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Product Recall: Maxi-Heat™ Dream Tower Heater
The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a Fire Hazard Recall on this Oscillating Heater, Model CH920, distributed by King of Fans in Fort

Sanyo EM-Z2100GS Microwave Oven - Browner - Toasting Oven
A microwave that not only browns, but can also grill and toast, with a mid-range capacity that will not overwhelm your countertop. Photo Credit: © Sanyo

Holmes Medium Room Cool Mist Humidifier
This Holmes HM2408-UC humidifier has a very convenient 3-gallon tank for 36 hours of operation. A well priced dry air solution. Photo Credit: © Holmes

Stay or Go™ Slow Cooker - Potluck Anyone?
All the portability and convenience features you need to safely take hot meals to a potluck or dinner party. The Stay or Go™ 6-Quart Slow Cooker by Hamilton

Is it Really Bone China?
There is a quick method to confirm if that old plate really is bone china. Several processes are involved in the making of bone china, but the ingredient that

LG Unveils Its Innovative Steam Washer
LG Electronics recently provided a preview of its latest addition to LG's Tromm Laundry System product line. No ordinary washer to be sure, this innovative

Holmes Whisper Quiet Power Heater
Take the chill out of the guest room with this 1Touch electronic thermostat featured power heater. Photo Credit: ©Holmes Group

What Are Robotic Vacuums?
Just what are these robots and what do they do? Answers to this question and a look at how their special features can help you keep the dust bunnies in check.

Kitchen Fire Safety Tips
Do you know what to do if a fire breaks out in your kitchen? Jennifer Lai, your guide to Apartment Living at About, has great fire prevention tips, and

Whirlpool 18 Cu.Ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator
This Whirlpool Refrigerator has ample space in both freezer and refrigeration compartments, and great convenience features too! Photo Credit: © M. Mifflin

Multi-Grill StoreAway With Thermosignal
This beautiful family-sized multi-grill by T-Fal is just loaded with features from grill to griddle. It even has a convenient storing compartment. Photo:

T-Fal Avante Bagel Deluxe Toaster
This stylish new T-Fal Bagel Deluxe 4-slice toaster is the perfect breakfast appliance for a family. The slant design and wide self-adjusting slots makes for

Turntables - Put a Spin on Your Table
Reaching across the table for the salt and pepper can be a real drag, especially for the little ones, but a revolving table tray to hold the main table

No Strain Mincing Knife
Henckels Twin Mincing Knife is terrific for mincing and chopping onions, herbs and other foods. This quality tool is 5 in size, very sharp, curved and

Cast From The Past! By Guest Writer Dan Mifflin
How many folks can remember bacon sizzling in a cast iron frying pan on a wood cookstove? I can, and I have three or four of them cast iron skillets, still in

What's The Table Talk in Our Forum?
We're talking about beaten biscuits - ever heard of them? Do you know what the appliance is called that you use to make them, and if it's still available?

LG Takes Space-Saving Appliances to New Levels!
LG Electronics has introduced two stylish Microwave Oven combinations, a Micro Coffee Model as shown, and a Micro Toaster Model which is available in two sizes.

Product Recall: Orchestro Espresso Makers
These were sold under the Krups brand nationwide, between January 1999 and November 2005, specifically models 889-45 and 890-41. See the full press release for

Krups KP1010 Home Cafe Pod Brewer
Tired of wasting coffee? Here's a pod machine with simple elegance, that provides the convenience of brewing one or two cups, or an 18 oz travel mug, with no

iRobot® Roomba Discovery SE Vacuum Robot
This Roomba Discovery SE model has all the great standard iRobot features, with the addition of fast charging enhancements and longer cleaning time. Packed

Organize Your Baking Ingredients
Calphalon canisters are a great way to organize your food supplies. Stunning and practical - a modern look for a basic houseware. Photo: ©

Black & Decker Smart Brew Plus® Coffee Maker
This Black & Decker Coffee Maker not only makes a good cup of coffee, but has some great features, like the Perfect Pour® dripless spout and programmable

Clothes Shavers - To Keep Garments Looking New
Occasionally our clothing gathers its own form of dust bunnies, those annoying little 'pills' that are caused by loose fibres, that gather and cling to the

Cabinet 2-Shelf Organizers
A shelf organizer that can handle your stacks of dishes to provide easy retrieval and maximize on space. Not limited to the cabinets, this shelf can also

Warm or Cool Mist Humidifier?
Unsure whether you need a humidifier or not, or what type to get? A look at the differences between a warm or cool mist humidifier, and how you can tell if you

Black & Decker SKG105 Electric Skillet
A review of the Black & Decker 12 non-stick electric skillet and a look at its great features.

What's New: Maytag® Ice2 0™ Refrigerator
This Energy Star qualified 25 cu. ft. French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator is just loaded with features including an ice and water dispenser conveniently

Flash From The Past - Cast Iron Skillets
Cast iron cookware is regaining popularity, and you can readily find them at swap meets and yard sales. But getting them ready to use requires a re-seasoning

Wrap it Up!
Out of plastic wrap again? Instead of buying several small rolls of plastic food wrap this year, why not mount an Enviroll Systems EzeeWrap 1000 Dispenser in

Stanby Refrigerators - How to Improve Their Efficiency
Is your spare refrigerator costing you needless energy dollars being on-call 24/7 for casual use, or is it larger than you really need? There are ways to

T-Fal Vitesse S Kettle Model 78478
This new T-Fal Vitesse S kettle has great temperature settings to deliver your hot water at just the correct temperature needed for your beverage, noodles,

OpenX® - An Opener For Plastic Clamshell Packaging & More
Finally, an opener that easily slices through the tough plastic security packaging so you can enjoy your new consumer goods. And yes, you can open other

LG Electric Ranges Model LRE30451 & LRE30755
These stylish LG Self-Cleaning Freestanding Cooking Ranges have impressive features, including larger 5.6 cubic foot oven capacity that would be very convenient

Selecting a Lasagna Pan - Lasagna Bakeware Buying Tips
Lasagna is an all-time favorite meal entree and every cook has their own secret ingredient or layering style that makes each one a scrumptious original.

Flash From The Past: Antique Meat Grinders - Flea Market Bargains
This Alexanderwerk Meat Grinder was a terrific flea market find. In great condition, with all parts intact, it's practically ready to go! These old grinders

T-Fal Performa Cookware Set
This beautiful 18/10 stainless steel cookware is designed for superior heat distribution, and has great convenience features including a timer that will beep

Kitchen Knife Injuries & How to Treat Them
No matter how careful I try to be, every once in a while I get injured in my kitchen. Choosing a knife that fits my hand properly for better control, storing

Sanyo Stainless Digital Convection Toaster Oven
If you've been wanting to try convection cooking, this Sanyo Stainless Digital Convection Toaster Oven would be a good way to start. With the twin convection

T-Fal Program 8 Steam Iron FV9240
This T-Fal steam iron has 1400 watts of power and a unique Jeans Powerzone setting for concentrated steam flow, to tackle quickly and effortlessly, all your

Maytag Performa PDET920 Electric Dryer
Review of a family-sized Heavy Duty 7.1 cu ft capacity Maytag Performa Dryer, with IntelliDry™ Control, 4 temperature settings and 6 Drying Cycles.

