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Horseradish Cooking Tips and Measures.
Freshly grated horseradish can burn the nose and tarnish silver. Get tips, weights, and substitutions for cooking with horseradish recipes.

Commercially-Grown and Hydroponic Tomatoes
Commercially-Grown and Hydroponic Tomatoes. Learn how to improve the flavor of these tomatoes.

Leek Cooking Tips and Hints
Overcooking leeks turns them to slime. Get tips and hints on how to use leeks in your recipes.

What is barley? Barley Types and Forms
Learn the history of barley and its edible forms.

Barley Storage, Cooking Tips, Measures, and Substitutions
Get cooking tips, measures, and substitutions for cooking barley recipes.

What are Mandarin Oranges?
What are mandarin oranges? Learn about the mandarin orange and tangerine connection, along with mandarin orange history.

Whiskey History - The history of whiskey / whisky
Used as a medicine, whiskey was originally made by pharmacists and monks. Learn about the history of whiskey / whisky.

Yogurt History
Yogurt was deemed a wonder food, which led to its popularity in the US. Learn more about the history of yogurt.

Yukon Gold Potato History
Gold potatoes are new to the USA, but not to Europe. Learn more about the history of gold potatoes.

Zucchini History - The history of zucchini as food.
Zucchini History - Learn the history of zucchini, also known as courgettes and summer squash.

Artichoke Cooking Tips
Learn how to eat an artichoke, keep them from turning brown, and more artichoke cooking tips.

Oatmeal Types and Varieties
Learn how to choose the proper type of oatmeal or oats for your recipes

Oatmeal and Oats Storage, Cooking Tips, and Measures
Learn how to store oats and oatmeal, get cooking tips, and how to measure or substitute oats.

Stuffing and Dressing History
What is the proper term? Is it dressing, stuffing, or forcemeat? Learn more about dressings and stuffings.

Jerusalem Artichokes / Sunchokes History - Food History
Jerusalem artichokes are not artichokes and do not come from Jerusalem. Learn about the history of sunchokes and Jerusalem artichokes.

Sun-Dried Tomatoes History - The history of sundried tomatoes as food.
Sun-Dried Tomatoes History - The history of sundried tomatoes as food.

Sweet Potatoes History
Sweet potatoes were brought to America by Columbus. They are often mistakenly called yams. Learn more about the history of sweet potatoes.

Sweet Onion History - The history of sweet onions as food.
Sweet Onion History - The history of sweet onions as food.

Tarragon History - The history of tarragon and cooking with herbs
Are you buying true tarragon? Maybe not. Learn about the history of tarragon and cooking with herbs.

Tequila History - Food History of Tequila
Contrary to popular belief, tequila is not made from cactus. Learn about the history of tequila.

Thanksgiving History - Turkey History
Wild turkeys nearly became extinct and Roosevelt tried to change the date of Thanksgiving. Learn more about Thanksgiving and turkey history.

Thyme History - Herbs
Old legends say thyme attracts fairies. Learn more about the history of the common kitchen herb, thyme.

Tomato History - The history of tomatoes as food.
Tomato History. Tomatoes were once thought to be poisonous. Find out the true story and where tomatoes originated.

Tuna History and Tuna Facts
Most of the commercial tuna comes from California. Learn more about tuna history and facts.

Valentine History - Food
Valentine's Day History. Food played an important part in the history of Valentine's Day.

Vanilla History
Vanilla is native to Central America. Learn more about the history of vanilla.

Walnut History - The history of walnuts as food
Walnuts were once considered nuts of the gods. Learn the history of walnuts.

Sesame Seed History - The history of sesame seeds as food.
Sesame Seed History - The history of sesame seeds as food.

Rosemary History - The history of rosemary as food
Rosemary has long been used in holistic medicines. Learn more about the history of rosemary.

Saffron History
Flavorful and colorful saffron can be deadly in large amounts. Learn more about the history of saffron.

Sage History - The history of sage herb
Sage was once considered a medicinal cure-all. Learn more about the history of sage.

Salmon History - The history of salmon as food.
Early European settlers in the US tired of a salmon-rich diet. Fint out why.

Salt History and Health
Is salt bad for your health? Maybe not. Learn more about the history of salt and its effect on your health.

Sausage History - The History of Sausage
Sausage is not necessarily a meat product. Learn the history of sausage.

Scallop History - The history of scallops as food
The scallop shell has a religious history. Learn more about the history of scallops.

Shallot History - The history of shallots as food.
Shallots are related to onions and garlic. Learn more about the history of shallots.

Shish Kebab History - Shish Kabob History
Shish kebabs are fast and versatile meals on a stick originating in Turkey. Learn the history of shish kebabs.

Shrimp History - The history of shrimp
Shrimp is the most popular shellfish in the US. Learn more about the history of shrimp.

Mushroom History
Mushroom History - The history of mushrooms as food.

St. Patrick's Day History
St. Patrick's Day History. Learn the history of St. Patrick's Day and how whiskey is connected to the legends.

Strawberry History
The strawberry is native to North America. Learn more about the history of strawberries.

Pate de Foie Gras History and French Law
The truth about pâté de foie gras. Learn more pâté de foie gras history.

Peanut Butter History
Peanut butter was created as a healthy protein substitute for patients with no teeth. Learn more about the history of peanut butter.

Peach History
Peach History. Learn the origin of peaches and how they migrated around the world.

Pecan History
Pecans are native to America. Learn more about America's favorite nut.

Pepper History - The History of Peppercorns
Peppercorns are not only the oldest used spice, but also the most widely-used. Learn more about the history of pepper.

Pineapple History
The pineapple that made Hawaii famous is not from Hawaii. Learn about the history of pineapples.

Pine Nuts History - The history of pine nuts as food
Pine nuts are known by many names. Learn more about pine nut history.

Pistachio History - The history of pistachios as food.
Pistachios are related to cashews. Learn more about the history of pistachio nuts.

Pizza History - The history of pizza as food.
Returning WWII servicement helped make pizza popular in the US. Learn more about pizza history.

Pomegranate History
Pomegranates are native to China and Persia. Learn more about pomegranates and how to make grenadine.

Pressure Cooker History - The history of pressure cooking.
Pressure Cooker History - The history of pressure cooking.

Pumpkin History - The history of pumpkins as food.
Native Americans used pumpkins to weave mats as well as for food and even beer. Learn about the history of pumpkins.

Recipe History - Receipt History
Help converting those heirloom recipes handed down from Grandma, plus recipe substitutions, and conversion charts for weights and measures.

Rhubarb History - The history of rhubarb as food.
Ben Franklin brought rhubarb to America. Learn more about the history of rhubarb.

Lobster History
Learn about the rise of lobster from poor to rich man's food and more lobster history.

Macadamia Nut History - The history of macadamia nuts as food.
Macadamia Nut History - The history of macadamia nuts as food.

Mango History - The history of mangos as food.
Mango History - Mangos are native to Asia and related to cashews and pistachios. Find out more.

Maple Syrup History - Food History
Native Americans introduced maple sap to colonists. Learn about the history of maple syrup.

Molasses History
Molasses used to be the sweetener of choice for Americans. Learn more about the history of molasses.

Mustard History - The history of mustard as food.
Mustard History. Learn the history of mustard.

