Housewares/Appliances Sitemap - Page 4 2016-02-08

Vacuuming - Can Vacuuming Harm My Carpet
Is it possible to vacuum a carpet too much? Can vacuuming harm a carpet or wear it out sooner?

Enviroll E-zeeWrap - Enviroll E-zeeWrap Dispenser Review
Review of Enviroll System E-zeeWrap food wrap dispenser; E-zeeWrap food wrap dispenser review

Zojirushi CD-JUC22 Micom Water Boiler and Warmer Review
Review of Zojirushi CD-JUC22-CT Micom Water Boiler and Warmer 74 oz., 2.2 Liters; Zojirushi CD-JUC22 Water Boiler review

AquaCharge Rechargeable Submersible Pump Review
Review of ITT AquaCharge submersible rechargeable water pump; compact submersible AquaCharge water pump for fresh or salt water use

Hamilton Beach Half Pint Soft-Serve Ice Cream Maker Review
Review of Hamilton Beach Half Pint Ice Cream Maker with two 12 oz freezer bowls; Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker Half Pint review

Hamilton Beach StepSavor Skillet/Griddle 38500 Review
Review of Hamilton Beach StepSavor Skillet/Griddle 2-in-1 Appliance Model 38500

Chef's Choice Smart Kettle 688 Review
Review of Chef's Choice SmartKettle model 688 with temperature control.

Zuvo 150 - Zuvo 150 Water Filtration System Review
Zuvo 150 Water Filtration System Review; Zuvo Water Filtration and Purator Review; water treatment review, small water treatment systems; Zuvo 150 ZPS149 Water Filtration System

Cuisinart SmartStick CSB-77C - Cuisinart SmartStick CSB-77C Hand Blender Review
Review of Cuisinart SmartStick Hand Blender, model CSB-77C with whisk and chopper attachment

Cuisinart Food Processor - Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus 4-Cup Food Processor DLC-4CHB Review
Review of Cuisinart's Mini-Prep Plus 4-Cup Processor DLC-4CHB; Cuisinart food processor; food processor review

Kenmore 219103WH Food Processor - Kenmore 219103WH 10-Cup Food Processor Review
Review of Sears Kenmore 219103WH 10-Cup Food Processor

Bosch MIXXO Hand Blender - Bosch MIXXO Cordless Immersion Blender & Chopper Review
Review of Bosch MIXXO Cordless Hand Blender and Chopper that uses a lithium ion battery

Bella Professional Coffee Maker - Bella Professional Coffee Maker 90017 Review
Bella Professional Coffee Maker review; review of Bella Coffee Maker with die cast construction

Hamilton Beach Candy Apple Kettle - Hamilton Beach Electric Candy Apple Kettle 40894 Review
Review of Hamilton Beach Electric Candy Apple Kettle 40894 with cord-free serving and auto shutoff

Taylor Digital Scale With Cup - Taylor Digital Scale With Measuring Cup 3890 Review
Taylor Digital Scale With Cup Model 3890 Review; review of Taylor Measuring Cup with built-in scale

Salter 1406 Nutritional Scale - Salter Digital Nutritional Scale 1406 SVEF Review
Salter Glass Digital Nutritional Scale Model 1406SVEF; Salter 1406 Scale review

Euro-Pro Bravetti Toaster TT200B - Euro-Pro Bravetti 2-Slice Toaster Review
Euro-Pro Bravetti Toaster TT200B review; Bravetti toaster review, Bravetti 2-slice toaster review

Betty Crocker Coffee Maker - Betty Crocker BR-736U 12-Cup Coffee Maker
Home test of the Betty Crocker coffee maker, model BR-736U; Betty Crocker coffee maker test

Oster Programmable Coffee Maker - Oster Programmable Coffee Maker 3306-33 Review
Oster Programmable Coffee Maker 3306-33 Review; review of Oster's 12-Cup 3306-33 coffee maker

Mr Coffee Café Frappe - Mr Coffee Café Frappe Maker Review
Review of Mr Coffee's Café Frappe Maker BVMC-FM1 frozen coffee maker and blender

Coffee Pouring - Perfect Coffee Pouring Without Dribbling
How to pour coffee without dribbling on the counter. Why is it difficult to pour coffee from some carafes without spilling?

