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How To: Cap Those Stray, Dangling Electrical Wires
When you've got stray, dangling electrical wires, something must be done with them. The Code-approved method is to cap them in a junction box.

Christmas Gift Guide For Home DIY Remodelers
Lacking Christmas gift ideas for your favorite home DIYer? Here are gifts that he or she is guaranteed to love.

Soapstone Counters: Viable Option For Kitchen?
Soapstone countertops – are they soft? Will soapstone counters melt on contact with water? No. Find out why soapstone is a viable kitchen and bath countertop choice.

The Cost of DuPont Zodiaq Countertops
Won't anyone ever give you rough estimates for DuPont Zodiaq counters? Here are a few.

Pella vs. Andersen
Can you compare Pella vs. Andersen windows?

Details on All Wood Cabinetry at Costco
Are Costco kitchen and bathroom cabinets any good? What about All Wood Cabinetry, the company that supplies Costco cabinets?

How to Remove a Brick by Hand (With the Right Tools)
It's pretty simple to remove a brick by hand. But be prepared for flying debris!

FHA 203(k) Rehab Loan - FAQs and Guidelines
Get the scoop on FHA 203(k)--the

Ryobi 18 Gauge Cordless Nailer Review
How does the Ryobi 18 gauge cordless brad nailer perform? We find out by testing it.

Safe Demolition Practices for Home Renovation
Demolition prior to renovating seems deceptively easy. But here are some tips to make it smoother, cleaner, and safer for you.

Accentuate Your Home's Style With Room Paint Colors
Get 6 great tips about room paint colors. Find out how room paint colors can change your house, without busting your budget.

Vinyl vs. Wood Replacement Windows Chart
Vinyl or wood replacement windows? It's difficult to know which type to choose for your home renovation project.

IKEA Kitchen Planner Review
A review of the IKEA online 3D kitchen planner.

Choosing Flooring for Your Home - a Step by Step Guide
Follow our step by step guide to choosing flooring.

What Is Laminate Flooring?
What is laminate flooring? Do you want it in your living room or kitchen?

DIY Sheet or Tile Vinyl Flooring Installation
Reader asks if it's better to install sheet or vinyl flooring on a do it yourself basis.

7 Ways To Save On Kitchen Remodeling Costs
Get these super-easy tips for saving on your kitchen remodel costs.

Where to Find Free Paint Samples, Swatches and Testers
Where can you get free paint samples or swatches? Check out our online guide.

Clean Tile Grout With Simple, Cheap Materials
Find out some ways to clean grout, as well as a way of covering up grout stains with grout colorant.

Bamboo Wood Floors Vs. Cork Flooring
Bamboo and cork are the heavy-weights in the sustainable flooring category. Does one out-green the other and offer more benefits?

Experience of Owning Modulating Gas Furnace
A run-down of what it's like to own a modulating gas furnace.

Putting a Foam Pad Under Hardwood Flooring
Find out whether foam padding under hardwood flooring is a good idea and how to make your surfaces absorb sound and softer to walk on.

Save Money on Your Bathroom Renovation
Identify aspects of bathroom remodeling that drive up costs--and find solutions for lowering those costs.

Marble Countertops - Style & Increased House Value
Before you purchase a whole kitchen worth of marble countertops, let us tell you what it means to own this gorgeous but temperamental material.

Wood Countertops - Warmth for a Cost
Wood countertops add instant warmth and style. But are they the best food preparation surface? Let's look at wood countertops in your kitchen.

Can I Tile Laminate Countertops?
Can I install tile on laminate countertops?

Eight Tips for Choosing Exterior Paint Colors
Learn 8 valuable tips for choosing exterior paint colors. Find out how the right exterior paint colors can increase your house's value.

Learn About Tile Floor Transitions - Bridge the Gap
Find out about tile floor transitions and thresholds.

Bamboo Flooring - The Basics
Does bamboo flooring still deserve its special place as greenest, best

Clean and Save Your Water-Damaged Wood Floor This Way
Has water flooded your wood flooring? Not all is lost. You can take care of damaged wood flooring if you take action promptly.

Classic One-Wall Kitchen Layout: Cheap but Limiting
The most basic of all kitchen designs is the one-wall design. Find out the advantages and the many limitations of the one wall kitchen design.

Install Cabinet Handles - Tips and Advice
Great tips on dealing with a home remodeling project that, on the face of it, should be very simple - new handles or pulls for cabinets.

Install a Glass Tile Backsplash
A glass tile backsplash means instant style for your kitchen, bath, or laundry room. But is it worth installing a glass tile backsplash?

Glass Tile Backsplash - Install Glass Tile Backsplash
A glass tile backsplash means instant style for your kitchen, bath, or laundry room. But is it worth installing a glass tile backsplash? Page 2.

How to Paint a Shower Stall
How to paint a shower stall. First, accept the worst...

Installing a Tiled Shower Stall with Polyurethane Pan
Combining a poly shower stall pan with tile gives you the best of both worlds: beauty and strength.

HomeRight Power-Flo - Paint Sprayer Review
Pro-level sprayer that's right for consumers. If you're intending to take on a serious DIY painting job, you don't want any less paint sprayer than this.

Basement Finishing - Home Renovation Process
A description of all the processes involved with basement finishing.

The Top 6 Home Improvement Sites
What I'm about to do may be something akin to pooping in my own pond, but I'll attempt to lay out a list of home improvement sites and a few comments on them.

Expert Guide to Choosing Tile Paint
Are there any recommended tile paints?

Tips and Shortcuts for Working With Drywall
A list of some common shortcuts and hints to make the process of dealing with drywall go a little faster and smoother.

Fireplace Tiles Inexpensively Upgrade Your Living Room
Laying fireplace tile can be a simple 2-weekend project that quickly upgrades your home. Learn about fireplace tiles and basic installation techniques.

Radiant Heating Subfloor - Heated Subfloor Basics
A primer on radiant heating subfloor--an option for subfloor installation which will keep your feet warm throughout the winter.

How to Find Cheap RTA (Ready to Assemble) Cabinets Online
Cards are stacked against you in the RTA cabinet business. Learn how to find cheap RTA cabinets online with these tips.

Learn How Textured 3D Panels Can Make a Room
Clever little textured 3D wall panels can imbue a room with instant contemporary style. And they're so easy to install.

Perfect Demonstration of 3D Wall Panel Usage
Gorgeous stream-style patterned 3D textured wall panels for this dining room.

