Human Resources Sitemap - Page 2 2016-09-26

How to Impress a Potential Employer
Looking for ways to impress a potential employer? Here are thirteen things you can do to wow a potential employer into hiring you.

Why Might an Employer Pay a Signing Bonus?
Why would an employer pay a signing bonus? Hiring an employee with hard to find skills is one reason.

What Is Shift Work and Who Works Shifts?
Do you wonder what constitutes shift work? Any organization that must operate on more than an eight-hour​ schedule requires shift work. Find out more.

Salary and Salary Requirements of Job Candidates
Want to know more about the concept of salary? It's a critical component in the employment relationship shared by employers and employees.

Pros and Cons of Employee Profit Sharing
Are you familiar with profit sharing? It's an attractive component of a variable pay plan for employees. It shares the company's success. Find out more.

What You Need to Know about Paid Sick Days
Need to know more about paid sick days? They're an appreciated benefit, increasingly mandated, that is good for both employees and employers. Find out more.

Job Share Advantages and Disadvantages
Want to know the advantages, disadvantages, challenges, and opportunities when employees job share? A job share can benefit both the employer and employee.

Sample Job Offer Letters for a Variety of Jobs
Need sample job offer letters for prospective employees in various stages of their career and in several different fields? These samples cover the gamut.

10 Things to Make Your Boss Really Unhappy
Want to make your boss very unhappy and, in the process, sabotage your job and potentially your career? Do these ten things regularly at work.

How to Implement a Book Club at Work
Looking for a way to share information with employees and develop their knowledge on the job? Form a book club at work. Ask employees to read and discuss.

Work Book Club Success Stories
Book clubs at work are an inexpensive way for employees to develop their skills both personally and professionally. See two company success stories.

Paid Vacation Days: How Do They Work?
Paid vacation days are time off from work employers provide to employees as a benefit. Find out how they work and see how yours compare to others.

You Can Transform Your Company Culture
Ready to change the culture that exists in your organization? To change your culture, you need to understand your culture. Take the first step.

Tips to Help You Get Along With Your Boss
Guess who's in charge of your relationship with your boss? If you thought you, you're right. No one has as much invested nor as much to lose.

Top Employee Complaints in the Workplace
Do you know the top employee complaints about work? HR Solutions analyzed recurring themes in employee surveys to find out. Here they are.

Tips to Ensure Effective Meetings
Spend lots of time in meetings? If so, you're not alone. People spend so much time in meetings that turning meeting time into results is a priority.

What Does an Open Door Policy at Work Mean?
Many employees misunderstand the concept of an open door policy and think of it as an opportunity to complain to upper management. It can be so much more.

What Are Your Core Values and Most Significant Beliefs?
Do you know what core values are? They represent your deeply held beliefs, your highest priorities, and the fundamental forces that drive your actions.

5 Positives and Negatives about Job Descriptions
Want to recognize the power of job descriptions in providing clear expectations for employees? Approached effectively, they are great for your business.

Bereavement Leave Sample Policy
Do you need a bereavement or funeral leave sample policy to use as a guide to craft your own? Use this sample bereavement policy as your starting point.

Why an Employer Might Want to Provide Severance Pay
Why might an employer want to pay severance pay in a layoff situation? Find out about severance and see why you may want to offer it to departing employees.

What Is a Salary History in Relation to Hiring ?
Need to know what a salary history is and why an employer might want to require one from prospective employees? There are reasons not to ask, too. Find out what they are.

How (and Why) to Foster Employee Satisfaction
Employee satisfaction is one way to assess whether employees are happy and engaged at work. Employee satisfaction is critical for retention. Learn more.

Paid Time Off (PTO) Policies Pros and Cons
Understand the advantages and disadvantages of a paid time off approach to employee vacation, sick days, and personal days. Paid time off is explored.

What Is the IRS Mileage Reimbursement?
Many companies use the IRS mileage reimbursement rate to reimburse employees for business travel. It's accepted and many taxpayers use it. Learn more.

What's The Purpose of Employee Evaluation?
Here's a simple definition of employee evaluation, also known as performance appraisal, review, or assessment. Find the basics about employee evaluation.

How Does Work Sharing - Work?
Know that over half the states in the US offer work sharing as a strategy for reducing layoffs while UI pays a portion of employees' salary? Find out more.

Use a Phone Interview as a Job Applicant Screening Tool
Use a phone interview to vet promising candidates prior to bringing them onsite for an interview. Weed out unqualified prospects before you invest time.

What Does It Mean to Be an Exempt Employee?
Are you an exempt employee? If so, you have special workplace standards and expectations. Learn more about exempt employees who are ineligible for overtime.

Know How to Tap Into Employee Discretionary Energy?
Familiar with the term, discretionary energy? It's the input you'd most like to see from your employees. Learn more about the workplace that encourages it.

Human Resources Information System (HRIS)
Need to know what an HRIS can do for your HR office and services? Here's a quick summary and additional information to help you begin the selection process.

Compensation - Definition and Inclusions
What comprises an employee's compensation for a job? Find out why employers try to make compensation attractive for recruiting and retaining.

How Is a Salary Range Determined and How Does It Work?
Want to understand salary range? Employers don't just assign a dollar amount arbitrarily to a job. Find out more about how proper salary ranges motivate.

Chain of Command - Definition and Challenges
A way to control the flow of decisions and information in an organization, it may not work effectively in today's fast changing, lean organizations.

Life Insurance Adds Value to Employer Provided Benefits
Life insurance is a component of a comprehensive employee benefits package. It ensures that an employee's family has income if the employee dies. Learn more.

Salary Reduction
Does your employer have the right to reduce your salary? Yes, they do. Here are two common situations in which you are most likely to receive a pay cut.

Assess Job Fit When You Select Employees
Understand the significance of job fit when you're hiring an employee? Here are the factors that contribute to whether a prospect is a good fit for the job.

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
What is the Society for Human Resource Management? It's an organization for HR practitioners. Here's how it works and how it can help you. Should you join?

Merit Pay - Advantages and Disadvantages
Merit pay has advantages for both the employer and the employee. Find out more about why you might consider merit pay and how it is being paid to employees.

What Does Change Management Mean at Work?
Change is a constant in today's workplace. Your skill as an employee or manager will be assessed by how well you handle change management.

All About the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) affects private and public sector employers, including state, local, and federal government. It sets regulations about pay.