LG Over the Range Microwave LMVM2055
The best features of this LG Over the Range Microwave are the of 2.0 cu. ft size - providing ample capacity for all your microwaving, the unique Glide'n

Silicone Bakeware Basics - How to Use Silicone Bakeware
While many home chefs have embraced this newest line of bakeware products, some of us have been slightly reluctant to depart from our traditional metal and

What Does an Air Purifier Ionizer Do?
The facts about ionizers and why an air purifier or cleaner that has one, can work more efficiently to clean the air you breathe.

Canister Vacuum Power Heads - Are They Worth The Cost?
Are canister vacuum power heads or beater bars really worth the extra cost? Will they wear out my carpet? Do they make any difference in the cleaning? Read

Kitchen Cart - Stainless Steel Top & Breakfast Bar
If you're looking for additional storage for your kitchen items, or finding your counter workspaces a little crowded, this kitchen cart with a stainless steel

Can I Wash Ball Caps in a Dishwasher?
Yes, you certainly can wash ball caps in a dishwasher. But you can also clean them right in your washing machine and they'll come out like new, if you follow

Amcor PLM Portable Air Conditioners
Amcor, a global manufacturer specializing in indoor air quality products, has recently released its new series of PLM Portable Air Conditioners. Influenced by

Make it Start with a Door Switch - Dishwasher Repair
Guest Writer Taylor Anderson shares his insight on how to tell if the door switch is the reason your dishwasher will not start, and how you can repair it in his

DeLonghi Electric Coffee Urn
This DeLonghi Coffee Urn has a freshness indicator to let you know how long it's been on - so you don't have to guess, and a no-drip spigot for a clean serving

Kitchen Knives - Basic Cook's Tools
Choosing kitchen knives can be difficult - there's just so much choice of styles and prices in the marketplace, and good sharp cutlery is essential for easy

When Should You Use the Perma Press Feature on Your Dryer?
Confused about different cycles on your washer and dryer, and what you should use them for? Should you hang your dress clothes to dry? Answers to these

Progressive's Onion Chopper & Onion Keeper
An innovative Onion Chopper that makes quick work of dicing, measuring and storing, and an Onion Keeper that provides convenient airtight storage for your

Flash From the Past: Queen Mary Oil Lamp
Visions of yesteryear and a family crowding around the table in the warm oil glow, filled my thoughts when I first saw this Queen Mary Lamp. Still enjoyed

Choosing Durable Family Drinkware
Is your drinkware breakage rate high? If it is, maybe it's time to consider more durable drinking glasses, and young children, especially toddlers, require

Saving Energy Year Round!
There are many practical ways you can conserve energy and lower your electricity bill. Here are just a few: Reduce your dryer time setting - 15 minutes may

Lee Chesson Handcrafted Wooden Home Accessories
Lee Chesson Studios specializes in quality handcrafted laminated wooden accessories for the home. Items such as laminated cutting boards, hand-turned rolling

Enjoy Drip Coffee in Your Mobile Kitchen
With this Coleman Coffee Maker, you can still enjoy your fresh dripped coffee even when you're camping. It has a pause 'n serve feature and brews 10 cups of

Chantal Party Pan - Elegant & Functional Cookware
Wouldn't this stylish enamel-on-steel Party Pan look stunning on your dinner table? But don't wait until you have a party! The high quality enamel finish is

Keep Your Air Cleaner Working Efficiently
An air cleaner or purifier has a very important job description - to improve the air you breathe by trapping airborne particles such as dust, animal dander,

Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose Deviled Egg Plate
I love making deviled eggs - that's half the fun. The other half is eating them. What I don't like is how they usually slip and slide all over the platter.

Soyabella™ Soymilk Maker & Coffee Grinder
For those who have milk allergies or just enjoy a non-dairy milk, the Soyabella is a convenient milk maker that produces delicious soya, almond or rice milk in

Folding Tables - Fit for the Occasion!
Planning a barbecue, family reunion, wedding or just having guests over for a buffet dinner? Folding tables are terrific for solving seating arrangements and

X10 Mini Timer - Control Appliances & Lighting
A programmable alarm clock and timer that allows you to control appliances or lighting for convenience and peace of mind. Read more about this X10 Mini Timer.

Garbage Gorilla™ Lift - Helping You Tote Your Trash
Need help to get those heavy waste wheelers down a long driveway to the curb? Garbage Gorilla™ is a lift and transport system that attaches to your 2 vehicle

Keep Knives Sharp & Ready
Guest writer, Dan Mifflin explains the basic steps to using a sharpening steel to keep your kitchen knives sharp and ready for your next culinary task in Basic,

Bread Boxes - Trendy Storage!
Looking for a storage solution for your bread products? Just not sure where to store that loaf? Gone are the plain jane bread boxes - they're following trendy

Ernie's Custom Handcrafted Knives
Ernie Grospitch has been handcrafting custom knives since 1989 and the attention to detail and quality of materials used in their construction speaks of

Whirlpool Duet Sport™ Fabric Care System
When my husband raves about doing laundry, I have to sit up and take notice! So what's so special about this Whirlpool Duet Sport™ Fabric Care System?

Disasters & What to Have on Hand - Are You Prepared for Emergencies?
Do you have a basic home disaster kit on hand? Take steps to protect your family by having some basic housewares and supplies on hand in case disaster should

Henckels Premiere Series Opus 45-pc Flatware Set
This high quality 18/10 45-pc Henckels Premiere Series Opus Flatware Set is a great way to start acquiring your fine dining settings. 5-pc place settings for 8

Silicone Bakeware Basics - Tips on Baking With Silicone
Have you tried baking with silicone bakeware yet? Just not sure what to do with these soft flexible pans? Here are some tips to get you started...Silicone

Flash From the Past: Vintage Glass Storage Jar
It always amazes me how glass jars which were used every day in the kitchen, could survive decades of use and still look like new. This collectible vintage jar

What's the Difference Between Food Savers & Food Sealers?
This is a great question from the mail bag. Food savers and food sealers are both food savers of sorts, but sealers have an additional feature that helps to

Dishwasher Pitfalls - How Not to Load Your Dishwasher
Can you spot 5 loading errors in this dishwasher? Loading your dishwasher improperly can lead to broken glassware, annoying chips and could also cause injury.