Modern-Look Designer-Quality 3D Modular Wall Panels
Designer-quality textured 3D wall panel in contemporary style from Modular Arts.

Stream Patterned 3D Modular Wall Panel
Lovely vertically-placed 3D wall panel from Modular Arts.

Textured 3D Wall Panel Pictures
A wall covering option that isn't paint, wallpaper, or fabric? Yes! It's called a 3D textured wall panel. Is it right for your home?

Circle-Shaped 3D Wall Panels Brighten Living Room
Circle style textured wall panels brighten up a modern living room.

Beechwood Textured Wall Panels
Awesome 3D textured wall panels for the bedroom that look like beechwood.

Cube Style Purple 3D Wall Panel
3D textured wall panels in a cube style dress up this living room.

Flow and Continuity With 3D Wall Panels
Flowing 3D textured wall panels make for a unified appearance in this room.

Cool, Sixties-Style Textured Wall Panels!
Cool 1960s style textured wall panels made from sugarcane stalks.

Can You Switch Toilet and Sink
Toilet and sink seem to be misplaced. Is it difficult to switch their positions?

3 Finished Basement Retrofit Heating Options
Find out your basement heating options for a finished basement.

Home Depot No Longer Offers Dumpster Rentals
This is interesting. Home Depot sells dumpster (rolloff) rentals. They come in 14 day increments, ranging from 15 yarders to 40 yarders (cubic yards, that

9 Basics of Surface Bathroom Remodeling

Is Carpeting the Best Flooring for a Moist Basement?
Carpet has been a mainstay of finished basements. Here we take a close look and differing viewpoints of carpeting in the basement, given that basements can be very moist places.

Replace Electrical Outlet With a New One
Are your old electrical outlets old and loose? Replace them with new, safer electrical outlets.

Asbestos Vinyl Tiles
Learn how some vinyl tiles contain asbestos and how to protect yourself.

Wood Flooring (Engineered, Laminate, Solid Hardwood)
Learn all the basics of wood flooring--from solid hardwood floor to laminate flooring.

How to Build Attic Flooring on Joists
Can I build an attic floor on my existing joists?

Overview of The Process of Building an Addition
What steps do you take to build an addition on your house?

How to Rent a Dumpster or Container for Home Renovation
A dumpster (otherwise known as a container or rolloff) is essential for demolition work related to home renovation. How do you go about renting one?

Best Online Tile Calculator
Recently, I found the best tile calculator that I have seen in a long time (even though this one is centered around selling radiant heating).

Install Mosaic Tile Sheets
Great tips on how to install mosaic tile sheets.

Quartz Countertops Benefits and Features
What is a quartz countertop and how does it compare to others such as granite, laminate, or solid surface?

Top 7 Countertop Materials for Your Kitchen
You have a host of countertop options for the kitchen, but which ones stand out? Here are your top 7 countertop options.

Small Kitchen Remodeling - Home Renovations
Learn how a small kitchen remodel works, as well as how you can do it for the lowest possible cost.

OSB (Oriented Strand Board) Flooring - Get the FAQS
Is OSB suited for flooring? What do the experts say about OSB (oriented stranded board) for flooring or subfloor?

Ryobi ONE Plus 18V Compact Drill Kit
Review of the Ryobi ONE Plus 18V Compact Drill Kit.

11 Unique Tile Counter Ideas for Kitchens and Baths
A collection of pictures and ideas for tiles installed on kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Cost of Kitchen Cabinets
Want to know the cost of kitchen cabinets? Here are a few estimates from around the country.

Best Kitchen Flooring - Sheet Vinyl or Resilient Flooring
What's the best kitchen flooring? There is no

Best Kitchen Flooring - Laminate
Laminate, while not the absolute best kitchen flooring, belongs in the ranks of the top five.

Cut and Remove Studs
Cut studs in the middle and remove them.

Pull Back Studs to Remove Them
Another view of how to cut studs to remove interior wall.

Punch Starter Holes In Drywall Prior To Cutting
Punch a starter hole with your hammer.

Cut Within Studs With Reciprocating Saw
Cut drywall within the studs before removing wall.

Pull Out Cut Sections of Drywall
Remove those sections of drywall by hand.

Cut and Remove Other Side of Drywall
With the other side of drywall exposed, cut and remove it.

Cut Paint Between Walls
Use utility knife to cut between joining walls and walls/ceiling.

Shut Down and Remove Electrical
Before anything, shut down gas, electric, and other utilities.

Remove Doors From Wall To Be Removed
Remove interior doors before you take down interior walls.

Take Down Trim and Baseboards
Remove trim and baseboards before removing interior wall.

Remove an Interior Wall - Instructions and Photos
Removing an interior wall is much easier if you have the right tools.

The Classic Kitchen Triangle
It's a simple concept, the kitchen triangle, but it helps with planning your kitchen layout.

Top 7 Home Renovations That Pay Off
Listing the most lucrative home renovations that pay off when you sell your house.

Marble Subway Tile
Marble subway tile isn't common. But a few companies such as Bedrosian's do offer it.

Glass Subway Tile In Modern Shower
Glass subway tile works well in shower (though you don't see it a lot) because it is easy to clean.

Subway Tile Wainscot and Harlequin Pattern Wall
Back to classic white subway tile, but with a nice flashy harlequin pattern wall tile to liven things up.

Classic White Subway Tile Installation In Kitchen
Subway tile, often installed to make a kitchen or bathroom look

Classic White Subway Tile Installation In Bathrooms
Traditional white subway tile gives this bathroom an early 20th century look.

Tuscan Style Kitchen With Subway Tile Behind Stove
You'll see how flexible subway tile can be with this installation in a Tuscan-style kitchen.

Colorful, Fun Subway Tile Enlivens Kitchen
One example of how colorful subway tiles can be used to brighten up a kitchen backsplash.

Subway Tile In Vertical Brickwork Pattern
Another idea for subway tile is to lay it vertically and use colors other than white.

Sage Green Glass Subway Tile Backsplash
Gorgeous translucent green subway tile backsplash.

Gray Subway Tile Glass Kitchen Backsplash
Cool gray glass subway tile backsplash.

Classic Baby Blue Glass Subway Tile Backsplash
A very classic glass subway tile backsplash.

Multi-Colored Subway Glass Tile Backsplash
A very happy, vibrant, and colorful glass subway tile backsplash.

Orange Glass Subway Tile Backsplash
An orange glass subway tile that makes this backsplash look like brick.