What Is the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)?
The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is charged with protecting the interests of employees, job searchers, and retirees. Learn more about its offerings.

What Is a Nondisclosure Agreement?
Need to understand the use and role of a nondisclosure agreement. They protect your employer's interests and may be binding. Learn more.

What Is a Paycheck and How Does It Help You?
An employee collects a paycheck in exchange for providing work for an employer. Find out what else there is to know about paychecks and paycheck stubs.

We All Work in One, But What Is a Workplace - Really?
Workplaces are locations where employees provide work for an employer. Workplaces exist in many places, Find out what employers and employees need to know.

What Makes Up Your Company Culture?
Need to understand workplace culture? Culture is the environment you supply for employees at work - and so much more. Learn about culture and enculturation.

I-9 File Contents
Want to know about I-9 forms for employees? Filling out an I-9 is required by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Here are tips and how-to.

Managers Who Retaliate Can Lose Their Jobs
For employers, retaliation is illegal. Its practice by managers can constitute grounds for a lawsuit, the fastest growing employment lawsuit. Find out more.

What Can an Employer Learn from a Cover Letter?
Know one of your best chances to assess the talents, skills, and experience of a prospective employee? Learn what to look for in their cover letter.

Employee Records Employers Should Maintain
Are you interested to know what employee records to maintain as an employer? The employer maintains four record files for each employee. See what and why.

COBRA Regulations for Human Resources to Know
Need to understand the employer's requirements from COBRA regulations? Want a succinct summary and necessary information for employees? Find out more.

What Are the Stages of Team Development?
A team goes through five stages of development with each stage posing a different challenge. These are the stages and what you can expect at each stage.

Learning Guide to Performance Management
Want to understand performance management? It encompasses making an employee's time at work productive and successful from hire to retire.

Want to Know the Keys to Successful Job Rotation?
Want the keys to successful job rotation? It's a method for employee development. Find out more about the real keys to making job rotation work for staff.

Empowerment in Action - How to Empower Your Employees
Interested in a definition for employee empowerment? Here's what employee empowerment looks like with examples that illustrate empowerment in action.

A Cafeteria Plan Gives Employees Benefits Choices
Are you interested in customizing your employee benefits so they have access to the benefits they need for their families? Consider a cafeteria style plan.

What Does a Hiring Manager Do?
Want to know more about the concept of the hiring manager? Their voice is powerful in staff selection and hiring. See more about the hiring manager's job.

What Is Per Diem? - Definition and Rates
Want to understand per diem rates and how they are set by employers? It's an employee-friendly way to pay business travel expenses.

What Does Managing Human Resources Mean?
Want to know what managing Human Resources entails? It's all about the people, getting the job done, and continuous improvement. Find out more.

What Belongs in an Employee Personnel File?
What belongs in an employee personnel file? It's the main employee file and its contents document the history of the employment relationship.

Assessing Cultural Fit When Interviewing Candidates
Want to understand more about cultural fit? It's a significant factor in hiring employees. Understand cultural fit to choose employees wisely. Here's how.

Issue a Verbal Warning for Poor Performance
Need to know about how to use a verbal warning? Supervisors issue a verbal warning when poor performance warrants serious disciplinary action. Learn more.

Why You Need an Employee Gift Policy
Accepting a gift from vendors may violate your company gift policy. See why accepting gifts is a concern and what a gift policy provides for employees.

What Is Business Casual Attire for Work?
Interested in what an employer means when he or she tells you that their workplace is business casual? In this workplace: No suits. No ties. Find out more.

On-The-Job Training for Effective Employee Development
Need to know more about on-the-job training? It's an effective way to offer employees job and career development options. Plus, the employer gains, too.

How Do Employers Approach Paying Sales Commission?
Want to know what a sales commission is and how employers use them to incentivize employees to make sales? They're not all structured the same. Find out.

Employee Furlough - What Is It and Why Is It Used?
Need to know more about employee furloughs? It's a positive alternative to a layoff, but scary for employees. Find out more about how furloughs work.

Personnel Management - Human Resources Guide
Need to understand personnel management in an era of Human Resources and Departments for People? It has a traditional role and defined function. Find out.

Why Would an Employer Perform a Job Evaluation?
Need to understand job evaluation? Find out how job evaluations can help you create an equitable compensation system through classifying jobs appropriately.

Your Value Add Is What Matters to Your Company
Do you understand the value that you add to your company's success? It's that something that makes you valuable at work. It's critical for success.

What Is Wrongful Termination of Employment?
Understand wrongful employment termination? Do you think that your firing was legal? Here's what you need to know to avoid or review wrongful termination.

Job Shadowing Is Effective On-the-Job Training
Interested in job shadowing at work? It's an effective way to learn about what other employees do. Job shadowing is a useful way to do on-the-job training.

What Does a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Do?
What does a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) do? He or she is the highest-ranking executive manager in a corporation or organization. Learn more about the job.

Tips to Quickly Reduce Employee Turnover
Employee turnover is often preventable when an employer makes an effort to retain her best employees using these four tips. Find out what they are.

What Are Gross Pay and Net Pay?
Need to understand the difference between net pay and gross pay? The difference can be confusing. Find a description of what constitutes net and gross pay.

Should Your Company Offer a Floating Holiday?
What's a floating holiday and how does an employer ​deal with policies for them? Employers might want to consider offering one for these reasons.

Lateral Moves Offer Career Development for Employees
Why might an employee consider a lateral move or transfer? There are advantages to staying with the current employer while enhancing your skills and career.

What Is at Will Employment? Plus an at Will Policy
Need to understand at will employment and the impact that it has on you and your job? You'll want to start here. Employers will also find a sample policy.

Goals of Employee Performance Evaluation
Are you a fan or foe of employee performance evaluations? Organizations have good reasons for doing them. But, how the evaluation is done is what matters.

Make a Counter Offer When You Negotiate Salary
Be prepared for a counter offer when you negotiate salary with a prospective employee. Try to make the negotiation win-win for a happy new employee.

What Are Meeting Minutes and Who Records Them?
What are meeting minutes and why might you want to take them? Want to know about how to take minutes at a meeting? Find out more about recording minutes.

Temporary Employees Definition - Human Resources
What's a temporary employee? This article describes many of the differences between temporary and regular employees and why temps may be beneficial.

What Is a Job Application and Why Do Employers Use One?
Need to know what a job application is and why employers use them? Employers have good reasons including applicant details and permissions.