Nutmeg and Mace History - The History of Nutmeg Spice
Bloody wars have been fought to control nutmeg due to its value. Learn more about the history of nutmeg and mace.

Olive History - The history of olives
The olive is native to the Mediterranean ares. Learn more about the history of olives.

Omelet and Frittata History
Omelet and Frittata History. Learn the history of omelets and frittatas.

Oyster History
The eating of oysters dates back to early Roman times. Learn more about the history of oysters as food.

Paprika History
What is the connection between paprika, chile peppers, and Hungary. Find out and learn the history of paprika.

Parsnip History - The history of parsnips
Parsnips are nutritionally superior to potatoes. Learn about the history of parsnips.

Passover Seder History
Passover Seder History. Learn the history of the Jewish Passover Seder meal.

Plum History - The history of plums as food.
Plum History - Plums date back to 479 B.C. and appear in the writings of Confucius.

Horseradish History - The history of horseradish as food.
Horseradish used to be called German mustard. Learn more about the history of the horseradish vegetable and get recipes.

Hot Dog History - The History of Hot Dogs, Wieners, and Frankfurters
The term hot dogs was initially a slur. Learn the history of hot dogs, wieners, and frankfurters.

Ice Cream History
Marco Polo had a recipe for ice cream. Learn about the history of ice cream and frozen desserts.

Irish Food History
Irish Food History. Potatoes, oats, and fish are Irish food staples. Learn about the history of Irish foods.

Jamaican Jerk History
Learn the origins of Jamaican jerked foods.

Ketchup / Catsup History - Food History
Original ketchup is Chinese in origin and had no tomatoes. Learn about the history of ketchup and catsup.

Kiwi Fruit History - The history of kiwifruit as food.
Kiwifruit originated in China, not New Zealand. Learn more about the history of kiwi fruit.

Lamb History - The history of lamb as food.
Lamb History - The history of lamb as food.

Leavening History
Leaveners, such as yeast, have been in use more than 5,000 years. Learn about the history of yeast, baking soda, and baking powder.

Leek History
Leeks and wild leeks are quite different. The leek is a milder member of the onion family. Learn about the history of leeks.

Lentil History - The history of lentils
Lentils have been used as a meat substitute for centuries. Learn about the history of lentils.

Eggplant History - The history of eggplant as food
Early eggplants were white like eggs. Learn more about eggplant history.

Fig History - The history of figs as food.
Fig History - Figs have been used as a sweetener for thousands of years and are good for the body.

Edible Flowers History - The history of flowers as food.
Edible Flowers History - The history of flowers as food.

Fondue History - The origins of fondue. Home Cooking
Fondue History - The origins of fondue.

Food Coloring History - The Color of Food
Food coloring dates back hundreds of years. Learn about what colors your food.

Garlic History - The history of garlic as food.
Garlic History - The history of garlic as food.

Gelatin History
Most gelatin comes from animals. Learn the history of gelatin.

Ginger History
Ginger nearly disappeared in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire. Learn more about the history of ginger.

Ground Beef History - The history of hamburger and mince
Burger on a bun originated in America. Learn about the history of ground beef, hamburger, and mince.

Halloween History
Halloween History. Learn the history of Halloween and why kids trick-or-treat.

Ham History - The history of pork and ham as food.
Ham History - The history of ham and pork as food.

Hanukkah History
The tradition of receiving a gift on each of the eight days of Hanukkah is fairly recent. Learn more about the history of Hanukkah and the traditional foods.

Old Recipe Measurements
Why doesn't your recipe taste like Grandma's? Learn why and how to convert those heirloom recipes to use today.

Honey History - The history of honey as food.
Honey History - The history of honey as food.

Chive History - The history of chives as food
Chives date back thousands of years. Learn the history of chives.

Cinnamon History - The History of Cinnamon
Cinnamon has been used for embalming and meat preservation. Learn more about the history of cinnamon.

Coconut History
Coconut History - The history of coconuts as food, meat, sugar, and oil.

Coffee History
The first commercially-ground coffee in sealed cans was distributed in 1878. Learn more about the history of coffee.

Cornish Hen History
Cornish hens were created to appeal to foodies. Learn more about Cornish game hens.

Couscous History - The history of Couscous
What is couscous? Couscous may be older than pasta. Learn more about couscous history.

Crab History - The history of crabs as food
Out of the 4,400 varieties of crab, most are found in North America. Learn more about the history of crabs.

Cranberry History - The history of cranberries as food.
Fresh cranberries will literally bounce when dropped. Learn about the history of cranberries.

Dill History - The history of dill weed
Dill weed was mentioned in ancient Egyptian medical texts. Learn more about the history of dill.

Lunch Counter, Luncheonette, and Diner History
Lunch Counter, Luncheonette, and Diner History. America's diners and lunch counters have a long and interesting history full of confusing terminology and lingo.

Easter Egg History - The history of Easter eggs
Easter Egg History. Learn the history of Easter eggs and other Easter symbolic foods.

Traditional Easter Foods History
Traditional Easter Foods History. These foods are traditionally cooked for the Easter holiday.

Easter Egg Coloring History
Easter Coloring History. Here are explanations of some of the many types of decorated eggs.

Black Bean History - The history of black beans as food.
Black beans date back more than 7,000 years. Learn more about black bean history.

Blueberry History - The history of blueberries as food.
Blueberry History - The history of blueberries as food.

Bourbon History
Corn is the distinguishing factor in American bourbon whiskey. Learn about the history of bourbon.

Brie History and Varieties - The history of Brie
French emperor Charlemagne fell in love with Brie. Now there are many varieties. Learn more about Brie history.

Broccoli History - The history of broccoli as food.
What is broccolini? Broccoli is related to cabbage and cauliflower. Learn more about broccoli history.

Buffalo Wings History - The origins of Buffalo Chicken Wings
The history of Buffalo wings is in dispute. Find out why.

Buttermilk History
The use of buttermilk arose from frugality. Learn the history of buttermilk.

Cabbage History - The history of cabbage as food.
Cabbage is generally connected to Ireland, but that's not where it originated. Learn about the history of cabbage.

Canning History - The history of canning and preserving
Learn the history of canning and preserving.

Cashews History - The history of cashew nuts as food.
Cashews are never sold in the shell. Find out why and learn about the history of cashew nuts.

Caviar History - The history of caviar as food.
Caviar History - The history of caviar as food.

Champagne History
French law regulates champagne, but U.S. laws do not. Learn about the history of champagne.

Cherry History - Food History
Long, rich cherry history results in thousands of varieties. Learn about the history of cherries.

Chestnut History - Food History
Chestnuts date back to prehistoric times and are a good source of starch. Learn about the history of Chestnut.

Clam History - Food History
There are two main varieties of clams. Learn about the history of clams.

Acorn Squash History - Food History
Acorn Squash History - Acorn squash is considered a summer squash like zucchini. Learn about the history of acorn squash.

Almond History - The history of almonds as food.
Almond History - The history of almonds as food.

Apple History
Apples have been around for over 4,000 years, and there are now literally thousands of varieties of apples worldwide. Learn more about the history of apples.

Apricot History
Why do those in the military consider apricots a jinx? Find out and learn the history of apricots.

Artichoke History
The fall of Rome plunged the artichoke into obscurity but Italians revived their popularity. Learn more about the history of artichokes.