Blue 1x3 Subway Glass Tile Backsplash
Gorgeous stacked blue glass subway tile backsplash.

Green and Brown Vertical Glass Subway Tile Backsplash
Another way to install your glass subway tile: stacked and vertical.

Cut Big Drywall Sheets By First Scoring With Knife
Get the easy way to cut drywall, no sawing involved.

Break Drywall Sheet on Back Side with Knee
With the drywall sheet on end and reversed, pop the score point with your knee.

On Back of Drywall Complete the Score
Now, still on the back side, score the drywall paper to complete the cut.

Drywall Tapered Joint Is Better Than Butt Joint
Pictured of a tapered drywall joint prior to adding drywall compound.

2 Drywall Joints Defined - Butt vs. Taper
Read the basics of drywall joints--butt and tapered.

Drywall Joint Basics - Tapered Joint Filled In
Image of tapered drywall joint filled with mud or compound.

Installing Vinyl Floor On Top of Tile, Wood, Etc.
It's easier to install vinyl floor if you remove the existing floor. But if you hate the idea, you can install one over the other.

Drywall Layout: A Visual Guide
A visual guide to the layout and placement of drywall sheets.

Drywall Layout: Position of Fasteners
This visual guide to drywall layout shows placement of screws.

Drywall Layout: Where To Place Tape
Placement of tape on a typical drywall layout design.

Drywall Layout - Sanding The Joint Compound
Visual guide showing where joints should be sanded on a typical drywall layout.

Drywall Layout: Places to Sand
A guide to all of the places where you should sand joint compound.

Drywall Layout: Placement of Electrical Box Cutouts
Where to place the electrical box cutouts in a typical drywall layout design.

Best Remodeling Tools - Lineman's Pliers
Find out how side-cutting or lineman's pliers rate for home remodeling jobs!

Best Remodeling Tools: Cordless Drill
Does the cordless drill fit the definition of

Which Tools To Use When Remodeling a Home?
Rating the best tools you'll ever want for home remodeling.

Frameless Shower and Puzzle Tile Wall
This renovation is simple but effective, with a pure sheet of glass for the shower bisecting a unique puzzle tile wall.

Bathroom With Blue Tile and Walnut Console Sink
Snappy blue, black, and white tile with a sink that rests against the wall.

Bathroom With Modern Matte Round Tiles
One idea that looks great (but what about cleaning) is this array of matte tile for the bathtub surround.

Wild Rococo Pink With Mirrored Tiles and Clawfoot Tub
Ready for this? It's an all-too-fancy bathroom with a swirled tile floor, pink curtains, and a clawfoot bathtub.

Pine-Floored Bathroom With Angled Ceiling
Here's a bathroom decorated with plenty of pine on the floor and the ceiling.

Oval Bathtub in 1920s Style Bathroom
It's a style of bathroom you do not see often: that of the 1920s to 1930s. But this tile strikes the right notes.

Dignified Design with Distinctive Tiles
Bathrooms don't come more classic and dignified than this one with geometric wall tile.

Spare Modern Bathroom With Square Tiles and Dark Cabinet
A clean, simple, spare, and peaceful bathroom decorating idea, using 4

Montparnasse Mirror in Espresso
Black leather-framed mirror and wild, wavy wall tiles make this an over-the-top bathroom decorating idea.

Bathroom With 2 Inch Brass Tiles
Witness a very brassily decorated bathroom with this design: 2

Sky Blue Color Scheme with Pedestal Sink
This is one bathroom decorating idea that we hope you will not try to duplicate. Notice anything amiss with the shower?

Classic Bathroom Look of Early 20th Century
This classic bath style employs subway tile, pedestal sink, and a lovely tall mirror.

Use These Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Your Home
An extensive photo gallery of bathroom decorating ideas in photos and text.

Large Bathroom Drenched In Light
You'll never be lacking for ideas with this large gallery of bathroom decorating pictures from major bath accessories companies.

Unique Bathtub With a Nature View
A most unusual bathroom decoration: a tub in its own little room with an excellent view of the outside.

Aquamarine-Blue Tiled Bathtub
A lustrous deep sea-blue bathroom decorating idea, employing Ann Sacks tile and an inset for shampoo or candles for a relaxing soak.

Pale Yellow Diamond Bathroom Tile With Dark Cabinet
This bathroom is just a lovely yellow diamond wall tile with black-and-white toilet and a simple bathtub. Ah, relaxation.

Cross Cross Bronze Look Tile
The tile in this bathroom looks like hammered bronze.

Modernist Style with Cube Vanity and Clodagh Tile
Look the super-modern, Cubist look. You'll find not a single curved line in this contemporary bathroom.

Black Shadowbox Mirror and Vertical-Lined tile
I find it hard to dislike this bathroom with its vertical lines in the wall tile, black mirror, and fixtures mounted straight onto the wall.

Clean Tile Grout With Steam
Instead of replacing, try to clean your tile grout with steam. Here's what happened when I tried it.

Tile: Ceramic, Porcelain, and Stone
A knowledge base for ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile for DIY or to hire a pro.

Kitchen Tile - Kitchen Tiling
Tile is an integral part of many kitchens. Tile is cheap, durable, and beautiful. Find out about tile backsplashes, tile counters, and all uses of tile in the kitchen.

Best Tiles For Each Area of The Kitchen
Not all tile works for every place. That's why I've chosen the best tile that works in different areas of your kitchen.

Collection of Kitchen Pendant Light Pictures
Brief overview and collection of pictures of kitchen pendant lights.

Kitchen Pendant Track Lighting
Combining track lighting with pendants gives you this Sea Gull System that runs almost 4 feet.

Fancy Pendant Light For Kitchen
Kitchen pendant light with a fancy chain system and linen shade.

List of Veneer Stone Manufacturers and Suppliers
A list of veneer stone manufacturers and suppliers, such as Eldorado Stone and Cultured Stone, Inc. and many more.

Is an IKEA Kitchen Island a Good Island Option?
Is the IKEA kitchen island is a good alternative to a built-in kitchen island?

Can I Reface My Own Kitchen Cabinets
Can the average homeowner reface his or her own cabinets, in the same way that a refacing company might?

Green Remodel Overview
Learn all about green remodeling and renovations with our library of free articles.

Galley Kitchen Design and FAQs
While the galley kitchen is (nearly) the most basic kitchen design out there, it's also one of the best. Find out why this is so.

Definition of Shim
A shim is an inexpensive wedge made of wood or plastic used in window or door installations.

