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5 Angora Rabbit Breed Profiles
Learn more about Angora rabbits with these breed profiles.

Personal interviews with homesteaders.
Personal interviews with homesteaders.

Homestead Business
Small businesses often go hand-in-hand with homesteading. It's entirely possible to make a profit and careful planning is the key.

Pets such as dogs and cats can play a valuable roles on the homestead.

Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose
Homesteaders are nothing if not both frugal and creative. Live intentionally with these great ideas on reusing, recycling, and repurposing the items in your home.

Sewing and Mending
Sewing skills come in handy more often then you think.

Homestead Garden and Orchard
Find out how to plan, plant, and grow the homestead vegetable garden and orchard of your dreams.

Homesteading 101
This is the place for homesteading basics for the beginning modern homesteader. You'll find definitions, common terminology, as well as ideas for urban, suburban, country, and extreme homesteading.

Bees are one of the most valuable creatures on the homestead; from pollinating (most important), honey, and wax. Let's talk about all things bees.

DIY Homestead Projects
If it can be built then you can do it yourself. We'll show you basic strategies for creating and constructing simple shelters, feeders, coops, hutches, lean-tos, and much more.

Handmade Crafts
Discover the many ways to turn your homestead bounty into beautiful and useful crafts and gifts.

DIY Household
Learn the home skills of your grandparents including sewing, mending, caring for, and repairing the items in your home, as well as making your own detergents, cleaners, milk paint, and more.

Homestead Kitchen and Pantry
Homesteaders enjoy self-sufficiency skills in the kitchen and panty. Let us show you how to do it organically and from scratch.

Homestead Pets and Livestock
Livestock for the modern homestead from horses, cows, llamas to small livestock such as alpacas, sheep, goats, chickens, and rabbits.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

How to Fatten Up Redworms for Fishing
Recipes to fatten up redworms for fishing bait.

Make Homemade Butter with a Mixer
Make your own homemade butter in 15 minutes with your stand mixer.

How to Harvest Coriander Seeds
Harvest bold cilantro and subdued coriander from the same plant.

How to Grow Cilantro (Chinese Parsley)
How to plant, grow, and harvest cilantro from your homestead garden.

What is the American Rabbit Breeder's Standard of Perfection?
The American Rabbit Breeder's Standard of Perfection and the rabbit breeds recognized.

6 Reasons to Raise Rabbits on Your Homestead
Versatile rabbits can be raised for meat, wool (fiber), manure, 4H, shows, and as pets.

How to Groom an Angora Rabbit
Learn how to groom your Angora rabbit for health and coat maintenance.

Vermicomposting Facts
What is the difference between vermicomposting and traditional composting?

DIY Onion Skin Natural Dye
How to make your own botanical natural dye out of onion skins.

Good Rabbit Record Keeping
Keeping accurate records and information on each rabbit is key to a successful (and even profitable) rabbitry.

How to Prepare a Rabbit First Aid Kit
Prepare a rabbit first aid kit and have these medical supplies on hand in your rabbitry.

Culling Rabbits from Your Herd
What exactly is

How to Press Flowers Without a Flower Press
How to press and preserve flowers from your homestead garden for crafts.

DIY Easy Burlap Placemats
Make these no-sew and barely-sew, rustic placemats for your homestead table.

5 Annual Everlastings to Grow as Dried Flowers
Grow everlastings in your homestead garden for crafts or as a business.






DIY Peppermint Marshmallows
Make your own homemade peppermint marshmallows!

Native and Naturalized Plants for Making Botanical Dyes
Native dye plants and weeds that offer color to make botanical dyes.

Forcing Bulbs to Flower in Winter
How to force Amaryllis and Paperwhite bulbs for indoor winter blooms.






DIY Christmas Tree Wall Hanging
An Easy-Sew Christmas Tree Wall Hanging Project


7 Organic Nitrogen Fertilizers
Where to find natural, organic nitrogen sources for your garden.

Espaliered Fruit Trees on the Homestead
Using the espalier technique for dwarf fruit trees on the homestead.