Asparagus History - The history of asparagus as food
Roman emperors were so fond of asparagus, that they kept a special asparagus fleet for the purpose of fetching it. Learn more about the history of asparagus.

Avocado History - The history of avocados as food.
Learn more about the history of avocados and how they came to America.

Bacon History
Bacon History. Learn the history of bacon.

Basil History
Basil was used to embalm ancient Egyptian mummies. Learn about the history of basil.

Beer History
The term honeymoon actually comes from honey beer. Learn more about the history of beer.

Beet History - The history of beets and beetroot
Beets have been used as dyes and medicinally. Learn more about beet and beetroot history.

Hazelnut and Filbert History
Hazelnuts have been cultivated in China for more than 5,000 years. Learn about the history of hazelnuts and filberts.

Pineapple Facts
What is a pineapple? Pineapple plants are the only fruited bromeliad. Learn more about pineapple facts.

Pineapple Cooking Tips
Pineapple enzymes work well in marinades but make gelatins fail. Learn more pineapple cooking tips.

Pomegranate Cooking Tips, Equivalents, and Measures
Find out how many pomegranates you need for your recipes along with cooking tips.

How to peel, seed, and juice pomegranates
Extracting the juice from fresh pomegranates is easy. Learn how to peel and juice pomegranates.

What are raisins. Raisin History
What are raisins and where do they come from? Learn about the history and making of raisins.

Raisin Cooking Tips and Hints
Raisins can help extend bread life as a mold inhibitor. Learn raisin substitutions and cooking tips and hints.

Raisin Varieties and Types including Seedless Raisins
Seeded raisins do not have seeds. Find out why and learn about raisin varieties and types, including sultanas and currants.

Apricot Selection and Storage
Why do those in the military consider apricots a jinx? Find out and learn the history of apricots.

Hazelnuts / Filberts Storage and Selection
Learn how to properly select, store, refrigerate, and freeze hazelnuts and filberts.

Watermelon History - The history of watermelons
Watermelons date back to at least 2500 B.C. Learn the history of watermelon and common uses.

Watermelon Storage and Selection - How to choose a watermelon
Learn how to select and store the best watermelon. Does thumping work? Get the answers here.

Kiwi Fruit Selection, Storage, and Tips
Learn how to properly select and store kiwifruit. Plus, cooking tips for kiwi fruit recipes.

Mandarin Orange Tips and Hints for Cooking
Cooking tips, hints, and substitutions for mandarin oranges.

Mango Cooking Tips and Hints
Mango Cooking Tips and Hints. Learn about the flavor, texture, and how to cook with mangos, including equivalents and substitutions.

Marmalade Tips - Cooking with Marmalade
Citrus pith and seeds contain pectin to help gelling. Learn how to make and cook with marmalades.

Olive Oil Types - Choosing good olive oil
There are a number of types of olive oils. Learn how to choose the right olive oil for your recipes.

Olive Varieties - Types of olives
There are many varieties of olives. Learn about the most popular olive varieties.

Papaya Cooking Tips
Fresh papaya enzymes can cause gelatin to fail. Learn how to cook with papayas.

What are papayas? Tropical Fruits
What are papayas? This delicious tropical fruit may be eaten in savory dishes as well as desserts.

Peach Cooking Tips and Hints
Peach Cooking Tips and Hints. Learn how to easily peel peaches and other tips.

Peach Varieties - Clingstone, Freestone, Semi-Freestone
Peach Varieties - Learn about different varieties of peaches, and how nectarines relate to peaches.

Apricot Cooking Tips and Hints
Learn how to keep cut apricots from turning dark and other apricot cooking tips.

Avocado Storage and Selection
Learn how to choose avocados and store them.

Avocado Varieties and Facts
Find out if the avocado is a fruit or a vegetable and get information on the popular varieties.

Banana Facts
Bananas are an herb with edible flowers and fruit. Learn more about the world's most popular fruit.

Banana Classic Recipes and Cooking Tips
Learn about classic banana recipes such as Bananas Foster and frozen bananas, plus banana cooking tips.

Blueberry Cooking Tips and Hints
Blueberry Cooking Tips and Hints. Learn how to cook with blueberries, including equivalents and substitutions.

Famous Cherry Recipes - Truth about Maraschino cherries
There are many famous cherry recipes. If you learn how Maraschino cherries are made, you might want to make your own.

Cherry Cooking Tips and Hints
Cherries can turn baked goods blue. Find out why and how to fix it, plus other cherry cooking tips.

Sweet and Sour Cherry Varieties
Learn about cherry varieties to determine whether you need sweet or sour cherries for your recipes.

Coconut Forms and Availability
Coconut is widely available year-round in many forms. Learn more about green coconuts and other forms.

Cranberry Cooking Tips
Cranberries should be cooked only until they pop to avoid mushiness. Learn how to cook with cranberries

Fig Varieties. Choosing the right variety for your recipe.
Fig Varieties. Some figs are better dried, while others are better eaten fresh.

Lychee Recipes and Cooking Information - Litchi and Litchi Nuts for Home Cooking
Lychee Recipes and Cooking Information - Litchi and Litchi Nuts. Litchi is a lesser known tropical fruit that has a taste resembling a combination of strawberries, watermelon, and grapes.

Apple Varieties
There are hundreds of varieties of apples. Some are better for eating that cooking. Here are some common apple varieties.

Watermelon Varieties - Types of watermelon
Seedless watermelons are not really seedless. Learn about the different varieties and types of watermelons to use in your recipes.

Walnuts and Health
Walnuts are an excellent source of vegetarian protein. Learn how walnuts can affect your health.

Watermelons and Health
Watermelon has half the sugar of an apple. Learn about the health benefits of watermelon.

Flambé Recipes Index
Flambé Recipes. This recipe collection includes savory and sweet recipes using a flambe or flaming technique.

5 Quick Tailgate Finger Foods
5 Quick Tailgate Finger Foods

Chicken Fricassee Recipe
Chicken Fricassee Recipe

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire - Chestnut Recipes
Although they are wonderful straight from the oven or fireplace, you can make use of the winter chestnut crop in many ways, both sweet and savory. When fresh

Crock-Pot® BBQ Pit Review
You may have seen this latest Rival® product advertised on television lately. The Rival Crock-Pot® is a staple appliance in most American households, so it was

Make a Gingerbread House
Nothing makes a more impressive centerpiece during the holidays than a homemade gingerbread house, and they are not as difficult to make as they might appear.

Chicken Stroganoff Recipe
Classic beef stroganoff is transformed into chicken stroganoff using less expensive chicken thighs and herbs complementary to poultry. You may substitute

Pecan Sticky Buns Recipe
Pecan Sticky Buns Recipe

Sweet Crunchy Nuts Recipe
Put these candied toffee nuts in a decorative tin to give for Christmas presents or for any other holiday or special occasion. You can use just about any type

Marmalade Recipes for last minute gifts or meals
Marmalades usually begin with a citrus base, but many fruits can be added to pique the palate. Learn how to make homemade marmalade and how to use it in

Mandarin Orange Muffins Recipe
Canned mandarin oranges give a delightful citrus flavor to these delicious spiced muffins which are topped with cinnamon sugar.