Top 5 Fire Safety Items for the Home
Good planning and fire prevention can ensure your family's safety should a fire start in your home. About First Aid Guide Rod Brouhard has some great tips to

Capresso MT500 Coffee Maker
This stylish black and stainless 10 cup Capresso Coffee Maker has a thermal carafe to keep your coffee hot and fresh, a drip-free pouring spout and a 24-hour

Think Pink Today - It's Pink Ribbon Day®!
A symbol of hope, the Pink Ribbon fosters awareness of Breast Cancer and the need to keep working to find a cure for this devastating desease. Follow these

Does Your Humidifier Filter Look Like This One?
Have you checked your humidifier filter lately? If it's been awhile since you cleaned your cool-mist humidifier, it may look similar to this one. Don't worry,

Ultimate Turkey Roaster - A Cast Iron Roaster for Your Turkey!
If you're looking for a different way to cook your turkey this year, this Ultimate Turkey Roaster is seasoned cast iron and it can cook a turkey in 60 minutes

Roasting Pan Buying Tips
The holidays are around the corner and it's a good idea to start thinking about what you will cook your turkey in. You have a few options when it comes to

Hosting a Holiday Meal? Buffet Servingware Can Help!
I love hosting a buffet. Serving a festive buffet with an assortment of entrées, sides and condiments is a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

Chesson Hand-Turned Rolling Pins
Beautiful hand-turned Rolling Pins made of Cherry, Walnut or Maple woods. Quality functional handcrafted kitchenware that would make a lovely gift. Read more

Add Another Workspace to Your Kitchen With a Mobile Kitchen Cart
In order to delegate food preparations and share the workload when you're planning a large meal event, you need to have at least 2-3 workspaces. This isn't

Cool Kitchen Gifts Under $20
Looking for a hostess or thank you gift? This Kuhn Rikon Balloon Whisk would be a delight to receive. And it would even look stunning on top of another gift

Kitchen Gadgets Under $10
An egg slicer has become a must-have gadget in my kitchen. I can quickly and easily slice up an egg and add a little mayo for a quick egg salad sandwich lunch.

Holiday Countdown Checklist
As I get into the holiday countdown mode, I like to have a checklist just to make sure I don't forget something really important, like take the turkey out to

Flash From the Past: Old Cookie Tins
Wondering what to store your holiday cookies in? Have you checked the attic or basement? Maybe you have old cookie tins lying in wait for a useful purpose

For the Chef on Your List: Calphalon Nonstick Grill & Griddle
This Calphalon cookware gives you two cooking options in one convenient package, a griddle and grill combination. The hard anodized aluminum finish allows for

Battery Basics & Recommended Uses
When you bring home a battery-operated product, do you just throw in the right size batteries and give it a whirl? Ever wonder why battery life may not meet

For the Busy Cook: Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cookers
Pressure cookers have undergone quite a transformation over the last few years and today's cookers are designed with adequate safety features to make them more

Rolling Pins & Resolving Pastry Problems
Do you struggle with making pastry? All too often I've heard people say they just can't make pastry. If you're tired of patchwork covers for your pies, put

Gifts Basket Ideas & How to Wrap One
A gift basket is great for anyone on your list. Sometimes it's easier to find numerous small items a person would love, rather than finding that one larger

R.S.V.P. Stainless Steel Compost Pail
A compost pail you won't mind keeping in plain view! This beautiful R.S.V.P. Stainless Steel Compost Pail is well equipped to eliminate odors and is sized just

Under Cabinet Bread Box
If your counter is getting too cluttered, this Under Cabinet Bread Box may be your solution to storing fresh bread. Hang it and keep your counter clear. Read

Did You Register Your New Appliances or Read the Manuals?
Now that the busy holiday season is behind us, it's a good time to sit down and study the operation manual and complete the product registration cards that came

What is HE Laundry Detergent?
Washer manufacturers recommend only HE detergents be used in their front load and high efficiency washers - and for good reason. Read more about what HE

Refrigerator Buying Tips
Refrigerators are long-term appliance investments so if you're looking for a new model, you'll want to carefully consider the product choices to ensure that it

Dacor Millennia® Microwave In-A-Drawer™
A Microwave that's not confined to countertop or above the range, but can be housed at the height you prefer for ease of handling, safety and convenience. You

Valentine Gift Ideas & Resources
Valentine's Day is around the corner so it's a good time to start thinking of what we'll give to that special person, how we'll celebrate the day, or what

Signature Gourmet Cookware Collection
This Signature Gourmet Cookware Collection carries all the desired construction details of a high-quality multi-ply, 18/10 stainless encapsulated cookware set,

Mobile Storage Solutions
You can organize just about anything in plastic mobile drawer units. Available in various drawer configurations and sizes, these storage drawers can help

One Click Butter Cutter - Slices, Serves & Stores Butter
A butter dish with a squeeze so you won't need the butter knife. This innovative multi-tasked One Click Butter Cutter is fun and easy to use, and eliminates

Tankless Water Heaters - What You Need to Know
Tankless water heaters are one option for providing your home's hot water needs, but what are they and when are they a good option to consider? These

Home Water Distiller
A home steam distiller that has been tested and awarded the WQA prestigious S-400 Gold Seal, the Tribest Purewise Distiller requires no installation or assembly

Flash From the Past: Vintage Wire Whisk
Vintage kitchen whisks like this particular one are very unique and could have a modern-day application. Read more about this neat Flash From the Past kitchen

Eco Washing Lines - Versatile Clotheslines, Washing Lines & Airers
Whenever I relocate to another home, one of the first things I look for is the clothesline or the installation options available to hang one. Although I don't

Can I use Regular Dish Soap in my Dishwasher?
This is a frequently asked question, either before trying liquid dish soap or after using it out of desperation when the supply of dishwasher detergent has run

Kenmore Elite Double Drawer Dishwasher - As Seen on Extreme Home Makeover
I really enjoy the hit TV show Extreme Home Makeover, not only are lives changed but I also love to see the special touches and appliances that are provided in

Refrigerator Doors - Right or Left Hand?
What is a right hand refrigerator and which way does it open? For standard refrigerator models that usually have reversible doors, you should install it so

Dacor® Designer Ventilation Systems
Whether you're building a brand new home or remodeling the old, a ventilation system over the cooking area not only can become an elegant focal point in your

From the Mail Box: Where Should I Place the Air Cleaner?
You've decided you should have an air cleaner in your home but where should you place it? Where would it be of greatest benefit? For the answer to this mail

A Small Sewing & Mending Kit Can Save the Day
I've been really surprised when some folks tell me that they don't even have a needle and thread around their home, let alone a button jar which, by the way, I

Locating HE Detergents That are Right for Your Family
It appears from the volume of reader emails that many folks are having difficulty locating HE detergents, especially formulas that are fragrance and dye free

Dispelling Myths & Other Basic Battery Facts
Should you store batteries in your refrigerator? My parents used this storage method, but is it a good idea today? Readers and myself included, have a lot of

Trudeau Graviti Pepper Mill
Just flip this Graviti Pepper Mill over and sprinkle seasonings to your heart's content. This takes pepper grinding to a new level and it's so much fun, you

Flash From the Past: Antique Meat Grinders
While today's electric meat and food grinders certainly reduce the time and labor of grinding vegetables, meat, fish or making sausages, to a fraction of the

Zap Those Dust Floaters With an Oreck XL™ Professional Air Purifier Tower
With World Asthma Day a few hours away, it's a good time to think of ways of improving the air you breathe. As an asthma sufferer myself, I've found that

Vacuum Power Heads - Performance Plus
Included as part of a canister vacuum package or available as an optional accessory, vacuum power heads should not be overlooked. They work with your vacuum to

Extending Window Cleaners
I find it difficult to safely reach the outside main floor windows to clean them, but a telescopic window squeegee that provides the extra reach, makes it quick

Metrokane Mighty OJ Home Juicer
A home juicer that's small enough to save on precious counter space yet strong enough to squeeze your morning glass of fresh orange juice. The Metrokane

Flash From the Past: Antique Oil Lamps
Oil lamps like the Queen Mary pictured here, are very easy to find at antique markets or yard sales, and are not only a beautiful accent piece, but can become a

Top Canning & Preserving Products
Successful home canning and preserving is dependent on the use of proper processing equipment that is specifically designed for each particular preservation

Best 12 Qt Stock Pots
A good soup or stock pot is a cookware essential and this Le Creuset 12 Qt Stock Pot is constructed of heavy carbon steel and hard baked enamel for durability

FoodSaver® Advanced Design™ V2860 Kit
More than just a vacuum sealer for packaging foods for the freezer, this FoodSaver is advanced by design and complimented with some great optional accessories.