Winter Rabbit Care Tips
How to prepare your rabbits to be happy and healthy during the cold months.

How to Make a Loofah Sponge
Grow and make your own loofah sponges for yourself and as gifts.

Flystrike in Rabbits
How to avoid, treat, and recognize life-threatening flystrike in rabbits.

Raising Angora Rabbits For Wool
Angora rabbits are a great example of a profitable small livestock for the modern homestead.

20 Signs That Your Rabbit is Sick
Observing and handling your rabbits everyday will alert you to signs of illness in the rabbitry.

5 Tips for Purchasing Rabbit Cage Wire
Which wire is best for building rabbit cages or hutches?

Rabbits with Crooked or Overgrown Teeth
Why are My Rabbit's Teeth Crooked? Malocclusion in rabbits.

Raising Goats Naturally by Deborah Niemann
Raising Goats Naturally: A must have on your homestead bookshelf

Foraging Plant Materials for Botanical Dyes
Rules of thumb for foraging plant materials to make natural dyes.

8 Great Reasons to Start Composting
8 great reasons to start a compost pile on your homestead.

15 Common Natural Dye Plants
Find botanical color for creating natural dyes in these 15 common garden plants.

Growing Goldenrod as a Natural Dye Plant
Growing goldenrod to produce yellow and gold natural dye colors.

6 Grain Crops for Home Milling
Grow your own cereal grains for flour milling.

Tips on Storing Garden Seeds
How to store the seeds that you collected from your garden for next year.

How (and What) to Feed Your Rabbits
What you should be feeding your rabbits to meet their daily nutritional needs.

How to Manage Your Rabbitry
Manage your homestead rabbitry efficiently with this daily, weekly, and monthly program.

Overwintering Tender Flower Bulbs
How to lift and store tender flower bulbs for the winter.

Fiber Farming on Your Modern Homestead
Raise Fiber Animals on your homestead for handspinning, crafting, and selling.

How to Care For Your Pregnant Rabbit
Preparing for your pregnant rabbit to give birth.

Should You Sell Your Rabbit Culls to Pet Stores?
Debating the pet rabbit market for breeders.

Marketing Angora Rabbit Wool
How to market and sell your homestead raised Angora rabbit wool.

5 Sustainable Changes That You Can Make Today
Five sustainable lifestyle changes you can make today to save money and the environment.

Create a Seed Bank for Your Homestead
Save open-pollinated seeds and create a seed bank for your homestead.

How to Make Vermicompost with Rabbit Manure
Creating vermicompost by using raising redworms in rabbit manure.

Sexing Rabbits
Learn to tell the difference between the genders of male (buck) and female (doe) rabbits.

How to Handle a Food Aggressive Rabbit
Tips on how to feed a food aggressive rabbit.

4 DIY Herbal Hair Rinses
DIY herbal hair rinses from your homestead herb garden.

How to Deal with an Aggressive Rabbit
How to deal with a rabbit that's become aggressive.

About Dragonflies and Damselflies
Dragonflies and damselflies love mosquito larva found in ponds.

Melons That Can be Grown Vertically
Grow these miniature melons vertically up a trellis.

Homesteading Tips & Advice from Chris McLaughlin
Get advice on homesteading, raising animals for meat, growing vegetables and adopting a self-sufficient lifestyle, from homesteader Chris McLaughlin.

5 Ways to Rabbit Proof a Room
5 ways rabbit proof a room to keep indoor rabbits safe.

All About 4H
Check out 4H : America's Number One Youth Group

Rabbit Hopping and Rabbit Agility
Sports for rabbits: Rabbit Hopping and Rabbit Agility

5 Tips for Growing Flower Bulbs in Pots
Plant flowering bulbs in containers this fall for spring color.

Growing Flower Bulbs
Plant flower bulbs now for blooms next season.