Are Steel Doors Right For Homes?
Steel doors are a great investment for the home remodel. They are typically fire-rated and secure, and provide a great thermal barrier.

Andersen Lists the Price of Windows
Home Renovations.

Paint Walls or Trim First? The Question is Answered.
I get this question all the time:

Hyperseal Rubber Driveway Coating
Recently I looked at the issue of sealing a driveway instead of paving it with asphalt (or, God forbid, pouring a new concrete slab). At the time, I

Rake Grass Seed Into Soil
Final step of seeding grass is to rake it in, then compact once more. Finish by spraying with water.

Gently Loosen Soil After Compacting
After soil has been compacted, gently loosen the soil again prior to seeding.

How To Grow Grass With Seed - Easier Than Sod
Easy and quick to do, grass seeding beautifies bare patches of your yard for very little money or time. Here's how.

Distribute Grass Seed With Spreader
With a spreader, distribute the grass seed evenly in the bare area.

Tools and Materials Needed For Growing a Lawn From Seed
Items needed to grow a lawn from seed.

Kill Weeds and Grass With Sheet Plastic
You can kills weeds in an area painlessly before seeding with grass by laying down black sheet plastic.

Clear Out Remaining Weeds
Spade under dead weeds to clear area before sowing grass seed.

Final Raking of Debris From Seeding Area
Finally, rake the grass seeding area free of debris.

Distribute Bags of Soil in Seeding Area
Use top soil to grow grass seed. Begin by putting the bags of soil in places where you plan to grow the grass.

Open Soil Bags and Pour Into Piles
Open bags of top soil and pour into piles prior to raking out and seeding with grass.

Rake Out Top Soil
Rake out your top soil in the grass-seeding area.

Compacting The Top Soil
Compact the top soil to make a good, solid base for your grass seed.

Top 6 Pond Liners Rated
Which liner to choose when building a pond for your home? We have rated pond liners, from best to worst.

Place Braces For Side Pieces
Cut 14

Nail Side Pieces Together
Nail the two side pieces together.

Cut Off and Nail In The End Piece
Cut a 4' end piece and nail it to the bridge's frame joists.

Cut Middle Braces To Size
Mark and cut 2 braces for the middle of the bridge.

Cut End Pieces For Ramp
Cut off the end pieces at an angle to form the ramp.

Tools, Materials, and Details
List of materials and tools needed to build a simple garden bridge.

Cut Off Deck Board Ends
Final step in building the garden bridge is to cut off the ends of the deck boards to size.

Snap Chalk Line For Cuts and Fasteners
Snap a chalk line lengthwise down the board along joists and on side cut lines.

Screw Down Deck Boards
Use deck screws to fasten your deck boards to the joists.

Space Deck Boards With Nail
Use a 16-penny nail to space the deck boards 1/8

Cantilever Deck Boards
Cantilever the bridge's deck boards 3

Finish Nailing Frame
Final step of the garden bridge's frame is to nail the rest of the parts together.

Mark Locations of Boards Before Disassembling
It's good practice to mark the locations of framing boards before disassembling them.

Mark Cut Line For Ramp
With your straight edge, mark lines on each 2x4 for location of cut lines for the ramp.

Lay Out Boards For Garden Bridge Frame
Basic board layout for frame of your garden bridge.

How To Build a Japanese Style Garden Bridge
This Japanese-style garden bridge is so easy that you can put it together in one afternoon. Learn how.

Natural Ledgestone Picture Gallery
Picture gallery of gorgeous, luscious natural ledgestones for exterior and interior remodeling.

How Surface Remodeling Can Transform Your Kitchen
It's called surface remodeling and it's one of the cheapest and fastest ways to rehab a kitchen without

3 Cool Bathroom Innovations
See 3 new bathroom innovations that will make bathing easier and more eco-friendly!

Goverment Programs That Pay You To Remodel Your Home
Did you know there are secret government programs for home remodeling? Here are three that reduce taxes, offer 0% loans, and free insurance.

When Pressure Treated Wood Is Required By Code
When are you required to use pressured treated wood when remodeling? Here are code-required instances.

Historically Accurate Victorian Exterior Colors
Inspirational ideas for painting your Victorian home in historically accurate colors.

How To Add Color To Your Bathroom
Color is woefully lacking in most bathrooms. Here are suggestions--from simple to more complex--for adding shots of vibrant color in your bath.

Popular Bathroom Styles
Why do bathrooms often seem to escape the designer's hand? Inject some flair in your bathroom with one of these popular styles.

Easy Way To Mix Concrete By Hand
Here's one easy way for mixing concrete by hand, using nothing more than a plastic contractor's garbage bag.

Best Solid Hardwood Flooring Brands
Listing the best brands of solid hardwood flooring, grouped in different categories according to your flooring needs.

Coefficient of Friction Ratings Help You Buy Tile
Why is tile flooring the only kind of floor covering that has coefficient of friction (COF) ratings for skid resistance?

Hire a Day Worker for Your Remodeling Project
Did you know you can hire a day laborer for your remodeling project, without going to the local convenience store parking lot?

Retaining Wall Block Purpose, Weight, and Installation
Find out the basics of retaining wall blocks, such as size, weight, and installation methods.

Mid Century Modern Home Failures
Mid century modern homes are all the rage. But let's keep in mind their failures, as well.

Mid Century Modern Home Failures - Glass
The biggest failing of mid century modern houses: too much glass.

Mid Century Modern Home Failures - Cantilevering
Cantilevering was another hallmark of mid century modern houses.

Mid Century Modern Home Failures - Fireplaces
Most mid century modern houses had a gigantic fireplace situated in the center of the living room.

Mid Century Modern Home Failures - Open Floor Plan
Naturally, an open floor plan was another aspect of the mid century modern house.

Mid Century Modern Home Failures - Flat Roofs
Often you would find a flat roof in a mid century modern house.

Buy or Rent a Wet Tile Saw - Advice
Describes the function of a wet tile saw, and informs the DIY home renovator about options for buying or renting a wet saw.

Unusual and Unique Kitchen Sinks
Let's get original with this collection of most unique kitchen sinks--copper, bamboo, stone, wood--as well as a few funky shapes.

Replace Hollow-Core Doors for Better Sound-Proofing
Experts recommend one easy trick for soundproofing a room: taking out hollow-core doors and replacing with solid doors.

The World's Most Useless Tools (Page 1)
Follow us on our countdown of the world's worst tools. Bad tools abound in home renovation, and we cover them here.

