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Tips for Cleaning Glass
Cleaning glass may seem like an easy chore, but those streaks can sure be a pain. Find out some easy tips to help you get your glass sparkling clean.

How to Clean Up Bedrooms In 15 Minutes
Cleaning your bedroom in 15 minutes is simple with these easy steps. Quickly gather laundry, trash and other items to leave your bedroom free from clutter.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner vs. Canister Unit
Upright vacuum cleaners have traditionally been best for carpet while canister vacuums were better for hard surface flooring. Things have changed and many upright vacuum cleaners can now clean both carpet and hard floors effectively. Similarly canister vacuum cleaners are making strides in cleaning carpet.

15 Minute Living Room Cleanup
Clean up the living room in 15 minutes. Whether you need a quick pickup for your living room, family room, or great room, this guide will help you get it done in just fifteen minutes.

Eight Steps to Fake a Clean House
Unexpected guests are coming? Only a few minutes to make it clean your entire house? These 8 steps will help you fake a clean house in minutes.

Don't Use Vinegar to Clean These Items
I love vinegar, but sometimes it gets a reputation that it can clean anything. Are there things vinegar shouldn't be used to clean?

Saving Money Budget Friendly Cleaning and Organizing On A Budget
Fast tips and ideas to save your household budget. Learn how to clean and organize your home while saving money on expensive ideas and solutions. Find out how to trim your household budget without trimming the quality of your home.




25 Ways to Save Money When Cleaning House
Learn new ways to save money on your house cleaning needs. Find innovative ways to make your own cleaners, repurpose common household items and other tricks to spend less cash on housekeeping.






10 Ways to Save Money on Cleaning / Household Supplies
Find 10 easy ways to lower your household budget, and save money on cleaning supplies. Learn to cut your household budget, without cutting your cleaning power.

How to Clean a Silk Tie
Cleaning a silk tie is no simple matter. Because silk shouldn't be mixed with water, often cleaning a silk tie is a lost cause. Here's how.

Complete Spring Cleaning Checklist
Looking to spring clean your home? These spring cleaning checklists for each room will get the job done, along with tips and tools.

7 Uses For Baking Soda in the Washing Machine
You won't believe how many uses baking soda can provide for cleaning and deodorizing your laundry room. From cleaning the washing machine to whitening whites, you'll find plenty of uses for this environmentally friendly product.

Six Best Laundry Detergents
Keeping our clothes clean can be a challenge with numerous loads of laundry. These top laundry detergents will help you clean and wash your clothes.

How to Remove Soy Sauce Stains
Soy sauce may make a great addition to your meal, but what about your shirt. Follow these simple steps to remove soy sauce stains from your clothing.

How to Remove Coffee Stains From Clothing
Coffee stains can do a real number on your wardrobe, but these simple stain removal tips will help you get rid of fresh and dried coffee stains.

Remove Ketchup Stains: 9 Simple Tips
Ketchup stains are notoriously hard to remove. While it may take a few steps, you can get out even the toughest ketchup stains.

4 Easy Steps to Remove Fresh or Dried Ice Cream Stains
Find out how to treat ice cream stains in all of your laundry. And go ahead and enjoy your mint chocolate chip, cookie dough, brownie blast, or whatever your heart desires.

Seven Ways to Clean an Ant Scent Trail
Ants rely on a scent trail to help the colony find food. Learn how to clean and remove an ant scent trail with common solutions in your home.

Top Ten Tools for Dusting
Trying to prevent dust from damaging our furniture, affecting our breathing, or making our home look dingy is easy with these best dushing products.

Remove Red Wine Stains from Carpet: 4 Simple Steps
In just 4 steps, you can get red wine stains out of your carpet. You'll need baking soda, clean white cloths, and your favorite carpet stain remover.

Tide Pods Laundry Detergent Review
Tide Pods are small individual packages of laundry detergent that can be tossed directly into the washing machine with the clothing. The gel like outer layer dissolves in the water, releasing laundry detergent, a stain booster, and a brightener into your load. Find out how Tide Pods really stack up against my laundry.

Remove Salad Dressing Stains: 5 Simple Steps
Did your favorite salad dressing find it's way onto your clothes? Salad dressing stains are difficult to remove because they are often oily combination stains, but these simple tips will help.

How to Remove White Out From Clothing
If you need to correct something on paper, white out is a great tool. But if you need to remove white out, what do you do?

Does Hot Water Kill Bacteria?
We're told to use hot water to wash dishes, laundry, and our hands because it kills bacteria. Does hot water actually kill bacteria?

Seven Best Glass Cleaners
Streaky mirrors and grimy windows are a thing of the past with any of these glass cleaners. Find out which glass cleaner is the best choice for you.

4 Simple Tips on How to Remove Tea Stains
That pale splash of tea may not seem to leave much of a stain, but as it dries, it darkens and becomes nearly impossible to remove.

4 Steps to Clean and Remove Grease from Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen cabinets get greasy and grimy quickly. Find out how to clean kitchen cabinets for light cleaning and a serious scrub down.

3 Steps to Remove Red Wine Stains On the Go or At Home
Did a little red wine make it onto your clothing? A few easy steps can get all of that ugly red wine stain out.

How Large Is a Full Load of Laundry?
We want to get through our laundry chores as quickly as possible, but how many items can we actually stuff in our washing machines. How much laundry makes a full load? What's wrong with stuffing a washing machine full of laundry?

7 Tips for Storing Winter and Seasonal clothes
Storing seasonal clothes doesn't have to be a chore. Follow these 7 tips to avoid damage to seasonal clothing as it is stored.

Do I Need to Seal My Tile Floors?
Find out the best items and advice for sealing tile floors and countertops. Do you really need to seal them? What good does sealing do?

Using Baking Soda in the Refrigerator
Find out new ways of using baking soda in the refrigerator. If you ever had odors in the refrigerator despite half a dozen boxes of baking soda stuffed in the doors, you'll want to find new ways of getting rid of odors in the refrigerator.

Why Is My Glassware Cloudy After Washing?
Find out why glasses become cloudy. Is cloudy glassware caused by etching or hard water? How can you fix cloudy glassware?

Top 4 Steam Mops
Find out which steam mops will stand up to your floors. Which mop is best to clean tile, hardwood, laminate, and more.

6 Best Automatic Dishwasher Detergents
These 6 automatic dishwasher detergents are the best of the best whether you're looking for convenience, scent, or environmentally friendly options.

Remove Glue, Adhesive, and Sticker Stains
Glue, stickers, and other adhesives left on clothing can leave permanent stains. Find out how to remove these sticky stains from your laundry.

Three Ways to Remove Crayon Stains Off Walls
Crayons and kids can turn nice walls into unfinished pieces of juvenile art. If you'd rather have the blank slate, find out how to get rid of crayon stains.

Homemade Glass Cleaner: 3 Ingredients to Make Your Own
If you want to make your own homemade glass cleaner, you only need a few common ingredients. This glass cleaner does a fantastic job at cleaning even the dirties glass.

10 Laundry Disasters and How To Fix Them
Here are 10 of the worst things that can happen to your laundry and the last hope solutions that might restore them to you. Find out how to turn your stained pink whites back to white, how to unshrink a sweater, how to remove stains that have been dried, how to get crayon off of your dryer drum and more.

4 Easy Ways to Battle Trash Can Odors
Find out how to prevent odors in your trash can. These 4 tips will keep odors and the vermin they attract away from your trash can.

