meal and without the need for wasted water to cool things down. These recipes are designed for the pressure cooker.

Food Allergy Recipes and Special Diets
Recipe and information resources for those with various food allergies and special diets.

Health and Nutrition
Health and nutrition resources and recipes.

Low-Fat Recipes and Resources
Low-fat and reduced-fat information and recipe resources.

Sugar-Free Recipes / Reduced Sugar Recipes
Reduced sugar and sugar-free recipes, resources, and cooking information.

Peanut Butter Recipes - Recipes using peanut butter
Peanut butter is available in smooth, chunky (with small bits of chopped peanuts), natural, reduced-fat, no sugar added, and even swirled with jelly for those time-challenged consumers. Crunchy and smooth peanut butter may be used interchangably in most recipes.

Flavoring Recipes
Along with herbs and spices, other foodstuffs flavor our foods. Check out such flavoring recipes as vanilla, honey, and maple syrup.

Low Carbohydrate / High Protein Recipes
Low carbohydrate recipes and resources for those on low-carb, high protein diets, such as Atkins diet or some diabetic diets.

South Beach Diet Recipes and Resources
The South Beach Diet combines the concepts of low carb, low-fat, and good carbs into one popular diet plan. Find recipes and resources for all stages of the plan and lose weight.

Weight Watchers Recipes
Hundreds of Weight Watchers recipes for those following the basic or 123 Success diet.

Watermelon Recipes - Recipes using watermelon
The more than five hundred varieties of watermelon grown worldwide give consumers many choices, with a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from. All varieties of melons are generally interchangable in most recipes, so feel free to experiment. These recipes all use watermelon as an ingredient.

Peach Recipes - Recipes using peaches
Learn about different varieties of peaches, and how nectarines relate to peaches, plus how to choose peaches, storage, and cooking tips.

Muffin Recipes and Mini-Muffin Recipes
Although most muffins are sweet, there are also many recipes for savory muffins. Here you will find recipes for standard muffins as well as mini-muffins.

Native American recipes and cooking information.
Native American recipes and cooking resources.

Pie Recipes
Pies can be simple or complex. You are sure to find a new favorite with one of these recipes.

Pudding Recipes
This recipe collection includes both savory and sweet puddings, custards, mousse and flans, as well as recipes that use pudding as an ingredient.

Mango Recipes - Recipes using mangos
Mangos are available in fresh, canned, juice, and dried forms. These recipes all use mango as an ingredient.

Blueberry Recipes - Recipes using blueberries
These recipes all use some form of blueberries. Blueberries are available in many forms and sizes, including canned, dried, and pureed as well as fresh.

Mandarin Orange Recipes - Mandarins, Clementines, Tangerine Recipes
Fresh Mandarin oranges such as tangerines, Clementines, and Satsumas may be difficult to find but canned Mandarin oranges are available year-round in the canned fruit section of grocery stores. These recipes all use some form or Mandarin, Clementines, Satsumas, or tangerines.

Brownie Recipes
Brownies are the ultimate indulgence for chocoholics when it comes to baked goods. Here you will find a variety of brownie recipes from which to choose, from basic chocolate to flavored and layered brownies.

Cookie Recipes
A variety of cookie recipes to tempt kids and adults from simple to exotic.

Dairy Recipes
Milk products are an integral part of many recipes, used as thinners, thickeners, and flavor enhancers. You'll find recipes for evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, sour cream, yogurt, buttermilk, ice cream, and more.

Egg Recipes
Eggs are tasty on their own, but also work as leaveners and main ingredients in such dishes as omelets and frittatas.

Goose and Duck Recipes
There is nothing as delicious as a roast goose or duck. It makes any occasion special and looks stunning on the table. Try one of these delicious recipes.

Turkey Recipes
These recipes use fresh turkey, ground turkey, cooked turkey and turkey leftovers. Many can be adjusted to use chicken instead or turkey parts.