Energy Star - Do You Know What it Means?
You've heard it many times and probably noticed it on appliance product details, but do you know what the term stands for and why an appliance that carries this

Coleman Propane RoadTrip Sport Grill
Whether it's a tailgate supper, family picnic, outdoor social event or just a barbecue on the patio - outdoor cooking is always thoroughly enjoyed. Bring your

Is Your Spare Refrigerator Costing You too Much?
Many households have a spare refrigerator in the basement or garage, ready to provide additional food storage space for the garden produce, special holiday food

Choosing a Cutting Board
Cutting boards have become the mainstay of our kitchens, from providing the chopping platforms for food preparation, to the serving of the finished meal. They

Increase Flatware Storage
Not enough storage capacity for your full set of flatware pieces? Limited on kitchen drawer storage? Layered cutlery trays can enable you to conveniently

Reduce Your Summer Energy Costs
As energy costs rise, we have to take a pro-active role to reduce electricity consumption in our homes and even the smallest step can make a difference over a

Canning - Getting Started Checklist
Since time delays during the canning process can affect the finished product, it's important to have all your equipment and supplies ready before you even start

Flash From the Past - Vintage Picnic Hamper
This time of year always makes me think of picnics - what a great way to build family memories. And this vintage picnic hamper sure brings back a few of them

Packing Dishes for a Move
Moving in the near future? I just finished packing and tops on my mind was making sure the breakables have a safe ride to their new home. Remember to get the

Which Refrigerator Style is Best for You?
I've been scouting out refrigerators trying to decide which style I'd like for my next refrigerator purchase - it's not easy - some styles have such good looks

What Kind of Knife is Best for Slicing Bread?
Many folks shy away from slicing homemade bread because they're afraid of rendering messy slices. Slicing bread is really easy if you're using a knife that is

Top Seafood Tools
Serving and eating seafood such as lobster, clams, crab, oysters and other shellfish varieties can be much more enjoyable if you have convenient seafood table

Flash From the Past - Cast Iron Cookware
Looking for a cast iron skillet? You can purchase these from many sources, but you can also find them at bargain prices at flea markets and garage sales.

Brides & Silverware
What do brides and silverware have in common? Their beauty leaves a lasting impression! Silverware is just one of the many decisions a bride has to make and

One Appliance - Multi Uses
Need a portable air conditioner for those hot muggy nights, but you could also use a dehumidifier at other times of the year? And where do you store the two or

Make Sun-Steeped Iced Tea Tonight!
Serve a refreshing pitcher of homemade solar-steeped iced tea with dinner tonight. It's so easy! All you need is a clear glass or plastic pitcher or jar and

What is a Counter Depth Refrigerator?
A counter or cabinet depth refrigerator is a full-size model available in various capacities and styles, but designed to fit flush with standard cabinets.

Ball Collection Elite Glass Canning Jars
There are new canning jars on the block and they sure are classy looking. They're the new Ball® Collection Elite® Glass Preserving Jars. What makes

Food Saver or Sealer - Know the Difference?
Food savers and food sealers are both used to store food, savers for short-term and sealers hopefully for a longer period. Here's the difference between the

How do I Care for a Wooden Rolling Pin?
How to care for a wooden rolling pin is a common question. If you've inherited your mother's wooden rolling pin or just purchased one and you're wondering if

Learning How to Recycle Your Waste is Easy
Some communities do not have rules for recycling household waste, yet in other areas, recycling has become somewhat of an art. If you're new to recycling, it

Kenmore Pro Appliances - Get Inspired!
Beautifully designed inside and out with all the must-have kitchen appliance features, the Kenmore Pro suite of appliances are what dream kitchens are made of.

Flash From the Past: Vintage Cracker Jars
It always amazes me how glass jars which were used every day in the kitchen, could survive decades of use and still look like new. This vintage jar was a great

Bundt Basics - How to Use a Bundt® Cake Pan
My take-to-the-potluck dessert is usually a Bundt cake and folks have come to expect it. I find them so convenient to make, easy to decorate, extremely

Caring for Wool Blankets
Whenever I've tried to pass down pure wool blankets to my family, the thought of caring for these vintage covers strikes a nerve of fear in them and they

Buying Your First Set of Knives
If you're setting up a home and wondering what you should get for kitchen knives, this informative article by guest writer Dan Mifflin will help you to make

Mobile Storage - Functional Accessories
All that storage and where do you put it? Mobile plastic drawer towers may be the answer - they're economical, very functional for a myriad of uses and fit

Increase Dish Storage Capacity
Not enough room in the cabinet for all your dishes? I have that problem and I've found that I can double the storage capacity with a cabinet organizer similar

Compact Laundry Units - Small Space Savers
Many households are downsizing and manufacturers are rushing to meet this need with a variety of laundry units, that not only take less space, but can still

Bread Keeper With Slicing Guide - Bread Storage Solution
Tired of looking for a storage bag for your freshly baked loaf? My loaves are usually too big for regular bread bags, and trying to wrap it with plastic film

Rachael Ray Gusto-Grip 10 Pc Knife Set
Quality of materials, safe storage and comfortable non-slip grips best defines the Rachael Ray® 10 Pc Gusto-Grip Birch Wood Block Knife Set. This set

Think Pink & Help to Find a Cure
Think pink this month and support Breast Cancer Research. Pink ribbon housewares make great gifts for that special someone on your list, or you may want to

Benefits of HEPA Filters
What do the letters HEPA stand for, and why are HEPA filters beneficial in appliances like air cleaners and vacuums? Find out in Definition of HEPA.

Cookware Repair - Fixing Loose Handles
Safety in the kitchen includes maintaining safe cookware. It's a good practice to periodically inspect your pots and pans for signs of handle deterioration or

A Close Shave & Looking Like New!
Your clothes that is! I was a little skeptical when I first bought this clothes shaver. Could it really help my pill-infested sweater look any better? A

Tips on Buying a Roaster or Roasting Pan
Roasting pans can fill many cooking needs. Not only for roasting a turkey, but a roaster can be used for many other succulent meals, hence, there are many

Pyrex Teardrop Bowl - Multi Task Prepware
With an innovative design and practical use of silicone, the Pyrex® Teardrop™ Bowl is not only convenient for food preparation, but it's excellent for storing

Air Cleaner Ionizers - FAQ
Some air purifiers have ionizers...sounds great, but what are they and do you need one? If the air cleaner has one, does it require special care? Click the

Creative Way to Test Smoke Alarms
Since this is fire prevention month, it's a good idea to check your smoke alarms to ensure they're able and ready to protect you and your loved ones. In

Flash From the Past - Enamelware
Manufactured in London, Ontario sometime between the late 1920's through the 1940's by General Steel Wares Limited, this vintage GSW Opal Enameled Ware Water

Vacuum Seal Your Wild Game
Your hunter may have bagged that deer, but don't just 'bag' it for the freezer, vacuum seal it to extend freezer life and keep that venison fresher longer.

