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Home Fire Safety
Learn how to protect your home and family against fire damage by practicing safe home habits, setting an evacuation plan, acquiring proper insurance and installing the proper fire safety equipment.

Home Security Products & Tools
Learn about home security devices and tools for your home, including how they work, strengths and weaknesses and if they they are a good fit for you.

Securing Sliding Glass Doors for Safety
Sliding glass poses a unique security risk. Accurate information and the proper equipment help minimize your chances of an unlawful entry.


Home Security – Tips & Advice to Protect Your Home
Get information on home security systems, motion sensors and other home security devices and strategies. Learn how to prevent personal theft with our smart advice.

Online Safety
Online vulnerabilities can quickly affect your offline life. Prevent your computer habits from jeopardizing your assets or safety.

Fitness Trackers and Your Security
Learn about what information fitness trackers record, how it can be stolen and manipulated and what you can do to prevent it.

Vehicle Protection
Prevent your vehicle from getting stolen or vandalized using various strategies and equipment that make your car a less appealing target.

Car Break-In and Entry Myths
It's important to know what threats you don't need to worry about. Here are a few of the more persistent rumors that are not worth your concern.

Home Security Companies
Learn about professional home security companies, including their origins, services, equipment and general rates. This helps you make a more informed decision when deciding on a home security contractor.

Mobile Providers and Home Security
Learn about new services like HomeKit and SmartThings that are allowing mobile providers to meet your home security and home automation needs.

Facts You Need to Know about Security Guards
Security officers can enhance the well-being of your property if you use them correctly. Learn about the benefits and risks associated with guard usage.

DIY Home Security
Learn how to improve the security of your home without professional installation through the use of barriers, lighting, improved locks and other DIY equipment.

Recovering Stolen Property After a Theft
Learn about techniques you can use to locate your stolen property after a robbery without putting yourself in harm's way.

How to Perform Security System Maintenance
Keep your security system functioning at its best year-round by making regular inspections and updating your security tools to ensure your home is secure.

How to Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft
Learn about risks of catalytic converter theft, how and why it happens, and how best to prevent it from happening to your vehicle.

Personal Security
Avoid, prevent and survive robberies and assaults through a combination of strategy, awareness and procedure.

Facts about Tactical Pens
Read about how tactical pens differ from traditional ones, their optional security features and decide if one is a good fit for you.

The Locksmith Scam You Need to Know About
Learn about how locksmith scams work, what to look for and how to avoid them when you are in need of help.

Security Threats
Criminals constantly come up with new strategies to steal your property and information. Eliminate potential vulnerabilities in your home that criminals can exploit.

The Fire Danger of Hoverboards
Learn about the dangers self-balancing scooters pose inside of your home, and what you can do to reduce your risk of a house fire.

The Passwords You Should Never Use
Your accounts are only as secure as your passwords. Learn about the common mistakes and examples people use when choosing their passwords, so you can avoid them.

The Legality of Drones on Your Property
Learn about how drones can get onto your property, the legal challenges in destroying them if they do, and what you can do if a drone endangers your privacy.

Facts about Smart Doorbells
Smart doorbells combine a doorbell with a camera and intercom system. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages to find out if they are a good option for your home.

The Importance and Proper Use of Child Safety Caps
Learn how child safety caps work, and how they can still be opened by children. This helps you prevent an at-home accident.

The Advantages of Wearable Security Devices
Read about the various types of personal security devices that you can wear or carry on you easily, so you can decide what options work best for you.

Gas versus Electric Stoves in Home Fire Safety
Learn about the differences between gas and electric stoves, and how you can make your home safer when using them to reduce the risk of fire.

How Wallet Chains Affect Your Personal Security
Learn about the advantages and problems associated with wallet chains, so you know if they are useful to you. While they can be useful, they are not for everybody.

Advantages and Problems with Home Security Signs
Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of home security signs, and how you can maximize their effectiveness around your property.

Facts about Robotic Security Units
Automated security units can be as effective as traditional security guards under the right circumstances. Learn about how they work, and how they can benefit you.

Illegal Debt Collection Practices
Debt collectors have a strict set of rules they have to abide by. Learn what those rules are, so you don't fall victim to illegal or fraudulent activity.

How Military Scammers Operate Online
Learn about the methods some scam artists use on dating sites so that you don't become a victim of fraud.

The Danger of Radon in Your Home
Learn about the dangers of radon, how it gets into your home and what you can do to reduce your risks.

Improving Your Security Guard's Appearance
A security guard's appearance is essential to effectiveness. Maximize that effectiveness by improving your guards' uniform and overall presentation so they can be a more effective deterrent.

Facts about Stun Guns You Need to Know
Stun guns offer an alternative home and self-defense tool to firearms. Learn about their advantages and disadvantages.

Facts and Benefits Regarding Neighborhood Watch Programs
Learn about the advantages of neighborhood watch programs and discover how to start one in your area.

The Facts about Steering Wheel Lock Bars
Decide if a steering wheel lock bar is a good choice for your car by learning its advantages and drawbacks.

Preventing Holiday Scams and Theft
Learn about how best to protect your gifts and money during the holiday season, and how to avoid common scams that tend to occur towards the end of the year.

Avoiding Roadside Debris
Learn about the most common types of roadside debris, how to avoid them and how to anticipate them so that you can prevent a car accident or vehicle damage.

The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Learn about how carbon monoxide is formed, how dangerous it is and how you can keep it from entering your home.