Remove Mustard Stains: 4 Simple Solutions
Bright yellow mustard stains have a way of settling into our clothing fibers and refusing to move. Find out how to get rid of mustard stains in 4 easy steps.

Top Eight Tips to Prevent Colors From Fading on Clothes
Prevent colors from fading with these 8 simple tips. With only a little attention to your dark colors, you can keep them from fading.

Average PH Levels of Common Cleaning Supplies
Turns out that chemistry can help us know which cleaning products are right for different jobs around the house. The PH scale goes from 0-14. Right in the middle, 7 is considered to be neutral. Anything below a 7 is acidic. Anything above a 7 is called alkaline. Find out where common cleaners fall on the PH scale and what they are best at cleaning.

Basic Cleaning Supply List for Your Home
Want to know what cleaning supplies you actually need to buy? Which ones are important to have for cleaning your home, and which ones can be ignored?

4 Steps to Remove Chocolate Stains, Old and New
If you are a chocolate junkie, you've probably had your fair share of chocolate stains. These 4 simple steps can help you get chocolate stains out of your clothing.

Seven Best Mopping Solutions
Successfully mopping a floor requires a good mop, but it also requires the right mopping solution. Here are the seven best.

Five Best Toilet Cleaners
These 5 toilet cleaners will get your toilets clean, whether you are looking for an environmentally friendly cleaner or a tough powerhouse cleaner.

Top Six Oven Cleaners
Learn which products are the best to get your oven clean. These oven cleaners will really get your oven clean. Find out which oven cleaners are the best.

Choose the Correct Water Temperature for Laundry
Find out which water temperature is the best for your laundry. Get help in choosing the water temperature that is best for your laundry. Should you use hot, warm, or cold water to wash your clothing.

Top 10 Ten Stain Removers for Laundry
These 10 stain removers will knock out any stain you can imagine. Say goodbye to embarrassing stains.

Three Easy Steps to Remove Ink Stains
No matter what kind of water-based, ballpoint, or permanent ink stain you have, there are steps to get rid of it. Ink stains can be removed if you know what type you are dealing with.

How To Keep Your Mop Sanitary
Our mops receive a workout, cleaning the floors of our home. How can we make sure they are sanitary and ready to go when we need messes cleaned up. Find out how to keep your mop clean and ready for cleaning.

5 Steps to Remove Crayon Stains from Clothing
Step by step ideas to for stain removal of crayon stains in clothing. Learn how to remove crayon stains from your clothing. Get stain removal ideas for crayon stains.

The 6 Best Robot Vacuums to Buy in 2016
Shop for the best time- and energy-saving robot vacuums on the market from Roomba, Neato, and more.

The 7 Best Handheld Vacuums to Buy in 2016
Shop for the best portable handheld vacuums you can buy right now from brands like Dirt Devil, Black+Decker, and more.

Car Cleaning Products
Find reviews for cleaning products for your vehicles, including car washes, car air fresheners, wax, tire cleaners and more.

The 7 Best Cheap Vacuum Cleaners to Buy
Shop for the best inexpensive vacuums to buy from brands like Bissell, Hoover, Dirt Devil, and more.

The 8 Best Vacuum Cleaners to Buy
Shop for the best vacuums for keeping your home clean from brands like Shark, Bissell, Oreck, and more.

Tips for Linen Closet Storage and Keeping It Organized
These tips will help anyone keep their linen closet cleaned and organized. Find out the best tips to keep your linen closet cleaned and organized.

10 Unusual Uses for Dish Soap
Dish soap can be used for so many more chores than just dishes. Dish soap is actually one of the most versatile cleaners in your arsenal.

Easter Egg Dye Stain Removal for Carpet and Clothing
Step by step ideas for stain removal of Easter egg dye in carpet. Learn how to remove Easter egg dye stains from your carpet. Get stain removal ideas for Easter egg dye.

Febreze Noticeables Air Freshener Review: Pros and Cons
Febreze Noticeables offers a plug-in air freshener with two complimentary scents instead of just one so that you keep noticing the fresh scent in your home.

How to Use Bleach in the Laundry
Find out how to use bleach in the laundry. What rules should be followed when using bleach? Find out the mistakes to avoid when using bleach.

Test and Treat Colorfast and Non-Colorfast Clothes
Need to know if your clothing is colorfast or is going to bleed dye all over your other laundry? Learn how to test to see if your laundry is colorfast.

Using Baking Soda in the Garbage Can
Adding baking soda to the garbage can help eliminate odor and maintain freshness in between trash days.

What Is Expected of Housekeepers?
A lot of people wonder what housekeeping actually is. Cleaning and organizing is definitely part of it, but find out what things are part of housekeeping.

Using Baking Soda to Freshen Closets
Find out how to use baking soda in closets to freshen. Keep your closets smelling fresh by using baking soda inside the closet. Clean out your closet by using baking soda to keep everything fresh.

Stain Removal for Animal Fat and Oils
Animal fats and oil stains on your clothing are combination stains that can be difficult to remove. What is the trick?

5 Easy Steps to Remove Fresh and Old Yogurt Stains
Learn how to remove fresh and old yogurt stains from your clothing and upholstery.

What Tools Do I Need for Washing Dishes?
Dish washing requires the proper tools to be a success. Find out how to choose dishracks, dishliquid, dishtowels, and other necessary dish washing equipment.

Bissell Lift-Off Review of the Bissell Lift-Off Vacuum Cleaner
This Bissell Vacuum Cleaner is an upright vacuum cleaner with a detatchable canister unit for easy options in cleaning any room in your home. Use the Bissell vacuum cleaner as an upright for general cleaning, and then remove the canister to easily clean stairs and hard to reach areas. Page 2.

Ten Dishwasher Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
We put dirty dishes in and expect them to come out clean. Occasionally though we make a mistake that can leave our dishes dirty or even unusable.

Storing Christmas Lights Packing and Organizing Christmas Lights
Learn methods to store and organize your Christmas lights. Get rid of a tangled mess waiting for you next year. Figure out the best and easiest way to store your lights.

9 Surprising and Natural Household Cleaners
We're used to finding the right kind of cleaners on the aisles of the grocery store, but what about hidden in our own home? These 9 surprising household cleaners are effective, natural, and may be lurking in your home right now.

Proper Water Temperature For Handwashing Dishes
We know that dishwater should be hot to get rid of grease and dirt. How hot is hot enough? What temperature really is the best for washing dishes?

Cleaning fabrics and Upholstery
Chenille, denim, satin, polyester...We have almost as many fabric types as we do outfits. Check here for your guide to cleaning all different types of fabrics, carpets, rugs, and upholstery.

Cleaning Bed Linens
Find out how to clean and care for your bed linens and how often to clean them.

Kitchen Cleaning and Organizing Tips and Ideas For the Kitchen
The kitchen can be the hub of the entire house. Few rooms require as much meticulous and constant attention as the one where we prepare our meals. Find articles to help you with time saving strategies for cleaning cabinets, dishes, appliances and more. Browse product reviews to help you keep your kitchen in order and easily maintained.

Flooring Surface Guide
Wondering how to care for your type of floor. Look here for ideas on cleaning tile, stone, marble, hardwood, laminate flooring, carpet, concrete, vinyl, brick, and slate.

Holiday Organizational Planning
Find out how to get organized for your holiday season. Learn how to take tons of work and break it down into easy weekly steps to maker your holiday the most organized yet.

Spring Cleaning
Spring is in the air, but is it in your home. Find all the tips, tools, and tricks you need to get your spring cleaning done.