What Is an Ice Breaker and How Are They Used in Meetings?
Trainers and meeting leaders use ice breakers to help participants get to know each other and to engage them in talk. Find out more about ice breakers.​

What Is Hourly to Salary?
Know what hourly to salary means in the employment world? If you're offered the opportunity, here's what it is and what you need to consider to choose.

Quotes for Business and Work: Change Management
Looking for an inspirational quote for work? These change and change management quotes are useful to help motivation and inspiration. See the quotes.

The Five of Anything Ice Breaker for Team Building
Want a winning team building ice breaker that you can use for meetings, training classes, and team building? This ice breaker is infinitely flexible.

How to Write a Resignation Letter from a Template
Need to resign from your job? This template gives you the sample you need to write a professional resignation letter. Take a look.

Increase Team Member Commitment for Successful Teams
Commitment is one of the critical factors in building an effective teamwork environment at work. Employees must want their team to succeed. Find out more.

What Are Payroll Taxes and Deductions?
Need information about payroll taxes? Employers are legally required to withhold these taxes from an employee's paycheck. Find out more about payroll taxes.

You Want My Social Security Number?
What's with the practice of requiring social security numbers from job applicants? It seems like a bad practice to me. Here's why I don't recommend it.

Medical Files and Their Contents
Since employee medical information is confidential and legally protected, employers keep this information in a file separate from personnel records.

Would You Rehire an Employee that You Fired?
Do you think that it's wise for an employer to rehire a fired employee? After all, the person was let go for a reason - right? Find out what to consider.

What Is a Vice President's Role?
Are you interested in understanding what a vice president is responsible for in an organization? It's a senior level executive position that leads managers.

How to Demonstrate Respect in the Workplace
What do you and other employees want from your workplace on a daily basis? To be treated with dignity and respect is the most common answer. Find out how.

Want to Know about Job Analysis? What It Does for You?
Need to know how to do a job analysis? If you're writing job descriptions, you do. Learn more about how to complete a job analysis.

What Does Two Weeks' Notice Mean?
Two weeks notice is a tradition in the world of employment when you resign from a job. But, your employer may not let you work out that time. Learn more.

Provide Employee Anniversary Recognition That Works
Need to know how HR can help managers provide the best possible recognition for employees. See this book chapter from Make Their Day! to find out.

How (and Why) to Recognize Employees with a Service Award
Do you supply a service award at periodic points for your employees? They are appreciated and tell your employees you value their commitment and longevity.

What Are Payroll Deductions
What do you need to know about payroll deductions? They come in two flavors, voluntary and involuntary and some are required legally. Find out more.

Help Your Employees Achieve Work-Life Balance
Interested in work-life balance? Work-life balance enables employees, especially parents, to divide their energy between their home and work priorities.

What Is Job Abandonment? An Explanation For Employers
Want to understand what it means when an employee resigns through job abandonment? The employer needs a clear policy with consequences. Here's why and what.

What Are Paid Holidays in the U.S.?
What are the usual paid holidays for exempt and non-exempt employees? Find out when they are scheduled, and how prevalent they are.

What Is Employee Motivation?
Want to inspire employee motivation? Employers are challenged to understand what motivates employees and to provide a work culture that encourages it.

Why Offer Brown Bag Lunches and Other Internal Training
Need to understand the use and implementation of a brown bag lunch? Find out more about brown bag lunches and reasons to do additional internal training.

What Is a Resume and Why Is It Important?
A resume is an important document if you are job searching or hiring employees. Find out more about the use of a resume from the employer's point of view.

Early Retirement Is an Option for Some Employees
Early retirement may be an option for some employees under a variety of circumstances, especially when savings permit. Learn about early retirement.

How Is Executive Compensation Different from Mine?
Different rules apply to executive compensation. Find out about executive compensation and what an executive manager can expect from his employer. Curious?

How You Can Boost Employee Morale
Want to boost employee morale at work? You can if you follow these tips to help employees feel appreciated and valued. Find out about how to raise morale.

Requirements of a Love Contract Policy at Work
Curious about the use of a love contract? Employers who want to minimize the potential disruption of an office romance might want to consider using one.

New Employee Orientation - Employee Onboarding
Want to know what will make a new employee feel welcome? Or, importantly, help the new employee feel integrated and valued at the new job? Find out here.

Trust Rules: The Most Important Secret About Trust
How important is trust in your organization? Without trust, you have nothing. It is the foundation upon which all relationships are built. Find out more.

Are Certifications Required for an HR Career?
What certifications are expected from the HR professional? A PHR or SPHR are commonplace but the need depends on company size and location. Find out more.

What Is a Pay Raise at Work?
Are you interested in knowing about how organizations give pay raises? There are a number of approaches that you can consider. Find out more about raises.

What Is a Confidentiality Agreement?
What's in a confidentiality agreement and how does it affect your relationship with your employer - both while employed and after employment ends? Find out.

Intro to the Management and Human Resources Dictionary
Need definitions for common Human Resources, management, and business terms? This is my introduction to a comprehensive HR glossary and dictionary.

What Are Incentives at Work?
You have four key ways to incentivize employees that will make employees want to contribute in ways your organization needs.

How Does a Pay Grade Work for Employees?
Do you want to understand the meaning of a pay grade? It is a step in a compensation system that defines your pay, especially in the public sector.

What Is Telecommuting?
Telecommuting is a flexible work arrangement that allows employees to work outside of the employer's work location. Find out what jobs are a good fit.

Are You an Employer that Employees Will Choose?
Are you an employer of choice? If yes, you are well-positioned to attract and retain the best employees during the coming talent wars.

Employee Referral Program
Want to tap into your employees' networks? Ask your employees to refer their great friends and social media contacts to expand your pool of job prospects.

What Affects Salary Negotiations?
Need to know more about salary negotiations? If you ever hire an employee, you will need to understand how to negotiate salary. Find out more about how.

Business Attire - Degrees of Formality
Business attire standards have changed, but how you dress must suit your work environment and your company's dress code. Learn more about business attire.

What Does It Mean When You Receive a Demotion?
Need to understand what an employee demotion is? It can be used compulsorily by an employer or sought voluntarily by an employee. Find out what it entails.

Working With a Flexible Schedule - Definition and Guide
Are you interested in working a flexible schedule? Let's look at options for a flexible schedule that a typical workplace offers. Find out more here.

What Does an Employee Handbook Do for You?
What does an employee handbook do for you? It provides guidance to employees about desired ways for employees to act at work and much more. Find out.