Bar Cookie Recipes - Cookie Bar Recipes
Bar cookies are traditionally baked in a sheet form, then cut into bars. It is a quick method for making desserts for a crowd.

Apricot Recipes - Recipes for Apricots
Apricot Recipes - Recipes for Apricots. Apricots can also be substituted for peaches and/or nectarines in many recipes and vice versa. These apricot recipes include those for fresh, canned, dried apricots, apricot juice, and apricot preserves.

Spinach Recipes - Recipes for Spinach
Spinach Recipes. Spinach is available fresh and frozen year-round and can be eaten raw or cooked. All of these recipes use spinach in some form.

Broccoli Recipes - Recipes for Broccoli
Broccoli Recipes. Broccoli is available fresh and frozen year-round and can be eaten raw or cooked. These recipes use either fresh, frozen, or cooked broccoli.

Horseradish Recipes - Recipes for Horseradish
Horseradish is a root vegetable unrelated to radishes. It is most widely used as a condiment, both by itself and as an ingredient in sauces and dressings. These recipes all use horseradish as an ingredient.

Hazelnut / Filbert Recipes - Recipes for Hazelnuts or Filberts
Hazelnuts are also known as filberts. These recipes all use hazelnuts (filberts) as an ingredient.

Leek Recipes - Vegetable Recipes
Leek Recipes. Leeks look like scallions on steroids. And like scallions, they are usually sold in bunches, generally about four leeks to a bunch. These recipes all use leeks as an ingredient.

Pecan Recipes
Pecan Recipes. Pecans are America's favorite true nut. Try one of the many pecan recipes here. Keep in mind that pecans can also be substituted for walnuts in nearly all recipes.

Sun-Dried Tomato Recipes
Sun-Dried Tomato Recipes. The flavor of sun-dried tomatoes is quite intense, concentrated, and slightly salty, so a little goes a long way. These recipes all use sun-dried tomatoes as an ingredient.

Papaya Recipes - Recipes for Papayas
Papaya Recipes. Canned papaya or papaya juice can be used in many recipes. These recipes all use some form of papaya as an ingredient.

Couscous Recipes
Couscous Recipes. These recipes all use couscous as an ingredient.

Lentil Recipes - Recipes using lentils
Lentil Recipes. Lentils are very nutritious and readily available in dried form as well as canned. These recipes all use lentils as an ingredient.

Fat-Free Recipes
Fat-free recipes and resources for those on a fat-free or low-fat diet.

Asparagus Recipes - Recipes using asparagus
Available year-round, spring is the best season for fresh asparagus. These recipes all use asparagus as an ingredient, including fresh, canned, and/or frozen.

Artichoke Recipes - Recipes using artichokes
Whether you like the leaves or the heart, you will enjoy these artichoke recipes which use fresh, frozen, or canned artichokes.

Black Bean Recipes - Recipes using black beans
Black beans have become very popular as an ingredient as well as a main dish. These recipes use dried or canned black beans. Recipes using black bean paste are also included.

Beet Recipes - Beetroot Receipts
Beets are eaten raw, boiled, baked, steamed, stir-fried, and raw. These recipes include all methods.

Eggplant Recipes - Aubergine Recipes - Recipes using eggplant or aubergine
Eggplant (also known as aubergine) comes in many colors and shapes, from white to purple/black, round to oblong. They are highly perishable, so store in the refrigerator vegetable drawer and use within two days. These recipes all use some form of eggplant

Gold Potato Recipes - Yukon Gold Potato Recipes
Gold potatoes are marketed under different names, the most well-known being the Yukon Gold. These recipes all use gold potatoes as an ingredient.

Cornish Hen Recipes - Rock Cornish Game Hen Recipes - Poultry Recipes
Cornish hens look like baby chickens, but they are bred to be small. They are the perfect single serving size. The recipes below do specify game hens, but feel free to also adjust them for use with standard whole chickens.