Cinnamon Raisin Nut Rolls Recipe
Cinnamon raisin nut rolls are crispy, buttery, and sweet. A few simple ingredients whizzed in the food processor and rolled in buttered phyllo dough makes a

10 Ways to Use Leftover Ham
Unless you have a very large family, chances are you will not use up an entire ham in one meal. Ham sandwiches are delicious, of course, but try branching out

Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes
Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes

Dessert Recipes Index
Dessert Recipes Index. Recipes include sweet breads, turnovers, candies, frozen desserts, coffee cakes, pudding, brownies, sweet dips and more.

Cinnamon Recipes - Home Cooking
Cinnamon Recipes. These recipes use ground cinnamon and/or cinnamon sticks.

Yeast Bread Recipes Index
Yeast Bread Recipes. These breads all require some form of yeast, including cake yeast, instant yeast, quick-rising yeast, and standard yeast.

Olive and Olive Oil Recipes - Home Cooking
Olive and Olive Oil Recipes. Choose from many recipes using olives and/or olive oil.

Tarragon Recipes - Home Cooking
Tarragon Recipes. Tarragon is a bittersweet herb with a hint of licorice flavor, but too much can overwhelm your recipe. These recipes use fresh and dried tarragon.

Garlic Recipes
Garlic Recipes - Home Cooking. You are sure to find something different to try within these garlic recipes.

Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts Recipes
The third Sunday in July is designated as National Ice Cream Day. Ice cream and frozen desserts are a natural during hot summer months. You can easily make

Thanksgiving and Turkey Hotlines
You'll definitely want to bookmark this page for quick reference during the holidays. Find turkey and other popular holiday food hotlines such as USDA,

Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake Recipe
Don't save this for Thanksgiving alone. It's an easy but impressive dessert year-round. Rich cheesecake has the spiced flavor of pumpkin pie swirled

Holiday Ham Recipes
Ham is perfect for large holiday dinners. Learn the history of ham, varieties, selection, and storage information, plus many ham recipes, such as Basic

Ham Recipes - Home Cooking
Ham Recipes. These ham recipes include those for sandwiches, main dishes, side dishes, breakfast, and more.

How to Make Turducken Recipe
What is turducken? It is a chicken stuffed inside a duck which is then stuffed inside a turkey. It's fast becoming a popular recipe for Thanksgiving. Each

Cocoa Pumpkin Brownies Recipe
Cocoa Pumpkin Brownies Recipe

Making Perfect Gravy
With a little insight on methods and a few tricks of the trade, you will find making the perfect gravy a snap! Should you use a flour roux? Cornstarch?

Green Bean Casserole Recipe
Green Bean Casserole Recipe© 2009 Peggy Trowbridge Filippone Baby boomers fondly remember the simple classic green bean casserole as a Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and Holiday Cooking Hotlines
Thanksgiving and holiday cooking hotlines to help with your recipes. Get information on how to cook turkey and other holiday foods safely.

Creamed Corn Gratin Recipe
Creamed Corn Gratin Recipe© 2009 Walmart, licensed to About.com Walmart and Melissa d'Arabian, winner of 2009's The Next Food Network Star and host of the

Cranberry Stuffed Acorn Squash Recipe
Orange marmalade, cranberries, brown sugar, sweet onion, and spices sweeten up stuffed acorn squash cooked in the microwave. Kids may even consider this

Flambé Recipes for Parties
The flambé technique is often employed tableside at expensive restaurants for a dramatic touch. As extravagant as flambé dishes appear, they are easy enough

Mashed Potatoes Recipes and Tips
You may consider mashed potatoes a no-brainer, but choosing the right type of potato and method can make or break the end result. Mashed potatoes are another

How to Cook Spaghetti Squash Step by Step with Photos
Spaghetti squash is a good alternative to pasta, potatoes, or rice. The cooked squash flesh shreds into threads like thin spaghetti or vermicelli, hence its

Best Deviled Eggs Recipe
Nearly everyone keeps a supply of eggs on hand, and deviled eggs are a great last minute appetizer choice that may be made in advance. Far from the bland

Welcome to HC's Blog!
6/15/03 Food News and New Recipes Hopefully this new format will help keep you up to date on food issues as well as new recipes.

Quick Chocolate Fix
Two Minute Fudge Can fudge really be this easy? This recipe uses common ingredients such as powdered cocoa, butter, milk, sugar, vanilla, and optional nuts.

Vinegar Nachos? Ackkk!
My teen daughter wanted nachos tonight and since we had no tortilla chips, she decided to improvise with her favorite salt and vinegar potato chips. (I love

How can you not love chocolate?
Apparently, it's true. Hershey Foods Corp. is reporting a 13 percent profit this quarter. In other chocolate news, Kraft, makers of Oreo Cookies, say they are

Buttering Corn on the Cob
What's an easy way to butter corn on the cob? Some food tips achieve genius level, and this is one of them. Bonnie tells us a simple scientific method to butter

Champagne. What's in a name?
Champagne, Feta cheese, and Kalamata olives are the focus of the European Union at the World Trade Organization summit coming up in September in Cancun, Mexico.

Newest veggie: Toma bella
One of the newest vegetables is the toma bella, marketed by Frieda's Specialty Produce. It's a cross between a tomato and a sweet bell pepper. The produce

Quick Garlic Cheese Biscuits
No time for biscuits? Try this shortcut recipe that makes about a half dozen in your toaster oven. You can vary them by adding herbs, garlic, sun-dried

Watermelon Basket
Looking for a great way to keep a teen quiet, off the phone, and occupied for a couple of hours? I found out by accident when my teen ran with the idea of

Homemade Halloween Candy Recipes
Feeling adventurous? Try your hand at making homemade Halloween candy, such as Peach Jelly Chews, Sinfully Easy Fudge, Perfect Peppermint Patties, or one of the

Perfect Prime Rib
With the high cost of prime rib these days, you can't afford to botch the job when cooking it. Find out how to make the perfect prime rib roast in the oven. If

Cooking with Sugar Substitutes
You can shave 360 calories from a cake recipe that calls for 1 cup of sugar by using an artificial sweetener in place of half of it. Find out how to substitute

Spice Substitution Chart
You may find yourself in a situation where you are out of a specified spice in a recipe or perhaps you just don't care for that specific spice. This chart will

Food Safety and Mad Cow Disease
The Seattle Times reports In the days since mad-cow disease was announced in the United States, more than 1 million Americans were sickened by food they ate.

Sliders, belly-bombs, and greaseballs - Burgers we love to hate
I've heard many nicknames for the little White Castle burgers, but sliders is the term I always use, although friends call them belly bombs. To be honest, I

Eggnog Recipes
Eggnog has always been a favorite during the holidays, but it may be time to update those old family eggnog recipes that use raw eggs. Try a Non-alcoholic

Hangover Cure - Bananas
If you've been out partying too much, you'll definitely want to avoid a hangover. Alcohol consumption dehydrates and leaches the body of potassium. Don't take

New Year's Diet Resolution
How many of us make a resolution to either lose weight or travel the path of a more healthy diet? Statistics indicate that a full 90% of us have such good

Make Cucumber Boats for Garnishes
Decorate your recipes by adding eye-appealing garnishes to your dishes. Learn how to make cucumber boat garnishes with easy instructions and photos. This method

How to Cut a Mango
Have you ever tried to dice a mango and end up with a mushy mess? It can be a daunting task to cut mangos into cubes for certain recipes unless you know this

Cool Summer Foods and Recipes
It's summer. It's hot. Who wants to spend a lot of time in the kitchen when you can be outdoors celebrating the warm months with friends and family? Check out

How to peel litchi (lychee) fruit
At first glance, the litchi is a fruit that looks like a strawberry with alligator skin, which is why some folks call them alligator strawberries in the South.