Ricer - Vintage Potato Ricer
A look at vintage food ricers; how and when to use a ricer

Aroma Super Pot Electric Grill Review - Aroma 3-Qt Super Pot Indoor Grill Review
Aroma 3-Qt Super Pot review; Review of Aroma's Super Pot ASP137; Aroma electric indoor grill review; Aroma electric grill review

Maytag Washer MAH9700 Safety Recall - Recall on Maytag Washer MAH9700
Manufacturer recall on certain Maytag MAH9700 frontloading washers.

Aroma NutriWare Whole Grain Gourmet - Aroma NutriWare Whole Grain Gourmet Review NCR-1000
Review of Aroma NutriWare Whole Grain Stainless Steel Gourmet; Aroma NutriWare Stainless Steel Rice Cooker and whole grain gourmet review

Tips for Making Rice Milk With Tribest's Soyabella™
Tips for making rice milk with the Tribest Soyabella™ Soymilk Maker.

Elmira Brew Master Keg Beer Refrigerator System
Elmira Stove Works Brew Master; a look at Elmira's Brew Master beer-on-tap retro draft beer system

Black & Decker® LidsOff™ Original Automatic Jar Opener Model JW200
A profile of the Black & Decker LidsOff Automatic Jar Opener and the benefits of this appliance for those with arthritic or problem hands.

CitriStar Juicer - Profile of Tribest's CitriStar Juicer
The CitriStar Juicer by Tribest is a compact yet powerful enough to extract all that healthy juice from your favourite fruit.

Rival Novelty Snow Cone Maker Model IS150
A look at Rival's Novelty Snow Cone Maker - a great treat builder for the family.

Sanyo Stainless Digital Convection Toaster Oven SK-VF7S
A great way to break into convection cooking. Profile of the Sanyo Stainless Digital Convection Toaster Oven model SK-VF7S and it's cooking and baking features.

Soyabella™ Automatic Soy milk Maker by Tribest
Tribest's Soyabella Soymilk Maker is an elegant way to make fresh healthy soya, rice, almond or cashew milk right on your kitchen counter.

T-Fal Avante Bagel Deluxe Stainless Steel 4-Slice Toaster Model 53288
A profile of the T-Fal Bagel Deluxe Stainless Steel 4-slice Toaster and its convenience features.

Fiesta Dinnerware Marigold - Homer Laughlin 75th Anniversary Fiesta Marigold Dinnerware
Marigold is Homer Laughlin's Fiesta Dinnerware color for 2011

Sanyo EM-Z2100GS Microwave Oven - Browner - Toasting Oven
A profile of the Sanyo EM-Z2100GS Microwave Oven that also browns, grills and toasts.

Whirlpool Duet Sport™ HT Front Load Washer Model WFW8500S
A look at the enhanced features of the Whirlpool Duet Sport HT Front Load Washer Model WFW8500S Washer.

Dyson DC14 All Floors Vacuum
A look at Dyson's DC14 All Floors Root Cyclone Vacuums.

Hoover Self Propelled Wind Tunnel U6630-900 Upright Vacuum
A profile of the Hoover Self Propelled WindTunnel U6630-900 Upright Vacuum.

iRobot® Roomba Discovery SE Vacuum Robot
A profile of the iRobot Roomba Discovery SE Vacuum Robot and it's great convenience features.

Dacor Signature Gourmet Cookware Collection - 7 pc
A look at Dacor's Signature 18/10 Stainless Steel Gourmet Cookware Collection.

De'Longhi PAC W130E - De'Longhi Water-to-Air Portable Air Conditioner PAC W130E
Profile of De'Longhi's Water-to-Air Portable Air Conditioner PAC W130E with R410a eco-friendly refrigerant gas.

T-Fal Irons - T-Fal Program 8 Steam Iron Model FV9240
Profile of the T-Fal Program 8 Steam Iron and its special features including the Jeans Power feature for great performance on thick fabrics.

Black & Decker TravelPro X30 Steam Iron
A great travel companion for all your ironing needs.

Review of Maytag Performa Dryer Model PDET920
A review of Maytag Performa Electric Dryer Model PDGT920

Trudeau Graviti Pepper Mill - Trudeau Graviti Battery Operated Pepper Mill
Review of Trudeau's Graviti Battery Operated Pepper Mill - a no fuss, one-handed easy to operate pepper or salt mill.

Keurig Brew Over Ice K-Cup Iced Coffee and Tea Review
Review of Keurig's Brew Over Ice Line of K-Cup coffees and teas; Keurig Brew Over Ice Coffee and Tea review

Krona 18/10 Vented Stainless Steel Straining Pots by Norpro
A review of Norpro pots made of 18/10 stainless steel with strainer lids.