Risotto Recipes - Rice Recipes
Risotto Recipes. Traditionally, risotto begins with rice, usually arborio rice. However, enterprising chefs are using other vegetables and grains with a risotto technique, so you'll also find those recipes here.

Flambé Recipes - Flambe Recipes
As extravagant as flambé dishes appear, they are easy enough to make at home and far less expensive. Impress your family and guests with a variety of flambe flaming foods from salads to desserts when you try one of these fabulous flambé recipes.

Graham Flour - Graham Cracker Recipes
Graham Flour - Graham Cracker Recipes. These recipes all use graham flour or graham crackers as an ingredient.

Tofu Recipes
Tofu Recipes. The bland flavor of tofu sucks up other flavors like a sponge. These recipes all use tofu as an ingredient.

Wild Rice Recipes
Wild Rice Recipes. Home Cooking.

Pistachio Recipes - Recipes for Pistachio Nuts
Pistachio Recipes - Recipes for Pistachio Nuts. Pistachios enhance many dishes other than desserts, including seafood, poultry and salads. These recipes all use pistachio nuts as an ingredient.

Sweet Potato Recipes - Yam Recipes
Sweet Potato Recipes - Yam Recipes.

Parsnip Recipes - Recipes using parsnips
Parsnip Recipes. The parsnip looks like a white, overgrown carrot. It is sweet with a texture like a sweet potato and can be eaten raw or cooked. These recipes all use parsnips as an ingredient.

Breadmachine Recipes - ABM Recipes - Bread Machine Recipes
These recipes are all designed to be used with an automatic bread machine (ABM).

Cooking Frequently Asked Questions
Get the answers to frequently asked questions on food, cooking, and recipes.

Cucumber Recipes - Recipes using cucumbers
Cucumber Recipes. Use standard garden cucumbers or hothouse cucumbers in these recipes.

Rhubarb Recipes - Recipes for rhubarb
Rhubarb Recipes. Rhubarb is nicknamed

Jerusalem Artichoke Recipes / Sunchoke Recipes
Jerusalem Artichoke Recipes / Sunchoke Recipes. Jerusalem artichokes, also known as sunchokes, have a potato-like texture often recommended as a potato substitute for diabetics.

Cranberry Recipes - Recipes for Cranberries
Cranberry Recipes - Recipes for Cranberries. Cranberries are a popular winter fruit, but available year-round frozen and canned. These recipes use cranberries as an ingredient.

Pomegranate Recipes - Recipes for Pomegranates
Once you get past the multitude of seeds, pomegranate juice is tangy, sweet, rich and flavorful. These recipes all use pomegranates (also spelled pomegranites) and/or grenadine as an ingredient.

Chestnut Recipes - Recipes for Chestnuts
Chestnut Recipes - Recipes for Chestnuts. Chestnuts are delicious in savory foods as well as dessert recipes. When fresh chestnuts are not available, look for canned whole or pureed chestnuts.

Cooking with Alcohol Recipes and Information
Liquor and liqueur can add a distinctive flavor to both savory and sweet recipes without making you tipsy. Learn how to cook with your favorite alcoholic beverage.

Seafood Recipes and Resources
Seafood recipes and resources for shellfish, fish, mollusks and more.

Specific Dishes Recipes and Cooking Information
Some dishes are so popular or traditional that they deserve recognition on their own merits. Find cooking information and recipes for dishes such as chicken soup, fondue, gelatin, gravy, hot dogs, and more.

Specific Food Information
Information and resources dealing with specific food subjects that may be difficult to categorize.

Spice Recipes and Cooking Information
Spice recipes and cooking information. Spices not only give flavor and spark to our foods, many also have medicinal qualities. Learn about the history of spices, selection, storage, and usage with many recipes.

Garnishing and Food Presentation
Make your meals look fancy by learning garnishing and food presentation tips. Instructions and photos are found within these resources.