Moving & Not Sure How to Pack Dishes?
Whether you're moving to a new home this month or just packing your dishes for a pending kitchen renovation, these step by step instructions on how to carefully

Gifts for the Hunter or Outdoor Enthusiast
Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Here's a gift a hunter or outdoor enthusiast will be anxious to try out on their next excursion, a Cast Iron

Benefits of Changing Furnace Filters
Furnace filters are very low cost, and are usually sold in quantity packs to save you even further. Replacing filters at least once a month can, not only

Can I Fill a Crockpot or Slowcooker Right to the Top?
A great question! Although you can fill your slowcooker or crockpot to the brim, I wouldn't recommend it. When the content level is too high, the result can

Handcrafted Cut Crystal - Elegant & Timeless
These European handcrafted lead crystal pieces are part of Timeless Crystals of Europe's Signature Collection. The stunning Cometline Vase is elegant yet

Spread a Little Freshness Around the House
Have you ever thought about doing a load of laundry just before company arrives? You know how nice your home smells on washday from the lingering smell of

Stainless Flatware FAQ
Shopping for stainless flatware can really be confusing, since at a quick glance, 18/0 on the packaging looks a lot like 18/10. And there is a big difference

Anti-Fatigue Mats - Kitchen Relief
Normally when we think of anti-fatigue mats, we think of rubber mats for industrial workers, but anti-fatigue mats can certainly help to reduce foot, knee and

Old Cookie Tins? Great Recycled!
Old cookie tins like these Bird of Paradise tins are great recycled for your own cookies, but they also make great gift containers for your fantastic baking

Wilton's Ultimate Gingerbread House
Making a gingerbread house is a great family project - the adults love it as much as the kids, and it gets everyone in a festive spirit. Usually the down side

Dress Up Your Holiday Table!
Dress up your table with this Holiday Tree ceramic dinnerware set. If a full set is not an option, even just a couple of festive pieces can add holiday flair

WoW Gifts for Her!
Gifts she'll love, like this Rival Chocolate Fountain that she'll want to try out right away. Remember, chocolate's not included - so bundle some chocolate and

Making Rosettes - It's Easy
These delicate Rosettes are delicious and a real hit with the guests. Rosette Makers or Timbale Tool Sets are used to deep fry the batter for these cookies,

Storing China & Stemware
The holidays are over and it's time to put the festive stemware and dinnerware away for another year. But how do you store it? If you have ample tableware

Chicago Cutlery Landmark™ Edition Knives
I've just finished reviewing these Chicago Cutlery Landmark™ Edition Knives and I'm most impressed with the quality, fit and finish of these knives.

Benefits of Changing Furnace Filters
If you have a furnace, when was the last time you replaced the filter? If you can't remember, that's definitely too long. Did you know that changing filters

Bake a Cool Birthday Cake!
Want to add some WoW factor to your next birthday event? This Wilton® Giant Cupcake Cake Pan would sure bake a cool cake that would light a few eyes and

How to Maintain a Juicer - Video
If you found a juicer under your tree this year, that's wonderful. You're going to enjoy nutritious homemade fruit and vegetable juices. But if you're

Now That You've Had a Chance to Enjoy Your New Appliances...
Have you registered them? In the hustle and bustle of the season, warranty registration cards are usually set aside for later. That's how it is at my house.

Drab Kitchen? Color it Blue Water!
Blue Water...makes me think of sea, sand and sun! Appliances with cool colors to inspire and cheer up your kitchen. But, Dacor's new 36 Bottom Freezer

Cleaning a Wick Humidifier
Running a clogged humidifier is well, a waste of energy and effort, not to mention it could be hazardous to your health if mold spores are present. The

Egg & Muffin Toaster - Consumer Concern
A reader had a hazardous incident with his Egg & Muffin toaster and we'd like to know if others have had a similar problem. The issue could be isolated to

Choosing a Cutting Board
Cutting boards not only provide a good cutting surface for dicing, chopping and slicing, but their key function is protecting your countertop from knife cuts,

Cake Decorating Tools & Supplies
Baking and decorating your own special occasion cakes can save you money, but it also gives you a great sense of accomplishment, especially when your cakes are

Keeping Foods From Sticking in Your Slow Cooker
Over time, foods can start to stick to the interior of a crockpot or slow cooker as the glaze finish wears off, but there is something that you can do to help

Bold & Beautiful Italian Ceramics
Artistic tabletop accessories and dinnerware that brings old world charm and Italian tradition right to the dinner table. With beautiful bold colors and

Buying a Freezer
We've recently upgraded to an upright freezer and just love the convenience of being able to organize the contents and improve our reach when it comes to

Controlling Moisture & Maintaining Proper Humidity Levels
Keeping the correct humidity level in your home is important to your well-being, and while a little can be beneficial, too much could be hazardous to your

Home Appliances - Color vs Neutral
Some of us will remember the Harvest Gold and Avocado Green appliances of some 30 years ago and in fact, there are a few of these still in service. In those

Cleaning Stainless Steel Cookware
Occasionally, due to operator error (or memory lapse) my stainless cookware will sustain some nasty burns that look like an impossible task to remove. After

Review of Sunbeam/Oster HDX23 Coffee Maker
This Sunbeam/Oster Coffee Maker has some great features that are standard on many high end coffee makers, but there is one feature that I just love, and I

Whole-House vs Portable Humidifiers Which is Better?
If your house is too dry, you may need a humidifier to add moisture to make your home more comfortable. But do you get a whole-house humidifier or a smaller

Assembling a Wall Unit
Wall units or bookcases are wonderful for adding storage to any room in your home. I've even inserted a narrow bookcase against the interior side wall of a

Curing Cast Iron - It's Easier Than it Sounds!
Seasoning or curing cast iron is very important to keep your cast iron cookware from rusting and it also helps foods from sticking to the pan when you're

Why Keep a Waste Basket Handy?
There's 2 reasons to keep a waste basket handy in the laundry room. One is to make it easy for you to check the laundry and discard pocket debris so it doesn't

Hanging Coffee Cups
Remember when coffee mug trees were the rage? By the way, you can still find some of these in certain retail outlets and flea markets, but they do require

Oreck XL Ultra & XL21 Titanium Upright Vacuums
Oreck uprights have undergone only minor changes in style and appearance over the years, but this lack of frills has certain advantages when it comes to ease of

Upright or Canister - Which Type of Vacuum Do You Need?
Vacuum type is often a matter of preference once you've gained some experience with each model to see how well it works for cleaning your home. Even a

Scotch™ Fur Fighter™ Hair Remover
There's a new pet hair removal tool going on the market this month and it shows a lot of promise. Designed for removing pet hair and dander from furniture and

Induction Cooking - How Different is it?
You've probably noticed that some of the newer cookware marketed today is featured for use with induction cooktops, that's because induction cooking is quite

O-Cel-O™ Expressions - Color & Function
3M's O-Cel-O® Expressions are a blast of color and function. Who says cleaning products have to be dull? You can jazz up your kitchen and your mood.