Pots and Pans
Find out how to care for your pots and pans of all types and sizes.

Cleaning House and the Environment Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Solutions and Ideas Cleaning House and the Environment
Here you'll find answers to your questions about environmentally friendly cleaning options. We'll explore how well these cleaning ideas work, how expensive they are in comparison, and the cleaning help they can provide to the environment versus other store solutions. You'll be able to determine if these alternatives solutions are right for your family.

Dish Washing Tips and Tutorials Ideas For Dish Washing
Whether you're polishing silver or scrubbing pots and pans, this is the location to find all the tips you need dish washing, organizing, and keeping dishes stain free. Browse for silver, china, steel, non-stick, glass, plastic and more. Find out items that should not be put in a dishwasher. Review products to help your dish washing.

Organize and Clean Children's Rooms
This area will lead you to products, ideas, and articles intended to keep children's rooms safe, organized, and clean. Learn how to get your children involved in the cleaning process. Find ideas to motivate kids to keep their rooms maintained. Find links to chore charts and lists to help younger children visualize their responsibilities. Locate product reviews to aid you in selecting items to help your children's rooms stay organized.

Cleaning 101 Introduction and General Cleaning Tips Cleaning the House
Cleaning 101 is here to help you uncover the beauty of your home. Here you'll find cleaning tips for every project in your home. Start here for the advice and tools you need for cleaning up your house.

Organize Everything In Your Home. Get Your Home Organized and Clutter Free.
Getting organized means you can organize your home quickly. Tips, articles, and links to organize every room of your home. Organize the office. Organize the garage. Organize closets. This site will help you organize the entire house.

Cleaning Tips and Tutorials By Surface Ideas- By Surface Type
When you need to know about cleaning surfaces in your home, check here first. You'll find the answers you need to safely clean tile, marble, wood, laminate flooring, vinyl, leather, upholstery, fabric, carpet, porcelain, silver, brass and more. Quick tips will easily get your jobs done effectively and safely.

Cleaning and Family Involvement Involving the Family in Cleaning
Look here for cleaning ideas on getting your family involved in cleaning and organizing the home. Links, articles, and ideas will lead you to motivational strategies, chore charts, cleaning reward ideas and much more. Involving your family means no one person has to bear the cleaning brunt of everyone's mess, but that everyone gets to enjoy a clean, well organized home.

Kitchen Cleaning and Organizing Tips and Ideas For the Kitchen
The kitchen can be the hub of the entire house. Few rooms require as much meticulous and constant attention as the one where we prepare our meals. Find articles to help you with time saving strategies for cleaning cabinets, dishes, appliances and more. Browse product reviews to help you keep your kitchen in order and easily maintained.

Do Laundry the Right Way Learn to Do Laundry
Imagine a time when all of your clothes were clean, in drawers, and stain free. Learn to do laundry chores easier through these tips, tricks,and ideas. Find the products that will actually help you do laundry, not just waste your time. Check out the links for ideas on how to organize your laundry, get it clean, keep it from fading, and much more. Find out how to do laundry efficiently.

Get Organized Introduction to organizing your home
Get organized now. Get the basics to get organized now. Check out the latest methods, philosophy, steps, and tools to get your home picture perfect. Learn how to turn your family motto into

Cleaning and Organizing Methods and Profiles
Check out the latest methods and personalities revolutionizing our housekeeping and organizing principles. Whether you want to learn about SHEs, Flybabies, Feng Shui, or more. This is the place to learn about systems designed to make cleaning and organizing possible for your home.

Cleaning Products Reviews for Housekeeping and Organization
It's the battle of the brands. We're testing and reviewing cleaning and organizational products. Everything from dishwashing detergent to vacuum cleaners will be here under review. Compare cleaning products on their abilities, effects, and price. Compare organizational products on their effectiveness, durability, and price.

Housekeeping Room by Room - Cleaning Tips for Every Room
The Room by Room Cleaning guide gets you cleaning any room A to Z in your home. Learn tricks to clean bathrooms. Learn tricks to clean kitchens. Clean up your bedrooms, closets, and garage. Search here for cleaning ideas for every room in the house.

Housekeeping Schedules, Calendars, and Charts Tools To Organize Your Family's Schedule
Schedules, calendars, and charts help organize our household and the members' duties to make sure everything gets done on time. Find the tools you need to schedule your family's life. Browse the collection of chore charts to find ideas to fit your family's needs.

Housecleaning Shortcuts and Time Saving Tips and Strategies for Cleaning and Organizing
These housecleaning shortcuts will help you clean and organize more efficiently. We're all busy people who have the need to juggle multiple commitments for our time. Learn how to ease the housekeeping and organizing time traps and free up your life for your other obligations.

Vacuum Cleaners Choosing, Maintaining, and Using
Vacuum Cleaners are necessary tools for our homes. Find out how to choose vacuum cleaners, how to take care of vacuum cleaners, and how to use a vacuum cleaner in your home. What are the best vacuum cleaners? Find vacuum cleaner reviews, tutorials, and tips.

Clutter Control
Learn to tame the clutter monster in your home with these tips and tutorials.

Cleaning and Organizing Gifts
Need ideas for gifts for your friends and family? Consider giving the gift of cleaning and organizing with these gifts that they will actually love to receive.

15 Ways To Make Time To Clean
Want a clean house but kind find time to clean it? There are 15 easy ways to make time to clean.

Chore Chart Links
Browse these links for chore charts that will fit the needs of your family. Whether you need age appropriate guides, cartoon character charts, or customizable charts, you'll find them here.

Types of Fabric: A Fabric Glossary
Figure out which types of fabric make up your laundry. Ever wondered what the fabric care tags on your clothes actually meant? What is acetate anyway? Learn how to identify fabric types including acetate, acrylic, cotton, linen, nylon, polyester, rayon, silk, satin, velvet, denim, felt, flannel, microfiber, and much more.

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet can be a wonderful part of your home, or a dirty dingy eyesore. Learn about the ins and outs of cleaning your carpet.

Learn To Mop
For truly clean floors, we occasionally have to bust out the mop. Learn to choose mops and mopping solutions. Find out how to mop effectively. Get tips for specific floor types.

Types of Mops
When you want really clean floors, you need a great mop. But which kind of mop is actually the best one for the job? Use these tips and descriptions to learn about mops.

School and Office Supply Stains
School supplies and office supplies work well, unless they get on our clothes. Find out how to remove common school and office supply stains from your laundry.

Fruit and Vegetable Stains
Get the best tips on removing fruit and vegetable stains. Find out how to get rid of fresh and dried stains.

Sauces and Condiment Stains
Ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, and many of our other favorite condiments can make a lasting impression on our clothing. Find out how to handle these types of stains.

Appliance Cleaning
Are you a kitchen appliance junkie? Do you love all of your convenience tools but wonder how to take care of them all?

Bodily Function Stains
Our bodies are pretty amazing, but some of the stuff they make can stain clothing even worse than the food we eat. Find out how to remove bodily function stains like blood, sweat, vomit, urine, and more.

Outdoor Stains
The great outdoors can give some really great stains. Find out how to prevent and remove them.

Laminate Floors
Get tips and tricks on caring for laminate floors in your home.

Garbage Disposals and Drains
Find out the best ways to care for your garbage disposals and drains.

Teach Cleaning to Children
Learn some simple tips to help get kids more motivated and involved in the regular cleaning and maintenance of the home.

Mop Reviews
Find reviews of the latest and greatest mops.