How to Cook Basics - Quick Cooking Instructions
Fast and easy basic cooking instructions on how to make such things as homemade vanilla extract, roast garlic, blanch almonds, dry herbs, make hard-boiled eggs, cut an avocado, and more.

Recipe Substitutions
Ran out of a recipe ingredient? Find ingredient substitution charts and information for use in your recipes.

Cookbook Reviews
A selection of hand-picked cookbooks, many with detailed reviews by your Guide.

Culinary Dictionaries and Glossaries
Culinary dictionaries and glossaries to give you information on various foods and cooking methods.

Table Etiquette and Manners
Etiquette and table manners resources and information.

Food & Cooking Blogs
Blogs are the latest rage and these food and cooking blogs will keep you updated on foo news and personal cookng adventures.

Food History Resources
Learn about the history of various foods with informative food history resources and timelines. Great resources for teachers, students and home cooking.

Food Lore and Legends
There is much lore and many legends associated with foods of all types. Find out more.

Top Recommended Recipes
If you're looking for the best of the best, browse through these lists for most popular and most-requested recipes.

Christmas Recipes - Recipes for Christmas Dinners
Christmas Recipes. For Christmas, any special occasion, gifts from the kitchen, or just a special dinner, you will find many Christmas recipes here.

Cooking For A Crowd
Need large quantity recipes for parties, potlucks or family gatherings? You'll find tips and hints, safety issues, to double or not to double, and many recipes.

Easter Recipes
Celebrate Easter with a variety of traditional and untraditional recipes, foods, and customs.

German Recipes / Oktoberfest
Oktoberfest began as a celebration of the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig (who later became king) to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810. Today the annual celebration continues, beginning the third weekend in September and continuing through the first Sunday in October. Here you will find recipe resources focusing on German cooking for Oktoberfest or any occasion.

Halloween Recipes
Halloween recipes designed to be not only fun, but also provide nutritious energy for trick-or-treaters. Plus, Halloween history and safety tips.

Jewish Holiday Recipes and Foods
Many Jewish holidays are celebrated with foods or dishes having special significance. Learn about these foods and try some recipes both traditional and new.

Picnic Recipes and Food
Recipes and resources designed for picnics and outdoor excursions.

St. Patrick's Day Recipes and Foods of Ireland
Acquaint yourself with the many different foods of Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick's Day or every day. Learn about traditional foods and dishes and experience the recipes.

Superbowl Recipes and Quick Party Food Tips
Cook up some great eats for your Super Bowl party with these recipes, planning tips, and quick finger food ideas.

Thanksgiving Recipes and Cooking Information
Everything you need to know to cook the perfect Thanksgiving meal, including hundreds of recipes.

Valentine's Day Recipes - Aphrodisiac Foods of Love
Learn about food aphrodisiacs and how to cook a special meal for your loved one. Links to special recipes, entertaining tips, decorating ideas and more related to Valentine's Day

Memorial Day Recipes
Memorial Day is a great holiday to show off your favorite recipes while spending time with family and friends. Here are some Memorial Day recipes to celebrate your kitchen.

Father's Day Recipes
Celebrate Father's Day with all of Dad's favorite foods. You may have a hard time dragging him away from the barbecue grill, but he is sure to find something yummy to distract him here.

Governmental Food Agencies
Governmental Food Agency resources with food and safety information.

Labor Day Recipes - Recipes for Labor Day
Labor day is a great holiday to show off your favorite recipes while spending time with family and friends. Here are some Labor Day recipes to celebrate your kitchen.

Lunch Recipes - Lunchbox Recipes
Back to school lunch recipes. Although good ol' peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are actually a nutritious lunch choice, many kids tire of the same thing day after day. Find out how to liven up those school lunchboxes, so they don't end up in the trashcan.

Food Product Recalls & Alerts
Information on food product recalls, mislabelling, and alerts.

Food Safety Resources
Make sure your food is fit for consumption with these food safety resources.