What Is Integrity? See Examples in the Workplace
Want to understand the full implications of integrity in the workplace? Integrity is the foundation for all relationships. Here are positive examples.

What Is the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)
Want to know what the National Labor Relations Board is charged with doing? It's often not the employer's friend. But, sometimes reason rules. Learn more.

What Is the Definition of an Employer?
Do you know what an employer actually is? The joys and tribulations of being an employer are explored. Find out more about being an employer.

The HR Department and How Does It Need to Change?
Want to know what a Human Resources department is and what the department does? Here's the information you need and also how we need to reinvent HR.

What Do Job Titles Signify on the Organization Chart?
Job titles have a significant function in organizing your company's jobs hierarchically. Find out more about job titles and their roles in organizations.

What Is a Team? Find Common Types in the Workplace
Need to understand exactly what a team is and what it does in the workplace? You can consider several team approaches when you form a team. Find out more.

What Is Management Development in Human Resources?
Want to pursue management development in your organization? This is what management development is for managers and hopefuls and this is how to do it.

Do You Know What Team Building Is?
Want to know more about team building? It helps a group work together more effectively for the common good in pursuit of a common goal. Find out more.

What Is Talent Management - Really?
Think talent management is just a piece of HR jargon? Think again. It's your organization's commitment to recruit, hire, and retain superior employees.

What Is Employee Involvement? Definition and Examples
Need to understand what employee involvement entails as an organization's strategy and philosophy? Most organizations get it wrong.

What Is a Job Specification?
What can you hope to learn from a job specification? What goes into writing one? Find out more about the job specification.

Best Ways to Foster Employee Motivation
No workplace will ever give managers perfect support in their efforts to foster employee motivation. But, every manager can work with what he has.

Discriminating Against Employees Is Illegal
Need to understand what qualifies as discrimination in employment or the workplace? It's based on membership in protected classifications. Find out more.

How to Deal With Difficult People at Work
Difficult people exist in every workplace. They have one thing in common. You must address them. These tips will help you deal with difficult coworkers.

How to Deal With Difficult People at Work
Difficult people exist in every workplace. You can't ignore them. Use these five tips to better deal with the difficult people in your work world. Page 2.

How to Deal With Difficult People at Work
Do you have difficult people at work? Chances are if you work with people, you do. Here are my five final tips for dealing with difficult coworkers. Page 3.

Training Employees for Motivation and Retention
Know what employees want from work? The chance to continue to develop their skills is primary. Learn how you can give your employees training options.

Is a Poisonous Attitude Reason to Fire an Employee?
Is a poisonous attitude a reason to fire an employee? See the reader question and the four main steps recommended to address a negative, bullying employee.

Talent On-the-Bubble - Addressing Human Behavior at Work
The performance of talent gone awry is seriously under-addressed at work. Find out how you must manage human behavior to create a successful organization.

Talent On-the-Bubble - Addressing Human Behavior at Work
The performance of talent gone awry is seriously under-addressed at work. See more about how you manage human behavior to create successful organizations. Page 2.

Tips about How HR Can Best Handle Employee Complaints
How can HR best work with employees to solve their problems and complaints that are often highly subjective and situational? Find tips about helping.

How HR Can Avoid Becoming Cynical
Working in HR, you see the best and the worst in people. Here's why it's easy to become cynical when you work in HR and five tips for overcoming cynicism.

How to Tackle Annoying Employee Habits and Issues
Do you work with fellow employees who have annoying habits and issues that drive you up a wall? Find out how to hold a difficult conversation with them.

The Costs (and Benefits) of Employee Turnover
Employee turnover brings the high cost of replacing the employee and the training and integration time needed. But, sometimes it's worth the cost. See when.

Internal Employment Application Form Sample Continued
Looking for a format to use for your internal job application process? You do post job openings for your internal staff first, right? This internal job application form will give you a head start as you develop your internal job application and job opportunities process for current employees. This page is the self identification form about gender and race to help us monitor our success in encouraging diverse applicants. Page 3.

Internal Employment Application Form Sample
Looking for a format to use for your internal job application process? You do post job openings for your internal staff first, right? Here is the form. Page 2.

Internal Employment Application Sample and Procedures
Looking for a format to use for your internal job application process? You do post job openings for your internal staff first, right? This form will help.

The Best Ways to Retain Your Great Employees
Want to keep your best employees and prevent them from scouting for new jobs? Here are 10 ways to retain your great employees and keep them satisfied.

Human Resources - How to Retain Great Employees
Want to retain your best and key employees when many employees are looking for new jobs? Here are six more ways to retain your great employees. Page 2.

What Is an Employee?
Interested in understanding what an employee is? Find out all about what constitutes an organization's relationship with the people it employs.

Here Are Sample Employee Recognition Letters
Need a sample thank you letter that you can send to an employee? See three semi-formal thank you letters that recognize specific employee contributions.

How to Enable Employee Greatness
Organizations admit the importance of employee success but few enable it, a challenge for organizations that seek to help employees find their greatness.

How to Manage a Negative Employee
You can manage a negative employee - and you can help the employee turn the negativity around. Here's how to help the employee move past the negativity.

Examples of Retirement Wishes for a Coworker
Want to know what to say that will make your coworker's retirement a memorable and moving experience? Here are examples of retirement wishes to guide you.

Are You the Negative Employee?
Do you find yourself playing the role of negative employee - even once in awhile? Here's how you can change your negative vibes and perception.

Things To Avoid In Workplace Conflict Resolution
Employers are responsible for an employee supportive workplace. If lack of effective conflict resolution interferes with performance, here's what not to do.

Steps in Workplace Conflict Resolution
Want to know what you should do about employees who are in conflict in your workplace? These are the steps you want to take in conflict resolution. Page 2.

Steps to Generating Effective Ideas Using Brainstorming
Brainstorming can generate useful ideas quickly. There are simple rules to follow when you gather a group to solve a problem or consider alternatives.

How to Handle Sick Leave Abuse in the Workplace
Are your employees missing more frequently during summers and holiday seasons? Studies show that they are. Here's what you can do about sick leave abuse.

Lead the Team: How to Be the Person Others Follow
Want to know one of the key secrets of leadership? You can't be a great leader if other people are unwilling to follow you. Learn more about followership.