Can Sizes and Equivalents
How many cups or ounces are there in a #2 can? Many recipes specify a can size rather than a volume amount. Find out using this handy Can Sizes and Equivalents

Chile Pepper Heat Chart
Wondering how to rate the heat level of various types of chile peppers? Peppers are rated based on Scoville Units, a method developed by Wilbur Scoville in

Key Lime White Chocolate Coolers Recipe
Key limes and white chocolate make an amazing combination that is refreshingly cool, no matter the season. This variation of meltaway cookies is perfect for

Banana Cake with Cinnamon Glaze Recipe
This wonderfully moist banana cake is so easy to whip up, you'll want to make it often. Instructions are given for a 9 x 13-inch sheet cake, but you can convert

Deciphering Food Expiration Dates
The twentieth century ushered in the age of packaged foods, making use of preservatives and innovative packaging to lengthen the shelf-life of many foods. Most

Black & White Chocolate Cake
Start with a plain vanilla cake mix and end up with a luscious layered cake of vanilla and chocolate with white and dark chocolate chips. This cake mix is

Crock-Pot® BBQ Short Ribs
These short ribs are made with a tasty dry rub spice mix which can be used on any type of meat with equal success. This recipe is designed for the Crock-Pot

Deep-Fried Turkey Recipes
Deep-fried turkey is becoming quite popular. Frying a turkey is not only fast, it produces a bird with extremely moist meat, both white and dark. You will need

Pumpkin Pie Recipes
Make your Thanksgiving pumpkin pie ahead of time to help cut down on holiday stress. Choose from the recipes to make a basic Pumpkin Pie. Get adventurous and

Homemade Gifts from the Kitchen Recipes
For Christmas or any special occasion, homemade gifts from the kitchen say you care to take the time to make something special. You'll find many recipes for

Nesco Roaster Oven Review
I remember my Granny-Ma's beloved Nesco® roaster when I was growing up in the 60's, so it was with great interest that I tested this 21st century edition. She

Crab Puff Recipe
Looking for a new and different finger food for parties? You can use fresh or canned crab for these delicious light morsels. If you can't use beer, substitute

Chocolate Porcupine Clusters Candy Recipe
These crunchy chocolate candies are easy to create for parties, bake sales, gifts, and Halloween. The salty pretzels are a tantalizing offset to the sweetness

Jewish-style Chicken Liver Pate Recipe
For an inexpensive variation on foie gras, try chicken livers in this tasty pate. It makes a fabulous party appetizer. If you love chopped liver, you'll love

Cooking with Alcohol Basics
Why use alcohol in foods? Aside from flavor alone, there are a number of reasons, including some scientific ones. Find out why, how to reduce the alcohol

Crab Muffins Appetizer Recipe
Little seafood crab muffins are bursting with flavor. Crab muffin appetizers may be served warm or at room temperature for a perfect party finger food. Feel

Saffron Indulgence - Saffron Recipes
Saffron has the well-deserved reputation of being the most expensive spice in the world. A lot of labor goes into the harvesting of the stigma of the crocus

Super Bowl Recipe Spotlight
Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball From: About Desserts / Baking This recipe for a chocolate chip cheese ball is perfect served with graham crackers or ginger snaps.

Quick Bacon-Wrapped Breadsticks Appetizer Recipe
These are so simple and fast to make, yet are a huge hit at parties. Also great for snacks. May be made a day ahead of time. Reheat in the microwave about 30

Ranch Chicken Nuggets
The kids will enjoy these chicken nuggets as much as the adults. You may substitute chicken breasts for the thighs or use a combination of both. • Ranch

Country Oxtails Dinner Recipe
Plan this meal a day in advance so you can cook the oxtails and get rid of the fat before cooking with the vegetables. Crusty bread is a welcome addition to

Tilapia with Lime Caper Sauce
Tilapia is a mild-flavored, firm-fleshed whitefish. It can be rather bland. Perk up tilapia fish with spices and a tangy wine reduction lime caper sauce. If you

Mock Mashed Potatoes (Cauliflower) Recipe
Your guests will probably never know that these rich mashed potatoes contain no potatoes at all. They are made from cauliflower. Great for low-carb diets. These

Southwest Chicken Corn Chowder Recipe
Mild green chiles, chili powder, and cilantro give a Southwest flavor to chicken corn chowder. Don't be discouraged by the list of ingredients. This chowder

Black Forest Passover Brownies Recipe
Chocolate with cherry preserves make yummy black forest brownies. They are made with matzoh flour with eggs for leavening, so they are kosher for Passover.

Potato Chip Meatballs in Creamy Mushroom Gravy Recipe
Dry onion soup mix gives rich flavor to the meatballs while crushed potato chips make a great filler. With a creamy mushroom gravy, these meatballs may be

Junk Food Cookies Recipe
Potato chips, white chocolate, and cookies - all your favorite junk foods in one tasty package! Quick, easy, and indescribably delicious. You may substitute

Da Vinci Code Recipes - What would Leo eat?
Leonardo da Vinci was one of the greatest inventors in history, but not many know his bright mind eventually helped us in the kitchen. He designed a convection

Table manners were once considered odd
For most people in the new world, eating utensils are a part of the everyday meal routine. However it wasn't that long ago, in the relative history of man, that

Sesame Seeds Recipes
Sesame seeds are believed to be one of the first condiments as well as one of the first plants to be used for edible oil. Learn how to store sesame seeds so

Macadamia Nuts Recipes
If you think macadamia nuts originated in Hawaii, think again! Macadamias used to be an expensive purchase, but have come down greatly in price in the past 20

Potato Recipes
There are two basic types of potatoes: mealy and waxy. The mealy type includes russets and Idaho potatoes and are often referred to as baking potatoes or old

Emeril's 4-in-1 Smoker Product Review
I've tried other indoor smokers but wasn't impressed. I tackled this product test with a ho-hum attitude but was pleasantly surprised. It actually performed

Oven-Smoked Ribs Recipe
These spareribs are tender and juicy with a nice touch of hickory smoked flavor. This recipe is designed to be used with an indoor oven smoker, specifically the

Chicken Mulligan Stew Recipe
Mulligan stew is a hearty dish made of whatever is on hand. It usually contains meat or poultry, potatoes, and vegetables in practically any combination you

Garlic Smashed Potatoes Recipe
If you haven't yet, you simply must try smashed potatoes. The method leaves large chunks amongst a chunky "gravy" flavored with garlic, butter,

Knork® Review
I must admit that as an uncouth kid, I used to muscle my way through meat with a standard fork, simply because I was lazy. I could have saved myself a lot of

Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Wings Recipe
These chicken wings are easy to make, but very tender and flavorful. As an added bonus, you'll end up with some awesome leftover chicken stock to use later in

What is star fruit?
A reader asks: At an upscale restaurant, my plate was garnished with a star-shaped food. I was told it is called star fruit. What is star fruit? Is it