Why Yankee Driver Is a Useless Tool
Why do people love the Yankee Driver so much? Is it because their Fathers and Grandfathers owned one?

Is Anything Worse Than a Magnetic Stud Finder?
In this list of the world's most useless tools, the magnetic stud finder comes up on top.

Foam Painting Edgers Are Not a Replacement For Bruishes
Stay away from foam painting edgers. These things never work.

Why Is The Crescent Wrench Rated as a Useless Tool?
Lots of people love Crescent wrenches. Find out why I don't.

Channellock Wrench Isn't All That Great
My assessment of the Channellock wrench. And then my change of mind a few years later.

Vise-Grip Is Good But The Off-Brand Version Is Terrible
While Vise-Grips are fine, I caution you to beware of the off-brand versions.

How To Butt Drywal Edges Invisibly
Learn a quick tip about butting drywall edges.

Add Expansion Joint To Tile To Prevent Cracking
When you should add an expansion joint to tile to prevent grout cracking.

Cheap Unfinished Wood Flooring Best For Shops, Sheds
Looking for heavy-duty unfinished wood flooring? Not as easy as you might think, but we help you out.

Positioning and Firing an Electric Brad Nailer
Instructions on how to position and fire brads from an electric nailer.

How to Use an Electric Brad Nailer
It's pretty simple to use an electric brad nailer. Here are a few tips for making sure that your work doesn't split or dinged.

Loading an Electric Brad Nailer
How to load an electric nailer with a strip of brads.

List of Basic Masonry Materials
A quick overview of materials used in masonry work.

Black and Decker The Complete Guide to Finishing Basements Review
We review the Black and Decker Complete Guide to Finishing Basements and see if it measures up to other guides.

Refinish Bathtub or Shower Yourself - Overview
Can you refinish your own shower or bathtub? Sure, but there are limitations.

Refinish Bathtub or Shower Yourself - Apply Coating with Sponge Brush
Switch to the sponge brush and apply coating to bathtub decks and corners.

Refinish Bathtub or Shower Yourself - Remove Masking Tape
After drying for 24 hours, it's time to remove the masking tape from the bathtub's surrounding areas.

Refinish Bathtub or Shower Yourself - Remove Fixtures
Remove fixtures and anything that you don't want to get painted.

Refinish Bathtub or Shower Yourself - Clean and Scrape Tub with Razor
Clean and scrape down tub surface with a razor blade.

Refinish Bathtub or Shower Yourself - Apply Etching Powder
Rub down surface of tub with etching powder.

Refinish Bathtub or Shower Yourself - Wet Sand the Tub Surface
Sand down surface of bathtub with sandpaper while it is still wet.

Refinish Bathtub or Shower Yourself - Clean Tub with Tack Cloth
Final cleaning stage of refinishing bathtub yourself is to rub it down with a tack cloth.

Refinish Bathtub or Shower Yourself - Apply Masking Tape
With the bathtub dry, apply masking tape to areas that will not be coated.

Refinish Bathtub or Shower Yourself - Apply Primer
Apply primer to bathtub surface prior to coating.

Refinish Bathtub or Shower Yourself - Apply Coating with Roller
With the roller, apply coating to all reachable areas of the bathtub.

Home Siding Cost Calculator for House Styles
How much does siding cost? This handy siding calculator can give you a rough estimate.

12 Reasons Your House Paint Failed
Find out how to make your house paint job last longer, saving you money.

House Painting Tips and Hints - How to Make Your House Paint Last Longer
Find out how to make your house paint job last longer, saving you money. Page 2.

Small Kitchen Ideas - Galley Kitchen Plan
For some small kitchens, the galley layout is not only the best but the only option.

Small Kitchen Ideas
Get ideas for ways to make your small kitchen work for you.

Small Kitchen Ideas - Small Freestanding Sink
A freestanding sink, while not offering much counter space, does allow the small kitchen greater flexibility.

Small Kitchen Ideas - Light-Colored Paint Schemes Make Room Feel Larger
Forget dark colors. Light colors will make your small kitchen appear much larger.

Small Kitchen Ideas - Space Considerations in Efficiency Apartment
How to fit a kitchen into a tiny efficiency apartment.

Kitchen Islands With Seating - Sink
A photo gallery of kitchen islands with seating.

Kitchen Islands With Seating - Cherry Cabinets
A photo gallery of kitchen islands with seating.

Kitchen Islands With Seating - Chair
A photo gallery of kitchen islands with seating.

Kitchen Islands With Seating - L-Shaped Island - Peninsula
A photo gallery of kitchen islands with seating.

Kitchen Islands With Seating - Island Counter Seating
A photo gallery of kitchen islands with seating.

Kitchen Islands With Seating - Dual Level
A photo gallery of kitchen islands with seating.

Kitchen Islands With Seating - Entertaining Kitchen
A photo gallery of kitchen islands with seating.

Kitchen Islands With Seating - Contemporary
A photo gallery of kitchen islands with seating.

Kitchen Islands With Seating - Traditional - Classic
A photo gallery of kitchen islands with seating.

Kitchen Islands With Seating - Table
A photo gallery of kitchen islands with seating.

After Removing the Tile Support Board...
One tip for tiling behind stoves: use up the

Kitchen Tile Backsplash Tricks For Dealing With Appliances, Outlets
Find out awesome tricks of the kitchen backsplash tiling trade from DIY remodeling expert Rheney Williams.

Preparing to Tile The Backsplash
Before you can stick even one tile onto the backsplash, you must prepare the surface and protect the counters.

How to Tile Behind a Range
Advice for an easy way to continue your kitchen tile backsplash behind a stove.

How to Tile Your Backsplash Around Outlets
Advice for a simple way to continue your kitchen backsplash around electric outlets.

Kitchen Backplash Before the Grout Goes On
This is what a kitchen tile backsplash looks like after application on the wall and before grouting.

Kitchen Backsplash After Grouting
A picture of a kitchen backsplash immediately after grout has been applied.

Finished Kitchen Backsplash
Picture of a finished kitchen backsplash behind a range.

10 High and Low Value Kitchen Remodel Projects
What's the highest value kitchen remodel project? The lowest? A few answers to those vexing questions.

10 Elements of 1970s Home Decor
Looking at important elements of 1970s home decor.

Kitchen Island Rounded Lengthwise End
A conventional kitchen island arrangement with one, long rounded side for casual dining.

Large "Eating Kitchen" With Rounded End
A large, dining-style kitchen island with one rounded end and space for four chairs.