7 Ways to Become Your Organization's Worst Employee Ever
Want to become your organization's worst employee ever? Take these seven actions to annoy your boss. You're certain to make it onto the bad employee list.

Need 6 Strategies to Promote the Growth of Your Employees?
Successful leaders help their employees continue to grow and develop both their professional and personal skills. Find 6 strategies to help employees grow.

5 Pitfalls of Hiring International Employees
Interested in hiring foreign employees? U.S. employers experience challenges from employment laws in different countries. Here are five common pitfalls.

Who Should Sign an Offer Letter to a Job Candidate?
An HR assistant asks who should review and sign a job offer? It often depends on the size of the company and whether the workplace is union. Learn more.

Leaders Care and Act with Compassion
Successful leaders care about their employees and getting things done. They act with compassion whether legally required - or not. See what this means.

Leaders Set the Pace Through Their Expectations and Example
Successful leaders set the pace in their workplace by the actions that they take and through their clear expectations of employees and modeled performance.

How Do Leaders Inspire Continuous Improvement?
Successful leaders inspire their employees to continuously improve their work, the company, and how they serve customers and innovate. Find out more.

How to Impress a Potential Employer
Looking for ways to impress a potential employer? Here are thirteen things you can do to wow a potential employer into hiring you.

More Tips about How to Impress a Potential Employer
Want to make a potential employer love you? Here are five more tips about how you can seal the deal when you're applying, interviewing, and following through. Page 3.

More Tips about How to Impress a Potential Employer
Want to make a potential employer love you? Here are four more tips about how you can seal the deal when you're applying, interviewing, and following through. Page 2.

Answers to the Most Common Human Resources Questions
Have some basic questions about the field of Human Resources? Answers to your most important HR questions are in this HR FAQ.

A Checklist for Success in Hiring Employees
A systematic process for hiring employees will bring your company a superior workforce. Use this hiring checklist as a guide to hiring quality employees.

What Exactly Is a Mentor and What Does a Mentor Do?
Mentoring is a powerful tool that employers may use for developing employees. It has special implications for organizations and employee growth. Learn more.

Ask Questions to Become a Career Success
Starting a new job is exciting. New employees who ask questions will fit in, learn the culture, and find out about requirements quickly—and then succeed.

Is a PIP the First Step in Firing an Employee?
Interested in performance improvement plans? So many employers use them for the wrong reasons and do them wrong, so PIPs have a bad name.

Build a Strategic Framework Through Planning
In organizations where employees understand the mission and the goals, the business experiences a 29% greater return. Here's how to develop a strategic plan.

Strategic Framework - Develop a Mission Statement
Want help and samples so you can create a mission statement that expresses what you do in a way that employees and customers find inspirational? Here's how. Page 2.

Build a Strategic Framework Through Value Statements
Interested in crafting value statements that define how people will work together in your workplace? Begin by identifying your most important values. Page 3.

Develop Value Statements for Your Strategic Framework
Use value statements as examples to help you brainstorm and develop your own. These samples will help you magnify the impact of your value statements. Page 4.

Build a Strategic Framework Through Strategic Planning
Learn about how to develop strategies, goals and action plans which intertwine to build a road map for success in accomplishing your mission. Page 5.

Why Resume Cover Letters Should Matter to Employers
Resume cover letters matter - or they should - to employers. Here's what you can learn when you review your candidate's cover letter. Find out more.

How to Find Jobs in Human Resources - Fast
Need to find Human Resources job? HR jobs are available, but an HR professional must be more prepared than the average job searcher. These tips will help.

5 Cover Letter Red Flags for Employers
Want to know what should capture your attention when you review a cover letter? These are the red flags that employers need to watch for.

College Degrees to Work in Human Resources
What degree requirements are expected from the Human Resources professional? A Bachelors degree, and often, a Masters degree, are the norm. Learn more.

Top Office Party Gaffes (Don't Ruin Your Reputation)
Want to have fun at your office holiday party? You can if you avoid these seven serious mistakes and enhance your professional reputation - not destroy it.

What Characteristics Make a Boss Bad?
Many people who work have had a bad boss. In this article are 12 key concerns that people shared regarding bad bosses.

Failure to Practice Fundamental Workplace Ethics
Think you are a person of integrity? Your workplace ethics are unassailable, your standards high? You may be surprised. Ethics at work aren't so simple.

How to Use a Release of Claims for Employment
Are you familiar with a document called a release of claims? It's used in the workplace to protect the employer's interests in a termination. Find out more,

Posting Job Opportunities Online - HR Onboarding Tips
Think online job posting can help you find the best candidates for your jobs? It can. Here are the best ways to use online job postings to recruit.

Effective Delegation Is Not More Work
Know the difference between delegation and dumping? Employees seek new challenges, not more of the same, old - work. Here are more delegation tips.

The Bottom Line for Employee Retention
Want the bottom line when it comes to employee retention? The quality of the management is critical to retention. So is the relationship with the manager.

Performance Management Is NOT an Annual Appraisal
Performance management isn't an annual appraisal when a manager judges performance. It's a tool for goal setting, feedback, and employee development.

Performance Management is NOT an Annual Appraisal!
Performance management isn't an annual appraisal when a manager judges performance. It's a tool for goal setting, feedback, and development. Find more. Page 2.

What Is the Human Resources Command?
The Human Resources Command, founded in 2003, houses all personnel services for the Army. Learn more about it.

Sample Formal Employee Recognition Letters
Need to see a formal thank you letter that recognizes an employee contribution? Here are three sample letters that you can use as you write your own.

Sample Human Resources Director Job Description
Need a sample job description for a Human Resources Director? This sample will help you develop the right job description for your organization.

Sample Human Resources Director Job Description - Essential Functions
Need a sample job description for an HR Director? This sample page has the essential functions needed in HRIS, training, employment, and employee relations. Page 2.

Human Resources Director Job Requirements (Page 4)
Need a sample job description for an HR Director? This sample lays out the knowledge, experience, and requirements needed from your employee for this role. Page 4.

8 Top Ways to Retain Your Great Employees
Looking for tried and true methods to help you retain your best employees? These financial and cultural incentives are proven factors in employee retention.

How to Build a Teamwork Work Culture
Want to know more about how to build a culture in your organization that fosters teamwork? You can by doing the right things - right. Why not see how?

Identify and Live Your Personal Values for Success
Want to know more about personal values? They're the driving force within the development of your organization's culture. Values really matter. Learn more.

