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Best Flooring - Hardwood
Wood comes out on top as best flooring when you are concerned about getting a good return on your value for later sale and for looks now.

Retro Wallpaper
Find out about how to snazz up your house period-style with retro wallpaper.

Retro Wallpaper
Find out about how to snazz up your house period-style with retro wallpaper.

Retro Wallpaper
Find out about how to snazz up your house period-style with retro wallpaper.

Coping vs. Mitering Baseboards - Which Is Best?
When installing baseboards, should you take the time to cope your joints or is it fine to miter them? Everyone says to cope. Really?

Taping vs. Cutting In: Which One Is Best?
It's always a hard choice of whether to

How to Cut in Interior Trim Paint
Master the method of painting close to trim called

Laminate Countertops - Description and Cost
Laminate countertops are an old thing that is coming back. Find out why.

Move or Remodel Your Home - How To Decide
Want to figure out if you should sell off that heap of a house or remodel it? Get realistic by looking at numbers, rather than relying on emotions.

Is Free Home Insulation a Scam or Legitimate?
We investigate the prospect of free insulation. Is free home insulation valid or a scam?

Cavity Wall Insulation, Costs, and Grants
Find out the basics of cavity insulation. Cavity wall insulation can save you money and is often covered by grants.

Install Electrical Wires In Closed Walls
A few tips on cutting drywall to install wiring behind closed walls.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink - Shopper's Guide
In the market for a stainless steel kitchen sink? If not, here are some gorgeous ones that may make you change your mind.

Oliveri Stainless Steel Sink with Drainboard
Unique stainless steel sink with a retro touch: a drainboard for drying dishes.

Ceramic Drainboard Sinks
A rarity in the world of drainboard sinks: one made of ceramic materials, rather than stainless steel.

5 Drainboard Kitchen Sinks You'll Love
Drainboard kitchen sinks deserve more love, since they keep your counters cleaner and help you avoid using the dishwasher so much.

Elkay Lustertone Undermount Drainboard Sink
Consumer-level kitchen drainboard sink from Elkay, with two unusual aspects: it's undermount and it's cheap (relatively).

Oliveri Puro Series of Drainboard Sinks
Oliveri is king of the drainboard sinks.

Cheaper Drainboard Sinks Possible, But You Need To Go Acrylic
Here is a less expensive drainboard sink. This acrylic one from Corstone is under $500.

Review of Accubrush Paint Edger
Accubrush paint edge uses rollers rather than pads to attempt to lay down a sharp line of paint.

EdgeMaster Self-Guided Paint Edger Kit
EdgeMaster paint edger uses a roller with a shield to attempt to paint straight edge lines.

Accubrush MX and XT Paint Edger Tool
Review of Accubrush MX and XT Paint Edger Tools.

Corner Double Basin Stainless Steel Sink
If space is tight, you can always install your double basin stainless steel sink in a corner, like this one from Teka.

Thicker Gauge Steel With the Moen 1600 Series
The thickest gauge stainless steel sink you can buy from Moen is called the 1600 Series.

Basic Franke Stainless Steel Double-Basin Sink
Stainless steel sinks don't get more basic than this Franke Mythos stainless steel sink.

Moen Double-Basin Stainless Steel Sink
If you're looking for cheap stainless steel sinks, the Moen Excalibur is a fairly middle of the road offering.

Kohler 8 Degree Stainless Steel Sink
Interesting stainless steel sink from Kohler called 8 Degree, which has angled sides to improve washing performance.

Elkay Stainless Steel Sink - Double Basin and Basic
Another brand of stainless steel sinks is Elkay. Here's their Celebrity sink in 20 gauge steel.

Stainless Steel Apron Sink
A stainless steel apron (farmhouse) sink called Strive from Kohler.

3 Home Remodel Projects That Have The Worst Value
Looking for the worst value home remodel projects to stay away from? Here are the top three.

Should You Buy Ceiling Paint?
Is is worthy buying ceiling paint? Can you just use interior wall paint for the ceiling? Your questions answered--finally!

Traditional Flat Drywall Ceiling In Living Room
Description of the most basic and cheapest ceiling you can build: the flat drywall ceiling.

Exposed Beam Ceilings For Traditional Look
Why stick with simple ceilings for your home? You can choose an eye-catching coffered, vaulted, partial drop, or other type of unique ceiling.

Partial Drop Ceilings Create Cozier Spaces
Partial drop ceilings can be built on top of your existing ceiling and will cover up recessed lights.

Coffered Ceilings Give Home Old World Look
Ceilings with multiple coffers give your home an elegant Renaissance look. How do you build one?

Tray Ceiling - Like Vaulted With Less Energy Waste
Tray ceilings appear to give your room more height, with a single tray or coffer that is higher than a perimeter section.

Is it Worth Building a Vaulted Ceiling Today?
How do vaulted ceilings stack up against other ceilings, such as the exposed beam ceiling?

Install Can Light: Clip Light Into Place on Ceiling Drywall
Snap the ceiling clips on your recessed light down. This holds the light to the ceiling drywall.

Install Can Light: Connect Wires and Push Light Into Housing
The final step is to push the bulb up into the recessed light housing.

Install Can Light: Remove Existing Fixture's Box
Remove the existing light fixture box to make way for installation of the recessed light.

Install Can Light: Pull Wires From Hole in Ceiling
Pull electrical wires from the ceiling hole.

Install Can Light: Insert Wires in Box of Recessed Light
Push the wires into the recessed light box and screw down clamp onto the cable.

Install Can Light: Connect Wires in Recessed Light Box
Connect supply wires to the wires in your recessed light.

Install Can Light: Push Light Housing Into Ceiling Hole
A trick for inserting recessed lights into ceiling holes.

Install Can Light: Open Box or Take Down Existing Fixture
Pull out existing light fixture before attempting to put in your recessed light.

Install Can Light: Measure Ceiling Opening
Measure the opening in the ceiling where you will install your can light.

Install Can Light: Open Recessed Light's Box, Install Clamp
On the recessed light, open up the box and install the wire clamp.

Install Can Light To Replace a Fixture
Find out the simple way to install a 4-inch recessed or can light in the ceiling, in place of an existing fixture.

Ceiling Color Ideas - Light Walls and Brown Ceiling
This flips things around: a ceiling painted darker than the walls. Does it work?