Rounded End Kitchen Island
A simple stone countertop on this island has one end rounded for two diners.

Rounded, Oval Kitchen Island
An oval kitchen island with space for dining for two people.

Small, Circular, Movable Kitchen Island/Table
This round kitchen island/worktable has two doors that open for storage.

Freestanding Kitchen Cabinets Basics
An explanation of what freestanding kitchen cabinets are, their pros and cons, installation, and a list of suppliers.

Small Kitchen Design and Tips
Small kitchens get a bad rap, but I believe they excel. Here are reasons why, a few basics, design tips, and some layouts.

Classic Small Kitchen Layouts
Your small kitchen's layout options are limited. Here are the two most typical (and classic) layouts for these spaces.

Tips For Small Kitchen Design
Tips to maximize space in your small kitchen design.

Definition of Drop Ceiling
A drop ceiling is suspended several inches below your present ceiling, and does not involve any kind of demolition or mess.

Can You Put Blown-In Insulation Over a Vapor Barrier
Can you install blown-in insulation over an existing vapor barrier?

Is It Advisable To Use MDF for Baseboards and Trim
A reader asks about the wisdom of using MDF wood for trimwork. Is MDF a suitable material?

How to Build a Knee Wall in an Attic
Step by step instructions for how to install a knee wall in your attic.

When to Install a Knee Wall in Your Attic
A reader asks if his attic needs a knee wall, what its purpose is, and how to insulate it.

Define Heavy-Up In Relation To Electrical Work
What does it mean to heavy up electrical service? Here is a short definition.

How To Survey Your Ground Levels
It's easy to survey your property's ground levels to determine level, low spots, and high spots, using only a 2 x 4 and a laser level.

Easy and Fast Way To Paint a House
Easy, fast, and trouble-free house painting can be accomplished if you know a few insider secrets.

Remodeling Ideas and Picture Galleries
View our collection of remodeling ideas and picture galleries to get ideas for your own home.

Best Carpeting For Children
Looking at the best type of wall to wall carpeting for children, we asked carpet maker Mohawk for advice.

Kilz 2 Latex Interior/Exterior Water-Based Primer
In my review of Kilz 2 Latex Interior/Exterior Water-Based Primer, I'm impressed by the price and clean-up, but not with stain-blocking ability.

Choosing Glass Tiles for Backsplashes
Your kitchen or bath's backsplash offers an opportunity to get creative and showcase interesting materials. Consider using recycled glass tile for your next backsplash design.

Plastic Deck Lumber: An Alternative to Wood
It may not be as beautiful as traditional wood, but plastic deck lumber offers several advantages. For starters, it's 100% recyclable.

Installing an In-Wall Air Conditioner Unit
A reader asks about installing an AC in a window. Instead, I direct him to installing an in-wall air conditioner.

How To Locate a Stud Behind Ceramic Tile
Stud finders work great on drywall, but how do you find a stud located behind tile?

Summary of How to Paint Your House Exterior
A short description of how to paint your house's exterior.

Home Additions - Adding On Sustainably
Expanding your current home to suit your family's growing needs might be more economical than selling and purchasing a new home. It's certainly a better move environmentally if you approach the addition process in an energy- and material-conscious way.

Kitchen Design for Remodel - Basics of Remodeling Kitchen Design
Get the scoop on kitchen design for home remodel.

How to Use a Wire Stripper for Electrical Work
Learn what the wire stripper is used for and how to use it.

Tips on Stripping Exterior Paint
Blowtorch, heatgun, chemicals: what are your options for stripping exterior paint?

Salvage 101: What to Reuse Vs. What to Buy New
You know the old saying,

Radon in Granite Countertops
Should you be worried about radon in granite countertops? Or is this all a big witch hunt?

Undermount Kitchen Sink - Blanco Undermount Sink
Check out our undermount kitchen sink guide. We review up to 10 undermount kitchen sinks for your remodeling project.

Undermount Kitchen Sink - Franke Undermount Sink
Check out our undermount kitchen sink guide. We review up to 10 undermount kitchen sinks for your remodeling project.

Undermount Kitchen Sink - Kohler Undermount Sink
Check out our undermount kitchen sink guide. We review up to 10 undermount kitchen sinks for your remodeling project.

Undermount Kitchen Sink - Blanco Undermount Sink
Check out our undermount kitchen sink guide. We review up to 10 undermount kitchen sinks for your remodeling project.

Undermount Kitchen Sink - American Standard Undermount Kitchen Sink
Check out our undermount kitchen sink guide. We review up to 10 undermount kitchen sinks for your remodeling project.

6 Steps To Preparing for Wood Floor Installers
Wood floor installation isn't a

Debunking 7 Myths About Wide-Plank Flooring
Misconceptions revolve around wide-plank flooring (expensive, not right for all homes, etc.). I spoke to a wide-plank expert to clear up myths.

Drywall Starter Guide - Buying and Installation
Starter guide to help you begin drywalling your home.

Tile Designer Gives Advice On Best Tile Size For Bathrooms
What's the best size of tile in bathrooms? We received a response from a tile designer. Here's what she says.

Is Do It Yourself Asbestos Removal Legal
A reader sent in a question about the legality of DIY asbestos removal within your own house.

Remodeling Waste Disposal Tips with Pros and Cons
How do you get rid of remodeling waste? We offer some tips for the difficult task for disposing of remodeling waste.

Painting the Kitchen
Painting the kitchen is different from other parts of the house. Learn how.

Residential Rainwater Harvesting
Take advantage of the free water that falls on your roof and yard. Rainwater harvesting systems allow you to save on your water bill while saving your yard from dreaded storm-water runoff.

Tuscan Style Kitchen - Stone Archway
Stone arches give your kitchen a Tuscan style.

Tuscan Style Kitchen
Find out how to remodel to achieve the look of a Tuscan-style kitchen.

Tuscan Paint Colors - Tuscan Color Ideas
Learn four basic paint colors you can use to give your kitchen a Tuscan flavor.

Tuscan Kitchen Style - Tile Backsplash
This tiled backsplash behind the stove gives this kitchen a Tuscan style.

Tuscan Style Kitchen - Real Tuscan Kitchen
Start defining your Tuscan-style kitchen remodel by seeing what a real Tuscan kitchen looks like.

Tuscan Style Kitchen - Inspirations
Inspirations for your Tuscan-style kitchen.

Tuscan Style Kitchen - Cabinets
A view of cabinets in a Tuscan style kitchen remodel.