How to Set Up a Botanical Dye Station
Set up an outdoor or indoor botanical dye station.

Using Botanical Dyes Safely
How to create botanical dyes safely.

Heat Stress in Plants
Preventing heat from stressing out your plants.

Starting Your First Flock of Laying Hens
How to decide whether to start your first flock of laying hens from eggs, chicks, or pullets.

5 Great Reasons to Grow Sunflowers
5 reasons that you'll want to grow sunflowers on your homestead.

Growing Heirloom Hot Pepper Varieties
Plant some of the world's hottest heirloom pepper varieties

The Annual Chicken Molt
Why your chickens lose their feathers every year.

How to Grow Strawberries
Planting and caring for a strawberry bed.

6 Advantages of Raised Garden Beds
6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Raised Garden Beds

Understanding the Difference Between Strawberry Types
Know the difference between June bearing, everbearing, and day neutral strawberry plants.

Growing Blackberries and Raspberries
Plant a garden bed for blackberry and raspberry brambles.

10 Reasons to Become a Beekeeper
10 reasons you'll want to add honey bees on your homestead.

Heating Your Homestead with a Wood Stove
Tips about firewood to heat your homestead.

A-Frame Structures in the Vegetable Garden
Use A-Frame trellises in the garden for growing vining vegetables and flowers.

10 Annual Plants for Shady Places
Annual plants for your shade garden.

7 Ways to Build a Healthy Flock
Tips for raising a healthy chicken flock.

Top 5 Healing Herbs
5 healing herbs that are simple to grow and easy to use.

Best Plant Varieties to Create a Living Fence
The best plant varieties to use for living fences.

Which Direction Should Your Garden Be Facing?
Sun exposure in north, south, east, and west facing gardens.

What Are Hen Saddles?

Cover Crops and Green Manures
Plant varieties for cover crops and green manures.

How to Create a Rock Garden
Rock Gardens are the perfect solution for hot or rocky areas.

Marek's Disease FAQs
Q & A's about the deadly Marek's disease in chickens.

Why Gardeners Love Leaf Mold
Making leaf mold by composting leaves by themselves.

Aerating the Compost Pile
Aerating techniques to Introduce oxygen into your compost pile.

When is Compost Finished?
How to know when your compost is finished and ready to be used in the garden.

11 Herbs with Edible Flowers
11 edible herb flowers that can be added to culinary and baking dishes.

Tips on Growing Alfalfa as a Green Manure
Creating better soil by growing nitrogen-fixing alfalfa.

Start a Community Compost Pile
Start a neighborhood compost rotation and create a community compost pile.

"Soil for Lunch" Kid's Learning Activity

Kid's Worm Lab Learning Activity
Kid's worm lab activity to observe worms as a lesson project.

Composting Glossary
A glossary of composting words you're bound to run into.

Using Newspaper and Cardboard in the Garden
Using newspaper and cardboard as organic mulch in the garden.

How to Grow Birdhouse Gourds
How to plant, grow, and harvest birdhouse gourds for crafting.

How to Craft a Birdhouse From a Birdhouse Gourd
Make a natural birdhouse out of birdhouse gourds.

Plant Purple Vegetables
Plant purple beans, carrots, peppers, and carrots in your homestead garden.

Repurposing Discarded Items For the Garden
Repurposing discarded Items as garden planters and climbing structures.

Plants for Bee-Friendly Gardens
20 plants that bees find irresistible and tips for a bee-friendly garden.

Start a Business on Your Modern Homestead
Tons of product and business Ideas for your modern homestead.

How to Use Open-Pollinated Plants to Create a Landrace
Use open-pollinated and heirloom plants to create a landrace ofvegetable varieties perfectly suited to your garden.

10 Heirloom Watermelons to Grow this Year
10 delicious heirloom watermelon varieties for your homestead garden.

Growing Watermelons in the Homestead Garden
Planting, growing, and harvesting watermelons in the homestead garden.