Electrolux Launches New Appliance Line With Kelly
With over 70 years of appliance design and recognition as a trusted brand in European homes, Electrolux® has recently introduced its new line of premium

Tide® Meets Dawn®
New 2x Tide® With Dawn® StainScrubbers™ packs a cleaning punch. Adding a grease-fighting formula like Dawn® to Ultra Tide just makes perfect

Hamilton Beach Wave Station Express Blender Review
This Hamilton Beach Dispensing Blender has a great feature that helps to pull down the jar contents into the stainless steel blade assembly, so ice gets

Top-Loading vs Front-Loading Washers
Making a choice between a top-loading or front-loading washer can be quite difficult. You want all the energy savings that the front-load model provides, but

Spice Racks - Handy Spice Storage
Generally requiring less storage space than loose bottles, spice racks or stands group your favorite herbs and spices in a convenient organized storage system,

Happy Mother's Day!
Wishing all mothers a great day and lots of hugs and smiles from family and friends. If you're looking for Mother's Day ideas and activities, check out: 7

How to Use a Pastry Blender
Pastry blenders have been kitchen essentials for decades and they continue to have a very important function in food preparation. Whether you’re an avid pastry

Honeywell® QuietCare™Humidifier Review
Although the Honeywell® QuietCare™ HCM-645 Cool Moisture Humidifier has a couple of negative features, it does achieve and maintain set humidity

Perfect Pouring
Ever find that it's difficult with certain coffeemaker carafes to pour a perfect cup of coffee without dribbling a small, or even large amount of coffee on the

Hanging Storage for Skillets
Short on cookware storage space? Hanging cookware, especially skillets on a pot rack or wall is a good storage option, but it also keeps your cookware from

What's the Difference Between a Slow Cooker & Roaster Oven?
Although roaster ovens look like a large slow cooker or crock pot, they do not cook same. Slow cookers, as the name implies, slowly simmer the meal over

Patella Romana Italian Pewter Tableware
Pewter has been around for centuries, but it has been refined over the last few years to make it a food-safe metal for beautiful hand-crafted fine tableware

Jam - From Field to Freezer!
Preserving berries by making jam is a great way to enjoy your favorite fruit year round and even for a new preserver, the process is not too difficult. But

Bissell ProHeat 2X Carpet Cleaner
Bissell's ProHeat 2X CleanShot Model 9500 carpet cleaner offers onboard heating, a single tank for clean and dirty water, a shot of pure cleaning solution

Add Storage With a Microwave Stand
Microwave carts are very functional for housing your micro, but depending on their design and features, can also be a solution to your kitchen storage shortage.

Refrigerator Care & Maintenance
Keeping a refrigerator sweet smelling and foods fresh and organized is not difficult but it can be challenging when we try to fit a regular cleaning into

Using a Pasta Maker & Making Pasta
I love pasta and with increasing grocery costs, making homemade pasta is a good option. Not only can you save money but you can enjoy that fresh homemade taste

Using a Rice Cooker & Rice Dishes
Rice is a wonderful staple and so versatile for main dishes as well as salads and desserts. Long grain rice takes a little longer than minute varieties to

Dropping Batter With a Spring Scoop
Looking in my kitchen gadgets and seeing three sizes of stainless spring scoops, you might think we eat a lot of ice cream, but these are actually used for more

Chest vs Upright - Which Freezer is Best?
You've finely decided you need a freezer to store the overload and reduce the frozen food avalanche you dodge every time your refrigerator freezer door is

Storing Your Humidifier
With the warm weather in full swing, many of us are storing our portable humidifiers till next winter. But putting your humidifier away without cleaning it

Hosting a Party?
Summer is a wonderful time to host a party. You can start it indoors and overflow to the deck or patio where guests can enjoy the surroundings as well as the

Does Your Food Processor Need a Cleaning?
Over time food processors tend to gather a lot of additives you'd rather not include in your processed foods. These kitchen appliances need a thorough

What is Anodized Cookware?
Ever wonder how and why some cookware items are anodized and what benefit it has? This cookware material process gives cookware a harder and more durable

Margaritaville® Frozen Concoction™ Maker
This new Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker Model DM2000 has even more power than the original model, more than enough to shave ice and blend all kinds of

Oxo Candela - Safe & Flameless
Do you love candles but worry about leaving the room when they're on, or concerned about the safety risks of candle use around children and pets? Oxo has

Need Storage? Add a Wire Shelf
Adding a wire shelf in the laundry room, closet, pantry, mud room or in the basement helps not only to organize items, but makes things easier to retrieve - and

De'Longhi Portable Air Conditioners
Operating on R410a eco-friendly refrigerant gas, De'Longhi's W130E Water-to-Air and A120E Air Conditioners provide more efficient cooling while being harmless

Oneida's Michelangelo is 40
It's no wonder that after 39 years, Oneida's Michelangelo™ pattern is still a popular fine flatware choice. Gleaming 18/10 quality stainless adorned

Vintage Potato Ricer
Ricing potatoes was more common decades ago, but a ricer continues to be a cool kitchen tool for giving vegetables a smoother texture and interesting shape.

Cutting Boards
It seems I never have enough cutting boards - they're so handy for many kitchen tasks. And I like having a variety of cutting board materials, shapes and

Slide-in vs Drop-in Ranges
If you're planning a kitchen renovation or designing a new one, installing a slide-in or drop-in range may be an option you'll want to consider. But what is a

Whirlpool Gold GX900 Trash Compactor
Trash compactors can help you reduce the trash you take to the curb and collectively, that can have a huge impact on reducing landfill waste. It can also help

Cuisinart Chef's Classic Cookware
I like the variety of pots and skillets in this Cuisinart Chef's Classic 10 pc Cookware Set. Although some of the pots quickly showed some discoloration from

Nano-Silver Technology
Nano-silver technology is not new; it's been around for decades and has been used extensively in the medical field. But lately, I'm seeing more home appliances

Lunch Bags - School or Work Essentials
There's still time before school starts to round up all the essential school supplies including lunch bags. To make it easy to identify, find a lunch bag for

What Type of Cooking Range Can I Consider?
When planning your kitchen lay-out, it's very important to ensure that you maintain an efficient work triangle. If you were to draw a line, this would be the

Cradle Your Corn
I grew up using corn dishes similar to these and I must say that even though the fresh cobs were delicious, it's using the corn cradles that had us looking

Weiman Products
With more than 65 years of experience developing quality cleaners, Weiman® continues to be responsive to changing consumer needs. From E-Tronic™

Get Inspired With a Garnishing Set
This delightful Things Cooks Love™ 7 Pc Garnishing Set is a handy collection of cooks tools that includes small, medium and large melon ballers, an apple