Ceiling Color Ideas - Light Pink Pastel
Light-pink ceiling color? Probably not for the whole house, but this is one idea that will work in a special room.

Yellow Ceiling Color Idea
For the boldest statement of all: paint your ceiling yellow.

Ceiling Color Ideas - Dark Colors on Ceiling
Taking the bold step of painting the ceiling a dark color. It does look better when you've got a contrasting element like this drop ceiling.

Ceiling Color Ideas - Photo Gallery
For when you want ceiling color ideas other than the inevitable white. Yes, you can paint your ceiling orange.

Owens Corning Basement System - Review
What is the Owens Corning Basement Finishing System? Is it better than finishing your basement

White Kitchen Tile Counter For Retro Look
Lacking tile ideas for your kitchen? Lack no more with this gallery of gorgeous, unique tile installations you can duplicate for your own home.

Kitchen Backsplash With Lots of Different Colors
Go for the bold with colorful 2-inch ceramic tiles on your kitchen backsplash.

Use Alternate Sized Floor Tiles In Kitchen
Not all kitchen floor tile has to be the same size. One neat idea is to use 2 tiles of different sizes.

Glass Mosaic Tile Surround Behind Kitchen Stove
Gorgeous iridescent glass mosaic surround for the back of stove area.

Use Glass Mosaic Tile As a Stove Surround In Kitchen
Tile in general and glass in particular works well behind stoves, due to its wipe-ability and resistance to heat.

Install Kitchen Floor Tile That Looks Like Stone
Don't use real stone as kitchen flooring when stone-look porcelain tile is cheaper and easier to install.

Gray Porcelain Tile Kitchen Backsplash In Modern Style
Cool and modern-looking gray through-body porcelain tile backsplash in kitchen.

Custom Blue Mosaic Tile Backsplash Behind Stove
Stove surround in this kitchen uses custom-blended mosaic tile.

PEI Rating: Durability and Hardness Rating for Tile
What is PEI rating and how does it affect my selection of porcelain and ceramic tile?

10 Best Garden Pond-Building Practices
Creating your own garden pond is far easier and smoother when you follow these best practices ahead of time, not retroactively.

How To Build a Beautiful Garden Pond In Your Yard
It's easy to dig your own garden pond if you know the right steps. Here is an overview of the process.

Install Pond Underlayment
Install pond underlayment across the bottom before putting down the liner.

Install Pond Liner
With a helper, unroll the liner across the pond, making sure to pleat areas where there is extra liner material.

Rock the Pond Walls
Lay natural stone across the bottom and walls of the garden pond, making sure to hide all of the liner.

Fill The Pond With Water
When the pond is completely rocked, you can begin filling it with water from a garden hose.

Dig Out Pond Border
Dig the garden pond's outer perimeter according to the shape of the garden hose that you previously laid out.

Create Graduated Pond Levels
Graduate the depth of your garden pond by created stair

Shoot Pond Level With Laser Level
Use your laser level to establish, mark, and keep your pond edge levels in check.

Lay Ground Hardware If You Have Burrowing Pests
Yards that have a problem with burrowing pests (like moles) need to lay down hardware cloth on the bottom of the pond.

Use Rope To Estimate Liner Size
Draping a rope across the garden pond bottom is a good way to estimate liner size.

Lay Out Pond Boundary
Establish your pond's boundary by laying out an old garden hose.

Dig Out Center of Pond
With the pond's perimeter established, start digging out the center around of the pond bottom.

Shore Up Pond Walls With Retaining Wall Block
Use retaining wall blocks to shore up your garden pond walls if your soil is sandy or otherwise too lose to stay up on its own.

Why Your Engineered Wood Flooring Has Gaps
A homeowner installed a new floating engineered oak floor last year and already there are gaps between the floorboards. Why would this be?

5 Ways To Cover Ugly Chainlink Fence
How can you cover up your ugly chain-link fence? Here are several ideas that help you retain the fence but make it look more beautiful and increase your privacy.

Before and After Kitchen Remodel With Knotty Pine Cabinets
A before and after kitchen remodel photo showing removal of classic knotty pine cabinets.

Removing Brick Stove Counter-Thing - Before and After
Before and after kitchen remodel picture showing a useless brick enclosure for a stove.

Goodbye, Butcher Block Counters: Before/After of Modern Kitchen Remodel
This before/after remodel picture shows a kitchen being taken from the 1970s into the modern era.

Before/After Kitchen Remodel With Painted Cabinets
Nice before/after photo of an on-the-cheap kitchen remodel with painted cabinets.

Before and After Kitchen Remodel Pictures
Kitchens that were so ugly, they were screaming out for a remodel. Here are before and after pictures to soothe your soul.

Kitchen Remodel That Removes the Frilly (and Vine)
Before and after pictures of kitchen remodels, this one being a cheap yet attractive fix that relies on cabinet-painting and getting rid of junk.

Does Your Home Remodel Need a Property Survey?
Property line surveys are usually not required if your remodeling stays within the house

Guide To When Home Items Should Be Replaced, Remodeled
Repairing things in your home is always best. But how do you know if it's time to replace bathroom fans, windows, doors, or cabinets?

Is It Possible To Build on an Easement?
Can I build something like an addition, fence, or pool on an easement?

Foiled Again! Reflectix Foil Insulation Is Not Real Insulation
What is this Reflectix shiny foil insulation and will it really hold in heat? A few truths...

Wiring Diagram 240 V Line Voltage Thermostat
Wiring diagram showing how to install 240 V line voltage thermostat to baseboard heater.

Attach Wire Nut On Ground and White Wires
Some thermostats have a ground wire and others do not. Here is how to ground thermostats that have no ground on them.

Attach Line and Load Black Wire To Thermostat
Attach the line and load ends of the hot wire to your thermostat.

Push Green, White, and Red Wires Into Box
Push the wires into the electrical box before pushing the thermostat in.

Want a Wall-Mounted Thermostat For Your 240 V Baseboard Heater?
Install a line-voltage thermostat for your heater and put temperature control at your fingertips. Be careful, as you're dealing with high voltage.

Wirenut One Hot Wire To Bypass Thermostat
For 240 V line voltage thermostats, one of the hot wires bypasses the thermostat and continues onward.

Line Up Screws on Box
Line up screws on the thermostat prior to screwing it onto the box.

Screw Thermostat Into Box
One trick for screwing the thermostat into the box is to jiggle the screws when turning them in with a screwdriver.