Tuscan Kitchen - Tuscan Flooring Terra Cotta
The best approach to get the Tuscan look for your flooring is to use terra cotta or travertine.

Tuscan Style Wide Plank Kitchen Flooring
Add wide plank flooring to your kitchen to give it the look of a Tuscan style kitchen.

Tuscan Style Kitchen - Stone Veneer
Applying stone veneer to your kitchen walls also creates a Tuscan flavor.

Tuscan Style Kitchen - Wine Cellar
A wine cellar off of a Tuscan-style kitchen.

The Four Laws of Tiling - Kitchen & Bathroom Tiles
Keep these 4 basic rules of tiling in mind when setting tiles in your bathroom or kitchen.

The Emotional Costs of Building an Addition
We all know it costs $100,000 on up to build an addition. But nobody ever talks about the human cost of putting on an addition.

Bathroom Code For Lights and Electrical
Get bathroom code basics. We summarize general bathroom building code for you.

Bathroom Building Code Basics - Home Renovations
Get bathroom code basics. We summarize general bathroom building code for you.

Bathroom Code For Sinks
Summarizing some of the bathroom code concerning sinks.

Bathroom Code For Showers and Bathtubs
Three major points about bathroom code as concerns showers and bathtubs.

Bathroom Code For Toilets
Toilets have a few code requirements. Here are two of them.

Trim Paint Basics and Buying Guide
All about trim paint, why you should buy it instead of regular wall paint, and representative brands.

How to Use a Paint Sprayer
How to use a paint sprayer, in 10 steps (some easy, some hard).

How to Use a Paint Sprayer - Cleaning Out Paint Sprayer
Finished? Flush out your paint sprayer with water.

How to Use a Paint Sprayer - Tools and Materials Needed
What tools and materials will you need to use a paint sprayer on your house exterior?

How to Use a Paint Sprayer - Set Up the Sprayer and Insert Tubes
When using a paint sprayer, you need to know where to put the various tubes into which buckets.

How to Use a Paint Sprayer: Priming the Sprayer Pump
First step in using a paint sprayer is to prime the pump.

How to Use a Paint Sprayer - Transfer Drain Tube to Paint Can
Move drain tube into the paint can.

How to Use a Paint Sprayer - Protection Needed for Spraying
Describing all of the protection gear you will need when using a paint sprayer.

How to Use a Paint Sprayer - Proper Distance to Hold Spray Gun From Surface
The correct distance to hold the spray gun when spraying paint on your house exterior.

How to Use a Paint Sprayer - Organize Spraying Process in Sections
The best way to spray paint is by organizing the surface in sections.

How to Use a Paint Sprayer - Keep Spray Gun Parallel to Wall
Keep spray paint gun parallel to the wall.

How to Fix a Small Hole in Drywall - Step by Step
One of the easier tasks in DIY home remodeling is to fix small holes in drywall - and far easier than replacing the entire section of drywall! Learn how it's done.

Nine Steps for How to Use a Drum Floor Sander
Drum floor sanders are monsters. Learn how to tame a drum sander - with beautifully sanded floors as a result.

Gallons per Flush - Toilets
Not to be confused with the GNP, understanding what GPF stands for is still important...look no further than your toilet lid.

Bamboo Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets FAQs
Bamboo cabinets for kitchen and bathroom - FAQs and basics.

Net Zero Home - Net Zero Water Use
You've heard of net zero energy homes, but what exactly does net zero water use entail? While it is unrealistic for most homeowners, you should consider these three strategies for reducing your water use.

Quality Windows for Lesser Price Than Major Brands?
Do you need to buy windows from a major brand name in order to get quality? We talk to home improvement expert Lou Manfredini about this.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Cost List
I've put together a list of Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles to let you know general ranges for how much you should pay.

Furnace Not Working - Some Things to Try
Furnace stopped working? Read my cautionary tale and don't do what I did.

Wall Framing Guide Explains What's Behind Your Drywall
Wall framing is the core of your wall. This guide tells you what's behind your drywall.

Hardwood Flooring - Ordering and Installation
Hardwood flooring manufacturers always recommend that you order more flooring than you need to account for wastage. How much should you really order?

Cabinet Refacing vs. Replacing
Kitchen cabinet refacing vs. refacing. Close contenders. Which should you choose?

Bathroom Flooring Options
Learn bathroom flooring options, as well as the best and worst types of bathroom floors.

Are Slate Shingles Right For Ordinary Houses?

Free Flooring Installation - Learn the Details
Free flooring installation sounds like a great deal. But you need to learn the details before you can determine whether it's a good deal or not.

Q: What's the best natural stone tile for a bathroom?
Navigating the issue of natural stone tile in the bathroom. Which is best? Worst?

How to Save Money When Home Remodeling
Basic techniques for saving money on your remodeling project.

Be Your Own Contractor
Be your own contractor and save up to 30% of your remodeling costs? Let's look at the good and the bad sides of this choice.

Bathroom Renovation Design Tips and Remodeling Advice
Eleven great bathroom renovation tips to kick off your remodeling project with a bang.

Using the 5 Inch TwinBlade From RIDGID
Let's look at twin blade saw basics with the 5 inch saw from RIDGID.

One Solution to Furnace Problems (HVAC)
Here's one very simple solution to furnace problems that eluded even the pros.

Buying Replacement Windows - DIY Renovating
How can I order replacement windows DIY?

3 Floor Sanders To Rent When Finishing Your Wood Floor
Educate yourself on the basics of floor sanders--drum sanders, vibrating sanders, and edge sanders.

Kitchen Floor Tile - Vinyl Kitchen Tile
Get great kitchen floor tile ideas. Learn about resilient and ceramic kitchen floor tiles.

Kitchen Floor Tile - 12x12
Get great kitchen floor tile ideas. Learn about resilient and ceramic kitchen floor tiles.

Kitchen Floor Tile - Custom
Get great kitchen floor tile ideas. Learn about resilient and ceramic kitchen floor tiles.

Kitchen Floor Tile - 16x16 Vinyl
Get great kitchen floor tile ideas. Learn about resilient and ceramic kitchen floor tiles.

Kitchen Floor Tile - 18x18 - Ceramic
Get great kitchen floor tile ideas. Learn about resilient and ceramic kitchen floor tiles.

Kitchen Floor Tile - American Olean
Get great kitchen floor tile ideas. Learn about resilient and ceramic kitchen floor tiles.