See a Sample Human Resources Manager Job Description
Interested in what a Human Resources manager does? This sample job description for an HR manager provides a comprehensive list of the responsibilities.

Human Resources Manager Job Description Sample
Interested to know what an HR manager does? This sample job description provides even more information about of the job's responsibilities. Page 3.

Human Resources Manager Job Description Sample
A sample job description outlining the skills, knowledge, education and experience, and physical demands required to become company Human Resources manager. Page 4.

What Do Great Managers Do Differently?
Great managers break almost every rule that is touted as the path to successful and effective management of employees. Learn management success secrets.

What Great Managers Do Differently: Management Success
Great managers break almost every rule that is touted as the path to successful and effective management of employees. Learn management success secrets. Page 2.

Tips for Compassionate Layoffs
These tips will help you accomplish necessary employee layoffs with compassion and empathy for the employees you lay off and the employees who remain.

Sample Welcome Letter from the Manager
Looking for a sample new employee welcome letter? Here's an informal sample from the employee's new manager that tells the employee about starting work.

Want Quick Sample Thank You Emails?
Need a sample thank you email that you can use to write your own? You want maximum impact when you take the time. Here's a sample that works.

Sample Sympathy Letter: Job Loss
Need a sample sympathy letter so that you can empathize with a colleague over a job loss? Your coworker will love knowing that you care and are offering help.

Human Resources Management Fundamentals in Hiring
Learn how to hire an employee, develop a job description, make a recruiting plan, post jobs to find qualified applicants, and more.

Sample Introduction for New Employees
Want to welcome your new employee to the team? You can use this sample new employee introduction to tell your employees about their new coworker.

Sample Letter of Termination for Cause
Sometimes employers fire employees for cause. Here's a sample termination letter that informs an employee of the reason for his dismissal.

Sample Reference Letter for a Valued Employee
Need a sample reference letter so that you have a guide to follow when you write a reference letter for a valued former employee? Find the sample letter.

Sample Termination Letter for Cause
Need another example termination letter for cause? This one notifies an employee of termination because of attendance problems. See more examples here.

Candidate Rejection Letter Sample
Looking for a sample candidate rejection letter? Your candidates appreciate receiving official notification from organizations in which they invested time.

How to Turn Down Job Applicants the Right Way
Looking for a positive approach to turning down job applicants at any point in your hiring process? These steps are recommended for employers of choice.

Sample Human Resources Generalist Job Description
Need a sample HR Generalist job description that will tell you the essential functions of the job? Find key objectives and experience required, too.

Sample Human Resources Generalist Job Description
Need a sample HR Generalist job description that will tell you the essential functions of the job? Find key objectives and experience required, too. Page 2.

Human Resources Generalist - Job Description
Need a sample HR Generalist job description that will tell you the essential functions of the job? Find key objectives and experience required, too. Page 4.

How to Develop a Policy for Employees
To ensure a safe, organized, convivial, empowering, nondiscriminatory workplace, you need to write policies to guide the actions of employees. See how.

How to Write, Implement, and Integrate a Policy
Once you've determined that you need a policy, here's how to develop, write, implement and integrate your needed policies. Learn how. Page 2.

Sample Human Resources Policies and Procedures
Looking for sample policies, checklists, procedures, and forms to use in your Human Resources processes and programs? Here's a comprehensive resource.

Tips to Help Managers Improve Performance Appraisals
Not in a position in your organization to have an impact on your performance appraisal system? Every manager can improve their execution.

Performance Appraisal Systems That Rank, Rate and Limit
Does your company's performance appraisal system rate and rank employees and limit the number of employees who can excell? If so you may want to consider...

Job Description Template for Organization
Need a job description template to simplify the process of developing a job description? This job description template provides a guide for you to use.

Creating a Job Plan Template
Need a template for an employee developed and owned job plan? Here's a format that you can customize, copy, and use. Why not take a look at the template?

Top Resolutions for a Successful New Year
Looking for recommended New Year's resolutions for people who work? Here are some resolutions for people in businesses and organizations.

Stay the Course or Change the Course with Persistence
Want to accomplish all of your goals and dreams? The key is persistence and self-discipline. Here are five steps to help you stay on the path to success.

How to Write a Reference Letter
A reference letter is provided by people who are familiar with an employee's work or character and who have positive remarks to make. Here's a template.

Sample Reference Letter to Recommend an Employee
You must consider certain factors before writing a reference letter. Here's a sample reference letter that you can use to craft your own.

Resignation Letter Definition
Need to know more about a resignation letter and what it can accomplish for the employer? Here's why you'll want to ask for one when an employee resigns.

Recommendation Letter Sample for Valued Employee
Do you need a recommendation letter sample to use as a guide? This sample will help you write effective recommendation letters for valued employees.

How to Write a Recommendation Letter
Know how to write a recommendation letter for an employee you valued who is leaving? The contents are important to give the employee a job search boost.

How to Write an Award Letter to Recognize an Employee
Know what belongs in an award letter for an employee? Here's what goes in the letter, how to magnify the recognition, and why it's a powerfully positive act.

Thoughtful Team Building Questions for Ice Breakers
Looking for team building ice breakers that will help you create meeting environments that will foster thoughtful communication? Try using these questions.

Use Your Favorite Quotes as an Easy-to-Plan Ice Breaker
Need an ice breaker that will pull your participants quickly into the topic of your meeting? This quotes ice breaker works well with groups. See more.

How Your Rigid Sick Leave Policy Hurts Your Business
Have a rigid sick leave policy that calls for firing an employee after a certain number of absences - no exceptions? If so, it probably hurts you. See why.

Take a Stand Group Ice Breaker
Need an ice breaker for a group? The Take a Stand ice breaker breaks the ice in a meeting, team building or training session in more ways than one.

Tips for Performance Improvement at Work
Want to improve your work performance? These 8 simple, useful tips will help you improve your performance on the job every day - immediately and easily.

How to Manage Gossip at Work
Do you have a lot of gossip happening in your workplace? It won't cure itself or go away on its own. Here are the steps you must take to manage gossip.

Sample Formal Employee Thank You Letter
Want to know how to write a formal thank you letter to recognize an employee for contributions at work? A letter from the boss goes a long way. Here's a sample, too.

How to Provide Recognition That Motivates Employees
Avoid employee recognition traps that: single out a few employees who are mysteriously selected for recognition. You sap the morale of the many. Learn more.