Replace Thermostat Face Plate
Last step in installing the thermostat is to replace the face plate and then turn it on.

Cap Off The Red/White Striped Wire
Since the red/white striped wire is not necessary, cap this off with a wire nut.

Remove Screws Holding Existing Switch To Receptacle
With your cordless drill, remove the screws holding the existing light switch into the box.

Attach Wires To Dimmer Switch
Attach the wires of the dimmer to the wires coming out of the electrical box.

Replace and Screw In Dimmer Switch
Replace the dimmer switch in the electrical box by screwing it in.

Turn Off Circuit Breaker
Find out the easy way to replace a regular light switch with a dimmer switch. First, flip off the circuit breaker.

Remove Existing Light Switch Plate
Unscrew the switch plate with your manual screwdriver.

Remove Wires From Old Switch Plate
Unscrew the wires that are attached to the old light switch.

Check That Voltage Tester Is Working
Be sure to test your voltage tester on a working appliance or light.

Confirm That Power Is Off To Old Switch
Use your voltage tester to verify that no power is flowing to the light switch.

Install Dimmer Switch (Single-Pole)
Get step by step instructions, with pictures, for installing a light dimmer switch in your home.

Ryobi Duet Power Paint System FPR300
Check out our review of the Ryobi Paint Sprayer, formally known as the Duet Power Paint System FPR300!

Wood Floor Finishes - Wood Floor Finish
Learn basics about wood floor finishes before you make the critical choice.

Ryobi 7" Wet Tile Saw Tested and Reviewed
Testing out the Ryobi 7

Quick-Step Laminate Flooring
Quick-Step laminate flooring was the first to come out with the

Exterior Paint Ideas - Yellow House Paint Color
Watch out or your yellow house paint color might look garish. This exterior paint color side-steps that problem.

Exterior Paint Ideas - White House Paint Color
An image of the classic white, black, and green exterior house color combination.

Muted, Earthy Gray Craftsman House Paint Scheme
Gray dominates the field color of this Craftsman-inspired exterior paint idea.

Exterior Paint Ideas - Farmhouse Style House Colors
A farmhouse-inspired exterior paint color idea with red body and black shutters.

Exterior Paint Ideas - Add Color to Trim and Accents
Here is a most unusual exterior paint idea that uses accent walls and trim.

Exterior Paint Ideas - Blue Exterior Paint Colors
An electric blue exterior paint color idea with complementing shutters.

Exterior Paint Ideas - Cabin in Woods
An exterior paint color idea that looks as natural as a cabin in the woods.

Exterior Paint Ideas
What color should your house exterior be? With these expertly-designed paint color schemes, you can make your house the showplace of the block.

Exterior Paint Ideas - Craftsman Paint Scheme
The paint color scheme for this California Craftsman focuses on a light-green field color with off-white trim.

Exterior Paint Ideas - Brown Trim on Tudor Style House
Heavily trimmed Tudor style house paint scheme utilizes deep brown colors.

Neutral Paint Color for Kitchen
Neutral paint such as gray works great for a kitchen, but you need to stylistically align appliances and decor to fit.

Rich, Earthy Neutrals With Orange Tints
Neutral paint such as gray works great for a kitchen, but you need to stylistically align appliances and decor to fit.

Fluid Injection Injuries Can Affect Homeowners
There's a shift in fluid injection injuries. More homeowners are being injured, due to greater access to pressurized tools.

Scams and Disasters - Reasons Not To Remodel a Home
Now...why again did you decide to remodel your home? Ponder these 7 points before you take on any remodel project.

Sash Replacement Kit - Fix-It For Bad or Broken Windows
A sash replacement kit is a cheap alternative to complete window replacement.

Why Skylights Are Not Just "Windows For the Roof..."
Get the basics on skylights, and find out if a roof skylight is right for your house.

BuildDirect's Lamton Laminate Flooring
Here's a great, low-cost 12 mm laminate floor from BuildDirect, but be careful of BuildDirect's pricing system.

Alloc Monaco Stone Glueless Laminate
A majority of cheap laminate floor looks like wood. But Alloc's Monaco brings the stone look to your home inexpensively.

Cheap Laminate Flooring - Buyer's Guide - Mannington
Mannington's iCore isn't usually very cheap. But if you look for

Artisan Floors Varnished Walnut Laminate Flooring
If super-shiny laminate flooring (piano finish anyone?) is your thing, you may want to look for Artisan Floors' Varnished Walnut.

Cheap Laminate Flooring - Buyer's Guide
We sort through all the mess and confusion to help you find cheap laminate flooring.

Fix a Sticking Door With This Easy Trick
If your door sticks, don't take drastic measures. Try this simple repair instead.

Can You Install French Doors By Yourself?
How heavy are French doors and does this prevent me from installing them myself?

Easy Trick Makes Stuck Windows Slide Easier
Here's the classic quick-and-easy way to help wooden windows slide up and down easier.

Can Blue Work In Kitchens?
Gorgeous light-blue kitchen paired with white chairs and breakfast bar.

Firehouse Red:  This Kitchen Color Is Totally In Your Face
Using stainless steel and white makes this firehouse-red kitchen paint color work.

Kitchen Colors That Shouldn't Work But Do
Some kitchen colors are obvious favorites; others are pariahs. Is there a way to make black, red, or blue work in a kitchen? Sure...

Glass Block Windows and Walls - Light and Privacy
Glass block gives bathrooms nearly full natural exterior light, yet maintains interior privacy. But will this material make your home look dated?

Mark Outlet Box's Vertical Lines
Now mark two vertical lines down each side of the old-work box.

Add a Switch or Outlet Box, Without Removing Wallboard
You don't need to remove drywall to add a switch or outlet box. This special item, combined with a few tricks, makes adding this item easy.

Tape Old-Work Box To Wall Backwards
You can tape your electrical box to the wall backwards to use as a kind of template for the cut.

Mark the Box's Horizontal Lines First
Mark horizontal lines with your electrical box.

Connect Lines For Box Cutout
Take off the electrical box and finish off the cut-out line.

Make Precise Box Cutout With Jab Saw
Cut out the hole in the wall for your electrical box with your jab saw.

Grab Cutout Before It Falls Into Wall
Making a hole in the drywall allows you to hold onto the cut-out drywall before it falls into the wall.

File Sides of Cutout To Make Hole Wider If Needed
When the hole in the drywall is too small, file down edges of the drywall cut-out so that the electrical box will fit in.