How Utilize Grass Clippings
Utilizing grass clippings through grasscycling and in the compost pile.

Myxomatosis in Domestic Rabbits
Signs, symptoms, and preventing Myxomatosis in rabbits.

Using Natural Pest Controls
Insecticidal Soaps, Horticultural Oils, and Pyrethrins as natural pest controls.

Using Trees and Shrubs as Windbreaks
Plant natural wind barriers using trees and shrubs.

Worms and Healthy Garden Soil
How redworms and nightcrawlers help produce great garden soil.

DIY Compost Sifter
Make your own DIY compost sifter to screen your finished compost.

5 DIY Potting Soil Recipes
5 Homemade potting soil for recipes for container planting.

How to Build a Hot Compost Pile
Get your hands on garden gold fast by building a hot compost pile.

Rabbit's Feet on Welded Wire Flooring
Deciding on wire flooring or solid flooring in rabbit cages.

Honey Bee Swarms
What are honey bee swarms and why are they swarming?

A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens By Melissa Caughey
Wonderfully creative and informative book for kids who want to raise chickens.

How To Care For Potbellied Pigs
How to feed and care for potbellied pigs on the homestead.

Traveling with Rabbits Long Distance
Driving, rabbit relay, and planes to ship rabbits long distance.

Transporting Rabbits by Car
How to travel short distances with Rabbits by car.

Pedigreed VS. Registered Rabbits
Is a pedigreed rabbit the same thing as a registered rabbit?

Rabbit Nest Box Choices
Choosing a wood, steel, or wire nest box for your rabbits.

How to Trench Compost
Trench composting: the easiest composting technique.

Plant A Dyer's Garden
Make your own botanical dyes by planting a dyer's garden.

What is Full Sun, Part Shade, Full Shade?
Defining full sun, part shade, and full shade in your yard or garden.

How to Find Full Sun in Your Yard or Garden
Try this simple technique to find the sunniest spot in your yard or garden.

5 Reasons You Want Blue Mason Bees on Your Homestead
Keep and attract Blue mason bees to your homestead for early and efficient orchard pollination.

What are Annuals, Biennials, and Perennials?
Defining annual, biennial, and perennial plants.

What are Bulbs, Corms, Tubers, and Rhizomes?
Identifying bulbs, corms, tubers, and rhizomes.

Dry Processing for Seed Saving
How to collect and clean dry processed seeds for seed saving.

4 Best Ways to Use Kitchen Scraps
4 great ways to use recycle your kitchen scraps with zero waste.

How Organic Materials Break Down into Compost
How organic materials break down in the compost pile.

Making Watercolor Paints from Natural Dyes
How to use natural botanical dyes to make watercolor paints.

7 Tips for Creating a Petting Zoo
7 Things to think about if you're considering creating a petting zoo.

The Possible Link Between Natural Dyes and Health
Can wearing natural plant dyes against our skin make us feel better?

Selling Wool as a Homestead Business
Raising and selling wool as a cottage industry business.

DIY Pillows Using Recycled Shirts
Make these super easy recycled shirt pillows.

Two Ways to Cut Out the Square
You can cut out the shirt square using a cutting board, ruler, and rotary cutter or you can make a template.

Little Plush Christmas Trees
Make some little plush Christmas trees.

How to Make the Little Plush Trees
How to make the little plush trees.

Find Some Button Up Shirts
Gather button up shirts. Homesteading.

Purchase Pillow Forms or Stuffing
I prefer to use pillow forms as opposed to stuffing.

Cut a Square Out of the Shirt
Now you cut a square out of the body of the shirt.

Time to sew!
Sew 1/2

Place the Pillow Form Inside Your Shirt Square
Place the pillow form inside the shirt square.

Use the Scraps from the Shirt Pillows
Use the shirt scraps to make little Christmas trees.

Cover the Soap Bar with Wool Roving
Cover the entire soap bar with wool roving.