Cleaning Bedding Linens
If your room is your sanctuary, your bed is your throne. You want the linens on your bed to be fresh, clean, and inviting. Find out how to clean and care for your bed linens.

Dish Brushes and Sponges
The best dish brushes and sponges make less work for you as you clean. Find reviews of all the latest and greatest.

Automatic Dishwasher Tools
Learn the cleaners, boosters, rinse aids, and other items that will turn your automatic washing machine into a dream of a machine.

Cleaning Books and Magazines Reviews of Cleaning and Organizing Books and Magazines
The cleaning and organization sections of bookstores can be as confusing as the inside of your closets. You shouldn't have to organize and rate these cleaning tools before they can help you begin cleaning. Point yourself here to find cleaning books and magazines that will aid you on your way to having a clean and organized home. Here we'll review the latest in cleaning and organization printed help, as well as some of the old favorites.

Cleaning Schedules and Cleaning Lists
Want to create a cleaning schedule that really works? These schedules allow you to customize any routine for your home. Find out what needs to be done on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Laundry Definitions, Definitions of Laundry Terms, Laundry Glossary
Laundry should be a simle enough chore, but when you through in all the different laundry terms, it can be tough to know what your laundry needs. Find out all the definitions you need to know to get your laundry clean.

Stain Removal: 100 Tips and Tutorials for Every Stain
Find stain removal tutorials and tips for nearly every stain. Stains can ruin your favorite outfit, sofa, or in many cases, your entire floor. But with these resources you can battle any stain.

Cleaning Countertop Surfaces
Learn the proper way to care for all your countertop surfaces. Included are marble, granite, manufactured stone, laminate, stainless steel, Formica, and Corion.

Cleaning Walls Surfaces
If your not sure how to clean the different walls in your home, check here for some great ideas and information. Whether your cleaning wallpaper, paints, or paneling, you'll find the answers here.

Convenience Cleaning Tools and Products
Find reviews for convenient cleaning supplies that make jobs easier and/or faster.

Mopping Tools
Find out which mopping tools you need to keep your floors spic and span clean. These mopping tools can really help you get the most out of cleaning your floors. Find out which mops are the best.

Green Cleaning Reviews
Find reviews of your favorite green cleaning and environmentally friendly cleaners.

Pet Areas
Find out how to care for the places in your home where your pets live and are loved.

Air Freshener Reviews
Find reviews of the latest and greatest air fresheners, and room freshening products. Also learn which ones should be avoided.

Laundry Tools
Find tips and information on the best laundry tools and how to care for them.

How to Hand Wash Laundry
No matter how wonderful your washing machine is, there will always be a need to hand wash some items at least occasionally.

Kitchen Cleaning Products
Find the latest and best products for cleaning kitchen surfaces in your home.

Organizing Tools
Get reviews and lists of tools that will help organize any area of your home.

15 Minute Cleanups For Every Room
What can you get done in 15 minutes? Check here for a room by room guide to cleaning in under 15 minutes. If your running short on time, this is the place to find quick ideas to maintain your home. You'll find 15 Minute Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Bedroom, Kid's Room, and Dorm Room Cleanups.

Bathroom Cleaning and Organization
This is the job nobody wants. Cleaning the bathroom can be a thankless, dirty, but necessary job. Explore ideas for quickly cleaning the bathroom with thorough methods and timesaving products. Check out organizational ideas for the bathroom that leave a cramped medicine cabinet a thing of the past.

Cleaning and Organizing Bedrooms
Learn to make your bedroom a haven for you. Imagine going to sleep at night on a bed devoid of laundry, papers, and clutter. Articles, ideas, and products will help you reclaim your room from the jungle of junk stored there. Conquer the clutter in your closet and you may actually find clothes and shoes you forgot you had.

Book Reviews for Cleaning and Organizing Cleaning and OrganizingOnline Book Reviews
Reading a good cleaning or organizing book often seems like a lot more fun than actually cleaning or organizing. Find reviews of the latest along with the classics. Discover links to author interviews and QandA sessions. Our top picks for books and Essential Reading Lists for cleaning and organizing will help you know what to read.

Garage and Storage
Get tips on organizing the garage and storage areas. Gain the ability to find items in storage once they are needed. Organize tools, seasonal items, and storage. Maybe you'll even compact the stuff in the garage enough to drive your car in and shut the door.

Vacuum Cleaner Reviews Choosing a Vacuum Vacuum Cleaner Reviews
Purchasing a vacuum cleaner or a floor care appliance can be consusing with all the available research. Find vacuum cleaner reviews for the newest models so that you can make an informed vacuum cleaner purchase. Check out the vacuum cleaner reviews to find a model that's the perfect fit for your family.

Furniture Surfaces
Learn how to clean furniture without causing damage. Find out how to remove stains on wood furniture, how to clean patio furniture, and how to do general cleaning for most of the favorite surfaces in your home.

Dishwashing Cleaners and Tools
dishwashing tools, dish soap, dishwasher detergent, sponges, scrubbers

Laundry Tools
Choosing the right laundry tools makes a huge difference in how clean your clothes come out. These reviews will help you choose the right laundry products.

Bathroom Cleaning Tools
Learn about which bathroom cleaning tools are the best for your home. Find reviews for bathroom cleaners, toilet cleaners, tub and tile cleaners, and more.

Dish Washing Tips and Tutorials Ideas For Dish Washing
Whether you're polishing silver or scrubbing pots and pans, this is the location to find all the tips you need dish washing, organizing, and keeping dishes stain free. Browse for silver, china, steel, non-stick, glass, plastic and more. Find out items that should not be put in a dishwasher. Review products to help your dish washing.

Garage and Storage
Get tips on organizing the garage and storage areas. Gain the ability to find items in storage once they are needed. Organize tools, seasonal items, and storage. Maybe you'll even compact the stuff in the garage enough to drive your car in and shut the door.

Cleaning and Organizing Pet Areas
Pet owners want to spend time with their pets, not waste time on cleaning their pet areas. Get quick tips and tricks for keeping your pet's areas clean in an effective way.


Finish Gelpacs Dishwasher Detergent Review
Finish gelpacs are a great option for automatic dishwashers with all types of water and dish types.

4 Electronics Cleaning Mistakes
There are 4 major mistakes to avoid when cleaning electronic devices. Avoid these mistakes and keep your electronics working.

Brillo Steel Wool Soap Pads Review
Brillo Steel Wool Soap Pads make a great tool for deep cleaning and polishing metal and other surfaces in your home.

Dawn Dish Scraper Review
The Dawn Dish Scraper helps you clean and scrape dishes without getting your hands dirty. Find out how it performed in our review.

Top Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Books
With a push towards caring for the environment while caring for ourselves, housekeeping books with an environmentally friendly theme are filling bookshelves.

Quick Dorm Room Cleanup
Dorm rooms are small cramped and full of necessary items for college life, unfortunately they also need to be cleaned. This quick dorm room cleanup is great to get your dorm room clean in a hurry.

The Hoover Floor Mate Cleaner Review
The Hoover Floor Mate is an all in one hard surface floor cleaner that vacuums, mops, and does wet pickup all in one machine.

A Review of the Hoover FloorMate
The Hoover FloorMate is designed to be an all in one hard surface floor cleaner. The Hooover FloorMate does vacuuming, mopping, and wet pickup all in one machine. The Hoover FloorMate does a good job with mopping with its spin scrub brushes. Page 2.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Review
In our Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Review we discovered unbelievable results to clean dirt, grime, and crayon off of a huge variety of the surfaces in your home.