Can You Recycle and Reuse Ceramic Tiles?
A reader asks if it's possible to reuse ceramic tile.

Click-Together Engineered Wood Oak Flooring
Jasper oak engineered flooring has the advantage of a click-together locking system, so you don't need to nail it down.

Floor Tile Adhesives - Cost, Coverage, Odor
Floor tile adhesive is the stronger alternative to self-adhesive tiles. Two products stand out as low cost, long work-time options.

Henry Floor Adhesive For Long Working Time, Bumpy Surfaces
Henry Floor Adhesive is an old-timer (75 years plus) that has great working time, good coverage, and is low cost.

How to Fix a Broken Window
Want to fix a broken window? Follow this step by step tutorial and find out how to cheaply fix one by yourself--no repairman needed.

Remove Glazing Compound and Glazier's Points
To fix a window, begin by removing the glazing compound from around the broken pane.

Clean Out Frame Edge To Receive New Glass
Removing debris from the window frame's L-channel is important because this area will receive the new glass.

Cutting New Glass To Replace Broken Pane
Next you'll need to get a pane of glass cut to size to fit in the frame.

Snapping Off Scribed Glass For Window Pane
Method for snapping off a piece of cut glass prior to replacement.

Glazing Compound Is Pushed Into Window L-Channel
Roll out the glazing compound in long, thin ropes and push into the window's L-channel before inserting glazier's points.

Push In Rest of Glazier's Points and Compound
Now the rest of the glazier's points are pushed into the soft wood window L-channel.

Glazing Compound Can Be Painted After Drying
Last step of repairing window is to paint over the glazing compound.

Baseboards and Base Molding - The Basics
Baseboards are important features of walls because they cover up the open space between the floor and the wall.

Window and Door Trim Basic Information
Door and window trim go around the perimeter, hiding wallboard edges, and covering exposed framing.

Chair Rail Basic Information
Chair rail is a largely optional feature that protects the wall against scruffs from chair backs.

Crown Molding Basic Information
Crown molding is mainly decorative, but it can also cover up the juncture between the wall and the ceiling.

Wood Trim and Molding Description Guide
Confused by wood trim? Learn the basics of baseboards, door trim, window trim, chair rail, and crown trim molding.

Magic Stud Finder Review
We take a view look at a much improved version of the magnetic stud finder - the Magic Stud Finder.

7 Reasons To Love Laminate Flooring
Think you hate laminate flooring? You may change your mind after you read this guide.

4 Home Renovation Trends That Should Go Away
Find out the top home renovation trends that should die.

Wide Plank Flooring Is an Expensive Trend
Wide plank flooring: a trend that has run its course. Can we finally be done with it?

Walk In Tubs Are Unnecessary If You're Not Disabled
Ever noticed the explosion of walk in tubs now? They are far less practical and far more dangerous than anyone can imagine.

Big Kitchens Waste Space and Are Unnecessary
Why would anyone want a big kitchen? Well, it seems like you would, right? But when you get closer to the subject, you begin to see it's a bad idea.

List of 8 Tools Needed For Drywall Work
Drywall tools can be either specialized (taping knives, etc.) or non-specialized (drills, etc.). Learn which to choose, so that you can save money.

Utility Knife Is Best Way To Cut Drywall
While there may be fancier, more expensive tools, a utility knife is the standard for cutting drywall.

Cordless Drill Is Now The Standard Fastener For Drywall
No longer are hammer and nailed used to fasten drywall. Now, it's your standard-issue cordless drill and drywall screws.

Drywall Sanding Pole and Sheets For Smoothing Down Mud
Everyone hates sanding down drywall joint compound. It's a little easier when you use a drywall sanding pole and sanding sheets.

Use Drywall Screws For Fastening Sheets To Studs
The best kind of drywall screw that I've found are 1 5/8

What Are the Most Essential Tools for DIY Drywall Work?
A drywall knife is most important tools for drywall. Drywall tools can be either specialized (taping knives, etc.) or non-specialized (drills, etc.). Learn which to choose, so that you can save money. Page 3.

Drywall Sanding Sponge Is Used For Wet Sanding
Not necessary, but nice: a sanding sponge allows you to wet-sand your drywall joint compound.

Cordless Drills Make a Great Gift
Want a product

Gift Idea of DeWalt DC988KA Heavy-Duty 18-Volt XRP Cordless Kit
Can you get complete cordless drill satisfaction with the DeWalt 18-Volt Cordless 1/2-Inch Hammerdrill/Drill/Driver Kit?

Cordless DeWalt and Makita Reciprocating Saw Gift Ideas
A cordless reciprocating saw is a great way to cut pipe, studs, PVC, metal, and more in out-of-the-way locations. Here are two you may like for gifts.

Milwaukee Cordless Circular Saw Gift Suggestion
Cut the cord and get a cordless circular saw. Find out if the Milwaukee 18V saw is right for you.

How to Renovate Your House Before Sale
How much or how little renovation you need to do before selling your house is a highly-charged issue that requires a delicate balance.

Five Drywall Problems and Easy Solutions
Avoid these common drywall problems and get easy solutions.

Plaster Wall With Pre-Mixed Plaster
Looking for a better way to give your walls pigment and texture? Try our quick plastering tutorial and give your rooms a unique appearance.

Plaster Comes in Powder Form With Colors Added
The plaster product comes in a dry powder and the pigments are already added in.

Spread Plaster With Trowel
After the powder is pliable, you can spread it with the trowel as you would with plaster.

A Smooth Plaster Wall Texture
Not too difficult to smooth down the plaster mix until it is nice and flat.

Creating a Textured Plaster Wall
The other option is to make the plaster look rough and aged.

Add Water to Turn Powder into Plaster Mix
After you add water to the dry plaster mix, it becomes a thick clay-like substance.

Snap The Chalk Line
Pull the chalk line outward a few inches and release, so that it

Learn How and Why To How to Snap a Chalk Line
Using a chalk snap line is one of the best ways to

Unreel The Chalk Snap Line
Fix one end of the chalk line in place and unreel the line canister.

Resulting Chalk Line Helps You To Make Measurements
After letting go, undo the chalk string. The resulting colored (usually blue) line represents a perfectly straight line.

Corridor Kitchen Layout With Cabinets/Counter On Side
In this galley kitchen plan, only the cabinets and counter are to the side.