How to Deal With a Bully in the Workplace
Need to deal with a bully at work? You have lots of company. 54 million Americans, 37% of the workforce, have been bullied at work. Here's what to do.

Sample Employee Thank You Letters from the Supervisor
Need to recognize the employees who report to you? A thank you note from the supervisor is correspondence that is treasured by employees. See sample notes.

Need to Know the Basics about Employment in HR?
Looking for basic information about Human Resources employment? Here are all of the basics, the fundamentals about HR employment, that you need to know.

How to Do Human Resources Strategic Planning
Need basic information about Human Resources' strategic planning? Here's how to accomplish HR strategic planning that will add value for your business.

How to Make Strategic Planning Implementation Work
Did you know that organizations in which employees understand and support the mission and goals enjoy a 29% greater return than other firms? Find out how.

Strategic Planning Implementation - How to Make Strategic Planning Work
What's significant when you implement strategic planning to achieve results? Executive support and commitment is the key variable in successful implementation. Page 2.

Job Offer Letter Sample for Employers
Need a free, sample offer letter that is suitable for most candidate job offers? Your candidates appreciate the offer terms spelled out. See the sample.

Human Resources: Sample Job Offer Letter Format
Looking for a sample job offer letter? Your candidates appreciate the job offer terms spelled out. Use this job offer letter format as your guide. Page 2.

Job Candidate Evaluation Form
Interested in a consistent candidate evaluation form so that various people conducting interviews can easily compare notes? This form works.

Job Candidate Evaluation Form Questions
Interested in a consistent candidate evaluation form so that various people conducting interviews can easily compare notes? This form works. Page 2.

More of the Job Candidate Evaluation Form
Interested in a consistent candidate evaluation form so that various people conducting interviews can easily compare notes? See the second part of the form. Page 3.

Job Applicant Rejection Letter
Do you need a job applicant rejection letter? This sample will inform your applicants that they will not be considered further for the job.

How to Check References and a Reference Checking Format
Need reasons to have a consistent process and an effective format for checking references from your job candidates? Find out why you want consistency.

Need a Form to Use as You Check Candidate References?
Need an effective format for checking references from your prospective employees? These questions work well as you check your candidate's references. Page 2.

Rejection Letter Sample for Job Candidates
Do you need sample applicant rejection letters? Here are sample rejection letters for the applicants who did not get the job.

How to Hold a Difficult Conversation with Employees
Want tips about how to hold difficult conversations? You know those conversations that no one likes to hold but are needed for workplace harmony. Find tips.

Recommendations for Dealing with a PIP
Has your employer put you on a performance improvement plan (PIP)? These six tips will help you demonstrate the improvements they want to see - quickly.

Management Matters Most in Motivation
Know the most important emotion that employees bring to work each day? Motivation. Author Jon Gordon talks about how managers foster motivation - or not.

How You Can Help HR - So HR Can Better Help You
Want to know how you can help your Human Resources department so that, in turn, HR can better help you? These are the three most important actions needed.

Can You Make Your Current Job Work?
Is it time to quit your current job? Or, would using these tips to change the factors that bother you - make your current job work? Why not find out?

Communication Interview Questions for Employers to Ask
Need job interview questions that you can ask prospective employees that will help you identify their communication skills? Use these sample questions.

How HR Staff Have to Think about Issues
Think you can go to your HR office and get a straightforward answer to a simple question? Not so easy, it turns out. Here's what HR has to think about.

More about How HR Staff Have to Think about Issues
Think you can go to your HR office and get a straightforward answer to a simple question? Not so easy, it turns out. Here's more about what HR has to review. Page 2.

6 Steps You Must Take Before Changing Employee Hours
You need to change employee hours to effectively cover the needs of the business. Here's how you can implement new hours with the least employee push back.

Human Resources Acronyms - Get to Know HR Abbreviations
Need to know what those pesky Human Resources acronyms mean? Abbreviations used in any field are a challenge. Here are HR acronyms you'll need to know.

Checklist for Interviewing Potential Employees
Need a checklist for your team to interview potential employees? If you follow these steps you will maximize your chances of hiring a good employee.

Problems to Avoid When Implementing Your Dress Code
Employers wonder what they can require – legally and ethically - while caring about the comfort and morale of their employees.

Contributor Bill Benjamin Biography
Meet Bill Benjamin, Partner at the Institute for Health and Human Potential. He's a highly-regarded training and performance expert, who speaks globally.

Are Employee Handbooks Required by Law?
Employee handbooks are in the best interests of both the company and the employees. They provide a set of guidelines for how things will be handled.

Job Application Controversies
Job searchers dislike providing personal, confidential information on a job application but many employers ask for convenience.

Tips to Help New Employees Meet the Boss's Expectations
An employee took a job based on a promised, eventual promotion. But, his boss says his work doesn't merit one. Here are six tips about what he should do.

Motivation: What People Want From Work
Some people work for personal fulfillment; others work for love of what they do. Motivation is different for different people. Learn more about motivation.

How to Make a Job Offer to a Prospective Employee
Interested in knowing how employers make a job offer? It's an invitation for a job searcher to become an employee. These are the steps employers use.

How to Set and Achieve Goals
Goals are powerful when they are meaningful, written, and regularly reviewed. Learn about setting goals including ten tips on how to best accomplish them.

Tips for Providing Mandatory HR Training
Want some tips for making the mandatory Human Resources-related training that you provide for managers - effective and fun? Here's how.

What is the Definition of a Job Offer?
Interested in information about job offers? They're commonly made by an employer who wants to hire an employee. See what's included in a standard job offer.

Bullying In the Workplace - Signs and Effects
Need to understand bullying in the workplace? Thought it was something that ended in third grade? Learn about the many forms that bullying can take.

What Are Paid Personal Days for Employees?
What are paid personal days? They're used to provide employees time off for reasons that vary by an employee's lifestyle, family, and personal needs.

What Is Harassment In the Workplace?
Need to understand harassment in the workplace? It can include actions, objects, communication, behavior, and jokes. Avoid harassment legal difficulties.

Overtime Pay - Who Is Eligible to Receive It?
Need to understand exactly what overtime is and when you need to start paying it to employees? Find out more, too, about what employees are eligible.

10 Things You Should Never Ask Your Employees to Do
Are you interested in knowing what managers should never ask your employees to do? If you start by avoiding these ten things, you're on the right track.

What Is an Independent Contractor?
Need to understand the concept of an independent contractor? They are not employees and the employer has less of a commitment to their employ. Learn more.