How to Clean All Types of Electric and Gas Ovens
Whether your oven is traditional or convection, has a self cleaning cycle, steam cleaning mode or needs manual cleaning, there are rules about how to clean any oven.

Age Appropriate Chore Charts for Ages 2-18
It can be difficult to know what chores children are capable of. Find lists of age appropriate chores for use with chore charts.

The Best Rubber Gloves for Your Cleaning Needs
Which are the best rubber gloves to use to protect your hands. Find out top picks on rubber gloves.

Oxiclean Laundry Stain Remover - Review
Oxiclean active stain remover offers a great solution to stain problems for laundry. The Oxiclean action works to power out tough stains in your home. Find out if Oxiclean is right for your stain fighting needs.

How to Clean an Iron
Irons are great tools to keep our clothing crisp and nicely pressed. But even irons occasionally need to be cleaned. Find out how to clean your iron.

Glade Wax Melt Warmer Review
The Glade Wax Melt Warmer heats small cubes of scented wax releasing fragrance as they melt. Find out how effective it is at refreshing the smells in your home.

Weiman Cook Top Cleaning Kit Review
The Weiman Complete Cook Top Cleaning Kit contains a bottle of cook top cleaner, a scrubbing pad and tool, and a scraper tool. This product can remove old baked on food on even the toughest glass or ceramic smooth cook top.

10 Items to Organize the Entryway or Foyer of Your Home
Have an entry area to your house that gets cluttered and messy? Maybe you need some new tools to organize this space. These 10 tools will organize any entry area.

Easy Off Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner Review
How does Easy Off's oven cleaner get the job done. Is it really fume free? Check out the review of Easy Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner.

6 Common Mop Types and What They're Used For
Mops come in a lot of shapes and sizes. Some of them clean well, and others, well...don't. Find out what the differences betwee sponge mops, flat mops, rag mops and others really are and what they're meant to clean.

How To Clean and Dust Your Electronics
Getting the gunk out of your favorite gadget isn't as hard as you think. Find out how to get your computer, cell phone, TV, DVD player, and mp3 player looking as good as new.

How to Remove Tomato Sauce Stains
Step by step ideas for stain removal of tomato sauce in clothing. Learn how to remove tomato sauce stains from your clothing.

Febreze Fabric Refresher - Review and Description
Febreze fabric refresher promises to clear odors from your fabrics. If you have fabric odors, Febreze can help you get the smell out. Get rid of pet odors, smoke odors, and more with Febreze Fabric Refresher.

Remove Cooking Oil Stains: 5 Easy Steps
When cooking oil stains splatter onto laundry, they leave dark discolored areas that can be difficult to remove. Oily stains need liquid laundry detergent and sometimes even liquid dish soap to fully dissolve the stain.

Review Scotch Brite Non-Scratch Scour Pad
Tough stains on pots and pans call for a tough solution.Scotch-Brite's Natural Fiber Scour Pads are able to clean without gouging or scratching the surfaces.

Clorox ReadyMop Review
The Clorox ReadyMop is an all-in-one disposable mopping system designed to clean many types of floors. Find out how the Clorox ReadyMop stacks up in our review.

How to Clean Teak Wood Furniture, Step by Step
Teak furniture is very popular for outdoor pool areas and patios. Find out how to clean teak furniture.

How To Live With a Neat Person
Living with someone who likes things to be kept neat and organized sounds heavenly. Well it does, unless you tend to be a little more casual in your cleaning routines. Find out how to live with someone who is neat, even if you are a very messy person.

5 of the Best Flat Mops
Flat mops are great for when you need to mop quickly and conveniently. Find out which flat mops are the best.

10 Ingredients For Homemade Cleaning Recipes
Here are 10 basic ingredients to make homemade cleaning recipes for your home. These basics can be used in different areas to keep the home cleaning.

Reliable Steamboy T1 Steam Mop Review
The Reliable Steamboy T1 steam mop uses water to clean and disinfect floors without relying on chemical cleaners. Find out how the Reliable Steamboy T1 steam mop performs on laminate, vinyl, ceramic tile, and sealed hardwood flooring.

8 Steps to Eliminate Clutter in Any Room
Time to get rid of clutter? What are the basic steps to declutter a room or area in your home?

7 Products to Organize Dishes
Want to organize the kitchen dish cabinets in your home? These 7 tool can organize all types of dishes.

6 Products To Help You Organize Under the Sink
If the area under your sinks has turned into a no man's land, there are some simple tools that can help reclaim it. These 6 products can tame the clutter under your kitchen sink.

7 Items to Organize Your Pantry
Organizing a pantry doesn't need to be complicated. These 7 tools can help turn your disorganized pantry into a dream pantry.

How to Scrub and Clean a Bathtub
Cleaning a bathtub can actually be one of the most labor intensive jobs in our list of regular chores. The bending and stretching required in order to reach all the crevices of the tub can be difficult. Trying to remove soap scum and limescale can be challenging. Find out how to get your bathtub clean.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Countertops
Find out how to clean and care for stainless steel countertops. Stainless steel is a popular countertop material because it is nonporous, and germ resitant. Find out how to keep your stainless steel countertops clean.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Product Review
Does Downy Wrinkle Releaser really smooth away wrinkles on clothes? A product review for the wrinkle releaser determines if it has any effect on wrinkled clothes.

How-To Clean Leather Couches
Even though many people aren't sure of the best way to clean leather on a regular basis, it's often more simple than cleaning other upholstered furniture.

7 Rules for Cleaning Countertops
Countertops stand out in our kitchens, adding beauty and fuction. We want our countertops to look their best and be clean prep surfaces for our cooking needs. Find out some general rules for caring for countertops

10 Questions To Ask When Creating An Organizational Plan
Trying to organize a room can be very intimidating. These questions will help you create an organizational plan for any room or space in your home.

Oxiclean Free Review of Oxiclean Free
Oxiclean free stain remover is a stain remover designed to work on laundry, upholstery, stains, carpet,and more. See how it stacked up in our review.

Cleaning Plastic Laminate Countertop
Want to know how to get your plastic laminate countertops to stay clean? Find out what to use on platic laminate countertops.

Oil Based Stains: How To Recognize and Remove Them
What are oil based stains and how do you remove them. Find out about oil based stains and stain removal techniques.

Clorox Green Works Natural All-Purpose Cleaner
Find out how Clorox's Green Works Natural All-Purpose Cleaner manages to clean surfaces with all natural ingredients.

5 Tips to Clean Laminate Floors
Laminate floors have a reputation for being difficult to keep shiny and clean. What they really need is the right technique.

Where Should I Use a Rag Mop?
Find out which kinds of mops are rag mops. What are the pros and cons of using a rag mop? How do you keep a rag mop clean? When should it be replaced?

Homemade and Natural Cleaning Products
Finding natural cleaning products to clean your home is easier than you think. Learn how to find natural cleaning products at the store and home.

4 Basic Methods to Clean Stainless Steel
Find out how to clean and maintain stainless steel to keep it looking beautiful. You can use a lot of different types of cleaners including plain water.

7 Housekeeping Resolutions
These are 7 of the most common housekeeping resolutions for the new year and your home. Find out what resolutions you might like to make, and find the resources to keep them.

15 Minute Bathroom Cleanup
Find out how to cleanup your bathroom in fifteen minutes. Use this step-by-step guide, along with required tools and tips. This how to will get you in and out of the bathroom with shining results.