Corridor Style Kitchen Layouts
One of the better kitchen designs is the corridor-shaped kitchen. Learn the basics and maximize space and efficiency.

Corridor Kitchen Layout With Fridge on One Side
Page 2. One of the better kitchen designs is the corridor-shaped kitchen. Learn the basics of designing a corridor style kitchen and maximizing space and efficiency.

Corridor Kitchen With Stove on Other Side
This corridor kitchen keeps all of the cooking functions to one side.

Buy Mesh Screen to Install on Eaves
Buy a mesh screen called hardware cloth to install on the eaves.

Nail Hardware Cloth on Eaves Over Ventilcation Holes
Tack the hardware cloth over attic ventilation holes to keep out rats, squirrels, and birds.

Is Your Ladder Helping Support Human Rights Abuses?
One way you can exercise your humanitarian muscle is by purchasing home improvement products that do not support oppressive regimes. Here is how.

Find Your Center Drill Spots
Use your chalk line to snap a line down the length of the drawers or cabinets.

Choose Drill Bit Size Close To Size of Hardware Screws
A few tried-and-true steps for installing your cabinet and drawer knobs and drawers with a minimum of fuss...and zero damage to your cabinet's finish.

Find Horizontal or Vertical Spaces on Cabinet Doors or Drawers
With your tape measure, make the two farthest horizontal or vertical points on the drawer or cabinet.

Place Masking Tape on Drill Spots
Cut off small pieces of masking tape and place them at your drill spots to prevent the drill from moving around.

Drill the Holes - How to Install Cabinet Hardware
A few tried-and-true steps for installing your cabinet and drawer knobs and drawers with a minimum of fuss...and zero damage to your cabinet's finish.

How to Find a Stud With a Finish Nail and Hammer
The oldest method of finding a stud with by pounding in a finishing nail until you hit the stud.

How to Find a Stud
Let's explore the various ways to find a stud within a wall.

Studs Are Always Adjacent to Windows and Doors
Studs are usually adjacent to windows and doors.

You Can Locate Studs Over Doors and Windows
Studs are usually found directly over doors and windows.

Find Stud By Measuring Distance to Next Stud
Measure from one known stud to the next one, which should be 16 or 24 inches away.

Locate Side of Stud with Stud Finder
Using a stud finder, locate left side of the stud.

Locate Right Side of Stud
Move stud finder in other direction to locate right side of the stud.

Find Stud With a Magnetic Stud Finder
Rare earth magnets are another good way to find a stud in a wall.

Studs Are Usually Located Next to Switches and Outlets
Outlets and switches often are attached to a stud.

Place Tip of Screw on Drywall
To fasten drywall to a stud, first find the stud and position the screw.

Press Drill Trigger and Turn Screw Into Drywall
The next step in fastening drywall to a stud is to slowly, and I mean slowly, start the drill.

Screw Head Must Be Below Surface of the Drywall
Last step in screwing drywall to a stud is to sink the head of the screw below the paper surface.

Attach Drain and Plug into Outlet
Last step is to connect drain parts to disposal and plug it into the electric outlet.

Upper Mounting Ring Goes On
Upper mounting ring goes around sleeve, with the smooth side of the ring facing up.

Backup Ring Goes On
Now put the backup ring on. This is the part that will hold the garbage disposal in place.

Put Snap Ring On
Next put the snap ring on. Home Renovations.

Screw Backup Ring
With your Philips screwdriver, screw in the backup ring.

Place Stopper Sleeve on Disposal
Fit stopper sleeve over the disposal.

Join Disposal to Sink Sleeve
Here is where you finally affix the disposal to the sink

Sink Sleeve in Sink
Insert sink sleeve in sink drain hole.

Plumbers Putty on Sink Sleeve
Step by step instructions on installing your own garbage disposal, with pictures.

Rubber Gasket on Sleeve
Under sink, insert rubber gasket around sink sleeve.

How to Test an Electric Outlet With a Voltage Tester
Learn the safe and fast way to test an electric outlet with a voltage tester.

Test Intended Receptacle
Insert end of voltage tester into both slots of receptacle. A flashing light or beep indicates if the current is live.

Voltage Tester May Also Be Used to Test Electrical Cords
Holding the voltage tester against the side of an electrical wire will also help you determine if an appliance is live.

Make Sure Voltage Tester Is Working
Make sure that your voltage tester is working before you test the receptacle.

Do It Yourself vs. Professional Bathroom Remodeling
Trying to decide if you should remodel that bathroom yourself or call in the professionals? Let this guide help you make that choice.

DIY vs. Professional Bathtub/Shower Refinishing
Between do it yourself and professional tub/shower refinishing, which one is best?

Easy Fix For Ceiling Hole Too Big For Recessed Light
It's a vexing problem: you've cut a hole in your ceiling for a recessed light, but it is too big. How to fix this? Here is a great solution.

Use Cake Separator Plate As New Outer Trim For Recessed Light
The best material I've found for fixing ceiling holes that are too big for is a polystyrene cake separator plate.

Cut Off Bottom Legs of Separator Plate
Because the separator plate has legs, you'll need to first hack off those legs with your multi-tool.

Use Template To Draw Inner Circle For Cut
Using the recessed light's paper template, draw a circle on the separator plate.

Tape Material Down To Drywall or Wood
Make sure the material is firmly taped to a base material.

Cut Along Line With RotoZip
A RotoZip helps you cut out the inner circle of your new recessed light

Slowly Fit New Trim Over Light
Take your new

With New Trim Can Light Fits Too-Large Hole
Now your recessed light should fit perfectly against the ceiling, even though the original hole was too small.

Laminate Flooring Cost Guide 2015
What should you pay for laminate flooring in 2015? This guide breaks down costs for each class of product.

Review: Klein Quick Cutter Adjustable Hole Saw
Here's why the Klein Quick Cutter Adjustable Hole Saw isn't as great as it could be.

Convert Fixture To Recessed Light, Change Its Location
Converting a ceiling light to a recessed light gives your home a modern look and it provides you with more headroom. Learn how to do this project.

9 Truths Your Remodeling Contractor Won't Tell You
Think you know about contractors. Well, here at truths your contractor hasn't told you about remodeling but wants you to know.

Coleman Echelon High-Efficiency Furnace - A Personal Review
If you're accustomed to the huge blast of heat followed by the long period of interior cooling from one-stage furnaces, this is completely different.