Seafood Storage and Selection Tips
Seafood storage and selection tips. Seafood is highly perishable. Learn how to select the proper seafood for your recipe and store it, including refrigeration and how to freeze tips.

Soup, Stew and Chowder Recipes and Cooking Information
Soups can warm you in winter and cool you in summer and stews are good year-round. Try some of the hundreds of recipes and learn the different types of soups and stews.

Specific Food Information
Information, recipes, and resources dedicated to a specific food.

Survival Food Resources
Resources focusing on survival food preparation for emergencies.

Cinco de Mayo Recipes and Foods - Mexican Recipes
Cinco de Mayo Recipes and Food. Try some traditional and updated Mexican recipes for Cinco de Mayo or any day.

Food Fact Sheets
Food fact sheets give information on how to select and store a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and other foods. Other information includes botanical name, common names, availability, varieties and forms, general description, miscellaneous facts, and sample recipes.

Fruit Storage - How to select and store fruit
Most fruits are highly perishable. Learn how to store fruit properly for maximum life and flavor, including refrigeration and freezer tips.

Meat Storage and Selection Tips
Meat storage and selection tips, including beef, pork, and poultry. Learn how to store and freeze meats.

Vegetable Storage - How to store vegetables
Learn how to properly select and store vegetables for maximum shelf life, including refrigeration and freezing techniques.

Kitchen Equipment Reviews
Get information on kitchen equipment, appliances and products including features, pros and cons, and comparable prices online.

Recipes for Home Cooking
Home cooking food features include recipes, history, nutrition, cooking techniques, selection, storage, hints and tips, message board, product reviews, cookbook reviews, how-to's, and step-by-step photo instructions to fill all your kitchen needs.

Spice Mix Storage and Cooking Tips
Light moisture and heat are enemies of herbs and spices. Learn how to store and cook with spice mixes.

Mango Cutting and Cubing Instructions
Learn how to dice mangos with proper slicing. Step by step instructions with photos show you how to cut cubes from the mango pulp.

Top 4 Candy, Jelly and Deep-Fat Fry Thermometers
Guide Picks - Top 4 Candy, Jelly and Deep-Fat Fry Thermometers for Home Cooking.

Are Hot Dogs Made of Pork, Beef, or Something Else?
Frankfurter content is regulated by law in the United States. Find out what ingredients are in hot dogs and how they are topped and served.

Sour Cream Substitutions and Equivalents
Find out what you can substitute for sour cream when you run out.

Maple Syrup Storage, Cooking Tips, and Substitutions
Identifying real maple syrup, storage, substitutions, and maple syrup cooking tips.

Best Deviled Eggs With Horseradish Sauce Recipe
Deviled eggs are always a hit at parties, and this version has been deemed the best by everyone who tries them. Easy to make and great for low carb'rs.

Selecting Chicken for Chicken Soup
Selecting the right chicken for your chicken soup is important. Here are the best choices.

Lobster Terminology
Chickens, sleepers, culls, and more lobster terminology

Ketchup / Catsup Storage and Fun Facts
Find out how to properly store ketchup, plus interesting fun ketchup facts and tips.

Lobster Equivalents, Measures, and Famous Recipes
Lobster is not for sushi but for many famous recipes. Learn how to measure lobsters for cooking and try some famous lobster recipes.

Macadamia Nuts Cooking Tips and Hints
Macadamia Nuts Cooking Tips and Hints. Learn how to cook with macadamia nuts.

How to Buy and Select Anchovies
Fresh anchovies may be difficult to find, but other forms are readily available. Learn how to select and buy anchovies.

How to Clean Mushrooms
Mushrooms should not be soaked in water. Learn why and how to clean mushrooms.

Lychee Recipes and Cooking Information
Lychee Recipes and Cooking Information - Litchi and Litchi Nuts. Litchi is a lesser known tropical fruit that has a taste resembling a combination of strawberries, watermelon, and grapes.