5 Cleaning Toy Sets for Kids
Kids love to pretend clean along with Mom or Dad. Small sized cleaning toys can be a lot of fun and helpful in developing good chore habits. Find out the best cleaning toy sets for kids.

5 Best Organizing Gifts for Him
Trying to find a great gift for him? These 5 organizing gifts make a great option for the guys on your gift giving list.

5 Best Organizing Gifts for Her
Have someone on your list that would appreciate gifts to help them get or stay organized? These 5 items are some of my favorite gift ideas to keep her organized.

6 Host or Hostess Gifts to Help With Cleaning and Organizing
Looking for a great gift for your host/hostess that they will love, use, and appreciate? Consider one of these 6 gifts that they will be sure to love.

6 Best Cleaning Machines to Give as Gifts
If you need a gift idea, these 6 cleaning machines will wow anyone on your list. Each one takes a cleaning chore and makes it easier, faster, and more fun.

How To Live With a Messy Person: 6 Tips for Success
You like things neat, but your spouse, children, or roommate doesn't have the same need for neatness. These simple tips can help keep the peace.

Remove Egg Stains: 6 Easy Steps
Because egg stains are protein-based, even after treating the stain, they may reappear. Soaking is absolutely key to getting egg out completely.

Method Microfiber Cloths Review
Method has 4 specially designed microfiber cloths to clean stainless steel, wood, glass, and stone.

6 Simple Steps to Remove Honey Stains
Honey is a delicious treat, but honey stains can wreak havoc on your clothes. Find out how to remove sticky stains from your clothing.

10 Ways To Get Kids to Use a Chore Chart
You set up a fancy chart, but your kids act like it isn't there? You need some ways to get your children motivated about the chore chart. Find out how to get your children excited and motivated to use a chore chart.

How To Clean a Linen Closet,
With so many household linens to keep track of, the linen closet can quickly become a cluttered mess. Find out how to declutter your linen closet and organize your linen closet shelves.

Use Cornstarch to Clean
Find unexpected uses for cornstarch as a cleaning solution. Cornstarch can help clean up messes in your home instead of just creating them.

Stain Removal for Cabbage Stains
Step by step ideas to for stain removal of cabbage in clothing. Learn how to remove cabbage stains from your clothing.

Clorox Ultimate Care Bleach Review
Clorox Ultimate Care Bleach is able to be poured directly onto bleach safe white laundry. Clorox Ultimate Care Bleach is thicker, reducing spilling and making it easier to use.

How To Flush a Drain For Maintenance
Find out how to flush a drain to keep it maintained. What should you do weekly and seasonally to keep your drains maintained.

How Often Should I Clean My Kitchen Cabinets?
Trying to figure out how often to clean your kitchen cabinets? A lot of it depends on how often you use your home for cooking.

How Do I Find an Ant Scent Trail?
If a few stray scout ants have left a scent trail in your home, it won't be long before larger numbers of ants arrive to find the promised food. Find out how to find an ant scent trail.

Method Kitchen All Surface Cleaner Review
Method's All Surface Kitchen Cleaner has a soft grapefruit mandarin scent and is safe for use on most surfaces in the kitchen.

Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface Sanitizing Spray Review
Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface Spray is tough enough to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria while being safe to use around children and pets.

Discontinued: Scotch-Brite Carpet Touch-Up Roller Review
The Scotch-Brite Carpet Touch-Up Roller was a unique tool that provided in-between cleaning for your carpet. It picked up dirt, dust, hair, and pet fur from many surfaces.

10 Tips for Storing Christmas Decorations
Find out how to store everything Christmas from ornaments to wreaths, linens and candles. These tips will help you store all of your Christmas decor items safely.

8 Chores You Can Hire Others To Do
While we all love a good DIY, these 8 chores can be hired out to professionals, freeing up our time and energy for other things.

4 Best Cleaning Wipes
Find out which cleaning wipes you should be using in your home. The top cleaning wipes combine cleaning and convenience.

Towel Odors: Causes, Prevention, and Solutions
Sometimes, even after washing them, our towels smell icky. Instead of tossing towels in the trash and counting them lost, there are a few things you should know about why towel odors happen, prevention tips, and solutions for the smell.

Glad ForceFlex OdorShield Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags
Glad ForceFlex OdorShield Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags are some of the best available. Find out why.

Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths do a great job on many surfaces. Learn the pros and cons of this package of cleaning microfiber cloths.

How To Clean Light Fixtures, Chandeliers and Recessed Lighting
Cleaning light fixtures, chandeliers, and recessed lighting can be tedious, but it doesn't need to be difficult.

How to Get More Cleaning Done in Less Time
I'll be honest, I don't always have enough time to clean. Luckily, there are some easy chores to multitask. Find out how to multitask some of your chores.

Method Ylang-Ylang Daily Shower Spray
Method Ylang Ylang Daily Shower Spray is designed to be sprayed on showers and shower curtains after use and eliminates the need to scrub showers by removing buildup.

Method Antibac Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner Review
Method's spearmint scented Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner is designed to kill up to 99.9% of household germs and yet, is derived from botanical ingredients.

10 Ways to Clean Up After a Big Meal
It's a big job to clean up after a big meal. Whether you're cleaning up after Thanksgiving dinner or just a regular meal, this advice can get the job done quick.

Small Appliance Cleaning Tips
There are some basic tips you should follow when cleaning any small appliances. Find out the most important tips for cleaning your small appliances.

Kaboom Shower Tub and Tile Cleaner Review
Kaboom shower tub and tile cleaner works to remove grime and dirt from bathroom surfaces with a foaming sprayer action.

5 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Leather Furniture
Find out some of the most common leather furniture mistakes and how to avoid them. Follow these tips for avoiding the most common leather furniture mistakes.

How To Clean and Organize a Bookcase or a Bookshelf
Bookcases and bookshelves can provide storage space and visual beauty to the rooms of your home. Find out how to organize and clean your bookshelves.

6 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Anything
Even with clutter coming out of our ears, we still will buy more stuff. Asking these 6 questions will help you to determine if you really need that item.

Setting Up a Study Area With Unlimited Space
Would you love to have your own homework center for your kids? With a lot of space, you have the option to have an entire room for a homework area.

Organizing a Homework Area With a Small Amount of Space
Small homework areas can still be very effective. Find out how to turn a small space into the perfect place for homework. Page 2.

How to Organize a Homework Area with No Space
If you think having no space is an excuse not to have a designated homework area in your home, think again. Page 3.

Kids' Chore Excuses
Kids come up with all types of excuses for why they can't do their part to keep the house clean. Find out what the real problem is and how to fix it.

Why Should I Use Cellulose Sponges for Cleaning?
Cellulose sponges are some of the most popular cleaning sponges. What are the pros and cons of cellulose sponges? Where do you find them?

Set Up a Holiday Planning Notebook
The holiday season brings stress because there is so much to coordinate and prepare. Take some of that stress away by organizing a Holiday Planning Notebook.

How to Pack a Storage Container
To pack a storage container in a way that will keep your items safe, you'll need to choose the right container, pack properly, and label thoroughly.

10 Essential Laundry Room Tools
Learn how to stock your laundry room with the 10 most important items to keep your laundry clean and fresh.

7 Types of Clutter to Throw Away Now
Got a junk drawer filled with stuff? Give yourself permission to throw out these 7 clutter items from your junk drawers.

Bathtub and Shower Cleaning Tools
Get reviews of the latests products for cleaning bathtubs and showers. Find out which products work well and which ones should be avoided.