What Is Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring?
Strand bamboo flooring refers to a process that turns this soft product into a super-hard product suitable for walking on.

Sunroom Additions vs. Conventional Stick-Built Additions
Sunroom additions seem like a no-brainer, cost-wise, when compared to regular stick-built additions. But are they really?

HardiePlank vs Vinyl Siding: Which to Choose?
In the battle of HardiePlank vs vinyl siding, which wins?

Bathroom Paint Colors For an Accent Wall
A colorful accent wall in this bathroom from Ralph Lauren.

Sea-Foam Green Bathroom Paint Colors
This bathroom has friendly green paint colors.

Bathroom Paint Colors - Crisp Blue and Green
Crisp, cool colors for this bathroom contrasts with the white wainscot.

Bathroom Paint Colors - Handsome Tan and Brown
Photo: Benjamin Moore teamed up with Pottery Barn to offer homeowners a smart selection of themed paint colors for bathroom, and all parts of the house.

Feminine Rose Bathroom Paint Colors
This red bathroom color is called Mulled Wine, from Behr.

Blue and White Bathroom Paint Colors
A blue-and-white bathroom paint color scheme that's very easy on the eyes.

Soft, Neutral Bathroom Paint Colors
Wisps of color in this bathroom with paints evoking elements of nature such as lilac, moonlight, and stormy weather.

Bathroom Paint Colors - Yellow Wainscot
What to paint your bathroom wainscot? Anything but white!

Rich Blue Bathroom Paint Color Coordinates with Marble
It's hard to pair up paint colors with marble. But this rich blue works great in this bathroom.

Earthy Arts and Crafts Bathroom Paint Colors
Very earthy bathroom paint colors--these from Valspar and Eddie Bauer.

Blue Bathroom Paint Colors for Children
Vibrant blue paint colors for a fun and lively kids' bathroom.

Light Yellow Bathroom Paint Colors For a Bungalow
Light-yellow bathroom paint colors work well for early 20th century (or wannabe) homes.

Bathroom Paint Colors - Blue and Oceany
Soft paint colors for this bathroom, evoking the feeling of the seaside.

Bold Orange Bathroom Paint Colors
Two knock-you-out paint colors--blue and orange--for a kids' bathroom or elsewhere.

Bathroom Paint Colors - Bold Peach
Here's a comfortable peach color for bathroom--definitely not the

Red and White Bathroom Paint Colors
A soft rose paint scheme idea for this upstairs bathroom.

Bathroom Paint Colors - Soft Blue Green
A delicate pastel blue-green paint color enhances the look of this bathroom.

Gray, Neutral Bathroom Paint Colors
An example of a neutral paint color that works well in the bathroom.

Bathroom Paint Colors - Gray and Neutral
Benjamin Moore describes these colors as having a feeling of

What is Carbonized Bamboo Flooring?
There are misconceptions about carbonized bamboo flooring. Get the truth with these 4 quick facts.

Blown Cellulose Insulation - Facts and Tips
Do you want cellulose insulation in your attic or walls? Learn facts about this

Should You Rent an Insulation Blower?
What are some things you should consider with renting an insulation blower?

Blown in Insulation vs. Batt Insulation
What are the pros and cons of blown in insulation vs. rolling out fiberglass batts?

Cheap Countertops Buying Guide for Kitchens & Bathrooms
Are cheap countertops even possible? We explore the relative range of prices for kitchen and bathroom counters.

Low Voltage vs. Line Voltage Track Lighting
Choosing between line voltage or low voltage track lighting makes a difference in DIY-ing this project.

Should You Buy Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinets?
Thermofoil and MDF cabinets are not inexpensive; they are considered to be cheap. But are they really?

Black & Decker The Complete Photo Guide to Home Improvement - Review
See our revies of the Black & Decker The Complete Photo Guide to Home Improvement and see if it's worth buying.

Sandpaper or Abrasive Paper Defined
What is sandpaper and how is it used in home renovation projects?

Ultra Modern Kitchen With Muted Tan Colors
Ultra modern kitchens sometimes keep the color range limited, as you'll see with this silver/white/tan kitchen.

Kitchens So Modern, They Deserve Another Adjective
These kitchens go way beyond mere modern. These are ultra-super-modern kitchens and you've never seen anything quite like them.

Bold Lacquered Purple Makes This Super-Modern Kitchen Pop With Color
Amazing super-modern Italian kitchen design uses bold purple on lacquered cabinets to bind the style together.

Black and White High Contrast Ultra Modern Kitchen Design
Super-modern kitchen that uses the stark white-against-black color scheme.

Monochromatic Mega-Modern Kitchen Design
Severe monochromatic super-modern Italian kitchen design.

Does a Designer Kitchen Belong In Your Home?
Scads of ideas for a designer kitchen for your home, illustrated in photos and with accompanying text.

Amazing Designer Kitchen With Unique Arched Ceiling
This designer kitchen will blow your mind with a clever mix of modern and organic elements.

Provence Style Designer Kitchen Idea
Provence in this kitchen; Manhattan in the background?

High-End Kitchen With Sense of Theatre
Does this high-end kitchen function well or not at all? Check out these exposed steel beams and brick walls.

Contemporary Classic Kitchen Design
Want to put a designer kitchen in your home? You don't always need a kitchen designer. But it does help if you take their sage advice.

High-End Designer Kitchen with Brick Wall and Unique Island
A high-end concept kitchen remodel with brick wall and custom-made kitchen island.

Designer Modern Barn Kitchen With Large Ceiling Beams
Like beams? This kitchen designer added plenty for the antique look (with modern functionality).

English Style Designer Kitchen
Large English style designer kitchen with an island so huge it can barely be called an island.

Kitchen Wood Cabinet Faces Paired With Glass and Steel
Let's call this one nice-modern: combining friendly wood-look cabinets with those typical modern elements of glass and steel.

Super Modern Style Italian Kitchen Provides Space For Working, Living
Modern kitchens range from stark and spartan to warm, woody, and contemporary.

Slab Panel Cherry Kitchen Cabinets In Modern Italian Kitchen
This kitchen might be too modern and unfriendly, if not for the vast amounts of cherry wood brought in for the cabinets.

Melamine Counters and Cabinets For Modern Kitchen
Large island and wood-look melamine cabinets in this modern Italian-style kitchen.