Sylvania 0.9 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Microwave Oven
A review of the Sylvania 0.9 Cu.Ft. Stainless Steel Microwave Oven.

Janome 344 Sewing Machine
Economical and easy to use, the Janome 344 Sewing Machine is a good performer.

Hygrostat - Definition of a Humidifier Hygrostat
Definition of hygrostat, what a hygrostat does, why a hygrostat is the best humidifier feature, humidifier hygrostat and what it does, how to buy a humidifier

Air Cleaners and Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) - What's a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)
What's a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) and how does it relate to air purifiers. What does a CADR certification mean and why is it important. Should air purifiers have a CADR rating?

How to Keep Food From Sticking to the Slowcooker Interior
How can I keep foods from sticking to the inside of my slow cooker?

Which Type of Batteries for Flashlights & Household Appliances?
Ensure your emergency flashlight will operate longer by using the correct type of battery.

Pink Ribbon - What Are Pink Ribbon Products?
What are pink ribbon products, housewares and appliances and why should we support the pink ribbon campaign?

Why is My Refrigerator Light Not Coming On?
Why is my refrigerator light not coming on when I open the door?

How do I Earth a Washer? Earthing a Washing Machine
How to 'earth' a washer. Earthing a washer - what does it mean?

What HE Detergents Would Be Suitable for Baby's Clothing?
What HE detergents are available for baby's clothes? Sources for HE Baby Detergent for high-efficiency washers.

Humidifier Size - Why a 2-Gallon Humidifier Does Not Hold That Amount of Water
Why does a humidifier's capacity differ from what the water capacity it actually holds. Example: A 2 gallon humidifier does not hold 2 gallons of water.

Canner for Boiling Water Bath Canning
What a water bath canner is and what it is used for; water bath canner definition and use

Canning Jar
Definition and use of a canning, mason, sealing or preserving jar.

Green Energy
Green energy sources and why green energy is increasing in demand

Slow Cooker - Definition of a Slow Cooker
Slow cooker - definition and use of a slow cooker, Crock-Pot

SuperWhipper - SuperWhipper Whisk Review
Review of the SuperWhipper whisk for whipping, mixing

Oster Coffee Maker - Oster Coffee Maker BVSTCJ0027-033 Review
Oster Coffee Maker BVSTCJ0027-033 review

Is Bottled Water Safe to Drink?
Is Bottled Water Safe to Drink? A look at the pros and cons of bottled water.

What's a Partoku Knife?
Definition of a Partoku Knife and when you would use this kitchen knife

How to Save Space in the Kitchen - Kitchen Space Savers
Space savers come in a wide variety of types and styles to optimize storage capacity in your home. But before you look for space savers, organize what you have, then it will be easier to detect just where you need to increase space.

Roasted Garlic Express - Roasted Garlic Express Review
Roasted Garlic Express Review; review of Todco's garlic roaster - Roasted Garlic Express

Iron - Clothes Iron
Iron - What a clothing iron is and what it is used for.

Rotary Cutter
Rotary Cutter - definition and use

Cookie Press
Cookie Press - definition and use of a cookie press

UL - Underwriters Laboratories
What the UL mark means and what Underwriters Laboratories does; learn about product safety and buying certified products and appliances

Cool Mist Humidifier
What a Cool Mist Humidifier is and what it does; what is a cool mist humidifier?

Definition of energy and hot it relates to the average home

Renewable Energy
Definition of renewable energy; what renewable energy is

Solar Energy
Definition of solar energy; solar energy as an alternative renewable energy source

Pinking Shears
What are pinking shears and what are they used for? Definition of pinking shears

Utility Shears
Utility Shears - definition and use; what utility shears are and what they are used for

Water Cooler
Definition of a water cooler and how it is used; countertop water cooler - how it works and what it is; freestanding water cooler

Samsung Steam Dryer - Samsung Steam Dryer Extra-Large DV520
A look at Samsung Steam Dryer DV520 with an extra-large capacity; Samsung DV520 Steam Dryer is the companion appliance to the WF520 Samsung Steam Washer

New Year Predictions - New Year Predictions for 2012
Predictions for New Year 2012; New Year predictions, New Year 2012 and how to embrace this decade's challenges.

Blender & Food Processor Reviews
Blender and food processor reviews. Reviews of blenders, processors and multifunction food blenders.

Recipes - Ideas on How to Use Your Appliances
Recipes - Ideas on How to Use Your Appliances