Discontinued Product: Method O Mop Review
The O Mop by Method is designed to make mopping an easy task. Ergonomically designed with reusable microfiber mopping pads, the O Mop makes it easier to get your floors clean.

3 Types of Bleach and Bleaching Agents
Find out how bleach helps get laundry clean and fresh and the three common types of bleach.

Swiffer Carpet Flick Review
The Swiffer Carpet Flick has been discontinued, but was designed to clean messes on carpets without the need for a vacuum cleaner.

4 Ways to Get Rid of Garage Sale Leftovers and Other Clutter
If you've gathered up clutter from your home or had garage sale items that didn't sell, don't put them back in your home. Here are 4 ways to get rid of clutter.

How To Clean Aluminum Patio Furniture
Find out how to clean and care for aluminum patio furniture including regular care, protecting, and removing spots and rust.

7 Unusual Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide
Find out how hydrogen peroxide can help clean your home. It's a surprising cleaner, but hydrogen peroxide has many stain fighting, scrubbing, and cleaning properties.

Dry Cleaning Fluid: What Is It, Where To Use It, and Where To Find It?
Dry cleaning fluid can be used on washable and dry cleaning fabric. Find out what dry cleaning fluid is and how it is used.

Remove Baked Beans Stains
Step by step ideas for stain removal of baked beans in clothing.

How to Vacuum Dust from Walls and Ceilings
Walls and ceilings attract and hold onto dust, but since we rarely examine them closely we may not see the buildup until it is really thick.

Clorox Bleach Pen: Does It Work? Why Should You Have One?
The Clorox Bleach Pen is designed to allow you to bleach small areas of clothing, grout lines and more without damaging patterns.

Clean Your Bluray or DVD Player Without Damaging It
DVD and Bluray players need to be cleaned too. But how do you clean them without ruining them?

What is Nylon? Clean and Care for Nylon Clothes
Nylon is a popular fabric for use in activewear but it requires special care. Avoid problems with nylon by using mesh laundry bags and handwashing.

30 Half-Minute Chores (1-10) - Housekeeping
Can you really accomplish anything in 30 seconds. Find 30 chores you can do in half a minute. When you have no time to clean, you can still find time to accomplish these easy chores.

30 Thirty Second Chores What Can You Accomplish in Half a MInute
Can you really accomplish anything in 30 seconds. Find 30 chores you can do in half a minute. When you have no time to clean, you can still find time to accomplish these easy chores. Baking soda, stains, and junk mail can all be taken care of in half a minute. Page 3.

30 Thirty Second Chores What Can You Accomplish in Half a MInute
Can you really accomplish anything in 30 seconds. Find 30 chores you can do in half a minute. When you have no time to clean, you can still find time to accomplish these easy chores. Baking soda, stains, and junk mail can all be taken care of in half a minute. Page 2.

7 Tips to Streamline Your Laundry Routine
Have laundry? Have a laundry routine? Want to know 7 simple tips to streamline your laundry routine?

The 5 Best Scrub Sponges
Need a sponge that can scrub and clean? These 5 scrub sponges are the best and can stand up to tough messes or clean without damaging surfaces in your home.

Top 6 Pan Scrubbers
Got pots and pans that need to be scrubbed. These 6 scrubbers are great to use for pots and pans to clean tough baked on food.

Toilet Cleaners
Get the latest reviews of toilet cleaners and cleaning tools that you'll want to try or avoid.

How to Clean a Washing Machine
Did you know washing machines need to be cleaned to keep it smelling fresh and running smoothly? These steps will help you restore your washing machine.

Baking Soda and Stain Pre-Treating
Find out how to use baking soda for pre-treating and stain removal of all your toughest laundry room stains.

Remove Grease From Gas Cooktop Burners in 5 Easy Steps
The holes where the flames ignite for gas cooktop burners can often become jammed with food particles. Find out how to clean gas cooktop burners.

Simple Flea Removal Techniques for Your Home
Find out how to get fleas to leave your home. A flea infestation has a reputation for being difficult to control. These simple steps will get rid of fleas.

10 Household Chores and Shortcuts to Make Them Faster
Find shortcuts for common household chores. Whether you're washing dishes or dusting, there are shortcuts that can help you get your jobs done and done fast.

The Basics of Cleaning Curtains
Find out how to clean any type of curtains. These basic tips for cleaning curtains will get your window treatments sparkling and shining.

Purex Crystals Laundry Enhancer Review
Want to give an added boost of scent to your laundry? Purex Crystals Laundry Enhancer may be just the product for you.

Gain Fireworks In-Wash Scent Booster Review
Need a little kick for your laundry's scent? Gain Fireworks In-Wash Scent Booster may be just the ticket. Find out how this product stacked up in our tests.

Review of the Eureka EnviroSteamer Steam Mop
The Eureka Envirosteamer is designed to replace the traditional mop and bucket. Using only the power of boiling water, the Eureka Envirosteamer removes tough dirt, and sanitizes many floor types. Find out how the Eureka Envirosteamer does on laminate, hardwood, vinyl, and ceramic tile.

Bissell Steam Mop Review
The Bissell Steam Mop uses water to clean hard surface flooring without harsh chemicals. The reusable mopping pad is machine washable and safe to use on many types of floors including ceramic tile, sealed hardwood, laminate, vinyl, stone, and more. Find out how the Bissell Steam Mop does on our test floors.

Vacuum Cleaner Review: The Oreck XL 21
The Oreck XL 21 is a full size upright vacuum cleaner with many unique features to provide convenience to consumers. The Oreck XL 21 is powerful while only weighing 8lbs. It features advanced bagged filtration and a super warranty that will leave you piece of mind. The Oreck XL 21 is a great choice for allergy sufferers and those in need of a powerful, but not bulky vacuum cleaner.

Top 10 Best Cleaning Tips Books
Cleaning your home can be a lot easier when you have some help. These books can provide you with a written guide to cleaning the surfaces and rooms of your home in easy to understand, clear ways.

Top Cleaning Gadgets
The best cleaning gadgets help us save time and energy.

Top 10 Cleaning and Organizing Books
Find the housekeeping and organizing books that will really help you in your home. Find ways to clean and organize more efficiently. Curl up with a great housekeeping book.

8 Best Scrubbing Powders and Creams
Non-scratch powder and cream cleansers do a wonderful job on surfaces like bathtubs, sinks, toilets, cookware, and other hard surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. Here are 8 of our favorite powder and cream cleaners.

5 Best Dish Scrubbers
Dishwashing will be less of a chore with these tools, best in 5 categories - with a long handle;short handle;for delicate dishes;for tough pot;disposable

9 Best Toilet Cleaners
Find out the best toilet cleaners available.

A List of the Top Three Sponge Mops
Sponge mops are an easy and effective solution for many types of floors. But before you buy a sponge mop, check out our top 3 picks. These are three of the best sponge mops available.

Top Ten All-Purpose Cleaners
All-purpose cleaners save time and money by allowing one product to clean most of your home. What is the best all-purpose cleaner on the market today?

Environmentally Friendly Dish Soaps
The right kind of dishsoap can make a big difference in how a dishwashing session turns out. Find the right dishwashing liquid for you. Find environmentally friendly dish soaps available for you.

How To Clean a Freezer
Deep freezers need to be cleaned and defrosted regularly. Learn how to do it simply.

10 Things To Do Before You Hire a Carpet Cleaning Company
If you are considering hiring a carpet cleaning company, there are a few things to do before you hire them or the technician arrives.