Monochromatic Modern Kitchen In Black, White, Gray
Severely monochrome (white, black, gray) and very sparse Italian kitchen design.

Unique Inset Handles In This Modern Kitchen's Cabinets
Light-wood cabinets with incised handles in this modern kitchen from Smallbone.

Modern Kitchen Idea With Circular Eating Island
Modern kitchen with a completely round kitchen island.

Modern Kitchen Ideas - Ebony Cabinets
Modern kitchen with an oval island. Style of this kitchen is said to be inspired by a famous British architect.

Modern Glass and Wood Elements In Kitchen Design
While veering a bit too far in the severe direction, this kitchen design does incorporate

Modern Italian Kitchen Uses Natural Wood Cabinets
Natural wood dominates this modern kitchen, featuring Italian cabinets and wood flooring.

Modern Kitchen With Curving Blue Melamine Cabinets
Gracefully curving blue modern kitchen cabinets that hang from the wall rather than resting on the floor.

7 Ways To Be a Home Remodeling Jerk
It's easy to become a home remodeling jerk. Let me show you how. (I'll also show you how to avoid this!)

Types of Electric Baseboard Heaters
One costs 400% more than the other. But it holds heat longer. Do you know the difference between convection vs. hydronic baseboard heaters?

10 Facts About Building Permits You May Not Know
Think you know everything about building permits? Maybe not. Check out these ten facts and be that much wiser.

2015 Building Code Condensed and Translated For Homeowners
Get the 2015 International Residential Code summarized and explained for you in this easy-to-understand guide.

Tile Mastic: Where To Use, Why It's Bad For Wet Areas
Tile mastic is used to adhere tiles to surfaces. But what is this stuff exactly why doesn't it work best for high-moisture areas?

2 Highly Unusual Temp Wallpaper Designs From SF-Based Designer
Check out this awesome removable wallpaper design from SF-based Timothy Sue.

Modern, Bold:  Temporary Wallpapers From Tempaper
Tempaper consistently puts out great temporary wallpapers, and this bold, modern diamond patterned paper is no exception.

Sherwin Williams' Removable Wallpaper: EasyChange
Another removable wallpaper is from Sherwin Williams and they call it Easychange.

Swanky Retro-Patterned Temporary Wallpaper
Removable wallpaper aims to do away with the misery of wet-pasting the stuff, as well as the misery of removal. See a few stylish examples.

Giant, Room-Sized Maps Act As Removable Wallpaper, Too
Removable wallpaper comes not only in repeating patterns but in single images, too, such as Swag Paper's Vintage Maps line.

How to Re-Paint Baseboards and Make a Room Shine
Painting baseboards is a simple way to make a room look new again. Find out how with these tips.

Retro Green 1960s Shower Tiles
Return to the days of Mad Men with these retro green Starburst tiles for the shower.

Sea-Green Glass Mosaic Tile Makes Shower Area Gorgeous
Sea-green glass mosaic tile brings light to this small bathroom.

Green and Blue Glass Tiles Around Shower and Tub
Excellent use of green, blue, and brown glass tiles in this bathroom.

Can You Overdose On Green In a Bathroom?  (Yes)
I like green-tiled bathrooms. But sometimes it can be too much, and here is a prime example.

Green Celery Shower Tiles?
Cool celery-green shower tile. Home Renovations.

Pure Green Simplicity--In 4" Square Tiles
Gorgeous bright lime-green 4-inch tiles for this shower surround.

Startling Green Glass Tiles Behind Swirly Bathroom Sink
Bright green glass mosaic tiles laid behind a very unique

Green Tile In Bathroom Demarcates Sink Area
Witness how this tile designer uses fields of light-green tile to visually separate shower/sink from the toilet area.

Bring Green Color To Your Bathroom With Tiles
Bring the vibrant healthy feel of green (the color, that is) into your bathroom by installing tiles on backsplash, shower, or walls.

Long Wall-Mount Counter In Green, Glassy Bathroom
Contemporary bathrooms are great for installing wall-mount vanities and counters, too.

Wall-Mount Counter In Green Bathroom
A very modern-style green bathroom with a double-sink wall mount counter and frameless shower.

Cantilevered White Bathroom Counter In Modern Bathroom
Dark-gray bathroom tile and wall-mounted sink/counter signify that this is a highly modern bathroom.

Natural Wood Wall-Mount Bathroom Counter and Green Tile
This different wall-mounted bathroom counter relies on two vertical elements to strengthen the installation.

Small Bathrooms Love Wall-Mounted Counters
Wall-mounted counters are great solutions for bathrooms that are extremely limited in space.

Wall-Mount Bath Vanity Unit Also Gives User Drawer Space
Here's a long vanity mounted on the bathroom wall that has some shelf space.

When a Wall-Mount Counter Might As Well Have Legs
Some wall-mount bathroom counters can get too big, too hulking. Like this one. Why not just mount it on the floor?

A Totally DIY-Friendly Wall-Mount Bath Vanity
This small bathroom vanity can be self-installed on the wall. Find out why these units are easier to level than floor units.

When The Bathroom Counter Is The Sink Unit Itself
A bathroom sink unit that cantilevers from the wall, no counter or vanity required.

They Call It Cantilever...
Wall-mounted counters are great space-savers, but they also say to the world: I'm a modern bathroom! See these pictures...

Kickstart Your Bathroom Remodel
My favorite articles about bathroom remodeling, collected and packaged, to help kickstart your own project.

View of Finished Remodeled Attic Bathroom
Finished remodeled attic bathroom with shower and tub in place, along with the tile work.

Building and Plumbing Tub Pony Wall in Attic Bathroom
The pony wall is built at the head of the bathtub to accommodate water supply pipes.

Hanging Green Board and Beginning to Tile Attic Bathroom
Starting to hang green board and to tile this attic bathroom remodel.

Attic Bathroom Remodel/Addition - Before and After
Step by step instructions on how to remodel or add a bathroom to an attic.

Attic Bathroom Addition Floor Plan - Before and After
Before and after floor plans showing how this attic bathroom was made to work by shifting the tub and adding a shower.

Starting to Gut Attic Bathroom Walls
Photo shows walls being gutted in the attic bathroom prior to remodeling.

Attic Bathroom Completely Gutted
Now the attic bathroom walls and floor are completely gutted and ready for remodeling.

Dry-Fitting Configuration of New Bathtub in Attic Bathroom
It's a good idea to dry-fit placement of the bathtub in the attic bathroom prior to installation.

