Human Resources Sitemap - Page 7 2016-05-11

Consulting Job Opportunities - Freelance Consulting Jobs - Contracting
Are you a consultant looking for online opportunities? Or, are you an HR professional thinking about consulting? These sites will help you see what's available in the freelance consulting world.

Consulting Humor
It really helps to be able to laugh at yourself in this profession, and to help our clients see the humor in some of their situations. Here are links to stories, cartoons and other humorous takes on our business.

Data Security: Prevent Identity Theft and Data Security Breaches
Employers have a responsibility to protect their employees' personal information from non-confidential employees and sloppy information handling in Human Resources information systems (HRIS). They must protect their employees’ personal information from identity theft, physical theft, and data security breaches for any reason. Policies, guidelines, employee training, and serious data security measures protect employees from identity theft and breaches to data security.

Business Blogs

Human Resources Management Careers - Your Career in HR Management
Looking for information specifically about careers in human resources management? Here you'll find information about getting into HR, how to prepare for an HR career, earnings prospects in HR, and much more about HR careers. Make getting into HR easier by preparing and planning.

Employee Retention: How to Retain Your Best With Employee Retention and Loyalty Strategies
Retention of excellent employees is one of the most important challenges in organizations today. Use these tips, articles, tools and ideas to learn employee retention strategies that will help you retain your best staff.