Cuisinart DLC10S Processor
Cuisinart's DLC-10S Pro Classic Food Processor chops, dices, mixes, kneads dough, slices, shreds and grates everything from hard cheeses to the juiciest fruits

Cleaning Upholstery
Even if your upholstery doesn't appear to have stains, it can be slightly soiled and need a quick cleaning to freshen it up and make patterns and colors a lot

Which Refrigerator Style Suits Your Lifestyle?
Sometimes choosing a particular refrigerator style is a way of keeping up with trends but in some cases it's a no-brainer budget decision. For others there may

A & H Essentials - Now Free of Dyes and Fragrances
For consumers with sensitivities to dyes and fragrances, finding laundry detergents free of those allergens can be quite a chore, but manufacturers are becoming

Roscan Cheese Grater Set
Don't you just love browsing through the kitchenware section of your favorite retail outlet? And who says color doesn't attract - that's what caught my eye

How Will You Bag Your Wild Game?
With hunting season fast approaching in many areas, have you considered how you'll package your wild game. Unless wild game or the garden harvest is bagged and

Convection vs Radiant Heaters - Know the Difference?
Convection heaters are touted to be more energy efficient than radiant heaters and with today's fuel prices, this is an important consideration when choosing

Keep the Fruit Bowl Fresh!
You can encourage your children to eat healthy after-school snacks by keeping a bowl of fresh fruit in plain view. But the key to delicious fruit is keeping it

Humidifier Filters - How Long Should They Last?
Manufacturers generally recommend that wick-type portable humidifier filters be changed after 1 to 3 months. There are good reasons to clean or change your

Combo Kitchens - When Small is Grand
Combination kitchens or kitchenettes are compact all-in-one kitchens that can provide the essentials for small living areas, cabins, hunting camps or even

Better Pastry Blending
When it comes to pastry, cutting in the shortening or lard before adding the liquid is crucial for good blending and flaky, tender results. And yes, you could

Hot Cottage Collectibles by C. Dianne Zweig - Review
Are you a collector of vintage kitchenware or home accessories? Many of us are, but maybe not exactly by choice. We just can't discard those items that our

Bread Storage Options
Decades ago, it seems that everyone had a bread box in their kitchen. But over the years, I've seen these boxes come and go. My bread storage has moved from

Functional Folding Tables
Short on seating capacity for your formal dinner or for a surface to host a buffet meal? Folding tables are very versatile and functional home accessories.

Oneida's New Culinaria Collection
Oneida's new Culinaria Dinnerware Collection has vivid and fun, food-inspired colors and soft elegant lines. Although this new dinnerware was designed for the

Flatware - Save or Splurge?
Shopping for flatware isn't as easy as it appears. It's sometimes difficult to tell whether you're buying quality flatware or not. Do you know what 18/8 means?

Crock-Pot eLume Slow Cooker Review
Rival is introducing a new model to the Crock-Pot® brand this month, the eLume™ 6.5 Qt Programmable Slow Cooker. It has some very nice upgrades, with

Solve the Missing Baby Sock MysteryBefore it Disappears
Ever wonder where your daughter's small mitten or the baby's sock went during the laundry process? And you're positive there was a pair of them when you sorted

Packing Your Dishes
Having moved several times over the years, I've come to appreciate the importance of packing properly and in an organized fashion. Whether you're looking at a

Re-Gifting - Yes or No?
Is re-gifting something you do occasionally or have you thought about going 'green' (recycle) this year and letting someone else enjoy a gift you have no need

Cookware With Straining Convenience
With a built-in lid strainer and handy pouring spouts, this small Cuisinart Stainless Steel Pot is big on efficiency and safety. This type of cookware is

Humidifier Size vs Water Capacity
They're sold by capacity, yet portable humidifiers do not hold the same amount of water. Why does the humidifier capacity and water tank size differ? If a

Crock-Pot Trio Cook & Serve Review
This new Trio Cook & Serve™ from Crock-Pot® is so much more than a buffet server, you can cook and warm a complete meal in it. This appliance is fun

3 Gifts to Dazzle Your Host
It's easy to forget about a thank-you or hostess gift until the moment you arrive at their home. This year, be prepared with a hostess gift that's practical

An EcoFan for Your Heat Stove
With a very simple 3 blade design and operating strictly from the heat generated from a wood-burning stove, this EcoFan gets top green marks for spreading the

A Coffeemaker With Character
I couldn't help but notice this new Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine from Krups - it has so much character and brew appeal. This single pod machine can brew

Add a Festive Touch to Your Holiday Table
Make your holiday table festive with a flurry of snowflake wine tumblers. These cute limited edition stemless Snowflake 14 oz. Wine Tumblers are made of

Gift Ideas for Him
Trouble finding room for food storage in your refrigerator because it's half filled with beverage cans? Take back your refrigerator and give him his own

Shark VX3 Cordless Sweeper Review
With a back-saving feature and enough power to pick up gravel and wood chips, this Shark VX3 Cordless Sweeper is a handy clean-up tool. If fact, I've found

Gift Ideas for Her
Whether it's a refreshing iced beverage or a hot soothing tea that she loves, the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker or the Zarafina Tea Maker Suite may be

Parcel Your Goodies in Vintage Cookie Tins
Sharing your home baking with family, friends or neighbors is a big part of the holiday season. And though disposable or reusable containers are readily

Extend Your Dinner Seating With a Folding Table
A folding table can ensure all your guests are seated comfortably or can provide adequate space for your buffet meal. While they're a must-have accessory for

Bona Hardwood Floor Care System
Hardwood floors are fairly easy to care for, but you'll want to avoid using a lot of water or liquid cleaner if you want to keep this type of floor looking

Free Firewood - Go Git it!
If you heat with wood, buying several cords of heating wood can really add up over the long winter months. But there are sources of free firewood and these

Bake a Giant Cupcake
Want to add some WoW factor to your next birthday event? This Wilton® Giant Cupcake Cake Pan would make a cool cake that would light up a few eyes and bring

Keep Out Drafts and Save Energy
If you're finding your home drafty, an inspection of the exterior walls may reveal a few areas that need more insulating factor to keep you warm this winter.

Cooling With Ductless Split Systems
While some of us are shoveling snow, I know that others are basking in the sunlight and thinking of ways to cool their home as the mercury rises. And unless

Super Bowl Eats
What are you making for Super Bowl meals and snacks today? Making homemade eats allows you to control the additives while making healthier food for your

Adding Moisture to a Dry Home
If you're living in a cold climate and heating your home, you may need to add moisture if the air is too dry and uncomfortable. There are various options when

Cook to Win a Macy's Kitchenware Shopping Spree
Wouldn't it be cool to be able to replace or refresh your kitchen with new cooking stuff, with the expert guidance of Food Network celebrity Chef Tyler

An Egg-Perfect Dish
Do you love deviled eggs, but trying to serve them without creating an egg-slide is too great a hosting challenge? Deviled eggs need servingware that is

Non-stick Bakeware Care
Nonstick bakeware and cookware is so convenient for reducing the amount of grease or oil needed to cook foods, or to make baking easy to remove from the pans.