Adding Radiant Heat Below Attic Bathroom Floor
Before installing the attic bathroom's flooring, radiant heat coils are placed under a bed of mortar.

Attic Bathroom Walls Taped, Mudded, and Sanded
View of the attic bathroom after drywall has been hung, joints mudded, and joints sanded.

Tile vs. Vinyl Plank For Your Bathroom Remodel?
Considering laying either tile or vinyl plank with your next bathroom remodel? Here are a few points that may help you make the decision.

Review: Kohler Highline Is Cheap. But Does It Work?
Kohler Highline Toilet is a cheap, available staple at Home Depot. But will it do the job?

Plank Vinyl Flooring Is Easy To Install. Here Is How.
Here's the easy way to install vinyl plank flooring. You bought it because it was easy to lay down, so let's keep the process simple.

Cut Vinyl Plank On Face With Utility Knife or Hand Saw
Cutting vinyl plank flooring is easy: just run a utility knife across the plank's face.

Connecting Planks End To End
Connect the vinyl planks at the ends before connecting the long sides of the planks.

Cut Outs For Protrusions
Make cut-outs on the vinyl planks with tin snips or heavy-duty scissors.

Fitting Plank Around Protrusions
Fit the vinyl plank cut-outs around the protrusions as shown here.

Remove Trim Before Installing Vinyl Plank
The best method is to remove all baseboards and door casings before installing the vinyl flooring.

Backwards-Installing Vinyl Plank
Some vinyl plank flooring, such as this TrafficMaster Allure, lets you attach to either tongue or groove side.

Re-Install Baseboards and Trim
Final step in vinyl plank floor installation is to put the baseboards and trim back on.

Finish Cut On Back of Plank
Finish cutting the vinyl plank by running the knife across the back.

Cut Off Bolts At Toilet Base
To deal with the too-long toilet base bolts, cut them off with a multi-tool or hacksaw.

Install Wax Ring On Toilet Base
Instead of the provided wax ring buy a extra-thick wax ring for the base of your Kohler Highline toilet.

Set Toilet On Closet Flange
Rest the Highline toilet onto the closet flange on the base of the bathroom floor.

Tighten Bolts At Base Of Toilet
Tighten the Kohler Highline toilet to the floor with the T-bolts.

Press Gasketed Bolts Into Toilet Tank
One way to deal with the problem of the Kohler Highline tank not setting properly on the bowl is to press the bolts into the tank.

Tighten Tank Bolts With Socket
Put the Highline toilet's tank onto the bowl base section.

Making This Mass-Market Toilet a Little Easier To Install
The Kohler Highline toilet is a fairly simple installation. But it could still be easier. Here's help for that.

Attach and Turn On Toilet's Water Supply
The last step to installing the Kohler Highline is turning on the water supply and checking for leaks.

Press Down Toilet and Wax Ring With Weight
You will need to use your entire body weight to press the toilet down to the floor to compress the wax ring.

Measure Toilet From Back Wall
Get a rough measure of the distance of the toilet from the wall with the tape.

Level Toilet Tank On Bowl
Using a bubble level will help you adjust the tank level for the Highline toilet.

Adding a Kitchen Bump Out or Add-On
Is it costly or complicated to do a kitchen bump out or add on? I don't have much square footage that I want to add on.

Plywood vs. OSB For Flooring - Which Is Best?
Which is better for flooring underlayment: plywood or OSB?

Avoid These 7 Things Like the Plague When Remodeling Your Bath
Stay far away from these 7 things (and behaviors) when remodeling your bathroom.

Screw Toilet Flange Onto Concrete
With masonry screws, secure the closet flange to the concrete.

Drill Holes Into Concrete
Use your hammer drill to drill holes in the concrete slab around the toilet closet flange.

Measure To Ensure Toilet Parallel To Wall
Use the closet flange's T bolts to position the flange in relation to the back wall.

Place T Bolts In Flange
Put T bolts in the toilet flange in order to properly position the flange.

Scrape Off Old Wax Ring
The toilet's old wax ring will need to be removed with a putty knife.

Cut Off Old Flange and Obstructions
First the old metal flange must be removed before putting in the new flange.

Toilet Flange Installation Made Easy With Hammer Drill
Toilet flanges are difficult to install on concrete slabs. But using a hammer drill makes the job vastly easier.

Tip Toilet Off At Angle
Tipping the toilet to the side is the best way to remove it from the wax ring.

Move Toilet With Hand Truck
A hand truck is the best way to move your removed toilet around.

Remove Nuts From T-Bolts At Toilet Base
Unscrew toilet base from T-bolts.

Flush Toilet and Open Flapper By Hand
Instructions on how to remove water from the toilet tank prior to toilet removal.

Shut Off Toilet Supply Line
First shut off water coming into the toilet.

Unhook and Drain Toilet Supply Line
Laying the supply line into the toilet will prevent water spillage on the floor.

Here's How To Take Out a Toilet Easily and Cleanly
Removing a toilet doesn't have to be messy or take a long time. This step-by-step takes you through the process.

Remove Water From Toilet Bowl
Instructions on how to remove water from the bottom of a toilet bowl before toilet removal.

Tips for Using a Rubber Float with Grout
A few quick tips on how to use the rubber float with tile grout.

Tile Grout Defined
Grout, that gritty stuff between tiles, can make or break your tilework.

White Kitchen Cabinets: Boring or Contemporary?
How do you get white kitchen cabinets without tearing up your kitchen and emptying out your bank account?

What Is a Lally Column?
What is a lally column and how is it used in home remodeling projects such as wall removal?

5 Bathroom Countertop Materials, From Good To Best
Let's assess 5 top bathroom counter materials and find out that works best for your bathroom.

How to Safely Remove Asbestos Siding
You don't have to hire a company to remove asbestos siding. It can be a DIY job if you're cautious enough.

What to Do With Chinese Drywall Problems
Do you have Chinese drywall in your house? Find out, because it can lead to serious health problems.

Homax Popcorn Ceiling Texture Spray
When you fix a popcorn ceiling, you need to re-finish with the same texture. It's not easy. Is Homax Popcorn Ceiling Texture is easy way out?


How To: Cap Those Stray, Dangling Electrical Wires
When you've got stray, dangling electrical wires, something must be done with them. The Code-approved method is to cap them in a junction box.