Facts about Hood Locks
Learn about how hood locks work and how they can benefit you in preventing both theft and the circumvention of car alarms.

Protecting the Tires and Wheels on Your Car
Learn how to protect your tires, wheels and rims against expensive theft.

How to Protect Your Car Stereo from Theft
Learn what methods and tools you have at your disposal to prevent your car stereo from going missing.

Devices That Help You Prevent Automobile Theft
Multiple devices are on the market to prevent car theft. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, so you know what works best for you.

The Dangers of Lock Bumping and How It Works
Lock bumping is a quick and effortless way for thieves to unlock the doors to your home. Learn what it is and how to prevent it.

Preventing Home Construction Theft and Damage
Learn how to prevent the construction site for your home from being robbed of equipment and supplies. This saves you thousands of dollars in property loss and damages.

New Car Theft Prevention Technology
Learn about state-of-the-art devices that can help you prevent your car from getting stolen.

Common Scams to Get into Your Home
Learn about how thieves often try to get into your house to rob it while you are still present. This helps you know the warning signs ahead of time, so you don't become a victim.

The Risks Associated with Ridesharing Companies
Learn about the safety risks associated with ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft, and what your options are to reduce them.

Preventing Motorcycle Theft and Damage
Motorcycles are quick to steal if they are not secured. Protect your bike with the proper strategy and tools.

The Importance of Apartment Security Systems
Rental properties deserve the same security considerations you'd give a house. Learn about what types of systems work best for an apartment.

Preventing and Avoiding Home Security Fraud
Scam artists often present themselves as security professionals to gain access to your home and personal information. Learn how to avoid this.

Learning the Advantages of Window Tinting
Learn how window tinting works, the advantages and disadvantages, and if it benefits the security of your car and home.

What You Need to Know about Gun Safes
Learn how gun safes help you keep your weapons protected against misuse and theft.

Security for Renters
Apartments have tighter restrictions than homes regarding what you can do to secure them. Keep your apartment or condo safe from damage and invasion.

What You Need to Know about Guard Dogs for Home Security
A guard dog is a useful supplement to your home defense if you are in a position to own a pet. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages guard dogs provide you.

What You Need to Know about Door and Window Sensors
Door and window sensors are an essential part of any security system. Learn how they work, and understand the differences between them.

How to Increase Mobile Home Security
Learn how to protect your mobile home against theft or invasion without spending a lot of money.

Motion Sensors Can Add Value to Home Security System
Motion sensors are a useful tool that benefit your lighting and other equipment. Learn about the different types, how they work and how they benefit you.

The Information You Need about Locks for Home Security
Multiple lock types exist that help you protect your home. Learn about the different types of locks and how to best use them to protect your home and family.

The Best Types of Guard Dogs
Learn about different breeds of dogs and their advantages from a home security standpoint, so you know what types to consider should you be in the market for a new pet.

The Benefits of Self-Defense Training
Learn about the various ways self-defense courses can help make you safer.

Natural Disaster Safety
Protect yourself and your family against natural disaster damage with smart preparation and strategies.

Control Panels
The control panel is one of the most important elements of any home security system. Learn about how they work and what their options are.

Examples of Home Arson
Read about past cases of arson to learn about methods and circumstances, so you can better protect your home against fire damage.

Serial Burglars
Read about criminals who broke into multiple houses and businesses, so you can learn more about how to prevent being victimized by others like them.

Infamous Home Invasions
Learn about infamous home invasions in the recent past, so you can evaluate your own home security protocols to see how prepared you would be under similar circumstances.

Self-Defense Styles
Learn about various martial arts styles and how the techniques of those styles help you during an attack.

Self-Defense Targets
Learn about where to strike an attacker in order to disable him temporarily so you can escape the situation safely.

Closing the Blinds and Curtains
Blinds and curtains help protect you against both theft and invasion of privacy. However, you must use them effectively.

Evaluating a Security Company
Learn how to research security companies so you make the best choice for your home protection.

Causes of House Fires
Learn about how house fires frequently start, so you can prevent them from happening to you.

Defending Yourself Against Assault
Keeping a cool head is essential to surviving a physical attack. Learn how to maximize your odds when confronted with a threat.

A Profile of Vivint, Inc.
A detailed look at the history, services and equipment of Vivint, Inc.

Home Security Planning FAQ
What to consider when deciding on your home security system needs.

A Profile of Protect America
Get a detailed look at the history, services, pricing and equipment of home security company Protect America.

A Profile of FrontPoint Security Services
Learn about the history, equipment and services of FrontPoint Security Services to see if the company is a good fit for your home security needs.

Alternative Security Tools
Consider these alternatives to a home security system to add extra security measures at low cost.

A Profile of GE Security
Learn about the history, equipment and services provided by GE Security.

A Profile of ADT Security Services
A detailed look at the history, services and equipment of ADT Security Services.

Be Smart About Smart Devices
Smart devices have a lot of security risks. Learn about these problems and how to protect yourself from them.

Cyberbullying is a real problem that affects people of all ages. Learn the risks and what your options are in preventing them.

Early Evaluations
Evaluating your home and neighborhood before moving in saves you a lot of trouble in the future.

Home Security Prototypes
Learn about new technology that helps you protect your home from intruders.

Positioning Yourself Against Threats
Your body position and distance from a potential attacker plays a large role in preserving your safety. Learn how to maximize your chances.

Protect Your Property from Earthquakes
Learn how to prevent property damage from earthquakes.

How Social Media Threatens Your Home Security
Learn how to protect your personal information online to prevent various forms of theft.