Kitchen Floor Tile - 18x18
Get great kitchen floor tile ideas. Learn about resilient and ceramic kitchen floor tiles.

New Construction vs Replacement Windows: When to Use
How do you know whether to use new construction or replacement windows when tackling a home renovation project? Here's some guidance.

Building Permits Are Hidden Factor in Remodeling Costs
Remodeling permit costs...the often-hidden scourge in determining total project cost.

Removing Asbestos Shingles on a Wood House
Do you need permits to remove asbestos shingles? Is it safe? Can I find someone to remove asbestos shingles without an abatement team?

Sherwin-Williams ProClassic Acrylic Latex Enamel Review
Trying out and reviewing Sherwin-Williams ProClassic Interior Acrylic Latex Enamel paint.

Ryobi and Ridgid Power Tools
What's the state of cordless tools today? We spoke to Jason Swanson of Techtronic, which owns Ryobi and Ridgid, about this question.

Stair Design Ideas - Staircase Ideas - Steel Balusters
Stair design ideas in pictures. See great staircase ideas for your next staircase project.

Stair Design Ideas - Staircase Treads
Stair design ideas in pictures. See great staircase ideas for your next staircase project.

Stair Design Ideas - Curved Staircase - Fancy Balusters
Stair design ideas in pictures. See great staircase ideas for your next staircase project.

Stair Design Ideas - Stair Landing - Curved Landing
Stair design ideas in pictures. See great staircase ideas for your next staircase project.

Stair Design Ideas - Curved Staircase Ideas - Newel
Stair design ideas in pictures. See great staircase ideas for your next staircase project.

Stair Design Ideas - Wood Staircase Ideas
Stair design ideas in pictures. See great staircase ideas for your next staircase project.

Stair Design Ideas: Maple Handrail with Landing
Stair design ideas in pictures. See great staircase ideas for your next staircase project.

Stair Design Ideas - Staircase Ideas - Stairs Curved Landing
Stair design ideas in pictures. See great staircase ideas for your next staircase project.

Stair Design Ideas - Tiled Staircase - Tile Risers
Stair design ideas in pictures. See great staircase ideas for your next staircase project.

Stair Design Ideas - Cherry Wood - Brazilian Cherry
Stair design ideas in pictures. See great staircase ideas for your next staircase project.

Shower Tile Ideas - Tile on Ceiling of Shower Stall
Few homeowners ever consider putting tile on the ceiling of their shower stall. Here's what it looks like.

Shower Tile Ideas - Porcelain or Stone
Is this porcelain or stone? Check out these tiles and see how close to reality they are.

Shower Tile Ideas - Limestone With Excellent Veining
Veined porcelain tile dresses up this shower.

Stylish, Modern Shower Tile Ideas
A stylish and modern tile for your shower--from American Olean.

Shower Tile Ideas - Italian tile
Get shower tile ideas with this photo gallery.

Shower Tile Ideas -
Get shower tile ideas with this photo gallery.

Shower Tile Ideas - Creamy Beige Neutral
This relaxing neutral tile perfectly complements

Shower Tile Ideas - Bubble Glass Tiles
Here's a funky tile addition to any shower: bubble glass mosaic.

Shower Tile Ideas - Bands of Glass Tile Around Stall
An easy way to dress up a shower stall is to add a band of glass tile like the one shown here.

Shower Tile Ideas - Retro Pale Green Starburst Sixties-Style
Stepping in the shower is like time travel to the past when you install these 1960s-inspired pale green retro tiles.

Shower Tile Ideas - Metal 2 Inch Tiles Bring a Glow
Got a dim shower? One great idea is to bring in these shimmery brass, sandbrushed 2

Shower Tile Ideas - Cool Minty Celery Colors
An inviting pale green tile called Celery provides a relaxing environment in this shower.

Shower Tile Ideas - Tile That Looks Like Marble
A shower tiled entirely of marble? Not quite: this is a ceramic tile (read: easy to maintain) that only looks like marble.

Shower Tile Ideas - Carrara Marble
Installation of real Carrara marble tile makes for a gorgeous, high-end shower.

Shower Tile Ideas - Glass Mosaic
At a loss for ideas? Here are some shower tile ideas with this photo gallery.

Shower Tile Ideas - Limestone and Listello
At a loss for ideas? Here are some shower tile ideas with this photo gallery.

Shower Tile Ideas - Tumbled Stone Mosaic
Tumbled stone mosaic gives your shower an elegant, Old World appearance.

Shower Tile Ideas - Large Brown Tiles
These multi-sized tiles in the brown color family come from Arizona Tiles.

Shower Tile Ideas
At a loss for ideas? Here are some shower tile ideas with this photo gallery.

Review - 4 Best Exterior Wndow Shades For Home
What are the best exterior shades for your home? Looking at hood shade, retractable awnings, rolling shutters, and more.

Install Cedar Siding Over Vinyl, Brick, Wood
Which materials can you install cedar siding over?

Kitchen Remodeled For Less Than $10000
Another Cape Cod-style kitchen remodel, all done on a strict budget of less than $10,000.

Kitchen Remodel For $10,000 Or Less
This homeowner did something quite inventive (replacing cabinets with shelves) to make this budget kitchen remodel work.

$5000 Kitchen Remodel
A kitchen remodel kept well under budget of $5000 with an island.

Kitchen Remodel For $5000
Remodeling a lake cottage kitchen on a budget--this one for about $5,000.

Fix Cabinets Instead Of Replacing For Lower Costs
A homeowner who worked miracles on her kitchen by fixing the cabinets--on a limited budget.

Kitchen Remodeling For $1000
Some budget kitchen remodeling ideas, this from Stephen Saint-Onge.

Kitchen Remodel For $2500 Or Less
An urban-inspired black kitchen kept well under budget of $2,500.

Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget
A great new book out helps you remodel your kitchen on a budget. Get ideas from pictures in this book with a special sneak peek.

Kitchen Remodeling: Basic Planning Tips
Got kitchen remodeling plans? We share a few tips when you're planning your kitchen remodel.

How to Clean Off Drywall Joint Compound (Or Mud)
Drywall compound (or mud) isn't easy to clean up. Here are several tips for cleaning this difficult mess.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring in Small Bathrooms
Luxury vinyl plank is one idea for small bathrooms hat marries the Old World look with modern functionality.

Small Bathroom Flooring Ideas - Waterproof Laminate
Waterproof laminate flooring is one idea for the bathroom that combines the look of hardwood with the waterproof qualities of resilient sheet or tile.