Turkey Roasting Times
Your turkey is thawed and ready to go, but how long do you cook it? Roasting times will depend upon whether or not the turkey is stuffed. Those plastic

Emerilware Grill & Panini Maker Review
Here we have yet another indoor electric grill. What sets it apart and makes it different? Probably the best asset is that it is dishwasher safe. Find out the

Almond Coconut Cake Recipe
If you love Almond Joy® candy bars, you'll love this cake! It's rich, moist, and delicious, full of almonds and coconut. If you want to add to the

Pickled Shrimp Appetizer Recipe
Pickled shrimp is an unusual appetizer that is sure to please, and it is amazingly easy to make. As an added advantage, this dish may be made ahead. You may

Lucky Black-Eyed Peas & Sausage Casserole Recipe for New Year's
Black-eyed peas and collard greens are considered good luck for New Year's, but you'll enjoy this dish year-round. This casserole recipe kicks it up a notch

Mandarin Orange Marmalade Cookies Recipe
Use canned mandarin oranges and orange marmalade for a rich orange-flavored butter cookie. White chocolate chips are an added touch of decadence, but you may

Anchovy Recipes
Many people instantly disdain any recipe made with anchovies, immediately thinking of pizza or perhaps antipasto salad. Those same people probably vastly

New Zealand Food - Culinary Adventures in Kiwiland
A trip to New Zealand to visit friends gave me a first-hand look and taste of the foods of New Zealand. It seems as if I was constantly eating, all concerns

Top 10 Irish Recipes
Traditional Irish dishes are hearty and heart-warming by nature, but for non-natives, the names of the dishes can be intriguing. Can you figure out what champ,

Sour Cream Recipes
Try using sour cream in other than dips or as a topper for baked potatoes. Sour cream makes wonderful sauces and baked goods. Find out how to make your own

Easy Macaroni and Cheese Recipe
Macaroni and cheese is a pasta dish that everyone seems to like and everyone makes it differently. This recipe is for a very basic, easy version, loaded with

Hot Dog Octopus Recipe
Whether you call them hot dogs, wieners, frankfurters, or franks, most kids love them, and they will love them even more in this fun octopus shape. It's easy

Cooking with Almonds - Almond Recipes
Not just for sweets, the almond gives a classy touch to savory dishes as well. Almonds are also healthy, but those with cold sores need to steer clear. Find

Hot Dog Vegetable Stew Recipe
This vegetable stew is loaded with hot dogs as well as veggies. It's a hearty recipe your kids will enjoy and adults, too. Do not be disheartened by the list

Mini Chocolate Cherry Cheesecakes Recipe
Bite-sized chocolate cherry cheesecakes are perfect for parties and buffets. They look difficult, but are really quite simple to make. Take a shortcut by

White Chocolate Gelatin Cookies Recipe
White chocolate chips shine in this buttery cookie recipe made with gelatin. I've used lime gelatin, which explains the pastel green color, but feel free to

Stuffed Mozzarella Spirals Salad Recipe
Prosciutto, spinach, and roasted red peppers are rolled into a mozzarella cheese log and sliced into spiral rounds for an eye-appealing and delicious salad

Red, White & Blue Recipes for 4th of July
In honor of the Fourth of July, try some Independence Day recipes with a red, white and blue color scheme to add to the festive theme, such as the Patriotic

Worcestershire Sauce Recipes
What is Worcestershire sauce? Where did it come from? And yes, you can make your own at home. Also try many recipes with Worcestershire sauce as an ingredient

Mud Puddles Cookies Recipe
These chocolate cookies may look like mud puddles, but the mud centers are actually a delicious chocolate ganache filling. Kids love them as much as adults.

Spiced Pork Roast Recipe - Crockpot
Spiced pork roast (fresh deboned picnic ham) is flavored with Worcestershire, brown sugar, herbs, and spices for an easy main dish in the slow cooker. The

FoodSaver® Advanced Design V2860 Vacuum Sealer Review
The FoodSaver® has long been a leader in home vacuum-sealers. This top of the line model has all the bells and whistles and does not disappoint. Get the scoop

Papaya Raisin Muffins or Bread Recipe
Papaya adds moisture and flavor to these easy spiced muffins that begin with a cake mix. The cream cheese frosting adds extra decadence, however you may

Crockpot Chicken with Dry Rub Recipe
This version of crockpot chicken uses a dry rub rather than a liquid barbecue sauce. Unlike many crockpot chicken recipes which produce a pale result, this

Crock-Pot® Versaware Pro Product Review
The Crock-Pot® VersaWare™ Pro is not your grandmother's slow cooker. The timer automatically switches to a warm setting when the cooking time has expired. The

Ground Beef Recipes
Ground beef or minced beef has long been considered a meat-stretcher, easier on the wallet than full beef cuts. Perhaps for this reason, there are a lot of

Dill Recipes
To most of us, dill weed (it grows like a weed!) is invariably paired with pickles. It is no wonder since Americans alone consume more than nine pounds of

Oktoberfest Recipes - German Recipes
Oktoberfest began as a celebration of the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig (who later became king) to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on October 12,

Spicy Calamari Chowder Recipe
If you like conch chowder, try this version using calamari. It is thick and hearty with robust seafood flavor and just enough spiciness to tickle the tongue.

Cabbage Rolls Recipe
Cabbage rolls are a comfort food for many folks. Cabbage leaves are stuffed with an herbed ground beef, sausage, and rice mixture. They are easy to make for a

Simple Baked Brisket Recipe
It is hard to believe this simple baked beef brisket uses only 4 main ingredients. It is incredibly flavorful and tender. The resting time is important in

Seinfeld Cookbook Controversy - Who Owns Recipes?
An interesting controversy has arisen over the new cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld (wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld). Her cookbook, Deceptively Delicious,

Cooking with Ginger
Ginger can add a wonderful zing to all types of dishes, from salads to entrees. Put a little zest into your life with ginger by learning its history and some

Discover Couscous Recipes
Couscous is finding its way back into the worldwide mainstream. It is quick and easy to make and can be flavored by nearly any fruit, vegetable, meat, seafood,

Top 5 Small Kitchen Appliances for Foodies
Step beyond small kitchen gadgets and pick up one of these great kitchen stove-top or counter-top appliances sure to appeal to any foodie on any special

Hanukkah Cheese Gelt Coins Recipe
These tasty Cheddar cheese crackers are great not only as edible gelt for Hanukkah, but also a great appetizer cracker for any occasion, party, or just as a

Food Shipping Tips
Many of us ship or mail our gifts from the kitchen. Whether you are sending your package a short distance or out of the country, here is some food shipping

No-Cook Food Gift Ideas
Nothing makes a gift more personal than taking the time to choose something suited specifically for the recipient. Your kitchen gift does not necessarily have

Make a Party Appetizer Tree
This appetizer tree serves double-duty as a colorful and attractive table decoration for parties and as an edible treat. If you are creative, you can carve

Mustard and Mustard Seeds Recipes
Most of us are used to standard yellow prepared mustard, but there are many wonderful varieties of seeds and prepared mustards to experiment with. Mustard is

Cooking with Bourbon Whiskey
Whether you imbibe or not, you can still enjoy the rich flavor of bourbon in a variety of different dishes without getting tipsy. These bourbon whiskey recipes

Graham Flour and Graham Cracker Recipes
Most Americans fondly recall eating graham crackers with milk as a childhood snack. Graham crackers are made from graham flour, but what is graham flour?