Ready to Give as a Gift
Once your felted soap is dry, it's ready to be given away as a gift.

Felting the Wool Around the Soap
Wool that's agitated in warm water will felt.

Materials for Felted Soap Felting
Materials you'll need for soap felting.

Put the Soap into a Nylon Stocking
Put the soap into a nylon stocking.

Goat Fencing Choices
Best choices for goat-resistant fencing.

How to Wean Kits from the Doe
How and when to wean baby rabbits from the doe.

How to Treat an Overheated Rabbit
How to treat a rabbit that is suffering from heatstroke.

5 Ways to Warm Up A Cold Baby Bunny
How to warm up a cold baby rabbit that's been found on the wire.

DIY Worm Bin for Vermicomposting
DIY worm bin for composting using redworms.

DIY Iron Mordant Solution for Natural Dyes
Make your own Iron mordant solution to change the color of naturally dyed fibers and fabrics.

Livestock Guardian Animals for Your Homestead
Protect your livestock twenty-four hours a day with a livestock guardian animal.

DIY No-Build Cinderblock Garden Bed
Create this DIY No-Build cinderblock garden bed in an hour or less.

3 Easy Plant Propagating Techniques
Save money by using these three easy plant propagating techniques.

DIY Willow Water for Plant Cuttings
It's easy to make willow water to use as a natural rooting hormone for plant cuttings.

How to Start Plants from Cuttings
Use softwood cuttings to create an unlimited number of plants for free!

Fragrant Herbs for a Kitchen Garden
Herbs that add fragrance to the garden and flavor in the kitchen.

10 Top Pole Bean Varieties
Ten climbing heirloom pole bean varieties that are prolific and delicious.

15 Top Bush Bean Varieties
15 Heirloom bush bean varieties for your homestead garden.

Raising a Rare Rabbit Breed
Consider raising rare rabbits and saving an endangered breed.

When is the Right Time to Breed Rabbits?
How to decide the best time and age to breed your rabbit.

Rabbit Reproduction
How to breed rabbits and rabbit reproduction.

Raising Meat Rabbits
Raising meat rabbits as small livestock on your homestead.

Growing Bush Beans and Pole Beans
The pros and cons of growing green beans as bush or pole varieties.

10 Wild Food Foraging Tips
Foraging tips for finding edible wild food in your yard and beyond.

Domesticated Rabbits in the Wild
Can a domestic rabbit survive if it's set free into the wild?

5 Common Edible Weeds
Common wild weeds that you can forage for dinner.

9 Sounds That Rabbits Make
Ways that rabbits will communicate vocally.

5 Best Ways to Keep Your Rabbits Healthy
These five good husbandry practices will help prevent disease in your homestead rabbitry.

The Difference Between Vining and Bush Tomatoes
Understanding the difference between indeterminate (vining) and determinate (bush) tomato varieties.

Best Seed Companies for Open-Pollinated and Heirloom Seeds
Purchase open-pollinated and heirloom seeds from the best companies.

How to Save Tomato Seeds for Your Homestead Seed Bank
Learn how to save open-pollinated and heirloom tomato seeds for replanting year after year.

25 Bi-Colored and Striped Heirloom Tomato Varieties
A list of 25 bi-colored heirloom tomato varieties for your vegetable garden.

Alpaca Farming on the Homestead
Raising alpacas on the homestead for their luxurious wool.

Top 5 Self-Sufficiency Books for Beginning Homesteaders
Five must read books for the beginning homesteader.

Fly Control in the Rabbitry
Prevent your rabbits from flystrike by keeping flies away from the rabbitry.

Grooming is Key to Angora Rabbit Health
Good grooming habits will keep the wool in top condition and can save your Angora rabbit's life.

Drying Laundry on An Outdoor Clothesline
Line-drying your clothes on an outdoor clothesline saves money and electricity.

Large and small livestock for the homestead.