Tips to Speed Up Hiring: How to Win the Talent Game
Concerned about speeding up hiring so that your managers have employees on board quickly? Your HR staff can use the time saved on retention. Find out how.

Tips to Spice Up Your Company Meeting
Do you plan and present at the periodic company or department meeting? They can be deadly dull if you're not careful. See how to make them effective.

Is Your Human Resources Department Profitable?
Can you ask for profitability input from your Human Resources department? You can ask your HR department for innovative business solutions. Here's how.

What Are Travel Expenses And Expenditures?
Want to understand travel expenses and how they are paid for employees who experience legitimate business travel expenditures?

How Long Must HR Keep Employee Records?
Interested in how long to retain employee records? Here's how long an employer must keep employee records in the main areas for which HR must keep records.

Can Employers Ask Your Age?
Can a potential employer ask for a job candidate's date of birth before making a job offer? Find out whether this practice is legal - or recommended.

5 Tips for Building a Learning Culture in the Workplace
What does it mean for employers who want to develop a learning culture that the largest segment of their workforces is now millennials? Here are five tips.

How to Formally Complain about Harassment at Work
Need to know how to formally complain about harassment at work? Here is a recommended complaint letter that proves you complained and initiates action.

Absenteeism Is When Employees Don't Come to Work
Need to understand the basics about employee absenteeism? It's a problem for employers with customer facing or manufacturing businesses. Find out more.

Purpose above Profit: Engaging a Millennial Workforce
You can tap into the potential and drive of your millennial employees by offering them a great culture, a sense of connection, and good leadership. See how.

Why You Are Doing Employee Reviews Wrong
Interested in revamping your traditional performance evaluation? Here's a new approach called You in Review that completely re-tools employee evaluations​.

Simplifying and Accelerating HR Service Delivery
Want to know how a service delivery approach to providing HR assistance for employees can dig HR staff out of the quagmire of administrivia? See how.

HR Needs to Stop Treating All Organization Roles Equally
Has your HR department evolved in such a way that it adds value to the business or is it stuck in a mid-century hiring, managing, and retaining mode - bad?

8 Ways to Gain Respect from Your Coworkers
Want to know how to gain the respect of your coworkers and bosses? Start with these eight actions to draw the respect that will help your career soar - high.

5 Ground Rules for Workplace Friendships
Friendships at work can be healthy and contribute to your well being - and to your workplace's. But, you must manage them using these five guidelines.

6 Steps in Putting a Work Team Together
Need to put together your own team internally or drawing from the outside? These are the steps you'll want to follow and advice you'll want to heed.

Want 16 Ways to Foster Learning in Your Organization?
Organizations that will succeed and thrive in the future are learning organizations. Find sixteen tips about how you can include your employees in learning.

5 Ways to Make Your Wellness Program Irresistible
Employee wellness programs do much to turn employees off. Want to know how you can turn that around? See the five things you need to do to make them rock.

5 Things You Do that Drive Your Boss Crazy
Want to make your boss happy and achieve your career goals? Then, you'll want to stop doing any of these five things that drive your boss crazy at work.

HR's 3 Challenges When Evaluating HR Management Suites
HR can add significant strategic value to an organization when its technology suite automates core functions and supports the strategic mission of HR.

Why Collaboration Tools Matter in Today's Workplace
Are your employees making use of collaboration tools to work more effectively remotely and globally? If not, they should be. Here is the case for why.

Michael Thiemann Biography
Michael Thiemann is the founder and CEO of Zebit, Inc., a free employee financial wellness benefit that provides financial resources for employees.

8 Tips about How to Get Results from Your Employees
Know how to get results from your employees? Your success starts with hiring and how you provide goals, feedback, and rewards. Here are additional tips.

Can the Employer Legally Cut an Employee's Pay?
Is it legal for my boss to cut my pay? The answer is yes, but only if your boss is in compliance with certain legal requirements. Find out what they are.

5 Tips to Help Your Employees Perform Under Pressure
Want to help employees perform under pressure? Your tactics start with whom you hire, how you recognize, what you pay, and how you help employees de-stress.

How to Get Consistent Performance from Employees
Want to get more consistent performance from employees? Start with emulating pharmacists and take three additional actions to encourage employee consistency.

How to Deal with Employees Who Won't Get Along
When employees don't get along at work, the manager is challenged. If she ignores the bickering, it won't improve. Here are the steps she needs to take.

Exempt Employee Is Not Working 40 Hours: What to Do?
An exempt employee doesn't work 40 hours a week. Exempt implies flexibility, but this employee is over the limit. What are an employer's options?

3 Signs That You're Not Managing Pressure Well
Looking for signs that your ability to focus, make decisions, and perform is unduly affected by pressure? Here are three signs pressure is derailing you.

Is HR Legally Liable for a Boss's Bad Behavior?
A reader asks what liability an HR manager has for a bad owner's actions toward another employee whom she believes may sue the company some day.

Help Your Managers Effectively Handle Employee Complaints
Want to help your managers step up to the task of dealing with employee complaints? Here's a four step process they can use daily to handle complaints.

5 Tips to Help Employers Deal with Legal Marijuana Use
How can employers deal with marijuana use at work when it is becoming increasingly legal in the U.S.? See five tips about accommodation and workplace use.

Manager Belittles a New Employee: What Should She Do?
A new, untrained employee was talked down to by her boss as if she was a child. This was the boss's response to an undone task. She's hurt. What can she do?

What Are an Employee's Options When the Boss Acts Like a Jerk?
An employee asked for options in dealing with a boss who is a jerk. He doesn't understand why management allows the behavior. We provided tips to help him.

How to Consciously Create Your Organization's Culture
What topics does your organization need to cover for effective management training? These are the topics about culture that will help managers succeed.

6 Tips for Working with People You Dislike
Do you need to work effectively with a coworker you don't like? How can you survive this - and thrive? These six tips will help you make the best of it.

How Much Money Does a Human Resources Generalist Make?
Learn the average salary of a Human Resource generalist and the factors that affects base salary as well as pay rate increases and growth.

Do You Discriminate Against Older Workers - Even Subtly?
Are you guilty of discriminating against older employees and job applicants - even subtly? Here are relevant reminders about how to avoid discrimination.

How to Create a Workplace Culture of Wellness
Want to develop a workplace culture that supports employee health and wellness? Use these three tips to embrace a culture that fosters wellness.