Balsamic Vinegar Recipes
Balsamic vinegar has become all the rage in America, thanks to creative chefs at upscale restaurants. Although the good stuff is expensive, there are

Thyme Recipes
Readily available both dried and fresh, no kitchen should be without thyme. Thyme is one of the best known and most widely-used culinary herbs and works well

Easy Garnishes for Plates and Tables
Garnishes are usually overlooked in the everyday home meal, but they can make your food look as delicious as it tastes. For special meals and parties,

Caper Recipes
Capers have long been a favorite in the Mediterranean region. The small, green herb buds lend a piquant sour and salty flavor to salads, dressings, sauces,

Yogurt Recipes
Touted as a wonder food in the 1950s, yogurt is low in fat and helps tenderize both meats and baked goods. Save money by making your own at home. The yogurt

Grandma's Kitchen - Heirloom Recipe Conversions
Grandma cooked with a little of this and a little of that, making it difficult to capture those recipes on paper. If you have any old recipes, but can't seem to

Pepper as birth control? Pepper and Peppercorn Recipes
A news article in the United Kingdom tells of an herbal birth control method being researched and tested in India. The prime ingredients are false pepper and

Garlic Herb-Crusted Prime Rib Recipe
As you can see from the photo, this method produces a tender, succulent prime rib roast while the garlic and herb crust adds incredible flavor. Prime rib

Beer-Can Chicken Recipe
Beer-can chicken is quite popular these days. It's an easy no-brainer recipe for a slow-roasted flavorful chicken. The open can becomes a prop for the whole

Apricot Recipes
Is it prounouced APP-ricot or APE-ricot? No matter how you pronounce the name of this luscious fruit of the gods, apricots are a delightful addition to a wide

Litchi / Lychee Recipes
The litchi, also known as lychee, is a fruit that looks like a strawberry with alligator skin. Its delicious sweet flavor is likened to a fusion of

Watermelon Muffins Recipe
Watermelon juice and pulp make a moist, plump muffin. The chocolate chips simulate seeds as well as add flavor. You may substitute plumped raisins for the

Key Lime Barbecue Chicken Wings
Key lime juice gives a delightful tang to marinated baked chicken wings. Serve as an appetizer or entree. This recipe is designed for the Crock-Pot BBQ-Pit®,

Magic Mushroom Recipes
Research indicates mushrooms are a good source of antioxidants. Get enlightened about this wonderfully tasty fungus, from the basic button mushroom to the

Pretty in Pink: Salmon Recipes
Pretty in pink, rich in flavor and reasonably-priced, let salmon dress up your table. Although the best salmon is available during the spring run, farm-raised

Scotch Ale Potatoes Recipe
Red potatoes are marinated in Scotch ale, rosemary, and shallots, then roasted and topped with Parmesan cheese. Use waxy potatoes for this recipe, because

Cheese Eyeballs Appetizer Recipe
The name sounds disgusting but kids love these baked Cheddar cheese balls with pimento-stuffed olives that look like eyeballs. They make a great appetizer for

Amaretto Chicken & Creamed Noodles Recipe
Quick chicken casserole uses canned soup, vegetables, mushrooms, amaretto, and noodles with a creamy sauce. It may seem like a lot of ingredients, but this

Mozzarella Cheese Recipes
No doubt you are familiar with mozzarella on pizza or as fried cheese, but fresh mozzarella is an entirely different taste and texture sensation. Mozzarella

Basil Recipes
Basil is one of the most widely-used herbs in the world. From pesto to spaghetti sauce to dessert treats, basil runs the gamut in the kitchen. Fresh is best,

Sage Advice - Cooking with Sage
Once prized for its medicinal value, the most popular use of sage these days is in stuffing for the Thanksgiving turkey. Sage is much too good to bring out

Clay Cooker Recipes
All you need to know about cooking with a clay cooker or clay-pot, including tips, recipes, and purchase sources. If you do not have a clay cooker, many of

Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Kisses Recipe
It is hard to believe these cookie gems have only 5 ingredients and no flour. Loaded with both peanut butter and chocolate, what is not to love in this

Potato Chip White Chocolate Candy Recipe
Quick and easy white chocolate candies get crunch from crushed potato chips and pecans. It is an intriguing contrast of sweet and salty that really works.

Cheese Weiner Bites Recipe
A quick Cheddar cheese dough is wrapped around weiner slices and baked for a quick and inexpensive appetizer. Better yet, they may be made in advance and

Texas Caviar Black-Eyed Peas Recipe
Black-eyed peas are a must on the menu for New Year's Day in the Southern areas of the United States. The legumes resemble little coins and consuming them is

Bagel Recipes
Learn all about the roll with the hole, including bagel history, storage, cutting tips, and recipe pointers to make and top your own at home. The bagel

Cream Cheese Recipes
Along with its more well-known uses in cheesecake and as a bagel-topper, cream cheese is a main ingredient in many savory dishes, dips, and other desserts. It

Tarragon Recipes
Tarragon is a bittersweet herb with a hint of licorice flavor, but too much can overwhelm your recipe. Learn how to cook with tarragon and try some new

Oyster Recipes for the Libido
Oysters have long been considered a food aphrodisiac. However, some folks may not be able to eat them due to health conditions. Find out why. Whether you

Grand Marnier® Recipes
Find out the difference between a liqueur and a liquor, and then add a touch of citrus elegance to your recipes using orange-flavored Grand Marnier®

Cooking with Chives
A mention of chives will most likely bring to mind a baked potato with all the trimmings, but there is so much more to this thin, graceful herb. Chives lend a

Gold Potato Recipes
Yukon Gold potatoes are considered truly versatile, good for baking, boiling, frying, and mashing. Their golden flesh and buttery, almost nutty flavor make a

Lobster Recipes
Lobster was once so plentiful it was used as bait. It's a bit more costly today but easy to stretch if need be. Find out how to kill a lobster humanely and

Nutmeg and Mace Recipes and Tips
Nutmeg and mace come from the same seed. Believe it or not, this spice can be toxic. Find out why and how. Learn the history of nutmeg and delve into the

Crab Recipes
Take a look at crabs and learn to distinguish females from males, a Dungeness from a blue, and why some of those shells are soft. Then try some of the great

Parsnip Recipes and Cooking Tips
In days of old, before potatoes were deemed edible, the parsnip was prized not only for its long storage life, but also for its sweet, nutty taste and

Cilantro or Coriander? Cilantro and Coriander Recipes
What is the difference between cilantro and coriander? Cilantro is an herb you either love or hate. Confusion arises about cilantro, however, because it is

Swiss Diamond® Cookware Review
I am fed up with replacing nonstick pans. As careful as I am not to scratch them, and I am anal about it, they are just not as durable as anodized or

Homemade Sausage Recipes and Tips
Control the fat content by making your own sausage at home. You do not necessarily need any fancy equipment. Use your food processor or hand chop. The many

Homemade Beef Jerky Recipes and Tips
Jerky has become a frequent snack for those on low carb diets, but it can be expensive to buy at the store. Do not spend money on commercial jerky full of