Taming the Cable Mess
While we love our electronics and appliances, taming the cable jungle that surrounds these household items isn't easy. But there are products that can help to

Bissell's Versus Bare Floor Vacuum
More like a crossover from a stick to a small upright vacuum, Bissell's new Versus is small in stature but big on suction when it comes to clearing crumbs and

Confused about Trivection™ Cooking?
Does the term 'trivection' still sound like some complicated and way-out cooking style? This type of cooking uses smart technologies to deliver optimum cooking

Maytag Recalls Refrigerators
Maytag Corporation has voluntarily recalled certain side-by-side and top-freezer refrigerators due to a potential fire risk with the relay. All recalled

Dyson DC23 Stowaway Review
Though compact in size, the Dyson DC23 Stowaway packs a punch when it comes to cleaning power. And as far as maneuverability goes, it handles even better than

Storing Knives Safely
Sharp knives askew in a kitchen drawer can be an injury waiting to happen. Safe knife storage becomes even more important when there are young children in the

How to Find Oil Lamp Globes
I had the misfortune recently to break the globe from my antique Queen Mary oil lamp and the only positive note in this event (yes, there was one), is that the

Vacuum Cleaning Tips
As you plan or proceed with your spring cleaning, look for ways to use your vacuum cleaner. You'll cut down on cleaning time and remove more allergens and dust

Hidden Bake Element - Now That's Clean!
Do you tire of lifting the bake element everytime you wipe the interior of your oven? I sure do! Afraid of it getting loose and falling out? And if that

Roomba 530 Vacuum Review
After testing the Roomba 530, I've certainly gained an appreciation for what a robotic vacuum can do and I enjoyed the break from my cleaning routine. Set it

Serve a Beehive for Your Easter Dessert
Make this cute Beehive Bundt Cake for Easter and serve up a few smiles. Who wouldn't want to get close to this delectable beehive dessert. This original

Keeping Fresh Fruit Snacks - Fresh
While keeping a fresh fruit bowl handy on the counter can entice your family to pick a healthy snacking alternative, the last thing you want hanging around your

Save Money & Pack a Lunch
An easy way to save money on your weekly household budget is to take your lunch with you to work. It's incredible how fast the bill can add up when you eat out

Bosch MIXXO Review - Power & Portability
With its slender build, Bosch's MIXXO Immersion Blender may look more like a frother than a serious hand blender, but this kitchen tool has strong lithium power

Cuisinart SmartStick™ Review
The original SmartStick has been a very popular kitchen tool but with a chopper attachment, the CSB77C has much more going for it in terms of function. You can

Bella Professional Blender Review
Sensio's Bella Professional Blender has a durable die-cast construction and a nice stainless finish. It's simple to operate and has lots of power to blend ice

A Ceramic Knife - What is it Best For?
Ceramic knives have gained popularity of late, but these culinary knives are quite different from their steel counterparts. Although extremely sharp, use is

Chest vs Upright - Which Freezer is Best?
You've finely decided you need a freezer to store the overload and reduce the frozen food avalanche you dodge every time your refrigerator freezer door is

Sunbeam Breadmaker Review
While I like the Sunbeam Breadmaker more for baking small loaves rather than large ones, you can't beat the value in terms of cycles and browning selections for

Thermador Cooktops Have Smart Cooking Control Features
Tired of watching and waiting for the potatoes to boil so you can reduce the heat? Thermador's electric cooktops can do it for you. They have built-in smart

Are Service Contracts a Good Idea?
If you've bought an appliance or other household item lately, you've probably been faced with the decision of whether or not to buy an extended service

Oster Fusion BRLY07-Z00 Blender Review
With a chopper function, the Oster Fusion Blender is very versatile for more than blending or pureeing. But it has other features that I couldn't wait to try,

Vacuums for Pet Owners
If you're a pet owner and your vacuum is choking on fur balls and just can't seem to handle all the pet hair and dander dust, don't blame the vacuum - it may

Benefits of a Stick Vacuum
While a full vacuum, whether canister or upright is essential for heavier routine cleaning, a stick vacuum can quickly become a handy tool for quick touch-ups

Ductless Split Systems - Cool Air Option
Installing a central air to cool your entire home is good option for new construction, but unless you plan on retrofitting your home to accommodate this

Choosing a Blender
While the main use for my countertop blender is making smoothies, I do know how handy this appliance can be. But I do need to be reminded to use it for other

Baking Bread - Breadmaker vs Oven
While I do enjoy either breads - those baked in my breadmaker or oven, my preference is the soft and airy loaf that comes from the oven. That doesn't mean

Bella Professional Stand Mixer Review
A new kid on the block, the Bella Professional Stand Mixer has some unbeatable features - an easy-to-maintain polished commercial-grade finish and a

Where to Store Bread
While some may keep their bread handy right on the counter, a crowded workspace is not very convenient for day-to-day food preparation, nor does it inspire you

Best for Carpets: A Vacuum Powerhead
If you have carpeted areas in your home, there's a vacuum attachment that is worth having. While a powerhead or power nozzle will add to the cost of a vacuum

Power Up When Power's Down
During emergency situations, a small portable generator can be extremely useful for keeping even the barest of essentials functioning. They take less storage

Vornado 542B Air Circulator Review
Unlike most compact fans, the Vornado 542B uses an enhanced air flow technology to circulate air better and further. I was curious to see just how much

Popcorn Anyone?
There's just something about the smell of corn popping - it stirs the inner child and gets us drooling. A hardware retailer has a similar popcorn maker right

Coffee Filters - Which Type is Best?
What I find most annoying when I shop for a coffee maker, is not being able to tell from the packaging what type of coffee filter the machine takes or whether

KitchenAid Artisan Review
KitchenAid mixers have enjoyed a lot of popularity over the years and I have to admit, this model has been my dream machine for a long time. When I finally

Hamilton Beach BrewStation Summit Review
It looks pretty and the one-handed dispensing of the BrewStation is certainly a nice feature - kind of like the convenience of a drive-through - right at home.

New Home? Get the Essentials
Setting up a new home involves getting the basics you need to run it efficiently. And that includes kitchen items as well as cleaning tools. These tips are by

Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop Review
My biggest peeve about washing floors, is finding scent-free cleaners and replacement heads for my extra long mop handle. I've tried Wet Jet and similar floor

How Coffee Filter Shape Can Affect Flavor
Though not always practical to choose a coffee maker based on the shape of the filter, it can make a difference when it comes to flavorful coffee. Over the

Let Your Vacuum Clean it!
Look for ways to use your vacuum cleaner to its full potential - you'll cut down on cleaning time and remove more allergens and dust from your home than by

Garden Sunrise Dinnerware
A brightly colored dinnerware set caught my eye this week. Called Garden Sunrise, it's one of Pfaltzgraff's new stoneware dinnerware sets and has a coral,

Candy Apple Electric Kettle Review
Hamilton Beach has a new soon-to-released kettle and at first glance it may look like grandma's whistling kettle, but it's anything but basic. With cordless

Washer & Steam Mop Recalls
If you bought a new washing machine in the US between February and May of this year, check the brand and serial number to see if it's part of a product recall.