Fourth of July Themed Food Tips and Recipes
Fourth of July Recipes - recipes for July 4 parties. Red, White and Blue Recipes for your July 4th celebration.

Squid and Calamari Selection and Storage
Are large squid better than small? Learn how to select and store squid and calamari.

Banana Facts, Information & Recipes
Bananas are an herb with edible flowers and fruit. Learn more about the world's most popular fruit.

Salmon Selection and Storage Information
Salmon is a fragile fish so proper storage procedures are essential. Find out how to select and store salmon.

Apricot Cooking Tips and Hints
Learn how to keep cut apricots from turning dark and other apricot cooking tips.

Pepper and Peppercorn Storage and Selection
Large cans of ground pepper may be a waste of money. Learn how to select and store pepper and peppercorns.

Pistachio Storage and Selection
Unopened pistachio shells means they are immature. Learn how to store and select pistachio nuts.

Mandarin Orange Selection & Storage
Learn when fresh mandarin oranges are in season and how to select and store them, plus canned mandarin information.

The History of Zucchini (Green Squash) as Food
Zucchini History - Learn the history of zucchini, also known as courgettes and summer squash.

History and Origins of Whiskey and Bourbon
Used as a medicine, whiskey was originally made by pharmacists and monks. Learn about the history of whiskey/whisky.

Shish Kebab History
Shish kebabs are fast and versatile meals on a stick originating in Turkey. Learn the history of shish kebabs.

The History of Pizza as Food
Returning WWII servicemen helped make pizza popular in the US. Learn more about pizza history.

Culinary History of Pistachio Nuts
Pistachios are related to cashews. Learn more about the history of pistachio nuts.

Paprika History
What is the connection between paprika, chile peppers, and Hungary. Find out and learn the history of paprika.

The Culinary History of Mango
Mango History - Mangos are native to Asia and related to cashews and pistachios. Find out more.

Irish Food History - More Than Potatoes
Irish Food History. Potatoes, oats, and fish are Irish food staples. Learn about the history of Irish foods.

The History of Hamburger, Mince and Ground Beef
Burger on a bun originated in America. Learn about the history of ground beef, hamburger, and mince.

Food Coloring History - The Color of Food
Food coloring dates back hundreds of years. Learn about what colors your food.

The History of Dill Weed
Dill weed was mentioned in ancient Egyptian medical texts. Learn more about the history of dill.

Black Bean History - The history of black beans as food.
Black beans date back more than 7,000 years. Learn more about black bean history.

BBQ Bacon Brisket in the Oven Recipe
Try this BBQ brisket baked in the oven. Use the included homemade barbecue sauce or your favorite bottled sauce. Bacon is the crowning glory.

Hot 'n Crunchy Trout (or Chicken) Recipe
Almonds, sesame seeds, cornflakes, and red chile flakes make an intriguing coating for fish or chicken.

Lemon Sage Chicken Marinade Recipe
The bright flavors of lemon and sage transform bland chicken breasts in this simple and fast marinade.

Pistachio Measures, Equivalents, and Substitutions
How many pistachios do you need for your recipe? Here are some equivalent measures and substitutions.

Apricot Measures, Substitutions, and Equivalents
How many apricots do you need for your recipe? Check this chart for apricot measures, equivalents, and substitutions.

Jamaican Jerk Important Recipe Ingredients
Important Jamaican jerk ingredients include Scotch bonnet chile peppers, thyme, and allspice.

Pumpkin Banana Bread Recipe
This easy quick bread marries the autumn flavor of pumpkin with the tropical flavor of bananas.

Homemade Yogurt Cheese Recipe
Yogurt cheese is like a spreadable cream cheese. Learn how to make yogurt cheese at home.

Eggnog Recipe With Brandy, Bourbon, or Rum
For safety's sake, the eggs in this eggnog version are gently cooked. Alcohol added before serving makes this a holiday favorites for adults.

Non-Alcoholic Holiday Eggnog Recipe
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