Fajitas Recipe
Fajitas are a popular dish at local Mexican restaurants as well as chain restaurants. They are easy to make at home, and this method works just as well with

Albondigas Mexican Meatball Soup Recipe
Albondigas Mexican Meatball Soup Recipe© Peggy Trowbridge Filippone, licensed to About.com, Inc. Ground beef and sausage meatballs are simmered in a

Kielbasa Mustard Puff Bites Recipe
Kielbasa Mustard Puff Bites Recipe© 2009 Peggy Trowbridge Filippone Kielbasa sausage is flavored with honey mustard, Worcestershire sauce, and Cheddar

Filet Mignon and Tenderloin Recipes
This beef cut can be quite expensive when dining out, but much more reasonable to make at home. Find out how to get the best price and how to prepare filet

Saffron Recipes and Tips
The tiniest amount of saffron goes a long way. So in spite of it being the world's most expensive spice, it is still within the budget of the home cook. We

Raspberry Deviled Ham Spread Recipe
Raspberry Deviled Ham Spread Recipe© 2009 Peggy Trowbridge Filippone Deviled ham gets a spicy sweet kick from raspberry chipotle sauce. It makes a

Pepper Jelly Pork Roast Recipe
Pepper Jelly Pork Roast Recipe© 2009 Peggy Trowbridge Filippone This method insures a flavorful and tender pork loin roast with a spicy sweet finish. It

Cocoa Crisp Bacon Recipe
Cocoa Crisp Bacon Recipe© 2009 Peggy Trowbridge Filippone Yes, indeed. This unique appetizer snack is made with cocoa powder, brown sugar, and bacon. It

Key Lime White Chocolate Bars Recipe
Something magical happens when you combine the tart flavor of Key lime with the delicate flavor of white chocolate. These Key lime bars live up to

Oatmeal Recipes
Today, oats and oatmeal products are touted as a natural wonder food because of their high water-soluble fiber content, but oats have only become the darling

Baked Salmon Croquettes Recipe
Baked Salmon Croquettes Recipe© 2009 Peggy Trowbridge Filippone These flavorful salmon croquettes made with canned salmon are baked, not fried. The same

Chocolate Nickel Bars Recipe
Chocolate Nickel Bars Recipe© 2009 Peggy Trowbridge Filippone They are called nickel bars because there is a combination of five different flavors in each

Baked Smashed Potatoes Recipe
Baked Smashed Potatoes Recipe© 2009 Peggy Trowbridge Filippone Not your usual smashed potatoes, these potatoes are boiled, smashed, seasoned with oregano

Orzo Rice Pilaf Recipe
Orzo Rice Pilaf Recipe© 2009 Peggy Trowbridge Filippone This variation of rice pilaf includes orzo, a tiny rice-shaped pasta. It makes an excellent side

Pumpkin Rice Pudding Recipe
Pumpkin Rice Pudding Recipe© 2009 So Easyby Ellie Krieger John Wiley & Sons, Inc., licensed to About.com, Inc. If you love pumpkin pie and rice pudding

Chocolate Peanut Butter Marshmallow Bars Recipe
If you love fluffernutters, you will love these. Using a cake mix and jarred marshmallow fluff makes these quick and easy to put together. These are as rich as

Honey Lemon Sesame Asparagus Recipe
Steamed asparagus is tossed with a light buttery sauce of lemon and honey, then sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. You can have this tasty side dish on the

Asparagus Flowers Recipe
These pretty asparagus flowers are sure to impress as an appetizer or garnish. They are made with asparagus, herbed cream cheese, and shaved meats. They are

Maple Orange Chicken Recipe
Maple Orange Chicken Recipe© 2009 Peggy Trowbridge Filippone Maple syrup and fresh orange give an amazing flavor to this simple recipe for baked chicken.

Herb and Garlic-Scented Turkey Recipe
Herb and Garlic-Scented Turkey Recipe© 2009 Walmart, licensed to About.com Walmart and Melissa d'Arabian, winner of 2009's The Next Food Network Star and

No-Bake Stuffing Recipe
No-Bake Stuffing Recipe© 2009 Walmart, licensed to About.com Walmart and Melissa d'Arabian, winner of 2009's The Next Food Network Star and host of the

Lamb Cacciatore Recipe
Lamb Cacciatore Recipe© 2009 Peggy Trowbridge Filippone Some people refer to this Italian-style lamb as peasant food. If so, the peasants eat like kings!

Turkey, Leek, Broccoli Pie Recipe
Full of cheese and eggs, along with vegetables and smoked turkey, this quiche recipe is filling enough to satisfy the heartiest appetite. Get the smoked

Warm Spinach Mascarpone Dip Recipe
Spinach Mascarpone Dip RecipeWarm Spinach Mascarpone Dip Recipe Photo © 2009 Becky Stayner - Sunny House Studio, licensed to About.com, Inc. Classic

Appetizer Recipes for Parties
Appetizer Recipes for Parties© 2009 Peggy Trowbridge Filippone Are you tired of making the same old appetizers for your parties? Take a look at these

Swine flu from eating pork? No.
Swine flu is not contracted by eating pork. The virus is spread person to person by contact and close proximity. The rampant misconception has prompted the

Honey Lime Tuna Recipe
Fresh tuna is marinated in a mixture of olive oil, sweet red wine, honey, lime, garlic, sweet onions, and dill. It is seared on the stove-top but can also be

Top Recipes from 2000 to 2010
Top Recipes from 2000 to 2010© 2007 Peggy Trowbridge Filippone The Food Channel's best recipes from 2000 to 2010 include some comfort foods as well as

Super Bowl Real Man Chili Recipe
Real chili contains no beans. This version is made with three kinds of meat: beef, pork, and sausage. No wimpy hamburger here! It is kicked up with beer and

Chicken Wings: Drummettes or Flatties?
Chicken Wings© 2010 Peggy Trowbridge Filippone The popularity of Buffalo-style chicken wings has opened the door to a wide variety of other flavors, such

Easy Baked Shrimp Recipe
Slightly spicy with a hint of sweetness, this shrimp recipe bakes quickly in the oven. Cayenne pepper gives a little bit of kick. Feel free to adjust the

Foods of Ireland
Believe it or not, Corned Beef and Cabbage is not a traditional Irish recipe. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with hearty classic Irish recipes. The Irish food

Sweet Potato & Spicy Chicken in Coconut Milk Recipe
Sweet Potato & Spicy Chicken in Coconut Milk Recipe© 2010 Dana Hollingsworth, licensed to About.com Ellery Hollingsworth, of the US 2010 Winter Olympics

Black Forest Buttermilk Cake Recipe
Black Forest Buttermilk Cake Recipe© 2010 Peggy Trowbridge Filippone You must love the flavor of chocolate to enjoy this rich cake. The cocoa flavor is

Apple Cake Recipe
This apple cake uses fresh apples, walnuts, and optional raisins. The texture is dense, much like a quick bread. Use a simple drizzled glaze or serve it

Pork Loin Recipes
Pork Loin Recipes© 2010 Peggy Trowbridge Filippone Do not confuse pork loin with pork tenderloin. Pork loin is not as tender, but makes a wonderful

Chili: Beans or No Beans?
The experts and chili cook-off participants are adamant on the issue: No beans in chili! Do you like beans in your chili? If yes, what type of beans? What