10 Worst Laundry Stains to Treat
Stains are all bad, but these are the worst of the worst. Find out how to remove the 10 worst stains for laundry.

8 Places to Use Baking Soda in the Home
We've all heard the hype that baking soda can clean anything. But what exactly can it clean? Here are a few places around the home that will benefit from a bit of baking soda.

8 Chores to Accomplish Before Back To School Begins
Is back to school just around the corner? Complete these 8 chores now so that your home and family will be ready.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Clean a Lampshade: Tips for 9 Different Types and Bases
Got a dirty lamp or lampshade? Find out how to clean stitched fabric, glued fabric, pleated, paper, parchment, metal and plastic lampshades and bases.

5 Simple Ways to Remove Tuna Fish Stains
Step by step ideas for stain removal of tuna fish in clothing. Learn how to remove tuna fish stains from your clothing. Get stain removal ideas for tuna fish.

6 Cleaning Skills to Teach Your Child
It can be helpful to teach your kids to do some cleaning chores around the house, not only to lighten your work load, but to teach them responsibility.

Housekeeping 101; How to Clean Your House
Helpful advice on cleaning your entire home, from stainless steel, to mattresses, to laminate floors. Get product reviews, cleaning ideas and more.

How To Remove Beer Stains From Clothing
Learn how to remove fresh and dried beer stains from your clothing, the most difficult fabrics for beer stains, and tips for delicate fabrics.

How To Choose The Right Automatic Dishwasher Detergent
Automatic dishwasher detergent comes in three different forms. Learn the pros and cons of gel, powder, and tablets.

7 Vacuum Cleaner Mistakes
Find out the 7 mistakes you may be making with your vacuum cleaner. These mistakes can cause injury or lead to the early death of your vacuum cleaner.

How to Clean a Sink and Garbage Disposal
A little bit of water won't cut it when cleaning out a sink. These tips will help you clean a sink and disposer along with teaching you how to avoid mistakes when cleaning your sink.

3 Easy Steps to Remove Coffee Stains from Carpet
Found some coffee drizzled on the carpet? Wondering if it's possible to get it out? It is. And it only takes a few easy steps.

Remove Vomit Stains and Odors on Carpet: 4 Easy Steps
If you need to remove vomit from carpet you need cleaning supplies that will deal with the stain and the smell. These steps will help remove vomit.

How To Clean a Mattress
Find out how to clean the mattress including routine maintenance, what products to use, whether your mattress needs flipping, and how long your mattress should last.

4 Steps to Clean and Maintain Venetian Blinds
Learning how to clean blinds used to be a torturous affair. These 4 simple steps will have every part of your blinds clean and beautiful again.

6 Simple Steps to Remove Barbecue Sauce Stains
Learn 6 simple steps to remove even the toughest barbecue sauce stains from your clothing. Get stain removal ideas and supply recommendations.

6 Simple Tips to Clean Baby Toys
Babies love their toys. And because they love to eat their toys, those toys must be kept clean. So how do you clean all those baby toys?

How Often to Wash Bedding
Wondering how often you should wash your sheets, pillows, or comforter? Find out how often to clean and wash your bedding.

When To Give Up on a Stain?
When stains happen, how do you know it is time to give up on stain treatment? Here are some suggestions on which stains you should tackle and which to give up on.

How to Make Hardwood Floors Shine
If you've ever mopped your hardwood floors, you probably know the disappointment you feel when the floors end up dull or streaky.

9 Easy Steps to Hand Wash Any Laundry
Need to hand wash some laundry? Not sure what steps to take? Hand wash any type of laundry in 9 easy steps.

10 Areas You Forgot To Clean In Your Bathroom
Are you forgetting to clean these areas of your bathroom?

6 Simple Ways to Remove Sweet Potato Stains
Step by step ideas for stain removal of sweet potatoes in clothing. Learn how to remove sweet potato stains from your clothing. Get stain removal ideas for sweet potatoes.

6 Easy Steps to Remove Chalk Stains
Step by step ideas to for stain removal of chalk stains in clothing. Learn how to remove chalk stains from your clothing. Get stain removal ideas for chalk stains.

Easy Ways to Clean Granite Countertops
Cleaning granite countertops can actually be much more simple than most cleaning projects in your home with the help of water.

Clorox Pump 'N Clean Bathroom
Our review found that Clorox's Pump 'N Clean Bathroom formula has a great design with a mixed effectiveness on bathroom surfaces. It shined on some common bathroom surfaces as a quick cleaner, and left others streaked and dirty.

8 Recipes for Homemade Mopping Solutions
Find recipes for homemade mopping solutions that are simple and effective.

2 Easy Ways to Use Baking Soda to Freshen and Unclog Drains
Chances are that you have the best tool for freshening and unclogging drains right in your pantry. Grab a box of baking soda and give those drains a fresh new feeling.

Ways Kids Cheat On Their Chores
Kids cheat on their chores all the time. Here are the 3 most common ways and ideas to help solve the problem.

Clorox Pump and Clean Kitchen and Dish Cleaner Review
Ever wished you had more hands while cleaning? Clorox Pump and Clean Kitchen and Dish Cleaner won't give you more hands, but it will require only one to pump and dispense cleaner directly onto a sponge or paper towel. This innovative design allows you to pump directly onto your cleaning cloth and in most cases requires no rinsing.

Bar Keepers Friend Review
Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser and Polish is designed to clean stainless steel sinks, chrome, fiberglass, porcelain, ceramic cook-tops, copper, tile, and brass surfaces.

7 Ways to Cure a Stinky Washing Machine
Smelly washing machine odors got you down? These 7 simple tips will help eliminate stinky washing machine smells once and for all.

Lysol Click Gel Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Lysol's Click Gel Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a self sticking gel inside a single use disposable tube that is meant to last for a week. Each box contains a one month supply.

6 Ways to Clean and Care for Cleaning Cloths and Rags
Depending on your cleaning cloths to help you keep your home clean? Here are the best ways to clean and care for cleaning cloths.

6 Things You Shouldn't Do to Your Vacuum Cleaner
Depend on your vacuum cleaner? What 6 mistakes are you doing that you should never do to your vacuum cleaner?

5 Surprising Items that Can Be Washed in the Dishwasher
I love my dishwasher. I was everything in it. Well, not everything. Want to know which items are safe to wash? You might be surprised.

Bathroom Cleaning and Organization
This is the job nobody wants. Cleaning the bathroom can be a thankless, dirty, but necessary job. Explore ideas for quickly cleaning the bathroom with thorough methods and timesaving products. Check out organizational ideas for the bathroom that leave a cramped medicine cabinet a thing of the past.

12 Essential Supplies for Spring Cleaning
Spring cleaning in full swing? What tools and supplies do you really need to get your home spring clean?

8 Grossest Cleaning Jobs Around the House
Gross jobs around the house exist in every room. Here are 8 of the grossest jobs and how to get them finished.

Scrubbing Bubbles Fizz-Its Review
Scrubbing Bubbles introduces its newest way to clean a bathroom, easily. Scrubbing Bubbles Fizz-Its are designed to be dropped into your toilet, letting an effervescent fizz lift away dirt and grime from your toilet bowl.

Clorox BathWand Review
The Clorox BathWand festures an ergonomic 23 inch handle designed to make scrubbing the bathtub and shower easier and less labor intensive. The Clorox BathWand makes bending and stretching while cleaning the bathroom a thing of the past.